Another Phil Phantom tribute, this one started with an idea by the artist Danaume, a fequent collaborator. She even did some art to help inspire me, which I'll link at the end.

The Halloween Dolls - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (Various M, F, m, f, b, g combinations, mc, cosplay, body transformations, inc, best, ws, preg, free-use, stroke)

'What's with all the spooky decorations?' Ha, that's a good one! Here's your coffee, with fresh milk, and a few complementary candies.

You're serious? Really?

For the festival.

If you're not here for the festival, then why'd you want the room for the whole week?

Well, if you picked a town at random, you've got the world's best timing, or maybe the worst. Every place in town is usually booked up months in advance... there'd be no room for you at all if my usual boarder didn't die of a heart attack last month. His fee was pre-paid, non-refundable, so I wasn't exactly hurting financially, but Manny knows I like a little help and company during the seasonal rush and must have thought he was doing you a favor, sending you my way.

But if you're not one of our usual tourists, and you're really just on some random road trip with the idea of a nice quiet small-town vacation... then you've got the devil's luck. Which kind of makes you fit right in here, I guess. Maybe it was Fate he sent you my way.

You're sure you haven't heard about our town before? Not at all? Not a whisper, a rumor?

Oh, dear. I hate to say it, but you... might want to think about spending that vacation somewhere else. There's no good fishing in the area, and we don't allow hunting--we're protective of our wildlife. This town's basically got one attraction, and you might find it a little... disturbing. I mean, unless you've got a really open mind.

Well, we're kind of a 'True Crime' destination. Kind of.

Where do I start? You asked about the decorations, so that's as good a place as any. You see, our town's got a particular relationship with Halloween. Some towns spend October getting it ready, others might start in September, but for us, Halloween sticks with us all year long. Not entirely by choice, but sometimes when things happen that you can't control, you just have to lean into them. Set the boundaries ourselves, you know? So we have one festival a season, where we put up the spooky decorations again, have events, meet and greets, and for all the kids that are participating, pass out candy and everything.

You happened to pass through right in time for our Summerween festival... and even though we're booked up pretty solid, the rest of the year nobody within 50 miles would rent a room to you at all. We try not to welcome strangers except during festival seasons... you might even call us downright unfriendly at those times. It's just that we don't want people we don't know spending much time here. So we take the decorations down, have a curfew, even set up roadblocks, where we can. The goal is to be as subtle as possible... because our kids, well, they can be anything but.

Okay. How do I explain?

As you probably saw, we're an easy town to drive through without stopping, even easier to miss entirely. Out of the way. Most of the people who find us worthy of lingering are specifically looking for us, and we don't even want those people most of the year. Ordinary people, though, that's where things get complicated. Because if you're driving through at the wrong time of day, the wrong part of the year, there's a chance you'll look out the window and your eye will be caught by a blonde sixteen-year-old girl walking down the street in a tiara and wearing a frill princess outfit and think, "Oh, cute, she must be going to a costume party." If you didn't look closely, you might leave it at that, drive on.

That's our best case scenario, that you drive on, that you don't do a double take, notice that between the puffy sleeves the pink princess top is actually a loose mesh that you can entirely see the outlines of her breasts and areolas through. Or spot that the front or back of the dress is cropped so short it would count as indecent exposure if she didn't wear underwear, and she's definitely not wearing underwear. Of course, it depends on exactly which dress Princess Mackenzie was in the mood for that night, but a lot of them are distinctly inappropriate in one way or another. If you catch onto that, then we have to hope that you just think she's a young looking whore with a gimmick.

If you kept your eyes open (and who wouldn't at that point) you might notice other girls out there on the side streets, in pirate costumes or vampire costumes, usually just this side of decent but still showing far more skin than a young girl should and sometimes practically nothing at all... and you might start to wonder about this town.

You'd be right to, but let me tell you, before we started doing the seasonal festivals, managing the problem, these kids and the kind of people they attract were even more brazen. A tourist might see one of these costumed harlots going door to door as though it was Halloween, except, unlike Halloween, completely unsupervised and sometimes they'd just disappear into the house and not come out all night.

I guess that sort of thing happens in other towns on Halloween too, but there it might be a scandal, a tragedy. Could you imagine a little girl going out Trick-or-Treating and not coming back home at the end of the night?

Our town couldn't, years ago. Until the girls started disappearing. And it was a legitimate nightmare, at first. You might even have heard about it, if you really search your memory, since it was a bit of a brief media sensation around a decade ago. The Halloween Kidnapper. Two little girls in one night, just poof, gone. We're a small town, but a safe town... not quite small enough where everybody knew everyone, but you at least knew and trusted the people close to you. On Halloween, sometimes one parent would supervise a whole group of kids, and it was usually fine. Only one year, somehow, a girl from two different groups just... went missing. Nobody saw anything, nobody had any leads, just two sets of parents absolutely devastated.

To the other parents in town, it's just one of those nightmares you experience from afar and thank your lucky stars it wasn't you. The world's a messed up place and child kidnappings can happen even in a place like ours. If we'd caught the guy, or even if we didn't and it was just a town mystery, we might have become an actual 'True Crime' destination, made a few extra bucks off a singular tragedy. Except something happened, something you probably didn't hear a lot about. The real miracle of our little town.

That's that the girls reappeared the next April 1st. A lot of people, when somebody related the news, thought they were experiencing a particularly cruel April Fools joke. The parents just thought it was a miracle from God. Neither was entirely accurate, although some people claim both points of view have some truth to them.

The two girls, nine-year-old Lauren and eleven-year-old Tabitha (though she was ten when she was taken) just knocked on a door in town, in costume, and said "Trick-or- Treat" like they had only been gone a couple hours. Only they didn't look exactly the same.

The Halloween the girls went missing, Lauren was dressed as a vampire, Tabitha like a cat, playing on her family nickname "Tabby-cat." The 'last seen wearing' descriptions in the missing persons reports might have sounded ridiculous out of context, but it WAS Halloween, and they were taken in full costume. Both were in fairly conventional outfits, too, or at least they were when they disappeared.

Tabitha's was mostly home-made, an orange leotard painted with tiger stripes and with a tail sewn on the back, black whiskers in greasepaint on her face, and a cat-eared headband. Lauren's was store-bought, you've probably seen a dozen costumes like those, generic little girl vampire. Black and dark purple, like a goth princess puffy-sleeved dress that extended down to her ankles, and a choker just an inch or two above the collar of the dress. To set everything off, she of course had red lipstick with a little blood trail to imply that she'd just fed, and, if she opened her mouth, you'd see plastic vampire teeth. High heels were part of the description too, which she was a little young for, but for a costume, it was considered okay, even if you could barely see them under the long dress.

Upon their return, they still wore outfits matching those chosen personas, but they weren't the same costumes, stylings... in fact, both now looked less like kids Trick-or-Treating as they did underage porn stars who happened to have professionally tailored outfits and makeup jobs.

Lauren's was probably tamer by comparison, passing almost for decent. The dress was converted into a skirt and bodice, and now you couldn't miss the high heels. Or the spider-web stockings, which if they were part of the original costume nobody would have known, but now you couldn't miss because the skirt ended well above the knees where the stockings ended. And there was still most of her pale thighs visible before you got to the hemline of the skirt. In fact, that began just about where there stopped being any space between those upper thighs, if you take my meaning. Just a little stretch or bend and you'd see her underwear. Which she was wearing, but it, too, was thoroughly inappropriate for a nine-year-old. Even if you might forgive the thong in the back, the front was just an elaborate stylized bat that hung over but left the crotch open to show off her hairless slit. If you looked really closely you might see two dots there on her mound, like bite marks, but those were tattooed on, and that night I don't think anybody noticed... I'm only mentioning it to show off the perverted attention to detail. Or attention to perverted detail.

Up top, starting just above her belly button, there was a mini-bustier top, black and purple, with a bit of a corset styling, which seemed only for aesthetic purposes because it didn't cover anything that should be covered on a girl, not even a belly-button. If it wasn't for how everything was elaborately custom fitted you might think it was a mistake that the cups ended just below her nipples, showing them off rather than covering them. The black collar remained, the only actual piece of the original costume that returned with her, albeit with a bit of costume jewelry added, a red gem sewn into it, to gain attention if the outfit itself didn't.

Remember how I said Lauren was the tame one? Well if that shocked your conscience, think about what someone like that did to a girl dressed as a kitty. She still had cat ears on a headband, and there were gloves that mimicked tiger paws, and big fluffy paw shoes as well. She also sported a long fluffy tail that trailed behind her. Otherwise, Tabby was pretty much buck naked, although you might not notice from a distance, since she still was orange and striped. That was a combination of creative spray-tanning (since, on the front of her body, only the arms and legs and some of the face had the tan effect) and tattooing (the stripes and whiskers, which persist on Tabby to this day), and the sheer unexpectedness of an eleven-year-old wearing nothing on an April night and wearing a butt-plug. I mean, how do you think the tail stayed on? No, easier to assume it was a leotard again, or maybe body paint, the tail attached in some less-lewd way. In fact, although nobody admits to seeing the girls before they showed up at that first door that alerted the cops, Tabby possibly could have walked down the street like that without anyone really suspecting... especially because her nipples were pale and faded into her skin, and her little pussy was the type best seen from the back rather than the front, where the dangling tail usually covered it. From the front, you might just think she was wearing clothes with a little wrinkle, unless she was old enough to be growing pubic hair, which would have probably been a dead giveaway. Some girls are at that age, but, like Lauren, Tabby had no actual hair below her neck at all... which proved that even if they were abducted by a sick pedophile, they were at least well-groomed.

Sorry, that's a joke. Bad taste, perhaps, but when you live with horror, you've gotta adapt, even extract some fun of it sometimes, just to stay sane. That's part of what the whole festival thing's about. Because otherwise... I mean, how do you deal with girls returning like that? Dressed up as sex-objects, knocking at some random citizen's door with pumpkin-shaped buckets, asking for candy like it was still Halloween? If they reappeared--even dressed as they were--sobbing and scared and begging for their parents, that you could cope with, but they wanted candy, and they wanted to be 'played' with.

They made it very clear what that meant. If people were reluctant with candy, or even if they did come up with something sweet and yet didn't respond to the offer to play, Lauren would lift her skirt to show that lewd underwear, and Tabby would get on all fours and wiggle her tail like she wanted nothing more than to get her kitty some milk. If people still turned down that offer, the girls would want to move on to another house. They hit three before the cops showed up... or at least, three who turned them down, one who refused to give them candy, two who gave some in the hopes of getting the girls to stay while the cops came, but if the candy didn't come with sexual touching, the girls were ready to continue their out-of-season Trick-or-Treat. Some insist that before these officially reported instances the girls also knocked on a few doors where there were men who were more than willing to play with lewd little girls who only wanted candy--Lauren wanted a little more, but candy was still the icebreaker. I personally don't believe that anybody gave them the full Trick-or-Treat experience they seemed to be after. A town like ours, two high-profile kidnapped girls at your door... even assuming a secret pervert it was just too weird to do anything but call the cops and hope they didn't think you were involved.

Nobody doubts that those girls made those offers though. We've all gotten those offers at one point or another, it's lost its shock value. But back then, man... imagine how we reacted? These girls were gone for five months and once they were freed, they didn't want to go home, they wanted to go door-to-door for candy and cock.

Clearly, the girls were heavily groomed, in both senses of the word. Brainwashed. Maybe even broken, psychologically. In some ways their return was a hell of an April Fools prank... on the whole town, really. Because the physical changes were only the beginning, and even those weren't always as clear. Word quickly spread about the tattoos left on their bodies, how both of the girls' teeth were sculpted--more like vampire fangs for Lauren, animal teeth for Tabby--but some of the others we only discovered months or years later. Physically, take away the costume and they still looked pretty close to the little girls our town lost five months earlier, but inside, they were different... in the time away, the person who took them had somehow changed them, right down to the core.

Asked about the time they were gone, the abducted girls only had very hazy memories that didn't seem to give police any useful details. They reported, without much detail, stories of being taken to Fairyland, where they were 'changed' into their 'true natures' but pressed on any detail they seemed to lose track of the narrative, like it was a dream. In terms of memories, everything from before that seemed to be intact... they joyfully reunited with their parents, asked casually about their friends, remembered their most recent school lessons when pressed, and knew pop-culture. As for their personality, from what I hear they seemed more or less like their own selves, not obviously traumatized... at least until you stumbled across the new convictions they came back with, ideas that nobody seemed to be able to shake, no matter how absurd they were. Both girls now insisted that their purpose was to be sexually used, and, perhaps, more bizarrely, that their costumes weren't costumes, but rather reflected who they were, inside. They didn't need to wear the particular costume they returned in, but they were intensely bothered if they had to wear something that didn't make them look like a vampire or a cat, respectively.

Imagine you were one of those parents... you're just getting over the shock that your child's returned, coping with the fact that she was probably molested... only to have the psychologist tell you that your daughter not only thinks she should keep getting molested, but also that she's decided to base her whole identity, maybe for the rest of her life, on the costume she chose the last time you saw her?

More-or-less, anyway. If, that Halloween she was taken, Tabby was Trick-or-Treating at your door and you asked what she was dressed as, she'd have said "I'm a cat!" On her return she didn't insist she was a cat, per-se... instead, she was convinced that during her time in Fairyland she'd been transformed into a Catgirl. And that was different, because she could carry on an intelligent conversation, eat human food, use opposable thumbs, as long as she also occasionally lapsed into cat behavior... like meowing randomly when she talked, pushing stuff off tables, or finding odd places to nap throughout the day... and all while also being extremely uncomfortable in clothes. Ever dress up an actual cat in a cute costume? That was basically the attitude Tabby had any time someone put clothes on her, disdain and resentment and maybe a grudging allowance for the behavior but also a determination to get free of the unnatural restraints whenever possible. This got especially awkward when she went into so-called heat, which she did at least once a month, and she'd also climb up on a person's lap, rubbing up against their crotch or shaking her ass in their face.

Now, eventually her guardians got her to the point where she would dress up for school--not dress fully appropriately, but at least be clothed, and the more cat-themed the outfit, the easier it was--but even then, she would still get buck naked at the slightest invitation. Naked except for her paws, ears, and tail, of course, which to her didn't count as clothes, but part of her body, and essential to her need to look like a Catgirl. You could swap them out for different versions, but try to take any of them away from her for more than a few minutes, and you'd have one unhappy kitty on your hands.

Which meant that yes, just to get her to go to school, her parents had to let her wear some kind of buttplug tail full time, dangling out of a skirt provocatively or sometimes during heat the tail pushed aside and the insertion point just aimed directly at the face of somebody who wasn't giving her enough attention. But that seemed like the lesser evil compared to her constantly wailing about her lost tail or paws or the other tantrums that came when anybody tried to remove any of her 'cat parts.' There was one big exception of course... I don't know how she rationalized the difference, but if she was in the bathroom, Tabby could take off any of her cat parts, including temporarily removing the tail for necessary business, without complaint. That didn't necessarily make things easy, though, as she avoided the place unless her need was great, and even been known to piss outdoors if she could get away with it. Her Catgirl brainwashing also meant that she didn't like showering or baths... unless someone was in there with her holding her in place while cleaning her. Usually one parent did that while the other washed her paws and tail before reinserting when it was clean.

Sex was another big exception to the tail rule, which people also managed to get away with, as you could imagine with a girl who got naked freely and sometimes whined about being in heat. The first one who didn't get away with it was the janitor at her summer school, which led to a big scandal... another teacher opened a supply closet and found the two of them, her with her tail out and in her mouth, and him inserting something else in its usual place. Far from being bothered by the substitution, Little Tabby was on her hands and knees, purring contentedly and a lot less worried than the guy who'd been caught taking advantage of an abused, traumatized girl. Or that's what it looked like, anyway, though the real scandal was her not seeming traumatized and the janitor's defense that the Principal and her own mom asked him to give her orgasms, whenever she was in heat and being disruptive, and said he could take care of himself too as long as it was only in the butt.

He might not even have been lying, was the bear of it, or completely lying. The orgasm part rang true, at least, though maybe he just independently decided--considering how she wore her tail--that even if she was only eleven, it wouldn't harm her much stretching a hole that was used to it. Whatever the truth was, a trial might have embarrassed a lot of people which might be why he somehow managed to flee town before the police came.

Which might be for the best because... as hard as it is to believe, the janitor's approach really was about the best thing you can do with a Catgirl in heat. The school chaperone she was eventually assigned when Fall rolled around was given the same instructions. Well, not to satisfy themselves, of course, but to take care of her immediate need as discreetly as possible so she puts on some damn clothes again.

And she was the easy one of the pair. I mean, once we got her to a point where she accepted clothes, and she was trained to use a 'scratching post' at home before school to manage her heats in as delicate way as possible, at least Tabby could still interact in public normally... you'd still have to risk a caregiver taking advantage of her if she was left alone with someone, but at a school, you can make sure she isn't left that way, aside from the chaperone.

Lauren, though, she believed that in Fairyland she was turned into a vampire by 'the Halloween King,' and nothing anybody could do would shake that delusion. In addition to needing to dress up in outfits that looked like a vampire might wear, she'd scream if taken into natural sunlight, shy away from religious symbols, and could no longer stomach food with garlic in it (and her family was Italian, so think of what a sacrifice that was). She even claimed she couldn't see herself in the mirror! Everyone else could, of course, there was nothing magical going on, but she'd deny being able to see anything herself. And, of course, there was the really big problem... although Lauren could eat normal human food, she claimed that was just for 'the masquerade' and wasn't satisfied with a normal meal unless she was offered a little extra. She wanted--believed she NEEDED--to suck vital life essence from human beings on a regular basis. Except Lauren's abductor added a few twists to the vampire lore. According to Lauren, vampires can survive off any body fluid. Blood, milk, semen, piss, vaginal fluids, cum, they would all do, as long as it was sucked fresh from a living body. Only bad and desperate vampires exclusively ate blood instead of a well-balanced diet. Bad vampires wanted to hurt people, and Lauren insisted she wanted to be a good vampire, so would you please help her by letting her suck something else off you?

Hell of a pitch, especially once it became public knowledge she'd go catatonic if refused too long, until someone stuck something in her mouth that fit with her delusion. Even for perverts, it must have been a difficult decision, because those teeth were real and sharp, and she did use them from time to time. Even her parents had bite wounds from when she got too hungry and wasn't satisfied with the sweat they'd allowed her to suck just to stay conscious, so it must have been a real concern for those perverts, that if they slipped some dick between those perpetually ruby-red lips, she'd decide she'd gone too long without actual blood. Eventually many decided that letting her suck a little blood from a neck or hand while they pumped her little pussy full of cum was a good compromise, then they could safely let her suck out the last few squirts from their dicks and even piss in her mouth afterwards, all in the name of satisfying a little girl's implanted delusion of a well-balanced vampire diet.

Sorry, was that too shocking? I told you you needed to keep an open mind if you're going to stay here. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about a typical nine-year-old here, screaming and crying as somebody uses her tender body to get off, probably tearing something in the process. By the time these kids were returned, their holes were conditioned to accommodate a lot of abuse without complaint. The reverse, even, they enjoyed it, sought it out. I mean, just go out after dark during the festival and you might catch Lauren feeding. Here, helping her is considered an act of mercy--although most of her needs are met already, and after her friends starting having periods she became popular enough that she doesn't even need charity in the form of blood donations--but it's still considered that. If she's hungry, better to help her out, than not.

I assure you, this appeasement strategy didn't come quickly... or maybe it did, but under the radar. In the early days, her parents refused the advice to try and put her in normal school until she abandoned her delusions. Instead, they did their best to keep her homeschooled and content, having a few trusted caregivers but mostly handling it between the two of them.

At the time, it was hard for me to imagine how they coped with her special needs... after first accepting back the daughter whose disappearance broke up their marriage, and pretending to get back together for her sake, they then had to switch to a nocturnal schedule to match hers and start letting her satisfy her vampiric hungers by sucking sweat off their bodies in safe places... or milk from her aunt who was luckily still breastfeeding. Both her parents, and her aunt, seemed willing to suffer occasional bites into tender flesh as the price of helping family, but they could only sate a few of her appetites. Who knows how long it was before Dad noticed how good his little girl was at sucking on his fingers and wanted to feel it somewhere else? Or maybe Aunt Millie had to go to the bathroom while her niece was nursing on her breasts, and decided why get up, when Lauren could just move down and get a treat she was craving? Aunt Millie did abruptly get removed from the caregiver list early on for reasons nobody would talk about, and then reinstated the next month after many assume Mom had a similar revelation while Lauren sucked the sweat off her neck.

Aside from knowing Millie casually, I wasn't really that close to the family, so I can't say exactly how they dealt with it. All I know is that, after the first few weeks, our little vampire didn't try to go Trick-or-Treating out of season, so somebody was probably molesting her somehow. That was another characteristic of the abductees... they're effectively sex slaves once returned, and to the core of their being they believed they were intended to be sexually used, and also as some kind of Halloween mascots. If they weren't being sexually satisfied, after a short time--it varies, but no more than a few weeks--they'd sneak out, go door-to-door, asking for candy and offering to turn tricks to anyone to give them a treat. And I don't mean they needed to have orgasms, which could be done through masturbation... that might help with Tabby's heats and the outrageous behavior they inspired, but in order to keep these girls happy enough not to want to Trick-or-Treat on some random night a personal orgasm wasn't enough. Or even, as it turned out, required. To be satisfied, all they needed was somebody to be do something explicitly sexual with them. Even nine-year-old Lauren, our Vampire girl. Since she didn't go prowling very much, they must have found some way to keep her at home pretty early. Sure, maybe her parents were just better at locking her down than Tabby's, strung garlic on all the exits. Or maybe they were giving a little more than blood and sweat. Hard to tell from the haunted look when people saw either of them in town.

Now, you'd think this kind of thing couldn't go on with so much media attention surrounding the kidnappings, but there was less of that than you'd think. Sure, the news endlessly reported the initial abductions, and to a lesser degree the returns, but everything else was just a little too weird and salacious to mention--at least when involving preteen girls--and soon reporters drifted away, choosing to focus on stories where they didn't have to risk being accused of pandering to perverts. To most of the world, our town was only known for the cut-and-dry story of a Halloween abduction and miraculous return.

Even when the same thing happened the next year. Halloween night, two more little girls disappeared, no witnesses. And believe me, everybody was taking extra care to watch out for their kids that year, and we had increased police patrols, even some FBI agents as a courtesy, though everybody was assured the odds of the 'Halloween Kidnapper' striking again was slim.

Except he did. This time the media didn't seem as interested in reporting on it. Some people would say it was because this time the girls weren't white, and that may have been a factor too, but I think it was also because making a big deal about the return of the Halloween Kidnapper ('Halloween King' was what the girls called him, but that never really made the mainstream news) would mean following up on the girls from the last case and what was done to them. A few journalists sniffed around but when they learned their bosses didn't want to touch the story--and most of the town didn't want to talk about it at all--most gave up. A few of the lesser-quality tabloids--the kind that report on the President having secret meetings with Bigfoot or aliens agreeing to contact Earth because of the Kardashians booty secrets--ran with something a little closer to the full story--only not without adding some insane elaborations of their own that had no basis in fact--but to most of the rest of the world the disappearances of young Tia and Elena were only marked by a simple missing persons report and a lot of very local coverage, mostly focusing on the people who let it happen.

At least this time the parents had some small hope of precedent, that their little girls would be returned.

And indeed they were, again on the first of April. This time cops were out in force, both marked cars and undercover observers, but again, the Halloween King made fools of them... nobody saw anyone drop them off, they were just suddenly reported knocking at a door, in costume. Same plastic pumpkin buckets, same lewd offers in exchange for candy, different outfits and delusions at play. We were just getting used to a Vampire and a Catgirl and now we had to deal with a slutty Pirate and a Good Soldier Girl who obeyed any order.

Tia was fourteen, and she's the one who chose to be a pirate for Halloween. Not a pirate captain, mind you, which might be important to how she was eventually programmed. If she'd had the classic captain's hat, she might have turned out differently, or not been taken at all, but she just had a cloth tied around her head, so she was only returned as a Pirate... a sexy pirate, I guess I should say, as she was of an age that girls start to be pushed towards 'sexy' versions of costumes boys would wear straight. But she was only sexy in the tame way teen girls often are, testing their limits, trying to attract boys their own age, and really, she didn't need clothes for that, her own body did it... the costume just helped her stand out. The top she wore was tight fitting, with a lace-up corset over a white top that accentuated her figure while technically hiding her bosom, which were already grapefruit sized and drew the eye if she wore anything tighter than a loose sweater... but a girl can't exactly help her body. She could help how she showed it off, I suppose, chosen some way to express Pirate in her clothing other than by showing off her toned dark legs with a red and black skirt that ended above the knee, or gone with flats instead of leather boots with exaggerated heels which ensured that her butt swayed while she walked... but that's innocent stuff, really.

It wasn't like the outfit made her ooze sex appeal, she was just an attractive teenage girl. Attractive even with a plastic hook over her hand. So, it didn't matter what she wore, guys her age were obviously going to be checking her out anyway. The cute costume just made them stare a little longer as she paraded through the streets... and make jokes about wishing she'd be their first mate. A few that were way too old for her stared too, just being subtler about it, and one of them probably turned out to be the kidnapper--but again, I'm not going to victim-blame like some of the more conservative in town did when she vanished, the ones who said that outfit on that body was already too sexy for a teenager and she was therefore asking for what happened. After all, the other abductees weren't dressed to impress and they still got taken.

Really, I think Tia just didn't expect the danger applied to her. Kids always think they're immune, and she probably just wanted to enjoy what might be her last year for Trick-or-Treating. Despite what happened the previous year, she wasn't the only teenager who assumed she was safe because everyone agreed that those girls were little kids which meant that The Halloween Kidnapper was a pedophile and wouldn't be interested in a girl with a figure that already got adults hitting on her. And anyway, she was out with friends. Except those friends don't remember the moment she suddenly wasn't with them anymore.

The next time anybody here saw her, her costume wasn't actually changed very much. She still wore the red-and-white-striped headscarf, the skirt, the leather bodice, the pirate belt buckle. They might have been replaced by new pieces, but they looked similar. The scarf was wrapped around her hair in the same way, two small afro-puffs that poked low out the back. The skirt might have even been longer than it was before, if you can believe it, although if you got her to pull it up you'd see that she returned without any underwear, the better to show off her booty. If she wasn't inclined to do that, you'd see only one major change... the white shirt top was gone, so it was just her bare breasts under the lace corset, squeezed together, with her dark nipples visible between the laces. Inappropriate for a teenager, but nowhere near as lewd as the first two.

Which wasn't to say she wasn't lewd in ways other than her outfit. Like the other girls, before and since, she returned with a dream of Fairyland and deep mental programming and with some particularities that either filled a sexual niche or appealed to the Halloween King's twisted sense of humor. This time, it seemed more focused on the latter, although Tia does fulfill a niche or two. See, she returned as a Pirate, which meant she acted like she believed she was one, including always speaking in an exaggerated pirate style and overusing nautical metaphors. If you gave her some candy when she went door to door, she'd also consider you her Captain. And Captains had certain rights, such as the right to share in her booty, divvy up pieces of it to anyone in their crew. If Cap'n wanted her to swab a dick, she'd do that too, more grudgingly and with a lot of complaints, but as part of her duties. Other requests depended on her mood and how much loyalty she was feeling, but Tia did have one limit. If someone wanted her real treasure-- which is to say her pussy--you had to do it the pirate way... take it by force, or barter.

I suppose just by denying it, unlike the other girls, Tia did make her pussy something of a treasure, and if you didn't have the balls to rape a teenage girl--who might have secretly liked it, given that she'd patiently wait and let her Captain tie her up first so she couldn't fight back--you still had a shot at the gold if you were willing to give up a piece of your own booty.

Yup, you heard me right. When she was taken, she'd had a plastic hook for a hand, but when she was returned, the Halloween King changed things up and instead gave her a custom crafted third leg for pegging. Not just pegging, I guess, since she used it on girl captains as well. Probably that was even her preference--she was openly bi before she disappeared--but she didn't choose her Captain and girls didn't often have the experience of asking to fuck her pussy and seeing her reach below her skirt and making a surprising counter-offer. That was the only kind of barter she was interested in, letting her use her toy. The dildo was several inches long and strapped to her leg, and I suppose it counted as a hook too, since one end was curved back on itself. The thing was designed to slip inside her pussy and stay in place to stimulate her while she penetrated somebody else, but it was the act of fucking someone else that seemed to be what she really got off on... and a lot of guys did as well. I've never tried it myself, you understand, but I hear a lot of men chose to take a pegging and liked it so much they never got around to trying out Tia's treasure hole. Filling a niche, as I said, some guys liked being dominant, the others submissive, and that April Fools those girls showed up offering whichever taste you were more into.

Yeah, Elena was a soldier girl, and looked tough as nails and ready to kick your ass if you got fresh, but... Good Soldiers follow orders, don't they?

Now, understand, she was the first of these girls that I knew personally, more than in passing. Manny--you remember him, he told you about this place... he's her father. We've been good friends for decades. And little Elena... I've known her since she was born, watched her grow up, except that one notable five month gap. That happened when she was twelve, and I had a front row seat to the tortured months that followed. If Manny didn't have another kid to think about, and the hope that his daughter would return in April, I dare say the guilt would have become too much to bear.

Manny was with her when she was taken, you see. The last thing he remembered was sitting down on a bench to check her candy, and then she was gone. And in addition to the pain of his daughter being taken, he probably got the worst of things, early on, as a suspect. His background in the military was, for many people, the only explanation for how someone might have abducted so many people without warning, the worst insisting he was callous enough to take his own daughter just to divert attention. But I knew Manny, and I never bought it, even before it was conclusively proven that he was out of the country during the first year's abductions. Until then, town gossip was centered on him and was merciless. They didn't know him like I did... he was clearly broken up by how his girl disappeared under his watch, and even the idea that she might be returned bothered him, because he was the one who chose her costume... or at least vetoed her other ideas until she finally relented and let him dress her up in old army gear.

I wasn't the only one who had faith in Manny, but a number of his other friends subscribed to the other dominant theory, that Elena could have just run away... or rather both girls had, and it was just a coincidence that two girls disappeared on Halloween, again. Sometimes I wondered myself. I didn't know Tia personally, and according to the people who did, she didn't have any obvious reason to split, but she was old enough that people could easily invent some. As for Elena... well, she was already a bit of a problem child.

I love Manny like a brother... I spent a lot of time those five months, bringing him food and just sitting with him. I regularly reassured him that what happened wasn't his fault, but... he was a bit of a hardass. His daughter was already starting to bristle against his parenting style, just like his son had during his early teen years. After years of the two of them butting heads following the death of the kids' mom, he finally sent his burnout eldest son to military school, which left him with the previously straight-A daughter he never had to worry about. Only, wouldn't you know it, little Elena started rebelling right on schedule--or maybe a little early--when she hit twelve. I don't know what's normal these days, my daughter's not really the rebellious type, but he'd gripe to me about the times his own had gotten in trouble at school for skipping class, talking back to teachers, smoking in the bathroom and other behavioral issues and it certainly seemed like she was trending in a bad direction. The school year had barely started before she got a suspension. The summer before that, I'd witnessed several arguments between Elena and her dad, because she wanted to be allowed to do more stuff with boys--not necessarily dirty stuff, but like being able to go to a movie with a friend who was a boy--which Manny thought was a slippery slope. I tried to tell him many times that he was only pushing her to rebel more, and maybe he would have changed his approach if not for her disappearing on Halloween and removing the need for the military school threat... because his daughter returned as the perfect little soldier girl.

For some rough approximation of a soldier girl, at least. She certainly didn't look ready to storm Fallujah or anything. There was no body armor and she didn't carry any weapons, but, at first glance, she did look like a girl who's parents sent her to a school that imposed a strict discipline and then, when she finally got out she rebelled by walking the neighborhood in bra and short shorts.

That was all she wore that first night back, camo-printed sports bra and the kind of shorts that functions better as underwear, plus lace up combat boots, and dog tags (which gave her the number 69 and listed her religion as 'Halloween'). For a girl that usually wore a dress and always seemed to prioritize being pretty and girlish, she'd changed dramatically, and it wasn't just the outfit. Her whole bearing was different. Hell, if everyone wasn't already expecting her to return that night, I bet she could have stopped by the diner near the school and none of the other patrons would have recognized her as the girl who went missing months ago. Even I had to take a second look when I saw her again... it was just so difficult to reconcile the girly-girl I remembered with this tough tomboy I saw before me. Still pretty, mind you, but in a different way. Harder-edged. The long hair she'd always been known for was replaced by a lopsided pixie cut with some undershaving. Her bare arms and legs were far more toned than they'd ever been before... not outrageously so like a weightlifter or the Pony, but enough to shock those who knew her. Elena was never known to be sporty, and so she was soft with lingering baby fat, but now... a little leaner, a little meaner. As if during her five months away she'd been doing push-ups and other exercises on a regular basis, which was itself out of character for a girl who used menstrual cramps to get out of gym class even before her horrified discovery that they were a real thing.

Like the other girls though, the real changes were mental, and to match with her new Good Soldier identity, she was disciplined, standing straight at attention when the door was answered, and, most troubling of all, she obeyed orders of a superior officer with a 'sir-yes-sir.' Or "ma'am-yes-ma'am" if it was a woman who requested that form of address.

I suppose what was actually troubling was what kind of orders she'd be willing to follow, along with exactly who she considered her superior officer. Just like Lauren's grasp on vampire lore wasn't exactly traditional, Elena had a very specific view of what counted as the chain of command that opened her up to sexual exploitation.

Mostly, she'd follow the orders of her current owner, or C.O. as she referred to them. That she had someone she considered an owner was troubling enough, but it seemed like all the returned girls had someone they submitted to first and foremost. When I visited, she referred to Manny as her C.O., and I didn't yet know what the acronym meant, or enough about the returnees to even worry about what that might imply. I just noticed that she was listening to him. Every request he made of her--to leave the room while we talked, to make me a cup of tea--she jumped into action. I even thought she might be mocking him, at first, with her responses, but she went too far above and beyond the call of duty. It wasn't just a girl exaggerating compliance and following every directive to make some point, but also actively volunteering to do anything that made his life easier. A Good Soldier indeed, and I marveled at his luck.

It wasn't as good as it sounded, because I eventually found out that--in the absence of her C.O.--Elena would also follow the orders of any military officer, policeman, or teacher put into authority over her with the same diligence. And it didn't matter what those orders were. "Drop and give me twenty." Sir-yes-sir. "Scrub the bathroom with a toothbrush." Sir-yes-sir. "Pull up your top and show everyone those little boobs." Sir-yes-sir. "Strip naked and spread your ass-cheeks." Sir-yes-sir. "Give me a blowjob and swallow every drop." Sir-yes-sir. You say jump on your cock, she asked how deep.

Most of those orders weren't given in public, mind you, but she would obey them anyway... and, if they weren't from her C.O., she'd report them to him later. Manny eventually confessed that some of the police officers had pushed the limits... maybe not intentionally, but one asked her to take off the shorts and bra so they could analyze it and she stripped down naked before they could turn away and give her a chance to do it in private. Sir-yes-sir. Others then made her do more menial tasks like polishing their shoes, doing jumping jacks, possibly not realizing they'd be caught when she reported back to her C.O. but if they did anything outright abusive, Manny didn't share it with me. He gave me authority over her for a few minutes while he went out for a smoke, just to see for myself. I didn't abuse it, but I gave Elena a series of silly orders, and every one, obeyed to the letter. One, I told her not to tell anybody about, just to see what would happen.

She didn't report it. Until he specifically asked for it. Which was something, but I could start to see Manny's worries, and how this was more of a burden than a curse, a soldier girl who would follow orders.

Which isn't to say she always liked the orders. I could tell she thought the ones I gave her were useless make-work, and I'd later come to learn that she sometimes complained about orders she didn't like outside of the earshot of any superior officers. She was still human, just a human who now had a deeply ingrained sense of obedience.

To those in the chain of command, anyway, and even then, there were restrictions. Certain requests would only be responded to with a recitation of some short stock phrase about how soldiers are required to refuse illegal orders. Considering she was a minor, anything sexual should definitely have counted as illegal orders, but no, in Elena's mind, that was totally fair game and was in fact the one type of order she never seemed to complain about. No matter how degrading it was. Hell, I'd later come to find out she seemed to enjoy it more when she was ordered to do something sexually degrading... it didn't show on her face, but her pussy sure slicked up something fierce when she was ordered to perform as a latrine... although maybe that was just at the knowledge she was serving her country. County, anyway. Maybe deep down just her cunt.

Her hard limits were few, but they were there. What qualified were mostly orders that that threatened her life or harmed an innocent noncombatant (albeit with a definition of harm that excluded non-violent sexual activity, even if it was with another minor).

Honestly, maybe the world would be much better if more soldiers were like Elena. And, with the right C.O., her new aptitude for total discipline could still take her far. Ellie's stopped smoking, and is a straight-A student again, because her brother makes her study before they fuck.

Yeah, her older brother is her C.O. right now, and he does fuck her. He came home from military school when she first disappeared, and when she came back... well, it just made sense. Elena's adherence to the chain of command has some peculiarities and her C.O. isn't always the final word.. Basically, the Halloween King always came first--metaphorically, since we never actually saw him but he still gave her standing orders about how to behave that could not be contradicted. Like that she had to live in town, that she couldn't cum without an explicit order... and that orders to refrain from sexual activity could last no longer than eight hours unless refreshed. So clearly she needed a C.O. who could repeat that order that on a regular basis, but then, if she went too long without being sexually used by somebody, she'd still go Trick-or-Treating for a new owner, just like the other girls.

See, when I said the girls did that if not satisfied, it's a little more complicated than I first let on. Remember, in those five months away, the Halloween King brainwashed them not just to their costume roles, but in the greater role of 'sex slaves.' They had a firm need to be owned by somebody who would use them, and if their current owner wouldn't use them as intended, they'd actually consider themselves abandoned slaves, and go in search of a new master, a transaction that the Halloween King decided should involve candy rather than money. The first person to give one of these Dolls a good sugar rush after they were abandoned didn't just get the chance to satisfy their lusts... they actually became the person the Doll considered their owner.

We didn't twig to that at first because, well, Lauren was mostly being fed at home, and any time somebody broke and gave Tabby some candy, they were so concerned with anybody finding out that they sent her right back home again, effectively giving her back to her previous owner until neglect drove her away again. A similar effect happened on their first night back in town... that first April Fools Trick-or-Treat, the girls were really looking to establish their first owner. It could have been anyone. It just so happened that they always wound up back at home, getting some sugary treat in celebration, which locked in one or both of the parents for that role. For a short time, anyway, unless they were ready to molest their newly returned little girls.

Most weren't, those first few years, and most who would weren't willing to keep them, so there was a lot of Trick-or-Treating. But if somebody wanted to, Tabby would have moved right in and her new owner would have a new Catgirl all to themselves, as long as they gave her proper attention. Tia was the same way, although she called it finding a new Captain, and Elena went looking for a C.O..

Naturally, as things evolved, most families decided it was better to keep ownership within the family, even if it did mean touching the girls themselves. And, like I said, Elena was a special case, with her 'Good Soldier' role and its special rules regarding the chain of command.

The way it worked was, if her C.O. was a military officer, past or present, any higher ranked officer in the same service could countermand his orders, and, as long as they didn't go against any of the Nightmare King's standing instructions, Elena would obey. When Manny tried to take the role of C.O., he tried to order his daughter the same way he did before, instructing her not to do anything sexual, diligently repeating the order 8 hours at a time. Only one of her teachers at school was a veteran and, it was discovered, had started playing around with giving her orders too. Started small, made her his class helper, had him making her coffee in the mornings and kept her afterwards to clean up the classroom, things Manny had allowed, but soon this teacher started abusing his authority. Before he was caught he'd escalated to ordering her to sneak out at night and rendezvous at out-of-the-way locations, until finally he got a little too cocky and got caught using her as a human urinal at school. Poor Manny, until then he thought his disciplined approach was finally paying off even without sex, had trusted the teacher as his partner in keeping her behavior in check, since she didn't report any unusual orders to him... because the teacher ordered her not to, and he outranked her dad.

Worse, that teacher bragged about his little sex slave soldier girl to someone he trusted who was still in the military, shared his prize, and the grapevine moved pretty fast. Even once he was gone, guys from the nearest military base who'd found out out about Elena's little quirk had already begun sneaking into town and finding ways to take advantage of our little Good Soldier's patriotism and willingness to serve her country, always with an officer along who rose higher in the ranks than Manny. Little girl got into so many gangbangs with buff Army guys... even got abducted once more, although this time she escaped after a day because he tried to take her to some cabin in the woods. That was when she explained the rules better and Manny figured out the way out.

That was by transferring Elena to her brother Oscar. The two Reyes men had patched things up, somewhat, when he returned after his little sister was abducted. And maybe military school was good for him, in the end... but though he completed more than a year there, he was still technically a civilian, and ultimately the military has no authority over civilians. It didn't matter if someone was a five-star general, they couldn't give Elena an order to disobey her C.O. if her C.O. didn't have a rank.

Of course, as a Good Soldier, she would still obey most orders from officers, just like she would a teacher-- as long as it didn't conflict with instructions of her civilian C.O.--but without a rank to compare, only the Halloween King could countermand an order not to get sexual or get her not to report something. Maybe the President, if he ever came. Oh, and once Princess Mackenzie came on the scene, Elena took to her as though she were just under the Halloween King in the chain of command. She can, and has, summoned Elena away from her big brother, the Good Soldier giving little more than an apologetic look back while she ran off to lick the Princess' pussy or fuck somebody or some thing for her royal amusement. Mackenzie's the only one to date who's gotten "Yes, Your Highness" in response to an order. That girl could probably snap her fingers and take Elena permanently from poor Oscar, but luckily the Princess always sends her back to her previous C.O. after she's had her fun.

Which is good, because Elena genuinely seems happy being owned by her brother. He's not like Manny, trying to keep her pure for everybody, or like that teacher who was in it only for his own sexual gratification... Oscar seems to know just how degraded she needs to be to really feel she's serving her country, and truly cares about her. He puts most of the money she earns for him away in an account for her future just in case she ever stops playing the Good Soldier.

Yeah, we've had to get pretty accepting of what these girls have become, and what people will do to them. You might judge, but... we're kind of in a tough place. I bet I already know what you're thinking. Why would we keep celebrating Halloween at all, much less start to do it four times a year?

Well, let me tell you about the year we stopped. The very next year, of course.

Everybody agreed it was for the best... sure, some kids were disappointed, but the town had gone through a collective trauma, and the kids weren't getting any better, and some of us were tearing each other apart over the growing divide between 'make the girls happy and safe even if it means treating them like sex toys' and 'keep doing the morally right thing even if it makes the girls miserable and easy prey for others.' Quietly, all four girls were pretty happy, but not everybody was willing to accept or believe in the sacrifices made to make that happen... and certainly not to admit to it and go to jail like the teacher had. Nor would anyone admit to thinking we should risk more girls. So really, by the time October rolled around, there was an almost unanimous rejection of Halloween, at least locally. You couldn't stop networks from running scary movie marathons or anything, but that whole season we kept a firm line... no Trick-or-Treating, no decorations that could be seen from the street, town-wide curfew including the usual increased police presence that now nobody had much faith in.

Our low faith was somehow still disappointed. Four kids disappeared Halloween Night. This time, it was two boys and two girls, a range of ages from nine to thirteen. Taken from their beds, as far as anyone could tell, but no one knew for sure... there was no sign of forced entry and some people insist they might have snuck out rather than deal with the idea that the Halloween King could strike anywhere, any time. A lot of people were still calling him the Halloween Kidnapper then, or instead used the Halloween Slaver, or even just That Sick Bastard.

We were back in uncharted territory again, because nobody knew what to expect from That Sick Bastard... the last four girls were all returned on April Fools Day, but clearly this escalation was because we angered him, so we were afraid maybe this time they'd just... disappear. There were certainly no costumes to brainwash them into. A few families might have tempted fate and done dress-ups at home, but the ones of the abductees had studiously avoided anything Halloween-adjacent at all... unless you listened to the conspiracy theorists who needed to believe that four separate kids stashed secret costumes and snuck out to do the Halloween rituals their parents forbade, and got punished for it.

That theory went out the window April 1st, because they were returned, but there were no costumes. At all. At least we did get those kids back... but, not all the way back. They showed up at various houses in town buck naked, except for a bow around their neck with a letter attached.

The letter was from the Halloween King, but those were not the first words people read. Another, more obvious message was tattooed on them. Here, I think I have a picture of one of these girls on my fridge. Not from that night, obviously, but from a convention my daughter attended with her. Hold on a second.

Here you go. See, there? On the left side of the forehead? It might be a little hard to read, but it says...

"Designated Free-Use Sex Doll Until Age 18

Enjoy at will, any sex act, any time.

Open to all genders, ages, and kinks.

No charge.

Will never tattle."

Hell of a thing to put on a little kid's head, right? Evil enough if it was JUST a tattoo, you could imagine a few people might even try to take advantage of that, and some people only held back by the knowledge that a child probably would tell their parents or friends eventually... except we've all just had two years of experience with exactly how programmed kids could be in five months.

As time went on, that bore out. Those kids never told on anybody, though a few people were caught in the act, or left evidence of the act, but not as many as you'd think. Cleaning up after themselves was also part of the training of these kids. Aside from finding them during or immediately afterwards, the only way we knew people were using them at all was because if three days ever passed with nobody taking advantage of the offer on their forehead, the neglected kid refused to wear clothes until somebody did. By summer, the kids didn't go publicly naked any more, but privately, it must have happened quite a bit.

Whether the people who found them took advantage or didn't, what couldn't be kept secret was what was in the notes tied to them with a ribbon. Each was written in the handwriting of the child, and said, "It saddens me that a town that treated me so well one Halloween doesn't seem to want to celebrate this year. Creating the elaborate costumed Dolls you enjoy has been my way to repay your community, but should dressing up no longer interest anyone, blank dolls are at least easy enough that I can start to make them in bulk. Next year, I might have time to provide even more. I will follow your lead, but hope to once again be your Halloween King."

Outside of the vague dreamlike stories from the abductees themselves, this was the only direct communication anyone in town ever received from the Halloween Slaver--now cemented as the Halloween King in the minds of most of us, just as we quickly adopted the term Dolls to refer to the girls themselves. Also the only hint of a motive behind our peculiar curse--or blessing--if it even contained a shred of truth beyond the implicit threat.

But we got the message. Keep Halloween going as usual, let him try to take a few of our kids, turn them into his twisted Dolls--trained to a specific role with specific rules and specific owners who could control when and where they acted out--or, he'll take even more of them and break them completely. The Free-Use Four even dangled a carrot over our heads, to help the devilish deal go down, since the tattoo and their own testimony insisted that they were Free-Use until they were eighteen... the specificity let us wonder whether the other girls would only be trapped in their roles until that age too.

Of course, by that time we'd noticed that Lauren didn't seem to be getting taller or going through puberty, but it was still years before any of the girls would hit the chronological age to find out for sure if this was just another cruel joke. In the meantime, we had all had a decision to make. Nobody seemed to be able to catch him, even on the nights we knew he was coming, so we could either play along with his sick game, or refuse and potentially suffer even more of our children turned into sex dolls.

The town had a lot of discussions about that over the next few months, but, as you can see, we decided to return to celebrating Halloween the next year. A lot of people put forth good arguments on both sides, and some not-so-good arguments. It's kind of sickening, but the fact that two of the Free-Use Dolls were boys probably went into that... as long as the threat was only to our daughters, some people could rationalize it as being acceptable... they could get over a few girls a year being mentally violated and sexually exploited, but to risk a son's future like that was somehow more unthinkable. They'd made similar sexist calculations every time a star football player did something that should have been unforgivable and decided to turn the victim into a pariah instead.

But also, there were the kids themselves. Especially Elena, who was going down a bad path and now polite, respectful, diligent, disciplined... every parents' dream, if you left out the sex. To some parents, a better dream with the sex. Yet the Dolls all did seem to enjoy their lives, sex and all, regardless of their age, and so far, no pregnancies had developed (though we'd come to find that was not a universal rule, but rather depended on the Doll's particular role). They didn't have the kind of outrageous behavioral problems you might expect from a deeply abused kid, but rather mostly seemed kind and well-behaved, except acting out when their needs were denied.

Naturally, a lot of people were hoping enough other people would volunteer their kids to go Trick-or-Treating, so they could keep theirs at home, but who would, knowing that for every family that abstains, your own kids face a greater risk? We talked about paying some of the poorer families out of the town budget to assume that risk on everybody's behalf, and that very nearly happened, but in the end, somebody brought up that famous story "The Lottery," where each year the town would randomly select one person from one family to stone to death for a good harvest. If we treated this as a Lottery, and everybody had to participate, it would at least be fair, and a town bonding experience. I think they might have missed the point of the story. Still, nobody was being stoned to death here, and while two kids a year was still an awful high price, that meant there were plenty of kids who would be left alone and have a normal Halloween.

And hasn't this country always made that decision, to risk some kids rather than mess with tradition? If our town suffered random school shootings instead of abductions, death or serious injury instead of being turned into sexual playthings... well, we'd be just like everyone else, relying on thoughts and prayers. Unlike them, we still had a prayer of ending the nightmare for good... all we needed was to get lucky one year, have a cop successfully catch the Halloween King in the act, and maybe we could even undo everything.

The next year, costumes were a lot tamer, and notably fewer in number, since a number of families had moved away rather than agree to participate. We had some new people move in too, but many of them didn't have kids. The remaining parents mostly concentrated on doing whatever they could to minimize the risk, forcing their kids into costumes of doctors, lawyers, business-people, nerds... but there were always a few that went a little outside the box, and, especially among teenagers, ones who seemed to want to tempt fate, either to show off in front of their friends or because they secretly wanted to become something else.

It wasn't a teenager taken this time, though. That was the year we got the Princess and the Puppy. Sisters, Mackenzie, who you've heard me mention, and Kennedy. Nine and ten, respectively. I don't know what their parents were thinking letting them dress up like that, though I guess I shouldn't talk.

I mean, the Princess outfit I can understand. A lot of girls went that route, always a popular costume, and with the Halloween King out there, it made sense. Princesses are associated with purity and chastity, and a lot of parents were gambling that if their little girl was abducted and made a Princess, maybe she'd at least be programmed with something fantasy princesses took very seriously... the need to preserve her maidenhead until marriage. Even failing that, parents could hope for decorum, or quiet dignity for their sex-slave child. None of those turned out to be the case when we got Princess Mackenzie, but you can see how they might think it was a safer choice.

But in a world where we had Tabby the Catgirl, what parent would tempt fate by letting their little girl dress as an animal, unless a part of them secretly wanted their kid taken and turned into an animal-themed living sex doll?

I suppose that's unfair. Maybe they just thought they could prevent it, that they would watch their kids like a hawk. Lots of parents took that approach... they couldn't get out of the Lottery, but they could make damn sure the Halloween King went after easier prey. Both of the sisters' parents did go with Mackenzie and Kennedy to every house, a common pattern, one keeping an eye on the girls at all times, while another watched for any strange vehicles.

Until they both got distracted. Or a little more than distracted, I guess. See, as best as we can figure out, somehow the parents--and possibly the girls themselves, and cops along the way--were drugged or hypnotized into a suggestible state. I mean, this is a guy who knows enough about human psychology to change a child's entire identity and moral system in a few months, is it really hard to believe he could make people zone out for a few minutes when he needed to take a girl?

However he did it, he did it, and the two sisters returned on April Fools Day, only the little sister was holding her big sister on a leash, and wearing a sheer dress that looked more like a babydoll nightie over a clearly naked body, along with a tiara and lots of jewelry. Not costume jewelry, either, which Princess Mackenzie is just as happy to wear as long as it's shiny, but real gold jewelry worth thousands of dollars. Some thought that was an apology to the family, a way to make up for taking both their children, and how extreme he went.

See, Kennedy was taken a little further than Tabby was three years earlier. Sure, they both showed up naked except for fake ears and pawlike coverings for their arms and legs, and in Kennedy's case a collar, but there was a distinct difference. Tabby was a specifically turned into a Catgirl. She preferred being nude, she'd go into heat, and she considered her costumed cat parts and butt-plug tail a part of her, but she could still be talked into wearing clothes as long as she still presented as a Catgirl, and, if she was clothed, she could interact with her friends normally. Part-cat, part-human. Tabby mostly walked on two legs, unless she was going down on all fours for attention. Kennedy seemed like she was just a dog. A Puppy. A girl puppy, certainly, but her new identity didn't include also living a normal human life. She walked exclusively on all fours (sometimes on her knees, sometimes in a weird crouch, depending the speed she needed and how tired she was), would only eat or drink from a bowl, and expressed herself mostly in head tilts and facial expressions. She COULD talk, in a voice that's like a bad Scooby-Doo parody, and generally only when ordered to or if she has a specific need, or, her first night back, to say "Rrick or Rreat." Mostly, she spoke like she was a particularly clever dog doing a trick, like those videos you see of people who've trained their dogs to say 'I love you.' Never to have a meaningful conversation. As a parent to a teen myself I came to know a little about how that felt.

But Kennedy seemed to be happy, in the way only a Puppy could be. If asked if she was happy, she would bob her head and wiggle her butt to wag her tail, and give a flat yes if told to speak in words. Kennedy never gave a description of what happened to her, but Princess Mackenzie's story was that they were taken to Fairyland and her sister was turned into a Puppy because she didn't want to be a person anymore and have to make people decisions and talk all the time. Some people think you can't trust the perverted Princess, but to those who knew the family, there was a certain plausibility to the idea. At least, I buy into the idea that the Halloween King nurtured a seed inside Kennedy far past the point of sanity, as he'd done so many times before, and since.

Mackenzie, before she was taken, was always timid and unassertive, and Kennedy, as the older sister, always had to watch out for her, often had to speak up for her in public, make decisions for the both of them. So maybe a part of Kennedy just wanted to let go and be taken care of, and the Halloween King let her escape that minor frustration into the life of a dog, then made her stay in that role and enjoy it. And, everyone had agreed that Kennedy loved dogs, before. She wasn't allowed one herself but would always squeal and stop to play with them given the chance. Maybe she didn't just love dogs, but deep down always wanted to be one, and that's why she chose that costume and the risk the Halloween King would take her. She certainly wouldn't be the only Doll who did that. Every Doll has a story, and it doesn't just start the night they were taken.

However it happened, Kennedy didn't just love dogs, she was one... although to be clear, she still loved dogs. Sexually, I mean. That seemed to be the niche kink the Halloween King crafted her to fill. Like the Free-Use Dolls, Kennedy wouldn't turn down sex if someone wanted it. Point her face at a spot and she'd lick, and if someone wanted to fuck her, all they had to do was maneuver her the right way and she'd calmly take it... maybe get into it if her partner was attentive or it was her master, but Kennedy didn't seek out the attentions of humans. Sometimes, if her master wasn't involved, and a guy was trying to fuck her, or anyone wanted her to lick, Kennedy might even try to wander away as though uninterested until she was set into position... and then wait until they were done with her. That was her attitude if it was a human mate, anyway. But put a male, unneutered dog in the same room with her and she would do whatever she could to entice it into fucking her. Nuzzle his balls while she sniffed his butt, then kneel in front of him and let him smell her naked, dripping pussy. If he still didn't get to humping, she'd find ways to keep trying to lick at the sheath until his lipstick-shapped cock got woken up and the other tactics were more likely to work. She wasn't shy about this either, she didn't wait for people to be out of sight, it didn't matter whether she met a single stray dog in the park or there was a large audience, all that mattered to her was getting mounted by that dog and, if she can, get the knot that forms at the base stuck inside of her pussy so they stay locked up while his cum soaks into her.

If you've never seen a dog having sex with an underage human girl before... well, you should try and track down Elena and see if you can order her to do it. Or bring a mutt around to the Free-Use girls. Or maybe take in one of the Clown's shows... she thinks humans taking doggy-cock in one of their holes is a hilarious gag that never gets old. Really, a fair number of the Halloween Dolls dip into sex with animals on occasion, or for the right incentive, but when a dog's humping little Kennedy, you're not really watching bestiality, you're watching a dog fucking a bitch who happens to have a human girl's body. That's how we treat it, nowadays, not dirty, just a natural drive for a doggy Doll. Only, if this Doll's drive isn't satisfied, she doesn't go Trick-or-Treating in the usual way, she specifically goes to places with dogs, looking for a bone. If she's gone long enough without being knotted to be frustrated and you don't get the hint, you'll experience the rare sound of her voice asking, "Doggie pway?" because it's become a need that overrides her usual instinct not to speak.

Or Mackenzie will just ask for her, if they're together. And by ask, I mean demand your dog service her horny dog. Since she became a Princess, Mackenzie had lost the timidness and became very assertive. If the Princess was a Doll with a niche, it was people who wanted to be sexually dominated by a little girl.

I say if, because Princess Mackenzie's always been a special case. Some people say that the Halloween King didn't make her into a Doll at all, just told her it was okay to indulge her inner kinkiness... that he stumbled on someone ALREADY as perverted as him and that's why he crowned her as his Princess. These same people say that she condemned her own older sister to the life of a Puppy, rather than puppy-girl, just for her own sexual kicks... not out of any brainwashing. I don't buy into that theory, considering she was only nine when she was taken, and what nine-year-old is that fucked up?

Still, Princess Mackenzie IS special in many ways. Dolls are taken as kids--fifteen's about the oldest, eight the youngest--and once they're taken they don't usually age normally... a few do, but usually there's some kind of hormonal trick he uses to inhibit growth and signs of puberty. Princess Mackenzie's body's one of the exceptions, continuing to develop pretty well normally... maybe a little bit slower than some of her peers, but within the normal range at least. As a Princess, she also doesn't recognize any owner, which makes her almost unique (aside from the Free-Use Dolls, who you might say are owned collectively). If she knocks at your door, it's because she's bored or horny and wants to demand you assist her as is her right... any candy you might give her is just a bonus. She's also the only Doll (again, outside of Free-Use) who can willingly dress up in other costumes for events like Summerween, because, and I quote, 'A Princess dresses however the fuck she wants.' Granted, even there, Mackenzie usually tends to incorporate her tiara into the outfit, of course... she's far more likely to go as Zombie Princess instead of just Zombie, Spooky Princess instead of Witch, Cat Princess instead of Catgirl, and so-on. Once she was even someone called the Paper Bag Princess, though the flimsy outfit didn't last long before she was just a naked girl in a tiara. So clearly she loves being a Princess... but she doesn't have to dress that way. One time she even dressed up exactly as her older sister (who by then looked much younger). Two puppies at once. Maybe it was a Princess and the Pauper riff, I guess, but nobody confused the two, despite the lack of a tiara, since one only barked and the other told you exactly what she wanted.

So that's the major part of her programming, and what convinces me she's a true Doll... that change from meek little girl to a confident Princess. That could have come without brainwashing, but I tell you, having spent some time with her, she's not pretending. She really does believe she's royalty, and that therefore her every desire should be satisfied, even if it's that you should kneel down and suck on her clit because, and again I quote, "A Princess doesn't get herself off." Or she might insist that she needs to ride your cock, or borrow your dog, or that you accompany her back to her castle so she can watch you have sex with your own virgin daughter, depending on whatever perversion interests her at the moment, or what she thinks is best for her subjects. Could be either, if she thinks your daughter really wants her daddy, she might see herself as helping out by giving you both the excuse, or she might just get off on the idea of making you do it while she uses her royal sceptre to fuck herself. Our Princess gets bored easily, and we think constant self-stimulation is part of her programming, edging without allowing herself to cum unless somebody assists, and that leads her to weird sexual whims. Still, her demands aren't always perverted... if she snaps her fingers in someone's direction, it's just as often for some mundane thing like to make her a sandwich, change the temperature, clean the pool, or sing whatever song she likes at the moment while she lazily fingers herself. She just takes it for granted that she can demand obedience from everybody in town. Which doesn't mean she gets everything she wants. People around here have gotten very good at using the right deferential language when they want to talk her out of things, and even if people outright refuse her something she's set on... it's not like she takes revenge or anything. She might throw a tantrum, or simply glare at you and say something like, "You'll regret this when the King comes back," but if you hold firm to your refusal she'll eventually go ask somebody else for what she wants.

To some people invoking the King is still enough of a threat to get them to submit to her demands, especially if it was something they secretly wanted to do anyway. To others, the fear that our Princess won't think of them the next time she wants a royal gangbang at her castle is enough to keep them in line even for the trivial requests. Princess Mackenzie winds up getting her way a lot, one way or another, and some say she's been spoiled, but, if you don't cross her, she can be sweet and considerate, and there's no better advocate in your corner. Especially if you're a daughter who wants to fuck her daddy, or vice versa.

We've... kinda stopped having a hangup about incest here. Kind of had to. Not everybody does it, by any means, but we have to accept that it happens, especially around the families who have Dolls, and if nothing seems forced, look the other way. Like I said, sometimes when things happen that you can't control, you just have to lean into them, and that's what these Halloween Dolls have done to us. It kind of felt like a no-win situation, you know? Especially after the Free-Use-rs came in. Either we all play along with the perversions inflicted on our town, find ways to manage them, or we risk them getting worse. Families can either own the Dolls themselves, sexually use them as they seem to want to be used, keep them or they'll go Trick-or-Treating and seek out new owners. Or keep them locked up tight and let the kids go into a catatonic depression that follows.

Every Doll has a story, and they're all a little different but with a lot of repeating themes. Usually one of parents trying their hardest, struggling to make things work but having to make compromise after compromise, before they eventually end up accepting their new role... or, sometimes, giving up ownership entirely to someone else. The real question is whether they use their Dolls before or after other people in town already have. No matter what we do, it seems like the Dolls are going to keep coming.

A lot of us thought Mackenzie and Kennedy would be the last straw, that we'd cancel Halloween again, that everyone with kids would move out, if they could. Those with Dolls probably couldn't, since that wasn't just a standing order Elena was given, it's another part of default Doll programming. Even Mackenzie seems to have that. Tia's family was the first to try and leave, and so did two of the Free-Use parents, but over the years it's always been the same pattern. Take a Doll out of town, and within two days they'll be begging to come back 'home.' Within a week they'll be willing to run away from their parents just to get back on their own, turning tricks if they have to in order to make their way, and then go door-to-door looking for a new owner. Or, in Mackenzie's case, just back to her castle, the old hotel we now reserve for her use except during festival season. It doesn't even matter how much sex she gets, or, for the other dolls, if the owner is still molesting the girl according to their programming, when it happens too far outside our borders. The Halloween Dolls were gifts to the town, and that's where they belong.

Families without Dolls, though... they could have left, at least if they could afford it. And not all of them could, to be fair, but far more stayed for other reasons. Because they were secretly into what was happening, or because it was where their family had lived for so long they didn't know anywhere else. Even if a town's slowly morphed into a nightmare, sometimes it's still home. And you can get used to pretty much any horror.

We did, slowly, as the number of Dolls increased year-by-year. Tourism did as well. 'True Crime tourism,' we called it, but we all knew it was sex tourism, perverts, mostly male, coming in the hopes they could score some alone time with a Doll... feed a hungry vampire late at night, impress a Princess, or just enjoy an underage Free-Use Doll in an unwatched moment. Enough people had seen and heard of what happens here, whispered about it secretly among like-minded perverts, it couldn't be kept a secret entirely... even if the media wouldn't touch the story, and reports online tended to disappear or be dismissed as conspiracy theory or perverted fiction. There's even some kind of quirk where pictures and videos with metadata indicating it was taken in town gets auto-scrubbed from most social media. You can get around it, and there's certainly stuff on the Dark Web, but you can be sure... if something that shows the seedier side of our town starts to go viral, it'll get removed from public sites with the excuse of copyright infringement or something. Must have taken a lot of pull.

Cops, too, mostly stopped interfering with cases involving the Dolls if they weren't obviously hurt, maybe because many of them had been using Dolls directly themselves and didn't want to be implicated if one testified. Same for higher ups. Attorney Generals routinely decided not to prosecute cases involving them, insisting that a conviction would be too difficult since the star witnesses were 'uncooperative.' Too cooperative was the real problem, although the Free-Use Dolls would never testify. On top of all that, it seemed like Feds even stopped searching for the Halloween Slaver. At the very least, the task force's budget got cut to the bone, the plans for town-wide surveillance to monitor all streets and traffic in or out of town quietly abandoned.

Some people say that this was because they already did find him, only instead of arresting him they put him to work using those same skills--the tradecraft that let him repeatedly abduct girls despite heavy police presence, and the scientific knowledge to thoroughly brainwash them and make targeted hormonal tweaks that our best doctors still don't understand how he pulled off--all for the government. It could be that even now rival nations are secretly being undermined with custom sex Dolls, or perfect spies getting brainwashed from within the families of world leaders while at school abroad, or elite soldiers given the immune system boosts that keep Dolls healthy. Some insist that the government wanted all these powers enough to deal even with the devil--or maybe the elites who pull the strings behind the government just wanted somebody who could create custom sexdolls for them--and the continuation of his Halloween tradition here, without interference, was part of the King's price.

Makes more sense than the theory that the Halloween King is an alien who beams the kids up and down, that he genuinely thinks he's helping but just doesn't quite understand human sexual rules, and this is all being hushed up to cover up a Roswell-level conspiracy. Or that the Halloween King is actually a literal fairy, that Fairyland wasn't a metaphor or post-hypnotic suggestion or virtual-reality simulation the dolls were trapped in for months as they were being programmed, but a real, literal place where magic exists. There are all sorts of theories, including that this was all a huge government project from the very start, that our town was chosen to test psy-ops and experimental technologies that we might eventually use during wartime. I go with the lone mad genius idea myself, even though magic or alien technology would better explain some of the biological changes.

Anywhere, where was I? Right, the tourists. Even with all these efforts, enough people do hear the story that some show up. They'd usually pretend to be ordinary visitors, just passing through, but it was hard to miss them paying close attention to children, trying to figure out which ones were Dolls, especially staring at any kid who had hair covering the left side of their forehead, which is how a lot of the Free-Use Dolls started wearing it--or their parents started demanding they do, anyway, to cover their tattoo. For years we'd been trying our best to hide the Dolls from public sight, while still following the psychologist's advice and giving them as close to a normal life as possible... all of which was just barely doable as long as they were firmly owned, getting the regular sexual roleplay they were programmed to crave at home. Or in Mackenzie's case, as long as we treated her as a Princess and gave her royal advisors who advised her towards decorum in public while catering to her kinky whims in private. So a lot of the tourists passed by without seeing anything that confirmed the stories. And, at least at first, we'd find some reason to arrest them--after they spent money in our diners or rented a room or something, of course, because people here needed the revenue--and then run them out of town, hopefully before they could run into a real Free-Use Doll who would climb into their car and start sucking on request. If anyone did anything too outrageous, like the guy who tried to steal Elena... we took care of them in other ways and soon found cops were just as reluctant to interfere when a tourist just disappeared as they were if someone complained about a Doll being molested.

Towards Halloween, there'd be too much of a spike of tourists to ignore or get rid of. Not even just the kind you'd expect, either--the suspicious single men we'd been trained to look out for--but all sorts, families. I thought after the extreme cases of the Princess and the Puppy we'd have another revolt, either openly or just from too many families keeping their own kids out of the tradition, hoping to skip the Lottery without being noticed, or kids themselves refusing to go. Who'd blame them?

Instead, there were more Trick-or-Treaters than ever. Sure, some people did back out, but between the seemingly eager turnout among locals, and the tourist Trick-or-Treaters, the Halloween King had a lot to choose from. Some of them of course were there innocently, drawn in by online posts some joker made suggesting this was a good family place to spend the holiday... people were told that our town gives away really good candy (and we do, considering who might knock on our door), but I'm sure a few were there hoping the kids they brought would be turned into little obedient sex Dolls. Probably not realizing they'd have to move to town permanently, which is what happened the first time an out-of-towner got taken, some years later. At the time, we all shook our heads sadly at these visiting parents, but on the other hand, even back then I heard more than one local joking that they hoped their kid was taken this time because it would mean a five-month vacation from parenting duties.

The influx of Trick-and-Treaters wasn't just families, though, we also noticed, to our surprise, a lot of teenagers from neighboring towns, showing up on their own, sometimes in costumes that looked like they were daring the King to take them.

I guess that makes a certain amount of sense. Halloween has always been about being somebody else, somebody of your choosing, for a night, and I think for some people, there's a lot of attraction in permanently becoming the kind of person you wish you were without any effort beyond choosing a sexy outfit. Locals do it, too. Like Shelly, a geeky mouse of a girl, firmly pigeonholed in the 'nerd' category, who barely spoke unless spoken to or giving a science fair project, but diligently dressed herself up in the same costume year after year, until finally one year she finally got taken and became the bleach-blonde Doll we call the Head Cheerleader.

Shelly was taken in a three-abduction year and, at fourteen, was a little older than average, so some people insist she's not a REAL Doll but ran away and faked the transformation, but hey, the other Dolls accept her, and she's a bubbly and extroverted bimbo who fucks football players now. Every Doll has a story, and if hers was one of faking it until she made it, I say more power to her, but either way, clearly she wanted to be who she became. And to this day, enough kids who know the risks, seen the examples so far, still go with animal costumes that you'd think there was a secret furry subculture in schools.

The tourists made Halloween for our existing Dolls difficult, but not impossible. Remember, every year, if not physically prevented, our Dolls go searching for a new potential owner on the anniversary of their abduction. It doesn't matter how well satisfied they were, Trick-or-Treating is part of their programming, but we'd developed a protocol. Everyone was supposed to give them candy and send them on their way without accepting their offer, and if your candy was good enough or the Doll horny enough that they started getting aggressive about staying, you only kept them for the night before sending them back to their previous owner. As for the Dolls themselves, in exchange for letting them go out, we'd also managed to limit most of their costumes to inappropriately-sexy-but-not-pornographic versions, and had private events where we distracted the Free-Use Dolls for the night with some volunteers with a lot of stamina. The Puppy, we put in the kennel where she and many of the dogs were happy with that playdate in exchange for us not having to watch out for her on Halloween. As time went on, we had a similar approach with the more blatant Dolls. As long as they got candy and the kind of attention they wanted, it didn't much matter if they actually walked the streets or just went door-to-door in a kennel or a school building, as long as it wasn't home.

So, at least in theory, any innocent tourists were none the wiser. If they saw a girl disappearing into a house and not coming back, for all they knew, that was the family home. The not-so-innocent tourists, well, they probably knew what was going on but didn't have a local address to get visited at and, anyway, they mostly wanted a specific kind of transformation for the girls they brought along. In both cases, we didn't warn anyone about potential consequences of dressing up their kids... odds were against these visitors being taken and Dollified anyway.

For a number of reasons. The Halloween King never told us how he operated, how he chose his Dolls, but we'd noticed certain patterns over the years. One was that the Halloween King didn't seem to like costumes based on recognizable pop-culture characters. We had more Disney princesses than you could count, but it was only the legally distinct Princess Mackenzie who became a Doll. Almost as though the Halloween King thumbed his nose at law enforcement, but was still afraid of the Mouse and other big corporations slapping a trademark violation suit on him.

Likewise, we had so many Harley Quinn costumes, and even though that baseline outfit is provocative enough that you can't immediately tell if somebody was trolling for their girl to be abducted and transformed into Daddy's Little Monster or if it was an innocent choice that could have had huge consequences, but we never got a Harley to ride. Instead, when the town was finally given the Clown, it was homemade, generic... face paint, rainbow wig, and purple-and-red outfit that covered her entire body. People begging for the King's attention often dress sexy, but it's just as likely to be a modest costume that attracts his eye... probably more fun to sluttify it.

That's how it was with Zoe, who reappeared on April Fools Day with dyed rainbow hair and topless in baggy clown pants, held up by suspenders that covered her nipples and perky little boob-buds... until the latches popped, as they did at the slightest provocation. Then, the pants fell, and left her 'accidentally' exposed with a look of comic shock on her painted face as people see the faint thatch of rainbow pubic hair matches the drapes. Most Dolls don't have any hair below the neck, but I guess the King makes exceptions for a joke. The joke continues from there.. as the little clown tries to pick her pants back up, her glasses slip off too and she fakes blindness and a few pratfalls to give people the opportunity to do what they want while she takes forever to get dressed again. Hard to say how much of that routine was hers, and how much was the King's, though, because Zoe loves mixing zaniness and sexuality. Since her debut as a Doll, she's come up with a ton of different outfits and gags and Clown routines all by herself, and is always working on more. Sometimes she's got a joy buzzer that triggers a high powered vibrator she's got inside her, or she might come to school in an outfit that's made entirely out of balloons that pop over the course of the day.

She's a lot of fun to watch, though, if you can handle that constant goofiness and jokes that sometimes turn back on you. Someone gives her a creampie, and soon a creampie will be shoved in someone's face. That's a gag that has happened in every possible combination of the pun. Never mind. One of her kinks is performing for a crowd, so if I haven't scared you off and you are thinking of sticking around in town for Summerween, you should try one of her shows in the school auditorium, you can tell them I sent you to get in. It's a variety show, little sexual vignettes, sometimes with other Dolls as guest stars, sometimes just her. She does this great sketch where there's this guy who's supposed to be her boyfriend and wants to have sex, but she keeps refusing him... all while letting other guys fuck her, including the school bully, her dad, a random dog. Then finally, when she's covered in dog cum, he gets down on one knee and proposes with a ring, and she finally relents... only she sticks the fleshlight he's been using at home in her pussy and makes him fuck that, inside her. All silent, except for musical cues... and moaning. Zoe's not a mime, after all, just thinks it's funnier without dialogue. It's all in good fun, though, the boy playing the cuck is Free-Use, so he gets plenty of sex and is even let out of his cock cage. Towards the end there's an audience participation element, where she tries to see how many guys she can fit into her holes at once, the human Clown Car.

Sorry, I got distracted. My point was that the Halloween King seemed to avoid licensed costumes, and that was what a lot of tourists brought. A lot of locals too. In a way, we did wind up getting that divide between the haves-and-have-nots we worried about when we first decided to go back to celebrating Halloween. Those who wanted to make themselves safe could dress their kid up in a professional costume from a store, and those who couldn't afford it and went homemade, well, they took more of a risk.

But costumes aren't that expensive, and a surprising number of families who could easily afford to go licensed and lower their risk... don't. Maybe that's because it's only a theory, and things we'd taken for granted about how things worked have turned out to be wrong before.

Like our certainty that it was only going to be two every year. That was most of the time, sure, but once it was only one, the next year three, as though to make up for it. Four once, but that year a brother-sister pair dared each other into going as Free-Use Dolls--not nude, just wearing a sign and with hair over the left side of their heads--and we've since learned that the King is often willing to take extra to honor the implied request of a kid in his age range dressed like a Free-Use Doll.

Nor did it turn out to be that--outside of Free-Use--the Halloween King was only interested in girls. Sure, that seemed to be his focus, but in more recent years we have had boys turned into full-costumed Dolls. And not just the Doll who used to publicly identify as a boy but because of one Halloween choice we now assume was secretly a girl all along and used a wig and a costume she could pretend was a joke as a cry for help, a signal she willing to trade sexual slavery for an openness even parents couldn't repress. That's the story of the Doll we call the Prostitute. We don't know if the choking thing was always there underneath, or a fetish the King implanted, but what we do know is that Billie now lives happily as a girl and is trying to make a hard living in a town where the competition gives out sex for free. If you use her, tip well, she's saving up for bottom surgery but can't help herself from giving most of her earnings to her pimp, and if you want her to cum, squeezing her throat is about the only way to get her to release, even if you're plowing her prostate... just don't really hurt her, we're very protective of our Dolls. Better she suffer blue balls than a bruised trachea.

But the Prostitute's a girl, and I was talking about boy Dolls. It took a while, but we eventually got Jayden, the Lil Lumberjack, indisputably a boy, taken at eleven, returned to us with the ability to deliver a lot of wood at the direction of whoever he considers his boss or boss-lady. The King must have given him some kind of specialized treatment that kept his body small and young but grew his dick out and gave him the same advanced facial stubble that his original costume simulated with vaseline and coffee grounds. I understand he can take wood as well as he can dish it out, too, if that's your thing.

Then there's the most recent male Doll, our Bad Boy. Dylan, or his parents, were probably going for 'Punk,' but he came back as the Bad Boy... that's his official Doll name, anyway. Far and away the most irritating of the Dolls, in my book. Sometimes we call him the Motherfucker, because if left unsupervised, that seems to be what he's been programmed to go for. A thirteen-year-old constantly hitting on moms and mom-types can get to be aggravating even to interested moms, if his own mother doesn't keep him on a tight enough leash, and it's not just that... he's such a troublemaker. As if it wasn't bad enough the little nutsack is always fucking with my cow and wasting her milk, from what I understand he's also got a habit of bullying other kids at school while trying to up the ante by seducing their moms. Such a cocky little asshole... but he sure turns super submissive when he gets his bare bottom smacked. You can bet Dylan sure does anything he's told, then, after a good spanking by Mommy or Daddy... or anyone they've given authority to spank him. These days, that's a lot of people, his parents just want him kept out of trouble so they let almost anyone who sees he needs disciplining help out... even if they also like to add to the public humiliation of spanking him in front of his friends by making him suck a cock immediately afterwards.

So, not counting the Free-Use ones, there's really only two boy Dolls compared to... I don't even know how many girl ones, but that's enough to break the pattern of people with penises being safe. I'm sure we'll get more in the future. I think the King just goes for girl-presenting forms more often because he finds them more easy to imagine as sexual objects. As if the world doesn't agree, right? I mean, after all, guys dress up as cowboys, girls dress up as sexy cowgirls.

We do have cowgirl Dolls, yes. Two, actually, but the Cowgirl you're probably imagining rides horses from below, if you take my meaning, so I doubt you could compete. I can take you out back and introduce you to the girl they just call the Cow later. Technically, her full Doll name is the Stupid Cow, but I can't go around calling her that, she's my daughter, after all.

Where do you think I got that milk for your coffee? You're actually renting out what used to be her room, since she stays in the barn now.

Look, it's what my Bethany-Anne wanted, otherwise she wouldn't have been dead-set on that costume the year she was taken. And the summer before, for that matter. She's grown up with this threat, and each time she went out for Halloween, we had a long discussion about the risks and her expectations, and she still wanted to choose her own costume instead of letting me choose something for her. I let her because... who plays a Lottery really expecting to win, you know?

And my daughter's hardly the only one who had a specific Doll identity in mind and sought it out. Who doesn't want to be a celebrity? The town Dolls ARE pretty much the closest thing we have to celebrities, especially since nobody here can manage to be a TikTok star or Instagram influencer. Dolls are our local substitute, the easy way to adolescent fame and popularity and the chance to bask in adulation. Even more so, during our festivals, with the Summerween meet-and-greet conventions.

Summerween was another idea of Princess Mackenzie, something she got from some kid's cartoon she liked, an idea to really show off how much this town loved Halloween, and to let kids have a safe Halloween experience where they didn't have to worry about being taken.

Wasn't quite how it turned out, of course. Kids, and their parents, did still worry that this would just be an open invitation to the Halloween King to make more slavedolls, but the idea still took hold and gained enough steam to be eventually approved for other reasons.

Mostly as a way to control the 'True Crime' tourists, who were getting to be a nuisance, and worse, an unpredictable nuisance. Some weeks we might have dozens of men to fend off and arrest before they could hurt one of our kids, or steal time with a Doll, and then for weeks in a row we might have none at all. There are things you don't think about until you're faced with unpredictable demand. Like the diner by the school... before it became known to tourists because many of the school kids walk by their front window, it was known for its BLTs... and it still is, but how much lettuce and tomatoes do you order and risk letting go bad if no one shows? At least bacon you can freeze.

And because perverts didn't often announce their intentions in advance, people who'd come to rely on a little extra income renting out rooms to men 'just passing through' had no way to know if they'd get that money when a bill was coming due, or if somebody else would snag the potential renters before they could. However, during Halloween it was always a reliable boom that everyone could plan for. If we had a second Halloween festival, the thinking went, we could funnel the summer perverts there, raise prices across the board because of the demand, and also try to keep the town safe and normal the rest of the year. Or as normal as possible. The quarantine strategy.

It mostly worked... of course we always have a few people trying to cheat the system, renting out rooms in the off-season when we technically don't allow it--always to people they claim are visiting family members, to avoid the ban, even though they bear a suspicious lack of resemblance--but they're the minority, and otherwise the Summerween festival quickly started working pretty well for us. The King didn't Dollify anybody during the summer, so our normal kids got to try out costumes they wouldn't dare on the real Halloween, and the town made a lot of revenue off both families interested in fun summer activities and perverts interested in the Dolls. The latter started to draw more and more of the focus, of course, since most of the tourists who hear about us at all are here for that, so we leaned into it.

Summerween Night is mostly for the normal kids... the Dolls still go door-to-door, if their owners allow them, but it's not a need, and they try to be extra discreet about it, not making a big deal in front of their peers. That's because for the whole the week before, the event is Doll-centric. That's when we have our big private convention... for many, the real Summerween draw. Considering how thoroughly we're kept out of the media and online discourse, you wouldn't believe how many come to get autographs from their favorite Doll, or book personal photo sessions... photos they often can't show anybody anywhere else in the world without a risk of life in prison, but hey, that's on them. And we do stage shows for those who've never seen a girl with a horse, or a puppy in a girl's body having a knot-a-thon, or just a really entertaining Clown. Just remember, it's not all about getting off, we try to keep it a fun, light convention. No masturbating on the con floor or in public in town... if you can't control yourself, pay for a few minutes in the Glory Hole Hall to relieve the tension. The Free-Use Dolls may not charge for their services by themselves, but there's no reason we can't make a few bucks controlling access to where we keep them while the perverts are in town.

We make it a Glory Hole because it's not always the Free-Use Dolls... sometimes a full Doll fills in and we don't want a stampede of celebrity-chasers for a girl just helping out in a crunch. We don't even guarantee a gender. You pay your money, you take your chances, that's what we say.

For the real high rollers who want more face time than the meet-and-greets or a few moments of groping or sucking during a photo-op before they're pushed away in favor of the next in line, or watching a show from a distance and hoping to be called up for audience participation, there's the Win-A-Date-With-A-Doll auctions. Those aren't every year, but usually at least one owner is willing to part with their Doll for a whole night. The bidding gets pretty competitive--and, like almost everything fun during the convention, cash-only--and by now local ATMs are tapped out, so if you really did have no idea about this town you might not have any chance at the big fun, but the convention's still worth checking out for the spectacle, and while you're here, you're always welcome to use the Cow if you still don't mind helping with the milking.

But if one of the other Dolls are more your thing, the Summerween festival goes on the whole week before we start booting people out again and going back to normal, so you'll still have at least a little hope of a random encounter with your favorite Doll, or even the Princess taking a liking to you, inviting you up to her Castle, and arranging whatever you'd like. It's happened before.

Or, since you've already beaten the odds and somehow gotten this room despite not knowing about the town's biggest event, extend your trip for one more day and stay for Summerween Night. It's not normally part of the basic package I sold you, but since I still don't have anyone booked for that night and it's your first time in town, I can give you a good deal. Don't get your hopes up too high, the Dolls' Trick-or-Treat routes are randomized, so it's fair and they don't draw as much attention. Like a lottery. But even if you don't luck out and get a Doll visiting you, you might still be able to convince one of our normal kids for a little sex-for-candy arrangement.

Yeah, I probably should explain that our 'normal kids' aren't necessarily all that normal anymore. I mean, what do you expect? We did our best, but the years of living side-by-side with sex Dolls have taken their toll. Maybe we should have put them all in their own facility, like was suggested, but our local psychologist insisted integrating them into a normal life as much as possible--putting them in normal classes if we could and pressuring them to keep their sexual activities secret--was more likely to make them break out of their delusions. Didn't happen, of course, but it probably was still better for the Dolls well-being. As for everyone else... no matter how hard we try, we've had more than a decade where kids between nine and eighteen had to notice that some of their same-age peers got special treatment... free to violate the school dress code to accommodate their costumes at the very least, and sooner or later most get to see a very young Doll getting to do very adult things and get rewarded for it.

Then there were those who had to grow up watching Mommy or Daddy molesting or outright fucking their Doll of a sibling, just to keep them at home instead of looking for a new owner... and coming to notice how much they enjoy it. Don't you think some of those kids would wonder what's wrong with them that they're left out of the fun, that some parents would try to make things fair?

Not to mention everyone having classes WITH Free-Use Dolls. Normal Dolls are bad enough, but at least with them you have to deal with their owners or be sophisticated enough about sexuality to work around the programmed exceptions... but think about those classes that had one kid who everyone knows could provide no-risk experimentation... if you could get them alone. Limited experimentation, anyway, which we did our best to minimize without limiting their ability to socialize.

The best psychological advice we had was still that it was better to let the Free-Use kids attend school just like the other Dolls. Better for their well-being, and easier to supervise in a group... but we couldn't just let them run wild among normal children and a variety of adults. These Dolls didn't have an owner who could tell them something was only okay at home, and never said no or tattled. Without any complaint, they would sit back and let a curious classmate sitting beside them reach out and play with their privates. So as you can imagine, the moment a teacher's back was turned, we knew some would try, and so we did our best to prevent that possibility.

It came as a surprise to me until it was brought up at a town council meeting, but there apparently are suppliers of child-sized chastity devices out there, and I voted for the proposal to use the public safety budget to acquire some. After all, it did seem to be a prudent step if we were going to let them go out in public and attend school. Some proposed we make it a part of the school uniform, or at least expand it to all the Dolls, but that measure didn't pass... good thing, too, because it's such a niche industry that even just our orders for the Free-Use Dolls caused supply chain problems and weeks of delays.

Chastity devices have their own problems, too, and although you could lock a chastity belt on a girl--or a mini-cock cage on a little boy--if they were high risk, you couldn't exactly block access to their mouths or hands, at least without not making them look like the weird fetish objects they secretly were. That would defeat the whole purpose of 'give them as much a normal life as possible.' So adventurous kids could always get a Free-Use Doll to touch them... but that took more guts, more privacy, and, small mercies, Free-Use Dolls never initiated sex, at least if it was longer than three days since they were last used. If you covered up the invitation on their foreheads with hair or makeup, blocked off access to the most taboo bits, and hired more classroom monitors, we could limit that risk.

But only so much. Sure, because of that constant temptation, we chaperoned the Free-Use Dolls more than anybody else--double chaperoned if we had the manpower, because a single chaperone was more likely to take advantage themselves, especially while removing the chastity devices for bathroom business--but kids are kids and over the years a fair number of middle schoolers and even some elementary schoolers have had some kind of secret early sexual experience with a Free-Use Friend. Sometimes another Doll, or the Princess.

And for anyone who's still curious about sex by the time they reach high school, there's always our Head Cheerleader... now, her official owner is whoever's currently Captain of the high school football team, and if he abdicates she goes looking for candy through a series of other potential owners until she finds one who takes her on--quarterback, cheerleading coach, principal, I don't know the whole order--but most of them keep with the established tradition of reserving the Cheerleader's ass and pussy for those excelling in school athletics. Still, she is always willing to give another student some head to cheer them up, if they book in advance, or luck out at a pep rally.

Add to that sexually charged childhood that fear that started it all and continues to loom over everything, the risk every kid still faced during Halloween, being permanently taken, changed. You can get used to any kind of horror, and sometimes I think one of the brain's best ways to do that is by getting turned on... some natural defense mechanism, just because fear's a little easier to take when mixed with arousal. So maybe you play around with the idea in safe ways, imagine your ideal scenarios were the awful event to happen... and you do it for long enough, the arousal can come to outweigh the fear, at least for certain versions of the horror. That's how cucks and rape fantasies work, I think... probably how a lot of people could start to get off on watching little girls getting sexually exploited, for that matter. And I think it's why kids like my daughter sought to choose the kind of Doll they thought they could live as. Can't stop it, so might as well start getting off to the idea of it, really refine that fantasy about the kind of Doll they wish they could turn into.

Summerween doesn't have the same abduction risk, which made it the ideal way to play with the fear without committing. I think that's why, a couple years into the new holiday, some of our kids started petitioning us to make good on the promise of a Full Halloween Experience that was safe. Not in those words, of course, but that's what it came down to. Some wanted to see what it was like to be a Doll, without actually being a Doll. So that became the second theme of Summerween night. On Summerween--and only Summerween--a minor, with parental permission, is allowed to negotiate deals of sexual-favors-for-extra-candy with the people behind the doors they knock on. You'll know those kids because they carry a pumpkin bucket with a plastic horn on either side of the painted face. Don't trust the costumes... a lot of Summerween costumes go extra provocative too, like they're pretending to be Dolls already, but that doesn't mean any kid who dresses up showing a lot of skin is interested in or allowed to have sex with adults. Some just want to experiment with the aesthetic or dress light for summer, so always look for the horny-buckets before you make an offer or you're liable to hurt feelings. The buckets means they consent to be treated like a Doll and have parental permission, though there's a tag inside that lists hard limits you'd better abide by... usually that includes condoms, but, I tell you, some parents in this town are irresponsibly lax with their kids.

Don't expect every offer to be accepted, either, just because they're horny Summerween Trick-or-Treaters doesn't mean they're actually Free-Use Dolls. All it means is they're open to talking about it. If you do reach a deal, it's okay to be a little rough within those hard limits--trust me, parents who agree to this usually want that in the hopes it'll convince their kids they don't want that life--but avoid serious damage. Remember, they're not Dolls with all their holes conditioned to penetrations, and it's easy to forget that and really give them a bad experience. A nine-year-old Doll can take a twelve-inch cock right down to the balls without any trouble--even bigger, in some cases--but try that on an unprepared nine-year-old girl, even if she's brave and insists she can do it, it's not going to be fun for either of you. Of course, right now you have to be at least ten for a horny bucket that allows anything but oral and touching. We technically allow lesser forms of Dollplay as young as eight--because history shows they're candidates for true Dollhood already at that point--but again, only with parental permission, and that's rare. Honestly, it's still pretty rare even well into the teens. Whatever age, a lot of girls who are allowed only ever do one Horny Summerween because people expect them to enjoy sex as much as a Doll and their bodies just aren't built for that. Which might be for the best, again.

My Bethany-Anne only had one before she was taken. Look, when I gave her permission, I didn't expect her to go through with it. I expected her usual anxiety to kick in and she'd back out the first time someone offered, or at least it would make her tense up, let the pain teach her the life of a Doll was not for her. But no. The guy who put the full-sized Milky Way bars in her horny bucket also treated her super gently, got her comfortable with anal insertion and she came back bragging how she could take it all if she just relaxed and let him do it carefully. It was the first year we allowed the horny buckets and I guess people were afraid of fucking up a good thing. Still don't even know who it was, since she wanted her privacy. I still wish she'd let me come supervise, though. Not for any perverted reasons, just so I could have pushed him to be rougher. Then maybe my Bethany-Anne wouldn't have chosen that cow costume again a few months later.

Here, let me show you. This is a picture of her I took when she left for Trick-or-Treating the night the King took her. Note that the costume isn't sexualized at all. I mean, I guess the udders are technically fake cow-nipples, but they're not exactly attractive, and her own nipples are covered. The Summerween version was two piece and showed her belly button instead of udders... I could afford to be a little more daring, there, since I didn't want her to go out with a horny bucket and get no offers at all, that would be awful for her self-esteem, but on Halloween, I played it safe. I swear, I wasn't actually trolling for the King to take her, so I put her in a costume appropriate for a little girl. I didn't even risk a skirt like some parents let their kids go out in... that cow-print onesie covers practically her entire body, except the face and arms. Just an ordinary twelve-year-old, with a beautiful smile. Not a dumb blonde, either, despite the stereotype she always did pretty well in school, before... except tests and presentations, where her anxiety flared up. In class though, her eyes were bright, alert. She squints when she smiles, so you can't really see those bright eyes here, but trust me.

That right there, the bell around the neck? I thought that was a particularly smart touch, because it looks like something a cow would wear, but if she got grabbed and shoved into a van, surely it would ring, alert people. Even if he liked the costume, surely the King would go after somebody easier. But then, he'd pulled off so many impossible abductions, and maybe in retrospect I was only attracting his attention even more.

Here's the after picture, how she showed up at my door the next time I saw her, in April. Hardly even looks like the same girl, does it? Or if it does, you'd think she's like... two years older at least. But I assure you, she's still twelve here, just looks older because she's filled out, especially those huge milk jugs. Lot of development for five months, right? Even the Head Cheerleader doesn't have breasts that big. With talent like that I don't know why the King doesn't just go get wealthy in silicon-free breast enhancement. In the before picture, here, you can't even tell my daughter has boobs at all, can you? But in this one, bam, you can't miss them.

Of course, they're covered in the before picture. Animal-themed Dolls usually get returned naked, except accessories like the cowprint sleeves and leggings, the customary butt-plug tail, and because of that they usually wind up getting molested, at least a little, before being returned home, but other Dolls don't have a bell ringing with every step, drawing attention. I'm pretty sure the people who found her escorted her directly to my door. She hadn't even been properly milked. See? You can see the leakage, those are full. I had to drain them myself while she sucked on the salted caramels I had ready to secure her ownership. Her pussy doesn't look recently fucked either.

I think what really makes her look no longer like a twelve-year-old is above the neck. She's gained a little weight there, doesn't have quite the same dimple to her cheeks. See the hairstyle, here, the asymmetrical undercut is similar to the one our Good Soldier came back with, just a little longer on one side. Maybe the King likes that undershave effect, but it does make her look older. Luckily one of the benefits of having your own Doll is you can do their hair however you want... though I've also learned I can't let her grow it too long or she chews her own hair, so I usually leave the sides shaved like that for practical reasons, so I can more easily check her for fleas and ticks. Also left in that ring through her septum, since it fits with her whole cow identity and that makes her happy, but it also makes her look more like a surly teenager than the little daughter I remember.

Not thrilled about that tag in her ear, either. I get the point, makes her look more like livestock, I just don't find it attractive, myself. I suppose I should be happy the cow-print wasn't tattooed on.

The eyes are what really get me, though. Look at that dull, vacant look. It'd be one thing if she's just dazed because she had her brains figuratively fucked out, but no, she's always like this now. The brain's still in there, we still talk, but she's just so fucking docile. It's like pulling teeth to get her to express an opinion. Which, I could blame on the Halloween King being extra cruel, but from what I hear from her friends is what she really wanted. Like Kennedy the Puppy, like the Pony, she saw some attraction in just not having to think, not suffering any anxiety and just... be. Be a cow, but be.

Maybe not even worrying so much about the 'be a cow' part, either. Unlike Tabby and other animal girls, she doesn't fret very much if her cow-parts go missing. By the time she returned home for the picture, she'd already somehow lost the headband that looked like cow ears and horns... somebody returned them later, but Bethany-Anne didn't panic at all in the meantime like our Catgirl or the Puppy or the Pony do. My daughter was happy when she got them back but if she was left without them forever... that was okay too.

I think maybe the stories are true, that the Halloween King talks to the girls, finds out what they want, and gives that to them. Part of what Bethany wanted was not to have an anxiety attack or even feel overly anxious ever again. So he hypnotized or brainwashed her into not caring most of the time, even let her not worry about following all the rules that usually apply to Dolls. I can even take out her tail and dress her up as something other than a cow, but milk leaks through all her shirts so I don't usually bother, since I know she's happier naked and looking like a weird fetish object anyway. She won't express an opinion, but I know she still has them... she just wants to be taken care of without having to ask. These days, Bethany-Anne mostly looks forward to feeding time, milking time, and fucking time, but you have to know her well to tell, because even those, while they're happening, she just stands still and takes it however it comes.

Having a Doll in the family didn't turn out quite how I expected. It's almost more work for me than anything else. I mean, I wouldn't have minded her being turned into a Doll, if she was a little more like the other ones, able to hide it. I could enjoy watching my daughter have a secret sexy double life, but I wanted it to be a double life. Why couldn't she have chosen to be the Dumb Bunny instead of the Stupid Cow? Look at this first picture again, and imagine her returning with pretty much the same body, just with cute little bunny ears, buck teeth, fluffy butt-plug tail wiggling in the air? Even if the King left her fertile and wanting to reproduce like bunnies are supposed to, at least she'd be able to go to school for more than the milk delivery.

Bethany-Anne won't say anything, but I get the feeling she's lonely. She still has a few friends, mind you, but they don't often remember to visit at home... they're the kind of friends who are happy to see her if they're in a room together, but she can't use a phone, and she's not exactly a good conversationalist anyway, so not many of her old friends really make an effort to seek her out.

All the Dolls are a community, but Bethany-Anne's sort of on the fringes, even there. It's been years, but most still haven't really taken the time to get to know her. If she's craving milk, Lauren might visit in the night, and she's usually polite but often comes when Bethy's asleep... sometimes we only know she's been there because there's a bite mark left behind. Still, I much prefer her visits to the Bad Boy's... my daughter triggers his implanted kink, and she's the only Mom-type besides his own that he doesn't have to sweet-talk to fuck... I'd be happy to let him, if he treated her with some respect, but he thinks it's funny to drag friends along to watch him treat her like shit, and thinks it's even funnier to squirt milk at those friends. I usually catch him making a huge mess and have to spank him, but it never deters him for long. And of course, Manny makes sure to order Elena to visit now and then, which is appreciated... the girl's always been a bit like an older cousin. But Oscar keeps her pretty busy and the two girls probably have less to talk about than most... Elena uses a lot of military jargon and has also become a bit of a gun nut so a lot of times I walk in on her rattling off a story about herself that's nearly incomprehensible because of all the acronyms she uses or flipping through a Guns n' Ammo magazine giving a monologue comparing the stopping power of various weapons, all while Bethany just moos because she doesn't know or care enough about what they're talking about to contribute or question.

You'd think the Cow would at least have some commonality with the other animal Dolls, but the Pony and the Puppy are too active for her to keep up with, and even if you put her and the Catgirl in a room alone together, once the kitty's had some milk, Bethy usually gets ignored in favor of self-grooming or a more interesting smartphone.

Really, she probably has the most in common with the Free-Use Dolls, since they, like her, will just calmly take anything sexual while pretending not to notice--unless their customers specifically ask for more active participation--but they've all got phones and other hobbies too. Still, I get the feeling the time they spend together in Glory Hole Hall while I take in some of the shows is probably the highlight of her con season, like she's found peers.

I almost wish she was just a Free-Use Doll, because sometimes I do miss doing normal things with the old Bethany-Anne. It's really hard to take the Stupid Cow out to the more public events, where we're supposed to tone things down... her leaky jugs stand out too much and refuses to use her arms for anything but stability. Usually won't speak even if spoken to... she may not be anxious, but somehow she's still shy... or at least it takes her a while to warm up to someone new to bother wanting to talk to them.

At the cons, at least she doesn't really need to talk... certainly she gets a lot of pictures taken with her, and my Milk-My-Cow booth always turns a profit... but unless someone's got a specific fetish for her it's all just a fun diversion. Any time another Doll passes by, the crowd's attention's gone. Let's face it, most of the people we attract are interested in children who look like children, and someone with big tits is hardly ever the main draw for our visitors, so I feel sorry for her sometimes. Not easy for me, either, as a parent. Between the milking, keeping her clean, forcing her to exercise, making a balanced vegetarian diet and trying to nurture some kind of social life... I somehow have to do more chores as a parent than I did when she had extra-curricular activities! But the life of a Cow is what she asked for, and we've adjusted. You can get used to almost anything, and I do enjoy fresh milk every day.

And after all, it's only for a few more years. Probably.

See, turns out we were right to take the message on the Free-Use Kids as a hopeful sign. The Dolls were designed to only last until age eighteen... or at least, that's when the programming forcing their strange compulsions starts to wear off. Tia, our Pirate, was the first to age out, but her eighteenth birthday came and went without any obvious change, and the town lost one last hope that kept us from sliding into the abyss of depravity... it was only some time later that we caught her breaking character, not speaking in Pirate, and she admitted that she didn't HAVE to do it anymore, or go on the yearly Trick-or-Treat, she just liked it, and still wanted to go to the conventions, so she kept it up. Once the secret was out, she even abandoned her Captain and stopped the constant dress-up. Oh, you'll still see her wandering around as a pirate, but it's more like advertising that she's open for business. She's too old to do it just for candy, but she still makes good money pegging guys who are into that sort of thing. Then when she's made enough for one night, she goes home to her steady girlfriend, changes into some comfy jammies, and I assume only pirates music.

On the other hand, when Tabby hit eighteen, she decided being a Catgirl isn't really part of her identity anymore. She says she doesn't regret it, and the tiger-stripe tattoos are either too expensive to remove or something she wants to keep as a momento--they certainly help to convince people she's legal, since her development was delayed by her Doll service--but she doesn't feel the need to dress up at all anymore, wear a tail, or even stay in town. She's off at big-city college now, and her OnlyFans shows she's even, finally, growing boobs. And though she doesn't go into heat anymore, she still seems to really like sex, which is encouraging. Especially anal.

You know, a lot of kids auditioned to be the new Catgirl the Halloween immediately after she retired. Most of them even going the extra mile... I'm pretty sure the world supply chain suffered a brief shortage of cat-tail anal-toys that year, solely due to the aspiring eight-to-fifteen-year-olds of our town, but nobody noticed anything off, which is all that mattered. They're the kind of thing that--if you're not looking for 'em--get taken for a decorative skirt attachment by the normal family Trick-or-Treaters we still get. Kind of wish Bethany-Anne had held out just a little longer for that opportunity. She'd have made an adorable Catgirl Doll, but then, she probably wasn't even really in the running even if she wasn't already a Cow by then. We're pretty sure now that the Halloween King either lives in town or somehow finds a way to unobtrusively visit in the weeks beforehand, because otherwise it's just a little too coincidental that Leila was chosen as the replacement. Her family's Iranian, but you'd probably have to be here more than a night to figure it out, and giving us the Persian Catgirl too perfectly matches his type of humor for him to have chosen her out of all the tail-wearing candidates by chance.

More proof of him lurking around the sidelines is the growing evidence that other Dolls who choose to stay fully in the Doll life after hitting eighteen seemed to receive some kind of refresher on the programming and a hormonal top-up to stay looking young. I don't mean the ones who stay halfway, like Tia, but Elena our Good Soldier girl told her brother that she 're-upped for another five-year tour of duty,' and she still follows every degrading order with a sir-yes-sir, while passing for a middle school tomboy. I guess there's probably only so much science can do, and eventually they'll probably start looking like older women who just have small bodies, but who knows... our longest serving Doll still doesn't even seem to have entered puberty yet, and you'd swear she was still nine. I guess staying out of the sun also helps keep Lauren looking young, but who knows, maybe she's actually immortal. Wouldn't that be something for the history books if immortality was discovered by a pervert like the Halloween King?

Anyway, now that there's hope that being a Doll isn't necessarily a life sentence, we have a lot more fun with the whole thing. Not that we weren't long before that, I guess. I imagine some people would think it unconscionable to just give up on some of our kids like that, let them be icons of sexuality, but, when you think about it, is it that much worse than letting them star in Hollywood movies and TV shows, starving themselves to keep meeting that artificial definition of beauty? Or spend all their free time intensively training for the Olympics, repeatedly breaking bones or tearing ligaments? Or even chase popularity from anonymous thousands on social media they don't know? Kids do all of those things, and each of them can interfere with their normal intellectual, physical, or social development, expose them to predators, and otherwise redirect the natural course of their lives for the entertainment of others and a dream. Here, the dream might sometimes have been implanted from outside, but it's still a dream, and it seems like they can choose to wake up with no long-term trauma, so let the Dolls enjoy it, I say.

Anyway, that's the story behind all the spooky decorations. Tis the season again. Summerween Fest and the convention is one week, but you know how people are, just like with Halloween, decorations go up the whole month, and we do have other family-friendly events leading up to it... like a watermelon carving contest, since pumpkins aren't in season. I think that came from the cartoon too. Our local Pony gives rickshaw rides, for a small fee... in an appropriate costume, of course, except in the con area where we make sure everybody's into the kinks.

Our other two Festivals are quieter affairs, by comparison. Sure, we still hold a convention, put up decorations, and have a few events, but they're smaller, more for the locals than the tourists. April Fools Day of course is sort of the centerpiece to our Halloween Homecoming Week, where we all celebrate the new Dolls and their first Trick-or-Treating. For a few days before, we have a little betting pool on any niche fetishes the new dolls are going to service, and whoever gets closest wins a cameo in the Fools Cabaret, a variety show our Clown puts on the first Friday night after the return, with various Dolls doing funny skits, culminating--where appropriate, at least--with one that introduces the newbies with their official Doll Names. For the more family-friendly side, there's a few local traditions, like dressing up some of the town statues as various Dolls, and, if the weather cooperates, a dunk tank with a special prize for people who get a Doll wet.

Between Halloween and Homecoming, we have our Grim Christmas, although it's not that grim anymore, except for the spooky decorations and of course maybe for the parents who are missing their kids, depending on how much they wanted it to happen. We do our best to cheer them up, either way. It's tradition now for each Doll Owner to send their Dolls around to entertain the parents of that year's abductees, for a night of whatever they want. Not all at once, mind you, it's sort of a twelve-nights-of-Christmas type thing.

I remember my Grim Christmas. Sure was missing my Bethany-Anne, afraid of what I was going to get back, and not too excited about the Doll visits, having some lingering anger. See, I'm pretty sure the Princess helped talk my little girl into the Cow outfit, or at least gave her confidence to stick with it... if Mackenzie hadn't judged her suit as one of the year's winners at the school pageant, for the night itself, Bethy might have gone with my Bunny idea or her safe backup Sailor Moon outfit from the year before. Rather, her legally distinct Magical Anime Girl outfit, since our family doesn't shirk our civic responsibility to participate fully in the Lottery. That's the limit of my civic pride, though... I certainly wasn't looking forward to having the Princess visit and telling me how honored I should be that the King chose my daughter. Nor was I looking forward to getting some alone time with the freshest Dolls, because of the particulars of the previous year.

That was the four-abduction year, because of the twins who 'volunteered' to be Free-Use. And I liked having them spend the night, even though they mostly fucked each other while I watched, but other than their enthusiastic incest, there was nothing really special about their visit that I didn't already get from the other Free-Use Dolls. The other new Dolls from that last year were the Pony--who, again, I kind of blamed for getting my daughter excited about the idea of being made into a beast of burden--and Cindy the Naughty Nun, who I expected to be a complete no-show. The tradition isn't mandatory, after all, and you might expect that a religious family who made their daughter dress up like a nun in the hopes that it would keep her safe aren't really that keen on sharing their little girl. She didn't even attend her naming at the Fools Cabaret.

Which was kind of bad-sportsmanship, since her parents did actually get what they wanted out of the deal. Or, at least, Cindy's chastity has technically been preserved, even if her modesty hasn't. The girl disappeared on Halloween wearing a full nun's habit, returned wearing only the wimple and an intricate network of straps connected to nipple rings... and a chastity belt. Much more elaborate than the ones we use for the Free-Use Dolls, this one's some custom job designed to be worn almost 24/7, and even with the means to grow with her, should it be necessary. It had a plexiglass window that let us see but not touch her bare pussy... as well as the tattoo above, declaring that her holy temple is reserved for Jesus. Only the front entrance is reserved, though, because you can still bang on the backdoor. Maybe that's not actually part of the temple. Still, if you flip up the little clipped-in scrap of fabric that hangs down the back of her chastity belt and protects some modesty there, you'll see that there's an open ring around her asshole, rendering that open season to worship. And, in only five months, the Halloween King's brainwashing twisted the Catholic doctrine her family spent thirteen years instilling in her. Sexual slavery served to make Cindy see sodomy as a sacrament instead of a sin... shit, see if you can say that six times fast!

Anyway, for all that people joke that she's now Sindy-With-An-S the fact is, unlike virtually every other Doll in town, their Doll daughter's still technically a virgin... unless someone's taken advantage during the brief intervals Cindy removes the belt herself for maintenance, cleaning, and health check-ups. Which she can, because a vow of chastity would be meaningless if it was forced, but Cindy seems determined to keep her hymen intact and just do everything but. Take the win, I say.

Her parents didn't seem to see it that way. They not only skipped the Cabaret, but didn't let her attend any of the festivals or conventions, and withdrew her from normal school. For a while they tried to hold off touching her, or letting anyone in the family touch her, which, to be fair, happens with a lot of new Doll owners... the girl went Trick-or-Treating for a new master before May hit. Father, or Mother Superior she calls her owners, though they don't have to actually be her parent or ordained in any way. Of course she was sent right back home after, with a sore ass that I bet was made even sorer with the spanking she got soon after, from her REAL father, since they were big proponents of corporal punishment, the buttocks are exposed by Cindy's belt, and she had absolutely snuck out. Or was let out, since I heard she was locked in her room back then, and I honestly suspect if Cindy didn't have younger brothers and sisters to unlock her door her parents would have let her go catatonic from lack of use... all the while praying it would snap her out of it. After that April Trick-or-Treat, it wasn't repeated, and she didn't shut down so I guess someone in the family was designated to make use of her and prevent her from straying.

Still kept at home, though... the rest of the town barely saw Cindy in the months following. Now, I have to admit I'm a little bit of a voyeur... probably why I stayed in this town for so long, so maybe I'm not the most objective judge, but it seemed like a damn shame, and cruel besides. Part of Cindy's designated kink seemed to be public exhibitionism, but they wouldn't even let her out on the streets to show off immodest nun outfits. Certainly didn't let her attend anything Summerween related, and wouldn't even put up holiday decorations or carve a spooky watermelon. When Halloween rolled around again, they let her out for her mandatory owner search, with the understanding she would be sent right back--as was the polite custom--but still wouldn't engage with any of the traditions, kept their lights off and house undecorated, wouldn't let their other kids Trick-or-Treat at all, which the town council voted to let slide.

I guess something in the time between October and December changed their outlook though... or maybe it was just the spirit of Christmas. Every Doll has a story, but I sure don't know them all, some are left to our imaginations. I imagine Cindy spent a lot of time on her knees with her family, helping them to pray their way through accepting the burden God tasked them to carry. The whole family started showing up at cons a lot more after that Christmas breakthrough... her father said it was to try and guide the other Dolls in spiritual matters, but we know when he volunteers to chaperone the Free-Use Dolls that it's not entirely out of altruism. At least before his youngest dressed up as one her first eligible Halloween... now I guess there's also an element of parental supervision at play.

Still, the fact that they gave their daughter to me for the night while I knew they were struggling with having a Doll in the family, meant a lot to me that Christmas, inspired me to be more forgiving of the Pony when she came. By her visit, I was in a much cheerier mood, and I even let her pull me on a public carriage ride, something I'd previously sworn I wouldn't do. By the time the Doll Parade went on, I was in much cheerier spirits.

Cindy the Naughty Nun wasn't the only reason for that, of course, all the Dolls played a role, and watching them have so much fun in their new lives made me feel better about what was coming for my own daughter. The Clown visited me on the same night as Cindy, and you've never seen a girl so determined to put a smile on a grumpy grieving parent's face by any means necessary. Then, I've always been a big fan of the Clown. You can't imagine how often I've kicked myself for not dressing little Bethany-Anne up as an off-brand clown when she was nine. But if I couldn't have that, at least I could have a private show and also witness one of Cindy's first forays into homosexuality, since it became pretty clear that it was her father or one of the brothers keeping her at home and not a mom or a sister... didn't know how to lick a pussy and was totally surprised when she finally got a squirt in the face from the Clown's rainbow-furred flower. Should have seen the comical astonished-but-excited look on her wet face when she turned and asked me, "Does every woman's holy temple do that when the spirit flows through them?" Obviously not, but she grew to like ringing Satan's doorbell on girls to find out if she got a free baptism.

Not every parent comes around to joining in the fun on Grim Christmas like I did, even with the Christmas Cheer-Up Squad, and it does feel a little gauche to celebrate so openly when people are grieving. And it is still Christmas, so most people are too busy shopping for gifts and planning family get-togethers to really have the energy for much outside of the convention, but we do have a few events to look forward to, like that Doll Parade. That's basically just an ordinary costumed parade... we have to try to keep PG-rated because it's outdoors and cold and people innocently passing through or visiting family might see and not really need to know the Dolls actually are brainwashed sex slaves. Happy ones, though, that's the important part.

In private, with vetted audiences, our Clown usually does another dirty pageant, holiday-themed, of course. Last year the showstopper was about her trying to seduce Santa, played as usual by her Dad, to give her the gifts she wants, to the tune of the song Santa Baby. A few rewritten lyrics, though, because what she wanted was less about expensive baubles and more about things a young girl shouldn't be asking for, like deluxe vibrators, a bun in the oven, and a big puppy to fuck her, which was the one Santa was finally able to give, after tearing the tag off from a gift meant for the neighbor.

I had 'Santa baby, I want a knot, and really that's not a lot' in my head well into New Year, and that's despite the caroling from the Free-Use Dolls. In addition to visiting the abductee's families and their convention duties, we let those Dolls go door-to-door on Grim Christmas, singing. Dressed up, of course, because, again, it's cold outside, but if someone wants to invite them in for a warm cup of eggnog and those clothes come off, hey it's Christmas, they deserve a night of freedom and their chaperones are enjoying a night off.

Yeah, they still do have chaperones. I told you, outside of Halloween, Summerween, Christmas, and April Fools, we discourage tourism, and though the Dolls still are going to be Dolls, we do our best to keep their activities behind closed doors, and keep the normal kids out of it. Most of the original Free-Use kids have aged past the deadline and retired, but we've got enough replacements at various ages that we still need to maintain discipline, and so they still wear chastity devices during school hours. Outside of that, it depends on what their guardians allow, though most let them totally free for some fun carolling. And we still have chaperones for a lot of the other Dolls, trying to keep the sexuality to a minimum and all the Dolls clothed if they aren't trolling for a new owner. Keep the open perversion to a minimum, so nobody who isn't in on it sees.

Although the Princess still dresses however the fuck she wants... and sometimes our Catgirl's in heat or the Puppy needs to get some fresh air and so we get a nude little girl wandering in public. And of course, we do let the Pony run races with the other kids on Track and Field Day, kind of as a naked pacesetter. And the Naughty Nun dresses pretty risque even when she's cooperating, and her Free-Use little sister looks up to her and so also likes to wear super-short skirts you can see her chastity belt under. So I guess there is a lot of open perversion--and sex--going on that it's possible to stumble on, but that's why we keep tourists out the rest of the year and why I needed to warn you in advance. Really, we want to just be as normal a town as we can be, under the circumstances. If we don't, we're on the short path to becoming a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, and we're already halfway there with the sodomy. Of course, as Cindy pointed out, Lot offered up his daughters for the mob to ravage, and God still decided he was righteous, so, why can't we consider ourselves the same?

Anyway, I've yammered on enough. You haven't gone running for the hills, so either you're shell-shocked and thinking about how to expose us--trust me, it won't work--or you're already thinking about which Dolls you might like to run into. Or you think I'm bullshitting, telling a messed-up story to scare away a big-city sucker into forfeiting that non-refundable fee for a rental room. You probably haven't seen any of the Dolls yourself, and those pictures I showed you could be staged. With tits that big, maybe the Cow I showed you is just a fetish porn-star with a baby-face similar to Bethany-Anne.

Come on, then, follow me down to the barn.

See? Seeing is believing. It's pretty comfortable for a barn, really, I used some milk money, put in a heating system, so she can be naked pretty well year round. There's a plumbing system she can use without me... even installed a TV on the wall so she has something to keep her mind stimulated. What are you watching Bethy? Do you want me to change the channel? I'll change the channel. By the way, this is our new boarder here. Would you believe, he didn't know anything about the Dolls before today?

She's still a little shy around new people, probably won't talk until she gets to know you a little. But go ahead and grab those teats. I can see you want to, and Bethany-Anne won't mind, it's what she's made for. If it helps, she's almost legal by now. Suck on her nipples, if you want... there you go, just don't expect anything, I just finished milking her and it takes her a while to recharge. It's faster if she's properly stimulated, of course, and remember, that lower room fee was contingent on you helping out with chores around here, and that includes milking duties, from getting her lactating to hosing her down after. This right here's a vibrating 'cattle prod' I use in the mornings when I haven't had my coffee, but don't feel the need to limit yourself to this... to help get her juices flowing, you're welcome to do anything that doesn't hurt her. Like I said, she's super docile, and makes a great cum dump. Don't you Bethany-Anne?

That moo means yes. She won't tell you herself, but I can tell she likes you. Go on, try her out.

Now, she didn't come back with birth control like most of the other Dolls, but don't let that worry you... Bethy's much happier when she's pregnant... she pumps out more milk and gets a healthy glow, not to mention the beautiful, healthy, smart babies that come out of her womb. I've got no shortage of families who are willing to pay good money to adopt a baby like she makes. I know, that seems callous, but it's what's best for everyone. I certainly can't take care of both my little Doll and grandchildren, and I make sure they have good, loving homes. The Halloween King wanted the Cow fertile for a reason, and like with everything else, I figure it's better to lean into it than fight against it. So I try to get her knocked up during Summerween... that way she produces more for the school year, and the Halloween, Christmas, and April cons. All the Dolls like to be useful in their own special way, and being productive is what makes my Bethy happy. And her being happy makes my life a lot easier.

Tell you what, if you give her at least a good load in her womb every day you're here, I'll use my connections and I might be able to get you some personal time with the Doll of your choice before you leave. No promises, it's con season and they're all pretty busy, but if you didn't bring a lot of cash on this trip, it's probably the best chance you're going to get before Halloween.

I mean, I assume you'll be back for Halloween. If you treat my daughter well and don't make an ass of yourself, I'll even let you reserve your room with me. Unlike a lot of the town, I prefer to rent to people I'm comfortable with again and again, rather than open it up to the highest bidders. I don't need the money that much, and I'd rather find someone who treats my Bethy right and that's easy to talk to. Like my last seasonal boarder... he wasn't the father of any of her babies on account of a previous vasectomy, but he sure liked sticking his dick in a pregnant Cow and pretending he was fucking his daughter carrying another daughter. Kinky pervert, huh? But I'm hardly in a position to judge, I liked to watch, so we grew to be good friends. Shit that reminds me, I need to send his actual daughter a condolence card... we met a few times, although I don't think she ever knew what he was into. She liked the Doll Parade, but I don't think she understood it or caught on that it was the same kids year after year... she mostly just made her way up her for Christmas for family time, since her father was up here pretty much every festival season from when he discovered it until he passed.

Of course, he was retired, so that was easy... he didn't have to schedule around work. Now, I can understand if you can't be as reliable as him, a lot of people can't book that much time off in advance. I'm sure I can find other boarders. But if you can make it up for Halloween night at least, I really recommend it. We can sit on the porch and hand out candy and even if we don't get visited by one of the other Dolls, it's always fun to watch the normal kids Trick-or-Treat, to try and guess who's going to win the Lottery and be chosen for the next Halloween Doll.

Maybe we'll get something creepy like a Ghost Doll. We could use another boy, and I could imagine one who wants to pretend nobody sees him, sort of a reverse Free-Use Doll. Or the King might choose a non-copyright infringing variation on something big in pop culture, like a generic Superheroine who's acts like she doesn't want to get tied up and dominated but keeps letting it happen. Or something nontraditional, that's not even a personal identity at all, like the Whiteboard Doll we got this April. She was one of those inevitable Halloween grinches we get... just went out for the night wearing jeans and a T-shirt that said 'This is my Halloween costume' written in black marker, figuring it was too boring to Dollify. Only it wasn't, and when she returned, she still had the jeans but was topless, with a collar that had a marker dangling from a string, and would act out anything someone writes on her. She still Trick-or-Treats like that if nobody's written on her in a while, but otherwise she dresses normally and acts like sex is beneath her... except that skinsafe marker is still always on her collar, and the moment somebody uses it to write a dirty task on her she immediately changes her attitude until the mark gets cleaned off. She can't erase it herself except by doing the task... even if you write 'give five blowjobs' all she can do is change the number as she does each one. The town's been having a lot of fun with that these last couple months, so maybe this year we'll get something else wacky and outside of the box like that again. Or it could just be something classic... hey, we might finally even get a Mermaid. I can't even really imagine know how a Mermaid Doll might work, but I'm sure it'd be something to see, and there's one twelve-year-old who's been trying to snag that Doll role since she was nine.

No fear about how he might twist her body to make that wish come true, but then that's what Halloween's supposed to be about, right? Spooky fun, but nothing really to be scared of. And once we got used to what was happening to our town, that's what we got. An unstoppable kidnapper, sure, should be terrifying, but it could be a lot worse, and most of our town isn't really afraid of him anymore, not even his potential victims. Some of us even envy them, but if we can't enjoy Halloween like the kids, watching the transformations play out and playing with the Dolls themselves is almost as fun.

Wanna think about something really scary, though? Ever since I heard about what happened to my last boarder, I've been thinking a lot about what happens if the Halloween King were ever to suddenly die. I mean, assuming it's just a mad genius and not a secret project or magical fey creature... one year he could just... get hit by a car. Or have a heart attack. We wouldn't even know, until we pass a Halloween where nobody gets taken. What do we do then?

I mean I guess we could try and make the girls into Dolls ourselves. Find the girls who look like they're asking for it the most, take them away for specialized training, sure. I'm on the town council, and there's some tentative plans drawn up for a place where, if we had to, we could probably keep them out of sight. Just long enough to condition them physically to endure extensive sexual use, and, to a lesser extent, mentally as well, prepare them for the roles we want them to play, keep the festivals going that way even if other Dolls retire. But could we make the replacements enjoy it for their whole term without lifelong trauma? Could we discover and replicate whatever tricks he uses to keep Dolls young and healthy until their time is up? Much less all the little creative flourishes like my daughter's milk production, the Catgirl's heat, or the Clown's squirting flower, the stuff that elevates them from simple brainwashed sextoys into living works of art? I don't know. All our favorite traditions would be at risk if we couldn't. Some hope Princess Mackenzie has been programmed to replace him, that he somehow passed on all his skills to her, and that's why he let her age normally, but that seems pie-in-the-sky. It's probably going to fall to us, and I don't know if we can do it. I certainly doubt we could do it all as efficiently as he does, return two kids a year as perfectly functional Dolls, ready to go in time for April. That seems like a stretch. It really is amazing how much he could change the inner essence of a kid in only five months.

Or a whole town, in only a few years. I mean, we went from dreading Halloween to celebrating four times a year, and he got us to come to view the ongoing sexual slavery of children as a cherished local tradition. Who knows, maybe if he really is out there working his magic for the elites, he could slowly shift the attitudes of a whole country in another decade. There might come a day we could advertise our festivals openly, where people would come from around the world to play with our Dolls. If he doesn't just disappear from our lives as suddenly as he appeared.

So, I guess, long live the Halloween King.

Shit, Bethy's already dripping again... don't stop what you're doing, just let me just get the milk bucket in position.

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

The End

A few end notes. As mentioned, this idea was suggested by the artist Danaume, and as part of an effort to inspire me she also did some art that I eventually wound up incorporating into the story. You can see it here. IIRC when she offered I left it up to her the kind of costume that was chosen by the Slaver (as we were calling him then), figuring the surprise would be amusing. Because of the long lag time between idea and full story a few of the details in the image's description don't 100% line up with the story, but I did my best to match the image itself... chalk up any variations to a similar alternate universe. Which, if somebody else ever wants to write a story or do art focused on the various Dolls, even if it means making your own, I'm also happy to do. I won't police how well it fits in with what I've established (even if you ask), I'd just be happy to see any out there since I love the concept (I've always had a weakness for slutty girls in fun costumes... Danaume knows this about me).

After reading it, she went on to draw a few other Dolls from the story: The Clown, Princess Mackenzie

After reading mine, Danaume also wrote her own story set in this world, telling of a single girl's abduction and a deal she makes with the King, going more in detail on her transformation and training, which, be warned, will probably make it somewhat darker than than the tone I set for this particular story. If that sounds like it's up your alley, you can find it here. A few more Doll pics are attached to that story but since they haven't appeared in THIS one I decided to link them where most appropriate.

This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.

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