This is another Phil Phantom tribute story.  Something about deliberately writing in his style is very freeing… I don’t have to get too hung up on why the characters are the way they are, it’s just the way life works in a Phil Phantom world.  So I’ll probably be doing more of them, in between ones told in my usual style. 
For this one, in addition to writing in his style, I’m actually taking the title of one of Phil’s Phantom stories, modifying it slightly to avoid confusion, and repurposing it for mine, in homage. 

The Bridget Nelson Online Fan Club by AnonyMPC (MMMg, pedo, ff, prost, oral, exhib, inc, preg, best)


Ever since she was nine, Sally had a double identity and a stage name.  In the real world, she was just Sally Ashby, a cute little blonde girl who was a little sheltered from the wider world.  She had blue eyes, a wide smile, and cheeks that dimpled a little when she showed it.  Her hair curled around her head, all uniform length, down to her shoulders.  She might have been any other girl.

But on the Internet, there was a site devoted to pictures of her in skimpy clothes and bathing suits, where people could see her tight, pixie-like little body, short and thin even for her age.  There, she was known as Bridget Nelson, though she had no idea where the name came from or even that there was another name until she read it off the top of the website when her father showed her the latest pictures.  “It’s to protect you, honey,” he said when she asked about it.  “There are a lot of perverts on the Internet, and we don’t want them finding you.”

For someone who didn’t want perverts finding his daughter, James certainly made them want to look for her.  The site was his idea, started in an economic downturn, and he swore it was completely innocent, even though he knew the type of people his subscribers were.  It’d been three years since he’d started the site, and now a day didn’t go by that he didn’t see an anonymous request for a picture showing more skin, and any more skin would get him thrown in jail for child pornography.  He skirted the line of illegality but was careful that he never crossed it.  The fans didn’t seem to understand that.  About once a week he got a request for hardcore pics of his little twelve year old sucking his dick or riding on a black cock, and once a month he deleted an offer from somebody who would pay several hundred for a few hours alone with Bridget Nelson.  The first of those made James put the family’s only computer in his room, and institute a rule that Sally could only use the computer for school, under strict supervision.   It had been nearly three years since Bridget had unrestricted access to the Internet.

Sally really liked the posing, it made her feel like a star, and was one of the few things that did.  Otherwise, it seemed like she had many of the downsides of being a star, without any of the benefits.  Nobody ever came up to her and asked for her autograph, she didn’t get a lot of money or get to go on fabulous trips, and even though she mostly had fun, posing was sometimes a lot of work, too.   She couldn’t even have the fun that came with being a normal girl, for her friends, activities, and even dress were scrutinized by her father.

As Sally she was told to wear unflattering pants or skirts that went down well past the knee, and t-shirts or sweaters that were just as unfashionable, but at least they were comfortable.   As Bridget Nelson, Sally dressed up in tight shorts and little tops, or bikinis that she’d outgrown months ago, with straps that dug into her skin, and she had to wear those clothes sometimes for hours and hold very still while her father took pictures.   It was always either too hot, from the lights, or too cold, from the lack of proper clothing. 

Anybody else would insist a father was perverted for dressing up his daughter like that, but James insisted he was only in it for the money.  “If we have to live with perverts like that in our world,” he said, “I might as well make money off them.”  And he did make an awful amount of money off of them, some of which went into a college fund for Sally, and recently they’d put a down payment in on a house so they could move out of the crowded apartment complex Sally had grown up in and she have a real backyard, with a pool.  But most of the money just went to day to day living expenses so that James didn’t have to work and could indulge his dream of being a high stakes poker player, a dream he pursued despite not having any talent for the game.  He did okay playing in regular games with his buddies, but the highest he’d placed in a tournament was twelfth, and that was because he got a royal flush on the flop after he’d gone all in on nothing. 

Some might rightfully say James was taking advantage of Sally, financially or otherwise, but he would tell them that he always made sure bills were paid first, and he was obeying the law and that he had never once touched her sexually.

Sally would testify to that last bit, but sometimes wished he would.  The non-sexual touching he did was leaving her frustrated lately, especially after she’d started showing some of the first signs of puberty, the slightest swelling of her breasts and rounding of her hips.  There was always a lot of non-sexual touching, for her father was a perfectionist in his shoots.  Once he got her posed correctly and the lighting set up, he didn’t like Sally to move, so if there was an adjustment that needed to be made, James had to do it himself.   If Sally’s little tube top started to wrinkle, he sometimes had to non-sexually pat her chest to smooth it out.  If her nipples started to poke out through the fabric, sometimes he had to non-sexually bare her and touch her to tape them down.   It might have been easier to tape them before the posing begun, but James insisted the tape made slight lines visible under her top, so he didn’t want to do it until it was necessary, and Sally accepted that, even though she never noticed any of those lines, because it didn’t really bother her much.   Non-sexual touching was part of the shoots from the very beginning, and it was only recently it was starting to get to her like never before.

The bane of the shoots was the dreaded camel toe.  Camel toes, like erect nipples, were a no-no, and threatened to cross the line between legal child photography and illegal child pornography.  Certain poses were also forbidden for the same reason.   The laws didn’t make sense to Sally… so what if her legs were spread wide and her hips thrust upward towards the camera?  It wasn’t like she was naked.  And so what if her bikini bottoms rode up a little in between the lips of her pussy?   That was no reason to throw anybody in jail for photographing that.   But her father was afraid, and so when there was a camel toe, he had to pull it out. 

He usually did it from the outside, pinching the fabric with two fingers near her slit and then pulling it out, letting it straighten, and then letting it fall back.  That gave her butterflies in her stomach.  On one day, he went farther.  It wasn’t his fault; it was the swimsuit, tighter than usual, like the skin of a balloon.  Whenever he pulled it out of the camel toe and released it, the fabric snapped right back up her little crack.  He must have done it five times and his long fingers plucking at her private place felt so good even though she knew it wasn’t supposed to.   Finally, he said, “I’m sorry, honey, I’m going to have to try to do this from the inside,” and his finger slipped up underneath the swimsuit, right between her legs.  The sensation of his back knuckle right on her most private of places made her wanted to shiver and her legs to slip apart, but she was already in the pose for the next shot, and she didn’t want to ruin it. 

Her mom walked by the living room, dressed up in a tight black miniskirt, red halter top that left little to the imagination, and high heels.  She watched James with his finger between Sally’s swimsuit and her pussy, sawing in and out to smooth out the camel toe and muttered, loudly enough for them both to hear, “For Christ’s sake, James, why don’t you just fuck her?”

Sally thought her mom was being sarcastic, but at that moment, she wished her Daddy would take her seriously.  Yes, she said in her head.  Fuck me.  She didn’t even know for sure what fucking was like but if it was anything like the feeling of her daddy’s finger non-sexually rubbing against her crack, she wanted to find out. 

Then, sadly, her father took the finger away.  The fabric snapped back into place, but this time bunched up around the crack without going inside.  Camel toe avoided.  “Don’t be crude, Margaret,” James said, inspecting his work closely.  “You know I’m not touching her for any sexual purpose.  I’m just keeping the shots legal.  The girl’s little pussy’s practically made for camel toes and it’s caused me no end of trouble.”  He stared at Sally’s crotch for a few more seconds, and then said, “I think that did it.  Now don’t move, honey, just a few more shots.”  Her pussy was starting to itch a little, so staying still was not going to be easy, but Sally tried her best.

Her mother shook her head in wonder.  “Have it your way, James.  I’m going to my book club.  I’ll be back tomorrow, don’t wait up.”

James waved absent-mindedly, and then as she left, James got behind the camera and started taking the shots, until her panties started to get a little wet from the sweat from her vagina.  That was also a new problem, she never used to sweat so much from down there, but now she had started to, even when it was cold.  “That’s good enough for today; we’ll get the poolside shots tomorrow if the weather gets better.  You can go change.”

“Can I go visit Allison?”

“Yes, but be careful, and don’t talk to any strangers.  It’s dangerous out there.”

Allison lived just down the block, and was Sally’s best friend since they’d moved to the new house three months ago.  She was actually pretty much Sally’s only friend, now.

 At her old school Sally had friends, but they now lived an hour away and she couldn’t exactly talk to them on the computer or with her cell phone, which was a special brand that only allowed her to call home.   She lost touch with them pretty quickly.   

At her new school, other girls Sally’s age made fun of her for being so sheltered, and not having her own computer, and because her parents were so strict and overprotective.   None of them would talk to her outside of class, and she heard them snickering behind her back. 

Allison was different, open and friendly.  She approached Sally out of the blue one day at lunch and started talking to her and they even traded lunches.   Sally was desperate to impress the first and only new friend she’d made, so, after a few days of hanging out, Allison also became the only person at school who knew Sally’s secret identity. 

She thought it was really cool.  “Wow, so you’re like a secret celebrity,” she said when she found out, and then she grinned, her eyes all lit up.  “You’re just like Hannah Montana!”  That made Sally feel warm inside.   They both loved the show, but Sally had never made the connection before.   “I guess that makes me your Lilly,” Allison said, referring to the character who was Miley’s confidant. 

Allison took the role of best friend and sometimes assistant to the celebrity seriously, although Sally wouldn’t let her watch any of the shoots because she wasn’t supposed to tell anybody in the first place and her father would be angry if he knew Allison knew.  But Sally told her most of the details of the photo shoots, including how frustrating it was when her dad touched her, non-sexually.  The first time Sally confessed how it made her feel, Allison told her it’s normal for celebrities to be all antsy and keyed up after performing.  “And posing has to be like performing.  You know what would help out?  A massage.  I don’t mind giving you one.”

That became a regular ritual from then on, a massage after a particularly difficult session.  Sally always felt better after one of Allison’s massages… they started like any massages did, with Sally on her stomach, stripped down to her panties and training bra, and Allison would caress her sore arms and legs and even buttocks until they felt relaxed and tender, and then after that came the best part.  Sally would flip over, and Allison would massage the front too, squeezing her little breast buds through the bra fabric, and then, finally, a hand would stray between her legs, over her panties, and she would massage the flesh that really needed it.  She’d rub and squeeze that area for several minutes, flexing her hand and stroking her fingers through the center, until finally, it was like a little explosion went off in her head and all the tension ran out of her.  No wonder people loved massages.

Sally needed one of those massages after the latest bikini shot.  Her dad’s finger crossing into the inside of her swimsuit made her especially tense and in need of her best friend’s hand.  She thought she might just ask if they could skip the rest of the massage and just go right to the end.

Sally rang the doorbell and two minutes later, Allison was at the door.  She looked much plainer than Sally, with mousy brown hair and a smattering of freckles on her face.  As they walked inside, Sally spared a glance at the living room, reflexively.  When he was home, she’d often find Allison’s father sitting on the couch in front of the TV, a beer in his hand.  She liked Mr. Jennings.  He was a big bear of a man with tousled dark brown hair and usually a stubbly beard.  He’d always say hello and compliment Sally, telling her she was looking quite hot, and asking her if she had a boyfriend yet.  “I’m too young for a boyfriend, Mr. Jennings,” she’d always say, which was true, according to her dad, and then Mr. Jennings would tell her, like he always did, to call him Chuck.  He would then make always some comment about there being a lineup already forming for when she’s old enough, and, if she got close enough, he might even playfully slap her butt.   She usually made sure she was close enough.

But of course, he wasn’t home now.  He was in the same book club as Sally’s mom.  She didn’t know what kind of book club met in a motel room, had only two members, and lasted all night long, but it seemed to make her mom happy.  The next morning when she came home she would always be much more relaxed and have a radiant glow about her.  Sally never understood how someone could love reading that much.   

They stopped in to say hello to Allison’s mother Betty, who was in the kitchen, and then went up the stairs.  “So did you have another photo shoot?” Allison asked when they arrived in her room.  “How was it?”

“Tiring.   I had to stay still for so long.”

“Do you need a massage?”  Sally nodded eagerly.   “Okay, strip down.” 

One Sally was down to her bra and panties, she sat down on the bed.  “Do you mind if we start with the front?”

Allison grinned widely.  “Wow, sounds like it really was a tough shoot.  Sure.  Lie back and tell me all about it.” Sally reclined back in a pose that, if it were photographed, would be illegal according to her father.  Her legs were spread widely and bent at the knee, and her head rested on her arms.  Allison sat beside her and lightly put her hand on Sally’s panties, right on top of SpongeBob’s face. 

The girl got to work right away.  If it was a real sponge, it would have been wrung dry in the first few seconds as Allison massaged Sally’s mound, right around the lips, kneading the sensitive flesh and making her breathe hard.  “So what happened this time?”

“The usual,” Sally said between breaths.  “I had camel toe problems.  But this time, Dad couldn’t get the fabric to stay right from the outside, so he stuck his finger inside.”

“How?” Allison asked.  “Like this?”  Without warning, she slipped her finger beneath the waistband from the top, closing it on her bare cunt. 

It was a sudden, outrageous violation of the unspoken rule of no direct touching of the private parts, but it felt so good and since her dad had already touched her privates, she wasn’t inclined to make an issue of it, even when she felt a probing finger at her hole.  “No, not like that, just around the bottom.”

The massaging hand slid deeper, still squeezing and doing its work, but even better without panties in the way.  The fingers crawled deeper, towards the bottom of the crack.  “Oh, like this?”

“Nnngh.  No, he only barely touched me, and just with…” she needed to take a deep breath before continuing, “the back of his finger.”  The fingers retreated, once again to the safe, outer panty area, and then ventured inside again, at the bottom of her panties, with just one finger, at the bottom of her lips.  “Yeah, like that.”

“Oh, that.  That’s practically nothing.”

“It sure felt like something!”

“Did you want him to fuck you?” That was one of the things about Allison.  She swore freely, used all the proper words.  She said fuck, shit, and even called the spot between her legs her cunt.   She talked about boys at school or celebrities and how she’d like them to fuck her cunt raw or that she’d let them cum all over her face if she asked her nicely.  Sally couldn’t bring herself to say anything like that or even think like that.  Using the words ‘pussy’ or ‘boobs’ were as risqué as she got.  But she always felt a little tingle when she heard Allison use the words. 

“I don’t know.  Maybe.”

“You should have asked.”

“I can’t do that, he’s my dad.  He wouldn’t want to do that.”

“You’d be surprised.”  Allison returned to the traditional massage method, through the panties, which were now getting damp with her ‘down there’ sweat.  Sally wanted to ask if she could do it underneath the panties again, but didn’t know if that would stretch the friendship.  Soon, she didn’t care, through the panties were enough, and she arched her back as Allison squeezed and rubbed just over the little nubbin called her clit. 

Sally’s groin began to pulse, and was so hot it was no wonder her panties were wet, and all the tension made butterflies in her stomach flutter really powerfully.  That was when the tingling really started to get bad, and suddenly and Sally was awash in pleasure.   “Oh, yes,” she moaned. 

Once that was over, Allison insisted on giving her the rest of the massage, the normal massage, the rubbing of her tender muscles all over her back.  It was much nicer this way, after her private parts had been thoroughly massaged.  Allison took her time, and by the time she was done, Sally said, “Now I kind of want you to do my front parts again.”

Allison smiled.  “I can do that, but I need some time or my hands are going to cramp up like a bitch.”

Sally hid her disappointment.  “Okay.  So what do you want to do?”

Allison went to her desk and retrieved a slim metal rectangle.  “Look, I just got this,” she said, unfolding the laptop.  “We can get on the Internet from here instead of going downstairs.”

One of the dirty secrets Sally kept from her father was that one of the reasons she liked Allison so much, aside from the massages, which she also didn’t talk about, was because through Allison she had access to the Internet.   Her father knew they had a computer, but when she said it was in the family room he assumed it was okay, not realizing how little supervision Allison’s parents gave her.  From Allison’s house, she had her own e-mail account, even though nobody sent her much, and she could go to sites that weren’t school related.  Sally’s mother must have known the Internet use at Allison’s was unmonitored, since she was friends with Allison’s parents, but she never said anything about that, and had vouched for Allison’s suitability as a friend to Dad.   It was an unspoken secret they shared.

Allison lay down on the bed beside Sally and put the laptop in front of them, and they both looked up pages.  As usual, Allison let Sally decide what to look at.  After checking Sally’s empty e-mail, they looked up Justin Bieber’s fan page, and the Jonas Brothers’ site.

“Hey,” Allison said suddenly.  “Want to see if your dad posted your pics already?  What’s your URL?”

Although they were friends, Allison had never seen the site before.  Even Sally had only seen the pictures, not the site itself.  Her dad said she wasn’t allowed.  “I don’t know.”

“Well, what’s your stage name again?”


“It’s got to be more than that,” Allison said.  “You search for Bridget and you get a billion hits.  It’s got to be a longer name than that.”

“Bridget Nelson.”  She’d never said the whole name before.  Revealing the name at all was breaking one of her dad’s rules, when she trusted Allison before she had given the first name, thinking that would be safe.  Now, though, she didn’t see any harm in giving the other name. 

Bridget Nelson still gave over 50,000 hits.  So Allison added “model” to the search, and found a site.  “Little Bridget Nelson, Child Supermodel.”  “This must be it,” she said. 

“I’m not allowed to go there, you know…”

“Why not?  It’s your site!”

“I don’t know, I’m just not.”

Allison shrugged.  “How’s he going to know?”  She moved the mouse towards the link and clicked.

The site turned out to be a disappointment.  There were just a few tame fully clothed pictures of Sally and then a link to sign up to the member’s area.  That required a credit card.

“Well that’s not much,” Allison pouted.  Suddenly she brightened.  “Hey, you’re an internet celebrity, right?  Well every celebrity’s gotta have a fan club.”  She typed the words into the search engine, all in quotes:  “The Bridget Nelson Fan Club.”


There was one result on that search.  Allison clicked on it, and there were more pictures of Sally, in bikinis, in short shorts.  The pictures were just part of the background to a set of message forums.  There was a board for talking about the latest picture sets, and another for posting fantasies of Bridget Nelson.  Sally stared at the screen, open mouth.  Somehow she never imagined she had a fan page.  It felt really good, really flattering that people liked her enough to make a whole new page on the Internet just for her.  She wondered how much work it took.

The forums required registration, and all memberships had to be approved, so they couldn’t read any of the messages, but above the forums was a link, “New: Discuss Bridget in our new live, anonymous chat! (9 people in room right now)”

Allison grinned.  “Want to go chat with some of your fans?”

Sally’s heart thumped at the prospect.   It was the one part of being a celebrity she’d always craved, having fans she could meet and talk to, who would compliment her and tell her how much they enjoyed her.  “Sure.” 

You could choose any name you wanted for the chat room, so naturally they chose BridgetNelson.

That got an instant reaction from those in the chat room… but not the one Sally expected.  What they got was derisive disbelief.  “Oh, look, another fake Bridget,” one said.  “Go troll somewhere else.”

Allison typed quickly.  “We’re not lying, Bridget really is here.  This is her friend typing.”

Nobody would believe.  Finally, one said, “Prove it.”


“There’s a little button at the top that will enable your webcam, so we can all see you.  Prove it or GTFO.” 

“That means Get The Fuck Out,” Allison explained for Sally’s benefit.  “Do you want to?   They’re your fans.”

Sally only needed a moment to decide.  “Okay,” she said.  “But I need to get dressed first.”

“Why bother?” Allison said.  “They’ve already seen you in bikinis, and they cover more than that, right?”

Sally looked down at her training bra and panties.  Allison had a point.  Her bikini-tops were usually smaller than the bra, and the panties covered the private parts the same amount.  Even if people seeing her in underwear felt naughtier than a bathing suit, there really was no difference.  “Okay.”  She lay herself back down on her stomach. 

When Allison activated the webcam, an image of the two of them appeared on the screen, and the reaction from the chatters was immediate.  “Holy shit!”

“Wow, it is her!”

“What are the odds?” 

“This is like a dream come true!”

Once she was on camera, it didn’t take much persuasion to get Sally to become Bridget, and do a few poses as Bridget for the crowds.  They just needed to beg a little, and soon the camera was directed to the an empty part of Allison’s room, where Sally stood proudly in her bra and panties, which covered more than her swimsuits did, and struck a variety of poses.  She posed with her hand on her mouth in an expression of innocent shock, she posed blowing a kiss to her viewers, she posed bending over first towards the camera, and then away from it.

Allison didn’t pose, but there were a few times she was willing to come out of the background and help Sally with hers, without being asked.    When Sally bent to expose her panty-clad rear end to the camera, Allison just leaned over and pulled up on the leg bands, forcing the fabric up into her crack and exposing much of her pale butt cheeks to the air.  That was a little more than she’d done in her father’s shoots, but not much, so she let it pass.  Allison was new at this, after all, and the guys seemed to love it.

One of the chatters began to beg for her to do just a simple, straight on shot, standing in her bra and panties with her arms by her sides.  There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with that, so she went ahead and did it.  Next, someone asked if she could lower her panties, just a little, so she did.  They asked again, and she did, three more times, sliding it just a little more down each time. 

Yet still they asked again.  Sally looked down at herself.  “If I slide it down any more, you guys are going to see my whole pussy.”  Already she could just barely see the top of the pink nub at the top of her crack, although thankfully, you couldn’t make it out on the screen.  What she could make out, quite clearly, was the shape of her mound and the little grooves on either side where it met with her thighs.  She was definitely at the limit of what she could show without totally flashing her pussy. 

“So?  Please, a little lower,” somebody asked.

She thought about it.  She was getting pretty excited from all the attention, which was new to her… it was so exciting, it was making her knees want to shake.  She was a celebrity who’d never met her public before now, never heard them praising her, calling her beautiful, sexy, a dream come true.  It was intoxicated, and it made what was still covered up feel very warm.  They’d given her a thrill, so would it be so bad if she gave them one in return?

She didn’t get to decide.  As she was thinking, Allison came up behind her, and swiftly pulled the panties all the way down to her knees.

There, for all the now 25 people in the chat, Bridget Nelson stood with her panties down, pussy bare and exposed.  It didn’t look like much, just a deep slit at the bottom with a little pink nub poking out the top.  The lips were a little puffy and open at the bottom, the same lips that sucked in underwear and bathing suits for a troublesome camel toe.   There wasn’t even any hair there.  But it was supposed to be the most private part of her, now suddenly very, very public. 

She was so shocked it took her about ten seconds to cover herself with her hand.  “Allison!  I mean, Lilly!”  To protect her identity, they decided to call Allison Lilly.  Sally felt a little guilty for accidentally letting her real name slip, but then Allison had exposed her even more.    “What did you do?”

“I just showed them your cunt, they really wanted to see, and it’s not like they haven’t seen it before.”

“Of course they haven’t!” Sally said. 

“But these are your fans… they’re big enough fans that they hang out in a chat room just to talk about you.   So they must have paid extra for the totally nude pics.”

“There are no totally nude pics!”  Allison had to know that.  But then, Sally had never outright said she always kept clothes on, she just assumed Allison would know it. 

“There aren’t? And they still love you?  Wow, they guys really are your fans.”  She grimaced a little.  “Sorry.”  Then she smiled.  “Well, they’ve seen it now.  Might as well be proud of it.”

“If you want, we can make it even.”  This voice was new, coming out of the laptop.  On the screen, in a box beside the one that displayed Allison’s room, was a shirtless man, viewed from the waist up.  She could see his screen name underneath, PBear, and while he didn’t look much like a bear, he had a hairy chest.   PBear was one of the names who asked for more, one of the ones who asked her to lower her panties. 

At the bottom of the camera view was the head of his penis.  The camera jostled, and then she was looking at it dead on, erect and reaching all the way up to his belly-button.  Sally’s mouth hung open wide in surprise.  She’d seen pictures before, but never one in motion, and stared, fascinated, in open-mouth shock that looked far more genuine than her previous pose.   The dick wasn’t beautiful… it looked a little strange, really, like some kind of alien, but it made her feel really good to look at it nonetheless.   “This is what you did to me… to all of us, probably.  Can you please show us a little more of it?”

“I can show you my cunt, if you want,” Allison offered.

“Any other day, I might take you up on that, but this is a special day, our favorite girl in the world is here, and we’ve just seen a part of her we’ve dreamed of, but never seen before.  Please, Bridget?  Can we see yours again?”

The compliment made her blush to the tip of her ears, and, since they already had seen it once, she took her hand away.  She decided she’d give them a close-up view, moved right up to the camera and thrust her hips towards it.  “Oh, wow,” she heard.  “It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven.  The only thing better would be if you took off the bra, got all the way naked, and did poses for us.  Then it would be heaven here on Earth, all because of you, Bridget.”

She looked over to Allison, who shrugged.  “You might as well,” she advised.  “They’ve seen the most important parts.  Go on, make the pedos happy.”

“They’re not pedos,” Sally said, a little offended on their behalf.  “They’re my fans.  If they were just pedos they’d be asking for you to get naked, too.”

“They want to see a little girl naked.  That makes them pedos.  I don’t mean it in a bad way.  I like pedos.”

“You’re both right,” said the voice in the laptop.  “We are pedos, and we are also your biggest fans.  So what do you say, will you give your fan club something they’ll never forget?”

She stepped back, slid her panties off her feet, and then reached back to undo her bra.  She didn’t have much in the way of titties, just little buds that she could cover completely with her hands.  She hoped her fans wouldn’t be disappointed by them.

They weren’t.  Three more people’s cameras were activated on the screen, all showing dicks.  One was long and thin, and the head seemed to be partly covered by some sort of skin.  Another was a little smaller than PBear’s, but he was standing in front of his computer, so she could see it swaying back and forth.  The last guy’s was black.  That one really got her attention.  She didn’t know many black guys.  She’d heard a rumor that they were bigger, and this guy looked like it might be true.  He held the base of it in one hand and it extended at least as far again.

“Wow, those are some nice little titties, girl,” the black guy said.  His screen name was Pool Closer. 

“Thank you,” she said, with a flush returning to her cheeks. 

“Can we ask you for some more poses?” PBear asked, and she nodded.   Another cock appeared on the screen, just the head of it, pink and shiny. 

They had her pose in many different ways, but they seemed to especially like looking at her pussy.  From the front, from behind, from behind bent over, from behind bent over with butt-cheeks spread, from right underneath, even from above, they put her in every position imaginable.  They had her stand on one leg, the other in the air like a ballerina. They had her lying on the bed, legs spread to the sides.  Mostly, though, they seemed to like the close up shots.  PBear begged her to spread the lips open and show them all the pink inside, the little hole, what he called “the core of Bridget”, and she repeated that pose on several occasions.  She took requests both from the people on the screen, and the people in the chat, but the people on camera got most of their requests fulfilled right away, because nobody had to read them.  Unfortunately, only six people could be on camera at one time in the chat… she would have liked to see more cocks hard for her.   She was getting excited.

It wasn’t just the requests and the cocks, it was the comments.  They talked openly about what they’d do to her, in graphic terms.  “I’d love to taste that pussy, just stick my tongue right in there and have a nice long lick…” said one. 

“Oh, I wish she was here with me right now, I bet that snatch would be so snug around my cock,” said another. 

“I’d probably cum inside her right away,” Pool Closer said.

“I know what you mean, but I could make it last for her, I’d fuck her good and proper until she screamed out in pleasure, and then flood her womb with my spunk.”  That was PBear.

Pool Closer’s cock lurched forward at that comment.  “Oh, yeah, I’d love to knock her up with a black baby.” 

She didn’t know why, but such vulgar talk was making her slick down there, with her ‘down there’ sweat.  They noticed that, too, on one of the close up shots.

“Christ, little Bridget’s getting wet.  I can’t take it anymore,” BridgLover said, and began rubbing his dick up and down.  That got her to stop her pose and watch.  He picked up speed and was soon doing it as though his life depended on it. 

“Look, he’s jacking off,” Allison said, as though she couldn’t see it already.  “I want to see.”

“BridgLover, where are your manners?” PBear asked.  “We all want to masturbate, but it’s rude to do so before Bridget does.”  BridgLover groaned but took his hand away from his penis, which throbbed on its own.  It looked like it must hurt.

Sally knew what masturbation was, of course.  It was like when Allison gave her a massage on her privates, only when you did it yourself, and underneath the panties or underwear.  Massages from a friend were okay, but she’d always thought masturbation was dirty, and was proud of never having masturbated before, at least until today.  “I can’t masturbate,” she said.
“Why not?” Allison asks.  “Everybody does it.  I do.”

“It’s true, girl.” Pool Closer said.  “Everybody does it sooner or later.  Have you never?”

“No,” she said.

“Awww, that’s sweet.”

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” PBear said.  “If you want, we’ll all do it together.  I’ve been wanting to do it since I saw your pussy, but I was waiting for you.  You can make a hundred guys cum watching you.”  The number of chatters had climbed all the way through Sally’s poses, and now was at 113.

The thought of that many guys rubbing their cocks while looking at her made her so hot.  She was the center of attention, and she loved it.  “Okay,” she said, and looked over to Allison.  “But you’ve got to do it too.”  She was afraid she might do it wrong, and wanted to watch as Allison did it.

Allison slipped off her pants and thong panties and pulled her shirt up over her breasts, and lay down on the bed, back resting on pillows.  Sally lie down beside her in the same position.  The camera had a pussy-first view of both of them, and they could see the screen easily. 

Sally began rubbing slowly and kept one eye on Allison, who moved much faster.  Allison’s pussy wasn’t as closed inside as Sally’s; she had a visible line of pink in between the lips, and as she rubbed it up and down quickly with two fingers the hole separated without any effort.  Sally matched the motion and the speed and it felt so much better.  Pretty soon, she’d lost her self-consciousness and found her own style, rubbing her clit with the heel of her palm while her fingers played around the hole.  On the screen, beside their own image, five men were stroking their dicks up and down with intense speed.  It even looked like a few of them were in synch.

Suddenly, BridgLover groaned, and she could see white goo start to dribble out.  She was fascinated.  “That’s the stuff they want to squirt inside you,” Allison whispered.  “It’s what makes babies.”

“When you’ve cum, get off the cam and let somebody else on,” PBear said, slowing his strokes.  BridgLover’s softening rod disappeared, the space went black for a second, and another hard cock took its place.  Sally felt incredible.  She must have seen ten cocks spurt their goo while she rubbed herself.  Some were dribblers, like BridgLover.  Some squirted out thick ropey strands off camera.  Others had Kleenex nearby.  One person had a pair of girl’s Tinkerbelle panties clutched in one fist and, when he was ready, he shot the load all over the inner crotch. 

As Sally began breathing heavily, Allison said, “Want to trade for a bit?”  Without waiting for an answer, Allison’s hand drifted over and pushed hers out of the way.  The sudden unexpected contact was like an electric shock and her pussy began to throb and tingle.  She let Allison take over, and reached over to return the favor.  Her slit was gooey wet too. 

Soon it was hard to focus on the screen; her eyes kept wanting to roll back in her head.  But she could still focus on the spoken words and sights and groans from the screen.  PBear, even though he’d cum, was still on camera, talking.  “That’s it, Bridget… cum for us.  You’ve given two hundred men an orgasm at the same time.  Every one of them wished they were fucking you and shooting their cum inside of you, making you moan with pleasure.”  Sally moaned, she couldn’t help it.  Allison was rubbing around her hole, but Sally’s clit cried out for attention, so she used her free hand to touch it gently with two fingers. 

The tingles were building up to a point where that was all she could feel or think about, and she came, groaning in ecstacy.  For those last few moments, she didn’t feel like she was Sally anymore, she truly was Bridget, the star, the girl who had lots of fans who wanted nothing more than her. 

Afterwards, she felt suddenly sleepy, and her arms and legs weak and rubbery.  She couldn’t find the energy to help Allison anymore, but Allison’s fingers retreated from her and went back to service herself.  Allison gasped out a minute later.

For the next few minutes, while they relaxed naked and still showing their pussies, she answered questions about her life.  She told them what kind of music she liked, her favorite movies, and even what she thought about the environment.  She was for the environment.  She especially liked animals.  Sally was careful not to answer the questions that got too personal though, about where she lived or where she went to school.   Her father had been very determined that she never give out that information to people she didn’t know very well.  Luckily, she didn’t recall him ever telling her that she should never rub her pussy in front of people she’d just talked to, so even though she didn’t think he’d like it, she didn’t feel guilty about that.

“So how much do you get paid for your modeling, Bridget?” somebody asked.

“I get $20 a week allowance,” she said. 

The response was astounded outrage.   “That’s it?” they asked.  “So unfair!” 

“Even I get $30, and I don’t model,” Allison said.

“You’ve got hundreds of fans paying twenty dollars a month for access to your site, and that’s all you get?  Your father’s cheating you.”  She hadn’t really thought about it before.

“I’ve got a proposition for you, Bridget, a way you can make a lot of money, please your fans, and have a lot of fun.  I’m going to give you my IM address.  Contact me on it and we’ll talk.”

Allison had to set it up to get in contact with him, using her own IM address, since Sally hadn’t set one up, but she was eager to do it.  Soon, they had closed the chat room, and were video chatting one-on-one with PBear.  He still hadn’t shown his face. 

“I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to put you in danger,” he said, “But I think I know where you live.  Your friend Lilly was wearing a shirt that said Portland Middle School.  Is that your school?”

Sally hesitated a moment, but he seemed so nice, and had figured it out already, so she said, “Yes, it is.”

“I recognized it.  It so happens that I know a few of our members live not far from there.  We loved your show today, but what we’d really like is a set of high quality photos of you, beautiful and naked and happy.  You’re beautiful on webcam, but there’s too much pixilation to really see you in your full glory.  I’d love to shoot you with some real equipment.”

“I don’t know…” Sally said.

“I’d be willing to pay you $300 for one hour’s work, and we can make it a regular thing if you like it.”

300 dollars?  That was a lot of money.  “What would I have to do?” she asked.

“Just pose for us, that’s all.  For the hour you’ll have to do any pose we ask.  That’ll probably mean a lot of photos of your pussy, spread wide, the most special and perfect part of your body, the core of Bridget, and of you with your fingers rubbing your cunt, and we’d love to get a clear, high resolution shot, or maybe a video, of you having an orgasm.   You’re a beautiful girl all over, and we want all the pictures we can get.”

“Who’s we?”

“Me and two friends.  One of them is Pool Closer, you saw him earlier.  If you agree, we’ll pick you up after school one day in our van.”

The idea was certainly attractive to her.  Being photographed by her father turned her on enough… being photographed by her fans would be much better.  But she remembered all the vulgar talk about what they wanted to do to her.  “You’re going to touch me, aren’t you?”  She wasn’t sure if she thought that was a bad idea anymore.

“I’m not going to lie to you, Bridget.  Yes, we’re going to touch you.  Sometimes we’ll have to, to assist you in the poses we want, and I don’t think we could resist touching you even if we didn’t have to.  You’re our idol, our reason for living.  We want to touch your hair, feel your smooth skin, rub your pussy, and even squeeze your ass, just so we can be sure we’re not dreaming.   We want to rub our cocks on you, and even in you, if we could.  But we’ll only try to touch you to make you feel good, and you will always have the right to say ‘No, don’t touch me there right now,’ and we’ll stop.  We might try again later or touch somewhere else, but you can say no to that, too.”

His gentle voice made her feel really safe, but all the warnings her father had given her about pedos were rolling around in her brain.  He’d told her they roamed the streets in vans to kidnap girls and take them away forever, even murder them.  “How do I know you won’t try to hurt me?”

“We’d have more to lose than you would.   A beautiful little girl like you, and a celebrity no less?  If we did anything to you that you didn’t want, the police would hunt us to the ends of the Earth.  And all your other fans would help.  We’d never risk that.  Besides, your friend Lilly there can be your insurance.”


“He means because I’ll know where you are and what you’re doing.  So if you don’t come back on time, I can call the police.”

“That’s exactly right.  You’ve got a smart friend there, you should listen to her.”

So Sally asked.  “What do you think?  Should I do it?”

“Did you have fun today?”  Sally nodded eagerly.  “Then you should definitely do it.  300 dollars for one hour is good money even for work you hate.  If you’re having fun too, you’d be crazy to turn it down.”

Sally turned back to the camera.  “Okay, on one condition.  I want to see your face.”

He tilted the camera up.  It was a nice face, dark hair, a square jaw, clean shaven, not hairy like she imagined from his chest.  He was actually pretty handsome, and he was giving a friendly smile.  He looked about the same age as her father, and very trustworthy.  If you couldn’t trust someone your father’s age, who could you trust?  “When do we do it?”

Three days later, Sally was dropped off near her house with $300 in her schoolbag, cum drying on her skin, messy hair, and a hymen hanging only by a thread.  She was tired and a little tender, but felt good, too, proud of herself. 

She desperately needed a long bath to soak in and clean up, and hoped she could creep past her parents and get to the washroom without them seeing her.  There was cum all over her body, mostly dried and drying, but some still wet that had soaked through and left dark spots on her clothes. 

She made it past the front door with no trouble, and it didn’t sound like anybody was home, but a squeak from the second-from-top step betrayed her presence, and there was a long hallway between her and the bathroom.  She was halfway there when the door to her parents’ bedroom opened.  It was her mom.  That was better than her dad; at least, Mom wouldn’t have any automatic questions about where she was or who she was with.  Mom was cool. 

Sally’s eyes fell on the glass in her hand.  Maybe a little too cool, since she’d been drinking.  When her Mom drank, she got affectionate and often swept her up in a long, rocking embrace.  Normally it wasn’t a problem, she liked it when her Mom hugged her close, even if it did always put Mom’s boobs in her face, but this time Sally was afraid of it, because she was pretty sure they didn’t get all the cum out of her hair.

“Hi, honey,” she said.  “Come here to Mommy, give her a hug.”  It wasn’t a choice; her Mom just reached out and grabbed her, and pulled her close.  She was wearing a pink frilly bathrobe, and, with her eyes able to stare right at a nipple, Sally guessed she had nothing else underneath.   She was like that when she drank, too. 

Maybe she wouldn’t notice anything odd, Sally hoped.  How would her Mom recognize what dried cum looked like in hair?  Sally had a hard time believing her mom had ever had cum in her hair.

“What’s that smell?” Margaret said suddenly, and then took a long sniff.  “Is that semen?  Sally Meagan Ashby, what kind have trouble have you been up to?”

“Nothing,” Sally said.

“Open your mouth and breathe on me.”  She had no choice but to obey. “Yeah, that smells a lot like somebody who’s been giving blowjobs.  Have you been giving blowjobs, Sally?”

“No,” she lied weakly.

“Sally… you know how I feel about lies.  I can forgive almost anything but a lie.  So tell me the truth, have you been doing sexual things with men?”

“Yes, Mommy,” she said finally.

To her surprise, her Mom just sighed and smiled a little.  “Well, it was only a matter of time.  What did you do?”  When Sally didn’t answer right away, Margaret said, “Okay, I’ll make you a deal.  If you tell me everything, I won’t punish you at all.  But if I find out you lied or held something back, you’re going to be in so much trouble.”

That sounded like the best deal she could possibly get.  But one thing still worried her.  “What about Daddy?”  She always was Daddy’s Little Girl, and she was worried it would break his heart to find out what she was up to. 

“Daddy’s playing poker with his friends; he’ll be gone for hours.  He doesn’t have to know, it’ll be our little secret.  Fair?”  Sally nodded and allowed herself a bright smile.  “You were going to wash up, weren’t you?”

“Then we’ll talk in the bathroom.  Come on.”

While her mother drew a warm bath, Sally sat on the toilet and told the story about how she found out about her fan club, and how they convinced her to pose nude in all sorts of ways.  She was worried at first about telling her Mom she masturbated for them, but the promise was she had to confess everything, so she did.  To her surprise, her Mom didn’t mind at all.  “It’s natural for girls your age to masturbate.  I’m surprised you weren’t doing it already, and if you’re going to do it anyway, why not let somebody else watch and enjoy it?   They’ll like it and you need it.  But then if you have already have a friend doing it for you, I guess you don’t need it as much.”

“Mom!”  Sally blushed.  “She wasn’t masturbating me, she was just massaging me.”

“Oh, Sally, you’re so naïve.  It’s the same thing.   But it’s nothing to be ashamed of either; I had a friend who helped me out, too.”


“Yes.  We’d have sleepovers and use our tongues on each other’s clits.   Sometimes her brother would join in too.  It was fun.”

That was a surprise, but then you never picture your parents being young, even though they tell you all the time they remember being your age.  Sally went on and told the rest of her story of that first day. 

“So you met them today?”

“Yeah.  It was fun, but kind of weird, too.”

“Did they have sex with you?”

“No!  I’m still a virgin.”

“Just checking.”  Margaret splashed her fingers in the tub, testing the warmth, and then said, “Okay, you can get in now.”  It wasn’t very deep.  Standing up, the water would only reach up to just above Sally’s ankles.

Sally took a deep breath and pulled off her pants.  Her mother stared openly at the space between her legs.  Just the bottom of her pussy was visible beneath her t-shirt.  “Did you go see them like that?” her mother asked.  “Without any underwear?”

She shook her head.  “They wanted a souvenir.”

“I bet.  Well, I promised you you wouldn’t get in trouble for anything you did, but I’d appreciate it if in the future you weren’t so free with giving away the clothes we bought for you.”

Sally felt guilty.  “Yes, Mother.”

Now came the tough part.  She pulled off her shirt.  Her bra was another souvenir.  Two men got a souvenir, and the other got something else he said was worth just as much.  But it wasn’t her missing bra that Sally worried about.  Now that she was naked, her mother would see the marks they made on her in black marker. 

Margaret sighed.  “Come closer and let me see what it says.”  When Sally was close enough that Margaret could touch, she read the message that was written on her belly.  It said, “Sperm Bank, Make Your Deposit Here”, and an arrow pointing at her little cunt.  “I thought you said you were still a virgin.”

“I am.”

“So you’re saying this is a lie here?”  Suddenly, Sally’s mom reached forward and spread her pussy lips, forcing Sally to suck in a gasp of air in astonishment.  “Nobody squirted any of their cum in your pussy?”

“Well, one guy did,” Sally confessed. 

“It looks like more than one.”

“It was just one that squirted it in there.  And I am still a virgin.”

“How, pray tell, did you manage that?”

“He didn’t actually have sex with me, he just squirted inside.  It wasn’t my fault, though.  He…”

Margaret interrupted.  “No, tell me the story in order.  And get in the bath so I can wash you off.”

“Okay,” she said.  “You’ll have to wash the back, too.”  As she stepped into the bathtub, she leaned forward and wiggled her bum so her mother could read what was written on the small of her back. 

“Slut-In-Training,” she read out loud.  “Charming.  But I suppose it’s true, once you develop a taste for cock, there’s no going back.”  She grabbed a rag, wet it in the water, squirted some liquid body wash in it, and began rubbing over the back of her daughter’s body, just above her ass.  “So, get on with your story.  What happened today?”

“Well, we had it planned.  After school, I went down the street to the corner store.  There was a van in the parking lot that had a little bear sticker on it.  The windows were all blacked out.  That was their van.  I knocked on the door, and they opened up and introduced themselves…”  She stopped.  “You’re not going to try to get them in trouble, are you?”

“It looks to me like you went there voluntarily, so I certainly don’t blame them for taking advantage of what you were willing to do.  Besides, if I involved the police, your dad would find out about it, and I promised that he wouldn’t find out from me.”

“Okay.  Well, I got in the van and they introduced themselves.  There was Duane, who was in my fan club chat named Pool Closer.  He’s a tall black guy… he’s bald and has a big nose.  That’s not the only thing about him that’s big, though.”  She giggled.  “There’s also Pete, who was PBear on the chat.  He’s really nice looking, he’s old like Daddy but his hair is sort of lighter.  I like his smile.  The other guy was driving the van.  He was called Tex, he had wore a hat and dark sunglasses.  He wasn’t at my chat, but said he was a big fan too.  Pete had a digital camera and held it on me while I drove.  He got me to introduce myself and asked me questions, like an interview.”  She smiled.  “Don’t worry, I didn’t give them my real name, I told them I was Bridget Nelson.”

“Of course.  What kind of questions did they ask?”

“Lots of things.  What my favorite color was, my favorite subject in school, my favorite kind of ice cream.  They asked where my name came from.  I didn’t know, I said my parents.”

“Well, it’s true.  That one’s my fault.”

She turned back to look at her Mom.  “You came up with it?  How?”

“I was reading a story with that name in it when your father was looking for a name, and I liked it, so I suggested it.”

“What kind of story was it?”

“Oh, it was so long ago, I don’t really remember.”

“Neat.  Well, after a while they started getting naughtier, they asked if I was a virgin, and if I’d ever given a blow job or a hand job.”

“And?  What did you tell them?”

 “The truth.  I’d never done any of those things.  Not then.  Duane was sitting next to me and while I was talking he started touching me on my stomach, under my shirt.  They said I could tell people to stop at any time but it felt nice so I let it continue.  Then after a while, he just started taking it off.”

“And you let him?”

“I was a little nervous, but they were going to be taking pictures of me anyway.  They really liked my training bra and Duane and Pete took turns feeling underneath to see how much it stretched.  I liked it when they touched my nipples.”  She smiled.  Just talking about it was making her feel a little excited again, and the nice sensation of the warm cloth on her back was making it worse.  “By this time Tex had driven us where we needed to go.  It was some kind of underground warehouse or something.  But they had some patio chairs and a big blanket laid out beside one wall.  “’This is where we’re going to take the pictures,’ Pete said, and that I should take off my pants so we could get some good shots.  So I did.”

“What kind of shots did you do?”

“Just bra and panty shots at first, but they always posed me so my ass was out or my legs were spread.”  She laughed, remembering.  “It was so different than with Daddy.”

“How so?”

“They really liked when I had a camel toe.  Whenever I didn’t have one, they put one in by rubbing the middle of my vagina.”

“Don’t say vagina, honey, call it a pussy or a cunt.”

“Okay, my pussy.  And they liked my nipples hard.  If they weren’t hard enough they felt under my boobs and squeezed it until it was.  It didn’t really take much squeezing, it was hard when any of them touched me anywhere, but they wanted to be sure so they squeezed it lots.  Finally they told me I should just take the bra off, and I did some more shots like that, in just the panties.”

“I bet that didn’t last long either.”

“No, but they did the strangest thing.  They wanted the panties to look wet so they licked it on the outside.  I was wearing my white ones with the hearts on the sides, so after a little licking you could see my peach pretty clearly.  They got some nice photos of that.  Oh, I almost forgot, they were naked by then.  They said it was to make me more comfortable when I had my top off.”

“Did it?”

Sally grinned.  “No, but I liked it anyway.  Their dicks looked even bigger in person than on the camera.  Duane had the biggest dick and he had nice muscles too.  Tex had one that kind of curved upward, it was funny.  They let me feel them, each of them.  It was weird, but I liked it, they grew and jumped in my hands like they had a life of their own.”

“Who’s did you like best?” Her mother ran the cloth up her back towards her shoulders, rubbing softly all along.

“Duane’s I guess, because it was the biggest.  It looked like some kind of snake.  But they were all pretty nice.   Is big always better?”

“Usually.  Some girls can’t handle a big one, but the pussy is very elastic, and I love a large man.  If I go too long without a large cock stretching out my cunt I get antsy.”

“Wow, so Dad must have a really big one then.”

“No, his is a little on the small size.  It might be okay for you, but I need bigger game.”

“But you said…” Sally’s eyes widened.  “You cheat on Daddy?”

“Of course.”  She laughed.  “Oh, Sally, you don’t really think I really go to a book club, do you?  Or to a sewing circle.  Or to pottery class.  Those are just cover stories.  Didn’t you wonder why I never came back with a pot?  I’m with other men.  The truth is, I barely sleep with your father any more.  Sometimes if I’m in a charitable mood I let him climb on top of me after I’m exhausted and full of another man’s cum, as long as wears a rubber and does all the work.  I have a regular lover, and I always enjoy conquering a new cock.  I don’t mind doing all the work with them, and it would be rude to ask them to put a condom on.  Your friends sound like just my speed, maybe you should introduce me sometime.  Then again, I might be too old for them.”

Sally was so shocked by this information her mouth had been hanging open for the whole time her mom was talking.  Her mom was a slut.  But, Sally thought she might be too, and if Mom wouldn’t tell, it was only fair.  “I won’t tell Daddy,” she said. 

“I appreciate the thought, but he knows.  At least, he must.  We’ve never discussed it, but he’d have to be stupid not to notice, and your Daddy may be a lot of things, but he’s not stupid.  I’ve slept with most of his poker buddies and I’m sure they rub it in his face.  Sometimes I rub it in his face when I’m all full up, and make him eat me out before he gets anything.”

“Wow,” Sally said.  It was amazing how much her whole world could change in one day.

“But we’re not talking about me, we’re talking about you.  So you were just in your panties and playing with their cocks.  What happened next?”

“They asked me to take my panties off of course.  They wanted more pictures.  It wasn’t anything worse than what I’d done before.  Mostly they liked me spreading my pussy for them... they called it making a beaver.” 

“Turn around and let me see,” Margaret said.  “I’m finished with the back anyway.  You can barely see the writing anymore.”

Sally did as her mother commanded and turned, then leaned back, spreading her lips apart, showing off the pink.  “I don’t get what’s so fascinating about it,” she said.  “It’s just a hole.”

“Guys like to see where they’re going to be shooting,” her Mom said.  “But it is a very cute pussy; I’m not surprised they were so fascinated with it.  It looks a lot like mine, and I get a lot of compliments.”

“Really?”  She bit her lip.  “Can I see?  So I know what it’ll look like when I get older?”

Margaret rested the wet cloth on the rim of the tub, and then pulled her robe apart at her waist.  She wasn’t wearing any panties, so her pussy was in full view.  It did look much like Sally’s, but had a bit more of a fleshy quality, with more pink visible between the lips, like it all just hung together a little more loosely.

“I thought you’d have hair.”

“I shave.”

“You’re all wet.”  There was a definite slickness to the slit, like Margaret herself had just been in the tub and dried off everything but her pussy.

“Your story’s turning me on.  I get really wet.  Do you?”

“A little.”

“It didn’t really kick in for me until I was a little older than you.  Before that I’d get a little wet.  Then one day, boom.  After that, I’d get slippery if a guy just talked dirty to me and sloppy wet if he stuck his hand in there, which I usually let him do if he talked dirty.  And once he got his hand in there, I usually couldn’t refuse to let him do whatever he wanted.”  She shrugged, and with one smooth motion, pulled off her robe completely, becoming nude.  “Do you want to see what your tits might look like when they really start growing in?”  But Sally already could see.  They were pretty big, 34C, but of course Margaret wasn’t wearing a bra.  The globes were topped with perfect pink areolas, like Sally’s, just a little darker in shade, and nipples that jutted forth proudly. 

“Your boobs are much better than mine,” Sally said, with some envy.  “Can I feel?”

“Of course.  If you can’t feel your Mom’s boobs, who’s can you feel?”  She stepped forward, and Sally tentatively reached out a hand and squeezed.  It had some give to it, despite looking and feeling firm.  Sally flicked the nipple.  “Stop that,” Margaret said playfully.  “Or I’ll make you kiss it to make it better.”

“I wish I had boobs like those,” Sally said. 

“You will, in time.  But you have the most important part for a guy.  Guys go crazy seeing a pussy, especially cute, young, virgin pussy.  I’m surprised they didn’t jump you right when you showed it.”

She giggled.  “They almost did.  As soon as I took the panties off they all crowded around me and started grabbing all over, and their cocks were bumping into me, too.  They were kinda slimy.  I thought they might try to stick it in me but they were fighting over space down there with their fingers.  Everybody must have rubbed me a little, and my legs were starting to wobble a little, and I was getting a little nervous, so I asked if they could stop for a bit, and Pete said to back off.”  She smiled and remembered.  “When the others backed away, Duane said, ‘Hey, guys, check it out.  I’m a human thong.’  Then he put one hand on my pussy and one hand on my ass, like this.”  Sally demonstrated as best she could.  The hand on her ass was had the fingers curled back, all except for one which sank into her ass, like it was a thong’s back strap.  “Of course, his fingers were much longer than mine, so it went almost all the way down.  And he said, ‘Uh-oh, camel toe’, and one of the fingers in the front went right between my lips and into the hole.  But I laughed, and it really relaxed me for the pictures that were to come.”

Margaret looked at the writing on her belly that still said ‘Sperm Bank’.  “Did they write on you for those pictures?” 

She shook her head.  “Not yet, that was later.”

Margaret retrieved the rag again, wet it, and began trying to rub off the writing on her stomach.  This time, as she did, the bottom of the cloth kept flapping towards her pussy.  That, combined with the memories she was bringing back with her story and the steady drizzle of warm water running down into her crack, made Sally want to squirm.   “Go on…”

“They said they really wanted me to look as horny as possible for the next set of pictures, so one at a time they took turns fingering me or licking me.  They said I had to tell them when I thought I might cum, but to get as close to it as possible.  So that’s what they did.  They would get me all worked up until I almost couldn’t take it anymore, then I would tell them, and they’d stop and take pictures for a while until I relaxed a little.  They’d do it over again.  It was really hard but it felt really really good, too.  To keep my mind off it, they talked to me about my fan club and about how they really wanted to organize a meeting and invite all the local members, including the president of the fan club, and have me there too.  They’d each pay me and there’d be some kind of raffle.”   She winced as the bottom of the cloth rubbed right up against her clit for a moment.  It felt so good.  “Do you think I can, Mom?  Please?”

“Do you know what they’re going to do to you there?”

“I know what they want,” Sally said.  “But they told me that I wouldn’t have to do anything I don’t want to do, and I could say no at any time.  And that’s what they said about today and they were all perfect gentlemen about it.   So I think I can get out of there and still be a virgin if you want.”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Margaret said, thinking about it.  “You can go if you want to,” she said, and Sally’s face lit up in a smile.  That faded with the next word.  “But…”  She waited.  “If you decide to go, I want you to forget about saying no to anything.  If you decide to go you’ll do everything anybody asks you to, as long as it won’t put your life in danger, no matter how dirty.  That means you may go there a virgin, but you almost certainly won’t be coming back one.  If you want to go, you should get used to that.”

Sally’s jaw dropped.  “You want me to lose my virginity?”

“No, but actions have consequences, and I know men.  If I send you there in a group of men and you get them all worked up and tell them ‘No’?  You’re going to get raped.  And I will not stand by while my little girl gets raped.  So if you go there, as far as I’m concerned, you’re agreeing to everything that happens.  If I find out you said ‘No’ and they did it anyway, forget about me taking you to the police, as far as I’m concerned there was no rape.  You said ‘Yes’ just by showing up.”

Sally squeezed her thighs together.  She didn’t know how many men were supposed to be there, but it sounded like a lot.  She’d be like a toy to them.  “Okay.  But I can still go?”

“If you want to.  I guess you really want to lose your virginity.”

She smiled.  “I didn’t think I was going to say ‘No’ to anything anyway.  I just didn’t think you’d let me if I told you I was going to lose my virginity.”

“Virginity just gets in the way sometimes.  If I didn’t think it would disappoint your fans, I’d help you get rid of that pesky hymen right now.”  She was still rubbing with the cloth, but now she was nowhere near any of the writing, which hadn’t faded very much at all.  The rag’s motion was centered on Sally’s crack for a full minute or two, until Sally’s legs felt like rubber and she began breathing heavily, like she was in pain, but it wasn’t pain she was feeling.  Then, suddenly, Margaret pulled it away and began working on erasing the lines of black marker.  “So, go on with your story.”

“After a few times of posing me while I was right on the edge, I told them I didn’t think I could take it anymore.  Pete asked if I wanted to cum.  I told him I did.  He said that one of the shots they really wanted was of me rubbing my pussy and having an orgasm.  So after we took a break so I wouldn’t cum right away, we started, I lay on the ground with my legs spread and started rubbing myself.  I’ve only done it a few times, first when we were on the webcam and then every night after, so I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, but the guys all cheered me on and it made me really comfortable.  My pussy started to really tingle and I almost completely forgot they were there, my fingers and my slit were all I could think about.  Then it was like fireworks going off in my head and my whole body felt really good.  Is that what it feels like for you?”

“Mostly.  You know you can have more than one, right?”

She grinned.  “I know.”

“Sounds like your story’s not done.”

“No, of course not.  They wanted some more pictures, and I told them I’d get into any pose they wanted, so I had to.  That was when they wrote the thing on my back.  The other one came later, but they had me pose with the butt one first.  My ‘tattoo’ they called it, or ‘tramp stamp’.  Then they had some pictures with two of the guys, while the third one took pictures.  Sometimes it was them holding me up by my legs, or me holding on to their dicks, or them rubbing their dicks on my face.  Then they asked if they could take pictures with each of them with my mouth on their cock.  I was a little worried it would taste nasty, but a pose is a pose.  Tex was first, he lay down with his cowboy hat over his face and I tried to get his curved thing in my mouth.  I went up and down on the tip.  He played with my pussy while I did it.”

“What did it taste like?”

As she asked the question, her mother’s free hand dipped between her legs and started to stroke the inside of her slit and shoving the lips apart, quickly picking up in speed.  Sally was astonished by her mother masturbating right in front of her, but she didn’t know what to say.  So instead she just answered the question, while her eyes were glued to her mom’s now slimy fingers.

“Weird.  Kind of like the smell that comes from the boy’s locker room.  But nicer.”

“Did he cum?”

“No.  After a few minutes Pete asked for his turn.  He kept his camera on his hands and had me get on my knees in front of him.  He told me how beautiful and sexy I was and I really felt like a star.  I went down a little too far and started to cough, so he pulled out and rubbed his thing on my face a bit and told Duane to take his turn.”

“How did you do him?”

“They told me to stand up and bend at the waist.  He was hard though.”  She giggled.  “I mean it was hard to get in my mouth.  I barely fit the head in.  That was the hardest part.  Once that was in I could go up and down a little, but not too far.  I didn’t want to choke again.  He said he was going to cum down my throat, and that didn’t sound too good, but I couldn’t really say ‘No’, because my mouth was full and he had his hand on the back of my head.”

Margaret repositioned, sitting taller on her knees.  With one hand she continued to rub her slit intently.  With the other, she moved the cloth upwards and began wiping down Sally’s nearly flat chest, wiping off the mostly-dried cum and also making her nipples pop up.  “It’s not so bad.  A true slut grows to love the taste.”

“It wasn’t.  But the real problem was that I couldn’t say anything.  I could hear Tex and Pete talking about what a hot sight I was, and finally Pete said ‘F-word it.’”

“’F-word it?’”

“I can’t say the F-word.  That’s like the big swear word.”

“I think if you’re old enough to suck off three guys, you’re old enough to say the F-Word.  If you go to that party, you are going to be fucked.  No doubt about it.  Fucked hard, fucked raw, fucked until you’re all covered in fuck, and probably fucked regularly after that.  So you might as well get used to the word fuck now.”

“Okay, he said ‘Fuck it.  I need to get me some of that.’  He was taking a shot of me from behind.  He passed Tex the camera and asked him to film.  Tex was all, 'You’re going to get in trouble… the president will be pissed if you fuck her before the meeting,' and Pete was all, 'I’m not going to fuck her.  I’m just going to get my dick wet.’”  Sally squeezed her thighs together again and her pussy lips seemed to squeeze together, as though tightening around an imaginary cock.  “He came up behind me and I could feel something poking me between my legs, in my privates… in my pussy.  I was a little scared, but my mouth was still full so I couldn’t tell him to back off.  I’m sure if I could, he would have listened, but he couldn’t hear me… and I’m kind of glad.  He pushed in just a little and wow.  It felt like I was being stretched apart, but it stopped just before I split and started to feel so warm and good.  It did hurt a little but it was a good hurt.  I saw some of the videos later, Tex got right down on his knees and got a shot, Pete’s dick was in, just the head, and my little lips down there were all closed around it.  He didn’t fuck me so I’m still a virgin, but he put one hand around his thing and started pounding back and forth between his balls and my pussy, really fast.  I was getting so turned on and starting to tingle again.  He started calling me a beautiful little slut, and so did Dwayne, and talking about all the things they wanted to do to me at the party they’d plan, I don’t really remember it all because I was starting to go a little crazy from the feelings down there.  My pussy was throbbing and my legs got weak and wobbly and I could barely stand, but it didn’t hurt much… in fact it felt so nice I started to try and push back in me and get more of it inside, but he kept pushing me back.  Somebody… I think it was Tex, started rubbing me at my clitty, and I lost it and so did they.  I was being sprayed in both directions.  Pete shot into my pussy and Duane’s goo filled my mouth.  Just a few squirts.  I almost started choking on it then but he got smaller and I could pull off and he got most of the rest on my face.”

“Wow.”  During the story, the cloth Margaret held returned to Sally’s pussy and began rubbing it in earnest, and her finger brushed several times against her little slit.  “So that’s how you became a sperm bank without losing your hymen.”

“Yes.  We stopped for a little bit and took some pictures, and they wrote that on my belly.  It was funny, so I let them.  Then I sucked Tex and when he was ready he pulled out and shot it right on my cunt, not inside but outside, and some missed and got on my belly.   A few minutes later the others rubbed themselves over me and squirted like that, for another video.  The three of them all started collecting most of the biggest gobs of cum with their fingers and stuffed it right in my pussy.  They said that’s where it would to the most good.”

“Sounds pretty exciting.  Was that the end of it?”

“Mostly.  They had a cloth for my face and they said it was about time to take me home, they didn’t want to make me late and have Allison call the cops on them.  I called her from the drive home.  I was going to get dressed but they really wanted to keep my bra and panties, and had me sign them with the marker they used on me.  That’s what I did the ride home, after they gave me the money.   I gave one to Tex and one to Duane; I can’t remember who got which though.  PBear said he got to be the first one to cum in my pussy and that was better than any souvenir.     I also signed lots of their favorite pictures from Daddy’s website for them.  They were so sweet, and treated me like a star.  They rubbed my breasts or pussy a lot too on the ride home, except Tex, who was driving.  I almost had another orgasm.  They asked me again if I wanted to come for their little party.”

“What did you say?”

“I told them yes.  I’m sorry, I know I should have checked with somebody, but they were being so nice to me.”

“It’s okay.  But you know since you promised them already, you can’t back out of it.  And what I said about not saying ‘No’ still goes.”

“So I have to do everything they want?”


Sally smiled.  “Good.  I think I can do that.”

Her mother smiled back at her while the fingers on her cunt picked up in speed.  “I’ll just bet.  When is this?”

“Next Saturday.”

“That’s convenient.  Your Daddy’s going to an all-day poker tournament that day.  He’s going to give it another shot at winning his way in to one of the televised ones.  So he won’t be around to have any questions unless he goes all in on his first hand and loses.”  She rubbed where the now almost invisible words once were one more time, and then back to Sally’s pussy.  “So are you ready to do everything your fans ask?”

“Sure.  I think I’ve got a good idea of what guys like now.”

“What about girls?”


“Not all your fans are going to be men, you know.  There might be girls there too, and they’ll want you to please them too.”

Sally’s mouth hung open.  “I don’t know anything about that.  I never even thought about it.”

“That’s okay.”  Margaret rubbed harder on her daughter’s pussy.  “It’s not that hard.  If you like, I can show you how to do it, and then you can practice on me.  Okay?”

Sally just nodded.

Margaret dropped the rag into the tub and said.  “It’s really not hard. Mostly, it’s just like this.”  Suddenly, her mother lunged forward, and kissed her right on Sally’s cunt. Her tongue worked suddenly and furiously on the lips and then into the hole.

“Oh, god, Mommy!”  Sally almost fell backwards into the wall, but soon found a good spot where she could enjoy the delicious sensations without falling over.  As close as she was, Sally came very quickly, and soon they retired to their bedroom so she could practice on how to do it herself.  She really needed the practice; it took almost a half hour of dedicated work before she made her mother cum.


The next Saturday came eventually, Sally and her mother came many times in the intervening days.  On the big day, once her father had left, buy-in in hand for his tournament, Margaret gave Sally a long kiss goodbye, a long kiss on the lips, with tongue almost down her throat, and then sent her off to the park where she was going to meet Pete and Tex who would pick her up. 

It was a little scary; they told her they wanted to blindfold her so she wouldn’t know exactly where the President of her fan club lived.  She was starting to get nervous, but Pete kept his fingers gently stroking her pussy lips and getting her all wet, and that took her mind off things. 

Finally, they pulled into a driveway, and the two men undressed her and then led her, naked, by the hand up some steps into a doorway, and down a hall.  She couldn’t see a thing, but somehow she wasn’t afraid.  The house smelled warm and comforting and familiar.

She heard a cheer when they turned a corner.  “The guest of honor is here!” 

A voice said, “You might as well take off the blindfold.”  It was familiar.  Very familiar.  Light returned to Sally’s universe.

It was Allison’s house, but like she’d never seen it… it was full of naked people.  Not one wore a damn thing.  There were about twelve guys there, including Allison’s father, and three women.  Allison, Allison's mother, and, over by a corner, Sally's own mother.  She burst into a grin.  She’d been gotten, good.  “Mom!  Did you set this up?”

“No, I swear, but once I found out what you’d been doing, I knew who must have been behind it.  Chuck always told me he was your biggest fan.”  She put her arms around Mr. Jennings, who stuck a meaty finger up Margaret’s pussy and grinned sheepishly.

“What can I say?  I can’t resist a celebrity.  I started the Bridget Nelson Online Fan Club the moment my daughter told me she ran into you at school… we were fans before that, too, but knowing you were nearby made us fall in love with you.”  Sally’s heart swelled at that.  “Now, if you’d be so kind, we’ve got a number of men who’d like autographs.”

It made her feel really special, and one after another guys came up to her and gave her something to sign, their favorite pictures, either from her official site or from the hardcore pictures taken just a few days before.  She started adding a kiss to her signatures, which inspired a few of the guys to get her to sign their cock, and even Allison’s mom wanted a signature and a kiss on her pussy.  The signature was hard; it was so small and curved… the kissing was easy, even if it took a while.  

“Anything anybody else wants signed?” Pete asked.  Nobody answered.

“Then let’s get this party really started,” someone she didn’t recognize yelled.

“First thing’s first,” Chuck said.  “We’ve got a raffle to do.”

“What raffle?”

“Why, which of your devoted fans gets to be the one to deflower you.  Guys kicked in $50 a ticket, and I bought ten myself.  Half of that raffle money goes to you; the rest is for fan club fees.”

Wow.  That was a lot of money.  Sally was so excited.  But, she realized, she was a celebrity, a real one now, not just pretend like before.  So she had responsibilities.  “I’d like to donate my share to charity.”

That got an ‘aww’ and a round of applause.    The town’s humane society would be getting a rather baffling but welcome donation on behalf of “Superstar Model Bridget Nelson”, and the manager at the pound would be intrigued enough to Google her and later become a new and ardent fan, but he would be too late for the raffle everybody wanted in on. 

The winner of the raffle was a thin, black-haired guy Sally had never met before, but he was very gentle and broke her in nicely.  He had her all to himself for a full thirty minutes, and then after that it was one big free-for-all.  Sally had a lot of fans to satisfy, but she managed them all, including her mother and best friends. 

She was worried at first because she could only do so much at once, but nobody was bored waiting for their turn, because the other three girls were willing to make a prematurely hard cock go temporarily soft in a variety of ways.  While Sally had a cock in each hand and one in her mouth and another in her pussy, she watched another man fuck her Mom while she licked at the combined genitals of Allison Jennings and her father Chuck.  Allison’s Mom handled the other guys who weren’t still recovering and helping film the event.  Afterwards, they hung around for drinks and they took a few group pictures. 

That marked a big change in Sally’s double life.  She was still Sally at home but craved being Bridget Nelson more and more, and whenever she went to Allison’s she became Bridget Nelson, and Allison her faithful assistant.  Her fans would pay for private meetings with her, and Allison would help out, using her mouth to get them hard, or licking up the cum afterwards.  It was a fun few weeks until somebody decided to spoil it, and sent a collection of all of Sally’s hardcore Bridget Nelson pictures, with all the guy’s faces cropped out, to her Daddy.

After seeing them, he called her into his room and told her how disappointed he was in her, spanked her, and then took her to bed and fucked her until they both came.  Talk about a mixed message in parenting, especially when he subsequently grounded her.  That part really pissed Sally off.  She didn’t mind fucking Daddy, but she couldn’t meet her fans when he was grounding her.  So, she made an impulsive decision, and, one day when Daddy was taking a nap, snuck onto his computer and, remembering how Chuck had shown her how to upload pics she took of herself to her fan page, uploaded all her hardcore pictures onto the main, official, Bridget Nelson model site.

That was a mistake.  Among all the pedos that were her real fans there were a few busybodies who were just waiting for Daddy to slip up and post something wrong, and they alerted the police, and dragged him away in handcuffs.   Luckily, it worked out for the best.  The district attorney was a big fan, and agreed to a plea deal.  All the pics were careful not to show faces of the adults involved, and so nobody could prove her father had anything to do with them.  On the other hand, nobody could prove he didn’t, either.   

So James got no jail time but was forced to register as a sex offender, and could not live in the family home.  Instead, he had to move into the sex offender trailer park, where a lot of her fans lived.  Margaret couldn’t afford the mortgage of the house on her own, so they were forced to sell, but once again fortune smiled on them.  Chuck allowed them to move in with them, and Sally shared a room with Allison, like sisters.  Margaret shared a room with Chuck and his wife. 

Their site went underground, but somehow the wide exposure of her pictures made her more popular than ever.  Barely a week would go by before somebody in the street came up to her and announce themselves as a fan, and ask for an autograph or, if they were out of public view, a blow job or more.  If it was too public, she gave them just an autograph with an e-mail address to mail to arrange a private meeting.   Now that she lived at Chuck’s house she was obviously able to continue seeing her fans, only now she had a lot more of them, and Allison went from being her assistant to a featured player, Lilly Luscious.  Sally thought Allison lacked her star quality, but didn’t want to say.  She didn’t think anybody would buy raffle tickets to take Lilly Luscious’ virginity, even if she hadn’t lost it to her dad years ago. 

Six months later, somebody won another type of raffle, when the news broke on their site that Bridget Nelson was pregnant.  The only problem was, nobody knew who won.  Sally certainly didn’t.  It might have been Chuck, who usually came in her pussy at least once a day.  It might have been her father, who still got to fuck her during his weekly supervised visitations, so long as Sally ate out the lesbian social worker at the same time.  It might have been one of her regulars, like Pete, Duane, Tex, the Principal at her school, her Homeroom teacher, her Priest, her Grandpa, or the fan from the humane society who always brought a dog with him and liked fucking Bridget Nelson after watching her fuck a dog.   It might have even been one of the men she’d only seen once, like the devoted fan who came to town just to take her and Allison out to a Hannah Montana concert where they had a lot of fun before both he fucked both of them in his car in the parking lot.  Though that was fun too, just a different kind.  That was around the time she must have caught.

There was no way to know exactly who had knocked her up, but really, Sally didn’t care.   Chuck was already talking about the specialty markets that porn of a pregnant Bridget Nelson would sell to, and all of her fans loved hearing the latest celebrity baby gossip. 

At first Sally wanted a boy, but wasn’t too disappointed when she found out she would be carrying a girl.  At least with a girl, she’d have somebody to follow in her footsteps.  Very soon she would no longer qualify as a child model, but instead would be a teen model.  But by the time Bridget Nelson was technically not even that, her daughter would be old enough to get started in the child modeling field.   Meanwhile, Sally hoped, she could try to break into mainstream movies.  

She didn’t think that would be too hard.  Her fans seemed to love her, and her fame had spread mostly by word of mouth.  If she made it to Hollywood, she knew she’d be unstoppable. 

Maybe she’d pass on the Bridget Nelson stage name to her daughter.  After all, wouldn’t two Bridget Nelsons be better than one?

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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