This is the fourth story I've written in tribute to and in the style of one of my favorite erotic authors, Phil Phantom. I always enjoy hearing from Phans about how they think I did.

The Gauntlet by AnonyMPC (M+f, Ff, M+F, mult, oral, anal, inc, beast, gang, group, humil)

Rachel Lange knew her mother was cheating on her father. You’d have to be blind to miss it. It seemed her father was just that. She couldn’t understand how he’d let her go out on a supposed ‘Girls Night’ every Friday night with their neighbor Kelly, and her sister Lucy, Rachel’s Aunt, who lived across the street, especially not dressed in a tight micro-miniskirt and a top that showed far too much of her cleavage.

Ever the trusting daughter, Rachel had bought the ‘Girls Night Out’ excuse for a few weeks, but it was getting harder to deny the plain truth… her mother was going out and getting fucked by other men, while her father watched TV at home alone. She had to be. How else would you explain why, when she stumbled in at two in the morning, her clothes were askew, her hair was messy, and she had no panties?

Rachel had seen that accidentally. She was home late from a date of her own, way past curfew for a fourteen-year-old, even for a Friday night, but Mom was out, and Dad always went to sleep at ten, so she usually got away with being home after her midnight deadline so long as she was quiet. This time, she’d gone to a party with her older boyfriend, and he wouldn’t take her home until they had sex. They’d done it before, but she wasn’t in the mood, so she’d stalled, hoping to make him break and give up. He didn’t, and she finally gave in rather than not come home at all. She reached the house so late, in fact, that her mother stumbled in only a few minutes after her, and Rachel, to avoid being caught, ducked behind the living room couch.

From there she saw something shocking. Her mother, after stopping in the lower floor bathroom to gargle some mouthwash and wash her face, walked towards the stairs and adjusted her dress. It was short enough that even a slight shake could reveal what was underneath. Rachel saw that when her Mom left the house, too, and that time she could see the thong underwear underneath, pink, provocative, but not in itself a worry. Rachel wore thongs too, even when she wasn’t planning on doing anything naughty. But at two in the morning, her mother shifted her skirt and revealed the thong was gone, and in its place was bare pussy.

She only saw it for a second, but the memory was indelible. Her mother shaved, something she never would have expected, and the pussy looked used, swollen even, as though she’d just been fucked thoroughly and for hours. It might have been her imagination, but she could have sworn she saw a pearl of white goo dripping down, liquid proof of adultery.

Her mother then casually walked up the stairs, and Rachel had to stay crouched where she was until she thought her she could hear snoring. Only then did she dare try sneaking up to her room. That wait gave the girl a long time to process the sight she’d just seen, realize the implications, that her mother was a cheating slut, and to imagine the ramifications for her family.

The next day, she checked the laundry, and her mother’s clothes had the distinctive signs and smell of dried semen. She was familiar with it from when she gave hand jobs to her boyfriend Paul. Sometimes he missed the Kleenex and got some on her. This wasn’t just one squirt, though, there were spots all over the outfit.

It was really getting out of hand. If it was only one time, she could forgive her Mom. She might even share her secret, press her for details, as long as it had happened once and never again. Rachel had slipped once, fucking her boyfriend’s best friend Jim. But she wasn’t a slut, it was just a slip. Her mom on the other hand was going out every Friday night for ‘Girls Night’, and if she was cheating every time, she either had a regular lover or was a total slut. Either way, it was no girl, and she was becoming more and more brazen, leaving evidence everywhere, and that threatened her family. Dad would divorce her for sure, if he found out. She’d been taught all her life that the Langes weren’t quitters, but she thought this would just be too much, no man would want to stay with a repeatedly unfaithful wife.

That meant Rachel couldn’t tell him, but she couldn’t let it go on, either. She hit on a compromise. If she caught her mother in the act, or close enough to it, and got proof of her cheating, she could force her mother to stop, by threatening to tell. If her mother refused, well, then maybe she would tell Daddy, or maybe not. She wanted to keep the family together, no matter what. She wasn’t going to be a quitter and just let her family fall apart, she’d do whatever it took. Maybe she’d help Daddy get even, even let him get even using her, if he wanted, so he wouldn’t be so angry. But first she had to try to get her mother to stop, and if Mom didn’t respond to her threat, then she would cross that bridge later.

She got her boyfriend in on the job, although she didn’t tell him exactly what she suspected, just that she wanted to follow her mother. So, the next Friday night, she waited with Paul in his car not far from her house. “Come on, Rachel, we’re waiting around here for nothing, you could at least give me a blowjob.”

She looked over to his lap. He already had his dick out. “No, I don’t want to miss them.”

“Come on, I know which house is yours, if I see them, I’ll start driving.”

“If I got your nasty cock in my mouth, you won’t want to stop me to chase them.”

“I don’t gotta stop you, I can drive while you’re going down on me.” He grunted. “Come on, babe, don’t you think I should get something out of this? Please?”

She scowled at his begging. If he really wanted to get his cock sucked, he could have just grabbed her by the hair and shoved her head in his lap. But instead Paul whined and begged, like he often did for sex, which made her not want to do him at all, even though she loved him. That was why she had her slip, because Jim didn’t whine, or beg, or even ask, he just pushed her against the wall of Paul’s bathroom. She forgot to lock the door because she was just going to check her makeup, but Jim came in, pulled her pants down, and shoved his cock into her. Technically, she didn’t agree to it, but it wasn’t rape either because she fucked back in wild abandon, grunting and moaning against him until he held her aloft by her hips while he emptied his balls inside. Afterwards, Jim went down to play another boxing game on Paul’s video game console, while Rachel sat in the bathroom with weak legs and a spermy pussy.

She’d had to sweat that one out, he’d cum deep inside her, she was at the most dangerous part of her cycle, and she always used condoms with Paul. A pregnancy would change her life and be difficult to explain. Luckily, she managed to get her period. She’d avoided being alone with Jim afterwards, knowing she might just slip up again. Once is an accident, twice is a slut. She did love her boyfriend and didn’t want to cheat on him. He was very nice, coming out with her on a Friday night and helping her stalk her Mom. Maybe a blowjob wasn’t such a high price to pay.

So, she rolled her eyes, leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. She wanted to get it over with quickly. She did it lazily, barely using her tongue, just moving her head up and down and slobbering on him. She used her hand more than her tongue. Finally, he groaned and shot off, and she spit his wad in his own lap, and then raised her head above the dashboard. “Fuck,” she said. “That’s them.” Her Mom’s car was already down the street. She pounded Paul ineffectually with her fists until he got over his cum and started to follow.

They followed the car to a bad part of town, then saw them stop. Aunt Lucy stayed with the car and went to go park it somewhere, then Kelly and Rachel’s Mom went down a long alley, too small to follow with Paul’s car. There seemed to be a number of women on the street. Rachel decided to wait for Lucy, but finally got impatient. “You go find a place to park,” she said to Paul. “I’ll be okay.”

She walked down the alley. The women who were there before seemed to have mostly disappeared, but there was still one going in the same general direction. She could only hope they were going to the same place, maybe a club. Rachel kept a safe distance in case the woman somehow knew her mother, but followed. The woman turned down another alley, and Rachel had to rush to catch up.

There was a door at the end of this alley between two abandoned-looking buildings. Nobody seemed to be inside either of them, and she couldn’t even tell which building the door led to. None of the buildings looked occupied, but there was a faint vibration in the air, like there was music inside that was mostly contained inside, and just the slightest echo escaping, though she couldn’t tell which building it was coming from. The woman she’d been following opened the door and stepped inside. The door closed behind her, but before it did, she could see the woman stepping down stairs. So, wherever she was going, it was probably an underground tunnel… it might not even be to either of the other two buildings.

Rachel approached nervously. There was a sign beside the door, in a little display case, but before she could read it, it slid out of sight. She assumed it was some kind of new advertising banner, ignored it, and tried the door.

It was locked. She tried a few more times, turning it different directions, even knocking, then finally looked at the case for the sign. “Entry only from 11:50 to Midnight.” Rachel checked the time on her cell-phone. It was a few seconds after midnight.

She kept trying to knock and jiggled the handle for a few more minutes, hoping that someone would take pity on her, but nobody seemed to care. With a sigh, she returned to find her boyfriend. They spent an hour trying to figure out where the door might let out, but finally Paul convinced her to call it a night. Rachel wouldn’t give up though, the Langes weren’t quitters, and she was determined to try again next time.

That second time, she took a chance. She didn’t even bother with Paul, just told him she didn’t feel like going out. Instead, she risked everything on the hope that her mother was going to the same place week after week. So, before her mother left, Rachel took a cab to the location and waited where she could see the head of the first alley without being watched. It was too early to go in first, if they were serious about the absurd ten-minute-window for entry, so she watched and waited from a dark corner.

She lucked out. As she waited, a handful of women entered the alley, and finally, she saw her mother and Kelly followed behind. Rachel hung back again, wanting to get in before it closed but after her mother went in, so she could continue to follow discretely once they were inside. She let another girl go past, and then watched from the shadows as her mother and Kelly entered. She let the straggler enter too… it was a different straggler from last time, she thought. Finally, she checked the time. It was only a minute till midnight. If she wanted to get in, she would have to run.

Rachel sprinted down the alley, and only spared a second at the door. The sign that had disappeared the last time before she saw it, now said, “Welcome to the Gauntlet! Entry from 11:50 to 12:00am only. By entering, you agree to the following terms:”

She skipped the rest of it, grabbed the door and pulled it open just enough that she could slide through.

Rachel expected that she was entering some kind of night club, one full of people, where she could lose herself among the soft lights and pounding music. Instead, she found herself in a well-lit room at the bottom of the staircase. There was another door on the end. Eight women waited there, facing forward, some chatting amiably, watching the other door. One of them was her mother. Kelly was another.

A few turned back towards her as they heard the sound of the door closing behind her. “Oh, look, a new player, at the last minute.”

“Young, too.”

Rachel backed up the stairs and grabbed for the knob, to try to back out, but found that the door didn’t budge.

“It’s too late now,” one said. “Once you’re in, you’re in.” From the door, there came another sound, a strange one, like a set of blinds being rolled up. “And now it’s locked from both sides.”

“What is this place?” she asked.

“Why, it’s the Gauntlet, of course.”

She was starting to get scared. “Mom?”

Her mother, towards the front of the line, finally looked back. Her face fell. “Oh, no, Rachel. What are you doing here?”

“You know her?”

Kelly answered. “It’s her daughter.”


“She’s not supposed to be here. Rachel, why ARE you here?”

“I followed you,” she said. “I knew you were cheating on Daddy, and I wanted to prove it.” She was going to record the evidence of it all on the cell-phone in her purse, but now that her cover was blown, she might as well admit it and hope for a confession.

Her mother shook her head, and placed one hand on the side of her face. “It’s so much more than that, honey. And you should never have followed me. Most of all not through the door.”

“It’s too late,” somebody said with a laugh. Rachel looked over, realized she recognized her. She went to the same high school, she was a senior, and the head cheerleader. Her name was April. “She came through the door, she’s part of it now.”

“Part of what?” Rachel asked. “What is the Gauntlet?”

“Didn’t you read the sign?”

“I didn’t have time,” she said. “What’s the big deal?”

“Here, read this.” April pointed to one wall, where a poster, much like the one on the door, hung.

“By entering the Gauntlet, you have given up your right to consent. You agree that your body may be sexually used by anyone who can lay their hands on you, in any way they see fit, in any hole for as long as they desire. You must follow all commands of anyone who holds you. Your only right is the right to walk forward towards the end when not being held.” There were a set of smaller rules, too, but they seemed to pale in insignificance around the big statement.

Rachel read it, her mouth hanging open. “Is this serious?”

“Dead serious. It said the same thing outside, except it said ‘you will’ instead of ‘you have’, and there was a ‘enter at your own risk’ sign too.”

Her mom sighed. “You really should have read the sign. You really should have been at home, come to think of it, you’ve just broken your curfew.”

How could she think about a curfew at a time like this? “This is crazy. They’re going to fuck us? All of us?”

April grinned. “There’s a lot of people. So yes, some of them are going to fuck us. As long as we’re in the Gauntlet, we’re just living sex toys. That’s why we come here.”

Her mother shook her head, then brightened a little. “Wait. Rachel’s only fourteen. They can’t possibly let her go through, right?”

Kelly said, “They can and they will. Remember Amy?” Rachel’s mom’s head shook again. “Right, that was before your time. Her mother was a regular. One night, she didn’t have a babysitter, so she had Amy stay in the car. Amy got curious, and followed her through the door. She was only ten. She went through the whole thing, and became quite a regular here. She and her mother stopped coming a couple weeks before you started, twelve years old and six months pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” Rachel said. Her stomach sank. It was her fertile time of the month, and somehow she had the feeling the guys in here wouldn’t use condoms. “Mom, there must be some way out.”

“You’re right.” She brightened a moment. “There is, just one way out. You can never come here again, but I don’t think this is the place for you anyway.” She took a deep breath. “Rachel, if you want to go home, all you have to do is…”

Kelly raised a finger. “Wait, before you do something you regret.”


“If you tell her how to get out, you’ll be banned for life too.”


“The rules, Helen. Anyone who leaves, or helps another leave, the Gauntlet before the end, shall be banned from it forevermore. If you tell her how to leave, you’re helping her. You could have told her before, if you knew she was coming. You can tell her after. But during, you have to keep silent. Unless you want to stop coming.”

Her mother winced. “So what do I do?”

“I guess you’ll have to make a choice.”

It should have been no choice at all. “Mother! I don’t know what this is, but you’re going to help me get out of here, aren’t you?”

The woman who was supposed to look out for her most in the world didn’t spring to her defense. Instead, she looked worried, indecisive at first, but then her jaw set. “I’m sorry, honey. I can’t give up the Gauntlet. It won’t be so bad. I’ll help you through, and I’ll try to protect you as much as I can. You’ll survive it. You might even enjoy it. The important thing is to get through it. Remember, we’re not quitters.”

“But what are we supposed to do?”

“Just make it to the end. Keep moving forward, until someone stops you. Don’t fight, no matter what, if you fight, you’ll just make it worse. You’ve given up your consent, and that means they can do whatever they want, even hurt you, but they won’t unless you fight them. Try to relax. They’re here to enjoy themselves too. They’ll just touch you, fuck you a little, make you use your mouth on them. As long as you keep on moving forward, you probably won’t have to pleasure more than five or six guys.”

“And maybe Roscoe,” somebody said, and then snickered.

“I’ll take Roscoe, I’ll get on my knees and beg for it, if that’s what it takes.”

A sound, like an Asian gong, rang through the room. “It’s time to begin.” The door in front of them lifted, and white smoke billowed out from the bottom. It must have been some kind of fog machine, there was enough there to obscure the floor but not provide any worries about breathing. The walls in the hallway beyond weren’t walls at all, but instead metal bars, like a cell. People, mostly men, stood on the other side of the bars, indistinct shapes thanks to the darkness of the cage. They were mostly naked, but some wore just pants or just underwear. They reached through the bars. Rachel wondered if the men were in the cage, or if they were.

Although there was some room to avoid the men, her mother and most of the other women went to the side, allowed the hands to grab them. Where they grabbed, the hands pulled, up or down, slowly stripping any woman they could. “Why are you letting them undress you like that?”

“You should too, dear. Whatever they take off here will be returned at the end of the Gauntlet. Your purse too… you might wind up with a few phone numbers slipped in, but nothing is ever stolen, it’s a rule. But once you get past the Strippers, that rule no longer applies. Once you pass that corner up ahead, they won’t be removing things, they’ll be ripping them off, and keeping the shreds. If you don’t get naked here, you might be walking home buck naked.”

“I made that mistake once,” said the blonde. “I had to fuck a cab driver on the way home.”

“Just let some of the hands take you and take your clothes off.”

She looked down at herself. She was wearing a t-shirt her boyfriend had bought her. She chose it because it was mostly black and so she could sneak around without being seen, but it had sentimental value. She wouldn’t want to lose it. “Fine…” she said. She’d lose the shirt, at least, probably the pants. But she didn’t really believe anyone would rip her panties and bra off, and her keeping them on would be a sure signal that she didn’t want what was happening.

She waded into the throng of hands… it was hard to avoid them the further in you got, anyway. By standing right in the middle of the path, she might have avoided every hand, but even a step to either side and one hand would grab her and pull her to the others, as happened when she was three steps in. Most of the rest of the women had walked right towards the hands, some of them giggling as they groped and felt under skirts before removing them. Many of the women wore no panties at all.

The purse went right away, and then Rachel felt a pair of hands at her hips, wanting to raise her shirt. Remembering her mother’s advice, she lifted her arms up and let them take it off. The shirt disappeared through the bars, but the hands returned, to feel at her little tits at first through, and then underneath the bra. She loved the feeling of the rough hands manhandling her bare breasts, so she almost didn’t notice when the bra had been unhooked. “No,” she said softly. “I want to keep it.” But by the time she said it, the bra was already gone. She resolved to do better with the panties, but that resolve weakened as she looked over to her mother. Since her mom, like almost everyone else, wore a skirt and high heels, instead of pants like Rachel, the undressing was easier, and she was already naked, up against some of the bars.

She’d called the people here the strippers, but she might have called them the gropers, because that’s what they were doing. It wasn’t just groping, it was all-out finger fucking in the pussy and anus. Her own mother stood not five feet away with two hands fighting for dominance by getting their fingers in her gooey wet hole, while another shoved two fingers in her rectum from behind. She couldn’t see the point of entry, but by the way her mom’s eyes bugged out, she could tell the moment the fingers went inside, every time. Her mother looked really pretty, not just for her age, but for anybody, with breasts that only sagged a little, a body maintained by many weekday visits to the gym. Since they shared the same long dark hair, in a very similar style, they could be mistaken for sisters, although Rachel also looked young for her age and more like a child. Her mother was clearly an adult, and so about half the people guessed they were mother and daughter, and half guessed they were sisters. Rachel wondered whether the men had guessed right.

Somebody lifted Rachel’s own legs and while one pair of hands undid the buttons of her pants and then deftly dived in beneath her underpants. Another carefully removed first her shoes, then her socks. Next, supported only by her breasts and hips, they began peeling the clothes off her legs. As her pants were dragged away, they snagged and dragged her panties about halfway down her thigh along with them, exposing her pussy to the world, but only for a second before it was covered by a hand, digging into her crack and prying the lips apart. She was always proud of her pussy, clean, trim, nothing hanging out any more than necessary… her boyfriend treated her pussy like she was a princess, begging for her favor and always willing to tender to its every whim if only it would allow the prince admittance. The pussy wasn’t being treated like a princess pussy right now, it was being treated like a whore’s pussy, entered, violated, but getting wet and antsy from it all the same. She tried without much success to stifle her grunts of pleasure, and lost track of her plans to keep her panties, which fell off her feet and onto the floor.

She didn’t care, she was close, so close to an explosion of pleasure, and with three fingers in her pussy and one spreading apart her own butt, not to mention the two hands pulling on her nipples roughly, it would come any moment… and then the hands withdrew, taking the panties along with them.

She whipped around and had to stop herself from kicking through the bars in anger. It was one thing to be molested by a number of faceless strangers who thought nothing about using her like a piece of meat for her own pleasure. But they could at least have let her cum! Princess pussy got to cum. Even whore pussy got to cum. Slave pussy didn’t get to cum, and in some ways that’s what she was, she realized… yet the thought only seemed to turn her on more, just not enough to push her over the edge unless she resorted to self-service, and she wasn’t willing to go that far. She still clinged to a little vestige of princess fantasies, and princesses never had to masturbate.

Rachel waited until her mind cleared a little, and then sought out her mother. Most of the girls were similarly left alone by the hands, now all naked. One girl was still being felt up towards the end, but even she was soon let go. “What…?”

“The strippers just want to strip us,” her Mom explained. “It’s their fetish. They like to play a little while they’re doing it, but once we’re naked we’re out of their area of interest.”

“That’s why this section of the Gauntlet is so short,” another woman said, pointing to the nearby corner.

“Don’t worry, there’s more to come… much more.”

Her mother started walking forward, and as she passed Rachel, she took her hand. “Come on, we should keep moving.” She pointed out the bright red lines painted at the corner, lines that marked off a square divided both from the hall they came from, and what lay ahead, at a right angle. “The corner squares are safe zones,” she explained. “If you make it to a square, you’re safe from the previous leg of the Gauntlet, and the next, until you’re ready.”

“So we could run from square to square?” Rachel suggested.

“No, running’s not allowed. If you run, people will chase you, and the squares are no longer safe.”

“Maybe we could stay in a square until it’s all over, then.”

She smiled. “You could try, but the only way to get to the end is to walk the Gauntlet. And if you stay behind, then every person who wasn’t satisfied will be waiting for you to step forward. The only way out is through.”

“Or the secret way out,” Rachel reminded her. “The one you won’t tell me.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, dear. If you think of it yourself, I won’t blame you, but I can’t do it.”

She sighed. She couldn’t think of a way out of there, save begging, and she had the feeling that wouldn’t be enough for these folks. What’s more, she wasn’t entirely sure she wanted out any more. She wasn’t prepared to admit it, but she was so turned on from the Gauntlet’s first leg, she didn’t think she’d use an out if she was offered one. The sigh was for her mother’s benefit, so she wouldn’t think Rachel was a slut. She was probably going to be fucked, and she had an iron-clad excuse for why she couldn’t help it. How bad could it be? “So what’s next?” she asked, as she entered the square and turned the corner.

The next stretch of hallway had bare walls, no bars, no doors. However, there was a balcony overhanging the walls. She could see men there, naked, mostly just their legs and pricks, ready to dangle over them. “It’s the Wankers.”


Kelly elaborated. “Masturbators. Fappers. Jackoffs. These guys don’t want to touch, they just want to cum on a girl.” Rachel could see as she waited that most of the men were stroking their erections, slowly, cautiously, waiting for them to cross the threshold.

“Don’t worry. This is the easiest part of the Gauntlet. The worst that’ll happen here is you get a little messy.”

Her mother stepped forward, past the line of safety, and Rachel followed. “Mom, why do you do this?” she asked, her eyes looking up at the cocks. The strokes were no longer cautious, they were pumping their fists on their dicks with all the force they could muster. A few did jerk and shoot off early, but the cum dribbled off harmlessly to the side.

“Don’t question me, you wouldn’t understand.”

“But how could you do this to Daddy?”

“I love your father, dear, and he loves me. I don’t just love him, I treasure him. But I also need to be used, treated like a whore, fucked hard, turned into a cumdumpster by people with no concern about my feelings, to be truly satisfied. Your father only knows how to make love. I need both types, but he can only give me one. I’m a complicated person.” Her eyes cast about towards the ceiling. “Incoming.”

“What?” Rachel looked up, just in time to get her cheek splattered with a few drops of warm slime. She raised one hand up and wiped it away, rubbed the slippery goo between her fingers, and wondered idly if she could take a taste without everybody knowing that’s what she was doing.

That was the only hit Rachel was aware of, although some globs landed unnoticed in her hair. Other women had mixed results, some were clean, others must have stopped below a penis and thrust their chests or faces upwards, waiting for it to climax, for there were two girls with clear bullseyes. Rachel’s mom was clean.

“What’s next?” Rachel asked as they reached the corner. It was actually a little more than a corner, the next hallway was extremely short, then turned again. There were no openings in the wall or the roof, and the way everybody walked through it, Rachel assumed it was all part of the safe zone.

Just as they were about to turn again, a blonde with large cum-covered tits answered, “Glory Hole Hall. I hope you’re prepared to suck a little cock.” She licked her own lips. “Or pussy.”

This stretch of hall was long again, but thinner, only allowing three girls to squeeze through it side by side, and they’d have no space between them. On either edge, there were walls that reached from the floor to just above waist height, where it was replaced by bars again. Below the bars, there were holes cut, all through the section, and there must have been dozens of hard dicks poking out of the holes. Poking out through the bars were arms. She wondered if they were the same arms as the ones who stripped them. She didn’t recognize any of them, but again the hall was brightly lit and behind the bars it was almost completely dark, so it was hard to tell.

Her mom went first, followed by the blonde woman, and Rachel was surprised when nobody seemed interested in grabbing either of them, right away. Other girls behind her urged her forward. “Go on, they’re waiting for you. Nobody’s going to grab us until somebody’s already got you.”

April pushed past her, and also made it a few steps in, then looked back. “If you wait there, you’re going to be sucking a lot more cock, cause we’ll be done and there’ll still be people waiting.”

Rachel’s cunt tingled at the thought, the dirty thought, of sucking all those cocks until they were all satisfied, and she didn’t understand why. She never liked sucking cocks before. But she never had an all-you-can-eat cock buffet, either, filled with different types, circumcised and uncircumcised, black ones, white ones, and ones of all colors in between, huge monsters that she could hardly imagine fitting inside and cute little ones with a curve to them. Perhaps variety really was the spice of life. She hadn’t sampled much variety before, Rachel had only sucked two guys off, her boyfriend, Paul, and his friend Jim, she cleaned his dick after that time they fucked and then performed a full blowjob one time when he pulled her into the bathroom at school. That time wasn’t cheating either, that was self-defense to fend off another almost-rape. Jim’s cock was a little more fun to get her lips around, so maybe it was just her boyfriend’s she didn’t like sucking. She even swallowed Jim’s load without complaint… with Paul, Rachel usually spit it out later.

She took a breath and strode forward and immediately April and the other girl were proven right, they were waiting for her, three pairs of hands reached her and, together, pulled her to the wall and forced her to her knees. A big brown cock dangled in front of her, and white guys were on either side. The hands pulled her head towards the powerful looking rod, dark and twitching, with the head glistening with a spot of precum, and Rachel opened her mouth to avoid being hit with it. That rigid cock looked like a lip-bruiser if she’d ever seen one. It went in and her lips slid over the head and down the shaft with barely any room to spare. It was warm and tasted good, a pleasant musk, and a manly scent that spoke to some deep need inside of her.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Kelly both giving a blowjob and pumping another dick with her first. Rachel thought that was a good strategy, because if she had to suck all three of these guys off before they let her go, by the time she was done, everybody else would be most of the way down the hall and she’d just be grabbed by another three guys. By the time she was done with this section of the Gauntlet, she’d suck more cock than everybody else put together, and while her pussy yearned to set the benchmark and earn some sort of high score the first night out, she still felt he had a responsibility to get through this with as much of her virtue intact as she could manage. So while she bobbed her head back and forth on the brown cock, she jacked off two other guys, getting a rhythm going, stroking each of them in sync.

The hands on her head pushed her closer on the cock until it was practically down her throat and she thought she would gag, and then Rachel felt it throbbing, almost flexing under her tongue. After that, he spurted with incredible force, and she couldn’t help but swallow every drop… to do otherwise would have risked it getting in her lungs. This wasn’t the piddly dribbles from her boyfriend, this was a gusher of hot, nasty, man seed from a man root, and it seemed to last forever. Finally, he pulled out, and the hands belonging to the man she was jacking off with her right hand pushed her mouth towards him. She slipped that smaller dick inside her mouth, and it was much more comfortable, she felt she could breathe and move her tongue around, and while she liked her mouth full, she didn’t much like the feeling of being choked.

She would have sucked off all three, but almost immediately after she swallowed the second man’s load, the cock in her left hand went off on her face as she turned to take care of him. He’d covered her more thoroughly than any of the Wankers, but then, he had a much closer target.

Her job done, the hands released her, and she was able to move forward… but only a few more steps, there were more hands and more cocks, and they all wanted to go off in her throat. After the next two, she was able to leapfrog ahead of another girl who’d got caught up on her knees with her face deep in a larger hole. Above her was a set of breasts, proving that glory holes weren’t just for dicks, although the dick-to-pussy ratio was pretty high. After passing the reluctant cuntlicker, Rachel was captured again by the next set of hands.

By the time she made it to the safe corner, the other women had already been waiting for several minutes, she heard some of them cheering her on, telling her to go down deeper or pull back and tease. She thought her Mom had been one of those voices, but couldn’t be sure. It was a little hard to see with her head fixed forward towards a wall with a cock coming out of it, and coming into her, down her throat and into a belly that was practically half full of fuck already.

In the corner, her mother hugged her. “I’m so proud of you, you’re being so brave. There’s only two more legs to go, and one of them probably won’t concern you.” Mom’s breasts, glistening with a splatter of cum, were right in her face, but she hugged back. “Look at you,” she said. “You’re practically covered.” She licked her fingers and tried to wipe the cum off Rachel’s face, like she used to do long ago when she was a child, with melted ice cream.

She wasn’t a child anymore, and the motherly gesture offended her, since her mother could have avoided the whole situation by telling her how to get out. Apparently her ability to come here was more important to her than sparing her daughter’s virtue, and she was surprised to find that despite not being a virgin, there was still plenty of virtue to spare before tonight. There was the virtue of having avoided being stripped naked in front of unknown numbers of anonymous men, the virtue of never having sucking off a dozen guys she didn’t know in the space of an hour. Rachel was shedding virtues fast, and in truth, didn’t mind, after the first it was rather fun to act like a filthy slut, but a mother was supposed to prevent this type of shit, not just clean up the mess afterwards.

“Just tell me what’s next,” she snapped.

“The free-for-all. Thirty people chosen by lottery, and if they get their hands on you, they can do whatever they want.”

Rachel walked to the other edge of the safe zone and peered ahead. This was a much wider hallway, but it was already filled with people, mostly men, who waited eagerly. They wore masks, which was a little scary but thrilling too. The masks themselves weren’t elaborate, none covered the whole head, and most were simple domino masks covering the area right around the eyes, but Rachel realized that of all the people who’d done something to her, or would do something to her, if she saw any of them on the street, she would never know. Rachel, however, wore no mask and in the bright lights, they would remember her. She instinctively rubbed together her thighs as her slit started to drip. Now no matter where she went, she’d wonder if there was a cock she sucked… or, as seemed to be her inevitable fate, one she fucked. “I might as well go first,” she said.

No sooner had she crossed the line than she was grabbed and dragged to the side by the two guys lucky enough to lay their hands on her first. That was a pale skinned thin blond man and a swarthier, more built man with dark hair, perhaps of Latin descent. He pulled her closest, and spun her around until she faced him, then, while the blond held her from behind, spread her legs. She let them spread, let him squat slightly so that the head of his dick would slap up against the lips of her pussy, gathering her own wetness. The blond behind her braced her so that when he pushed forwards and up, she had nowhere to go, except to let him inside her. It felt great, her labia stretching around it like a glove. The sensation was exciting, way better than her boyfriend, even better than Jim’s big cock, although not by as much. She started to ride the thing, but soon found she couldn’t, as her hips were grappled, both from the front and back. Something long and thin, and thankfully wet and slippery, was sliding between her ass-cheeks. She got a look at the blond guy’s dick, and it was long and thin… but to Rachel, that hole was always exit only, so she instinctively struggled. Impaled on one cock already, there wasn’t much room to maneuver, and the plum-shaped head forced her rectum to open and let something in, instead of out. It hurt, but one of the hands on her clit felt good too, and it must have been lubricated beforehand. She appreciated that, for her first anal sex experience. Once the head was all the way in, it was uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt as much, not even when he shoved it deeply in. Her sphincter clung tightly to the shaft, trying to squeeze it back out, but it was a losing battle, it only went out on its own power, and then rammed back in.

Stuffed, that was how she felt, two dicks in two holes. Stick one more in her mouth and she’d be water tight. A quick look around saw others were in just that situation, all three holes filled. One of those was her own mother, stuffed with three black cocks at once. There were other guys surrounding Rachel, looking eager for a shot at that third hole, but the first two guys had her in a mostly standing position, sandwiched between them, and there was no easy way to get access to her mouth unless one could somehow dangle from the ceiling.

She’d call them selfish but it felt too good, one cock stretching out her pussy and another up her ass, both bodies slamming into each in term making her feel like a ping-pong ball, if ping-pong balls got fucked in mid-flight. She felt just so incredibly full that it was satisfying, like she’d just ate a great meal and was still hungry for more. It was like she’d just discovered what being a woman was all about, and she wanted to explore that feeling. The two fucking her weren’t in synch, so sometimes one would be pulling out just as another would be pushing in, and at other times, they both slammed her down to the balls, making her eyes bug out. She could swear she could feel the two cocks banging into each other, with only a thin membrane in between. That thin membrane felt like all there was left to Rachel’s identity, everything else was a vehicle for pleasure, both hers and the two men who held her.

She started to groan, moan, repeat the word yes, as some subconscious part of her decided that if she’s forced to be treated like a slut, she might as well act like one and beg for more. There wasn’t much more to give, but they could give what they gave already, and give it harder and faster. She had an orgasm, one of the best in her life, but she couldn’t even relax and enjoy it because she was still getting pounded, until finally the hands at her butt cheeks gripped her tightly and she felt a ripple going through her asshole. The prick withdrew, empty, and finally her sphincter started to close, but slowly, as though expecting another assault at any time.

Her ass seemed like it had gained some wisdom, because that’s just what happened. The Latin lover finished just as somebody she couldn’t see took a new position behind her. It was a much bigger dick, and it wasn’t pre-lubricated, but she hadn’t entirely closed up and there was plenty of slimy cum coating the hole, so she managed to take it, although the sudden loss of support from the front made her topple over. To prevent her head from hitting the ground, she put her hands on the cold floor as she got fucked from behind. Someone pulled her up by her hair, but only halfway. Someone had finally got access to her mouth and was using it, but that left her pussy free, and she wanted somebody to please it, too, please it with more than vibrations transmitted from the dick stretching out her ass.

Another masked figure slid underneath her and she got her wish as she sank to her knees. They fucked her to another climax and then all left suddenly, leaving almost every orifice dripping with cum, even her nose. Rachel stumbled around in the direction she thought the safe zone was in, and made it a few steps before she was pulled but another two men. This time, they weren’t satisfied with pulling her down and fucking her where they had her, they pulled her forward, which she didn’t understand until she realized that there her mother was, down on the floor, currently untouched but messy enough to have serviced four or five men.

Rachel let them guide her body on top of her mother’s, who looked a little apprehensive in the few seconds she could see her face. That wasn’t long, for Rachel was directed to lay down on her mother, crotch to face. She could feel her mother’s breath on her pussy as she heard, “You know what they want, don’t you dear?”

“Yes Mom,” she said. She didn’t consider herself a lesbian, or even bisexual, all the pussies she’d ever licked were sleepover dares, not for fun, but to prove that she was cool. She proved she was cool on many occasions all through middle school, and was invited to many sleepover parties because of just how cool she was. She’d even gone to a few high school sleepovers to show how cool she was, and made out with a girl in front of her boyfriend and Jim and a few other guys. Her boyfriend thought she was very cool, cool enough to date even though he was a senior. So Rachel was no stranger to licking pussy, and had nothing to fear, but her mother’s was different, wasn’t it?

The two guys didn’t give her a choice, one shoved her face into her mother’s gooey snatch and rubbed it around until Rachel got the hint and, for the first time, drank cum that came from a cock that she hadn’t sucked herself. Cum from a mother’s adulterous cunt tasted sweeter, it seemed, especially when the mother was doing a favor and cleaning her pussy, too. The eager tongue of her mother quickly dispelled any remaining doubts about incest, and what she was licking looked pretty appetizing. Mom’s pussy was shaved, which was what Rachel preferred, because lesbians might enjoy all pussy, but people who just do it to be cool would rather not get hair in their mouths. Some of her sleepover friends had hairy pussies, and Rachel was still cool with that, but was cooler with those who took time to at least trim. Rachel herself trimmed hers to a tiny triangle. Mom didn’t just trim, she shaved, giving her daughter a baby soft and smooth snatch, accented with a little crème sauce. If all pussies were like that, she might declare herself not just cool, but bi after all. She decided then and there that she’d start shaving instead of just trimming.

She only had a couple minutes to enjoy the pussy as it was before a new wrinkle was thrown into the mix, a few more cocks that needed servicing, and wanted to do it in the middle of a mother-daughter oral sexfest. She struggled to use her tongue to please both cock and cunt, while she got fucked and licked at the other end. Sometimes the guys switched it up, and pulled all the way out of one’s cunt to shove it in the other’s mouth. Rachel loved every second it and privately decided that she never wanted to be fucked again without her mommy’s tongue pleasing her at the same time. She knew it was an unrealistic wish, made in the heat of the moment, and so decided to enjoy it as much as she could while it lasted, and she didn’t think it would be that long. When these two guys climaxed, they both pulled out at once and while Rachel watched them squirt all over the outside of her mother’s open flower, she felt the warm spunk spattering her own cunt lips. All the tongue-bathing had to be repeated, but neither of them minded. Rachel had another orgasm that night with her mother’s tongue doing a deep cleaning of the upper part of her slit. By the way Mom shuddered and virtually buried her face in Rachel’s muff, she must have had one, too, while Rachel used her tongue to polish the clit to a shine.

More hands grabbed Rachel and pulled her away from her mother. “Hold her,” someone said. It was a female voice. She looked over, and saw a masked lady, wearing a strap-on. She had nice boobs, about the size of cantaloupes, and a thin waist. The strap-on cock was purple and translucent, and also large and glistening, and there were pockets on the side of the strap-on, which was a little weird.

Rachel couldn’t do anything while she was being held, so she looked around, and noticed that she was almost at the safe zone. A few of the girls were already there, though most were still being fucked. Her mother was being anally penetrated up against one of the walls, only a few steps away from where they’d just eaten each other out. “My, my, my,” the woman with the strap-on said. “How I’ve dreamed of a day like this.”

She recognized that voice, and most particularly the “My, my, my,” which was a turn of phrase employed by only one person she knew. Rachel had wondered why she wasn’t among the other women. “Aunt Lucy?”

“So you recognize me,” she said. Now that she had the hint, she did, even in the mask, she’d seen Aunt Lucy’s boobs many times before. Her aunt was loose with her clothes around the house, going topless or even naked, not caring that they had company over. Rachel thought it was odd, but her cousins didn’t seem to be bothered by it so she hadn’t said anything when it first started happening, and soon after she became used to it. “Good. How do you like your first time at the Gauntlet?”

“Don’t tell my mom, but I’m enjoying it.” Lucy smiled and slapped her ass, then stuck two fingers into her cunt and wiggled them around.

“Well, there’s more to come.” She spoke then to the two men who were holding her. “You can enjoy her mouth and ass, her pussy’s mine.”

Aunt Lucy lay on the floor on her back as Rachel was pushed on top of her. The strap-on dildo was slick with lubrication and slid in easily, but it didn’t match a real cock, it wasn’t warm and alive. But the guy behind her supplied a dick to the equation, and the other stood over Lucy’s head and offered his to Rachel’s waiting lips. Rachel had lost count of how many cocks she’d sucked, though she still had a tally for her other holes.

This time the guys spent themselves more quickly, probably because they’d been waiting a while and had been pleasuring themselves. Aunt Lucy, fucking her with a fake cock, kept going for longer, pawing or suckling at her tits all the while. Once she could once again look down, Rachel did the same, and impulsively even kissed Lucy on the lips, which became a full tongue kiss that lasted through a minute or two of hard strap-on fucking. After it was done, Lucy grinned. “I hope we’re going to be a lot closer from now on, whether you come back here or not.” She slammed her girlcock deeper into Rachel for emphasis and forced a sound out, a sound not unlike an ‘uh-huh’.

Finally, the phallus withdrew, and Lucy ordered the men near her to hold her again. Rachel thought that was a little unfair, if they’d just let go of her she could have made it to the safe zone, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to be safe right away, she was closing in on another orgasm.

Aunt Lucy got to her feet, and pulled out a small vial from the belt around the strap-on. “You know there’s just one more part of the Gauntlet to go.”

“There is?” The men held Rachel’s arms out to her sides and kicked her legs apart, leaving her in a very vulnerable, exposed position, but she’d grown used to that feeling.

“Yes. But don’t worry, this will make it a little more exciting.” Lucy spread the liquid on her hands, and then rubbed at the bottom of Rachel’s pussy, spreading it in the lips but mostly just around, near her clit, and up her backside.

“What is that?”

“Just a little scented oil, to enhance the situation.” It didn’t smell like anything at all, but then the smell of sex had so pervaded Rachel’s senses that she wasn’t sure they’d be much good for anything else for a while. “You can go now,” she said suddenly.

Rachel walked unsteadily, on wobbly legs, towards the safe zone. Her mother was still being fucked, but she was the last one. The other girls were talking and congratulating her. The head cheerleader looked down at her spermy cunt and said, “I’m at the worst time in my cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these little guys knocked me up.”

The tall blonde laughed and scooped a bit of cum from the pussy. “Not one of these little guys, if one got you pregnant he’s already pretty deep inside.” She then put the finger in her mouth. Rachel worried about her own womb, there was probably an egg ready to drop this very night, and it would have a lot of sperm to dodge on its way down. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be a fourteen-year-old with a baby, no matter how fun making it was. Pregnant girls at school got treated like shit, and ones who got pregnant off cheating were treated like whores, and sometimes they had no choice but to live up to the reputation when people dragged them off to a stairwell. Rachel wondered if maybe wouldn’t mind it so much, if it happened.

Her mother was finally done, and as a unit they walked towards the start of the next, final leg of the Gauntlet.

“So what’s the deal here,” Rachel asked, growing worried. They’d just been through a gangbang orgy, what could be worse? “They piss on you?”

“Only on Watersport Wednesdays,” someone quipped. “No, most of us are done for the night, only one of us is the special winner and has to… or gets to, depending on your preferences, fuck Roscoe.”

“Who’s Roscoe?” Rachel asked.

“It’ll be me,” her mom insisted. “I’ll do it. I’ll present right before him like a bitch in heat, it’s the least I can do.”

“Who’s Roscoe?” Rachel asked again.

“Hey, did you ever stop to think one of us might want him?” someone said.

“Besides,” the cheerleader snickered. The group had started to move forward, Rachel’s mother in the front, Rachel herself somewhere in the middle. “Roscoe always makes his own choice, and I have a feeling he won’t be choosing you.” She eyed Rachel up and down, her eyes lingering on her pussy.

“Who’s Roscoe?” Rachel asked one last time.

One man became visible, coming out of a door on the other end of the gauntlet. He wore a spiked collar and a full mask. That wasn’t Roscoe. In his hands, he held a leash, and a big mongrel dog with dark grey fur and a long tongue padded after him. Rachel was aghast. She’d never seen a dog walk around with its cock out dangling between its legs before.

Kelly confirmed her worst fears when she pointed to the mutt. “That’s Roscoe.”

The group spread out, but her mother went straight for the dog. Then she got down on her hands and knees with her ass in the air, pointed in his direction. “Come on, Roscoe, you know you want it, come on and fuck me boy. Just like last time, remember?” Rachel didn’t know whether to be horrified, proud, or amused that her mother had already fucked Roscoe. She was proud at the sacrifice she was making in doing it this time, it was almost certainly because her daughter was here. She wouldn’t spare her daughter the Gauntlet, but she would spare her being made into a bitch in front of large numbers of men. The men were there already, a veritable crowd, standing on raised platforms over their heads, cheering. There were a few women there, as well, many of them being fucked by somebody horny. Rachel thought she saw Aunt Lucy, grinning at her as some guy slammed her from behind, and then Rachel got cold inside with a sudden realization. No.

Roscoe sniffed the air, then sniffed Rachel’s mother’s crotch... and then moved on. Not willing to take no for an answer, she scrambled on all fours and got in front of the dog again. “Please Roscoe, you want to fuck me, don’t you? I’ll be a good bitch. I’ll take the whole knot.”

“Looks like he’s not interested in your scent,” Kelly said, and Rachel felt butterflies in her stomach at the word ‘scent’. Cold butterflies. No, no, no.

Aunt Lucy had spread something all over her, a scent. And Roscoe was headed directly in her direction, passing by the other women with barely even a sniff. In a few seconds, she felt his furry paws on her belly, his claws lightly scraping her, his rough tongue sliding between her legs and through her slit.

The man who held Roscoe’s leash said, “Roscoe has chosen,” and a great cheer went up. His hand circled Rachel’s arm and pulled her to the center of the hall, right in between the raised platforms. “On your knees, bitch.”

Rachel looked to her mother, who was now standing with a hurt look on her face, but she shrugged helplessly. “It won’t be so bad, just do as you’re told.”

She did. She got down on her hands and knees like a dog. The man holding the leash bent down to Roscoe’s neck and released it. “Stay,” he said. To her surprise, the dog did, but he was whining and growling impatiently. Roscoe’s master then stepped in front of Rachel and bent down… he put the collar around Rachel’s own neck and fastened it, then stood off to the side. “Go get her, Roscoe,” he said.

The dog circled her, finding her from behind, but then she felt him climb up on her ass and stab her with the glistening red dick. His front paws slid to Rachel’s sides and finally the beast’s cock found its target, her wet but now tender hole, and went in. In front of all the people watching, the other girls in the Gauntlet, her own mother, uncounted number of strangers, and Roscoe’s masters, she was a spectacle, humped by a free dog while wearing a dog collar herself. The canine dick filled her like no other, and the sensation of his fur on her body and the collar on her neck combined to make her feel like the filthiest whore in the world. The beast’s breath was hot on her neck and she could even smell it.

She did the only thing she could think of, she closed her eyes and tried to think she was somewhere else, fucking somebody else, but her mind kept intruding on the fantasy and telling her where she was because she was getting off on it, another orgasm was building. For once the reality was better than the fantasy, even though Rachel knew it shouldn’t be, that it made no sense, that no good girl would get turned on by this. She supposed that made it perfectly clear she was no good girl, she was a dirty slut, a dirty slut about to cum with a doggy dick in her wet, tingling cunt.

She felt a drip on her neck. Sure it was just doggy drool, she opened her eyes, and saw Roscoe’s master was stroking his rigid twelve-inch cock, and many of the men on the raised platform, those who weren’t fucking one of the few women, were masturbating. On the ground floor, many of the women participating in the Gauntlet were rubbing their pussies, among them her mother.

The dog howled and Rachel joined him, as she took yet another blast of cum deep into her pussy, this time, for the first time, a blast full of non-human sperm. That thought alone triggered her climax. Plenty of the human kind of cum also rained down on her, although Roscoe licked some of that up as it landed. He really was a good dog, she said, although it hurt when he suddenly started to pull away, because there was a knot binding them together that hadn’t quite gone down.

Finally, Roscoe was able to slip free, although his master had his blast ready to go, and pressed it up against her face when he released. As his hot seed splashed on Rachel’s cheek, she wondered if she’d ever fuck Roscoe’s master, or if maybe she already had. She tried to lick up as much as she could, as though to inspire him to remember her and try a more direct fucking in the future.

Suddenly, Rachel found she could no longer support herself on her hands and knees anymore, the last orgasm wiped her out, and she fell into a pile on the ground. Roscoe’s master removed the collar, and then affixed it to Roscoe. “The Gauntlet is over for tonight.”

Her mother was at her side then, as was Kelly, and both women helped her to her feet and to the door at the other end of the hall. The men on the raised platforms were leaving, passing on elevated walkways to someplace unknown. “It’s okay, dear, it’s done now.”

In this room, piled neatly on the ground, were their clothes, the ones shed in the first leg of the Gauntlet. Many of the women began dressing. Rachel wasn’t ready for it yet, and her mother held her tightly for a while. It was hard to believe it was all, suddenly over, like she was high on some kind of drug and then suddenly crashing all at once. “I hope one day you’ll be able to forgive me,” her mother said.

Rachel didn’t answer, couldn’t answer, but after a few minutes of rest, she listlessly was able to get into her clothes. They were unharmed, but some of them had been cummed on. There would be spots on her t-shirt, the one her boyfriend bought her, that would be awkward to explain. If she got knocked up tonight, that would be even worse.

There was one more door in this room, and it led out into the street, and fresh night air. Rachel walked through it, on her mother’s arm. Aunt Lucy was waiting for them outside. “So, same time next week?”

“Of course,” Rachel’s mother said grimly. “Would you and Kelly mind catching a cab home?”

Lucy grinned. She reached into her purse and tossed the keys to Rachel’s mother. “Sure, why not. I’m sure you two need some mother-daughter time.” To Rachel, she said, “I’ll see you around. Sooner, rather than later, I hope.”

Her mother walked her to the car and helped her into the front passenger seat, then got into the driver’s. Before she turned the key, she said, “I know in your eyes I’m forever ruined, but I’d hoped you understand.”

“I do,” Rachel said, speaking for the first time since the end of the Gauntlet. “That was… intense.”

“It was. The first time I did it, I thought I couldn’t handle it. I didn’t come back for weeks, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, how good it made me feel to test myself, put myself through the Gauntlet and let people show me what I was made of.” If tonight was any indication, they were both made of slut, Rachel thought wryly.


“Yes, dear?”

“When you go next week… can I come with you?”

Her mother smiled knowingly. “If you want.”

“I think I do. Don’t hold me to it, though. I haven’t decided.”

“Okay. I want you to know, whichever you decide, I love you and will support your decision.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Halfway home, something occurred to her. “What was the way out?” she asked. “You said there was a way out, but you could never come back again if you told me. But we’re not in the Gauntlet now.”

“Oh, that,” her mother said. “You simply shout out, ‘I don’t belong here, and I don’t want to be here. Let me out and I’ll never come here again.’ Or something to that effect. Anything like that will do. You just have to beg.”

Rachel was stunned. “That’s it? That’s all I had to do? That’s what you couldn’t tell me? I could have thought of that myself.”

“Well, you didn’t very well think to try, did you?” she said. “It was so obvious, I kept waiting for you to, but you never did. If it gets too much for you, you can do it next time.”

Rachel smiled. “I don’t think I will.”

And she never did. Not next week, the week after, or even the week after that when she started attending the Wednesday sessions. She didn’t even do it after Roscoe decided to mount her, for the first time since she started showing, while she was four months pregnant with an unknown baby and a significant baby-bump. She could have gotten out of it at any time, but she didn’t. That would be giving up, and the Langes weren’t quitters.

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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Bonus!: Artist Danaume graciously drew this picture of Rachel being mounted by Roscoe! (Warning: link is to NSFW drawn art of underage characters, which may in some countries be more illegal than stories involving underage characters, click at your own risk). She also wrote a story set in the same universe, with a younger girl, that can be read here: Gauntlet: Karen's Tale.

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