This is a fanfiction (or perhaps fapfiction) of The Legend of Korra, and a sequel to In Through The Window... Like the first story, it is set during episode 8, "When Extremes Meet", about a day after "In Through The Window" (the episode is ambigous about how much time passes in the episode... for the purposes of these fanfics, I choose to assume several days, maybe even a week passed during the middle of the episode.

I do not own these characters. This is strictly a parody for amusement's purposes only.

The Legend of Korra fapfic: In Through The Window II (Bolin/Jinora) (mg, slight mf and mF, loli, 1st, ped, oral)

Bolin could see the crowd cheering madly, but the sound of it seemed strangely muted, the cheers and chants somehow melding into a soft roar, like the sound of a distant waterfall. But he'd done it, accomplished his dream... the Fire Ferrets won the Pro-Bending championship, and it was all because of him. Sure, his brother Mako, and the Avatar, Korra, helped, but he had been the star and everybody there knew it and was cheering for him.

Korra threw her arms around him in a victory hug, squeezing her surprisingly soft breasts against his side, and he thought he might never be able to feel any better... until her hand drifted downward, to his pants. Then under, and awkwardly reaching for his penis. Being a very helpful penis, at her first touch of the general area, it grew to help her find it, and soon she held the hard meat in his hands. "But Korra," he said nervously. "Everybody's watching!"

"I don't care," she breathed in his ear. "I want them to watch."

He looked to Mako, worried he would react... oh, he knew Mako still liked Korra, even though he was dating Asami, but he just nodded and waved happily, like he decided he didn't mind, and dived off the edge of the platform into the water.

Korra, meanwhile, had dropped to her knees and pulled his pants down. "We'll get arrested!" Bolin protested, but he couldn't bring himself to physically resist, her mouth was on him, hair flowing freely. Somehow she'd gotten naked while he looked away, shed her Pro-Bending uniform and padded helmet in a split second, which was an Avatar ability he'd never heard of.

"No you won't," said a womanly voice, authoritative as anyone he'd ever heard but that somehow gave you a sense of softness underneath that tough as iron exterior. He looked and saw the metalbending police chief, Lin Bei Fong. She was dressed in her metal uniform, but, as he watched, it shifted, melted away, becoming a tight metal swimsuit that left her toned body exposed. A wire of metal ran down one arm and trailed off the hand, like a whip held at the ready.

"How did you..." he asked excitedly, although he already knew.

"Metalbending. You showed great potential in the match, I could probably teach you... later." The uniform shifted again, and now her breasts were exposed, small but looking remarkably fit and pert for a woman in her fifties. "I make the law here, and I say the law allows the victor a celebration."

Korra's mouth was already halfway down his dick, lips drawing back slowly and her hands playing with his balls. The Chief took three sultry steps towards him, wiggling as she walked. "Suck him, Avatar. He's earned his victory. My men will keep us safe from the crowds of female admirers, at least until we've had our fun."

A chittering came from near his left ear. He turned, and there he saw Pabu, the team mascot and his own personal best friend... except, somehow Pabu had the body of a beautiful woman, with huge breasts, barely contained in a little red fur swimsuit. His normal head, just larger. Pabu posed for him, thrusting his chest forward and tilting his head coquettishly, and made more chittering noises, that he somehow understood to mean, "Is there room for me, too?"

With a gasp, Bolin opened his eyes, to near darkness. It was only a dream.

No... not entirely a dream... or if it was, some part of him was still there. The blowjob he'd been receiving from Korra still seemed to be going on, his cock was experiencing the wet massage of a tongue. But he knew where he was now, back in his temporary room on Air Temple Island.

Yet someone, or some thing was sucking his dick. In the dim moonlight, he could even make out a lump under the covers between his legs. "P....Pabu?" he whispered nervously. To his relief, there was a chittering sound from his shoulder, and Pabu's tail smacked him in the face.

More importantly, he realized that his fears were groundless, the hands around his balls were smooth and free of fur, and he hadn't felt any sharp teeth. They were totally human... and they were also totally real. Somebody had been sucking his dick in his sleep, and may not have realized he woke up.

And it felt incredible. Who was it? Did he dare hope that, now that they were living on the same island, Korra couldn't help herself from wondering what a night with Bolin would be like, and came here in her sleep? Who else could it be? Asami? Maybe she snuck into the wrong room to have some fun with Mako. Or maybe she had wanted him all along. Then again, it could be one of the Air Temple monks... a female one, he hoped, but the hands felt soft, like a girl's.

His cock jerked, swelling a little in the mouth of whoever it was, and Bolin decided he might as well find out. "If you're an Equalist," he said, mustering up his mock seriousness voice, "you had better run as soon you're finished." If it was Korra, it might get a laugh out of her.

The mouth pulled away and he heard a high pitched giggle, followed by a tongue running down his shaft. When it pulled away, she said, "I'm not an Equalist!" Well, it was definitely a girl, and it was definitely not Korra. Or Asami. It sounded higher, younger.

Real young, in fact.

He whipped the cover off and saw he was right. The shape was far smaller than he expected. "Who...?" He scrambled backward in the bed, sending Pabu jumping, looking for a better spot to rest while Bolin reached for the lamp. It was times like these he wished he was a firebender like his brother Mako. Instead, he had to fumble with the little spark-maker until it lit the candle inside.

"I'm sorry," whoever it was said. "I was trying to do it without waking you." At that moment, while he was still fumbling with the lantern, the moon peeked out from behind a cloud, flooding the room with a ghostly blue light, and he saw who was trying to suck his dick without waking him.

It was Tenzin's kid, the eldest, the one who led them to their dorms when they first came to the island. He'd talked to her a few times in the days since, too. She had fine but perfect features, almost like something out of the spirit world, and rounded hairdo with a little ball in a bun on top. Right now she was wearing what looked to be a thin nightgown. And, of course, most importantly, she was between his spread legs, and she'd just been sucking his dick, which was still hard and bobbing from his recent motion.

He hadn't really considered her in that way, like a woman... but he did consider her beautiful, far more beautiful than her slightly monkey-faced sister Ikki. He'd even joked about it... walking the shore with his brother, they'd seen the two of them playing in the sea, both in little orange swimsuits. Bolin caught Mako's eye glancing towards the girl, a natural reaction even if she was too young and, he looked too, and said, "Boy, Tenzin's going to be in for a world of trouble when that girl starts becoming interested in boys."

Jinora must have overheard them, for she stood up out of the water and called out, "I'm interested in boys... VERY interested."

Mako nervously suggested they go find Korra... maybe he had an inkling that what she said wasn't just childish bravado. Bolin, though, he grinned, and called back, "Oh yeah? Pretty soon they're going to have to rename this Heartbreaker Island!" before running off to catch up with his brother. Later, though, while he was waiting for them to announce dinner, he watched the girls in their airbending practice, and he talked to them about Pro-Bending, and showed off a few of his earthbending moves, and then Jinora told them a story from history about true love. It was a pretty sweet story, it had dragons and volcanoes and everything.

But none of that explained why she was in his room giving him a blowjob while he slept. Other than the fact that he was a boy, while she was interested in boys. On that level it made perfect sense to him... he was virtually irresistible. But, aside from a few crazy fangirls who were at least a few years older than Jinora (and some a couple decades older than he was!), girls didn't just sneak into his room at night. He finally lit the lamp, and turned it down very low, afraid too much light might alert somebody outside. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry," she said, and her mouth opened in a little bit of fear, like she hated that it had made him angry. "I just thought that I could do it without waking you up..."

"Give me a..." he lowered his voice and whispered it, unsure he should say the word at all to a girl this young. Maybe saying it very quietly would be okay. ".... blowjob?"

"Sort of..." she said. "There's a technique, I've read about it in books. It redirects a man's chi back inside himself, after he completes. I wanted to try it on you and see if I could do it."

He exhaled, something like a laugh. It was all a little ridiculous. "Usually when a girl wants to touch a guy she asks first..."

"No, usually the guy asks," Jinora pointed out, and then looked away. "And who's going to ask me?"

The question seemed impossibly sad. "Believe me," Bolin said. "Give it time. Guys will ask. When you're a little older, you'll be beating off guys with both hands." He paused, realized what he'd just said. "Maybe that's not the best way to put that, but anyway, girls can ask too! Some guys like it when a girl asks."

She looked back at him. "Okay, so I'm asking now..."

His penis stiffened again to its full length, and twitched with pleasure, but it wasn't as easy as it had wanted him to think. "Jinora... I don't think..." he started, gently.

She didn't let him finish. "See! I knew it. You'd let an Equalist do it but not me."

He'd meant that as a joke. "It's not like that. I want to, it's just..."

"I'll keep it a secret," she promised. "I just want to try it. And it'll make your bending stronger."

"It will?"

"Of course. Bending is all about chi flow."

"I have felt my bending could use more power..." Bolin joked, but really he was just already well-aroused and it was too hard to keep saying no. He may have considered himself a good guy, but he knew he'd never call himself a saint.

Jinora's eyes widened eagerly. "Then you'll let me do it?" Her voice was excited, but she only had a trace of a smile, like she was unsure she should be as hopeful as she was.

He considered it one last time. Was it really a big deal? It's not like he was corrupting her... she was doing it already when he woke up. If he'd just stayed asleep, it would have the exact same result, except he would have enjoyed it less. Put like that, it didn't seem like such a bad thing. It was just a blowjob. It wasn't like he was going to rape her or anything. "Okay," he said. "Just this once."

She reached out her hand tentatively towards his cock, but then grabbed it with a light touch. Her small hand didn't even seem like it could completely wrap completely around him, but she was soft and gentle and it felt good, and he relaxed a little into a more comfortable position. "You have to tell me when you feel ready to... complete."

"Will do," he said eagerly, and watched with a mix of eagerness and astonishment as her head slowly closed the distance between them. Just before her lips touched, she extended her tongue, which slid around the underside of his penis as her mouth tilted and went over it. One of her hands gently cupped his balls and played with them, and then her head sank down his shaft. She only made it about halfway, but the lips made a perfect seal, which retreated back to the top and finally left entirely. Jinora swallowed, took a breath, and then extended her tongue again and this time, ran it all over the outside without taking it inside.

Compared to actually being inside, it was a little bit of a tease, but Bolin loved the teasing, his dick would jerk involuntarily as the tongue moved in a direction he didn't expect, or suddenly attacked the sensitive head and swirled all over it. "Ohh... oh, wow..."

She took it back in her mouth after that, covering almost his entire dick either with her hand or her mouth, and her small tongue still worked at him from underneath. He could feel even feel little spurts of lubrication coming out of the head, like he was cumming just a little bit already, although he knew he wasn't.

That didn't take very long though, within a minute or two, he felt his penis shift... it had ceased to feel like a living part of his body, but rather, really like a rock... the pleasure of contact still existed, but it felt almost disconnected from the him, floating beside the part of him that was now stone. That part was beginning to vibrate in the same way the Earth did when he rose a pillar from the ground with his earthbending. "Hey, uh, babe... it's time..."

She didn't move her mouth, but she did move her hand, fleeing the base of his shaft, it retreated downwards, grazed his tingling balls and then went deeper. Suddenly, she pressed forward with great force... he thought for a moment she was aiming to go inside his asshole and missed, but instead her thumb landed between her ass and his balls and just stayed there like a firm grip.

That was when he exploded... or when he should have exploded. He still felt all of the waves of pleasure riding up his dick and the rest of his body, the same feeling of complete bliss... but he also was aware of Jinora's thumb, because it seemed that a part of his body, just under the skin, was fighting a battle with it, like there was a rat viper under his skin, pinned but squirming to get away. Although he couldn't actually see, because he was still inside Jinora's lips, he was pretty sure that none of his love juice was coming out, which was a decidedly bizarre experience, since it had always gone hand in hand with the explosion of pleasure. As usual, his body tried to send it out in spurts, and each time, the rat viper fought Jinora's thumb again with new life, but only briefly, as though it was getting more and more tired with each pulse. Eventually, there was no pressure at all, and he was just left feeling relaxed and a little sleepy.

Finally, Jinora released him, both from her mouth and from the iron thumb. Her eyes shone with happy excitement. "I did it!"

"I guess you did..." Bolin shook his head to try and shake off the drowsiness. "Where did you learn that?"

"I told you, a book," she said, and then, with a strange pride, she said, "I've read all the books on sex. I probably know all sorts of tricks you've never even heard of."

"Yeah, maybe," he said, although now that he had come, he was no longer aroused and consequently feeling guilty and a little uncomfortable with what had just happened. The justifications that had seemed so convincing minutes ago now felt hollow. "You're going to make some guy very happy someday." She shrugged, and didn't say anything, or even look at him, which made Bolin think he'd said something wrong. "What?"

"Nothing," she said, in the way that women often did... the way that told guys there really WAS something wrong, but they just weren't going to admit what. You were supposed to already know, somehow.

Bolin was never good at that game, but he tried to think why. He'd said she'd make a boy very happy... maybe there already was one in the picture? "Did somebody break your heart?" he asked softly. "Because if so, I'll beat the snot out of him until he sees sense."

That earned him a smile, even if it was a weak one. "No. It's just... I'm never going to have a boyfriend."

"Of course you will," Bolin consoled her. "Why would you say that? You're a beautiful girl."


"Sure... your eyes are like..." he tried to remember some poetry he heard once. "like a honey-glazed dumplings." That didn't sound quite right, but it was making him hungry. He did really like her eyes, though, they were so wide and expressive, like he could see into her soul even when she was serene... of course, he hadn't seen how willing the was to give blowjobs before, so maybe that was deceptive. "And I really like your hair, too."

"For now," she said. "You know what they do when I officially master airbending?" Bolin shook his head. "They shave my head to give me the traditional tattoos." She rolled her eyes. "I know it's supposed to be spiritual and I'm not supposed to care, but... I love my hair. I don't want to be bald."

"Bald?" he asked, a little taken aback despite himself. "Forever?"

"No... but afterwards girls are supposed to leave the front shaven." She drew a line on the top of her head and swept her hand forward, indicating what she'd be missing. He tried to picture that, and was reminded of a painting he saw of one of the previous Avatars, Yangchen, who had hair like that. He always thought it was a strange look, and not very attractive. "It's tradition."

"I'm sure if it was really important to you, you could grow your hair any way you want. It's just tradition, and that can change. And even if not... you're still a beautiful girl. And if you're bald, you'll be the prettiest bald girl there is. Don't sell yourself short, you're a catch. You're an airbender... that's really exotic, you know. You're smart, which is good. And you clearly know... a lot about how to make a guy feel good. Trust me, you'll have your pick of the guys."

Her eyes started to well up with tears. "That's just it, no I won't..."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm an airbender. One of the only airbenders left in the world. They've been training Air Acolytes for longer than my dad's been alive, and not one of them has made so much as a gust of air that they didn't breathe out. If there are going to be any more airbenders, I have a duty to produce airbender children." She paused, letting that sink in. "Daddy's going to want me to marry one of the Air Acolytes."

"Did he say that?"

"He didn't have to. I know what he thinks. My grandfather, Aang, had three children, and even though he was the Avatar, Daddy was the only airbender. He says it's because Gran-Gran was water tribe. But Mom had all airbenders so far... because she's a nonbender who lives in the Air Nomad ways. They may not be able to bend themselves, but they're the closest thing to the Air Nomads we have. So that's who I'm going to have to marry. I can't even fall in love like a normal girl."

"You don't know that... maybe you'll fall in love with one of them?" Bolin suggested.

She shrugged. "But you can't control who you fall in love with, and so far I've never fallen for any of them even a little. And you know what they say.... Opposites attract. I'm probably going to fall in love with a dashing earthbender or something. Someone I can't have."

"Well..." Bolin said, taking a second to think about it, before going with his gut. "You have to live for you. I think if you fall for someone, you fall for someone, and if your father doesn't like it, too bad. You've got a sister and a brother and another baby coming, they can carry the airbender legacy."

She smiled. "So you think I should follow my heart?"

He smiled. "It's usually a good plan, yeah. "

"And you think I'm pretty...?"

She seemed to need the self-esteem boost, and, the truth is, he liked giving it. "Jinora, you're adorable..."

"So..." she asked, a little hesitantly. "Do you wanna be my boyfriend?"

Bolin panicked and scooted away. "Whoah, whoah, whoah... what?"

Jinora's face fell. "I guess not. I knew you were just saying I was pretty to make me feel better."

"No, I wasn't..."

"Then why don't you want to be my boyfriend?" Before he could answer, she decided for herself. "Oh. I know what it is. You're in love with Korra."

"What gave you that idea?"

She shrugged. "Everybody's in love with Korra. And there's that time you showed up here with flowers."

"That was because she saved my life." But it wasn't, really. At the time, he had a big thing for her. "I'm not in love with Korra," he added, and, to his surprise, the moment the words left his lips, he realized for the first time that it was true. He wasn't in love with Korra, not like he once thought he might be when he brought the flowers. He liked her as a friend. He thought she was seriously hot and would jump at the chance to get in her pants. But he didn't love her.

"Then why not? Is there somebody else?"

"Not right now..."

"Then why not me? I know everything girlfriends are supposed to do."

He rubbed his neck. As tempting as it was, on some level, he knew it was impossible. "It's just that I'm too old for you, Jinora..."

"You are not. A couple hundred years ago girls my age would be married already... to way older men. You're only six years older than me. Do you know how much older my dad is than my mom? Sixteen years."

"And that's another thing, your parents would kill me..." Every time Tenzin looked at him, Bolin was sure he'd done something wrong. He blamed the beard and mustache. It was scary, like some animal he'd sewn onto his face as if to say, 'I did this to me, what do you think I would do to you?'

"Mom and Dad don't ever have to know. We could keep it a secret." She took in a breath sharply, as though that idea excited her more than anything else. "It would be like the story of Oma and Shu, the first earthbenders! Or Shoji the servant boy and Li, the Fire Lord's concubine!" Bolin had heard the first story in school, but not the second, but he figured he could imagine the circumstances easily enough. And the amount of danger would be about the same as Shoji's, if he was discovered. She picked up on his hesitance. "Do you not like me, or something?"

"I do, but..."

"Then just give me a chance... I'll be such a good secret girlfriend... think about it... I'll sneak in through the window every night, after everybody's gone to bed... and I'll let you do anything you want to me." Her eyes met his, and she repeated and emphasized the word, "Anything."

Bolin's weary cock rose to life, slowly, like a man who hadn't gotten enough sleep but knew he had to go to work. He could have sworn he almost heard it groan, too. She spotted it and grinned, putting her hand on it. "See? I'll show you."

Before he could answer, she rubbed him up and down to help his dick get from swollen but sleepy to fully erect... he thought she was going to just give him a handjob, but she had more in mind. She let go of him, rose herself more or less upright, on her knees, and to complete the action, raised her arms in the air. A gust of wind that was nearly visible as ripples flowed out of the tips of her fingers, then looped down under her nightgown and buoyed it upwards. Soon the bottom edges of the orange nightgown was up at her bellybutton, letting Bolin see the delicate cleft between her legs. She had no hair down there at all, it was smooth and perfect.

The fabric continued to rise and soon it revealed her almost invisible nipples, and, a second later, it went over her head and disappeared in the vortex from her fingers. She was so tiny and thin, it seemed impossible that she could arouse him, and yet she did anyway. He couldn't do anything but stare at her naked little body.

Now they were both naked, but Jinora wasn't content to leave it at that. She pushed towards him, and before he could even try to scramble away, her body was against his, her lips on his lips. Her kiss was somehow brazen and aggressive and soft and tentative at the same time, catching Bolin's bottom lip between both of hers, and giving it almost a nibble.

She pushed him back so he was lying down... or Bolin let her guide him. She wasn't strong enough to push him, but he wasn't strong enough to resist even her lightest touch, and so he found Jinora on top of him, kissing again, one of his hands on her undeveloped chest and his cock bouncing against her leg. Was this really happening? Shouldn't he stop it? He opened his mouth to try and say something, only to find her tongue ready to slide between his lips, teasing the top of his tongue, and making him forget what it was he was about to say.

She pulled away, and to Bolin's surprise his lips chased after her for a few inches before he realized what he was doing. I can't give her the wrong idea, he thought. Then he felt her reach for the base of his penis, aiming it upwards and steadying it. She was backing up to match, lining up his dick with her hole. "We can't do this," he said. "This isn't right." The blowjob was one thing, but actual sex was a completely different matter.

"Shhh..." Jinora said, and Bolin felt the head of his penis hit something soft and warm, but slightly yielding, and it slid against it wetly, searching for a way in like it had a life of its own. But it was Jinora that made the final move and slid backwards, enveloping him inside her as she let out a sharp gasp.

He was inside, and it seemed impossibly warm and tight, tighter than anything he'd felt before, even that fangirl who wanted him to do her ass in the arena bathroom. And yet there was frustration, too, because he wanted to move, but at the same time, he was afraid... so far he could tell himself that she forced himself on him, and all he did was not stop her. If he actually bounced her up and down like his entire lower body seemed to want, then there was no doubt about it... he was fucking a ten-year-old girl.

Instead, they both seemed to be frozen, like they were an artsy painting of a guy fucking a ten-year-old girl. He was too afraid to move, and Jinora... her eyes were compressed into little slits, mouth parted slightly, lip trembling a little. I've hurt her, Bolin thought worriedly, even though it was her that jumped onto him.

"Are you okay?"

A tear rolled down her cheek. "Owww," she whispered, a little too loudly.

"Oh man..." His hands clasped upon her waist, and tugged upward, but only strong enough to pull on the skin... he was afraid of somehow hurting her more, for she seemed to wince harder when he did even that.

"Just wait..." she said. "Just give me a second." She took a few deep breaths, and then, while supporting much of her weight on one arm, brought her other hand to the spot where they joined together. Her hand grazed his cock, but drifted upward, and she began rubbing the soft flesh of her vulva in circles. The deep breaths continued, loud, regular exhalations, like she was doing some kind of spiritual breathing exercise while she massaged her pussy.

Slowly, as this happened, she sank further and further onto his dick, past the point where it looked impossible to have fit it all, until there was just a little bit of his shaft poking out. The pain in Jinora's face seemed to have faded, and now it was a little blank, eyes open but unfocused on anything in particular. "Okay," she said. "It doesn't hurt anymore."

With that declaration she slid up a little, and then back down, repeating the motion a couple more times before leaning back and changing position. Now she rested both of her hand on his broad, muscled chest, and pushed against it to lift herself up. In this way she rode him, up and down, at least half his length leaving her before plunging back inside, always with a little bit of a wince, but not enough that she seemed to want to stop and catch her breath again.

The action continued in that way for an impossibly long time, maybe half an hour, until he realized her gasps were getting louder. Too loud. Bolin tried to cover her mouth with his hand, but the fingers went into her mouth, and she sucked on them, and then, as she bounced, bit down a little... not much, not enough to break the skin, but like she couldn't help herself. It did serve to muffle the noise though, and if it was let his finger get bit or have somebody come to investigate the noises, he'd let himself get bit.

By now he'd abandoned his earlier qualms about actively participating, his body just wouldn't let him be a passive object to be ridden... Bolin's own hips aided in the bouncing and his heart began pounding like it did in the arena, and before long, he was ready to explode again. He succumbed to a final urge to go faster, took a one handed grip on her and pounded as hard as he could while Jinora bit down on his fingers harder than before as she made a sound like a scream, but contained... he almost felt it in his fingers more than heard it. Her hole was squeezing down on him in regular, rhythmic contractions, and he couldn't take anymore, his whole body flooded with pleasure and this time, there was no perfectly-placed finger to hold back the flood of semen inside of him. He felt it squirting out, more acutely than ever before, like he could trace the exact position it was at, at any point, right from the base of his balls to the head of his dick, and, for a second, almost thought he could feel it shooting inside Jinora too, before his eyes rolled back in his head and he was aware of nothing but pleasure. It was the most intense sexual experience he'd ever had.

"We finished at the same time," Jinora said, sometime later, minutes or hours, he couldn't tell just yet. It must have been seconds, he realized then, for they were both still covered in warm sweat, even in the cool night air, and Jinora let out a long, slow breath, and then took one in, which reminded him that he needed to breathe too.

When he regained his own wind, Bolin felt his common sense returning. What did I just do? Did I just get seduced by a little girl? And he was still inside her, although going quickly soft. Her slit was tight enough to hold him in, even flaccid. "Why... why would you do that?"

"It's better that way. You get the best kind of jing when we complete at the same time. I bet your bending will be stronger than ever tomorrow."

"No I mean... why did you... just take me like that?"

She shrugged. "I took the initiative. Isn't it romantic?" she said. "It's exactly how my mom got my dad to fall in love with her."

Bolin's eyes widened in fear. It was bad enough that he'd taken her virginity... but now she thought they were going to be together, boyfriend and girlfriend, and turn out like her mother and father. And if he broke her heart... his life was over. She'd tell in a second. For the rest of his life, he'd be living on a knife edge.

As though reading his mind, Jinora said, very softly, "I know you're not really in love with me, Bolin." He opened his mouth, but didn't know whether he should agree with her or lie... he never liked finding himself speechless. "But I still need somebody to try out all the things I read about in Mom's books..."

"You don't need to... you should do that with somebody you...." He wiped his face with the palm of his hand, trying to catch his train of thought. How did a girl that young turn out to be such a nympho? Got it from her mother, he supposed. "I thought you Air Temple Island types were supposed to be spiritual!"

"I am spiritual," she said, a little indignantly. "Don't you know? Sex is one of the more spiritual things there is."

She had a point. It did seem to take him outside his physical body for a while and make him feel one with the universe. He'd never gotten that even with the best meditation. "Except for love," he pointed out.

"Not all of us get love, but all of us should get sex."

"If this is about your father wanting you to raise airbenders, I told you... don't worry about it. He can't make you marry an Air Acolyte if you don't want to..."

"It's not that simple. Duty is duty. I won't turn your back on it because it's inconvenient, or rely on somebody else to do it when I won't. Imagine if the Avatar did that?" She shook her head rapidly, as though the very thought was ridiculous. "Even if Daddy doesn't tell me to do it, it's still my duty. I have to produce airbenders, for the future of the world." She rocked forward just a little bit, and Bolin's dick finally slipped out of her. She slid her pussy back and forth over it, getting his crotch completely slick with the cum draining out of her. "But that doesn't mean I can't have fun until then. That's all I want, Bolin... if I can't really have true love, I at least want somebody to have fun with... to... pretend to be in love with, like all the stories, until I have to settle down. Can't you give me that? If you don't want to really be my boyfriend, can you pretend?"

Bolin's heart went out to the girl, and even broke a little. In some ways, she sounded like the most mature person he'd ever met, except maybe Tenzin. In others, she was just a sad, frightened and lonely little girl. In that moment, he wanted to nothing but to comfort her, to wrap his arms around her and tell her everything would be okay and solve all her problems.

He could put his arms around her, and he did, embracing her and pulling against his chest tenderly. But while he could tell her it would be okay, those would just be words. He couldn't think of any way he could solve all her problems. It really was important for there to be benders of all four elements. The Avatar reincarnated in a cycle, following all four of the elements in turn, and they always said that if there were no airbenders around when it was time to be reborn as an airbender, the Avatar cycle would be broken forever. Considering all the times the Avatar's saved the world, nobody would want that... except nutcases like Amon and his Equalists, who might try their hardest to make sure that there are no airbenders left. Maybe they'd even try and kill little Jinora and her family. What could a guy like Bolin do to help a girl with problems like that?

"Okay," he said, the words surprising himself.

She perked up and looked at him in the eyes. "You mean it?"

He wasn't sure, but nodded. "Only if it's an absolute secret."

"It will be," she promised, and then leaned forward and kissed him again, softer this time, and with a little hesitance, like she wasn't sure he'd kiss back. This time, he did. He had promised to pretend to be her boyfriend, after all... he might as well give her what she really wanted, and that included a real kiss... and he always considered himself a world-class kisser. When she pulled away, she said, "In fact, I should be getting back, so nobody suspects." Okay, maybe he was overconfident in his abilities... still, his kisses didn't usually make girls want to leave immediately.

That didn't mean that was bad in every case. "That's a good idea... we don't want anybody suspecting... that would be very, very bad."

She wiggled her way out of his arms and ran to pick up her nightgown. As she put it on, she said, "I'll sneak back tomorrow night at the same time. Maybe I can bring some of my Mom's special oils and you can try it in my butt." His cock stirred once more in anticipation.

The nightgown on, the bottom of it inflated like a balloon, carrying her into the air. She waved, hovering, and after he waved back, she flew out through the window like a leaf on the wind. One of the shutters slammed shut, caught up in the wake of air behind her, which made a sharp little squeaking noise from Pabu. The furry little creature had been sleeping in the darkened corner, and, with the sudden bang, now woke up and jumped in bed with Bolin.

Bolin pet the fire ferret absently, replaying the events of the night in his head as his pet sniffed at his crotch. Suddenly, Bolin felt a raspy tongue licking at the wetness left over from the earlier activity. "No, Pabu, no..." he said, picking the creature up and putting it on his shoulder, giving him time to cover himself with a blanket. Pabu licked at his ear and made chittering sounds.

"I know, Pabu," he said as he extinguished the lamp and finally laid down for sleep. "I am in so much shit." He turned over on his side. "But hey, at least this time it's girl I won't have to worry about making a move on my brother."

The End

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