Danaume Rook was inspired enough by my story The Gauntlet that she wrote one set in the same universe, with a few overlapping characters but focusing on a new, younger, girl.
Story codes are: M+g, slight mb, Fg, M+F, mult, oral, anal, 1st, interr, gang, group, humil

The Gauntlet: Karen’s Tale

By: Danaume Rook

Karen hated her babysitter, that was all there was to it, she hated him. She hadn’t felt that way at first, when her mother Deborah had first introduced him. He was a high school student, handsome and suave, and clearly smart. Karen had, in fact, fostered a bit of a crush for the guy at first, but that ended by his second time caring for her and her two siblings.

It didn’t help that her mother went on business functions at least two or three nights a week, coming home for a few hours to start dinner, and then left, not coming home until nearly morning the next day. Deborah worked for a legal office, and sometimes caseloads would back up, or there would be a lot that would need to be assembled in a hurry just before a court date the next day, leading to last minute rushes. Karen suspected that some of the business functions were at bars though, as her mother often came home disheveled and stumbling about like drunk people on television shows often did.

Karen never had a reason to think it was strange though, as her mother had gone on these trips for as long as she could remember. Karen had endured a myriad of babysitters growing up. It stopped for almost a year after Donald was born, and then for another year after Amy’s birth, but the rest of the time, she always had work functions to go to.

Karen was the oldest of the three children at the age of nine, with her brother Donald being seven, and her sister Amy being five. The three were quite a pair, as Karen’s hair was dark black and kinky, and her skin the color of rich milk chocolate, whereas Donald had a Latin air about him, with dark brown hair and a rich tan, and Amy looked distinctly Asian, with glossy, straight black hair and almond hued skin. All were a contrast from their almost porcelain pale skinned mother, with her curly red hair, though all the children shared their mother’s sparkling green eyes.

Amy was cautious and quiet, always learning from her older siblings’ mistakes. Donald was laid back and mellow, the kind of boy who just went with the flow no matter what was happening. And Karen herself was curious and adventurous, and usually the first one to get into trouble.

All three kids knew that they were different from each other. Their mother never spoke of their father, but Karen was old enough to know that all three kids had to come from a different man. She tried to bring it up one night, as she had never seen her mother bring home a date, but all Deborah did in response was to take a mischievous grin and replied that she should just be glad she wasn’t born with a dog’s ears and tail. The conversation had left Karen deeply unsatisfied.

Being unsatisfied was a big part of why she hated her babysitter as well. She was at the age where boys… and particularly men, were both mysterious and yet also very appealing to her. The babysitter didn’t notice, or even care. He ignored her and Amy, and spent all his time with Donald, watching guy movies, playing video games, and hanging out in Donald’s room.

Karen had to take care of Amy and make sure the younger girl got fed and put to bed on time, and Karen had to do all the chores. She hated it, and she hated the babysitter for it. A combination of being very put out, and also being ignored had turned her crush into something far darker.

Karen missed their old babysitter, Rachel, who had watched them for almost a year before family problems had whittled down her availability, until eventually she was no longer available at all. Then there had been a ditzy cheerleader named Susan, who was nice enough, but always wanted to practice kissing with Karen. She had always found it weird, but she liked the attention, and she had gotten to be a pretty good kisser. This new guy though… he was just a problem.

And so Karen had concocted a plan to deal with things. If she couldn’t stand to stay at home, she would go with her mother to work and hang out there. Sure, it would be adults being boring, but it was still likely better than playing cinderella for the babysitter. She made sure in advance that she had made up sandwiches for her sister Amy to eat, and then after her mother had given her hugs and kisses, and while she was gathering up her things, Karen snuck out to the SUV and crawled in the back, hiding under a blanket.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

The first several hours in the back of the SUV were very boring for Karen, as her mother ran errand after errand, picking up dry cleaning, shopping for office supplies, and even doing a little clothes shopping at the mall. Each purchase made the space Karen could hide in shrink a bit, but she was quick enough that she didn’t get discovered, wedging herself half under the back seat. She never felt comfortable getting out of the car, as without knowing how long her mother would be gone, and not having keys of her own, it would be too easy to get left behind, and she could only get back into the car when her mother was close enough for the key fob to unlock it automatically.

Things changed as the sun started to go down though, her mother switched from doing chores to picking up a couple other women. Karen was pretty sure neither of them worked with her mother, as their gossip was more about men and sex than work.

Deborah drove the SUV to an abandoned industrial park and picked a spot on the street to park, and then the women just sat in the car and continued to gossip. Karen quickly picked up that this wasn’t a work function, it was some kind of party or club. She didn’t pay too much attention however, as she was getting cramped from laying still and curled up in a tight space in the back, and she had to pee badly.

The women finally got out of the car and started walking towards an alleyway between two warehouses. Karen figured that this was the last stop of the night, and well past her bedtime, she probably would have fallen asleep in the SUV if not for her cramped posture and full bladder keeping her awake. She waited until the women were far enough away that she could open the back of the SUV and creep out.

Trying to stand made her bladder protest like a punch in the guts, so she went to the opposite side of the SUV from the alleyway the women had gone down with her mother, pulled down her pants and panties and squatted, blushing furiously as she relieved herself on the street between the car and the curb, in full view of anyone who came from either side. She bit her lip, watching to either side as she pissed.

She was feeling a lot better by the time she finished, but as she didn’t have any toilet paper, she had to make due with pulling off her panties and using them to wipe herself, tucking them onto the tire in the wheelwell for safe keeping before pulling her pants back on.

She was wearing black stretch pants, essentially just very thick tights, and she blushed as they hugged her privates a bit more tightly than she would have wanted. She left her t-shirt untucked and tried to pull it down over her ass and crotch as best she could to preserve a bit of modesty.

By the time she was done and peeked over the hood of the car, she saw that the line of women that had formed in the alley were filing into a stairwell that went down below street level. Clearly whatever club or party they were going to had opened.

Karen considered waiting by the car, but when she saw several of the women were little more than teenagers, she decided that she would try to get in and see what was going on. She stepped out from behind the car and ran to catch up to the back of the line, hurrying down the stairs and past a lit wall sign, through a big metal fire door.

As the last one through the door, Karen was surprised to find not a party, but an nondescript concrete room, well lit and lacking in furniture, with nothing in it but the women who had been in the line and a closed door at the other end.

The door behind her closed firmly with an audible clap that made Karen jump and give a squeak of surprise as it hit her in the ass and pushed her the rest of the way into the room. A few women turned to look at her as she made the noise. A few giggled at her and one teenage girl whistled before saying, “Fresh meat!” Then one of them gasped out, “Karen?”

Karen looked up towards the speaker, not knowing who to expect as she scanned the room for the source of her name. There were six other women in the room, and other than Karen herself, the speaker was the youngest present. Her jaw dropped as she saw her former babysitter Rachel standing with her hands on her hips, her posture helping to support a very pregnant belly that was openly exposed under clothing that wasn’t just risque, it was down-right slutty. She blinked and asked in confusion, “R… Rachel?”

“Karen!” that was her mother, sounding shocked and angry, “Karen, how in the hell did you get here?”

Karen blushed deeply and swallowed before timidly replying, “I hid in the back of the car.”

Her mother paled and shook her head, “You can’t be here…”

The girl who had marked Karen as fresh meat asked, “Geeze, you sound like her mom.”

Rachel laughed and poked the older teen girl, “She is her mother. I used to babysit for them before Mom and I started coming here together.”

The teen said, “Oh… I don’t see the family resemblance.” which just made the older women and Rachel laugh and shake their heads.

Deborah didn’t laugh though, and neither did Karen. Her mother stepped over and tried the door, just in time to hear a loud metallic clank as the door was shuttered and locked from the other side. “Karen, you can’t be here… you’re too young…”

A blonde woman who looked a lot like an older version of Rachel sighed and moved to place her hand on Deborah’s shoulder, “Take it from a mother who knows… you are the only one in this building who is going to think she is too young. There’s only one way out, and you know what you lose by telling her.”

Deborah sighed, and Karen could see the look of sour understanding in the older woman’s face, “I know… I know… but… She isn’t even ten yet.”

The boisterous teen asked, “Is that a new Gauntlet record?”

Karen was starting to get very worried by the look on her mother’s face, listening to people talking about things without explaining anything. It was Rachel who finally helped out, moving to Karen and turning her to face a wall with a poster on it, which Rachel read aloud for Karen as the girl read it for herself.

‘By entering the Gauntlet, you have given up your right to consent. You agree that your body may be sexually used by anyone who can lay their hands on you, in any way they see fit, in any hole for as long as they desire. You must follow all commands of anyone who holds you. Your only right is the right to walk forward towards the end when not being held.’ Dozens of other rules were listed in smaller print, but none of them were as pointed as the bold text that Rachel read to her.

“W… wait… sexually?” Karen asked.

Her mother sighed, “I’m so sorry baby… I can’t stop it now, you don’t have a choice but to go through and hope they take it easy on you. But why… why aren’t you home with Anderson and your brother and sister?”

Karen felt tears welling in her eyes as she turned to her mother, fear and anger in her voice as she blurted out, “Because I couldn’t sit around for another night, listening to those two have sex!”

Deborah blinked and asked in shocked surprise, “Anderson’s fucking Amy?”

Karen blushed at hearing her mother use the vulgar word, but frowned and shook her head, “No, Donald! Every time you leave, they go into his bedroom and Anderson puts his thing up Donald’s butt!”

“Donald never said anything about it…” her mother said in a quiet and shocked voice.

Karen put her fists on her hips and glowered at her mother, “That’s cause he likes it!”

Rachel barely choked back a laugh before asking Deborah, “What… you never figured it out with all the bodybuilding magazines he gets? I used to catch him in the bathroom rubbing himself while reading them before.”

“Donnie’s gay…” her mother said softly, clearly completely overwhelmed.

Rachel turned back to Karen, “Look, this place is a place for women to go to get used like fuck toys. All you have to do is walk from one corner safe zone to another, slowly and steadily. Remember, walk, don’t run, if you run, they will chase you. Just walk and hope they aren’t interested in you. If someone grabs you, don’t fight them, just let them do whatever it is they want, and then go back to walking when they let you go, okay?”

Karen swallowed and nodded slowly, “Okay. Are… are they going to hurt me?”

Rachel shrugged, “Usually… no. But you’re pretty small, so some of the things they do might hurt at first.”

Karen frowned again and then asked, “Why would you come to a place like this, Mom?”

Her mother just looked at her and blushed, giving a shrug without answering her question, and then sighed and said, “At least Roscoe won’t be interested in her, she hasn’t even had her first period yet…”

Then Rachel’s mother said softly, “Roscoe won’t be there today, Deborah, it’s the fifth Tuesday of the month, remember?”

That just made Deborah wince and groan, so Karen asked Rachel, “What happens on the fifth Tuesday of the month?”

Rachel smiled a little, opening her mouth to answer, only to be cut off by the sound of a loud gong chiming as the door slid up into the ceiling, letting white dry-ice smoke flow into the room all the women were in. Rachel sighed, “It’s time, good luck kid.”

The first hallway of the Gauntlet opened up in front of the women, and gave Karen her first view of what the night had in store for her. She couldn’t see the floor, as it was coated in a thick layer of roiling fog, but when she nervously stepped out onto it, it felt like a padded gymnasium floor beneath her sneakers, having just enough give that one wouldn’t get hurt if they fell down. The main path was like a funnel, starting out rather broad and then growing more narrow, until at the end it was just barely wide enough for two adult women to walk side by side. It was well lit by spotlights up high in an otherwise dark ceiling.

There were two floors, the top area full of shadowy forms leaning over to watch, like a catwalk or balcony for an audience. The bottom area was neatly shadowed pitch black past the pathway, and partitioned off by shiny brass bars set no wider than six inches apart. This left plenty of room for the people hidden in those shadows to reach through, and Karen watched in a bit of horror as they started to grab the women who went out ahead of her, their hands molesting the women and tugging off their clothing.

Her mouth was dry, but she tried to swallow anyways, lingering back near the entrance until Rachel gave her a soft push from behind, whispering, “They are just going to take off your clothes and feel you up a bit. Relax.”

Karen swallowed again, and took a nervous step forwards into the hallway, and then let out a surprised yelp as a beefy hand grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the side. Relaxing was the last thing on her mind, despite Rachel’s advice. More hands reached out and grabbed for her pants and shirt, pawing at her body beneath the already rather form fitting clothing. She kicked her feet and clutched at her clothes with her hands, trying to prevent them from removing what little she had to shield her from what was coming.

She could hear Rachel and her mother both telling her to relax and let it happen, not to fight, as she would only be hurt if she fought, but this went against every instinct in her mind. She shouted and kicked and fought back the best she could.

Stronger and stronger hands reached for her, taking her up on the challenge she offered, and Karen cried out as she heard the sounds of ripping seams and rending fabric as her t-shirt and stretch pants were torn away from her young body in jerks and sharp tugs. Her shoes and socks were removed by deft hands, but she was so focused on the rest that she barely noticed.

Images burned into her mind as she was jerked about and stripped, the sight of her mother’s pale, freckled body as the woman was stripped naked, as hairless as Karen was from the neck down. Rachel’s young pregnant belly being caressed and rubbed as the former babysitter was eased out of her skimpy clothes and openly molested. Everywhere she looked there were clutching and molesting hands and naked female flesh.

Her clothing was made for comfort and style, not durability, and it didn’t take long before they fully gave way, exposing her rich milk-chocolate skin to the strong spotlights bathing the pathway in illumination and providing anonymity to the people molesting her. Pinching fingers tugged and twisted at her dusky nipples, making her groan and give little cries, forcing the puffy disks to stiffen with a mix of fear, chill, and something darker and more primal that Karen couldn’t give words too.

Her tight, boyish rump was slapped and squeezed by inquisitive hands, and she felt more than a few fingers slide into the cleft of her ass to push against her tightly clenched anus, and tickle at her barely pubescent pussy from behind, making her gasp and squirm. And then the hands were just… gone. She was dropped to her bare feet in the room, naked and panting for breath, and looking wide eyed around her.

Most the women were already to the corner, which was a raised section of red floor, exposed from the fog. Her mother and Rachel stood waiting there. The rest of the women were moving towards that red platform. Karen vaguely remembered Rachel mentioning that it was safe in the corners.

She staggered down the hallway, towards the corner region, and finally stepped up onto it, surprised that all the other women were standing there waiting for her. Her mother hugged her tight and she found herself both disturbed and comforted by being pulled into the naked woman’s bust.

Rachel stroked Karen’s back and sighed, “I told you not to fight. They give it all back at the end of the Gauntlet, but if you fight they tear things off, and what’s torn gets thrown away.”

“Thrown away?” Karen shuddered and realized that her shirt and pants had both been ripped away. That meant that she would only get her socks and shoes back at the end of the night. “But…”

The boisterous and by now irritating teenager giggled and said, “Face it, girl, you’re walking home naked tonight.”

She looked down the newly exposed hallway, noticing that instead of bars, there was a smooth, matte black wall to either side, but the balconies were more exposed, and she could see numerous men… naked bodies visible from the waist down thanks to the light. Their hands stroked at their erections slowly.

“What are they doing?” Karen asked nervously.

Rachel’s mother stated, “Those are the wankers. They get off on cumming on a girl.”

Rachel then chimed in, “It’s super easy, you just have to walk slowly from one end to the other and they will try to shoot their cum onto you. It’s kinda boring, honestly.”

Deborah took Karen’s hand and said softly, “It’s okay, just follow me.” before starting to step off the raised area and into the fog obscured floor of the next hallway.

Karen tried to just look straight ahead towards the next red raised platform, but inexperience and childish curiosity kept drawing her eyes up towards the men, who started furiously pumping at their erections whenever a girl was close. One by one they started to cum, letting out pulsing bursts of white cream that sparkled in the bright lights as it fell.

Rachel’s pregnant belly and slower pace meant that she caught a lot of the loads, but most of the women managed to get through with little more than a few sticky drops on their shoulders and in their hair. Karen, herself, was essentially spared, with her mother right beside her, shielding half of her body from view.

Karen looked down the next hall, which turned in the opposite direction from the first, creating a zig-zag pattern through whatever space the Gauntlet was contained within. The path was narrower than the first two, just a little wider than would be required for two women to walk side by side. It was hedged in by four foot tall walls on either side, above which were bars like in the first hallway, closing off the path from any means of escape, and above that was the ever present spectator’s balcony.

There were holes set in the wall on either side, however, right about waist height, and each about the size of a pie plate. The holes were about two feet apart from each other, and it didn’t take long for Karen to figure out their purpose, as naked male erections pressed through them, bobbing, thrusting and otherwise making shows of themselves. She shuddered at the sight, but couldn’t tear her eyes away.

She heard her mother, Deborah, say softly, “Glory Hole Hall… Just… just do what we do… it will be okay, I promise…”

She watched as her mother and several other women started down the hallway, and eventually each was grabbed by a set of hands that reached through the bars, pulling their heads to those exposed manhoods.

Before she could watch what they did with them, however, the bitch mouthy teen pushed past Karen, bumping the smaller girl off the platform and into eagerly waiting arms. She heard the girl giggle out, “Oopsie…”

Karen’s mouth opened to complain, but any words she intended to say were pushed back down her throat as she was pulled onto an erection with no real ceremony. It was musky, hot and smooth, and nothing like she ever thought a guy’s dick might be, and it was impatient enough to hit the back of her throat and push past even that, making the girl’s eyes bulge a bit as she felt the thick cock slide down her slender throat.

Two hands gripped Karen’s hair, pulling her forwards and backwards, as the man using her literally fucked her young face, her lips stretched obscenely wide around the adult organ as she was used. Other hands reached for her own, pulling them from the wall where she tried to brace herself to slow the assault, and bringing them to the cocks waiting on either side of the first.

The hallway proved to be a game of leapfrog, as women would get a few steps past some other kneeling woman, only to be drawn to the next hole. Karen tried to see how they handled their tasks, but the tears that welled in her eyes each time the cock spearing through her throat triggered her gag reflex blinded her to details. She did notice that slowly, ever so slowly, they were getting farther down the hallway and leaving her behind.

It felt like forever before the man finally finished, pulling her so hard against the wall that her forehead made a soft thump as it hit. She could feel him releasing himself into her stomach, and then he just pulled out, leaving her gasping for breath and feeling groggy.

She barely caught her breath before she was pulled to one of the dicks that had been in her hand, actually drawing her back a step towards the previous safe corner. This one was less… brutal in his actions, and Karen realized that she had to work herself to get him off, understanding that until he came, she would be stuck on her knees in front of him.

She blinked the tears from her eyes and tried to look down the path, but the other women were already half way down the long hallway, and it was hard to see what they were doing, save bobbing their heads and licking. So Karen emulated that, being the willing participant in trying to get the man off as she bobbed and sucked.

Uncertainty gripped her, she hated not knowing if she was doing something right, even something she didn’t want to do. Her mother drilled into her head all her life that she should never do something half assed, or she would just have to do it again. So she looked up into the shadows towards the bars above her, trying to see the face of the man who’s dick she was bobbing on.

He leaned forward and grinned, giving her a partial look at his features. The man had a Latin look about him, tanned and somehow inherently greasy in that slick and suave way, as opposed to a filthy unwashed way. He smiled down at her and she blinked, unable to smile back with his dick filling her mouth. She didn’t know if it was racist or not, but she really thought that he looked a lot like her brother Donald.

He whispered advice to her, to suckle, to lick, and to twist her head as she went, teaching her how to blow him the way he wanted to. She did her best to comply, and after what felt like forever, he finally pulled her head back and shot load after load onto her face.

Her education didn’t end with him, however, as she turned to move she was grabbed by a third set of hands and drawn to the cock that had been in her hands earlier. By this point most of the other women had already made it to the far corner, and were cheering her on and calling out their own advice.

She sucked on this new cock until he came, thankfully deep in her throat again, sparing her the mess of the second. Then she moved to the next cock. She never got more than a step or two between grabs, and sometimes was pulled backwards down the path, making things take even longer. She ended up with her head thrust into each station at least once, and a few times twice at the same hole.

She sucked white cocks, black cocks, and every shade in between, and found herself amazed by the variety. Some were long and thin, others thick and short, a few short and skinny and one that was long and thick. Some were covered in thick pulsing veins, others were smooth or oddly curved. Some were uncircumcised, but most were cut. Some had pale pink glands, some had purple or even heads as black as pitch, and one even had a ring in the end of his cock that scratched at her throat and clicked against her teeth.

She sucked all of them, one at a time, hearing advice from the men, from the cheering women, and slowly from her own mind as she started to learn. It was quite an education, and one that left her positively plastered in cum by the time she finally staggered to her hands and knees on the safe platform. Her throat was raw, her tongue felt rubbery, and her lips were somewhat overstretched, leaving them feeling chapped.

Rachel and her mother helped Karen to her feet.

Deborah did her best to wipe the cum away from her eyes, whispering, “Mommy’s so proud of you… it’s almost over… it’s going to be okay…”

Rachel said, “Yeah, most likely you just have to get through this next hall and you will be in the clear. But this next one’s going to be hard on you. It’s a free-for-all, and anyone in there can use you however you want. They are almost certainly going to fuck you.”

Karen worked to catch her breath, and finally asked the question that had wormed into her mind in the Glory Hole Hall, “H… how long… have you been coming here, Mom?”

Deborah blushed and said softly, “I started coming here when I was seventeen… a boyfriend tricked me into it so that he could become a member… and I’ve kept coming back ever since.”

Karen did the math in her head, her mother was twenty-eight, and had had her when she was just nineteen… two years after starting to go to the gauntlet. She swallowed and asked nervously, “My dad?”

Her mother frowned sadly and shrugged, “I don’t know who he is… but… I’ve never had sex with anyone outside the Gauntlet, Karen.”

She blinked in surprise at that and looked back at the hallway she had just escaped, thinking of the black cocks she had sucked to get to the safe zone, realizing that any of them could have been her father without even knowing it. She then peered down the next hallway, less a hall than a room, with pillars set at alternating intervals down its length to support the balcony.

Karen could see men and women lounging in the dim sides of the room, wearing nothing but masks, some ornate like mardi gras masks or feathered hoods, but most simple domino masks that just covered the eyes and the top of the nose. It was like some very perverse rendition of a fancy dress party in one of those Masterpiece shows about Victorian Britain.

Karen suddenly put together what her mother had said. These were people from her town, or at least near enough to drive here. And she hadn’t seen a single face save for the man who looked like her brother. They could be anyone, but she… her mother… and the other girls… they were all completely naked and exposed. Anyone here would recognize her on the street. A sense of stage fright mixed with the cum in her belly, twisting her stomach into knots. she had never felt so horribly exposed.

Deborah put her hands on Karen’s shoulders and said softly, “Just do what they make you do… it’s okay… it… it only hurts the first time. Try to think about the parts that feel good… sex really is fun, honest.”

That made Rachel giggle and snort out, “This isn’t sex… this isn’t even fucking. This is being used. That’s what’s so hot about it. They aren’t fucking you, they are just using your body to mastrbate like some living blow-up doll.”

Rachel’s mother slapped the pregnant teen on the shoulder for that, and said reproachfully, “Young lady, mind your manners, I’m sure the girl is scared enough already.”

The boisterous and noisy teen groaned and said, “Come on! Stop stalling!” and then stepped off the platform boldly, “This is the best part!” She didn’t get far before she was grabbed and pulled off to the side.

A couple other women stepped off the platform and walked into the waiting crowd before Karen finally decided she would just get it over with. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and stepped off the platform and started walking towards the far safety zone.

She made it a third of the way before a pair of hands grabbed her arm. She was pulled against a naked white man’s grip, who pulled her down atop him and then shifted her above him until his cock was nestled up against her virgin folds. She bit her lip in fear, but she didn’t fight back, blushing deeply as he pulled down on her hips and took her cherry.

She heard him groan out, “Oh fuck yes…” but before she could look down at him, a fresh erection was pushed into her face fast enough to slap her cheek, and she found herself opening her mouth for it and taking it in as if by reflex.

The two men bounced her between them, with the man beneath her thrusting up at her nascent pussy and driving her forward until she gagged on the cock in her mouth, only to be pulled back by gravity and the second man’s forward thrust. They found a rhythm, and slowly her body adapted to it.

She felt searing pain from her pussy and aching raw pain from her throat, but she tried to do what her mother told her to, to focus on what felt good. It seemed impossible, but the longer they bounced her between them, the more it became clear that behind the pain was a sliver of pleasure, and it was growing with every jarring thrust.

She was almost moaning around the cock in her mouth when the rhythm was thrown off by a third cock being added to the mix, this one poking at her rump and sliding around as she was bounced and shifted, leaving wet, slimy trails before it found her anus. Her eyes snapped open wide as he thrust into her ass, making her cry out with the fresh pain it introduced as he sunk into her body.

She was humiliated, she was sore, she was feeling horribly abused, but even through all that, she could still feel that pleasure, and as she trembled with a cock in each hole, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She felt like she had stuck her finger in a power socket as her body jerked and twisted out of her control, and she felt a surge of fluid gush from her stretched taut pussy as though she had wet herself. Her eyes rolled back and she came, but nothing like the faint pleasant tingles she had found with her own fingers in her own bed, safe and sound. This was something different, something that left her mind numb and her body feeling more alive than she could ever remember.

It was like Rachel said, this wasn’t about her. She was a sweet, innocent child. This was about them. They were horny adults in need of release, and they were going to get it. She was just a receptacle to take it all in. A cum dumpster… she had heard the boys use that word on the school bus as an insult, but suddenly it made sense to her. While she was in the Gauntlet, that’s what she was, a cum dumpster to be filled and tossed aside. It was both horribly depressing, and yet somehow incredibly liberating at the same time.

The man in her pussy came first, groaning out something about how tight she was, and then the guy in her ass followed shortly afterwards. They slid from behind and beneath her as the man in front of her kept thrusting down her throat. She felt fresh hands on her hips lifting her up and a new cock drove into her pussy from behind.

When the man in front of her finished plastering her face with his cum, the man holding her hips shifted her and pushed her forward into a woman’s crotch, and she didn’t hesitate, not even looking to see who’s slit she was kissing. The long sessions with her former babysitter Susan had long ago taught her how to kiss a girl, and her tongue remembered the dance, and soon she had the woman in front of her writhing in ecstasy.

When Karen was allowed up for air, she noticed that different people were getting different treatment. Her mother was riding some massive black man while kissing the ass of a woman wearing a flowing feather mask and hood. Rachel was on all fours with her pregnant belly swaying beneath her as her ass was fucked hard, gasping out begging chants for someone to fuck her pussy, pleas which were apparently being ignored. As for the boisterous blonde, she was being passed around like a bag of candy where everyone wanted a piece, and looked soggy, bruised and fucked half senseless from it.

Karen, herself, wasn’t in much better shape. As soon as someone finished, someone else was there and ready to replace them. She had forgotten about the Gauntlet, about the male babysitter at home who had caused her to sneak into the car… she had forgotten everything except the sensation of being fucked. Her pussy, her mouth, her ass… they were all just holes needing to be plugged and filled. She lost count of the number of men who used her, and the number of women who rode her tongue or fingered her holes. It wasn’t until she saw Rachel crawling across the room on her hands and knees that Karen even remembered that there was a goal to escape.

Escape wasn’t really an option for Karen any longer. She was never completely free, never able to step further into the room towards that safe haven. As soon as someone left, someone new was there. So instead she had to wait out the storm as everyone had their turn, and more than  a few had seconds, just like in the previous hall.

It wasn’t until they were all spent and laying around panting that Karen had time enough to catch her breath and start on unsteady legs towards the end of the hall, stepping past sweaty naked bodies and flagging, spent erections as she stumbled towards the finish.

All the women stood waiting for her, and as soon as she stepped onto the platform, her mother pulled her into a hug, whispering contradictory apologies for being unable to save her, and words of praise about how proud she was of her daughter.

Her throat was even more raw than before, and her ass and pussy throbbed with heat and pain both. She had lost track of how many times she had climaxed from the treatment, and of how many people had climaxed in or on her that night. All she knew was that it was almost over. She was almost through. She lifted her hands to rub her face clean and looked down the last leg of the Gauntlet.

It wasn’t really a hallway at all, instead there was a plastic barrier with a door and a shelf standing just a few feet from the safe area. On the shelf was a fishbowl with six keys in it. She swallowed and asked, “What’s next?”

Her mother said simply, “It’s Tattoo Tuesday… we all pick a key, and whoever's key turns the lock… that girl gets a tattoo picked by the crowd in the balcony.”

“A tattoo? Like… a real one?” Karen asked nervously.

Her mother nodded.

She looked at the women around her, none of which seemed to have tattoos, and said, “But… none of you…”

Deborah replied, “This is only the second Tattoo Tuesday I have attended… I usually skip them, but I forgot that it was the fifth Tuesday of the month this time.”

Rachel then said, “Most girls only go to one or two Tattoo Tuesdays, or stop after they get their first tattoo…”

The boisterous teen cut in with, “Or they never get lucky, this is my eighth time, and I want to get lucky damnit!” She then reached into the bowl and said, “Everyone draw your keys already and lets do this!”

Karen watched each woman draw a key, and then took the last one in the bowl. Her mother then pushed her towards the door, saying, “You should go first…”

But before she could, the bitchy teen jabbed her own key at the lock, sliding it in and trying to twist it, jerking it several times before pulling it back out and groaning, “Damnit! Not again!”

Karen watched the girl throw her key back into the bowl, and then she looked down at her own key. One of the six was the one that would open the door, and if the blonde didn’t have it… that left one in five. Her hand shook as she slid her key into the lock, seeming to grow more calm and composed with every click the key made as it slid in. Somehow, she wasn’t surprised when she turned the knob and the door opened for her, exposing the rest of the hallway.

The people in the balcony cheered, and her mother cursed.

A man wearing pale green nurse scrubs and a surgeon’s mask stood waiting with a tattoo rig and a padded bench. He motioned Karen to the bench without apparent emotion. His arms were covered in tattoos, as was what she could see of his face. There was little doubt that even without the mask, she would recognize him in public.

She found herself walking towards the bench with wooden, detached steps, and she stretched out atop it how the man directed her.

The other women passed through the door, and the blonde teen stomped for the exit at the far end of the hall, not waiting, but the rest stayed, her mother, Rachel and Rachel’s mother remaining, as well as the two women that her mother had driven to the Gauntlet.

The crowd really did get to vote, she found, There was a board with the picture of a woman from the front and a woman from the back, with little lights for locations to tattoo, and a board above it that had a reference number. As the votes were digitally tallied up, the reference number lit, as did the light just over the image of the woman’s crotch from the front.

The man dug into a binder and found the corresponding page for the number, pulling it out and clipping it to a board. He then had Karen lay back and spread her legs for him before cleaning her pussy and mons with an antiseptic, he then went to work with his tattoo gun.

Getting a tattoo hurt, Karen quickly discovered, but not as much as losing her cherry or getting throat fucked by a dozen guys. She winced and gave little gasps on occasion, but mostly managed to endure it.

The man finished the work, and then washed the area again before putting a gel over the end result, telling her that it was to protect the ink. He then put a clear bandage over the top, keeping the tattoo safe but still letting anyone see what it was. The crowd above went wild.

Karen looked down at herself, and her new, permanent souvenir of the Gauntlet. Bold black letters that read ‘FUCK TOY’ above an arrow pointing down towards her slit. It pretty much perfectly summed up her night.

She was helped to her feet and handed a piece of paper detailing how to care for the tattoo, and then her mother took her hand and led her out of the Gauntlet through the exit. She found herself in a fog as her mother and the other women dressed in the clothes they came in.

Karen found her socks and her sneakers, and pulled those on, but there wasn’t anything else. She would have to leave in just her shoes, socks and tattoo. Her mother hugged her again and once more whispered that confusing mix of apologies and compliments.

It was almost three in the morning when they exited on the opposite side of the warehouse, climbing up a set of steps and walking through the chill night air towards the SUV. She was naked and exposed to the world, but no one was watching, and somehow that made it feel… worse… to her than it did in the Gauntlet.

She retrieved her soiled panties from the wheelwell of the car and pulled them on, after everything that had happened that night, a little dried pee was really not important anymore. She stretched out on the rear bench seat in the back of the SUV as her mother drove to drop off the other two women. Somewhere along the line she fell asleep.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Karen woke up in her own bed, naked save for the bandage over the tattoo that proved that the night before hadn’t been a dream. She groaned and glanced at the clock, seeing that it was already mid afternoon. She still felt tired, sore, and worn out.

She got out of bed and looked at herself in the full length mirror on the back of her door. Her smooth milk chocolate skin was still stained in places with dried cum and felt sticky with her sweat. Her pussy looked inflamed, but uninjured, and she was thankful that it wasn’t just a gaping hole, feeling her asshole to make sure that it was likewise recovered. The only lasting mark of her experience was the tattoo that she stared at.

“Crap…” she muttered, “...how am I going to hide that in the showers in gym class?”

She pulled on her robe and headed for the bathroom, taking a shower and doing her best to get her body back to normal. She then dressed and went in search of something to eat.

She found that her mother had taken the day off of work, and that she was grounded for the next month for her ‘little stunt’. She didn’t even try to fight it, though in the back of her mind she wondered if the Gauntlet hadn’t been enough of a punishment. Her mother then informed her that she had found a new babysitter, and had talked to Donald about having sex and being gay.

It was summer, so being grounded sucked, especially for a full month, as that was just over a third of the vacation time she had from school. She endured it the best she could, spending most her days bored. Her tattoo healed nicely though, and she found that it was small enough that it would hide under a pair of jeans if she showed off her belly, but if she wore a two piece swimsuit, it exposed the bold black letters reading ‘FUCK’ at the top of the design.

She noticed that her mother didn’t have any late night meetings during the first half of the month she was grounded, but eventually she started going, and Karen caught her mother’s blush whenever she looked at her while explaining that she was going out on business. Other than the blush and the grounding, it was as if her mother was trying to ignore the whole thing, and her siblings were still completely in the dark about things.

When the month was finally over and her grounding finished, Karen knew what the first thing she wanted to do was. She listened at dinner as her mother declared that she would be going on a business meeting again, and when her mother started to leave, Karen stood and followed along.

Her mother stopped her at the door and asked, “Where do you think you are going, Karen?”

Karen shrugged and blushed, saying sheepishly, “With you…”

“What?!” her mother blurted out in a near shouted whisper, “You can’t…”

Karen fidgeted with the hem of her skirt, “But I already went once… I can handle it.”

Deborah frowned, “That isn’t the point, young lady. And besides, it’s Wednesday.”

Karen blinked and asked, “What does that have to do with anything.”

Her mother leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Watersports Wednesday, they will pee on you and make you drink it.”

Karen blushed and gave a little giggle, “So? Susan used to do that all the time when she was teaching me how to French kiss girls.”

Deborah took her own turn to blink in confusion, standing upright and looking down at her daughter, “W… what? Dear lord, what is wrong with this town… fine, come on, we don’t want to be late.”


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