This story is a sequel to Molestr and although it can be read stand-alone, you may wish to read the other story first.


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A man with nothing to lose has nothing to fear.

So they say. And I was getting the chance to test the saying, because I thought I had nothing to lose... or at least, it was only a matter of time before I lost what little I had anyway.

I guess it's better, then, to say I was a man without a future. I had to give up on that, my dreams of a good career, a family, leaving a legacy. At least, any kind of legacy that people would admit to. Anything I built, I knew I would not be around to enjoy.

Yet I was somehow enjoying my life like never before.

There was some fear, but it wasn't as ever-present as I expected. I mean, sure, every time I went out on a "date," I had at least one moment of panic where I convinced myself that my luck had run out, that this time, it would be a set-up, and my life would be over. But it always passed, and I went ahead anyway and had an incredible time that made me feel invincible and willing to try for another.

Of course, it was equally likely that the end wouldn't come with a date that was a trap, but rather my front door bursting open and a swarm of cops entering before I could react, just itching for an excuse to shoot me and claim that I was resisting. But that possibility didn't seem to bother me, keep me up at nights, nor did the dubious morality of what I'd been doing... mostly I slept like a baby (although I'll confess to the occasional nightmare along those lines).

I had accepted that one of those two horrible fates would come to pass, and soon, and there was no sense in being terrified of it.

I could even think about it coldly, analytically assess the probable scenarios. See, if I were the cops, I'd set up a sting, because it would remove all doubt about my guilt. It was unlikely that somebody else had hijacked or cloned my phone... but I could claim it, in court. I'm white and I've got an innocent looking face... maybe I could convince a jury there was reasonable doubt. But if I showed up for a sexual liason that they set up, them pretending to be an underage girl, it was much harder to play innocent, and they could still hope I might struggle. I probably would. That I could assess coldly too. Death by cop would certainly be easier than time in prison for what I've been doing.

Somehow, a violent death no longer was a deterrent... it was almost an additional turn on. And even if it wasn't, I was too far gone for fear to put me off... I was convinced the end was only a matter of time... so why not enjoy the time I had left? And so I kept on committing the types of crimes I would previously have shunned people for, because, in addition to having no future, I did enjoy the acts and they didn't feel like crimes... more like fun, naughty games with adorable little girls.

It all started with a phone, and a new local dating app. I'd stumbled onto the holy grail... an app that reliably lead to sexual encounters with willing, even enthusiastic, girls. Ones that were cute as fuck, too, at least, as long as you weren't picky about their ages. It's not what the app's actual name is, but I started privately calling it Molestr, since that what it seemed like to me, a service custom-designed to hook little girls up with guys like me, who would molest them to whatever degree they required.

That's now, although I did go into it with completely innocent intentions. See, kids weren't the only ones on it... they weren't even the majority. When I first signed up, little did I know that the app had been adopted by elementary and middle school kids who were using it like some adults use Tinder, using a series of codes to recognize people already in the game. You make a match, you arrange a meeting, and you have sex. You weren't supposed to exchange names or face pics beforehand, as that was part of the game... the surprise of who you'd meet. Whether you match with your best friend, a complete stranger, your biggest bully, or even a family member, if you meet, you have to do what you say you will in the chat, and sometimes more if you're having fun. You could back out, but it would cost you. There wasn't an official points system anywhere I could find, but somehow what people did, or chickened out of, became known among others in the game, and from what I hear, that did reflect on your social standing in some way I, as an outsider to the schools, probably couldn't even fully understand. Maybe if someone got a lot of bad reviews, they'd be left out of the games of hopscotch at recess, I don't know. One girl did tell me that if you lied, like if you were a boy and said you were a girl, or sent a fake picture that looked nothing like you, then nobody would hold it against the other person for backing out.

Which means I possibly could have legitimately backed out that first time, when I first showed up willing to exchange oral sex with a girl I thought was 19, but turned out to be 9. Though actually, in all fairness, she never lied. In fact, she told the literal truth... she said she was "1 9-year-old girl" in her profile, which, even though nobody who should be using the app could have expected to interpret it that way, technically didn't count as a lie. I just didn't understand the complex series of codes the kids' game ran on, or the rules of the game, or even that it was a game at all. I've a much better understanding now, all because I was too stunned to effectively fight off a more-than-willing preteen girl who was determined to give me a blowjob, and because I quickly realized that it was only a matter of time before my life was over.

That's what I meant about having no future. Sooner or later, parents and then cops would find out about this game. They would track down the kids playing it, and especially go after the few adults, like me, who were drawn into the web, and didn't report it, or worse, continued to participate. I'm surprised the purge hasn't happened already in the months since I've started. I'm still free, but, in my head and heart, I've already come to terms with the fact that my life is over. So I might as well keep doing it until then, right? Anyone in my situation will agree, when you've seen one little girl cum... well, you want to see them all cum. Or as many as you can manage, anyway. It never seems to gets old, especially when you're making it happen.

A man with nothing to lose may still fear occasionally, but they're also forced to live more in the moment than a normal person can. And truly living that way can change your life very quickly. For example, less than a week after my first sexual encounter with a nine-year-old, I'd already changed jobs. It was like that movie Office Space where the guy stops caring and gets promoted, except I just got laid off and took a severance package then got a job as an Uber driver. You don't make a whole lot of money, at least in my city, but I could set my own hours and it's not like I had to save for retirement anymore. I even considered just not paying rent, making the landlord start the long process of eviction, which I could fight for months, a time period I was sure would mark the end of my life anyway. It would mean a lot more money in my pocket every month, but I decided against it... I may fuck little girls, but I do have my honor, and the landlord's always been good to me.

In addition to the change in job, I'd cut off most of my friends... not deliberately, just stopped making an effort, and in the process realized that they didn't care enough to keep a friendship going either. The people I used to work with invited me out to one drink when I got fired. I turned them down, and, aside from seeing their occasional Facebook posts, I never heard from them again. I guess they never really were friends at all. As for family, well, all I had left were my brother and his family, and although his family was great, there was always this tension between my brother and I... there was some unpleasantness when we were teens, that we'd never been able to completely smooth over. We'd tried from time to time, but it never lasted... we hadn't talked in over a year when I first got the app. But I didn't care anymore, now it was probably for the best... less pain for them all when the cops finally found me. And I wasn't lacking for social interaction, I still had plenty of online friends, people to play games with and, as for in person... well, now I had plenty of new friends. Friends with benefits, girls who wanted to fuck me. Well, I guess most of them weren't friends yet, but there were a few girls who you might call such, ones who hit me up multiple times because they wanted to talk, or fuck me again, or who just wanted to send me a sexy photo or video, all of which lifted my spirits more than any of my other friends ever did.

That was the other big change, I was surprisingly happy. I often had a smile on my face just going through my day. Maybe it was just because I was getting more sex than I'd ever had in my life. Granted, they were all little girls, but I discovered very quickly that what makes the body happy doesn't care about age.

I think it was also because I had a secret. I could walk down the street and it was like I was some kind of superhero or secret agent. Yes, I might look like an ordinary mild-mannered civilian, but little do you know that I gave a little girl her first orgasm yesterday. Maybe it was even your daughter. It's okay that you don't know though, I don't do it for the credit, the look on her face was thanks enough.

Of course, I was well aware that everyone else would see me as a villain, not a hero. And sometimes that pleased me too, passing by a cop and smiling, knowing that if he only knew what I was doing (even though I deep down had started to believe I really wasn't hurting anyone), he'd stop at nothing to arrest me. But he doesn't, so I can tip my head politely and walk away with a little rush, a taste of being a master criminal, uncatchable, at least for now. But only for now. My whole life is based on the knowledge that it's only a matter of time.

Often I picture it, when the cops come. And I can have fun with that, too. Maybe that's why I don't fear it, because it's like I'm playing a role in a movie, and that includes the chance at a big villain moment.

If it happens at home, I imagine making a run through the fire escape and up to the roof, where I'll give a dramatic Roy Batty-esque speech. "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. A kid twitch with desire on the threshold of orgasm." Her first, she'd said later, as she licked up and down my cock while she asked excited questions about it like she'd assumed I was some kind of a sex expert. That blowjob wasn't her first, but it was the first with cum and I had to explain what that was so she'd take the head into her mouth instead of getting it all over her. Which had also happened on other occasions. "I watched cum-streams glittering on the dark-skinned face of a girl of eight." Okay, she was probably nine, but she too wasn't ready for the cum shot. But she giggled as it landed on her like I was spraying her with silly string. There were other sights too, ones I'd treasure as long as I lived but I couldn't fit into my awkward Blade Runner reference. A precious blonde sylph calling me a filthy dirty pervert while she slowly worked my dick into her ass and then moaning as she rubbed her pussy while riding me. A girl with big pigtails and pretty bows in her hair, waiting for me naked in a public bathroom, her clothes and school backpack piled neatly on the toilet seat, so she could suck on my cock. "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears... in... rain." And I'd follow the reference to its natural conclusion with a suicide plunge.

Or, if I'm actually caught and don't manage a suicide (sooner or later, I would, I knew, that was the only endgame, even if it took a few weeks of jail and deliberately pissing off someone with a shiv), I imagine showing up to court, disregarding my lawyer's advice, and taking the stand just to make some speech like some evil mastermind, chastising the world for what they let me get away with while they weren't paying attention to their kids. I've had nine-year-old girls arrange dates with me and send photos up their skirt, panties pulled aside to show off their puffy hairless slit, while they were being driven home from school by their oblivious parents. I've had a elementary school girl text me repeatedly at three a.m. telling me how much she looked forward to me fucking her ass and wondering if I could sneak into her house. On a school night, no less. I've had a preteen I'd just fucked send me a video of my cum leaking out of her pussy, taken under the table while a family dinner could be heard going on. I've had girls slip away on field trips to meet me so they could brag to their friends that they had a load of cum in them. I've had a little girl give me a handjob in a movie theatre. So much shit goes on right under people's noses. I thought that may be my only chance to leave a legacy, to be the unrepentant villain that, at least, opens people's eyes. "You gave them tools to connect to people all over the world on any topic they can think up, and you don't even bother to watch how they use it. You built this world where the people we celebrate most are the ones who get the most attention, where people get famous for being in a sex tape, and then wonder that your kids will do anything, even sexual things, for a little attention of their own. And now you're probably telling them they were violated and broken until they believe it. Call me a monster, fine, but my crimes happened under your watch, in a world you created, and my victims all came to me willingly to satisfy the hungers you gave them, and left with smiles until you told them it was wrong. Punish me if you must, but fix the problem or accept your share of the blame."

So far, there's been no one to give speeches to, other than little girls who sometimes like talking, but mostly about themselves and would have little interest in a dramatic monologue. Right now I have no jury, no cops, not even a sense that I'm under surveillance and they're just waiting for the time to strike. So far the worst that's happened were a few heart-pounding close calls for getting caught in the act, and a few more disappointing no shows. I guess in a game like this, girls sometimes chicken out, and sometimes they legitimately couldn't get away. Supervision may be absent, but it's not reliably absent, and sometimes without realizing it the people who consider themselves so dedicated to protecting children do manage to accidentally get in the way of a girl and what they'd call a predator.

But I still don't feel like a predator. Maybe these girls will be hurt down the line by my actions, but, in the moment, especially since they're playing this sex game whether I'm there to participate or not, it's hard to believe I'm doing anything to cause any additional pain. Sometimes I feel like it's just the opposite. I remember two girls I matched with early on, separately, one chubby and the other with a face that looked... well, it wasn't the prettiest, but both of whom I like to think I made feel better about themselves because an adult wanted to have sex with them.

There don't seem to be, yet, a lot of adults in this hookup game, although I know there are a few. But most of the people kids would match with are other boys or girls their own age, and... kids can be cruel. Sure, the rules said you had to do stuff with whoever you matched with, even if it turned out to be someone you would never normally touch because you didn't like them or they smelled or had a bad reputation... or you were related to them, even. Since people rarely showed their faces during the hookup portion of the game (you weren't supposed to, which made a handy excuse if like me you didn't want to, but some girls did anyway), you often didn't know these things before you met, and then, according to the rules, whatever you agreed to do before meeting, you were stuck with, unless the other person agreed to "let's not and say we did." And sometimes there were witnesses to convince, either in person at the time, live on the other end of a smartphone, or to meet later, waiting to inspect you for signs you did what you said you would. And what kids said they would do was incredibly advanced... the game was always part dare... sure, you could agree to just make out or grope each other, but that seemed to be pretty rare and won you no reputation... more often it was some kind of orgasm at a minimum, and some girls committed to anal or vaginal sex right off the bat.

So, if you showed up and found someone you didn't find appealing, you could back out, but it would cost you. More likely, you'd go through with it for the sake of the rules... but the rules didn't say you had to be enthusiastic about your partner, that you couldn't insult them while they gave you a blowjob. And both of these girls had looked so nervous that I might somehow... not necessarily reject them, but find them disappointing, that my heart melted. I wanted to do right by them, to not hurt them. Maybe I was only fooling myself, that it was just some naive fantasy that I was living, where all of their problems could be solved with my penis. But it's a fantasy better than reality.

Even though they weren't the hottest little girls I'd been with, I did my best to make them feel loved, beautiful, and moments like those somehow became among those I thought about most... the looks on girls faces when we parted, like they'd just gotten a boost to their self-esteem in addition to an orgasm. Some even hugged me. Along with my first time, they made up my most vivid memories.

Until, my first threesome, at least, which was memorable for a whole different reason.

Chapter One:

I'd tried for threesomes before... there was an alluring profile of "2 9 year-old-twins" who liked to have fun together, but they never responded... that was how the game worked, secret codes like a space between digits that conceal to average people the real age of the person on the other side, other codes to let them know you were in on the game too. Who would think, after all, that there are 8 or 9-year-olds on a hookup site? At least unless you accidentally hooked up with one of them by matching on the interest keywords they use to identify each other. My first time with one of these underage girls was an accident. My first threesome was almost accidental too.

At least, when I made a match through the app, I didn't know that was on the table. The profile I "liked" was that of another girl, nine years old (though to anyone uninitiated, they might mistake it for a 19-year-old girl). Nine was the youngest I usually deliberately chose, to tell myself I had some standards, although sometimes I was presented with matches with girls I thought were probably 8. Word had been getting around about me, because her first message after we matched was. "I heard about you... you're older right?"

Naturally, that gave me a moment of panic that it was a sting. But girls did talk, and, although I didn't have any male friends on the app (or at least, none that I had marked as friends), there was a way to mark a hookup as "my friends might like him" (or her), and the app would then make it more likely to show up to those people. So I'd gotten to be quite famous. My first little girl, Emma, had apparently bragged to her friends about getting me into the game, and that opened up a world of others... and, more recently, I (or at least, my lower body) had reluctantly appeared on a live streamed sex show with a ten-year-old just last month. Sure, the viewing was restricted only to her friends, but kids can be pretty generous with their friendships. Many of the little girls I'd been with now called me a friend, and all I'd done was molest them (though, granted, in the most friendly and considerate way I could manage).

So even before seeing a real picture, I openly admitted that I was an adult to this nine-year-old... if it was a sting, well, I had a good run. "Great!" she sent. "Because we really want someone who cums a lot."

We? This was a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. Her profile on the app had none of the usual code-phrases I was told meant threesomes (told to me by the third girl I was with, who realized how little I knew about the game and decided it was her duty to educate me). Like "I do everything with my BFF" or "baking a cake with friends" in hobbies, the latter of which I think is a reference to an X-rated lolicon video game that was surprisingly popular among the kids that were involved in this. Either of those could refer to girl-girl threesomes, but I hadn't spotted many of them out there, and when I did, never got a successful response.

But I certainly liked the idea of threesomes... what straight guy wouldn't, honestly? Two girls worshipping your cock together? Maybe getting to see a little preteen lesbian action? How could I resist? As for cumming alot... well, I guess it would look like a lot, particularly when it didn't go inside, as happened pretty often.

I may have given the impression that there's a lot of sex in this hookup game. And there is a lot of sex by any sane preteen standard. But there are a lot of girls in the game, and many don't want to go so far as penetration, or swallowing. One of my few remaining concessions to conventional morality is that I don't try to push the girls to do anything more than what they choose to offer. So I've met girls where we just rubbed each other, one who just wanted to French kiss (and French kissing with an 11-year-old is weird but hot), but many where I cummed on or around their bodies and not inside. Not to mention the times where I pulled out from one hole or another, at their request, so they could watch the squirt. A surprising number of preteens just seem fascinated by cum.

This girl hadn't actually said threesome though, and I wasn't sure I wanted to do a group show where I just masturbated in front of a kid's tea party, if that's what it was. So I asked who "we" was, and she replied, after a minute, "Me and my sister."

That sealed it. Incest, at least other people's incest, was always a turn on to me, probably because I had a rough relationship with my own family, especially my brother. The idea of two people who were related voluntarily having sex was hot, and when it was two girls, and I might get to watch, then my penis jumped to attention. But if the one I was talking to was nine... "Older sister, or younger?"

"Older. She's 12."

That was okay then. I restrained myself from asking if they did things together. My rule, not to push, and a question like that might be taken as a request. If they were into incest, I wanted to observe it in its natural environment, like a real wildlife photojournalist, not arrange a scene like Disney did with those lemmings. "So what are you interested in?"

"Lots of stuff." I paused, waiting to see if she'd chime in with something banal like "I like math!" which meant she innocently didn't realize I was talking about what sexual things she wanted to do when we met, even though she'd just asked about my cum volume. I'd had conversations like that before, kids can be scatterbrained. But she was more focused, because after a while she sent, "Our parents are going out for the night on Friday, my sis is in charge. We thought you could come over for a while and hang out" Pause. Eggplant emoji and splashes of water icon, followed by, "She'll fuck you and you can cum inside. Maybe a couple times." Pause. "And I'll blow you too." A longer pause. "And you can lick us and finger my butterbeer." Another few more seconds. "Finger my butthole srry." Pause. "Probably fuck it too. If you're not too big."

My immediate response to this offer was certainty that it was a trap when she said her parents were gone for a whole night and I should come over, followed by increasing swells of my penis with each subsequent text (even the presumable autocorrect about butterbeer). So I continued, asking first for a photo, and then, when I was rewarded with a slim young pale-skinned prepubescent nude body, inside a room that looked like a child's room (her face was covered, as was usual, in this case by a happy face emoji), I began to feel more good about going to her place to fuck. Just to be sure, though, I asked if I could have a pic of her with her sister.

Sure enough, the next pic was the two of them together, in what seemed to be the same room. The taller of the two had the beginnings of perky upturned boobs, and her pussy was topped with a little bit of dark hair. Her sister beside her was still bald down there, and much more closed in, just a crevice unlike the older one which had some pink. If this was an FBI sting, they were going all-out, using actual children or hiring convincingly small adults. Even without seeing their faces (the happy face covered the younger one, the older sister's face was out of frame), I was pretty sure they were kids. They wanted a pic of my cock so I returned the favor, and then I got an unexpected question. "You okay being daddy?"

I cringed a little. It was another discovery of our fucked-up world, some of these girls already had a daddy fetish. Actually all sorts of fetishes seemed to be in evidence, even among nine-year-olds. I've had little girls ask me to pee on them, tie them up, spank them, pretend to be an animal, and, yes, sometimes to play Daddy. Which could take one of two forms, wanting to be fucked while I pretended I was literally their father, or some sort of game of 'playing house', usually with a doll, the girl wanting to be the Mommy and me the Daddy, which was almost innocently sweet except it also usually involved Daddy doing sex stuff with Mommy. But because this was two sisters involved I assumed it was the kinky type.

Before, when I dated adults, I'd always considered it a warning sign with women if they wanted me to pretend to be their daddy, which seems a little hypocritical given I now exclusively date actual little girls. But it always seemed a little fucked up like they were working through molestation or abandonment issues or something and... I have issues of my own without worrying about someone else's. Finding out that even preteens wanted to be fucked by someone pretending to be their father was an unpleasant surprise... usually, though not always, it was from girls who didn't seem to have an actual father in the picture, which I guess made sense. They probably wanted the male parental affection as much as the sex.

Because I'm all about giving affection to these girls, I'd done it with a few girls who asked, but it never felt right, so I started avoiding that. And if it was just one little girl, I might have steered her away, but for a threesome... fuck it, I could give them sweet kisses and pretend they were my baby girls competing for daddy's affection. So I said that was fine with me, and we started setting up our rendezvous.

Chapter Two:

The girls gave me their home address almost immediately, which sparked a new rush of worry... not for myself, but for them. That sort of behavior was incredibly dangerous with someone you didn't already know well. I could easily be a monster who wanted to hurt them instead of simply have some innocent sex with two eager preteen girls. I wasn't, but they couldn't know that. Still, they gave me the information so I did diligently check up on the neighborhood, and the family themselves. They didn't give me their names, but once you know somebody's house, it's pretty easy to find out exactly who you're talking to, to casually stalk Facebook pages. I only did it to verify that there actually were kids of those ages living at that house, with what seemed like two normal happily married parents as well, which made me raise an eyebrow at the girls wanting daddy play, but other than that I wasn't really interested in the parents as much as their children. Soon I had pictures of the girls fully clothed at school or family events to go with the nudes they just sent me.

They were cuties, there was no question about it. Both had tawny hair, a brownish color that looked like it could be reddish at least under the right light, and there was a clear similarity and freckles shared between them and what looked like green eyes. Both had the kind of faces that I'd describe as attractive, although the older one had a just slightly too square jaw if I wanted to be picky, that made her look just a little bit masculine. The younger looked slightly tomboyish in pictures, but that was because she often dressed in soccer uniforms and with her hair tied back behind her head... her actual face looked soft and animated. Both had slim, willowy looks, with maybe just the start of an hourglass figure for the older one. They made me horny, anyway... actually, the clothed pics more than the nudes, but having the nudes in the back of my mind certainly helped. Still, I wouldn't have put money on either of them being the girl that was considered the most beautiful one in school, the type you think might become models one day, or even already be... like the girl who called me a pervert as I fucked her, or the bathroom stall girl, either of which could have been celebrity heartthrobs in a few years. By comparison, these two sisters were definitely cute, but girl-next-door kind of cute. Which I actually liked better, all being told.

From the Facebook I also discovered that the nine-year-old was named Daisy, and the older sister was called Mia. Daisy was mostly all smiles in the pictures I saw, and some of the older Mia ones were the same, but the most recent she'd begun taking to hiding her face or turning it away, at least from the cameras of her parents, and the ones where she didn't, seemed sullen or bored or at most with a weak, hesitant smile, like she wasn't sure she should, or that she deserved to, smile. Maybe that was just the age she was at, but I wanted nothing more than to put an unreserved childlike smile back on her face with an orgasm.

We agreed to meet on Friday, and decided on a time, and I planned out where to park my car and approach, taking a casual detour through the area in my car to case the area the day before just to be sure. Luckily, they had a side door, and a row of hedges that made it so unless you were looking at the alley between it and the next house straight on, you weren't likely to see anyone waiting there. I figured I could duck in quickly when nobody was looking, so I told Mia she should let me in there.

The more I approached the day, the more I was buzzing with excitement, and yes, a little fear. As I said, there's always at least one moment of panic, that for all my luck so far, it has to run out sometime, that this is where it was all going to end. Often, it's more like a dozen such moments, but they're brief, swallowed down with the certainty that I couldn't give up this life now that I'd sampled it, so I might as well take the risk.

On my way, I of course inspected every passing face, just in case I ran into somebody who knew me and I needed to abort, or could identify a sting operation like in the movies by something being subtly wrong in the quality of passersby. And, as was my habit, I noticed the kids along the way, which was mostly noticing the lack of them, and was struck again by how unusual this whole situation was in light of that. Somehow, whenever I see a child, up until about thirteen or so, they're almost invariably accompanied by some sort of adult guardian... except when I'm meeting them for a mutually agreed upon molesting, of course. It's gotten to the point that when I do see an unaccompanied minor, I wonder if they're on their way to a sex date. How has this secret sex game managed to go on as long as it has, with parents afraid to let their kids out of their sight?

I'm not sure I'll ever know the answer. But I think that might be part of the reason it goes on at all. When I was in college I read about this phenomenon called risk compensation. It's what happens sometimes when you visibly increase the safety of something... mandating seatbelt use and airbags in cars, for example. They certainly help, but... not as much as you might expect. Because drivers with airbags and seatbelts feel safer, and that makes them engage in riskier behavior. The same thing applies to, say, playground equipment, bike helmets, and yes, even sex. People who trust in condoms engage in riskier behavior when using them. It's not enough to outweigh the safety benefit, at least not usually, but it's like humanity has an inherent need for danger, and if they feel too safe, they deliberately take bigger risks.

So what happens when helicopter parents are the norm, and kids can't run off for hours alone like they did in the old days? When playtimes are strictly monitored so that nothing possibly dangerous might happen? When every sports coach and adult male sitting in a park is considered a possible pervert that must be guarded against, or even removed from the equation? Why, kids find a way to make their own risks.

Why this instead of extreme bike stunts or some other risky behavior? I don't know... maybe just because it's so taboo, but sometimes I wonder if a certain level of sexual exploration, even with adults, is natural for kids, or at least a significant fraction of them. Maybe some kids just want sex, or sexual attention from adults, that desire just built into us by nature just as much as the need for danger itself. In the past, inattentive parents accidentally let that need get fulfilled for many of those who wanted it... and yes, plenty also got experiences they didn't want, would never want, ones that fucked them up for life... and everyone who cared about kids wanted to do everything they could to protect them from that... despite what I do, I agree that it's almost certainly better that we do protect those who don't want it or think they do but aren't ready for it by forbidding it universally. But... those that did want it still wanted it, and kids being kids, they would find a way to get that chance. And if their guardians rigorously monitor their time to avoid their opportunities, those kids would just as rigorously schedule the gaps in their supervision to get the experiences they craved. Every kid I knew growing up was skilled at finding those gaps, and covering for their friends when needed, and I assumed that hasn't changed.

Thanks to the app, tonight, I was scheduled to fill one of those gaps, thanks to well-meaning parents who, most of the time, probably watched their kids as much as the ones I passed along the way, but they were only human, and a date night while one of their kids babysat the other probably seemed totally reasonable, not realizing the risks their kids were craving.

They weren't the only ones, though. I was taking a hell of a risk myself... not just of this all being a sting, but of something going wrong, parents coming home early, the next door neighbor checking in, and so on. Tonight Mia and Daisy's risk-taking would give them nothing from me but what they asked, but for me, the risk could be fatal. The last of those moments of panic came after I'd walked carefully down the street, having parked a respectable distance away, and, having already received the 'all-clear' on my phone, made one look around for anybody nearby, then made my exit from view and up towards the side door. My heart pounded like I was going to die, but I fought through it. I didn't knock, I just sent a message through the app, "I'm at the side door."

It took a few seconds, but I heard childish giggling, which set my mind at ease. A trap set up by police surely wouldn't include giggling little girls. Probably. Just before the door opened, I thought I heard a voice saying, "Stop!" but that didn't scare me either... it, too, was a childish, girl's voice, not directed to me but possibly to her sibling.

The door swung open. The two little girls I expected were there, looking up at me... the younger of the two had an excited smile, and her older sister, leaning casually on the doorframe, looked like she was trying to give off the vibe that this was no big deal. She had a phone in her hand, attached to a ring she wore so she could let go without dropping it. "Hey," she said in a bored but not actively hostile tone. "You want to come in?"

Stupid question, since we'd spent so much time and energy setting up this whole thing. "Yes, please," I said anyway, and she waved her hand and stepped back. I stepped past her and waited for the door to close, then asked my own dumb question. "So, you're the only ones home?"

Daisy bounced on her tiptoes. "Yup."

That last niggling doubt out of the way, I took another look at the girls I'd soon be messing around with. They looked more or less like the Facebook pictures, but not exactly... obviously they were the same girls, but they changed as well... clothes and slightly different ways of wearing hair can add up, and beyond that... kids grow up so fast at this age. It seemed like Daisy's face was slightly leaner, Mia's slightly rounder, making that jaw a little less pronounced. And their eyes now looked more blue, unlike the photo... perhaps along with the hair, they also had types of eye that shifted depending on the light. Some things remained the same though... Daisy was still grinning ear-to-ear, practically vibrating with energy. Today, she wore tight pastel pink slacks and a similarly colored top with some type of cartoon pig on it in darker-pink, that modestly went down past her hips. She seemed to keep her eyes on me, and, it might have been my imagination, but looked like mainly my crotch. Well, if she was, she got to see a little swell.

Mia didn't seem quite so enamored... not that she was cold, but she just looked like this was an everyday thing. And maybe it was. If her nine-year-old sister was already into sexual hookups with random guys on smartphone apps, it's hard to imagine anything sexual that might still be new to a twelve-year-old. Maybe she fucked guys all the time. She did seem to be made up, wearing ultra-glossy lipstick, some kind of eyeliner, and there were sparkles of glitter around her face from some source or another. She didn't quite look like a preteen prostitute, but she definitely looked like she was used to trying to look older. At least she was dressed somewhat conservatively.... not quite as innocent-cute as her little sister, but nothing that would obviously scream sexy, except in the accidental way kids sometimes have. She had one of those elastic chokers... years ago I might have associated chokers with sexuality but they've just become so common among teens and preteens that I don't anymore. Her plush sweater top stopped just around her belly button and hung off one shoulder revealing a bra-strap, for example, but it didn't look like it was intentional, but just that she was having trouble keeping it on both shoulders at once. When she casually turned her back to me, to lead me further into the house, with a, "Come on, let's go to the den," I got a better look at the tight stretchy black yoga-pants she wore down below. Which meant a pretty fine outline of a pretty fine ass. It certainly stood out, an early excursion into puberty, ahead even of her breasts. But I liked it, the promise of a nice soft place to bang against, later in the evening. I've had a lot of fun fucking younger girls, but there are different joys involved. With the younger girls, it's more about the excitement and enthusiasm, I find the act itself is more pleasurable once some development's set in. I guess tonight I'd be enjoying the best of both worlds.

"So what's your name?" Daisy asked, hanging on my arm as we followed her sister towards the den.

I'd prepared for this, since the first time I was asked this question I'd used a fake name. Maybe it'd have been smarter to use a bunch of different fake names, but, even if I was lying, I didn't want these girls to know I was, and some of these girls were friends and may have compared notes. So I told them all the same thing. "Matt." I thought of going with Humbert, just for the literary allusion, but the name always sounded dumb, and I couldn't think of any other noteworthy fictional pedophiles that weren't also vampires who looked like high school students. Matt, on the other hand, seemed like a good, generic name. "What about yours?"

"I'm Daisy. Like the flower." She tugged at my arm, and pointed ahead. "That's Mia." That was a relief, I wouldn't have to remember another set of names or risk looking like I was stalking them.

We headed to a very homey living room area, clean save for things haphazardly strewn about on tables and other furniture, a tangled blanket along one end of a couch. Clean, but not orderly might be the best way to describe it, and might be the best you could expect in a home with two kids. The walls were painted a bright yellow, like a pleasant sunrise, and the furniture was in dark, almost black, fabric.

Mia sat casually on one armchair, leaning heavily towards one side as she checked her phone. Daisy lead me directly to the long couch. I dropped my bag of goodies and had a seat. She exchanged a look with her older sister. "Okay, take off your clothes."


Chapter Three:


Wow, that was fast. "Right now?" I literally just met these two preteens a minute ago and already they want to strip. I mean, it's not the fastest things have happened, but it was pretty fast.

"Yeah, we want to see what you look like," Mia said, still looking at her phone. "She's never seen, like, an adult before, in person I mean."

Was that my purpose here, from their point of view? To be a living sex-ed dummy for a pair of curious preteen girls? That was demeaning... nah, who am I kidding, it was still surprisingly hot, and if they were just using me it was only fair they got what they want. "And you have?" I asked Mia.

She responded with a shrug, but there was a way she looked at me, sidelong glances from up from her phone, only for a split second if I happened to be looking, that made me think she was trying to put on a show of being this sophisticated, experienced girl but that she hadn't done that much more than her sister. "So? Go on, get naked!"

Fine, show and tell it was, then. I took off my jacket, set it aside, then pulled my shirt off. I wish I could say I was some muscular Adonis, but maybe it was better to give these girls an idea of what real bodies looked like. Mine was mostly skinny and pale, like what I'd imagine of a Michael Cera or Jessie Eisenberg look like although they probably have personal trainers. Not that I imagine what either of them look like naked, I want to make that clear, I may fuck little girls who often don't have boobs but I'm only into girls, and I do like boobs. Just those actors seemed to be the most relatable male celebrities in terms of my own body type. I wasn't perfect. I was okay. Little bit of a belly protruding, but not to an embarrassing degree.

"Hurry up, get to the good stuff," Daisy whined, but with a playful smile, so I undid my pants and dropped them, and my underwear as well, stepping out of the pile and facing this little nine-year-old on head-on.

Now, undressing in front of pair of eager little girls (one obviously eager and one I believed to be secretly eager) is of mixed blessing as far as one's erection goes, at least in my experience. Because sure, it's hot to know they're looking at you, and yet your mind is always aware of the power dynamic... the one where they have the upper hand, I mean. They were clothed, I wasn't, they could mock, if they found me not up to snuff. Theoretically police might even come swarming in, though if they went to the extreme of getting suspects to get naked in front of real children, they were at least as much monsters as I was, so that wasn't my primary concern. Still, it played on my nerves enough, and yet was erotic enough, that I was approximately at half-chub, my dick was engorged enough to have some enhanced weight and size, but it wasn't standing erect and proud as I might have liked.

But I guess to a nine-year-old, it's still impressive. I could see both of the girls looking, their gaze almost a physical sensation that caused my dick to jump into motion. It jumped again with an actual physical sensation, when Daisy boldly took my hand again and started tugging. "Come on, over here."

I couldn't immediately tell why where I was didn't make a good enough location to see it, but if Daisy had in mind a place with better cock-viewing light, well, I was a guest in her house, so I stepped free of the pile of clothes by my feet and followed along, a little bewildered.

"You stand here," she finally said, placing me up against the wall where I couldn't help but stand because there were no seats there, just a section of hardwood floor. "Okay, you have to tell me if you're going to cum, okay?" She grinned, not like she was afraid of it, but like it was something she was looking forward to, and I could only nod.

The little grade-schooler took one step back, then pulled up on the front of her shirt and in one smooth practiced motion, tied it up in a knot in front so it showed her belly. Then she looked back towards where her sister still sat, and said, "Put on some music!"

"Okay," I heard, and a few seconds later, I could hear tinny peppy music with indecipherable vocals. Tinny because it was coming from her phone, from a distance, but still loud enough that I should have been able to hear what they were singing... it just didn't seem to be in English.

"Not that!" Daisy whined. I looked over at her older sister, who was smirking, but the volume rapidly lowered... not to nothing, mind you, but to where I could barely hear it. Mia then got up off the couch and grabbed a remote control to the entertainment system. She cycled through a menu and finally my curiosity got the better of me.

"Uh, what's supposed to happen, exactly?"

"She wants to twerk for you," Mia said, with a disdainful roll of her eyes.

I'm not a huge fan of the twerk in general... I mean, if you're going to do a slutty dance, might as well do a striptease, and if you're going to simulate sex, you might as well just have sex. But hey, kids make anything cuter, so I just said, "Okay."

"She thinks she can make you cum," Mia elaborated. "So don't touch yourself or anything."

Daisy whined in protest, "He can if he wants!"

"If he touches himself it's not really you doing it, is it?"

"But if he's touching himself because of me..." she pouted, eyes going to me like she was pleading for some kind of help. But then her sister, after she selected the music, went back to looking at her phone, and Daisy turned around like she was ready to begin, which left it somewhat ambiguous, was I supposed to touch myself or not? I decided not to, even though I'd love to give Daisy the confidence boost, I didn't want to cum on her body when I might eventually be able to cum elsewhere.

The music began was something by Beyonce I think... maybe Rhianna. It's not really my type of music, so I have trouble keeping the names straight, but it was one of those names famous enough that I'd heard the song before, didn't much care for it at the time, but it felt like I was soon going to get a whole new appreciation for it. Nothing burns a song into your heart like a nine-year-old sexually twerking to it while you stand there naked.

Daisy started jerking one side of her hips up, then down, then bent over slowly, her upper body seeming to lag a second or two behind, and then her legs began to kick into motion, tiny ass shaking as she supported her hands on her thighs. Of course, she was still wearing the pants, so although it was more sexy than it should have been because of her age, it wasn't obscene, could even be passed off as cute. Well, it was absolutely cute, too. But perhaps someone who had less experience with the eroticism of young girls might only see cute and not give much thought to how inappropriate it could seem.

At least until she took off the pants.

That was also cute, adorable really... the how of it, at least. She was dancing like a nine-year-old stripper with a planned routine, except she didn't seem to think about how to remove the pants and still look sexy. So she suddenly transitioned into an awkward kid.

First, she stood up straight and faced me, then undid the button of her pants and started to pull down, which pulled her underwear down too, not all the way to expose her immature pussy, but enough to make me think it might, and to show off the slight bulge of the mound. She quickly tugged it back up, with what might be modesty if I hadn't already seen everything in a sext and we weren't here for consensual molestation. Next, she lifted one leg, tugged at the pants from the bottom, which caused her to almost tip over and have to support herself on a shelf, while she got one leg free. The other one should have been easier, now that she didn't have to pull the fabric against one unmoving leg, but it seemed to require a good thirty more seconds of hopping, and in the process the knot that kept the t-shirt tied up above her belly came loose.

Once her pants were kicked away, she took a second to tie the shirt back up, then needed a few more to get back into the stream of the music, moving her shoulders up and down so her body could find the beat.

At that point, she turned around.

Who the fuck gives thongs to a nine-year-old?

I mean, I'm not complaining, but, seriously, what the fuck? This is what I mean about society having to take part of the blame. Maybe I'm a perverted monster, but this nine-year-old-girl was wearing thong underwear that seemed in her size, before I ever even got here.

She wore it well, too... it wasn't evident in earlier pictures, or under clothes, but she actually had an ass to be proud of, an ass that proportionally-speaking seemed to be like an almost perfect adult ass, well rounded, particularly when bent over, fleshy enough that your mind imagined it would be comfortable to ram into while you fucked it, almost making me think she'd gotten some precocious puberty going, or maybe like sexual beauty was something that filled in from the bottom up, and she was filling up early, all her adult sexuality had only risen as far as her ass. Maybe at twelve her ass wouldn't be anything special, but she'd have the most spectacular breasts. At twenty, her body would be fine but she'd have the sexiest face in the world. Maybe as an infant she had irresistibly sexy feet, not that that would have gotten my attention, I do have some standards (and never got into the feet thing anyway).

But a fine ass is a fine ass, even in a preteen girl, and when she's got her hands on her thighs and popping it towards you, with only a thin strip of fabric nestled between her cheeks like an invitation... well, I was already somewhat hard, but her display moved me from enlarged but hanging low to rock hard and standing out, to where only a few steps forward would let me nudge move strip of fabric away and have some real fun. It wouldn't take much, I could see, not the asshole itself, but the slight darkening around it, and it seemed like just a little nudge with the head of my cock would push it aside and let me get through.

I didn't though. Nor did I start stroking myself, which I really wanted to do. I didn't want to disappoint either girl, and it seemed like the best thing I could do was what I'd always done... let what happened, happened, at their own pace. Letting these little girls take the initiative, deciding to do only what they chose and not pushing beyond that was one of the few moral rules I had left. Well, that's not entirely true, I didn't think I could kill someone, or mug an old lady or anything, obviously I was still a moral person in many ways, even if most of society wouldn't agree, just because of my sexual activities. I was defining a new morality that may have left me outside of society but left me feeling good, and left the girls I was with never feeling forced, or at least I hoped.

But god was it tempting to push forward.

She relieved me of that test to my new morality by turning around, no longer shaking her ass at me, and instead choosing to show off her front again, wiggling to the music and repeatedly popping her crotch in my direction. Then, she pulled back abruptly, bent over, and exposed her nipples. It was a surprise, having been so pleasantly focused on her lower body, that it made my cock spasm noticeably, even though there wasn't much to see and what there was I had seen before. What was also a surprise was how she did it, she didn't pull it up over her head, but pulled down from her neck, accidentally loosening the knot that kept the shirt above belly level, but exposing the faintly colored dots on a flat chest. If beauty was coming in from the ground up, it hadn't kicked in there, but all the same I wanted to kiss and suck them just because I knew everyone else in the world would think it was wrong and I thought she might like it anyway.

Her eyes lit up like she was reading my mind, but really I think she was reacting to my cock, like she'd keyed into the fact that she'd gotten a reaction and went to draw it out, so she slid her hands up, this time going under the shirt and pulling it up, squeezing the flesh immediately around her nipples between two fingers on each side, knowing exactly what she was highlighting. She also opened her mouth, extended her tongue and ran it along her upper lip from side to side in a way that was far more sensuous than it should have been for a girl her age. Then, she not only followed that up but topped it, by sliding one of her hands into her panties and moving it in a slow circle, which got pretty well all of my attention.

That, too, was noticed, and when she pulled the hand out again, it went to one edge of the underwear, matched by the other on the other side, just tugging at the edge, like threatening to pull it down. My eyes met hers, just for a second, saw pure childlike glee at being the center of attention, then moved down in time to see it pull down, and down. Nothing actually revealed yet, but almost as close as you could get without doing it, close enough to see the places where the fabric was touching the mound and where it left a slight gap because of an almost undetectable protrusion.

"Your time's just about up," her sister called out, bored.


Chapter Four:


Daisy let out a disappointed half-grunt half-gasp at her sister's implied countdown, then decided to go for fucking broke, abandoning the tease entirely, and pulling the panties down outright. Again, I'd seen pictures before, but in person is something else, knowing there's a nine-year-old right in front of you showing yourself, well, my dick was up and at attention, and when she spread the lips apart to show me her inner pink, well, some precum definitely came out.

"Are you cumming?!" she asked excitedly.

I hated to disappoint her, but I had to tell the truth. I might be a kiddyfucker, but I'm no liar. "No, it's just, um, pre-cum."

"Yeah, don't you know ANYTHING Daisy?"

The smile faded, and she whipped around, bent over, pulled the back of her panties down too, and started backing up toward me, as though this second view and sheer persistence would push me over the edge. Almost did, especially when she made contact, her once again bouncing butt bouncing up against my cock. Another spot of pre-cum dribbled out and seemed poised to, at any second, bounce its way into contact with a hole and maybe provide just enough lubrication that it wouldn't hurt going inside.

I didn't get the chance. Before my cock did more than leave a slimy smear on her butt cheek, Mia stood up and said, "Okay, time's up."

At first I thought she was talking to me. But then Daisy straightened her back, turned towards me and pouted at her sister while pulling her butt aside to examine the slimy trail. "Aww, I was almost there. He said it himself he was pre-cumming... that's like practically cumming."

"No you weren't. He wasn't even close. Guys precum for a while before cumming."

I didn't like having to take a side, but the truth was a side all its own. "I'm close," I admitted. "But not quite." Daisy pouted, and went to where she dropped her underwear bent over as though giving herself one last try even though the clock ran out, and then pulled them up when that didn't work.

"Yeah, well, close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades," Mia said. "You know what that means."

"What does that mean?" I asked, for clearly they'd worked something out.

She gave a smirk that reminded me of one of my own brother, the kind of smug look only an older sibling with a younger one in their power gets. "It means she's gotta use her mouth on you."

I didn't like the sound of that 'gotta' I didn't want to coerce her. "You don't have to," I said.

"No, it's okay,' Daisy said, and she didn't seem put out by the prospect. In fact, she had a gleam in her eyes and an open-mouth smile, then added, "I know how."

"Maybe he should lick you first, though," her sister said. "So he isn't ready to blow right away."

It felt like she may have underestimated how arousing it was to feel a nine-year-old girl squirming in pleasure beneath me while I licked her pussy. But, then, most people do. And in truth, she was probably right, a blowjob might make me cum right away, while eating her little sister out, while incredibly hot, would keep me at more of a simmer.

The little girl looked up at me hopefully at the suggestion, and I nodded, so she grabbed my hand again and led me back to the couch, then sat down and lifted her legs in the air while her back sank into the cushions. The only thing separating the act from complete indecency was a pair of thong panties designed for a nine-year-old. That wasn't much a barrier, it was still pretty fucking indecent. Especially because she simply pulled it aside, exposing her bald pussy.

I knelt down, ready to eat, and then spotted her sister coming to sit on the couch beside her. She still had her phone in her hand, still seemed to be focusing on it, and that made my boner start to recede. Shit, I hadn't even been thinking. "You're not recording this, are you?"

Her face curled into a teenage sneer. "No," she insisted as though she was offended at the very thought. It seemed sincere, but I wasn't sure I believed her.

"Because if you are..." I didn't know how to finish. If she was... what? It wasn't the first time... except for my face, which I'd always avoided, and if she was recording me right then, poised to eat out her little sister, that would be hard to avoid. Then? My life was over... but it already was, just a matter of time. Maybe I could take the phone and delete the video, if I wanted to get rough, even smash it, but that could invite reprisals, like actually telling somebody other than her school friends, which would get cops involved, which would get subpoenas for everything related to the app.

"I'm not," she promised. "Believe me, I don't want today getting out to anybody. We agreed to keep this secret, right?" We had, in our conversations before meeting. I didn't have to bring it up, they said something along the lines of "not telling anybody," which of course I was all for. Some girls were like that... some did it for local fame, some just wanted to see what it was like and wanted it kept a secret from their friends, even if their friends were also playing and it couldn't stay secret for long. And yet, there was Mia's phone, kept in between her face and us, much like it was being recorded.

"So what are you doing then?"

"Oh, I'm watching these K-Pop boys." She flipped the phone over, and there was a video playing, not of us, but of some young Asian men sitting on couches in what looked like a standard issue apartment set out of a TV sitcom. "Aren't they just sooooo cute?" It was the first genuine smile I'd seen from her. "I mean, they're adorable." I'd have to take her word for it, they did nothing for me. I looked back to Daisy, who shook her head and rolled her eyes slightly like she was embarrassed by her older sister and not the other way around like it usually was. Or maybe she was just tired of hearing about them, like I was in just a few seconds. "I wish you looked like them, that would make this perfect."

"Gee, thanks."

"I mean it's better you look like you I guess," she added, half-heartedly. "But these guys are just soooo cute." She flipped it over again. Now one of the Korean boys, who only seemed distinctive to me because his hair was slightly reddish, had stood up and started to sing, which I could barely hear through the phone. That must have been what she was listening to before. "Aren't they?" I shrugged, and she scoffed and turned it back so she could watch it. "You've got no taste."

Kids and their fads, I guess. But the younger sister either wasn't into it, or at least seemed like she was much more into an activity I could share with her. She pointed again to her pussy with one hand. Air-poking it repeatedly might be a more accurate description, while with her other hand she kept the panties pulled aside and tugged at one edge of her labial lip. Yes, this was definitely more entertaining than some Korean boy-band. Even if Mia was doing some kind of elaborate deception to get me on video (a thought which went through my mind briefly as I leaned in) it was worth the risk.


Chapter Five:


I started with a kiss, then a lick, then more. With a gasp, Daisy's finger slipped, or she stopped trying to hold herself open, and I got a lick in before it closed and then moved my attention to the outside for a while. One thing about nine-year-olds, they may be incredibly hot, they may be more sexually active than I'd ever imagined a year ago, but they don't usually produce that much wetness on their own, so my instinctive reaction was to help compensate for that, getting her wet with big sloppy drags of my tongue all over the area, gradually putting more and more force in between the tight, closed-in lips. In addition to squirms, like someone being tickled and yet not trying to avoid it, I got a mix of gasps and giggles in response, mostly the latter, but it was still music to my ears, far better than the K-Pop band. When I withdrew for breath I looked over at Mia and noticed that she was watching us at least as much as the phone now, so that was something.

I dove back in, teasing apart Daisy's pussy lips with repeated tongue pressure from the middle outward to either side in turn, then went for a frontal assault, pushing my tongue inward with a slow but irresistible force until it was inside her and my lips were brushing against her clit, or at least the area above it since hers was the type that seemed to be buried unless spread open. "Ohh," she let out, not in pain but almost wonder and she added for her sister's benefit, "He's really good." Then, for mine, she repeated, "You're really good."

It's hard to smile with your tongue out, but I did my best, and arced my tongue upwards to graze the top of her hole.

That provoked another squirm and giggle, but the smile on her face showed how much she enjoyed it. "Where'd you learn to do this so good?"

I pulled back, enjoying my face still being between the naked thighs of an adorable, happy little girl who'd clearly approved of my oral sex skills. Kids can be brutally honest, and usually are unless they've got a good reason not to, so I could just accept the warm glow of a genuine compliment. "I don't know, just practice I guess."

"Hope I get as good as you, I'd be sooo popular."

My dick jumped. "With girls?" The idea of little girls having regular orgy parties, where popularity was determined by skill at oral sex, what can I say, it appealed to me. Enough that some part of me was trying to work out to suggest she and her sister perform for me. Letting nature take its course is all well and good, but I assume even the best nature photographers get the urge to push things along for an exciting scene. But like the ethical ones, I refrained.

"Yeah! Guys are easy." So were preteens in general, apparently. I wondered how many meetings the app had set her up with, considered asking, but then she patted the top of my head, and subtly pulled me closer to her pussy with her legs. "Keep going."

Hard to turn down a smile like that, so I dove back in, encouraged by her praise to be even more energetic, enjoying more than anything how much she enjoyed it, and the thought of her taking notes to use on her friends in the third or fourth grade.

Before too long, I think she wasn't taking notes anymore, stopped giggling in favor of shortened breath and lying backward, and not talking much except at one point, asking if I had a girlfriend.

She didn't even give me the chance to answer, because I pulled away from her and instantly felt her hands on my head pulling me back forcefully, practically shoving my lips up against her now puffy, red pussy. I realized I wasn't getting out of there without hurting her or finishing her off, so I went with option B.

As I got closer to that point, her thighs squeezed across my face, like she was trying to crush my head with them, if she was only stronger, and she began saying, "I gotta.... I gotta..." Those two words were repeated something like five times before she began to twitch and I kept working as she gave one last attempt to break my skull, but it turned out I was thankful because her soft thighs then protected my ears from an unexpected shriek that sounded like something between a child getting murdered and a child playfully running from an adult playing monster. I've never heard the first sound, but I always assumed it was pretty close to the second.

"Jesus Christ, Daisy," her sister said a few seconds after she stopped, from what sounded like another room. I hadn't even noticed her moving. "I could hear you on the other side of the house!"

"You're not supposed to say the Lord's name in vain," Daisy scolded weakly, with her thong underwear still pulled aside, blatantly exposing her now slick pussy in front of an older man she'd just met, and the rest of her sweaty and breathless from an orgasm that probably wasn't Church approved behavior. It was weird how selective people were about religion.

I could hear the older sister coming closer from wherever she'd gone, saw her plop back down on the couch from the corner of my eye. "Gimme a break, Mom and Dad aren't here. And good thing, too, with how loud you were."

I finally pulled out from between her legs, and the little girl closed them, sat up more properly. "I wasn't that loud."

"Sure you were. How have you not been caught before on your dates?"

"I'm not normally that loud." She shrugged, like it was a mystery, but not a particularly pressing one. "He just surprised me, is all."

Mia gave me a look that said, "Kids, right?" even though she herself was only twelve. "Don't worry," she told me. "I'm not nearly that loud when I have an orgasm." She subtly stretched out the word, thinking she was showing off her maturity with the more advanced vocabulary.

"Okay," I said. I was beginning to wonder if she was interested in me at all or this was all about supervising her sister while she played with an older man, but this seemed to indicate I'd be eating her out in the near future too. "So you're next?"

The girl looked down below my hips as though inspecting how horny I was. At that point, I was back in the 'swollen but not rock-hard' stage. "Mmm, no, let's let her practice her blowjobbing first. Sit here."


Chapter Six:


I followed the instruction, sitting right beside Daisy as she slid off the couch and between my own legs, almost a reverse of the position we were just in. Before she started, she pulled her shirt off entirely, no more teasing, and flung it aside so she was wearing only her thong. With her adorable face, childish frame, and completely undeveloped chest, she was missing only the wings and halo to be a little angel... an angel wearing a thong sized for a nine-year-old, and staring excitedly at a hard cock like it was the gateway to heaven, but hey, if angels existed, I'm sure some were like that, and if they weren't, then this was better. After only a moment's hesitation, she reached out and closed one tiny hand around the shaft. Each of her fingernails were colored a different color that reminded me of some kind of candy, although the paint job wasn't perfect... pieces of it looked like they were flaked away or maybe never completely applied, maybe even a deliberate style. I wondered a bit at which it was, until I caught her expression as she hefted it upward for a better, closer-up look and that became the only thing on my mind. It was like those "cockshock" videos where a porn star acts like she's awestruck at the dick in front of her, only here I didn't think she was faking it. "This is so much bigger than anyone at my school."

Except the teachers, I assumed, since by an adult scale I knew I wasn't anything particularly notable, comfortably average, but in the hands of a little girl, who I assumed had never seen an adult dick in person, it felt like I was in one of those "cockshock" clips. Maybe if I was less shy about being captured on video, I could start a new brand, Junior Cockshocks! In a perfect world, it could even compete with the Kids React series, which I assume would lose out because that doesn't have fucking and sucking. "Duh," Mia said who sounded distinctly unimpressed. "That's because he's a man, not a little boy."

"Even the balls are bigger," Daisy said, leaning in to look closer at them. "That's where the sperm comes from, right?" I nodded, and without any seeming fear she darted in and began first licking and then sucking on one nut. After a good ten seconds, she switched to the other one and gave it the same treatment, getting the whole testicle in her mouth and making me feel a sudden twinge like it contracted for a second. Now that both of my balls had received equal attention, she pulled off and looked at me as though for approval, but before she could see my smile, her eyes dropped and her hand went to her lips, where she pulled out a nearly invisible hair covered by a translucent film of saliva. "So hairy though."

"Sorry," I said automatically.

"It's okay, I don't mind, that much."

Ball-sucking's one of those things that I don't get much pleasure out of... I mean, it's nice and all, and I'd take getting my balls sucked by a pretty little girl over nothing at all any day, but there are so many more erogenous zones, so that's why I pointed to my cock itself and said, "There's not as much hair here."

Her eyes lit up again and she leaned back in to start licking, this time up and down my much more sensitive shaft, and I let loose a little sigh of contentment. "Remember to warn her if you get close to cumming," her sister said.

"I will," I promised, but I didn't think I would last very long, particularly when she reared up to go over the top and slip my dick into her mouth, sucking gently but proficiently. I nearly came just from watching her cheek bulge out as she turned her head to the side. I may have been the biggest she'd had but she was taking it like a pro, her piercing blue eyes locked with mine like she was silently asking me to cum inside her throat. My balls churned in readiness for that request, though I still wanted to draw out the pleasure so kept my breathing steady, though all the power in the world wasn't going to help without something to distract me from that sight.

The distraction came in the form of a burst of incomprehensible music from Mia beside me. "Stop," she said, and for a second I thought it was some sort of alarm or timer, but when I looked at her, she was putting a finger to her lips, her eyes on me with an unspoken warning. Before she pressed the button, she said to her sister, "Don't move any more, we don't want him going off while I'm on the phone."

That left little Daisy with my cock in her mouth, but she obeyed, no longer licking or bobbing her head back and forth. I guessed they were worried that if I came I might make noise that could be heard over the phone, although if that was the case, it would be better if she pulled off entirely. But I couldn't let them know that before Mia stabbed at her phone and said, "Hi Ma, what's up?"

Shit, she was on the phone with her mother while her little sister had her mouth full of my cock? If they were trying to keep my arousal level low, they were failing, that was, perhaps, the most kinky situation I'd been in... well, okay, I'd been in a lot since I'd started with this app.. maybe the live video fuck thing gave this experience a run of its money, but it was getting harder and harder to judge these things. Still, I felt a little pulse inside even though Daisy's tongue was more or less stationary.

Mia continued a conversation I could only half-hear. In between, there was the faint buzzing sound of a voice, but I couldn't make out words. "I will. I just said I will. You know, the pizza things. Yeah, it's preheating now. Soon. Actually she'd got something in her mouth right now." She smirked and my penis lurched involuntarily. "So she's fine. But I promise, I'll get it started. Okay. Bye. Go. Enjoy your date night! I will. Bye." She hung up, and then said to her sister, "Mom sends her love." The younger sister's tongue started moving again like she was trying to answer but forgot what she was doing... or maybe she was just trying to collect some drool before it slid out and all over me. "You getting close yet?"

"Pretty close," I said.

"Okay, Daisy, that's enough."

The little girl pulled away and took a deep breath, then made a face. "Tastes weirder than with other guys."

"It'd taste worse if he came."

Injured pride, and a desire to see her try, made me protest, "It's not that bad, some girls like it." Not many, mind you, but I'd taken steps since starting this sex game, drinking things that improved the flavor, and soy lecithin to increase the volume. The little girls seem fascinated by it, so I want to give them a good showing. "And I can always finish somewhere else if you'd like."

"Oh, believe me," Mia said, "You'll be finishing somewhere else. But not right yet." The girl seemed to be a bit of a bossy type, but she didn't really have much say in the matter, I was pretty close, and if they kept teasing me... "Let's go start on dinner."

"Dinner?" I guess they weren't planning on teasing me, at least yet. But it was a pretty awkward time for a break.

"Yeah, we're having pizza bites. You can have some too, don't worry." That wasn't what I was worried about. "But I gotta throw them in the oven."

"Can't it wait until later? I'm... you know, just about ready here." I stroked my cock just to remind it I was still alive.

"That's why we're waiting." She said it like it was obvious and I was stupid for not realizing that. "I don't want you to go yet. And besides, I told Mom I was starting on dinner, you don't want to make me a liar, do you?"

No, of course not. Fuck her and her sister on the first meeting, that's fine, but lying to Mom, why, that's the first step towards teenage delinquency. And yet, I guess I could play along, it'd make it that much better when I finally blew. "Fine," I said.

Mia dashed off to the kitchen in a gait that was practically skipping, the most enthusiasm I'd seen from her so far that didn't involve K-Pop, while her little sister looked up at me with a smile, like she was about to suggest finishing the job even if her sister wouldn't. Instead, she seemed interested in talking. "So like do you have a job?"

At this point I'd settle for a hand job. "Sort of. I drive for Uber."

"Oh, cool! I wish I could drive!"

"You will one day." In approximately six years, she could get a learner's permit.

"Then maybe I could drive around to your place."

Considering that I would almost certainly be dead or in jail before six years were up, I didn't see that as very likely. Even if by some miracle I wasn't, she'd probably not be interested. But, why crush a kid's spirit? "Maybe."

"Do you want to watch some TV while we wait for dinner?" she offered.

"Ummm, sure." She scrambled back to the couch then reached over to the far side for the remote control. Her perfect little ass, still wearing a thong, was on perfect display, and I wanted to bury my face in it and take a few more licks from behind. But I was good, and instead thought about how I was sitting on their couch completely naked. And I don't know about you, but I was always raised to think that that was a no-no. And worse, my dick was still occasionally dripping and I could leave a slime trail on anything it brushed against. That was just rude. Sex with kids, okay, that can be justifiable, but I'm not going to ruin someone's couch. So while Daisy quested for the remote control, I tried to find where I left my pants and at least get some underwear on.

It was harder than it should have been... because although I remembered more or less where I undressed, I didn't see any of my clothes anywhere.

"Uh... where did my clothes go?"


Chapter Seven:


Daisy's head snapped back to me with a grin, but it was one of those frozen, nervous grins, like she was afraid I was going to be mad and hoped that smiling might prevent it. Well, I was starting to get mad, but more importantly, I was starting to get scared. "I don't know," she said. "Not exactly."

Of course she wouldn't, I would have seen her moving them. But her sister, she was out of my sight while I was getting my dick sucked by a nine-year-old... no, before that, when I was between her legs and slobbering all over her pussy with my tongue. When I made Daisy cum, her sister came back from somewhere... but why would she need to move my clothes?

From the kitchen, I heard the slam of an oven door being closed, and then Mia came back into view. "Okay, it'll be done in about ten minutes."

"Where are my clothes?" Not just those, I realized with horror. She also had my phone, my car keys and my little bag of goodies... okay, that it didn't matter if I never got back the jar of coconut lube and other sundry fun stuff, but losing my phone, keys and clothes could kill me, or at least my chances of getting out of this without the cops getting involved, which pretty much would result in killing me as well. Fuck, that was a danger I hadn't considered with threesomes... one beautiful preteen girl could distract me with wanton sexual acts while her more sophisticated older sister steals my stuff. I looked at them with new respect, like a team of master criminals.

In return, I got another guilty look from Mia, but this one was noticeably less guilty. So not unrepentant master criminals, but on their way. Currently at least not-especially-repentant master criminals. "Don't worry. You'll get them back. If you do what we say."

My stomach dropped. Blackmail. I dreaded what might be coming, but the dread flowed away quickly, replaced by something almost like relief. Something like I imagine a criminal feeling when the cops finally catch him, only even better. It made sense that I'd suffer for my little hobby sooner or later, and if all that came from it was having to play sugar daddy to some little girls, well, that was far better than I'd been expecting. At least, assuming it was money... "And what do you want?"

"To do what we say." Well, that gave me absolutely no new information. Were they shaking me down for cash, needed me to reach the top shelf of the cupboard where the cookies are kept, buy them drugs, unlock the parental controls on the television, move a body for them, what? I took it as a given they wanted me to do what they say. Kids. But then she said, "You know, to do all the sex stuff... and you can't squirt until I say you can." Her eyes narrowed like this was really important to her. Okay, sexy domme kids. They'd asked me to play daddy before we met, maybe they really wanted to sexually dominate their fathers.

"I wasn't exactly going to say no to any of that..." I pointed out. "Except maybe the cumming thing. I can't exactly completely control that all the time."

"Well, you better, or you're not going to like what happens," she said with all the snottiness a twelve-year-old can muster. Which was a lot, it seemed. I looked over to Daisy, who shrugged apologetically... I didn't come here to play favorites, but one of these girls was a lot more likeable than the other... and not just because she'd enthusiastically sucked my cock already while the other hadn't even undressed. "Just warn us when you get close, and we'll stop for a while." Her eyes brightened. "Then, when you finally do shoot, it'll be huge!" Oh, so they were trying to edge me. A more sophisticated sexual fetish than I'd so far found from preteens, but it could be worse.

I let out a frustrated sigh and decided I'd give in for now. I could always try to find some other way to get my clothes later. "Okay, it's your show, what do you want from me?"

Mia made a big show of thinking about it, putting a finger to her lip and her eyes looking up towards the ceiling, and then said, "How about... you come lick me like you did her." Her hands flew to upper rim on her stretchy yoga pants, then began rolling them off, scooting backwards on the couch as she did. By the time she got them down to mid-thigh I could tell that her black underwear was also a thong, giving me the oddest sense that Daisy wore thongs just to try to imitate her big sister. Maybe it was even a hand-me-down.

My theory of the family having their best features raise with age also got some evidence, because her ass wasn't as pert or bubbly as Daisy... it was nice enough, but looked slightly better in the pants and standing than out of it and sitting, and the pictures earlier had made it seem better as well. Now it looked good, but seemed a bit more conventional and like it had started to spread with puberty. But her stomach was remarkably tight, and I'd already seen that she did have the start of some excellent perky boobs. That I didn't see until I asked for it. though. Once she got her pants off, she reclined back in just her underwear and sweater, and, I figured if I'm going to be her sex slave, I might as well get the whole view, so although I normally let girls show me whatever they feel comfortable without my prompting, this time I spoke up and suggested, "Why don't you take the sweater off?"

She hesitated at first, but didn't need any more convincing, just time to convince herself. One (honestly adorable) lip bite, followed by a quick decision to pull it over her head in one swoop and I saw what, despite the promiscuity of those who used my dating app, I somehow got the impression not many guys had seen.

She sucked in her gut, but I could tell even despite the attempt at deception that she wasn't overweight, just not anorexic and trending a little on the bottom-heavy side. Her breasts were contained in a bra, off-white, not nearly as sexy as her underwear but still exciting. Underneath the bra, it looked like she had a good handful jutting out.

Unlike her little sister's brazen flat-chested immodesty, she seemed more vulnerable in only her underwear, which made me like her more despite the situation she put me in. "Nice," I said, eyes clearly on her bra.

"Yeah, well, they're not much but hopefully they'll get bigger soon."

The surly reaction threw me a little. "Uh, I wasn't being sarcastic or anything, they really do look nice."

"See, I told you," Daisy said. "At least you have some."

Mia ignored her sister, but put her fingertips to the very bottom of the bra cups, lifting the fabric infinitesimally, then bit her lip again in nervousness. "You want to see?" I nodded, and she looked off to the side, then pulled the bra up and over her boobs, revealing a pert upswelling topped with a round bulge of a nipple.

"Like I said, beautiful."

I got a weak smile, and then her sister crawled beside her, like to get a good look at them herself, and said, "You should make him suck on them."

"You don't have to make me," I pointed out. "If you want me to suck on them, I will, if you don't, I won't. Same with licking your pussy. I'm happy to help. You didn't have to try to blackmail me or anything."

"Okay, suck on them then," she said, ignoring my main point, but hey, when a twelve-year-old girl asks you to suck on her tits, how do you refuse that whether they're blackmailing you or not? I certainly didn't know how, so after a few seconds in which she removed the bra entirely from her body, I leaned forward over her, and placed my lips on her right breast, planting a soft kiss near but not quite on the nipple. I was rewarded for my tenderness with a jarring but not-too-painful smack on the head. "I didn't say kissing. No kissing. Just suck. Like a baby."

She was in charge, and if she wanted to dispense with the lead-up... well, I didn't expect it to feel as good for her, but I'd do it. She could have asked nicely, though. My lips locked around the bump of her nipple and sucked. It immediately seemed to grow in my mouth and her breath became much louder like she was holding back from crying out, in pleasure or pain I didn't know, but I made sure no teeth were involved. If she was into that, she'd have to ask nicely. I looked up at her, and she had her mouth partly open, her eyes mostly closed, and she didn't ask me to stop although she clearly could, so I didn't think I was hurting her.

Her little sister tapped me on the shoulder insistently until I looked her way. She thrust her flat chest out in such a way that if I turned my head I'd see her own nipple, and said, "Now do me!"


Chapter Eight:


"You don't have boobs!" Mia complained, though her lips quirked up in a small smile.

"So! I have these." She pointed at the faint dark oval of her nipples, themselves almost flat. "And I've never had anyone suck on them, you have."

I pulled back, curious. "You have?" I guess it stood to reason, I've given up on expecting to be these girl's firsts (even though I am as often as not, at least in certain areas), but it still surprised me, since it seemed like the kind of think you explore once out of curiosity, not repeat. Then again, my nipples aren't especially sensitive, so it might be different for girls.

Mia made a face, then said, "Yeah, just one person though. You're much rougher."


"No, it's nice. I'll get used to it." She physically turned my head with her hand towards her little sister's chest, still aimed in my direction. "Go on, show her what it's like."

Daisy's face lit up. "You can do kisses on me if you like."

Good thing too, because there wasn't as much to latch onto, so I pressed my face to her little chest, kissed on the nipple, then began licking around. There might have been some slight stiffening reaction, but nowhere near as noticeable with her sister... I didn't even think I could suck unless I just sucked on the whole areola. I didn't do that, instead, I just licked and kissed, playing with both... her torso was so thin compared to my head that I felt like I could practically lick from one to the other, so why not? As my tongue played, my eyes darted between the two sisters as though worried they might give me a new instruction at any moment, but they didn't. In the case of Daisy, whose breathing got a little uneven and sounded like she was on the edge of either moaning or breaking out in a giggle, I just got to see her watching me excitedly. With Mia, well, she looked like a girl who was tolerantly amused by her little sis having fun but not really getting anything out of it herself.

Her tolerance only lasted so long, after something like a minute she said, "Okay, you did both of hers but only one of mine." When I pulled myself away from her little sister's chest, Mia pointed to the breast I hadn't yet used my mouth on. I shot an apologetic glance Daisy's way, but she was already backing off, used to her sister's bossiness. As I lowered myself to the neglected preteen breast I heard, "You can do licking, too. If you want. But no kissing."

She said "If you want," but I interpreted that as "Please," so I played around it with my tongue, and felt it firm up significantly after only a few grazes, which made it all the more fun as the tip of my tongue could pull against it ever-so-slightly before it slipped away and bounced back. Soon the lick turned into a suck, which in my book was almost the forbidden kiss anyway, but unnoticed as long as I pulled the nipple with my lips and wiggled it with my tongue afterwards. She seemed to like it, anyway, and I had no doubt she'd tell me if she was displeased. On the other hand, I doubted I'd get much in the way of praise from her, but what I got was almost as good, to see her start to take slower, deep breaths, and finally triumph as I noticed her hand casually move to her hip and then not-so-casually slip down into her underwear.

I switched breasts again to give it another extended lick-suck, and met Daisy's eye who smiled at me in that bright open way, and was about to suggest licking her chest again, when Mia instead spoke. "Okay, now down here." Her eyes went down to where her hand was rubbing, mine followed, and I slipped backward so my face was level to her crotch and far enough away to be out of the way of any flailing legs as she pulled the thong down and off.

Unlike her little sister, Mia was clearly old enough to produce her own lubrication easily, and her slit was glistening with it and the flesh around it flush with arousal. She also had a little bit of hair... despite how many girls I'd been with recently, it had been a long time since I'd eaten pussy with much hair on it. I guess targeting 9-12 year olds is responsible for that. Even so, it wasn't a forest, just a damp meadow spreading above the clit. The lips themselves were mostly smooth, and that was what I did most of my work, so I didn't complain, even considered it a rare treat, like how maybe you really prefer milk chocolate but every once in a while you get dark chocolate and it's so good despite not being your normal taste.

Speaking of taste, that was stronger too, when I first pressed my tongue into service... not offensively so, not like there was something wrong or fishy, but a definite tang. It didn't smell anything like alcohol, but it hit in a similar way as a whiff off a bottle of something strong, that indefinable "this will fuck me up if I drink too much" feeling, but you do anyway. Similarly, I knew I was going to get drunk off barely- pubescent pussy juice.

I licked her on my hands and knees, almost like a dog, and without being told I kept to a 'no kissing' approach here, just deft tonguework, sometimes sticking it all the way inside her and resting my nose against the hairy patch beyond, sometimes just teasing along the edges.

Mia watched at first, but after the first deep tongue-fuck she closed her eyes and started whimpering, but I soon became aware that my work was still being inspected, just by her little sister, who was drifting closer and closer until her head was in danger of bumping into mine if I wasn't careful. Maybe she really did want to learn how I did it.

I thought about pulling off and offering her a chance to try, the image of the incestuous preteen lesbian show making my cock swell to full action, but before I could, Mia's eyes snapped open and said, "Daisy, why don't you suck him some more. But no cumming." The last seemed like a warning for both of us, then as Daisy disappeared from my sight, she directed a second one at me. "You better say before you do so she can stop."

I rolled my eyes and nodded, and felt Daisy's small body squirm its way in between my legs and knees, her hand finding my cock, and giving it a few strokes, followed by a smothered giggle that I hoped was fascination, but whatever the case was followed up with the sensation of lips wrapping around the head and a warm tongue swirling around.

To give her some more room down there, and also because I thought Mia was experienced enough that adding a little fingerbang action to the oral would be an improvement, I shifted position slightly, raising one arm and pulling my mouth away, just enough that I could look down more easily. I had a phenomenal feast for the eyes, a twelve-year-old girl's wet, open pussy, and if I just looked down a little, the most perfect nine-year-old ass you could ever imagine wiggling as she sucked my cock. I wanted to watch both at once but then I couldn't lick Mia, and she probably wouldn't allow that for long... not to mention that I'd cum a lot faster, and that was not allowed either.

So I returned to my task, spreading Mia's pussy lips open with two fingers, confirming my theory that there was nothing that looked hymen-like and then licking along the inner pink for a while for good measure before I let go and started pressing on the wet hole with one finger. I looked up as I did this, past Mia's pussy and breasts to her eyes, which weren't at this point closed, and wordlessly asked permission. She nodded, and I pressed in, then licked just above my own knuckle.

As if a psychic connection, I felt Daisy's small hand begin to caress the underside of my balls, not with any particular skill, more youthful curiosity, but her light touch would possibly have been ticklish if it had been the dominant sensation instead of her tongue slobbering all over my dick. As a sideshow, it just enhanced the erotic feeling, and I wanted to do something for her too, use my other hand to slip a finger into her butthole, finger both girls at once... but unlike with the twelve-year-old I could hardly ask for permission, nor could she really give it to me. I liked Daisy enough that I didn't want to hurt her with an unwelcome intrusion. And not just because I couldn't risk pissing these girls off even a little.

Speaking of which, I was going to have to warn them soon... I could feel the rising pleasure in my cock, starting to feel like it was growing even stiffer than stiff, like it was getting ready for a huge series of convulsions. I wanted to just let it happen, claim that I got so caught up that I didn't notice, maybe give Mia such a good orgasm that she wouldn't care, although I didn't think she was as close as I was.

I pulled my mouth away to speak, pulled my finger out... and a sharp buzz pre-empted my confession. It came from the kitchen.


Chapter Nine:


"Shit, the pizza rolls are ready." Mia swung one leg over my head... over being a generous interpretation because it slammed into me before I ducked down, but it didn't hurt much, and once that was done she shot into a standing position. "Come on Daisy, that's enough, time for some real food."

The lips left my cock, and I heard a deep sucking breath like she was gasping for air, followed by an, "Okay!" If she was still stroking my cock with her hand I might have cum all over her face, but she wasn't, and my suddenly neglected penis couldn't complete the task on its own. I certainly wasn't going to stroke myself off with what they held over me, so I pulled back and let Daisy climb out from under me while her sister ran to the stove.

The little sister grabbed my hand. "Come on, you can have some too." I let her lead me towards the kitchen... okay, I was naked in a stranger's house with two equally naked preteen sisters an aching erection and balls that just wanted to unload, except they were holding my clothes and phone hostage... but, sure, why not have some pizza rolls? I was hungry, and they did sound pretty tasty and smelled good. It'd been a long time since I had them. Hopefully they were Totino's Pizza Rolls and not some store-brand knock-off. I may fuck little girls but I have standards.

Maybe the smell brought back some memories because their kitchen started to remind me strongly of the one in the house where I grew up. Oh, sure, the appliances were newer, and plenty of details were off, but the wooden cabinets and countertops were almost the same color, and there were plenty of small touches, like the calendar on the fridge with sport events noted in advance, or a good test mark in school held in place by magnets... I guess they're the kind of things that plenty of homes have, but it reminded me of my brother and I... his were the sport events calendar, mine were the winning test marks, although they made a big show of putting his up when he exceeded expectations too.

One obvious difference, my brother and I never strutted around our kitchen naked with a stranger we were going to fuck. At least, I didn't, and my brother may have been more of a ladies' man than me, but I don't think he ever did this kind of shit. And we weren't as comfortable being naked even when it was just two in the house. Maybe girls are different, or the times just changed.

Neither were completely naked, to be fair, Daisy still wore her thong and Mia had pulled hers back up and she was now wearing oven mitts because she was lifting the baking sheet out of the oven. I swear, if child sexuality ever became mainstream, a twelve-year-old wearing just a thong and oven mitts would be a niche fetish that could have sites devoted to it making a lot of money.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't last long. Mia's toplessness, I mean, not the hypothetical nude preteen homemaker site in my head which I felt could be a long-lasting cash cow if laws were different. I was compiling a steady list of those. In addition to Junior Cockshocks, I could see a good market in Cum on Her Face, Junior Edition, Casting Couch Preteens, Middle School Glory Holes,... well, I could go on. But sometimes you just want something classy and low-key with a little naked girl cooking dinner, and Mia was exemplifying that aesthetic. But only for a short time. As soon as her sister came in, me in tow, Mia said, "Go get your shirt. Mine too. I don't want Mom bitching at us if you get your chest burned by hot pizza sauce."

Daisy let go of me, sighed. "I know better than to make it squirt," she said. I can only assume she meant the pizza sauce, but despite that she went back to the living room for the shirts.

"So, do I get my t-shirt to eat?" I asked.

Mia gave me a look over, like she was considering relenting and going to find it. "You're a big boy," she said, even though I was probably around twice her age. "I'm sure you can take a little hot sauce. Besides, scars are cool, right?"

"I'd rather not find out."

"Then just eat carefully." She looked me up and down again, not even hiding the extended look at my cock. "So how are you doing? Feel like you're building up a huge load in there for me?"

"It feels like someone's been squeezing my nuts for an hour."

She smiled sweetly at me, even seemed to flutter her lashes. "I guess that's how you get all the juice out!"

Daisy returned then, her shirt already on and threw the sweater to Mia. "I love Pizza Rolls. How about you, do you love them too?"

"I guess." I hadn't had them for years, usually when I wanted pizza flavored stuff I just got an actual slice of pizza, or if I didn't feel like leaving the house or ordering a whole pie, throwing some frozen mini-pizzas in the oven. But they were indeed Totino's and I liked them when I was younger.

"Get some plates, Daisy," Mia instructed, and took off the oven mitts to pull her shirt over her head.

As dictatorial as Mia may have been about my right to ejaculate, I will say this for her... she was not stingy with the pizza rolls. I got an equal number as her, and Daisy got about half as much as either of us. "She won't eat any more than that," she said when I raised an eyebrow at the difference, and Daisy just grinned and nibbled on the edge of one.

Mia was wrong about what her sister would eat... the little minx did finish all of hers and stole a few of mine to boot when her sister wasn't looking, but I didn't complain. She gave me a mischievous smile every time she took one that was so adorable, and I had plenty.

We didn't talk much during the meal, because Mia set her phone up on the ring, which doubled as a stand, and made us watch Korean music videos and, I think, interviews, and shushed the two of us whenever we made too much noise. So, without words to depend on, and to keep us distracted from watching stuff in a language we didn't even understand, we found other ways to pass the time while we ate.

I don't know if Mia instructed her sister to keep up the edging with teases, or if the younger one just liked being seen in a sexual way, or if it was just a normal kiddy desire for attention, but it started with her catching my eye (after stealing one of my pizza rolls) and lifting up the edge of her shirt, while she leaned over so her cute little butt was on display. After that, my eyes weren't off her for more than a couple seconds at a time, and she was always giving me something to look at, even if it contorted her body in weird positions. She rubbed her ass-cheek sensuously with one hand on one look over, then pulled it apart to see her holes, then spun in her seat again and grabbed another bite-sized pizza roll, luckily with the other hand. Next, she showed off her pussy, first legs closed, then spread apart, then pointing to my now-bobbing cock and to hers, while mouthing something that I couldn't identify because I wasn't a lip-reader and those lips weren't the ones I was focusing on anyway. She rubbed herself in an exaggerated, porn star way for a few seconds, then grinned at me like she expected me to appreciate the showmanship. I guess I did, because my dick was hard. Then she grabbed another of my pizza bites.

We did talk a little, after the pizza rolls were gone and Mia ran off to the bathroom, taking her phone along with her, Daisy stopped the teasing and, now that there was no danger of interrupting some stupid video, asked, "So, how old are you again?" I told her, and she said, "Wow, that's old." It wasn't that old. I thought I was still in my prime. But I guess to a nine-year-old... "Do you have any kids of your own?"


"Do you want any?"

I shrugged. "I don't think it's going to happen." I suddenly remembered that when we talked on the phone they wanted me to play daddy, although nobody had brought it up so far... maybe this was Daisy's way of bringing the subject up, and I should have been more receptive. Still, by that point I'd already said it.

She grinned and I realized that she might have thought that meant I did want it but just didn't think I'd get a chance. "You never know! Hey I know my sister wants you to squirt for her..." Daisy shut up suddenly as her Mia returned, and looked casually away, and I could just tell that she was about to ask me something that her sister didn't want... maybe I should have taken the opportunity and asked where my clothes and phone were. But I played along, and Mia came back to the table, and said with the snotty authority of an older-sibling-in-charge, "Go, wash your hands. You don't want to get grease all over him, do you?" She shook her head and ran off, and Mia now looked at me. "I shouldn't have to tell you to wash your hands, do I?"


She pointed to the kitchen sink anyway, telling me without telling me. "Good. Because I don't want you fingering me with pizza fingers."

"What about my tongue?" I wondered as I started up the water and poured some dish soap on my hands... there didn't seem to be any need to be fancy.

"I don't know, your mouth cleans itself, doesn't it? Saliva or whatever? I've got some mouthwash in the bathroom if you really want."

I started to say no, but then changed my mind. "Actually, yes, that would be great." I remembered one girl, an adult girl, who had me do something similar, use breath mints before oral because it tingled... I wasn't sure mouthwash would be the same effect, but it didn't seem like it'd hurt.

"Well, you can go when Daisy's done."

I turned the water off, then decided I'd take another chance at getting my clothes and phone back. "You know, you don't have to, like, blackmail me. If you give me my stuff back, I promise, I'll do everything you guys want. Even this weird edging thing." She stared at me for a moment and I realized that even though that's what she was doing, I wasn't sure she knew the term. "Not cumming until you want me to. It's called edging." What's this world coming to when preteens don't even know the names of their kinky sexual fetishes?


Chapter Ten:


I thought my proposal was a pretty fair offer. Kids can be demanding, but if you're offering to give them what they want, why shouldn't they be nicer about it? Or so I hoped. Mia didn't answer and instead seemed to ignore my question completely. "So, are you, like, musical? Like, do you sing?"

That was out of nowhere. "You want me to sing for you?" I asked. If it got my clothes back...

Even that hope was dashed, with an additional insult tacked on. "No, you'd probably just like stupid old man songs." I was in my twenties, hardly an old man. "I just want to know if you can sing. Or, like, do you play an instrument?"


She shrugged. "I just wanna know. So, can you?"

"A little, I guess. My last work had karaoke night every so often, and I wasn't, like, laughed at or anything."

"What about in school? Did you have, like, music class?"

"Yeah. I played alto sax. I was okay at it." I smirked a bit, remembering. "Though my friends and I wanted to start a band in high school, and I was going to do drums in that." It was an idea that lasted about three months and most of that before we actually tried on someone's cousin's borrowed equipment. We were awful. No reason to let her know that, though... if you can't actually be talented, someone at least imagining you are is almost as good.

"Cool," she said, her face seeming to soften in genuine pleasure.

I thought maybe she was going to say something about her own musical aspirations, or maybe we played the same instrument, but then Daisy came running in like she was afraid she was going to miss the sex if she didn't hurry. "All done!" There was a new development though, she now wore a set of purple and black cat ears on a headband.

Mia smirked at it and asked, "Did you wash really good?" I wanted to correct her and say 'well' but I didn't.

Daisy held up her hands as though for inspection. "Yes."

"Okay, then let's go upstairs to my room. There's mouthwash in the upstairs washroom."

Walking up the stairs I was treated to some excellent little girl ass views. More Mia than Daisy, unfortunately... Daisy ran up ahead of us and her pink pig shirt, no longer tied up in a knot, was long on her, so I didn't get a chance to see much of that gorgeous little butt from below, but Mia, her sweater only went down to her belly button, so her entire lower body I could casually watch as we ascended, aside from that which was covered by her thong, of course. The swaying ass-cheeks that the thong held apart, though, those were still fun to watch, and I gave myself a few good strokes on the way up, not to get myself to cum but just to enhance the view while some dark part of me thought of pushing her down and sliding inside her right on the stairs until I emptied my nuts in her ass. I wouldn't do that without an invitation, but when you tease a guy it makes his fantasies go a little darker.

I was dropped off in the washroom, where I washed my hands with soap and then gargled with some minty mouthwash, and then found my way down the hall to the open door.

What can I say about Mia's room? It was like a preteen's image of what a teen girl's room should look like... which is probably more accurate than a much older guy's image, but still, it looked like a stereotypical 'teen girl' room from a television show. The walls were painted pink, but most of them were covered by pictures of boys, most of them looking like they were printouts of K-Pop bands. Mia's name was also spelled out on one wall, near the ceiling, in pastel-colored letters. The bed was a softer shade of pink, with frilly covers that looked like they could be converted into a ball gown for a princess. That was where the girls were now, sitting on the bed, whispering to each other, when I came in.

Whispers made me nervous... the last time these girls had a secret plan, it involved them stealing my clothes and phone and holding it hostage. "So, do you want me to go down on you again?"

"Go down? We just got here." Daisy squinted her eyes at me... in the light of this particular room, they looked more green, and the hair more red.

Her confusion was cute, though also a reminder that these girls, as sexually experienced as they might be, still had huge gaps in their knowledge. "Going down means licking your pussy." Her mouth made an oval of understanding, but I looked to her older sister who seemed to be running the show.

Judging by the smirk on her face as she answered, she seemed to like that I understood that. "Yeah. Get to work." Mia spread her legs, her knee bumping into her sister's for a moment before Daisy scooted away, and then pulled the thong to the side.

As I got down on my knees, Daisy said, "Come on, at least give him more to look at," and moved behind her sister, tugging at the top, trying to pull it off again. Mia let her, indulgently, and soon she was topless. That was where her indulgence stopped, when Daisy grabbed Mia's boobs from behind and squeezed them up into her body, fingers flexing like it was a sexual grope.

"Cut it out!" her sister snapped.

She pouted, but backed off, and pointed at me. "He likes the show!" I did, but the little sister didn't see my erection from there, she must have been going on some previous knowledge of guys liking girl-on-girl action.

"I don't care, he's got something else to be focused on," and cued me with her eyes. So I leaned forward, and breathed my cool minty breath on her pussy. The surprising sensation made her face contort in sudden pleasure. "Oooh.... what did you dooo?"

"It's the mouthwash," I explained. "You like it?"

"Yeah, it feels nice." I breathed again, then licked, and her abdomen seemed to twitch, so I continued, alternating licks, breaths, and tongue-pokes.

Before half a minute, I realized Daisy, who'd hopped off the bed, was now edging toward me from the side. When I looked, to my surprise, she was completely naked again, and more, she was standing on one leg and pulling her other into the air over my head. As I watched, her two legs became one vertical line, like splits in the air, and with her stretched pussy in my eyeline. "Do me! Do me!"

"Wait your turn, twerp," Mia said, but she had an amused chuckle in her voice, like her sister's neediness was about to make her laugh, and that convinced me I could spare a second, albeit with a finger replacing my tongue in the older sister. As I thrust in and out of Mia's hole, I turned my head and breathed on her gymnastic little sister's nine-year-old pussy, hoping I could make her fall over.

No such luck, but I did get a giggle and an excited, "It tingles!" And, as I did move in for a French kiss of her pussy, she did lose her balance enough that her leg had to drop and use her sister's to stay balanced, a move which also pulled her away from me.

"Okay, you tried it, now this is my turn, he can use mouthwash again after." I took the hint, left the cute bare pussy behind and put my mouth back to work on the slightly more mature one that was easily taking a finger and had room for another. I went ahead and inserted that while I teased around her now upthrust clit with my tongue.

Once again, little Daisy intruded, but this time instead of her pussy, I saw her smiling face loom large in my room, staring at her sister's pussy and what I was doing with it, eagerly, like she surfed cunnilingus porn videos all the time but had never got the kind of close up view she really craved. Maybe she had, although I doubted she could spell "cunnilingus" and since she didn't seem to know what "going down" meant I despaired for her ability to find it. Maybe that was the reason for her interest, outside of doing it herself, where you're a little distracted, it was something she'd never seen much of. Now she was close enough that her sister could practically feel her breath there. If she'd used mouthwash too, maybe we could double her pleasure, double her fun. I guess that's a mixed metaphor, since that wasn't a mouthwash commercial, but I think the trick would work with gum too.

I pulled my mouth back and decided to break, or at least bend my rule, of not suggesting things to girls that they didn't ask to do first. She seemed like she was asking with her eyes, so I said, "You look like you want to take a lick for yourself." I figured I could always pass it off as a joke.

Mia's reaction was instant, an outraged, "No!" But I thought I could see longing in Daisy's eyes, before her sister pushed her head away like she was afraid she might act on it anyway.

"Okay, okay," I said. "I didn't think it'd be such a big deal. I hear people in this game do it with anyone they're matched with, even if they're sisters." Or maybe it was just that Mia didn't like girls that way.

What she said next confirmed that that wasn't the issue, but also brought up some bigger misconceptions. "Yeah, well, they do, but I'm not doing incest with my sister. I don't want to have like a deformed mutant baby."

I really should have cut her some slack, maybe assumed she was just using it as an excuse, but the stupid burned, and after the blackmail shit Mia'd sprung on me, shattering her excuses seemed like a petty but pleasant revenge. "Look, if you don't want your sister to touch you, that's your business, but that's just ridiculous. First, nothing you can do with your sister would lead to mutant babies."

Daisy's eyes widened. "It wouldn't?"

"No. That's only a risk if you actually get pregnant by a relative. It's not like incest magically makes your babies messed up." I probably sounded insufferably condescending. "And even if it did, that'd only matter if you were actually pregnant."

What I heard next changed my world forever. Mia made a face, her eyebrows drawing together. "Hey, dummy," she said. "What do you think you're here to do?"


Chapter Eleven:


I was here to get her pregnant? My reaction was a firm, "What?" Because even though I knew what that had to mean, it just seemed to insane that it was more logical to assume that I'd misheard somewhere along the line.

"She wants to have a baby," Daisy explained.

Her twelve-year-old sister stared me down. "And you're going to put it in me."

I may have abandoned conventional morality in many ways, enough to be in a sex romp with two preteen sisters, but the thought of knocking one of them up still shook me. Now I finally understood what they meant by being 'daddy' and why it hadn't come up since I got here... it wasn't a roleplay fetish, it was an offer to impregnate one of them. Could I really go that far?

I knew immediately that my dick wanted me to. It was some primal reaction, swelling, dripping, and I'm certain that if Daisy was sucking on me while the revelation was made, or even just jacking me off, I would have lost all control and blown right there, but because I hadn't been stimulated much since my last edging, it just got me hard.

The edging itself now made a lot more sense, too, from a childish perspective. Edging meant a bigger cumshot, more cum meant more chance to get pregnant. I realized I wasn't even sure if that was technically true or not, but it hardly mattered. What mattered is they wanted it and now I had to decide whether to help or hinder, and one part of me had already cast its vote.

What remained of goodness inside of me shrank away from the idea, instinctively... the knowledge that this was likely going to fuck up a little girl's life forever did not sit well with me. And yet, and yet... the rationalizations started flowing in. First, that I was being a hypocrite (if it was possible to be one against yourself) since just having sex with these girls was as likely to fuck them up for life, and then a reminder of the justification I made for that... that these girls would be doing it anyway. Well, if this girl wanted a baby enough to meet with a stranger, edge him to produce a bigger load of cum, and even lowkey blackmail him, then... she was going to get knocked up sooner or later by someone.

So why not me?

When I said that to myself, something in my heart tugged me into the "just do it" camp, a walking dead man's last wish. Because I was bound for death or arrest soon (and, in fact, going through this could only hasten that), I'd been living life as a man without a future. That didn't mean a part of me didn't want one, maybe not a personal one, but to leave some kind of lasting legacy other than building a lot of hopefully happy memories into smiling adorable little girls. A part of me really did want to have a kid. Not necessarily raise one--that would be impossible with my life now--but just have one, out there somewhere, a continuation of my genes. If Mia was bound and determined to get knocked up by someone, why not give myself that legacy as well?

In that moment I was ready to do it, but there was enough of the old me left that I wouldn't just hop to it and dump a load of cum in her, then wish her luck, I felt I had to at least try to talk her out of it. "I don't think getting pregnant is a good idea at your age."

"Who gives a fuck what you think?" she snapped.

Wow, that was harsh. Almost harsh enough that I was ready to decide she made her bed, she can lie in it... and do so with my cum inside of her building a person inside her womb. But still, I thought I had to give her additional warnings. Because I'm a good person. "I'm not exactly in a good position to be a father..." I added. No position at all, really, because even though I might like to try to stick around and see the kid grow up, even help out, it simply would never be possible.

That didn't seem to matter though. Mia even rolled her eyes at the suggestion that it did. "I don't want you to be the father, all I need from you is your sperm. And I only need that because my boyfriend barely squirts at all."

Boyfriend? I had a moment of 'that's fucked up', which coincided with my dick standing up and saluting just how fucked up it was. I wondered if, whoever he was, he knew about this or not, and which one I thought was hotter. After a moment's consideration, I decided it was hotter if he didn't, which is odd because I hate cheating, normally. But somehow, the idea of giving a twelve-year-old girl the baby her boyfriend can't, and then never having to see her again because he was the one who thought he was the father, really spoke to the dark side within me.

She must have mistaken my self-reflection for hesitation. "Remember, if you want your stuff back, you have to do what I say. I don't care if you don't want to, you're not chickening out."

That settled it, in my head. Well, I tried. Not very hard, sure, and maybe it would be wrong to get her pregnant, but... if she was going to blackmail me, she deserved a little bit of punishment for that, even if right now she thought of the punishment as a reward. "No, I don't have a problem with it. I mean, I do think it's a bad idea... but, you're, what, twelve? It's your life, you know what you want to do with it, I guess. I just wish you'd told me up front..."

"We did," Daisy reminded me.

"Not clearly. I thought you just meant pretending." And I could see by their expressions that this wasn't entirely accidental. They told me, but deliberately did so in a way that I might misinterpret. And were cagey about other things as well... that was why Mia had asked about my musical talents, I realized... she wanted her baby to have some. Yet she never actually came out and said that when I asked why she was curious. "If you actually told me pregnancy was the goal here, I could have helped more."

Mia's brow furrowed, perhaps surprised at the unexpected lack of resistance as the thought that I could help. "What do you mean?"

I hadn't even known what I meant by it at the time... in truth, had I known it in advance I might have tried harder to cum in her sister's mouth and blame it on an accident, but I started to think quickly, come up with way to increase her odds of pregnancy and some hyper-logical part of me pointed out that if I looked at it right, this was a no-lose situation. I could tell her whatever I wanted. If I was wrong, even if it dramatically decreased her odds of pregnancy... well, good, she shouldn't be getting pregnant at her age anyway. She might continue the counterproductive advice in future attempts too. I was practically doing a public service. If I was right, and it increased those odds... well, okay, I was just doing what she wanted anyway, what she was blackmailing me for, and what she'd try without me. Either way I could justify it. So if it didn't really matter whether my advice was right or wrong, I could just go for what I wanted, right?

And I was sick of this edging bullshit, I wanted to cum.


Chapter Twelve:


I put on my best know-it-all voice, like I might use if I were a substitute teacher, a career I briefly considered after quitting my job but mostly because it would let me be close to schools full of little girls who might be using the app. "First of all, I understand your thinking now about not letting me cum. At the time I thought you were just being mean." Well, domme, but I didn't want to explain the difference and possibly turn them on to a new fetish. "But it doesn't work the way you think it does."

Now she looked skeptical. "But the Internet said it makes you cum more."

Normally I'm not great at sounding confident, but with kids it comes easy... even before I started fucking them, I could instinctively talk to them like I was some authority on whatever I needed to say. "It will. But 'cum' isn't all sperm. It's mostly other stuff. And if you just tease, tease, tease, you're building up the other stuff, and the actual sperm isn't as fresh as eager to go. If you're trying to get pregnant, you're actually better off if I fill you up a few times, with breaks in between to recharge, rather than one big load at the end." Was there any truth in that? No clue. If you're using this memoir as a guide to starting your own family... you're off on the wrong foot on so many levels. You shouldn't be using this as a guide for anything.

The girls seemed to buy it though. "Really?" Mia's eyes went wide with that look of someone who's just discovered something that changed her whole perspective on a problem. Her sister had a similar look, but with a grin, like she'd wanted to see fucking all along and knew this brought it closer. "What else? I tried to look up which positions were best but, like, everyone said something different."

At some point it might become a burden, being considered the local expert in impregnating little girls, but if so, it was one I'd take on gladly. "I don't think it makes much difference. We can try it a couple different ways, if you want." I figured I might have three cums in me if I pushed it, and even that I couldn't be sure of, so I was a little worried about writing checks my dick couldn't cash, but the hotter everything was, the more likely it would be. To that end... "But if you're really serious about getting pregnant, you might have to give up a little control too."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I'll cum inside you, as many times as I can. But that means you've gotta focus on making it as hot as possible for me, so I brew up more cum. And acting like you're in charge, threatening to get me in trouble... isn't hot to me." Okay, a part of me found it a little bit hot. Add Preteen Dominatrix to my list of niche porn sites to consider starting if the laws ever changed. But they didn't need to know that interest. "Let me decide what to do."

Daisy piped up with, "You want me to do a dance for you again? That seemed to get you hot!"

"Maybe a little later. But if you're willing, it might be hot to watch you two together for a bit." Fuck it, I decided, if those lemmings tried to blackmail the Disney people, way back when, it would have been totally justifiable to push them over the cliff. "I've never seen two sisters do each other." Well, that wasn't entirely true, I'd seen a few porn videos of girls who were plausibly sisters, even some that were twins, that performed together. But they were adults, that hardly counted. And ones who actually licked or fingered each other, well, those were extremely rare. Usually they just both pleasured the same guy in different ways. That's fine when the guy is me, but I still wanted to see a little preteen lesbian incest. Is that so wrong, if they're both okay with it?

Daisy seemed pretty okay with it. She looked to her older sister with pleading eyes, like she was begging permission to slide a tongue inside her and imitate what she saw me do, or maybe get eaten out herself, I couldn't tell.

Mia, her eyes went to me, questioning, and I thought she was going to say no, but instead she asked, "If you're sure it won't do anything to the baby?" It was half-question, half-permission, and I realized that the power shift was complete, at least mostly, she now viewed me as the authority, she just needed a little reassurance.

At least this one I could be completely truthful about. "Totally sure. The only reason having a baby with a relative is bad is because you're genetically too similar, so the bad things in your genes... the stuff everyone has, but isn't usually a problem, get doubled." In giving an honest answer, I felt like I was playing science teacher, and with that came a twinge of guilt that I was over-simplifying. "Since your sister doesn't give the baby any genes, whatever you do together doesn't matter. To the baby." To my cock, it matters quite a bit, and she seemed to read me my mind because she looked down at my cock, which lurched forward.

"Fine. What do you want us to do?"

"Daisy, why don't you get on top of your sister, but upside down, so you can both lick each other at the same time."

The littler girl scrambled to comply... meanwhile, Mia shifted as well, not much, just sliding back, maybe to find a slightly more comfortable spot on the bed or get out of whatever indentation she'd formed from lying in one place. The spot an inch or so away couldn't have been much better, especially now that the weight of two little girls was on it. Daisy faced me, on top of her sister's pussy, and her legs stretched back over her sister's head, one on either side. I circled to the side of the bed to get a better look, and saw Mia staring up at her sister's pussy, not with wonder or arousal, but, if anything, like it was some kind of weird animal that she was trying to get used to. "So now what?"

"Just use your tongue," I advised. "Like you'd like someone to do to you."

She inched forward and extended her tongue, with a bit of a wrinkle in her nose that almost made me call it off, but she made contact with a long lick and didn't seem to find it objectionable. Nor, unfortunately, did she seem to find it like a pleasure she'd been missing out on all these years. Like too many things, the reality didn't live up to the fantasy.

Daisy seemed to find it a pleasure at least, letting off another adorable giggle. "You can go faster, you know," she said, but her sister didn't seem to be comfortable with that, and Daisy didn't even seem to mind. Instead, she turned her head to make eye contact with me and said, "She always was a picky eater," and giggled again that I had to grin. "I'm not. You want a real show come watch me," and she lowered her head and buried her mouth in her sister's mound.

Both views had their charms, especially watching Mia's face as her sister gave her these unexpected pleasure, but Daisy had a point, I'd much rather watch a little girl who excitedly ate pussy than one who did it out of some kind of obligation. So I circled back around and watched Daisy, her tongue out and teasing apart her sister's slit. After a few seconds, she looked up, keeping her tongue working, and I saw a smile in her eyes... this was a girl who liked being watched, or maybe she just liked me. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth and said, "It's weird doing it upside-down like this." Not weird eating out another girl, or that it was her big sister, just doing it upside-down. Gotta appreciate a little girl with no inhibitions.

"You're pretty good at this, you must have done this a lot."

She came up for air again to say, modestly, "A few times. So is it hot?" After asking, her tongue slammed up against her sister's clit and drew downwards, a slimy trail following her tongue.

"Extremely," I said, and she grinned at me.

"Any tips? You're the expert."

Hardly, this little girl was already giving me a run for my money. I thought I saw her sister's pussy quiver with excitement, and I'm pretty sure some of what hung off her dripping tongue wasn't saliva but rather Mia's own wetness. Still, there was thing I could suggest. "You can use your fingers more. It'll help if she's stretched out a little for when we get to the sex." I gave myself a little stroke, not to keep me hard because I was already hard... in fact, if I wasn't careful I'd cum too early and not where I wanted. I wasn't that close, not yet, but if I didn't hold off on the self-pleasure, I'd waste all that edging I'd done. It's just, sometimes when you're looking at two preteen sisters 69ing, you can't help but touch your dick a bit. Mia wasn't the only one dripping, either.

Little Daisy instantly dug two fingers into her sister's pussy, going in deep like she was trying to dig out a quarter that was stuck in there. When they were as far as they could go, she seemed to take my advice to stretch her in the most direct was possible, spreading the fingers inside her like a scissor shape and drawing them out slowly. "Watch it," Mia complained. "You don't have to be so rough."

"You heard him, I'm supposed to stretch you out! Besides, you're not being rough enough, and that's just as bad." Shit, why couldn't I fuck this little eager beaver, instead of impregnating her surly sister? That's a bit unfair, I wanted to knock Mia up, and liked her body more, I guess I just wish the girls had a personality swap. "If you can't take my fingers, how are you gonna take a baby?"

An excellent point, I thought. But at the same time, I didn't want even Mia to be too hurt. "Just remember, the better it is for her, the better it is for pregnancy. The cum swim better when a girl's got an orgasm." Again, no idea if that's true, I'm no scientist, but it got Daisy to suck on her sister's clit again and I could watch Mia's butt shaking up and down with the unexpected stimulation. Her thighs closed around Daisy's head, knocking the cat-ear headband off-kilter, but the little girl was too busy working that clit to correct it. I slid to the side to check out the effect on Mia's face, and was only a little disappointed to find she wasn't returning the favor, her eyes were closed, face back, although she did still have one finger inside her sister and was working it half-heartedly.

I moved back to check the front, and now Daisy, her head released for a moment, had drawn back, fixed the cat-ear headband, and gotten back to work, now using two fingers, and they were shiny and wet, and I reached for my cock again and knew I couldn't wait much longer. "Okay, I think that's enough. Ready to try getting knocked up?"


Chapter Thirteen:


Daisy nodded eagerly, eyes alight, like I was asking her I could try getting her pregnant, but from behind her I heard Mia say, "Fuck yes..."

I approached, cock in hand, pressed it up towards Mia's hole as Daisy watched, close enough to lick both of us, and looking like she was considering it... and I had a moment of hesitation. My long-lost sense of shame had made a resurgence.

Not that I was going to change my mind and refuse to try and fuck a baby into a twelve-year-old while her sister watched. I was totally going to do that. But I didn't want to just give her one pump and flood her womb, which was what I was probably going to do if I pressed in at my current state... I wanted to at least give her a decent fucking while I knocked her up, a good experience to think back on if pregnancy itself didn't live up to her expectations. That means I had to cool things down, a little bit.

I'd been edged a few times already, what's one more time? "You know what? She's still pretty tight."

Daisy instantly volunteered. "You want me to stretch her some more?"

"No, I think I can get in but... in my bag? The one I brought with me? I had a jar of lube in there. We should use that."

"I'll get it," Mia said, and practically shoved her sister off her.

While she pulled herself into a seated position, I took a chance. "I can run and get it, if you tell me where it is."

That just earned me a suspicious look, like she knew she couldn't trust me to know where it was, that I might take back my stuff or run away. She'd given most of her power away, but she still wanted to hold on to some. She was only half-right, though. If I knew where it was, I definitely would have taken my stuff and run... after I came in her pussy at least once. I always like to leave situations with everybody getting what they want. No reason we can't have a win-win here too despite the rocky start.

Except that she wouldn't give up her leverage so easily. "No, you wait here. I'll get it." To her little sister, she gave a firm, "Make sure he stays here," which left no doubt that I was not trusted... although, I'm not sure how little Daisy would have stopped me if she wanted to. After all, I was more than twice her size. I guess she could yell, which would make Mia leave whatever hiding place my stuff was stashed before I could find them, but there was no sense in testing it. I let Mia go, watching her butt wiggle as she rushed for her door like she couldn't wait to get back with the lube.

Once she was gone, I felt a light poke on my shoulder, and turned to see Daisy, reaching up to me from the bed. She leaned in, and in a conspiratorial whisper, asked, "Hey, can you squirt some cum inside me too?" She leaned back, exposing her hole, and holding it open, leaving no doubt where she wanted it. "Once you're done getting Mia preggers I mean. I want a try too!" She rubbed her tiny stomach as though imagining a little baby in there.

I stared, my mind finding it hard to comprehend. "I... I don't think that's a good idea."

"Please?" she pleaded. That looks like a ridiculously redundant description... of course she pleaded, you might think, that's what saying "Please" is, but no, I mean when she said the words she pleaded with every inch of her face, her blue-green eyes as wide as they could go for maximum sympathy, like she was begging for a puppy or to go to Disneyworld or for the life of her best friend. "I know she wants it all for herself but you can just say it was an accident... we'll rub together and you can say it was an accident and she won't be that mad." That wasn't exactly my concern. Mia, she had a body that could handle a pregnancy, I thought. Daisy would look just obscene, her tiny body with a distended belly... even when a bump was just starting to show it would extend way past where a kid might have boobs, and in the later months... just imagining her walking without falling over was a stretch. Yet, she looked so eager for it, and a demented part of me wanted to try, right then and there, push into her and fill her full of all the sperm that had built up from her sister's plan to edge me into insanity, a plan that clearly worked because I wanted to do it and get caught and teach her a lesson... but I didn't really want to hurt either of them, and especially Daisy who was always so sweet even when blackmailing me.

"I can't get you pregnant," I told her.

"I know," she said sadly. "I haven't had a period yet, I know it won't work for reals, I just want to feel one good squirt, please? If you get a chance?"

Well, if she hasn't had a period yet, what's the harm? a part of me whispered, in the back of my head... well, actually, that part of me was a lot lower down and in front. "We'll see," I said, mostly to stop her from asking when I didn't have the heart to give her an outright no.

Her face lit up like I'd made it a pinky-swear promise, which almost made me want to do that, but I heard her sister's footsteps coming up the hall. Mia didn't strike me as overweight by any means but she sure seemed to walk heavy. The door swung fully open again as she strode through, my little jar of coconut oil-based lube in one hand, nothing in any of the others. Any hopes I might have had that she'd relent and bring my clothes at least were misplaced. "Okay, here you go." She tossed it to me, and I managed to catch it although I had to suddenly bend over and very nearly fumbled it. It bounced once in my hand and I caught it firm on the second bounce. The jar was plastic, not glass, but the lid might have popped off and made a mess everywhere. "Wipe it on and then we can make the beast with two backs."

I always thought that euphemism for sex was silly, but then... what isn't? Bumping uglies, hide the salami, horizontal mambo, storming the pink beach with your purple-headed soldier, statutory rape of a minor under twelve, they were all faintly ridiculous when you thought too deeply about them. What was wrong with plain old sex? However, her particular euphemism did bring up a good point. "Speaking of which, what position do you want to do this in...?"

She sat on the edge of the bed and shrugged. "I don't know, you said there wasn't any in particular that was good for..." I knew what she was getting at, and she knew I knew, so there was no need to spell it out.

"Yeah, they're pretty much the same," I said, and I thought that was true, but the stories I vaguely remember about how it was just an old wives tale that some positions were better might have themselves been myths. It's hard to know what's true out there these days. "But if this is your first time..."

"It's not my first time," she snapped, a snotty look on her face. "I'm taken, remember? Of course I've done it before." Her eyes drifted down between my legs and just a hint of trepidation came into her expression. "Just not with one this big."


Chapter Fourteen:


Of course she'd done it before. Some of the nine-year-old girls I'd met may have been virgins, but this was a sophisticated twelve-year-old we were dealing with here. At least it was good to know that I beat her boyfriend in the cock department. I mean, sure, he was probably a preteen too, so it's not like I'm bragging. But when your cock size is around average, it feels good to be the benchmark of 'big' for once. And with great power, and great comparative cock-size, comes great responsibility. That's why I had an idea for the position we should do it in. "That's what I mean. In this situation, having you be on top might be best. That way you control how fast to take things, I can't hurt you by pushing in too quickly."

"Oh..." She considered it, seemed to like the idea. "Me on top?" The smile faded. "But wouldn't that, like, be the worst for having a baby? Law of gravity?"

"The stats say it's all about the same," I said, and what limited knowledge I remembered, gleaned from having read something on the Internet long ago said that I wasn't outright lying, although privately I thought she might be right... it just seemed, instinctively, that more cum would get to an egg if it didn't have to fight against gravity. It's another reason I suggested that position, in the hopes that I might lower the odds, just a little bit. "You can always get off when you're done, though and, like, sit upside-down." The fact that I suggested that can probably illustrate better than anything else my ambivalent feelings on the matter. I wanted to knock her up, and yet didn't, so I kept doing things that would lower and increase the chances and hoped that fate would play its role and all my influence just averaged out. Aside from the actually cumming inside her part, which probably would be more of a factor than fate. "And if you're on top, there's no chance of me pulling out at the wrong moment."

Her eyes flashed wider for a moment and I knew that settled it. Mia would be on top, and I wouldn't be able to pretend an accident and shoot all over her back or belly if an attack of conscience came upon me in the last minute. My dark side can be crafty and plan ahead. "Okay, then lie down and grease that thing."

The girls shuffled to the side to make room for me on the bed, and I took advantage of it, lying back and scooping out a respectable glob of the creamlike semi-solid oil from the jar. By this point in my life I practically get an erection just from the smell of coconut, not that my erection needed much refreshing at that point, but I did that magic trick where the cream vanished with my own body heat and a little rubbing, leaving only a slick tropical pole for a little girl to enjoy. Of course, there was another part of the trick that would make it even better. "Why don't you use some on her, too?" I suggested to Daisy. "Get her all slippery inside."

The little girl crawled for the jar, got her own scoop, sniffed it, then looked up to her big sister for permission, which must have come telepathically or in the form of a signal so subtle I missed it, because only a few seconds later she was rubbing it all around her sister's mound. Once the outside had a glistening sheen to it, she rubbed along the inside of the slit, working her fingers in again while Mia's body trembled with either enjoyment or anticipation of something bigger. "Okay, I've got to be ready by now," Mia said. Her little sister didn't seem to think so, she leaned down like she was inspecting the pussy, but then started licking like somebody imitating a doggy might, tongue out, two long swipes along the crack. "Hey!" Mia pushed Daisy's head away, but there was a smirk on her face. "I said I was ready. I don't think that's going to make that much difference."

"I was just seeing if it made it taste better," Daisy said, lying back on her palms from the force of her sister's shove. She then turned her head to me and gave a stage-whisper, "It does."

"Okay, get out of the way." Daisy wasn't actually in the way, so the instruction was useless except as a statement of intent. A better one came after she walked on her knees and, lifting one over, began to straddle me. "Let's get to the baby-making."

I somehow found within me the mental discipline to both keep from cumming and yet not lose my erection. It's trickier than it sounds, when a twelve-year-old girl has grabbed your already-far-too-teased cock and rubs it through her slick crack, missing the hole but still feeling a delightful friction as it slides along her labia and clit and mashes against her mound, all while she tries to get it inside and have you impregnate her. The temptation is strong to either let it blast while not fully planted, or to send your mind to deeply unsexy thoughts which might either make you soften or, perhaps worse, threaten to permanently make them as arousing as the smell of coconuts now are to me. In my case, I achieved it with an almost zen-like detachment from thought, except for the drumbeat at the back of my mind, This will certainly get me sent to jail one day, this is the mistake that will lead the cops to my door one day. One day... but not today.

Two sets of well-oiled genitals bumped together for a few breathless seconds until finally they found the place they were meant to connect, and just the tip slipped in, the hole seeming to close back over the ridge of the head of my cock, marking a point where it would now be just infinitesimally easier to slide in deeper than it would be to slip back out. Mia hovered over me. Her little sister watched with wide-eyes.

"Take it as slow as you like," I said through what felt like gritted teeth and held breath. It was mostly the effort of staving off my own orgasm... I supposed it didn't matter to her, just the tip was more than enough to get her pregnant. If I shot now, every drop of my fertile seed would squirt up inside her and probably most of it would have no trouble finding her preteen womb. Whether it was receptive, that was out of my hands regardless, and hers as well, but I couldn't imagine one cockslength distance would make a huge amount of difference to the odds.

I wanted the distance to be short all the same, though. Ultimately, what straight male doesn't want to be balls deep in a girl, even a twelve-year-old? And, of course, I wanted the pleasure to last all the same, especially if this was going to be the last pleasure I had before the cops got me.

Slow was good for that, and she took it slow, sinking down on me, enveloping me, settling upon me, and then not moving, like she needed time to adjust too. But that was fine, being inside and not moving is actually surprisingly good to keep the urges to a manageable level. For me, at least, it's not about being inside a mouth, or pussy, or ass, it's about sensation, movement, friction. As long as the girl's not squeezing down and I can resist the urge to buck up against her, it's like a pleasurable pause pulling me back from the brink of explosion. Mostly, anyway, as long as my brain doesn't go into overdrive, like focusing on the sight of her preteen hole obscenely-stretched around the base of my cock. No, better to watch her face... even if that also means looking at her developing boobs. That wasn't as much danger to trigger me, though.

Finally, after what felt like about a minute of us just lying joined together, I thought I'd be fine to put some motion into it again. I didn't want to push Mia, though, so I was relieved that it was her little sister who asked, "So are you gonna do it, or what? You know you gotta bounce, right?" She demonstrated by bouncing up and down her thighs against the lower portion of her leg.

Mia scowled. "I know!" but she didn't move right away.

It could be I was too much for her and she needed to get used to it. "Take it as slow as you want..."

Maybe she found my concern patronizing, that she didn't want to be treated like a child, because she started lifting herself up and then slamming right back down. As she did, she let out little gasps of exertion... it didn't sound like pain so much as if my dick was knocking the wind out of her every time it bottomed out.

I was just starting to get my own hips in motion, add a little variety and knock her out of her comfort zone (which, as long as it didn't hurt her, I thought was just what she needed to enjoy this whole experience much more), when a shrill male voice, tinny and quiet but sounding like it was intended to be loud, broke the mood. Singing, and not in English. Mia looked around suddenly, until her eyes locked on her phone. It was on the bed, but far out of reach, and the ringtone was the source of the noise. "Gimme!" she said to her sister.

"Really?" Daisy seemed to be speaking my thoughts aloud, albeit in a much cuter little girl voice. "Now?"

"Just give it here!" she snapped. She'd also stopped moving which felt like I was being edged all over again. I mean, the last time, that was on me, but this one was her teasing me and not letting me cum again.


Chapter Fifteen:


If not for my pesky (and, granted, very flexible) morals, I'd have just grabbed Mia's ass and bounced her around like a ragdoll until I filled her twelve-year-old womb. She could answer her phone after that. Or during, I guess, I probably wouldn't care at that point.

Daisy also gave in to what her big sister wanted, retrieved the phone and passed it over. "You keep quiet," Mia said, probably to me, but her eyes were on her phone as she pressed it and put it to her ear.

"Hi!" she said, the most cheerful and high-pitched I'd ever heard her, sounding almost exactly like little Daisy now that I thought about it. "Oh, nothing. What about you?" After a few seconds, she laughed at something the person on the other end said. "Yeah."

This wasn't the first time I fucked someone who was on the phone. There was a little Asian girl in a green school uniform I met in the woods outside her school at lunch, who wanted to me to fuck her ass while she, on the phone with one of her friends, gave a play-by-play of how it felt every second. That girl's surprisingly throaty growls while I pushed inside and she told her friends I was so big, the blush on her face, that only I could see while she confidently called herself a little ass-slut, repeating what her friend on the other end apparently wanted her to say. The memory was vivid, because it functioned as such a turn on then... I liked it much better than the girls who tried to film me with it (even those few I let, like that ill-advised live stream last month, in which I was so worried about my face getting accidentally caught that I can barely remember anything but the sight of my cock pushing through pussy lips on the screen for the times she asked me to hold the phone on her).

This situation wasn't quite as hot, there was a different vibe to it... I felt like I was practically forgotten. It reminded me uncomfortably about dates where the girl I'd asked out spent most of our dinner talking on the phone to a friend.

Mia went on, not even looking at me but seeming instead to focus on one of her posters on her wall. "Oh, that's so sweet! But I can't Facetime right now, bae. I'm, uh, about to take a shower." Her eyes flicked back to me as she smiled down and started a circular grind like she wanted to start a shower inside of her.

My cock swelled inside of her, or tried to, as I realized she was talking to her boyfriend. She'd mentioned she had one, but I guess I, despite everything, still interpreted it as a relationship that was heavily on the rocks... she had a boyfriend but wasn't too attached to him, maybe only had him to try and get pregnant but he couldn't squirt... no, she said he did squirt, just not enough for her tastes. So, assuming more improved her odds, she found somebody else.

Instead, it sounded like she had a fairly lovey-dovey relationship, and just wanted me to knock her up instead of him, without him realizing it. And as much as part of me loathed that idea... that part was not my cock. According to that, and a generous portion of my brain as well, fuck... that just made everything even hotter.

"No, I'm not going to show you!" she said to her phone-boyfriend, although she sounded more amused than offended at the suggestion. "I know, but... look, if I show you every day well then you'll start taking it for granted. Then when we're about to have sex, you won't be as excited." She lowered her voice when she said the word 'sex', a curious display of innocence for a girl who had an adult cock inside of her while she talked on the phone to her unaware presumably preteen boyfriend. "I don't know, maybe tomorrow sometime? If my mom lets me. Well, I hope so! Yeah, me too. Okay... okay... no, wait." She looked down at me, bit her lip and then released it into a grin. "If you wanted, you could just tell me what you wanted to do. Well, use your imagination! Mmm, I'd love that." She chose that moment to slide up and down on me, slowly, so as not to make any noise. "Okay, no, but I like that it makes you feel good baby. You rubbing it? Good." More movement. "Imagine I'm on top, riding you." She scowled for a moment at something he said. "No, on your front, dummy!" She paused, shifting position to put more weight on her knees, then pushed me deeper inside her again, although in this new position, I didn't go as far. "Mmm, I can almost feel you inside me. You gonna shoot your cum inside me?"

Again implying that he could cum already... I still wasn't sure why I was needed here if she already had a boyfriend she was happy with, but I wasn't about to complain, although I did exchange a bit of a questioning look with her little sister as though she might be able to explain what the deal was. Was it possible for a twelve-year-old to have a cheating fetish? Considering nine-year-olds routinely asked me to cum in their asses while spanking them and calling them a bad girl, maybe it's not so out of the question. Daisy's face, though, was silent on the subject, she gave me a shrug and seemed almost as confused as I was. Though she did have, I noticed, one still oiled-up hand playing in her pussy.

"Oh, yeah, it feels so good. Keep going." She was the one who kept going, impaling herself, still only going down about half to three-quarters complete, but even without full stimulation my balls were beginning to churn with that warning tingle. I tried to think of a way to warn her without speaking and, presumably, blowing her phone sex with her boyfriend with the revelation that there was another man in the room with his girlfriend, but her eyes weren't even on me. "Mmm-hmmm," was all she said, repetitions, in various pitches and durations, for the next minute or so, and then she looked down at me and seemed to see some distress on my face. But she didn't get off, or seem inclined to slow down, instead she snapped her fingers once to get her little sister's attention, then made a motion like she was licking her finger and pointed down. Daisy must not have gotten the instruction, because she said, "Mmm, I wish you were here..." and pointed again to the bottom part of my cock that still wasn't quite inside of her, telling her she wanted help to finish me off.

As Daisy moved into position, Mia moved to cut off my chance of spoiling her fun... not by arguing, but by making other sounds, but the hand that wasn't holding her phone soon covered my mouth, and she said, "Oh yeah, it feels so good." She continued to bounce while her sister tried to find space to lick, and I probably would have cum in a few more seconds regardless, but when I felt Daisy's nine-year-old tongue swipe across our joined crotches that triggered the final point of no return, all the pressure I'd been building up had to finally be released. Since I couldn't speak, I think I might have waved and pointed in some last ditch effort to point out was happening, but it's hard to remember clearly when a rush of pleasure's going through your brain and what feels like a geyser is shooting out of your cock. After all that edging, it felt like my balls went concave from the effort, like a juicebox that was sucked so hard every bit of juice was removed and nothing had yet replaced it, the sides pulled in by an absolute vacuum. It also felt like more than I'd ever squirted before, an obscene amount, and as I came down from the orgasm a part of my brain still expected that Mia would be overflowing by now, that there was no way that small body could contain all of what I'd just let out, and, by consequence, if she had fertile eggs, there was nowhere to hide, they would be drowned in cum.

It probably didn't help matters that she was squeezing down on me with a big grin on her face... not like how someone squeezes with an orgasm, but slow, deliberately, like she was trying to milk me of everything inside me. She was also, now, settled all the way down on me, although I was softening so maybe that was easier on her now. "Oh, yeah, I think I just did too," she said, although if she meant orgasm she did it pretty subtly. Of course, it seemed like that wouldn't be the first lie she told her boyfriend. "Oh, I love you too. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow, if not, Facetime, k?"

They had a brief argument, sparked by her boyfriend, over who would hang up first, but soon it was just the three of us and I could finally let out a deep exhalation. "What the hell was that about?" I asked.

"What?" she asked. "I know it's rude or whatever but I'm not going to refuse a call from my boyfriend, that's rude too. We're soulmates."

"If you're soulmates...." I practically growled the words out. Cheating was always a sore spot to me... even though the experiences that most formed it couldn't technically be called cheating since we weren't actually in a relationship, it just felt like it. Now that I wasn't actually aiding and abetting it, my anger had started to return, and bitter memories of my brother and the girl I loved from afar. Remembering Mia was still the only one to be able to return my phone and clothes I grit my teeth and tried to calm down. "If he's your soulmate, why not just get him to knock you up?"

She rolled her eyes, and finally started to pull off me. My cock fell against my belly with a wet plop. "I told you. Cause he, like, barely squirts... I want to get pregnant now. He's still going to be the father so don't get any ideas about that." As she continued, she rolled over on her back and spread her legs, like inspecting the quantity of my load. Some of it was leaking out, but with what I felt like I pumped into, some of it had to be.

"Yeah, well, don't worry about that. But if you care about this guy you really shouldn't cheat on him."

"Maybe, but I'm doing this for him so that makes it okay." She again looked down between her legs, using two fingers to spread her lips. "Too bad you can't tell if it worked right away," she said. "You'll have to try again just to be sure."

Her sister now wanted to see for herself, crawling over the bed and placing herself right between Mia's legs, staring at the hole as thought she could see through the white stream bubbling out and watch the egg being fertilized live. "Wow, there's a lot. Can I taste?" It was a question, but she didn't even wait for an answer, she thrust her head forward and took a lick, only incidentally going for her sister's pussy which she'd already tasted, but rather trying to sweep up a tongue full of semen.

Judging by the expression that flashed across her face in the second I saw her swallowing down a gooey white tongueful and the next second where her sister shoved her away, she didn't like it, but she did swallow. "That's enough," Mia said. "If you want more you can go clean him." My dick just had a faint glazing, mostly liquidy lubrication colored by a little semen that had mixed in.

"That's okay," Daisy said, confirming my guess. "It wasn't as good as I thought it would be." Then, as though worried she might offend me, she said, "It's not that bad." She ran her hand over my cock regardless, scooping up the dregs along the edge of her hand, and then pinched some between two fingers. "It's super fun to play with, like with how sticky and slimy it is, but..." A sniff and a wrinkled nose confirmed that she disliked it a lot more than she was letting on. "I just thought it'd taste more, you know, like cream."

I wasn't bothered... most girls weren't fond of the taste, although there were a few who were... I remember a sweet blonde girl making her tongue into a little cup with a little cloverlike shape at the end made out of folds I never could do, and she not only loved me filling it up but seemed to enjoy the taste. So what if Daisy didn't like it... I was still recovering from a confusing mix of emotions, and there wasn't room for hurt feelings except from my own self-recriminations. "It's okay. I'm sure that probably did the job, though, so maybe I should get going..." If they gave me my stuff back.

It was like one of those movies where aliens realize that there's a human in their midst, their heads swiveled as one with some kind of death glare that must have been a family trait. "No, you're not done yet. You still need to fuck her." Mia pointed at her little sister, who's grim expression broke and she smiled again, wiggling her lower body alluringly.


Chapter Sixteen:


It's not like I didn't want to also fuck Daisy, "But..."

"And cum in me again when you're done." When her sister Mia said this, Daisy's smile once again melted into something like a pout, and I remembered our whispered conversation.

That was almost enough to make me eager for another go, the thought of defying Mia by 'accidentally' cumming inside of her sister, but I definitely needed some time to recover, and my balls felt empty. But, because of that, my brain was working again. "Look, I can't promise I'll be ready to do it again, and who knows when your parents will be home..."

"Relax, we've got time," Mia said, but I knew from my own experience... you always expected you knew how long your parents would take, and then suddenly something would happen and you'd be scrambling to hide something from them because they suddenly had a headache or someone cancelled and they returned way ahead of schedule.

Except this time instead of something small and easily concealable like a joint, it would be a whole person, me. "It's better to be safe than sorry."

"You have to do my butt," Daisy said, now approaching death-stare territory again. "You have to at least try. We agreed. Those are the rules."

Of course, the phone app game that got me into this situation... everything you agreed on before the meeting, you had to do. Otherwise you lose... respect and maybe 'points' in some ranking I never understood. Even though it was all on the honor system, kids could be surprisingly honorable... it was just wildly inconsistent honor. Cheating on your boyfriend and getting pregnant, fine, breaking the rules of a sex game, forbidden. Just like how someone can start the filthiest rumors about their best friend behind their back, but never go after their friend's crush, even if it's mutual attraction between them and only a fantasy with the friend. Or sometimes the exact opposite. Inconsistent, as I said. Everything against the rules or tradition is forbidden except when it's no big deal, and vice versa, but when the rules are firm they're absolute, and that's what it felt like right now. I was going to have to try to fuck this nine-year-old.

Poor me, right? "I'll try, but all that edging wore me out." With one hand, I flopped my dick over, demonstrating that I wasn't going to be getting into any asshole now. It was very possibly true that it was out of commission for hours, and maybe by saying it that way, blaming the edging, they'd blame Mia instead of me. "It might take a while."

Daisy practically dove onto my belly and clutched my soft dick like she thought I was faking it, but maybe she just wanted a closer look like she had with the creampie. She reminded me of a human-shaped puppy, bouncing between things that interested her. "I thought guys could just go again. Guys in my class don't shoot but they have the thing and they stay hard after."

I'd heard that, but the first time I remember having an orgasm I was already cumming, so I never experienced the supposed multi-orgasmic nature of prepubescent male orgasms for myself. "Sperm makes all the difference. And as you get older, it takes more out of you."

"Neat." She let my dick drop and then sniffed her hand, dabbed a bit more of the slimy residue against the tip of her tongue, as though checking if it was still as bad as she remembered, and wiped the rest on the bedsheet... which shot a jolt of foreboding through me, but I figured if I wasn't already dead by the time her parents washed the bedsheets and, potentially, noticed a cum stain, it wouldn't be long after anyway and the dead man's calm took over. "Anything we can do to make it go faster? I can dance again? Or lick Mia again while you watch?"

"Sure. Or if she doesn't want you licking her, maybe she could lick you." I shrugged at Mia's look... "Fair is fair. You want the cum, you should be willing to help, right?"

"I'd rather she licks me," Mia said, one side of her face scrunched up in distaste at the other prospect. "It's not really that fun to be the licker."

"Seems pretty fun to me. do you not do it that much with the people you meet? Or do you not meet girls?"

She scoffed, "I don't really use the app thing myself... but yeah, if I did I'd only meet guys and once I get pregnant probably just for blowjobs. Cause I have a boyfriend."

And what a lucky guy he was. "So can I lick you so he gets hard?" Daisy asked.

Mia waved a hand in bored agreement. "Fine, but just stick to the outside, I mean, I guess the stuff that's already dripped out isn't going to get me pregnant anyway, right?"

I rolled onto my side, an elbow on the bed and a hand supporting my head so I could get a better look at the incestuous preteen lesbian creampie scene I never knew I needed. Maybe it made my dick dribble a little on Mia's bedspread from that angle, but, in my book, it was a small price to pay, especially since I wasn't the one who had to live with it. Just like I wouldn't be the one who had to take care of a baby if I'd just put one in her. Sure, I still felt for the girl but she chose it. Just like her sister was choosing to lick her pussy, which I could only hope would make them closer. Maybe after I was gone they'd bond and take care of each other's orgasms whenever required so they could abandon this dangerous app dating game and just use each other when they got horny.

It was a nice dream, not that I saw it as likely. Especially since Mia seemed to be too selfish to help her little sister cum. Still, embracing that dream in my imagination, as well as watching Daisy's eager licking up of my cum (which, even though she apparently wasn't too fond of the taste, wasn't bad enough that it seemed to dampen her enthusiasm for pussy-licking), returned life to my previously exhausted dick.

And since I wanted to get my obligation out of the way so I was free to leave, as soon as I felt like I wouldn't go soft at the slightest resistance or pain (since I was still a little sore), I said, "Okay, I think I'm ready to go here." Almost as soon, I guess I did spend a little longer than strictly necessary watching Mia relax in a pleasure she didn't think she should be enjoying quite so much. I've been there, my first blowjob from a nine-year-old.

Once I did announce my intention, little Daisy immediately abandoned her sister's pussy and crawled back to my side, looking at my cock like it was the first time. She even grabbed it and ran her hand up and down the length, which was still faintly sticky from last time. "Do you think it will fit?"

It seemed a little late to be concerned about that, but I didn't want to hurt her either. "Maybe. We'll try with my fingers first, okay? Get me the oil."

She only had to extend her arm to reach it, and soon it was in my hands, while she bent over in front of me, exposing her butt and both hands on her cheeks, pulling outwards so both her holes were visible and prominent. I rubbed two greasy fingers all along the crack and tickled the butthole with one. At least it seemed relatively clean... I wondered if the girls had, like me, taken baths or showered just before our scheduled date. Not all kids are, unfortunately, as good about cleanliness. Not that I'm one to talk, at their age I was much worse. And I feel like most of the ones who participate in the sex game are above average just from peer pressure... I imagine no little girl wants to get buttfucked and have the guy later complain about her being dirty. So, see, there are benefits to this explosion of preteen sexuality after all... much better hygiene.

With one finger I pressed forward, not too forcefully, but just enough that it gave way, admitted me inside, closed around me and made the little girl squirm and giggle. Her torso sank into the bed but her ass kept high and alert, like it had taken over her, and I had taken over it... as my hand moved, so did her tiny perfect butt. "See?" she said. "It doesn't even hurt." I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or her sister. "I can totally take it all! Go on, do it!"


Chapter Seventeen:


I normally like to loosen girls up a little more, but Daisy seemed pretty into it with just my finger, and I wanted to fulfill my ass-fucking obligations as part of the game so I could duck out when necessary. So I pulled my finger out, got some more lube, and oiled myself up more just in case. "Okay, but tell me if it hurts and I'll stop."


As I moved my legs up against her, she reached between her own thighs and got hold of me. Assuming she wanted to guide me in at her own pace, I took my hands away and stayed in position. Instead of pointing me towards her butthole though, instead she drew the head of my penis lower, ramming it against her vulva, not all the way in the hole, but swabbing it along like that was the intention. When finally my head rested against the entry, she pulled lightly on my dick and said, "Just think, if you came right now, I could get pregnant too!" It was possible she already could, just from whatever leftover cum might have been on the head of my cock, or from a squirt of precum that I felt ooze out at her words.

"Yeah, well, he's not doing that," Mia said. She was watching us, through half-closed eyes, looking a little like she was ready to just nod off for a nap, but still had to supervise her little sister getting butt-fucked. The voice beneath the sleepy expression, though, was firm, warning.

"I just said 'if'," Daisy said, and I remembered her earlier request for me to secretly cum inside her. She was still stroking the slippery outer surface of my cock, and her pussy lips seemed to nibble on the head, like she was hoping that I'd have an "accident" and fill her with the cum she wanted. If they were still edging me, it's very likely I would have, but she was out of luck (or, depending on your perspective, lucky), because although I might have been hard, I still wasn't quite recovered enough to cum. Since I didn't, she readjusted, aimed me upwards for another, probably more easily stretchable hole and pulled me forward again.

It was actually painful at first... for me, at least. If she was in pain as I penetrated her ass, she didn't give much sign... some sounds of strain, sure, like she was lifting something, but when a kid's really hurt they usually scream or cry and there was none of that. For me, it hurt, the tightness combined with the tenderness from a too-recent orgasm. Not too bad, not enough for me to stop (if a nine-year-old can be a trooper about getting an ass-fucking, I can certainly be one about giving her one!), but enough that it deserves mention. It's not all kisses and orgasms being one of the star attractions in a preteen sex game, sometimes it hurts. For a little while, anyway. Once my head got through the tight ring of her ass, the pain eased off as well, maybe not completely, but enough that the pleasure outweighed it as I felt myself sinking more into this little girl, feeling her accommodate to me, and even when she squeezed around me it just excited me more.

Her obvious enthusiasm didn't hurt. Once I was maybe a quarter of the way in, she began pushing back, first experimentally, like she was worried it might hurt her, but then as though she was determined to get me deeper inside her. "Oh my god!" she cried with the excitement of a child meeting her favorite band. "This feels so weird but I love it! " She looked back at me, with a smile but sort of an ugly one, with one eye squinting practically shut, and then turned towards her sister. "You've gotta try this sometime!"

Mia's face told the whole story, skepticism mixed with disgust, like she couldn't imagine somebody liking that. "Uh, no." I guess I couldn't really blame her, I never really saw the appeal myself, at least of being on the receiving end. Then again, I never saw the appeal of fucking kids before I did it myself, so maybe I'm missing out.

"Your loss," Daisy said, and flexed her butt around my cock. "Go harder!"

I didn't take that completely to heart... I mean, I did press in a little more forcefully, but I was still holding back. "Doesn't that hurt?" her sister asked.

"I guess, but it's oily so not really. It feels so big, though! I could never fit all this in my hoo-ha, but in my butt, I love it! Big is definitely better!" Great, another girl I was turning her into an anal sex size queen. Of course, she was still too little to be a queen, so I guess she'd have to be an anal sex size princess, which didn't seem quite so bad. And another good niche underage porn site idea, if the laws ever changed.

So I gave the little princess a little more to enjoy, holding onto her waist and practically feeling my balls kick into production again, building up another load, and maybe there was a telepathic anal sex connection I'd never heard of because she also reached below herself to rub me there, a little encouragement, on-and-off though, like she was taking turns between stroking my balls and rubbing her pussy.

I was just beginning to think about what I should do when I was about to cum--warn them so I could cum in Mia again, cum in Daisy's warm tight asshole and call it an accident, or blow my load just as I pull out, 'accidentally' push up against her pussy hole as I did, and try to knock both girls in one night--when, wouldn't you know it, Mia's phone rang again. "Stop, stop," Mia said. "It's Mom."

Jesus Christ, that was the second time tonight, probably second time in less than an hour... couldn't this helicopter mom relax one minute while I finished fucking her youngest daughter's ass and decided where to cum? Sure, that was unfair, but a man's probably at his most monstrous when his dick is in charge and his balls are begging to be drained. Instead, for the third time that night I stood rock still and tried not to get too excited while Mia spoke to someone on the phone she didn't want to know I was here.

"Yeah. Yeah. We did. I don't know. Okay, I will. I will. I'll tell her once I'm off the phone. Wait! How long are you going to be? Just wondering. Okay. Yeah, fine. You too. I will. Bye." She disconnected the call, let the phone dangle off her finger on the ring-stand, and looked to her sister. "Okay, Mom wants you to get ready for bed when she gets home so get his cock out of your butt and change into your pajamas.

"Aww! But it feels good! I want to keep doing it!" She pushed back hard against me, so hard that I would have imagined it had to be painful for her, but she showed no sign.

"He's probably close to shooting anyway." Little Daisy squeezed her butt down on me as trying to encourage me to 'slip' but I wasn't quite that close yet. Mia put her big-sister voice on like she noticed the attempt anyway. "Get off. Now!"

Daisy groaned, but started crawling forward while I lightly pulled back, and soon I was squeezing past the tight ring again, not so tight this time around. Still, I felt the moment I slipped free as almost a pop, and watched as a little girl's gaping butthole slowly started to close up. That's something you don't see every day. Maybe once every couple weeks if you're as lucky as me. The sigh she let out, like that feeling was itself a pleasurable change after how I'd stretched her out, was a bit of a rarer pleasure.

"Go," Mia said, sliding up beside her sister and giving her a gentle shove off the bed and, generally, towards the bedroom door. "Get your PJs on. Don't brush your teeth yet in case you need to suck his cock again later."

Again? How much cum did this girl think she could squeeze out of me? "So, what, now we have sex again?" I assumed that was what would come next, anyway, since she'd mentioned I was close to shooting. I was wrong. "Eww, no." Her face scrunched up comically. "You gotta wash your dick first, that was just in my sister's butt, I'm not putting it in me."

"Fair enough."

"You know where the washroom is."

Standing in the bathroom, using purple foaming kids hand soap to wash my cock clean of lube and juices from a nine-year-old's ass so I could try to impregnate her twelve-year-old sister, I had cause to reevaluate my life.

I liked it a lot, I decided after the evaluation was complete. Even if it was fucking ridiculous sometimes, and was likely to get me dead soon.


Chapter Eighteen:


My cock more or less clean, I returned to the bedroom, where Daisy was back, dressed in a one-piece fuzzy pajama, pink with yellow emoji-faces all over it. When she turned to see me with a smile, I noticed that it zipped up in the front... but she hadn't, she'd left hers zipped all the way down, so that I could see her bare pussy peeking out at the bottom, and if she stood at certain angles her nipples would probably be exposed too.

Her sister was finally off the bed too, having finally decided to do something to cut out any potential mess, which was to lay a wide beach towel over the front of the bed. She was bent over smoothing it out when I came in, and though my cum wasn't obviously dripping out of her anymore, I could still see her hole glisten as she bent. It may have been a little late, but it was probably a good move.

Mia sat on the towel, naked, and stretched, looking at me. "Okay, so, on top was fun but I still think too much came out. Maybe you should be on top when we do it this time."

"But he's not hard anymore!" Daisy pointed out, although this was an exaggeration. Washing my cock may have dampened my enthusiasm a little, sure... I was once again in the state where I was swollen but just not jutting out proudly. Even though I might have been dangling a little, I'd still consider myself 'hard' on the whole.

"So, use your mouth!" Mia suggested.

"Let's let him rub it here instead." The little girl spread open her pussy lips just above the zipper of her pajamas. It looked like a crowd of smiley faces approved of the action. Well, most of them approved, a few were grumpy, angry, or quietly dubious.

Her sister was among the faces with a more dubious look. "I told you, he's too big for you there."

"Not the whole thing! Just the tip! Then when he's ready to cum he can push it in you." She shot me an sideways grin and her eyes twinkled and I once again thought of her request for one squirt for herself. This was her way to get it, at least in her mind. If I was willing to play along, and her sister didn't commandeer my cock.

The realization did make my cock get noticeably more erect, which worked against Daisy's plans. "See? He's hard enough already," Mia said.

I'll give her credit, the little girl wasn't willing to give up so easily. "That means he likes the idea though!"

That was when I had to admit, to myself at least, that I did... the body doesn't lie. But I had to choose my course carefully, after all, disappointing either girl could lead to trouble especially when they still had something on me. Unless... "How about this," I said, words coming out almost as fast I thought of the idea. "I'll play 'just the tip' with Daisy here..." Her face lit up with an excited, triumphant smile, and I looked to the somewhat sulky-looking Mia. "While you get my phone and clothes and bag back for me."

"I told you, you'll get them back when we're done..."

"I've already cum in you once. I've fucked Daisy's ass like I promised. I've done pretty much everything you've asked, and I'll even give you another load. It's time for you to give a little too." She didn't answer right away, just wrinkled her lips like she had something unpleasant in her mouth, or was wrestling with what to say, or both. Since she didn't, I nudged the little sister and said, "Get on the bed. We can have some fun until she gets back."

You've probably never seen a little girl so eager to jump on a bed. She rolled on her back and let her legs dangle off the edge, and lifted her hips just enough so that her pussy jutted out of her unzipped emoji pajamas like a prime target. I crouched down to give it a lick, and an adorable giggle escaped her lips, but then she said, "Rub your dick on it, maybe you'll cum before she gets back."

She hadn't even left yet, but I looked over as I stood up between Daisy's outstretched legs and saw Mia, who looked like she'd eaten a whole lemon, suddenly start moving off her bed. Before long, the twelve-year-old was out of the room and I was left with a quickly-growing-fully-erect cock laying over the mound of an adorable nine-year-old.

I did that deliberately, laid it on top, the base of my shaft lying between her pussy lips and feeling the sharp tickle of her pajama zipper on my ballsack, mostly for the visual, to picture just how far I'd go if I went inside her, balls deep. Not that I planned to, she was nine and looked it, and, no lie, my cock reached past her belly-button, practically up to the bottom of her ribcage. I didn't want to think about what it would do to her.

Neither did she, I guess, because her eyes bulged out. "I can't get that all inside me! Even if it fit in my butt!" It didn't, at least, not all the way, though maybe she assumed it had, since she wasn't facing me. "Just rub on the hole, okay?"

"That was that plan," I said, and pulled back, directing the swollen head at her crack. As I pushed forward again, not forcefully so as to go inside, but just to build up a little friction, she helped, using her fingers to pull apart her lips, exposing a tiny pink hole that I swabbed with my cock and left glistening with an ejection of precum.

Precum often contained actual sperm cells, I remembered again from some long-ago sex-ed lesson. Theoretically, I could have impregnated her already, although the odds were low even if you didn't take her age into account. But my cock didn't care about odds any more than it did about morality, the thought made it happy enough to produce another wet pearl, which I ploughed up her slit and across the nub of her baby clitoris. "Faster," she said in a whisper. "She'll be back soon. Try to cum faster."

I dipped back in, pressing against her outstretched hole, nestling just a moment in a groove that should have made it easier to stay on course than to duck out of it, but I was slick and determined not to so I popped back on top. Still, I felt like one of those cheap plastic "get the silver ball into the indentation" games, the ones where you think everything's in place but one pops out of the hole it was made for and you have to shake it again.

It got harder to slip out, paradoxically, as my glans got greasier and greasier, because after the first few strokes, she seemed to squeeze her hole around me the moment I pressed in, like giving me a kiss on my cock head... a sloppy wet one, though that was more my fault than hers.

I could hear her sister, rushing to get here before a cumshot, and I guess Daisy did too, because she whispered, "You can stick it in." My eyes must have widened in shock because she quickly added, "Not all the way! Just the mushroom." I assumed she meant the head, which didn't look that much like a mushroom, but might just get this little girl a personal 1-UP. Maybe she'd name the kid Mario.

These stupid comments were running through my head as she pulled her lips apart again exposing the hole, stretching it, suggesting that maybe it would fit after all. Who knew what she'd already put up there, some girls her age were already stretchy enough to accommodate, and I guess I wanted to believe she was too, so I took my cock in and pushed, and sure enough, the head seemed to vanish inside just as Mia walked into the room.

"Okay," she said. I used my hand to jerk the remainder of my dick, not willing to full-on fuck this little girl but wanting desperately to get off inside of her before Mia spoiled the fun. "Okay," she repeated, louder. "I've got your stupid stuff."

I looked but didn't pull out. There it was, my clothes in a pile, and I could even see my phone case on top of that pile. "Thanks," I said. I stopped jacking myself, feeling that would look inappropriate, but I didn't make any move to extricate myself from between her little sister's legs.

Mia dropped the pile on the floor and hopped on the bed beside her sister... I could feel the vibration as her sister bounced a little and my dick bounced along. "So, time's up, get it out and put it in me now."

An idea hit me. "I can't," I said.


Chapter Nineteen:


Telling a girl who wants you that you can't put it inside of her is probably a disappointment whether she's twelve or a hundred and twelve. Mia's face turned red and it looked like she might throw my stuff against a wall, but instead she said, "You promised!"

I didn't recall ever saying the words "I promise" but my memory might not have been at its best... even if other parts of my thinking were razor sharp. I tried to make my voice as conciliatory as possible. "I would, but..." I winced as a squeeze came around me from Daisy. I'd stopped milking myself, but she hadn't. That made what I was about to say very close to true. "I'm at a point where... if I move to pull out, it's going to tip me over."

"What?" Mia looked behind me as though she thought I meant physically.

"I mean if I move any more, I'm going to cum right now." Another squeeze from the littler sister which proved me a liar while helping to nudge me on the path to truth and righteousness. Well, truth, anyway. "I'll probably lose most it before I get to you." I could see the pained, half-angry look on Mia's face and as much as I didn't want to disappoint Daisy, I didn't want to leave her unsatisfied either. I was hoping she'd come to the conclusion to save me from having to suggest it, but she didn't, so, I did. "Why don't you climb on top of your sister, put your pussy right here, so I can pull out and then put it in you right away."

Her anger calmed some, now that I'd given her an actual plan rather than just an excuse. "Fine," she said, but she didn't move right away, instead staring at the intersection of adult cock and nine-year-old pussy as though with some unformed feelings of desire or jealousy or both. Then I felt another squeeze and heard a soft thwap as Mia swatted her little sister on her flat chest. The unexpected pain caused Daisy to jolt which almost made me cum along, which made it all the more ironic when Mia said, "Stop trying to make him cum!"

"Oww! I'm not!" The hit, though unexpected, didn't look like it was that forceful, but little Daisy milked it, wincing, looking like she was the most abused little sister in the world... for a few seconds anyway, then she was ready to milk me again, at least the moment her sister wasn't looking.

That happened when her sister swung a leg over her body, almost riding her like she once rode me, except without a dick to latch onto. She bent forward and presented herself, but that meant Daisy could get a few sneaky squeezes in. "Stop it," Mia said, looking her sister in the eye from on top, although it could have been just a guess, a pre-emptive warning... which didn't even work, I still felt the clenching. "Okay, pull out then."

Instead of doing that right away, I let my left hand warm up her pussy, digging in with more force than I'd normally use, hoping she was getting close to an orgasm already, but mainly, it was cover. My other hand dropped to the base of my shaft, and I gave it a few stealthy tugs, which was, at this point, all I needed to genuinely start the ejaculation process, then I did what at that moment felt like the hardest thing I'd ever have to do... pull out when every primal instinct was screaming 'go balls deep.' I could feel the firehose of pressure rising up my dick, and the tight hole seeming to suck on the head, not to mention the enormous, delicious wrongness of what I was doing, and I shot out a jet of cum into Daisy just before I slipped free. Immediately I diverted my dick upwards, pressed in, covering Mia's outer lips with a dribbly glaze. Once my head was in the older sister, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on me, satisfying that balls-deep impulse at last, even though, in the middle of an orgasm, albeit a weaker, second-in-under-an-hour orgasm, I didn't entirely appreciate the sensation, it just seemed like the natural move. Like a GEICO commercial. When you're trying to get a twelve-year-old pregnant, you stick your dick as far inside as you can. It's what you do.

I let the orgasm die out, then withdrew, dragging my balls back over Daisy's mound and leaving a little trail, but when I got my distance, there was more cum than that, some was definitely leaking out of her hole... she got her wish and got a squirt and I realized that it was at least theoretically possible I'd inseminated two sisters with one ejaculation. Probably not, for any number of reasons, but the pride at the potential achievement unlocked mingled with guilt and horror at what I'd just potentially done. Even if they wanted it, a part of me still realized that it could fuck up their lives as surely as it'd end my own. Now that arousal wasn't flooding my brain, both were things that bothered me a lot more.

Daisy squirmed out between her sister's legs by sliding through the gap I'd left by stepping back and off the bed entirely, then looked at her own pussy with a grin. I only appreciated the childlike excitement for a moment before I was looking at my clothes. Get while the getting's good, it doesn't only apply to oversexed preteens. I started to dress quickly.

"You're going?" Daisy asked, her smile fading. Mia, meanwhile, had rolled onto her back, and was watching me like she was wondering the same thing but didn't seem to particularly care except as a matter of curiosity. Her breathing was deep and I wondered if she had a quiet orgasm herself while I was busy and she was just too stoned on endorphins to be overly bothered if I left without giving her a third fuck.

"Yeah, I think I better," I said. My pants were on, and I checked quickly to make sure my keys and wallet were in place before I grabbed my shirt. "This was a lot of fun, but... your parents could come home at any minute."

"You could stay," Daisy suggested, eyes bright and hopeful. "You could hide in my closet! Then when they fall asleep..." She trailed off, assuming I'd get the point. Maybe try to impregnate her again... maybe fuck her ass... maybe hold hands and kiss. Who knows what goes on in a nine-year-old's mind?

Regardless of what exact scenario she was picturing, it was surprisingly appealing a thought, even though it included hiding in a closet for who knew how many hours. I suppose it was more that she wanted me to than anything else... honestly, that's what keeps me doing this more than the sex itself, the insane feeling that a little girl wants me to, is happy for it.

The dirty, risky sex is pretty good on its own, of course, and if I hadn't just cum twice in short succession the mental image of sleeping over and fucking this little girl while her parents were just down the hall would have gotten me hard again (and did later when I was alone and reliving the memories).

Of course I couldn't stay. Now that I was in my right mind again, self-preservation kicked in, and more than a little guilt... even with all I've said about not giving a fuck, sure, a part of me worried. I looked down at her and stroked her head carefully. "I'd love to, but, your parents would kill me. And I snore." She frowned at that, and let go. "Best that I just go, so no questions are asked. But I'm never gonna forget this night, and, who knows, maybe one day..."

Maybe one day they'd become obviously pregnant and the story would come out and I'd literally die because of this night. But that was a downer, so I just let them imagine what I was going to say. I did bend down to kiss Daisy on the forehead, which made her brighten a little, then waved at Mia, who didn't seem as interested in me now that she'd gotten my cum. She did wave back, though.

And with that, I was out of there. Every instinct told me to run, down the stairs and out of the house, jump a fence even, but I took it at a normal pace, except for one heart-pounding moment when I moved from their yard into the street where I probably moved far too quickly in an effort to not be suspicious and in the process became suspicious to anyone who might have been looking. I don't think anyone was, at least, and if they did they probably just thought I was stealing something and didn't interfere.

Once I was on the sidewalk, as far as anybody was concerned, I was just another citizen, invisible, or at least, forgettable. Daisy and Mia's parents might even have passed me on my way to collect my car, for all I know, never knowing the potentially permanent gift I'd given to their daughters.




Back to my life, I enveloped myself in guilt for a little while, and fear, but then reminded myself repeatedly I was a dead man already, and both slowly faded. And within a few days I was back on the Molestr app, searching for more fun.

I told Daisy I'd never forget that night, and of course, how could I? I could go back to my life as if I'd never met them, but the memories would stay with me, and I couldn't exactly let those go, or the desire for closure, to at least know the results of my actions. That was more difficult than I expected. They never contacted me, through the app or otherwise, to tell me any results, and I never contacted them, following my long-standing rule, and in this case assuming that they wanted it this way. I could have left it like that, maybe, respected the girls wishes like I'd always tried to before, but... it was a new situation in some ways. Even if Mia might have intended that I just function as a sperm donor and forget about her, well, I had an interest, didn't I? And I knew their social media accounts, both the ones I used to scout out the situation at first, and ones I subsequently found with a little digging.

So I kind of stalked the girls a little bit, just online, never talking to them, but wondering if my seed had borne fruit, so to speak.

I'll never know. Not for sure, anyway. Because... let's face it, if these girls fucked me from this app, who knows who else they might have done. Or, for that matter, Mia's boyfriend might not squirt much but he might still produce enough sperm to have a baby. I might have been completely superfluous.

But I'm pretty sure there's one kid out there with at least a chance of being biologically mine. Or will be, anyway. Since it looks like Mia turned up pregnant. It's hard to say for sure, they don't announce that sort of thing on social media outright, but, you know, pointed comments on vague posts, followed by her almost disappearing from Facebook, and some comments from Daisy on her own account being jealous. Clearly something went down. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, by the way, but Daisy was way too young to have her own Facebook account... I mean, sure, she's too young for me to squirt cum into too, but I don't claim to be a perfect person. In any event, no cops have shown up at my door yet, so I'm assuming she stuck to her story and her boyfriend's going to be an InstaDad.

I feel a little bad about that. And though a part of me wishes otherwise, I don't really feel bad that Daisy seemingly was in fact too young to get pregnant. But I'm also relieved, on both counts. Maybe I'm a monster, but it was probably too dangerous for her. And I'm still a dead man, but having a potential legacy out there makes me feel that I'll live on in some way, and that's like a weight off my shoulders I didn't even know I had. Even if I'll never know for sure, at least not without a DNA test that I might only take after I was in police custody and probably beyond caring.

As for the future, or as much of it as I have until that day comes? I decided to be more careful of little girls, try to make sure I keep my cum in their mouths or little asses, just in case. It seemed like the responsible thing to do. Unless they told me they wanted to get pregnant, and then I'd have to weigh the pros and cons of that particular case. I also decided to start aiming upwards, looking for girls that were a little more likely to want to get pregnant. That damn mixed conscience. Or maybe I'm not immune to risk compensation myself. While I decided to be safer, I couldn't stop myself from taking bigger risks as well.

Either way, there was no way this event was going to make me quit. That would take something much more special.

The End

Moralistic Disclaimer For Those Who Have Trouble Separating Fantasy From Reality: This story is 100% fantasy. The app described here doesn't exist, nor does anything like the game, at least to the best of my knowledge. If it did, it would be a horrible mistake on both a practical and moral level, to join in, and the interest in and enjoyment of sex among children is probably not portrayed realistically. Even if it was, the fact that a young girl seems to initiate a sex act doesn't make going for it okay. The rationalizations the main character makes are likewise only to service the fantasy, not to excuse a similar situation in reality. I hope you enjoyed the story. But in reality, if an underage girl tries to get you to impregnate her, just say no.

If There's Ever a Third One:

Fanart: An anonymous fan commissioned the artist Temon to draw a picture of one of the girls using the app here (Pixiv account may be required, and link is to drawn art depicting minors in sexual situations which may be illegal in your jurisdiction, click at your own risk). This exact event doesn't actually occur as drawn in this story, but I might work it explicitly into a sequel.

This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.

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