This is a fanfiction (or perhaps fapfiction), set in the Legend of Korra universe, set during episode 8, "When Extremes Meet". It was written within a day of the first airing of the episode. I don't normally write erotic fanfic, but something in this episode inspired me.

I do not own these characters. This is strictly a parody for amusement's purposes only.

The Legend of Korra fapfic: In Through The Window (Mako/Jinora) (Mg, loli, parody, oral)

Mako rolled over, switching from lying on his right side to his left, letting out an exasperated breath as he did. It was hard to get to sleep, no matter what position he'd tried. It wasn't the bed, even though it was just a thin straw mat on a wooden frame with some light woven covers... the Air Temple monks lived a sparse existence. But he'd lived on the street long enough to appreciate any kind of bed, so that didn't bother him. It wasn't the temperature, either, although if that sudden gust of wind kept up, he might have to close the window. Knowing his luck, it would need to be done just as he's almost fallen asleep. If nothing else, the room was quiet, compared to back at the Pro-Bending Arena. The little girl who'd shown them their rooms had done him one favor, even if accidentally. His brother's room was on the other side of the building, so he wouldn't have to listen to Bolin's snoring. It should have been a pretty good place to sleep, all in all... and even the wind had died down.

No, the only thing keeping Mako awake were his thoughts, thoughts of his girlfriend Asami, and, unfortunately, thoughts of Korra, too. He didn't want to be so conflicted, he'd made a choice and wanted to be loyal. He genuinely cared about Asami, and she needed him right now, but the problem was... somehow when the Avatar was nearby, he felt so alive. And they worked so well together, whether it was during the Pro-Bending matches or earlier that evening, out capturing those Equalists. Asami had been great, too, but was a little tense around him after the car chase, like she was punishing him for something he'd done but wouldn't even admit that was what she was doing. Because of how standoffish she was, he hadn't even suggested they get together and fool around like he'd planned to, which left him hot and horny, exacerbating his problem with getting a good night's sleep. He was hard, his manhood a hot staff that, at times like this, felt capable of firebending on its own initiative.

He normally had better control of his urges, but he'd gotten too used to Asami taking care of him... they hadn't had sex, yet, but her tongue could do wonders. Yet, it was Korra's tongue he was thinking of, her tongue, her large breasts, her toned body, her delicious-looking dark skin, like some kind of tea, and her soft lips.

If only he could have both of them, he thought, and his cock spasmed at the thought. The two girls, both on him at the same time, like the harems Tahno used to brag about. That would be something. Maybe they'd even play with each other, and he had a vivid mental picture of a Korra's lips planting kisses up and down a white breast, followed by Asami's pale face buried between dark legs, her wonderful tongue working its magic deep inside the Avatar.

Mako groaned, and flung back the covers. He didn't like masturbating, feeling it made him weak, but the season was over, and Bolin wasn't nearby. His cock filled his hand, and he gave it one long stroke... when he heard a soft gasp.

Mako's eyes fluttered open and he looked around the room. "Who's there?" He couldn't see anybody, and it wasn't especially dark... the light of the moon came right into his room... but there was a shadow. His gaze shot to the window, where he could see a small silhouette perched there. Could it be Equalists, here? Mako sat upright and focused his chi around one hand, to call into existence a small flame, illuminating the figure with its light and got ready to toss fire at a moment's notice.

It was a young girl, in a short orange night-gown that left most of her thin legs bare. She was pretty... well, cute, really, she wasn't quite old enough to be pretty, but cute was definitely an appropriate word, with fine features and brown eyes. Her hair arced around her face, and there was a small bun at the top, like a little ball, just slightly off-centered. More importantly, it wasn't an Equalist. He recognized her... Tenzin's daughter, the one who had showed him to this room. Her name came to his lips, in surprise and a little relief. "J-Jinora?"

"I'm sorry," she whispered. She wasn't meeting his eye, and at first he thought she was feeling guilty, but then he realized what she was staring at. His cock was still out, and even still hard. Mako hurriedly pulled the covers to cover himself as an all-over blush began to form.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I flew," she said. "I can fly, sort of. I don't even need a glider. It's a trick I figured out myself... it only works with this nightgown, see..." The fabric billowed outward as wind filled it, and suddenly, it lifted her off the windowsil. That wasn't all it did, either. The bottom hem of the nightgown lifted up past her bellybutton, giving anyone who was watching her attempt to fly a clear view of the bottom half of her body. Mostly, Mako only saw her side, but as she landed on the floor and turned, before the skirt settled back down he caught a glimpse of the tight little slit between her legs. "See?"

"That wasn't what I asked," Mako said, trying to dispel the memory. His cock had been softening, but now it was right back where it was before he'd discovered her. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh..." Jinora said, looking shyly away. "Watching you?"

He'd noticed, earlier, the overanxious way she offered to show them to their rooms when they arrived, and how she kept offering to get them anything they needed. He had an inkling she might be paying special attention to him, but then figured he was just being full of himself, or that she was a fan of his Pro-Bending. Apparently it was something a little more. A crush? Well, he'd experienced girls crushing on him before... it was cute, and he had to admit he found it a huge ego boost. Still, there were limits. "In the middle of the night? What's wrong with..."

"I wanted to see what Korra saw in you. I mean, I do, you're very handsome. I love your hair. I just wanted to look and pretend a while. But you can't stare at people while they're awake, it's creepy."

It felt pretty creepy this way, too, but somehow a little girl calling him handsome made him glow inside. Not to mention the thought of Korra... but that raised another possibility. It was crazy, but... maybe she didn't have a crush on him, maybe the Avatar had sent her like a spy. "Does Korra talk about me a lot?"

She shrugged. "Sometimes. Do you like her?"

"I like her as a friend." Yet he knew she had feelings for him, which was one of the things that made everything harder, because he knew that he could be with her if he wanted... except for a complication. "But I'm with Asami." He felt he needed to point that out both in case she reported back to the Avatar, and for her own benefit.

"And you love Asami?"

"I..." he couldn't answer that question. Even if it got reported back. "I care about Asami."

"That's not the same thing," she pointed out.

"It's complicated."

She crept closer to the bed, close enough for him to smell her, or something she wore, a hint of jasmine. He didn't stop her, but he did wonder why he was even talking to her like a friend, instead of throwing her out or telling her parents like he should be. She had broken into his room in the middle of the night to spy on him, after all. "Hey Mako? I know it's none of my business, but..." she seemed to wait for him to interrupt her, but for some reason he was genuinely curious about what she would say. Sometimes people said there was wisdom in youth. Maybe she could solve his problem with a few innocent words that cut through all his confusion. When he didn't speak up against her, she finally said what was on her mind. "You shouldn't do that... what you were doing before... with your penis."

That he was not expecting at all. "What?"

"Masturbation," she said confidently. "It drains your chi. Sex is a form of jing that creates chi. You pass it to the woman, and she enhances it with her own jing and passes it back. When you do it alone, the chi just gets lost. It weakens you. It's damaging to your spirit, and your bending."

He'd heard this theory before, and believed it was close to the truth... it was why he didn't like masturbating, and he especially refrained from spilling his seed any time he had a Pro-Bending match coming up. He always did feel weaker, more sluggish, with his bending the day after he had relieved the tension within. Nonetheless, it was shocking hearing this suggestion coming from a young girl. "What?"

"I can help you, if you want. I know exactly how to do it." She reached her hand over to Mako's lap and landed on the hard lump he was trying to hide under the covers.

His eyes widened in surprise. He didn't picture Jinora to be this type of girl, she seemed so... virtuous, like being good ran through her veins. She was even the grand-daughter of the previous Avatar, so maybe it did. Did that make her Korra's grand-daughter, in a way? He pushed that thought aside. There were more important reasons to say no. "Jinora, I can't... I'm with Asami..."

"Mom says if you're not in love, nothing is set in stone. And she's not here right now." She seemed so serious, but she had the hint of a smile and a little glint of fire in her eyes.

Well, she definitely wasn't as innocent as he thought when he met her. Trying to dissuade her, as well as himself, he pointed out, "Your father would kill me."

"Only if he finds out. I can keep a secret, you know." Jinora withdrew her hand, but only for a second, to slip underneath the cover. Mako, acting on instinct, halted that hand's progress with his own before it got too close. To do that, he had to douse the fire in his hand, making everything suddenly darker, but he could still see the girl's pout in the moonlight. "What's wrong? If you're going to be patrolling for Equalists like you did tonight, you're going to need all the chi you can get."

Mako groaned softly. Part of him wanted to give in... the part that was straining against the covers, yearning for the girl's hand to reach him. But he knew how wrong it would be... if anybody ever found out, he'd lose everything... Asami, his friendship with Korra, even his home on the island. "I can't."

"Sure you can..." Jinora whispered, and leaned in closer, almost like she was going to kiss him. The jasmine scent was stronger, and a hint of orange blossoms. It must be something she washed her hair with. Instead of kissing him, she just said, very softly, "I want you to." And like that, it seemed like maybe it was okay, more than okay, that it was the only thing he wanted. If Korra had come onto him this strongly, just outright told him she'd have sex with him, he guessed he never would have been able to resist her. The thought shamed him, but despite that, his hand came off Jinora's, and she grinned, taking that as consent.

She pulled back the covers and his cock sprang upward, and she stared at it, like it was some kind of magnificent rare animal, a proud dragon that had somehow escaped the fate of the rest of its species. That felt particularly good, that mix of awe and fear in her face.

The awe might have been real, but the fear must have been some kind of illusion, for she boldly wrapped one of her hands around the base and held it firmly, almost too firmly, while she lowered her mouth to it... and blew. Her breath swirled around his penis, almost tickling him, a curious sensation, because it was so unnatural, like the air had a life of its own, but definitely pleasant. Was this a secret airbender love technique, passed down through the generations? No, of course not... according to what history he knew, Jinora had to be the first female airbender in almost two centuries, and he didn't expect Aang or Tenzin to pass that particular trick down. Maybe another, earlier lover of Jinora's had suggested the trick to her... he had to assume she had one, with how forward she was being. She had said she knew exactly what to do. That was part of the reason he was able to let himself go along with it. Even if she was young, she clearly had experience.

However she learned the technique, it was a tease, like the grip of her hand, he enjoyed it, but what it really did was make him want even more... his cock craved some kind of direct, intense stimulation. As if reading his mind, Jinora stopped blowing and leaned forward, letting her tongue stroke the sensitive underside of his penis.

That was the stuff. He shuddered with pleasure as she continued, licking all around the shaft, hesitantly at first, but with growing speed and confidence. With Asami, there was no hesitation, she usually just took him into her mouth and started bobbing her head. Jinora's style was good, but still... she was playing around too much. Her tongue was small and felt wonderful, but he still wanted the feel of something warm and wet wrapping all the way around him. "Jinora?" he asked carefully, knowing how wrong it was to want this, but he'd come this far. "Do you think you can get it in your mouth?"

She pulled her tongue back and smiled. "I think so. It is pretty big." But then her lips closed over the head and slid down. It was only about halfway, but her tiny fist holding the bottom, it felt a little like he was completely inside her... more than that, like he completely filled her mouth with no room to spare. Her tongue struggled around the underside of his shaft, making it feel even better as she sucked, moving up and down, drawing short breaths through her nose, almost like it was all too much for her.

She kept at it, and soon Mako was breathing pretty rapidly himself. He felt his dick pulse, a jolt that encompassed his balls, and everything began to feel like it was about to start to vibrate with the familiar and unstoppable sensation at any moment. "Jinora, I'm going to..."

She pulled her mouth away then, and stared at his penis intently. The feeling was rising, threatening to overwhelm Mako, even without further contact, threatening to explode all over her pretty face... when suddenly she grabbed his penis and pressed firmly, right under the head, with her thumb and two fingers, firmly for about ten seconds.

Incredibly, the urge to climax receded like the tide rolling out, slowly but surely. His cock softened, but only a little bit, he was still aroused, more aroused than he'd ever been. "How did you...?"

"Just redirecting the chi flow. It's not time yet. Don't stimulate it for a few seconds and then we can continue."

"Where did you learn that?" he asked.

She shrugged. "I read. A lot." As if that explained everything. "We're not done yet." She reached her arms up and a burst of wind inflated her nightgown briefly like a balloon, but then carried it up over her head, turning inside out in the process, before it drifted into a corner of the room.

There she was, in the moonlight, completely naked, practically no breasts, and even her nipples were barely visible, just a shade darker than her skin. No hair, either, below the neck, at least not that he could detect. She was almost a waif, with very little fat on her, except a little on her ass, but still, it looked as though a stiff wind could blow her away. Maybe it had, and maybe she told it to.

She seemed to have no shame, like she was proud of herself. It wasn't much of a body, but somehow that quiet confidence made her look even more beautiful. Maybe it wasn't even confidence, Mako thought... maybe she just doesn't know that this was so very wrong. Maybe they'd been taught differently. Maybe among the Air Nomads, it was anything goes, and everyone was completely sexually open. It was the somewhat the same way on the streets, so who was he to judge?

Jinora crawled onto the bed, over top of Mako's legs, wiggling her shoulders back and forth as she looked first down at his penis and then up at his face. "Now, you have to shoot your essence into me, which contains your chi. Then my body becomes a crucible, and when I... complete, so is the sharing. Understand?" Mako nodded, numbly.

She transferred her weight to her knees, and began shuffling towards his waist, legs spread apart. Soon, the unremarkable crack in her mound was resting against his balls. She worked one of her hands in between them, rubbing herself as her knuckles tapped against his testicles, and then she started raising up. His eyes widened, unable to believe this was going to happen.

"Okay, now I'm not sure about the next part, but it's only supposed to hurt a little, right?"

That question threw him. "What?"

"On my first time. I know it hurts a little, but it's not too bad, right?"

Curse words flew through Mako's mind. "You've never done this before?"

Jinora shook her head adorably. "No. I've read a lot about it, though. Don't worry, I know what I'm supposed to do once it's inside."

"You're a virgin?" he gasped.

Jinora's eyebrows scrunched together in impatience. "Of course, that's what 'never having done it before' means!" She took a breath. "Don't worry, the jing is best in a virgin. I bet you'll get so much chi you won't know what to do with yourself!"

He held her by the hips, afraid if he didn't, she might just hop on his dick, and he might let her. "How old are you, anyway?"

"I'm ten," she said.

Ten? He'd thought she was eleven or twelve... but then, he grew up with street kids, their growth stunted by hunger and struggle. That was part of why he'd allowed himself to give in... on the streets, a twelve-year-old, even an eleven-year-old sometimes, might be a prostitute and well-experienced in sex. But ten... that was too young for him. Maybe it was because he was twelve when he lost his, and his brother was ten, still a child. That thought hit home. Jinora was still a child. If she wasn't a virgin, then, okay, maybe, but Mako always thought of himself as a protector of the innocent. "Oh, no..." he breathed, pulling himself into more of a sitting position and at the same time, pushing her back. "I can't do this."

Her face fell in confusion. "What? Why?"

"It's just... you're too young for me."

"No I'm not, I promise you I know how to do it... I've read all the hottest books. Mom thinks she keeps them hidden, but I've read every book about sex on this island. Every one."

"It's not about how many books you've read, it's about... you're just too young."

"What, how old were you when you did it?"

"I was... older than you."

"How old?" she insisted.

He didn't want to lie to her, for some reason. "I was twelve."

"That's only two years!" she cried indignantly.

"Two years is a lot. I'm eight years older than you. And when I was twelve, my brother was ten. I'm not sure I was ready, but I know he wasn't." Sometimes he thought Bolin STILL wasn't.

"Girls mature faster than boys. Come on," Jinora pleaded. "I want to."

"Jinora, I'm going to tell you something, okay? Something personal." She nodded soberly. "When I was with somebody the first time... it wasn't right, okay? Not just because I was too young, but because I didn't love the person. Not even a little." Loathed was more accurate, but he really needed the money. "Your first time... it should be for love. I wish mine was. I wish it was with..." He didn't know how to finish. Korra? Asami? Lian, the prostitute he had a passionate fling with while trying to save her from her pimp? There were others who meant so much to him at one time. He'd never admitted to most of them, or to himself, that he loved them. He wasn't sure he knew anything about love. He wanted to, but he was afraid he would hurt them by not being able to be what they wanted, and even more afraid of not being strong enough if they left him. He'd lost too much already. Still, at his core, he considered it very important... maybe the most important thing there was, and he knew girls held it even more important than he did. "You want it to be romantic, don't you?"

He could see the tears in her eyes as she nodded. "But it's not going to happen."

His heart broke a little. "You sound like my brother," he said, to try to make light of it. At least, he sounded like that when he was depressed and dumped. "Of course it'll happen for you. You're young yet. You just need to find the right guy. Somebody closer to your own age. Somebody you connect with." And with a regretful pang, he remembered something else. "Somebody who doesn't have a girlfriend."

She seemed to be considering his words, so Mako laid a hand on her cheek and tried to smile in a comforting way, the way he always used to when he was comforting his brother, telling him it would all be okay. "You have a lot to offer. Sometime soon, somebody will see that."

She looked down, her hair getting caught up in his hand as she did. "But what about your chi?" she said earnestly. "You don't want to waste it."

The uncomfortable truth was that no matter how much he decided he wasn't going to take Jinora's virginity, his cock hadn't gone down all the way. He still wanted her, and she could see that. Time to be noble, he decided. "I've got chi to spare. I can afford to waste a little."

"I can still help," she suggested, and then her eyes brightened suddenly. "There's one thing we can do! I read it in one of my Mom's books. There was a great prince in the Fire Nation, who was in love with his sister." Mako couldn't help but shake his head in wonder. Pema was far kinkier than he would have expected. "They couldn't risk a baby, so he put it in her bum."

Mako grimaced. "No. Not that," he said firmly. Definitely not that.

She thought a little longer. "Well, before they did that, when she was younger... he used her legs." She turned around quickly and bent over, like she wanted him to do her pigdoggy-style. Mako could see her slit poking up under her ass, a little flush and open, giving him a glimpse of the tender insides. He could feel his nobility wavering.

Jinora's hand appeared between her legs, just under her slit, and she said, "Here. I squeeze my legs really tight. It's not as good jing as if you're inside me, some still gets wasted, but the friction still creates chi between us, so it's not so bad. And it's okay because it's not really sex."

"I don't know..." he said, but really he just wanted her to talk him into it. It wasn't really sex, after all. Would it be so wrong?

"Please?" she said. "I want to help. You've been so nice."

That was enough for Mako. "Okay." They changed position so that Mako could be on his knees behind her, and he centered his manhood on her slit, rubbing the head against the entrance before he realized what he was doing, and aimed lower. Her thighs clamped together, leaving just a little gap, a tiny little window, and he worked himself in and out while holding her by the hips.

He pumped in and out and, to his surprise, she seemed to be responding almost as though he was really fucking her. Maybe her books really did tell her what to do, and then he realized... she was providing friction for him, but he was also providing it for her, his dick was sliding along her crack, maybe even grazing the nub at the top, giving her pleasure and energizing them both. He was glad... it made him feel a little better about what he was doing knowing that she really was enjoying it.

Her thighs squeezed especially tight on one instroke and Mako realized that his climax was approaching again. "Okay, I'm about to finish," he warned her, wondering what she would do. Did she even know what semen was? Would she flinch away?

The answer was a loosening of her legs, and the feel of one of her hands on his balls, groping carefully. The flood was coming, but she reached on, past the testicles, in the space between them and his ass, and tried to press firmly with two fingers.

Whatever she was trying to do, it didn't work. The gusher was on its way. He could feel her fingers pressing against it, but it was no good, unless she was secretly a waterbender, it was all coming out. One huge squirt came first, and then smaller ones. Throughout it all, Mako held onto Jinora's ass and hips, keeping his eyes closed and towards the roof.

When he was done, he let out a long breath and pulled away, limp. Jinora rolled onto her back, revealing a glaze of white goo on her stomach and chest, goo matching a puddle on the bed. She stared at it in wonder, rubbing the stuff between her fingers. "Wow," she said. "I guess it didn't work."


"I was trying to stop your essence from coming out. There's a place you can press, to send it back inside, it makes you more powerful. At least that's what they say in books," she said sheepishly. "I've never tried it before, maybe I didn't do it right." Her fingers went to her mouth and she dabbed it on her tongue, then made a face.

"It's okay," he said. "Like I said, chi to spare." He lifted a hand, hoping to demonstrate, but the fire wouldn't come. He was wiped out. That was okay, from experience he knew it would be back to functional by morning, and almost normal by the end of the day. He lowered his hand before the girl realized what he was trying, and failing, to do.

They didn't speak for a few seconds, and the silence soon became awkward. "I guess I should go," she said.

"Maybe that's for the best. Thank you, though."

She nodded. "Thank you, too. For what you said."

He shrugged, and then had a moment of panic. "You're not going to tell anybody about this, right?" He tried awkwardly to wipe off her chest with a clean spot of the covers.

"Of course not." Jinora looked offended, as though even the suggestion had tarnished what they'd shared, and Mako felt like a heel. "I can keep a secret."

He nodded, and watched as she got dressed, pulling the nightgown over her head. "You might want to wash up," he suggested, wondering if he missed something, picturing it getting sticky and leaving a suspicious stain for her apparently very sexually aware mother to find.

She nodded. "I'll stop by the shore," she said. "Goodbye, Mako."

"Goodbye, Jinora."

The orange nightgown inflated again as the winds gathered, and they buoyed her up into the air, off her feet, and out into the window, the way she came.

Mako stood up to watch her fly, out in the night, and he couldn't help but grin as he did. She really was beautiful, ethereal, like something from the spirit world... a beautiful, bare-assed spirit of the wind.

The next morning he would see her, and she would give no sign of anything unusual, and he would wonder if it was all simply an erotic dream... until she turned back to him and smiled slyly, and he knew... she really had come in through the window.

The End

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