I read a lot of erotic fiction over the years, but one author (or two authors)'s always stuck with me. That was Phil Phantom and Tiffany. They were wild, raunchy, outrageous, and portrayed a world where anything went, and everyone usually wound up enjoying what happened, even when it seemed horrible to a rational observer.

I was never 100% clear on whether Tiffany was one of his seemingly many pen names or a writing partner, but they're inextricably linked in my mind and seem to differ only by subject matter... however, if Tiffany is a separate person, than this is just as much a tribute to her, as those stories in particular included some of my favorites.

I didn't share all of their particular kinks and fetishes, but I shared enough of them and found myself appreciating some of the ones I didn't, and I've probably reread those stories more than any other when I needed a good cum. I've long wanted to try my hand at a work in his style, and two things came together that made now the time to do it.

When I was writing "Wanna Bet?" I had an idea for another story using that same title (since changed), which I thought of as a "Phil Phantom" style story. But I put that story aside and wrote the one I did. When I signed up for an account somewhere to post my first works of erotic literature, something happened, something that only seems to happen once every few years... I stumbled upon several of their stories I hadn't read yet. So, because of that confluence of events, I felt inspired and went on to write this little story in tribute to them, taking about 2 days worth of writing. It's a tribute and homage, so I'm deliberately trying to echo certain stylistic choices and plot elements. If there are any other phans, I'd appreciate input on how I did, or even just to chat and discuss favorites.

Phil Phantom, Tiffany, and the other pen names the one or two of them use seem to have disappeared in recent years, but if they're out there, I tip my hat to them. I want to stress I have no idea of their current status, this is a spontaneous tribute.

A Betting Man (MF, gi, pedo, bi, inc, mother, dau, 1st, preg, prost)

If somebody had told Miriam Cross that morning that, by the end of the day, she would be watching her twelve-year old daughter Charlotte get groped, fingered, then fucked by a man she'd just met, with her permission and consent every step of the way, she would have slapped that person and called the police, although she would have later masturbated to that wicked, wicked notion. Yet that was exactly what happened, and what's more, Miriam'd just sold Charlotte into a month of hardcore prostitution with a pregnancy expected by the end of it.

It was prostitution, there was no doubt about that, but Buck was considerate in the way he concealed that fact from Charlotte. Less considerate was the way his meaty fingers had broken her hymen, or the way he was now shoving his ten-inch cock up Charlotte's tight pussy all the way to the balls, and not being slow or gentle at all for her first time, but her daughter didn't seem to mind any of that, so Miriam didn't see any reason to object either. Miriam sat on a stool and thrust her fingers into her own snatch as she watched the obscene scene... she'd never cheated before, but she knew if Buck asked, she'd get down on her hands and knees and let him fuck her silly on her porch with everybody watching. That first load was destined to go inside Charlotte, but surely a man with balls that big had an extra load for her.

They were big balls, both literally and metaphorically. Literally, they were only a little bigger than average, or what she assumed was average, based solely on her husband and what she'd seen in dirty movies. Based on the dirty movies, her husband was below average. Buck's literal balls Miriam could barely cradle in one of her delicate hands without spilling, and she knew because she'd done just that as he first penetrated Charlotte. But his metaphorical balls, those were unparalleled in her experience.

It had started as a mother-daughter day of shopping on a Sunday afternoon. They walked down the street, quite a pair. Both were slender, pale brunettes with bright smiles and killer blue eyes, and there was a lot of family resemblance, but Charlotte was twelve, and Miriam nearing thirty, pregnant right out of high school.

Miriam was still quite attractive, although her angelic face had been replaced by a lost, searching one, one of a woman hungry for something she couldn't name, and who worried she'd soon lose her chance at it forever. She missed being young and carefree like her daughter, who still looked like a little angel. On her better days people mistook her for Charlotte's older sister, but she knew that wouldn't last forever, nor would the way Miriam still attracted most of the looks from men. She had after all a nice set of adult boobs. They plumped up when she got pregnancy and then seemingly stayed that way, firm and round and killer in a bra. Charlotte didn't have even a bra on, although she was starting to need one. Miriam had resisted formally acknowledging the sign of her daughter's dawning womanhood, and her husband never pushed the issue, probably because he liked it.

Both girls were dressed in skirts, blue in color, with Miriam's being tighter and more attractive. Charlotte's just hanged loosely, modestly, but still showed off her nice legs to people who were interested in young stuff. Those people would be more interested in her loose top, thin fabric and spaghetti straps, which offered a preteen titty show whenever she bent over, which she'd been doing a lot on the shopping trip. Miriam was quite conscious of how close the day was that her daughter would eclipse her raw sex appeal... about the only thing keeping it at bay was Charlotte's own innocence and seeming lack of awareness of the power she could wield over men.

They'd spent the better part of the afternoon shopping and talking about mother-daughter things, as Miriam debated whether to try and have the "sex talk" with her. Charlotte had been looking for a nice dress to wear to a birthday party thrown by a friend, but had been unsatisfied. It was going to be a boys and girls party, the first since she'd started to really notice boys and them her, so Charlotte wanted a special dress that would make her look better than everybody else, and Miriam wanted to warn her about boys and their ways. They'd accomplished neither task at any of the previous stores.

Impulsively, they turned down a side street they didn't use much, and spotted a shop neither of them had ever noticed before. It was a new shop, called "Dress You Up in My Love", and underneath the name ran the legend, "Birthdays, Suits and Adult/Child/Maternity Wear." The shop didn't look too promising. Whoever painted the sign left off the "s" after "Birthdays", the comma after, and the final slash after the word "Child". Beyond that, the windows were tinted and over the front door covered in paper, but there was an OPEN sign, and Charlotte begged to take a quick look to find a dress that nobody else would have, one that would look spectacular. A new, out of the way place, she suggested, might just be the perfect place to look.

If she had seen the owner when they first came in, Miriam might have turned around and walked right out again, because he looked like trouble, but he was in the back, and so they entered, rang the bell, and Charlotte was already looking through his wares when he came out. The store had racks of clothes, both new and used, and the wares all looked nice enough, but the rest of the store was a bit dingy. One of the lights was out, making it look dimmer than it should be, and that and the closed spaces made it look even more like a fly-by-night operation, a dump, even.

She was just about to suggest trying another store when Buck came in from a back room. If she had been asked what a child molester looked like, she might well have described Buck. He was a big guy, who looked rough and unsavory, with scraggly uncombed hair, and he was not just tall and well-built, but big all over, a big nose that looked like it'd been broken at least once, big feet, big hands with thick, long fingers. He looked like the kind of man a woman didn't want to be alone with, for fear he might just try to pin her against a wall and brutally rape her and that she might let him. He wore a short sleeved Hawaiian shirt, and a pair of shorts that looked too tight to be decent. They were so tight she could see the outline of his package, and it was a big package. Charlotte saw it too when he said hello, then blushed and looked away to avoid staring at it.

His voice, though, was gentle, solicitous, like he'd spent his whole life as a salesman. "Hello, welcome to my store. I know we're still a work in progress, but we're just starting out. We've got plenty of clothes, though. My name's Buck, and if either of you two beautiful young ladies need anything, you just ask me."

"This is your store?" Charlotte scoffed. "I bet you just work here."

Buck grinned, baring his teeth as his eyes found and focused on little Charlotte. Miriam saw the look in his eyes, a look she used to see on herself, and she worried that the day she dreaded had finally come. "You bet?" he said with a laugh. "Oh, those are the wrong words to use, little darlin', because, you see, I'm a betting man, and I'll take that bet. I not only own the store, I own the building. Do you want to see the deed?"

Charlotte blushed demurely at being called out on her jest and moment of snottiness. "Okay, I believe you."

"You believe me? That's a mistake. You don't know me from Adam." He reached behind the counter and pulled out some forms from the desk, then walked around and thrust them towards the little girl, but too low, so she had to bend down to read them. As she did, Miriam could see he was looking down Charlotte's top. "These are just copies, but I think they'll prove it to you. That's my name there. Buck Grayson. I own this building. Now, would you agree I won that bet?"

"Okay, I agree. But we didn't bet anything."

"That's true. That was just a friendly bet. I don't like friendly bets, bets are more fun when there's a little bit of a bite to them, don't you agree? That's how I got this store, on a bet."

Charlotte's eyes widened, and Miriam found herself curious as well. "How did that happen?" she asked.

"Well, it's a long story, and it doesn't make sense without telling you things that I'm sworn to secrecy about, so I won't even try, I'll just say it involves a dog, a knot, and a friend's wife." Buck caught Miriam's eye, and she was scandalized, if he was implying what she thought he was implying. But it was all so vague, and at least it went right over Charlotte's head. Miriam decided she probably just had a dirty mind. Buck continued on. "Instead of telling you that story, I'll just ask if there's something in particular you're looking for."

"I'm looking for a special kind of dress. I'm going to a party soon, and it's kind of a big deal so I want to look really nice."

"You already look really nice, but I'm sure we've got something that would make you look even nicer. So, it's a big deal is it? What is it? No, let me guess. Your first big college keg party?"

Charlotte gaped, missing the obvious teasing tone in Buck's voice. "College?! No, it's for a friend's birthday party. I'm not going to college, I'm only..."

"No, wait, don't tell me," Buck said, holding up a hand. "You're right; you're probably not quite old enough for college. But I'll bet you ten dollars you're at least 16. Do you take that bet?"

Charlotte smiled, and Miriam did too, for it was a ridiculous bet on the face of it. Charlotte wasn't even out of middle school yet. "Yes, I'll take that bet. You owe me ten dollars. I'm only twelve."

"No!" Buck said, laying on fake surprise and doubt pretty thick. "I'm afraid you might be trying to swindle me out of ten dollars. Do either of you have her birth certificate with you?"

"No," Miriam said, "But I am her mother and I can assure you that Charlotte wouldn't lie to you. She's only twelve."

"I'm afraid that I've met too many people who try to cheat on a bet before to take your words at face value. Pretty faces are often liars, and this little girl here is way too sexy to only be twelve years old. I smell something fishy, and usually when I smell something fishy, I like to plant my nose right in there and wiggle it around, and maybe even take a taste, just to see if there's a fish in there somewhere."

Miriam squeezed her thighs together at the image of the man's face buried there, taking a taste. Charlotte, meanwhile, had once again missed the innuendo and was focusing on the more obvious, and surprising, revelation. "You think I'm sexy?" she asked.

"Hell yes. Now don't you be acting coy, Charlotte. I can tell by the way you're dressed that you know you're sexy. You know how men look at you. Why, I bet you five dollars you're wearing a thong right now under that skirt, to tease the men behind you when you bend over just as much as you do the ones in front."

"Ha," she cried, triumphant. "That's fifteen dollars you owe me now. I'm not wearing a thong."

"Really? Most sixteen year olds wear thongs, if they wear anything at all. Are you wearing anything at all?"

"Of course I am! And I'm not sixteen!"

"I'm still not sure about that, but at least this bet, you can prove your case very easily. Why don't you show me what you're wearing under that skirt?"

Charlotte looked uncertainly to her mother. "Mom?"

Miriam was in a quandary. She knew Charlotte would win that bet, but it was becoming very clear that Buck was a pervert, just looking for a cheap show. But then, she figured, if he was willing to pay five dollars for a peek at a girl's panties, the show wasn't that cheap. Besides, what harm could seeing her panties do? It might even do the girl some good, she was always so shy and the feeling that a grown man was interested in her might give her a boost to her confidence. She told herself she would stop it, and surely the man wouldn't try anything when anybody could walk into the store at any time. "If you want to, dear," she said finally. "He doesn't seem to be willing to take your word for it."

Buck knelt down on one knee and leaned forward. Charlotte reached to the hem of her skirt like she was doing a curtsey, and then pulled it all the way up, past her waist. She was wearing panties, normal, innocent, white cotton panties with a little bow on top. Even from where she was standing, Miriam could see the bottom fabric was digging into the cleft of her pussy, making a little camel toe.

Buck nodded thoughtfully, as though he was checking over a car he was looking to buy. "Okay, now let me see the back," he said. Charlotte spun and bent slightly. The panties were just as form-fitting in the back, maybe even more-so, for it felt like her cheeks were straining against the fabric. Her little ass was nicely rounded, and even though she didn't have much in the way of hips yet, the ass alone gave her the beginnings of a figure. "Mmm," he said. "That is a fine looking ass. But I still think it would look even better like this." He reached swiftly for her bottom, grabbed the fabric right at the holes for Charlotte's legs, and pulled them inwards, stuffing her crack with cloth, and exposing much more ass-flesh for all to see, and held it in place. But the only other person there to see other than Buck was Miriam. Even Charlotte herself could only get a partial look, over her shoulder. So when Buck addressed his next question, it was to the child's mother. "Don't you think her ass looks spectacular like that?"

What Miriam thought she would say is, "Her ass it too young to be displayed at all, or to be fondled by a pervert like you, so get your filthy paws off my daughter and we'll be going." Instead, she stepped to his side, tilted her head to get a look at the displayed ass, licked her lip, and said, "It does look nice like that." She couldn't explain it. He was just so brazen, it was turning her on. Her own underwear, which was in fact a thong, was already soaked at the front from her juices, and Miriam hoped desperately either he couldn't smell those juices, or that he could and would do as he promised and wiggle his tongue inside, looking for the fish. She'd let him look for fish for hours, and let Charlotte watch, so long as he did it with his tongue. Maybe he'd be able to convince Charlotte to help in the search. That unthinkable thought should have jerked her out of the fantasy, but instead it made her discard her wish that Buck couldn't smell her, and focus on all the possibilities if he did and called her on it.

Unfortunately for her, the man was too focused on her daughter to do that. "See, even your mother agrees. A sixteen year old really should be wearing a thong. You're on the right track not wearing a bra, but the ass needs to be displayed too, it's one of the three top features of a woman."

Charlotte was now blushing from the attention, but still stood proudly with this stranger's hands on her ass, kneading it softly and telling her to display it. All she could manage to say was, "I told you, I'm not sixteen, I'm only twelve. And the reason I don't have a bra is that there's nothing to put in them."

Buck let the skirt fall, finally and turned her around. "Now, see, how can I believe you when you say you're only twelve, when you're also lying to me about other stuff. You've got some nice tits on you there. They're a little small, but some sixteen year olds are late bloomers." It was an exaggeration, they were only buds, but delicious buds, already shaped, a shape that suggested great things to come, and they really should have been in at least a training bra. That would have prevented the embarrassing sight of nipple tents in the fabric that weren't there when they came in.

"Maybe it is time to start looking for a bra," Miriam said.

"Don't you dare," Buck warned, and then reached out, deftly slipped past the arm strap, and sank his rough hand on Charlotte's left tit, under the shirt, a full-on fondle. "Titties like these should be on display, like at a museum. They're a work of art. A work in progress, perhaps, but that just means they need to be molded until they're just right." He molded all right, and rubbed that breast, and squeezed the nipple between two fingers. "A teenager's breasts should be free while they still can be."

"I'm not a teenager," Charlotte said again.

"Oh, that again. I'll concede you might not be sixteen. So that's fifteen dollars I owe you. I've got it in the till. But I know you're at least a teenager. Why I bet you double or nothing that you've already grown in pubic hair."

"Mom?" Charlotte asked, uncertainly.

It seemed to Miriam that her daughter wasn't worried about what she'd have to do, but worried about losing Mom's approval for doing it. But all Miriam's approval was currently focused on Buck. It was transparent what he was doing, and any normal woman would have shut him down, but she was too fascinated by that boldness. It was as though she was watching the scene from outside herself, and wondering how far he'd be able to go, how far he'd dare to go. Would he bet that his cock couldn't fit all the way in Charlotte's pussy? Miriam didn't know if he'd win or lose that bet, but couldn't shake the feeling that either way, they'd all win. The Miriam that was watching wanted to win, but the one that was there said, "It's up to you, dear, but you do know that you'd have to prove it."

Charlotte only had to think for a moment. "Okay, I'll take that bet." She inhaled sharply, raised the hem of her skirt again, and shimmied her panties down her legs, leaving to rest at her knees. Miriam also had to crouch to get a good look. It was much like Miriam's own, a pronounced mound, and mostly closed-in lips, but with a little tent of moist inner flesh poking out between them. It was smaller and tighter, of course, and there was one other major difference, the subject of the bet itself. Charlotte's slit was bare. Miriam kept hers trim, but staring at her daughter's delicious little peach, she thought she might try a shave tonight. Her husband liked it that way, but he hadn't satisfied her in years, and she suspected a man like Buck liked them smooth and bare. A cockeyed look at Buck's crotch confirmed her thought, his bulge had grown and the top of his dick was just poking out the waistband of his shorts. The head was big, like a plum. "See? I haven't gotten my hairs yet."

"You're certainly bald down there, but a lot of teenage girls shave. Men like the shaved look, especially on a beautiful little cunt like yours. I bet if you showed your bare pussy to the next twenty men who came in here more than half would agree that hair would only distract from the view, but don't take me up on that bet yet, maybe later."

He finally looked at Miriam, as though realizing that what he was about to do was a step above everything else so far, and asking her permission. She kept her face neutral, feeling if she couldn't act like a mother, she could at least refrain from acting like the willing accomplice of a child molester. She tried to give her permission to him telepathically instead.

Buck either got the message, or decided it didn't matter, for he reached out and touched her mound. "So I just need to check and see if I can feel any stubble." He felt all right. He felt all over, and in places where hair didn't even grow. His big fingers spread her pussy lips and spent a lot of time sawing up and down the slit, and spent a minute checking for stubble around Charlotte's clit. Miriam wanted to check to see if there was hair on her own clit... it certainly felt like something was down there, making her itchy, no matter how she squirmed, and she needed her fingers, or something bigger, to brush it away.

"Go ahead," Charlotte said, her voice all aquiver. "Check and make sure. I've never shaved down there." Given that permission, Buck kept checking until Charlotte's legs started to shake and it looked as though she was going to topple over.

At that point, he pulled away, eliciting a disappointed groan from the girl. "I'm satisfied," he said. "I guess she doesn't have pubic hair yet. I'm still not sure you're twelve, I guess you might just be a late bloomer." He then licked his gooey fingers, one by one, to get all of Charlotte's girl juice off. "But you certainly taste like you're in bloom."

"Told you," Charlotte said, trying to regain her breath.

The old Miriam, the motherly Miriam rallied, and decided that she needed to either put a stop to this display, or at least make a show of it. "Yes, it seems you were wrong, Buck, so why don't you give my daughter what you bet her and we'll be on our way."

"Sure." He stood up and went behind the counter, opened the cash register, then counted out a twenty and a ten. He left it open and thought about it. "You know, this is going to bug me if I just leave it here. She looks too fucking good to be a twelve-year old. If she's twelve, she's the hottest one I've seen, and she's probably been fucking all the boys. So, I've got a bet. Don't you say anything, Charlotte, this bet's between me and your Mom." He pulled out two fifty dollar bills. "I bet you $100 that your little daughter there's not a virgin."

Miriam looked at her daughter's pussy. Charlotte was still holding it up, and her panties at her knees, an invitation for him to return because she didn't know enough to say it aloud. Miriam was pretty sure Charlotte was a virgin, as sure a parent could be who didn't do regular inspections. Her husband might be more sure, with how overprotective he was, she wouldn't put it past him to have either done regular inspections for the past few years, or to have broken her cherry himself. Charlotte was giving her no signals when Miriam looked up to her face, either. "I suppose you won't be satisfied with her word, will you?" she said coolly.

"That wouldn't be fair to either of us. She could lie to punish you if she is, or lie to get a share of the money if she isn't. We'll actually be betting on the presence of absence of the hymen."

"Well, then, let's find out," she said. "I trust my daughter; I think she's still a virgin." Though she had a strong feeling that she wouldn't be for much longer.

Charlotte smiled as Buck came back around beside her mother, with $130 in his hands. "You lose, I am a virgin," she said.

"Then it wasn't me who lost, it's you, and every boy who you turned down. But let's be sure." He beckoned her closer with two fingers, and she shuffled forward, her panties falling down to her feet as she did.

Miriam had been expecting Buck to spread the lips and take a good long look inside, but instead he took the direct approach. Using the same two fingers he beckoned her with, he shoved them up and felt for himself. He rubbed at the base of her hole just long enough to slip them inside, and then he rammed them upwards. Charlotte cried out in surprise and a little pain, and Miriam did too, only without the pain.

Buck had his hands up there with such force that Charlotte had to stand on her tiptoes to avoid having all her weight on it, and she could tell he was wiggling it around inside there. If she still had a hymen, it was thoroughly destroyed, now, with those long thick fingers, and there was a chance he was tickling her cervix. Charlotte groaned. "It hurt," she said.

"I'm sorry, dear," Buck said. "It looks like I busted your cherry." He pulled the fingers out, and they were streaked with red. "The good news is that your mom won the bet. The bad news is that losing your cherry hurts. If you weren't a virgin, we wouldn't be in this mess and I'd be $100 richer."

"How long does it hurt?" Charlotte asked.

"Not very long, and there's a little home remedy I've learned from all the virgins I've deflowered. The best way to cure a sore hymen is to cum. One orgasm from me and you'll forget all about that silly little thing you never needed. Do you want me to make you cum?"

"If it's okay with Mom," she said.

Miriam knew it was coming, and the observer inside her wondered what her reaction would be when it came. "It's okay with me, if you're sure it's what you want."

"Okay, Buck," Charlotte said. "Make me cum."

Buck lifted the little girl over one shoulder and carried her, skirt fallen backwards and her bare ass in the air. The panties fell to the floor, unnoticed, unneeded. The first thing Buck did was walk over to the door and lock it, and then he placed a "Be Back in an Hour" sign in the window, in front of the paper. Then he took Charlotte to the counter and laid her down on it. He spread her legs, and then started to lick her, his tongue moving all over, tasting her wetness mixed with virginal blood. Miriam rushed to watch, sitting on the stool behind the cash drawer.

Buck only used his tongue on her for a few minutes, before pausing. "Hold that thought," he said. He got a little step-stool from behind the counter and placed it on the ground, then stepped upon it. This let him be at exactly the right height to get his cock in somebody lying where Charlotte was lying. It could have been a coincidence, but Miriam wouldn't take that bet and neither should you.

In one second, Buck dropped his pants and his cock sprung forth, ten inches, which was about five inches bigger than Charlotte's father, and much thicker to boot. Miriam impulsively reached over to cup those magnificent balls and play at least some role in the upcoming coupling. She chose to help by pulling him the few inches to her hole, centering it at the entry. He didn't waste any time, just slapped the head at her slit two times like he was knocking at the door, and then barged in anyway. Charlotte groaned, but it wasn't pain this time, or if it was, it was pain and pleasure all mixed together.

It was this sight that finally made Miriam pull up her own skirt and delve her hands between the hot aching needy spot in her panties. She started rubbing but soon she used fingers and tried to match the timing of Buck's strokes on her daughter. Every stroke came with a moan from Charlotte and an animalistic grunt of satisfaction from Buck. Charlotte didn't seem to know where to look, sometimes she watched her pussy being pounded, sometimes she looked at her mother masturbating, and sometimes she just closed her eyes and let her eyeballs roll back in her head.

Both women were near to cumming when Buck slowed down. "You know, you've convinced me after all. She's twelve years old. This girl's too tight to be any older. I take back all the nasty things I implied about your character, girl."

Charlotte looked at Buck, then her mother, seemingly confused at this sudden change. "It's okay."

"No, it's not okay. I just don't know how I could be so wrong about you. And to have lost so many bets in a row. I think I need a chance to fix my average, and come out ahead. To a betting man like me, losing bets isn't a big deal, so long as you come out ahead in the end."

"What did you have in mind?" Miriam asked, knowing as horny as she was, she'd say yes to anything.

"No more pansy-ass small change bets. I've got a real bet. You're right, this isn't a woman I've got here, this is a little girl. I bet you that even if I blow my load in her and coat her little womb with sperm, she won't get pregnant." He pushed in another stroke. "No, that's not strong enough. I bet that if I got a load of cum in her pussy every day for a month, she would not be pregnant. I'll bet you five thousand dollars. I know you don't have that kind of money, Charlotte, so I'm betting your mother here, but I'm sure she'll give you half."

Those were big stakes. Big enough that Miriam had second thoughts about saying yes. "You could be sterile."

"You're right, I could be. I happen to know I'm not, but I could be. So if I happen to win, at the end of the month, you can take me to get tested. However, I have some conditions of my own."

"Such as?"

"You have to make it easy for me to try. Every day after school she comes to my place until bedtime. Every non-school day she comes to my place the whole day, sleeping over on weekend nights. If you miss a day, you lose, and I get the money. You also have to instruct her to follow all of my sexual demands. In exchange, I'll guarantee you at least one load of fertile sperm in her womb every day, and probably more, and no condoms or birth control will be used, to give you a fair chance at winning. You can witness, if you like, to make sure I'm keeping my terms. If I miss a day due to my own failures, you win whether she gets pregnant or not. I also promise that she won't be hurt in any way, aside from the soreness that comes from a lot of vigorous sex, and in fact that I'll be giving her lots of orgasms to make up for that."

Miriam knew that he wasn't making a bet, he was buying a sex slave, turning Charlotte into a whore and Miriam herself into a pimp, and knocking her up on top of it. But she couldn't stop masturbating to the thought, or the sight of Buck's cock buried in her twelve-year old daughter. "That seems fair," she said. "But she has to keep up with her homework."

"Fair enough, I'll even make sure she does her homework first."

"And she's got that friend's birthday party to go to next weekend; she's really excited about it."

"We can work around it."

"Well, what do you think, Charlotte?" she asked. "Are you willing to risk having a baby to win me a bet?" Charlotte was moaning and near to cumming. Miriam decided to help the process along, and ensure the answer she wanted. As she asked, she leaned over the table and rubbed her daughter's pussy with her free hand, taking the opportunity to grab Buck's dick and give it a squeeze before she rubbed Charlotte's clit.

"Yes," Charlotte cried out in answer. "Yes, yes, yes. He can cum inside me all he wants. I'll even try my best to make a baby for you and help you win, Mommy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh, god yes!" And that was when she sold her daughter. She extended her hand over to Buck and said, "Then I guess you have a bet."

He took her hand and shook it. "Excellent. You know, it occurs to me, I know your daughter's name, but I never caught yours."

"Miriam. Miriam Cross." She had to repeat her full name, louder, because right at the moment she said it first, Charlotte started screaming as an orgasm ripped through her. Miriam's returned to fingering herself, knowing her own climax was fast approaching.

Buck continued to pound the little cunt fiercely, slapping his balls up against her ass. "A pleasure to meet you, then, Miriam. Let me just keep up my side of the bet for today." A minute of thrusting later, he closed his eyes and groaned, and she saw his cock, obscenely joined to his daughter's bare pussy, pulse. A minute later, he pulled out, and a rush of white goo, tinged a little with pink, started to flow out. That sight caused Miriam to go over the edge, and finally came, most of her urges sated. "I noticed you were wearing a wedding ring," he said, as though he was talking about the weather.

She took a second to catch her breath. "Yes, I am. I've been married thirteen years."

"Is your husband going to be okay with this bet? Because you already agreed, so if he comes between us, you lose and I will collect."

"I can make him agree," Miriam promised, and she was sure she could. Her husband was a weak-willed little man, stuck in the same dead-end job he'd been in since high school.

"He might miss his little girl; he won't be seeing her much for the next month."

"He'll have to get used to it, and get used to being without me, too," Miriam pointed out. "Since I'll be there to supervise."

"You're a fine looking woman. Have you ever considered cheating on him?"

"I've never cheated before, but I'm starting to consider it now." She didn't care that Charlotte was watching, listening, and probably would report it to Daddy. She was planning to rub the affair in his face later anyway. "Of course, if you're fucking Charlotte all the time, I doubt you'll have much left for me." She hoped he'd prove her wrong.

"Well, I probably won't be fucking her every day," he said.


Buck interrupted her objection. "The terms of the bet say that I need to make sure a fresh load of fertile sperm goes in Charlotte's pussy. It never said that it had to be mine." He donned a shit-eating grin, and seemed so happy that Miriam had to smile back. "Tell your husband anytime he wants to see his little girl, he can bring a hundred bucks, just like everybody else."

"Oh, you sneaky bugger," Miriam said, but couldn't help but admire it. "You're going to get more than $5000 from this, aren't you?"

"When you're a real betting man, it doesn't matter how many bets you lose, just so long as you come out ahead in the end. I'll make more than $5000 on selling the videos underground, starting with that one." He pointed up to the security camera in the ceiling, pointed right at them. Then he patted Charlotte's butt on the table. "You were great Charlotte, but maybe you should get your panties back on so none of that dribbles out on my floor, and I can open up for business again."

"Okay," Charlotte said with a cheery smile. "Do I come home with you today? There's no school."

He thought about it. "As much as I'd love it, I need to set up a few things first, and you need to convince your Daddy. I bet he'll be real convinced if you give him a fuck tonight after you explain it. Then we'll start tomorrow. You know, because you've been so nice, why don't you pick out any outfit you'd like for your party, and I'll let you have it for free. And don't forget your $30."

She nodded, and went to find her panties and browse the shelves. Miriam looked at him, her head shaking in wonder at what had just happened, still high off her own orgasm. "You are quite an amazing man. If this is the first day, I can't wait to see what you have in mind for the rest of the month."

"I try. I should probably warn you, though. I promised fertile sperm. I didn't promise all of it would be human. I've got two dogs, both male, and they've been trained to mount a bitch."

Miriam groaned and her hand went back into her panties, even though she had just cum. "I'll see she does as you say. I agreed, after all. I just hope this doesn't change her character."

"I'm afraid it will. She'll be a whore in her heart, and once a muttfucker, always a muttfucker. Once I'm through with her, even if she doesn't want to work for me again, I bet she'll be begging you to buy a male dog for home." He smiled at her. "Do you want to bet?"

"Yes, but not very much, I have a feeling you've done this before, and that you'd win. How's $100 sound?"

"Fair enough."

"I've always wanted a male dog."

"They do have their uses."

"But I'm still not convinced you'll change her very much. If she's a slut after this, it's because she always was and just didn't know it. And there's some things you can't change. For example, I don't think my daughter has a lesbian bone in her body. I'm sure you'll ask her to do acts like that."

"I had planned on it," Buck said. His eyes told her he knew exactly where she was going, and was willing to go along all the way.

"And of course, since I've told her to go along, she'll do it. But after the month is over, I doubt she'll be any more interested in eating pussy than she is now."

"I disagree. It'll take lots of training, but a girl her age can be trained to like anything. In fact, I bet you by the time the month is out, all you'll have to do is present your naked pussy to her and she'll lick you until you cum."

"I bet you you can't do that. Five hundred dollars?"

"That's a bet." They shook on it.

A month later, Miriam was richer by $5000, less $600. She'd lost a few bets, and in nine months both she and her daughter would both be giving birth, which might get expensive, but they also had a list of names of men who would be happy to become regular customers if they went into business for themselves, and a generous and very tempting offer from Buck to split the proceeds if they came back to him. Miriam and Charlotte both agreed, they came out ahead in the end, and to a betting man, or a betting woman, that was all that mattered.

The End

"CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors." - Phil Phantom

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