Author: AnonyMPC

Title: My Private Camwhore II: Blackmailers Incorporated

Summary: Andrew's no longer blackmailing his sister Erin... now they're working together to blackmail some of her friends. But Andrew finds his sister's appetites may exceed even his own, and he's not sure he has the will to stop her.

Keywords: mf, gi, reluc, blackmail, nc, inc, best, oral, mast, humil, exhib, voy

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My Private Camwhore II: Blackmailers Incorporated

Chapter 1:

I was kissing her again, urgently, desperately, like I had just been underwater and she was my air. It was like at any moment she might change her mind again and send me back to the hell of her hatred, so I had to get as much of her as I could of it. She kissed back, but where my tongue was hungry, hers darted around playfully, as though to tell me there was no urgency, there was still time for fun.

That my hard cock was inside her at the same time was secondary to the pleasure that came from the knowledge that I was kissing her again, that she was letting me in. Her tiny pussy held me tight to her, not just because of its small size but also the way she moved beneath me, clenching on and not letting go except to squeeze harder.

I lost myself in her for a moment, my identity and consciousness evaporating in the heat generated between us. It was like I was only a collection of parts that needed her, that wanted to please her. When I heard her squeal in pleasure, it was my pleasure. My own climax was building in intensity, and soon I was over the top, and I began emptying my balls inside of her, giving her what felt like everything I had.

“Oh, Andrew,” she whispered into my ear as I kissed her neck, letting the last few spasms die inside her. Finally, when I was done, she unwrapped her legs from my hips, releasing me. I pulled out, rolled off, but not far, just beside her, to look longingly into her smiling face.

She was Erin. My sister, my lover, and once my victim, but no longer. She was smaller than me and her head barely came up to my shoulders, but then she was also three years younger. She was only twelve years old, pretty but with only the suggestion of breasts and a nearly hairless pussy, in many ways a little girl but incredibly smart for her age. I’d also just found out she was not nearly so innocent as she pretended to be.

Weeks ago, I’d found her on a webcam site, flashing her training bra, and in order to protect her, I decided to scare her so she wouldn’t do anything like that again. I played the role of an anonymous blackmailer, not intending it to be for my sexual gratification, but when it came on its own I couldn’t resist it. After watching her for a while, I was able to manipulate her into starting a sexual relationship with her own brother, completely unaware that I was also the Blackmailer.

In the process, I also fell madly in love with her. I guess I was always a little in love with her. We had so much in common, and I had to look out for her since our dad died when we were very young, but once we started spending this time together it became full-blown, sappy romance-story love. I couldn’t feel what I did and continue to blackmail her, so I engineered a successful plan to enlist her help in blackmailing one of her friends in exchange for her freedom. I didn’t want her to ever find out that her brother was the Blackmailer, especially not once we declared our love for one another openly and I took her virginity, but it happened anyway.

I thought she’d hate me forever, but minutes ago, she had just forgiven me, while also confessing that she was “part monster” like I said I was, that she had desires that surprised me. I didn’t really care about that, just happy that she’d decided to forgive me. It was almost like it was in the beginning, we were together, happy, sexually satisfied, in love.

“Wow,” Erin said. She pulled herself halfway between sitting up and lying down, squeezed the outer edges of her pussy. Hers was an innie type, without much vaginal pink showing unless she spread the lips apart widely. A little bubble of pearly white goo started to slide out of her. “It feels like you really filled me up this time.”

“Sorry,” I said. “It has been a while.” I’d gone from having sex at least once a day to nothing, and hadn’t masturbated because I was so depressed that she hated me. It was a wonder it wasn’t coming out of her ears.

“Don’t be sorry,” she told me with a grin that flashed her braces. “I like it.” She lay back again, stretching and arms back so she could rest her head on them. Some of her dark brown hair was slick with sweat and stuck to her face. I brushed it away gently. “I missed this,” she said. “I missed you.” A momentary frown of remembered pain crossed her features, but then disappeared.

I was glad she missed me, but it couldn’t be as much as I missed her. We gazed at each other for some time before she turned her head and glanced over at the computer screen.

Although I couldn’t see it very well from my angle, I knew what she was looking at. The webcam view of her friend, Jenny, the girl I started blackmailing after I couldn’t do it to my sister anymore. I couldn’t give it up entirely. I lifted my head to get a better look. Jenny was writing something in a notebook and unaware she was being watched through her camera.

I remembered the shocking declaration that came shortly before she told me she still loved me. Now that we’d reconnected, physically, I wanted to ask about it again. “You really want to see her fuck her dog?”

Erin turned back at me and nodded, although I thought I could see a trace of worry in her expression.

I thought she might be fearing judgment, so I quickly said, “We’ll probably have to work up to it. Get the dog to lick her pussy first, maybe have her jack it off.” I stopped. “It is a MALE dog, I hope?”

She giggled. “Of course. It’s not neutered either. He humps the furniture a lot. He’s even humped my leg sometimes.”

Her dreamy look as she remembered that made me curious. “Do you want to fuck a dog too?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve thought about it, but I’m not sure if it’s one of those fantasies you want to try or one you just like to think about. I’d probably want to let one lick me, down there, if it would be okay with you, just to see what it was like. Mostly I want to see Jenny fuck one.” She blushed. “Do you feel differently about me because of that? Would you rather I didn’t tell you?”

I honestly didn’t know. It was pretty extreme, and although the thought turned me on in some ways, it was also a little unnerving to find my innocent little sister had urges like that. “No,” I said finally. “I don’t want there to be any secrets between us from now on.”

She squinted a little. “It’s so weird to be able to talk to someone about this. I thought I’d have to keep it to myself all my life because everyone would think I was a sick freak.”

“I guess it helps when the person you’re telling is one too. Is there anything else weird you’re into?”

“Um, lots. But I’m worried, still. I know you said no secrets, but what if I say something that freaks you out?”

I thought about it. It was a worry of mine, too. I didn’t know how high her freak flag flew. “Or if I freak you out, too. But you said yourself that there’s a difference between fantasies and stuff you want to do. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fantasies, no matter how extreme. How about we agree we can talk about anything, but we don’t do anything we’re not both okay with?”

“That sounds good,” she said. “I don’t know where to start, though.”

“When did you first start having these ideas?” I was curious.

“I used to lie in my bed and squeeze my legs together imagining some strange person breaking in and making me do stuff to him, before I even knew what 'stuff' was. But when I started thinking about it a lot was a few months ago, during the summer break. It’s partly your fault.”

My heart sank a little. I didn’t want to hear that. “Mine?”

“I never told you, but I used to sneak into your room and use your computer sometimes when you were out. I think I always had a crush on you. I looked up to you and wanted to see what you were doing. I was real careful so you wouldn’t know I was there. I just looked where you’d been and then I went to my computer to look up the site itself. One time I found you had a site in your history I hadn’t seen before. It was called Rule 34. Do you remember it?”

I did. Rule 34 of the Internet said “if it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions”. A site sprung up around the concept, devoted to collecting porn of all sorts of cartoon characters, TV shows, movies, inanimate objects, practically anything legal. I used to go there a lot, before I moved onto the cam sites, more interested in seeing real girls my own age than cartoon characters. Usually, like I did with all the sites I wouldn’t want Mom to find, I erased all traces of my browser history, and then filled it again with innocent looking sites so it wouldn’t look like I was hiding anything, but evidently sometimes I forgot. And in doing so, I apparently corrupted my sister.

“I didn’t know what Rule 34 was, but I went to the site because one of the pages’ title said Avatar: The Last Airbender in it, and you know how I really liked that show.” We even watched it together. ‘What I saw was a picture of Sokka and Katara having sex. It was really well done, it looked just like the cartoon. It freaked me out at first, but I kept going back to look at it, and to lots of other pictures on the site. Lots of things, things I never thought of before, and it all looked so good. I liked the really crazy ones a lot. Especially girls with their relatives, or with girls having sex with their pets, or monsters. It was just so dirty what some of them were doing, and I’d look at pictures on the site and touch myself.”

I had to stop her there. “Wait, you told me… I mean, you told the Blackmailer you’d never done that before.”

Erin rolled her eyes. “Andrew, I was lying. Lots of girls touch probably themselves. It doesn’t take long to figure out that it feels good when you rub certain places. I learned years ago in the shower. But I didn’t want anyone to know, since it was supposed to be bad.”

I couldn’t help but be disappointed. Nor could I keep myself from disappointing myself further. “When I ate you out that first time, you said it was your first orgasm.” She had a guilty look in her face, and I knew that was another lie. “I guess not.”

She reached out to me. “I’m sorry. But it was the best I’d had. It was the first time I didn’t feel like I was a sex-crazed freak nobody else would want to be with if I didn’t hide what I was feeling. You made me feel good about myself. I shouldn’t have lied, but I was still scared maybe you’d think I was a slut and wouldn’t want me anymore.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “I lied to you way worse than you did to me.”

“And don’t forget that,” she said, furrowing her brow. “Besides, you really were responsible for my first orgasm. Just not then… not directly.” I asked what she meant and she explained, “I touched myself, but I didn’t know there was the ‘wow’ point yet… you know, orgasm. It sure felt good, but I always felt guilty and stopped after a little bit. But I was looking at pictures on that site one day, and I was staring at one, another Avatar one, actually. This one with Azula and her brother Zuko. It really turned me on, more than the others. I kept rubbing and looking at it and I closed my eyes and imagined it was me and you, and it started feeling better and better, when suddenly…. Wow.” She smiled. “It felt so good I started fantasizing about you a lot.”

“What sorts of fantasies?” I asked.

“Lots. You coming into my room, pinning me down, and forcing yourself on me. Or me sneaking into your room and playing with your thing while you were asleep and had no idea, or until you woke up and caught me and asked me to do more. But mostly that you’d come to me one day, tell me you were in love with me even though it was wrong, and that we’d have sex and…” she trailed off.

“And what?” I prompted. I caressed her slowly with one finger, on her shoulder.

She bit her lip. “And that you’d get me pregnant.”

That stopped me. I looked down at her recently fucked pussy, some of the cum still visible, mixed in with her own juices. She’d been lying down most of the time since I’d pull out, so all of it was still in there… soaking in.

Chapter 2:

“You weren’t lying when you said you were on the pill, were you?” I asked, suddenly worried.

“No,” she said. “I just like imagining it… every time you cum in I pretend you’re getting me pregnant. It makes it so much hotter. But I don’t really want you to knock me up… at least not before I’m even in high school!”

“We can’t ever,” I told her. “Brothers and sisters can’t have kids together. It makes, like, mutants. And not the super-intelligent mutants with laser eyes you see in movies.” Even beyond the horrible deformed babies, it would be one sure way of getting caught.

“Actually,” Erin said, adopting a slightly snotty, higher-pitch voice, that I’d grown up thinking of as her ‘know-it-all’ voice, “that’s a myth, Andrew. It’s only a little dangerous than the average for brothers and sisters to breed, if there’s no history of bad recessive genes in the family. It’s mostly a worry when incest is ongoing over multiple generations.” It sounded like she was quoting something. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t. She probably understood it, though. I got to hear that ‘know-it-all’ voice quite well over the years, and she was usually right when she used it. I’ve said she was really smart, and it’s true. Sometimes I’ve talked about something with her, and then later had a similar conversation with my friend Kirk, only to see him be confused because I used a term he didn’t know but that my sister understood perfectly. Maybe Kirk was just really dumb.

Still, like anybody else she had her share of wrongheaded ideas sometimes. “Where are you getting this?”

“I looked it up,” she said proudly. “I wanted to know.”

“But it still is dangerous, right?” She was silent. “We couldn’t take the risk.”

“I know,” she said, but she sounded sad. “But maybe in a few years they’ll be able to correct that… like genetic engineering. Do you think, if it were okay…?”

I hadn’t thought much about having kids. I knew I didn’t want them then. I didn’t know if I ever would. But I always had trouble disappointing my sister. “Maybe,” I said. It wasn’t a lie, because I figured it would be years away, if ever, and I might have changed my mind by then. “We’ll deal with that when it comes up… but until then, don’t miss a pill, okay?” She nodded.

I wanted to get off that subject fast, though, so I said, “Azula and Zuko, huh? Really?” It didn’t seem like an obvious pairing. Even when incest was on my radar, it was always more friendly siblings. Azula and Zuko were antagonistic.

She smiled. “I never told anyone but I always wished the story ended with Zuko and Azula falling in love, and him saving her from her own darker urges. Like, even though she was a bad person, her brother’s true love could save her.” As she spoke, the smile had transformed into a troubled expression.

I thought I had a clue what was on her mind. “You’re not a bad person.”

“Even if I make Jenny fuck a dog?”

“You don’t have to,” I said, although the idea was growing on me. If she didn’t, I was worried I might.

“But I want to. Doesn’t that make me bad?”

I put an arm around her, pulled her close to me as I thought about what to say. “Good and bad aren’t that simple. You can be a little bad and still be good. So what if we’re part monster? I think everybody has a little monster in them. But I know mostly you’re one of the sweetest people I know.” Last year, she organized a canned food fundraising drive for the hungry for her school, all by herself. “It’s not like you really want to hurt people.” A sudden wash of fear went through me. “Do you?”


How could I know if that’s what she felt, or if she was scared to tell the truth? “It’s okay if you do. There’s a difference between wanting and doing, remember.”

“I don’t,” she insisted emphatically, then relented. “Okay, maybe bad people, a little. I want to see them get what’s coming to them,” she said. “But even them, I don’t want to hurt them hurt them. Not physically.”

That was a relief. One of the things we had in common was a love of horror movies. That started, years ago, as me forcing her to watch them with me because I liked scaring her. When she grew to like them, we enjoyed them together. I was worried that if she was into pain or even worse, blood and gore, that was yet another thing that was my fault. Still, my urge to comfort her outweighed those concerns right now. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting bad people to hurt.”

“I just want to see them humiliated, not hurt. I just want people to do what I want, even if it’s not what they want, even if they think it’s gross, because I know what’s best. I want to be in charge. I like having the power.”

“I guess we have that in common,” I said. “And Jenny certainly deserves to get what’s coming to her. She stole Kirk from you, right?” He was my best friend, or he used to be until I learned he made my sister give him a hand job, and then moved on to Jenny when she wouldn’t suck him.

She was momentarily surprised I knew. I’d overheard her talking to Jenny about it at a sleepover, the one in which she put a spy program on Jenny’s computer. “I only liked him because I thought he was the closest I could get to you,” she explained.

“It doesn’t matter. She still hurt you. She deserved it. We’ll only blackmail people who deserve it,” I suggested. “Then we’re not really bad people. It’s like when Batman punches out a crook. Punching people is bad, but some people deserve it.” It was stupid, but I was trying to justify it, to make her feel better about herself and, I suppose, to make me feel better about my own failings. “And our other sick desires, we do with each other, because we love each other. And love makes everything all right, doesn’t it?”

She kissed me instead of answering, but I could tell she was happy. We went on talking about our fetishes, the things we wanted to try. She was interested in bondage, both sides, to see what it was like. I always wanted to try costumes, and she liked that idea. I’d just finished reacting positively to her suggestion that I cum on her face, when we heard a noise from downstairs, the front door shutting.

“Oh, shit,” I said. “It’s Mom.”

We were already up as she began to call out our names, in turn. She was unlikely to come up to my room right away, but then, we couldn’t know, and it would be a bad thing if she found us lying naked in my bed together, Erin full of my cum. It would be so bad I didn’t even want to think about it. Neither did Erin. She slipped out of bed and stooped around my room collecting clothes. I did the same, taking a moment to stop and appreciate her ass and pussy from behind when she bent at the waist to retrieve the panties discarded near my computer chair. It hadn’t been so long since we’d had sex, but with all we’d been talking about, I was just about ready for another go.

By the time Mom did come check on us, minutes later, Febreeze had been sprayed all over, we were both dressed, and we were seated at my computer playing a video game. She didn’t seem to suspect a thing, and smiled when she saw us together, evidently glad that the bad mood we’d both been in these last few days had broken. “Hey guys,” she said. “I was calling.”

“Sorry,” Erin said. “We were busy with the game.”

“Listen, I’m going to have to go back out in a little while, to meet a client, so I won’t be have time to make dinner for you guys tonight. What do you say I leave you some money for some pizza.”

Erin and I exchanged a look, smiling. We’d be alone for a little while longer. “That sounds good,” Erin said.

I had to agree. Pussy and pizza, it was turning in to a hell of a day.

Chapter 3:

After dinner, Erin sat on my lap and we played with our new shared toy, Jenny. I let Erin take most of the lead, deciding what we tell her to do and when, only advising her now and then when I thought she might be going too fast. I liked pressing my hard-on into her, but mostly I liked the feeling of holding her close to me. We were both in our underwear, mine boxers, hers tight pink panties.

At first, Jenny complied with everything we demanded without much fuss, even though she must have been a little disappointed… it had been a while since I’d ordered her to do anything. She probably thought she was off the hook. Erin had Jenny strip naked, spread her pussy, spread her ass, lie back on her bed with her spread legs over her head, rub her clit, stick first one, then two, then three fingers in her pussy, answer all sorts of embarrassing questions about what she’d done with her boyfriend, stick a pen in her ass and walk around with it inside her. Erin laughed a lot at watching the last one.

“Andrew… do you think she’s pretty?” she asked me.

“I guess,” I said, trying to put enough indifference into my voice as possible. I kissed her gently on her ear. “Not as pretty as you.”

“Hmph. You have to say that, you’re my brother. And my boyfriend.” She sounded satisfied, though.

“It’s still true. I like your little tiny innie pussy,” I said, sliding my hand inside her panties and rubbing down there to demonstrate. “And your tits are beautiful.” They were very small, but I found I liked that.

“Hers are better,” she said. Jenny’s looked like an adult’s tits, just a little smaller, they were full and round already with distinct pink nipples. “What about her hair?”

Erin’s hair was dark brown, almost black. It had a bushy, unmanaged quality to it, not out of control or ugly, but somehow wild. Jenny’s, by contrast, right now had almost perfectly straight hair as though it was set in a mold instead of grown, and she was a blonde. “Yours is better,” I assured her. “She looks so plastic.”

“Maybe we should change that.” Erin began typing an order for Jenny to get a pair of scissors, and cut her hair as close to her head as she could.

“No,” Jenny said, scared. “Please. Not that.” Erin ordered it again. “I don’t want to do that, please.” There were tears in her eyes. Except that first day when she learned she was being blackmailed, I’d never seen her this close to crying. She’d asked not to do things, but she could always be talked into it.

“You might want to back off on this,” I suggested. Anxiety started to build up inside of me at the risk of her refusal. Blackmailing depended on the person you’re targeting not believing it was worth it to refuse.

“Why?” Erin said. “I want to see her lose that hair. Maybe I’ll tell her to shave it bald.”

“She’ll fight it. We don’t want her fighting, we want her going along with things. We’re blackmailing her with embarrassment,” I pointed her out. “If she thinks cutting her hair will be more embarrassing than everybody seeing sex pictures of her, she might risk it, and we’ll lose everything.”

I could see Erin pout. “Damn. I wanted her to look stupid.” She let out a sigh, and began telling Jenny that she didn’t have to, that it was just a thought. Jenny was suddenly relieved, even smiling, like we’d just given her a gift instead of just decided not to force her into something.

I wondered how far that goodwill extended. “It might be a good time to start with the dog. Ask her to bring it in.”

She nodded, and typed, “I remember you have a doggy. Why don’t you go get him and show him to me?” She wrote it in less exact grammar and punctuation than my retelling, of course. “You can get dressed first, but leave your panties off.”

Jenny seemed pleased and excited, and must not have had a clue what would be coming up. She just thought her Blackmailer wanted to see her dog. While we waited, I said to Erin, “If she’s reluctant to do something with the dog, we can use the haircutting as a threat. Tell her she has to do one or the other. That way she still feels like she had a choice.” It seemed to make sense to me.

It took a couple minutes for Jenny to return with her dog, a yellow Labrador Retriever named Lucky. I didn’t know that before we started this plan, and cracked up when I heard it. Erin didn’t get it at first. “Lucky. He’ll be getting lucky,” I said between laughs, and she joined in.

It was a pretty big dog. Although Jenny was taller than the dog was long, if the dog laid on top of her in a position suitable for fucking, they’d be about the same height. The idea provoked a vivid image in my head of Lucky humping her while licking her face.

But we weren’t planning on starting with that. I’d advised Erin that we take it slow, that we probably shouldn’t get to dogfucking right away, and I thought I should take my own advice. We wanted to give her time to get used to each step before we pushed her into one more.

After watching Jenny demonstrate a few dog tricks she’d taught him, Erin told her to take her pants off, get in front of the camera, and let Lucky lick her between the legs. You could always tell when Jenny was done reading the instructions, because her lips mouthed the words as she read. As soon as she was done, she drew back and looked a little perplexed, but not disgusted or outraged.

“Come here, Lucky,” she said, once seated on the edge of her bed. Her legs were spread apart to give him room, and she patted her thigh. The dog complied, ambling over there with his tongue already hanging out. She grabbed him by the head behind his ears and pointed him at the space between her legs.

Lucky sniffed, and his tongue lolled out, licking the thighs first, but his head turning towards the junction between them as he smelled something of interest. His tail started wagging, and even though we couldn’t see the licking directly, it was easy to tell when Jenny’s pussy felt his tongue. Her mouth turned into a sudden, surprised, ring, and then broke into a smile of pleasure. “Wow,” she said happily. “Keep going. Good boy. Good boy.”

Erin and I both watched with stunned, aroused silence. She was actually doing it. I was getting pretty turned on with the thought of little Jenny being eaten out by a dog, and enjoying it. My dick was practically poking out of my boxers. Erin was wriggling around on my lap, squeezing her legs together, and her movements made my cock feel extra nice.

Jenny closed her eyes and began to twitch with every movement of her dog’s tongue. After a minute, the dog turned away. Jenny looked disappointed. “No, come back Lucky, come back boy.” She had to lean forward and pull him back by his collar to get him licking again, and closed her eyes again to appreciate it.

“She really seems to like that,” Erin said in wonder.

“I bet Kirk’s never bothered to eat her out. And dogs have pretty long tongues,” I pointed out. Erin wiggled a little more. “I’m still surprised this much was so easy. I thought she’d at least try to argue us out of it, or act disgusted.”

“Jenny’s kind of a big slut,” Erin said. I knew that was an exaggeration… she’d only lost her virginity to Kirk a few weeks ago. But it was hard to disagree with that as we watched her force her doggie to lick her pussy. Jenny moaned a little, and that must have scared Lucky because he wandered away again, exposing her pussy, coated with dog saliva, towards the camera. Erin felt my cock pulse and turned to me. “Do you want to fuck her?”

“I would never, ever cheat on you,” I assured her.

She shrugged. “It’s only cheating if one of us doesn’t want it to happen. Would you mind if I let Lucky fuck me?”

“Not if you wanted it,” I said, lying only a little bit. “And I could watch.”

She nodded. “See? That makes sense. That’s logical. If you wanted and let me watch, I don’t mind if you fuck her, cause that’s not cheating. Just as long as your heart belongs only to me.”

“It does.” I watched as Jenny gave up on getting the dog back and just started sticking rubbing her clit with her fingers.

“So, do you?” Erin asked. “Do you want to fuck her?”

“Maybe,” I said. “But I don’t know how we arrange it without revealing that we’re the ones blackmailing her.” It wasn’t as though I could show up at her house accidentally and have Erin give her the direction to seduce me.

“Oh, no, that’s simple,” Erin said. She turned towards me brightly. “You remember the movie Saw? The first one.” I nodded, hoping that whatever her idea was, it didn’t involve gore. Or kidnapping Jenny and locking her in a dungeon. “Remember the twist? The bad guy was one of the guys you thought was a victim.”


“We tell her to help blackmail me,” she said. “Then we pretend the Blackmailer made us have sex. We can have her over to our place and you can fuck her, under orders.”

“That could work.” It was a pretty good plan, if she bought it.

“Would it turn you on if she ate me out?” Another cock pulse. “I guess it would,” she giggled. On the screen, Jenny was trying to get the dog back to licking at her again.

“You’re interested in girls too?” We hadn’t covered that in our talk about fantasies.

“A little. Mostly I want her to eat me, though. Even though I bet she’d like it. But I’d never do it if it didn’t turn you on though.”

“I guess it does turn me on.” So did the screen. “But I think if I get much more turned on, I’ll squirt all over the chair here.”

“We can’t have that,” Erin said, and leaned forward, taking her ass off my lap and letting my dick spring up, constrained only by my underwear. Reaching underneath herself, she pulled my boxers down, and then her own panties to the side. “Stick it in.”

I directed my rod at her hole and worked the head inside. She pushed back and slid down. “Mmmmm. Now, when you shoot, it won’t go to waste.” It was warm and tight and felt so good to be all the way in. She didn’t move much, though. It was like she was happy to just have me inside of her, or wanted to tease me a little. Whatever the case, I felt so content that even though every instinct was telling me to bounce her up and down to make me get off, I remained pretty still, too. “Lucky’s going back for more.”

I had an idea. “Let me type.” We both shifted forward, and I maneuvered my arms around her to type at the keyboard. “If you want to train him to do that regularly, you should give him a treat.”

She couldn’t read it right away. She laid back on the bed, her hands clutching at the edges as her dog continued to lick. I think she was having an orgasm. When she recovered and closed her legs, pushing Lucky off to the side, she finally read the screen. “His treats are downstairs.”

I typed quickly. “There’s another kind of treat. Reach underneath his back legs and rub him. He’s got a penis, and he’s just like a guy.”

Jenny stroked her dog. At first she just pet the area, almost like she would his back. After a short time, Lucky began to react and his penis extended, poking out of its sheath. “Make sure the camera can see,” I typed. “And just rub it like you’re giving a hand job.”

The camera wasn’t close enough for a good look, but it was pretty clear what Jenny was doing, and that was hot enough, especially with the knowledge we were recording it. Erin began to bounce very gently up and down after only a little bit of prompting from me doing the same. She picked up intensity, and before long she was sliding me halfway out before pounding back. I wrapped my arms around her and we continued until she squealed with the delight of an orgasm. Soon after, I groaned with sudden force and for the second time that day I came, squirting my seed deep into her, then held her down so I wouldn’t slip out when I lost my erection and get the cum all over my seat. To keep her happy, I played with her clit from behind.

“Eww,” we heard from the speakers. I’d forgotten for the moment of climax about what we were watching. “He squirted.”

Erin typed instead of me. “That means you did a good job. If you make him happy whenever he licks you, he’ll lick you more. Did you like how it felt?”

“It was pretty cool when he was licking me,” she admitted. “The rest was just weird.”

“Well, I certainly enjoyed watching it. I think you’ll be doing it more.” Erin looked at me when she was finished typing. “Should we let her go?” she asked. I nodded. We’d made enough progress for one day.

Chapter 4:

We worked on Jenny the next day, too. In addition to telling her what poses to take and to be licked again, we played her videos of other girls getting licked by their dogs, or giving them blowjobs, to show that it was totally normal. Jenny thought the dog’s dick looked disgusting and didn’t want to put it in her mouth, so we decided to give it a little more time before we pushed the issue.

Erin and I worked together, but we weren’t always working side by side. Mom was home too often for that to be the case. However, we’d come up with a solution where, even when we were in our own separate rooms, we were still together. I let Erin have access to Jenny’s feed on her own computer, so we could both watch it at once, and meanwhile we would have a video chat going in another window to watch each other. Even when we weren’t working on Jenny, we had that window open, allowing us to see one another at a moment’s effort, and we could flash each other or masturbate together while our Mom was unaware. It was a lifeline between us.

I felt a little self-conscious at first about appearing like that, even to my sister, though I tried not to let it show. Erin, however, liked being on video… she was a bit of a tease, which was probably why she wound up on the camwhore sites to begin with. Now that we were open with each other, she became like me, liking to collect videos, mainly of us together. We filmed ourselves fucking one afternoon, on her camera phone, and she gave me a copy.

We also used her phone to film her first facial. It started as a blowjob, a great blowjob. She was only comfortably able to go down about halfway on my shaft, but with the way she used her hand on the other half and teased the head of my penis with her tongue, I had no complaints about that. When I was ready to cum, I warned her and, with the phone I was using to film in one of my hands, watched as she tilted her head back and lay my cock on the side of her face, then slid down to give it a gentle kiss, all while continuing to pump the bottom half with her hand. I shot off right when she kissed and little trails of cum ran up her face, mostly on her cheek but with a few glob on her nose and lips. She licked her lips and “mmm”ed softly.

She told me later that the reality didn’t really live up to the fantasy. She said she liked how it made her feel dirty, and really liked the video of it when we watched it. “It makes me look like a real porn star!” she said with amusement, but then confessed, “I’d rather have it inside me than on my face. And it’s less mess.” I had to agree. While there was something beautiful about watching her covered in my sperm, that couldn’t compare to knowing it was going directly down her throat, or in her pussy.

I got to do that almost every day. The days I went without, there was often a greater purpose behind it. Like the day Erin went to Jenny’s house after school. It was part of her scheme to have Jenny start blackmailing her. I watched, safe in my own room, while doing some homework. They didn’t spend all their time in Jenny’s room, and so there were long gaps without any action on the camera, and even when they were there, girl talk can often be boring.

Erin wasn’t the only one there with Jenny. Jenny’s sister Claire, who looked like she was trying to be a carbon copy of Jenny herself, except only nine years old, and wearing the glasses Jenny had given up, kept popping in and trying to tag along wherever they went, despite their efforts to get rid of her to have more adult girl talk.

Another girl from Erin’s school, a Chinese girl named Winnie, was also there that day. I didn’t know her, but she was slim, taller than Jenny or Erin, but more flat-chested than either of them. She dressed in a tight red skirt. She would have been cute, but she had a habit of screwing up her face in an ugly sneer every time she found something disagreeable, which happened a lot.

More than the sneer itself, probably, it was the fact that it seemed too often to be directed at Erin. It soon became clear that Erin and Winnie were not friends, or not close ones. Erin tried to be nice, but it looked like Winnie resented her being there, and would snap peevishly at her regularly.

When Erin expressed an opinion on boots Jenny was thinking of buying with money from her recent birthday, Winnie told her, “Like you know what you’re talking about, fashion’s one of those things you still have to learn. No offense.” Erin still tended to wear boyish clothes, jeans and shirts, and rarely name brands of those, while the others were a lot more more fashion conscious.

Another time, Erin asked whether they thought some pop star was gay. It was right in line with the rest of their gossiping and should have gotten a simple exchange of opinions, but instead, Winnie snapped, “You’re the big super brain of the class, why don’t you figure it out yourself?”

There were a number of other, similar incidents, where Winnie would lash out at Erin for no good reason. Jenny was nicer, rarely giving Erin even a snarky remark, but never went that extra step to tell her friend to stop being a jerk, and sometimes she laughed uncertainly at a cruel barb of Winnie’s.

Erin always deflected the attacks with sheepish smile, or sometimes by pretending she never heard, but watching on the sidelines, I raged quietly. I couldn’t help but think that if Winnie wanted to act like a bitch, maybe we should teach her to fuck a dog, too.

My sister must have been thinking along similar lines. While Winnie and Jenny were trying on different types of eyeliner in the bathroom, Erin played with Lucky on Jenny’s bed. She grinned at the webcam, guessing that I was watching, and rubbed the dog between his legs until he had a visible erection. “Ew, Jenny!” she cried out. “Your dog’s got a boner and he keeps licking me.”

Both girls came back into the room to look. “He probably thinks you’re a dog. No offense,” Winnie said, but then laughed. “Oh my god, look at it. It’s gross.”

Lucky started walking towards Jenny, who was blushing beet red and couldn’t speak. The dog hopped up on her, putting his paws on her boobs, his furry penis swinging in the air, pointing at her.

“No, I don’t think he thinks I’m a dog,” Erin said. “He must like humans, not dogs. If he was interested in a first class bitch, surely he would have gone for you.”

Winnie’s mouth hung open. “What did you say?” Erin just smiled, a confident smile, but didn’t repeat herself.

Before Winnie could strike back with a retort, Jenny pushed Lucky away, and made it to the door of her room, where she yelled out her sister’s name. The little girl came running, eager to be included at last. “Take Lucky outside to play in the backyard?” she asked. Claire frowned, but tugged him by the collar until he was out of the room. “Sorry,” she said once he was gone. “He gets like that sometimes. Sometimes he just tries to hump anything that moves.”

“Just like a guy,” Winnie said. “It was kind of funny, though.”

“Maybe you should have just let Winnie take care of him,” Erin said to Jenny. “I’ve heard her people don’t have a problem putting dog penis in their mouth.”

“What?” Winnie yelled. “Is that some kind of racist Chinese joke!?”

“No,” Erin said, seeming to be cowed. “I’m sorry, you must have misunderstood. I never meant anything racist, I promise. Chinese people are great.” Then her expression changed, darker, more serious. “I’ve just heard your family sucks a lot of dog cock. No offense.”

I almost cheered at that, but got frightened when Winnie lurched forward, “Oh, it’s on now, bitch.” I was watching it on a screen. I couldn’t do anything to prevent it, although I instinctively began putting on my shoes so I could run out at any time.

Erin danced out of the way of Winnie’s initial lunge, and hopped on Jenny’s bed to make her second attempt harder to pull off. “Guys, don’t fight,” Jenny cried.

“She started it,” Erin pointed out. “She’s been mean to me all day. What, you can dish it out but you can’t take it?”

“You think you’re so smart,” Winnie said. “Let’s see how smart you are with your hair pulled out.”

“That’s what this is all about isn’t it? So what, I get better grades than you. Boo-fucking-hoo. Try harder or deal with it, don’t be such a big baby.”

I was practically out the door, ready to run down there and save her, when the situation defused itself. “Guys!” Jenny yelled. They stopped. “This is my house. If you can’t get along I’m not going to let either of you come here again.”

Winnie no longer looked quite so ready to kill, and Erin didn’t seem to be in danger. I was pleased, and even liked Jenny a little more. Not enough to want to stop our plans for her, but I thought maybe I’d judged her too harshly. At least she tried to be nice. “Now, I want both of you to say sorry for the things you said.”

Erin apologized first. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did about your family. I just wanted to make you mad.”

Winnie sighed, her pride seemingly satisfied by Erin apologizing first. “I’m sorry too. Truce?”

“Fine,” Erin said, but she looked right into the camera, and I knew it wasn’t the whole story. If there was one thing I’d learned about my sister recently, it was that she could hold a grudge.

They finished playing with their makeup and the atmosphere seemed a little tense, but not hostile, and then went downstairs, out of the view or even the hearing range of the webcam. I saw them briefly once more, as Winnie and Erin came up to retrieve some things they left in the room before they went home, and even the tension seemed to have evaporated.

The moment Jenny was alone, I contacted her as the Blackmailer. It was important to do it after Erin had just left, so she would never suspect it was her friend behind things. “That was quite a fight there earlier,” I sent her in a message window. Jenny shrugged when she read it. I continued, “I guess Lucky was too impatient to wait for them to go away before he got to play with you.”

She smiled genuinely. I think she was relieved to have someone she could talk about it with. “Oh my God, that was so embarrassing! I just about died!”

“Don’t worry, I don’t think your friends suspected anything. I like them, though. They’re feisty. What are their names?”

Chapter 5:

A few days later, Jenny paid an after-school visit to our house. She had a burned DVD that she was supposed to run on Erin’s computer… she wasn’t computer savvy enough to have her own USB key. I said hello to her in passing, but had plans to be out of the house… we wanted to make sure Jenny felt comfortable enough to carry out her instructions, and if she thought another person might walk in on her, she might chicken out. As the Blackmailer I’d “chosen” Erin to target next, while hinting Winnie might come later.

At first, Jenny had been a little hesitant to involve somebody else, but after I told her that I would be requiring less of her time if I had another toy to play with, and also that I might let her suggest some things to make Erin do, she was more interested. I guess our family wasn’t the only one with a weakness to the allure of power. She immediately began suggesting that I make Erin lick her pussy.

My sister laughed when she read that, then even more a few days later when we played Jenny a clip of Erin “forced” to masturbate for the Blackmailer. Jenny began rubbing herself while watching the video, stroking her pussy gently over the star-spangled panties she wore. “I knew she was gay for me,” Erin said.

“I don’t think she’s gay,” I pointed out, “She seems to like doing it with Kirk.”

“That reminds me,” Erin said. “Are we going to make him do anything?”

We’d gotten a few videos of Kirk and Jenny together, but I hadn’t thought of trying to blackmail him with anything, and this was the first Erin brought it up. “You want to?”

“Well, he’s a bad person, right? I mean, he tried to go after your sister. Isn’t that bad for friends to do?”

“I guess. I can’t think of anything I want him to do, though.” I sudden, chilling thought struck me. “Do you want to make him do something with you?” She might have been okay with me fucking other girls, and I was okay with her trying things with a dog, but I experienced a rush of jealousy at the thought of her with a guy, any guy.

“No,” she said, filling me with relief. “I just wondered. Maybe we’ll think of something later. He’s on my list.”

“You have a list?”

She gave me a sweet, innocent smile. “Not a real list, like, not on paper or anything. I just keep track of people we have something on, or who’ve been bad.”

“Who else is on the list?” I asked.

“Nobody you know, I think.”

“What about Winnie?” I asked. “She seemed like a big bitch to you last week.”

“Oh,” Erin said, her smile turning downright devilish in an instant. “She’s definitely on my list. But let’s focus on Jenny, first.” She leaned forward to type, and asked Jenny to bring her dog in so it could lick her, and suggested she “pretend it’s Erin.”

Jenny seemed to be pretty eager to do that, and within a minute or two we were watching Jenny sitting on her bed facing the camera, her legs spread apart, with a dogs head licking obediently, while she pet his head. Her little stomach seemed to twitch in reaction with every lick of doggy tongue up her cunt.

You wouldn’t think seeing a dog eat out a thirteen-year-old girl would get old, but I’d seen it before, and I had an even hotter twelve-year-old right beside me. She had her hands in her panties, eyes transfixed on the screen. It hadn’t gotten old for my sister, it seemed.

I wanted to act, though, not just watch. “Lucky’s given me an idea,” I said, and slipped off the chair and onto my knees. She knew what I was going for right away, and pushed back a little to allow me room. She was wearing a skirt. It used to be that Erin only wore jeans and pants, but since we started making love, she wore skirts more often. I liked this development, because it let me look at her beautiful legs, and it gave me easier access to other parts I liked. All it took was a little flip and the skirt rested on her belly.

Beneath her skirt she was wearing panties with hearts and monkeys on them, and I grabbed the waistband and started to pull down. She helped me out by lifting her ass off the seat to let me slide the back out from under her. Once her panties were off, she spread her legs open, just enough to get my head in, at first, and, when I got closer, she leaned back, swung her legs back, and rested her knees on my shoulders.

I’ve heard a lot of guys don’t like eating pussy, but I do. Or maybe my sister just has an exceptional pussy. It’s all tight and closed in, and just so cute that even if it didn’t make me horny, I could stare at it for hours.

But why stare when you could kiss and lick and probe with your fingers? It was already a little wet, from her taking care of herself, and I used my thumbs to spread it apart, and the little hood popped out, and I took a breathless look at her clit and the much wetter pink zone inside.

I only looked for a moment, then began a series of soft, long licks along the edges, getting close to the clit but not often reaching it. Teasing was better. When I did go for the clit, it was more often than not with a kiss than a lick.

From the speakers behind me, I heard Jenny giving truncated little moans as her dog licked her and suddenly decided to make it something of a competition for myself… I wanted to make my sister cum before the dog made Jenny. Since he’d had a head start, I needed to step up my pace.

My tongue went from slow long licks to fast darting movements. I thrust forward, sticking my tongue as far inside her hole as I could and wiggled it all around, while my nose rubbed against her clit. Erin squealed in delight and rose her ass from the chair to grind against me. In between breaths, she exclaimed, “Somebody’s an eager beaver today!”

Of course, but it was her beaver that made me eager. I kept it up, an intense pace, sometimes adding my fingers to play a little in her hole while I sucked on her clit, making her moan, when I heard other, tinny moans that told me I’d lost my little competition. I slowed down. Jenny had already cum, so I might as well savor.

Erin leaned forward to reach over my head, grabbed the keyboard and rested it on her belly to type something in. I couldn’t tell what it was, just assumed it was another order for Jenny to follow. I continued licking, trying once again to bring Erin to a slow boil. Every once in a while she would type something else, making me try harder. If she was able to type, I didn’t have enough of her attention. Every one of her “mmms” or little giggles when I hit a good spot was like music to my ears, every new typed message a failure.

“Eww, that’s gross,” I heard from the speakers. It was Jenny.

I stopped for a moment, curiosity getting the better of me. “What’s gross?” I asked.

Erin let out a groan of frustration. “I really don’t want you to stop,” she said. “But you’ve really got to see this, Andrew.”

I turned my head back, but from my angle the screen was too dark to see what was going on. So, reluctantly, I left Erin’s pussy behind and stood up. There, you could see a close-up of Lucky, Jenny’s dog, and his penis. Jenny must have put the camera on the ground. The dog’s dick was out, erect, red with lots of ugly veins and looking like some kind of horror monster.

And little Jenny was down on her hands and knees, licking it. It wasn’t an easy operation, the dog kept trying to hump the air, but Jenny did her best to keep up with it, her tongue lapping up on the beast’s dick. I instinctively checked to be sure, but of course Erin had made sure we were recording. “Wow,” I said.

“Put it in your mouth and suck,” Erin typed, and then looked to me. “If this is as hot for you as it is for me, you can finish inside me.” She stood up, pushed the chair back along my floor with one foot, and bent over slightly then, with one hand, reached back to pull her skirt towards her and expose her ass.

I maneuvered myself behind her, grabbing her blue skirt, and beneath it, her hips, centering the head of my penis at her little pussy lips. Already slick, they parted for me with only a little resistance, and I sank inside her while watching what Jenny was doing over the shoulder. She’d gotten the head of Lucky’s dick in her mouth, sucking the weird pointy tip. Then the dog thrust his hindquarters forward and she lost it.

It was incredibly arousing to watch her doing that… not the act itself, which was a little gross, but the fact that it was incredibly messed up, and that we had made that happen. We had made a girl try to suck off her dog.

I banged into my sister from behind slowly, because I didn’t want to cum, not yet. I wanted to enjoy her and make her enjoy it. I made a decision, and closed my eyes, sacrificing the deliciously fucked up sight of Jenny and her dog because it would make me shoot my load too fast. I would be better able to last longer if I kept my eyes closed, and we were recording it. The combination of that sight, my sister’s moans, and her tight cunt squeezing my dick would have me cumming right away. As it was, I had to think about math homework to keep from emptying my load immediately.

A few minutes later, Erin’s moans of pleasure became a stream of filthy talk, making my job even more difficult. “Yeah, that’s right, keep sucking on your little dog’s dick. Pretty soon we’re going to fuck you with it. I bet you’ll like that won’t you, you little slut.”

I next heard a whine, I wasn’t sure if it was an animal, or one of the two girls, and pretty soon I was ready to cum, so I pounded Erin as fast and hard as I could in those last few seconds. She moaned and tensed up, and either came just before me, or faked it.

“Ewww,” Jenny said. “He squirted in me…” I opened my eyes. Jenny was wiping some clear goo off her fingers.

Erin grinned at me. “I bet we’re less than a week away from making her a bitch, literally.”

Chapter 6:

She was right. It wasn’t even a week. It was three days, although I think Erin might have pushed for it the very next day if things had worked out, but we didn’t get a chance. That day, Winnie went over to Jenny’s house after school, and stayed until long after supper. Since we agreed we couldn’t risk making her fuck a dog while her parents were home, we didn’t do anything to Jenny that night except make her masturbate and show her more dog sex videos we’d found on the net (there’s a site for EVERYTHING).

The day after that, Erin had to stay after school to take some kind of special test. I don’t know why they couldn’t have done it during school hours. I missed her as I sat at home alone. It was stupid, I saw her every day, fucked her almost every day, but I still missed her. Not just the sex. I impulsively decided that I’d walk her home after she did her test, just to talk, about every day things, like how the test went (she did well), and how school was (a guy in her class got detention for swearing at a teacher).

I even carried her books home, because she had a pretty big load. I only spared a short glance at them, they seemed a little dry for my tastes. Kind of weird stuff for a girl her age, but she liked reading above her age level. I remember one was called “The Elegant Universe”, another was “The Selfish Gene”, there was a book on Math that wasn’t a class textbook, and, wedged in between them all, a little book called “The Prince”. I smiled privately at the last one. It was cute, even after all the weird stuff we did, that my sister loved little romantic fantasy stories. I remember she was always big into Narnia as a kid, and I guess the fantasy bug never quite left her. I was going to comment on that, but she asked me about how my day went and gave me her shy little smile and all I could think of was how lucky I was that she loved me and how sweet it was, just spending time together.

I think I liked those moments, the quiet moments when we weren’t freaky perverts blackmailing a girl together, more than anything else. It felt normal. The only thing that would have felt more normal was if I could have held her hand, like we were the couple we were in my heart. I always felt good after those times when it was just the two of us, whether it was enjoying a walk together or having her sleep in my arms.

After our monster times, blackmailing Jenny, I felt bad. During, it felt incredible, but after, I felt extremely guilty and was filled with moments of self-loathing. I think I would have given it up eventually if Erin had not enjoyed it so much. She never told me she felt guilty, and I never shared my feelings with her. I sometimes wondered if maybe she secretly felt the same as I did, but it was this shared perversion that got us back together after our first fight, and she really seemed to enjoy the idea of making Jenny fuck her dog.

The day had come where she would finally get her wish. It was an ordinary day. I got off a boring day of school, Erin beat me home and met me at the door with a kiss, thrusting her tongue in my mouth. I held her tight, asked how her day was, and then we exchanged a few stories about what went on at our respective schools. I asked if she wanted to watch TV, but she shook her head and we soon went up to my room.

Jenny wasn’t there right away, but it didn’t take long, so we played our usual role as the Blackmailer, getting her to strip for us, then play with herself, then call her dog in to lick her pussy.

Jenny seemed to be getting into it, as she usually did, and Erin called up a dogfucking video to play for her while she was enjoying the sensations of Lucky’s long dog tongue slobbering away inside her hole. When Jenny started rubbing herself a little between licks, Erin pounced forward in her seat and typed, in big bold letters, “STOP NOW.”

Jenny didn’t see it right away, but when she did, she seemed disappointed. “But he’s not finished,” she whined.

“That means she hasn’t cum yet,” Erin told me, as though I didn’t already know. She typed a command to start rubbing Lucky’s dick, get it erect so that it came out of the furry part. Jenny complied like a good little camslave, but looked into the camera and said, “You’re going to make me put him in my mouth again, aren’t you? That’s gross.”

“No. Don’t worry,” Erin typed. She grinned as she typed. “We won’t be doing that this time.”

Soon Lucky’s gross, pointed, red-pink dick was out and waging around, like a second tail. He kept taking little half steps forward with his hind legs, like he was ready to hump but didn’t know where he should.

Erin typed, “Now I want you to get on your hands and knees and point your ass at Lucky.”

“Oh…” Jenny said, clearly puzzled. Then she said, with added significance, “Oh!” She had an anxious look on her face. She’d seen enough bestiality videos thanks to us to know what that usually meant. “I don’t know if I want to do that either. Can we do something else, please?”

Erin looked to me, as though I was the expert. “Andrew? Can I push her or do we need more time?”

“Remember the last thing that made her really freak out?”

Her grin turned wicked and she typed. “If you wanted, we could cut your hair really short instead. I really do want to see you like that. Which would you prefer?”

Jenny’s expression of fear was almost comical. “No!” she said.

“No, not my hair! I’ll fuck a dog for you but leave me my precious hair,” Erin mocked, and I couldn’t help laugh. I started to say something back, but she shushed me.

Jenny was getting in position. We both watched, fascinated. “He might not go for it right away,” I said.

“I bet he will.” Lucky hadn’t, but he was sniffing around Jenny’s butt. She twitched as his cold nose touched her pussy. He began licking her again. “No, stupid dog,” Erin whined, as though she could be heard. “Get on top.”

Then, suddenly, he did. Lucky hopped up, putting his paws on Jenny’s back. They immediately slipped off, making Jenny yelp in pain from the scrape of the claws, and then just dangled limply off her sides. Lucky lurched forward again, his body forcing the girl down into almost a bow, face towards the ground, ass in the air. He humped forward, his furry belly slapping up against Jenny’s butt, but it looked like his cock wasn’t going inside.

I noticed Erin was squeezing her thighs together. I had a bulge in my pants and was starting to rub it while I began mentally willing Lucky to find the hole.

After another few awkward thrusts, we could tell Lucky sank home into Jenny’s pussy because she groaned in sudden surprise. I thought it was pleasured surprise, but I couldn’t be sure. Once inside, Lucky’s thrusts became less awkward and tentative and more regular, like a jackhammer, in and out, in and out. At first, it looked as though Lucky was doing all the work, but a minute or two into it we could see Jenny bucking back against him. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you,” Erin said.

“I think she does,” I supplied, rubbing my dick. “She likes being her dog’s bitch.”

Lucky made yowling sounds as he continued to pound into her, and Jenny seemed to repeat “Ah, ah, ah, ah,” over and over again. Suddenly, Jenny looked scared. “No, don’t squirt in me,” she said, and tried to pull away, but Lucky and Jenny yelped in unison as she tried.

“The knot must be inside her,” I said with wonder. I really wished I didn’t have to be watching it all through a webcam view, or that I could direct the action. I would have loved to see a close-up of that. Instead I had to watch the dog seem to lose interest in humping, but be unable to move away either.

“Get off me you dumb dog,” Jenny said. “You’re done, get out,” and she tried again to push him off, but she couldn’t pull herself free either. “How long are you going to stay like this?”

Erin cracked up, and I couldn’t help but join her. Finally, Lucky was able to slip free, his dick flopping out behind her and he turned away, dripping stuff on the floor. Erin told Jenny to start masturbating again, and asked her how it felt.

“Weird. He’s bigger than Kirk, it was nice inside me, but the fur is weird. And his cum’s warmer I think.”

“Would you do it again?”

“I guess, if you wanted me to. But not all the time, okay?”

She didn’t answer for a while… it seemed like she was wrestling with what answer to give. Finally Erin typed, “Okay. We’re done for today. You can finish yourself off if you want, but you don’t have to.”

Jenny said thanks, and continued to touch herself. I leaned over the back of the chair to give Erin a hug. “So, was it everything you wanted?” I asked.

“It was pretty cool,” she said. “I can’t believe we actually did it.” Her voice sounded happy, but there was a tone of false cheer in it.

“But?” I ventured.

“I was hoping she’d enjoy it more,” she admitted sadly.

I was more relieved at the admission than I expected. “That’s good,” I told her as I embraced her tightly for a moment. “We’re not complete monsters. I want her to enjoy it too. I think she did like it, it was just new.” She was certainly masturbating like somebody who was turned on, her fingers dipping furiously in and out of the puddle of dog cum left inside her. “We can try it a few more times and if she doesn’t start to like it, we’ll stop. We’ll have the videos forever, anyway.”

“Okay,” she said.

The silence stretched out. “Do you think it’s something you want to try yourself?”

She swiveled around to me. Her eyes were tearing up. “Yes. At least once. What’s wrong with me?”

I met her, face to face, staring in her eyes. “Nothing,” I said, firmly. “You’re the girl I love. Maybe you’re a little weird, but if you weren’t, we’d never be together. Weird is good. If you want to try fucking a dog, I’ll be there to hold the leash and make sure he doesn’t hurt you.”

With a blink, her tears faded, evaporating on the lashes and never actually falling. She sniffed. “Actually for my plan to work you can’t be there the first time, you have to play the Blackmailer.”

“You already have a plan?” I asked.

“I have lots of plans. Right now my plan is for you to fuck me before Mom gets home.” Erin took me by the hand and pulled me to the bed. We did it doggy-style, of course. What did you expect?

Chapter 7:

It took a few more days for Erin to put her new plan into action. I came home to an empty house and went to my usual place, my room. Erin wouldn’t be home. She went to Jenny’s.

As far as Jenny was concerned, she would be getting her reward today, Erin would be “forced” to eat her pussy until she came. We’d discussed it in advance, and even though Erin’s bisexual fantasies revolved more around being the recipient of oral sex, she didn’t have a problem with returning the favor. She’d also be “forced” to fuck Lucky, although we had a prearranged signal so she could back out at any time, and I, as the Blackmailer, would ask for something else. Whatever happened, I was sure it was going to be a good show.

They weren’t there when I started the camera, but it didn’t take very long before first Erin, then Jenny entered. Erin flopped on the bed, while Jenny dealt with her little sister who was right outside the door. “I don’t care,” Jenny said. “You can’t hang out with us. Go to your friend next door.”

“I can’t, she has a piano lesson.”

“Well you can’t bother us either. Go downstairs and watch a movie or something. Or better yet go play outside. If you try to bug us I’ll tell Dad you were surfing porn.”

“I was not,” her sister cried indignantly.

“Yeah, but he’ll believe me. So go.”

“You are so mean.”

Erin got off the bed and said, “Look, we just need some time to ourselves. I promise we’ll let you hang with us sometime soon, okay? But we really need to do something and we need to be alone, okay? Can you find something to do?”

“Well,” she said, drawing the word out over several seconds. “I guess I could go to Amy’s for a while, even though she’s a big baby sometimes.”

“I’m sure she’s not that bad.”

“You promise we’ll do something fun soon?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.” She smiled as she made the appropriate hand gestures.


“Would you just get out already?” Jenny yelled.

Her sister sighed. “I wish you were my sister,” she said to Erin pointedly, then left.

“She can be such a brat sometimes,” Jenny said when she was gone.

“She’s not so bad.”

“You’re saying that because you don’t have to live with her. You’re so lucky you have an older brother.”

“I am,” she said, and I felt a warm glow. I leaned back to grab my drink, a bottle of Pepsi, from one of my shelves and had a sip. On the screen, both girls sat down together on the bed.

“What’s it like having your brother fuck you?” Jenny asked. I nearly did a spit take, and did choke on some of it. “Isn’t it weird?”

The question shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise. I knew Erin was going to tell Jenny that the Blackmailer made her fuck me, and then started blackmailing me, too, so we’d keep doing it. I just hadn’t expected it to have already happened.

“It was at first, but it’s actually really great. I feel so safe with him, and he’s really good, too. Andrew’s so caring, he always makes sure I cum. His thing’s way bigger than Kirk’s.”

“Aren’t you afraid he’ll get you pregnant?”

She shrugged. “Are you afraid you’ll have puppies?”

Jenny sat up straight like she’s received an electric shock. “Can that happen?”

Erin laughed. “No, silly, it’s impossible.” She fell forward, collapsing once again into a fit of giggles. “How can you not know that?”

Jenny seemed a little miffed. “We’re not all super-brains like you.”

“Sorry. It can’t happen. And I’m not worried about my brother getting me pregnant, either. We’re protected.” There was a pause of a few seconds, before she asked, “Do you like fucking your dog?”

“I don’t know,” Jenny said. I could tell she was embarrassed, although whether it was from having to answer the question to her friend or from fears the Blackmailer might be listening, I wasn’t sure. She didn’t go into more detail than that.

Just remembering her with the dog was getting me hard again, so I decided it was time. I instructed the program to call up a message window on Jenny’s computer. “Hello girls,” it read. “It’s nice to see the two of you together.”

Jenny was tense at first, but then Erin waved and said “Hi,” and she did likewise, relaxing a little.

“I see you’ve already told each other about what you’ve been doing,” I sent. “That’s good. I hope we’re going to have some more fun today. Why don’t you both get naked for me?”

They stood up together, but Erin took the lead, starting up a slow strip-tease with lots of dance-like movements to the sound of the soft music playing in the background. Jenny got the hint and followed along. When they got down to bra and panties, Jenny flashed her tits, then covered them again and wiggled her butt for the camera. Erin hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her Sponge Bob panties and flashed her pussy. She turned, deliberately, to give Jenny a look at it without being too obvious about it. Jenny was more obvious in taking a glance.

Erin then bent down and removed her panties totally while I watched from behind. Jenny followed suit, copying the same maneuver. They both then unhooked their bras, took them off, and turned around, baring themselves completely. For a while, they danced close together, almost grinding each other, but staying shy of touching except, occasionally, when their breasts collided, and when the song that was playing ended I asked them to stand beside one another for me and just pose.

Jenny looked hot, with respectable sized breasts and a more pronounced figure overall, but even after all this time, it was still Erin that made my heart beat faster whenever I looked at her. That mix of the familiar face I’ve known all my life and her tiny, nude body turned me on like no one else.

“Very nice,” I typed. Jenny came close to the screen and read it for Erin. “Now sit on your bed, facing the camera, and I want you both to play with pussies.”

I watched, my dick straining against my jeans as they sat down, spread their legs wide, and began rubbing themselves. Erin stuck two of her small fingers directly into her hole and worked them in and out rapidly, taking occasional timeouts just to rub the edges. Jenny, meanwhile, seemed to prefer rubbing directly around the clit in a circular motion. I felt like joining them in the masturbation party, but I knew much more erotic things were to come so I didn’t want to waste my orgasm.

I let them work on themselves for a few minutes before I sent the next message. Jenny stopped masturbating and went to the screen , then read it off for Erin as she sat back down. “He wants us to rub each other, now.”

Erin knew that was coming, but she did a great job of acting a bit surprised and uncomfortable. “Oh. Okay.” There was an awkward moment as both tried to get their arms past each other without bumping, but then they each had one hand on each other’s mounds.

Jenny performed mostly the same type of movements on Erin as she did on herself, but Erin rubbed more up and down the slit instead of inside. “Wow, you’re really wet.”

Jenny got defensive, as though it was a criticism. “So are you,” she said, lowering her hand to the hole.

“Yeah, I know,” she said casually. She took her fingers out of the slit and rubbed along the sides, forcing Jenny’s pussy open and closed without actually touching it, and giving me a show. I was watching that so I almost missed it when Erin, staring at the camera, licked her lips subtly. It was a signal.

I leaned forward to open a new message window. “Since you girls both seem to be enjoying touching each other, why don’t we go a step farther? I want one of you to lick the other’s pussy until she has an orgasm.”

After a few seconds, Jenny got up to look at it, and relayed it to Erin. “Which one?” Erin asked warily.

She knew which one. So did Jenny. We’d discussed it the night before. Jenny just didn’t know Erin knew. “I’ll flip a coin,” I typed. “Heads Erin licks, tails Jenny licks. And it’s heads.”

Erin acted disappointed, but the real disappointment was mine, even though the coin toss was rigged. I’d have rather seen Jenny forced to lick Erin’s beautiful little pussy and make her cum. But Jenny wanted Erin to eat her out, and Erin told me the previous night, “If we give Jenny what she wants, she’s more likely to keep doing what we want.”

“Are you sure you’re not going to be uncomfortable licking her pussy?” She said she was a little into girls, but I wanted to be sure… I didn’t want her to do something she didn’t want.

“I don’t think so.” She shrugged. “I’ve done it before, remember.” It was as part of a Truth-or-Dare game I witnessed before Erin learned I was her Blackmailer… but it only lasted a short time, and Jenny didn’t cum. “I don’t mind, if it gets us what we want. Or if it just turns you on to watch it.” She had her hand on my dick and grinned. “I guess it does.”

So, I’d told Jenny that I would make Erin eat her out, and today, we were about to deliver. “Sit on the computer chair and spread your legs, so I can get a really good look.”

Jenny looked to Erin, and said, “I don’t like it either, but we have to do what he says.”

“Such a liar,” I muttered. The moment the previous night that we promised her we’d make Erin lick her until she came, her hands went right into her panties without even being asked.

Once Jenny was seated in her chair, Erin kneeled between her legs. I had Jenny adjust the webcam until I had a good look at both of them at once, and told them to start. Erin began tentatively, sticking her tongue out like she was licking an ice cream and bobbing her head up and down over the slit, getting the whole mound slick with saliva. She closed her eyes after the first few seconds, but then she’d have the video to look back on it later if she wanted. Then, after a while, Erin began to use her tongue more deftly, sweeping it from side to side in Jenny’s hole, flicking the little bit of pink flesh that poked out back and forth as she did. Jenny mostly just sat, keeping her legs spread, but she let out soft gasps every so often.

I unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, and began stroking it as I imagined being there, fucking Erin from behind as she licked. I wanted to masturbate and get off to this because otherwise I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist masturbating to what would come next, and that felt more wrong somehow.

I came first, squirting into a pair of Erin’s panties. They were light blue, and had a repeating pattern of a monkey with a halo and wings, and the words “Little Angel” front and center. She gave the panties to me, said she liked the idea of me using them if she couldn’t be there. As I watched Jenny begin to grip the arms of her chair with white knuckles, I rubbed my pearly-white seed along the inside of the crotch, leaving a few thick big, viscous globs. Erin said she was going to change into them when she got home.

Once I was done I watched Erin eat Jenny to her own orgasm a few minutes later. She gave off a soft, whimpering moan, like she was trying to contain it, but she couldn’t hide the shaking of her legs. Erin licked on for another minute before Jenny finally let her off the hook by saying, “I’m done.”

Erin stood, they adjusted the camera again, and she looked right into it and gave me a close-up of her face, showing her teeth and braces. I could also see the streaks of Jenny’s wetness on her face. “What do you want us to do now?” Erin asked brightly.

“Are you still horny, Erin?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” she said.

“Do you want a tongue in your pussy?” It was another of our signals. If she said, “Yeah, I want Jenny to lick me too,” I’d order that. If she said, “I’d rather just touch myself,” I’d order that. She chose the third option.

“Fair is fair.”

“Fair is fair, I repeated. Jenny, I want you to get your dog. It’s time you learned to share.”

Chapter 8:

Erin looked stunned, and a little shaken. Jenny threw on a shirt and her pants and left. I was about to ask if she was okay with it, but as soon as Jenny left, she relaxed and smiled once again at the camera. I had no idea she was such a good actress. “Tell me to find a comfortable spot on the floor,” she said. I repeated it, in a message box, presumably so Jenny would see it when she got back, and Erin began adjusting the camera.

She was laying on the floor at much the same spot Jenny was on her first time fucking a dog, when Jenny came back, leading Lucky in by the collar. “Come on in, boy. Got something for you to lick.” She seemed to be enjoying the idea. Maybe it was comforting not to be the only one who was doing things with animals.

She didn’t even wait for my order. Since Erin was lying on the ground, legs spread, Jenny just led Lucky up to her snatch and directed his head to it. Erin twitched a bit at his cold nose as it rubbed near her clit, but that was nothing compared to when Lucky stuck his tongue out and gave a long lick of her slit. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed.

Sometimes when Lucky licked Jenny he got distracted and wandered off, but he seemed pretty focused on Erin. He lay down and kept licking for a minute straight, his big wet sloppy tongue never quit moving. Watching her legs start to shake, I almost felt jealous of the beast… actually, no almost about it. I did feel jealous. I wanted to be the one there making her feel like that.

Jenny spent the time at her dog’s side, petting his back and alternating between long looks at the action, and glances back at the computer screen to see if there were any further updates. Whether there would be one depended on Erin.

Erin didn’t talk much during, but I could tell she was enjoying the sensations, particularly when part of Lucky’s tongue slipped up insider her hole. “He’s really good at it,” Jenny said.

“Uh-huh,” Erin mumbled. “If he keeps this up, I think I’m going to cum soon.”

That was my last signal. If she’d said nothing, and just had an orgasm, it meant she changed her mind and didn’t want the dog to fuck her after all. But if she warned me, she wanted me to order Jenny to get Lucky to fuck her. With a little bit of reluctance that probably wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t just masturbated, I typed up the order.

“Get him up and start rubbing his dick to get him ready to fuck her,” Jenny read in a monotone.

“Does he have to?” Erin asked.

“Of course,” Jenny says. “It won’t be so bad, though, I promise.” She pulled on Lucky’s collar and pulled him away from his licking duties. The dog didn’t resist too hard, and let himself roll over on his belly. Jenny rubbed the fur between his hind legs repeatedly in an upward motion. I guess Lucky knew he was about to live up to his name once again. It didn’t take long for the ugly little dick to start poking out of its sheath.

Erin sat upwards, leaning on her arms behind her, to get a look. “Wow, it looks weird.”

“I know, it’s totally gross looking. But you don’t have to look at it when he’s doing you.” Lucky kept trying to turn over, so Jenny said, “He’s ready,” and let him. “You have to get on your hands and knees, like you’re a dog.”

“I can’t do it like this? I want to watch.”

“Let Erin do it the way she wants. If you guide Lucky to her pussy he won’t mind,” I typed.

Jenny shrugged, and pulled Lucky over top of Erin, positioning his paws on either side of her. It didn’t seem natural to him, he kept looking around as though he was confused, but humped a bit when Jenny’s hand closed on his dick. Suddenly, she let go. “Wait!”


“He squirts a lot. I don’t want to have to clean it later. Hold him.” Erin held on to Lucky by the collar, and giggled a bit as it caused him to lick her face and neck, while Jenny bounced to her clothes hamper and pulled out a towel. Placing it beneath Erin and Lucky was a bit of a challenge, but soon they were all ready.

“Okay, here we go,” Jenny said, and once again grabbed Lucky’s penis and tried to get it inside her. That took some more effort. My view was obstructed, but I think Erin had to lift her butt off the ground a little for Lucky’s dick to reach in a comfortable way, and Jenny had to push him forward until it went in. But it did go in, and once Lucky was firmly planted, it seemed he forgot most of his concerns about it not being doggy style. He humped away intently.

For the next several minutes, I watched as my sister got fucked by her friend’s dog. I was a little glad that I couldn’t see Erin’s face very well the way she was. Jenny I could see better, she was on her knees, leaning forward, her ass in the air pointed at the camera, and I saw she rubbed herself several times between the legs while she watched the spectacle.

I heard Erin cum, not loudly, just a soft little moan that was almost hard to hear because the dog didn’t care and just kept humping away until he was done. When he did, Erin let out another moan, though more of surprise than pleasure.

“Is he stuck?” Jenny asked. “That happened to me too, and I got so scared. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last forever.” She rubbed Lucky’s head. “Good boy!”

While they waited for it to go down, they talked about school, of all things. “Did you do the Math homework?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah. I finished it all in class.”

“Figures. I wish I could be as fast as you.”

She asked a couple more questions on specific math problems, and the conversation veered off into other things going on at the school, as though it was any other day and they weren’t naked and one of them didn’t have a dog cock stuck inside of her. Finally, the dog managed to pull free. He wandered off, completely disinterested, and waited at the door. Erin finally was able to get into a comfortable sitting position, and looked down at her pussy. “Wow. He certainly shoots a lot of sperm.”

“I know,” Jenny said. “See, I’m glad I brought the towel.”

I released them then. They both came, and so had I, and if I was going to cum again, I wanted Erin to be home. But I did have to set up one thing, first. “I hope you enjoyed that. Pretty soon we’re going to make it even. Since Erin’s had sex with your dog, I want to see you having sex with her brother.”

It was hard not to feel good at the genuine smile on Jenny’s face when she said, cheerily, “Okay.”

Mom was already home by the time Erin returned, so we couldn’t risk fucking in the house. She did stop into my room to collect her panties and switched them while I watched. “How was it?” I asked her.

“It was fun,” she said.

I didn’t want to be openly insecure, but I couldn’t help it. “Better than…”

“No,” she interrupted, before I finished. “Nothing’s as good as being with you, Andrew. This is just a fun, once-in-a-while thing.” I was hoping she would say “try-it-once” thing, but I suppose I can’t have everything. “Like when you fuck Jenny. It doesn’t mean anything.” She kissed me softly on the lips. “This means something.”

“Are you sure you want me to do Jenny?” I did want to, but I also knew how I felt when she was fucking the dog. No matter how much I pretended to be fine with it, no matter how much it really was hot, I felt bad about her doing it, and I didn’t want her to feel those things while I fucked her friend.

“Can’t back out now,” she said. “It would look suspicious. It’s sweet that you’re worried about me, but I don’t care as long as I’m there. It’ll be like a birthday present.” I’d be turning sixteen in only a few days. Depending on when we timed it, it might literally be a birthday present.

Chapter 9:

As it turned out though, it would be a late birthday present. We realized there was a school holiday, for both of our schools, on the Monday after my birthday. It seemed like the perfect time to arrange the meeting. Mom would be gone, and Jenny could come over here, and we’d have as much time as we wanted to fool around without much risk of getting caught or interrupted.

My birthday was on the Friday. Mom was aware enough about my life to know that I didn’t really have many close friends, so she didn’t schedule a big party, just a dinner at home with pizza and cake. I was told I could invite whoever I wanted, but she went ahead and invited Kirk without asking me.

I wouldn’t have invited him. Ever since learning he not only made my sister give him a hand job but also broke her heart to date Jenny, I’d been giving him the cold shoulder. But before that, he was my best and pretty well only friend, and my Mom must been worried that I spent too much time alone in my room. She figured it would be easier to repair that friendship than to make a new one.

I did kind of miss Kirk, I guess, so I didn’t tell him off when told me he was accepting the invitation. I got a few “Happy Birthdays” at school, but I didn’t really consider anybody there close enough to invite, so I figured I’d let him come.

Watching him spend most of the first hour trying to look down my sister’s top without being obvious about it made me regret that decision. She was dressed up and wearing a skirt and blouse, still unusual for her but growing more common, and she looked radiant. Except I got sick of Kirk positioning himself to be in front of her whenever she bent forward.

Finally I suggested Kirk that we play a bit of pickup basketball in the backyard. He agreed, basketball being one of the few areas his tall gangly form was an advantage. Erin came out to watch us, but I asked her to go inside and find out if Mom ordered the pizza yet. Mostly I wanted to get rid of her. When I thought she was gone, I pushed Kirk up against one of the outer walls of my house.

“If I see you staring at my sister one more time you’re getting a beating.”

Kirk’s eyes widened and he got defensive immediately. “What? I wasn’t… Andrew, man, she’s only twelve!”

“Yeah, so’s your girlfriend.” That was a slipup, both mathematically (Jenny was now thirteen), and because I shouldn’t have let him know I knew about his relationship. But he was too worried about his own ass.

“How did…”

“Forget it. I know, and I know what you tried to do with my sister.”

“Man, I am so sorry. I knew it was wrong, that’s why I broke up with her.”

I didn’t buy it. Erin told me it was because she wouldn’t give him a blowjob, and Jenny would. “Sure,” I said sarcastically.

“I’m serious. I knew it was wrong, I don’t know what I was thinking. I know, I’m scum, I should be going after girls my own age. But they were there, and they were asking me these questions, and, well, things got out of hand.” He got a panicked look in his eyes. “You’re not going to tell anybody, are you? About me and Jenny?”

I had no room to throw stones there. I couldn’t even really blame him for going after the first girl who showed an interest, whether appropriate or not. I might have done the same, and Kirk looks even goofier than me, and his attempts to play up an unearned ladies man image just make him more laughable to the girls in our school. “I don’t really care what you and your little preteen girlfriend do,” I told him. “But I do care about my sister. You try anything with her, you even look at her funny, I will kick your ass so hard you’ll be tasting my foot for weeks. In fact, I don’t even want you talking to her.” He’d been making attempts at conversation the whole night. She never got too deeply into any of them, but always answered politely. Even that bothered me, since I thought she should have completely ignored him, if anything. I suppose I was worried she was lying about no longer having any feelings for him.

“Fine,” he said. “I won’t. I’d never do anything anyway.” I backed away. He threw the ball towards me. “So can we be friends again? If this is what you’ve been mad about… it’s nothing, okay? It was just a stupid mistake. We cool?”

I stared him down for a few moments. Then I remembered I’d soon be fucking his little girlfriend. Not only that, Erin had mentioned Kirk was still on her revenge list. So I felt momentarily guilty for being such a hardass. “Fine, we’re cool. So long as you stay away from her. Erin’s completely off-limits.”

“Got it.”

The rest of the night, Kirk barely even looked at Erin, and stared at his plate through the whole meal. I didn’t think Erin noticed… she seemed happy as she usually was.

Other than that awkward moment between Kirk and I, the birthday wasn’t bad. The pizza was good, the chocolate cake was really good, and I was pleased with the gifts. I got a few gift cards and money in the mail from some of my more distant relatives. Kirk got me a copy of Left 4 Dead 2. He already had one so he thought we might be able to renew our friendship fighting off zombies together. My Mom doesn’t know a thing about age ratings on games so she didn’t care.

I’d been hinting for a few weeks that I wanted a car when I turned sixteen, but Mom didn’t go for it. Instead I got an iPhone, which was nice… but I really wanted a car. I considered getting a job after school, but it would really cut into my time with Erin.

From Erin, I wound up getting three gifts. The first gift was the public gift. She gave me a USB stick with 16 GB, and automatic password encryption. “I’m sure you can find something to put on it,” she said, putting a stress on the word something and rolling her eyes. But there was a smile there, a smile that was for me alone. We both knew what kinds of things I’d be putting on it.

The second gift came later that night. After Mom went to bed, she tiptoed into my room in her nightgown and crawled into bed with me. We spent the night together before, but not too often. It was too risky. We had sex, which was great except for having to try really hard to do it quietly. It was the afterwards that was the gift. Holding the girl you love in your arms, naked, and drifting off to sleep with her is an amazing feeling of peace. We talked drowsily… I was still inside of her.

“Did you have a happy birthday?” she asked.

“Best ever. I love you.”

“I love you too.” There was a pause, and she said, “I heard what you said to Kirk. In the backyard.”

“You did?”

I couldn’t see her, but I felt her nodding against my chest. “I loved it. It made me feel special.”

“You are special.”

“What about your gift?” she asked, changing the topic. “Did you like that?”

“Which one? The USB stick, or you being here?” I kissed her forehead. “Both were great, but I like this one better.”

“There’s still a part three,” she reminded me. “On Monday.”

“Still won’t top this.” I could feel sleep closing in on me. “I love you. I love this.”

“Me too.” She was quiet for a long time, and I thought she had fallen asleep, and I was just about to do the same when she said, very softly, “One day I hope I can find something big to blackmail Mom with. So we could do this every night.”

Something about that statement, the matter-of-factness of it, chilled me, bringing me back to full alertness. “What?” I asked. But she didn’t answer. She really had fallen asleep.

The idea, impossible as it was, of being openly with my sister was appealing, but that she’d been thinking about trying to bring it about by blackmailing our mother made me shudder for some reason. That level of manipulativeness scared me. Maybe, I told myself, she was just joking. It was even possible I dreamed it. It took me a few minutes to convince myself I probably had, and to finally get to sleep myself.

I woke up the next day to find her gone. She had to get up early to sneak back into her room, and she made pancakes the next morning for all of us. I didn’t know how to ask her about what she said.

Chapter 10:

Over the weekend, I spent the time arranging some of the things we needed to set up in advance of Jenny’s visit. It was nothing too complicated, but I had to go to my next door neighbor for help. He was a short, balding guy, a little chubby, with glasses. He looked like, and was, a big geek… he knew all sorts of things about science and computers, and taught me most of the tricks I knew. When I was between the ages of eleven and thirteen, he was a bit of a father figure for me, although that was mostly because he had a big crush on my Mom and wanted to get in her good graces. After she gently turned him down, he settled down with another neighbor, a fat loudmouthed lady I didn’t like much. I gradually started seeing less and less of him, and we drifted apart, but I could still count on him to help out when I had a scientific or technical question.

This time the question was about how I could send commands as the Blackmailer, while still being in the room. I didn’t know of a specific program that would do what I needed, and my search terms hadn’t generated any useful results, so I thought I’d ask him. I didn’t tell him the whole story, of course, but gave him a general overview of the problem. He came through. He set me up with a computer program that I could interface with my e-mail system and any other program. All I had to do was send an e-mail and it would execute one of several preprogrammed commands based on what was in the e-mail. And it was easy enough to send an e-mail through my iPhone, or to set up something where any cell phone would redirect messages to e-mail.

Erin and I worked together that weekend coming up with our commands and predetermined responses. She wanted to have a lot more than I did, to really sell it to Jenny that somebody else, other than us, was doing the ordering around. It quickly became clear that there were going to be a lot more commands than I could easily remember, when you added up the potential answers and questions that could be made.

I learned that day that my sister has a freaky memory for numbers. I had to have a crib sheet after the first few commands. She didn’t. She could remember every command and what they meant off the top of her head. So it only made sense, she’d be the one to play the Blackmailer most of the time, although I memorized a few of the basic replies in case she was too busy.

Monday came along, and, since we didn’t have school, Erin and I fucked that morning in the kitchen shortly after Mom left. Jenny wasn’t due to show up until lunch, and it was a shame to waste such nice time alone. Afterwards, we cuddled up on the couch and watched TV, then fought zombies a little in my new video game. While we played we had one of our familiar conversations about what we’d do if we were in a real zombie apocalypse. The idea the two of us having to repopulate the human race seemed to really turn her on… we started making out, and if it wasn’t for the doorbell we might have fucked again.

It was Jenny, showing up on schedule. I let Erin answer the door, and waited In the living room until the two came over to meet me. “Jenny’s here,” Erin said.

I looked over. She gave me a wave and a shy smile and said, “Hi.” She then looked down towards her feet.

I returned her greeting. It was weird. We were going to be fucking. We both knew it was on the schedule. But we really didn’t know each other that well. I think that might have been the second or third time I talked to her since I started blackmailing her.

Erin suggested we all go up to her room because the Blackmailer would be expected soon. We set his first messages to us on a timer, since it wouldn’t matter what we were doing at the time. We waited, sitting on Erin’s bed, not really talking.

“Maybe we should just get undressed while we wait,” Erin said. Leading by example, she took off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, but that was no surprise since I was feeling her little tits only a few minutes prior.

Jenny shrugged, and started pulling down her pants. Then, she took off her skirt and fixed her hair before removing her bra and panties. Her breasts were pretty big for her small size and offered more to grab on to than Erin did. I’d seen them before, but I thought it would be better to make a point to stare, because I wasn’t supposed to have.

Finally, both girls were naked, and looked expectantly to me. I was a little more nervous. I may be bold when I’m on the other side of a computer screen, but in person I’m pretty shy and insecure. That had melted away with my sister, but this was somebody new about to see me naked for the first time. It was nerve-wracking. I pulled off my shirt, then my jeans, and finally slipped off my boxers. My dick was already hard from being in a room with two naked girls, so it bounced to attention.

“See, didn’t I tell you my brother Andrew was hot?” Erin said to Jenny. “Look at his dick.” She grabbed it, making it swell even harder. “Isn’t it nice?”

“Yeah, it’s bigger than I thought it would be. You look hot.”

“Thanks,” I stammered. “So do you.” After a second, I asked, “You’re not going to tell Kirk about this, are you?”

Jenny rolled her eyes. “Of course not. I don’t tell him about any of this stuff. He’d get pissed off even though he should be happy since I’m partly doing this for him.” We’d used the threat of Kirk going to jail as part of the blackmail process.

Erin took a look to her computer, then said, “The Blackmailer’s still not here. Or maybe he’s just watching quietly.” She grinned. “Hey, you want to watch me fuck my brother for a while while we wait?”

Jenny seemed a little dubious about it but said “Okay, I guess.”

Erin pulled me towards her and kissed me, on the mouth, then opened her mouth and forced her tongue inside. I saw her eyes weren’t on me, though, they were looking at her friend, as though daring her to find something wrong with it. Jenny didn’t visibly recoil, so Erin lay back and spread her legs. I rubbed her slit, but she was already pretty wet and the Blackmailer’s first message could be any moment, so I just got right to it, and entered her, holding her legs with my arms as I thrust into her again and again.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck me. Mmmm.” She was putting on a show, I guess. I pounded her for a good minute or two of energetic fucking, with a few kisses thrown in for good measure, and then slowed down. As much as I liked fucking her, I didn’t want to cum and not be able to do anything with Jenny.

Soon after I slowed down, there was a chime from the computer. Jenny slid over to read the screen. “He’s here,” she said, and then read off what it said. “I see you’ve gotten here before me. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.”

I pulled out of my sister and sat on the edge of the bed. Erin slid to one of the corners, and I saw her hand sliding beneath a pillow, where she’d stashed her cell phone. A few seconds later, a message popped up. “I set this up to watch Jenny fuck Andrew. I don’t know how much time we’ll have, so let’s get to it. Are you wet, Jenny?”

“Not really, not yet.”

It took a while for the reply. I certainly couldn’t remember a preprogrammed answer that covered it. For a moment I thought Erin didn’t either and was about to suggest helping her, when the screen flashed. “Then I think you need to change that.” Then, a few seconds later, “Why don’t you rub her?”

It didn’t specify who, but I thought I should, so I turned to face Jenny. She turned to face me and swung one leg over, giving me easy access to her mound. I lay my hand over it and leaned in, caressing the whole area. Up close, I could tell that there was very sparse blonde hair down there that wasn’t really visible on the webcam.

I then began to rub the area around her slit, applying slight pressure and almost kneading the flesh around her lips. Jenny lay back on the bed with one hand behind her head, watching the screen but letting me do my work. I dipped a finger inside. She was a little wet inside, and I gathered what I could and rubbed it all around.

After a minute or two of rubbing, I decided to lean forward and take a taste. It was okay. It had a tiny hint of that fishy taste I’d always heard guys complain about, but never noticed on Erin. It didn’t put me off too much though, nor did the realization that a dog had once cum in there, so I probed inside the slit with my tongue for a little while until she began making soft noises of pleasure. I would have continued, but Erin must have set up another message. “Okay,” she said. “He wants you to fuck her now.”

“So how do you want to do this?” I asked Jenny.

“I know she really likes it doggy style,” Erin supplied cheerfully.

That got a reaction. Jenny blushed bright red and she couldn’t meet my eye. I don’t know if she thought I already knew about Lucky or was afraid Erin might reveal it, but I thought I’d pretend to ignore it. “Okay,” I said. “Turn over then.”

She rolled over, and got on her hands and knees. From behind her crack looked smooth and even tighter, and I was pretty horny, so I put one hand on her ass and positioned myself, slid the head of my penis up and down the slit, then pushed. It was a nice tight squeeze, and felt incredible, although Erin was tighter. I squeezed her ass-cheeks tightly while I pumped my hips in and out, slapping up hard against her butt.

Erin mostly watched from the computer chair, phone now beside the screen itself so she could put in commands without being seen. I smiled at her, hoping that she didn’t turn jealous, despite the fact that she set all of this up. She didn’t seem to be obviously angry, but she could hide her emotions pretty well.

It wasn’t long before Jenny’s soft little grunts became gasps, and I knew from watching her she was about to cum, so I redoubled my efforts, squeezing her tight. Soon she began squeezing my shaft with a series of muscular contractions as she squealed in pleasure. I could feel that old familiar feeling starting to rise up.

There was a chime. Erin read off the message she had just sent. “He wants you to pull out, and cum all over her face,” she said. I didn’t remember putting that command in. It must have been something Erin wanted to see.

I was willing to indulge her, but unfortunately the command came too late. By the time I heard it, the pressure was rising in my rod and I was about to cum. There wasn’t time for her to get in position, and I didn’t want to stain my sister’s bedsheets so I stayed inside Jenny, just the tip, while I came inside her. After the first few spurts, I pulled my dick out and squirted on the outside of her pussy. “Sorry,” I said to the camera, but really to Erin. “I couldn’t last.”

“I’m kind of glad,” Jenny said. “I didn’t want to get any in my hair.” She turned over and sat on the edge of the bed.

“So did you like it?” Erin asked. I noticed her fingers played with her cell-phone, but it was a subtle thing.

“Yeah,” she said and looked at me. “You’re really good Andrew.”

I smiled dumbly and said, “Thanks. So are you.” She was only the second girl I’d slept with, so I didn’t have much to compare with, nor much experience getting compliments. At least I believed it was an honest compliment on her end. I’d watched her fucking Kirk before, and the guy did not satisfy her. My only real competition was a dog.

The message chimed up. “Looks like some mess. Maybe Erin should clean you, with her tongue.” She wrinkled her nose after she read it. “I guess he really likes watching girls do that.”

“I think most guys do,” I said.

Erin smiled. “Okay, then, watch this.” She walked over to Jenny, put her head in the other girl’s lap, and then began licking her pussy like in earnest, like it was some delicious treat. “You know, it doesn’t taste so weird like this,” she said. “Must be the special sauce.” My cock twitched, even though I’d already cum twice today. I sat by the computer and covertly input a command to have Jenny do her at the same time.

By the time they both had an orgasm, I was again hard. I decided I’d do what Erin had asked for before and cum on Jenny’s face. Instead of sending a command, since I didn’t remember an appropriate one, I just suggested it myself. Jenny gave a pretty good blowjob, even if she mostly stayed around the head instead of going down more. It took a while, but eventually I was ready to climax again. I told Erin, who adjusted the camera as I pulled out. Jenny smiled at my cock but closed her eyes as I covered her with my cum. Covered is a bit of an exaggeration… having squirted twice in the last few hours, I didn’t have as much as I used to, but it made a nice glaze on her face and I “accidentally” got a bit in her hair, too.

We rested for a while, and Jenny used our shower. By the time she came back, Erin had darted into my room and input some new orders. “I really enjoyed that. You three are welcome to keep doing it if you want to, whether I order it or not. However, your next task will be something different. I think it’s finally time to add somebody else to our little party. One of you is going to put my special program on your friend Winnie’s computer so I can watch her, too.”

“I don’t even know who that is,” I said.

“And there’s no way Winnie’s going to invite me to her place,” Erin said. “She hates me. So if one of us is doing it, it’s got to be you, Jenny.” As if there was any doubt.

She sighed. “Great.”

“I don’t like it,” Erin said. “But I guess if he’s spending time with Winnie that means more time we can just do what we want and not worry about being watched. Though I bet he’s going to make Winnie lick our pussies sooner or later.”

Jenny squeezed her thighs together. It was subtle, but I noticed. “Yeah,” she said. “He likes doing that.”

Chapter 11:

We didn’t have any more wild threesomes immediately after that. Fucking Jenny was fun, but it was a special case. I was happy with just Erin, and she seemed happy with me. Jenny didn’t manage to get an invite to Winnie’s place right away, either. So for a while we settled into our familiar routines of school and after school we would have sex or watch Jenny, or both.

One day I came home a little late because I was working on an assignment with Kirk, and when I entered Erin’s room, I saw she was watching the spy program. She had one hand between her legs, and her jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped. She smiled over to me and nodded to the screen, and I came close enough to watch.

What I saw was quite a shock. It looked like Jenny was with somebody… but it wasn’t Kirk, or even Winnie. She was far too small, and looked too young. Then I recognized her. It was Jenny’s sister Claire. She was only nine, and looked it, a tiny little pixie, with practically sticks for arms and legs. She was completely nude, although I couldn’t see her nipples at all at her distance. As I realized the implications, my heart immediately started to pound faster, and I felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, competing with shameful arousal.

My eyes instantly went to the log of sent messages, and I read them over. Jenny must have been speaking, as I only saw Erin’s side of the conversation.

“How are you today?”

“Good. I’ve been thinking about how you and Erin traded what I made you do.”

“More fun for me. But I realized, you didn’t really trade yet.”

“Well, I’ve been showing you how having sex with a dog feels. And I’ve been showing her how much fun you can have doing sexy things with a relative. But while Erin had sex with a dog, you just had sex with another guy.”

“I want you to bring your sister into your room. Tell her you want to teach her something really fun, but she has to be naked. Then you just make her cum, with your fingers and tongue.”

“I promise I won’t do that. And if she says no, I’ll never ask again. But if she says yes, I’m sure you’ll both enjoy making each other cum.”

From the speakers, I heard Claire giggle. Her pants were down at her feet, and her sister’s head was at her mound. “It feels nice.” Claire pushed her glasses back up on her nose with one finger.

“Oh, god,” I muttered. “What are you doing?”

Erin looked up at me, innocently. “Teaching them to have fun with each other, what does it look like?”

“Yeah, but… what did she do to deserve this? We promised, we’d only blackmail the bad people.”

“I’m not blackmailing her. I’m just helping her have fun. If somebody could have told me about orgasms when I was her age, I’d have thanked them.” She smiled. “If it was you, I probably would have fucked you then, too.”

My eyes were riveted to the screen. Claire had spread her legs even farther apart and was leaning backwards against Jenny’s desk. “We can’t do this, this is wrong,” I said.

She seemed genuinely confused that I was making a big deal about it. “They love each other. They should express it, like we do. Claire’s always complaining to me that Jenny doesn’t spend enough time with her. Well, now they’ll have a reason to. And then they’ll be like us. Part of the happy incest lovers club.”

“But…” My sentence trailed off. Claire giggled again, and said, “Keep going right there,” and pointed. Jenny laughed too. They did seem to be having fun.

Erin rubbed her free hand over the bulge in my jeans. The contact made it pulse. There was no hiding that this turned me on, no matter how much I didn’t want it to. “Come on, sit with me and watch.”

I didn’t sit, but I continued to stand, not sure what to do. Maybe I’d wake up at any moment, just a crazy dream. But I didn’t. I watched Claire let out a pleasurable, undulating sound, part scream, part giggle, part groan. “See?” I heard Jenny say. “Didn’t that feel good?”

“Yeah,” Claire responded. “Really, really good.”

“You want to help me, too?” Claire nodded. “Okay, let’s lie on the bed then.”

Erin was still stroking, and I was getting near the point that my boner would overwhelm all common sense and I’d just want it in a hole, and hole. That was when Erin said, “I know this makes you hot. I’ve seen the cartoons you look at.” I did like the loli style of cartoon characters. I’d never seen any real child porn, except for the stuff I made myself as the Blackmailer, and sometimes girls showing themselves on the camwhore sites, neither of which somehow seemed to count. Claire was the youngest real girl I’d seen doing anything sexual. “If we play it smart I bet we can get Claire to do things with us, too. Imagine her sucking on your dick.”

The mental image conjured by that was so wrong, and yet so undeniable arousing… Claire’s little mouth with my cock in it, making a visible dent in her cheek, as she looked up to me. The image was so vivid I could visualize my own reflection in her glasses as I came inside her mouth. Would she be able to hold it all in her mouth, or would it dribble out no matter how fast she tried to swallow?

My heart began to race. It scared me how turned on I was and how much I wanted to find out the answer to that question. It scared me back to sanity. “No,” I said, batting Erin’s hand away from my crotch. She looked at me as though stunned. “We can’t do this. This is too much.” I fled before I changed my mind, went into my room and closed the door.

A few minutes later, she came knocking. I said, “Not now.” I was afraid she’d talk me into it.

“Please?” she said. “Andrew, please talk to me.” Her voice had a hurt tone to it, like I’d made her cry. I didn’t know exactly what I felt, but I never wanted that. I was about to go open the door when I heard a noise from downstairs. Mom was home. Erin fled for her own room.

Mom had had a rough day, and asked if we’d be okay making our own dinners. It suited me fine, a tension-filled family dinner wasn’t what I wanted. I waited until I thought Erin was safely in her room and snuck down to make a microwaveable burrito, which I ate in my room.

I knew I couldn’t avoid her forever, but I wanted to sort out my feelings before I talked to her. That was harder than I thought. Every time I thought of the scene I got aroused all over again, which started the spiral of other emotions. Revulsion at myself, shame, anger at Erin for triggering that, then guilt and anger at myself. I was the one, more than anybody, who made Erin what she was now, by taking advantage of her.

A couple hours before bed, I heard a knock at my door again. Mom was watching TV downstairs. It had to be Erin. This time, I decided to answer. I told her to come in, and she did, slowly, shutting the door behind herself, her head hung low. She had changed her shirt into a low-cut blouse, and it looked like she’d been crying. “Do you hate me?”

My heart melted. “No, I could never hate you, Erin. I just need time to think.” After a moment, I added. “What happened… you did a bad thing.”

“If you think I was bad, you could always spank me.” Then she seemed to wince at her own words. “I’m sorry. It just came out.” We stood in silence, and she said. “I went too far, didn’t I?”


“I thought it would turn you on.”

“It did,” I admitted. “It doesn’t mean that makes it okay.” I sighed. “There’s a lot of things we’ve done that’re not okay.”

“No,” she said defiantly. “Most of what we’ve done is good.”

“There’s a difference between feeling good and being good.”

“Don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot,” she snapped. “I’m smarter than you, you know.”

I didn’t even know what to say to that. “I just need time to think. About things. About….” I left the sentence hang.

Erin must have sensed that I was almost going to say ‘us’. “Fine.” She turned and stalked out of the room. “Think. Let me know what you decide,” she said bitterly.

I didn’t see her the rest of the night. I guess if I tried, I probably could have, but I was still locked in my guilt spiral, trying to decide what to do. At some times I seriously considered ending things with Erin. It would break my heart, but I sometimes I thought it would be the best thing. Sometimes I thought about giving up even the pretense of morals, given what I’d done so far. Giving in to my animal instincts completely had a certain appeal. Most of the time I spent between the two extremes, like thinking I should end our blackmailing project.

It took a while for me to fall asleep, but I did, until I was woken up by a warm, familiar embrace. It was Erin. She’d snuck into my room, and was naked. It was the middle of the week, so it was even more dangerous than it usually was. “What?” I said.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she whispered. “Not as things were. You’re the most important thing to me. I’m sorry for what I did. But I don’t want you to break up with me.” One of her hands casually played up and down my boxers, sparking an erection, and I felt her lips on my neck.

I guess that was when I decided. The draw between us was too strong. Even if I told her we’d break up, I couldn’t give her up. Every time I saw her, I’d want her, and sooner or later we’d be in bed together. The only thing breaking up would accomplish would be to hurt her until that happened. And I never wanted to hurt her. “I still love you. I don’t want us to break up either.”

I heard her sigh in relief in the darkness. “I could give up the blackmail, you know,” she whispered in my ear. “I love it. It’s such a rush making them do what I want. I want to keep playing with Jenny, and make Winnie do what I want too. But I can give it all up if you tell me to.”

I couldn’t deny, it certainly was a rush, and at least at that moment I didn’t want to entirely give it up either. “No. But… we have to be careful, not to go too far. Maybe go slowly for a while. Okay?” The fact that she told me she could quit comforted me into deceiving myself. If we both believed we could end it at any time, we could keep going a little longer.


“Someone like Claire, she really doesn’t know what she’s getting in to. We can’t push things like that.”

“I’ll tell Jenny not to play with her anymore.”

I hesitated. “Just don’t tell her anything. I guess if Claire did enjoy it, telling Jenny not to do it any more might do more harm than good now.” It was a rationalization, one of many I told myself when I was thinking about just letting this incident slide. “But don’t suggest anything new, not with anybody who’s too young to know better.”

“Okay,” she said. She held onto me. I was going to suggest she go back to her room, because if she stayed here there was a chance Mom would wake me up for school and catch us, when she said, “Andrew?”


“Thank you for saying no to me. Sometimes I think I need that.” She snuggled up closer to me. “If I ever get too far out of line, you need to tell me no. I might have another Azula moment.” I smiled at the reference, and then she slipped away for a moment. There was a shuffling, and by the faint shadow outline, I think she was on her hands and knees. “You really can spank me if I get too bad,” she said, injecting some flirtatiousness.

I groaned softly. “Maybe another time. But you should go back to your bed. If Mom catches us, it won’t be me breaking us up…” I couldn’t imagine what she’d do… maybe send me off to a military school, if not jail.

Her hand cupped my groin again. “Okay. But while I’m here, we might as well take care of this first.”

I don’t know if that was one of those times I should have told her no, but I didn’t have the heart to.

Chapter 12:

We really did slow down on our blackmailing project, for a while. Jenny managed to get the program on Winnie’s computer, so we were still watching her hoping to find something we could use. Jenny hadn’t gone the extra mile and gotten her to do something incriminating on camera. We’d seen Winnie changing a few times, but that wasn’t really enough, and her family spoke Chinese at home, so they could have been confessing to being assassins and we’d never know. But we weren’t in any hurry any more either.

We didn’t push Jenny on anything new, either. Sometimes we had her masturbate, but we didn’t order her to let her dog fuck her, very often, though we watched with some amusement as she regularly had him lick her without needing any prompting. If she did anything with Claire, I never saw it. Sometimes, thinking about that, I was relieved… at others, I was disappointed.

Time passed. We had our Christmas holidays, which meant more alone time, although we were also busy on our own projects. I was taking driving lessons over the break… I’d had my permit for a year, but hadn’t gotten around to taking the required road time. Now that I could actually get a license, it became important again… even if Mom didn’t give me a car, once I got my license I could borrow hers.

I was also trying again to teach myself more Flash, which I’d been doing for years, and this time working on creating a simple game using it, for fun. Erin was working on some extra credit assignment. She’d been placed in an advanced program in her school just before the break. I was proud of her. I’d always known she was smart, even if she only seemed to get average grades before.

It was after the New Year that things changed, again. We had slowly been getting back into craving the power of the blackmail thing. We started putting more pressure on Jenny to go and do something with Winnie that would make her blackmailable. I think Erin was eager to put her under our thumb and humiliate her to pay her back for the treatment she got once school resumed. Apparently Winnie had started to be an even bigger bitch to her than before after Erin’s advanced classes started and was regularly trying to torment her in the many subtle ways girls use.

What happened didn’t really have much to do with Winnie, though. I had a boring day at school, one I couldn’t wait to end, but not for the usual reasons. My driver’s test was that day, after school. I failed… but just barely. I was bummed out, but at least I was pretty sure I’d pass the next time. When I came home, I went up to Erin’s room. She was at her computer, a book on her lap.

She smiled over at me hopefully. “So?”

I frowned and shrugged. “Parallel parking is the bane of my existence.”

The smile faded a little. “I’m sure you’ll get it next time.”

I nodded. “I hope so. What are you up to?”

She shrugged. “Reading. And looking through Winnie’s e-mails. She’s got so much.” The program had a keylogger so it was trivial to find the password to her Gmail and snoop through her things. She brightened as she remembered something she was going to tell me. “I think we’ve got something on her.”


“She’s fucking a married guy.”

My eyes widened. It seemed every girl Erin knew was way more sexually active than I ever imagined. Where were these kinds of girls when I was twelve? “You saw him?” If it happened in her room, it would be prime blackmail material, but that seemed to be too good to be true.

“No,” she said with a pout. “But I’ve read the e-mails. He’s talking about how he thinks his wife’s getting suspicious, so they can’t meet.” She called up one and pointed. I read it over. It seemed promising.

I was also aware of a slight noise coming out of her speakers. “What’s going on?” I asked.

She clicked over to another window. “Oh, Kirk’s over at Jenny’s. Boring.”

I nodded in agreement. They were just making out, and Kirk has his hand under her shirt. Nothing new, and Kirk probably would have just fucked her and left if Jenny didn’t get pissed at him whenever he tried that. I guess she’d had enough of being a sex object with us and when she was with a boyfriend she wanted the making out. I didn’t blame her. Erin clicked back to the e-mail window.

“She’s sent him nude pictures, too. That might be a way to get her.” It was better than blackmailing her with nudes from our spying, but not by much. “If we could find out who it was, though, she’d be ours.”

I looked at the e-mail address, but there were no clues there. “We could send an e-mail as her, asking for a picture back?”

Erin shook her head. “Too risky. If they talk, or if Winnie sees it, she’ll know she’s been hacked.”

“Good point.”

“Maybe if I know she’s meeting somebody after school, I can follow her. See where she’s going.”

“I’d rather you not risk yourself on something like this,” I said.

“But I want to get her!”

I went behind her and rubbed her shoulders with gentle pressure, almost a massage. “We will. Maybe…” I never got to finish my thought, because the faint noise from the speakers suddenly turned harsh and loud. Somebody was yelling. Erin clicked over to the other window.

There were three people in the room, now. Kirk, Jenny, and a man I’d never met, but who I had to assume was Jenny’s dad. He was a pretty tall and well-built guy, dark hair, clean-shaven, balding a little but he had what was probably a handsome face. He was wearing a suit and tie, and looked like he could have been an accountant, but right now his face was red with rage and he was screaming at Kirk like a Drill Sergeant.

Erin turned up the volume. “What the fuck is wrong with you? She’s a kid, she’s only thirteen!”

“I swear, I didn’t know,” Kirk whined. His back was up against a wall, shirt off, and keeping Jenny’s bed defensively between him and the angry father.

“Yeah, right!” Whenever Kirk tried to move, the father blocked his path. “I’m going to kick your ass, boy, and then, I’m going to call the police.” Legally, Kirk might have been in the clear, at least on this incident. He was a minor and there was a close enough range between their ages that statutory rape laws might not apply any more. But the beating was a risk either way. I could see Kirk looking at the window as though considering whether to risk trying to climb out.

Jenny’s dad started stalking purposefully around the bed, and Kirk cringed.

“Daddy, no! Don’t hurt him!” Jenny was crying, sitting on the bed in her bra, but crawling on her knees to try and intercept.

He turned his rage towards her. “I don’t want to hear a word out of you. I’ll deal with you later.”

Kirk took the opportunity and hopped onto the bed, ran over it, and darted out the door, just barely evading the man’s grasp. He chased after, but Kirk had the advantage and if nothing else, he was motivated. He was so motivated he left his shirt behind. “Get back here you little shit…” was the last I heard from the father before they were out of range of the microphone.

Jenny left soon after, and the room was empty for a while, then Jenny came back in, crying. A minute later, her father came back in. “I can’t believe you. Bringing a boy here! How much have you done with him?”

“Nothing, Daddy, I promise!”

“I saw him with his hands in your pants. That didn’t look like nothing to me. So you’re lying to me. He must be five years older than you, too.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“You’re sorry? I’m the one who just found out he’s raised up a little slut for a daughter.”

I felt so sorry for her, but I was a little relieved. At least my conscience was clear on this, she was involved with Kirk before we’d done anything to her. If she’d gotten in trouble for fucking her dog, I would have felt terrible.

“I’m not a slut,” she said. He slapped her face.

“Oh, you’re not? If it dresses like a slut and acts like a slut, that’s a slut.” What he did next stunned me. “If you’re going to act like a slut, I’m going to treat you like one.” He fished at the front of his pants and soon he’d exposed himself to his own daughter. “Put it in your mouth. That’s what sluts do.”

We watched it all. Jenny gave her Dad a blowjob. She had tears in her eyes, but she did the motions about as well as she did it on mine, except her father held her head and forced it up and down on him. I was sickened even though I was a little aroused, but mostly I just felt like I was frozen in place. It was like it wasn’t real, like it was something happening in a dream, just because it was on the webcam.

When he was done, he came in her mouth. She coughed, and he pulled out. His anger seemed to be gone. There was still a gruffness in his tone when he said, “That ought to teach you a lesson, if you’re going to take after your slut friends, don’t cry when I treat you like a slut,” but the expression on his face was one of guilt and shame. “I’m going to do you and your mother a favor and keep this from her, it’d kill her to know her daughter was behaving like a whore. This’ll just be between us. But I’m very disappointed in you, Jenny.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” she said weakly. After he left the room Jenny could be heard sobbing softly into her pillow. It was only then I finally came back to myself.

“We’ve got to do something,” I said. “Call the police, or something.”

“Andrew, we can’t,” Erin said. “What are we going to tell them? That we saw it happening on our secret webcam spything? And what if they question Jenny and she spills about everything we’ve been doing?”

She was right, it was too big a risk. “So you want to just leave her on her own?”

She thought about it for a while, and then said, “No. We can do something. We can handle it ourselves.”


“We said we’d blackmail bad people. People who deserve it, right?” She smiled. “It looks like he certainly deserves it.”

“I don’t exactly want him to join us in our sex games.”

“You think I do? There are other things to blackmail for. Jenny’s dad makes a lot of money.”

I hadn’t thought about that. “He does?”

“Yes. We can make him pay. Literally. You could buy your own car when you get your license.”

I liked that idea. Maybe I could even buy a really nice one. “But it would be our word against…” It was then I looked at the screen and noticed for the first time that Erin had recorded the event. I hadn’t even noticed her doing it.

“We could do it anonymously,” she said. “He’d never know who knew, so he couldn’t strike back.”

“And we could get him to leave Jenny alone.”

“Yeah, of course we could do that, too,” she said, and I felt better, until she gave me another chill. “Unless it’s what she secretly wanted. We’ll have to ask her.”

Chapter 13:

I put my foot down against asking Jenny if she liked it. The tears seemed to be too real to me to draw the conclusion that she wanted it, and I was more worried she might say she did just to please a Blackmailer she knew was into incest. I also suggested that we needed to work quickly, in case he got the idea to try again.

We decided on a figure together. $10,000. Cash, of course. The problem was then to get it without revealing ourselves, and then, once we had a plan, to contact him.

Erin went to Jenny’s house a few days later, officially to do fuck Lucky again at the Blackmailer’s request. We didn’t push Jenny to do anything this time, because we worried she might freak out, though Erin said she seemed to act normal, and even asked if we could get together at our place for a threesome sometime.

After Erin finished fucking Lucky, she and Jenny showered, separately. While Jenny was in the shower, Erin slipped into Jenny’s dad’s room with the special USB key to install our blackmailing program on his computer.

Then, sometime later, when we saw he was alone, we contacted him. We played our video of him molesting his daughter, with full sound, and told him that if we didn’t get what we wanted, we would send a copy to the police, his work, and his wife’s work address, and listed up a spreadsheet of information we compiled about him. You should have seen his face.

“What we want is simple, Stan,” we sent. I’d learned his name was Stanley from looking through his computer records. “$10,000. In cash. Small bills. Get the money and we will contact you in three days with your instructions on how to deliver it. You will not attempt to track us. You will not attempt to find or remove this program on your computer or your daughter’s. Any attempt to fight us or disobey in any way will result in the immediate release of your video. You will also not touch Jenny again, or attempt to retaliate. She knows nothing of this. This is your fault, not hers.”

He tried pleading. “Look, I can’t get the money. You were spying on Jenny when you found this, so you must be some kind of pervert. I’ll make her do videos, anything you want…” It disgusted me, maybe because it was too close to our own methods.

“You don’t know what we want. You will find the money, or your life will be ruined, like you may have ruined your daughter’s. If you do what we ask, you will never hear from us again.”

Three days later, he showed us a small satchel full of bills. More money than I’d ever seen in my life at one time. We told him what to do with it. Erin came up with the plan. He was to drop the money in a potted plant on his front porch before leaving to work, and go to work as usual. We implied that we’ve been watching the porch for a while and would notice if he tried to set up a camera or something. “All it takes is one command to send the video everywhere, so don’t try to get smart.”

Then, once he agreed, it was a simple matter to order Jenny to pick up the satchel, not look inside, and take it to school with her. There, she would give it to Erin, who, if questioned, would tell her or anybody else she had to take it somewhere downtown after school and drop it in a specific trash can. It was as simple as that.

Erin did go downtown, but just took the money out, put it in a new container, then did some shopping. Just like that, we were $10,000 richer. We spread the bills out on my bed and I fucked her on it, just for kicks, although it wasn’t especially comfortable and very quickly we brushed the money aside and just made love with the cash surrounding us. Afterwards, we split the money in two. “I can finally get my own car,” I said, looking over my share.

“Not yet, Andrew,” she said. I looked at her. “Don’t you think Mom’s going to wonder where you got the money for a car, and gas, and insurance?”

I frowned. She had a point. I hadn’t even thought about it. “So what good is all this money if we can’t spend it?”

“You just need to come up with a cover for it.”

I laughed. “Like what, I inherited from a rich uncle?”

“No, like you earned it in advertising revenue for some kind of website.”

“Like what?” Then I had an inspiration. “My flash game?” It was already mostly done, a simple game without very good graphics involving controlling remote controlled robots. I called it Robot Repair. It was supposed to be a space station manned by remote controlled robots who needed to make repairs before humans could live there. But even though you had a simple map of the area, you could only look through one robot’s eyes at a time to see the actual conditions, while you were controlling them, and you had to use more than one at a time to solve the puzzles, so there was memory and foreplanning required. It was still pretty rough. “I don’t think it would make anything.”

She shrugged. “I’ve seen worse games that made money. And it doesn’t even have to do that, it just has to convince Mom.”

With Erin’s help, I got the site up within a week. Most of the game’s programming I had to do myself. I was beginning to learn my sister was a super genius in many areas, but she didn’t have quite the type of mind required for programming. She’d tried it, and understood the basics but when there was bug she couldn’t work out she got impatient and even angry, whereas I could sometimes intuit what was causing a strange behavior almost by instinct. At least it felt good there was something I was better at than she was. I didn’t do it all on my own, though… she helped me design some of the maps. I made a point of showing Mom the site, so when I suddenly started having cash, she’d already believe the explanation. She didn’t really understand the game, but praised me anyway.

A few other things happened that week. We had another threesome with Jenny, who I think wanted a little human contact now that Kirk was afraid to see her again. I passed my driver’s test, finally, and shed my learner’s permit for a full license, although I still couldn’t drive late at night for a few more years. At least I wouldn’t need Mom to be in the car with me, and could get my own.

The last big thing was that we found out the married man Winnie was corresponding with was, in fact, Jenny’s dad. Erin ferreted out the information. After reading an e-mail from Winnie’s mystery guy in which he said that he couldn’t afford to buy her things as much for a while because he’d just lost $10,000 in “the stock market”, she looked back in on Stan’s computer and realized he had a separate Gmail account that matched.

But it did no good to us. Winnie, after hearing that he wasn’t going to buy her jewelry like he promised, broke up with him “until he remembered how to treat a girl”. “What a little gold digger,” I said when Erin told me.

“I know, she’s such a bitch. Don’t worry, we’ll get her one of these days,” she promised. “And we’re not going to be buying her any presents to get her to do something for us, either.”

The next few weeks were a bit of a blur, as I looked for a car and convinced my Mom I could afford it. At first I thought about blowing most of my money on something really nice, a car that would impress everybody, but after hearing Erin saying she was planning on saving most of her money for college, I thought better of it and decided to go for a simple used car, not very flashy. I drove it home one Saturday and honked until Mom and Erin came out to see. “What do you think?”

“Nice,” Mom said, hesitantly. She still wasn’t sure about me having a car, and took every chance to remind me. “Now, remember, no drinking at all.”

“I know, Mom.”

“And no speeding, or dangerous driving…”

“I know!”

“And if you fall behind on gas or insurance, I’m not paying for it, you’ll have to give it up.”

“I know, Mom.” I had plenty left over for that. “You could let me enjoy my moment here.”

She smiled. “It’s very nice.”

“Can I have a ride?” Erin asked.

I was going to say sure, eager to show off my driving, but Mom said, “Maybe after lunch.” I think she was a little afraid of me getting into an accident with her, because she also tried to make finishing homework a condition.

“I’ve already done it,” Erin said with a smirk. “So come on, can I?”

“I’ll just take her to the mall or something,” I said. “I’ll be really, really careful.”

Mom sighed, but gave in. “Okay, but don’t let her run off and be with her friends. Keep a watch on her.”

I promised that I would, and a few minutes we were in the car, with Mom shouting a last minute reminder to remember our seatbelts. I was going to ask her if she wanted to go to the mall and catch a movie. It was one of the few things we could do that was almost like a real date.

She wiggled in her seat before I could. “So, I have some big news, too.”


She smiled. “I hit the Jackpot, on Winnie.”

“You got something good on camera?”

She shook her head. “No, but I know how. Get this. Jenny’s dad wasn’t the only guy she was doing stuff with.” Her smile turned into a little grin of glee. “She’s been doing stuff with Mr. Powers, who teaches our English and Geography classes. For better grades. Can you believe it?” Erin laughed. “She always used to make out that she was the smartest one in our grade, but she’s been cheating, probably the whole time.”

I wasn’t as jubilant about Winnie’s secret being exposed, but it certainly had possibilities. “How’d you find out?”

“Mr. Powers e-mailed her to give her a heads up that she got a C on this essay she had to do. Winnie wrote back write away suggesting that she could sleep with him to get an A again. Looks like, now even cheating she’s not as good as me. I got an A+ on it.”

I smiled. “You really have come out as a star this year,” I said. “So what changed, by the way? Any secrets you can give me to ace all my courses?” I never had much trouble with school, but I’d never be top of my class, either. I asked it lightly, almost jokingly.

Erin though, just stared at me. “You know why.”

“No, I don’t.”

She reached across the front seat and put a hand on my thigh. “It’s because of you. I’ve always been this smart. But one of the first things I learned is that you get more friends when you’re average. And boys don’t like brainy girls. I didn’t want to be lonely. I chose avoiding that over grades.”


“But when we got together, none of that mattered anymore. You love me for who I am. I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I don’t have to worry about being alone, because I’ll always have you.”

I didn’t know what to say. “You will, Erin,” I promised. The moment hung in the air and I might have kissed her, but I was driving. Getting in an accident on my first day with a new car would not have looked good. “So, do you want to go out somewhere? I can take you out to a movie. I’ll even let you pick which.”

She shook her head. “We should go somewhere more private than that. We’ve got some work to do.”

“Figuring out how to catch Winnie in the act?”

“Not exactly.”

“Then what?”

“We have to try out the back seat, Andrew. You know, break it in.” She tilted her head coquettishly and fluttered her eyebrows.

It took a while to find a place out of the way enough during a Saturday afternoon that would serve the purpose, but there was a road through a wooded area that looked pretty deserted, and Erin kept pressing me to try there, so I when I saw a long driveway up to somebody’s house, and pulled in to a spot there, not visible either from the road or the house. It was still dangerous, but somehow that made it more exciting too. If they came home, or left, or had some kind of security camera, we’d be seen. I made a mental note to look into getting tinted windows.

We scrambled over the headrest and into the backseat. Erin managed better than I did, being as small as she was… I got my foot trapped for a second. But soon we were in the back seat, and shedding our clothes. The fear of getting caught made us act quickly. We stopped to kiss only when my sister was down to her bra and panties, and then only for a few seconds. By the time I was able to get my pants off, which is not as easy to do in a car as I’d thought, she was naked and laying with her legs spread, one hand on her pussy, spreading open the lips for me.

Positioning myself was also more complicated than I would of figured, but once I did, it was amazing. I hovered above her, resting my hands on the seat on either side of her, and she wrapped her legs around me and lifted her ass slightly off the seat. She had her phone in one hand through most of it, ready to film what must have been one of the shakiest porn films in existence. I managed to pump with surprising force and we kissed like… well, like we could get caught at any time and be forced to live apart. The danger, the confinement, the urgency, and just the sex itself all combined to make it one of our more memorable experiences. With one last thrust I pushed all the way into her and stayed until she had every last drop of my cum inside of her.

“That was really good,” she said as she saved the file and sent it to her e-mail address. “It’s nice doing it somewhere new.” I had to agree. We’d pretty much done it everywhere in our house except Mom’s bed. I’d never say it was getting old, but a little variety did wonders.

Still, I didn’t think I’d made her cum, and felt guilty. It happened from time to time, and despite her assurances that even when she didn’t cum she still enjoyed it, I always felt like it meant I disappointed her. So I tried to make up for it with added closeness after, even though we were still in as much of a compromising position as before. I held her, told her I loved her, and we stayed that was for a few minutes.

Music blared out, so suddenly I practically jumped. Erin giggled. “It’s just the phone.”

It was mine, not hers, so I had to reach back over to the front seat to find it. It was Mom, checking in on us. I assured her everything was fine and that we’d be back soon, then we got dressed, and I started to drive her home.

“So,” I said, on the way, “I still don’t quite get how we’re going to get Winnie with what you found. I mean, I doubt he’s going to come to her house to do it. And it’s not like we have cameras in school.”

She looked over at me, one end of her mouth curled up in a smile. “Andrew, don’t you know by now? I always have a plan.”

Chapter 14:

It wasn’t long before I was fulfilling my small part in Erin’s plan. The fact that I didn’t have to do much didn’t make me feel better… in fact it made me more worried. I guess being a blackmailer had made me more nervous in situations where I didn’t have control.

I sat in my room, peeking at Jenny’s. Erin was over there, with Jenny, looking over what Erin brought with her.

I wasn’t the only one who’d already spent some of the money I earned blackmailing Jenny’s dad. That day I’d given her a ride, she showed me a sample of what she’d purchased online, through the mail. A variety of spy cameras, some already embedded in innocuous objects like teddy bears, others not installed at all. She also had receivers that would let her pull the signal from a safe distance. I was astounded. Erin just shrugged. “You’d be surprised what you can get off the internet,” she said simply.

She only brought a few of them to Jenny’s place, and claimed that the Blackmailer had mailed them to her, because it was easier for her to get to the mail. Then I explained the purpose through a message window. “I’ve learned that Winnie is sleeping with your teacher Mr. Powers for grades. We will blackmail her first by blackmailing him. That means I will need one of you to offer to sleep with Mr. Powers, in exchange for a higher grade, and get it on camera when he accepts.” I wasn’t sure what we’d do if he refused. Erin assured me he wouldn’t. She’d often seen Mr. Powers looking at girls’ legs in class, but always just thought he was perverted like all guys, not like a molester.

“Which one?” Jenny asked.

“I don’t really care. Both of you familiarize yourself with the equipment. One of you will seduce him, the other can make sure it all gets recorded and delivered properly. Work out who does what between the two of you.”

“It has to be you that does him,” Erin said. “He’d never believe that I need higher grades.”

“Oh, right.” Jenny seemed only a little disappointed.

“I’m sorry,” Erin said. “But you always said you thought he was kind of cute.”

She shuffled a little on her knees. “That’s true, he is.”

“So, now you’ll get to fuck him.”

“I guess.” She sighed. “Okay, I’ll do it.” In a small voice, she added, “It’s about all I’m good for anyway.”

I felt sorry for Jenny and wanted to say something to comfort her, but no words would come to mind, and then Erin said, “I’ve already been trying some of these out at home. They’re kind of cool. Look, I think we can poke this one through your backpack. Then, if he takes you home to fuck him, just make sure the backpack is pointing at the bed.” She went on like that, and I was afraid Jenny would get suspicious over how much Erin had already planned, but she didn’t seem to think anything was up.

After a while, Erin seemed to be squirming. “Hey, do you think you could bring your dog up and we can give our Blackmailer a show?”

It was quite a show, one for the archives. Although it started with Lucky licking Erin, she soon got Jenny to show her how Lucky fucks her. After the dog had mounted her from behind, Erin got on her knees, naked, in front of her, and thrust her pussy in Jenny’s face. “Can you help me cum too? I’ll help you after if you need it.”

I shot my load into a pair of my sister’s panties as I watched her best friend, getting humped fiercely by a dog, burying her face in her little mound. I felt a little guilty for fapping to that, but I liked it much more than watching my sister getting mounted by the beast. With a smile, I realized later that Erin had already set up the cameras to record the scene from multiple angles.

My role in the plan was mostly over that afternoon, except for, later that night, with Erin mostly taking the lead again, prepping Jenny for her role. We advised her what to say and how to say it, when to approach him, and what to do if something went wrong. But I mostly just watched and offered advice here and there. Erin knew the school and the teacher better than I could. I never had Mr. Powers and hadn’t been inside the school since I graduated to High School. For the next few days I worried about how it was going to go. I had to rely on my sister and Jenny to pull off the plan.

So I was nervous, expecting the worst, that Jenny was going to screw things up, get us caught. Erin seemed to like my discomfort and paranoia, because she refused to give me any progress reports beyond “We’re working on it. Trust me.”

Finally, one day she put my USB key in my hand and said, with a somber expression, “I really think you need to see this, Andrew.”

I wasn’t buying it. She was trying to fool me into thinking it was bad news. But I could play along too. I took the key, plugged it in, and played the video playing on it. Erin stood behind me, hand on my shoulder.

I saw a shot of a classroom. It was oddly familiar, I thought I might have had some classes there, but it had changed over the last couple years. Class was in session, and Mr. Powers was teaching. He was a young looking guy, maybe thirty years old, with dark hair, and he wore glasses. I could see how he might look handsome to some girls. “I planted the camera on one of the shelves,” Erin explained. “Jenny’s up front.” I saw the back of her head. She was wearing her cheer uniform. A dark-haired girl elsewhere in the class also wore one.

Jenny was talking to the person beside her, and laughed. Mr. Powers whirled around. “Jenny, I warned you already. Detention, after school.” He pointed to the girl she was talking with. “This is your last warning, June, or you’ll join her.”

“But Mr. Powers,” Jenny whined. “I can’t after school. I have the game.”

“You should have thought of that…”

“Please Mr. Powers… Can I do it tomorrow? Or at lunch?”

He sighed. “Very well, you can come at lunch.”

He turned back to the blackboard, and then there was a slow fade out and it faded in again. Now the class was empty, except for Jenny and her teacher. He had a thermos of coffee and a bagged sandwich on his desk. I couldn’t see what Jenny was eating, but she was done with it. She put the container in her bag, positioned in the empty seat beside her.

“Mr. Powers,” Jenny asked in a sweet voice. “Can I ask you something?”

“What is it, Jenny?”

“I have a confession to make. I got detention on purpose so I could talk to you without anybody knowing. My parents told me I need to get my grades up if I want to go to cheer camp this year. Do you think you could help me?”

He sounded bored. “I can’t really assign you any extra credit work, Jenny, it would be unfair to the other students.”

“Are you sure?”

Mr. Powers looked up, and was quiet for a long time. Jenny was leaning back, and her legs were spread wide, unladylike. “She’s not wearing any panties,” Erin whispered in my ear. I could imagine the scene, Jenny’s cute little pussy bared in front of him.

He seemed to shake for a moment, though. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m trying to get you to give me higher marks. Like you do with Winnie.”

Mr. Powers stood up suddenly and tugged at his collar. He looked like he was about to run. “I don’t know what she told you, but sometimes girls will say things that aren’t true to seem cooler…”

“She didn’t tell me,” Jenny said. “I was over at her place and she left her e-mail open and… well, I looked. I saw her talking to you. Please? I want better grades too, and I can do just as well as her.” She got up.

The scene shifted to a different camera. It must have been in Jenny’s backpack, much closer to the action. “I’ll show you.” Jenny bent down at her teacher’s pants and pulled at his zipper. I could see his aroused but half-panicked expression as he frantically checked to see if anybody was visible through the small window to the hallway, but she didn’t stop him. She pulled his penis out and put it in her mouth, looking up at him.

He let it continue for about thirty seconds, before he groaned, and pulled her away. “For God’s sakes, not here,” he said. He zipped up. “Stand up.”

“So is that worth an A?”

“No, but we’ll talk about what you can do. But it can’t be here… if anybody caught us, you’d get in big trouble, and I don’t want that. You’ll have to come to my place. If you wait for me at 4:30 behind the dumpster near the parking lot, I’ll take you to my place.”

“I can’t today,” she said. “The game.”

“Right. Make it tomorrow, then.”

The screen started to fade out. “Did you get that today?” I asked Erin. “That’s pretty good for a start.” She smiled and pointed at the screen.

It faded in on a camera, moving in a bobbing motion. The camera followed behind Mr. Powers through the halls of an average looking house. It wasn’t what I’d have expected a teacher’s house to look like. There were framed posters of some old rock band on the walls, and tables cluttered with bills. “I’ve never been inside a teacher’s house before,” Jenny said from off camera.

“Well, we’re just like anybody else. We’ve got our favorite music, our favorite television shows, our friends. And we have our needs too.”

“Uh-huh,” Jenny said, seemingly unconcerned.

“Where’s this from?” I asked.

Erin rested her chin on my shoulder. “She’s wearing a headband. There’s a camera in it. Thought of it the night before.”

“Why didn’t you tell me yesterday how far you’d gotten?”

“I wanted to surprise you, and show you I could do it by myself.”

The tour led into the teacher’s bedroom. I watched as Jenny put her backpack down, adjusted it so the camera faced outwards, and then suddenly the viewpoint shifted to the backpack camera itself. Jenny was dressed in a blue blouse over a blue skirt. “Why don’t you take your clothes off,” Mr. Powers said. “And then we’ll discuss what you’re willing to do for higher grades.”

“Okay,” Jenny said. She pulled off her shirt, then the skirt, which actually had built in shorts, and then her socks. So she was naked except for her headband, and she posed, hands on her hips. “Come on, this is worth an A on its own, isn’t it?”

Mr. Powers smiled. “You’re a very lovely young woman, Jenny, but the grades you get depend on what you’re willing to do, and how much you’re willing to do it.”

“What do you mean?”

“The way it works, sex earns you a grade on one assignment. Now, you’re a C student mostly, so I can give you a B or an A. B is for blowjob, and A is for anything I want.” He seemed more confident now that he was in an environment he controlled, with a girl already naked in front of him. “So what do you want on your next assignment.”

“Oh,” she said, and seemed to think for a moment, then said. “I came here for an A. I can do anything.”

“Then I think we’ll start with a blowjob,” he said. He took off his shirt, and then dropped his pants. Jenny got down on her knees. The view shifted back and forth from the backpack, which caught the action from the side, and the headband cam, which caught Jenny’s POV and the teacher’s face as he closed his eyes enjoying the feel of her mouth. I remembered my own experience with it.

Erin pulled my chair back so she had room to kneel down in front of me, and after releasing my own hard shaft, began performing the same act, taking the head of my dick in her mouth and slowly going up and down. Mr. Powers was a lot more forceful though, and pretty soon held onto her head and started fucking her mouth, doing most of the work himself. “Every time you talked in class I thought about doing this to you,” he said. “I always suspected you were a little slut.” Then, “You’re not a virgin, are you?” The camera waved from side to side as Jenny answered with a no. “Then get on the bed, and you can earn your A.” Mr. Powers pulled out a condom and rolled it on. I guess he didn’t want to take chances.

Erin, who must have been listening, let my dick flop out of her mouth and then stood. She was wearing a dress, and she lifted it to show me her little pussy, still no hair and still cute as the first day I’d seen it. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear either, and turned around to present herself from the rear.

As I entered her, on the screen, Jenny lay almost face down on the bed. I didn’t know where the view was coming from, it seemed different, better quality than the others. Mr. Powers pounded her pussy against the bed as she grunted and moaned. I thrust into Erin again and again while I watched. Mr. Powers looked like he was being a lot less gentle than I usually was, and I suppose this time I strove to match. Erin didn’t seem to mind though.

Suddenly, Mr. Powers slowed to a crawl, and then pulled out entirely. “Stay there,” he said. “Just like that.” I’d also slowed, but stayed with my hard cock inside my sister.

The teacher came back a moment later, and had a bottle of something in his hand. He squirted something that looked a little like shampoo in his free hand, and then began to rub it around the inside of Jenny’s ass crack. “What are you doing?” she asked, surprised.

“Shhh,” he said. “Just relax. It’s for an A.” I was stunned as he began to saw his condom-covered dick up and down her butt cheeks, gathering some of the lubrication, and then spread them with his hands.

I was so surprised I barely noticed that Erin had slid forward and let me slip out of her. With one hand, she reached back and pushed my dick towards her own ass. “You can do me there too,” she whispered as, on the screen, Mr. Powers pressed his dick up to her rectum. “If you want.”

I’d heard about anal sex, that it was the ultimate in tightness, the best kind of sex, at least according to a bunch of anonymous guys I knew on the Internet. But I always found it a little unsettling, because of what usually comes out of that hole. Mr. Powers didn’t seem to mind, and I thought maybe I should give it a try.

Then Jenny screamed. “Ow, it hurts.”

“Only for a little while. Then you’ll get used to it. Just relax.”


But he was inside, and her yells had dissolved into groans. The teacher began pumping slowly… he seemed to be enjoying it. But Jenny looked like she was just tolerating it.

I didn’t want to do that to Erin. Talk about anal sex all you want, but the ultimate in sex for me was fucking my sister’s pussy and her loving every minute of it. I was still painfully erect and almost ready to burst, but I aimed my dick down again and slammed into her snatch with renewed force.

Erin moaned, and in a short time, I felt her squeezing tightly on my shaft as she moaned in pleasure. I closed my eyes, to try and keep going until she was finished, but then I couldn’t hold in any longer and released myself a moment later, spewing all my cum inside of her.

When I looked again at the screen, Mr. Powers had pulled out of Jenny, and was putting his pants back on. “You should probably take a shower, and then I’ll drop you off somewhere near your house.” He patted her bottom. “Don’t worry, you definitely get an A.”

Erin looked back at me over my shoulder. “What would you give me?” she asked.

“Babe, you always earn A pluses,” I said.

It was only a few minutes later, after the video had ended, I was reminded of a question that I’d put aside. “Erin… how many cameras did you have in there?”

“Just the two,” she said.


She smiled. “One of them wasn’t ours.”

It took me a second. “You mean he…”

She nodded. “Jenny managed to get the spy program into his computer when he wasn’t looking. He’s got his own private collection. Him with Jenny, him with Winnie, and a couple other girls too. Even a teacher.” She flashed a devilish smile. “We got them both. They’re ours.”

Chapter 15:

The teacher, whose videos were located in a folder named “Diane”, was familiar to me. It was Miss Macey. Erin told me she and Mr. Powers were rumored to be dating. I remembered her from when I went to the school, she was a young dark-haired beauty with a constantly cheery disposition and a sweet voice, and I was in love with her for about a year, like most of the boys that went through her music class. It was a shock to see her naked and getting fucked hard, while screaming for more.

The other girls weren’t in Erin’s class. She recognized one as a girl a grade ahead, another I recognized as a girl in my school. I didn’t know her very well. The third neither of us could identify. The directory was named Amanda, but that was no help either.

Erin suggested we might want to blackmail some of these girls, but I tensed up, and reminded her of the rules we set. We didn’t know them, so we couldn’t really say they deserved it. And though I might have loved to get Miss Macey, even Erin had to admit she’d never had a bad word to say about anybody, and so it would be wrong to try.

We debated over what to do with Mr. Powers. He didn’t seem to have much money, but Erin insisted that he needed to be punished for taking advantage of girls, and for not being gentle with Jenny. “She’s my friend, and she’s ours,” she said simply. “Nobody treats her like shit but us.”

In addition to deleting all his recordings (after we saved them), we decided to make him agree to deliver us ten thousand dollars in cash by the end of the school year. We thought that would be enough time for him to save up the money, and liked the idea of him living poor just to save up enough.

“That’ll be $20,000 we’ve made doing this now,” Erin pointed out. “We could really make a living off this. It could be like a business.”

I laughed uncertainly. “What, like Blackmailers Incorporated?”

She grinned. “Sure. Send Jenny out to trawl for pervs, and when they take the bait, we make them pay. I’m sure we’d have no shortage of customers.”

It was fun to discuss, even imagine, but I didn’t want her to take it seriously. “Yeah, but we don’t want to risk hurting Jenny, either. If we go looking for trouble, we could find more than we bargained for.”

It took a second, but she nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. Too bad though. Blackmailers Incorporated had a nice ring to it.”

The money wasn’t the only condition we put on Mr. Powers, of course. We also made him promise a few other things. There would be no more private sessions with students, or the videos would be released immediately. He’d break up with Miss Macey, giving whatever reason he wanted. I guess it was sentimental of me, but I didn’t want Miss Macey dating a pervert like that. Better she be broken-hearted for a while and find some nice guy.

Finally, Winnie and Jenny and any other girl he had an arrangement with would all get A’s, without any expectation of sexual favors, the rest of the year. This was my idea too. I pushed it, and Erin and I even had a small fight over it. She was outraged that I wanted to let them get by without any work. But I felt sorry for what we did to Jenny, and for what we were about to do to Winnie, and I wanted to make it up to them in some small way. At first, Erin said no, even stomped her foot on the ground when I wouldn’t give in, until I pointed out that it didn’t really mean anything. It was only for one grade and in a few classes, and by the time high school rolled around nobody would care what their marks there were… but it would make them feel better. “And we can use that.”

Her anger drained away slowly, then she smiled. “Okay. Let them have their A.”

Now that we had videos of Winnie fucking her teacher for grades, blackmailing her was easy. We simply contacted her as the Blackmailer, told her we had the videos, and if she didn’t do what we wanted and keep her mouth shut, we’d spread them to everybody she knew. Erin pointed out how disappointed her family would be if it got out what she’d been doing to earn her scores, and that seemed to turn the tide. I was a little worried that, since she could talk to her family in Chinese without us understanding, that they might be able to run some kind of sting operation, but that never seemed to cross her mind. She cried a little, at first, but because Erin let me take over at that point, I tried to be nice. I told her that I’d only make her do things that I thought would make her feel good, and that she would have a lot of fun. I said that we promised she’d get an A without having to do Mr. Powers again seemed to seal the deal… she was masturbating before us that night, face down on her bed with her scrawny little ass towards the camera, humping into her fingers, and displaying herself for us. We had her stick a sharpie up her butt while she did it, expecting that she’d be used to anal play, and it wasn’t long before she came.

After that, we got her to pose for us in a variety of positions. Winnie’s body wasn’t very developed, she still looked much like a little girl. Her chest was flat, with two faded brown nipples, that got hard very quick when she rubbed the flesh. Her ass was also pretty flat and not very shapely, and although her pussy was bare, the mound had a slightly dark tint to it, and her inner labia poked out more than either Erin’s or Jenny’s.

Erin later backed up the promise that following the Blackmailer’s orders would be fun, when Jenny invited Winnie over. I watched on camera. Erin was there, waiting on the bed… she had a headband on, the same one Jenny had used with Mr. Powers. It would record what she saw, although I’d only see that later, when we were together.

When Winnie came in and saw Erin, she sneered. “What’s she doing here?” Apparently there was still no love lost between them.

“We needed to talk to you,” Jenny said softly. “There’s something you should know.”


“We know you’re being blackmailed by some anonymous person from the Internet,” Erin said casually. “We just want you to know you’re not alone in this.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Winnie said defensively. “And even if I was being blackmailed, I’d die before I let the little brain save me.”

“Who said anything about saving you?” Erin said. “I just said you’re not alone.”

“He’s been blackmailing us, too,” Jenny supplied.

“Oh,” Winnie said, and shut up for a moment. “So what, are we going to do something about it?”

“There’s nothing we can do,” Jenny said. “We don’t know who he is, and if we tried something, he’d ruin us. He’s probably watching us now.”

“And he told us about you.” Erin smiled smugly. “We know what you’ve been doing. But don’t worry, it’s not really so bad. It’s actually kind of fun most of the time. Isn’t it, Jenny?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

I decided to send a message then. “I’m glad you think so, because we’re going to have more fun today. All of you should get naked, please.”

Erin pointed out the message, Jenny read it aloud, and then the two of them got naked like it was second nature to them. Winnie took a little longer, gawking openly at it, but then she shrugged and took off her shirt, then her training bra, and finally tights and the blue thong she wore. I instructed them to sit on their bed and masturbate for a little while, all facing towards the camera.

It was quite a sight, those three girls all on the edge of Jenny’s bed, rubbing each other in their own styles. Winnie did it with her pinkie and index finger extended straight, and her middle two fingers probing her hole. Jenny rubbed around her clit with a furious passion, while Erin massaged the flesh around her slit, kneading it in and out and giving me a good view of it. I let them go at it for a while before I said, “I think it’s time for Winnie to learn to eat some pussy. Who wants to be eaten first?”

When Winnie heard this demand, she said, “Wait, I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I,” Jenny and Erin said both at once, and then giggled at the coincidence. “But it’s an order,” Erin said.

“And it still feels nice, even if you’re not gay.”

“Why do I have to do it? Why can’t they go first?”

“We’ve already done it,” Erin told her.

Winnie must have put the pieces together, then. “Wait… How long have you been blackmailed?”


“So…” Her face contorted in anger. “This must all be your fault. You got me into this.” She said it at both of them, but gave Erin the dirtiest look.

“It’s my fault,” Jenny said, lowering her head. “I was the one who helped him blackmail you. I had to, or he’d have ruined me.” After a moment, she added, “And I did it to you, too, Erin.”

“It’s okay,” Erin said. “I figured it out a while ago. But I like the things he’s made us do.”

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me,” Winnie cried. “We’re friends.”

“You did it to yourself,” Erin said. “We heard what you were doing. If there was nothing to blackmail you with, you would have been okay. Well, you’re one of us now, so get used to it. You can lick my pussy, or you can lick Jenny’s, unless you want the whole school to know about you. Who’s it going to be?”

They stared each other down, but finally Winnie said, “Fine, Jenny’s, I guess.”

Jenny smiled, and leaned back on the bed, legs spread and bent at the knee. “You remember that dirty movie we watched at my sleepover? You do it just like that.” I guess that was before I was blackmailing her. Winnie went to her task grudgingly, and closed her eyes like she was about to eat something unpleasant, but soon lowered her face to Jenny’s mound. I couldn’t see the action close up, but Erin moved around regularly, always making sure she had a good view, and that later we’d have clear, vivid shots of Winnie’s outstretched tongue running over her slit.

Once she was well into it, Erin stood behind Winnie and started rubbing her pussy, inserting a few fingers inside. “Wow, you’re pretty wet,” she said. “Maybe you are a lesbian.”

Winnie came up for air long enough to say, “Shut up.”

“You shut up,” Erin said. “Your mouth’s busy right now. You don’t get to talk until you’ve made Jenny cum.”

That came a few minutes later, and by that point Winnie was squirming on Erin’s fingers. Immediately after Jenny had her climax, Erin pulled out and went to sit on the bed. I think Winnie was still unsatisfied, and that Erin planned it that way.

“That was good,” I sent. “For your first time. I have to deal with some business, but I’ll be back in a few minutes to decide what else you’ll do.” Really I just needed to go washroom. Nature’s call waits for no man.

It didn’t take long. When I came back, they were talking. I picked up the headphones I was listening on and put them to my ear. “Really? He made you fuck your dog? That is so gross.” A half-second later, she asked, “Do you think he’s going to make me?”

“Probably,” Erin said cheerfully. “He really likes that.”

“Is there anybody else involved?”

Jenny answered. “I think he might have other girls he doesn’t talk about, maybe in other cities.” I wondered where that came from. I certainly didn’t remember saying it. “But all I know about is us three, and Erin’s brother Andrew.”

“Your brother?”

“He’ll probably let you fuck him, too.”

“He’s really good,” Jenny said. I felt a warm rush of pride.

“He is,” Erin agreed.

Winnie laughed. “How would you know?” When she saw neither Erin nor Jenny joined her laughing, and realized Erin was serious, her mouth fell open. “He makes you fuck your own brother?”

Erin shrugged. “He doesn’t make me. Okay, he did, but only at first. Now I like to. Like I said, he’s really good.”

“You like to?” Winnie was astonished. “But he’s your brother.”

“And we love each other. So we fuck. What’s the problem?”

“He’s your brother,” Winnie repeated, turning to face my sister. “It’s wrong. Not just wrong, that’s… that’s sick. I mean, it’s bad enough that he makes you, but if you want it? You’re some kind of sick freak. That’s something only a big slut would do. That’s really, really, disturbing.”

While Winnie made her little diatribe of judgment, I felt guilty, because I felt her words were on some level were true. Erin, though, just stared. I thought at first she was going to burst into tears, but it wasn’t sadness welling up inside her, it was fury. When she reacted, it wasn’t with a sob, but with a slap across Winnie’s face that was audible even over the microphone across the room.

“I am so done trying to be nice to you.”

Chapter 16:

Winnie’s hand went to her cheek, which was a little reddened with the force of my sister’s slap. “What the hell?”

Erin grabbed her by the chin and squeezed her face as she went on a tirade. “Shut up. You think you’ve got the right to criticize my love life? Call me a slut, when I’ve only fucked one guy? You like throwing that word around, don’t you. You know why? Cause you wish you were a slut. You don’t have sex for fun, you have sex to get stuff. All you are is a little whore. While I was fucking the man I love, you were fucking older men so they’d buy you things. You were fucking your teacher for a better grade, and you have the nerve to start a rumor that I was fucking teachers to get my grades?” Winnie’s eyes widened at the accusation. “Yeah, I know that was you that started it. I guess you felt so bad you were a whore you used it as an insult.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that,” Winnie said.

“I can do whatever I want, whore. When he started blackmailing me, he made me do what Jenny wanted me to do. And now that you’re the newest, if I have a request, he’ll make it an order. Right?”

She looked at the camera. I was a bit worried about where she’d go from there, but I couldn’t let her down now. “That’s right. I promised her.” Jenny read it off.

“Good. Now Jenny, go get your dog. Better now than later.”

Jenny hurried out of the room, not even bothering to dress. Maybe the tension was too much for her… I know it was almost too much for me. I hadn’t often seen Erin get this dark, but it was a little frightening… and more than a little arousing.

“Please,” Winnie begged. “I’m sorry for what I said.”

Erin spoke sweetly, and started stroking Winnie’s long, straight black hair. “Don’t worry, Winifred. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to help you.” Suddenly, she grabbed a lock and pulled hard, forcing Winnie’s head to tilt to the side to avoid even more pain. “I’m going to turn you from a lying little whore into an honest slut. And if you learn quickly and don’t fight, I won’t even tell Jenny you were fucking her dad. Now get on the floor.” Then she spoke a few more words, but not in English… in Chinese. Winnie’s surprise at hearing the language was matched only by my own. I later learned that said “I’m going to teach you your place.” At least that’s what Erin told me she said. I had to take her word on it, since I don’t speak a word of Chinese. After those words, Erin pushed her away, and Winnie, looking subdued, crawled off the bed.

By the time Jenny came back, leading her dog by the leash in one hand and holding a towel in the other. Erin also got on the floor, pet Lucky around the neck and said, “Hi, boy. You’re going to have some fun tonight. New pussy. But for now, roll over.” When Lucky was on his back, she rubbed his sheath until an erection formed, then waved Winnie over. “Come here. Jenny, watch the cam and see if he gives any orders.” Jenny blocked the shot for a second, and then, with a little wobble, the camera centered more closely on the dog.

Winnie approached slowly, and made a disgusted face at the obscene, veined thing standing up towards her. “Oh, that’s so disgusting, I think I’m going to be sick.”

“No you’re not. You’re going to put it in your mouth.”

“I don’t want to.”

“I didn’t ask what you wanted, whore.”

I typed in a message, and Jenny read it out. “He says, ‘Winnie, listen to Erin. It won’t be so bad.’ It’s not, I’ve done it before. Just close your eyes and pretend it’s a guy.”

Winnie shook her head a few times, then finally, hesitantly, she opened her mouth and put it on. Erin held her head on it for about ten seconds, forcing her to go down on it. She must have got a good, close-up view on her hairband cam of Winnie’s sweet Asian face sucking on a dog dick. “That’s just a taste. But first he’s going to fuck you. Think of it like an initiation. Get on your hands and knees like a good bitch.”

“Don’t forget the towel,” Jenny said. “I don’t want cum on the floor.”

Erin left the dog and laid down the towel, and then waited patiently until Winnie got down in the position, and grabbed Lucky’s collar. She led him towards her ass.

Lucky took some licks, which made Winnie shudder and gasp, but Erin pulled back the leash. “No, you don’t need to lick, boy. She hasn’t earned that yet. Just get right on top of her.” She had to help him, by lifting his forepaws to her back, before he got the hint and began stabbing his erect prick into the space between her legs.

Erin reached down, grabbed the cock, and deftly pushed it directly into Winnie’s hole. After that, the humping began in earnest. I watched for a while before I decided to start jacking off, but slowly because I didn’t know what Erin might do next.

Winnie didn’t look much like she was enjoying it, she seemed to wince and groan with every thrust, but she’d done that in the videos I’d seen with Mr. Powers, and a little while she pleasured herself, so I was only a little worried that she was in pain.

After walking a few circles around the scene, getting it from every angle, Erin went to Jenny’s desk and grabbed something off of it. It looked like a pen. Then, she went right in front of Winnie’s face, faced away and bent over. “Now lick me like you licked Jenny. Go on.” When the order wasn’t obeyed right away, Erin shoved her ass towards Winnie’s face. With the dog humping her, she had no room to back up, so Winnie’s nose was nestled in my sister’s ass and mouth was probably on her pussy. “Lick, whore.”

After a few seconds, Erin said, “Yeah, that’s it. You know my brother fucked me just this morning. And you’ve got your tongue in there while being fucked by a dog. Who’s sick now, huh? You like it, don’t you, bitch?” I couldn’t make sense of whatever Winnie replied, my sister’s pussy was in her face.

It stayed that way until after I’d cum, and shortly after that, Lucky yelped and tried to pull off. Erin turned, patted his head and scratched behind his ears. “Good boy!” Finally, the knot in Winnie’s pussy must have gone down, for the dog was able to slip away in disinterest. “There, did you like that?” Erin asked Winnie.

Winnie shook her head defiantly. She was still on her hands and knees.

“I don’t believe you.” She bent over and scooped up some of the dog’s cum pooled up on the towel underneath Winnie, and brought it to the other girl’s lips. “Open your mouth.” When she didn’t comply right away, Erin rubbed the sperm on her lips until suddenly, they parted. “Suck. You better get used to that taste, because that’s the last time Lucky’s going to fuck you, until you beg me to let him. If you don’t, you’ll just be sucking his dick, and swallowing it all. If any spills, you’ll be licking it off the floor. Understand?” Winnie nodded.

“I hope so. Now just to remind you, I’m going to leave you something.” Erin uncapped the pen and made a few marks on Winnie’s back, above the ass, where it would be visible if she was wearing a belly shirt. “Stand up.”

Now that her back faced the cam, I could read what was written there wrote while Erin wrote the same thing on her belly. It said “Dog Slut”. “There, I’ll write this one backwards so you can read it in the mirror when you get home.” Winnie took it, passively, like she had no fight left in her. “Don’t worry, it’s not permanent marker, this time. It’ll wash out.”

Erin stood and asked Winnie to turn around. “Good,” she said as she admired her handiwork while Winnie spun slowly. She then took a deep breath, and then smiled, as though some dark part of her had been purged. “Ask him if he wants anything else. I’m happy for now.”

I thought that was quite enough. Maybe too much. I told them they were free to do whatever they wanted.

When my sister came home almost an hour later, she couldn’t meet my eye right away. “What happened, Erin?” I asked. “That wasn’t exactly the plan.” We had only intended to introduce the idea of Lucky fucking her one day, but have today be a lesbian threesome, to make sure Winnie enjoyed what we were forcing her to do. The humiliation wasn’t something I counted on.

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s just she got me so mad. She had no right to say you and I were wrong. I needed to teach her a lesson.”

I didn’t know what to say. “I’m just worried we might have gone too far,” I said. “If we scared her too much…” I left the thought unsaid.

The thought haunted me. I was almost sure that Winnie was considering whether to bear Erin’s humiliation, or to risk her own reputation. So, later that night, in an effort to do some damage control. I made a point to apologize to Winnie, as the Blackmailer. “I didn’t think Erin was going to be so hard on you,” I said. “When I promised her I had no idea what she had in mind.”

I was about to tell her that I’d get Erin to let up on her, when she surprised me. “It’s okay,” she said. “Hey, if I help you blackmail somebody else, that means I get to make them MY slave afterwards, right?”

Then again, maybe I was wrong, and Winnie had taken it better than I thought.

Chapter 17:

Winnie broke not long after that. I think she really broke that first day, but some shred of pride made her hold out a little longer before visibly giving in. The next time the three girls got together, Erin made her suck Lucky’s dick and, true to her word, lick off the spill on the floor. There was more writing on her body, too, price tags for her pussy and ass, and mouth, as my sister declared she was “still thinking like a whore” and so she should look the part.

The next time, Winnie begged for Lucky to fuck her, and Erin still wouldn’t let her, deciding it wasn’t sincere enough to qualify as real begging. Instead, she made her suck Lucky off again, although this time there was no writing or floor-licking, since she was at least making an effort. Real begging, Erin decided, would happen the next day, at Winnie’s house, where Winnie invited Erin over. There, she filmed a video where she happily talked about wanting to get fucked by a dog again, and another of loving pussy. She told me they had to do nearly a half-dozen takes before she sounded authentic enough. Erin wasn’t on camera for either of those videos. Then, after Winnie ate my sister out to another orgasm, without complaint, Erin relented. “Okay. Next time, if you ask nicely like a slut, I’ll let Lucky fuck your pussy instead of your mouth.”

She asked nicely, like a slut, while kissing Erin’s pussy not long after that. She knew how to behave. She was willing to go through it, because I think she came to enjoy it, and also because there was light at the end of her tunnel… the prospect of being able to do it to somebody else. Still, I didn’t let Winnie recruit anybody right away, because I still wanted to keep to our rule, to only blackmail people who’d wronged us, and Erin and I were pretty busy just managing Jenny and Winnie.

I fucked Winnie a few weeks later, but only after she watched me fucking my sister without a judgmental word. Erin was firm on that requirement, and warned that looking disgusted might get her demoted back to whore. Winnie wasn’t the best fuck… she didn’t move much on her own, and her wincing on my thrusts didn’t turn me on, but I still came, all over her belly.

We went on with our little games until late March. Winnie had pitched yet another girl she wanted to join us, another little blonde, named Amber, who Erin said had always made fun of her hair and boyish clothes all year. Erin sweetly asked if we could make her pay, and I couldn’t resist her, so we started the process. Winnie rigged up her laptop with the program, and we began watching her, and Erin and I began brainstorming scenarios to make Winnie lure her into something embarrassing on cam.

Before we could put those plans into action, though, things took a big change for the worse, and once again, Jenny was at the center of it. It was an ordinary day, a Saturday. I was working on some refinements to my little flash game, Robot Repair, which was, surprisingly, actually earning me a little real money. Not much, just about $20 a month in advertising, but it was enough to encourage me to make some updates and add a few maps. Erin was on my bed, reading while I worked.

I saved my latest draft of my program, and then checked a few of the other windows I had open. One of them was Jenny’s webcam. She was there, sitting on her bed, knees up and arms folded over them. She seemed to be crying. One hand clutched a tissue.

“Erin, come look at this.”

She got up and looked at the screen. “It’s probably nothing. I bet her Mom just told her she couldn’t buy a new top this week.”

I was a little more worried. So I opened a chat window and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jenny looked up, wiped herself with the tissue, and slowly made her way to the computer. Her eyes were puffy and red. She didn’t bother to type, knowing I was watching. “My parents. They’re really, really fighting.”

Erin and I exchanged a look of surprise. “Oh,” I typed. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” she said. “It’s mine.”

We watched in silence together as Jenny tried not to cry, and then she typed something into the window. “Can I ask you a question? Do you know how many Tylenol you have to take to kill yourself?”

“Oh shit,” I said aloud.

“Tell her to come here,” Erin suggested. Mom was out.

I nodded. “Jenny, can you get out of the house?”

“I think so, why?”

“I want you to go over to Erin’s place, right now. I’m telling her you really need somebody to talk to.”

“Okay,” she said, and, like she was some kind of robot, started wiping her tears, and then changed into another outfit.

A few minutes later, she showed up at our door. She wasn’t crying anymore, but she looked numb, with no expression on her face at all. Erin led her up to her room. I was tempted to watch in my position as the Blackmailer, but I’d come to like Jenny, and I wanted to comfort her in person.

“He told us something was wrong,” Erin said, with an arm around Jenny’s shoulder. “But he didn’t say what. It’s okay, you can tell us.”

“My parents are screaming at each other. I think they’re going to get a divorce.” she said.

“I’m sorry,” Erin said, and hugged her. “Maybe it’s not as bad as you think. Lots of parents fight.”

“No, this is really, really bad. And it’s my fault.”

“I’m sure that’s not true,” I offered.

“It is. Mom found out about Dad.”

“About what?”

“Him doing stuff. To Claire. Sex stuff. Like he did to me.”

Erin’s head shot straight up as though she’d just been smacked. “Wow,” I said. “Look, if your dad did anything like that, that doesn’t mean it’s your fault.”

“It’s because I was such a slut. I turned him on too much. He told me it was my fault he was so horny, and he took me down into the laundry room. And how I cost him ten million dollars or something.”

A cold chill crept up my spine. I let Jenny bury her face in my chest and looked at Erin, but she was staring straight ahead. “But… Claire?”

“I didn’t like it. So I tried to go to the park whenever Mom wasn’t home and he would be. And one day I came home and heard Claire with him in the laundry room. I thought okay, if she enjoyed it, she can take care of him.” She stifled a sob. “But it was my fault, I got him so horny in the first place.”

Erin stood up, and walked out the door. I wanted to follow her, but Jenny was here, now, and her need seemed more pressing. “This isn’t your fault,” I said. It was mine, but I couldn’t admit that. “Nothing is. It’s his fault. He had no right to do anything to you, or your sister. He’s your dad. And you’re not a slut.”

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes, as though she’d never considered that as a possibility before. “I’m not?”

“No. You were made to do things. And even if you weren’t, nothing justifies him making you do something. He should be in jail.” I still had the video of him, and thought about releasing it… but then that would hurt Jenny’s life, maybe more. I wish I knew what to do.

“I don’t want him in jail,” she said. I didn’t know if she had a choice, now that her mom knew. I held her for a few moments, when suddenly her phone rang. She answered it, putting her voice back in an appearance of normality. “Hello? Yes. I’m at Erin’s place. Right now? But…” She sighed. “Okay.” She hung up. “That was my Mom. She wants me to come home.”

“Are you going to be okay?”

“I don’t know. But thank you. You’re so sweet.” The compliment was like a kick to the gut. Knowing how I was responsible for most of her problems made me feel like shit when she complimented me.

“You’re not going to… do anything, are you?” I asked. “He said you were hinting at suicide.”

“I…” she hesitated. “I don’t think I’d get away with it,” she said and gave me a weak smile. “I’d probably just go to hell anyway after all I’ve done. I’m sorry for getting Erin and you involved in all of this.”

With that, she got up, kissed me on the cheek, and left.

Erin still hadn’t come back, so I went to find her, but she didn’t seem to be home. When I called her phone, she didn’t answer. So I went and walked around the neighborhood, looking for her. It was cloudy and threatening rain, and I was starting to get worried.

I found her in an old playground, one we played in long ago. She was the only one in the park, probably due to the rain, and she sat on a swing set. I called her name and rushed towards her. “What happened?” I asked. “You just ran off.”

“It’s my fault, Andrew,” she said. “I made a mistake.”

“We made a mistake,” I corrected.

“No, me. I thought I had it all figured out. I was so sure.”

“Erin… you couldn’t have known,” I told her.

“Yes, I could have. I should have. I didn’t mean to hurt her.”

“I know.” I put my arm around her. “I think we’re going to have to release her,” I said. “Stop blackmailing her.”

She thought about it for a while. Finally, she said, “Okay. I think so too. We’ve done enough. It’s too easy to make another mistake with her.” I was relieved, and let out a deep breath. “I’ll do better next time,” she added. “With the others. I’ll be more careful. I won’t make any more mistakes. I’ll make sure they love it.”

“We could let them all go,” I said. We could give up blackmailing entirely. Just be a normal couple… at least, as normal as a couple who are a brother and sister could be. A part of me really wanted that. A part of me would miss it terribly.

“No. I really think I can do better with them. I promise. No more mistakes. We’ll be really, really careful.”

I wished I was strong enough to tell her “No.” Instead, I just suggested that we think about it. She agreed.

That night, Jenny’s mom left the house and took both the kids with her. They went to a hotel, but I soon learned, from Erin, that they were moving to Ohio, to be with her mom’s side of the family. I don’t know why he didn’t go to jail. Erin thinks it was because Stan was the breadwinner and made a lot of money, and if he was out of jail, he’d be able to pay alimony. Or maybe their Mom just thought a trial would put the kids through too much. We later learned that she got the divorce, uncontested, with sole custody of Jenny and Claire, no visitation.

She was gone within a week, and it all seemed to happen even more quickly than that. Erin and I formally released her from the blackmailing the first day she got her computer back. I honestly don’t know how she took it. She didn’t seem to show any emotion at it one way or the other. I was scared we’d broken her, permanently. She seemed happier when Erin and I, personally, wished her goodbye, on her last day, and gave us both hugs. Winnie was there too, and even she cried. She also hugged Lucky, and said, “I’m going to miss you, too, boy.” We had one last round of goodbyes, as everyone in Jenny’s family, except her dad who was conspicuously absent, piled into the car, towards their new lives. I hoped they were good ones.

When we started our blackmailing, we said we’d only do it to people who deserved it, but I had to accept that Jenny hadn’t deserved it, not really. Maybe nobody did… if anybody were the bad guys, it was us. We couldn’t stop. I guess we really were monsters.

That didn’t mean we couldn’t be less monsters. For Jenny’s sake, and Erin’s, and my own, I resolved once again to at least try.


I wish I could say we gave up the blackmailing entirely, but the power was just too addictive, and now that Jenny was gone, Winnie began insisting to the Blackmailer that it was time to recruit Amber. We held out for a couple weeks, but then we came up with a plan to get Amber. It wasn’t a clever plan, it relied on the old standard of Truth or Dare. Once Winnie convinced her to simulate oral sex on her (she wouldn’t do it for real, but to the camera’s eye it looked real enough), and confess some of her darkest secrets, it was easy.

We did get gentler about it, though. Erin agreed when I told her we needed to be less monsters… she was still shaken by what happened to Jenny. So our games had less of an edge to them. Winnie and Erin had lost much of their earlier antagonism, and Winnie seemed to enjoy getting together for threesomes now, so there was no need to humiliate her. She’s never even gave us a dirty look when I fucked Erin, and enthusiastically did her part to bring Amber into the fold. Erin and I agreed not to expand any more than that, and as the Blackmailer we put the brakes on when Winnie tried to push Amber too hard. At first she was disappointed after the harsh treatment she endured under Erin, but once we made one of the Blackmailer’s rules that Amber had to eat her out, on demand, whether the Blackmailer was watching or not, Winnie seemed mostly satisfied.

Eventually I was feeling a little better about our status, everybody, even Amber, seemed to be having fun, and it felt more like a fun game again than like a terrible, dark part of myself that filled me with shame. Even my relationship with my sister was as good as it had ever been, we loved each other deeply, spent a lot of our time together, and had no secrets from each other.

Or so I thought.

One day, as summer approached, we were all eating a family dinner. I was thinking about how we were going to pick up Mr. Powers blackmail payment, which was coming due. “Are you ready for your finals?” Mom asked. The question was directed to me. We all knew Erin would have no trouble. I probably wouldn’t either, but I at least needed to study heavily.

“I think so,” I said. “I can’t wait till it’s all over, though… then, finally, summer.” My first summer with a car. Erin and I had plans.

“Summer won’t last forever,” Mom reminded me. “And next year’s going to be a real challenge. We need to talk about that.”

“It’s not going to be that much different,” I said. “It’s not like I’m going into my senior year or anything.” That was still another year away.

“Yes, but I mean, with Erin and everything.”

I looked up from my plate. “What do you mean?”

Erin was smiling a little uneasily. Mom caught the look, and put down the fork. “You didn’t tell him yet?”

“Tell me what?”

“I was waiting for the right moment,” Erin said.

“Tell me what?” I repeated.

“You’ve known for months. When you asked me to let you tell him, I didn’t think you’d take this long.”

“Tell me what?” I said for the third time, raising my voice.

Mom shot Erin another look, then sighed and looked over to me. “You know how Erin’s been doing really, really well in school this year, right?”

“Yeah, of course. I’m proud of her.”

“We’ve been talking with some of her teachers, and they feel the gifted program at her middle school isn’t enough for her.”

Erin had a fixed grin on her face, seeming a little scared. “So?” I said. “Just tell me.”

“We’ve decided to advance her. We were thinking of sending her to high school with you.”

I was stunned. “High school?”

“She’ll still be one year behind you,” Mom said. “But I am going to be counting on you to look out for her, and watch out for her, and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble, and that she doesn’t get harassed by anybody. Do you think you can handle that? Because if not, we can try to get her into a private school. That’s what I wanted, but Erin really wanted to go to a normal school.”

I looked to my sister. She was mouthing, “Please, please, please,” to me.

At the time, I only thought that it was something Erin wanted, and I couldn’t refuse her. So, I said, “Oh, okay. I think I can handle that.” It was only later I began to worry about the potential drawbacks to sharing a school… ones I hadn’t even considered at the time. My sister always seemed to be pretty keen on rubbing our relationship in people’s faces, and that was fine when most of the people we both knew we blackmailed, but what about when we were eating lunch together? Would she sit too close to me, and make people wonder? Would she tell people I was her boyfriend? I knew she was smarter than that, but there were times Erin’s desire to have people accept us made her forget her smarts.

Still, I pushed the worries down. I was probably overreacting. Nobody would accept us acting like we were anywhere nearly as close as we really were. She knew better than to make an issue out of something impossible. She had to. And there was a whole summer before I even had to worry about it.

But as Mom had just reminded me, summer wouldn’t last forever.

The End (for now)


The preceeding story was fantasy and I do not recommend or endorse any of the acts described within. Quite the opposite, really.

Coming, eventually:

My Private Camwhore III: Project Girlfriend and My Private Camwhore IV: Kinships and Rivals

Erin’s been jumped ahead a few years, and is now in the same high school as her brother, Andrew.  Will he be able to protect her from all the cliques, pettiness, and temptations of high school?  And maybe more importantly, when the school issues every student a webcam equipped laptop, will he be able to protect them from her? And there's still a few names on Erin's private revenge list that need to be taken care of...


This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.


Fanart: An anonymous fan commissioned the artist Temon to draw two pictus from this installment. Here you can see a picture of Andrew fucking Erin (while they watch Jenny on webcam), and in this picture you can see Winnie starting to learn her place. (Pixiv account may be required, and link is to drawn art depicting minors in sexual situations which may be illegal in your jurisdiction, click at your own risk). This exact event doesn't actually occur as drawn in this story, but I might work it explicitly into a sequel.

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