For those who aren't familiar with these, my Phil Phantom Tributes are my attempt to honor, capture the style of and deal with themes by a prolific erotic author of days gone by.   It's low characterization, high smut, and fast-paced, not much like my previous work but, hopefully, good for a good quick fap.  

The Go-Between - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (Mg, MMg, Fg, inc, 1st, ws, some nc, preg, stroke)

My summer started as a drag but got a lot better.

See, Momma had a lover she couldn't see anymore, and promised Daddy she never would see again, and Momma kept her promises. But a promise doesn't make feelings go away, and she never made THAT promise, that she'd stop loving Tino, or that she'd stop talking about him, wishing out loud he could fuck her one more time, or that they could kiss. Not just in front of me, but sometimes at the dinner table she'd say something like, "God, I miss that cock, though, it was impressive." Whenever Daddy was around I always stared somewhere else and pretended I hadn't heard, even a few months into the new arrangement when I had reason to agree about Tino's cock's impressive look, manly taste, or incredible feel, having had a chance to sample all three for myself. When it was just us girls around, that was one thing, I might tease her about it or even ask questions, like about how she fit it all in, but it was embarrassing to hear her talk that way in front of Daddy. Daddy didn't seem to mind though, except when Momma mentioned his name, that got him really steamed, but even when she didn't, we all knew who she was talking about. I asked Daddy about it once, he said everyone had their wishes and fantasies, and that was okay, but the essence of love was keeping promises.

I may have just been eleven when that promise was made, back just before the start of summer, but I thought that stunk. To me, the "essence of love" was wanting somebody else to be happy, even if it's with someone else. Like that old saying, if you loved something, let it go. When they were fighting really bad, I even kinda thought it might be better if Daddy had just let Momma go to be with Tino. Daddy could have found a girl who was head over heels for him, Tino could be my new stepdaddy, and everyone would be happy, or at least they wouldn't be yelling or miserable. And hey, I'd get twice the presents on my birthday. And maybe a second bedroom to decorate. Tino lived just down the street, if Daddy kept our house and Momma moved in with him, it would barely even be like a divorce, I'd still see everyone all the time no matter who I was living with.

Instead it was kind of like an anti-divorce, Momma kept the house and the husband and the cute daughter and somehow lost custody of Tino.

I hadn't. Nobody ever made ME promise not to see him, and I liked him. He was a lot different from Daddy. Obviously they looked pretty different. I mean, Daddy was pale like us, and pretty skinny, and he never let his blonde hair get long enough to get in his eyes, while Tino looked like some kind of wild man, with long dark hair down to his shoulders and golden skin and looked like he either worked out all the time, or that he didn't need to work out, that God just carved him out of stone that way like Momma said (although she usually adds 'with a cock like granite'). So sure, he was good looking. But plenty of guys were good-looking. What I liked about Tino was that he was nice. When he and Momma were doing their cheating thing, she'd take me over there after picking me up from school and he'd let me play his Playstation while Momma had a "massage" session that involved a lot of moaning and banging and left Mom weak in the knees afterwards, but before and after, Tino was always friendly, treated me like a friend he was happy to see rather than a kid, spent a few minutes with me and asked me about my friends in school or how classes were going, and sometimes he'd cook me up some spicy Italian sausage so I'd have something to eat while I was waiting for them to be done. So even after the big fight with Daddy, which ended in Mom's promise, I still saw Tino, and talked to him for a few minutes when I saw him. In fact, I was the one who had to give him the news. Talking to him on the phone or Facebook would break the promise, so Momma had me go over there to tell him.

It was a little weird telling this guy, my Mom's friendly but handsome massage therapist, that Momma couldn't see him anymore, that she still loved him, that his cock made her feel like a real woman for the first time, that his cum was wonderful and delicious, but that she could never speak to him again, except through me. That was pretty well the exact message. Momma made me memorize it, and wouldn't let me change any of the words. He cried quietly when he heard it. Then later Momma cried when I told her that he said he would always love her, and would miss not just her body (which he also described in detail the parts he liked, mostly her vibrant red hair, her long legs, her butt that apparently wouldn't quit, her tight, thirsty pussy, and her delicious-looking small boobs... his words, not mine... they didn't seem small at all to me) but also her soul. He said that the fantasies they shared would keep him warm at nights and anyone else he fucked would be just a minor substitute for her and he hoped she didn't mind because his body had needs. Then I had to go back that same day and tell him that she understood his needs and approved of them but that she'd consider it a personal favor if he waited until she was ready.

Tino agreed, and I guessed that I'd be the one to eventually tell him when Momma was ready for him to move on. I didn't expect that I was going to be the minor substitute, but that's what happened this summer. Of course, it didn't happen right away... if it had, maybe I would have chickened out. Daddy made me promise that I'd stay away from boys until he said it was okay, and I figured men were probably included in that, and that "stay away from" meant "don't do dirty stuff" since you can't exactly stay away from boys entirely, especially at school. But I'd promised, and Daddy was right, keeping promises was important even if you don't like keeping them.

Except I'd also promised Momma that I'd pass messages to Tino whenever she wanted, and that was a promise I really wanted to keep keeping. I had a selfish reason... it was summer! I wasn't supposed to go out without permission, and permission didn't come very often... after making her promise to Daddy, it was like Momma was grounded, because our town is so small that it was hard for her to go out without maybe running into Tino. I don't know if it was because she didn't want me going out when she couldn't, or if she was just starting to get overprotective, but if I wanted to do something other than sit around the house, mostly I got told no. And it wasn't one of those things where I could just ask Daddy, because he WAS overprotective and almost always said no too, afraid I was going to see boys even though I promised. But it didn't take long to figure out that, from Momma, the 'no' would turn into a 'yes' by reminding her I could check if Tino had a message for her on the way home from the swimming hole or riding my bike down to that store that has a few arcade games in the back. I mean, that wasn't the only reason I did it... I really did want to help Momma, she seemed so depressed. And it seemed romantic at the time, she still loved Tino but couldn't be with him.

I didn't blame her for loving him more than Daddy... Daddy could be hard to love sometimes. In fact, if she wasn't having sex with Tino anymore, their love seemed harmless and pure, even beautiful, like a teacher who stares at your legs all day in school but can't do any more. So that's why I made the promise, to get an excuse to go out when I wanted and also to keep that pure, beautiful love going and, thirdly, to listen to them describe what they wanted to do to each other and get a better idea how it all worked just in case next year my teacher ever wanted to give me more than looks and I felt like breaking a promise.

I hardly expected that pure innocent love would soon have me walking down the street carrying a load of cum in my mouth like a momma bird coming to feed her baby... only I guess I was the baby bird coming to feed Momma. It was funny, when I told her about how I felt she started calling me Baby Bird, and even Daddy started doing it too even though he didn't know why. Pretty soon it was my new nickname, spread to people outside my family even.

Of course, the dirty stuff didn't start with my baby bird act... and it sure as hell didn't end there... if it had, I would be writing this assignment for regular school instead of only wondering who's legs Mr. Perry was staring at this year while I write it for you. A short-distance cum carrier could go through school with a spotless reputation as long as nobody smelled her breath or checked her panties at the wrong time, but a pregnant twelve-year-old, that's serious stuff... but it didn't start with serious stuff, it was all baby steps.

The first of those steps was when, on the way home from playing some video games, Tino waved me down and told me to give Momma a kiss for him. He leaned over the fence and planted one on my forehead, told me to give Momma one just like that, and say it was from him. Well, I did, and she had one in return, on the side of his lip that I had to run out and give him while running back to the store for ice cream sandwiches. The next day, coming home from the creek's swimming hole wearing my old one-piece suit, Tino invited me up on his porch and gave me one on the lips, with tongue, and even though it was intended for Momma and not me, it was my first real experience kissing, and got me all hot and flustered, like butterflies in the stomach, but what was even weirder was giving that to my own Momma, sticking my tongue in her mouth, listening to her moan softly in response and wondering if I'd done that with Tino.

That lasted about a week, and let me tell you, a girl who's never been really kissed by a boy, or a girl, can get quite an education in kissing just being a go-between between two lovers. At least two lessons daily, with Tino teaching me exactly how he kisses Momma, and Mom teaching me exactly how to kiss back. In both cases, it involved a lot of tongue and heavy breathing afterwards. The biggest eye-opener was how much the kiss made me want to do more... not necessarily with them, I wasn't sure I wanted to get in the middle any more than I already was, but on the walk between Tino and Mom, or Momma and Tino, if I passed by a cute boy (sometimes even a girl) I wanted to just grab his shirt, pull him behind a building, and get some kissing of my own. Only I knew that if I did that, I'd "lose" the kiss I was delivering, and also I'd be breaking my promise to Daddy. Besides, most of the kids my age here are jerks and I wouldn't want to kiss them. They're especially mean to girls with freckle-faces. At least Tino always called my freckles pixie-kisses and never makes ginger jokes, so I didn't mind delivering kisses for him.

Soon I wasn't just delivering kisses. In fact, soon I wasn't even delivering kisses, not really, although sometimes Mom would throw in a "give him a kiss on his cock for me" when I went down the street, as often as not, it wasn't really given to pass on.

But it started with a message attached to a kiss. After Tino and I tongue-wrestled on his family room couch for about five minutes, I finally forced myself to break away before I crossed that line where I was kissing for me and not just as a go-between. I'd decided that line was three down-below clenches after I started to feel my panties getting wet, although each time we did it the line seemed to get pushed back a little more. A few days earlier, the line was "panties wet" and I swore to myself not to go past it. But the thing about promises to yourself is that you can also let yourself out of them, and I'd been doing that too often. I succeeded in staying in line this time, at the third down-below clench, instead of pushing it back again mostly because I had something I had to remember to say.

"Momma wanted me to tell you something," I said, gasping for breath.

"What's that?"

The moment after he spoke, his lips brushed against my neck, which I made a mental note of so I could pass it along. Then I got into the message. "Momma says to tell you she really misses your cum." I knew the word but still wasn't exactly clear on what 'cum' was when Momma told me, so the first time I repeated it for her, I said, "misses you coming over," but she made me repeat her exactly. "She misses the smell, the feel, and the taste, like a junkie misses heroin." This, she promised me, was just a romantic metaphor.

"Aw, that's sweet," Tino said. "Makes me feel bad, though, that I can't help her out. Unless... you think you could bring your Momma something?" I nodded. I'd already passed messages, kisses, and once a flower, so I didn't see why he even needed to ask. "Hold out your hand then."

I did, and that's how I went from being a girl who'd never even seen a real wiener in person to one who had a thick cock in her hand and watching it spew out. It had to be a cock because it certainly wasn't a wiener, a thin hot-dog looking thing like I'd pictured, or something more like a sausage for adults. This made even a sausage look small, so I could understand it needing its own word, and Momma says it's okay to use in homework because that's the real word. Just like 'fuck' and 'cum,' if that's what I'm talking about and not just a swear. So anyway, Tino just pulled down his shorts and slapped it in my hand and began rubbing it as I watched in surprise. I guess the size wasn't THAT much of a surprise, Mom had described it enough (although at first I thought she was exaggerating), and sometimes I'd seen or felt it through his shorts, but it's a whole different thing when it's naked in your hand, and it was a huge surprise that he could do that to a little girl. "Don't worry," he said as though I'd complained. "I'm just pulling out some cum for you to give your mother."

"Okay," I said, and waited. Sure took a lot of pulling and a lot of time which gave me time to become used to the sight of a big cock and learn some things about it I hadn't known, like how the head dripped like a runny nose, kind of like how I dripped after a long kiss with tongue. And I learned how warm it was, warmer even than his hands. And how the skin over most of it looked like it was stretched tight but actually slid around on the hard part like there was a layer of butter between them. And how a guy breathes funny and gets red as he works on pulling out some cum. And, in the end, I learned it worked a lot like a big water gun... you do a lot of pumping and then it shoots out all by itself. I never would have guessed that. The first burst just completely shot past my hand and onto my blouse, only the end of it landing on me, all slimey. Then he took my hand in his and made it into more of a cup, and aimed better and the next squirt went into my palm. And more came after. A lot more. By the end there was a runny pool of warm grey-white slime in my hand that smelled like my Momma's seat after the ride home from a massage session. "There you go, darling," Tino said, as he wiped his cock on my blouse, which would have been rude if it wasn't already messed up. "You bring that to your Momma with my compliments."

"Okay," I said. "What compliments do you want me to give her?"

He grinned, and said, "Tell her she's still the hottest piece of ass I've had and I miss having a mouth like hers on my cock."

I memorized the message, and left. He had to hold the door open for me because my hand was full. That was the longest walk home yet, not only did I usually have the usual anxiety I usually had now while leaving Tino's, but I also had to keep my hand steady so the cum didn't spill out. It's harder than you think... it was a good thing I didn't ride my bike that day or I'd have lost most of it on the handle!

Momma was waiting for me on the front porch, saw how I was holding my hand and asked what I had in there. I showed her, and a bright smile lit up her face and she held the door open for me and took me to the living room couch, where I usually gave her the kisses from Tino, or got kisses to give to Tino (sometimes I lost track on which we were, there was at least one Saturday where I just kept going back and forth between them because each of them insisted that the kiss was for express delivery... good thing Daddy likes to nap on Saturdays!). Then she took my hand and started licking it all over. Have you ever had someone lick your hand? It's weird and it tickles, but it's kind of nice, too. I giggled and tried to pull away, but not for real, just far enough to make Momma work for it. Pretty soon, my palm was wet. "Mmm, thank you baby, I missed this so much. But I have to ask you..." she looked at me, like she was afraid I was going to lie to her. "Did you taste any of it?" she asked.

"No!" I said.

I thought I saw her face fall, like she was disappointed and she said, "Because it's okay if you did, it's natural to be curious and it is delicious... you know he drinks pineapple juice just to make it sweeter. I just want to know if you did."

"No, gross, Momma, of course I didn't," I said.

"Are you sure?" she asked. "Because I know how much Tino cums, and there just isn't as much as usual. Especially if he hasn't had me to drain his beautiful balls regularly. Again, I'm not mad, I'm happy to share it, but..."

"I didn't!" I insisted. Now it made sense why she was disappointed, she thought I was lying to her. "I guess he did spill some," I explained, and showed her the dark wet spot on my blouse. "And some might have come out on the way." Some of it was runny and could have slipped through the gaps in my fingers.

"Oh, okay. Well, next time you do it, try your best not to spill any, okay?" She ruffled my hair, and added, "Because that stuff is gold."

That's how I knew this wasn't going to be a one-time thing, but then she wanted to kiss again and I didn't think about it. I did think about how her kisses tasted different, stronger somehow. And she kept breaking away to catch breath and asking me to describe Tino's cock, what it looked, felt, and tasted like, so she could remember. I had to tell her I hadn't tasted it. "Oh... well, that's okay, you don't have to if you don't want to."

The next time I carried cum home to Momma, I did try a little taste for myself. I like it now but then, I didn't see what was so delicious about it, sure it was a little sweet, but it seemed too strong and the smell of it made me wrinkle my nose, and I decided I'd let Momma have it. She didn't ask if I'd tasted it, but she did complain there wasn't enough, and that she waited too long for me to come back, and that if I helped Tino he could cum faster.

Okay, maybe I was curious how that would work, so after a few times I asked if he wanted help and he showed me how to 'jack it off'. It was like holding an animal, a tame one, one that wouldn't hurt but you could feel it alive in your hands until finally got and angry and spit. The next time he showed me how kissing it made it even faster, but I had to be careful or it might go off in my face.

That happened a few times, actually, usually when I sucked on his balls, which was kind of neat, except for the hair, but then sometimes it would explode and before I could get my hand in position it would go off and hit me in the face. Once, he held my hair real tight and wouldn't let me pull away until my face was covered, but he said he was sorry after, he just got carried away. Those cum-faced walks home were the worst, it was stressful hoping people wouldn't see and sometimes it would drip into my mouth on the way home, and sometimes one of my eyes was stuck shut. And once I got home, it got even weirder, because lately Momma wanted his cum inside her, not her mouth but her pussy, she'd been having me rubbing my spermy hands all over her, like she was trying to get pregnant but she told me sperm couldn't survive for that long so it was safe.

I didn't mind if she did get pregnant... she told me she wanted to, but Daddy didn't want to knock her up again, or couldn't, I'm not sure which, and part of the reason she'd cheated with Tino was because she wanted another baby. I would have liked to have a little brother or sister too, and as long as she wasn't cheating by doing it, I didn't see anything wrong with it. So when I rubbed Tino's cum into her pussy, I sometimes pretended it was going to get her pregnant even though it was safe. But when it got in my face, sometimes she would lick me all over like a puppy, and sometimes Momma would ask me to get between her legs and have me rub off the cum in her slit. I guess I didn't mind that too much either, she was shaved and clean and smelled even better than Tino, it was just weird. I know girls my age who say they've never seen their mother's pussy, much less had it rubbed all over their face like a living towel. But the kisses afterwards seemed to be so much more passionate, and sometimes they weren't instructions to be delivered to Tino, they were just a thank you for helping Momma, so it was okay to enjoy them past any limits. So it was a little weird but I was really getting to enjoy helping her out any way she asked.

Of course, I knew helping her out could still get us into a lot of trouble, and one day Momma told me I couldn't carry cum on my face anymore because the Reverend saw me walking home like that and started asking her questions until she convinced him I'd just been eating sticky buns. Lucky he believed her this time because I didn't have a reputation as one of those girls, but if it kept happening, and got back to Daddy, we could all be in serious trouble.

That's how I started my baby bird act, and got really used to the taste of Tino's cum, and learned to really suck a cock. Not right away, at first I just licked and kissed like usual, and opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue while he squirted, then walked home with my cheeks puffed out and Tino's sperms swimming around my teeth (Momma showed me a website when I finally asked exactly what cum was and ever since then I often picture all the tiny tadpoles swimming around). Once I got home, sometimes Momma would lick the stuff out of my mouth, less like a kiss and more like a deep cleaning with her tongue, and sometimes she would ask if I would please kiss his cum into her pussy. I think I liked the second type more, it was like I was a baby bird kissing a baby brother into the Momma Bird.

The baby bird method worked pretty well, but not perfectly. Have you ever tried carrying stuff in your mouth for a long time? You just want to spit or swallow soon. I started taking my bike on these trips, but if I hit a bump sometimes I'd accidentally swallow the whole load. Sometimes I did it even walking, I couldn't hold it anymore and I had to swallow. And then of course there were the times that I met somebody I knew and I tried to answer in just nods or head shakes but eventually they'd ask me something specific and I had to swallow it all so I could answer back. Sometimes Tino's cock would even be all at the back of my throat when he started cumming and I couldn't help but swallow then. Whenever I lost a mouthful, I'd usually go right back for another load but there was never as much the second time. And sometimes I only swallowed some of the first load and managed to keep some in a puffed-out cheek to take home, but either way I had to watch Momma sulk about not getting her full delivery.

I think it was Tino who first suggested that I try carrying it in my panties. At first I didn't think that was a good idea at all, it meant he'd be able to look at my pussy, and my panties would get all messy, but then, my panties were already getting wet from all the kissing, and if the cum was in there, some would get on my pussy and Mom would want to lick that, too. By this time I knew how good it felt when something rubbed there because I'd been rubbing myself every night, and a tongue seemed even better than fingers or a toothbrush.

So I sucked Tino to get him ready and then when he was about halfway done I lifted my legs, pulled the underwear down (or up, I guess), and let him rub up against my crack until he was ready to burst, then I pulled the panties down and caught all his cum. It was a huge success, and walking home with a sticky mess between my legs felt pretty neat once I got used to it. Not nearly as neat as Momma licking me clean, though. That felt amazeballs when she cleaned me, like she was determined to hunt down every last tadpole. Even after I was clean, she kept on licking me until I had a big-O orgazim, which I'd had before alone but never with another person which was so much better. A few times we'd rub our pussies together, so she could get the cum in her pussy too, and I'd tell her all the things Tino said... really dirty things and it was fun being allowed to say them to Momma, once I got used to it. Tino also liked to talk about fucking me, and at first I held that back, but once when we were doing what Momma called scissoring, and our pussies were rubbing together and it felt good, it just slipped out. "Tino said he wants to stick his cock all the way inside of me, take my cherry and fill me with his cum." When I said this, I thought she was angry because her lips would curl up and I could see her teeth, and she'd rub her pussy even more like she needed help to get to her own big-O because she was jealous. But then she moaned louder and longer than ever. After we were done, we cuddled up and I promised her I wouldn't actually fuck him, I wasn't interested in Tino, I was just her go-between.

"Oh, no, sweetie," she said. "It's okay if you want to fuck him. In fact, I was going to ask you if you wouldn't mind, so the cum gets in deep and stays until I need it. I'm sick of sucking on your panties." She always did that after cleaning me out. "I keep getting lint in my teeth." That was funny, and she pulled me close while I laughed. "I'd rather get it directly from my sweet little girl. Besides, this way you could wear your new swimsuit." She'd gotten me one and threw my old one piece out because she thought all the cum I'd been carrying had ruined it... and the stains were more public than the ones that were starting to make the cartoon characters on my underwear look like they'd been up to something really disgusting. Momma took me shopping for a bunch of new, sexier, panties too, but those nobody but Tino had to see. The new bathing suit was still in my drawer, untouched except for a few try-ons in front of a mirror and the salesman. I don't think you've seen it yet. It's much more fashionable but it takes a brave girl to wear it. It was a tiny yellow two piece with just tiny triangle patches held over my nipples with strings, and the bottom was like a mini-thong that always had my pussy lips wrapped around it. It was obviously pretty useless as a cum-catcher, so I hadn't even tried. I wasn't as brave back then, and I'd had it for a week but still even hadn't gotten up the nerve to wear that even just to the swimming hole.

I wasn't sure whether I was more worried about Tino being allowed to sticking his cock inside of me, or wearing my new swimsuit in public. "Isn't that gonna get me pregnant?" Even if Tino had the same snip-snip Daddy might have had, I was afraid just wearing it to the swimming hole might do it to me, because the last time I was there, in my one piece, I watched the Murphy brothers and their older cousin pin down Lacey Hall and take turns fucking her. She asked the first one to pull out because she was definitely going to get pregnant since she started having periods, but he said that if she didn't want it she shouldn't have worn such a sexy swimsuit. I didn't actually see if they did cum inside her because before they got done I remembered I had to go deliver a kiss from Tino, but her family left town this summer and I'm pretty sure that was why. It was only a few days after hearing about that rape that Momma bought me my new one.

Momma hugged me closer to her sweaty body so her tit was in my face and I popped her nipple in my mouth and sucked. It was a reflex, but I knew Tino liked sucking on them so it was easy to let her think it was from him. "If he does cum inside you, I'll do my best to suck it all out, and you're pretty young, so I think you're safe." Lacey was only six months older than me. "But if you do, well, you're just carrying a baby for me from him. He can't give one to me himself, even though he wants to, the sperm doesn't survive that long, so just think of it as another kind of message."

Damn right it is, but it's a message that everyone can overhear once my belly starts getting big. But I couldn't resist, I'd been the go-between that summer and learned and felt so much that it was hard to quit. I'd delivered kisses, cum, and even big-Os.. I couldn't decide which I liked more, getting them to pass on, or seeing how much they enjoyed getting them from me.

I even started to think that I wasn't the messenger, I was the message between two sex-crazed lovers who couldn't be together. That's why Momma was always giving me sexy outfits to wear when I went out, because she wanted to make sure Tino knew it was okay to use me instead of her. People always talked about using people for sex... now, instead of using each other for sex, Momma and Tino both used me. It was so dirty and yet so romantic.

Well, of course, I did get pregnant. That's not going to be a surprise to you... I mean, if I hadn't, I would be writing my "How I spent my summer vacation" story in Mister Perry's class and not here. Sure came as a surprise to me though! I hadn't even had a period yet!

I'd been going to Tino pretty regularly by the time I found out, and gotten used to him getting all the way inside me. The first time hurt. Well, not at first, he took it slow and took a few minutes just working the head inside and I felt all stretched out already and like an idiot I said, "So this is fucking, huh?"

He laughed and said, "No, that's not fucking, this is fucking," And he held onto my shoulder and then pushed in deep and started thrusting in and out and that really stretched me out, stretched me so much it felt like I tore apart. I walked so bow-legged on the way home that that part of me was wide open and dripping, so I didn't have any cum left to feed Momma. And I didn't even take the whole thing! I almost decided I'd never go back, but Momma took care of me and gave me cuddles and ice cream and showed me how to stretch and promised that next time would be better, and after a week or two.... okay, it still hurt sometimes, but it was a good hurt! And Momma still loved sticking her tongue way up my pussy or even my butthole to get at any sperm she could (even though by the time I got home it was usually leaking right out anyway, she still dove deep and stayed a long time). I guess she missed some, but not for lack of trying! She probably would have licked my eggs clean if her tongue could reach that far.

Anyway, there I was having loads of fun. Then I started puking in the mornings. I thought I was just sick, thought I was gonna miss out on the last week of summer, except I was just sick sometimes and fine at others. Momma noticed my nipples were extra sensitive when I was passing on an orgasm, had me bike down to the store and get one of those tests, and sure enough, my pee turned it blue.

"So I guess I'm giving you a baby after all," I told Momma.

She bit her lip like she was upset, but she hugged me, and when she pulled away she was fighting back tears. I asked her why and she told me that she was just sad that Tino might never be part of his baby's life, because of the stupid promise Daddy made her make. I said I wished I could help, and she said that there was one thing that maybe we could do, make Daddy change his mind.

Well I'm sure I don't have to tell you how you change a Daddy's mind, but Momma did have to teach me. In a way, it was really just more of being a go-between, because Daddy wouldn't listen to Momma about Tino. Fantasizing out loud in front of him was fine, but if she tried to raise the subject of the promise directly he just shut down before she could get a word in edgewise. But if I approached him just the right way, maybe we could talk to him about it and make him see light.

We practiced a lot at home before Daddy got off work, and then I showed off my new swimsuit at home outside of my bedroom for the first time. Before I'd keep it on under the clothes and just changed when I went to the creek or to see Tino. This time, I really was showing off, strutting out my room like it was nothing, then laying on the floor ass-up, legs spread, in front of Daddy while he watched TV. Well, he certainly wasn't watching it too closely, not with me lying on my stomach with a string up my butt and my pussy gobbling up more. Then at dinner Momma just made hotdogs and, like she showed me, I said I wanted to cut down on carbs, so I took out the wiener out of the bun and sucked on it while Daddy watched me all wide-eyed. Then after dinner while Momma did the dishes, Daddy was on the couch again and I flopped over on his lap. I was still wearing my swimsuit all this time and I felt his hard lump up against my belly. It didn't show yet (okay maybe it was getting a little chubby) but I had a baby in there and the thought that Daddy's penis had just poked my baby in the face made me giggle. I guess he thought it was the hard-on that was making me laugh so he said sorry. Finally, he cleared his throat and said, "Baby Bird, you haven't been fooling around with boys, have you?"

"Of course not, Daddy," I said. "I promised." And I kept that promise. Tino wasn't a boy, and the Murphy brothers... well, when they saw me try out my new swimsuit for actual swimming, they weren't fooling around either, they just plain force fucked me in practically the same spot they did Lacey, except they didn't have their cousin with them that day so I didn't get to find out what it was like to have all three holes filled at once. But I did learn what it was like to get pushed into the wet sand and how it feels to get choked or have my hair pulled while someone forces himself into one of my holes (it's actually not as unpleasant as it sounds! It's kinda another kind of good hurt!), and to have to wash cum out of your ass in the cold creek water (that was worse, but I had to do it... sure, Momma would have licked it out of me there too, thinking it was from Tino, but what if she noticed it didn't taste the same? Then I'd have some explaining to do!). But I wouldn't call any of that 'fooling around', and there was certainly nothing romantic about it. They kept calling me a little red-headed slut, and there was no kissing either time it happened. They said I'd regret it if I didn't come back the next day and I didn't want to take the chance that they were right. All the kisses I've had were kisses that I passed on from Tino, or Momma's long tonsil-tickling thank-you kisses, so I say I kept my promise. "What makes you think I would fool around with boys?"

"It's just you're dressing awfully funny for a girl your age."

"It's just my new swimsuit, Daddy. You don't like it?" I made sure to sound real sad at that.

"I didn't say that, Baby Bird, I like it a lot, but it's a little mature for a girl your age," he said.

"Momma chose it for me. She said if I gotta be stuck around the house, I should at least look sexy. You think I look sexy right?" I thought his dick was hard before! My baby's probably gonna need an eye patch when he's born, the way it jammed into me!

"You sure do, but you really shouldn't be looking sexy," he said.

"Why not? Momma told me you'd like it." She also told me that was why she turned to Tino in the first place, Daddy only liked younger girls, not both like Tino, and so Momma didn't excite him like he used to. They still loved each other but they weren't 'sexually compatible.' which I think means their parts don't fit right. "She also told me she realizes how selfish she's been and if you wanted, I could give you all the kisses that she says she should have given you. And do other stuff too." Daddy noticed Momma standing there, towel in her hand, and looked at her like he thought I might have been lying, but she nodded.

Well that got me pulled over his shoulder and rushed to his bedroom like he thought one of us might change their mind. Pretty soon I was delivering kisses and licks to Daddy's cock and he took off my swimsuit and stuck his fingers deep inside me like he was digging for a cherry that wasn't there.

I did it just like Momma told me, licking, kissing, and sucking, but not like Tino when I did it fast, I did it slow and take lots of pauses. He was smaller than Tino so I could easily have taken him all the way into my mouth but I never did. Momma's plan meant I couldn't let him pop, so whenever I thought he might, I settled back and let Daddy's fingers or tongue do magic on me or enjoyed a big-O.

I guess I pushed him too far which was just far enough, because finally he picked me up and lay me down on the edge of the bed, on my back, and began to spread my legs. I followed Momma's advice and waited just until he pressed the head up against my hole, and then cried, "Daddy, stop!"

He looked surprised and hurt. "What?"

"I promised Momma, I wouldn't let you fuck me without her permission. And a promise is a promise."

We had him there, so I was sent out to ask Momma for permission, then came back and asked him if she had permission to see Tino, and Daddy got red faced like he always did when he heard his name and said "No" and I told him that meant "No" too and pretty soon he was all grumpy and I left for the living room because who wants to hang around with a grumpy gus?

I thought the plan didn't work but a few minutes later he came out and asked me to go get Momma for a family meeting and we hashed it all out together. Daddy could fuck me all he wanted if he let Momma out of her promise not to see Tino or anyone else.

We saved the news that I was pregnant for a few days later after Daddy got used to fucking me. He was pretty good at that too... but not as good as Tino. Anyway, when he found out about the new addition to our family, he didn't like it, but he agreed with Momma's plan, to let Tino move in with us. Not right away, of course, but first they had a meeting, just to see if they could stand to be in the same room together.

Well, they could, at least with Momma trying to make nice and me being a go-between. They might not have liked each other, but they learned to share. A lot of sharing going on that night. We shared time, we shared a nice meal from McDonalds, we shared Momma's Netflix account to watch some of her favorite shows. They all shared me, too, of course, even Momma. Tino and Daddy could also share Momma, as long as their balls didn't touch. I guess she'd started to excite him again after all. Daddy still didn't seem all that happy with any of that sharing, but there was one thing that turned him around... Tino went out for a few minutes and brought back beer to share with all of us. I say "all of us", but I got left out of that sharing, except for a lot of "recycled beer", which I drank a lot of that night. That's what they called pee after drinking beer, and after Daddy did it the first time, they all wanted to give me some so they wouldn't have to get up from their comfy spot on the couch. That was a new one, I got to be the go-between between three people and the bathroom. It didn't taste very good, especially at first, but I got used to it. Swallowing it was a lot easier than carrying it in my mouth, anyway, since you didn't have to taste it as long, but of course that meant I was always running to the bathroom and missing out on the show. Mom was the worst, too, because it got all over my chin until I learned just where I should lock my lips. Now I can do it without spilling a drop.

By bedtime, with both me and Momma begging Daddy to let Tino stay the night, he sighed and said "Okay, but I'll be damned if a guy moves into my home to fuck my wife and daughter and doesn't at least pay a share of the bills." That was Momma's plan, but right then they were just talking about staying the whole night, not for good, we thought that would take a lot of these sharing nights, but since Daddy jumped ahead, that was what wound up happening. Tino was happy to sell his house, which gave him a nest egg he could live off even while paying rent to Daddy.

So it turns out I didn't get two rooms after all. Daddy wouldn't let Tino stay in Momma's bed, the "marital bed" that was one step too far, so he stays with me in mine. I kind of miss having my own room sometimes. It's going to be even more cramped once the baby comes. But overall I'm really really happy how things turned out. There's nothing like waking up with a hard cock sliding between your butt-cheeks and knowing it's yours whenever you want it (though lately he carries me into the shower to do it in the mornings because between the baby and Tino's cock, my bladder gets a good squeezing and if there's anything in there, it usually comes squirting out during a morning fuck!)

Anyway, now summer's over, but even though we all live together now, I still get called upon to be the message-passer, the go-between, all the time, even sometimes when we're both in the same room. Daddy and Tino sometimes have me go-between them when there's almost no space for me to fit. It's a little angry because they still are very different people and get into fights but they both like me and Momma so we're all learning to share. And whenever I'm between them, no matter how rough the message is, we all seem to get a big-O out of it and are smiling at the end. Sometimes wet and smelling like pee, if we don't remember to let me go first.

Daddy even invited Tino out fishing with him next summer, as long as I come of course, to keep the peace (I bet there'll be a lot more recycled beer! Dad never likes leaving the dock if he doesn't have to... he's afraid the fish'll choose just that time to bite). So we're not there yet but I think we're getting to be one big happy family.

Mostly though, since Daddy's still at work all day, and they took me out of regular school, I spend my time with Mom and Tino. Or I use to. I'm happy spending all day delivering big-Os between them and some of their friends, but Momma said that it starting to interfere with my homeschooling. So that's why she sent me to spend my days with you, Grandpa. Since you're retired and your sex drive has started to settle down a little, you can make sure I do all my homework before I get back to delivering messages.

That reminds me, though, Momma wanted me to pass on a message for you too. When you're done marking this, take your little blue pill and come see me in the bathroom!

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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