AnonyMPC here, with my first Phil Phantom Tribute in over a year.  Thanks in particular to Nicholas Fellheimer, who's recent burst of activity on 7chan, and in editing some old Phil Phantom work has certainly helped inspire me to work this way once again.  For those who aren't familiar with these, my Phil Phantom Tributes are my attempt to honor, capture the style of and deal with themes by a prolific erotic author of days gone by.  It's low characterization, high smut, and fast-paced, not much like my previous work but, hopefully, good for a good quick fap.  

This particular idea is inspired in part by a hentai manga story I encountered on a chan somewhere, and then promptly lost track of, and I can't even remember the name, but the central premise stuck with me and I eventually found myself driven to write a story that built on it.  It doesn't follow the plot of that manga, just is sort of a western take on the central idea. Edit: A reader has suggested that the manga in question is possibly "All Child Pornography is Banned", by '[Mayonnaise]'.

Confiscation - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (M+g, Fg, b+g, gg, reluc, nc, 1st, beast, inc, pedo, extreme, more)

It was after ten-thirty, and on a school night when the Sherriff came knocking, and so twelve-year-old Bethany was in bed. In bed, but not asleep. She couldn't sleep, not with the thoughts running through her head about what was going to happen at school tomorrow, or what had already happened that day.

Just before the knock came, she was thinking, again, about the time when she was pinned up against a wall by three older boys and forced to pull up her shirt, then squirmed on their fingers up her cunt and ass, slipped boldly under skirt and panties without regard to them being in public and visible, a shameless public fingering that might have turned into a public rape if not for the timely intervention of a large-chested female substitute teacher who shooed them off her and into an empty classroom for a tongue-lashing, leaving Bethany with weak-knees bound together by dropped panties, right outside the cafeteria door leaving everybody to see. Plenty did see, and most of them pointed and laugh while she shuffled off to an alcoved doorway where she could pull the underwear up without completely exposing herself on one side or the other. That was only at the midmorning break... by the end of the day the teasing had gotten worse, and she'd suffered more abuse. She also managed to make forty dollars.

At least, so far, she had avoided turning into an insatiable slut, but only barely. And she still technically even held onto her virginity so long as fingers and other objects that were not penises moving past where a long-absent hymen would be didn't count against her, though she couldn't count on that long, the way things were going. In fact, two of the boys from the midmorning break cornered her again near the bus stop with leering faces and told her they'd see her tomorrow, find her no matter what, and that next time the teacher wouldn't interfere while they fucked her until she couldn't walk. That was a real possibility, they weren't really boys, nearly men, seventeen or eighteen. Bethany was in middle school, but they lived in a small town... the middle school and the high school were technically the same building. The two age-groups were divided into different sections of that building, except the cafeteria, gym, and library, and technically outside of those areas you weren't supposed to be outside of your area, but people did all the time. Even at the supposedly strictly-segregated school dances, chaperones for the middle school students' dances were recruited from among the senior class, chaperones who usually needed to be watched more closely than the younger kids, and there were always rumors of a tipsy eleven- or twelve-year-old girl snuck into the nearest boy's bathroom at the high school students' dance, dancing with her older boyfriend, or anybody else available while her boyfriend was busy, to the music that carried through the wall and adjoining hall. Such bathroom dances were unsupervised, at least by anyone who would snitch, and, the tales went, often got sexual. During the course of the normal school day, there were older students regularly prowling among the middle schoolers, happy for a chance to push somebody around, or brave middle schoolers looking for excitement by hanging with an older crowd and doing anything they asked, even if it left them covered in cum and having to find their way home naked. Such fraternization wasn't allowed, but it usually went unreported, and older teens were almost always unpunished aside from, occasionally, a detention, and that meant even if Bethany avoided the crossover areas, the high school boys who wanted to rape her would find her if they wanted it bad enough.

The threat, or promise, of that encounter alternately scared and thrilled her, making it difficult to relax enough to sleep and inspiring a hand to go under her covers regularly and come back wet. Despite her mother's frequent warnings about where that might lead, it made that trip several times, getting smellier each time and with each trip the fear got a little more clobbered by the excitement, at least until that harsh knocking on the door gave fear a second wind.

It wasn't at her bedroom door, it was at the front door, so it wasn't the fact of the knocking itself that scared her, but the type, it was loud and unbearably insistent, the type of knock that demanded an answer, and threatened that if it didn't get one, whoever was knocking might find a way to get in anyway. Maybe those older boys decided they couldn't wait till the next day of school, they'd come to her house in a home invasion and rape her in her bed, leaving her sheets as cum stained as many of the clothes she started the day with.

She didn't get out of bed to answer the door, but her mom did, and she heard a gruff voice saying something she couldn't make out, and then feet stomping down the hallway, and she pulled her covers off and lay back, spreading her legs as wide as they could go. If they were coming anyway, there was no sense hiding. Her mother's voice rang out, "I can't believe Bethany's done anything to merit the police..."

Bethany's heart seemed to jump into her throat, because that wasn't anywhere in her expectations. The footsteps were getting closer, and then there was a firm knock on the door, hers this time. She pulled her blankets back over her, not wanting the police to see her in her skimpy nightie that didn't even cover her wet panties when her legs were spread that way, and in fact pulled the sheets higher than they were before, so the blankets formed an extra layer of fabric shield over her chest. She also straightened her legs to appear less whorish, then said, "What?"

The door opened, and two men entered, the local Sherriff, a white man in his forties with grey-white hair and a slight beer belly, and his chief deputy, a tall, bald, well-built man with dark skin who was at least fifteen years younger. They were in their police uniforms, and came to stand in front of Bethany's bed. Her mom was behind them, a look of slight worry on her face. She was dressed pretty skimpy too, just thong panties and two loose pieces of fabric that connected just between her collarbones and hung down, usually although not reliably covering her boobs. That wasn't unusual though, she often answered the door in that, or less, sometimes even naked with a vibrating dildo inside her. Mom was shameless. Got a lot of free pizza that way, though. But these weren't pizza men. The Sherriff was the one who spoke first. "Hello, Bethany. I'm afraid we have a serious situation here."

Bethany thought she knew what it was, but also thought it was best to play dumb. Maybe they were here about something else, or maybe, despite what she'd said, the substitute reported the attempted rape... or, if not attempted rape, just fingering, rape's what it should have looked like to her. So there were good reasons they might be there and bad reasons, and Bethany tried to keep calm and just said, "What?"

"We've had a lot of calls about a picture going around," he said, and all of Bethany's hopes went out the window. "A picture of you, what they call a selfie. I know all the kids are doing that, but it becomes a real pickle for us when you do it without enough clothes on."

Bethany's face went beet red. She never should have taken that picture, and certainly never should have sent it out to her crush, she knew it was a bad idea, but her mother suggested it, and Bethany finally decided it was worth a try. It was just a picture of her sitting on her bed, one hand in her panties and her panties were the only thing she was wearing. Her budding breasts, which had developed a roundness and plumped out a little but still seemed very small, were on display, thrust forward by a slight arch to her back. She'd hoped it would entice the guy she had developed strong feelings for into talking to her outside of class time. Now everybody at school had seen it, and instantly had started treating her like a slut. It was a good thing she hadn't sent the other pictures. "I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't mean for it to get out. I don't even know how it happened!"

"I'm surprised at you, Bethany!" her mother scolded, and that earned her a quick glare. Mom had done everything but take the picture herself, and she offered that, too. She might have been surprised the picture made it around the school in only a day, but she had no right to fake surprise that Bethany would take the pictures.

"Few girls intend it to get out, but it did get out, and now there's a picture of a... how old are you, Bethany?"

"Twelve," she said. "Almost thirteen."

"A topless picture of a twelve-year-old girl. And do you know what that is?" She shook her head. "That's considered child pornography. I'd consider it just child erotica, for it to be pornography in my book, we'd at the very least need to see somebody else in the picture with you, but under the law, it's child porn, and I am an officer of the law." Her face was still red up until this point, but now fear made the color drain from her cheeks. "So I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Bethany, but you are responsible for creating and distributing child pornography."

"But I didn't distribute it! Not intentionally! I only meant to send it to one person!" And she still didn't want to name names because she still harbored some hopes he'd noticed her. Well, he certainly noticed her, today proved that, but she hoped he might have real feelings for her, or develop them if she continued doing what made him smile, but he'd never forgive her if she got him in trouble.

The deputy spoke now. "One person counts as distribution, under the law."

Of course it did. Never mind that the picture was of herself and she sent it, the law was going to treat her like one of those creeps who kidnap girls and film them. "Am... am I going to go to jail?"

"No, dear," the Sherriff said with surprising softness. "The big city prosecutors might think it's a good idea to prosecute a girl your age for sending a picture of herself out there, but we know better, that you didn't know better. But we have to take swift action, you understand?" She nodded in eager agreement. If they weren't here to arrest her, maybe they were here to help her after all. "We can't have child pornography out there, or even child erotica. So it's our responsibility to confiscate every bit of it, you understand?" She nodded again. "That's why we're here. You give us permission to search your room and confiscate everything we determine to be child erotica?" Another nod. Maybe they'd even get the pictures away from everyone at school. Things were looking up. "Okay, let's start with the pictures. Is it just the one?"

"I only sent one," she said, and then blurted out, "but there are few more on my phone that I didn't send."

"We're going to need to confiscate your phone."

Losing her phone seemed a small price to pay, but it was still a price. "Couldn't you just delete the pictures?"

"I'm afraid not, even when you delete a file, it can be recovered later if you know how. In order to prevent the spread of child pornography, we have to take every possible measure. The phone will become police property. Hand it over."

She finally let the blanket drop, in her eagerness to get the phone and comply, forgetting that her nightgown was embarrassing, a sheer purple babydoll that you could see her bra and panties through. When her mother bought it for her it seemed grown up, and it was fun wearing it in the privacy of her bedroom, or when her uncle stopped by to visit and she could tease him by bending over in front of him in it (it was short enough that the slightest bend or stretch completely exposed her panties, and the effect was great when she wore a thong), sitting on his lap, or occasionally, leaving out the bra and panties at all and pretending to forget you could see her nipples or tight pussy if you stared right through it. But that was family... wearing a nightie like this in front of cops was just plain humiliating. Especially since she'd just been masturbating it and she was sure that if she dared to look down, the front of her panties would have a visible wet spot, more like a patch where she mashed the entire front fabric around rubbing her slimy slit, digging it in for extra stimulation before she just went all-out and used her own bare fingers. She really wanted to see if that was obvious to the police, but looking would only call attention to it if they hadn't noticed it themselves.

If they noticed, they didn't say. The deputy did stare between her legs, but a lot of guys stared there whether there was a wet spot or not, even if it was fully clothed. And when she handed over the phone, they both crowded around it to look at the picture. That was another embarrassment, seeing them look at the picture of her bearing her breasts, and then looking up to and through her nightie to the bra that covered the real thing. "They're bigger than I expected," the Sherriff said, and the Deputy made a sound of agreement. "I only see one picture here. You said there were more." When she hesitated rather than answered, they knew it wasn't a simple answer. "It's only going to be difficult if you're difficult. We need to confiscate everything that can be considered child erotica. Now I said I wouldn't arrest you, but I will put you over my knee and spank you if you lie to me, with your mother's permission."

"You'd better tell him," her mother warned. "Because I will be giving that permission, and it won't be the halfhearted swats on the panties I give, it will be a hard swat on your bare fanny, with a smack on your pussy to send the lesson home. I might just give him permission anyway, for not immediately giving these fine officers what they want."

Her pussy almost wanted a smack on it at this point, it had gotten a little too used to things that hurt but also felt good, and even if it just hurt, at least it might cut down the lingering tense feeling of arousal. "The other pictures are on my tablet," she confessed... she'd forgot she took them from there, not her phone. It really was an innocent mistake, and the only reason she didn't admit it right away was because she didn't want to lose the tablet, too, and be without any connection to the Internet at all. "But I didn't send them to anybody, they were just practice shots."

The Sherriff handed the phone over to his deputy, who pocketed it, and then held out his meaty palm towards Bethany. "Hand it over." For this one, she had to bend down and reach into her bookbag by the side of the bed, wiggling her ass in the direction of the cops, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe it'd get them to be more lenient to her. At school, her bent-over ass-wiggles were a popular feature, honed over the last two years as a means to tease boys and teachers and get cheap attention from the both groups and leniency from the second group, the same thing she liked to do to her uncle, but on a lesser scale. Always deniable, she was sure it looked accidental, that she 'dropped' a pencil, and knew it was especially effective in a short skirt. Most of her skirts were short, but on test grading days or when she needed an extension on homework, she made sure to wear an especially short skirt and a thong and sometimes on difficult cases, forget panties. Those ass-wiggles served her well, but sometimes they got her into trouble too, when spotted by a gay male teacher or straight female, and by some of the more bold students who would take even the natural ass-wiggling accompanying a genuinely accidental pencil drop-and-retrieval, while wearing modest, non-thong panties for an invitation to more than she was offering and ventured a grope, or called her bad names. She didn't like being called a cock-tease, though she liked that she could tease a cock, and got outraged when people wouldn't take 'no' for an answer and grabbed her without permission, permission she'd never given even when they asked nicely.

Cops, she figured, wouldn't be like that, and so Bethany relaxed and let her ass wiggle while she leaned over the side of her bed to dig through her bag, then had second thoughts. This ass-wiggle was accidental, but she'd learned even accidental ass-wiggles attracted attention, and not always the good kind, particularly today. Today she'd made a conscious effort to avoid deliberate ass-wiggles, which didn't stop people from knocking things out of her hands and making her pick them up while they stood behind her to enjoy the view, or expose an even better view to a crowd, or play with the view while others held her down helpless.

No one held her now, so, when she'd opened the little pouch her tablet was in, and looked back up, at least the cops weren't playing with the view, or playing with themselves, but she thought she saw a telltale bulge in their pants that showed they were enjoying it. That was okay, because if they looked through her pictures, they'd be seeing a better view.

She handed the tablet over, and then was surprised as the Sherriff pulled her off the bed and to his side, so fast she nearly stumbled over her own feet to remain standing. "I'm not going to be able to find these on your own, so you're going to have to show me." He put an arm around her and bent over with the tablet in his other hand, holding it for her to swipe towards the pictures section. As Bethany called them up, she felt his hand drifting down, pulling the nightie up, and then stroking her side, slipping under the panties and caressing her ass-cheek, pretty bold behavior for a cop, but she said nothing, just shot a look at her mom to see if she'd do anything. Nope, Mom looked like it didn't bother her, positively bored, in fact.

"Okay, it's here," she said, and the first of her pictures appeared. This one wasn't a nude picture, just an innocent picture of her grinning into the camera, but it was the album where she experimented, privately, and you could find the others with a simple swipe. And she didn't want to be around when they found it, so she tried to pull away, but the Sherriff's meaty hand on her ass held her close to him, and then the deputy stood on the other side of that hand, so even if she slipped free, she was still pinned between them.

All she could do was blush when they swiped through the pics. "Aww, that's adorable," said the deputy, at a picture of her with her finger over her lips, a fake moustache painted on her finger. Another safe, tame pic, but the nudes were coming. Swipe, swipe, swipe, and there it was.

It was a picture taken in her mirror, from behind, with one side of her panties pulled down, exposing her ass, or a little more than half of it, that half including the crack. The Sherriff made a tut-tut of disapproval with his tongue in his closed mouth as he shook his head, and then said, "Yes, I'm afraid this is definitely child erotica." which struck Bethany as funny, because, except for the nightgown, which was barely visible anyway, she was currently pretty much exposed the same amount because of his hand working down one end of her panties, and a pinkie nestled in deep between the cheeks of her ass. If the difference between child erotica and child pornography was another person, than if somebody was behind them with a camera, the Sherriff would be part of a child pornography picture. But there was no camera, so she guessed there was no pornography. Her mother had to see that her panties were being slowly dragged down, though, but she wasn't saying a word.

She looked up at the Sherriff, putting on her best pout, the kind of pout that made men melt and teachers raise a grade sometimes even without a peek below a skirt. "Do you have to take my tablet?"

"Bethany, it's bad enough you got yourself into this mess, but don't make it worse. What have you been taught? Always do what a cop tells you, no complaints, no matter what it is or how strange it seems. You never know when your life or freedom may depend on it." Bethany didn't remember her mother teaching that lesson, unless it was an unspoken part of her lesson on what to do if an armed person tried to force you to do something, like touch his private parts or strip naked. Her mother had said that if a man had a gun, or a knife, or you even thought he maybe might have a gun or knife, you should go along with whatever he said, even if it meant doing something that was against your morals, unless you thought doing it would put your life in danger, and she supposed that rule could technically also apply to cops who carried guns, but it didn't seem like it was meant that way. Mom also said a girl in that situation shouldn't just comply, but be enthusiastic, make them feel that she wanted to do it, go that extra mile, that if they asked for a handjob, she should offer a blowjob, if they asked to see her pussy, she should ask if they wanted to fuck a baby into it. Then they'd get what they want and not feel like they had to silence her afterwards. A violent criminal was less likely to hurt a girl if he thought she'd just willingly conceived their baby and promised to carry it to term and tell nobody. Cops didn't seem like the violent criminals she thought her mom was warning her about. Once again, though, she didn't argue. Mom might not have a literal gun, but she could put a bullet in the head of her social life whenever she wanted, and that meant Bethany wasn't going to argue with her, either.

"I'm sure your mother will buy you a new one," the dark-skinned deputy suggested, giving her a nod and a grin so wide both rows of his teeth could be seen.

"Not right away," Bethany's mom said. "A lesson must be taught, but yes, I think I can put in some extra effort at work and make enough to buy you one before too long, maybe for your birthday."

Bethany gave a smile that was part grimace. Not only had the Sherriff's pinkie finger started to tickle her asshole, working its way inside, which, although no longer a completely unfamiliar sensation, still felt weird and a little uncomfortable, but the grimace was also because she knew just what her mother would do to earn enough money for a new tablet, and she wasn't sure she wanted it. Her mother was a stripper, and she took home good money doing it, she put a roof over Bethany's head and food on the plate and clothes and the electronic gadgets she needed to be cool and with-it in school. Mom did it with a smile and no gripes, except one, a regular, wistful complaint that she was past prime stripper age. She was only thirty, though, and had a body a twenty-year-old would die for, so there seemed to be no danger of her having to quit soon, although she did often come home with sore feet and asked Bethany to rub them, and the legs connected to them, right up to the thigh. It was a task Bethany never minded but got a little awkward, especially considering her mother did it either in a short skirt and no panties, or completely nude. There was no touching, but a lot of looking, at her mother's pussy, looking close enough to know that it was one of the areas they definitely did not look like mother and daughter, for Bethany's was tight and closed in, and her mother's was like a flower with petals hanging out. It was awkward for her, but not her mother, and doubly awkward once Bethany started learning about sex and started to realize that stripping wasn't the only way Mom made her money, that when she came home with a particularly large wad of cash, white goo would often be dripping out of an even gutsier, more wide-open cunt. On those days it was a cunt, a word her mother taught her, complaining that her cunt was sore, and asking without actually asking for a massage from a daughter who'd already massaged so much. She never asked, merely hinted, when she fished for a cunt massage, but Bethany pretended not to get the hint. When it wasn't freshly fucked and dripping cum, her mom referred to it as a pussy, sometimes a kitty, and would mention how tense it was because it hadn't gotten any milk, still fishing for a massage without asking, but with no better luck, with a daughter prepared to play dumb. She wasn't dumb, though, she caught on quick. When Mom came home with a smaller handful of cash and no goo, she had a pussy, but when he was flush with cash, she had a sloppy cunt, which was also flush. Math might not have been Bethany's best subject, but she could add two and two. Her mother was one of those strippers who also whored.

Bethany didn't mind a tablet paid for by whoring, even loved her mother all that much more for going through the shame of whoring to get Bethany what she wanted, although she suspected it started before she was born and that the father Mom would never tell her about was just some anonymous client. Regardless of that possibility, Bethany appreciated her continuing to do it to buy what Bethany needed. That was why she always gave the leg massages... that, and she liked to look, was working up the nerve to just get the hint and rub a pussy, or a sloppy cunt, with the same flexing fingers that worked on her mom's feet, calves, thighs, and sometimes ass. She mostly wanted to feel the sloppy cunt--she could feel her own pussy any time--but was scared about what it would mean if she took the hint. She felt her mother deserved a massage for all she'd sacrificed for her benefit, but wasn't sure if doing any more than legs would make one or both of them gay.

No, Bethany's problem wasn't with the whoring itself, the problem was how embarrassing it was last time Mom was saving up for something big, when she needed some emergency funds to replace the water heater last week. Bethany's social reputation at school, formerly highest in her grade, was going downhill thanks to her mother, even before the photo that spread like wildfire. Not everybody, but enough people at school had told tales about how Bethany's mother fucked their dad, or neighbor, or put on a show in somebody's garage with a dog and people were starting to believe it. Most of the boys who had made a move on her had claimed to see her mother in the process of whoring and, when the photo became a viral meme, thought, "Like Mother, Like Daughter." The cops might help her save her reputation if they got rid of all the pictures, but if her Mom went on a whoring binge to buy her a new tablet, it would all be for naught, every guy in school might still decide they had a right to fuck her by throwing a few bucks her way.

Worse, they might try to fuck Bethany's mom, leave her untouched but never give her a moment's peace because they would always be at her place trying to score some free pussy or ass off a stripper and part-time whore who really needed her pussy rubbed after a long day stripping, and was a sucker for a good pussy rub, who had mentioned, in passing, several times in Bethany's earshot that she was a sucker for a good pussy rub, that someone could get her to do anything if they started by asking her pussy. Sometimes what was meant to be whoring turned into a freebie because of a good pussy rub, which turned into a sloppy cunt pounding, if Mom didn't think to get the money up front. Bethany saw the aftermath of that a few times, of a whore who just gave out a free sample getting down on her knees and begging to sell a half-price blowjob just so the day wouldn't be a total wash. Bethany knew since she was nine her social life would be over if she invited any of her school friends over and rebuffed anyone who asked to visit at home, even sometimes acting like a bitch if they got to insistent, because all it took was one boy knocking at the door and getting lucky with her mother answering the door nude or with a vibrating dildo, and then they'd all be doing it, and sooner or later one cocky little boy would think to offer to rub it himself and prove her mom a sucker. Even a girl houseguest might talk and start the parade of boys.

Bethany wondered if she was also a sucker for a good pussy rub. She thought she might be, based on today, and based on what was going on right that moment, she might get more evidence soon, as she realized that it had been almost a minute that she'd been standing there with the county Sherriff, staring at the picture she took of her ass, with her panties askew and one side down to knee level, while he slowly worked a finger inside and her mother letting it happen. She let it happen too. They did have guns, after all. Or maybe she was just a sucker for a good ass-fingering, something she didn't know existed before today but was now ready to believe in based on the testimony of her trembling knees and beating heart, and the tight way her butthole clung to that finger like it didn't want to let go no matter how many things had already been up there that day. She didn't know why the Sherriff was being so bold, just that he liked fingering her ass while looking at her ass displayed on a screen. If that pattern held, she might be getting a good pussy rub soon, and turned into a sucker or a slut. Not that she hadn't sucked before, after some pussy stimulation or a few kind words, but at least one of them, she would have sucked off anyway. He was why she sent the picture, after all.

Bethany was just about to turn herself into a sucker with a good pussy rub, she was getting so frustrated with the reaming of her ass that was stimulating but not stimulating enough, leaving her dangling, excited, but not near enough to an orgasm. She'd had enough of that shit today, sometimes brought right to the brink of one, but never going over the edge, it was like they knew and held off just to be extra mean. During the bus ride home she came very close to just spreading her legs and going to town on herself in her messy panties in front of everybody until she could get that holy grail she'd always heard about, that her mom had gotten her close to but told her to avoid at all costs. Mom said if she didn't avoid it she'd become like her, insatiable, a slut, and back when her mother first gave her those lessons, Bethany didn't want to be insatiable or a slut. After today, she wasn't so sure, but she erred on the side of caution, because if she had the orgasm and became an insatiable slut like her mother, there was no going back, but she didn't, she could change her mind later. So with that thought in mind, Bethany managed to wait until she got home, and then, gave herself a hot shower followed by a cold blast, sending the beast temporarily to sleep. Well, her bedtime thoughts had woken it up again, which turned into possibly her first face up, legs spread, all-out masturbation session, one where she'd planned on going all the way before she'd been interrupted... interrupted AGAIN. The beast was still awake, and it wasn't going to be satisfied with a bold finger in a disgusting place for long.

Finally the finger retreated, and Bethany grimaced and fell back on her heels, only being fully conscious at that moment that she'd been standing on the tips of her toes. It was funny how that worked sometimes. She looked up at the Sherriff, who gave her a wink, like what had happened was their little secret and not witnessed by her mother and a deputy with a huge bulge standing on her other side, and then he swiped across the tablet to change to the next picture. This was another topless picture, but it wasn't framed well, too close, just a set of tiny boobs that could have been anybody's. That may have been child porn, but didn't even get a courtesy grope. Maybe she was wrong about the pattern of "see a part, touch a part," but then, one example, even a particularly exciting example, does not really make a pattern.

Further pictures followed, more than she actually remembered taking, actually, but that's the way it sometimes went with pictures, and the two cops did comment on some of these, like they were viewing family photos and not naked pics of a little girl posing her body. The first time her pussy appeared, they said it was a cute picture, that she had a darling tight little body, and then compared her overall looks to various celebrities... kid celebrities, sure, or kid versions of celebrities, but celebrities nonetheless, which was a good way to get a shy young girl blushing if she wasn't already flush from just having her ass violated by a thick finger while two strange men looked at nude pictures of her. Among the names tossed around, the Sherriff said she looked like the girl from Dog With a Blog, a show she was surprised the Sherriff had heard of, although he was older and maybe he had kids of his own that were her age. The Deputy said she looked like a young version of that blonde girl from Heroes, who Bethany only recognized, from the show Nashville, when he mispronounced her name and called her "Hayden Panty-erre, with the nice derriere." Who knew a cop could speak French! Either comparison was very flattering, even though she thought her face had closer to the awkward-beauty of the Disney star, only without as much beauty. But then, she might grow out of the awkward and into the beauty. Mom she thought of as a beauty, a blonde bombshell that had that ice queen look, at least until people learned that all it took to melt her was to make her cunt hot, and that gave her hope for herself as well, but Bethany didn't believe she was there yet, no matter how many people had complimented her on her pictures. She was still awkward, and far from a beauty, but at least she could get guys to appreciate her body.

Finally they came to the picture that should have made her blush, if she had any more blush left in her. Another mirror pic, this was taken with her lying on the floor in front of her mirror, completely naked, one hand holding up the tablet, the other at her crotch, spreading her pussy with her fingers and giving her pink insides its debut moment in front of the camera. That even Bethany might agree was child pornography, but it was more a curiosity pic, not intended to be sent, just to be seen by herself. She probably should have deleted it, but she never got around to that. Now, again, people she didn't invite were staring at something that should be private. She thought she should be used to that by now, but she wasn't.

Worse, they were staring and not touching. They were whistling with approval, or hooting, and even her mother came around to look over their shoulder and see what all the fuss was about, and maybe that made them chicken about touching, although she didn't know why when she still her panties around her knees and making slow progress towards her ankles. "That's a very pretty picture, Bethany," her mother said. "It really highlights your feminine area."

"Damn right it does," the deputy said. "That is some high-quality preteen pussy right there."

"You said it, Malcolm. I don't know why you sent the other one when you had this masterpiece right here."

That was a confusing reception to a pic that was far more explicit than the one she was in trouble for. The pic she sent, said 'Pay attention to me!' This one, she already knew at her tender age, in the eyes of a guy, said flat out, 'Fuck Me.' "But isn't it child pornography?" she asked.

"I'd still classify it as child erotica. Child pornography gets locked up in an evidence vault until it's eventually destroyed. Child erotica might eventually hang in an art museum. This is art museum material, a girl at the transition between child and woman exploring her sexuality. This is child erotica, in my book. It's a damn crying shame that the whole world doesn't get to see this. Of course, the laws right now don't make such distinctions, and they'd classify it as pornography, yes, which is why I'd have to confiscate it. But if you're going to send off a dirty selfie, shouldn't it be the very best one you've got?"

"I've always tried to teach Bethany to excel," her mother said, standing next to the African-American deputy. She rubbed her crotch, and then his. "No matter what she did. I'm disappointed in you. The Sherriff's right, you should have sent this one."

The Sherriff swiped the tablet again, a few times, but that was the end of the dirty pictures. Everything else was just her goofing around, with nothing more salacious than a swimsuit picture. "Don't be too hard on her," the Sherriff said, stepping a step away from Bethany and handing the tablet over her head to the deputy. "I can tell she's a shy girl, despite the pictures. Log this into evidence, Malcolm." The deputy nodded, tucked it under one arm, and returned to fingering Bethany's mother. "Are there any other pictures?" Again she hesitated. "It's better to tell us now."

"Well, not from me, but from others."

"You mean the other copies of the one you sent?" She nodded. "We'll do what we can about those."

That was a relief, but it wouldn't be enough, not now. "And there was some that people took, today, in school."

"Were they erotic, or pornographic?"

"I'm still not sure of the difference," she admitted.

"It's often a judgment call. But they were sexually charged, right? You were at least partly naked?" She nodded. "Sexually explicit?" She thought about it and nodded again, though she wasn't 100% sure what counted.

"Bethany!" her mother gasped, whether in shock at this revelation or the still fingering deputy. "How dare you not tell me! What happened today? Have you had sex?"

"No!" Bethany insisted. "Not actual sex. But they pulled my panties down and took pictures, or held me down, it wasn't my fault, honest." They did a lot more, if that was all they'd done she probably wouldn't have nodded at 'sexually explicit,' but she didn't want her mother to know, tears were already building in her eyes from the revelations she'd been forced to disclose so far.

"Well, if they held you down nobody can blame you," her mom said, suddenly forgiving, and then turned her attention to the Sherriff. "But I would like you to find those pictures."

"We would very much like to find them too, and make sure the appropriate things happen to those who took them. Stern warnings, at least." He spun her around so they were face to face, at least they were once he got down on one knee, like he was proposing. "Don't you worry, little lady, Sherriff Buck Collins promises you he will look into the matter."

Bethany nodded, her tears suddenly held back by this warm, sensitive older man, like a father figure she never had, telling her it would be okay.

From behind her, she heard, "And Deputy Malcolm King will be right there beside him looking at those pics." She laughed, and the rest of her tears felt like they dried up, although they actually broke and dried on her face, unnoticed because there wasn't a flood to follow them. It was funny, the way he said it, like he was more interested in looking for himself than as part of his job. Also funny was that this was the first time she learned the Sherriff's name, or the full names of both of them, even though the Sherriff had already fingered her asshole. Somehow they seemed a lot more human and less scary with names.

"Thank you," she said. And then she looked down at the panties at her ankle, suddenly ashamed. It was easier to expose yourself to somebody you didn't really know. Or when the people you did know weren't really there, that was why she did the pic in the first place. The guy they were intended for seemed to take a real interest in her, and her feelings for him made her so nervous, she couldn't even work up the nerve to show an ass-wiggle, at least not one with anything other than conservative panties. Now that she felt closer to these officers, and he'd stopped fingering her, she felt suddenly naked, and bent down to grab the underwear on the floor.

The Sherriff stayed her hand. "I'm sorry, but we'll have to confiscate those as well."

"My... underwear?"

"You being in such a locally famous example of child pornography, under the law, you understand, makes your used underwear, having spend a good deal of time in contact with your private areas, now an accessory, and by the legal principle of ipso facto, themselves a piece of child erotica, which means we now have to take them. Because you can now sell it to perverts, you understand, and make good money. If legally what you were doing was classified child erotica as it should have been, then the used panties would themselves, be nothing special, you could still sell them and fetch a good price, hell, I'd buy some myself, but as I said, legally that first picture was child pornography, and so we have to classify all your underwear as erotica, and confiscate it." He pointed to the bra visible through the nightie. "The bra will have to go, too. I think we can let the nightgown slide."

And then he did in fact slide the nightgown, though he slid it up, up to her shoulders, making her feel terribly naked and rather helpless as he lifted her off her feet to do so. The panties fell away, and she felt Deputy Malcolm's hands undoing her bra, which also slipped away, leaving her only wearing a purple see-thru nightie that was currently bunched up around her armpits. Finally, it dropped, and she was let down again, the panties on the floor now in the hands of the deputy, who lifted them to his face and smelled them like the scent of recently-masturbated twelve-year-old pussy was a fine perfume. "Should I get the rest, Buck?"

"Yes, all of them, in the hamper, and her drawers as well." He nodded, and got to work, first asking for, receiving a plastic bag from her mother, and started stuffing them inside, every piece of underwear she had.

"You're taking all of them? What am I supposed to do for school tomorrow?"

"You'll just have to go without. You can wear pants, or something."

No, she couldn't. Her mother had a thing about pants being unladylike. She had a few pairs of pants, but only for emergencies, and she looked over to her mother to see if this counted as one, or if she'd be allowed to wear the pants regardless, and got a stern but very subtle shake of her head. This didn't count as an emergency, it seemed. Pants were for boys, or girls who were on their period, which for some reason Mom called failures. Bethany had only one failure so far, a few weeks back, and that was the only time she was allowed pants in recent memory. Young ladies, Mom always insisted, wear skirts to school. And all of them were pretty short... some had started longer, but she'd grown taller and Mom didn't buy any that were longer than those now too-small ones started. If anything, it was the opposite. So now, even with her longest skirts, any time she bent down, somebody would be able to see she wasn't wearing anything underneath, at least if they bent down too, and she often got people bending down when she went for an ass-wiggle, accidental or deliberate, in public. She was now comfortable exposing her panties that way. When they were thong panties, she tried to watch herself, be willing to abandon a dropped pen rather than pick it up in the wrong company, but with the right company, she'd wiggle and pretend not to care. Her panty-free ass wiggles were always carefully planned events, she'd leave them off at gym class, give her private accidental show to the teacher and only the teacher, get her grade or extension or out of detention, and be ultra careful until she found a way to put them back on. Nobody could be careful forever, especially with what was threatened to come, when she'd probably be cornered and fucked and not even have the luxury of panties to keep the cum from dripping down her legs. But then, she wouldn't get to have those tomorrow either. It was tradition.

She swallowed, and guessed she'd better get over her shyness, her only chance now was if the cops put a scare into the older boys, which they might be more likely to do if she told them. That might prevent the rape, at least on the day they were warned by the cops, although sooner or later she thought they'd forget how scared they were and try it anyway. But a few days was time enough to find another solution, maybe even to open negotiations and offer them blowjobs every day for life or for them to just fuck her ass and leave her a virgin. She opened her mouth to tell the cops, then closed it again, realizing she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to put it off. Maybe it was better to get it over with early, so they wouldn't keep hounding her. Maybe losing the panties was a blessing, too. Tomorrow panties would only get in the way, and anyway were sure to be taken as a trophy by the first boy in the school to fuck her. She'd heard the rumors about that tradition since her first day at that school, and it was confirmed by some of her sluttier classmates that really was what happened. First time a girl was fucked, really fucked, on school grounds, the one who did the deed stole the panties and displayed it. Some boys had trophy walls in their locker, panties pinned to the side with pictures so everybody knew who the sluts were. These panties and pictures were never taken by the school administration, despite frequent inspections. She wasn't sure if the boys who had claimed her were the 'trophy wall' type, but they seemed like it. It sure would show them if she didn't wear any panties to take as trophies.

"I think that's all of them," the deputy said. "But usually there are used ones, too." He pointed to the empty hamper. "Is it laundry day?"

"Not normally, but Bethany changed after school and she might have filled it up and taken it down to the laundry room," her mother said. "I haven't had a chance to wash them." Bethany gulped.

"Unwashed panties are definitely going to have to be confiscated. Can you show me the way?" And soon, the deputy and Mom were off to find the laundry room and possibly Bethany's biggest shameful secret of the day. She'd had to remove her clothes and panties and put them in the laundry basket, planning to wash them and then realizing that she didn't know how to work the machine, it was one of those things Mom always did for her. She did the next best thing, covered the soiled clothes in old still dirty clothes and hope it wasn't noticed.

While they were gone, she was alone with Buck, and wondered what a man who fingered a little girl's ass while her mom was in the room would do when he was alone with her. To her surprise, he was all business, still on the confiscation patrol and after the next item on the list of things he had to take. That was 'Anything that she'd deliberately rubbed against her pussy, or put inside her pussy or ass.' That was embarrassing, having to point that out to a man. Two of her stuffed animals, a dog with a hard plastic nose that felt good rubbing up against her, and a dolphin with a stiff fin and tail, went into the confiscation pile. Goodbye Mr. Paws and Sea Dancer. Then there were her pens, and since she couldn't remember which ones had gone inside of her, all had to be taken, even though she'd only done it a couple times. She chose to not volunteer her vibrating toothbrush, which her mother introduced to and then, just when the pleasure was becoming more than she could believe, took it away and told her she should never use it very long or she'd go past that point of no return. She wanted to keep that, if only to brush her teeth. She might be getting gang-raped tomorrow, but she'd be getting gang-raped with clean teeth and fresh breath.

But there wasn't much that had gone inside her pussy, at least not at home, Bethany wasn't very imaginative that way, and barely touched herself at all. Thanks to her mother's warning about the effects of the first orgasm, she was always trying to dance the line, get as much pussy-stimulating pleasure as possible without going over the edge, at least not deliberately. If she accidentally went too far one day, or an orgasm was forced on her, that was fate and she couldn't be blamed, she was just meant to be a slut, but only if she was as careful as she could. So far, she was an expert at that, never slipped once, because once was all it took, according to her mother, and she attributed her lucky streak to mostly using her fingers. You could be careful with fingers, get close but not go all the way, pull out the moment the feelings started getting too intense without causing much more stimulation as you withdrew.

Sherriff Buck thought she was lying, though, and kept suggesting things in her room that she might have stuck up her snatch, anything that looked the slightest bit phallic, ranging from pens to hair brushes to a large headed polished wooden carving from Africa her mom bought at a craft sale. Each time, Bethany would shake her head, protesting it was too big, and the Sherriff'd claim it wasn't even as big as his cock and she could easily fit it inside her if she would only try, something she had started to believe might actually be true.

Somehow her trying to convince him she didn't shove something up her snatch always became him convincing her she could, should, and should let him show her personally, that he'd seen bigger things stuffed into smaller holes when he did strip-searches prior to taking somebody into custody. That discussion led very quickly to her lying ass up on the bed with virtually everything he asked if she'd put inside herself actually going into her asshole or pussy or both, usually two at once, stuffing her and thrilling her and reminding her of the humiliations of earlier that day, only with a much more comfortable environment. It wasn't a bunch of leering and laughing classmates, it was a law enforcement officer who made her feel safe even while he worked an increasingly large series of objects into her pussy and ass. And it made sense... it had been suggested she widen her holes, after all.

Pens came first, growing larger into sharpies, an empty glass soda bottle, a plastic candy cane, the remote control to her bedroom television set, a doll's head, a sculpture of a dolphin, and a wireless handheld microphone she used to use to pretend she was her favorite rock star. He put that to much better use than she ever had, working the head into her tight pussy which might now qualify as a sloppy cunt, unless it took an orgasm to make the first cunt transformation, and he was getting pretty close to that. But he didn't go that far, it was like he was in on the conspiracy to keep her just on the edge, everything that went in, he just gave a few strokes, and sometimes clapped his hand on the outside of her pussy, giving it a squeeze, like he was trying to feel it from the outside, like he wouldn't be satisfied until it made a significant bulge or turned her innie belly button into an outie. After he dove it in and worked it a few times, but before she could cum, the item came out, went into her ass, and the item in her ass then went into the confiscation pile, and she had some time to cool down before something new was tried. It was like an assembly line, and, at this rate, her room was going to be completely empty of anything that would fit inside one of her holes, but she was torn because she wanted to ask him to stop so she wouldn't have to give up all her beloved childhood items, but also wanted him to continue, prove just how far her pussy and ass could stretch when properly motivated and as wet as it was just then.

Finally there was the wooden African idol, the carved head of a woman with a tall tower of hair that was shaped surprisingly like a very large penis. She never would have imagined THAT could fit, but it did, right up to the carved face, Buck worked it deep into her pussy until the protruding lips brushed against her clit, and then his hand clapped and squeezed her wet, quivering mound tightly before patting her abdomen and looking for a bulge. Maybe there was one, but she couldn't tell, she was too absorbed in the sensations provoked by the slap and squeeze, which provoked a trembling in her cunt that seemed to be extending down her legs, one of the early signs she'd been told to watch for. That idol was larger than anything she'd had up there before and that feeling of being totally stuffed came perhaps the closest to triggering the forced orgasm she now craved so she could just get it over with and become an insatiable slut.

"See," Buck said. "If you can take this, you can absolutely take a man's cock."

"Uh-huh," she said, hardly able to breathe, it was like her heart itself had started tingling. "You're right. I probably could." If only he moved the fucking wooden head, she could make the transition into slut and take his.

That was when her mother and the deputy came in, the deputy's face looking grim as he said, "We have a potentially serious situation here."

"We certainly do, young lady. I am shocked and disappointed."

Shit, Bethany was in trouble and she was so fucking close to an orgasm she could almost taste it. But the shock of their entrance was like throwing a bucket of cold water on the fire that was consuming her, arresting its progress and outright fear was threatening to make the tingles dissipate, fear for herself, and mostly, fear for Buck. "Oh, no, Mom, nothing's going on, Buck was just..." and then she didn't know what to say, no excuse would come to her twelve-year-old mind that would plausibly explain why Buck was standing beside while she had a work of exotic tribal art in her pussy and the pointy end of a wireless microphone sticking out of her ass. What could he be doing? Helping her record an album of African Bowel Music?

Her mother waved a hand, like she didn't even care. "I'm sure whatever the Sherriff is doing, he's got a perfectly reasonable law enforcement purpose for it. Right, Sherriff Buck?"

"Yes, ma'am," Buck said, but didn't bother to explain it.

"Good enough for me. But it's your behavior at school that's at issue here, young lady."

Bethany's heart sank, her chance at the orgasm fading away entirely as her sadness and sense of dread drove the feelings in her cunt down to a light buzz. Those feelings were validated when the deputy held up the panties she wore today. They found it. Now she really was in trouble. "What seems to be the problem here?" Buck asked.

"We found these panties full of cum."

"On the inside. Front and back," her mother clarified.

"Now now, let's not jump to any conclusions. Maybe somebody broke in and masturbated with her panties. Now that they are child erotica, that is exactly what people do will do with them, that's why we confiscated them in the first place. Is that what happened, Bethany?" She shook her head. "Perhaps it was some stray dog, on the way home from school, got a whiff of your tasty little girl cunt, mistook it for a sexy bitch, and so he tackled you down and just went to town, and sprayed his dog cum all over you? She shook her head again.

"I'm disappointed in you, Bethany. You lied to me. You said you were still a virgin."

"I am!" she insisted. "Technically, I think." She lowered her head, and eyes. It was hard to insist you were a virgin to your mother with two phallic objects sticking out of you, but it was true, technically. And how dare she be judgmental. She could now see that her mother's panties had been removed, leaving her just with the dangling sides of her nightgown that covered nothing except occasionally, and that she had a sloppy and dripping cunt. Deputy Malcolm's uniform pants were unbuttoned as well. She totally fucked him in the laundry room, and now she was daring to be disappointed in Bethany maybe having sex?

"How can you have cum all over the inside of your panties and still be a virgin?" Mom asked, snatching the underwear out of the deputy's hand and shoving them in her face, like she was a dog being confronted with its own mess. Well, she was doggy style, and the microphone end did look a little like a tail. But wow, those panties, they really did smell like sex... she hadn't known they were that bad when she took them off, she was too used to it by then. Everybody on the bus home must have thought she'd gotten fucked, and, since she still had her panties, that it wasn't her first time, at least if they knew the school tradition.

But she hadn't been fucked, and there was a good explanation for the cum. "Because some boys at school masturbated on me!"

The deputy froze. She got the feeling so did the Sherriff behind her. "You say they masturbated on you?"

She nodded. "They didn't go inside." There was contact, and the slimy heads of their dick rubbed up against her slit and asshole, but nothing actually slipped inside. Technically still a virgin.

With a sudden plop, the microphone head was yanked out of her ass, almost making her fall over in surprise like a dog who suddenly lost its tail. Seconds later, the African bust was pulled out of her, and Buck turned her around so she lay facing him on the bed. He wasn't smiling. "I think you're going to have to tell us everything that happened at school today."

Bethany bit her lip. She was really hoping to avoid this. Sure, there were some people she wanted to get in trouble, but she didn't want the whole story of what had happened that day to get out, not for her own sake but because there were people who would get in trouble that she DIDN'T want to get in trouble. Not the least of those was the very guys who filled her panties with cum at the end of the day. Unlike some of the other people who had abused her, they were nice about it and paid her ten dollars each for the privilege, while another boy paid twenty for a blowjob. And then there was Mister Kent, who could lose his job and go to jail.

"Well?" her mother said, tapping her foot impatiently. "What are you waiting for? The officer asked you to talk, and you're going to talk."

"Don't I have a right to remain silent?" she asked.

"I think I know what's going on here," Buck said, his voice gentle again. "When your mother came in, you tried to make an excuse for me, even though what I was doing was for law enforcement reasons. You don't want anybody to get in trouble, is that it?" She looked at him, and he seemed so nice, so she nodded. Snitches get stitches, the saying went. It was pointed out to her that very day. "That's very sweet of you. But there's potentially a very serious situation here that I need to get to the bottom of. So I tell you what, I'll make you a promise as a Sherriff of our fine county. If you tell me what happened today, then I swear I will not arrest anybody at your school for anything you say unless you personally tell me you want to press charges. I might need to confiscate some material to get this situation under control, but the jails are full enough as it is, don't you agree?" She nodded again. "So get talking."

"And keep that hand out of your pussy when you do," her mother insisted. Her legs splayed, Bethany's hand had drifted there automatically, just to fill the void of sensation. "You look like you're already at the boiling point, and telling a hot story is only going to push you over the edge if you're finger-fucking yourself. No, don't close your legs, either, maybe being totally exposed will convince you to tell nothing but the truth."

She put her hands on her sides, balled them up into fists and gripped onto the edges of her nightie, which she was still wearing even though it was pulled up to the point her slippery dripping pussy was indeed fully exposed and yawning in a wide beaver for anybody to see. It also throbbed, like it was begging for relief, but she didn't know if they saw that. They still looked at her, like they were waiting for the story. "I don't know where to start."

"Start with the cum in your panties," her mother said.

"No, start with the picture," Buck said. "We might as well find out how it got out there, and we don't want to miss anything with you jumping all around in time."

So, she told them, as much as she knew, which wasn't much, because she took the picture and sent it to Mister Kent, her art teacher, who seemed so sensitive and passionate when he praised her charcoal pencil self-portrait, among other works over the school year, that she'd fallen in love with him, had shown him her ass wiggle, but only daring with panties, hoping he'd keep her after class, but he didn't seem to bite. He just got that uncomfortable look adults sometimes got and averted his eyes. She sent the picture hoping he'd notice her, really notice her.

That was her mother's idea. She didn't want to say that, even under the promise of nobody getting in trouble, but it was the only way to start the story. That the cops didn't look scandalized, and Mom didn't look bothered, made her bolder as she told the rest of the story, omitting few details. Mom didn't know it was a teacher Bethany was interested in, but when she heard her daughter liked a boy who didn't seem interested, she suggested taking the naked selfie, even offered to take it herself and give her pointers. Bethany refused that offer, red-faced, still having shame back in those days, but she took the advice... after all, the advice about flashing her underwear, thong, or bare ass in order to get better treatment at school, that was her mother's advice too, and that had worked out splendidly so far. A naked selfie seemed a little forward, but obviously her mother knew a lot more about attracting men than she did.

It seemed like everybody at school had seen it by the next morning. At first she assumed he had, for some reason, sent the pic around to a few friends, and it spread from there like wildfire... there was no other logical explanation... after all, she only sent it to one person. And so when she suffered through that first near rape, right by the cafeteria doors, the one interrupted by a substitute teacher, she blamed him. And every time somebody knocked something out of her hands and exposed her, she blamed him more.

Just before lunch, when some mocking former friends in gym class waited until after the teacher got distracted, then grabbed her, stripped her naked of her gym shirt and shorts, held her down, tied her up, and invited the boys gym class to see, she blamed him too. The boys, whose teacher also must have also been distracted, came like a pack of wild dogs from behind the movable wall that could be used to divide the two sections of the gym by gender, or, for some lessons, be left open to make one huge area for unisex sports or big games. They were all excited at the girl who's tits they'd seen was now tied up and completely naked, and when they all took a turn feeling those famous tits, pulling on the nipples, sometimes quite harshly, harshly enough to make her wince, but after the winces, they stood up all on their own like they'd just been woken up and came alive. But the allure of tits lost its appeal quickly and everybody moved on to a close-up examination of her pussy, feeling it, laughing about how slick it was getting, how it meant a girl enjoyed it, wanted something in it, and they laughingly put the hard ends of the jump-rope, the one they used to tie her with, in her pussy, pushed it in and out of her like a dick, whipped her into a frenzy that pushed her nearly over the edge, then took it out, and when she whimpered, put it back in again, only this time 'mistakenly' put it in her ass, she thought Mister Kent was to blame. That 'mistake' made her eyes bug out, the first anal intrusion she'd ever had save for a pen and fingers, and at the time not very arousing, pushing her back from the edge of orgasm, far back, and she wiggled her butt and begged them to take it out of her ass, put it back in her pussy if they wanted, but take it out of her ass, they just thought that was funny. And when several people took videos of all that it and shared it with more students right in front of her, she felt Mister Kent was responsible.

The boys whipped out their tiny cocks and started stroking them over her, while the girls held her down and watched and laughed and made more fun of what a slut she was being, took more pictures, a few even pulled their own shorts down and rubbed their asses or slits on her face and called her a lesbian, and took video of that.

The few boys in her grade who could cum did, on her naked body, many others moaned in pleasure but were too small to squirt, and somebody suggested they actually fuck her, so somebody could take her panties, once they got them out of her locker... she'd left them there since the gym shorts had a built in interior that was enough like underwear she often went without so she wouldn't get her actual underwear all sweaty. The thought of claiming Bethany's panties, even through rape, caught on quick. Twelve-year-old boys didn't often get to claim panties for the first confirmed on-campus fuck. Even when it was a twelve-year-old girl's panties, usually it was claimed by somebody sixteen-years-old or over, sometimes a member of the staff, although a few brave thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds claimed some here or there. But with few exceptions, nobody would believe a twelve-year-old, not without a photo of the deed. And they started arguing over who should be the one to do it, the one to do it first, because once somebody suggested that fucking Bethany was going to happen, everybody wanted a turn, but it never happened... all that arguing, that's what attracted the dark-haired Amazonian gym teacher, Miss Holland, who put a stop to the cruel near-gang-rape, and sent all of them, boys and girls alike, to run laps, under the supervision of the her partner, the male gym teacher, who reappeared at the same moment.

Tonya, a girl who Bethany thought was a friend up until she sat on her face, stayed the longest, whispered, "Snitches get stitches, so don't say a word." And then, Amy, who she thought was one of her very best friends, added, "Everyone knows you wanted it anyway, you stupid slut."

Miss Holland took Bethany to her office, but didn't untie her, she was a muscular enough woman and Bethany was tiny enough that she could just lift her over her shoulder, naked and tied, with the end of a jump-rope in her ass, carried her through the doors and then sat her down and laid down the law. There were two approaches, the gym teacher explained. Miss Holland saw they were abusing her, and could file a complaint, as she was legally required to do, but that would mean she would have to tell her mother, and get all the girls and boys in trouble, and they would all think she snitched on them. The other option was that that Miss Holland pretend she hadn't seen anything. Bethany asked for option two, and the gym teacher said there was a price for option two, pulled her shorts down, sat on her desk and pulled the tied up little twelve-year-old's head into her pussy.

"You actually willingly performed a lesbian act?" her mother asked, wonder in her voice and a hand in her pussy. "How did you like it?" Bethany blushed and protested that it wasn't exactly willing, but it wasn't all that bad either, a little weird, especially when her powerful thighs squeezed Bethany's cheeks together so hard she could barely wiggle her tongue, but Miss Holland was clean, and she seemed to enjoy it, and that was fun. She always was considered a suck-up to her teachers, because she liked making them happy, and this was just like a new way to suck up.

That Miss Holland was a dyke wasn't a surprise... everybody whispered about it, and Bethany had evidence beyond the rumors about what it took for an uncoordinated girl to get on the cheer squad (and they had one of the weakest cheer squads in the state, they fell over trying a pyramid of three). Miss Holland was one of the few female recipients of a Bethany-brand bare-ass ass-wiggle. Not to get her grades up, Bethany was okay at Phys Ed., although she was small for her age and had little muscle, it didn't matter because she always tried her heart out. But sometimes Miss Holland handed out detentions in the halls for what she saw was rowdy behavior, and a good way to get out of one was to drop something in front of her in a short skirt, then beg to be let out of her punishment so she could retrieve the panties she forgot to put back on in gym. What was surprising was that Miss Holland was willing to take advantage of a tied-up twelve-year-old, leaving her tied and shouting instructions about what to lick and telling her about how long she'd dreamed of doing this. Bethany hadn't had a female orgasm yet herself, but she caused three, one with her tongue in a dyke's pussy, another sucking on a clit, and a third surprise one when she accidentally tongued Miss Holland's anus. All three times Bethany's head was briefly squeezed so hard she thought her cheek-bones might snap.

After the third orgasm, the teacher pulled herself away, called her a tasty little bitch, and said since Bethany was such a good cuntlicker, she'd return the favor, go on her knees on the office floor, spread Bethany's legs, and, while the little girl's arms were still bound to her body with jump rope, began to lick.

God that felt good, far better than fingers or the jump rope, and both of those felt pretty damn incredible, even if she was pretending they didn't, but those forced pleasures didn't compare to a professional lesbian who wanted to make a new convert. And she very nearly did, if, right when Bethany felt the dreaded warning signs of the oncoming orgasm, the lunch bell hadn't gone off. Miss Holland snapped her head up and her tongue disappeared, then she wiped her face and muttered about how she had lunch-room duty, that she would shoo the other girls out of the change room so Bethany could get dressed and change in peace. Miss Holland then walked off, and returned a few seconds later realizing that if she didn't untie Bethany there'd be a naked, very hungry and very horny girl still tied up there after lunch, which she said was tempting, but untied her anyway and then gave her a kiss, with tongue, that seemed like one more last-ditch recruitment effort. If she'd placed it on Bethany's pussy instead of mouth, it might have kicked her over the edge and succeeded.

Instead, Bethany got to take the edge off by taking a shower, which were always a little cold in school, then retrieve her clothes from her locker and change, then leave, just in time to get dragged off by that substitute who interrupted her first near rape, who gave her a dire warning, that while she did what she could to protect her that day, she was going to be substituting at a different school tomorrow, that the boys she stopped seemed intent on having sex with her, that they had very large cocks for their age and came a surprising amount, and that if Bethany planned on coming to school after today, she should find some way to stretch out her holes so she didn't get hurt and bring something to clean up the mess afterwards.

Then after the substitute left for lunch, a lunch Bethany had yet to enjoy, she ran into Harry, the simple-minded grey-haired janitor with a limp, who told her he overheard the warning, and he wanted to help, and then dashed her hopes by saying he wouldn't stop the boys, he'd tried that once before, and that was how he got the limp, What Harry was willing to do was stretch out what he called her "baby hole" with his thick fingers, so it wouldn't hurt the next day, he'd done that for other girls before, he knew how to do it just right, he would start with his pinky, then work up to his two biggest fingers, make her cum real good. The man was obviously slow, but he had huge hands, and two fingers might not be as long as a dick, but it was certainly thicker than most.

At that point, with the roller coaster she'd experienced, she was ready for her first cum, and a hole widening seemed like a wise course of action. For all that she'd taken inside her so far, none of them seemed as big as an adult cock, and she was afraid that will still hurt. And that fear was reinforced when, while she sat seated on a desk in an empty classroom and he fingered her pussy with one index finger, finally undid his work pants and pulled out his cock. It wasn't just Harry's hands that were abnormally large. Harry had what Bethany would consider, never having seen an actual one, a real horse-cock. It was easily as thick as her arm and as long as a ruler, and for a moment she was worried he was going to put it inside, but instead he just stroked it while he fingered her, and, within a minute, groaned, closed his eyes, and squirted on the floor.

That put an end to Bethany's hole-stretching exercise, Harry pulled his finger out and groaned, then wagged it at her, blaming her for making him cum all over a floor he'd just cleaned of cum. It needed to be spic and span for the next class or he'd get fired, he told her, and he had to get right on it, so Bethany should find somebody else to make her cum and stretch her holes.

Once again, she left horny and unsatisfied, and once again, she had one person to blame. Mister Kent, the person who took the picture she sent privately to him and spread it around the school. Well, there were still ten minutes before lunch was over, and so felt it was time to confront him and demand he apologize and maybe make her cum too.

She stormed towards the art room in righteous indignation, so angry that only one boy attempted to flip her skirt up and pull her panties down, and she gave him such a glare that he backed off and she went unmolested.

Inside the art room, she melted the moment she saw him, his full brown hair, young-looking face, and hazel-eyes she could get lost in... her anger turned to despair, and she spent five minutes crying in front of a bewildered art teacher, who listened to her babbled complaints three times before he understood what she was getting at, and then asked the question that turned her day around. "What picture?"

He hadn't seen it. He hadn't sent it on. She thought he was lying, but he retrieved his phone in front of her, and showed her he had left it off, and sure enough, when he turned it on there was a new, unread message, from her, bearing the picture that started the mess... a picture that he was very complimentary about. He said the pic would make any guy jealous of her, because he'd want his hand where her hand was, in the picture, down her panties. Well, she didn't want him to be jealous of her, so she let him try it, and that made Bethany instantly regret ever doubting him and the crush she'd been nursing for weeks bloomed back into full strength. And when the man you've got a crush on takes out his penis and asks you to shove it down your throat, what else is a young girl to do? Even though she'd never sucked one before, the closest being a dick rubbed on her face or a squirting cock going off in her open mouth from inches away, she didn't want to make him mad after falsely accusing him, and she was hungry, after all, so she sucked on the growing, pulsing rod of meat that filled her mouth while he stroked her hair like a lover, until he exploded with so much cum that, even though she swallowed as soon as she realized she should (for her mother always said if she wanted a boy to like her, swallow his cum), some still overflowed her mouth and dribbled onto the floor. Another mess for Harry to clean up.

After she swallowed what she could, and wiped her mouth with her hand, she looked up at her crush and asked if they could date, and he said another two words that changed everything. "I'm married." Then, reeling from the sting of that unwelcome and unexpected information, for Mister Kent never talked about his wife or wore a wedding ring, he went on to deliver more figurative slaps in the face, and say that she was too young, he could go to jail, and he didn't want that, but, then there was a ray of hope... she turned out to be such a good cocksucker that he told her, if she kept her mouth shut, she could visit him in the art room every day at lunch and be his 'lunch-hour wife,' at least until he found a way to set something else up. It wasn't much, but, as she told her mother and the two officers, at least it showed he liked her, so it was really important they not tell him she said anything about what they'd done.

"We won't," promised the Sherriff. "But none of what you've told us so far explains all the cum in your panties. You said you weren't wearing them in the gym, so it didn't happen there, did it?" She shook her head. "And you drank all your art teacher's cum like a good girl, right?" Bethany nodded this time. "So how did you get the cum in your underwear?"

Bethany let out a breath. She'd been trying to some casual, but it was getting harder, her stomach felt like it was doing loops, and she was antsy, aching to touch herself, even though her mother said not to. Telling everything that had happened was practically like reliving all the feelings, all the pleasure and the ache of unrelieved tension. "That happened after all the stuff in Mister Fellheimer's science class... you want me to skip over to it? Because you said to tell you everything." And there were a few people in her science class she thought she wanted the police to go after, more former friends who'd turned on her after accusing her of being a slut.

"No, I don't want you to skimp on any details, this is very important. Tell us what happened in your science class."

"Well Mr. Fellheimer came in... sick, again," Bethany explained. Really, he was hung over. And whenever that happened, he didn't like standing up in front of the class and talking for an hour. "He had a bag full of ice from the store, and told us he was going to give us a 'practical experiment', we all filled up test tubes with ice and then we could do anything we wanted except start a fire or go into the unsafe chemicals cabinet to make the ice melt as fast as possible. Once it had melted, we had to write up our method and the time it took, and then we could play on our phones for the rest of the class." She almost grinned, remembering how he took some of the ice, put it in a sock, and pressed it to his head, closing his eyes immediately as the experiment began. Even if people had gotten on their phones before the ice melted, and many people did, he never would have noticed. Of course, the teacher not noticing was bad, too. "We were in the back row of desks, I mean me and Lisa and Amy." Bethany's smile faded, now the betrayal foremost in her mind. "Amy was one of the girls who was meanest in gym." And formerly one of her best friends. They sometimes jokes that they were sisters... they even looked a little alike, with the same blonde hair, although Amy always wore hers straight, rather than braiding up. They were the same height until Amy went through a recent growth spurt and grew gangly with long legs but no significant bust. Lisa was a friend too, also in the gym, but she was a shier, quieter friend, one of the girls who hung around in the background, both in during the gym assault, and in life. Lisa didn't try to help, and that hurt, but Amy seemed to take glee in everybody tying her up and, although she didn't start the attack, she was the one who had the idea to call in the boys.

Bethany was willing to forgive that, though. She thought they were over it, it was a one-time slip of their friendship, and though they hadn't discussed it, they were all at the same station, working together like nothing in gym class had happened, and Bethany tried to ignore her hurt feelings and propose ways they could melt their ice faster, adding salt or sugar from the safe-chemicals shelf. Lisa suggested shaking it, or rubbing it between their hands, and that put a devilish gleam in Amy's eyes. "I know where we can put it that's warm," she said, and then told Lisa to hold Bethany's arms, and Bethany not to move. Lisa complied, and so did Bethany, a little nervously as her skirt was pulled up and her underwear down. "The little slut bitch whore needs to cool off anyway."

"Why are you doing this?" Bethany asked with a trembling voice. "We were friends."

"No, I pretended to like you because everyone else did, but now everyone knows how you're just a slut at heart, so I don't have to pretend to be amused when you show off to get special treatment. You always disgusted me. And, to make matters worse, you sent that picture to MY guy."

"No I didn't!" she insisted, not sure who Amy's guy was but pretty sure it wasn't Mister Kent. She looked to Lisa for help, and Lisa looked sympathetic, but wouldn't let go or say anything.

"I don't even care, he saw it and joked that he should have taken you to the last dance instead of me." Bethany didn't even remember Amy being at the last dance. At least, not the last one for the middle school side of the school. "Well, if he thinks you're hot, then it's time to cool you off." The ice-cold rounded end of the test tube pressed up against her impossibly warm pussy and made her suck in her breath in surprise. "Don't make a sound, cause if anybody finds out, we're telling everybody this was your idea. And if you deny it, those pictures we took at lunch get sent to everybody in town, including your family."

Soon the chilly test tube slid into her crack, leaving only the rubber stopper on the outside, and making Bethany's whole body tremble with discomfort... not quite pain, and not quite a complete lack of pleasure, it made her completely aware of her pussy while it slowly numbed her. Once it was all the way inside, Amy pulled back and looked at her work, smugly, and Bethany looked to the side and saw the boys at the next table over were staring. The people in front of her were looking back too, but they couldn't see what was happening, only that Bethany was shaking. "Take it out," she pleaded in whispers, through grit teeth.

"Not until it's melted. Lisa, pass me yours." Lisa passed over her test tube, and Bethany got another chilly blast that was surprising in its intensity. She'd begun to get used to the cold test tube in her vagina, glass was a good insulator so it wasn't as bad as actually putting ice directly on her skin... but the second test tube went in her asshole which was not at all used to the cold yet and so felt it that much more intensely. The forceful entry provoked another 'eep' that got everybody turning their heads, even though nobody but the boys the next table over could see that anything was actually being inserted or that her panties were down. She soon couldn't support herself any longer in the face of that frigid feeling, and took a step back so she could slump her face and shoulders on the table, with tears in her eyes, and a mix of pleasure and pain making her rear end dance. Unlike the tube in pussy, she only really felt this cold on the outside, mostly on the tight ring of her butthole itself. Like the one in her pussy, it was a mix of sensations, some pleasant, some not. It always started as an intense, all encompassing electric tingle that made her tense up, and then, for a while, a numb but tolerable discomfort from the cold, contrasting the pleasant feeling of having SOMETHING in there, and then, the longer it was in there, it felt like the flesh there was throbbing, like blood was being forced to that area just to keep her warm. The throb was occasionally pleasant, but sometimes an ache, and it threatened to occupy all of her thoughts, which only made it worse. So she did her best to think of something else, but there was nothing except what was in front of her eyes... the last test tube, the one that belonged to her. That one was going to be left to melt at a normal rate, no salt, no heat, no shaking. Not only was she forced to suffer through the humiliation and cold, she'd also have the worst ice-melt time of anybody. Good thing this assignment probably wasn't being graded.

"That's it," Amy whispered. "Wiggle that ass more, you little whore, you know that's all you know how to do, you show it enough, so it's time to put it to work, right?" The warm breath in her ear was a bizarre contrast to the chill down there. "You think you're hot stuff, so prove it... melt that ice."

By this time, the guys at the next table got up to take a look, they walked back and forth behind her, and then some went to the tables up ahead, and then people from up there wandered to the back of the class to have a look for themselves. Before long, everybody in the class, except Mister Fellheimer, had a look, some had a feel, and she liked the feels more because they were so warm. Sometimes Amy would pull out one of the test tubes, look at the progress of the melt, and give it a little shake before returning it, giving her a moment of relief that made the return feel all that much more cold. While a test tube was temporarily out, some of the boys would stick their fingers in to feel how cold it got inside. Sometimes Bethany would beg the girls to check how much ice was melted, just so she could feel the warm fingers. But mostly, they didn't listen to her. Amy was clearly in charge, and about halfway through the class, they had a new plan, one Bethany only had the slightest clue about when she heard Amy say, "Yeah, she'll do that," and she wondered what it was, until she was presented with it... it being a test-tube with cum in it. At first she thought it was water, but then the smell hit her and she wrinkled her nose. "Drink it, bitch." And they put it on her lips, and she opened her mouth and did, letting the slimy tablespoon or so full of goop slide down her throat.

It was the first of many. When people saw one boy doing it, everybody else got in on it, masturbating behind their desk and into a tube, sometimes getting the help of a nearby girl who was willing to lend a hand or mouth, and then passing it along to Bethany who had to drink it down. Everybody who was squirting cum did it, and those who didn't were trying their best. Pretty soon Bethany's body had grown accustomed to the cold and the wiggling was now less about staying away from the pain and more about increasing the pleasure, and the feel of being abused and forced into doing slutty things was turning her on. There may still have been ice in the tubes, but the heat was winning, her heart rate was higher than if she'd run all those laps in gym, and her ass muscles felt somehow jelly-like... though that didn't stop them from flexing. "I wonder what else we could get her to drink," Amy wondered. Now most of the class was clustered around the back table, the boys fighting for the best view of her slimy, dripping cunt. Somebody suggested they all spit in a tube, but before they could, Amy suggested, "What about pee? You'd drink pee if we told you to, wouldn't you?"

Bethany grunted and squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to say no, because then they'd force her, not wanting to say yes, because then they'd make her prove it, and knowing deep down, that if they put it in front of her, she would drink, no matter how disgusting.

"Pee's not worse than cum," one girl said, and another said it was, and that brought off an argument about the merits of one versus the other. The argument about pee being worst was mostly because it was disgusting and smelly, but many of them had heard stories about people in India who supposedly drank it for health reasons. Cum, everyone agreed, was much slimier, like snot, and a few argued that meant it was most disgusting. "So what's worse than cum?" somebody asked.

"I don't know," Amy said. "Probably dog cum."

"No," Lisa said, distractedly. She wasn't really even playing along, Bethany long ago stopped needing to be held, and so Lisa just started texting on her phone. "Dog cum isn't nearly so slimy, and doesn't even taste as bad. It's just salty."

Well, that comment changed everything, and the focus of the class suddenly shifted completely away from Bethany and onto Lisa, now that she'd accidentally admitted she tasted dog cum. There was a furious round of blushing as she realized something she tried to keep secret was now public knowledge, but then she started answering questions, especially once she realized they didn't look down on her. Bethany learned something surprising that day, as did Lisa and possibly the rest of the class... showing off your naked body, drinking human cum, sticking things inside you? Nobody respected that, because like tooting, every girl did it eventually, it was only doing it at the wrong time or getting caught doing it that gave people an excuse to make fun of you, and doing it a lot made you a dirty slut, the lowest of the low in middle school society, at least if you asked girls their opinion. Guys would probably disagree. But the fact was, any girl could be a dirty slut if she wanted to... but on the other hand, sucking off a dog, or doing more, everyone seemed to agree that was ultra-cool, that was daredevil shit, like climbing down the side of a building or lighting yourself on fire and jumping into a pool. Doggy sex wasn't common, it was the type of kinky stuff they imagined reality show stars and famous people were into, you had to be brave to even try it, and have a dog, which not everybody did. It turned out people at her school didn't want to expose and mock a girl for it, unless maybe you were a bitch, but if you were a mostly nice girl like Lisa, they just wanted to watch and hear the details.

The class got so into the details that they completely forgot about Bethany for a while, and she was able to stand and remove the test tubes from her, pull her panties up, and listen in as well to the stories of how, yes, Lisa not only drank her dog's cum but put his penis directly in her mouth and sucked, yes she also let him fuck her because he couldn't get her pregnant and it felt really neat when the knot swelled up inside her and locked them together, and yes, she'd be willing to invite a few people over to her place after school to watch how she does it. But only a few, cool people.

The only one who seemed upset about this was Amy, who was sure Bethany's social fall would mean her being the grade's new alpha queen, only she'd just been supplanted by a shy girl with short mousy-brown hair who casually admitted to having tasted dog cum and became an instant class celebrity. "I've fucked dogs too," Amy claimed, but nobody believed her, she didn't even have a dog, and then she tried to do her best to get an invitation to Lisa's after-school show, probably so she could be cool and suck the dog off after he finished fucking Lisa. If she couldn't be queen, brave second banana would have to do.

It was during this scrum about dog cum and invitations to see a girl get some from the source, that Mr. Fellheimer approached, unseen by everybody but Bethany, and hovered over the conversation, listening to the confession, and then, casually, said, "I see a lot of talking, but not a lot of lab reports filled out."

Everybody jumped and rushed to their proper desks, except Amy, Bethany, and Lisa, who had nowhere to rush, but Bethany had her panties on and wasn't talking at the time, so Mr. Fellheimer left her alone and merely said he had to keep Amy and Lisa after class for being a disruption by spreading stories about fucking dogs.

He didn't mean after school, either, he meant after class, and class was just about over. He sent Bethany on with a note to their next teacher, explaining that he would be keeping Amy and Lisa for disciplinary reasons (followed by, in brackets, 'only bad girls fuck dogs... pictures later'), and so they would not be attending their next class. Bethany thought that would make things better, but it only made things worse. Now that Lisa was out of the picture, everybody focused on making fun of Bethany again, and, in English class, they were reading and discussing a book called Far North.

It was a book about high school students stranded in the Canadian wilderness, and that unfortunately made it ripe for jokes made at her expense. Whenever Mr. Johnson mentioned how cold the people in the story were, people would ask if was colder than Bethany's ass, and everyone would laugh... if he said the word 'hungry', somebody piped up about Bethany probably isn't hungry, she had loads to eat, and again the class dissolved into titters. And when he complained about them dissolving into titters, somebody screamed "Bethany doesn't got much titters, but she sure wants everybody to see 'em!" And the class was unmanageable for at least a minute.

Mr. Johnson teacher soon realized that, as long as Bethany was there, the class wouldn't be getting any work done, so told everybody he was sending Bethany to the Principal's office and then walked her outside and told her that she wasn't in trouble, and she didn't have to see the Principal, since it was the last class of the day she could just go to the library and wait until the bell rang and then go home. Mr. Johnson was nice that way. Of course, he also told her the homework she was still responsible for, so he wasn't that nice.

"And did Mr. Johnson cum in your panties?" Deputy Malcolm asked.

"No, of course not. He went back to class. It was the boys in the library who came in my panties."

They were sixteen-year-olds, maybe seventeen-year-olds, and they were nerds, probably at the library on an independent study project, or maybe they were just skipping class, but they looked like nerds to Bethany, and when they found Bethany in the stacks, rubbing her pussy through her panties...

"Masturbating? At school? I'm disappointed at you, Bethany. You're going to wind up a slut at that rate."

Bethany blushed and continued her story, telling about how the boys recognized her from the picture, then asked to watch her masturbate, but she wasn't willing to, but she was willing to let them see her pussy and ass close up, and after a minute of looking and everybody getting a chance to rub it, one asked if they could fuck her. The others thought that was crazy, but not for lack of want. That's when Bethany learned that the seniors from earlier in the day had not just planned to fuck her the next day, but had called dibs on her, had put the word out that if anybody fucked her at school, there'd be hell to pay. Their leader, a hulking boy named Shaun, had found a pair of panties they wanted to claim. The nerds therefore suggested fucking her mouth would be safer. Bethany wasn't sure she wanted to be fucked, but was even less sure about a three-guy mouth fuck. She'd guzzled down enough cum already that day to make her a little queasy and could maybe stand one more cock going off in her mouth, but not three, and, to be safe, she just said no.

That's when they started offering her money. $20 sounded like a damn good deal to drink a little more of something she'd been drinking for free all afternoon, and the other two offered a ten-spot each to be able to rub up against her naked body while they jacked themselves off. That was practically free money, she didn't even have to actually do anything! She didn't entirely think through the consequences. The first part was easy, and not much mess, after getting down on her knees in the library and suckling at a thin six-incher that got rammed down her throat a little too far, she overcame her gag reflex and in a few minutes sucked down another load of warm cum... not bad at all, she was even beginning to like the taste. It was the second part that caused problems. The two other guys sandwiched her between them, her holding on to the neck of the guy in front so they'd be at the right height, and they sawed their cocks up and down her skin and in the gap between where her legs began and her partly-pulled-down underwear hung.

She felt like a piece of meat bounced between two hungry animals, but maybe the library civilized them because they eventually decided to take turns. The one in front, a dark-haired boy in thick glasses, held her while the slick dick of the chubby guy behind her slid between her butt cheeks, bumping the edge of her pussy-hole or her rectum on each trip, and finally felt a splatter of wet warmth as he gasped against her. It didn't even feel like very much wetness.

Then it was the other guy's turn, and while Bethany was being held from the back, he stamped her vulva with the head of his penis and then he took his manhood in his hands and pulled on himself repeatedly, pounding into her mound with his fist again and again, until once again she was nearing the orgasm point. But before it came, another rush of slime landed, this time just on her clit, and then he angled down, down, and when he was all done, the two let her down, paid her money, and quickly disappeared, like they were suddenly afraid they'd get caught.

That was when the final bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. She could finally go home. Bethany pulled up her panties... and got a surprise. They were completely soaked in cum, sticky and slimy, and smelly, and when she walked she felt like she made squishy noises with every step. She had no idea it was so much, and thought most of it had gone on the floor, but all of it must have been collected in her panties.

"And that's all that happened?" the Sherriff asked.

"Yeah," Bethany said. "Oh, not quite, on my way to the bus I saw Amy and Lisa and they were both walking funny, so I'm pretty sure they got a spanking. And I saw Shaun and the boys who almost raped me earlier... one of them, I'm guessing it was Shaun because he was the biggest of them... he looked like he played football. Anyway, he had a pair of panties, grown up lacy panties, clipped to his backpack that weren't there this morning. They pointed them out and told me to wear some nice ones tomorrow because they were taking them as a trophy." And a few more vulgar things. They were probably going to be pissed that all her panties were confiscated. She didn't know what she was going to do about that... it might make them try and hurt her, but they already told her they were going to fuck her so hard she wouldn't be able to walk, how much more could they do? Leave her totally naked and covered in cum? Tie her up in front of her locker to anybody else could fuck her too? Her slit squeezed like it was trying to embrace an imaginary intruder. "Can I touch my pussy now?" she asked. It seemed to be on fire and aching.

"Not just yet. I have some big decision to make here, because... it seems like we have a more serious situation here than we thought," the Sherriff said. "All those men, masturbating to you..."

The deputy raised a hand. "Now, now, hold on a second, Sherriff. Let's not jump to conclusions. It's not really men, mostly boys, and you know how boys are, they don't need pornography, they'll masturbate to anything."

Sherriff Buck mulled this over, bobbing his head back and forth, and said, "Yes, you have a point. Boys will be boys. Even Harry, he's got the mind of a child, he doesn't count either. Only a few adults ever did anything inappropriate. Miss Holland... well, we know no jury in the county would convict her, and she'd scream homophobia if we even tried. So I guess the only one who we need to arrest is Mister Kent."

Bethany's face fell and her heart sank even further than her face. "What?"

"He did molest you, Bethany. I believe it's called 'Oral sodomy on a minor under thirteen.'"

"But... but... you said you weren't going to arrest anybody unless I said it was okay."

"Yes, but you see, police are allowed to lie in order to catch criminals. It's a standard practice. And we can't let a molester teach children."

"But... but..." tears filled her eyes. "I don't want him to get in trouble! It was my fault!"

"Do you mean that?" She nodded. "Because there is one loophole, we might not have to arrest him if we're convinced that he wasn't able to help himself."

"That's exactly it," she swore, ready to say anything to get him off... or out of trouble, anyway. "It was all me. I lured him into it. I'm a hot slut."

"But it's hard for me to believe it, since you haven't had sex yet. If you're really that tempting, I have to ask... has anybody else ever masturbated over you? Before today?"

She glanced at her mother, afraid of revealing more secrets... but it's not like her mother had done anything directly, and Bethany didn't even know the names of the guys, so it would be hard to get anyone specific in trouble. And she knew the answer that would get Mister Kent out of trouble... luckily, it was the truth, too. "Yeah. Sometimes my mom would bring home guys, and in the middle of the night they'd sneak into my room."

"And what would happen?"

"They'd pull the covers back, and I'd pretend to be asleep... sometimes they'd touch me, but not much, mostly they'd touch their things for a while and squirt all over me. I'd get it all over my face, or hair, or hand, or pussy... sometimes they'd put my hand on them and move it like I was doing it." And sometimes if she was laying on her stomach when it happened they'd rub their dicks between her ass cheeks until they exploded on her back, or sometimes they got right up next to her face and stroked themselves there, rubbing the slimy head against her lips before and after. In order to avoid the mess Bethany left her mouth open, which inspired them to squirt in there, and she quickly learned that was a good way to avoid a mess and the need for a second shower in the morning, because she usually liked her showers at night to get her warm and loose and ready to sleep.

"My God! How long has this been going on?" her mother asked, pretending innocence, even though Bethany was sure she already knew, sometimes she'd spot her through slit eyelids in the door, or hear her breathing heavily from the doorframe while it went on. That she wouldn't tell the cops.

"I don't know, since I was eight or nine, I think."

"Well, I'm just aghast. Aghast. These men totally betrayed my trust."

To her surprise, Sherriff Buck defended them. "Now, now, don't be too hard on them. It's natural for men, if they get up in the night and their woman's asleep, and they don't want to wake her, they just go find something to jack off to. Most men will masturbate to porn if they find it."

The deputy looked up from Bethany's cunt, and towards the Sherriff. "So you're saying..."

"I think we've got no other choice."

"We should do one last test. Considering what it means, I think we owe the girl that."

Bethany's head bounced back and forth between the two men, trying to follow what was going on. "What? What are you talking about?"

Sherriff Buck nodded, completely ignoring Bethany. "Very well, but I think we both know how it'll go." Without any further explanation, both men began undoing their pants, and pulled out their already erect cocks. She would have guessed that Malcolm's was much bigger, but they were roughly the same size... Malcolm's was a little longer, Buck's a little thicker, so who had the biggest depended on how you measured. Both looked too big for her, but Bethany's thighs clenched and she ached to give it a try. After all, if that African bust fit, surely these monsters could. "Come here, Bethany." She complied, instantly, scooting to the edge of the bed, expecting to be finally fucked and never in her life been more ready to see that happen. The deputy pulled her nightie completely off, while Buck pushed her down on her back and spread her legs, positioning his cock between them. "You feeling the urge, Malcolm?" Malcolm had already climbed on the bed, crawling on his knees, and was positioned over Bethany's face. She was going to have to suck that, she knew, and she just hoped he wouldn't shove it all the way down like the library boy did, or she might choke to death.

"Yes, sir, I'm afraid I'm feeling an intense urge to masturbate," the deputy said, wrapping his hands around the base of his shaft and pumping upwards. "I guess you're right about her."

Buck was doing the same thing, only his cock was right up against her hole, the head parked just inside the lips, and his fist banging against her labia as he tried to get himself off inside her. After so long denied the ability to touch herself when she wanted to, having somebody else touch her, even a little bit, was a relief. "Yup. I guess there's no denying it."

"I'm not sure what you gentlemen are doing," her mom said, finally speaking up when any good mother should have said something before the cops revealed their dicks to a naked twelve-year-old girl. "I'm sure there's a good reason for it, but I think it's about time I heard it."

"Ma'am, I'm afraid we're going to have to confiscate your daughter."

"What?!" Bethany yelped. Her mother hadn't said a word.

"I'm sorry, dear, but I think there's no other choice. Clearly your body is a living example of child pornography. Any work of art that causes men to masturbate can be considered pornography, and your body is a work of art, so under the law, your body is pornographic. And since you're a pornographic representation of a child, you're child pornography. There's no getting around it. The law is funny that way, but we have to follow it. It's no different than your phone, panties, and improvised dildos, we have no choice, we have to confiscate you for the good of the community."

It had been a very confusing day, and Bethany took a few seconds to process what he'd said. It didn't really make sense... the same guy rubbing his humungous cock against her hole just said something that should have her quivering in fear. She was quivering, all right, but she wasn't sure if it was fear, even though she couldn't seem to find fault with his logic. "So you're going to arrest me?" She wanted to be fucked, not arrested. This didn't sound like something an ass-wiggle could get her out of, but maybe a pussy-wiggle might, and she wiggled it against the head to show him how willing she was to do whatever it took.

At first she thought she succeeded. "No, no, of course not. Like I said, you're too young." And she smiled, but then he went on, "However, we will have to confiscate you. That's not nearly so bad. That just means we'll take you to our evidence storage facility, where you'll be kept safe until you're no longer a threat to the community, which, I think, will be when you're eighteen. Your body is always going to be pornographic, but you won't always be a child."

"How am I a threat to anybody?" And how do you take somebody away until they're eighteen without arresting them? It sure sounded like a jail sentence.

"You're clearly causing men to want to use your body to get off... we've got enough pedophiles in this town without you turning poor men like Mister Kent into more of them, just showing off your hot little body."

Deputy Malcolm wiped her tears off with his dick, leaving a slimey trail instead. "Don't you worry none, baby girl. It's not like a prison... we can even let you out on supervised day trips to the beach or amusement park or the local glory hole." Her mom took her to the beach a lot, the amusement park rarely, and never to the glory hole, whatever that was. "In all honestly, you're going to love it. We treat evidence much better than criminal scum, better even than ordinary citizens. We'll take good care of you. You'll have a room of your own, much like this one, and nice, sexy, high-fashion clothes, and electronics... most of it will be counterfeit, of course, things we confiscate from the Chinese Markets during raids, but we can let you use them... the rules of our county state the police may use anything we confiscate in any way we see fit, even if that means giving it to you or enjoying it ourselves, as long as it's ultimately used for police purposes."

"And frankly, I think I need to use our latest acquisition right now." Sherriff Buck pressed forward, the head of his dick slipping inside Bethany, and she stared as inch after inch of it disappeared inside her. She wondered when she stopped being a virgin, but was pretty sure it was sometime before the half-way point. It didn't feel any different... no, actually, it felt a lot different, the feeling of a real man's cock inside her felt great, even though he moved slow and hadn't yet begun any of the fucking motions she knew was supposed to accompany sex, the feeling of fullness, completeness, was something she'd missed all her life and didn't know it, combined with excitement at something new, butterflies in the deepest part of her stomach. Even the largest thing that had been shoved inside her didn't feel this good, because it wasn't alive. But it didn't feel any different being not-a-virgin with something stuffed inside her compared to being a virgin with something stuffed inside her.

Her mother should have been throwing a fit, but instead, she just leaned over where the two of them were joined together, watching the slow progress. "I don't know that I should be letting you fuck my underage daughter," she said calmly. "I support the police as much as possible, but there is a limit."

"Luckily, you don't have a choice. This girl is now property of the county Sherriff's department, and I am using her in the course of police business."

At this time, the Deputy angled his cock downward and put it in Bethany's mouth, bulging out her cheek and making her unable to talk, just getting slow fucked on one end and sucking on the other, while her mother and the Sherriff carried on a casual conversation about whether she should be having sex at all. "What police business is that, exactly? That you use to justify fucking my daughter?"

"Safety. If I go out on the street with blue balls, and some punk attacks me, my aim will be impaired. I could die. And if I get an erection when I'm out on patrol later, thinking about her, that makes me a bigger target. So I am going to get off on and inside this piece of child pornography, until my balls are so empty I couldn't get it up if I was watching a little girl fuck a dog."

"Interesting expression. Do you see that often?"

"It's actually the best way to train the police dogs to search for drugs or explosives. Put it in a little girl, let them sniff them in their naked crotches. The dogs lick if they're clean, bark if they smell drugs. If the dogs get it right, they get to fuck the girl. We have the best-trained dogs in the state, and have officers lining up to partner with them, thanks to the training process. The human officers get to fuck the little girl trainers too, it bonds them to the animal to do a girl together."

"I see. I wonder if Bethany's friend Lisa is one of your trainers."

"No, but we might be looking her up, she sounds like she might be pretty pornographic to me. Your daughter Bethany is sure to make a good trainer, though."

"You plan to use her for that, then?"

"Of course." A flutter of excitement ran through Bethany, followed immediately by a pulse of intense pleasure running through her loins. Ever since Lisa made her confession, she wondered what fucking a dog would be like, and it played a large part of her masturbation fantasies before the police officers showed up. She always loved dogs, but her mother wouldn't allow her to have one in the house because of the mess. Now she'd get to see dogs all the time, helping to train them, and actually get to try sex with them too, being as cool as Lisa was today, even if nobody at her school might know because she was locked up. But Buck continued talking about her other potential duties, and that's what she saw them as, her duties, as a piece of confiscated child porn, and everything she heard made her more and more excited. "We'll be using her for anything we can. She isn't the first piece of living child porn we've confiscated. When one of our officers needs to let off a little steam, he can take a break and go jack off in some child porn. When we need to arrest some pedophile scum, we lure him in with our child porn, then catch him in the act of cumming in an underage girl's pussy, and charge him with statutory rape. When we need to raise funds to buy some new crime-fighting equipment, we auction off some of our child porn and look the other way while they enjoy it." She groaned and pushed back against Buck, trying to give him the signal that he should finish the job, go all the way in, stop the slow penetration and just fuck her hard already... after so many near-orgasms, she really needed to just get it over with and become a slut. Even if that meant being auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Her mother asked the question she was wondering about. "Forever?"

"Sometimes, but not for our live examples, unless the girl wants to go, or we're trading with another department, or she's been particularly difficult. More often it's just for a night, a weekend, a week at the most, and then we confiscate it again."

"Sounds like quite a busy life."

"Not really. No more than school would be, and we can't have her going back there. Keeping child pornography out of our schools is one of our major goals." All this and not having to go to school either? This was looking better and better to Bethany, and she ran her tongue along Malcolm's shaft, slurping eagerly at the lubrication near the tip. No school sounded pretty good to her. Sure, she'd miss Mister Kent, but Buck was giving her the same feeling she used to get from him, only harder. And she wouldn't have to deal with the boring teachers, or girls like Amy or teasing or homework, in addition to getting to fuck dogs. And Buck was hinting that maybe Lisa would come too. She still liked Lisa, even despite how she helped out in the humiliations of today. She was never mean about it like Amy, she was just following the orders of the person she thought was in charge. Bethany could understand that. She tried to will her mother to not fight, to just let this happen.

Mom still seemed to have some concerns. "How often would I be able to see my daughter if I allow this to happen?" Okay, that was a good point. She wished they could let her stay home and do all of this.

"Oh, ma'am, I'm afraid you don't have a choice, and I don't think you're going to see your daughter for a long time." He pushed forward the last inch all in one thrust, and it definitely felt like her stomach was bulging out... her bellybutton wasn't quite an outie, but her abdomen felt a pinching tight pressure, like there wasn't actually enough room in there. That pressure made Bethany's eyes bulge out, but so did the new information that followed. "As soon as I've filled your daughter with cum, I'm afraid I'm going to have to place you under arrest."

"My word, whatever for? I haven't done anything illegal."

"You're her mother, aren't you? If she's child pornography, and you're her mother, that means, legally, you're responsible for the production of child pornography. That means mandatory jail time and a lifetime on the sex offender registry."

"Oh, dear," Bethany's mother said. "Are you sure it has to come to that? It's my first offense, officer."

Bethany let the cock slip out of her mouth and looked sidelong at her mother, squinting. The police said she was going to be arrested for child porn production and her response is 'Oh dear?' She should be terrified. Bethany was terrified, at least up until that... not for herself anymore, but for her mother. She liked what she might be told to do, but she didn't want her mom to go to jail. Mom should want that even less, unless maybe she could guarantee in advance she'd have an all-male cell, her pick of cellmates, and the ability to go out drinking once a week. No, there was only one explanation, her mother was playing along to a script... just, not very well. She never was a very good actress. Every time Bethany caught her getting fucked by a guy, she pretended to be embarrassed, but never stopped the sex.

The pieces all fell into place, an almost perfect fit, like Buck's cock in her hole. This was all a lie, a joke at best, and the bullshit about being confiscated was probably just that, bullshit. And that annoyed her. She didn't mind being confiscated, but didn't like being lied to.

Sure, it was a relief to know her mother wasn't really in danger, but it begged the question of what all this was about, if this 'evidence storage facility' was just a myth. Was it about removing Bethany's technical, although largely imaginary, cherry? Or did things just get out of hand for their real plan? Or was the real plan just to get her a hard fucking, and the cherry had to go to make that happen? Or maybe the cherry was just the payment for some other plan. Maybe the goal was to get Bethany pregnant? Mom always said she wished she had more kids, but that wasn't possible.

The deputy's dick dribbled over her lips, like it was enticing her to open up and start licking again, so she did... even if this was a game, she didn't want to make him mad. When you didn't know something, shut up and listen, her mother had taught her, so that's what she did... although it was getting a little harder to focus, as Buck was picking up speed, what was once a slow sawing in and out was becoming a ceaseless pound, a real fucking, and when you're an undersized girl getting mercilessly plowed by a oversized cock, it's hard to focus on anything else, even breathing. Everything except maybe the stretching of her pussy lips tight around him and a glowing anxious feeling that was mixed with rising waves of pleasure. If there were butterflies in her stomach before, the thrusting penis was scaring them into frenzied flight.

"For a first offense you may only get a few years," Buck said, holding Bethany's ankles but speaking with a calm self-assurance, like he was just talking to a suspect in one of those rooms with the one-way mirror you see on TV. "But sex offender registration is mandatory. If you go to trial, I mean. However, we've had some success with our snitch program with drug offenders. If we get somebody for a low-level drug crime, sometimes we promise to wipe their records if they help us catch even worse criminals. We could do that here. You'd have to work as an agent of the police."

"I see. I guess that's my best option." Then another thing distracted Bethany, the black cock in her mouth started jerking, and squirting out cream. "Swallow it all, Bethany, I don't want to have to clean your sheets later." She'd taken her mouth off and got a squirt of cum on her face, but at her mother's instruction, she put her mouth back on and caught the next jet in the back of her throat and, as she was now used to, began swallowing and sucking.

Conversation stalled, and the Sherriff slowed his pace, fast enough to keep her from coming down, but too slow to build her excitement any more, until the Deputy finished squirting and then pulled off and away. As he retreated, Bethany's mother came up beside her with a pair of silky panties she must have grabbed from the evidence bag, and wiped the cum off her face, or ushered it to her lips... a little of both. "My only problem is I'm not sure you're up to it," Buck said. He let go of Bethany's ankles to gesture with his hands, pointing at the wipe down. "You're too mothery. Look how you clean her up. See, what we might need you to do is pretend to be an insatiable slut mother who wants to get her daughter fucked and knocked up by pedophiles." He began the pounding again, working up to his top speed pretty quickly. Now that her mouth was free, Bethany began punctuating each thrust with an 'Ah!' or an 'Oh!'

Her mother calmly said, "I think I can pretend that far. After all, I'm not thrilled that you're screwing my daughter, and she has started having periods, so you could be knocking her up right now. But I'm pretending." Now that the wiping was mostly done, Mom was staring at Bethany's stretched-out pussy. So was Bethany. The walls were visibly clinging to the Sherriff's massive member, like the outstrokes were pulling parts of her out... maybe that's how you got a gutsy cunt like Mom. "At least she seems to be enjoying it." That comment was prompted by Bethany's legs rising up and trying to surround Buck's waist, pulling herself against him. It wasn't so much enjoyment, although she did love it, it was more that she'd gotten close to, and then been denied, an orgasm so many times today that she was afraid it was going to happen again, so her body started doing anything she could to prevent that and hasten what she knew was coming. If they were going to take her to the edge and suddenly deprive her again, they were going to have to pry her feet off him first. Which they probably could do, they were larger and stronger than her, but if they did that, her hands would dive right into her pussy until she finished the job herself, unless they restrained her them. Which they might also be able to do. They were police, and had handcuffs, after all. If it came to that, she'd just have to hold her breath until she came or died.

"I appreciate that," Buck said, his balls slapping into her ass as Bethany's moans finally became just one undulating cry that changed only in volume and pitch. She was so close she could practically taste it. Buck himself took a deep breath, the exertion making it hard to talk smoothly. "But they'll be suspicious if you just stand back and watch and... clean up after. They expect perverted mothers like that to... unh... get involved. They don't want a passive mother, they want a slut who wants the girl... just as much as they do. And you'll have to convince me... you can play that... role, or we'll just send you to jail and hire a hooker to play our mom."

"I see. Well, I'm sure I can be as good as any hooker. So what do I have to do to convince you?"

"Surprise me. Consider it... your audition."

"Hmmm." Her mother hovered over them, face inches from where adult cock met newly-stretched-out sloppy cunt, about to get sloppier if he came inside her. "How about this?" And Bethany's mother's tongue snaked out, ran up along the interface between them, then lingered on her clit, and her brain just exploded. She was there, over the edge, over the cliff, in orgasm country at last, and it was a land of pure pleasure, where she completely lost control of her body, lost touch with it except for messages that seemed only distantly connected to her, like a friend she only talked to on Facebook, a status update that said: "Toes are curling. Cunt having an epileptic seizure. Back arched, head thrown back, neck probably going to hurt tomorrow. Oh, and I'm screaming." And all she could do was smile and click the 'Like' button again and again. She got back in touch with herself just in time for the Sherriff to push into her all the way one last time, holding her still with his meaty arms, and then squirt inside her, possibly getting her pregnant that very night.

She thought it was over, but it wasn't, her mother had been kissing around her mound all through Buck squirting inside of her, and when he finally pulled out and moved out of the way, she got in his place, kneeling between her legs and sucking out the cum with a very agile and determined tongue. And then she drew out another crashing orgasm, and when Bethany came back, she heard, "Okay, you've convinced me." Buck had her hand on her mother's shoulder. "We don't need to arrest you, and when we need somebody to play mother, we'll call you. But we've spent enough time here, we need to take this little lady to the evidence storage facility and get her properly logged in."

Her mother patted her pussy... no, no longer a pussy, it was definitely a sloppy wet cunt now, as Bethany saw when she rose up on her shoulders. The lips were still open, the whole area was flush, and it glistened. "Can't I come with you?"

"While new evidence is being logged in, to maintain chain-of-custody rules, only officers are allowed in the facility, I'm afraid. You'll see your daughter eventually, certainly when we're doing a sting. And I'm sure we can arrange a few visits a week." Bethany watched, brow furrowing... she was sure they'd spring it on her at any moment, that this was all a trick. But she'd already cum, and so had Buck. Why were they still playing along?

"Okay. Can I have a moment alone with her, to say goodbye?"

"Of course. We're not heartless. You can be alone with her while you get her dressed and pack a few clothes. Something comfortable, we'll provide sexy clothes as needed." Bethany realized with growing horror that this wasn't a joke. Maybe this wasn't about getting her fucked or pregnant or knocked up, maybe it was all just an excuse to send her away.

Sherriff Buck zipped up his pants, and he and his deputy left the room, leaving Bethany alone with her mother for the first time since they entered. They stared at each other for a few seconds, and then her mother broke the gaze and looked at the floor, a look like a puppy who'd been caught doing something bad. "Mom, do you not love me?"

Her mom's head snapped up, and tears appeared in her eyes, real tears. "Bethany, that you could even ask such a thing hurts me more than anything. Of course I love you. Maybe I haven't always chosen the right things for you, but it was always with love."

"Then why are you sending me away?"

"I'm not sending you away, the police are taking you..."

"Mom, I may be twelve but I'm not an idiot. I know you weren't really surprised by any of this. You set it up, didn't you?"

She sighed. "Okay, I did, some. But only for your own benefit."


"Because I would have killed for an opportunity like this when I was your age. You're going to get all the sex you want, to be treated like an ultimate sex toy... I think deep down, every girl wants to be treated like both a slut and a princess, and this is the best of both worlds. If the evidence storage facility was around when I was your age, to get in, I'd have had my first gangbang on the football field during the game instead of under the bleachers. I'd have begged my dad to leave me in the parking lot of the Sherriff's office with two of his best dogs and put on a show proving I was ready and could convince any man to masturbate over me. I would want it like most little girls want a pony. And you're my daughter, and inherited my sex drive, so I thought you would want it too... but if you don't, just say the word, and we'll get you out of this."

"Can you? It didn't seem like there was much of an option."

"Of course I can. I'm your mother. I can do anything I want to do if it means protecting my daughter. I've known these men for a long time. They'll back off if I tell them you don't want to do it. We'll even move, go to another school, one where nobody knows your reputation, if that's what you want. Your choice. If we stay here, you're going to get fucked regularly one way or the other, but if you want to stay in your old school, I'll look the other way as long as you want me to. You can bring boys home, or men, or women, or gangs, let them fuck you on the dinner table, for free or for money, and I'll support your decision and make you all a snack, or suck a guy off to get him ready for another round. You can even get pregnant and I'll raise the babies for you. I think you've earned that. Sherriff Buck and his deputy were really looking forward to having you in their little hideaway... but they'll listen to me. And if they don't, I'll steal a gun, shoot the fuckers in the balls, get in the car, and we'll live like lesbian fugitives who sometimes sell our asses just to get by. Or you don't have to decide right away... you can try it for a while... I warn you, they'll push your boundaries, a lot, make you do things you'd never thought you could do or want to do, maybe spank or tie you up, leave you handcuffed to something for a day at a time, or give you tattoos or piercings, or lightly whip you, or pee on you for fun and... it could get painful or disgusting, and they may not give you the right to say 'no' when I'm not there. But, I believe these men will do nothing that will permanently harm you, and, if you find you don't like that life, just hold on until you see me next and say 'Pumpernickel' when we're together and I'll know you want out. When I hear that, I'll make a plan and I'll do whatever's necessary, even pull a gun, to get you out. Just say the word and I'll do it, I promise."

"I don't know... I kind of like the things they said I'd have to do for them. It's really a real place?"

"The evidence facility? Sure is. It's really nice, too. It used to be an old brothel, and the Sherriff seized it and began using it as like a clubhouse, a place to let off steam and take hookers, and gradually to store confiscated drugs, money, and jewelry. Our Sherriff's department is corrupt as hell, but they're good people and they work hard. Our crime rate, counting real violent crime, is remarkably low, so I say they deserve to reward themselves. Collecting actual children and classifying them as child porn is a new wrinkle, they've only done it with one other girl, but when I heard about it I had to see for myself, and when I did, and that delightful little girl ate me out, I begged for them to offer you the chance too."

"But won't you miss me? I'll miss you."

"My dear, I'll miss you terribly, but they promised I'd get to see you if I played along. Think of it like a boarding school, except instead of boring old school lessons, you get kinky sex and orgasms. And you like orgasms, don't you?"

Bethany couldn't help but nod and grin. "Yeah. I guess that makes me a slut now."

"Damn right, and the only thing more fun than being a slut is being an underage slut. Maybe a kinderslut. I envy you more than you know, and I don't feel bad admitting I'm going to be living vicariously through you. It sure took a long time. I was hoping you'd turn into a slut for a long time, but I wanted it to be your decision, even if I was luring you towards it. You just never took the bait."

Now again Bethany got a little annoyed and offended. "What bait? You told me I should never let myself have an orgasm!"

"Of course I did. Every parent I've talked to tells me that kids at your age rebel, do exactly what they're told not to, that if I wanted you to not be a slut the worst thing I could do is forbid you to be around boys or do anything sexual. I just turned the advice around. But then I discovered you weren't rebelling, you were always trying to be my sweet little angel, never causing a fuss, and I'm afraid I'm not worthy of a little angel, that's why I decided you need one hard push towards sin. First I started hinting you should tease more, encouraging your interest in men by pretending I thought it was boys. You were making good progress. But we weren't moving fast enough and still took to heart he misguided messages I'd started you with. At that rate, barring a rape, you wouldn't be a slut before you were fifteen. That's why I borrowed your phone and sent that picture to everyone at your school. I really am sorry about that. Do you forgive me?" Bethany shrugged in response, but decided she did. "I'm so sorry, but I hoped that would kick off events and make you a slut, eager to go live under police protection. I'm surprised you didn't actually cum at school. Did I really make you cum first?"

Bethany gave a vigorous nod, and then asked the question she'd wondered about earlier. "Does that mean I have to be a lesbian slut?"

"No, you can be whatever kind of slut you want, but if you're like me, you're probably bisexual. Best of both worlds, I say. But I'm glad I made you cum first. That will always bind us together... you may be a slut now, but you'll always be my little slut. Come here." And then she pulled her daughter into a hug, the sweetest mother-daughter hug she'd ever had, maybe because it was the first completely genuine one, with no secrets or lies, and both of them almost completely naked. She wasn't even offended about her mother sending off the pictures, although she was surprised... she never could stay mad at her mommy. Mom planted kisses on her face, where there was still smears of cum that weren't completely wiped away and had dried there.

She let her mom kiss, and then lick, at her face, like a dog, which made her remember the promise of dogs at the facility... maybe it would be fun. Except... "But if I go with the police, I might not see Mister Kent again." Or the older boys like Shaun, who really, really wanted her panties. Not that he'd ever get them, one way or the other.

"You might, you might not. I honestly can't say. Do you really love him?"

The question made Bethany think, and she came to a startling discovery. "I don't know. I used to... I think I might love Buck now."

"That's a slut for you, you fall in love with the biggest cock you have access to. Or the best at any rate. Usually, but not always, they're the same thing, at least in my book. But if you love Buck, go with him, and I know he'll make you happy. If you love Mister Kent, I can't make any promises, he seems like you'll have to sneak around to spend any time with him."

There was a sharp knock at the door, and Sherriff Buck spoke through it. "Are you all done in there?"

"Just about," her mother called and then whispered to her daughter. "Better make up your mind now, what's the life you want most right now? Lesbian fugitive, middle school slut, or living example of child pornography that the police will confiscate and put to use until you're eighteen?"

She didn't need to think long. "I think it could be fun to be confiscated, at least for a while."

"Then let's pack you some clothes."

The Sherriff waited two more minutes before coming in, like expecting the two of them would have snuck out the window, but instead, Bethany was packed, dressed in a short skirt and a belly shirt (which was comfortable, but also turned out to be sexy), and ready to go, all smiles and excited for her new life.

They made it to the front door before Bethany cried out, "Wait! Wait! I forgot, there's one more thing I used to stick up my cunt, and you need to confiscate it!" Because a girl can't start a new life without a toothbrush, especially if it vibrated.

It really was a new life, and started at the brothel-turned-storage facility that, eventually, turned into a little girl brothel run by the cops, where undesirable pedophiles got life sentences for statutory rape, and trusted pedophiles who were pillars of the community got off with a small fine. She made a good friend right away with the only other example of living child porn, a fourteen-year-old girl named June who Bethany remembered from school. The rumor was she had fallen in with a bad crowd and run away, but she was nice, and she taught her to eat pussy so that, when her mother visited for the first time, she could give her a surprise.

Life was fun, but not always perfect. She had some doubts, and times she wanted to go home, but her mother was never around during those doubts and so she had nobody to say the magic word, 'Pumpernickel' to, and eventually just got over them entirely and embraced the new life. Her thirteenth birthday party was a turning point, where the three girls, now including her old friend Lisa who was a friend again after she also got declared living child pornography, got to enjoy some confiscated ecstasy tabs while getting fucked by a grown man in every hole at once for the first time. Well, the first time doing that for Bethany. June had done it before, as had Lisa, if you counted dogs as two of the grown men and her father as the other. The ecstasy was a new twist for both of them, though, it made everything so much more vivid and the sensations were electric. It was also unexpected that Bethany would be trying ecstasy for the first time with her own mom, who filmed the whole thing and then smeared birthday cake on her body and licked her clean of both cake and cum, and Bethany licked back. The two of them made out for hours after the men were wiped out, still high and craving touch and feeling closer to each other than ever. It was the best birthday she'd ever had, especially because her Uncle Roger and Grandpa both got to be there.

Soon Bethany came to love it, and so she lasted longer than any of the other girls. June got auctioned away at sixteen, permanently, and had only lived there two years. Lisa's own father bought her back in time to register for high school... he missed her, and didn't like sharing as much as he thought he would. Dogs, he was fine with, strangers, not so much. Other girls came to replace them... often the Sherriff's department would discover another girl had naked pictures out there and therefore had to be declared living child porn, and there was a snitch line, and, in later years, when one of their pieces of evidence left, sometimes they'd just take a poll among the community about which girl was most likely to be masturbated over, send a team over to her house to decide whether she was too erotic to be allowed to continue in school, and fill the hole. All three holes filled usually proved a girl to be pornographic, and if there was an opening in the house, in she went, although to avoid crowding, they kept themselves to no more than six girls at any one time. Even with this rule, there was high turnover, where a girl's family might decide to buy her back, or one of them falling in lust with somebody who would 'buy her out,' and some were traded to other departments, or auctioned off to strangers... so the votes became frequent enough that any girl in town considered too much of a tease, even if their teasing was inadvertent, would wind up in evidence storage for a short stint. Sometimes, once enough guys had her milking their cocks directly, the collective urge to masturbate over her was no longer so urgent, and the girl could be reclassified and released, no longer child pornography, merely another sad case of a girl gone too slutty, too young.

But Bethany, she lived in the county Sherriff's evidence storage facility until she turned eighteen, experiencing everything her mother warned and promised, but living a life that was well-fed, well-fucked, and well, fun. Maybe the pregnancies weren't all that fun, but even they had their good parts, they made her tits swell up with milk, and she loved the feeling of a life growing inside her, and, after, she never had to change a dirty diaper, because those babies that weren't sold at auction to childless couples to supplement the Sherriff Department's budget were given to her mother to raise and bring in on visits. She didn't have to go to school, but a few of her teachers, including Mr. Kent and Mr. Fellheimer and Mr. Johnson, did show up now and then to give her specialized home lessons, which, without the pressure of assignments or standardized testing, were actually fun. She discovered something of a thirst for knowledge and paid close attention even while her thirst for cum was being satisfied, or she was being fucked while a lesson was going on.

Despite those lessons, when she hit eighteen and, as promised, she was returned to her home, no longer a piece of child pornography, or child erotica, or child anything under the law, she was a little unprepared to enter the normal workforce, or go on to higher education, and her choices were either getting a menial fast-food type job, or getting a better job by getting naked during the interview. And, with the big "Property of the Sherriff Department" tattoo on her, the good employers might be a little leery. After all her time in the evidence house, Sherriff Buck and Deputy Malcolm felt they owed her a little something, and ensure her future, and that's why they pulled some strings and got her appointed as a junior deputy.

She wasn't actually qualified to be a deputy at age eighteen. You had to be at least twenty-one. And you had to have a high-school diploma and driver's license. And you need to be trained in firearms, and pass certain physical fitness tests that Bethany, being a little slip of a girl who, even as an adult, looked no more than sixteen, could not pass. But the department that had so enjoyed having her in their evidence storage house pulled together, fudged some records, made some calls, and got it done under the radar. Sure, it was illegal as all hell, but what good was being in law enforcement if you couldn't break a few rules when you wanted to?

Bethany did have to attend the official law enforcement training course, but she returned from what was normally a week long course in eight hours with a diploma and two holes still dripping with cum, and was officially given a badge and tight uniform, becoming the littlest deputy the county ever had. Not bad for a girl who was once nothing more than a living example of child pornography.

In her tenure as deputy, she protected and served the whole county, and aside from a few bent rules was a paragon of virtue, putting away some very bad men, including, very early on, a drug ring which required her to go undercover as a teenage crackwhore and actually got shot at when they finally saw her tattoo in the light and realized she was working for the cops, but her backup was just about ready to come in at that point anyway, so she escaped with no injury worse than a backhand. The guy who did it didn't live to make it to trial.

After that, Bethany lost her taste for undercover work and wore the uniform proudly, went on patrols, the whole nine yards. Thanks to her history training them, she was naturally very good with the police dogs and got partnered up with one named Tyson and was allowed to take him home. Sherriff Buck was right about the training methods, fucking the same little girl together really did bond an officer and her dog, even if the officer lacked a penis and was only tongue-fucking a twelve-year-old's quivering cunt while she had Tyson's knot up her ass drooling out doggy cum that would make a feast for later. They also had the experience of wearing a collar and eating out of a dog bowl in common. That dog became a great partner, and additional lover, and a physically imposing presence out on the job where Bethany usually wasn't. But although she wasn't much in a physical confrontation, she did have a way of defusing tension even without Tyson around. Many drunken fights at the bar were broken up with no injuries and the only remaining argument who got to pump his seed in which hole first, and you wouldn't believe the domestic disputes that were solved with a bisexual intermediary willing to throw herself between the feuding couple.

Bethany was a model deputy in many areas, but her real love was fighting child pornography just like her mentors, and while wearing the uniform she tested and confiscated far more than her fair share. Even several years into her job, when she discovered her own eleven-year-old daughter TJ turned out to be a living example of child pornography, she did her duty and turned the material over to police custody.

She even discovered a new pedophile in the process, when she took TJ to get her own "Property of the Sherriff Department" tattoo, right over her baby pussy. It was sadly not possible to get the same artist that did hers, so she decided to give a chance to a new parlor that had opened up in the back of a biker bar. After she explained the situation, but not that she was a cop herself, the artist, thinking she was just a perverted mother, had the bright idea of stuffing his sturdy cock in her preteen cunt to keep her from squirming, which of course had the opposite effect, and would have ruined the tattoo entirely if Bethany hadn't sat behind her and held her arms tightly so she could barely move. That was what you had to expect from pedophiles, though, using any chance to use some child pornography. You should have seen his face when, after the tattoo was done but the artist wasn't, Bethany wandered off and discovered his license had expired, and she pulled her badge. He, like so many guys before him when Bethany was pedophile bait, honestly thought the 'property of the Sherriff Department' tattoo was a joke by a particularly kinky but civilian mom, right up until the badges appeared. Pedophiles were much more trusting than drug dealers.

Of course, in the tattoo artist's case, she used some discretion, and, in exchange for not charging for the ink, she let him get off with a warning that TJ was probably fertile... she'd started menstruating at nine, after all. Bethany did have to fine him for the license thing, you can't overlook everything, but figured it was safe to let him continue to roam the streets... like most pedophiles, she'd get another chance to bust him sooner or later if they needed to, and they needed a new reliable tattoo artist.

Once TJ got her ink, Bethany took her home to give her directly to her stepdaddy the Sherriff, showed him her cummy pussy and tattoo, and told him he should put her with the other examples of confiscated child porn. Sherriff Malcolm was pleased as punch and proud of his littlest deputy and stepdaughter. Yes, that's right, Sherriff Malcolm King, the former Deputy, took over for Sherriff Buck Collins after the latter's sad and untimely death, that also being the reason Bethany needed to find a new tattoo artist. Malcolm was recently elected fair and square after a short term as Acting Sherriff. A lot of people thought an imposing black man who couldn't be trusted around anyone's underage children couldn't be elected Sherriff in such a small county, but, like Buck, Malcolm believed in very personal campaign style, especially among the bored housewives, and did his campaigning when the men of the house were at work. When you combined those votes and everybody he had something on, he'd won easily, and was carrying on the legacy of Sherriff Buck Collins quite well.

Of course, the town still missed Sherriff Buck. More than anybody else, he was missed by Bethany (who was sure at least one of her kids was his), her mom, and even his former Deputy Malcolm, despite the increase in pay and power his death had left him personally. The man was kind, generous, tireless, came like a horse, and he died in the line of duty, doing what he loved.

It was such a tragic story. It happened while he was testing a ten-year-old girl named Harriett, an aspiring little ballerina who the snitch-line suggested might be another example of living child pornography. He discovered, while he was balls deep in her ass, that this innocent red-haired, pigtailed and, just hours earlier, completely virginal little girl was in fact such a shocking example of it, that his heart just couldn't take it.

Nobody blamed Harriet, of course, but it was still hard to look at her, and few wanted to go where Buck had died, that's why after they confiscated her, they sold her and her mother outright at a special online police auction only open to a restricted clientele. The two wound up being bought by some Arab prince overseas, which was a pretty good deal for them, they both wound up as wives, and an even better deal for the county Sherriff's department. With the money from the auction, they paid for a huge funeral and wake for Buck, and also had enough in the budget for some nifty police equipment. That softened the blow, but it was still a somber occasion, a stark reminder to everybody on the force that even in a sleepy, safe little county, that police work was a dangerous business.

Of course, they'd all agree, the rewards were usually worth it.

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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