AnonyMPC here, still alive, with another Phil Phantom Tribute. For those who aren't familiar with these, my Phil Phantom Tributes are my attempt to honor, capture the style of and deal with themes by a prolific erotic author of days gone by.   It's low characterization, high smut, and fast-paced, not much like my previous work but, hopefully, good for a good quick fap.  

Could Be Worse - A Phil Phantom Tribute (M+f, Mg, Fg, Ff, fg, best, ws, inc, prost)

Anna was starting to get worried about her eldest daughter, but she couldn't discuss those worries with her husband with her youngest right there, not when those worries prominently included the little girl's big sister being potentially abducted or raped on the way home from a charity event. All she could say was, "Jerry, maybe it's time to send Cheryl to bed."

Jerry, as usual, seemed oblivious to any reasonable worries, at least with one daughter on his lap. "Dear, you know I promised her that she didn't have to go to sleep before her big sister did, and this family keeps our promises, no matter what. Right honey?"

"Right Daddy." The little ten-year-old nuzzled up her straight brown hair against him, renewing some worries about her too, worries Anna didn't give much credence to, except that when you're already worrying about one thing, it's easy to add another. But Jerry, in his patronizing way, had a point, she didn't want to set a bad example about promises, and so she nibbled her lip and looked back towards the driveway, hoping to see a car pulling up to drop off another little girl who was now gone almost eight hours.

Staring out the front window, it was dark enough that Anna could actually see what was going on behind her, in the reflection in the mirror, better than in front of her. And she couldn't help noticing the way her ten-year-old sitting on her father's lap while she watched YouTube videos on the family tablet was beginning to look sketchier and sketchier, and she'd was usually very skilled at not noticing. She very consciously did not notice how sketchy it started out looking, because monitoring their daughter's internet usage to make sure she wasn't watching anything inappropriate seemed like a good policy. And from there, once she'd decided not to notice, the changes had progressed so slowly she wasn't sure anything was happening at all. Even now, nothing was outright at the stage where she thought she had to intervene, for appearance's sake if nothing else, but that uncomfortable awareness she'd pushed away so often did make a fresh knot in her stomach just the same. Yes, it was definitely getting hard not to take notice of her youngest starting to straddle her father's knee when she thought Mom wasn't looking, or wiggle her butt on what would have been his hard cock if his daughter in his lap made Jerry hard. The motion wouldn't last long, and, if Anna turned around, she knew, it would almost certainly turn out to be part of an innocent change in positioning to get more comfortable. But what did they do when she left the room to go to the bathroom, she wondered.

She took a breath and tried to dismiss the thought again. Polly was the one to really worry about, she was just starting to obsess about Cheryl because she was right there while Anna was also plagued with vivid visions of Polly being kidnapped on the way home, dragged into a van, her clothes torn off as she cried, and then raped by multiple men, their cocks making a spermy mess of her virgin holes, probably giving her a rapist baby, maybe a biracial rapist baby that would one day come to rape grandma. That scenario might be wildly improbable... even the tamer parts probably more improbable than Cheryl being molested by her father, but mothers worry. And Cheryl was probably fine, unsupervised or not. Touching under her skirt, maybe at most... rubbing on the thigh or maybe over the panties was inappropriate, and Anna dreaded it getting blatant so she had to make a scene, but she was confident it wouldn't go much farther than that.

After all, she knew her husband... not in the way wives sometimes do where they say they know their husband wouldn't have sex with another woman, or a child, or their own daughter, but turns out they were wrong after it actually happens. Jerry was morally capable of all of that, she knew, all men probably were, even if not all acted on that capability. Perversion was everywhere, even among the most respectable, but Jerry also had something special holding him back... ironclad kinks that even after almost a decade and a half of marriage she couldn't make a dent in.

Before they tied the knot, when they in the early stages of dating in fact, she got a heads up on them from both of Jerry's ex-girlfriends, his sister, and even his mother. In fact, the first time Anna met her future mother-in-law, she warned her that he was pathologically shy of making the first move, and blamed it on molestation from an aggressive relative. She thought his mom was joking at first, since she made the revelation so casually and in his presence, and especially since Jerry had already kissed Anna without any prompting at all, but soon discovered it was true, merely more complex than his mom had explained. Kissing was one thing, and apparently didn't count as a first move, although she was usually the one to turn the kisses French. Nor did hand-holding or asking a girl to a movie or other early stages in a relationship... but as things started to get hot and heavy, Anna found that Jerry was a frustrating man to date, and the motherly advice that she'd initially dismissed had a lot of truth behind it.

If she hadn't figured that out, and more importantly, how to work around it, Cheryl and Polly might never have been born. The man... the boy, back then, had a serious complex, he simply could not expose himself unless someone else was completely naked first, and he could neither ask that of someone else, or do anything to encourage it except hinting in the most oblique, ass-backward ways. If Anna asked him if she should unbutton her shirt, all he would do is shrug like he couldn't care less whether her nipples were exposed or not. It took three dates of frustrating makeouts in his car before his sister took Anna aside and completed their mother's advice with the most important details. She calmly explained that Jerry wouldn't go under her shirt unless a girl pulled her top up first, that if she wanted to get fingered she needed to wear a skirt and no panties and show her wet pussy, and if she wanted a fuck, she either had to get completely naked and wait for him to get the hint and become the aggressor, or fish his dick out of his pants and "do whatever you want with it while he just lets it happen." While Anna stared open-mouthed and tongue-tied at the advice, his sister finished, "Or if that's too much trouble, just dump him... but please stop sending him home with blue balls. It's cruel."

It took some courage, and checking with his exes to make sure that really was what he needed, before she put those rules into practice, but, after all this time, those same conditions still applied every instance they made love. Jerry simply could not seem to shake whatever complex was set up in childhood, which was convenient in many ways... it might even have been part of the reason she eventually married him. With Jerry, she never felt she had to worry about him cheating on her, despite his young secretary, and whenever she wasn't in the mood she never had to deal with him pestering her with his needs. And that was important, because although Anna loved sex as much as the next woman, she had phases, but even worse, she always had trouble saying no to things.

In fact, the inability to say the N-word (no, not the other N-word) could be said to be a quirk almost as strong as Jerry's, though there was much more wiggle room. It didn't apply to her kids, of course, it's hard to be a good mother without being learning the use of that word, although even with them she was considered an easy touch, more comfortable shooting warning glares or making her displeasure known in other ways but slow to actually outright forbid something. And even when she wasn't saying the word directly to her kids, but it was something that just involved them, she rarely had a problem saying no in their defense. Sometimes something just didn't feel right, either blatantly offensive requests, or just an vague bad feeling, like when her sister-in-law would offer to take the kids somewhere, like a supposedly really fantastic Santa's Village or a fun secluded beach in a town a few hours away, supposedly to give Anna and Jerry some alone time. Such refusals were usually gentle, often with an excuse or a 'maybe another time', but she was capable of making a decision and refusing to budge from it.

Her problem saying no mostly became an issue when it just involved her, and in particular she had a lot of trouble refusing men interested in her directly, blatantly, and sexually. Such men could easily push her way past her comfort zone, particularly if they were persistent and she wasn't ready for a determined seduction attempt that wasn't put off by weary sighs, glares, and eyerolls. It was an even bigger problem in her teen years, which was why had seemed so refreshing to date a guy she knew wouldn't push so she wouldn't have to tell him no or, more likely, give in, even when she wasn't horny. It was a feeling of safety, and she needed that sometimes.

Anna's own peculiar meekness was almost certainly part of the reason she let the lap-sitting thing go on, despite how bad it looked... but it wasn't just that. With anyone else she was sure she would overcome it and play the good mother, certainly before legs got touched, but because it was Jerry, there was still enough of a feeling of safety that she couldn't bring herself to make a huge scene about it. Cheryl was safe with her father... if it were anyone else, this kind of rubbing could only lead to hard core sexual molestation, rape even, the moment they were left alone and maybe not even needing that, maybe just needing a mother willing to watch a rape with a glare. Deep down, Anna didn't know for sure if she would be that mother or not, if such a time ever came... from a stranger, sure, she was confident she could intervene, but from a lover or husband, someone she depended on? She couldn't say for sure. She might just be the kind of mom who pouted and glared as her daughter's hymen got pierced by a trusted male friend or relative who kept pushing on her comfort zones. Easier to say no in advance, before it got that far, better to keep her and her daughters out of such situations in the first place, as she had with every other dangerous man she knew so far. Draw the lines early, glare at them if they even look at one of her girls too long, and you discourage them, whether they have innocent intentions or not, and not have to verbally forbid one from sitting in a lap and very probably confuse a little girl who saw nothing wrong with it. That's what she'd had to do with uncles and grandpas and even what she'd have had to do if she was married to any other man... fathers can be molesters too, if you tempt them enough, even if her own hadn't been. With Jerry... well, Anna knew that unless Cheryl stopped wearing panties or was confident enough to grab her own father's dick it was harmless sensuality that verged a little on the side of inappropriate rubbing. Sure, Anna probably still should say no but she didn't have to.

At the rate they were going, Cheryl would be eighteen before either of those things happened, so all that was at risk was some sticky messes on their clothes. Still, that didn't stop the worries, growing watching them in the reflection, that maybe she was wrong, that Cheryl would find that boldness, or Jerry was getting better at manipulations to push her that way. It might soon be the time for a firm no.

No, Anna finally decided again, because using that word on herself wasn't a problem, unless she was really horny. No, until she saw anything outright sexual between father and daughter, freaking out was liable to make Cheryl, in a few years, confuse the sensual bonding she craved for the sexual she shouldn't have. She trusted in Jerry, or at least in his inability to move things along whether he wanted it or not, and trusted in Cheryl's innocence to not know how close things were to getting worse, or much better, depending on your perspective.

She'd grow out of it. Polly, their older daughter, went through the same stage, never progressed beyond it and now, at twelve, almost thirteen, felt too old to sit on her father's lap or for long goodnight kisses with tongues and was, Anna verified, in possession of a full hymen. The girl also swore nobody had ever seen her vagina other than other girls, not even Daddy, and, moreover, that she had only seen two real penises in her life... one her cousin while bathing during a babysitting gig, and the other a boy at school who got pantsed. Neither of them got anywhere near her, and so she had exactly zero experience that crossed the line between sensual and sexual.

At least before tonight, a part of Anna whispered as she looked out the window again.

"You worry too much," Jerry said, leaving her wondering which daughter she was being reassured about.

She responded as though it was Polly. "I just think she's out awful late."

"Yes, but it's a charity event. She's out there doing good, watched by respectable people. I mean..." he paused, and Anna winced in annoyance, knowing what was coming. "It could be worse. She could be out with friends, getting drunk, or high."

'It could be worse' was practically Jerry's catch phrase. Any time something bad happened, he might rage for a moment, but finally say, "It could be worse," or "It could have been worse." The habit was cute at first but after years of marriage it always set her teeth on edge whenever she heard it, especially when he used on things that were pretty damn awful already, which he did a lot. Even when she delicately tried to get him to talk about his molestation experience (she occasionally did get into moods where she wanted him to get past it and the complexes it created because she wanted to be dominated, and initiating sex every time got extremely boring), Jerry just said, "It's in the past. It could have been worse... could have been a male relative."

She still didn't know the details of who had done the deed, but strongly suspected either an extremely opinionated aunt or the very sister who warned her not to send him home with blue balls. Both still visited a few times a year, and it always set her on edge. It was weird that she was more worried about him cheating with his own relatives than with him being alone with a beautiful college dropout day in and day out.

Jerry's stock phrase especially annoyed her in the last few years because, with her own tendency towards being a pushover, she relied on him to be the 'heavy' to their children, the one who said no when she couldn't, who disciplined them, but his anger didn't last long enough to enforce any long term punishment like a grounding. Too often he'd decide whatever offense caused it 'could have been worse.' But even when it wasn't about the kids, or he said it privately after he administered a punishment, the phrase got under Anna's skin because when he said it, he was almost always right, at least technically right, and yet that knowledge didn't make it better. She wasn't sure if it would have been worse if he was molested by a male relative, but of course it was better that their daughter was late coming home from a charity event than being out doing god-knows-what with kids her own age. That didn't make the knot in her stomach any looser, and being constantly told that her feelings were invalid because it could be worse aggravated her.

Anna was just about to say something along those lines, when she saw what she'd been hoping for, the headlights of a dark van driving down the street and slowing in front of their house. A sigh of relief escaped her as the side door slid open, and she recognized the dirty blonde chin-length bob cut hairstyle that her eldest daughter Polly usually wore. After a moment's glance in both directions, the girl stepped out, seemingly safe and sound. "It's her," Anna said, then her eyes widened when she turned back and noticed what her daughter was wearing, and followed the girl as she stumbled towards the driver-side window, stood on her tiptoes, and gave what looked like a kiss to the driver and what looked like a moon to anyone outside who was focusing on her ass. Where did she get that outfit?

The thought didn't quite leave her mind, but it did get pushed aside for a moment at another discovery, as the young girl turned towards the house and took a few uncertain steps on the driveway, as unsteady on her feet as somebody who expected to be walking on ice, but if it was cold enough for ice then hypothermia would be more of a concern right now, as barely-dressed as the girl was. "Oh my god," Anna said, watching as her daughter almost tripped over nothing at all, bent over to catch herself, took another wobbly step, and stopped again, then looked around uncertainly as though she was uncertain it was the right house at all. Anna rushed towards the door. "I think she's drunk, Jerry."

That got her husband to look up from his youngest daughter's legs, and stopped their game, although the way he stopped it looked like a promise of continuation. His hands grabbed Cheryl's pantied crotch, pulled upward with a firm squeeze, almost lifting her by her pussy and, if not sinking two fingers knuckle-deep into her hole, along with the stretchy cotton that just prevented them going deep enough to deflower her, at least giving her a serious enough dent to get her thinking about, maybe even desiring, actual penetration. That, Anna knew she'd have to say no to, but for now, a glare would have to do. Both ignored it... Cheryl whimpered but slid off of him as he stood up with an erection-tent visible enough that it would have gotten him banned from school events if they weren't at home. But by his demeanor, nothing unusual was happening. "It's a charity event, of course there was going to be alcohol. I bet she snuck a few sips for herself out of curiosity. But, see, there you go, it could be worse." Anna flinched. "At least someone dropped her off in our driveway. She could have tried to drive home drunk." That was more of a joke than anything else... sure, her driving home would certainly have been worse, but that was because Polly was not just too drunk to drive home safely but too young by several years to do so with a license at all. Her driving home drunk would have involved a preteen in a stolen car. In other circumstances, she might have laughed, but she was genuinely worried about their daughter.

Not just for the alcohol, either. When they let Polly go to this charity event, she was dressed like a kid, asexual jeans, a long rose-colored blouse, running shoes. None of that was in evidence now, nor was anything she could carry her old clothes in. Instead, all she wore was a dress that was practically obscene, and where 'practically' disappeared entirely the moment she bent over.

It resembled the classic French maid outfit, redesigned for a world where sexual harassment wasn't even given lip service and pedophiles did the hiring. Black, with white accents and trim, in two main pieces, a skirt with a mini-apron on the front, coming down to less than an inch below the crotch, and not covering it at all if it rode up, and a very skimpy crop top so short it practically looked very small sleeves attached to a strip of fabric between belly and breast, and a neckline plunging so far you could see her nipples just poking out over the top. If that didn't scream "preteen whore rape bait" enough, the look was accentuated with a collar, black with white lace frill, and dark stockings that coming up to just above the knee, which wouldn't have raised eyebrows on an adult, even with the high heels, but on a child seemed like was appealing to fetishes of perverted old rich men who liked young stuff.

When the door opened, Polly was standing, so Jerry didn't realize quite how obscene the dress got, or that there was no underwear underneath, but Anna thought surely he could see the pale nipples poking out over her neckline, and expected him to be livid, or at least act that way.

"Oh hi!" Polly said with a bright smile. "Glad you guys are still up. I was worried I'd have to wake you." She slurred her words, and she had a dazed look to her in her eyes, but at least she didn't look like she was about to throw up, which Anna knew Jerry would point out given half a chance.

"Jerry, get her some water." Then, since she didn't feel like she could trust him to do his appointed job of being the disciplinarian of the family, Anna steeled herself to play angry mom. It came out more like disappointed mom. "Young lady, we were worried sick. You should have been home hours ago!"

Polly wobbled in, her high heels drawing new attention to themselves with their clacking on the floor with every step. "Hey, don't blame me. You signed me up for the charity thing, and told me to do my best." When she reached the couch, she turned backwards and just fell into it where here sister and father were just sitting. Cheryl, who'd got up to watch the confrontation at the door, now sat on the ground, cross-legged and far more demure than Polly did. Whether it was from her drunkenness or new experiences, the older sister no longer sat legs together, like Anna had taken pains to teach her, trying to undo the habits she developed sitting on Daddy's lap. Instead, Polly's knees were spread as far as they could go. Her maid skirt still preserved her modesty but only barely and thanks to gravity making the hem settle between her spread legs. Her nipples actually slipped back under her neckline, which was some comfort. "Did you expect me to walk back from The Swamp on my own?"

"The Swamp?" Anna repeated. It was a seedy biker strip joint on the outskirts of town, a place with a bad reputation in a bad neighborhood. Anna had been there, worked there, technically, in search of a little wild adventure and to reconvince herself of her desirability after two children. She knew very well how bad the neighborhood was, long stretches of lonely road without working streetlights, frequented by drunks and lowlifes. Of course she didn't want her daughter walking back from that... but she didn't want her there in the first place. "What were you doing at the Swamp?!"

"The charity thing! Come on, you had to know where it was! It said so right on the flyer!"

"I'm sure it did not. Jerry, go find that flyer." He had only just returned with a large glass of water in his hand, gave it to his daughter and shot a look to her mother, but moved behind the couch and began searching among the papers there for the particular one that they had used to sign up their daughter for this night, thinking it was character building. "I would not have let you go to a seedy biker joint." Probably.

"Don't worry, Mom," Polly said. "There weren't any bikers there. Well, maybe a few mighta been bikers, but they were all wearing suits and donating money. The charity people just rented out the whole place." She took a big gulp of the water and sighed in relief. "Man, finally that helps get the taste out." Taste of what? Mom wondered. She hoped it was just alcohol, but that didn't seem likely from the Swamp, and a list of other, darker options started to run through her head.

"It is a nice venue for these types of things," Jerry said, still searching. "I was there for a conference of local business owners once. I promise you, it cleans up very nicely and meets all the fire codes. Honestly, there are much worse places it could have been held."

"Yeah," Polly said. "It was totally respectable-looking."

"You're not dressed very respectably."

"It was the uniform, Mom. All the girls wore it. You volunteered us as servers, remember? What did you think we wouldn't get a uniform?" No, she expected a uniform, but she expected perhaps a dress shirt and black pants. Maybe, if they were going for a theme, something like those old 50s diner waitresses. Even with short skirts she might not have raised an eyebrow at that, since at least it was cute. But slutty French maids was not a theme appropriate for preteens and young teens.

"Found it!" her father announced, holding up the flyer that got them all into this mess. He peered at it for a moment, then said, "Huh, I guess it did say it was at 'The Swamp' all along. I just misread it. Well, it could be worse, at least it was for a charity event."

"Uh-huh," Polly said. "And you'd be real proud of me. I'll have you know I won the prize!" There was something, Anna remembered, about a chance to win a free iPhone for the girl who raised the most money for charity.

"Where is it?" her little sister Cheryl asked, bobbing her head around trying to sneak a peek, though there weren't many places to peek. . The outfit Polly wore didn't seem to have pockets, and so the only places she could be carrying it would probably void any warranty.

"We're supposed to go pick it up in a few days and sign a release form. We can pick up my old jeans and stuff too, I left them there."

"You should have worn them home. I can't believe you came home in... this." She waved her hand over her daughter's tarted-up body.

The girl pouted. "Mom, can't you just be happy that I raised more money than any other girl!"

"I had faith in you," Jerry said as he beamed, never one to pass up the chance to ingratiate himself to one of his daughters at her expense. "That's my girl!"

Anna was growing more and more suspicious, though. Something about this didn't smell right. Well, something besides the smell of alcohol coming off her daughter's breath, or the musky sexual scent that oozed out of other parts of her body and was starting to extend to the rest of the room. Jerry had to notice that... maybe Cheryl didn't know what it signified, but the adults should have.

The youngest girl was catching onto something though, and maybe she followed her nose to the discovery or maybe it was accidental, but Cheryl leaned back on the floor in a position that let her peek under the skirt and then her mouth gaped open. "Holy shi...nolie, you're not wearing any panties, Polly!"

"Really?" Her father practically raced around the other side of the couch, dropping the flyer on the end table on his way, then crouched down beside Cheryl. The ten-year-old had scooted up for a better look herself, and now father and daughter crouched at the foot of the couch each holding a leg and helping spread it wider so they could both get a really close look, while Polly pulled up the skirt having apparently gotten over any shyness she might have had. The puffy pussy also looked like it had a wider, more sloppy mouth than it did when Anna did a virginity check, and though there was no phone up there, it was wide enough that there would be no hiding it.

"They gave you a uniform with no underwear? And you wore it like that?" Cheryl asked, wide-eyed. "That is so cool."

"No," Polly explained. "They let us wear our own underwear. At first. But they asked me to sell them for charity. You'd be surprised what people will pay for a pair of soaked underwear!"

"Why were they soaked?" Cheryl asked, and then grinned. "Did you pee your panties?"

"No, of course not! I just get really wet when I get turned on." To make it clearer, which she didn't have to do except maybe to her sister, or out of milking out the scene out of pride in her new discovery, she added, "Sexually."

Her little sister did indeed seem impressed by the clarification, and wanted to know, "Who turned you on?"

"At first, it wasn't a who, but they wanted us to help with the charity, and they had a machine they called the Swamp Hog."

"Oh no," Anna said, forgetting herself. She'd have preferred her family have no idea how well-acquainted she was with what went on at the Swamp, but... she remembered the Swamp Hog very well. It was a motorcycle, or at least the body of one, no wheels and a custom built seat that wasn't cushioned, in a prominent position on stage at one end of the club. When gassed up it was all vibration and noise and no motion, though it was rigged up so you had to hold onto the handlebars for it to work, and the way the seat was positioned that meant the vibration was concentrated right up against a girl's pussy.

The Swamp had a rule, every first time dancer had to ride the Swamp Hog wearing nothing more than a thong (they could go naked if they chose, of course) for either five minutes or through three orgasms, while men threw money to keep it going, all tips going to the house for the first ride. The stated theory was it weeded out the bashful and broke down inhibitions among the new girls. Once you've cum in front of a crowd, it's hard to be nervous about sensuously dancing around a pole and taking your clothes off. The real reason, she learned much later, was they hoped to get girls horny enough that they'd be more willing to do private dances and get fucked in those private dances on their first night. Once they've done THAT once, they're more likely to do it on subsequent occasions.

In Anna's case, the Swamp Hog achieved both of their aims, but then she had trouble saying no so she probably would have done the private dance whoring anyway, but the Swamp Hog made it easier to get into it. What did it get her daughter to do?

Polly didn't know anyone else knew what it was, because she explained, "Oh yeah. It's like one of those coin operated motorcycles at the mall, only this one shakes so good you lose your mind. They had this idea for the charity, each one of us got sponsors who pledged ten dollars for every minute we could ride on it without crying out or letting go."

"And you rode the longest?" Cheryl guessed.

"Oh no. I came last. I barely lasted a minute before my grip slipped... I just couldn't hold on anymore. I really really wanted another try... for charity... but they wouldn't let me. Rachel won with three minutes and she had six different sponsors. I only had two, so I was way behind. But I made it up, cause... well, most of us got wet panties out of riding the Swamp Hog, but mine got, like, really wet. Maybe it was just cause I was last and the others had some time to dry, but the emcee noticed and pointed it out to the crowd and suddenly there were offers to buy it off me. It got up to fifty dollars, can you believe it? So I sold it but only if the money went to the charity because I thought that's what you would have wanted me to do. You should have seen how everyone cheered when I bent down to pull it off, and the guy who bought it..." she started giggling, and continued, "he popped it in his mouth, sucked on it, and said it was juicy and delicious and worth every penny."

"You buy them for what, two for twenty dollars, honey?" Jerry asked, looking back up at her, ignoring her glare. "That means he bought forty dollars worth of juice. That must be one magic pussy." He turned back to stare at his daughter's hole again with unfatherly interest.

"I don't like this," Anna said, sensing what could happen now that rules were shifting, even with Jerry's complex. "I don't like this at all." Yet, arousing memories of her own past misbehavior began flooding back, and old fantasies she never intended to see in action starting to become more and more plausible... all that did get her heart rate up and an excited electricity running under her skin, especially focused on her pussy. Which was also beginning to get wet... she and her daughter had that in common. "First she comes home drunk..."

"I know what you're thinking," Polly said. "And I'm sorry, but that really wasn't my idea. The bar was part of the charity. Every drink a guy bought for us added to our charity total, but we had to drink it for it to count. And some of the people who bid on my panties wanted me to get my juices on their handkerchiefs, and I thought it was only fair that they buy me a charity drink for the chance to do that."

"See?" Anna said. "These men get her drunk, they get her pussy drooling..." 'What else do you think they've done?' went unsaid.

"I'm sure it wasn't deliberate. It's not like our daughter's a slut, she just had a natural bodily reaction to vibration and stimulation. Would you rather she be dry when she was turned on?" Jerry asked. "I mean come on." And he stared back into his daughter's pussy, noticing that it did look pretty wet, and calmly inserted two fingers inside. Now that Polly wore nothing over them and her skirt was pulled up, Jerry's peculiar inhibitions didn't protect her anymore. Doing anything to move clothes out of the way may have been fundamentally inappropriate in his mind, but they were no longer in the way, and that left him free to explore. "Yup, her story checks out, she's very wet!" The fingers sank all the way in to the last knuckles, came back out glistening wet, and then went back in.

Most impressively, and worryingly, everyone could see there was no resistance to that intrusion. Polly herself tensed just for a moment at the penetration, but then relaxed and let it happen as a milky froth started spilling out around her father's fingers and no sign of blood from a hymen that must have been absent by now. "Oh, wow, Daddy. You probably shouldn't be finger-fucking me like this, though, no matter how good it feels." Other than those words, far more vulgar than her daughter would usually get with her parents, the girl didn't make a move to stop it. Neither did anybody else, fascinated by the father-daughter molestation going on. "No, seriously, Daddy," she finally said after what felt like another full another minute of silent finger fucking while her father shifted position and tugged at his pants. Not to pull them off, he still couldn't make that leap, there were people in the room who weren't fully naked, but he needed to adjust the bulge. Not realizing that, Polly went on needlessly, "You can't have sex with me. I mean, I don't want to hurt your feelings, it's not because I don't want it. I've dreamed of it for years. But I can't let it happen. And I'm afraid if you keep doing that with your finger, especially when I've been drinking, I might let you fuck me anyway, which would be really bad cause you might get me pregnant and I can't let you get me pregnant." It could be worse, ran through Anna's mind again. At least she wasn't that far gone. Her husband seemed to be, because he didn't stop, fascinated by the way his finger slid into his daughter, the way it squeezed around him despite what she said. "Mom, a little help?"

"Just put some damn panties on," Anna snapped. "They're like a magic stop sign for your father. If you'd kept them on in the first place, he never would have gotten so bold with your pussy." Anna realized too late she was giving a crucial piece of the puzzle away to another daughter who seemed to have less wits about her despite being less distracted.

Indeed, she saw Cheryl's eyes widen as she looked back, making the connection. The little girl stood briefly, just long enough to pull her underwear down beneath her skirt, remove them, and then got on her knees again. "Here, you can use mine." Anna wasn't sure if she was making the offer of panties to her sister or pussy to her daddy.

One offer wasn't accepted. Or, perhaps, both were half-accepted. Polly took the panties from her sister, but let them drop to the couch over the temporarily forgotten tablet, still paused on some video with a cartoon character in an expression of shock, and when Cheryl bent over and wiggled her uncovered ass in her father's face, he took his other hand and rubbed those fingers across her slit, threatening to remove Cheryl's hymen as soon as he got up the nerve to fully penetrate.

He didn't stop the slow saw into Polly's sloppy cunt either, which meant Anna was watching her husband's fingers molest both of her daughters at once. At least they don't know they had to get all the way naked, or take their father's cock out themselves, for him to actually fuck them, Anna thought. So it could be worse. Damn it, now he's got me doing it. And I really should tell him to stop.

"Hey, I'm not a monster here," Jerry said as he continued the two-handed molestation while Anna just stood there trying to say no. "I'm not having sex with either of you. You'd have to get naked to have sex, and I'm not planning on doing that." That was a hint, Anna knew, the most blatant he was capable of, but it didn't seem like the girls picked up on it, considering it a flat no, so he was shit out of luck. "All I'm doing is checking on your vaginal function, but if you really want me take my finger out, Polly, I will."

"No," the girl said, relaxing with her father's reassurance. "Check all you want. Though I am a bit tender so I'd appreciate it a lot more if you'd check with a tongue and soft kisses instead."

"It does deserve a lot of kisses if you earned the most for charity by soaking your panties and handkerchiefs." He pulled his fingers out then leaned forward and placed a kiss on each side of the slit. That was definitely out of bounds, and Anna resolved to say something if it didn't stop soon.

"You can use fingers on me Daddy," suggested Cheryl. "I'm not tender at all."

"You will be if he starts," Polly warned.

Finally, Anna felt able to speak, but not to say no, only to point out, "Clearly Polly must have done a lot more than sell her panties. Or did you not notice the lack of blood?"

"Blood?" Cheryl yelped, flinching a moment from her father's touch, but the pleasure of the rubbing was enough that after that instinctive reaction she very consciously pressed back into his fingers. Still, she wanted to know, "Why would there be blood?"

Polly leaned forward, and spread her puffy vulva, revealing a pink hole, and explained to her little sister like an expert, "It bleeds the first time something goes in. It doesn't hurt much, or for long. Especially if you get an orgasm out of it."

Cheryl squeezed her own puffy lips around her father's finger, not yet inserted but just wiggling lengthwise. "I'd love an orgasm but I don't want any blood."

"He could stick it in your butt. You can still orgasm that way, it just takes longer, and no blood."

Not always true, Anna knew, but as she watched her younger daughter spread her butt at her big sister's suggestion, and her husband looking between each of them offering a spread hole, she was thankful he was only contemplating his fingers. So yes, it could be worse. She didn't have to say no just yet. A good ass fingering wasn't going to hurt Cheryl, and as for Polly... well, even if she'd lost her virginity and gotten used to cock, and she might be a little bit drunk, but at least she was appropriately concerned about getting pregnant. There was some hope for her at least, but Anna still craved to know everything that happened at the charity event, and she sensed that her daughter wanted to brag about an intense and outrageous experience. Which also could be worse... the girl could clam up and decide never to tell a soul, let it be a dirty private memory. From personal experience, all it might take was a few hours and a sober mind to change from one mindset to the other.

So, she made a decision, and knew most people would think it was the wrong decision for any mother but the logic of it seemed to make sense to her in that moment. Anna decided she'd make her daughter comfortable enough to tell the story, then, tomorrow, rain holy hell down on this so-called charity, lay down the law with Jerry (yelling at him afterwards was always easier than forbidding in the moment), and maybe come up with an appropriate punishment for her daughter. And, if she were to be honest with herself, enjoy a couple orgasms to the thought of whatever intense sexual awakening her daughter had experienced, the kind she only dreamed about. Maybe she'd get those orgasms by helping her husband with the blue balls that should inevitably result from this night, maybe by masturbating to the mental pictures in bed after he went to sleep. Probably both, if she were to be honest with herself. And maybe in the shower for the next few weeks.

Anna's own sexual awakening, with an older married neighbor who took a lot of liberties she couldn't bring herself to say no to, now seemed practically tame by comparison. After the first few exciting times he got soft... not his dick, but his heart, instead of boldly ordering her to do things that would have gotten him arrested if she decided to tell anyone, which was bizarre and scary and thrilling, he mostly treated her like a illicit fourteen-year-old lover... which was nice, she supposed. That lasted until he was arrested... for embezzling from his company, nothing to do with her, she kept the secret. She didn't miss him, much, by the time he went to jail she realized that she didn't want him as a romantic lover, and wasn't quite getting what she did want. Back then, she couldn't articulate what that was (she had the vague notion that it involved someone, maybe her father, walking in on her naked and giving a blow job and joining in without asking for permission). Now she had a sense that Polly might have experienced something very similar to her ideal and... well, she'd hardly be the first mother to want to live vicariously through her daughter's experiences.

"Now, now," Jerry said. He sucked his youngest daughter's pussy juices off his finger and once it was slicker with saliva, began to press gently on Cheryl's ten-year-old asshole. Everyone watched it slide slowly but steadily deeper, calmly except the one getting penetrated, and she was at least trying her best to pretend it wasn't a big deal while her father continued, "You don't know she did anything inappropriate at the charity. Girls can lose their hymen in all sorts of ways."

"Nothing inappropriate?" Anna's exasperation at Jerry was making it hard to play cool and let Polly tell her story at her own pace. "Riding a vibrator toy, having an orgasm in front of a crowd, and selling her panties and handkerchief rubs against her pussy doesn't count as inappropriate?"

"It was just for charity, honey. People do all sorts of stuff for charity. Remember back when we were in school we had that slave-for-a-day auction?" To even suggest that was innocent proved that he still didn't know what happened back then, as a one-day slave of the school's resident bad boy. Then again, not many did, except for some of his friends, and the auto shop teacher, since a lot of it took place in his class.

Fuck it, she decided. It was more than a decade ago, and maybe being open would keep Polly in the same spirit. "You know I came out of that with a load in my pussy and worrying how I'd explain being pregnant to my boyfriend when we hadn't even done it yet." And her first lesbian experience with one of the few girls in the class, but the pregnancy scare was more important considering the boyfriend in question was Jerry. This was before his sister had explained about his little problem, and she was terrified he wouldn't understand that she had to because she was slave-for-a-day, but luckily the pregnancy didn't wind up happening and Jerry either hadn't heard or had dismissed all the rumors. But she couldn't afford to allow him a head-in-the-sand approach any longer. "There's no way she won the prize just by selling her panties and accepting a few drinks. I mean, do the math."

"I hate math," Cheryl said, even though she seemed be doing so well with a single digit.

Anna ignored her. "But go on, if you think our daughter's missing hymen is so innocent, give it another kiss. She's dressed like a French maid, so you might as well make it a French kiss..." At his widened eyes, she added a cruel smirk, and finished, "But don't say I didn't warn you if you get some sperm swimming their way down your tongue."

The girls had both been watching this little discussion, mostly without talking aside from Cheryl's most recent outburst, their eyes going back and forth like it was a tennis match. Jerry made a face at Anna's last serve, looked with disgust at the fingers he'd had inside his eldest, and she knew she'd scored a point. It was another of Jerry's little idiosyncrasies, probably not that uncommon... he just hated the thought of drinking cum, or touching a cum-filled pussy. What was weird is that it didn't seem to stem from jealousy... they'd once discussed a threesome trade to spice up their marriage, one time with two girls and, to be fair, one time with two guys, and he was all for that suggestion, but he insisted in the latter case that he had to finish first. Her second pregnancy put a pin in that idea, and they never got back to it.

Polly lay back with a waiting look, like she wasn't going to volunteer anything, though with a blush on her face that suggested she was afraid they were going to ask. Jerry did ask, but not the right daughter. "Cheryl, would you do me a favor and stick your tongue up your sister's pussy and tell me if it tastes like cum?"

The finger deep in her asshole guided her, shuffling around on her knees, to the position where that was easiest, and also put the girl into a compliant mood, because she said, "Okay," and pressed her lips up against her sister's hole like it was second nature. After a good twenty seconds of sucking, during which Anna got to watch Jerry's smug face at having won a point and they both got to enjoy their Polly's gasps of surprised pleasure, the younger girl pulled away and asked, "What does cum in a pussy taste like?"

"Like you just tasted," Polly said, then up to her parents. "You could have just asked me. I wasn't going to lie. Ah!" The last was another surprised gasp as Cheryl, who must have decided she liked the taste, dove back in for more. Polly got used to the sensation enough that she could talk while it was going on, and looked back up into the eyes of her parents. "I just really wanted to win the prize for earning the most for charity."

Jerry wiped his fingers on his pants furiously, trying to get any trace of cum off, then took a big sip of his daughter's water just in case he tasted any with his kiss and spit it back out again... a little funny, from Anna's perspective, because he didn't have a problem until it was brought up, and it wasn't the first time he'd touched or tasted it without realizing it. "I suppose we can take some comfort in the fact that it was for a good cause, instead of just giving in to sinful urges."

Polly went on, "And really, I thought you wanted me to do it, or at least knew about it and were okay with it. I mean, they showed me the flyer and the form you signed."

Anna didn't have the form, that rested with whoever ran the charity, claimed when they picked Polly up. She didn't even remember it much other than thinking that it was a lot less paranoid than the summer camp her cousin kept suggesting for Polly and Cheryl. That, too, was for charity and completely free, but she was warned that there was a lot of last minute paperwork and she should just sign them all quickly, though because summer was still a ways away, the initial application forms were still in a drawer. With tonight's events, and only a few days between getting the opportunity and having to sign the forms, she had followed the same advice, giving it only a courtesy skim... nothing seemed out of place, but they were all couched in legalese. They didn't leave her a copy and so she couldn't go over it again and look at what she may have accidentally agreed to.

The flyer, though, was right where Jerry left it on the table, and now Anna picked it up and looked at it with the kind of fresher, less innocent eyes you get (or get again, having suppressed for years) after seeing your youngest daughter trying her damndest to suck all the cum out of her big sister while her daddy fingers her butthole.

The first few words should have been a warning sign alone: "We Want Your Kids (Girls Ages 11-16)" and everything else got worse if you knew a few things and were reading it with a dirty mind. It really was all there:

We Want Your Kids (Girls Ages 11-16)
to serve us at our
Charity Ball-Drain
The Swamp


Now that she knew "The Swamp" referred to the location, "Drain The Swamp" obviously wasn't the theme of the charity ball with some odd formatting. Instead, the theme of the night was clearly laid out. It was a "Charity Ball-Drain." And clearly, at least one drained their balls in little Polly. Probably more.

Underneath, in a smaller font, it provided a list that had seemed a lot more compelling at the time:

We Will Provide:
Transportation (We'll Take Them Both Ways)
A Full Belly
Fun Uniform They Can Keep
Stimulating Environment
First Hand Job Experience
Opportunities to work under powerful men and women
iPhone to the Girl Who Earns the Most for Charity
Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

"So this was a Charity Ball-Drain all along," Anna said aloud. "And they tricked you into thinking we wanted this for you."

"I don't know, honestly I kinda didn't think you did but I guess I kinda hoped?"

"You have to admit, they were pretty clever," Jerry said.

"Yes, evil perverts can be very clever. That doesn't mean they're not evil."

Cheryl drew her mouth away from her sister. "I want to hear what happened. At least how she got cum in her cunt."

The C-word was testing her boundaries, a little girl deciding that, since her father was fingering her ass and she was performing oral sex on her sister, maybe she could say 'cunt.' Anna knew if she didn't correct her, it would be used to exhaustion. Yet she couldn't bring herself to, especially because she wanted to hear from Polly too. So she just shot her eldest a questioning look.

She beamed and began telling the story. "Well, after we had a few drinks, they took us to the 9-Holes."

That was another piece of the puzzle, and another piece of the Swamp's dubious reputation. The 9-Holes were physical holes punched into the wall separating the girl's bathroom and a hallway to the back exit. The hallway was used by customers who needed to take a break from the drinking, maybe to throw up or piss or have a smoke, the first not allowed indoors by the owner's rules, the last by county by-laws. The middle, that was okay as long as it was in a proper place, but nobody liked using the men's bathroom which was a constant mess. The girl's bathroom, on the other hand, was mostly clean, and mostly used by strippers and waitresses, and nobody in either of those groups could afford to be offended if one of those customers, or one of the male managers, maybe even the big boss, stuck their hard dick through one of the holes and asked for a little relief of one sort or another, or if they threatened to pee on anyone who didn't swallow it down, for the girls cleaned their own bathroom. It started with just one hole, supposedly accidental, and the shenanigans around it a running joke that got so popular more holes were added.

Before long there were nine holes and it was a full-fledged Swamp attraction, and access to the hallway charged for, a charge grumbled at when it started but still paid willingly by anyone who wanted a blowjob, or something else. Nothing guaranteed, the fee was too small for that, but they could negotiate terms with whoever was on the other side of the hole, which made some good supplemental income for dancers or waitresses, and some men gambled on being able to talk a girl into providing mercy without any additional payment for a customer worked up by a sexy dance. And sometimes people still brazened through for some free play to avoid the threat of a spray of urine or a firing, since many of the regulars had developed a good imitation of the owner's distinctive southern voice and this was all done with the men able to maintain their anonymity behind the wall. The women, not so much, hard to stay anonymous there, as customers could easily keep track of who went into the washroom and, for that matter, could always peek at the girls through the holes, or slip the bartender a few bucks to peek at the feed from the cameras that were, very early on, positioned in the bathroom ceiling, in defiance of every rule for bathrooms Anna knew about. The cops never enforced that by-law, probably because some of them were among the people who enjoyed using it or buying a copy of a particularly good video after the fact. 9-Holes glory hole videos sold pretty well, though few sold to anyone outside of the user of the hole in question... men just got a kick of a woman worshiping their dick without knowing who it belonged to, and sometimes you just want a momento of an experience you could never manage without anonymity... especially for those regulars who had daughters who worked there. Spilling the beans mid-fuck with a fatherly term of endearment made for a good video that sometimes sold well to outsiders, but most men preferred the women never to know for sure. Though the bar was in a bad neighborhood, it got respectable visitors slumming, and events like the Chamber of Commerce meeting, men who had something to lose if a whore knew who they were with. The most long-running joke was that married men visiting the Swamp could just say they were enjoying "9-Holes" and leave the wife to assume it was golf, when really they were getting their rocks off at a glory hole.

Anna was probably one of the few wives who had been on the other side of that wall that could be confident that if her husband said he just came back from doing 9-Holes he meant golf. And now she may be one of the few women who'd served at the same hole as her own daughter. She thought she had at least a few years before that became a possibility... she'd certainly never heard of them doing anything with girls Polly's age before. Sure, when she had her own adventure there, they had at least two strippers who were rumored to be under age fifteen, but she never saw any proof and those girls were at least well into a generous puberty, so at the time she dismissed them as merely salacious rumors... but after what she'd heard about tonight's activities, it no longer surprised her. Or, to her surprise, bothered her that much. There was no blinding fury as she would have expected from such a discovery... she was annoyed at them taking advantage of her daughter in particular, but she still felt composed enough to note, with a touch of dry humor, "I suppose this is where they gave you the first hand job experience they promised in their flyer. I wondered about that."

Jerry took another opportunity to score points in front of their daughters. "Anna! I'm shocked. Shocked that you knew about this in advance."

She threw him a withering glare. Now THAT made her mad. How dare he try to make her out as the bad guy while he was giving their ten-year-old daughter an anal fingerbang? And the fact that she clearly enjoyed it so much was going to make her more likely to believe him, too. Still, she had to set the record straight. "Don't be stupid, Jerry. I noticed they put the space in the middle of firsthand, but I assumed it was just a typo. Obviously if they promised first blowjob experience I'd have been a little more hesitant sending my daughter with them." Ideally that should be had at home, an intrusive thought whispered.

It was like Cheryl read her mind. She pulled her mouth free of Polly's pussy. She whined, punctuated by breaths as her father's fingers brought her closer to an anal orgasm, "Daddy, can you give me my first blowjob experience?"

"No honey," he said. "My pants are still on and it would be inappropriate for me to take them off, and I wouldn't want to do anything inappropriate." Okay, maybe that was about as close as he would come to begging someone to take his cock out so that he could consider himself blameless, just swept up in a perverted situation rather than being perverted himself. It was a weird distinction, especially as he bent down and took a very inappropriate look at just below where his finger was inappropriately pumping his youngest daughter's asshole, then took an even more inappropriate lick on her pussy which got Cheryl writhing and craving her father's cock even more.

"Besides, you already had your first blowjob experience. Many."

Everyone stopped at Polly's words. Jerry looked up at his youngest and even his finger slowed enough for Cheryl to get angry. "Tattletale," she snapped. "That's it, I'm not sucking your cunt anymore." Instead, she looked back at her parents, and explained, "Anyway, it's not really a blowjob unless there's cum, everyone knows that, and Tommy can't cum yet."

Tommy was their cousin on Anna's side, the same age as Cheryl, and Anna knew that while her daughter said she saw her cousin's penis once, she neglected to mention that Cheryl was sucking it at the time. "She's right, Polly, it's a totally different experience," Jerry said, went back to fingering. "And Cheryl, don't be mean to your sister, she didn't mean to tattle, it's all that alcohol. Go back to sucking all that nasty cum out of her cunt." She did, and Jerry shot an apologetic look at his wife.

For a moment it looked like he was about to speak again, but she cut him off. "I know," she said. "It could be worse. Except it is, with Polly, isn't it? How many blowjobs, with cum, did you have at the 9-Holes?"

The girl smiled brightly, whether at the resumed cunt-sucking or the knowledge that she was getting away with being completely honest and with no sign of the punishment she must have been dreading when she first came home... indeed, she seemed to be getting rewarded for her slutty adventure. "Honestly, I lost count. And that wasn't where I got my first hand job experience either, that was before, with one of the guys who bought me a drink. It only seemed fair, and he was excited about getting his juices and mine on the same napkin. But at the 9-Holes, they said they'd donate fifty dollars in our name for every cock or pussy we drain."

"Wait a second, pussy?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, some women shoved their pussies up into the holes too. Not many, but a few."

"How exactly do you drain a pussy?" Cheryl asked, looking at her sister's which still seemed gooey despite her best efforts. "Do they squirt too?"

"No," Polly said, and Anna made a note that she'd have to correct her later. If her daughter must be a bisexual slut, she should at least be a well-informed one. "But they do pee."

"You drank pee?!" At least some things were capable of scandalizing the ten-year-old girl who'd already sucked cock, albeit preteen cousin cock.

"I guess the bladder's a kind of ball, so draining it counted. Guys did it too."

"Tommy peed in my mouth once, I didn't like it." Cheryl frowned at the memory. "I thought he was cumming."

"Yeah, cum is better. Pee's faster though, at least for guys. I mean, the women, they usually needed to be licked a while before they let fly, and it gets all over your face and you taste it more. I liked it with guys much more."

Jerry turned to his wife and said, "Hey, at least we know she's not a lesbian."

Polly went on, "At least with a guy, they usually want to cum or pee but not both and if they pee, you just keep swallowing, and boom, fifty more bucks for charity and can move on to the next. Sometimes I wanted it to be pee, some of those guys had huge balls and the loads didn't always go down easily, but pee never sticks in your throat. But after a while, I didn't really think I could swallow any more of either, and that's when I heard Jill squealing in joy. She wasn't using her mouth and I also noticed the lube dispenser by the holes and, well, she seemed to be going through guys a lot faster and having a lot more fun, so I thought, what the hell. I let a few fuck my ass, and some piss in my ass too, and wow that was really good when you rubbed your clit at the same time." Cheryl took the advice and started rubbing her own clit and probably trying to imagine the finger in her ass was a cock, maybe Tommy's tiny cock since it couldn't cum, but it could still feel good. "I'd tell you what happened next, but I actually do really need to pee now myself."

"Help your sister out, Cheryl. I want to hear the rest of this, and it's better than her going all over the couch." Anna couldn't believe she just said that. But she had... okay, she had her weird kinks too, and one of them was pee-play... not receiving, so much, though her neighbor did that to her, and some of the guys at the 9-Holes, and in the shop class slave-for-a-day incident she did that for one of the butch girls in the class at her master's direction, and Anna wouldn't deny being used as a human urinal had occasional appeal, sure... but what she really always wanted was the other way, someone who'd drink from her whenever she felt the need. Jerry was too much of a squeamish pussy to do that, and even though Anna now had one daughter with experience in that, wouldn't two be better?

"How?" Cheryl asked, but her sister was already pointing.

"Just suck right there and get ready to swallow."

Anna got closer and knelt down to watch... she'd been standing almost rock still since picking up the flyer, and movement revealed just how weak and unsteady her legs are, and how hot her pussy was. She was the only one in the room who hadn't done anything sexual yet, aside from squeezes of her pussy muscles, but bending down and watching her ten-year-old drink pee from her older sister, she had to, taking advantage of the distraction and her hand already between her legs in a partial crouch, one hand worked its way under her skirt and began rubbing, over her panties.

She looked over as she scratched her itch, noticed her husband noticing her, but her two girls were off in their own little world. Polly was peeing, eyes closed, mouth open, and Cheryl had the most determined look on her face while she drank it down trying not to think about her daddy's finger work, or the tongue that was again tickling her pussy. Anna thought she recognized that feeling, the one where you know that if you relax a little you'll fall entirely over the edge and lose all control.

Cheryl's resolve ran out before Polly's bladder did, but only just. Her lips broke contact and let go in a cry as her body shook with orgasmic pleasure and her lips and chin trembled while getting splattered with the last dribbles from her sister's pussy. She didn't care at that point, her face drenched in the feel, smell, and taste of female urine at the point of what may have been her first orgasm may have even locked in Cheryl for a weird kink of her own, a very helpful one from Anna's perspective. Yup, as kinks go, it definitely could be worse.

"Ahh, I really needed that," Polly said, as though she was the one who orgasmed. "Where were we?"

"You were talking about getting ass-fucked at the glory hole for charity," Anna filled in, pulling her hand away from her pussy and hoping none of them noticed. "But we still hadn't gotten to how you lost your hymen or got a load in your pussy."

"Oh, well, that was an accident, the first time," Polly explained. By this time, her little sister had regained her breath and, Anna noted with pleasure, began eagerly licking up some of the urine around Polly's now glistening pussy. "I was going to let him go in my ass, but I guess I was a bit drunk... they offered me free drinks to get the piss taste out, and I'm pretty sure the piss was alcoholic too so things were getting pretty blurry. I do remember the moment I realized I fucked up and pushed it in my pussy instead of my ass though, since it hurt. But I had a job to do and pretty soon it felt good and I had an orgasm again, and, you know what, the second one was even easier and it gave my ass a break. I probably shouldn't have done that, though."

"It's okay, Polly," Anna said with a sigh. "At this point I think we've all done things we shouldn't have."

She was content to leave it ambiguous, but her husband had to be an asshole. "Yes, your mother for example has been masturbating to this. Quite inappropriate, if you ask me."

The girls looked back at her, and Anna blushed, shot a glare at her husband, and, fumbling for an explanation, said, "I was merely scratching."

Polly didn't buy a minute of it, stared at her legs as though expecting to see pussy juice running down them, and reacted almost as though she did. "Oh, wow, cool, Mom! I knew this might turn on Dad but I totally thought you were going to blow."

"I know what it's like to be plied with alcohol. You're right, you shouldn't have had sex with them, but I assure you, we blame the men far more than you."

"Good to know. Except... that's not what I meant. I mean I shouldn't have done that because I kinda messed up the charity auction."

Anna could see where this was going, if not completely where it would end. "They were all keen on auctioning off your virginity, huh?" Now she wanted to masturbate again, but her daughters weren't distracted and she couldn't seem to do it with them watching no matter how much she wanted to.

Polly seemed cheered up by her mother guessing what had happened. "Yup. Except, by the end of the 9-Holes, only one of the girls was still a virgin. Three weren't virgins when we started, though. Those sluts."

That amused her, and she quirked a smile. "You're one to talk, dear."

"Yeah, Mom, but I did it all for charity, they just did it for their boyfriends."

She waved a hand airily in her daughter's direction, dressed like a slut and with her little sister's face dripping her own urine into her recently-fucked pussy. "Still, let's not throw stones when we're living in glass houses."

"Fine. But you know I wouldn't have done any of this if it wasn't for charity, right? I mean, I was pure and I gave that up and I'm not gonna stop having sex anytime soon so I guess I'm a slut too now, but you know at least I didn't do it for selfish reasons right?"

Whatever you need to tell yourself, Anna thought, but instead said, "Of course dear. We're not mad at you."

"Okay, I hope that stays true because... here's the part you're really not going to like." Everyone waited with bated breath for Polly's next revelation. "Since I didn't have a virginity to offer up for the big auction, I had to promise something else."

"We won't be mad. A promise is a promise, honey," her father said, wiping the finger he finally took out of his daughter's asshole. "I assure you, whatever you promised, we'll abide by." Anna shot him a look, angry at the blank check to perversity he was basically giving her. She could even make up something... it didn't seem likely with how open she'd been, but it was possible.

"Okay, so... since the other non-virgin girls were doing it, and I really wanted that iPhone, I kind of auctioned off the right to knock me up."

Cheryl said, "Oh wow."

Jerry said, "To who?"

Anna said, "On what terms?"

Though they all said it at the same time, and Polly answered her mother first. "He's going to be able to have sex with me whenever he wants until I'm at least six months pregnant, and I can't have an abortion and he gets to try again if I don't give birth. And nobody else is allowed to fuck me until then... sorry Daddy." She looked genuinely sorry, but it was probably as much for herself as for her Daddy, who still was clinging to the ridiculous fiction that he would not do anything inappropriate as long as he had his pants on. "I'm not allowed to wear panties around the house and he can stop by and fuck me anytime he wants, even in the middle of dinner. But not in school or anywhere else, just here, his house, and the Swamp if I ever go back there."

"I guess that's some consolation," Jerry said.

It got worse. "He's not going to raise the baby, either, or be on the birth certificate, I have to do that on my own, except I hope you'll help me?" Her words were leading, but her eyes were pleading, wide, terrified, brimming with tears at the possibility.

"Of course we will honey, I promised," Jerry said. "Who are we going to have to be opening our door to and watch fucking you on the dinner table, though? Do you know his name?"

"It was that Judge guy, on the TV, the one who's running for congress. He bid a thousand dollars."

"It could be worse," Jerry said, looking at his wife, who thought that was awful cheap for a preteen whore a man could use whenever he wanted and knock up. She'd been offered more for less, including a tempting offer of $1500 from a man simply to cum on the face of one of her little girls while Anna jerked him off. "Even if we have to raise his baby on our own, if we treat him well and don't give him any trouble, he might throw some opportunities our way. I'm sure a man like that will want to open a lot of doors for a family raising his son or daughter."

"That's not all of it though," Polly said. "The bids weren't going too high, so I made another promise. This one involves Cheryl?"

The little girl smiled. "Me? I get to be knocked up too?"

"No. I tried, but they wouldn't let me, said you'd be old enough for next year's gala and it wouldn't be fair to you. But the judge had another idea, he bid the thousand dollars for me, and promised an extra thousand dollars if I swore I could get you to serve his dog. He'll take it slow but if you aren't ready to take a mounting in six months on video then we're responsible for paying that back."

"Oh." Cheryl considered it and the now only dimly-remembered feeling of the orgasm that had recently rocked through her at doing the most degrading thing, and considered whether one more degrading thing was too much or a chance at more fun. "I can do that, I guess. But I'm probably going to need someone to bash the cherry out of my cunt first." She looked back to her father.

"I can use my finger, I guess," Jerry said.

The pout on her daughter's face finally broke Anna. The family was losing all their secrets anyway, and quite a few of their inhibitions. "If you want your father to fuck you, Cheryl, you just have to be alone in a room with him, take off all your clothes and ask him. And that goes for you too, Polly, the other way. Your father will not have sex with you as long as his pants are on, and he won't take them off unless you're completely naked."

"Wow. I wish you'd told us that earlier," Polly said, and then dropped another bombshell. "Maybe I'd have skipped the charity to just stay home with Dad. We'd owe so much less money that way."

"What money?" The only money they should owe is a thousand, but only if Cheryl failed to take a dog cock, and Anna had already been visualizing how to make that happen. Maybe another thousand if Polly let herself get fucked by someone other than the judge who paid for her. But they didn't owe that money yet.

"Oh, right. Ummm... remember, you promised you wouldn't be mad? See... one of the first parts of the auction? They sold off the video rights for each girl from the 9-Holes, to be destroyed or spread around as the owner saw fit. I didn't even know they were filming, and, like, I thought maybe if I bought them myself and asked for them to be destroyed you'd never know all the stuff I did. I had no idea you'd all be so cool about it. Anyway, I pledged ten thousand dollars. But we have until next year to pay, so, it's only $833 and thirty three cents a month." Polly wasn't quite as down on math as her sister, apparently. "I'm sure it's not that much if you think of it like that."

"Polly! What were you thinking?" Anna shouted, but then remembered her promise and forced herself to calm down. "We can't afford another eight hundred a month... especially on top of paying for another child!" Even with her promise, she couldn't help being mad, but was surprised at how mild the anger it was, more at the money than the bad decision. And she wasn't even sure she should be angry about the money. After all, she still planned on turning the cops onto this sick scam. At least, she was 75% sure she was going to. Things had changed, a little... not just her perverted fantasies coming true... okay, sure, that was part of it, but there was a practical concern too. If a judge running for congress was involved in this mess, who knew who else the perverts had in their pocket? Maybe people who could make any accusation go very bad for the accusers. Crooked cops who could make snitches go away, for good. She'd seen plenty of cops on the take when she worked at the Swamp, so they could be involved. Still she was 50% sure she was going to turn them in tomorrow. Though, if you're only 50-50 on something, it seemed to her that the best idea was to wait a little and see if she got less sure or more sure after letting the Judge into their home for a few days... probably less sure, but who could be sure, with that much money on the line? Though, in truth, even owing that much money to perverts... it did provide a good excuse to do things she normally wouldn't.

Her daughter cringed at her initial burst of anger but afterwards only seemed a little sorry. "Yeah I probably should have thought through selling knock-me-up rights more. But I really wanted to win that phone and I was still a little short. If it helps, you don't have to pay me an allowance."

"You still have to pay me my allowance," Cheryl said. "I think I might even be due a raise, if I'm going to be having sex with dogs."

"Not dogs," Polly clarified. "One dog. Probably."

"I'm sure we can make it work," Jerry said. "If we have to. I can pull a little more time in at work. Maybe you could go back to selling homemade pies like you did when money was tight after Cheryl was born."

"I wasn't selling pies, Jerry," she said, with a roll of her eyes, although she now believed he knew. She always thought he was a little dim before for not noticing that she never seemed to need any baking supplies and yet always came home with money for selling her pie at The Swamp... now she figured he probably knew all along that he was briefly married to a part-time stripper, part-time whore. There was a certain spark in his eyes as he made the suggestion now, so she decided to make him confront it, even if that meant exposing it for the kids. "I was prostituting myself. But I could go back to that and make the money we need before the end of the year."

Sure enough, the revelation didn't seem to provoke and dramatic surprise or outrage from her husband, merely a passive disappointment that might well have been faked. The kids, they exchanged surprised look as though each wondered if the other already knew this, but Jerry, he just said, "If that's what you think you need to do. It's a sad thing, but... it--"

She cut him off. "Don't say it, Jerry, because it is about to get worse. If I'm going to whore myself out, I'm taking Cheryl with me." The little girls, their minds freshly blown by the revelation that their Mom was once a whore, practically goggled at this new bit of news. Anna justified herself for their benefit. "Polly might be safe around you as long as her womb is promised to the judge, but you know as well as I do that the moment I'm out the door this little girl will be stripping down so she can ride on Daddy's cock." Cheryl gave a pout, but Anna went on, "No, I'll let your father take your cherry if it means that much to you, but I'm not raising two baby grandchildren at the same time, and one of them an incestuous one, and I just don't trust either of you to take the proper precautions, so I'm not leaving you alone. Besides, a lot of guys will pay extra for a little girl to watch while they fuck her mother. That was a big request back when Polly was just four. It's why I got out of the business, I was starting to consider it." Mostly got out of the business, but even the few times she'd indulged since hadn't stopped the offers. Offers that now she could indulge as well, the girls were old enough, and corrupted enough, that giving in would only be a little wrong, by her book, and that little wrong was outweighed by the extreme amount of hotness it would be to watch, participate in and profit by. Finally, something inside her broke and Anna went ahead and lifted one leg to put it up on the armrest of the couch, then brazenly rubbed her crotch through her skirt... the more she thought about this plan the more she needed to do something, and at least it was still less than anyone else in the family did. She even told herself that she needed to join the depravity or they'd think it was a bluff and lose respect for her, as she continued, basically starting to fantasize out loud.

"And who knows what else I might consider, Jerry? A lot of guys would love to see a mom their spit her lover's cum in her daughter's cunt, or skip the middle man and just point his spewing cock directly there. I might not let them fuck her, but that might be doable." A sloppy pussy might not prevent their youngest daughter from getting pregnant too, but Jerry wondering about it might prevent Cheryl from carrying her father's baby, if he was too squeamish to fuck a cum-smeared preteen pussy after they got home and Anna needed to take a nap. To Cheryl, she added, "As for a raise in your allowance, I might let you do a little extra to earn it. Probably nothing worse than letting a guy pee in your mouth after sex, or maybe drinking pee out of your mother's fucked pussy while a guy watches. Or maybe sex with dogs for an audience, if you're going to be doing that anyway, might as well make some cash from it. If we play this right we can pay off our debt in a few months and start saving up for diaper costs."

"Wow, Mom. You're really going at it!"

"Yeah," Cheryl said. "You're really rubbing your cunt hard."

"I might as well," Anna said, giving up the last vestige of dignity, pulling the skirt up, the underwear down, and spreading the lips as her fingers inserted deep and thrust in and out of her hot sloppy cunt while her daughters watched. Her sudden boldness had surprised even herself... she was no angel, but she'd spent so much of her life pretending to be one, except to a select audience. She barely even swore around her kids. Appearing, to her children at least, to be a perfect, completely respectable mother who barely even thought about sex, certainly never masturbated, and god forbid doing so in front of her kids... that had been a compulsion almost as strong as Jerry's weird quirks, and yet it seemed to be completely gone now, as though pushing through it once had destroyed it forever.

That was probably a bad thing. She'd relied on that inhibition... it helped her say no to men when otherwise she would have gone along with whatever they wished. If she could cross that line and fuck herself with her fingers, behave like a shameless whore in front of her kids, she knew that she was going to be letting guys do a lot more than what she promised Cheryl, and the little girl probably would be getting pregnant, if not by Jerry. Despite what she just said about her limits, she could totally see herself watching a total stranger empty his balls buried to the hilt in Cheryl's ten-year-old pussy without even negotiating a higher price and nothing more than the mother's glare to encourage him to tip heavily. And even that thought turned her on. The only thing more depraved than a whore was a child whore relying on her molesters for handouts. Okay, not the only thing, it could always get worse, but it at least one thing worse than she'd ever done, and now she craved experiencing that depravity, and beyond, like a new junkie wanted to try every high there was. That could go poorly for everybody, if Mom became a depravity addict who also had a hard time saying no, but right now she didn't care. "This family seems bound and determined to go to hell in a handbasket, and if you can't beat them, join them, right? But you know what, I really need to pee, and I'm not in the mood to go to the toilet. One of you girls want to help your mommy out?" To her surprise, Cheryl crawled over and knelt in front of her, already eager to demonstrate she deserved a raise in her allowance. The girl locked her lips on the right spot, and Anna let her bladder go and looked to her husband, who she knew must have a raging erection but wasn't strong enough to cross the line and overcome his baggage like she had hers. Anna felt the need to taunt him for that while she pissed in her daughter's mouth. "So, aren't you going to say it Jerry? Or do you finally agree that this family can't sink any lower, now that we're going to have to spend the next six months inviting a pedophile into our house and watching him try to fill her cunt with enough sperm to knock her up, and training our youngest to be a piss-drinking mutt slut, keeping it all on video, and me and Cheryl turning to prostitution to pay for your daughter's charity pledge and the obstetrician fees?"

Jerry stood up revealing his pants had a noticeable damp spot at the crest of his bulge, not hiding it and yet not able to truly reveal it, either, still held back from his evident desires while there were clothed people in the room. Pity for him, she thought, and decided that, tonight at least, she wouldn't let him fuck one of his daughters like he clearly wanted, a minor cruelty she could employ simply by keeping her clothes mostly on, a payback for all the 'Could Be Worses' of their relationship. It would be fun to watch him gape longingly at his wife and daughters getting raunchy without being able to do anything but suffer, at least until he reverted to pattern and slinked away to the bathroom where he could finally masturbate. Still, there was one good thing about Jerry, occasionally he did make her laugh, and his response did just that, when he simply walked over and collected the charity flyer from Anna. "Hey, it could be worse." He shoved the paper in her face, pointed to the line in fine print at the bottom:

All proceeds to be donated to the NRA

He pointed out, "The pedophile trying to knock up our daughter could be one of those perverted, immoral Democrats."

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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