After reading my story detailing the world of The Halloween Dolls, my friend Danaume (who gave the initial idea to me and also drew this wonderful picture to help inspire me), was in turn inspired to write her own story in this universe!

The Halloween Dolls:

On the Edge

by Danaume

Halloween. Leah fucking hated Halloween. She had never been too partial to it before, with TV specials about kids dressing up and going door to door for candy, while the news screamed at parents about razor blades slid into the chocolates, rainbow colored drugs hidden in the smarties, and strangers looking to abduct your precious little darlings, it felt like the holiday itself was already dead and all the shows were a tribute to a long forgotten past, while her parents just bought candy from the store and they sat around eating it while watching movies, because it wasn’t safe to go door to door, and nobody came knocking at their door.

But that was when they had lived in the big city. Back when Leah had friends and a life that mattered. Back before moving to the middle of fucking nowhere.


It wasn’t the name of the town, but it’s what the kids at school called it. And it wasn’t hard to see why. The whole town seemed obsessed with Halloween… but it wasn’t the Halloween that she had seen in the movies, or the Halloween that the newscasters had screamed warnings about. Halloween in Dollsville was so much worse.

Every year the parents dressed their kids up in silly costumes and sent them out door to door like in those old movies, but the truth was undeniable. Those kids weren’t out there to have a good time and get candy… They were a tribute, a sacrifice.

Every year, some psychopath the town called the Halloween King would pick two or more at seeming random and kidnap them, only to return them on April Fools Day, broken, changed, and remade into sex slaves called ‘Dolls’.

It had been this way for over a decade. Most of the kids out there had grown up with this most if not all their lives. To them, seeing a few of their friends vanish and come back as tarted up sextoys was just… normal. And the parents… not just the parents, all the adults… they were in on it. They were all just as eager to capitalize on it, holding festivals themed around fucking those poor brainwashed kids. Making a quick buck, and getting their dicks wet with their own flesh and blood.

And her parents… they not only apparently knew about the Dolls and the Halloween King before moving her here, they forced her to get dressed up and head out both the Halloweens that she had lived in the town, putting her at risk of being a victim.

Her mom told her not to judge everyone so harshly, her dad told her that she was too young to understand the complexities, and she had tried… she honestly had tried not to be a bitch about things. Until last year when Andrea had been taken.


Leah was slow to make friends. She was a pessimist, she knew it, and maybe a little sarcastic and caustic. But Andrea was a kindred spirit. The two of them had become best friends so quickly. They did everything together.

Leah never even saw her friend get taken. They were together when it happened, but she never noticed, just one moment Andrea was there, in a cobbled-together Catholic school girl uniform with big fake glasses and a bookbag in place of a trick-or-treat pumpkin, and the next, Leah was alone under a streetlamp between houses.

The girl who came back five months later… wasn’t Andrea. Studybug, that was what they called her now. She’d come back with her short butch-cut blonde hair grown out to almost waist length, and pulled up into pigtails, with her eyes strained enough to actually need glasses, and with cosmetic braces drilled into her teeth, wearing the skimpiest schoolgirl uniform, that barely covered anything.

The biggest change though, was to her body. Even the grown-ups were stunned. The Halloween King had inhibited puberty in most of the kids he took, and enhanced it in others, but in Andrea, he’d outright reversed it. Gone were her proud D-cups, the girl was totally flat when she came back, and her hips were narrower. She’d even lost a couple inches of height. The doctors said that there were no signs of surgery, so it had to be some kind of weird fucked up drug. No matter how much Princess Mackenzie insisted it was ‘Halloween magic’, Leah knew that magic wasn’t real.

She wasn’t right in the head though… not that any of the Dolls really were. Studybug only cared about two things; getting straight A’s, and taking ‘oral exams’. She’d do anything any teacher or tutor told her to, and she’d go to her knees for any pair of spread legs, but if she wasn’t doing something sexual, she was either in school, at the library, or at home studying.

Gone were the days of playing hooky with Leah. Gone were the days hanging out after school. Gone. Her only friend, and she was gone. She was still there, but she was gone, as gone as if the Halloween King had put a bullet in her head.

Leah hated it.

Leah hated Halloween.

And yet her parents had still insisted that she go out and pimp herself for candy like all the other sacrifices, for the lottery… the tribute to the Halloween King’s perversions. Fuck that.

She snuck back into the house after her parents had kicked her out to go in search of sweets, slipping quietly back into her bedroom, stripping out of the ‘magical girl’ costume her parents had gotten for her to wear, as she pulled a piece of paper from her school bag.

She sat down at the desk and put all her pain and hate into a letter to her parents. A goodbye letter. Her last letter. She felt her guts twist even as she wrote about how much she knew her parents didn’t care about her, how much she missed her last home, how much she missed who Andrea had been… and how much she fucking hated Halloween and the so called king of it. If he wanted a sacrifice, then he could have it.

She didn’t care.

She’d be dead by morning.

She left her suicide note on her desk, held down by her pencil and the magical girl wand, then slipped back out the window of her room and into the night.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

He walked quietly through the dark streets, smiling to himself as he enjoyed the sights of the children and young teens going door to door, asking for candy, dressed up in festive costumes, of buildings decorated for comical fright, of parents and adults truly enjoying the spirit of the holiday. When anyone could be anything.

He himself was unseen, because that was what he wished. There was only one exception to that rule, occasionally, if the Halloween Princess happened to pass him as she wandered the streets with her retinue, she would smile and give him a quiet wink, but she knew better than to point him out to others. He liked the quiet, the anonymity, he knew that he would be unable to do his work if he was inundated with throngs of his subjects thanking him and fawning over his charitable deeds done for the town.

His eyes scanned the delectable treats rushing from house to house, searching for the signs that one was ready for a proper trick. There were always more than enough candidates, of course, but he liked to take his time and give to those who truly needed his gifts.

A young black girl dressed as a bunny, not just an animal like so many others, but a cocktail bunny girl, like in those adult magazines, sashayed past, wiggling her butt as she struggled to keep upright in heels that were a touch high for her, and he couldn’t help but smile wider, she had promise.

As he followed the bell-like sway of her youthful curves a ways, a sudden gust of wind drew his attention upwards, to a sight that took his smile from him. He saw her several streets down, where the residential area gave way to the start of the town’s small commercial district, atop the highest building, highlighted in the moonlight.

She wasn’t wearing a costume, which in and of itself should have disqualified her from his consideration. But he had been on the edge of a building before, as she was, he’d looked down at the street below and wondered how long it would take to marshal the courage to take that last step. Something he had never managed to do before becoming the King of Halloween… but he knew, even from so far away, she was as unseen as him, and she wasn’t planning to take the stairs down.

He quickened his pace, abandoning the young bunny as he hurried down the streets, weaving between trick-or-treaters and their chaperones, his eyes never leaving the girl on the rooftop.

At a guess, she was likely in her tweenaged years, no longer a child, but not yet a teen, her body struggling to reconcile the differences between looming adult desires and a childlike physique. Flat chested under her black t-shirt with some heavy metal band logo on it, but with a youthful curve to her hips, which were stretching out a pair of sleep shorts. She looked to be barefoot, as if she had made her way there in her nightclothes. Her tan skin looked overly pale in the moonlight, and her dark black shoulder length hair danced in the wind as it whipped around her on the rooftop.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Leah shivered in the cold, wishing that she had brought a jacket, though that would be stupid. What did comfort matter, with what she intended to do. Her feet hurt from walking across the pavement to the building, and the gravel covered rooftop, but now her goal was in sight. She stood in silence, listening to the distant frivolity of the trick-or-treaters, wondering if anyone else she cared about would be taken this year.

Not that it really mattered. She wouldn’t be around to find out.

She raised both arms, flipping off the skyline, and took a deep breath, yelling out, “Fuck you Halloween King! You took everything from me, this is on you!” and then she started to let herself fall forwards over the edge.

A boney fingered hand pulled a damp rag over her mouth as she inhaled after her yell, and another wrapped around her waist, pulling her back atop the building before she could fall. She heard a hoarse whisper in her ear, “Halloween is a time to give, not to take. I’ve never taken anything that couldn’t be returned…”

Leah’s eyes widened in horror as she heaved and struggled against the strong arms, but the chemical scent from the rag overpowered her, and even as he spoke to her and she thrashed, she felt herself falling again, but this time, not forwards towards the ground, instead backwards into unconsciousness.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Leah groaned, her head throbbing as she slowly came to, her thoughts jumbled and her eyes unfocused in the dimly lit room. Her arms and legs ached with stiffness from being held still for too long, and she was cold, both inside and out, making her shudder and try to curl in on herself, only to feel resistance, as her arms and legs refused to move, and the sounds of chains rattling bit sharp in her ears.

That caused her breath to catch, her mind struggling to put together the fragments of memory from her last moments of consciousness. She had been abducted… she hadn’t been trick-or-treating. She hadn’t even been wearing a costume… did… did that mean she was going to end up a fuckdoll?

Her heart pounded like a jackrabbit in her chest, as she trembled in her restraints, giving a sob before weakly crying out, “Help!” Her voice cracked, her mouth dry and her tongue thick.

“Good morning, my little Edgelord…” came the dry, raspy voice that she had heard the night before. Had it been the night before? How long had she been out?

Leah shuddered and gave another sob, “Oh god, why…” her eyes struggled to focus, slowly taking in the nightmare that was the room she was in. It looked like something out of a horror film. Dull gray walls with cracked and peeling paint and plaster, cobwebs in the corners, a few unbroken flickering, dusty industrial fluorescent bulbs casting dull light from the recessed ceiling sconces, while the rest hung empty, dark medical machinery of unknown purpose looming around her, with various wires and tubes leading towards her chained down and naked body on the bed. And at the foot of the bed, the monster responsible for it all…

“Why what, my little Edgelord?” that voice replied. A gaunt figure of a man, hollow, sunken in on himself, almost skeletal, draped in an old, blood stained medical lab coat and under it an equally old and worn thin suit. Like a cross between an unwrapped mummy and the Slenderman… The Halloween King.

“Why am I here, I wasn’t in a costume… I wasn’t trick-or-treating… please no… this isn’t fair!” she sobbed out, feeling herself start to hyperventilate as panic and horror truly sunk in.

He grinned, a wide, toothy grin that seemed to split his face in half and keep on going, impossibly wide. “Why? Because you called for me, my dear.”

“Are you… going to turn me into a fuckdoll?” she whimpered.

He tilted his head to the side, silent for a moment, then he asked slowly, “Do you… want… to be a fuckdoll?”

“No!” she almost screamed in reply, only to start coughing as her dry throat cracked again from the strain, before sobbing and pleading at a more reasonable volume, “I don’t want to be a doll at all!”

He nodded as if that settled things, “Not a fuckdoll then.” letting out a dry little chuckle.

That laugh was like ice in her veins. But the real chill in her veins drew her increasingly focused mind to the various lines leading to her body, lifting her head to look down at her naked self, seeing various IV needles going into her arms, thighs, and chest.

“Are you going to kill me?” she asked with another sob.

He blinked in surprise at that, then said with a firmness that surprised her, “If I wanted you dead, I would have let you kill yourself. I wouldn’t have wasted my time bringing you here.”

“To your nightmare fucking hospital?” she spat, feigning sarcastic venom, when all she felt was dread.

He smiled again, “Is that what you see? Odd, none of the Dolls have described Fairyland as a nightmare since the second year… it’s been so long.” he gave a wistful sigh.

Leah blinked, “W… what else could you describe it as? The creepy flickering lights, the peeling paint on the walls, all the weird machines you have me hooked up to!”

The Halloween King sat down at the foot of the bed, but she couldn’t see a chair for him to sit on, it was as if he was sitting in empty air. “Fairyland is whatever it needs to be. Much like a child on Halloween, it can wear many costumes, but that doesn’t make them real.”

Leah swallowed hard, frowning, her disbelief clear on her face. “Is this where you start raping me, or brainwashing me…”

He slowly shook his head, “Being the Halloween King might grant me Prima Nocta, but that doesn’t mean I would exercise it. I make it a point to never partake in the dolls unless they truly want it.”

“So after the brainwashing then.” she muttered sourly.

That got another dry chuckle from the Halloween King. “Oh… more often than not, these days, well before training begins.”

Leah shuddered, “Who would want to fuck a twisted undead monster like you?”

“Undead, you say?” the Halloween King scratched his chin, “Interesting. You truly are obsessed with death, my little Edgelord.”

“Stop calling me that!”

He smiled, “Well, I’m afraid I don’t know your actual name, my dear. Unlike many of my Dolls, I haven’t had time to study you, to watch you, to learn your wants and desires. I had to make a snap judgment… take you, or let you die. And given that I found you at the edge of a building, cursing my name and making rude gestures at the sky, it just seemed a fitting nickname.”

“My name is Leah.” she said bitterly.

He nodded slowly, “Very well, Leah. You said, before attempting to leap to your death, that I took everything from you. But I don’t know you… I don’t remember ever taking anything from you. Would you be so kind as to tell me what it was that I stole to make you hate me so?”

She frowned, “You make kids into sextoys, what more does someone need to hate you?”

He just shrugged, “You specifically said I took everything… that implies more than just the gifts I have given the town.”

Tears burned in Leah’s eyes as a lump formed in her throat, “G… gifts? Are… are you serious? You killed my best friend! My only friend!”

The Halloween King’s thin lips pulled into a tight frown, “Tell me who I am supposed to have killed.”

“Andrea Wiseman, you freak!”

He raised a brow, “The Student? I saw her just Hallow’s Eve, she is still very much alive.”

Leah clenched her teeth hard enough that her jaw ached, “No… not ‘the student’ not the ‘studybug’... Andrea, my friend… The girl I used to hang out with, the girl I used to tell jokes with, and watch movies with, and ditch class with! She’s gone! You killed her, and replaced her with that… that thing in her body!”

“Did Andrea tell you that her parents kept the school from holding her back a grade? That they were thinking of sending her off to a boarding school for girls? That she was constantly at odds with her parents because of her failing grades and their eternal disappointment in her?”

“What?” Leah blinked.

“Did Andrea ever tell you that she envied the ‘nerds’ who could study, and get good grades, because they were smart, and made it look so easy, when she was stupid, and didn’t even feel it was worth trying? Did she ever tell you that she was convinced that her best hope in life was to become a stripper or porn star, so that she wouldn’t have to get a job that required college?”

The Halloween King stood up and loomed over the bound girl on the bed, his arms going to either side of her as his head hovered above hers, “Did she ever tell you that her only wish was to be smart enough to not have to sell her ass for a living?”

Leah tried to draw back into the bed beneath her, turning her head to the side as he loomed so close, tears streaming down her face.

“Andrea Wiseman isn’t dead, Leah… she got her wish. Her grades will be good enough now to get into any college she wants, and when she turns eighteen, the choice will be hers… she can continue to be the Student I made her, or she can go on with the skills I gave her, and her own free will.” he drew himself back, sitting once more on that unseen chair. “That is the point of Halloween after all.”

“What is?” Leah asked through a choked sob.

He smiled, “To be who you want to be. Halloween lets you do it for one day a year. But I let my Dolls do it for far longer.”

“What about the sexdolls?” she asked sullenly.

He sighed, “The first ones were… a fit of anger that I regret… unbecoming of royalty.” then he chuckled, “I never imagined that others would want to continue the tradition however. It is an easy wish to grant, so I see no reason not to indulge those who tempt such fate.”

She just looked away again, frowning silently.

The Halloween King stood and said, “I’ll let you rest. We can talk again tomorrow. We have plenty of time together after all… time to figure out what to do with you.” He turned and started to walk from the room.

“Wait!” she called out.

He hesitated, looking back over his shoulder.

She nodded her head to the various tubes running to her body, “W… what are you pumping me full of? W… what is all this?”

“Ah, your ‘medical nightmare’ fantasy.” giving her a wink, “I see to it that guests of Fairyland are fed and safe. While you are here, you won’t need to eat or drink, piss or shit. Though your tongue will still get dry and crave drinks… and your stomach might still growl for a real meal on occasion. But I won’t be doing anything to… change you… not yet. Not until I know you better.”

And with that, he left the room, those heavy metal swinging doors flopping closed behind him, leaving her alone in the room, with the disquieting hum and clink of the flickering lights, the soft beeps and hisses of the machines, the ice in her veins, and the dryness in her mouth.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Left to her own private nightmare, chained naked to the bed, Leah had nothing but her own imagination to pass the time, and nothing she could imagine was anything but bad. It left her trying not to think, crying to herself as she drifted in and out of consciousness, unable to even tell how much time had passed, as the only thing that was close to a measure of time was the increasing ache and stiffness from the immobility of her limbs.

As a result, she could only take the word of her abductor when he returned, that it was the next day, as he said, “Good morning, my little Edgelord.”

“Leah…” she muttered sullenly.

The Halloween King just smiled and nodded as he approached her bed, moving to one of machines pumping fluids into her, poking at it idly for a moment before switching a tube from one socket to another, causing the clear fluid in it to slowly be replaced by a creeping milky white fluid that slowly made its way down the tube and towards her chest before she felt a heat flush through her veins.

“What… what was that?” Leah asked in a panicked tone.

“Just a little something to make talking easier.” he said as he took his seat at the foot of her bed. He watched her for a moment, as if waiting for something, then said, “So many of the girls who come to me these days are already so experienced, but when I inspected you that first night, I found that you still have a hymen. I was rather surprised to be sure. I don’t think I’ve had a truly virgin Doll in years. Unless you just haven’t played… there. Are you still completely virgin? Or have you made use of your other holes… maybe you are only interested in girls?”

Leah blinked and blushed scarlet at the vulgar admission of his violation of her in his inspection of her body and his questions, blurting out, “I’m not fucking telling you that, that’s none of your business! Besides, I’m not a slut, I’ve never had sex with anyone.”

She blinked again, her brain needing a moment to process the fact that she had said more than she intended, “W… why did I tell you that?” fear creeping back into her voice.

“Because there is no need for lies here, and I need the truth to my questions to best help you.” he smiled that creepy, too wide smile, showing sharp predatory teeth. “I know the town has become far more open about sexual education, so I’ll assume that you have had that. Have you started masturbating? Have you had an orgasm?”

Leah shuddered, biting her lip as she tried to keep silent, but she could feel the need to answer building up inside of her, like air in her lungs that just had to escape or she would burst, finally coming out in a rush, “Last year… and yes, a few times…”

The questions just kept coming, one after another, most of them relating to sex, but not all of them: What do you fantasize about when you masturbate? “Lots of random things…” How often do you watch others having sex? “Not often, it’s creepy…” Have you ever masturbated in public or in front of someone? “No, eew… that should be private…” Do you like boys, or girls, or both, or something else? “I don’t know, boys, I guess…” What’s your favorite animal? “I like unicorns…” Have you ever tasted your own pee? “N… n… yes… but it was an accident” Someone else’s pee? “No!” Have you ever tasted your own pussy juices? “Yes…” Do you have any sex toys? “No…” Have you ever looked for any porn? “In this town? Why bother?” What’s the thing you feel guiltiest about? “Losing sight of Andrea last Halloween…” What is the thing you are most proud of? “My willpower.” How old are you? "Eleven." When is your birthday? “September fourth…”

One after another, the questions came for hours on end, and the Halloween King never gave any commentary, no sounds of approval or disapproval, no judgment, just listening silently, then asking the next question.

She felt physically and emotionally drained by the time he stopped asking questions, and finally got in one of her own. “Why are you doing this?”

“To get to know you better.” he answered.

Leah frowned, “No… not that… all of this… why do you kidnap kids and turn them into fucktoys?”

“Dolls. They are so much more than just a dildo or pocket pussy…” the Halloween King said with a slightly offended edge to his voice.

“Whatever… that doesn’t answer my question.” Leah said with a huff.

He sat silently, looking at her for a long moment, though in the absence of any way to tell time, Leah couldn’t tell how long, then finally he spoke. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to tell you that. You and I share some things in common after all.”

“No we fucking don’t!” she protested, but he waved off her protest with a chuckle.

“I came to this town to die too, you know. After losing everything. Only unlike you, I truly had lost everything.”

The Halloween King leaned back in the chair that Leah’s eyes still adamantly refused to bring into focus, “My family had all either died or disowned me. I’d lost my job, my home had been foreclosed on. Even my health was failing. So I was wandering the country, hitchhiking from town to town, trying to stay south of the bitter winter colds, and north of the sweltering summer heat, begging for meals, but more often than not, eating rotten discarded food from dumpsters behind stores and restaurants.”

Leah frowned as she listened, taking her turn to be silent.

“I stumbled into this town on Halloween night. I was a mess, I’m certain. Unwashed, I likely smelled of filth and disease. A little girl trick-or-treating broke off from her group and put a handful of candy into my hand before rushing off. When her dad saw that, he came over, and gave me a ten dollar bill, telling me how to get to a cafe, and who to ask for, to get a hot meal.” he smiled at the memory. “I ate the chocolates and chalky sugar disks on the way to the diner, and they had never tasted so good. Once there, I figured I would just ask for a meal and eat it outside, but they brought me in, fed me more than ten dollars should be able to buy… and then even told me where I could find a motel that would put me up for the night.”

Leah felt her guts twist as she listened to the tale, but as she hadn’t been asked a question, she wasn’t compelled to say anything, and kept listening.

“The man at the motel, he took me to an empty guest room, let me shower, even got me a change of clothing. Fed me the next morning too. I got to sleep in a real bed. Though I’ll admit, I was worried the police would show up to arrest me any moment.” he chuckled softly. “It never happened though. And the next morning, as I was eating with the man, I asked him, why would everyone in the town treat me so well? I was a vagrant, for all they knew, I could have been a monster.”

“He told me, Halloween is a night for kids to dress up as a princess, a superhero, a knight, or a demon. So what’s wrong with treating a guy down on his luck like a king. That’s the beauty of the holiday, you can become anything you want, even if only for the day.” He smiled wistfully, which looked so wrong to Leah on his freakish overly wide mouth full of sharp teeth. “On the way out I saw a suggestion box, and on a lark, I wrote a thank you note and stuffed it into the box, saying that I just wished that I could repay the town for their kindness.”

“I was planning on dying. I was sick. Cancer eating my guts. I wasn’t going to last another year anyways. So I wandered into the woods outside of town to do the same thing you tried to do. To end it quickly. But then I found this place. Fairyland… where Halloween never ends. Where I am the King that the town treated me as… The town saved my heart, and Fairyland saved my body. So now I work to repay my debt.”

“By turning kids into sex slaves?” Leah asked bitterly. “If this place has the ability to cure cancer… couldn’t you be doing good instead of all this creepy fucked up criminal shit?”

The Halloween King chuckled, “You don’t understand yet, but I think you will. The town and Fairyland saved me. And I saved you… in time, I think you will understand your debt to me, but by then it might be too late.”

He stood and smiled, “Tomorrow I will decide what to do with you, then we will begin your training.” turning to leave again. “Sleep well, my little Edgelord.”

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Slowly, whatever had been in the milky white dose of drugs Leah had been given wore off, the tube once again running clear, but that lingering heat remained, slowly pushed downwards by her heartbeat until it seemed to settle between her legs. A throbbing hot need that she couldn’t ignore, and didn’t want, and because of her bound limbs, couldn’t do anything about.

With that unwanted ‘hunger’ between her legs, and the conversation with the Halloween King lingering in her mind, Leah couldn’t just tune out the world like she had the day before, if it had been a full day before. Her mind kept going over the questions he had asked that she had been forced to answer, the story he gave her, the comparisons he made to herself. Clearly they weren’t the same. She wasn’t some monster who would turn other people into sex freaks out of some twisted sense of obligation to a town…

Her mind locked into an almost obsessive pessimistic doom spiral of trying to work out some puzzle in what he had told her to distract herself, and also because there was nothing else to do. All her fear, humiliation, chemical and hormonally induced lust, and frustrations fed into the spiral as it twisted up in her mind and guts in endless loops of what ifs.

As a result, she missed the return of the Halloween King to her room until the sound of a squeaky caster wheel on the medical trolley cart he was pushing shook her out of her mental whirlpool. Her head snapped up to see him standing behind the frame of a lightweight metal trolley covered in tattered, stained and blood soaked linen, though when he lifted the cloth, her eyes seemed to unfocus for a moment, only to refocus on the blue and white of sterile disposable paper medical cloth.

She shook her head and groaned.

The Halloween King chuckled at her groan, “Good morning, Leah, my little Edgelord. I’d ask if you slept well, but you don’t look as though you have slept at all. That’s alright. You slept for nearly a week after Halloween.”

That hit her like a punch to the gut. She’d already been there for a week? How much had he done to her while she had been asleep?

“Good news, I think I’ve settled on the best kind of Doll to make of you.” he said with that over-wide twisted smile of his.

“I don’t want to be a doll…” Leah said, “I’m never going to give in and let you make me one… I’ll fight you with everything I have, I’ll kill myself if I have to… you know I can.”

He stood silently, looking at her for a moment, then said, “No, you can’t. That was the first thing I made certain of before waking you up. I couldn’t have you biting your tongue, or slitting your wrists or something. You can talk a big game all you want, but you will never again be able to try to take your life, no more than you could bring yourself to take the life of another.”


“A mental prohibition, if you will… wormed into your brain while you slept here in Fairyland. All the Dolls get some conditioning, to protect themselves, to protect me, and to protect Fairyland… you just got a little more than the rest.” he said with a smile.

She shuddered, once again feeling that deep sense of violation, but now in ways that went far deeper than just knowing he had inspected her privates and forced her to answer questions, “I still won’t ever be one of your freakish little Dolls…”

The Halloween King tapped his chin for a moment, considering her words, “How about we make a deal then?”

“What kind of deal?” Leah asked guardedly.

“Most of the children I take are turned into Dolls until their eighteenth birthday. But for you we will make a special case. I won’t turn you into a Doll… not… all the way. I’ll make you something special. You will have obligations, compulsions, and desires, but you will not be required to seek out an owner. You won’t be a slave… so long as you don’t have an orgasm.”

“What?” she blinked in confused shock.

“If you can go until your eighteenth birthday, without having a single orgasm, I will make you my heir. The Halloween Queen. I will take you under my wing, teach you how Fairyland works, and let you start making decisions about how best to use it.”

She swallowed, “Wh… what happens if I don’t last that long?”

“If you have an orgasm before your eighteenth birthday, it will prove that you enjoy being a Doll too much, and it will trigger the full Doll programming I will have installed inside of you. You will be compelled to seek out an owner, and remain as a Doll until your eighteenth birthday. But should you become a full Doll, instead of going automatically going free like the other kids, as payment for your freedom at the beginning, you will need to go a year without an orgasm, after turning eighteen, to stop being a Doll. Never manage a full year, and you will never stop being a Doll. Manage that full year, and you get the choice to be free, just like all the other kids.” The Halloween King smiled his too-wide toothy grin, “What do you think, a fair deal? You give up seven years of orgasms, for a chance to gain my kingdom and power, and control over the direction we take from that point… To take everything from me and make it your own.”

Leah swallowed hard, then asked timidly, “D… do… I get time to think about it? Do… do I really have a choice?”

He nodded, “Of course you have a choice. If you refuse the deal, I make you a full Doll from the start. Those are your choices.”

Leah frowned, “Fine… deal.”

“Deal and done.” the Halloween King said as he threw back the cloth he held, “Now then, I’m afraid that today won’t be overly comfortable for you…”

He took a pair of long, slender tubes joined by a short, thin bar, from which extended a longer, thicker tube. He then brought that beside her, gripping her face to tilt her head back.

“What… what are you doing?”

He didn’t answer, instead he simply began to feed the tubes up her nostrils, slowly, methodically, worming them through her sinuses until they butted at the back of her throat, making her choke. He kept sliding them down, taking his time, as he fed the tubes into her trachea, deep enough that the short bar came to rest against her nose. He then plugged the thicker tube into one of the machines, and she felt her ability to breathe taken from her.

Instead of breathing on her own, the machine began to pump air in and out of her lungs, slowly, metered, measured, and always slightly less than she wanted, leaving her feeling breathless and as if she needed to gasp for air.

He then took the next two things from the tray atop the trolley, the first a small clear bottle, the second a more fearsome looking device. A black rubber dildo with metal studs set in rings around its circumference every inch or so of its length. He brought both alongside her bed, then reached out and gripped her jaw, squeezing her cheeks to force her mouth open before pouring some of the fluid into her mouth.

It tasted mostly neutral, faintly salty, but felt very slimy, slippery and cold across her dry tongue.

Her mouth lubricated, he took up the dildo, and fed it into her wedged open jaw. Her eyes bulged open as he pushed the toy past her gag reflex. She wanted to cough, to puke and push the thing out of her… but she couldn’t do any of that. Her breathing was controlled by the machine, her stomach was empty, and she couldn’t fight against it with her arms and legs chained to the bed. All she could do was choke it down as the toy stretched her throat painfully.

A bulge at the base of the device fitted like a ball gag behind her teeth, letting them sink into soft rubber behind that bulge, like a trench, letting her bite down without injuring her teeth, and anchoring the toy in place so that she couldn’t spit it out, and there was no fear of it being swallowed deeper.

Next, the bottle was brought between her legs, and his cold, boney fingers worked the cold, slippery fluid across her sex and between the cheeks of her rear. There was no denying why when he pulled two more of the black rubber, studded dildos from the tray.

He slid the first between her cheeks, twisting it gently against her virgin pucker. She shook her head as best she could with that dildo down her throat, but her silent protests were ignored, as slowly he pushed it into her.

Her machine regulated breathing didn’t even let her let out a pained protest as the toy slowly stretched open her asshole, sliding ever deeper into her.

Leah told herself that he must have drugged her with something to remove the pain… something to start turning her into a doll, maybe whatever was making her so horny… because there was no way she could feel good having something forced into her ass. It ached, and her muscles protested being stretched open like that, but… as much as she hated it, it felt… so good to just have something filling her.

Dread and humiliation filled her as he readied the third dildo, easing it against her virgin pussy. There was only a moment’s pain as the thin barrier of her hymen was broken, and the faint burn of that irritated tissue being stretched, but it was drowned out by the hunger in her belly as that toy was sunk deep into her young hole.

As imposing as the toys looked to her, they were thin and rather small, meant for a body her size. He brought cables from beneath the bed to the base of each toy, slowly screwing them into sockets that waited there.

He finally took up a trio of syringes. He pulled the cap from the first, smiling as he brought it to her left nipple, casually inserting the thin needle directly into the meat of her nipple, as though trying to feed it down a milk duct, and injected the whole contents of the syringe.

The sting of the needle was nothing compared to the aching burn of the medicine that he injected into her nascent tit.

He then uncapped the second needle and repeated the process on her second nipple, making tears run down her cheeks. She wanted to rub her aching chest, but she could do nothing as her nipples throbbed and burned, more erect than she had ever seen them, they strained from her flat chest like little eraser tips.

She shook her head again, pleading with her eyes as she saw where he was going with the third syringe, but he ignored her silent pleas, uncapping the third needle between her legs, only to gently insert the sharp thorn of metal directly into her clitoris and depress the plunger, pushing the contents of the syringe into her tender bud, making it burn in the same way as her nipples.

She wanted to scream, but between the dildo down her throat, and the tubes down her nostrils, she couldn’t even groan.

He then took up a canvas strap belt and fitted it around her waist, with a t-strap running between her legs to hold the dildos in place, so that they wouldn’t worm out over time.

His job done, he said, “I have to go rework your training and programming, of course, to reflect our deal. So I have to leave you for now, but I’m sure that this will keep you busy enough.”

As he turned to go, she heard a chuffing hiss, and felt the dildo in her pussy start to inflate. Slowly, larger and larger, stretching out her intimate flesh. Her eyes squeezed shut, feeling her insides opening to the point where her muscles strained and her flesh felt like it might tear… and then the toy stopped inflating. A soft hissing started, and as it did, the metal studs started to shock her, making her muscles contract hard around the toy, making her clench and grip it, squeezing with muscles she wasn’t used to using at all, milking the toy as it deflated, until it was back to its original size, and then continuing to clench for another ten seconds, forced by the electric current.

Then the current stopped and she was allowed to relax. She wanted to breathe a breath of relief, but her breathing was controlled by that damned machine.

Her relief was short lived, however, as next the anal intruder started to inflate. Like the vaginal toy, it too stretched her out until she was sure it was about to injure her horribly, and then it stopped, and as it started to deflate, small electric shocks forced her to clench at the toy, gripping it and squeezing at it as it shrank within her.

Next came the one in her mouth and throat, stretching her jaw and neck, and forcing her head back. Like the other two, it went until she felt like it was going to break her, and then just shy of doing damage, it stopped, then the shocks started, making her bite down, clench and swallow hard at it as it shrank in her mouth and throat.

Then the cycle restarted with her pussy…

On and on, a vulgar exercise routine of stretch, clench, compress, hold, relax, next hole… It never stopped. Over time she was sure that it was stretching her more and more, the time to stretch seemed to take longer, the time to deflate lasted longer as well. Her muscles ached from the strain and fatigue, the burn in her nipples and clit forgotten with this twisted workout.

At some point she passed out, falling asleep from the exhaustion, but all through her slumber it kept going, and when she woke up, it was still going; stretch, clench, compress, hold, relax, next hole.

No wonder the Dolls could fuck for hours on end…

- ~ \ | / ~ -

The training continued, Leah didn’t know how long, she had no frame of reference for it, but at some point, the Halloween King had come in and slipped goggles over her face. A pair of screens dominated her vision whenever her eyes were open, with swirling bars of light leaving trails, like those old retro screensavers she’d seen in old movies from the nineties, intermixed with flashes of pictures that came and went too quick for her to focus on them or identify what they were. Just occasional pulses of something that wasn’t black with swirling bars made of shifting colors of light.

She had no idea what the headset was for, but given what the Halloween King did with kids, she was sure it wasn’t good for her, so she struggled to keep her eyes closed as much as possible. The problem was, all that left her to focus on was the increasingly exhausting ache in her pussy, ass, and throat, as the training plugs kept up their monotonous work.

Some time after putting the headset on her, Leah felt the Halloween King give her fresh shots in her nipples and clit as well, renewing the burn in those tender places, making her want to scream against the trainer in her throat.

She thrashed and cried silently, struggling to escape, her muscles sore from her repeated futile attempts to get loose. It didn’t matter that there was no escape… it didn’t matter that her body was exhausted and violated… she couldn’t give in. She couldn’t let this monster win.

“Your Majesty, it is such a pleasure to return to Fairyland…” the soft girlish voice was at first unrecognizable to Leah, as was the shy and eager giggle that followed it, “...might my king wish to partake in his Princess’s delights?”

It was at the title of Princess that Leah recognized the voice, so different without the pompous, self important tone… Princess Mackenzie.

Leah heard a wet sound, and a soft moan from the Princess, then a whisper from the Halloween King that she couldn’t quite make out, followed by a soft and repetitive wet slapping sound.

Another soft giggle came from the Princess, then she said in the breathy voice of a Doll being fucked, “Of course, sir, anything for my king.”

“Do you know of a girl named Leah, white, eleven years old, rather caustic and isolated?” she heard the Halloween King ask the Doll.

A long ponderous moan followed before the Princess said, “No, your Majesty. What did she dress up as this Halloween?”

He grunted, “She didn’t… but I know that she’s friends with the Student.”

“Another sexdoll?” the Princess asked.

“No… but I have taken her as a Doll all the same. However, I need you to break tradition…” the Halloween King said between grunts and firmer wet slaps.

“W… why? What’s so special about her, sir?” the Princess asked, low and deep, breathless with her own pleasure.

The King replied, “She tried to kill herself, she left a note for her parents to that effect. I am certain that they don’t believe that she was taken as a Doll, but is dead somewhere. I have built up too much trust in the town to have it broken by this. So I need you to deliver a proclamation to her parents and the town council. Tell them that she did try to kill herself, but that I saved her, and that she will be returned at Homecoming with the other Doll.”

A long low male grunt and a high pitched cry of pleasure signaled the end of the Halloween King’s pleasure, and the Princess’s complete enjoyment of it. A few moments of girlish panting later and Leah heard the Princess say, “Of course, my king.”

“I’ll send you with a new tiara, to wear when you visit her parents, as well, be sure to do so.” he commented, almost casually.

Princess Mackenzie gave a girlish squeal of joy at that, “Oh, yes, your majesty. Of course. What of the other Doll?”

Leah blinked behind the goggles, her eyes flinching at the swirling lines of light. The other girl… so he didn’t just stop with her. He took two after all. She then heard the Halloween King say, “Things will proceed as is tradition with her. You need not concern yourself with it until the town calls upon you for Grim Christmas.”

After that, the two of them talked about the Princess’s antics in the town, how her costume contest went, and what parents, children, and siblings she had managed to introduce to mutual pleasure. Eventually though, Leah heard the Halloween King see the Princess off, once again returning her to silence.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

She was half asleep, lulled into an almost hypnotic state by the stretching, clenching, compressing, holding, then relaxing of the plugs inside her, who knows how long after the Princess’s visit, other than the fact that her captor had given her three more injections each in her nipples and clitoris, when she heard his voice rouse her.

“Leah… open your eyes, my little Edgelord.”

Suddenly being addressed while half asleep shocked her enough that her eyes snapped open without her even thinking about how bad that might be for her, but the spinning bars of color were gone, instead, the screens in the goggles showed shaky camera footage, and at the bottom of her field of view, the Princess’s bouncy bangs.

The girl was walking up the steps to Leah’s home, flanked to either side by a pair of high schoolers from the town who were part of her latest ‘court retinue’. One of the boys knocked at the front door as the trio waited.

 Leah saw her mother open the door, the woman looking… broken, her eyes red from crying, and empty of life, and her lips turned down into a tight frown. The older woman saw the Princess and sighed, “I’m sorry, Mackenzie, I’m really not in the mood to entertain guests right now…”

Undaunted, the Princess lifted a rolled up piece of paper and slid a ribbon from it, unrolling it as she cleared her throat before reading in a loud voice, “I come bearing a proclamation from the Halloween King. Your daughter Leah was found trying to take her own life on the sacred night of Halloween…” at mention of her daughter and suicide, Leah’s mother stopped trying to close the door, “...as this would tarnish the spirit of the holiday, and injure the joy of the community as a whole, I decided instead, to take her as a Doll. Know that she will be returned to you, healthy and with no further intentions to take her own life, come the holiday your community calls Homecoming. Signed, the Halloween King.”

“She… she’s alive…” Leah’s mother said breathlessly, the older woman looking first stunned, then almost giddy as the strength left her, falling to her knees in the entryway, laughing with relief, “She’s alive!”

The view suddenly jostled in a way that gave Leah a touch of motion sickness as her mother threw herself at the Princess, hugging her tight and thanking her profusely before gathering her wits and calling back into the house, “Marcus, she’s alive! The Halloween King has her… she didn’t kill herself!”

Her mother paused then, “The police… I need to tell them… oh… there’s so much to fix…”

The view from the Princess bobbed, probably in one of her vulgar crotch bearing curtsies, and then Mackenzie said, “Of course, until Grim Christmas then, unless our paths cross before.” The Doll then turned to leave and the screens before Leah’s eyes went black for a second before the colored bars came back.

Leah felt torn, on the one hand, she felt miserable at the pain she had caused her mother. She didn’t think the woman had truly cared, or her father either, but to see how damaged she looked… it wasn’t what she had expected at all. She had expected the woman to be relieved. But on the other hand, she felt betrayed that her mother had seemed so happy that she was in the hands of the town’s kidnapper and brainwasher.

“When I decided to die, there was no one to leave a note for, no one who would have missed me, or even noticed my passing. But that wasn’t the case for you, was it? Your death would have been cruel. A moment of pain for you, but a lifetime of pain and guilt for your parents, friends, and anyone you blamed in the note you left.” The Halloween King’s words cut at her, twisting a knife in the ache in her guts.

He left her then, with the trainers slowly stretching her holes, then shocking them closed, one after another, while her body lay limp in her restraints, not even fighting it anymore. She still kept her eyes closed though, she might not be able to fight the drugs, or the plugs, but like hell if Leah would stare like an idiot at whatever brainwashing program was loaded in the goggles.

She started to keep track of time by how often the Halloween King gave her those hateful shots to her most tender and intimate flesh, which she guessed to be about three times a day, given the regularity between two of them, then a long gap before the next. By that standard, it was another three days before something changed.

On what Leah guessed to be the morning of that third day, the plugs in her holes all stopped, for the first time, leaving her body to relax for the first time in what felt like ages. Then she felt the Halloween King’s hands moving to loosen and remove the belt from her loins, slowly sliding the plugs from her sex and rear.

She wanted to groan, but still couldn’t even manage that much, but after so long with the toys inside her, she felt strangely empty with them gone, and she hated the fact that a part of her missed them.

The plug in her mouth was gripped next, as was her jaw, helping lever her mouth open wider so that the plug could be slipped out. He held her mouth open wide though, not letting her close it, and then she felt a thin wooden object, like a wide popsicle stick, come down against her tongue, holding it flat as something else slid into her mouth.

She felt three sharp stabs at the back of her throat, one after another, then that presence pulled away, along with the wooden tongue depressor.

Next, the Halloween King took hold of the small bar at her septum, holding the tubes that ran down her nostrils to feed her lungs with a metered supply of air, and he gently pulled them out, causing her to cough and choke, then gasp and heave for air.

“Careful, steady… take even breaths, don’t heave… there’s plenty of air.” he chuckled.

“Fuck you…” Leah groaned out. Her voice sounded wrong to her, deeper than before, huskier, breathier.

The Halloween King chuckled again, then said, “As much as I would love to take you up on that offer, you don’t truly mean it as anything more than an insult yet. I’ll wait until you honestly want me to fuck you.”

She felt his hand slip behind her head, lifting her head from the bed beneath her, to a more reasonable angle, then she felt the rim of a glass pressed to her lips, “Here, drink… little sips only, this is to wet your tongue, not to sate your thirst, I don’t want you choking, or upsetting your stomach after so much time without anything in your stomach.”

The warning was needed, her mouth was so dry that she wanted to guzzle whatever it was that she was being offered, but the thought of throwing up while chained to a bed caused her to hesitate and rethink that, obeying his orders reluctantly. She took a small sip as he tilted the glass slightly.

The fluid that reached her lips was cool and wet, but didn’t taste like water. There was a salty, musky, and undefinable flavor to it, but despite herself, it felt so good on her tongue that she kept taking sips without protest.

“So… are you enjoying the light show?” the Halloween King asked as he pulled the glass away after giving her what he must have felt was enough to drink, even though Leah wanted more.

“I’m not an idiot, I’ve been keeping my eyes closed so that you can’t fuck with my brain…” she said sullenly as he let her head rest back gently on the mattress beneath her.

“Ah, smart girl. If only all the other Dolls had considered such a simple foil to my dastardly plans.” the Halloween King said with a bemused tone that left Leah feeling less confident. “Did you know that five percent of red light can pass through human eyelids? And in Infrared it is even higher. Further along the invisible spectrum of light, there are other spectrums that the eye can not directly ‘see’, but the brain can detect and receive instinctual signals from, which can pass through the eyelids completely unobstructed.”

She felt his hand come to rest on her abdomen, slowly stroking her belly gently, “Moreover, there are audio frequencies that our ears can hear, but that our brains consciously tune out, pair them with the right visual signals and subtle soft repetitive audio mantras that are played at speeds slightly too fast and too slow for the brain to make out at the same time, and it all just seems like static, so you tune it out. But it’s still there, and slowly your unconscious mind works at it like a detective, unraveling the puzzle.”

“Then you add magnetic frequencies, pumped into your skull from rings built into the bed frame under your head, designed to target specific parts of your brain, stimulating blood flow to the regions I want, and impairing the regions I would like to be less active, and you can amplify the brain’s ability to learn, and increase the speed at which it does so. An hour of repetition becomes as effective as months of it would be without the stimulation. It means that the five months you spend in Fairyland are the equivalent of five years spent elsewhere…”

Leah bit back a quiet moan at how good his boney hand brushing her belly felt, biting her lower lip hard enough to hurt, but realizing that she couldn’t bring herself to bite it hard enough to draw blood. She tried to bite harder, but her teeth just… wouldn’t clench any harder. She told herself it was because her jaw was worn out from the plugs, that had to be it… her jaw still ached after all…

“Did… you tell all the kids about this?” Leah finally asked.

That hand stopped on her belly, and after a moment’s silence, the Halloween King said, “No. I told the Princess some of this, but not even she knows as much of my past as you do. Nor did I ramble on with such pride about my process. I suppose I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I… hoping that you become the Halloween Queen and join me… but you will likely end up giving in to your baser desires and becoming a Doll… possibly forever.”

“So much for this place being magic then, huh? You’ve just pulled back a lot of the curtain, oh great Wizard of Oz…” Leah said sarcastically.

She felt his face lean in close beside her head, and heard him whisper softly into her ear, “Oh, there is magic here, there is science, and medicine… sex, and candy as well… but past all that, there is a magic that even I don’t fully understand.”

He pulled his head back, then said, “Though a famous author once said that ‘any sufficiently advanced technology would be indistinguishable from magic.’ The opposite of that would also be true. Magic is nothing more than science that we don’t understand. The fact that I use science I do understand in conjunction with the magic… think of it as ritual… like a wizard of old drawing magic circles, or an alchemist mixing tinctures of mercury and acid in a flask over a flame.”

Leah just gave a grunt, frowning at that, laying there in her bondage silently as she listened to the Halloween King move around the room she was trapped in, not sure if it was worth it to keep her eyes closed or not anymore, but still deciding to err on the side of caution.

The feeling of him taking hold of one of her nipples and rolling it gently in preparation to hold it for another injection had her tense up and cry out, “Wait! Wait… what… what is that stuff? It hurts so bad every time… why do you keep sticking me with it? Is… is that what makes all the Dolls age so slow?”

“No…” he answered, somewhat enigmatically, “This is something special, just for you.”

She tried to clench her tired jaw at the feeling of the needle sinking into her nipple, letting out a keening whine of pain as the injection rewarded her with the expected burning pain, only to have him move to the other nipple.

“Fuck… fuck… fuck… no…” she whined as he moved between her legs, then she let out a bit back scream as he injected her clitoris, her hips jerking once the needle was out as she started to cry and thrash in her taut bondage again.

His hand gently caressed her cheek, “I know it hurts, but there are only three days left of these injections, and then I’ll be checking to see if you need any more, or if your body has responded properly.”

“Responded?” Leah asked, “How?”

“You’ll see. For now though, there is one more injection to add to the next three days, and I’m afraid you won’t enjoy it. Please try to bear with it.”

Leah sobbed, “What could be worse than you injecting my pussy with fucking hotsauce!”

She felt his hand shift from caressing her cheek to gripping her face and tilting her head back, “Hold still.” he said, and then she felt him slide a needle up her nostril.

She let out a keening whine of fear, then screamed into his palm as the needle sunk home deep in her sinus and he injected something that burned like the shots in her nipples and sex, only this time it seemed to sear into her brain itself, causing a throbbing headache and making her see stars along with that burning heat.

The Halloween King got up without a word after that, leaving her to her agony.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

The next three days were essentially hell for Leah. She never would have thought that she would have missed the constant molestation of the trainers, but they at least gave her a distraction. Without them, her life was silent boredom marked by moments of burning pain during the injections.

She even found herself watching the stupid screens on the visor, just for some sort of stimulation. By the third day though, the colored lines were barely watchable, as the flashing images came almost every half second. Still too fast to see what they were, but it was like trying to look into a strobe light.

She grunted during her second round of shots that day, “I’m surprised you haven’t killed a kid with epilepsy yet with this stupid visor.”

The Halloween King silently finished the injections before replying, “The Puppy had epilepsy. I didn’t kill her, did I?”

“Oh god… is that why she came back a dumb animal instead of a person?” Leah asked in horror.

“What? No…” The Halloween King replied, “It’s a neurological disorder caused by the brain overreacting to stimulation and entering into a spiral of feedback loops that result in seizures. It can stem from numerous sources, but hers was not from physical damage, simply from the genetic organization of neurons. So I corrected it during training.”

“Wait…” Leah said, “You… you cured your cancer… you cured her epilepsy… why are you using this place to turn people into sex freaks… why don’t you make the world a better place by sharing these cures?”

“If one was inseparably linked to the other, do you think the world would be ready to accept it?” he asked, “No… the whole world would need to think of sex and morality like the town has slowly grown to, before the workings of Fairyland could become a global gift. Maybe one day… it would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

Leah shuddered at the thought.

That ‘night’ he finished out her final round of shots, then left her to her pain. When he returned, in what she had come to consider the ‘morning’, he removed the visor over her face, making her blink at the light in the room.

“Wh… what… did… did you move me?” Leah asked as her eyes adjusted to the room.

Gone were the gray walls with peeling plaster and paint, now painted black so that they seemed to swallow the light that hit them. There was more light, as the broken, flickering fluorescent fixtures were gone, replaced by a large circular LED strip that was enough to illuminate the whole room, casting a white-violet glow. The bed she was chained to was in the middle, and the machines that surrounded her were no longer old and scuffed things of medical horror, but instead modern and sleek, in gunmetal gray.

Everything looked new, but dark and just a little sci-fi-dystopian.

“No. Though I will be moving you to a new room soon.” the Halloween King said as he came around the bed with the goggles he had taken from her head.

He had changed too.

No longer looking like an undead doctor, he instead looked like a cross between a doctor and an old nineties punk rock band member. Black leather pants that clung tight to his legs, a black mesh shirt, and a gray lab coat that looked crossed with a trenchcoat, full of buckles and straps as it hung tailored from him. And his face no longer looked monstrous, with that over-wide grin full of sharp teeth and those hollow eyes, instead he looked like a man who had once been handsome, but over the hill, with long hair that had mostly lost its color.

Leah shuddered, “Why is everything different… Why are you different?”

The Halloween King chuckled, “Because in Fairyland, everything is as the viewer needs it to be. Your view of me and this place has changed during your time here. And I’m sure it will change further before you leave.”

He left the room with the visor, and returned with a small bag full of square stickers with clips on them, opening the bag as he took the backing from the stickers, and started to adhere them to her body. One to either side of her mons, one over her heart, one about an inch beneath each nipple, and one over each temple on her head. He then attached wires to each of the clips, being careful with the placement.

She could see the chair at the foot of the bed this time, as he sat in it, a sleek thing of metal and plastic. He pulled one of the machines over, one of those boxes with the wavy lines and a bunch of dials, not that she knew enough about electronics to know what an oscilloscope was.

“Now then…” The Halloween King said softly, “Let's see if this worked.”

“If what worked?” Leah asked nervously.

Instead of answering, he turned one of the dials on the scope, causing the line to change. Leah tensed up, expecting something to happen… but nothing did. He slowly continued to turn the dial, watching the readout, and listening to her silence.

Suddenly Leah felt a sharp pain in her nipples and clit, jerking against the chains that restrained her, as she cried out.

He turned the dial off that point, making a note, and asked, “What did you feel?”

She sobbed and groaned, “What did it feel like? It felt like the stupid pads you hooked up to me just electrocuted my privates!”

He hummed softly, considering that, then flipped a switch, and started turning the dial again, slowly, watching the screen.

Leah groaned, “Not again… please…”

Another long wait as nothing happened, anticipatory dread making things worse, and then she felt it… but this time it wasn’t pain. Instead it felt different. It felt like a shiver from the cold, but instead of being her whole body shivering, it was just her nipples and clit. She gasped, squeezing her eyes shut as her nipples stiffened on her chest and her pussy clenched around nothing. “W… what the fuck…”

“What did you feel this time?” he asked.

Leah shuddered, “I don’t know…”

He nodded, then asked, “Was it painful, or pleasurable.” she just blushed and turned her head away. “Pleasurable then. Alright.”

He then flipped the switch again, and started to adjust the dial again. She immediately felt the electric pain come back, crying out as he tweaked the dial, watching the readout as she felt the pain grow and spread.

Then he flipped the switch again, and started to adjust the dial to alter the intensity of that odd shiver in her loins and chest.

Back and forth, over and over, slowly honing in on the most painful and the most pleasurable setting for each side.

Once he was done, he stood up and started to unhook the clips from the stickers, then slowly peeled them from her bare flesh, making her wince slightly, but the pain was nothing compared to what she had just gone through.

That done, he said, “I’m going to unchain your arms and legs in a moment. But I don’t want you to try to get up, or do anything stupid. You have been bound for quite a while, and your limbs are going to be stiff and weak. If you try to run, you will fall and could hurt yourself.”

She watched as he moved around her, unlocking her ankles first, letting her move her legs. It hurt to move them, the muscles all tense and angry from being immobile for who knows how long, and from her time struggling against the chains. She tried moving them, groaning at the pain.

He worked on releasing her arms next.

Despite the warning, she wanted to get up and run, to escape him. But she was still hooked up to several tubes and IV’s, and she knew that despite what he was doing to her, he wasn’t wrong that if she tried to get up and run, she would likely just fall. She rubbed at her arms, groaning as she lay there, “Fuck…”

The Halloween King chuckled, “It’s your fault that this is all so difficult, you know. If you were getting the full Doll programming, you would know instinctively how to deal with this, and I would have been able to unchain you days ago.”

She just frowned at that.

“Lie still.” he said, moving beside the bed as he pulled her legs together. She swallowed, but didn’t fight him, watching nervously, then she sighed in relief as he started to massage her thighs, his strong fingers working into the aching and knotted muscles, loosening them up.

She closed her eyes, making a happy little moan of pleasure, squirming on the bed a bit as his massage slowly moved down her legs, lower down her thighs, across her knees and to her calves. Then he commented, “If you can stop fingering yourself and roll over, I can massage the back of your legs.”

She blinked, looking down at herself, seeing that her hand was between her legs, and that she had been casually rubbing her pussy. She jerked her hand away, her fingers wet with arousal, blushing scarlet. “It’s not… I didn’t… I…” she stammered in humiliation.

He just smiled, “Just roll over so I can continue the massage.”

She gave a soft humiliated sob and rolled over slowly.

His fingers both hurt, and felt great, as they worked out the muscles in her calves and thighs, and she didn’t even protest when he moved to massage her ass, her hips squirming a bit, then stopping as she realized that she’d been trying to grind her pussy at the bed beneath her. How horny was she?

He continued the massage up her lower back, then to her shoulders, and finally one arm, then the other.

That done, he started the process of taping down all the IV’s attached to her, running them to her neck, and using a black lace choker to gather them there behind her head. He then hung all the bags of fluids from a single IV tree on wheels, and said, “I’m going to help you up now.”

She nodded, shifting to her side and slowly pushing herself upright to a seated position for the first time since her abduction, feeling a wave of vertigo and lightheadedness from having been on her back for so long.

He held her gently as he helped her sit, keeping his hands on her shoulders as he held her upright until she managed to stop swaying.

“Now then, before you stand, a few things to go over.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a remote key fob for a car. He held it up, making sure she saw it, “I don’t want you trying to run. You have more free will than anyone, save the Princess, and she wants to serve me. So, this is your carrot and stick. Obey, be a good girl, and do as you are told, and you get rewards…” he thumbed one of the buttons on the fob.

Leah gasped as she felt her nipples and clit buzz and shiver, going stiff as vibrations of pleasure exploded out from them through her body, making her thighs squeeze closed and her hands rush to clutch at herself, a long horny moan escaping her lips.

It was gone as fast as it came, but she recognized it, her eyes going wide, “B… but how… I’m not hooked up to those stickers and wires anymore…”

“You don’t need to be.” The Halloween King said. “That was the carrot. Do I need to push the other button to show what it does, or do you remember what the stick is?”

“I remember! I remember, please don’t.” Leah said in a rush.

The Halloween King chuckled softly, then put his hand behind her back as he tucked the fob back into his pocket, “Alright, let’s get you up and to a more comfortable room.” he helped her to stand, letting her grip the IV stand, which was on wheels, using it for extra support as he walked with her, guiding her out of the room for the first time since she woke up in his… care.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Leah’s new room surprised her.

Mostly because it was almost exactly like her room at home. It had a desk that was very similar to her own, a bed that was almost identical, it had the same posters, and a similar dresser. “How… how did you…”

“Magic.” was the Halloween King’s frustratingly enigmatic reply.

She just scowled, and then started to take in the differences. The chair at the desk was similar to the one she had at home, except it had a dildo built into the seat, jutting up lewdly. The bed may have been similar, but the sheets were black latex, and squeaked when she brushed her fingers across them.

And as for the dresser and closet, they were full of slutty black emo and punk clothing… though full was perhaps being overly forgiving, given how little clothing, and how little cloth there actually was available.

For example, the underwear drawer had a selection of socks, stockings and garter belts, but no actual panties, slips or training bras.

Of course, the room lacked anything that was actually hers, though under the bed was a small box full of various dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and bottles of lubricant, which she knew because the Halloween King made sure to point it out to her.

“So what is the point of this room?” Leah asked with a frustrated frown.

The Halloween King said, “First, it lets you move around and work your limbs, giving you a sense of freedom and independence. Second, it lets you practice what you learn during your coming lessons. The rest of your time here will be spent in lessons and in customization.”

“Customization?” Leah asked.

He nodded, “Piercings and tattoos mostly…”

Leah’s breath caught at that, stressful dread twisting in her guts, but with it a growing heat in her loins, and a sense of excitement that she had to bite back. She couldn’t even claim that it was brainwashing, as she’d always wanted to get a bunch of piercings, but her parents were against it.

He saw her reaction and smiled, “You keep wanting to think that all the Dolls are abused and forced against their will into something dark and evil… but I bring out the desires from within and bear them to the world. None of them suffer.”

Leah frowned, “Forgive me for not being convinced.”

“You’re forgiven.” he said smugly as he turned to go, “Don’t leave this room unless I direct you to. I don’t want you getting lost, hurt, or worse.”

“No promises…” she said sullenly, watching the door close behind him, then she blinked, noticing that the bedroom door didn’t have a handle on the inside, so she couldn’t open the door if she wanted to, “Oh you cheating dick!”

Leah flopped down on the bed, sighing in frustration, but at least she wasn’t tied up or stuffed full of dildos anymore. All she had to deal with were the few IV bags hanging from the stand in the middle of ‘her room’, with their tubes running to the choker around her neck.

She wanted to get dressed, but figured it would be too much of a hassle to figure out how to put on clothing past all the tubes.

A warm tingle of pleasure between her legs and a sudden moan escaping her lips brought her out of her thought of clothing, making her look down her naked body, seeing her hand once more between her legs, idly rubbing at her folds. She forced herself to pull her hand away, looking at it in confusion.

That was the second time since she had been freed from her restraints that she had just… started masturbating herself. She looked up at her wet and sticky fingers with disgust, “What the fuck did he do to me…” only to feel tingles of pleasure as her other hand started to idly rub at her wet slit, “Damnit!”

Leah pulled her other hand from between her legs and slipped both of them under herself, laying her back on them, closing her eyes as she felt her heated pussy clench and throb, begging for attention despite herself. Her thighs squeezed closed, and despite herself, she couldn’t keep from rubbing them together.

Left alone, with her hands free, it was all she could do to keep them from going between her legs. She wasn’t even that horny. She had only ever masturbated before when she was alone, at night, and really horny, but this… it wasn’t even because she wanted to… it was like an idle reflex, like a ditz twirling her finger in her bangs… only for her, it was twiddling her fingers in her slit.

Leah gave a sob, “Fuck!”

The Halloween King’s deal came back to her, and Leah’s eyes went wide, if she had an orgasm, she’d become a doll, “You… you lying, cheating piece of shit!” she almost screamed, she had to last without an orgasm until she was eighteen, and she couldn’t even keep herself from masturbating for five minutes without sitting on her hands.

She needed to distract herself.

Leah got off the bed and started searching around the room, looking for anything that wasn’t a sex toy or kinky clothing that she could entertain herself with, but every time she came to rest for more than a few seconds, one of her hands found it’s way between her legs and started fingering her pussy. Even if she didn’t use her hands, if she got close to the corner of a desk, or the edge of a pillow or the bed, she would start grinding herself against it like a desperate slut.

Worse, the more she teased herself, the wetter she got. She’d gotten wet before when masturbating, but only wet enough that if she slid her fingers between her folds, they would come back slick and sticky. But this… her juices were literally drooling out, beads of it running down the insides of her thighs, and occasionally dripping to the floor.

No wonder the sheets and chair top were latex… it was the only way to keep her from soaking through everything.

Finally, in a mix of frustration and desperation, Leah walked up to the door to the room and pounded at it with a closed fist, yelling, “Hey! You cheating bastard! This isn’t fair!” sobbing at the end of that yell as she realized that the hand that wasn’t banging on the door, had already found its way between her legs and was grinding against her clit, making her knees want to buckle.

She jerked her hand from between her legs and used both fists to pound at the door, screaming in frustration and anger.

Her fists hurt from banging against the door by the time she gave up, slumping down on the bed as she curled up and started to cry. Her throat was hoarse from yelling, cursing and screaming, and her emotions were all over the place. She couldn’t believe she had actually let herself be fooled into trusting the word of a kidnapper who turned kids into sextoys. Of course he would cheat.

With Leah’s attention turned inwards, she didn’t notice the door opening until she heard the Halloween King ask, “What’s wrong?”

She flinched at the sound of his voice, forcing herself to uncurl and sit up, making sure her hands weren’t molesting herself, “You cheated… that’s what’s wrong.”

“Cheated?” he asked softly.

“Yes!” she shouted, “You said that I wouldn’t have to be a Doll so long as I didn’t have an orgasm, but you fucked with my brain and now unless I’m like… actively sitting on my hands or something, I can’t stop myself from masturbating! You made it so I can’t stop myself from becoming a Doll… I won’t even last until you release me, let alone until I’m eighteen!”

The Halloween King moved to sit down on the other end of the bed from where she sat, leaving distance between them, though she flinched and shied away all the same. He just gave her a soft smile and said, “You told me that the part of yourself you were most proud of was your willpower. Do you not trust it?”

“What does my willpower matter when you fucked with my brain?” she grunted in frustration.

He chuckled softly, “I promise you, I did not program you to lose.” he shifted on the bed to face her a bit more, then said, “The Dolls are programmed to go in search of a new owner if they aren’t appreciated and used often enough. You aren’t a Doll… not yet anyways. But you have had some programming. That programming is different though. I’ll be helping you learn how all of it works before I send you home, but trust that I didn’t make it so that it would be impossible for you to win our little deal. Instead, it is all up to your willpower.”

She frowned at him, “Being forced to masturbate without even realizing it, when having an orgasm makes me lose, isn’t about willpower, it’s just not fair!”

“Have you had an orgasm yet?” he asked with a smile.

She frowned, “No.”

“Your compulsion to masturbate will never force you to orgasm, just as you start without thinking about it… you will always stop without thinking about it as well… unless you make the willful decision to continue.” he explained.

Leah blinked, “W… why would you do that?”

“Our deal would have no meaning if you simply shunned sexuality and pleasure, or if you began to hate pleasure and the company of others out of fear of orgasms. It is far better to teach you to enjoy pleasure without giving in to that final blissful explosion of orgasm. This will help you build your endurance, it will help you learn your limits so that you can control yourself, and it will help keep you aroused and eager.” he explained, as if all of those things were blessings.

Leah gave a sullen frown, staring down at her knees.

“Now then, if that answers your concerns, I will need to excuse myself. While I enjoy devoting time to you, my little Edgelord, my other guest is needing a lot more attention than I had considered at first.” the Halloween King said as he stood.

Leah blinked, “Wait, what?”

He started walking towards the door, commenting, “The little darling has an absolute lust for anal penetration, so to help her fulfill that, I’m having to completely rework how her digestive system functions. It’s proving to be quite the challenge.”

She watched in confusion as he said that, opening the door that lacked a knob on the inside as if it had one, and slipping out, closing it behind himself. “Fucking cheating bastard…”

She flopped back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling as she sighed, then shivered as she felt her hand slide between her legs. She closed her eyes, giving a groan, “He’s either lying, and I’m fucked no matter what I do… or he’s telling the truth. Either way, I may as well find out which it is.”

She hadn’t been lying when she told the Halloween King that she had been masturbating for a little over a year… She couldn’t have lied if she wanted to, with whatever drug he had been pumping into her. …but she was by no means an expert. It wasn’t like she was an avid masturbator, or like she attended all the various Doll hang outs where she could watch someone with more skill do it. So all she knew how to do was find what felt good, and do more of that…

But whatever the Halloween King had programmed her with… must have contained instructions.

It was like her hands just… knew what to do.

It started with gentle caresses, rubbing and teasing, but as her body got warmed up again, and started to lubricate, she felt two of her fingers slide into herself, hooking upwards to grind at her insides in places she didn’t even know existed, while her palm ground down against her clit in firm circles.

She moaned, her free hand at first trying to grip at the latex bedding, but just slipping around uselessly with a lot of irritating squeaking, before finally shifting to her chest to pinch and tug at her nipples while her other hand worked her sopping wet pussy.

The air filled with the scent of horny slut, and the sounds of soft wet slaps as her fingers kept working her pussy into a froth, making her gasp out little curses to her pleasure, feeling it build and build, like a knot of tension in her belly.

The muscles of her abdomen undulated as her body wanted to hump against something that wasn’t there, her pussy and ass feeling empty… even her mouth wanted to suck on something. She would have blushed, if she hadn’t of already been fully flushed with sexual desire.

She’d never pleasured her body so effectively, or quickly, before. She felt herself push closer and closer to that edge of bliss, feeling everything start to tense up…

…and then she just stopped.

Her fingers slid out of her pussy, leaving it clenching at nothing, pulling away from her sex to fall to the bed beside her, and her other hand left her chest to fall to her other side. Her legs even parted a bit to let the chill air of the room waft across her heated, dripping loins, as she felt that electric tingle of need, so close. Just a few more seconds of pleasure and she would have gotten there… it would be so easy…

But she stopped.

She hadn’t even tried to stop, she wasn’t even sure she had wanted it to stop, but her body had just stopped all on its own. Tingling with pleasure and aching with need, but she was clear headed, even as she dripped with lust and desire to cum. She knew that if she made herself cum now, it would only be by choice, not anything she was forced to do.

So she did the only thing she could do…

She squeezed her eyes closed tight, tilted her head back, and screamed, “Fuck!” as loud as she could.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

The night was a long and difficult one for Leah, on the one hand, she got to sleep in a bed with covers, and without chains, brainwashing goggles, or dildos stretching out her holes, and she could turn off the lights as she wished, but on the other hand, she was sleeping in latex sheets for the first time ever, and not used to how they clung to her skin, sleeping in a puddle of her own sexual juices that grew through the night, and then there was the masturbation…

All through the night, when her body cooled off too much, she would start masturbating reflexively, even while asleep. Several times through the night she woke herself up pushing herself towards the edge of orgasm, making her writhe and gasp and rousing her from increasingly horny and sexual dreams.

She didn’t have a clock in the room, so she had no idea how long she could go between bouts of compulsory masturbation, but by morning, she felt like she’d spent half the night fingering herself instead of sleeping.

She didn’t have a lot of time to think about it, however, as the door opened and the lights turned on as the Halloween King entered her room, walking over to the IV stand to check on the bags.

She groaned and looked up at him, “You couldn’t have made it so I could at least sleep through the night?” she grumbled in frustration.

He chuckled softly, “Give me your hands please so I can remove some of your IV’s…”

One of them was easy to draw from under the bedding, so she offered that to him first, the other was busy rubbing her pussy, so she left it where it was for the moment.

The Halloween King didn’t complain about her choice, taking the time to pull the IV needle from the back of her wrist, then from her forearm as well, working to free the tubes from the choker around her neck and let them hang from the IV stand.

“And now for the other hand, please.” he said.

Leah blushed deep as she pulled it from between her legs, offering it up, her fingers still sticky wet.

He just smiled and repeated the process of removing the IV needles from her arm and wrist, and then untangling them from her arm and neck. That left only the one going to her chest. Instead of removing that one, he changed out the bag for a new one.

“We will be removing that last IV tomorrow, I think,” he said simply.

Leah nodded, then asked, “Do… do I want to know what that one is doing to me?”

“Have you noticed, or been told about, how Dolls differ from normal people anatomically?” the Halloween King asked her.

“You mean how they don’t age right?” she asked.

He smiled, “That… is one part of it. It’s not that they aren’t aging right, it’s that their aging is delayed, at least for some of them. Dolls have an extra lymph node, just below the heart. It produces unique immune cells and hormones to alter how the Doll’s body defends itself and interacts with the world at large.”

Leah blinked, frowning a bit as she tried to remember what a lymph node was.

“Dolls are immune to most diseases, sexually transmitted or otherwise, they recover from injuries faster, and with less scaring, they are resistant to environmental effects that cause cellular damage and early aging or malignant cancers, their saliva better dissolves sugars and defends their teeth from plaque and bacterial decay, and their bodies process calories far more efficiently, meaning that they require less food.”

Leah listened to all of that, then lifted the hand that wasn’t busy fingering herself from under the covers to count out her points as she spoke, “Ok, so I get most of those… They don’t get sexually transmited diseases so that people can fuck them without fear of getting sick. They recover from injuries faster so that people can be rough with them without taking them out of action. They don’t age so that they look young for the perverts who like fucking kids. The tooth thing is so that they don’t get cavities from all the candy I guess. But what’s the last one for? Just so they don’t get fat? Couldn’t you just brainwash them to keep a healthy diet?”

The Halloween King chuckled, “Have you ever heard of someone using a Doll’s ass and finding it dirty?”

She frowned, thinking about that for a moment, then she blinked and blurted out, “Wait… Dolls don’t poop?”

“Not if they keep a healthy diet, their bodies digest everything cleanly and efficiently.” he said with a bit of pride.

Leah gave a bit of a grunt of surprise at that, then blinked again, “Wait a minute, if that’s the case, then why were you talking about having to work on the other kid’s guts last night?”

“That wasn’t a matter of hygiene, my little Edgelord, that was a matter of volume.” he said enigmatically.

Leah frowned again at the reply, giving another grunt.

“Now then, if you would please get out of bed, we have things to do today.” He stepped back, giving her space to obey. She shifted out of the bed and stood up, one hand still rubbing at her pussy, as the other went to grab the IV stand. He then asked, “Would you like to get dressed?”

She considered that for a moment, then sighed, “It’s just you, me and the other kid here, right? I guess there’s no point.”

He smiled warmly, “Very mature of you, I just thought I’d make the offer.”

She frowned, “I don’t want to have to get dressed around the dangling tube, or soak whatever I’m wearing in…” she let her words trail off, blushing as she looked down at her crotch.

He just nodded, then turned and led her out of the room.

It was dizzying, walking through the hallways of Fairyland. At a distance, they seemed to change as she looked down them, getting longer, or shorter, or bending off to the side, or up or down… but when close up, they always seemed stable. She couldn’t tell if the place only had a few rooms, or if it had hundreds, it was like a maze of optical illusions.

The Halloween King opened a door, and led her into a room that was dominated by what looked like a large gynecological chair, with covered trays on trolleys waiting around it. Leah swallowed hard and asked, “What are we doing here?”

He smiled, “This is the modification salon, for piercings, tattoos, and related alterations.”

“Oh…” Leah relaxed a little, then tried to hide the excitement in her voice as she asked, “Do… I get to pick what I get?”

The Halloween King motioned for her to sit down in the chair as he considered that, “If I were to say yes, what would you pick?”

“I always thought that industrials looked cool, and tragus studs, or those spiral piercings through four or five regular and upper lobe piercings in the ear.” she said as she hoisted herself up into the chair.

He smiled, “I could do that easily enough, do you want both ears to match, or do you want one different from the other.”

Leah grinned as she considered that, “Huh, um… I guess something different might look less boring, right?”

He nodded, “Alright then. I won’t be just piercing your ears though.”

She frowned at that, sighing, “Of course.” then she countered, “I just… I don’t want some dumb cow piercing in my nose, or some dangly cheerleader stud in my bellybutton…”

“Alright, I can agree to that, however, your tongue, your eyebrows, your nipples, and your pussy will also get some attention.” he said in compromise.

She swallowed, “That… that’s a lot.”

“You can manage it, I’m sure.” he said with a smile, then he took her free hand and strapped it down to the armrest of the chair.

“Do I really need to be tied up for this?” she asked.

He laughed softly, “Do you think you could keep your hands from between your legs long enough for me to pierce you down there?”

“Oh…” she said sourly.

He strapped down her other hand, then put her feet up in the stirrups, and shifted her body on the chair, before strapping down her waist and neck as well, locking her firmly in place.

She watched as he pulled a stool between her legs, and then asked, “I don’t suppose this stuff you are pumping into me will make it so that this doesn’t hurt, will it?”

He chuckled softly, “The pain is part of the experience. If you were a full Doll, I would probably do this while you were unconscious… but given that you are not, you should feel this.”

She frowned, “Great…”

Leah had gotten her ears pierced years before, but it had been done at a mall kiosk by someone with a piercing gun. What the Halloween King did was far different, far more intimate. He pulled over a tray, pulling back the covering to reveal several small pots of fluids with pads in them, and other pots full of needles in clear chemicals, and jewelry waiting in clear plastic cups.

He took a cloth first and did his best to dry her wet pussy, then took a pad from the first pot and wiped all around her sex with it, taking care to get under the folds of skin, and scrub everywhere. It stained her skin a yellow-brown hue, making it clear where he had been. The next pad washed much of the yellow-brown stain away, but made her skin tingle and burn a little as it dried.

He then took up the first of the needles, and a clamp that ended in a pair of rings. He lined the clamp up, and pinched her left labia right in the middle of the meat, locking it closed, before holding a cork in place against the ring on the inside of her labia, before lining the needle up with the outside ring.

Leah hissed as the Halloween King pushed the needle into her flesh, feeling a sharp pressure followed by a stabbing pain, but what surprised her was that the real pain came when it pushed through the other side, making her cry out. He removed the cork and the clamp, setting them aside as he selected the jewelry from the tray. He fitted a barbell in the end of the hollow needle, then pushed the whole needle through, sliding the jewelry through with it, before twisting the ball onto the threaded end of the thing.

She panted for breath as she looked down at her pussy, that puffy outer lip now having two balls sticking out of it, a stainless steel one on the inside against her inner labia, and a black metal bead on the outside.

He carefully wiped the blood away, and then clamped her other labia in the same spot, readying a new needle, as he repeated the process. He wasn’t done though, two more barbells were pierced through her outer labia below the first two piercings he put in, and then two more above, to put a total of three in each side, equidistant across her puffy folds.

He then took up a gently curved needle, and placed it at the top of her sex, where her hood met her mons, aiming upwards, pushing it through the meat of her mons before sliding a curved barbell through, giving her a Christina piercing.

“Only one left down here.” he said softly.

Leah was almost hyper-ventilating by this point, panting for breath as she gripped the armrests of the chair, sobbing out “More? How many more can you possibly fit down there?”

He just chuckled, then picked up a clean set of clamps, and worked it under her hood, closing it around the glands of her clitoris, making her gasp out in pain as it squished the tender bud flat.

“No… oh fuck… please no…” she whined.

Undeterred, the Halloween King lined up the cork and needle, and pushed it through her most intimate flesh. The needles he had injected her with before were nothing compared to the piercing. She screamed out as the needle went in, and clenched her teeth, tears streaming down her cheeks as it came through the other side, sobbing in hiccups as he fitted a ring through the glands and set a black bead in it.

He gently wiped her pussy clean again, and then took a spray from a rack beneath the trolly and misted her sex with whatever was in it, causing the fresh piercings to sting. “We are going to need to have your hands tied up for a couple days while this heals, so that you don’t hurt yourself, of course.”

She shuddered, “Of… of course…” she grunted out in pained frustration.

He smiled softly, “Usually piercings like this could take three to six months to properly heal, but they will be fully healed on you in just two to three days. It could be far worse.”

She groaned all the same.

His hand slid up her smooth belly, his fingers dipping into her small navel, making her tense, “And as per our agreement, this will go undecorated.” He stood up and cleaned up the first tray, then moved around to the side, bringing over the second of the prepared trays.

Like with her pussy, he first washed the area with the yellow-brown stuff, then washed that away with the clear stuff that stung slightly as it dried. Then came the clamp, brought against one of her nipples. She hissed as it clenched shut, crushing the little nub between the two rings, as he readied the needle.

Like her pussy, the needle stung going in, but hurt a lot more pushing its way back out, making her sob a bit and shudder in the chair. He removed the clamp, and then fitted a barbell into the needle’s back, and a moment later she had a pair of black glossy metal beads, to either side of her nipple, with a rod pushed through it, causing it to perk out more, looking stiffer, more pronounced.

She shuddered as she looked down at it, trying to weigh the benefits of the punk look of it versus the pain of it, to see if it was worth it, but the Halloween King didn’t give her much time to consider that, as he reached across and repeated the process on the other nipple, making her cry out.

He moved up to her face next, washing her left eyebrow before giving her two curved barbells with black beads in the outside edge of the brow. Her left ear got an industrial and four more evenly spaced holes in the lobe, fitted with rings, with a promise that he would swap them out with a spiral once he had a chance to make one for her. Her right ear got another industrial, along with a pair of helix rings, a rook piercing, and a transverse lobe barbell.

It left both her ears feeling like they were on fire, but it was nothing compared to the throbbing, stinging pain between her legs.

That done, there was only one place left to pierce, he told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. When she obeyed, he clamped it along the centerline, taking care with it as he lined up the needle from below and pushed it through.

Leah’s eyes shot open wide and she let out a keening whine of pain, gripping at the armrests of the chair with a white knuckled grip, the girl trying to figure out how a needle running through her tongue could hurt worse than the ones that went through her nipples or clit, but it did. Even fitting the jewelry through, a stud with a flat rubbery bottom, and a black bead in the top, felt like running sandpaper through the flexible muscle.

“Fuck…” she lisped awkwardly, once he let go of her tongue, which was rapidly swelling and thickening in her mouth in protest of the injury.

The Halloween King made sure to spray her ears, eyebrow,  and nipples down with the same stinging mist that he washed her pussy with, then said, “Alright, now to let you rest and heal.” patting her thigh as he cleaned up the trays, and then started to walk away, leaving her bound, spread eagle in the gynecological chair.

She gave a grunted whine of surprise and frustration at that, but it only got a chuckle from the Halloween King, who said, “You did very well today. A reward… since you can’t touch yourself right now.” and she saw him pull out the remote he had used the night before.

He held down one of the buttons, and she felt her pussy and nipples come alive, vibrating with shivers of pleasure. Her nipples and clit stiffened painfully around their new jewelry, and her pussy clenched at nothing, giving little quivering spasms as it started to drool and drip down her ass and onto the floor below. This time though, the pleasure didn’t just last a few seconds, it kept going, as the Halloween King turned out the lights, leaving her in a dark room, alone with her aching new piercings, and self pleasuring erogenous tissues.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Despite the fact that getting pierced in so many places felt like it took forever, actually getting pierced didn’t take up very much time, so Leah had a lot of time to sit bound to the chair in the cool dark room, left to her pain and arousal. Thankfully, the vibrations in her sex and nipples faded shortly before it pushed her over the edge and into orgasm, but with that over and gone, she had nothing to distract her from the slow passage of time save for her thoughts.

Of all the things that Leah had imagined would be horrible about being kidnapped by a monster who brainwashed kids into sex slaves, she never would have guessed that the worst part would be the long hours with nothing to do but lay still and alone, with nothing to stimulate her mind or keep her entertained. No phone, no internet, no TV, no friends to talk to, not even a book.

Leah… was bored.

She had honestly thought that her time in the care of the Halloween King would be full of rape, abuse, and who knew what else. But she had spent most of it alone with her thoughts, either tied up, or just waiting.

And even if she wasn’t as suicidal as she had been on Halloween, her thoughts still weren’t overly cheerful.

Leah hated being alone.

She had thought that she had been alone when she was home, that her parents didn’t even care if she was there or not. Learning that she was wrong about that had really been a blow. She wanted to go home, to apologize, to make everything right… but she couldn’t.

She had thought that becoming a Doll had killed off her friend Andrea, and stolen all the good parts of her, but it turned out that she hadn’t known the struggles her friend was facing at all. It was her, not Andrea, who had been a bad friend. And what she had learned so far about Dolls in her time at Fairyland, had made her start to wonder if she had been wrong to avoid Andrea so much.

She had fucked everything up.

She drifted in and out of consciousness, amidst pain and arousal, with strange, sexual dreams involving Dolls, and Halloween, and people pushing safety pins through her privates…

When the Halloween King finally returned, and turned on the lights, she cursed herself for how happy she was to see her kidnapper, just to have something to distract herself from the silence.

“Good morning, my little Edgelord,” he said.

“Leah…” she replied, still with a bit of a lisp as she got used to the weight and inflexibility of the piercing in her tongue, but at least the pain had passed. Her ears didn’t hurt anymore either. Her nipples still ached a bit, and her pussy very much still hurt.

He pulled over a stool, and started to gently wash her new piercings with a saltwater solution, “Today I thought that we would see about adding some further decorations,” he stated.

Leah blinked, “More? W… what’s left to pierce?”

He chuckled, “Well, I’m pondering one further piercing, but you will need to heal a bit more before we do that. Today though, I was thinking we would give you some tattoos.”

Leah swallowed hard. Piercings, when taken out, would heal, but tattoos were forever. Tabitha still walked around with her Tabby-cat tattoos, and she’d heard that some of the parents of the Free-Use Fuckdolls had taken their kids out of town to a specialist to get their tattoos lasered off at great expense, after all, it would be hard to get through life with a bold print tattoo on the left side of your forehead reading:

Designated Free-Use Sex Doll Until Age 18

Enjoy at will, any sex act, any time.

Open to all genders, ages, and kinks.

No charge.

Will never tattle.

She took a deep breath, and then asked, “What… kind of tattoo?”

The Halloween King smiled, “I have three of them in mind. The first is a bit of punkish makeup, edgy and simple, but subtle enough that you could have other makeup options over the top of it. The second is a sexy tramp stamp. And the third is a special one over your pussy.”

She frowned, “I don’t suppose I can say no?”

He chuckled softly, “Not really, no.” he moved to start preparing small pots of paint on a tray, and arranging a tattoo gun atop it, then brought the tray over to her atop a trolley, “Should you become a Doll, this will be part of your costume. Should you become the Halloween Queen, then you can embrace or erase this all easily enough. So it won’t matter either way.”

She scowled a little, “I think it matters a little more than that…”

He just smiled, then started to wash her face, “Hold still now, we don’t want your makeup smudged… permanently.”

She shuddered, then closed her eyes, not wanting to see as he went to work.

Taking that as permission to begin, the Halloween King started with her eyes, the buzz of the tattoo gun’s needles working along the skin of her eyelid, as he gave her a sharp black eyeliner, then a hint of a smokey eye, not too dark, so that she could color it in with darker colors later. Her lips came next. He stretched her upper lip out between his fingers and started on it, but he didn’t cover the whole lip, instead seeming to trace lines on it in some sort of odd pattern that she couldn’t follow. Then he repeated the process on the bottom lip.

It all stung like a bitch, far worse than the ear and eyebrow piercings, even more than the nipple piercings maybe… but nothing compared to the clit ring or the tongue stud. But whereas those were a short, sharp stabbing pain, this seemed to go on forever.

Once done, he wiped her face clean of blood, and then applied a cream to the tattoos to help set the ink and aid the healing. He then pulled the stool back between her legs and took a seat. She opened her eyes and watched as he worked down there.

He didn’t try to freehand the next tattoo, instead he took out a template of a QR code, and brushed her mons with a dye over the template, leaving a clear mark on her skin of where to tattoo.

“W… what the fuck is that?” she asked.

He went to work, slowly tracing the intricate pattern of cubes into her skin forever as he said, “You know your punishment and reward system?”

“That stupid remote of yours?” she asked.

He smiled, “There’s nothing stupid about it, I’m rather proud of the work that went into it… anyway, this is a simplified version of it. Anyone who scans it with their phone will be able to choose to buzz you with a shock of punishment, or a burst of pleasure.”

Her jaw dropped, “W… what?”

“It will function through cellular towers, as those can emit the right frequency range, they just usually don’t. So when the signal is sent, your body will receive it. It should work anywhere within the town. Well… anywhere in the world with cellular reception, I suppose.” The Halloween King mused.

Leah just stared in silent horror at that, watching him slowly, permanently, etch the QR code into the skin above her pussy.

“Why… why would you do that… anyone will be able to tease or torture me at any time!” she said in a half panic.

“No, just anyone you show your pussy and let scan it up close with their phone. Do you intend to walk around with your pussy exposed to everyone?” he asked.

Leah groaned, “What happens after I’m over eighteen and people still have the code?” unable to see why he didn’t see the problems with this.

He just smiled up at her over her bound body and asked, “What makes you think that the system I designed will function once our deal has expired. Once you are over eighteen and either not a Doll, or are the Halloween Queen, the hormonal and chemical changes within you that keep your body responding to these signals will stop functioning. Just like the kids who stop being Dolls start aging normally and return to being independent minded.”

Once he was finished, he washed away the blood, and then applied the gel he had applied to her eyelids and lips to her mons over the tattoo, a clear substance, like vaseline jelly. For all she knew, that could have been what it was. He then also applied a clear plastic bandage over it to protect it.

He stood up, moving the stool and trolley out of the way, “Now then, I’m going to need to move you to your belly and strap you back down. It’s still too soon for you to start masturbating, so I’m going to need you to try hard not to finger yourself, alright?”

She just frowned at him for that.

He chuckled softly and started to remove the straps around her neck and waist, then unstrapped her legs from the stirrups, after that he unstrapped her arms from the armrests one at a time.

Leah could immediately feel the reflexive drive to let her hand slide between her legs, so she sat on her hands as they were freed, frowning at her lack of control.

He laid the chair’s seat back, and then pulled a padded plank from behind it, slotting it into a pair of sockets at the front of the chair, turning it into a makeshift bed, then helped her to roll to her belly before strapping her arms to each other behind her back in a box tie, so that she didn’t start touching herself.

Being on her belly put pressure on her pierced nipples and on her newly tattooed mons and her pierced pussy, none of which was comfortable.

He started to work on her lower back next, taking his time on what was clearly a larger tattoo, with long sweeping lines. She didn’t enjoy her lack of choice, frowning a little as she lay there on the table, trying not to wince too much as the needle danced along her spine and the tops of her ass cheeks.

It seemed to take forever, whatever he was doing. When he did finish, he washed it, rubbed gel into it, and then applied another clear bandage to protect it while it healed.

When he was finally done, he helped her to stand up, and then took the IV stand and said, “Come on, let me take you to a mirror so that you can see the whole effect for yourself.”

She followed him out of the room and into the room next door, where she found a raised dais surrounded by mirrors. He helped her step up onto the dais and let her look at herself.

The makeup on her eyes was striking, but not vulgar. With the piercings, it gave her a sharp, edgy look, and made her look… angry, maybe a little critical. But the lips… Leah shuddered. He had tattooed in black across the bow of her upper lip, ‘FUCK’ and across the bow of her lower lip, ‘YOU’. The words were thin enough that if she used a thick, and dark lipstick, it would hide them, but that meant that she would either always need to wear lipstick, or be showing off those very vulgar lips.

She’d already seen her front, but taking in the view from the mirrors let her see how it all went together, the black beads and her pale skin coming together with the tattoos to fit the ‘edge’ vibe that she kind of liked, even if she hated how the Halloween King had sexualized it.

And then there was the tramp stamp…

As if such things weren’t already overly sexualized just from the name. It was a tribal style stamp, made of wings of sweeping thorns and spines in black, and they framed the words, ‘RIDE ME HARD, AND LEAVE ME OUT WET’.

She shuddered and swallowed hard, “Fuck… really?”

The Halloween King smiled, “I think they rather suit you, my little Edgelord.”

She hated that part of her agreed, and just frowned, her reply to that already tattooed on her lips, “Fuck you…”

- ~ \ | / ~ -

The Halloween King escorted Leah back to her room after letting her see herself, then took the IV from her chest, taking the choker from her neck to just leave her in the straps holding her arms tied behind her back… for her own protection. Though as it was, she still found it hard not to hump her crotch against things if she got close to them as she absently wandered the room, or grind her thighs together when laying on the bed, both of which reminded her quickly of her fresh and still raw piercings. And sleeping with her arms tied behind her was almost as frustrating as sleeping while masturbating constantly was.

The next day he untied her arms, and then led her from the room again, walking her down the hallway in a different direction, “I’m going to show you where you will be spending most of your free time when not in your room, for the rest of your stay.”

He opened a set of double doors to what looked like a large gymnasium, set with various exercise machines, numerous video screens, open spaces, as well as out of places objects, like beds, chairs, benches, and devices that looked like modern versions of ancient torture devices. Beside each ‘station’ was a post, atop which hung a mesh hood with black metal disks the size of hockey pucks to either side along the back, and a set of goggles and earphones.

“Welcome to the training room,” he said with a smile.

“Well this doesn’t look ominous at all.” she muttered.

He shrugged, “It takes a lot of practice and muscle memory to be a skillful Doll, more than just laying on a bed and being pumped full of… information.” he said, clearly pleased with his double entendre.

Leah pulled her hand from between her legs long enough to cross her arms and frown, “So… what am I being trained for?”

“That… will be entirely up to you,” he replied.


The Halloween King smiled, “You aren’t technically a Doll yet, and might never be one. You still have four months here. You will spend every other day in this room training, but you can train on anything you want. I’d recommend that you try a little of everything. If you one day replace me, you are going to need to understand all of the skills available to a Doll, on at least a rudimentary level.”

“Does that mean you have done these training things?” she asked sardonically.

He chuckled softly, “I built and programmed most of them.”

Leah rolled her eyes, “Fine… so… what do I do?”

He led her over to a treadmill and said, “It’s relatively simple. You pick a station, pull on the hood and adjust the straps for the visor and earmuffs to hold them over your eyes and ears respectively. That will also adjust these into the right place.” showing the black metal pucks.

She frowned at them for a moment, then blinked, “The magnet things.”

He smiled, “Very good, you remembered.” His hand slipped into his pocket, and a moment later she felt her nipples and clit come to life with a quick surge of pleasure that made her knees wobble as she shifted to grip the rail of the treadmill.

He waited for her to regain her wits and get her legs beneath herself again, then handed her the mesh hood. “Once you have it on, it will give you instructions. You simply follow the instructions until it tells you that you are done. And then you can take the hood off. The physical exercise will assist in your body’s recovery and your health, as well as build muscle memory, and the hood will assist in training, and ensure that you learn quickly.”

He took a step back and spread his arms to indicate the whole of the room, “The means to train every type of Doll I could imagine are in this room, though the people of the town are quite creative, I tend to need to add one or two things every year.”

Leah took a deep breath before pulling the hood on, taking care not to catch the mesh on any of her new piercings as she adjusted the straps, watching as the goggles turned on automatically once it was all in place, displaying a screen that showed a cartoony ponygirl trotting on a treadmill, she then heard through the earphones, ‘A good pony keeps her heels off the ground and walks only on the balls of her feet. She keeps her back arched and rolls her hips with each firm plant of her feet to shake her tail.’ in time with the animation.

She groaned, rolling her eyes behind the goggles, but got up onto the treadmill as it instructed and started to try to walk how it instructed her to.

It was exhausting to walk with her heels up, as if she were in high heels, swaying her hips as though her ass were the clapper of a bell, and she was trying to sound high noon, all while keeping her upper body steady and straight, with her back arched to ‘display her pony tits’. And not only were the instructions hard on their own, the treadmill was programmed to adjust during the routine, changing resistance, angle, and speed to get her used to ‘pulling different loads’.

She had no idea how long the routine took, but when it completed, it chimed that she was done, the goggles went clear, and then the fucking treatmill opened a little slot, dispensing a piece of individually wrapped Halloween Candy.

She blinked as she took the hood off, looking back to make sure the Halloween King was still there, and when she saw that he wasn’t far away, still watching her, she hung up the hood and grabbed the candy, lifting it, “What’s this?”

“Positive reinforcement. It’s your reward for completing the training routine,” he replied.

She frowned, “Is it drugged?”

He shrugged with a laugh, “Technically sugar and chocolate are drugs, so… yes? But it doesn’t have any drugs in it that parents wouldn’t gladly hand out to kids on a normal Halloween night.”

Leah rolled her eyes, but as she had earned the treat, she unwrapped it and popped it into her mouth. It was a gummy treat. She didn’t even like gummies. But it was also the first thing she’d tasted in what… according to the Halloween King had been almost a month, and it tasted amazing. She moaned as she chewed at it, and only half because once she had come to a rest, her hand had started rubbing at her pussy again.

She spent the rest of the ‘day’ moving from station to station, though she tried to avoid the ones that were obviously sexual in nature, it was hard to tell what they were until she was on them. One of them that looked like a normal chair, turned out to be a station teaching twerking and lap dances, while one of them that was just a normal yoga mat that she expected to be doing dirty poses on, had her doing soldier push-ups.

The only thing that they all had in common, other than the hood with the cartoony animations of Dolls doing their thing, was that they dispensed Halloween candy after each job well done, and Leah discovered quickly that if she didn’t do a good enough job at the station, it did not dispense the candy, which, as much as she hated to say it, actually encouraged her to give it her all.

Leah was sore and a bit sweaty by the end of the day, and glad that there were showers in the training room, and that the Halloween King let her use them. She washed herself off, unable to stop herself from masturbating through the shower, and afterwards, followed him back to her room.

He smiled, “You did quite well today. I know that you think I’m a monster, but it almost seemed like you were enjoying yourself.”

Leah frowned, “Yeah, well… I’ve been bored out of my mind. Would it hurt to get me some books or something?”

He considered that for a moment, then said, “I’ll see what I can do. Good night, my little Edgelord.”

He left her to herself, and she curled naked into bed, sighing as she masturbated herself to sleep.

When she woke in the morning, she found that there were books on the shelves, and magazines on the desk, though if the Halloween King had entered the room to put them there, she had apparently slept through it. She pulled herself out of bed, groaning at the sticky wet puddle of cooling juices she woke up in every morning, doing her best to wipe her ass off as she walked towards the shelves.

Trashy romance novels, kinky bondage stories, dark vampire dramas, every last book was sexual in nature. The magazines though, were worse, they were actually hard core porn magazines. She had never actually seen one before, she didn’t even realize anyone made them anymore, with the internet making porn available for free. Glossy magazines full of punk girls getting fucked, big titted goth girls stripping and fucking themselves with dildos in graveyards, and even one spread of a black girl with body paint like a skeleton, riding a black horse and then getting fucked by it.

“What the fuck…” she muttered as she flipped through that last one, wide eyed, her pussy clenching in a mix of fear and pent up arousal from all the times she had masturbated to the edge without bringing herself over.

She forced herself to close the magazine and step away from the desk, though her eyes lingered on the seat, with its jutting dildo. She still hadn’t sat down at the desk, but it was very tempting. She groaned and started to pace the room.

She was horny.

Hornier than she had ever been in her life, and it was clearly getting to her. She had started to lose track of how many times a day she rubbed herself to the edge of bliss and then stopped. It was starting to become so normal that she just didn’t even pay attention to it.

She was just… always horny. Her nipples were always hard, her pussy was always dripping wet, and she always felt hot and bothered. The exercise the day before had helped distract herself from the growing desperation, but it hadn’t made it go away.

How was she going to last seven years?

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Leah slowly fell into a bit of a pattern, one day she would laze around her room, reading books and casually masturbating, usually with her fingers, but sometimes with toys. It didn’t take her long to start using various dildos and vibrators, or even to start humping the dildo on the seat at the desk as she read, just to give her fingers a break.

The next day she would be in the training gym, moving from station to station, keeping herself entertained in pursuit of the candy treats that each station would reward her with. She only half paid attention to what she was doing, but it didn’t stop her body from learning. Just doing it once would leave her with a pretty good understanding of what she was doing, but for the things that interested her, repeating the station three or four times was enough that she could manage it without the headset and guidance rather convincingly, she felt.

She could understand why the Dolls who focused on only the stations that related to their specific ‘thing’ would have it ingrained to the point of being reflexive and second nature. If just a handful of times made it easy, what would months on end of repeating it do?

Most of the time the Halloween King didn’t even stick around to watch her. He would show up every now and then, comment on her performance, or talk to her about this or that, but then he would wander back off to do who knows what.

Of course, with the IV’s out, and her piercings healed, she could wear clothes again, and she did so. But it wasn’t like the clothing options available to her were overly modest. Her pussy drooled constantly, so anything that covered her crotch or legs would get soaked almost immediately. This left her limited to short skirts, and the variety of slutty, punky tops that were in the closet or drawers. She didn’t bother with wearing socks, stockings, or shoes, though on occasion she did use the socks to mop up the mess her pussy left on her bedroom floor, or in the bed.

With the increased arousal came an equivalent decrease in what Leah considered rational thinking as well. She became more… experimentation in the training room, more willing to try stations of obviously sexual natures. Some were fun, like a generic blowjob trainer where she had to balance suction, licking, fondling and bobbing her head to pleasure a guy she could see in her goggles, with audio feedback through the headphones. Others were not, like the soldier latrine duty trainer that had her drink liquid pumped out of a rubber dick and a rubber pussy that was hot, salty and she suspected tasted a lot like pee, and really hoped was synthetic, all while orders were barked at her to ‘swallow faster maggot’. The piece of lemon taffy she got for completing that station was absolutely not worth it.

Leah had some favorite stations though. The paddling station took various implements to her backside while calling her a bad girl, with a vibrator pushed up between her legs to buzz at her between strokes, and despite the pain, she found that it was kind of zen, and helped her deal with the guilt of how sexual she had felt. She used that one at least every two or three times she was in the training room.

And then there was the pole dancing station…

That one was probably her favorite. A pole before a big screen, which had various girls doing routines to music. With the goggles and hood on, she listened to the music and did her best to follow along like a kinky game of ‘Dance Dance’. It was a fun workout that left her winded, but also got her body moving in a way that left her feeling electrified inside, feeling sexy instead of just… sexual. That one she usually did at least twice each time she was in the room, and she was getting pretty damn good at it.

She was just finishing up a round on the pole dancing station one morning when she first met the Halloween King’s other… victim. He had left as soon as he dropped her off for the day of training, but after she finished her pole dancing routine, he returned, leading a young girl behind him.

Leah guessed that she couldn’t be more than eight or nine years old, but she didn’t know the girl’s name. She was black, with skin the color of rich milk chocolate, and black hair that had been pressed straight and cut to shoulder length. She was slender, with that androgynously girlish build that preteen girls who were fit and healthy always seemed to have, and she was in costume, which shouldn't have surprised Leah, but kind of did.

The girl was wearing black thigh high fishnet stockings, and black stiletto ‘fuck me’ heels, then a weird top that was also made of a black fishnet mesh, long sleeved, but cut across her chest at shoulder height to leave her flat chest and belly completely bare, while covering her neck and shoulders. Her modesty was preserved by heart shaped black pasties stuck over her nipples, and another stuck over her pussy. The outfit also had a built in white collar and cuffs, starched and oversized, with brass cufflinks and a black satin bow-tie. And then there were the animal bits. A headband with tall white bunny ears, and a teardrop tail jutting up from her exposed butt cheeks.

The girl’s fingernails were painted bright lavender, and her lips were either tattooed or coated in a very natural looking shade of purple lipstick. And there was a tattoo on her left hip, of a circle with a five pointed asterisk in the center.

The bunny parts made Leah think that she must be another pet Doll, but she didn’t hop or twitch her nose, she instead strutted and swayed her hips, walking like a cross between a fashion model and a prostitute on the prowl. She had an impish smile on her lips, and every move seemed to be designed to draw attention to her young girlish hips.

The Halloween Lord led her over to Leah and smiled, “Bunny, meet Leah.” for once not calling her ‘edgelord’.

Leah blinked and blushed, “Uh, hi Bunny.”

The girl, Bunny, just smiled warmly and then turned on the spot and bent over, her legs spread and her back arched, looking back over her shoulder as she wiggled her hips to flick that white fluffy tail, exposing the pink ring at the base of it, between her butt cheeks, “Hi, Leah, wanna pull my tail?”

As close as she was, Leah could see that the tail was clearly affixed to a butt plug of some sort, and swallowed, looking to the Halloween King, who just chuckled, “You can play with Leah later, for now, we need to get back to training.” He put his hand on Bunny’s shoulder, then looked to Leah and asked, “So, what stations do you think she would benefit from?”

Leah blinked a few more times, looking up at the Halloween King in surprise, “Huh, what do I think?”

He nodded, waiting quietly.

Leah thought about it for a moment, biting her lower lip as she looked around the room, “Well, um… with the way she walks, she probably should spend more time on the catwalk station. You said that she is obsessed with her butt, and that is clearly obvious, so… um… the anal gauntlet, and maybe the sizing stations…” she frowned a bit, “She doesn’t really act like a bunny, but she would need to take the high heels off if she wanted to do the jumping trainer, right? I mean… you wouldn’t want her to break her ankles.”

He chuckled, “She isn’t really that kind of bunny, think cocktail bunny.”

To which Bunny moaned, “I’d love to get a cock under my tail.”

“Well, the brainwashing worked.” Leah said with a sigh.

The Halloween King just smiled, “Believe it or not, she had a butt plug bigger than your fist in her when I took her.”

“Of course she did.” Leah said with a groan, then asked, “So was I close?”

He nodded, “She also needs to learn how to mix and serve drinks, as well as how to dance. So you will need to share time on your dance stations.” he said with a smile.

Leah blushed and looked away, frowning as she crossed her arms defiantly. “What is she wearing, anyway? That shirt looks useless.”

“It’s called an inverted bunny suit. It covers the opposite of what a bunny girl leotard usually covers.” He replied with a smile. “Anyway, I am going to leave her training up to you. Direct her between stations, and watch how she does on them when you aren’t on one yourself. Don’t be afraid to have her repeat the same station over and over until it is second nature to her.”

“Why me?”

He smiled, “Because you haven’t had an orgasm yet. Because you have finished every trainer you started, even the ones you clearly hated. Because even though you don’t trust me, you haven’t tried to run away. You seem to honestly want to see me use the resources of Fairyland for good, but I won’t ever be anything except the Halloween King. So this is me training you to become a queen should you succeed at meeting our deal and one day taking over Fairyland. The first step for you is to see if you can make Bunny into a happy Doll.”

He then turned and started to walk away, leaving Leah with Bunny, who just smiled at her and wagged her butt to flick that tail.

Leah sighed, “Well fuck… I guess we had better get you training. Come on.” She started to lead Bunny towards the catwalk trainer area.

“So what kind of Doll are you?” Bunny asked as they walked.

“I’m not a Doll…” she said, trying to keep the hostility out of her voice.

“Why not?” Bunny asked, sounding confused.

“Because I don’t want to be one.” she said.

Bunny stopped following her upon hearing that, “Why wouldn’t you want to be a Doll?”

Leah bit back her knee jerk reaction and just said, “Because it just isn’t for me.”

“Oh… well… I couldn’t wait to be old enough to be a Doll. I was so sad when I wasn’t picked to be one last year.” Bunny said.

“Aren’t you a little young to want to be a s… a Doll?” Leah asked?

Bunny giggled, “Oh, Brandy was my babysitter growing up.”

That explained a lot. Brandy, formerly Brandon, had dressed up as a girl on a dare one Halloween and ended up the Babysitter Doll, coming back as a hot teenage girl with something extra tucked in her panties. Tempting parents with tits, ass and dick, and taking care of kids. But of course, if the kids were frisky, taking extra care of the kids… and Brandy had a thing for back doors. Brandy had watched Andrea a few times too, mostly to fuck Andrea’s mom, and Andrea had caught them in the act, and told Leah the lurid details.

 The two of them started towards the catwalk station again, and Leah helped hook Bunny up, then once she was going, watched her for a bit before getting into a nearby station to continue her own ‘education’.

It was fun, having someone else to talk to between sessions. Leah mostly kept Bunny on the catwalk station all day, and stayed close by, practicing a variety of different struts, because all the trainers seemed to be grouped up with like topics.

At the end of the day, she led Bunny to the showers and undressed so that she could wash herself. Bunny stripped off her own shirt and stockings, then gently peeled off the pasties and crotch sticker, before pulling off the ear headband. Then she paused and looked to Leah, asking, “Can you help me with my tail?”

“Huh?” Leah asked.

Bunny smiled, “It’s kind of hard to get out on my own.” turning her back and offering her rump once more.

Leah blushed and frowned, “What… uh… what do I have to do?”

“Just grab the ring and pull.” she replied.

Leah swallowed, but reached down between Bunny’s legs, under that tail, and hooked her finger into the pink plastic ring, then started to tug. There was a lot of resistance, so she had to give it a pretty solid tug, but slowly the girl’s dark pucker stretched open around a vibrant purple ball on a black rubber cord, slick with lubricant. When the thing popped free, Leah could see that it was about two inches in diameter, and that the black cord ran through it, and continued deeper into Bunny’s ass.

The Doll moaned, and then giggled, “Keep pulling…”

She gave another firm pull, watching that puffy anus stretch again, around a blue orb this time, this one half an inch larger than the last when it came free with a wet pop. She kept pulling, exposing a green one that was again, half an inch larger, making it three inches in diameter. Then a yellow one that was three and a half. The orange one that followed was four inches across, and Leah couldn’t imagine how the girl’s hips could manage anything that large, it was so obscenely huge as it came loose, but it still wasn’t the last. The final one out was four and a half inches across, and cherry red. The strand fell free, and hung from Leah’s grip by that ring, letting her feel the weight, those dense orbs having to be solid, because it felt like she was carrying ten pounds in her hand.

Bunny looked near on the edge of orgasm as her asshole slowly closed to a puffy little hole, so loose that Leah could see inside a short ways, to where the black skin gave way to pink insides.

“Fuck…” Leah gasped.

“Right?” Bunny giggled, “Mmmm, that felt good. Wanna shove your arm in there and make me cum?”


Bunny moaned, “Come on, I’m so close…”

So was Leah… and that was the only thing she could think of that made her even consider it. She swallowed hard, a trembling hand extending to brush a finger against that loose slit of an asshole, almost as wet as Leah’s own pussy.

Bunny moaned again, pushing her hips back to press against the feather light touch. “Mmmm, please…”

“Fine…” Leah grunted in frustration. She took a deep breath and then sank to her knees, “But just this once.” she didn’t exactly know what to do, but could make some educated guesses from Bunny’s comment on shoving an arm in there… so she worked her finger in, then two, then more, before sliding her whole hand in.

Bunny’s ass felt hot and wet as it fluttered around her hand. Unlike Leah’s pussy, which had been stretched out by the plugs, but then shocked closed to train her muscles to clench, it seemed like Bunny’s ass was just trained to relax, and the girl was soft as butter. She sank right in, her arm slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the wet, hot depths of the girl’s ass.

She heard Bunny moan, and then felt the girl’s hands against her own, which made her eyes go wide. She looked around the girl’s hip and saw that Bunny was rubbing her belly, where Leah’s hand was bulging the girl’s abdomen out. “Fuck…”

“Yeah…” Bunny moaned, “So hot…”

Not quite what Leah had meant.

She started to draw her arm free, then at the whimpered groan from Bunny, she slid it back in, slowly, awkwardly starting to fuck the girl with the majority of her arm, shoving her fist and forearm in to the elbow, over and over.

Leah felt jealous of the noises of sexual abandon coming from the Doll, she could feel the girl’s belly and pelvis muscles flutter and quiver as she got closer and closer to her bliss, and hear the shower area filling with the sounds of the girl’s lustful cries. Bunny was going to do what Leah wasn’t allowed to do for another seven years… she was going to cum. Leah hated it… she hated that this Doll got to cum, but she didn’t.

Tears welled in her eyes as she worked her aggression out on the younger girl’s ass, punching her guts furiously, only to hear the girl’s moans rise even higher. Bunny started to grunt and gasp, and then all the sudden she was spasming and letting out a girlish scream of pleasure as she fell over the edge and came hard.

Despite all the negative emotions built up in her, there was something cathartic about listening to Bunny cum so hard. In knowing that Leah had caused it. She felt a bit of power from it. It made her shiver and blush. She pulled her arm free, leaving Bunny laying in a heap on the floor trying to catch her breath, as she got up to go take her shower.

She didn’t realize until after she was back in her bedroom and in bed that she hadn’t felt that urgent need to masturbate herself near constantly after making Bunny cum. Though when she woke up fingering herself, she suspected that might have just been because her arm was exhausted from fisting someone.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

There were no clocks or calendars in Fairyland, so Leah had no way to know exactly how long she and Bunny had been training, or how long she had been there at all. It was getting easier for Leah to get a judge for how long a ‘day’ was, just by how many cycles they could get through on the various stations before the Halloween King came back to take them to their rooms, but those days all blurred together over time.

It had also become clear that what she saw, and what Bunny saw were very different. While Leah saw a building that was much like a cross between a hospital and a school, with a dark and edgy vibe to it, Bunny saw a smokey bar, or strip-club, filled with shadowy patrons, watching her and cheering. The Doll said that she knew they weren’t real, just shadows on the wall, but still found them encouraging as they watched her.

Not having to eat or drink still confused Leah, though both she and Bunny eagerly enjoyed their candy treats, and even saved up the ones they didn’t care for to exchange after sessions. Bunny found it delightfully amusing that Leah’s hands were always covered in pussy juices, so anything she handled for too long had a musky, pussy flavor.

The first time Bunny had commented on that, Leah had snapped back that at least she didn’t have an asshole that tasted like cotton candy, which Bunny thought was hilarious instead of insulting. Leah had no idea how the Halloween King had done that, but Bunny’s ass was naturally lubricating, and she had learned by accident during one of their post workout shower sessions when helping Bunny take out her tail, that the lube tasted almost exactly like the spun sugar confection.

Between the training stations, and talking with Bunny though, and occasionally bringing Bunny to orgasm by shoving various things up her butt, Leah found that training days went by rather quickly. It was the days in her room that seemed to crawl by.

She had books, and sex toys, but it was silent and she was alone save for masturbation and bad erotica, or porn magazines if she ever let herself get that bored. There was just nothing to do to really make the time go any faster.

It was one such boring day when something changed. The door, which still stubbornly refused to have a latch or knob on the inside, no matter how hard she tried to find one, even though she knew she had seen the Halloween King use one on several occasions… opened.

She looked up, expecting to see the Halloween King enter her room, as he did visit her on rare occasions, but instead all she saw was an empty doorway. Boredom combined with effectively months of near constant edging without release had clouded her judgment enough that she only hesitated for a few seconds at most before getting up off the bed to go look out the door, peeking down the hallway in both directions. She didn’t see anything until she looked to the floor and noticed what looked like a trail of glitter leading off down the hall to the left.

The Halloween King had told her not to leave her room… but he had also spoken of Fairyland as if it were alive. Who was she to ignore it, if it was wanting to lead her somewhere. So after far less consideration than she would have given it before her abduction, Leah stepped out of her room and started down the hallway, following the trail of glitter down the ever-shifting hallways of Fairyland.

The trail led her to a set of double doors, with small rectangular glass windows set in them, with chicken wire sandwiched between the layers of glass to keep anyone from getting an arm through the thin window if they broke the glass.

Looking through, she saw what looked to her like a hospital lobby, and in it was Princess Mackenzie and the Halloween King. The princess was dressed to the nines, in a sheer pink princess gown with a keyhole cutout over her perky young breasts, and ornate white lingerie that was too small on her body to really be modest, clearly visible through the thin fabric, with pink princess heels, and her usual scepter and tiara.

“Always a delight to return to your throne room, your Majesty.” the Princess said, doing a vulgar curtsy that was deep enough to show that her tiny panties were also crotchless, even from Leah’s distant viewpoint. “To what do I owe the honor, my king?”

The Halloween King was seated in an office chair a short ways from the Princess, but she treated it as if he were seated in a throne. And from what Leah had learned, for all she knew, that was exactly what the Princess saw.

“I wish to speak with you about the Homecoming arrangements,” he said.

The Princess nodded as though she expected that, and commented, “The family of Tabitha is actually excited for it. They knew that she wanted to be a doll, it was quite a cheerful Grim Christmas, and they have been frequent visitors of the Doll Castle of late as well. Leah’s family is… pleased that she is alive, but they found her Halloween costume on her bed, so they have no idea what she was dressed as. They have been quite worried about what they are getting back. Will she be a magical girl Doll like the costume she was supposed to have been wearing?”

“She won’t be a Doll,” he replied simply, giving a shrug.

The Princess stood there for a moment, not seeming to register that, “N… not a Doll, my liege?”

He nodded, “She and I have a special arrangement. She wanted to kill herself because she thought that I had killed her friend, taken everything from her. So I am offering her something in exchange. If she can give up bliss until she turns eighteen, then she gets a reward and won’t ever become a Doll. She will still be compelled to trick-or-treat on Halloween, Summerween, and whenever she sees another Doll doing so, but she will never be required to seek out an owner so long as she is not a Doll.”

“Bliss?” the Princess asked with confusion.


The Princess gasped, “She has to go until she’s eighteen without an orgasm? I’m surprised she isn’t already a Doll then. I don’t know that I could go a day, let alone last for years…”

“Maybe she thinks the prize will be worth it.” he said.

“What’s her prize?” the Princess asked curiously.

The Halloween King smiled, “If she succeeds, she will become my successor, and the Halloween Queen.”

The Princess flinched as if slapped, taking a moment to steady herself, “W… what about me?”

“You will continue as you have, so long as you wish to remain a Doll, you will remain the Princess of the town. You will rule there, and one day, if she endures, she will rule here.”

The Princess frowned a little as she considered that, “So… what do you need me to do, my king?”

“Arrange a special trick-or-treating outing this year. Gather as many of the Dolls as are free, and all go out in a group, you will meet them as they return, and trick-or-treat with them. Return the Bunny to her family along the route, and then end at Leah’s house and tell her parents that you are taking their daughter to the Doll Castle for a slumber party, and they are welcome to join. Leah has lived in fear of becoming a Doll, and of the town’s precious Dolls as well. Surround her with them, help her to see them as you do, precious treasures.”

Leah didn’t feel comfortable waiting around to eavesdrop further, worried about what else she might hear, or worse, getting caught. She backed away and then turned to follow the glitter trail back to her room.

Four days later her door opened again, and despite herself, Leah once more found herself stepping out into the hallway to follow the glitter trail. This time it led her to a small clinic room, where she found the Halloween King and Bunny.

Bunny was strapped down to a gynecological chair, her legs spread wide, her tail plug, a huge horse pink horsecock plug this time, laying atop a tray to one side. She had goggles and earphones on, and seemed to be somewhat out of it.

The Halloween King, meanwhile, stood between her legs, his dick out as he thrust it in and out of the young Doll’s pussy. Despite how obviously tight and tiny her pussy appeared to be, and how big the Halloween King’s adult member was, she wasn’t making a sound as he fucked her, as if she wasn’t even aware he was there.

After a few minutes he pulled from her pussy and then shoved into her loose asshole, and everything changed. The Doll’s back arched and she moaned like a slut, her hips rolling and bucking back in time with the thrusts from the Halloween King, and soon she could hear the telltale sounds of the Doll crying out in bliss with an orgasm.

Backing away from the door, she once again ran back to her room, only to furiously masturbate, this time shamefully shoving one of her dildos into her ass while she did so, trying to understand how Bunny could enjoy it so much while she edged herself, so pent up, yet horrified by how twisted the Doll’s desires had become.

The next time the Halloween King came to visit her, Leah stayed silent about the doors opening and Fairyland guiding her about. Instead she asked, “Hey, um… is there anything we can do about my hair?” The only real physical hint that she had been in Fairyland for months had been her hair growing out and ratty.

He lifted a hand to brush through her hair, “It has gotten rather long. What would you like done with it?”

She shrugged, “You’re the ‘artist’ here… I mean, you picked out my wardrobe, and most of my piercings… my tattoos…” her words were more accusatory than her tone was by that point.

He ignored the verbal jab, instead saying, “I can do something, shall we go to the salon then?” starting towards the door.

Leah slipped off her bed and got up to follow, “So… how long before Bunny and I go home?”

“Just a couple weeks left now,” he said.

She walked in silence down the hallways of Fairyland after the Halloween King for a bit, then asked, “I really am just a Doll, aren’t I?”

He blinked, stopping at a doorway and looking back at her, “What makes you ask that?”

“I’m being programmed, I can’t control my actions, I’m going to have to trick-or-treat like other Dolls… I’m guessing I won’t age or get pregnant, or any of the other things, just like a normal Doll.” she said, surprised by how even her tone was as she said it. She didn’t even feel that betrayed as she voiced it.

The Halloween King listened to her logic, and then smiled, “You have been programmed, yes, but you can control your actions. I’ve seen you do it, pull your hand from between your legs and sit on it instead of just spending all day edging your little cunt.”

“A Doll can’t do that, Leah. Or perhaps more accurately, a Doll wouldn’t want to do that. Dolls aren’t forced to do anything, they want to follow their programming so much that they never even think to fight it. Not until they turn eighteen, when they can evaluate their situation and make a decision about it. But you can. You can think things through and make a conscious decision every step of the way. You have desires, instincts, drives… but everyone does. Yours are just stronger and stranger than most, because you have Doll instincts, and Doll anatomy. You are correct, you will age like a Doll, and you won’t have to worry about getting sick or getting pregnant. But you will always have a choice. You can choose to fight those instincts, or you can choose to go along with them and let them happen.”

“Fighting your instincts won’t automatically make you miserable. And going along with them won’t automatically make you happy. Unlike a Doll, you are going to have to find some answers on your own. That is why I have let you choose your own training stations, and why your programming is so light. Even if you become a full Doll, your programming will still be light, all that will change is that you will suddenly need an owner and no longer be able to resist the edging like you can now. I want you to find your own way, and find the things in life that are worth living for. All of this… is to encourage you to find it.”

He opened the door to the salon and stepped inside, and Leah followed him in, sighing as she said, “I don’t see how constantly masturbating is going to help me find anything, it’s not like I can walk around town with my hand down my pants all the time.”

He just smiled, “I’m sure you will figure it out, I have faith in you, my little Edgelord. Now then, get up on the chair, and let's get your hair sorted.”

She hoisted herself up onto the gynecological chair, not bothering to put her legs up into the stirrups, and settled back as he gathered the things he needed.

Her mom had always insisted that she at least keep her hair shoulder length, but the Halloween King had no such limits for her. The first thing he did was bring out the scissors and start hacking off inches of black hair, trimming her hair to a punkish, spiky pixie cut. She expected him to stop there, but then he brought out a pair of buzz clippers, running them close to her scalp along the right side, as he gave her a sharp asymmetrical undercut on the opposite side to the part in her hair. He then took out a pot of hair dye and started to brush in metallic purple highlights. They were almost invisible in her dark hair, but when the light hit them just right, they popped out, something she was able to see when he took her to the mirror room to let her take in his handiwork.

“You’re disturbingly good at this, you know.” Leah commented as she looked at her hair in the three sided mirror.

He just chuckled, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

As he led her back to her room, she asked, “Are you going to fuck me?” once again.

He opened the door to her room, smiling at her, “When you return to me as the Halloween Queen, I will fuck you to your hearts content, but if I were to fuck you, and you let yourself cum from it, you would feel betrayed, and I won’t have that as an excuse for you to further hate me.”

She looked into the room, “I’m not sure I hate you anymore… I still think what you are doing is fucked up, and that there has to be a better way to do it… but… maybe you aren’t just a monster.”

She went to step past him and into the room, only to be pulled into a hug. He then whispered into her ear, “Everyone is a monster, and everyone is a saint, it just depends on the day, and who is judging them at the time.” Then he let her go and gently closed the door behind her as he left.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Leah took a deep breath as she looked around nervously. Bunny, on the other hand, just looked impatient. The Doll was wearing a crotchless black leotard with fishnet tights, her usual Easter-Egg tail-plug, a starched white collar and cuffs, black bow tie, and her bunny ears, along with those usual black shiny fuck me pumps, only today she also had a plastic trick-or-treating pumpkin.

Leah had a plastic pumpkin too. She was also dressed up, wearing heavy makeup to cover her lip tattoo, a black choker, a black mesh top with electrical tape X’s under it to cover her nipples, a black latex micro-mini skirt that only covered her pussy if she stood up straight and didn’t move at all, and thigh high lace up leather boots.

Bunny wanted to go trick-or-treating, eager to find herself an owner and some candy, but the Halloween King had made it clear to Leah to keep her in the alleyway until the Princess came by. So Bunny was frustrated.

Leah was frustrated too, but only because she couldn’t actually remember how they had gotten to the alleyway. One moment they had been in Fairyland, being given the instructions, and then she had felt dizzy, and all the sudden she was in the alley, standing there stupidly. The Princess clearly knew how to get back and forth between the town and Fairyland, but Leah didn’t even have a clue where to start if she wanted to find her way back.

And half the frustration was because she wasn’t sure why she wanted to find her way back…

She idly rubbed her pussy while she waited, her other hand holding Bunny’s free hand to keep the younger Doll from rushing off for the nearest house.

Most of the Dolls decided to ‘age out’ when they hit eighteen, and most years the Halloween King only took two kids, somewhere between the ages of eight and fifteen years of age. The most he had ever taken was four, the least was one. That meant in any particular year, there was an average of sixteen to twenty-four active Dolls in the town, and counting Leah and the Bunny, there were twenty-two active right now, but Leah had never seen them all in one place before.

As a result, Leah heard them before she saw them. Nineteen kids, mostly girls, all in slutty costumes, with bright plastic buckets, parading down the street, giggling, gossiping, and teasing each other. And at the head of the parade was the Princess, dressed as a prom-queen Princess today, and without her non-Doll attendants for once.

When they got close, Leah stepped out of the alleyway with Bunny, and the Princess just smiled and nodded at them as she led the group right up to them and kept going, crying out, “Come, subjects, it is time to claim our candy tax from the citizenry!”

Now that they were in the group they had been waiting for, Leah let go of Bunny’s hand, and since they were heading towards the houses, Bunny was eager to be underway and no longer fighting the urge. Leah, though, had a different goal in mind.

She saw the Doll she was looking for, out way past curfew, in her slutty sailor-girl school uniform today. Leah stepped up to her and swallowed, “Uh… hey Andrea.”

Andrea smiled and adjusted her glasses, “Hi Leah.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t understand.” she told the Studybug.

Andrea giggled, “I don’t think you can understand being a Doll until you are one.”

Leah shook her head, “Not that… I mean… why you wanted… why you needed to be a Doll. I should have been a better friend, instead of just holding you back.”

Andrea rolled her eyes, “Where is that coming from? Don’t worry about it. Come on, let's go get some candy… and maybe take an oral exam!”

Leah blushed and then gave a soft laugh, “Uh… yeah, okay.”

Once the parade of Dolls crossed the threshold of the residential district, any attempt by the Princess to keep them in a group dissolved rather quickly into chaos.

The usual Homecoming tradition was to find a new Doll trick-or-treating, give them enough candy to keep them safe, have some fun with them while you call the cops, and then once the cops arrive, have them escorted home. Though sometimes the candy-giver wouldn’t be in a big hurry to call the cops and forget to get around to it until morning. But still, that would launch off Homecoming week.

Having all the town’s Dolls trick-or-treating enmasse was not what the town expected, or was ready for. It wasn’t just whoever found a Doll kept them safe and had some fun, it was an all you can eat buffet, and it built momentum. No one household could satisfy all the dolls, so they ran from home to home, breaking off into groups of similar or compatible kinks, like a wave of sex and candy, crashing against the quiet little town.

Leah found herself swept up in it, passed between little groups as they intersected. She started off with Studybug, at the house of one of her old teachers, giving him a blowjob as she and Studybug shared his dick between them, almost making out with each other around his cock as they did so. Then she got separated from Andrea and wound up with Brandy and Dylan, the Babysitter and Bad Boy, bouncing in a husband’s lap while the two double teamed the man’s wife. Then she was swept up by the petting zoo, with Cow, Pony, Catgirl and Puppy helping ring doorbells and talk to homeowners for them while they offered their lusty services to the members and pets of the households.

She was exhausted by the end of the night, caked in cum and with a bucket full of candy when the Princess found her again, “So, ready to go home before someone actually manages to call the royal guard?”

Leah nodded, “I think so… where’s Bunny?”

“She found a temporary owner. She will have to be escorted to her parents in the normal way,” the Princess said simply.

Leah nodded again, “Right. Okay. What about everyone else?”

The Princess looked at the hedonistic bedlam going on around the neighborhood, “They know to go to the Doll Castle when they get their fill, assuming they don’t get snagged for the night. I expect most of them will make it there before we do.”

Leah started to follow the Princess, feeling an anxious knot tighten in her stomach. “My parents are going to be so pissed at me…”

“Probably.” the Princess said, “You did defy their orders. You could have been a magical girl.”

Leah rolled her eyes, “He would never have taken me if I hadn’t tried to… to kill myself.” even saying it left a sour taste in her mouth.

The Princess shrugged, “Possibly true, but you can never truly know the Halloween King’s mind. His wisdom far exceeds the common rabble, or even that of a lowly lord such as yourself.”

Leah blinked, “A lord?”

The Princess giggled, “Edgelord?”

She blushed and groaned, “Right…”

“Speaking of which… why aren’t you edging yourself, young lady?” the Princess asked.

“Young lady?” Leah frowned at Princess Mackenzie for that.

The Princess said, “Don’t forget that I’m a Doll by choice, I am nineteen, and technically an adult, you know. Not just a teenager.”

“And so mature.” Leah said sardonically, then she took a deep breath and looked down at herself, and her uncharacteristically dry hands, “I don’t know… was masturbating before we started trick-or-treating, but I guess once we got into things, I just got distracted.” though she edged herself during training, and in her sleep, how distracted could she have been.

“Not much of an Edgelord if you stop edging, are you?” the Princess said with a bit of mock disdain.

Leah frowned and rolled her eyes, “My pussy is still drooling like a slut, so I think I’m plenty edged…”

“Half that is cum from the guys you’ve fucked tonight, and you know it.” The Princess said with a smirk.

Leah blushed deep, realizing that she was officially no longer a virgin. She had fucked and sucked, eaten pussy, and even licked one guy’s asshole that night, and barely even paid it any attention, like it just… wasn’t that big a deal. “Yeah… I guess.” she said softly, not sure how to feel about that.

They rounded the corner to her street, and she could see her home in the distance, the lights on, her parents clearly expecting her home any minute. She swallowed hard, and forced herself to keep moving.

She hesitated when she got to the front door, not sure what to do.

Princess Mackenzie sighed and muttered under her breath, “Oh for fuck sake,” knocking on the door loudly, before calling out, “Trick-or-treat!”

Leah blushed hard at that, but a few moments later the door opened, and she saw her mother and father standing there. They didn’t even give her time to apologize as they pulled her into an almost smothering hug.

The Princess cleared her throat, and then said, “Ahem, our candy?” holding up her bucket and tapping it with her royal scepter.

Leah’s father coughed and grabbed some candy for the two girl’s buckets, and once it had been deposited, the Princess decreed, “You may resume your wanton hugging now. Also, the Dolls are having a special sleepover tonight at the Doll Castle in honor of your Doll’s homecoming. We wouldn’t want to keep you from her, so you are both invited to bring your things and stay at the Castle with her tonight, along with all the Dolls. We are aware that this is a break from normal tradition, but your daughter herself is a break from normal tradition.”

Her parents seemed confused by that declaration for a moment, until the Princess shooed them along to get their things.

Once they were out of earshot, the Princess said, “Everyone is going to think you are a Doll. And they are going to treat you like one, so it would be wise of you to go with it.”

Leah blinked, “Huh… why?”

“Because as a Doll you can be essentially naked in public, you can masturbate freely without fear, you can fuck whoever you want or need to, and you can get away with hell, because that is what Dolls need to do. It doesn’t matter that you are only half a Doll… to them, you’re a Doll. You were taken by the Halloween King, trained by him, and returned on time. That’s enough. So play the part, you are a Doll… just a special one.”

“You don’t like me very much, do  you?” she asked the Princess.

Princess Mackenzie forced a charming smile and asked, “Whatever gives you that idea, dear Edgelord?”

Leah grunted and leaned against the wall by the door, settling in to eat some candy while she waited for her parents to gather up what they would need for the slumber party. While she did so, she thought back over what the Princess had said, and then looked down at her hands. She was holding the bucket in one of them, and the candy she was eating in the other, and wasn’t feeling the need to masturbate at all. Was the programming wearing off? Was that just something forced on her by Fairyland?

When her parents returned, they bundled Leah and the Princess into the car to drive to the Doll Castle.

Once the only motel in town, once the town closed itself off to outsiders, the motel had lost its purpose. Of course it was owned by Mackenzie’s family, so she just appropriated it as her personal castle. The rumor in school was that her family only stayed in business because they had turned the Doll Castle into a brothel of sorts in the off season. It wouldn’t have surprised Leah, Princess Mackenzie’s family wouldn’t be the first family to capitalize on a Doll financially.

She blinked at something she remembered, asking, “Hey, Mackenzie, is there a suggestion box in the lobby still?”

There was no reply, just an imperious glare from the Princess, making Leah sigh, “I’m sorry, Princess Mackenzie… is there a suggestion box in the lobby still?”

“I don’t think our family has ever taken the suggestions of the masses, no.” she said.

“Huh… was there ever any other motel in town?” Leah asked.

The Princess shrugged, “I don’t think so.”

Leah frowned, looking up at the tacky improvised castle decorations applied to the old roadside motel, shrugging as she followed the Princess and her parents inside.

- ~ \ | / ~ -

Mackenzie’s parents were still getting the motel lobby set up for the sleepover, with the help of some of the dolls who got there early, so when Leah and her parents arrived, they handed her parents a key to one of the rooms and told them to go get settled in, and that they would be called when things got started.

Leah followed her parents to the door with the room number printed on the keycard, and waited for her dad to swipe it. Her parents had been quiet on the drive over, and were still quiet, leaving her feeling awkward.

She followed them inside, and once the door was closed, her mother said, “So, um… I guess… we are your owners now?”

Then her dad coughed and asked, “How often do you need us to… um… take care of your needs? To… avoid you going in search of another owner?”

She blushed scarlet, “Ugh… Mom… Dad… no… um…” she rubbed her face as she tried to think of how to handle the situation. “Okay, so… I’m… more of a special Doll… like Princess. I don’t… need an owner. So long as I don’t have an orgasm, I won’t need an owner, or need to trick-or-treat. I’ll just… masturbate a lot, and… be horny… and dress slutty, and I won’t age, and… wow this is weird.”

Her parents blinked, and her dad asked, “So… if you have an orgasm, you will go looking for a new owner… until the next time you have an orgasm?”

Leah shook her head, “No, um… if I have an orgasm, at any point between now and when I turn eighteen, I’ll become a normal Doll, and need an owner and need to trick-or-treat and all that from then on... But so long as I don’t have an orgasm between now and then I won’t ever need to. I’ll just… I guess it’s called ‘edge’ a lot. And… we are going to have to get latex covers for all the furniture, because I am gonna drip…  like constantly…” blushing deep as she admitted it.

Her mom then asked, to clarify, “So you don’t need us to… um… molest you?”

Leah opened her mouth to answer, then closed it, realizing that what she wanted to answer, and how she would have answered even just a couple months earlier were nowhere near the same. She blushed deeply and said, “If it makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to… but…” she swallowed and sheepishly said, “I wouldn’t turn it down, and I can’t get pregnant until I turn eighteen, so… it’s safe.”

Her dad coughed at that, looking away.

After another moment of awkward silence, Leah said, “I… I’m sorry… for the note, for trying to kill myself… for disobeying you guys… for everything…” shivering as she bit back tears and hugged herself.

Her parents were quick to move in and hug her tight, tight enough that she could feel her dad’s lingering, if flagging, erection from the previous conversation. Her mom shushed her, whispering, “It’s okay, we’re just glad you’re safe.”

“It’s not okay… why aren’t you furious… what I did was stupid and selfish, and I got myself kidnapped and brainwashed… and…”

Her dad said, “And you’re alive. From what we were told, if you hadn’t been kidnapped, you’d be dead right now. So if you being a Doll means that we get to have you alive, then I’m proud that you’re a Doll, and I’m happy that they exist.”

Remembering the Princess’s advice, Leah said, “Hey, um… you’re my parents… but most people are used to Dolls kinda being one way about ownership, right? So… as far as the town is concerned, I’m okay with everyone thinking you are my owners too. I mean, that’s pretty much what a legal guardian is, right?”

Her mom kissed her forehead and said, “Alright, we can do that.”

They held her as she cried for a bit, the tears and tight hugs smudging her makeup quite a bit. Enough that her mother caught sight of letters under her lipstick and took her to the bathroom to help wash the makeup off.

That led to her giving them a tour of her various tattoos and piercings, of which they all agreed that the tattoo on her lips was by far the worst and hardest to cover, and that she would need a good selection of dark lipstick in the future.

Out of curiosity, her father did scan the QR code over her mons, showing her the screen that it brought up. A purple background with black letters that read ‘EDGELORD’ and under it, a green button labeled ‘REWARD’ and a red one labeled ‘PUNISH’. He tapped the reward button, and he and her mother watched as she bucked and moaned, her body responding immediately to the stimulation that it caused.

“It saved it as an applet on my phone… anyone who scans that is going to have to manually delete it, or they will have access to it all the time.” her father said, before asking, “How bad is the punishment?”

Leah swallowed, “Pretty bad. Imagine someone taking a taser to your privates.”

He winced and nodded, tucking his phone away into his pocket.

A knock at the door ended their conversation, and forced Leah to tug her skirt back into place. Mackenzie’s mom was waiting at the door, “Hey, the driver just delivered pizza, and everyone’s ready for the party to start.”

Leah’s mom blinked, “Pizza at this time of night?”

Leah’s stomach grumbled and she grinned, “Pizza! That sounds awesome… I haven’t had anything to eat but candy and cum in months…” making her parents blush as she pushed past them and towards the lobby.

She heard Mackenzie’s mom explain, “Every Doll owner has to get used to a certain degree of vulgarity. And the fact that Dolls come home very hungry… and for more than just sex.”

The lobby was decorated in a hodgepodge of styles, with castle themed decorations that she guessed were always there, but also a mix of birthday decorations and Halloween decorations. The breakfast nook was laid out with pizza boxes and a cooler full of various flavors of carbonated beverages, as well as bowls of candy and some trays of cupcakes and other treats.

Most of the Dolls were there as well. Some were missing, those like the Stupid Cow who tended to get lost in large groups, and the Naughty Nun whose families didn’t prefer large gatherings. But most of them were there.

Leah grabbed herself a couple slices of pizza and a diet cola, and was just about to take her first bite when a hand reached under her admittedly very short skirt and goosed her butt, while the one pinching her said, “Honk honk!” making her jump a bit.

Zoe, the Clown, stood behind her, all grins as usual, wearing what Leah at first thought was a yellow and blue harlequin checked leotard, with bright red puffball buttons down the chest and over her nipples… until Leah spotted the Doll’s signature rainbow muff fur, and realized that it was body paint, and that the Clown was essentially naked, and had been the whole night, wearing just pasted on puffballs.

“Hey there new-Doll, so what’s your thing?” the Clown asked.

Leah sighed, “I don’t really have a… thing.”

Zoe grinned wide, over-emphasized by her clown paint grin, “Every Doll has a thing. Come on… spill. I need to know what kind of show to plan for my cabaret!”

Leah gave a grunt, then took a bite of her pizza, almost moaning at the flavor as she ate it, before giving another sigh, “I don’t cum, okay?”

“Don’t come where?” The Clown asked.

“I don’t cum at all.” she clarified.

There was a moment of pursed lips, then wide eyes as Zoe got what was being said, “Oh! See you em, cum. You don’t have orgasms… What like… when you’re with other people?”

Leah frowned a bit, “No… like… at all. I haven’t had one since I…” she was going to say since she was kidnapped, but that wouldn’t sound Doll-like, so instead after a moment’s hesitation she said, “...became a Doll, and I won’t get to until I turn eighteen.”

Zoe gave a nervous laugh, then said, “That… that’s kind of a bad joke,” awkwardly.

Leah said, “Tell me about it… I just masturbate all the time and make myself super horny and wet and… that’s it.”

Zoe mouthed the ‘sad trombone’ tune, then shook her head, “I have no idea what to do with that.”

“You’ll have a much easier time with Bunny.” Leah said.

“The other girl?” The Clown asked.

“Yeah. She mostly just wants people to pull her tail, and you could probably hide a fire extinguisher up her ass… you should have seen some of the toys she used while we were in Fairyland.”

The Clown blinked, “You… spent time with her at Fairyland?”

“Yeah, didn’t you spend time training with the other Doll taken when you were?” Leah asked.

Zoe giggled, “No one else was taken my year… but I haven’t heard of anyone else talking about spending time with the other Dolls at Fairyland. Maybe the Princess and Puppy, but Puppy doesn’t talk much, and the Princess is special.”

Leah took another bite of her pizza, then grunted, “Oh…” then she yelped, almost dropping her pizza, and spilling some of her cola as her nipples and clit buzzed to life, making her knees buckle.

Zoe looked at her with obvious confusion and concern as Leah tried to steady herself, looking around the room until she spotted her dad, playing with his phone, and shot him a dirty look, getting a sheepish blush from him.

Zoe asked, “Are you okay?”

Leah gave a whimpered groan, “Yeah… my dad just… hit the reward button.”

The Clown’s hand suddenly groped Leah’s crotch, shoving a finger up her pussy and ass, searching for vibrators, as she asked in a whisper, “What the heck kind of reward was that?”

Leah yelped and gasped, “H… hey… personal space!”

Zoe just giggled and pulled her hand free, licking her fingers off, “Oh please… Come on, what was that?”

She groaned, “I… respond to certain signals… so anyone who scans my code…” tugging down the hem of her tiny skirt to show the QR code briefly to the Clown before tugging it back up, “...can either reward me or punish me with vibrations or shocks.”

The Clown broke into full on laughter, complete with comedic snorts and hee-haws, “You… you have a permanent joy buzzer inside you… that’s amazing! We’re gonna do a quiz show, and if you get the answer right, a member of the audience will get to buzz ya, and if you get it wrong, they will get to shock you, it will be a hoot!”

Leah didn’t think that it sounded like a hoot at all, frowning, “The shocks really hurt, you know…”

Zoe said, “I’ll make the questions easy so you only get a few wrong then. Just enough that the people watching know how bad the punishments are so they don’t abuse them.” With that, Zoe wandered off to enjoy the party.

Leah wandered among the Dolls, eating and talking, getting asked questions, and asking her own, finding it weird how they just… accepted her as one of them. And how it felt so normal to be with them, when she had been so critical and hostile to them before Halloween. It was like none of that mattered to them now. She was one of them.

At some point in the evening, her compulsion to start masturbating kicked back in, and it took her a bit to realize it. She would have been mortified if she was around normal kids, but none of the Dolls even commented on her hand going to town between her legs. Though her parents blushed deep whenever she caught sight of them and they saw what she was doing, which made her blush as well. It was easy to forget, until it was pointed out to her, then it was humiliating.

She found Andrea off in a corner, reading one of her school books towards the end of the night. She approached the Studybug and sat down beside her, “Working on homework?”

Andrea grinned, “Kinda, I volunteered to help tutor you at your mandatory summer school this year.”

Leah blinked, then groaned, “Fuck… I’m going to have to do summer school?”

“Well, you did miss five months of classes.” Andrea said with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you get caught up, and keep it fun… and make sure there are plenty of oral exams.”

Leah sighed, “I know your oral exams…” poking her friend in the ribs, “And I’m not allowed to have an orgasm until I’m eighteen… part of my Doll thing.”

“Oh!” Andrea blinked at that, then after a moment’s thought, said, “Well… then I guess I’ll be the one grading them.” as she winked and lifted her skirt to show a lack of panties. “And your lips do make an inviting, if rude, offer.”

Leah blushed and looked away, “Yeah… I guess I owe you that.”

Andrea pushed Leah back onto her back on the floor, then shifted to sit on the girl’s waist, looking down at her, “You don’t ‘owe’ me anything. We’re friends. I get why you freaked out. I’m just glad you are talking to me again.” then she gave Leah a wicked little grin, “Wana try to earn your first A?”

Leah looked down at Andrea’s hips, where they were resting on her own, feeling that hot weight, considering it for a moment, before saying, “Why the fuck not...”

Andrea just smiled and scooted up over her, letting the blue fuku skirt flare out around her head to trap her in darkness as the Studybug settled her weight atop Leah’s face. One of Leah’s hands came up to rest on Andrea’s hips, the other was still busy between Leah’s legs, now furiously fingering herself.

Andrea was horny, Leah could smell it, and taste it. The Doll was wet, and musky, likely turned on from studying. Leah shivered, at the overwhelming nature of it. It was the first time she’d ever had someone ‘sit’ on her face, and the weight was oppressive, making her head ache, and making her see stars, but she started to lick and kiss at that wet pussy all the same.

Time spent with various training stations, her own knowledge of what she herself liked from now countless hours of masturbation, and the sounds of Andrea moaning and gasping above her, guided her as she tried to make her friend feel good. She teased at her friend’s hooded clit, tracing the metal ball of her pierced tongue under that hood and in spirals around the stiff bud, and coiled her tongue deep into the girl’s pussy, trying to fuck her with her wet muscle.

She could feel her friend buck and twitch above her, crying out in pleasure, and somewhere along the line her other hand left her crotch to hold Andrea upright, both to keep the girl from falling off, and to lift her a bit so that Leah could get the occasional breath as she worked.

It was intense, and somehow strangely fulfilling. Making her friend cum over and over was the closest Leah herself could get to cumming, and while it did nothing to calm the burning need in her own pussy, it made her feel connected and it somehow felt so good.

She kept going until Andrea grunted out, “E… enough…” and squirmed off of her, panting for breath.

Leah licked her lips, and then grinned, “Okay… that was more fun than I thought it would be.” panting for breath herself as her lungs struggled to catch up.

Andrea flopped down beside her and snuggled in, whispering, “We are going to get in so much studying.”

Leah smirked, knowing that only some of that studying was code for sex, and the rest was going to be actual boring schoolwork, which took some of the fun out of the idea. Still, it could have been a lot worse.

Eventually her mom came over and said, “Leah, hon, your father and I are going to head to the room for the night, we are kind of tired.”

Leah blinked, then said, “Oh… right, it is really late, isn’t it.”

Her mom smiled, “More like really early at this point.”

She hugged Andrea and then said, “I’m going to go with my parents, I have a lot to make up for about how… I left.”

Andrea nodded, “Okay.”

Her mom whispered, “You don’t need to leave your friends, honey.”

Leah smiled, “I want to spend time with you and Dad too though.” following her mother to the room.

They opened the door to find her father already in the room, stripped naked and laying on the bed in an almost comically evocative pose. Just five months earlier, Leah would have been horrified and traumatized at getting a face full of her naked dad, with his junk hanging out, but instead all she found herself doing was comparing his size to the guys she had fucked that night, and the various toys she had used back at Fairyland, which made her blush.

Her father, on the other hand, saw her with her mother and gasped, quickly covering himself with the blanket, “I thought Leah was staying with the other Dolls…” he blurted out.

Her mother pinched the bridge of her nose, “I’m too tired for this, Marcus.”

He coughed and said, “I’m sorry, seeing all those Dolls playing together, it got me worked up, I was just thinking we could have some private time before bed. I really didn’t think you were bringing Leah back with you.”

Leah smirked, “It’s okay Dad, really. I’m not exactly a virgin anymore… in any hole.”

Her mother sighed at both of them, “Still, it’s late, and I just want to get to sleep. You are going to have to take care of…” she waggled a finger at her husband’s crotch, “...that, on your own.”

“It’s fine, Mom… really.” Leah said, then she looked to her dad and said, “Let me take a quick shower, and then I’ll take care of that for you.” causing both her parents to blink and stare at her as she walked to the bathroom.

She took a quick shower, doing her best to clean her insides of what was left from trick-or-treating, not really wanting her dad to fuck a dirty hole, even if her liberal lubrication had already flushed most everything out of her. Once she was done, she dried off, brushed her short hair the best she could, and then walked naked out of the bathroom.

Both her parents were in bed by that point, but it was a king sized bed, so there was room for her too. Her father had thrown the covers back to make room for her, still naked himself, but looking embarrassed.

Her mother had her back to them, and from the flash of pink near her ears, apparently had earplugs in.

She walked naked over to the bed and crawled in, turning her back to her father as she snuggled in and pushed his erection into the cleft of her ass cheeks. “So, you can do whatever you want to me, just don’t make me cum.”

“Really?” he asked softly.

“Really.” she said.

She felt his arms wrap around her, and he kissed her neck, “I really am just so glad that you are home. You know that if you weren’t… essentially a Doll, and if this town wasn’t what it was, I would never even consider doing anything inappropriate to you, right?”

She laughed softly, “Dad… just shut up and fuck me.”

He drew his hips back, and nestled his cocktip up against her anus, so she closed her eyes and relaxed the muscles there, then gave a soft moan as he started to sink into her. It wasn’t as easy as the other holes. That hole self lubricated a little bit, and there was the constant drool from her pussy, but it was nothing like the excessive anal lubrication of the Bunny. Still, if this was what her dad wanted, then she was happy to give it.

She pushed her ass slowly back against his cock, feeling it sink into her as she gripped down on it, hearing him groan out, “Fuck you are tight.”

“Damn right.” she whispered.

One of his hands shifted up from her belly to rub across her pierced nipples, giving the jewelry little tugs and tweaks that made her gasp and shiver as he started to draw his hips back and then shove them back in, letting his hips clap against her ass cheeks as he started to fuck her in earnest.

She could feel the stretch of his cock inside her, but it was nothing she couldn’t take, a warm, pleasant ache that filled her and retreated, reminding her of a more intimate and organic version of the training plugs. She rolled her hips and shoved back against him, focused on his pleasure instead of her own, as she couldn’t let herself cum anyways, trying to make sure that it felt as good as possible for him.

Her dad was either being quiet for her mom’s sake, or was just a quiet fuck, because he just gave soft grunts and whispers of how good she felt into her ear as he drove into her, the slapping of his flesh against hers was louder than his sounds of pleasure, but she could feel the subtle shifts in his pace that told her that he was enjoying himself, struggling to keep from cumming.

She smiled, “It’s okay dad… fill my ass with your cum, and leave your dick in my butt while we sleep.”

That pushed him over the edge, he pushed his mouth against her neck and shoulder, his five-o-clock shadow scratching at her flesh as he groaned into her, and quivered as his cock twitched several times, pumping his seed into her ass.

She sighed happily as she pushed back into him, “Thanks Dad.”

He hugged her tighter, “Thank you, Leah, it’s good to have you home.”

- ~ \ | / ~ -

By the time Leah and her parents were checking out the next morning, most of the Dolls had already gone home. Leah had woken up fingering herself, but she’d realized a few things. She saw the Princess coming back from walking her Puppy, and walked up to her, “Your highness.”

“Good morning, Edgelord.”

“So I think I figured something out…” Leah said, still trying to process what she was thinking.

The Princess took a regal, if impatient pose, “And?”

Leah sighed, “Yeah, so… after I make someone else cum, I stop edging for a while… and when I make a Doll cum, it feels… good, and I stop edging for longer. So I think I need to make Dolls cum.”

That made Princess Mackenzie smirk, “Well, that is good news, we know your role in the kingdom then, don’t we. But don’t focus on just your friend, the Studybug. Dolls don’t date Dolls unless it’s for the benefit of the community. So make sure you spread it around to all the Dolls. Understood? Different Dolls each day.”

Leah frowned, but that did make a certain amount of sense, “Yeah, okay, I’ll do that.”

“Good.” the Princess said, then she started to walk past Leah and inside, only to stop and look over her shoulder before pausing and looking back, “Oh, and… I’m not losing him to you. I don’t know how I’m going to do it yet, but I’ll see you cumming like a harlot before you turn eighteen, you understand?”

Leah swallowed and gave a tight lipped frown, “I see. Understood, Princess Mackenzie.”

“Very good.” She then walked into the Doll Castle, leaving Leah in the parking lot.

It was going to be a difficult seven years.


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