Author: AnonyMPC

Title: My Private Camwhore III: Project Girlfriend

Summary: Andrew's sister/lover Erin is in his high school now. But will the pressures of high school bring them together, or drive them apart?
Keywords: inc, mf, bond, blackmail

Keywords: mf, inc, bond, blackmail

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My Private Camwhore III: Project Girlfriend (mf, inc, bond, blackmail)

Chapter One:

“Do you want to come with me to pick up Erin?” my Mom asked, immediately after knocking on my half-opened door.

I kept my voice neutral and my face carefully impassive as I looked over to her, although my heart quickened. “Sure, might as well. Nothing better to do.” The truth was, I’d been waiting for this day… practically the whole time Erin had been away at summer camp. But I couldn’t let Mom know how eager I was to see my little sister again.

Mom knew we were close, but she didn’t know I was in love with my now thirteen-year old sister, and that we’d been carrying on a sexual relationship for almost a year now, since about a month before my sixteenth birthday. If I had my way, she never would know. It was weird, some may call it sick, but to us it was a beautiful, magical relationship, even if it was unorthodox.

It was a strange story, and I’ll admit the way it started WAS pretty sick. It began with me blackmailing her, but turned into mutual love, and the blackmail was eventually forgiven. We just fit together. We were alike in many ways, smart, a little isolated from our peers, and we had a lot of the same likes and dislikes… and, as it turned out, we both had a dark side. She became interested in blackmailing other girls, and with the two of us working together, there was little that could stop us. We currently had two other girls that we’d blackmailed, together, into becoming our private camwhores, and who we could use sexually whenever the mood struck us. Both of them thought all of us, Erin and I included, were being blackmailed by an anonymous third party. Neither suspected it was actually me and Erin pulling all the strings.

I wasn’t proud of that… in fact, I regretted that aspect of our lives sometimes. The truth was, I was a little worried that Erin and I fed off each other, pushing each other to darker places than either of us would go alone… but recently we’d gotten better about it, and both our victims now seemed to enjoy most of what we made them do.

It was just so hard to stop, once we’d started… kind of like how it was with Erin. We’d become incredibly close, friends as well as family as well as lovers. It just felt so good to be together, and giving it up was hard to contemplate. Perfect trust in one another combined with a sexual compatibility that was off the charts.

That’s why the last few weeks were so difficult for me. After getting regular sex, every day, with my perfect match, it was suddenly cut down to almost nothing. Neither of us wanted her to go away to camp in the last month of summer, but it had been planned months in advance. Despite occasional e-mails, the separation was painful, and not just for the sudden drop in sex.

I suppose I could have had sex if I wanted to, at almost any time. Erin had given me permission to fuck Amber, one of the girls we blackmailed, whenever I wanted. Winnie, our other current victim, was at the same camp as Erin, and I agreed my sister could use her sexually if she had the urge and could find some privacy. Winnie was well broken-in and did virtually whatever my sister asked, whether that meant eating her out or fucking a dog, even without the Blackmailer prompting.

I had fucked Amber while Erin was away, but only once, a few days after my sister left, and at Amber’s suggestion. It felt wrong, though, without Erin watching, so I didn’t press for any more. I’d rather jack off while watching one of the many videos Erin and I had made together.

Mostly I tried to deal with how much I missed her by burying myself in my hobbies. Last year I’d invented a simple flash game on the Internet, and I was working on both an iPhone version and toying with some ideas for a new game. I also spent a significant amount of time playing more professional games. But after so long without her, I was getting sick of games.

Mom drove us over to the mall parking lot that was designated as the drop-off/pick-up point for the campers. By the time we got there, it was crazy, cars everywhere, and a big crowd of people. The bus was already there, but it looked like it had just arrived.

Mom parked, and I got out and began wading into and scanning the crowd. “I don’t see her,” I said. It was silly, but some small part of me began to panic, worried that somehow she’d been left at the camp and we’d be separated for even longer.

Suddenly, I heard an excited shout and turned. “Andrew!” There she was, running towards us through a crowd of people.

My sister was small, thin, and beautiful. Some people might think her a little plain… she had dark brown hair, tousled and messy, and brown eyes. When I fell in love with her she didn’t have much of a body at all, although that was changing, slightly. Before, her small breasts would become invisible in all but the tightest shirts, which she rarely wore. Now, you could definitely see outlines. They were still small, even compared to others her age, but she was growing. There was a little more of a curve to her hips, too. To many of those who appreciated a womanly form, Erin was still a work in progress. But to me, she was an angel, who was perfect and yet somehow getting more perfect all the time. Her cute little elfin-looking face drove me wild, especially when she gave one of her smiles, and I knew and loved every inch of that body.

She still looked much the same as she did before camp… two weeks isn’t that long a time. But still, I was surprised at how little she’d changed. I’d pictured a tan, at least, so I was a little surprised to see her with the same pale, flawless skin… but then I remembered the weather was drizzly for much of her time, and they didn’t get much time in the sun.

“Mom!” Erin added, when she saw our mother. Mom got the first hug. I tried not to be jealous. But once Erin had embraced her and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she did the same for me. An erection formed reflexively from the contact, and in her t-shirt and shorts she must have felt it. It had been months since simple, innocent, physical contact with my sister made my cock hard, but I guess absence, as well as making the heart go fonder, puts the cock on a hair trigger. Erin let go, giving me a grin, and I stepped back and tried to think un-sexy thoughts.

A few steps behind Erin, walking more slowly, was an Asian girl of about thirteen. She really was flat, and her skin was a couple shades darker than Erin’s. She brushed her long black hair out of her face and waved. “Hi Andrew,” she said with a smile. “Hi, Mrs. Clemens.”

Mom responded to her, “Hello, Winnie. Did you enjoy camp?”

“Yes, ma’am… Not at first, but it turned out to be a lot of fun.”

“I’m glad.” My mom looked around. “Do you need a ride with us? Or…”

“My dad’s come to get me.” She looked over her shoulder. “He’s over there somewhere.” She looked back to Erin. “So, we’ve only got about a week left before school. We should get together sometime this week, me, you, and Amber.” She caught my own eye for a second and added, “Maybe at your place.”

“Sure. IM me when you get home.” She waved, and Winnie disappeared through the crowd. We started back towards where she left her duffel bag, watched by another girl, to whom my sister gave a curt nod, dismissing her. I picked up the bag and hefted it over my shoulder without even being asked. “I’m so glad to be home,” she said. “That bus was so hot, I thought I was going to die.” We started back towards where we parked.

As we reached the car, I started towards the back. “You can have the front,” I said. “I know how you like it.”

“Aww, that’s sweet, Andrew,” she said. “But you know I like the backseat, too.” By her smile alone I knew she was teasing me in a way that was under the radar. Over the summer we’d made love more than a few times in the back seat of my own car.

Before she got in, she threw a look over at another girl, walking with her parents. She had jet black hair. Erin waited until the girl caught her eye, and then raised one of her hands to her face. She made a gesture, joining her thumb and one finger in a circle, and lowered it from her eye down. The girl looked away suddenly and shuddered.

Mom caught the signal, but not the reaction. “What’s that about?”

“Oh, nothing. Just sort of like a secret wave. Saying goodbye.” She smiled, and opened the door. “Come on, I’m ready to go home.”

During the ride, Erin didn’t talk much about camp, and instead wanting to hear about what was going on in our lives, and the lives of our family. Our grandfather was still recovering from a heart attack he’d had at the beginning of summer, our neighbors had another screaming fight that seemed to characterize their relationship, Mom told a few stories about the people at work. I sat in the back and tried to participate, talking about the work I’d been doing on my games, but I was distracted and not really interested in the conversation. Mostly I tried to meet my sister’s eyes in the mirror, exchanging subtle looks of longing.

I wanted nothing more than to take Erin in my arms, carry her upstairs, and make love to her in my bed the moment we got home. Actually, if I could have, I’d have fucked her on the living room couch. But either scenario was impossible because Mom was home.

Dinner was waiting in the slow-cooker, so we ate almost right away, just giving Erin enough time to shower and change into some fresh clothes, while I helped Mom with some of the vegetables. The meal was pretty good, but I wished I could have persuaded Mom to go get some take out or something, and give us just a few minutes alone. While we ate, Erin told some of her stories from camp, the sort of thing you’d expect to hear, pranks girls played on each other, an attempted nighttime visit from the boys side of the camp, thankfully thwarted by the counselors.

After dinner, I went up to my room, and waited until I heard Erin go to hers. Then, I called up a program I hadn’t used in a while, one which would link our two computers directly, including our webcams. She showed up on my screen and smiled. “Hi,” I typed. Sometimes we spoke, but I suppose I was extra nervous that Mom might overhear.

“Hi,” she typed back. “I missed you.”

“Me too. It was a tough couple weeks.”

She nodded, and then bit her lip as she typed. “You have no idea how much I much I want you to fuck me right now.”

I grinned, relaxing. In the back of my mind, there had been the niggling little fear that in the time apart she’d realize what we were doing was wrong, but it had just been dispelled. “I’d love that, but it’ll have to wait.”

She nodded. “I could sneak into your room after Mom falls asleep?” We’d done that, occasionally, made love when Mom was only a hallway away. It was a risk, but some days more than others.

“You could…” I said, but needed time to think. Mom had work the next morning, would she try to look in on us before she left? Or maybe Erin would sneak back after.

I saw her flash a grin to the camera. “But I don’t think I could keep from being loud.”

I smiled back. “Tomorrow morning, then? I guess I could hold out one more night…”

“What, wasn’t Amber taking care of you?”

“Just once. It didn’t feel right, without you there.”

I was rewarded for my confession with a smile, and a slight blush. “Oh, poor boy. You must be pretty hard, then.” I wasn’t, not especially, but as she said the words, I certainly became so. Even more when she said, “Show me?”

I tilted the camera down to show the zipper of my jeans, and then undid it to reveal the tent in my boxers. As I pulled those down, my dick flopped out. I kind of liked seeing it on camera, it looked bigger somehow. Mostly, though, I liked seeing my sister’s face as she looked at it and smiled.

“Wow,” she said. “You’re going to have trouble sleeping with that on you. Maybe I should help you out?” She stood and pulled up her shirt, just past her belly, and posed in her pants, bending over slightly towards the camera. She next lowered the pants, and then the panties, giving me a look at her sweet round little ass, and bent forward far, so I could see her pussy poking out underneath. “You like?”

“Of course I like… you’re gorgeous.” I gave a few strokes of my dick to show her what she was doing for me.

“You can do better than that, can’t you? Or do you need some more inspiration?” She turned back around, letting her pants and underwear fall to the ground, and sat in the chair, before centering the camera’s view on her pussy. I loved that pussy, tiny, all closed in, incredibly tight. When I started it’d been completely bald, too, though there were now wisps of hair. It was beautiful either way. With one hand, she first covered her pussy, and then revealed it, separating the lips with two fingers so I could see the soft pink inside of her hole.

That got me rubbing my dick furiously. Watching was great, but it was also a little bit of a tease. “Man, I wish you were here right now.”

“Me too,” she said. “I bet you’d fill me up.” I probably would, at that. “Wait.” She got off cam, and when I next saw her, she was wearing pajama bottoms and heading for the door. I got a little nervous at what she might be planning. Mom was upstairs, in her room. In fact, a few seconds later, I heard her and Erin talking, although through the walls I couldn’t get any sense of what was said. Then there was a knock at my door.

Chapter Two:

I zipped up quickly and flipped my t-shirt over the bulge, and closed the video window. “Come in.” I said.

Erin opened the door and walked in. She didn’t close it behind her, just gave it enough force that it would be mostly closed. “Hey, do you know where my copy of Ender’s Game is?”

I bought Erin the book for her birthday that summer, the public gift, the one I could justify to Mom. Since Erin loved to read, and we’d recently discovered she was a super genius, it seemed like a natural choice. It was a bit of an in-joke, but she loved it, and made me read it too, pointing out her theory that Valentine’s relationship with Ender and Peter was full of incestual subtext. I wasn’t so sure that was intended, but it was a pretty good book.

I also gave her a locket as a sign of our love. She wore it regularly, and in fact she’d been wearing it home from camp, although as far as almost everyone else was concerned, she bought it herself. Only Winnie knew the truth. She helped me pick it out.

“No,” I said. “It’s probably still in your room.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t find it. I thought maybe you might have borrowed it or something.” By now she’d reached my computer chair and bent over it. Our faces were inches from each other, and we kissed. I don’t know which of us initiated it, it was like we were so close that we couldn’t help it, the magnetism between us just forced a connection. First it was a soft kiss on the lips, followed by a slightly longer one where our tongues met. It had been such a long time since we’d kissed that alone made my dick strain against my pants. We parted when there was an innocent noise in the distance, Mom doing something in her room.

“I might have, but I’m sure I put it back on your shelf.”

“Mmm. I’m sure I’ll find it eventually. So how’s the game coming along?” she asked, looking at the screen. When I closed our chat window, the game was the next active window. “Making any headway?” She leaned forward, her head on my shoulder, and one of her arms reached around towards my crotch. It slipped under my pants, gave me a comfortable squeeze.

It was amazing I could carry on a conversation, but I could. “Still trying to puzzle out on the AI,” I said. “I don’t know, I may just scrap it and try to do something else, I’m better at puzzle games.” The new game I’d been working on I was calling 100%. The idea was that instead of playing the hero, you’re one of those cannon fodder guys the hero plows through. Except, you’ve realized you’re in a game, and the ‘player’ is trying to get 100% completion, which means killing every enemy. Your goal is just to survive, which you can do either by killing the hero, making it impossible for him to win in another way, or even winning the game yourself… all of which are pretty hard when you can get killed in one shot. But I had to program an AI that would relentlessly hunt down every cannon fodder, without giving preferential treatment to the real player. It was slow going.

“I’m sure you’ll get it,” she said. “You could always just make it a two player game.”

It was an interesting idea. At the very least, if I could get the AI to work, a two player versus mode might be a fun addition. “Maybe. Have to do a lot of reading on that, though.” I’d never really done anything two-player. It had to be complicated, making sure the data remained consistent, although there was probably existing code to poach to make it easier.

“Well, good luck with it. I’m going to go back to looking for my book. If you do see it, let me know.” Erin stood, and then pulled the front of her pajama pants down, giving me a non-webcam view of her slit. She had panties, but she wasn’t wearing them. They were held to the side of her leg by the elastic of her bottoms. With one hand, she retrieved them and deposited it on my lap. “I don’t mind if you borrow things,” she added. “Just so long as I get them back.”

It was a pretty clear signal. Code probably wasn’t necessary, it was unlikely Mom could hear what we were saying, but sometimes code was fun. She smiled devilishly at me, winked, and then left my room, closing the door behind her. A few seconds later, my sister was back on cam, showing me her boobs while I jacked off, panties at the ready.

I took one hand off and typed, “You’re not going to do it too?”

Erin revealed her pussy again, and rubbed up and down the slit, but didn’t finger herself, like I’d meant. Sometimes, when we couldn’t have sex, we’d masturbate together, my fist closed over my dick as though it was her pussy, and her using her fingers as though it was my dick, trying even to match our rhythms. “I don’t know,” she replied. “I kind of want to wait, until tomorrow. Till we can do it properly.” She spread her lips again and ran one finger in the groove, but it was slowly, deliberately, to tease me rather than pleasure herself.

She usually had more of a sexual appetite than that, particularly if she hadn’t had it for a while. Maybe she masturbated or just locked down her feelings all together, but I didn’t think so. “I guess Winnie was taking care of you at camp?”

“A little. Not just Winnie though.”

I dropped my dick completely to type, “What?” A rush of jealousy shot through me. I wasn’t too worried about Winnie… yes, there were some pangs of jealousy there, but the hotness of the situation outweighed them. It was a girl, it wasn’t the same thing. I was more jealous when Erin fucked a dog. But Winnie was the only one I expected her to be with.

“You remember. I told you.”

I put the camera back on my face. “When?”

“At camp. In the e-mail. The coded message. You said it was okay.”

I had no idea what she was talking about. She’d sent a few e-mails from the camp’s computer lab, and we did have a few pre-established codes set up, mostly so we could express how much we truly loved and missed each other without anybody reading over the shoulder getting suspicious.

She must have seen my confusion, for she looked momentarily scared. “Oh, no. I thought you understood. I must have outsmarted myself with that code. I made it up on the fly, but I assumed you’d get it, and when you responded with ‘I trust you…’”

“What happened?”

“Nothing much,” she said. “Nothing big. There were some girls there, who were being mean. Winnie and I taught them a lesson. Andrew, I swear I thought you understood.”

“All girls?”

She nodded. “For me, anyway. Winnie did some things with a guy.”

It was somewhat of a relief. I know how hypocritical it was of me to hate the thought of Erin with another guy, while she let me fuck Winnie and Amber, but that’s just how I was. I didn’t feel as jealous over girls, but there was another worry. My sister had a tendency to go too far. I’m to blame too, I guess, I let her, but I usually had better boundaries. Erin once told me she thought her problem was that she was so smart that she could talk herself into believing anything was okay. She wasn’t used to being wrong, so she needed someone to tell her when she was. I thought she’d gotten better at it in the last few months, since her friend Jenny moved away. “So are you going to tell me what happened?”

“Of course.” It was the wrong time to ask for it. She told me a story of discovering some of the girls were bullying other girls, and how she intimidated them into thinking she had magical powers, and before the end of the camp had made several of them eat her out and change their ways. With my cock as hard as it was, my own judgment of right and wrong was impaired… I just wanted to hear more as I stroked myself to the mental images her story provoked. “So, that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No,” I grunted. The truth was, it was probably borderline… not that much worse than what we visited on Amber and Winnie, and less than what we’d done to Jenny, but we had been making a conscious effort to dial back our impulses, and this was a backslide. It also held a little more risk, since we didn’t have the protection of an anonymous blackmailer to blame. But the story was also undeniably hot, and I thought Erin hadn’t done too badly, so I didn’t have the heart to scold her. “I guess it was all right.”

She smiled. “Good. But if you still have doubts, you can punish me tomorrow. Make me do whatever you want…” I’d learned over the last summer that Erin sometimes liked it a little rough, to be treated like she was bad and deserved to be punished, and the punishment was sexual. In a way, it was like what we did to others. It was fun, once in a while. Usually I preferred to treat her like she was something apart from that, that our love was romantic and pure, but knowing that she wanted it harder was sometimes sexy… particularly when I was on the verge of cumming, as I was then. As I felt the intense, almost buzzing, pressure rise along my dick, I angled downwards and fumbled with one hand until the head of my cock was in the crotch of her panties. I squirted a load of warm spunk in there, right where her pussy would be if she was wearing them. Which, I suspected, would be very soon. She loved the idea of my cum on or in her pussy… thankfully, she was on birth control, so I grew to like that kink too. I had a feeling that very soon I’d be watching her put them on and rub her finger over the outside, but through her crack so my cum would go as far inside as she could manage. She’d probably want to do it while it was still warm, too.

“I want those back,” she typed, proving me right. “If you need an excuse, you can return my book while you’re at it. It’s under your pillow.”

I looked over, smiled. She must have put it in after her shower. If there was one thing about my sister, it was that she liked to plan ahead.

Chapter Three:

The next day, I got what I’d been waiting for. Shortly after Mom left for work, Erin crawled into my bed. I was awake, but I’d stayed under the covers instead of getting up… it was the last week of summer, pretty soon that would be a luxury reserved for weekends. Another such luxury was having the house to ourselves all day. I put my arms around my sister and we just cuddled up for a few minutes.

Soon, cuddling wasn’t enough, and we began kissing softly, and then soon after that our hands began to roam over each other’s bodies. Soon, she flung the sheet aside and got up on her hands and knees. “So. About what happened at camp. I guess it was wrong, wasn’t it?” She pouted, but it was a cute, fake pout.

I played along. “Yes, yes it was.”

“I suppose it would only be fair if you tied me up and used me, like I did to that girl.” It was a memorable part of the story. “To show me how bad it was.”

I knew a request when I heard one. “That seems like a fair punishment. Wait here.” I searched the house looking for something that I could use to tie her with. It took longer than I expected. After a few minutes, I came back, holding an old skipping rope of Erin’s.

She seemed to have been waiting a long time, and smiled at my apologetic shrug. “Maybe we should buy handcuffs,” she suggested.

Since I couldn’t tie both her hands and legs like she’d probably intended, I told her to get on her stomach, and tied her hands together on the headboard. Not too tight, I didn’t really want to hurt her. In fact, if something unexpected happened to me, and Erin really struggled, I’m sure she could have gotten free. But it constrained her movements, and that was enough. I pulled her pajama bottoms off, and then her panties.

With a playful swat, I told her to put her ass in the air, but didn’t fuck her right away. Instead, I just played with her little pussy, spreading the lips apart, fingering it lightly. As lovely as it was to look at, it was even better to feel, soft, warm, and a little wet. She made a soft noise and I swatted her butt again. “No making sounds, this is punishment, remember?”

I didn’t just want to touch her, I wanted to taste, too. This type of exercise was supposed to be about my pleasure over hers, but giving her pleasure was fun for me, and her pussy had a faint aroma and taste that just drove me wild. I didn’t want to forgo it, whether pretending to be dominant or not. I hoped the requirement of silence would counterbalance that and feed the punishment fantasy. I promised every time she made a noise, she’d get a spanking. It was only natural that she made noises with my tongue running up and down her slit, so I kept my word, launching one swat at her rear end each time I heard anything louder than a breath.

She was almost dripping with wetness, and I was pretty aroused too, so I stripped off my boxers. First I went to her face, rubbed it on her and she opened up and her lips slid over the head and down. But I only let her get a few sucks in before I pulled away and maneuvered myself behind her. “Get your ass higher.” She did her best to comply, and I pressed my cock into her pussy, just the head, and left it there. In the position she was in, she couldn’t get any deeper, she could only pull off, but she tried before figuring it out and moaned a bit. I delivered the swat for making noise, but then finally pushed forward.

As I did, I pushed her head down with my hand, onto her arms, to the bottom of the bed, turned to the side so she could still breathe, but I couldn’t imagine it was the most comfortable position. As I held her, I began to thrust into her from behind, clutching her buttock with my free hand, except of course, when she made a noise. After a short time, it got to be a little pink. Erin had assured me on previous occasions she liked being treated roughly sometimes, and that was the only reason I could go through with it.

It’s kind of ironic, this whole setup was supposed to be about me using her and not caring about her feelings… but because I did care about her feelings and didn’t like seeing her hurt, even just for pretend, it slowed down my own arousal and orgasm, making me last long enough to make it even more pleasurable for her.

When it came time for her to cum, I pounded away with all the force I could muster and let her make noises without the playful retribution. She yelled and shook, her pussy going into convulsions around my cock. I probably couldn’t have cum at all with this punishment gimmick if she didn’t, but now that she had, I was able to keep it up for another minute or two before I finally started shooting. I fired several loads deep inside her and only then did it occur to me that, to play the punishment role to the hilt, I should have cum on her face or something. I pulled out quickly, but by that time I just had a little drizzle on her ass. Spent and in post-coital relaxation, I kissed her on the lips. “Okay, you’re forgiven,” and began to untie her.

Later, after a shower, I drove Erin to the high school. While she was away at camp, class schedules were handed out, and for some bureaucratic reason they wouldn’t just give me my sister’s itinerary to give to her. They would only give it to her, or a parent, and Mom wasn’t available that day. So, Mom had arranged it so it would be available for Erin to pick up the first day she was back.

It was pretty dead inside, just a skeleton crew of administration and maintenance staff, so I took the opportunity to give Erin a bit of a tour… it was the first time she’d seen the inside of the school. Erin was quiet as we walked, taking it all in. I knew with her brain that by the time we finished our walk-through, she would have memorized the whole layout.

As we entered the office, the secretaries greeted her warmly, and Vice-Principal Murdock came out to say hello. I never liked him, but then, he was the authoritarian, the one who patrolled hallways and handed out detentions for no good reason. Even though I’d never personally been on his bad side, something about the short rat-faced man was hard to like. “Hello there, you must be Erin,” he said, looking my sister over. She nodded. “Well, allow me to welcome you personally to our school. I’m Mr. Murdock, the Vice-Principal. You know you’re the youngest high school student we’ve had during my tenure here.”

“Wow,” Erin said, while giving me a look that suggested she was asking me if she was supposed to act surprised and flattered. She knew she was smart, it’s not like he was telling her anything she didn’t already know.

“I just want you to know, high school can be difficult, even for people who come in at the usual age. If you ever need my help, or just want to talk, I want you to know my door is always open. There’s no shame in asking for help.”

“Thank you, sir, but I think I’ll be okay.” A few more patronizing comments later, he finally handed Erin her schedule, in a manila envelope, and we were able to leave.

Once we got home, we flopped down on the couch and only then opened it and looked over her classes. We were relieved to find out we shared the same lunch. Our school had two lunch periods and which one you landed in was a matter of luck. I told her about the teachers she had that I knew, and the ones I’d heard of, which ones were tough, which ones were boring, and so on. Suddenly, I saw something interesting. “Wait.” My eyes widened. “We have the same Math class?” She was a year behind me overall, but in Math and Science she’d shown particular aptitude.

“Really?” Her surprised smile was beautiful. “They told me they always try to keep siblings apart. It must have been harder to schedule that way. What about Biology?”

I looked, grimaced. “No, I think you’re with Kirk, though.” I wasn’t entirely sure, but we’d also compared schedules on the day we got them. I didn’t like the thought of Kirk alone with my sister, even if it was in a class.

“Don’t worry,” she said as though reading my mind. “I’ll make sure he’s not my lab partner or anything.” She lifted herself on one knee and swung the other over my lap, so she was straddling me. “But you know, you don’t have to be in class to help me with biology.”

I grinned. “Oh? What did you have in mind?”

She reached between and under her own legs and worked the button off of my pants. “Well, you know the mating instinct has been of particular interest of mine. I could use a bit more field experience.” I was out, and she didn’t even bother to take her panties off, she just pulled it aside, and slipped the head of my cock right up against her slit. I pulled her down and popped inside her. “Yeah, like that.”

This time it was gentler, with more kissing, and a longer build-up. In fact, we just sat there, me inside her, not moving beyond what we had to in order to for our tongues to meet, for a few minutes, the anticipation building. Eventually, though, anticipation has to lead to participation, and we began rocking together, softly at first, but with a steadily growing intensity.

It was like back when we first started again, having sex twice a day. By the time Erin had left for camp we had settled down, still fucking regularly, but no longer as compulsive. Now, though, whether it was because of her long absence or because once again we’d be constrained by school schedules, we seemed to both want to take every chance we could get at each other’s bodies, and didn’t want to be apart any more than necessary.

Over that last week, we took our opportunities when they presented themselves and, on Thursday, we invited Amber and Winnie over for the whole day, a day of debauchery. It was practically a big orgy, spaced out with a little bit of television and movie watching. I fucked all three of the girls, and oral sex was performed in virtually every combination. Both of the other girls knew about my relationship with my sister, and watched without a disgusted word, not just when I thrust my dick in her and she begged for more, but also as we kissed and behaved romantically among one another. At first, Winnie had been disgusted by incest, but Erin had taken it poorly and subjected her to a kind of sexual humiliation regimen that left her unwilling to criticize it ever again. Oddly enough, it seemed to have brought them closer. Before, the two had been enemies, but now Winnie served as something of a personal sex slave for my sister. Amber, in turn was a slave for Winnie, because she joined the blackmail club after Winnie did. She had never said a bad word about the incest, although I think that was because Winnie had prepped her advance during Amber’s “breaking in” period.

It was a friendlier relationship than I would have expected, as though once their early inhibitions were broken, they had realized that, blackmail or no blackmail, what we were doing was fun and we might as well all enjoy it. Neither of them blamed us or each other because anything we did could be blamed, ultimately, on the Blackmailer.

I think the two of them actually enjoyed having a secret life as a sex slave. Often, they didn’t even need the Blackmailer supposedly watching us in order to do something. That day’s orgy, for instance, was done completely outside the Blackmailer’s watchful eye. Erin and I kept the blackmail up just for appearance’s sake, because if it suddenly stopped it could get them wondering. Still, so many taboos had been broken, and so many orgasms given while doing it, that we were all pretty close… we sometimes even jokingly referred to each other as a family. Now Winnie usually watched me and my sister fucking with a pleased expression and a hand between her own legs, and from what Erin had told me, at camp she’d followed Erin’s orders without question, even when it meant fucking a stranger. The closest Amber ever got to complaining was a desire for somebody else to join the group so that she’d have a slave too. Erin and I had agreed to not bring anybody else into our web at this time and so the Blackmailer always denied those requests.

As I pulled my cock out of Amber’s pussy one last time, Winnie and Erin were waiting. Erin licked Amber’s snatch, because she was close to another orgasm but hadn’t quite made it before I came. Winnie took my softening dick into her mouth for a few seconds, getting the last dribbles of sperm. I let loose a long breath and flopped back on Erin’s bed. “Okay, I think I’ve officially been drained to the last drop.” I was physically exhausted, sleepy, and my balls were even a little sore. The last orgasm barely registered on the pleasure scale.

They giggled at my pain. Erin lifted her mouth off Amber, replaced it with her fingers. “Well, Mom’ll be home soon anyway. I guess we could finish up.”

“Maybe we need to get another guy,” Winnie suggested playfully. That wasn’t likely. “Or you guys need to get a dog or something,” she added. “I still need to show Amber how to do that, and my parents would never go for it.” Winnie had been made to fuck Jenny’s dog, before Jenny moved away. Jenny and I were Facebook friends, now, and she seemed to be doing okay, but I didn’t press the matter too closely… I still carried a lot of guilt for how that turned out. Amber was blackmailed as a replacement for Jenny, but there’d been no replacement for the dog.

I always got a little uncomfortable when somebody brought up doing something with dogs… while it was incredibly hot to watch, it always made me feel bad about myself to make girls do it, no matter how much they seemed to enjoy it. But for all that Amber had previously expressed reluctance at the idea, this time Winnie’s suggestion seemed to push her over the edge, because she moaned softly and her legs shook.

Erin went to my side, lying close beside me, and looked into my eyes. “What do you think?” she said. “Do you think Mom would go for it?”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “I think she’s allergic or something.” It was a lie, and Erin knew it. While convincing Mom might be tricky, it was more the mess she’d object to. I just thought an allergy would be more conclusive, and send a subtle signal to Erin that I wasn’t interested in going down that route… at least, not in our own house. If she was disappointed in that, she didn’t give any sign.

Winnie and Amber began dressing again, but I was still a little wiped out, and with my arm around my sister, didn’t feel much like moving. “Did we wear you out?” she asked.

“Little bit.”

“Well, don’t worry, we probably won’t be able to do this again anytime soon.” At least, not for the whole day. We could have other group sex dates, but they would be shorter.

“I can’t believe summer’s over already,” Amber complained. “And we have to go back to school.”

Winnie flipped her hair back to straighten it after she put her shirt on. “I don’t know, I’m kind of looking forward to it.”

Erin nuzzled my neck. “Me too.”

“Well, you’re both brains. And Erin, you’re going to high school, so that’s pretty exciting. I guess it’d be nice to see some of our friends again, but I could do without the classes.”

Winnie turned to Erin. “Hard to imagine, everyone in your class being at least two years older than you,” she said. “You’re not scared at all?”

Erin flashed a smile of supreme confidence. “Scared? They’re the ones who should be scared of me.”

Chapter Four:

Finally the big day had come, the first day of school. Mom was so nervous, she took the day off to see us go. It wasn’t me she was worried about, of course, it was Erin. I could understand that… it was her first day of high school, and she in many ways she was still a little girl. I had to talk Mom out of driving us there.

“It’s going to be hard enough for Erin to fit in,” I said when she brought up the subject. “It’ll be harder if everybody sees her Mommy dropping her off. I’ll drive her, Mom, make sure she gets to class, everything.” Mom nodded and agreed, but I could tell she wasn’t happy about it.

I guess I was nervous too. Erin didn’t seem to be, and I wondered if she was putting on a brave face for us both. During the drive to school, I reached over to her and held her hand. “You going to be okay?”

“Of course,” she said with a smile. “I’m sure it’ll be fun.” She gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. “I’m actually looking forward to the classes. It’s the first time in I can’t remember how long that I don’t know that I already know everything they can teach me.”

“I’m sure you’ll be running rings around the teachers in no time.”

“Maybe. At least they’ll be smaller rings.”

I found a parking space, reveling a moment in the ability to do so. It was the first year I had a parking permit, because I got my car towards the end of last year. Actually being able to park in the school parking lot was like suddenly being a member of some exclusive club. At least, in my mind it was. Nobody else really noticed us, although my sister got some half-interested looks just for being so young.

I walked her up to the nearest set of doors. “So, to get to your home room, you go up the stairs here, take a left, and…”

“I know, Andrew,” she said. “See you at lunch?” I nodded, trying to figure out how that would work. I wanted to spend time with my sister, but being seen spending so much time worried me. “Zu,” she said while I was thinking.

It took me a second to remember and respond. “Zu.” It was another of our codes, Erin had decided on it. ‘Zu’ was code for ‘I love you’. I didn’t know where it came from, but she told me it would be a safe way to express our feelings in public without anybody knowing what it meant. If anybody asked, we’d just tell them it’s an old private joke.

She smiled and walked into the stairwell while I turned towards the hall I’d have to take to get to my class. “Hey, Andrew!” I heard. I looked around, found the source of the voice. It was Kirk. He was jogging up the hall with a stupid grin on his face. “Back to the daily grind, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I kept walking. He kept pace. We had the same home room. Kirk and I had a mixed relationship. We were friends since we were little kids, but sometimes that was just because we didn’t have anybody else, and the truth was, he often got on my nerves. I guess in some ways, he was family too, like a brother who lived somewhere else. You didn’t always like your brother, or so I’d heard, but you were connected nonetheless.

“Was that your sister just then?” I nodded warily. “Kind of weird that she’s going here now, isn’t it?”

“You even talk to her and I’ll kill you,” I said calmly. We’d had words over that before.

“Hey, I didn’t mean anything by it. Just weird for you, that’s all.” I let it go. Kirk kept talking. “Did you see Janet Shetfield’s boobs? She must have grown three cup sizes over the summer. I’m thinking of asking her out.”

I laughed despite myself. “I’d have thought that would turn you off,” I said. He got a wounded look. I was the only one who knew his secret, that last year he’d been fucking a thirteen-year-old. So had I, of course, but he didn’t know my secrets. “Forget it,” I said. “Good luck.” I didn’t think he had a chance in hell with her, particularly if Janet had grown as much as he’d said. She was pretty before, if she added big boobs to her resume, she’d be fending off guys with a stick, and in my own opinion, Kirk wasn’t much of a catch… but I gave him my best wishes anyway. We passed through a set of doors into a hall perpendicular to the way we were moving and danced out of the way of a woman who was passing us at a right angle.

It took a second before I recognized her. “Miss Macey?” I said. She turned, smiled, looked me over.

I looked her over too. Dark hair, beautiful smile, overall a sweet face and effortlessly projecting a friendly, easy-to-talk-to vibe. She also had a kickass body underneath the long floral dress, but she didn’t know I knew that. She taught music back in my last school, before high school.

“Wow, it is,” Kirk said. “Hi, Miss Macey. Remember me? Kirk Stevens? I played trombone.”

“Right,” she said. I thought I could tell by her face that she didn’t remember him, at least not very well, she was just being polite. “How are you doing, Kirk?”

“Oh, you know, not bad. My trombone skills are a little rusty.”

“So, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m teaching here now.”

Kirk grinned. “Wow, how’d that happen?”

“I just felt I needed a fresh start, and Mr. Bogdanove retired last year, so there was an opening.” A look of sadness crossed her features for a moment, and I realized what had happened. Last year, we found out one of the teachers at Erin’s school had been fucking Winnie and other students in exchange for higher grades. The teacher, Mr. Powers, was also Miss Macey’s boyfriend. He had videos of all the girls he was with, as well as several of Miss Macey. We blackmailed him to get him to stop his activities, and I made sure that dumping Miss Macey was part of the deal. She must have come here to get away from the awkwardness of having an ex as a co-worker. No guilt for me this time, she was better off without him, even if she didn’t know it. She put on a cheery face, and asked, “So, are either of you taking music this year?”

I shook my head. Kirk said, “No, but I’m thinking of changing my schedule.”

Miss Macey smiled indulgently. “Well, it was nice seeing you both again. I have to get going, I hope you have a good year.” She waved, and continued walking.

As she disappeared, Kirk leaned over to me and whispered, “Wow, she kind of makes me feel like I was 12 years old again, discovering masturbation for the first time.”

I winced. “Gross, Kirk. A little more than I wanted to know.” Worse, because I could sympathize. While Miss Macey wasn’t the first thing I masturbated to, she was a frequent subject of my fantasies in those years.

“Come on, let’s get to class.”

One of the best things about the first day of school is that it’s not long. It’s mostly just a meet and greet, let everybody get used to the teachers, and receive their books and lockers, but each class is only about half as long as it normally is and we’re out by afternoon. At lunch, Erin met me, but didn’t eat with me… she asked me if I’d mind if she ate with some of her new classmates. She seemed so excited, how could I refuse her? Besides, it was more comfortable eating with my own friends and associates, without any worries about what people might think. On the way home, we talked as usual, and she seemed cheerful and optimistic about enjoying her classes.

That feeling wouldn’t last. The next day seemed about the same, but after that, day by day she seemed less enthusiastic. At first I just thought it was the drudgery of school picking up again, but by the end of the week, I could see that she was glum.

When I talked to her about it, she wouldn’t give me specifics. “Some people weren’t as nice as I thought they were,” was all she said, but she put a hand on my shoulder. “I’ll be okay. Really.” So I did. I didn’t want to press her any more, but I could support her, tell her I loved her, and make love to her, all of which did seem to cheer her up. It was only immediately after school that she was in a bad mood.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to know what was going on. I figure she’d tell me when she was ready. Whatever the problem was, it didn’t seem to be in Math class, where she was practically a class know-it-all, and the teacher seemed to love her for being the only one who would raise her hand on a regular basis. I usually resented those kinds of kids, but somehow when it was Erin, it was cute, I practically glowed inside when I saw her doing well in class. The other students weren’t quite so fond of her, but they weren’t hostile either, and I didn’t see any reason why that would be different in her other classes. I took my share of jokes about my sister being smarter than me, but among friends it didn’t matter, and those who actually wanted to hurt me seemed to lose their energy when I didn’t get mad, but instead cheerfully admitted that she WAS smarter than me in lots of ways.

Against my better judgment, I also asked Kirk about the Biology class he shared with her, but according to him, nobody seemed to be mean to her there, either. I figured whatever the problem, it must have been in the sophomore class. But I didn’t know anybody in that grade and so I couldn’t pry without her knowing.

I kept an eye out as best I could, and kept an eye out for her at all times, even just in the halls between classes. Erin also joined me at lunch again, sometimes at school, sometimes I took her out. Technically school policy was that you had to be at least a junior before you could leave campus for lunch. It took me until the beginning of sophomore year before I realized it was only barely enforced, and if you caught you just got detention, so I didn’t see any problem in taking her out with me once in a while. The food was better, and we could have some privacy, even if we didn’t often do much with it.

When we ate at school, she sort of sat at the fringes of my ‘group’. That group consisted of Kirk, my oldest friend, and Tony and Jay, who had last year been in the category of ‘reasonably friendly acquaintances’ but were edging towards friend territory after we’d played a lot of video games together over the summer, starting with Left 4 Dead 2. There was also Scott, who was a little bit of a floater, attached to us through Jay, who’d known him since the beginning of high school through band, but even Jay didn’t like him much. He was one of those guys who tried too hard, but I was willing to give him a chance. The thing that bugged me most about him was that he called me “Andy” instead of “Andrew,” and seemed oblivious to the fact that I didn’t like it.

Erin joining us for lunch put a little damper on our group. I got the feeling they didn’t know how to treat her, especially Kirk, who I’d warned not to even talk to her. She was a pretty girl, which would ordinarily earn her a lot of attention for choosing to hang with us, but she was also my sister and too young for anyone to be obviously interested in without worries of teasing. They couldn’t talk about anything perverted, they couldn’t hit on her, and they couldn’t be rude to her. Considering being randomly perverted and obsessing about girls is 90% of high school guys’ conversations, there wasn’t much left. It was awkward for all of us. I told them that it wouldn’t be forever, but if Erin kept having bad days, I wasn’t sure about that.

Chapter Five:

I sometimes thought I could tell how bad a day Erin had by how quickly she wanted to fuck me after school. We usually had sex after we got home, assuming Mom was still at work, but sometimes we’d walk up to our rooms casually and make sweet love on one of our beds, and sometimes it was urgent, like she needed it hard, right then. If she needed it hard, it was a bad day. She denied my theory. “It’s always about the same,” she said. “Just some days I need it more.”

Despite her protestations to the contrary, I was proven right one Thursday. We had lunch together, in the lunch room, for the first fifteen minutes, and then Kirk dragged me off for the rest of lunch. He wanted me to be his wingman, and get Janet Shetfield’s friend Angela out of the way while he asked her out. I didn’t want to, but I did my duty as a friend.

Angela was cute, but a little plain, mousy brown hair, blue eyes, kind of a dazed look, and not among the girls guys tended to gravitate towards, possibly because she was kind of flat-chested. That isn’t a bad thing in my book, but I wasn’t exactly looking. She and Janet were talking by the lockers. I tried to remember what classes we had in common, settled on one, and said, “Hey, you’re in my Social Studies class, right?” She nodded. “Could I ask you a question?”


Janet smiled at her friend and peeled off, giving Kirk the opportunity to go talk to her. I asked Angela about which pages were assigned for reading, making the excuse that I lost the paper it was on. She got her book out of her locker as I watched Kirk out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t see what he was saying, but it looked like he was rambling, which was a bad sign. Angela listed off the pages for the homework, then said, “Surprised you didn’t just remember it, doesn’t your sister have a photographic memory or something?”

“Yeah, but I got the short end of the gene pool.” I stopped after the automatic reply. “You know Erin?”

“I’m her lab partner. She’s actually kind of cool.”

I smiled warmly, liking her more all of a sudden. “Yeah, she is.” Then I took a shot. “Hey, she hasn’t mentioned any problems or anything, has she? I get the impression something’s bothering her but she won’t tell me about it.”

Angela shook her head. “But I only have the one class with her. It’s really sweet how you look out for her, you know.”

I shrugged. “We’re family.”

She started t say something else, but both of us looked over her shoulder as we heard an incredulous, “With you? Are you serious?” followed by laughter.

I winced in sympathy. It was basically the nightmare scenario, the one that, from fear of it alone, had made me unable to even talk to girls much before I found a girlfriend… the girl laughing at you, in public. Kirk looked struck and then walked off. “That’ll be my friend striking out. Thanks for the help.”

I walked with Kirk outside. To his credit, he’d been rejected a lot, but kept trying, even when it was bad like this. He was all stony-faced, in that usual way we men have been taught to contain our emotions, instead of crying. I commiserated with him, calling Janet a bitch, until it was time for class.

Just before class started, I got a text, from Erin. It told me to meet her by the second floor washroom above the north entrance, at a time that was nearly halfway through the next school period. It was phrased as a demand, but I knew that was just the way text-speak looked, there wasn’t always room for subtlety.

I worried about what she might have wanted, but at the appointed time, I raised my hand and asked to go to the washroom. I’m usually a good student, never talking much in class, never skipping out, so unlike for others, there wasn’t even a question, I got permission to go. The location Erin wanted to meet was a bit of a walk, but I made it without running. She waited for me right outside the bathroom, and smiled uncertainly when she saw me. The hall was empty. “What’s up?” I asked.

“I need you, Andrew,” she said. “Please?”

My stomach did a flip of nervousness even as I started to develop an erection. “Here?” I asked. “Now?”

“Please? Nobody’s in the classes here. I checked it out. No one’s going to use this washroom.” She took my hand and pulled, and because I didn’t resist, I soon found myself in the girl’s washroom. “It’ll be quick, I promise.”

“This is a really bad idea.”

“I know, but… I need you inside of me.” I looked in wonder at the interior of the girl’s bathroom. How did it seem so much cleaner than the men’s room? No urinals, either, but I hadn’t really expected them. She pulled me into one of the stalls, closed the door behind us.

In the confined space, we were close enough to practically be kissing already. “Erin, what’s wrong?”

“I just need you.” She leaned forward and kissed me, passionately, and as she did I felt her hands around the zipper of my jeans, pulling down. I let it happen, let her take it out and stroke it a few times, then let her push me back into the wall. I was torn between my desire to get out of the situation and my desire not to start a fight which could be more noticed. When those desires competed, my own arousal tipped the balance, and I just sat there as she dropped her panties under her skirt and climbed on top of me.

Having sex with your sister in a situation where anybody could walk in, catch you, ruin your life, certainly heightened things. I slammed her into the side of the wall as she clung to my neck and kissed me. “I love you so much,” she breathed.

“I love you too.” But I also wanted to get done, quickly. She wasn’t very wet immediately, but as we started going she began to lubricate up and my thrusts became both easier and more intense and rapid. “Oh yeah,” she said, almost a whisper, and then bit her lip to stifle a moan. “Warn me before you cum, okay?”

“Soon,” I said. “Very soon.”

“Let me down.” I lifted her first to get her off my penis and then her legs dropped to the ground. She maneuvered me backwards until I had no choice but to sit on the toilet, and then Erin kneeled to take me into her mouth. I held back on making any sounds and just concentrated on anything I could to hasten my orgasm. That wasn’t hard, just the sight of my little sister on the ground sucking me off would have been enough at that point, even if I couldn’t feel her tongue snaking down to near the bottom of my shaft. “I’m coming,” I whispered.

She nodded, used one of her little hands to pump me up and down while she nursed on the head, and I felt a powerful rush rising from my balls. The rush built into pressure, and the pressure exploded, as I shot a gusher of my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all, every squirt, and only then did she let me out. “I’d rather have taken you in my pussy,” she said softly. “But this way I only need a breath mint and nobody knows.” She carried those in her bag.

“I…” I started to say something, but we could hear a door swinging open. In one instant I could read in Erin’s face the same thing I knew… someone was coming. This particular bathroom, like many others at our school, had two doors. When you enter the washroom from the hallway, you enter a short sub-hallway with another door behind it. I don’t know why they do it that way, but the sound we heard was the outside door opening.

In a move so swift and coordinated it made me almost believe in telepathy, Erin hopped on my lap, resting on my legs, while I lifted my own feet off the floor, holding them straight out as high as I could. I hoped desperately that we couldn’t be seen under the stalls.

Whoever it was entered. Erin and I sat deathly silent. I don’t pray often, but I prayed then that we wouldn’t be discovered. All it would take would be the intruder taking a good peek underneath, or over top, or hearing one of us make the slightest move.

She didn’t do anything for about ten seconds, just stood near the door. I looked into Erin’s face, deathly pale and scared. It was getting harder and harder to keep my legs up. I wished the other girl would take a piss quickly and get out.

Suddenly, a sound rang out, high pitched, almost trumpeting sound that suddenly collapsed into a wheeze. The sound repeated. This provoked a new worry. I was in danger of bursting into giggles. I don’t normally find farts the height of humor, but maybe it was the desperation of the situation. My chest felt like it was ready to convulse and I was just barely able to stop it. I looked to my sister and saw her grin, which just about made me lose it completely, but she put one hand over my mouth, and that helped some.

Finally, the footsteps started again and to my relief, they retreated. The inner door opened and closed, then the outer, just as the smell was starting to reach us. I could breathe again, although the air wasn’t the most pleasant. I was able to lower my aching legs to the floor, wincing at the squeak and hoping nobody would hear, and Erin climbed off me. We didn’t dare speak for about a minute or two. “I think it’s okay now,” she said.

“We dodged a bullet there,” I said. “That was incredibly lucky. I can’t believe she went to the washroom just to fart.”

“It happens more than you’d think,” Erin said. “Nobody wants to fart in front of the guy they like.”

“You do it in front of me.” And sometimes when we’re having sex there’s a farting noise, too.

“That’s different, you’re my brother. “

We’d been whispering this whole time, but she must have been long gone. “Think we can leave?” I asked.

She thought about it. “Let’s give it one more minute. But get dressed.”

I was mostly dressed, I just had to pull my pants up a little and zip up. Erin put her panties back on and popped a breath mint while I did. Now, if anybody came in and caught us, at least there was a chance we could make some non-sexual excuse. I looked at her. “Are you going to tell me what this is about? To drag me in here like this… I know something’s bothering you.”

“It was just a bad day. Some of the girls were mean to me at lunch.”

“Who?” The very thought made me angry, competing with the guilt for having left her alone to help Kirk.

“Andrew, I don’t want you to get involved, okay? I love you, but I’ve got this, okay?”

I wanted to help, but was afraid anything I could do would be too smothering, and right then we needed to get out of there rather than into an argument. So I kissed her forehead. “Just promise no blackmail,” I said, half-joking.

She pouted a little, cutely, and released a sigh. “Fine. No blackmail.” I honestly couldn’t tell whether she was actually disappointed at the restriction, or just pretending going along with my half-joke. Before I could ask, she cocked her head towards the door. “I think it’s safe to take a look?”

I shrugged. I was terrified of getting caught. But, the longer we waited, the more chance there was. She gave me a kiss then slipped out of the stall and told me she’d cough if the coast is clear. I sweated out a few seconds waiting just inside the doors, ready to sprint back to a stall if I heard a voice, any voice, but after what seemed like minutes, but was probably only about ten seconds, I heard a soft cough.

I quickly slipped through the doors and then off to the side. The hallway was still empty. We’d made it. “I’d better be getting back, we were too long.” She nodded, smiled, and backed away. The teacher commented on my long bathroom break, but I just made an excuse that my stomach was bothering me. He seemed to buy it.

Chapter Six:

When we got home, I fucked Erin once more. This time it was gentler, less urgent, and I came inside her pussy. I had held my tongue before, waiting for the right time, but with her naked in my arms, I felt ready to try again. “So, about school…”

She must have read my mind, known I was going to raise the issue, for her answer was prompt. “It’s just peer dominance dynamics,” she said grumpily. “And I know it’s just petty immature bullshit and it shouldn’t matter to me but…”

“It does,” I finished. No matter how much you told yourself it didn’t matter what some jerk thought of you, it hurt when they insulted you. “Are you sure I can’t help?”

“No. I think I can do it myself. Without blackmail. I just need to come at it at a different angle.” She sighed. “I had to deal with this in my old school… I thought at high school everyone would at least be more mature about it.” She shook her head in wonder. “If anything, it’s worse. But I know what to do.”

I nodded. “I wish I could help,” I repeated.

“You do. Just by being here. My little island of sanity.”

“I could try to talk…”

She cut me off. “No. If you get involved directly, I think it’ll just make it worse. If I need you I’ll ask. I have to handle my own problems.” She turned over in bed to look up at me, grinning. “Well, there’s one problem I’ll always need you to help me with…” To emphasize her point, as though I had any doubt, she ran her palm down my stomach and onto my dick.

I smiled, but nervously. “Yeah, about that…” I said. “We can’t do that anymore. Not at school. It’s just too risky.”

She sighed. “I know.”

“If we got caught…”

“I know,” she repeated. “It just sucks. When I get down, you’re my one sure way to cheer up.”

A warm feeling spread all the way through me, starting at my heart. “Same with you,” I said, honestly. “But we can’t get caught. We can do it after school. We can even sneak away for a quickie at lunch if one of us really needs to… just not at school.”

“Not at school,” she echoed.

We lay together for a while, before we remembered Mom would be coming home soon, so reluctantly we got dressed. As Erin brushed her hair in the mirror, she asked, “Andrew, do you remember when we did it the first time?”

“How could I forget?”

“You said that you didn’t care what I looked like.”

“Um, okay?” I didn’t remember saying that.

Erin prompted me. “Remember? I’d dressed up all nice for you? And you said it didn’t matter how I dressed, even if I went all scene or emo?”

That rung a bell. “Right.” I went up beside her, looked at our reflections together. It was striking, and a little unnerving in a way, how similar we looked. When I look at her I don’t think of my own face. “I don’t think I was saying I don’t care what you look like. I just think you’d look beautiful in anything.” I kissed her cheek. “You could dress up like Spongebob Squarepants and you’d still be hot.” Well, that was probably an exaggeration.

She giggled. “Well, I’m not planning to go that far. But I think it might be time for a change.”

“Is this about what those girls are saying to you?” For all that she was beautiful to me, my sister had a tendency to look frumpy and unsophisticated, at least when compared to the overly plastic girly-girls that are so common in school. I preferred her casual style, but I could see how shallow people might tease her for not wearing makeup, or for preferring T-shirts and jeans to blouses, or for not having all the right accessories.

“Sort of. But I think a change might do me good, too. Would it bother you?”

“I’ve seen you in lots of different outfits,” I said. Sometimes we enjoyed dressing up and role-playing. “I haven’t seen one I didn’t like. As long as it’s what you want, I think I’ll be okay with it.” She kissed me, we held it, almost long enough to get worked up again, but we knew we couldn’t.

I saw the result of her change that weekend. She and Mom went to the mall on Saturday, and when they came back, Mom came in first while Erin brought some things from the car. “Have fun?” I asked.

“You could say that,” Mom said. “Andrew, when Erin comes in…”


“Just, be nice, okay?”

“I’m always nice.” The request worried me, but when Erin came through the door, I saw what she meant, and it was a bit of a relief. There was a big change. Erin’s hair was in a different style, both darker and straighter, and with one little twist. There was a streak of dark purple in it. I missed the mousy brown mane I loved, but I had to admit it kind of suited her… plain-looking but with a little twist to it to show she wasn’t the ordinary girl next door… or, in my case, girl down the hall.

So I told her I loved it, that it looked fantastic. I was exaggerating a little, but I did like it. Mom was being a little overdramatic, but I guess when she was our age kids didn’t didn’t do that. Maybe a third of the girls in my school had some sort of streak in their hair, even if it was just blonde, and plenty had flashy colors.

Erin’s changed look might have been a good idea. It asserted her individuality, and it showed that she put thought into her appearance. I think that was one of the things Erin was teased about, she always looked so natural, like she just got out of bed like that. This look, at least, required thought, and although I didn’t have the innate fashion sense to tell for certain, I thought she looked good, and that it might silence a few of the critics. Maybe a girl would compliment her on it, and they’d get to be talking, and become friends.

And it might have worked out like that, if she’d stopped there. But she didn’t. She had a bigger change in mind, and she didn’t give me any advance warning. Sunday, she visited with Winnie a bit, and I could have spied on them through Winnie’s computer, but instead I went to a movie with Kirk, Tony, and Jay, did a little work on my game, and finished homework, last minute as usual. I didn’t even get to have sex with Erin, but just before bed we both masturbated together, through our webcam link… it was there I got the first glimpse of the changes, but I only noticed it in retrospect. Something about the scene was exciting, as though I was watching a stranger, and I thought it was just the hair. I hadn’t consciously noticed that, as she rubbed her fingers up and down her slit, and spread the lips wide for me to see all the way inside, her fingernails, normally plain and unadorned, were now painted black.

It was the next morning that I saw the whole ensemble Erin planned to wear to school. She’d spent an inordinately long time in her room, so long that I was down eating breakfast when she came down. She’s completed the transformation, gone into a full Goth look, or maybe Emo, depending on your definitions. Black nails, black lipstick, a little purplish eyeshadow, and the clothes… I don’t know where she got them. She wore a sleeveless black top, complimented by matching separate arm sleeves that extended from just above the elbow to her palms, hooking around one thumb. Below the waist, she wore a two layer dress, one basic black that extended mid-thigh, and a sort of fishnet-spider web layer above it that went just a little bit lower.

I just stared. Mom reacted differently. She put on an obviously forced smile, teeth forced together like she was biting her tongue, and then said, “That’s… different.” She looked a little sick and unsure, but she didn’t tell Erin to march back to her room and put normal clothes on, like I might have done if I was her father instead of her brother and lover. That was normally one of the cool things about Mom, she always respected our choices to look how we want. She didn’t like it, that was obvious, but she didn’t fight it.

“I just needed a change.” She looked at me. “What do you think?”

Chapter Seven:

What did I think about my sister’s new look? I was torn. I actually thought she looked super hot. Goth girls always had a sort of slutty vibe to them, not from the way they acted, although some did seem to be promiscuous, but there was just something about the way they dressed, even when it was modest, that made even the most innocent person look like they were charged full of eroticism. I knew Erin matched that description, so seeing it come outside… well, I was turned on.

My stomach was also in knots because I also thought that they were going to eat her alive… metaphorically, that is. I was scared what Erin had done was like painting a huge target on her back. I didn’t know how to tell her, at least in front of Mom. What I said was, “You’re wearing that to school?”

Erin frowned, almost pouted, and I regretted the words instantly. I also wondered if maybe my instinctive reaction was too harsh and said more about me than anybody else… I never would dare to adopt some dramatic style change, because I wasn’t a brave person. Other people had changed their looks without much comment.

Mom asked if Erin wanted breakfast, but she shook her head and said she wasn’t hungry, then went into the living room to watch some TV. Mom put a hand on my shoulder and said, “Andrew? You are looking out for her, right?”

I nodded. “Don’t worry. I won’t let her out of my sight.”

“It’s probably just a phase,” she said, as though she was assuring herself of that fact. “When I was her age I… well, never mind.”

During the ride to school, I apologized to Erin for my reaction. “I just couldn’t say what I wanted to with Mom there. You do look hot,” I said, and she smiled a little. “But I am worried,” I admitted. “I mean, I don’t want other guys looking at you and seeing what a hottie you are.”

“You know I wouldn’t do anything with them.”

“Yeah, but…” I don’t know why I was trying. It was already too late to turn around and have her change her whole look, at least not without being late for school. “I’m just worried, people can be mean.”

“So can I,” she said and gave what would otherwise be a sweet smile, but that was almost chilling in black lipstick and with those words behind it. “Don’t worry. I know it’s extreme, it’s meant to be. Trust me, I have a plan.”

Usually, when Erin says this, she does, and it’s a good one, so I grit my teeth, tried to banish my doubts, and concentrated on the ride to school. There, she certainly turned heads. A lot of people were looking at her, even more than when she was the only thirteen-year-old in a school full of high school students. Now she was the only thirteen-year-old Goth. I wanted nothing more than to put my arm around her, protect her from the world, but I had to stand apart. Erin waved at me and went towards her class. Jay walked up to me, Tony and Scott right behind. “Holy shit man,” Jay said. “What happened to your sister?”

“She’s trying a new look,” I said.

“I like it,” he said. “It’s kind of hot.”

I grimaced. “You know, I will kick your ass if you try to make a move on my sister.” I’d have to find Kirk and remind him of that, too, just in case.

Tony chuckled. “Man, I don’t know what I’d do if my sister dressed like that.”

“It’s not that big a deal,” I said, hoping it wasn’t, but the knot in my stomach was growing worse. We didn’t have Math that day, and I didn’t see her for lunch, so I worried. I left her a text, but she didn’t respond, so I worried even more. Finally, the bell rang for the end of the day, and I went where I normally met her, the door near the parking lot.

She seemed normal, but tense, a little distant. We walked to the exit and I opened the door for her, then went around to my side and, after I started the car, looked over at her. “You okay?”

“Just take me home,” she said. Tears were welling up in her eyes, and she was trying her best to contain them. “Please?”

I pulled out of the parking lot, conscious of a group of girls in Erin’s grade watching from the sidelines, looking happy, laughing. I didn’t know for sure if they had anything to do with it, but Erin was putting on a brave face for somebody, and I didn’t think it was just me. “What happened?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She wiped her eyes, sniffling. Her mascara was running a little, making her a little scary looking.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “It might help.”

“I…” she began, then stopped, frowned. “I miscalculated. No, that’s not right, I made a mistake. I thought I could do what I did at camp, scare them into treating people better.” She took a raggedy breath. “I guess most girls get a lot less gullible in three years, they just made fun of me. I can’t believe I was that… stupid.”

I could have told her that was what would happen, but I didn’t want to make her feel worse. “You know I love you, right?”

“I know. I love you too, more than anything.”

“If you need my…”

She put her hand on mine, correct anticipating that I was going to offer to help again. “Not yet.”

There was one thing that usually did help, that she usually wanted me to do. “I was going to say, if you need my cock…”

She laughed. “That I might need.”

When we got home, she took me up on the offer. I took her upstairs to my room and we fucked like bunnies. We were a little more energetic, even rougher than usual. Something about seeing her little Goth outfit, and her still-worn makeup, run mascara and all, inspired it, and she didn’t seem to mind. She started on top of me, but I held her tightly by the hips and pulled her up and down on me. We slowed and she lay on my chest in the middle of it and we kissed, but then I flipped us both over so I was on top.

She wasn’t crying any more, but with the dark streaks in beneath her eyes running down the cheek, she looked a little like she was, so as I was getting close to my climax, I was inspired to cheer her up. “I’m going to cum in you,” I told her as her breaths became shallower and more irregular.

She locked eyes with mine. “Go on, cum in me, Andrew,” followed by a moan.

I took her hands, slid them above her head, and pinned them there as I thrust intently, trying to outrace my own building orgasm to give her some. “I know you’re not on the pill.” She was. It was fantasy play. I knew my sister liked imagining me getting her pregnant. The thought weirded me out a little, but as long as I knew it was just fantasy, I could indulge her. “I’m going to flood your womb.” I grunted. “Probably going to get you pregnant.”

Her face took on a look of excited bliss. “Yes, go on, Andrew, go on, let’s make a baby right now.” After that it was moans, and we came almost together, me a little before her, I think. After I’d given her the last of my spunk, I rolled off her. “Feeling better?”

She was smiling again, at least, even if it was just post-orgasm satisfaction. “Mmmm, yeah. That made my day loads brighter. I love when you pretend like that.”

“It’s fun sometimes. I know I’m not ready to have a kid yet. Neither of us are.” Maybe it spoiled her mood, but there was an overly-cautious side of me that always felt the need to remind her after I went along with her impregnation fetish. “But I sure love cumming inside you.” That was the truth.

“Well, that’s just instinctive,” Erin said. “For both boys and girls. You know, they say cum cures depression in girls?”


She nodded. “There’ve been studies. Girls who’s lovers ejaculate in their pussies are less depressed than those who use condoms or pull out.“ She nudged me with an elbow. “So, when I say you make me happy, I’m not just being nice, there’s science behind it!”

“So that’s all I am to you? A source of mood-elevating sperm for your bad days?”

She laughed. “You better believe it!” Then, softly, she stroked my hair. “I’m just kidding. It doesn’t happen instantly, it’d need time to let it soak in, and I feel better right away. I think what cheers me up is that it reminds me, no matter what else bad is going on in my life, I have what I always wanted, what I used to think was impossible.”

“I’m sorry you need reminding, but I certainly love doing it.” I took her hand in mine, looked at her dark-painted fingernails. “And I’m glad we got to do it at least once with this getup before you get rid of it.”

“What do you mean? Why would I get rid of it?”

“I just thought…” I stammered. “You said they made fun of you.”

“Yes, but I can’t back down now. If I show up tomorrow in my old clothes, it’ll just show they got to me. It’ll be way worse. I have to stick with it, at least for a while, so they don’t think they’ve beat me. Why, you don’t like it?”

“I do, I just want you to be happy. And I think some of my friends like it a little too much.”

She giggled. “You could just tell them I’m yours.”

“I don’t think we’re close enough friends that they’d accept us. But it would be nice to not have to hide.”

Chapter Eight:

That night I hung out a little in Erin’s room. We did that occasionally, chatted, watched a TV show or movie one of us downloaded, and otherwise acted like friends. It was safe, with the understanding that Mom couldn’t even suspect that something might be going on, which meant an absolute ban on sexual activity, discussing or doing, and the door wide open. I had my homework open at my lap, Erin played around with one of the new levels of my game, testing it out, while in another window some anime thing she was watching was yammering in Japanese. Erin’s got a special gift for languages, she learned Chinese just to mess with Winnie, and Japanese for fun over the summer.

She paused everything, went downstairs to get some soda, and a chime rang out, and on the screen, an instant message appeared. I’d like to say I’m respectful of my sister’s privacy, and for the most part I am, but our relationship started with me blackmailing her into showing me her most private parts, and the window was right there, open, while the chimes continued and more messages appeared. So I took a look.

What I saw enraged me. “All done crying Emo girl? Didn’t mean to upset you, lol, because really, it’s a good look for you, you look like a freak outside like you are inside. People don’t even have to get to know you to dislike you! What a timesaver!” It was said in poorer grammar, over several messages. I looked at the username, “MadisOnFire,” followed by a series of numbers.

More chimes, more hateful messages. “You there bitch? Or are you busy putting pimple cream on? You need it, lol. No guy’s going to want you with that face, no matter how slutty you dress. No girl, either.” I’m not normally a violent person, but I’ve never wanted to hit a girl more. My sister had a beautiful face. Yeah, she had the odd zit, right now there was one on her temple and another by her nose, but it didn’t make me love her any less.

Erin came in then, walking calmly to the computer to see what I was staring at. I saw her half-smile vanish and an intense look cross her face, but she just clicked on a button to block the user. “Stupid bitch,” she muttered.

“That happen a lot?”

“No, I just block them. Every once in a while they try a new account. Don’t worry about it.”

“You’re not angry?”

She shrugged. “It’s easy to ignore them here. I mean look at it, they can barely type, it makes me laugh.”

I had a feeling she was putting on a brave face. Despite the door being wide open, I embraced her, kissed her forehead.

I tried to let it go there, but couldn’t. That night I tossed and turned in bed, my thoughts coming back to the person who sent the message, enraging me all over again. I wanted to get even. I wanted to blackmail her, to record her fucking dogs, and fucking strange men, to get her pregnant, and then, on top of it all, to release the videos to her parents and the whole school. I wanted to destroy her.

By the time the next morning came around, I’d calmed, a little. Blackmailing her was unrealistic, risky. The reason we were able to do it with the girls we tricked before was because we put something on their computer, using Erin, or somebody we already had blackmailed, to get into their homes. It was unlikely Erin would get an invitation to this bully bitch’s home, and she probably didn’t even know Winnie or Amber.

What’s more, there was the moral issue. In the cold light of day I didn’t really think she deserved all of the things I fantasized. I was trying to rein in those darker impulses. I just wanted to stop them from hurting Erin, but I wasn’t sure how, so I got frustrated and angry.

At school I got my chance to get involved, but blew it. I’d just parted from Erin, and saw a group of sophomore girls. They weren’t paying attention to me, and I wasn’t to them, until I heard one of them call the other Madison. MadisOnFire. Madison Fire? It was thin, but enough for me, so I turned, almost running into a redheaded girl who wasn’t ready for my sudden change in direction. I mumbled an excuse-me before I began stalking towards Madison.

She was a pretty girl, thin, with long chestnut brown hair, pale flawless skin, symmetrical features, decent sized breasts, just a bit smaller than average but still respectable. She was blandly pretty. There are those attractive girls that look great when surrounded by average people, but when you see enough of them, they just become the average, and really beautiful girls like Erin stand out even more. Those are blandly pretty girls. Beautiful girls you sometimes miss if you’re not looking for them, but they don’t become average, because there’s something special and unique about each of them. Or maybe that’s just love talking.

“Hey, you’re Madison?” She looked up, doe-eyed and surprised by a sudden intrusion. “I want you to stop harassing my sister.”

“Who’s your sister?” she asked innocently, and for a moment I thought I’d made a terrible mistake.

“Erin Clemens.”

“Erin, Erin, I’m not sure I know an Erin.” But she exchanged a knowing look with her friends, who smiled broadly. “Oh, right, the little Emo girl from middle school?” She had such a smug look on her face I absolutely knew I had the right person. “I don’t know why you think I’m doing anything to harass her.”

“You’re MadisOnFire, aren’t you?” She didn’t blink, but her friends did. “I know what you’re doing, and if you keep it up, you’ll regret it.” I pointed a warning finger at her.

“Is that a threat? I hope not, because if you threaten me I’ll have to go to the Principal, especially since you can’t prove I’ve done anything to your sister. I don’t even have an account by that name.”

My face reddened. How do you deal with somebody you know was hurting the one you love, when all they did was flatly deny it? If it was a man I might just resort to my fists, but you don’t hit a girl, that’s just a basic guy rule. “Look, just leave her alone. Don’t message her, don’t tease her, try just behaving like a human being instead of a cliché bitch.” I shook my head. “It’s not like she’s done anything to you.”

“I already told you I’m not doing anything to her,” she said with a sweet smile. “Maybe she’s making it up. She seems like she really craves attention, good or bad. It could be she’s not ready for high school after all. Her fashion sense sure isn’t.” Her friends giggled.

I looked around, conscious that there was a small crowd around me, and I didn’t know what to say next, and I wanted to get away, out of the spotlight. “I’ve said what I was going to say. I’ll be watching.”

I turned away. “Maybe you should be watching her,” I heard. “She dresses like those losers who come to school with guns.” I pretended not to hear. “I’m, like, almost afraid for my life.” Her teasing tone put the lie to that, though.

I felt guilty that morning. I did just what Erin had asked me not to… got involved. Worse, I didn’t even think I’d made a difference, at least not a positive one. In some effort to make up for it, I took Erin off campus for lunch to a Chinese place she liked. To my surprise, she wasn’t mad. “You meant well,” she said.

“I wanted to help,” I said. “I should have let you handle it.” She shrugged. “So that’s the girl that’s been bothering you?”

“One of them,” she said. “There are about a half dozen. Mean girls. And most of the rest of them don’t want to get involved because they don’t want to become a target too. Some of the guys are nice, privately, but I get the feeling they just want to do me.”

“Probably.” I sighed. “I’m sorry, Erin, I just don’t know how to make it stop.” I hadn’t experienced much direct bullying. A little, physical, a few years ago, but the taunts and name-calling had escaped me… I got some here and there, but never an overwhelming assault by one person or a group of them. Mostly, I was just ignored.

“We don’t need to make it stop, necessarily,” she said after a minute.

“What do you mean?”

She shrugged. “All we really have to do is make me not care about it any more. If they don’t bother me, they can wear themselves out being catty… and at least with me as a target, they won’t go after anybody else. That might be worth something.”

“Yeah, but… do you have any idea how to do that? I mean, you can’t control your emotions. Like you said the other day, you can pretend it doesn’t matter to you, but it does.”

“Yeah. Some days I handle it better than others, I don’t even know why. It’s a good day today. I feel like I’m in control.” She took a breath, looked at me. “Control is the key.” She pulled something from her bag. It was a headband. A familiar one.

Last year, we came into some significant money by blackmailing the parent of Erin’s friend Jenny, and that teacher, Mr. Powers. I used my money to buy the car we were eating our BBQ chicken fried rice in. Erin used some of hers to buy a load of spy gear, hidden cameras and receiving devices, to make our blackmail projects easier. The headband had a tiny hidden camera in it, impossible to detect unless you were looking for it, which would allow her to record almost what she was seeing. With it, we’d recorded people doing things that would shock everybody, or even land somebody in jail, and then used the videos any way we saw fit. It was one way of getting control all right.

Chapter Nine:

I didn’t want to do it, but if anybody deserved it… “Blackmail,” I guessed at what she was getting at.

“No,” Erin said. “I know you don’t want me to do that. But… it’s only blackmail if I threaten them with something. I just really think it would help me if I knew that I could. If they started making fun of me, I’d just have to think about how easy it would be to destroy them. Then I think it wouldn’t bother me as much.”

“Okay,” I said. “If it’ll make you happy.” It didn’t seem so bad when you put it that way. What was the harm? “Can I help?”

She smiled. “I was hoping you would ask that.”

Things rapidly got better after that, at least for a while. Some of it was just because Erin’s plan actually did work for her as intended. She felt we were doing something to fix her situation, even if it was still in the planning stages, and so any attempted psychological abuse just slid off of her.

Erin began wearing a video headband wherever she went, although she made a new one that fit in better with the Goth outfits. In her bag she had a receiver, and a pocket remote control to turn on and off recording at will.

My participation was limited at first, mostly to advice. I of course was allowed to review the video, although I usually didn’t unless there was something especially good on it, and at that early stage there wasn’t much of that… but there was some. Like in one of the first few days of her wearing it, where she took it into gym class-- more specifically, the change room. Erin showed me the video that afternoon, as she pointed out the good, the bad, and the neutrals among her female classmates.

I didn’t really remember the neutrals, and the good were few, usually people who’d try to be nice when nobody else was watching, and didn’t say anything when people were laying in on her. I’m not sure that counted as good. There was one person who defended her, a girl named Holly who, despite being a year behind me, I’d actually heard of, although I couldn’t remember the context.

The bad, though, I marked out names, memorized the faces, compiled mental dossiers. If Erin’s plan to render herself immune to their torments failed, they’d have to pay in another way.

The abuse started when she walked into the change room, and one girl looked at her direction and said, “Oh, look, it’s Little Miss Freaky. I don’t even know why they let her in gym with us.“

“That’s Stella Blair,” Erin told me. She was black, but with fairly light coloring, short hair, an okay body, a little too athletic for my tastes. I got a decent look at that body, although she still wore a bra that covered her B-cup tits. Erin’s voice from the computer said, “I think it’s for your self-esteem. So you have something that you’re better than me at.” Well, that was a little snotty, but the girl deserved it. I knew her a tiny bit, she was dating Tim Brown, a jock in my year I’d known for five years, and disliked for four.

The view swung towards Madison. She was topless. She had breasts that were a pretty good size, and firm-looking. The areolas faded into the skin, making her nipples almost invisible looking, at least on camera.

“You know Madison already,” Erin explained. “She’s got a boyfriend, but I don’t think they’ve done anything yet. She’s taken one of those stupid chastity pledges, so either she’s a hypocrite or a moron, if not both.” She frowned a little.

“What?” I asked.

“She was nice to me at first, but I said I thought saving yourself for marriage was dumb. I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just… it is dumb. What if the guy she marries can’t make her cum? I know you can for me, you know my body better than anybody.” She kissed me on the cheek. “Sometimes I think I offended her stupid religion and that’s why she started in on me.”

“You didn’t tell her…”

“Of course not. She doesn’t even know I’m not a virgin. I just said it was dumb and that I didn’t think I’d wait.” Erin grinned. “Anyway, she wants to be a singer and an actress. Somebody doesn’t know a thing about odds. Idiot.” Then she shrugged. “Actually, that’s unfair. She’s not that dumb, really, she just holds some really stupid ideas.” It was a little surprising to hear her retract it, but then I figured she didn’t want to be as bad as them, her insults, she must have decided, should be honest ones. “She even tutors middle school kids for extra cash. The smug superiority about what she thinks she knows bugs me though.” The camera was blocked for a moment, I guess it was Erin removing her shirt. She then set the hair band down beside her, giving a tilted view of what happened next.

“Hey, Erin, I don’t know how they did it at your old school, but here, we don’t start doing anything for Halloween until at least the middle of October.”

“Sharon Dotson,” Erin supplied. I recognized her as one of the people who was with Madison when I confronted her. She also had black hair, cut very short… any shorter and I’d think it was a boy cut. “Madison’s Bee-Eff-Eff. She IS dumb, and dull. She’s used some variation on that Halloween line, like, six times already. Fuck, if you’re going to insult me, come up with some new material at least.”

Madison joined in. “Hey, how do you expect to get a job at a lab looking like that? Don’t science types frown on vampires?”

Sharon laughed. “Nah, she can’t be a vampire, if she was a vampire, she’d sparkle, and she’d be pretty and shit. Vampires don’t get pizza-face.”

Madison grinned. “I suppose you could always blow your way into a job, I’m sure you’d have no problem with that.”

“I won’t have to,” Erin said. “You’re the one who’s going to have to be on your knees to get work. Haven’t you heard the stories about how the casting couch works? Millions of girls want to be stars, so they only hire the ones who’re willing to please them. I actually CAN get by on merit.”

Madison frowned briefly, but then Stella joined in, ignoring the points Erin made. “I bet she’s a dyke anyway. So she wouldn’t want to suck a guy’s dick even for her career.” She raised her voice so that everyone in the room could hear it. “Everybody watch out, Erin’s probably sneaking peeks at our boobs.”

“You’ll like this,” Erin said, and I watched as Madison looked in Erin’s direction.

“That would explain a lot. Here, I’ll give you a thrill of a lifetime.” She pulled down her pants and panties and her pussy showed for a second or two before she covered up again. It was trim, but had a lot more hair than porn had led me to believe girls kept. Her pussy also had a little strip of pink in the center between the lips. “But that’s just a one-time look, no touching.”

“Oh, I think she wants it,” Sharon said. “Look at how she stared right at it.”

Madison grinned. “Too bad. Guess that means you’re going to Hell. But let’s be honest, you probably were anyway. I bet you’re a devil-worshipper or something, too. Or does Satan not want you either?”

“Guys, guys, we’d better lay off her,” Sharon said. “If not, she might start crying, and call in her big brother to give us a lecture.” Laughter from that, and not just from the people who were teasing her. I felt very small all of a sudden.

“I don’t need my brother to fight my battles,” Erin’s voice said. “And I don’t have much interest in cunts, which is why you guys bore me.”

Somebody else entered, a latecomer, but the camera was pointed the wrong way. “Oh, it’s you,” she said. “Hey, bitch. If my dad can’t fix my computer, you’re paying for it. My uncle’s a lawyer and he’ll sue your mom and dad.”

“She doesn’t have a dad,” Sharon said. “He’s dead.” Ouch, low blow. “Or maybe she’s just saying that, and he left when he found out what a freak he had.” There was some scattered, cruel, laughter at that. Sharon instantly moved to the top of my hate list.

“Whatever. That computer cost like a thousand dollars.” The speaker appeared on camera now, fully dressed, but she quickly began to strip down. Her hair was blonde, shoulder length, and as expected, she was another blandly pretty girl.

Erin’s voice came through, all innocent. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about. When did I ever have access to your computer?”

“That link you sent me.”

“I didn’t send you a link. I don’t think I ever talked to you. And if you followed a link from somebody you don’t know, or somebody you don’t like, whatever happened to you is your own fault. Maybe you need a better anti-virus program.”

I looked to the real Erin at my side. She explained, “It wasn’t even really that bad, she insulted me on IM and I sent her a link. It opens up lots of windows and plays sound really loud that the person’s looking at gay porn. I was surprised it worked, if she had decent protection it would have blocked it out. Anyway, that’s Natalie Green, she’s a friend of Stella’s.” I missed a little of the conversation as she explained and gave me some of her details, but I could tell it was getting abusive again… until suddenly it stopped.

“Why don’t you leave her alone,” somebody said. She was off-screen, but within a few seconds, Erin casually twirled the headband slightly and I could see her. She was wearing a black thong and no bra, but I only saw it for a second as she pulled on a short top for gym. “You’d think she was the devil herself the way you guys are always in on her. She’s a nice kid. Listen Erin, just try to ignore them, don’t let them bother you.”

“Oh, I’m not,” Erin said, while the real Erin beside me said, “That’s Holly. I haven’t talked to her much before today, but, she seems nice.” Her intervention put an end to the teasing, at least at that place and time, aside from some whispers and giggles pointed, far too conspicuously, in Erin’s direction.

There were two other girls in other classes that Erin identified as being mean, and showed them to me from other videos, although I didn’t see any evidence of the abuse itself. Miranda Cherski and Tori Bains. Tori dressed a little more like a slut than most girls, so I’d noticed her in the way that guys notice sluts, although I hadn’t known her name. She had long dark hair and a sort of bronzed complexion, and looked a little like a young Jessica Alba but with a much more developed body. Miranda was short, without much body, and a cute, innocent face. If I hadn’t heard it from my sister. I’d have had a hard time believing she was even capable of mean.

Seeing the abuse actually happen, I was more mad an inclined towards revenge than I had been before. I still didn’t want to blackmail, but that was more for practical reasons than moral ones. Blackmail is risky. We just happened to luck out on a good setup with Winnie and Amber, where they were unlikely to suspect us because they thought we were in the same boat. When you blackmail somebody, they’re naturally going to suspect their enemies first. But thanks to Erin’s memory and her tendency to listen in on conversations, and the girls own cyber-bullying tendencies, we not only had their names, but also their e-mail and IM accounts, as well as most of their school schedules. Surely we could find something out, and when we did, rather than blackmail them with it, we could simply release it.

It was wrong, maybe even monstrous. But so was picking on my sister.

Chapter Ten:

When I told Erin about my decision, she grew excited and happy, so much so that she practically jumped me there on the bed and rode on top of me until I came deep inside of her. Afterwards, we began planning. But before we could put our plan into action, something happened that changed Erin’s situation for the better, dramatically. It happened lunch the very next day. Erin was set to eat with my lunch group once again, when a girl shyly approached. “Hi,” she said to my sister. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

She wasn’t among the girls on the ‘bad’ side, and if Erin mentioned her as one of the neutrals, I’d already forgotten her. She was fairly average in appearance, a little on the chubby side but not outright fat, and if it wasn’t for the chubbiness she might even be cute. She was also shorter than average, though still taller than Erin.

“Sure,” Erin said, and they walked off a few feet to the side while I sat down with my friends.

My protective instincts were on full alert lately, so from my seat I tried to casually eavesdrop, tuning out my friends. They were still in earshot, barely… I think Erin wanted me to be able to hear.

It started ominously. “I just wanted to warn you.” But I lost the next few words as Scott started saying something inane about chicken fingers. I next picked it up again with, “She just wants you to think she’ll be your friend.”

“How do you know?”

“She did the same thing to me last year. Believe me or not, I just thought I’d tell you.”

“Yeah, but they probably won’t let you surf porn on them, so what’s the use?” That was Jay, nearby.

I looked over. “What?”

“Well, they school owns them so they’ll probably have like, spyware on them.”

“What are we talking about here? Sorry, I was kind of spaced out.”

“The school’s talking about giving every student a laptop next year,” Tony explained, or re-explained. “You know, to do classwork on.” He shrugged. “It beats breaking your hand writing notes.”

“Yeah,” I said, no longer interested. I’d heard the rumor, but that’s all it was, rumor. “Whatever, it’s a whole year away, anyway.” I looked back to my sister.

She was smiling a little. “Yeah, actually, it’s pretty cool. Hey, you want to sit and have lunch with us?”

The girl looked over, shook her head. “I don’t want to intrude. I usually like to eat in the hall, anyway, it’s quieter.”

A group of students passed between us, talking too loudly and moving too slowly, so I returned to my friends, trying to catch up with the thread of the conversation. “What do you guys think about trying another expert run this weekend?” Tony asked. “I still need that achievement, it’s the last one.”

“Yeah, but you cheated for one of them,” Jay said with a grin.

“I did not, it was an exploit! And it was still hard to get that. So, anyway, who’s in?”

“Well, you know I totally suck at that,” Scott said. “I’m not ready for expert run, and it’s only four players max anyway. Maybe we could all do something else.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Have to see how the weekend shapes up, might have too much homework.” Or Erin and I might be too busy with our other plans. “But maybe.”

We discussed video games for a minute or two, when I saw Erin out of the corner of my eye approaching. “Hey, Andrew,” she said, “If it’s okay, I’m going to go eat lunch with Cassie, okay?”

I gave her a nod and a smile. “Sure. I’ll see you later. Have fun. Zu.” She returned the secret word, and I watched after her as they headed towards the cafeteria door, worried and hopeful all at once.

“I’m glad your sister’s finally making a friend,” Jay said. “Don’t get me wrong, she’s nice and all, but we can’t really talk guy stuff when she’s around.”

I chuckled. “Guy stuff?”

“Yeah, like… check it out, in music today, Miss Macey was wearing a low cut top. She bent down over me to point out something in the sheet music? Saw right down into her bra. Just about came in my pants.”

I chuckled and shook my head. “She does have nice tits,” I said. I’d seen her completely nude, being fucked, and still had the video somewhere on my hard drive. What they wouldn’t give to see that.

Kirk was looking towards the cafeteria door. “You know, I think your sister’s making a mistake,” he said, waving a ketchup-covered fry in the direction she went.

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Well, when you’re an outcast, you never want to make friends with somebody lower down the social ladder than you are. And chubby girls who don’t even eat in the cafeteria are not prime social material.”

“She’s not that chubby,” Jay said. “I’d do her.”

“I might too,” Kirk said, “But that’s not the point. I wouldn’t admit to doing her. Your sister should be making friends with somebody cooler than she is, not someone who’ll drag her down.”

“There’s just one problem with your theory, Kirk.” I waited till he looked at me, then smirked and added, “If I were to follow your advice, I should drop you as a friend.”

Kirk was momentarily angry, particularly as Scott hooted at how badly I’d ‘got’ Kirk, but he knew I was teasing and eventually smiled. “Please. I’m doing you a favor by hanging out with you. And I’m not an outcast, I can afford to be charitable to guys like you. At least I’ve had a girlfriend.” Two, actually. One who was thirteen, and one who was entirely fictional that he used whenever somebody asked him for details on his girlfriend. I could have argued the point, but I knew he was still smarting a little from his recent rejection, so I let him have that, and was ready to change the subject.

Scott was the one who wouldn’t let it die. “Please,” he said. “At least we don’t get girls laughing at us in front of everybody.” He chuckled, a high pitched mocking laugh.

I was pissed. As much as he sometimes annoyed me, Kirk and I were friends. I’d even go so far and make it official that Tony and Jay were friends with us. We had the right to tease each other. Scott was a hanger-on, he hadn’t earned that yet. So I felt I had to smack him back. “Yeah, that’s cause they barely notice you exist. Even we barely notice you exist, we just let you eat lunch with us, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. At least Kirk has the guts to go for what he wants.”

“Oh, come on, dude,” Scott said. “If was just a joke, Andy. If you love him so much, you should marry him.”

I stared. “Seriously? You’re whipping out grade school comebacks?” I shook my head in wonder. “I can’t deal with this shit any more, I actually feel my brain getting dumber the longer I hang out with him. I think I’d prefer to sit in the hall too.” I did want to check on Erin, just in case something was going wrong.

Jay shook his head as I began to lift my tray. “No, dude, don’t go. Scott, maybe you should…”

Before he could finish, Scott spat out, “Oh, fuck you,” and rose instead, then walked away, taking his lunch tray with him. He sat on a mostly empty table with some Spanish-speaking kids who gave him one look and then went back to their conversation.

“Think he’s going to come back?”

“If not, no great loss,” Jay said with a shrug. “I was just going to say he should apologize, but I’ve been trying to shake that guy for weeks anyway. I guess I’m too soft-hearted.”

I knew what it was like to have few friends and be an outcast, so I did feel a little guilty… but not enough to reach out to him. Instead, I decided that if he came back on his own, I’d not make an issue of it. Unfortunately, I’d lost my excuse to leave and check on Erin, so I stayed with the group until the lunch period was over.

After the end-of-school bell rang, I waited with Kirk just inside the door to the parking lot, watching the rain, and was surprised see Erin show up with Cassie beside her. “Hey, do you think you can give my friend a ride home?”

I smiled, a little too obviously pleased at the word ‘friend’. “Sure,” I said. I’d already promised Kirk a lift too, because it had started pouring out at lunch, and the bus shelter was usually claimed by seniors, so I sprinted to my car, then pulled it up near the doors so they could all pile in. Kirk sat in the front with me, Erin and Cassie in the back.

The girls talked softly in the back, continuing an animated conversation about anime. Kirk leaned over casually and whispered, “Oh no, she’s one of them.” He didn’t much care for anime, or the people who liked it. I found the people who really obsessed about it a bit off-putting, but I liked some of the material, and so did Erin. Cowboy Bebop was pretty cool, and there were a few other series my sister and I both liked. We sometimes watched them together, except I preferred them to be dubbed and she preferred subtitles, or just watching the pure Japanese, so it was happening less and less. I wouldn’t consider Erin one of ‘them’ either, she just had a wide variety of interests, but if it helped her make a friend, I certainly wasn’t going to complain.

Shortly into the ride, Cassie pulled a long slim object out of her bag and asked, “Hey, do you mind if I smoke?”

I wrinkled my nose, but didn’t want to be rude. “Uh, only if you don’t mind opening the window and getting wet,” I said. She shrugged and put the cigarette back, then said she’d wait.

We let Kirk off first, and then I was directed to Cassie’s place. As she slid out, Cassie said, “Okay, so, I’ll IM you when you get home?”

Erin nodded. “Sure.”

She fled, using one of her schoolbooks to keep the rain off her, then, when she was under the porch, waved. Erin smiled and waved happily.

I also smiled and waved. It was the first time in a while I’d seen Erin happy at the end of the day where I wasn’t the sole reason for it. You’d think I’d be jealous, but I wasn’t. “She seems nice,” I said.

“She is. We have a lot in common.”

“You do?”

She laughed. “Well, I don’t think she fucks her brother or anything kinky like that, but we like some of the same stuff, and she’s kind of an outcast too. That makes us natural allies.”

“I thought I was your ally.”

“I can have more than one. Besides, you’re more than an ally, you’re my partner. In life, love, and in Project Vengeance.”

“Project Vengeance?”

“You know. Taking down the bitches in my class. Somebody has to.”

Chapter Eleven:

Project Vengeance, as it became known from that point on, proceeded slowly, in baby steps. After rushing headlong into her Goth makeover idea, and that backfiring badly, Erin was a little more cautious this time, and her tendency to plan things out in advance really showed itself.

So, over the next few days, we created a number of false profiles on Facebook, with pictures convincingly scraped from other sources. Most of them were barely detailed at all, just enough information there that it would look like a real person on a cursory glance. These only existed to make a few of our profiles look even more real, with interconnected friendships and comments on pictures. We were creating crowds of fake people, basically, like extras in a movie. Then, using the more detailed examples, we would approach the girls bothering Erin and try to convince them to do things with the hot guy who suddenly took an interest in them.

It wasn’t our only plan of attack, but it was one we were comfortable with, with minimal exposure and maximum benefit. Soon, we had two girls, Tori and Stella, talking to our fake people, just light flirting, nothing actionable yet, but they seemed to like being asked to get naughty on cam, so we were confident one day they’d break if we kept the pressure up.

On one day when Madison was a little meaner than usual, we struck more openly… but not at her, which Erin thought would be suspicious. Instead, we targeted her friend Sharon, and released her contact information to an anonymous website full of trolls, and my sister had to play innocent as she complained about perverts calling to harass her all night.

Of course, our lives existed beyond Project Vengeance. Erin and Cassie’s friendship continued, and they spent some time together outside of school, and I only minded a little, despite that it cut into my own time with my sister. I had my own hobbies to keep me busy. I’d started rereading Ender’s Game as part of an assignment for English, and it had inspired me to a new game idea. At first I thought of replicating the Battle Room, but to make it playable it would require either too much AI or too many players playing at once, so I scrapped that idea, but I liked the idea of playing in a no-gravity environment, and came up with an idea for a platform puzzle game using variable or no gravity as a mechanic. The plot involved an experiment to create antigravity going awry, and threatening the whole Earth if somebody didn’t go into the facility to turn it off, but that was just an excuse to explore the mechanics. The closer you got to the machine, the less gravity there was. I dropped my previous, unfinished, idea, and threw myself headlong into this one.

We also had more than our share of fun. Aside from Erin and I having sex regularly, all of the ‘blackmail victims’ went over to Amber’s place after school one day when she had the place to herself, and I fucked all three girls once more. It was hard to believe that last year at that time I was a lonely virgin, and now I had as much sex as I wanted, with three girls. One would have been enough for me.

Most of the time I could almost put out of my mind how deviant it all was, the horrible way it all started, and what people would think if it ever was revealed. Erin and I were such a perfect pair, I could almost believe that there was nothing wrong with me going out with my sister, like any other guy went out with his girlfriend, and I would indulge in that fantasy from time to time.

Every once in a while, though, the reality would come crashing back.

It was early October, and on the way to school, Erin asked me if we could have lunch together, just the two of us. Some guys might worry about a request like that, but Erin seemed cheerful about it, so I readily agreed. We didn’t get to do it often anymore, as she spent her lunches with Cassie and I did with my friends.

We waited in line at a Drive-Thru’s lunch rush talking about school, and I paid for both of our burger combos. After we escaped the parking lot, Erin directed me to park in an fairly isolated spot behind a few different stores across the street, near the dumpsters. “So, what’s up?” I asked, assuming she wanted to talk. I popped a fry in my mouth.

“You don’t know what day it is, do you?” I shook my head. “It’s an anniversary. Sort of, anyway.”

“Of what?”

She smiled. “Last year, today was the first day I gave you a blowjob.”

“Oh?” I said. My stomach twisted a little. I wasn’t proud of the circumstances. While anonymously blackmailing her, I told her to invite her brother in and offer him a blowjob. It was the first time we’d done anything sexual together. Although I later found she’d been having fantasies about me for months, it wasn’t exactly consensual, and I still regretted it. If I was going to celebrate anything, it would be the day we made love, which we both did willingly, or the day that she forgave me after discovering what I’d done to her. I didn’t know what to say to the idea of celebrating her first blowjob. “A year, huh? Feels like it’s been forever.”

“I know,” she said brightly. “But it’s just a year. And I thought that since we won’t be able to celebrate it at home…” Mom had taken the day off, which meant it would be a no-sexual-activity day. At least, at home, but Erin’s hand rubbing up and down on my crotch proved she had another idea.

I looked around, but the coast seemed to be clear, so once again I let Erin’s desire to please me override my better judgment. She unzipped my jeans and fished out my dick, waved it around back and forth until it reached its full hardness, then placed her lips upon the head.

My sister had come a long way in her blowjob skills. No longer was she tentative, unsure, as she used to be, nor did she restrict herself to going down only halfway. By now she could take me right to the balls, so I was virtually fucking her throat, although she didn’t do it often. Today, maybe because it was an anniversary and she wanted to make it special, she pulled out all the stops. Leaning over the space between the seats, she first teased the head with her tongue, and then went down all the way. I groaned a little in pleasure and my eyes closed to slits, but I wouldn’t close them all the way. One of the best parts of getting a blowjob was seeing my sister’s head bobbing up and down on me. I still had mixed feelings about Erin’s Goth look and the black lipstick, but those lips did look amazingly arousing sliding down my shaft, even if they did leave a little grey smear in their wake.

She pulled all the way back and then went down again, doing this something like five times before her face screwed up a little in disgust, never something I wanted to see, even if it was probably only because I came near to triggering her gag reflex. After that, she pulled back, gripped the base of my cock with her small, black-fingernailed hands, and used her mouth mostly on the top half while she stroked with the bottom.

I put my hand on her hair and applied gentle pressure, not forcing her deeper, but just helping to direct the timing of the strokes and whispered softly to her. What I said wasn’t important, sometimes it wasn’t even words, but I wanted her to know how much I loved it.

Finally, I could take no more, the feeling of her mouth and tongue, working on me in concert, was too much. “Erin, I’m about to blow,” I said.

She turned her head a little to look me in the eyes, flashing me a playful expression, then released the bottom of my dick and went all the way down once more. I exploded, and as my balls emptied out down her throat my hips rose involuntarily, like in that last second I wanted to somehow go even deeper inside her, although it was impossible.

She swallowed each jet, the first few with her mouth all the way down and as the spasms became slower and less energetic she pulled off to just below the head, but waited until I was done before she let go completely. “Happy Anniversary,” she said.

“Happy Anniversary. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, by my reckoning, in a few days it’ll be the anniversary of the first time I ate you out. And based on the example you set, I’ll have to make it spectacular.”

She beamed at me, and then snuggled up to my shoulder for a few seconds. “Oh, that’s always spectacular. But don’t let me stop you from trying to outdo yourself.”

We sat, eating, talking about school and Project Vengeance. We’d recently had some more success… the night before, our fake internet boyfriend got Stella to flash her breasts at him. They were pretty, but the too-dark nipples were a bit of a turnoff. Still, it was a victory, particularly since we got her face in the shot too. We discussed whether to release it right away, or wait until we had something with the other girls. Waiting risked her breaking up with her boyfriend. We wanted to release it to him, and letting all the consequences come from him, which meant less chance of blowback on us. But on the other hand, if we released it right away, it might spook off the other girls on our list from doing anything damaging to their reputations on cam.

As she reapplied her lipstick, Erin complained a bit about how we’d still had no luck with Madison. She rebuffed all of our internet advances, so I guess she was pretty loyal to her boyfriend, and Erin’s attempts to follow her after school didn’t seem to lead to any dirt, mostly she just hung out with friends. I suggested sending anonymous trolls to the YouTube sites Madison sang on, but the truth was, she actually was talented, and people are always less interested mocking a good singer than a bad one. There probably would have been some effect, but since Erin seemed to have a particular distaste for Madison, she wanted to wait for a little while, until we had something really good to do to her. I didn’t argue. It was her Project, I just helped, and I was still in a good mood from the blowjob.

Normally, doing something with my sister automatically turns an average day into a good day. I’ve had a lot of good days over the past year. That day was one of the few times I later wished we hadn’t done anything at all. It started when we returned to school, and I got a text that came in a minute prior, but I didn’t want to answer while driving. “Is it true?” The text was from Tony.

I responded, “Is what true?”

About half a minute later, I saw a response that made my blood run cold. “Your sister gave you a BJ?”

Chapter Twelve:

“Oh god,” I said after I read the text and processed it. I turned it so Erin could see.

She gasped. “How could someone know?” she asked.

I didn’t have a clue, but that was only the start of the texts. Some were just asking if it was true, some were outright assuming it was and calling me sick. Erin got texts too. One I read was, “How does your brother’s cock taste?”

I asked Tony, the only one of the people texting me that I was close to. “No, WTF? Where is this coming from?” As I waited for him to answer, grim visions went through my mind, being arrested, being ostracized. There was a sharp pain from worry in my stomach, which then went dull and sat there, like I’d just swallowed a rock.

“Scott,” Tony responded. “He’s been telling everybody he saw you guys in an alleyway.” Scott hadn’t been back with our group since he stormed off at that lunch, and in truth I’d barely thought about him. Now he’d come back out of nowhere to fuck up my life.

“Oh god,” I repeated. “This is not good.” I thought it was safe, secluded. Nobody should have been there. I probably should have been watching more closely.

“Ask him where he is,” Erin said. She also looked anxious, though less so than me, there was an intensity behind it, as though her mind was racing, trying to figure out a way out of this.

Scott was on the other side of the school. We took the quickest route, through. On the way we passed dozens of students, and I could feel it already, the start of life as a pariah. They stared, they whispered, they giggled and pointed. They’d already heard, if not from the source, then second or third hand from messages from friends. If we stayed in one place they might have dared approach us to talk, but we had a mission.

I didn’t look much at my phone while we walked, but Erin was texting something to somebody. I didn’t take much interest, figuring she was just denying the rumor to people in her class.

Finally, we went through another set of doors and found Scott addressing a crowd, mostly the stoners and smokers who congregated outside. I caught Tony, who was with Jay and Kirk, listening. They saw us, as did many others, except Scott himself, who was imitating a blowjob with a wicked grin on his face. Then, as the small crowd parted instinctively to let us through, he stopped, straightened, and had the decency to look a little embarrassed.

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know what I could say. That it wasn’t true was obvious, but I wasn’t good at convincing people of things even when I wasn’t lying. I wanted to punch him. What business of his was it what I did with my sister?

We just stared at each other for a moment. It looked like he didn’t know what to say either.

Erin took the lead. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” she shouted. She didn’t normally swear, not in public, but it really worked for her in selling her outrage. “You don’t get enough attention at home so you have to make up sick stories about other people?”

There was dead silence for a few seconds, then he said, “I’m not making it up, I saw you guys.”

“Really. You’re such a fucking liar. And I can prove it. Cause if I saw something that sick and twisted, I would have taken a video of it on my cell phone to show everyone.” She held up her phone to see. “But I know no video exists, because nothing fucking happened.” She later told me that she figured that if he did have a video, we wouldn’t be any worse off than we already were, so acting like she knew one couldn’t exist made perfect sense.

We lucked out. “I didn’t think of it,” he said lamely. The funny thing was, as poor an excuse as it sounded, it was probably the absolute truth, although I didn’t see the funny side of anything that happened that day until much later. “It made me want to puke, to be honest.”

“Right,” she said. “You didn’t think to record it because it didn’t happen. You’re just a sad little boy making up stories to become newsworthy once in your worthless little life. What, were you that pissed at me that I didn’t want to go out with you?” I could see it on the faces of those around, doubt. Some of them were thinking that the juicy story they heard may have just been a lie.

“Hey, I never wanted to go out with you,” he said. “And it looks like you already got a boyfriend.”

“You’re sick. Only somebody with a sick mind like yours would even think of THAT to smear somebody with. It’s so pathetic I’d laugh at you if I wasn’t so pissed.”

Scott wavered for a moment, even taking a step back, and looked from side to side at his supporters like he didn’t know what to do. Then he rallied, a moment. “Hey, I know what I saw, you were leaning over him and your head was bobbing up and down on his lap like his dick was made of chocolate.”

Erin shook her head in wonder. “That’s what you think you saw? I don’t know what’s sicker, that you’d make up a story about a girl blowing her brother of all people, or that you saw something innocent and you jump to that conclusion.”

A voice from the crowd asked, “So what happened then?”

She didn’t hesitate a second. “I dropped my lipstick between the seats, and I was reaching down to look for it. I wasn’t even over his lap.”

Scott folded his arms over his chest. “Yeah, that’s not what I saw.”

“Right, cause you’re a fucking freak with… what do you call it… incest on the brain. How far away were you?”

“Close enough.”

“Really,” she said. “Cause you missed my friend in the back seat. Right, Cassie? You were with us, did anything happen? Did you see me blowing anybody?”

What? I turned around to where Erin was looking, and there was Cassie. She looked a little startled, confused, but shook her head. “No, eww.”

Erin smiled, in relief or triumph it was hard to say. Maybe it was both. The crowd’s mutterings were decidedly against Scott now. “Personally, I think it takes some kind of sicko to even imagine something like that.” Cassie nodded eagerly. I also nodded.

Starting to feel a little better, I said, “Look, Scott, I…” I was going to say something conciliatory, telling him I don’t blame him for telling everybody what he thought he saw, that I probably would have done the same thing, but it was time to admit that he was wrong.

He didn’t let me. He interrupted me to insist, “No, fuck that, I saw her! Giving Andy, her own brother, a blowjob.” He was speaking to the crowd, not to either of us, though he pointed at me.

“Then I’ll make you a bet.” She put her finger in her mouth and then drew it out. It was smeared with blackness. “If I blew anybody, I think there’d be evidence. So if you want, we’ll choose five guys and you can go into the bathroom and look at him.” She waved a hand at me, generally towards my crotch, then closed her eyes and pointedly looked away. “I don’t want to see it.”

The fears returned full force. I knew that the smear did exist. If he called the bluff… “Uhm, I don’t exactly want a bunch of people inspecting my junk,” I said.

“You should want to prove you’re not some sick pervert just as much as me,” she said. “But that’s only half of it. If he makes you prove his theory’s wrong, then we get to have a little fun and test my theory.” She grinned and looked to Scott. “We choose five people who want to go to Scott’s place after school, and we get to look through his computer to see what kind of twisted shit he’s into. Ten bucks says he’s got something on there that’ll make him a laughingstock by tomorrow. So what do you say, Scott? How sure are you about what you saw?”

It seemed to me like almost an epic staredown. Finally, Scott said, a little bitterly, “Look, I might have been mistaken. I guess you could have been looking for your lipstick.” With that, the crowd started to disperse, many of them with phones either by their ears or in their hands, texting out a message.

“Right. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have class. But first, I’m going to go throw up at the mental image you created.” She pulled a disgusted face. “Eww, my own brother?” Without looking at me, she went inside.

It wasn’t completely over, but somehow my Erin had done the impossible and deflected a true rumor that would have destroyed us. I still had a few people approach me, some jokingly asking about checking my dick for lipstick marks, others just making stupid jokes about incest, and whether we moved here from Alabama, but mostly people who mentioned it told me they never believed that stupid rumor either.

I wasn’t completely comfortable until I was able to excuse myself to the bathroom the first class and there wash the marks off my cock. It was close. Too close.

Erin didn’t want to ride home with me that day, and I wasn’t sure what to think about that. It was probably just being cautious, but I worried that such a close call made her reevaluate our whole relationship. It did it to me, briefly, but I knew I couldn’t say no to her until she said no to me first. I prayed she wouldn’t.

I got home first, said hello to Mom, who thankfully was completely unaware of the whole scandal. Erin arrived an hour later, and a few minutes after that, came to my room. To my relief, she draped her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. If Mom wasn’t downstairs, she might have done more. “That was so scary,” Erin whispered.

“I know,” I said. “I just about crapped my pants.”


“We have to be more careful,” I said.

She hugged me. “I know. Nothing more outside. Too risky. We should probably hang out less at school, too.” She sighed.

I wanted to cheer her up. “You were magnificent today.”

“I’m just lucky I got Cassie to back me up.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Just that I needed her because I didn’t want the rumor to get out of control. She knows how that can be. Luckily, she usually eats lunch alone, cause people used to tease her about what she ate.” She bit her lip. “It still could fall apart if somebody did see her and puts it together,” she admitted. “But most people are dumb. They don’t notice things, even things that are right in front of them.” She shook her head.

“I think most people believe our side, though. Well, your side.”

“Maybe. Time will tell.”

Chapter Thirteen:

By the next day, the rumor’s force had deflated, but it had also mutated, there were all sorts of different stories about what Scott saw, what he said he saw, what we said really happened, and how it all got resolved, and all of that was despite there being video of Erin’s confrontation with Scott recorded by someone somewhere in the crowd. Some people even thought that I actually had gone on and showed people my dick to prove it was clean. I took a little secret pride in the fact that about half those rumors that mentioned it at all insisted I had a huge cock, and tried to ignore the other half that said it was tiny. None, luckily, said the tell-tale dark streak was on it.

Among friends, the stories were more consistent, and they didn’t seem to be too concerned over what happened the previous day. Tony and Jay admitted they doubted for a while, but Scott was a floater and they quickly came to the conclusion that he was trying to get school fame at my expense, especially after I’d kicked him out of our group. Jay had still sometimes hung out with Scott solo, after he’d left our group, but after the rumor, now officially declared he was done with him.

Kirk claimed he thought it was bullshit all along. “I never believed it for a second. Erin might dress slutty but I don’t think she’s given anybody a blowjob.” He gave a goofy grin and said, “And you, man, I’m your best friend, if you’ve gotten any action, I’d be the first to know. You’ve still got the stink of a V-Card on you, my friend.”

They laughed, and I looked appropriately embarrassed while internally wondering once again why I stayed friends with him. Part of the reason he was so sure of Erin’s oral innocence was almost certainly because she refused to give him a blowjob last year.

While I received speculative looks and a few off-colored jokes, as well as random well-wishers, often girls, who said they knew I wouldn’t do anything like that to my sister, since it was obvious that I loved her (those always made me feel a little guilty for some reason), Scott seemed to be even more ostracized than he already was. Before, he was ignored. Now, people sneered at him, for delivering what seemed to be the year’s juiciest gossip but which turned out to be a fraud. I almost felt bad for him. When I put myself in his shoes, if I hadn’t had the special relationship with my sister and I uncovered evidence of somebody else involved in incest, I might have tried to make it public too. But coming from my side of the situation, I couldn’t spare him much sympathy.

After school, Erin and I had the house to ourselves for a couple hours, even with Erin arriving a half hour after I did. So, since we hadn’t done so in a while, we had sex. We did it missionary, although her legs locked behind me as they often did in that position. Mostly it was the wonderful experience it usually was, although there were two things that marked it a little out of the norm. First, we kissed a lot more than average. Erin and I kissed a lot… we loved each other, after all, and making out was often a prelude to making love. During sex, our lips would often meet once or twice in the spur of the moment. We used to kiss a lot more during, but it was one of those things that had dropped off as we got into a routine. This time we were full of sloppy kisses, like we couldn’t resist affirming our love every chance we got, and as often as not as my cock thrust into her pussy, my tongue was in her mouth. It wasn’t one or the other of us doing it, it was an unspoken but mutual desire.

The other departure from the norm was definitely on Erin’s part. She seemed to mention that I was her brother an awful lot. She’d call me “Big Brother” instead of by my name, pointed out that I was going too fast, we had plenty of time before Mom got home, and, as we were building to a climax, she breathed, “Go on, you want to cum in your little sister’s pussy, don’t you?” I told her I did. “Then do it. Be a good brother, fill me up.” I did my best, it was only a minutes more before I thrust my final time and her womb was blasted with my seed. I didn’t need any reminders that she was my sister, but the talk was arousing nonetheless, for both of us. She had an orgasm just before my own started. I didn’t ask her about the sudden interest, because I thought I understood. She’d just faced society’s disapproval for what we did, and she wanted to reassure herself that there was nothing wrong with it.

She lay in my arms quietly for a few minutes, and then we talked. “Did a lot of people bug you about yesterday?” she asked.

“Some. Nothing serious.” I kissed her forehead. “You?”

“Same. Madison and her crew hit on it an awful lot, but I don’t care about them. I don’t even think they believe it, it’s just one more thing to try to hurt me with. I think some people might believe though, they’re just not sure how to say it. People know we’re close, so they wonder.” She sighed. “It still could blow up against us.” Abruptly, she added, “I hate him.”

“Scott?” I guessed.

“Yes. I want to destroy him.” She looked up at me. “Not for telling on us, per se. But for making me deny it. For making me tell people how sick I find the idea. I hate having to lie and tell people I think this is wrong. Someday I’m going to make Scott pay.”

“He’s already paying,” I pointed out. “You know one of the rumors going around? That Scott’s computer is full of nothing but incest porn.”

She laughed a little. “Yeah, I heard that one. It’s ironic, it’s easier to fight a true accusation than a rumor with nothing behind it.”

“He’s paying, at least.” I didn’t like the way this train of thought was going. I wanted to get back at Scott too, but Erin bore serious grudges. She still mentioned sometimes about how Kirk was on her revenge list, for making her give him a hand job and then dumping her for her friend, and, according to her, she didn’t even really like him.

“Not enough,” she said. “Now because of him I can’t spend time with you at school. That was supposed to be the best thing about them advancing me a few years. But no, now we have to be so careful.” She sighed. “And we’re still not out of the woods yet. There are people who believe it, or at least believe it could be true. They could compare notes and get people talking again. We should work on damage control.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“First, we can try to push the scandal back. People’s attention spans are so short, if we give them another scandal, they won’t have time to think about this one. I think we should release what we have on Stella. Even if it is early.”

“To her boyfriend?” I thought about it. “Okay.”

“We’ll have to keep apart for a while too. I’ll eat with Cassie, you eat with your friends, and I’ll hang out with her after school more, we’ll go to her place and watch anime, she never gets sick of that. You can give me a ride to school, but maybe drop me off a block away so it looks like I don’t want to be seen with you.”

“Sure.” Seemed a little elaborate, but Erin had a fondness for the elaborate.

“And…” she hesitated, and then finally sighed. “I think we need to work on getting you a girlfriend.”

That was a bit too elaborate, and a total surprise. “What?” I said. “I have a girlfriend.”

At least that earned me a smile. “A cover, a decoy then. I can indulge the rumor that I’m a lesbian, I don’t care if people think that, but sooner or later people are going to wonder why you’re not going after girls.” She pushed herself to a seated position, and started to get dressed. I usually liked to watch her get dressed, she had a great body and it was like watching a strip-tease in reverse. But once she was fully dressed, I started to follow suit while she went on my computer.

By the time I was done, she’d already gotten behind proxies, for safety, and was on Facebook, sending a message to Stella’s boyfriend Tim in one of our false identies. “Hey, bro, just wanted to let you know your girlfriend is kind of a slut, look what she did for me. Probably would have done more but I learned she had a boyfriend. It certainly didn’t stop her, though. Anyway, do what you gotta do, I’m done with the skank.” She attached a pic, composed of screenshots from our chats, including the flash and some of the text where the talk had gotten a little sexual.

Erin looked at me, and, on my nod, pushed “Send.” “Sorry, Stella, but you have only yourself to blame. Maybe if you hadn’t been such a bitch, this wouldn’t have happened to you.” She gazed at the screen a few seconds, and then said, “I almost want to send it to everyone on her friends list, just to be sure it’s a big enough scandal to distract people.” Before I could suggest anything, she decided on her own, “But let’s wait and see how this goes. If it just goes to her boyfriend, she won’t suspect somebody out to ruin her.”

“I’m sure he’ll tell people, at least,” I agreed. “Tim’s a bit of a loudmouth.” It was one of the reasons I didn’t like him.

“You know him better than me.” Erin turned to me, her face tense, like she was considering an unpleasant chore. “So, now we need to start think about possibilities for you.” She accessed the shared folder that connected our computers, and called up a scan of last year’s yearbook, one I didn’t even know she had on her computer, and put it on screen like a menu.

“For a… decoy?”

She nodded and vacated my chair. “Do you have anybody in mind for a believable girlfriend?”

I suspected a trap. If I named anybody, it would somehow be evidence that I thought of somebody else. It wasn’t even true, at least not more than the passing idle fantasies which we’d both agreed were natural. So even though there were no girls I had real feelings for other than my sister, I was hesitant to give her any names at all. Besides, there was a more fundamental problem. “No, and I’m not even sure where we’d begin. It’s not like it’s easy to just pick up a girlfriend.”

She looked at me, wide-eyed, as though I’d just said something stupid. “Of course it is. You just ask.”

I laughed nervously, looking away and towards the screen, thinking over the options. “Yeah, but… that’s never really worked out well for me. Girls never wanted to go out with me. I mean, if I was any good at getting a girlfriend, I wouldn’t be fucking my sister.” I meant it to be funny. But by the resounding silence behind me, I knew I’d failed miserably.

Slowly I looked back over my shoulder. Erin was very still, but there were the beginnings of tears in her eyes. “Well,” she said. “It’s good to know I was a last choice.”

“Erin, come on,” I said, but she was already out of the room. By the time I reached my door, she had slammed the door to her room. “Erin!” I called. “I didn’t mean it like that. Please, you know I love you.”

I knocked, but she didn’t answer. It was one thing I’d learned about my sister, she didn’t like anyone seeing her emotional, at least with anger or sadness. She never told me this in so many words, but I’d observed it before. She tended to clam up and outright hide if she couldn’t. If it was anger or sadness at somebody else, often she’d let me in to comfort her, but if I was the object, I was often frozen out until she thought she could control herself.

I sat at her door. “I just meant that I never would have made a move. Not that I regret it. I don’t, not at all.” The silence continued for about five minutes before I dared to speak again. “Listen, forget about Project Girlfriend or whatever. Let people think what they want about me, I’m sure the rumor about us will just die out on its own. I don’t need some decoy, especially not if it’s going to hurt you.”

I stood up, and got ready to return to my room, when the door opened. She had cleaned off the makeup she’d worn to school that day, and I just saw her normal, natural beauty. As hot as the Goth thing was sometimes, I missed that. “No,” she said. “It won’t hurt me.”

I didn’t believe that. “Look, what I said, it was stupid and…”

She held up a hand. “I just overreacted. It’s been a kind of up and down day.” She grimaced. “I hate that. I should have known what you meant.”

“Well, whatever, forget about the girlfriend thing.”

She shook her head. “No, we can’t.”

“But the people at school don’t matter…”

She shook her head. “I’m not worried so much about the people at school. I mean, sure, the less people who think we could be together, right now, the better. But what worried me more is, what if Mom hears the rumor through the grapevine? And then she starts realizing that you’ve never had a girlfriend and I’ve never had a boyfriend and we’re awfully close…” She frowned. “She’s not stupid. She might not believe it right away, but she’ll be a lot more on guard. So we need to do this.”

As usual, her logic made sense to me. “I still think it’s going to be a lot harder than you think. Most girls just aren’t into me.”

She shook her head and the corner of her lips turned up in a smile. “You dummy. Lots of girls think you’re hot, and I can think of three who have crushes on you. I hear things, and some of them come to me to ask about you. I know exactly who would say yes if you just asked them out.”

It was like being told you’re secretly royalty… so hard to believe, no matter how much you might want to, that your initial impulse was that you’re being scammed. “What? Why would they like me?”

“Because you’re awesome. You’re cute, smart, funny, nice to everyone. I know these things, so don’t try to deny it, or you’ll be insulting my taste in men.” I grinned sheepishly. “Some of them really like how you look out for me, by the way. Others think it’s nice how you’re not desperate like a lot of guys, it’s like you don’t even care. You’re confident, and probably one of the more eligible single guys in school.” Could it be that simple? Before I started dating my sister, I was so nervous around girls, worried about what they thought of me, and none of them seemed really interested. But now that I had a girlfriend, and the quiet confidence that came with getting laid on a regular basis, had I become attractive without even knowing it? Girls had started to come up to talk to me more this year and I talked back, freely, easily, now that they were no longer potential sexual mates. Maybe they were flirting and I just hadn’t noticed.

“If you say so.”

“I do.”

“I’m not exactly single, though.”

“They think you are. That’s part of the problem. So, we just need to choose one.”

I thought about it. “You choose. It’s all fake anyway.” She seemed calmer now, but I didn’t want to upset her again by seeming too interested.

She smiled. “Okay, then I think the best choice would be Angela.”

“Who?” There were at least two Angelas who were juniors, and if she had in mind somebody in another grade, that made a lot more possibilities.

“Angela Hunt.” Still no bells. Unless someone was close to me, I rarely knew their last names. “My lab partner in Bio? Brown hair, went dark red earlier this year? She’s trying not to be obvious about it but I can tell she’s into you.”

I nodded. “Oh. Okay, I knew who you mean.” The girl I had to distract so Kirk could hit on her friend. She was cute, at least. I was worried that Erin might choose an ugly girl, which would be a little embarrassing around the guys. “Are you sure this won’t make you jealous? I mean, if we’re going to be convincing as boyfriend and girlfriend, we’re going to have to… do stuff.”

“I can handle it, if I know it’s for a greater purpose.” She pursed her lips. “And we have rules.”

“Like what?”

“No sex until I say. You might have to, to keep up appearances, I don’t know Angela well enough to know if she’s the kind of girl who’d just jump your bones. But you have to consult me first. I’ll probably say yes, but I don’t want you to do it without me knowing. And you have to use protection if you do her in the pussy.”

I was prepared for the rule being ‘No Sex At All’, so that was fine by me. It sort of echoed the rule we had for fucking Winnie and other girls under the thumb of our blackmail. Erin had decided it wasn’t cheating if she approved it. “Sure.”

She was obviously making it up as she went along, because she took time to think about the possibilities. “Kissing and shit’s okay, if you have to, I guess, just try not to do it when I have to watch.” Suddenly, she stared me in the eyes. “There’s one absolute rule, though.” I waited patiently. “You can’t ever tell her you love her. Something has to be for me, and me alone.”

I promised. I didn’t think that’d be too hard.

Chapter Fourteen:

I didn’t go after Angela right away. We agreed that just asking her out, out of the blue, two days after a big rumor broke would look suspicious, so we would wait at least a week, and in the meantime, I’d just start to get closer to her. As I passed her locker, I said hello to her, and struck up a random conversation about one of the classes we had together.

Now that my eyes were opened, I really could believe she had a crush on me. She kept playing with her dyed red hair as we talked, either fiddling with a stray lock, or tucking it behind her ear, and she was smiling an awful lot. She explained profusely, without prompting, that she never believed in the rumors, that it was obvious I looked out for my sister and so I wouldn’t harm her. It was strange all the things I hadn’t noticed until I thought to look for them. By the time our conversation ended, we exchanged a promise to add each other on Facebook. It seemed like a good start.

At first I thought Stella’s situation was going to go under the radar, but it blew up around lunch time. Erin told me, with a satisfied look, that she was crying in class the whole morning. Her boyfriend confronted her before school, and then sent the pictures to his friends when he didn’t get what he felt was a satisfactory explanation. By the time the lunch period was over, everybody knew, and at least half the people in school were sent pictures of Stella’s tits. Vice-Principal Murdock even had to make an announcement that afternoon, warning that anybody sending nude photos of a minor could be charged with distribution of child pornography, and advising us any such images should be deleted. As far as I know, no such charges were laid, not even against Stella’s boyfriend, but it did stop the flurry of sending the picture to everyone’s phones. I never received one. Tony was the only one in our group who did, but he claimed he deleted it because he didn’t want to get in shit.

Erin and I considered the first definitive strike in Project Vengeance a success. I heard hardly anybody talking about me or Erin, it was all Stella. I felt a little bad for her, but then I remembered that video of her insulting Erin, and the feeling went away.

“Did you talk to Angela at all yet?” Erin asked later. I told her about my brief conversation, and about how I thought she was right about Angela’s crush. “Told you. I think the whole reason she chose me for her lab partner was because of you. And also because I do most of the work.” She must be getting A+’s in all her lab work, knowing my sister.

“So, I’ll probably keep talking to her every chance I get, and then ask her to the next dance or big party or something.” Halloween would be in a few weeks. “As long as I don’t screw things up, I’ll have a girlfriend.” I corrected myself quickly, “A show girlfriend.”

“Just play it cool, like you don’t much care,” Erin suggested. “And no texting her, you have to do it in person.” She knew me too well.

“I don’t care,” I reminded her. I put my arms around her and we started kissing. “Already got something great.” We made out a little, my lips mostly on her neck, when her computer dinged as a message appeared. She looked up. So did I. It was Cassie. She’d downloaded the next episode of some anime series and wanted to know if Erin wanted to come over to watch it tomorrow.

I groaned a little. “Again? You were already over there today.” Mom would be home soon, too. I guess I resented Cassie taking up my time with Erin, a little, now and then. “Are you sure she doesn’t got a lesbian crush on you or something?”

Erin laughed. “I don’t think she’s a lesbian. She may not even be bi.” She pulled away to type out a response. “I know she likes guys, though… I think she’s just lonely.” She paused in her typing of a noncommittal response, and looked at me with a gleam in her eyes. “Actually, I’d like to do something to help her,” she said.

“Like what?”

“I want to get her a boyfriend. She has been a really good friend, and she covered for us without even knowing why. She just knew I needed her to lie for me and she did. That’s a friend. She deserves a reward.”

“Okay,” I told her. I was on board, if Cassie had a boyfriend, Erin would still have a friend at school, but she wouldn’t take up as much of her time. “Not me, I hope.” That could get a little tricky.

She smiled. “No. Actually, she’s already kind of got a little crush…” I waited until she supplied the name. “Kirk.”

I blinked in surprise. “Well, so we know she has bad taste,” I said finally. “But I don’t think Kirk’s really into her.”

“I know. But who says we give him a choice?”

A shiver ran up my spine. “What do you mean?”

“Kirk’s still on my list. He needs to be punished. Not as much as some people, but a little. Cassie needs to be rewarded.” She grinned, oblivious to my worry. “I love symmetry, don’t you? It’s just like when we got Amber. I was punishing her for being cruel, but I was also rewarding Winnie for changing her behavior.” I hadn’t realized she thought of it like that. “In the end, everybody winds up happy.”

“So, what are you thinking? Blackmail?”

“We still have video of him with Jenny. I can use that to force him into dating her for a while.”

Sometimes my sister’s mind doesn’t work like normal people’s minds. Normally I love it, but sometimes it scares me. “Not much of a reward for your friend,” I pointed out, to try to get her mind off this line of thinking. “Some guy who doesn’t even really like her?”

“So, he dates her for a few months and she gets some self-esteem and uses it to be more attractive to other guys,” she said. “But I really think Kirk will come around and actually like her if he got to know her. You know how often we discount somebody just because we don’t give them a chance?” She looked at me, and said, “Look at us. If you hadn’t forced us into it, I never would have imagined there would actually be a chance for us.”

“That’s not really the same thing…”

“But it is. Kirk and Cassie are actually a pretty good match. They’re both kind of dorks. She laughs at the kind of stupid jokes he makes. He’s extroverted, she’s introverted, so he can draw her out and she can rein in his more obnoxious qualities. She told me she’s not a virgin, so she probably puts out, which is pretty much all Kirk cares about.”

I didn’t want to say that she was chubby, which Kirk wasn’t too into, so I said, “She smokes.” Kirk, like me, didn’t smoke and didn’t like hanging around with people who did… although in his case it was due to some supposed allergy.

“I’m working on that. Actually, I hope Kirk might get her to stop, if she really likes him.”

I sighed, trying to express my disapproval with the idea without outright stating it. I don’t know why. But I knew I’d have to. “Look…”

“And it gets him off my list,” she said suddenly. “I don’t like people being on my list.”

I stared at her until she shrugged self-consciously. “Couldn’t you just… let him off your list?”

“I wish I could, but I can’t. He has to pay a price. If he doesn’t pay a price he gets away with it, and too many people in this world get away with things.”

“If you want to try and set up Kirk and Cassie, we can try it,” I said. “I just don’t think blackmail’s the right way.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said. “It’s not just Kirk and Cassie, you know.”

“What isn’t?”

“You ever notice how high school romances work? The bitches and assholes seem to get in relationships, while some of the nicest people stay single, because they’re too afraid to go after the ones they want, or they’re like Kirk and set their sights too high on beauty and popularity and miss the great people right around them. I think about that a lot, and how I could change it, make things as they should be, not just breaking up the bad couples, but also setting nice people up together, without them even knowing I’m involved. Sort of using my superbrain powers for good.”

I smiled at that and rubbed her shoulders. “Seems like a radical expansion of Project Girlfriend.”

She frowned at me over her shoulder. “Don’t call it that,” she says. “It’s more of a secret matchmaking service.” Sounded like Project Girlfriend would be a good name for that too. “I think I’d be good at it, though. I hear people talk. They don’t always know I’m listening. People talk so freely when someone’s sitting not far away, bobbing their heads with ear buds in their ears, they never consider there might not actually be any music playing. And what do you expect? They talk about the opposite sex, a lot. I know a lot about who secretly likes who, at least in my classes.” She grinned.

“Just tell me how I can help.”

“I don’t think I need your help on this one. It’s more fun to try to do it on my own, like a hobby. Besides, I’ll need something to keep me busy while you’re spending time with Her.”

“We can call that off any time you want,” I reminded her.

“No. You date Angela, I’ll play matchmaker.”

Chapter Fifteen:

I thought her matchmaking idea was kind of cute. She started simply, that day, with a couple in her class where she knew they liked each other but they were both unaware of it. All that was required was a few anonymous e-mails, and soon they were chatting. Although she didn’t want my help, she did occasionally fill me in on her progress. We spent more time apart in the next little while than I’d have liked, but I did make it a point to celebrate the anniversary of the first time I ate her out with a marathon session of oral sex. Basically I acted as her cunt slave, and I happily licked her until she had three orgasms.

I thought she’d forgotten about Kirk, until I got a Facebook message from Jenny one day. Jenny used to date Kirk, starting when she was twelve and he was sixteen. She was also blackmailed by Erin and I for a few months before she and her family moved away. I hadn’t heard much from her aside from occasional status updates. She seemed happy, but had never contacted me out of the blue before.

I don’t know why she chose me at all, maybe it was just because I was online at the same time as her. “Hey, I need to talk to you, Kirk has been asking me about videos of him and I fucking. Can you ask the Blackmailer what I’m supposed to say?”

When Erin came home from Cassie’s I confronted her. She didn’t seem contrite. “You didn’t say I couldn’t,” she pointed out. “Just that you didn’t think it’s a good idea.”

I sighed. “But don’t you think he’s going to figure it out? He’s being blackmailed with pictures of him fucking your old best friend, to go out with your new best friend.”

“Relax,” Erin said. “Kirk’s kind of a dumbass. He’s not going to put it together.” She looked at my expression and she sighed. “I knew you wouldn’t like it, but it’s already done, too late to back out now.”

“What did you tell him?”

“That I had video of him fucking Jenny and I’d release it if he didn’t do as I say, of course. That I was going to choose a girl for him, and he would have to ask her out, and if she accepts, go out with her until she dumped him. He can’t mention the blackmail to her of course, or insult her.”

“And what are we supposed to tell Jenny?”

“Let me handle it.” I didn’t like the sound of that, after she handled this on her own, so I followed and watched as she used one of our dummy accounts to send a message to Jenny as the Blackmailer. She wished Jenny well, apologized for dragging her into it, and then told her “the truth”. She claimed that he wasn’t blackmailing Kirk for his own benefit, he was doing a favor for one of the girls he was blackmailing at the High School. Then Erin asked for Jenny’s help, openly, promising that this blackmail is a bluff, if Kirk refuses, he will not release the videos, because he’d already promised Jenny that he wouldn’t.

“You’re taking an awful risk,” I said. “What if she hates us and tells him everything?” Everything she knew would still not directly implicate us, luckily, for Jenny was in the dark on the Blackmailer’s identity, but it would make things awkward and might make Kirk suspicious.

“She won’t,” Erin insisted. “She never hated the Blackmailer. Remember, when Kirk talked to her, the first thing she did was come to us to ask what the Blackmailer wanted her to say. I asked her nicely when I could have demanded, making her trust us. But in the back of her mind she also knows that if she crosses the Blackmailer, he COULD make her life miserable. So she’ll still be worried about pissing him off. Trust and fear combined make a great motivator for loyalty. And she’s still mad at Kirk for just dumping her after her dad caught them.”

Sure enough, within a few minutes, Jenny responded, “Okay, what do you want me to say?”

Over the next few minutes, Jenny and Erin worked it out. Jenny would tell Kirk that there was a Blackmailer in the city. Nobody knows who he is, but he controls a number of people in schools around the area, both teachers and adults. Jenny had done some things with her older cousin, and it was on video, and the Blackmailer used that to target her, and made her record her experiences with Kirk, and do a couple other things, with the threat of exposure. Among her tasks were to eavesdrop on other people to make sure they were doing their jobs, seduce a guy in high school and then tell his girlfriend, so she would break up with him and would be available for somebody else, and befriend a girl who was bullied and help her out. “That’s to leave him wondering,” Erin explained. “That maybe his assignment is just the Blackmailer being nice to somebody.”

“I don’t know, it seems pretty crazy to me.” A perverted blackmailer who set up intricate schemes was one thing, but one who was also randomly nice to people and helping them out without their knowledge? Then again, that’s exactly what Erin was. But truth can be stranger than fiction… people aren’t required to believe it.

“It’ll work,” she said. “I hinted that the Blackmailer was the one who leaked Stella’s photos out, so he’ll be afraid of the same thing happening. And Jenny’s not allowed to tell the names of anyone else being blackmailed. He’ll have no idea it was us.”

I still had my doubts. There were too many things that connected back to us, and I didn’t think that Kirk was that dumb. But I didn’t see much choice, now, so tried to push my fears down as far as I could.

The next day of school, Erin convinced Cassie to eat lunch with me and my friends, in the lunch room. Once again, now that it had been pointed out to me, Cassie’s crush on Kirk was pretty obvious. She did laugh at his jokes, even when they weren’t funny, and when he looked at her, as he finally had started to do, now that he’d been given his assignment, she looked down or away. As they walked away, because Cassie needed a cigarette and Erin went along to keep her company, Kirk broached the subject. “Hey, what do you guys think of Cassie?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Erin seems to like her.”

“I’d do her,” Jay said.

“You’d do anybody,” Tony said, and everyone laughed.

“Not everyone. I wouldn’t do you… I do have standards. I’d do Cassie, though. I just wouldn’t brag about it afterwards, you know?” I wondered if any of them realized we’d had a similar conversation just like this already.

“Yeah. I guess I’d fuck her if she begged, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do her,” Tony agreed. I had a feeling it was typical male bragging. We spent our lunches together so much because none of us officially had girlfriends, so I’d have bet either of them would jump at the chance to be with a real, live girl. “I hear chubby girls are great at giving head, though, I’d let her suck me off just to see if it was true. Or titty-fuck her. That would be worth doing just for the story.”

“She doesn’t really seem like your type, though,” I said to Kirk.

He grinned widely to cover his embarrassment. “I don’t know, I was flipping through last year’s yearbook and I saw her. You know, she was pretty foxy last year, before she porked up.”

“She’s not really THAT overweight,” I said. I kind a pang of sympathy for her. It was high school at its worst, even outcasts like us made fun of people for small flaws. There were other people who were way more overweight, as though that was even an excuse to mistreat someone.

“Exactly,” Kirk said. “She’s just curvy. And, you know, if a guy like me asked her out, when she’s… a little overweight, if she ever slims down she’ll love me forever. And if not, well, it’s a place to wet my dick. She does got a pretty good rack, too.”

“Lowering your standards and preying on a girl’s insecurities,” Jay joked. “I think finally you’ve hit on a winning plan to get a girlfriend.”

“You guys wouldn’t make fun of me, would you? If I give it a shot?”

Tony grinned. “Not any more than we usually do.”

“Unless she turns you down,” Jay said. “Then we’ll never let you live it down.”

“I don’t think she would,” I said. “It’s obvious she likes him.”

“It is?” Kirk asked.

“Yeah. See how she’s focused on you whenever you’re in the room? And laughs. I’ve been friends with you for a long time, man. You’re not that funny.” A few chuckles around the table. “I say, go for it, man, you’ve got nothing to lose.” I paused. Might as well broach the subject, so it didn’t seem to come out of the blue. “I’m thinking of asking out Angela. You know, with the red hair? She’s pretty cute, and we’ve been talking a bit lately.” We had another conversation before class that day, and I walked her from her locker down the hall, despite us having different first periods.

“Great, we could double date, maybe.”

Jay nudged Tony. “Shit, Tony, everybody’s hooking up. We might have to resort to bro-love after all.”

“Ugh. Speak for yourself. I’m not that desperate.”

Later, when I told Erin about the conversation, and Kirk’s apparent decision to ask Cassie out, I also asked her if she’d had any matchmaking plans for Tony or Jay. They were my friends, and I wanted to help them out.

“I’ve thought about it. I like them, but they’re kind of tricky.”

“How so?”

“Well, they’re both decent looking guys.” I had to take her word for it. Tony was a little bit scrawny and gangly, while Jay had ears that stuck out and a little bit of a unibrow with his bushy eyebrows… if I had to guess, those were their major drawbacks in the looks department, but I couldn’t judge how big a drawback they’d be to girls. “Either of them could get a girlfriend if they just asked girls out, rather like you. But I don’t know anybody who specifically has a crush on them. So, I’m not sure who I’d set them up with. Jay’s a band geek, so there’s potential there, but in that clique everyone pretty already knows everybody’s business, and I don’t. So I don’t know.” Her eyes brightened and she broke into a grin, like she just had a great idea she absolutely loved. “Although, Tony has a little sister…”

“I don’t think Tony would approve of Jay dating his sister. He knows too well what’s on his mind.”

“That’s not what I had in mind.”

“Oh.” It took me a second for it to sink in. “Oh! I don’t think you’ll have much luck with that. Most people… aren’t like us.” It scared me a little how delighted she seemed with the idea. Although I loved my sister with a passion that sometimes scared me, in the back of my mind some part of me still worries that it’s wrong.

“Most people say they’re not like us. But incest happens a lot. Maybe it already is happening and we just don’t know it. And if not… maybe all it would take would be a little push.” She paused to think about it. “I knew Gianna a little in middle school. We weren’t good friends, but we weren’t enemies either. I don’t know if she’d go for him of course, that isn’t the kind of thing you discuss, but… it’s worth a shot.”

“Maybe it’d be better to focus on girls in the school,” I suggested. “Less… dangerous.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Erin said. “I wouldn’t do anything using my own name.”

I sighed. I didn’t want to outright tell her not to do it, or she might get pissed off at me for acting like incest is wrong. “I meant more dangerous for him. Just be careful. This kind of thing can tear families apart if one person isn’t into it.” A flash of inspiration. “And if they’re already involved, somebody anonymously hinting that incest is in the cards might spook them into stopping.”

“Right,” she said softly. “You’re right. I’ll be very careful.” I had to hope that would eventually turn out to be a “No, I won’t do it”. My sister was smart, but she had blind spots.

Chapter Sixteen:

Kirk and I asked out our new prospective girlfriends the same day, shortly after that. Although it was earlier than I’d initially planned, Kirk wanted us to make a pact of it, so neither of us would chicken out at the last minute, and I agreed. I had my sister’s blessing. It was strange, even though the date was a sham, I still felt nervous going for it. I guess rejection is just as scary when you don’t really care about the person. Maybe even more so. I guess Kirk felt the same way, otherwise, why the pact? I nixed his added suggestion of a double date, though. If Angela wound up not liking Kirk or Cassie, it might lower my chances of getting something going.

Kirk asked Cassie out at lunch, tracking her down where she and Erin ate, outside, that day, at a bench off by the football field. She and I watched from a distance. Cassie’s face practically glowed. Kirk seemed pleased too, and although I’m not sure if his smile was genuine happiness or just relief that a task was over, Erin nudged me in the ribs and said, “Told you.”

I asked out Angela in English class. I’d planned to wait until after school, but we had a substitute teacher who just let us do whatever we wanted. Angela’s seat was near mine, so we talked a little, and were getting along. My heart was pounding, knowing the moment was coming. Finally, as time was running out in class, I blurted out, “Hey, you want to hang out or something sometime after school?”

She smiled widely. “Sure.”

“I mean like a date,” I said.

“Sure,” she repeated, and she actually blushed. It was kind of cute, really, and it made me feel good that I could cause that kind of reaction in somebody. We agreed to a movie, and I picked her up at home, because I had to meet her parents before I went out with her, I guess they were old fashioned about that. I’d never done that, before, met the parents… unsurprisingly, it’s not an issue with dating your sister. I didn’t say much, and Angela looked like she was mortified the whole time, especially with her mother, but after a few minutes we were out of there and on our way.

The movie was dull, but as a step in Project Girlfriend it was a complete success. My hand drifted across the armrest to hers and took it, and she squeezed back. Partway through the movie she lay her head on my shoulder. After it, before I drove her home, we discussed the movie in the parking lot, and the conversation trailed off in lots of different directions, and we got to talking a little about our hopes and dreams. Angela wanted to be a writer or maybe a poet and though she claimed no talent in playing video games, she didn’t denigrate them or my rarely admitted dreams of one day making them professionally. I found by the time the evening was through, I did actually like her; she was sweet and occasionally funny.

It was already dark as I walked her to her door, and I got all nervous again. “So, this was fun,” I said.

“Yeah, it really was.”

“We should go out again.” She just nodded, eyes wide, staring into my own.

I leaned in swiftly and kissed her. It wasn’t motivated by passion, it was a calculated move, suggested by my sister, but it was arousing passions anyway. She was only the second girl I’d kissed, but I’d done it enough with Erin that I was confident in my technique. I even slipped my tongue between her glossed lips… she let me in without much resistance.

It was only seconds after I pulled away that the door to her place open. “Oh, I didn’t realize you two were out here,” her mother said. “You know, it’s a school night, you were supposed to be home a half hour ago.”

“Mom!” Angela cried, face reddening.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Hunt, I was just saying good night,” I said, blushing a bit myself.

“I’ll bet.”

I looked to Angela. “So, I guess I’ll see you around.” She nodded, and we parted. By the time I got home, Angela’s Facebook status had changed to “In A Relationship”. I now had two girlfriends, one real, one fake.

In a new relationship, it’s natural to spend a lot of time together right away. It was how it was with Erin, as soon as we made it official, it was like we wanted to spend every second together. Angela wasn’t a real relationship for me, but it was for her, and so the same thing happened. She joined our lunch group, or sometimes I would eat with her and her friends. After school and on the weekend we would hang out or go somewhere and talk a little, make out a lot. By the time a few days had passed, everyone believed we were a couple.

On the way home from school one day, after Angela walked me to my car and kissed me goodbye, Erin asked, “So, how far have you gotten with her?” It was phrased like a casual question, like she was one of my buddies.

“Not far. Felt her up a little while we made out. No sex until you say, I promised.”

“Yeah, but…” she sighed. “If you don’t make a move on her she’s going to wonder if something’s up. You should be pressing for oral or something at least. And I guess if it comes to that, sex is okay, as long as you use a condom.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Treat her right though. We’re kind of using her, so it’s only fair you make her cum as hard as you do me.”

That I was willing to do. I was a little eager to have sex with Angela. While I wouldn’t have cheated on Erin, once I had her permission, I decided I might as well enjoy myself. I had plans to see Angela later that night. After she had dinner with her parents, she told them she was going over to a friend’s to study. In actual fact, she was going to see me. I picked her up, we drove to a secluded place and started making out.

After a good amount of tongue play, I pulled off. “Maybe we should move this to the back seat?” I suggested.

She looked a little hesitant. I thought she was going to say no, but she said, “Okay.”

Once we had a little more room, we resumed making out. It was easier, we could lay down, if a little awkwardly, on the seats. As I kissed her, one hand played with the button of her jeans, undid it, and then unzipped. She didn’t give me any resistance, nor any positive sign either, so I slipped my hand in. This was new territory, I’d felt her small breasts under her shirt, although that had made her a little uncomfortable, and my hand had played over the panties, but I hadn’t actually touched her pussy yet. It was smooth, freshly shaven, giving no impediment to my sliding hands as it slid down into her slit. She was wet, a little, and her thighs squeezed gently on my fingers, not to stop me but to encourage.

I continued to kiss her as my fingers played inside. From the sound of her breath and the growing slickness on my hand I knew she enjoyed it. “I want you,” I said.

“Mmhmmm,” she said.

I pulled my fingers out of her and raised them to my mouth, licked the wetness off. “Ooh, nice. I think I’m going to enjoy this.” I knelt on the car floor and pulled at her pants, it took a few tugs and her squirming to the them down to her knees, and then the panties followed. Her pussy was a little more open than Erin’s, a little more flower-like, pink inner lips poking out a little, and a little nub, but it was beautiful all the same. I took a look, and then lowered my lips to her slit.

She shuddered at my touch, but not as much as when I flicked my tongue out. “Oh god,” she cried and laughed a little, but in a way that made me sure she enjoyed it. I used the same techniques I used on Erin. Angela tasted different, in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on, similar to Amber, a touch more tart than Erin, like a sour apple, but it wasn’t unpleasant, and she certainly responded well. When I inserted two fingers into her she was practically squirming, grinding her mound into my mouth. I teased then sucked on her clit as I fucked her with my fingers. “Oh god, oh god,” she cried, several times, and then she came. I stopped licking as she did to watch her face. At least in porn, men always look stupid when they have their orgasm, but every girl I’ve been with has had a special kind of beauty while she climaxes, and especially immediately after while she’s coming down from the high. Angela was no exception. She looked positively… angelic.

“Wow, where did you learn that?” she said jokingly.

I couldn’t very well say my sister. “What can I say, you inspire me. Although now I’m pretty hard.”

She frowned a little. “Don’t hate me?” she said, so earnestly worried that my heart melted a little.


“I don’t want to do it, not yet. It’s stupid, but I don’t want our first time to be in the back seat of a car. That’s how… well, I told you about Jordan.” Her one and only boyfriend before me, but who had also taken her virginity. I told her I wasn’t a virgin either, although I made up a summer romance instead of telling her the truth. “We did it the first time in his car. It felt so… cheap.”

“It’s okay,” I said, but I was disappointed, and still pretty hard, so she must have heard the disappointment.

She sat up, and then pulled her panties up. “I just want it to be meaningful, and in a bed somewhere.”

“It’s okay,” I said.

“It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I do want to, it’s just, we can’t really do it at my place, my dad’s home all the time since he lost his job. And I don’t want to do it with your sister in the next room, I’d never be able to look her in the eye.”

I repeated how okay it was for the third time while she got her pants on.

“You know there’s that Halloween party next week. I hear Eddie’s place has like, six bedrooms.” She put her hand on my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek. “We could do it then.”

I perked up. Eddie’s family was rich and his parents were out of town a lot. His house parties were frequent and legendary among the popular kids, alcohol, drugs, and no parental supervision. Normally, they were invite-only, although a few people usually tried to crash. The rumor mill had been saying that this party was special, anyone could come as long as they wore a costume, because Eddie loved Halloween. Everyone expected that would mean a tamer party, less drugs and booze, but that suited me just fine.

Even if the rumors were wrong, there was a good chance I’d be able to go. While I wasn’t popular, I wasn’t specifically unpopular, either, and through Angela’s friendship with Janet Shetfield, we probably would have been invited.

“Sure,” I said. “It’s just you got me all hard and hopeful.” My erection was starting to go down, disappointed.

“I can use my mouth?” she suggested.

My dick sprang up again. “That works.” I got on the seat and unzipped and fished my rigid prick out of my boxers. It was the first time she’d seen it, and she held it in her hands and looked at it for a second, before closing her eyes and running her tongue under and around the head. Her technique was sloppier than Erin’s, and she mostly focused on licking and resisted putting the whole thing in her mouth. She stopped once to say, “Warn me before you… you know.” I grunted a response that sounded positive, and then let her continue as I stroked her hair.

I would have preferred one of Erin’s blowjobs any day, and even Winnie and Amber did it better, but a blowjob is a blowjob, and after a few minutes my dick got that super-rigid feeling. “Okay, I’m just about ready.”

She held my dick in one hand and lay the head of my dick gently on her tongue as she rubbed. When I came, it squirted into her mouth, and pretty much all got inside, even though she still hadn’t taken me inside. To her credit, though, she did swallow. “That was great,” I said. She shifted position and we cuddled up for a little while, talking, before I took her home, and then reported everything to my sister.

Chapter Seventeen:

I wasn’t the only one with plans for the Halloween party. For the next few days it seemed like all I heard, from everybody. Of course, not everybody who talked about it would wind up going. There were always those who wouldn’t be allowed to go, who would talk about it but be too scared, or who were really just not interested, but it still sounded like there would be a lot of people there. Kirk was planning on going with Cassie, and were discussing costumes. From what Kirk told me, Cassie gave good head but they hadn’t sealed the deal yet. Cassie never gave an outright promise that they’d fuck at the party, but he was hopeful.

Tony shrugged off the interest in the party. “Too many people. If I want to listen to loud music and be ignored, I can do that at home.” Jay said he wanted to go but he had an unspecified ‘family thing’ he had to go to.

Then there was Erin. She had a little interest in going, and that interest turned determined when she learned that Angela and I would probably be fucking there. “I don’t think Mom’s going to let you go to a party.”

“So, I won’t tell her. I’ll tell her I’m sleeping over with a friend from my old school. She’ll like that.”

“Yeah, but…” The truth was, I didn’t want her there. It would make me feel uncomfortable with Angela knowing Erin was there, it might make her uncomfortable, too. I wondered if that was part of the reason Erin wanted to go, to make sure we were uncomfortable. I couldn’t blame her for that, I guess, if our positions were reversed I’d want them to enjoy it as little as possible. If our situations were reversed, I doubt I’d allow it at all.

She sensed my concern, but guessed at the wrong source. “Don’t worry, I’ll be with Cassie anyway, she wants a buffer so she doesn’t feel too pressured with Kirk. We’ll just hang out, we won’t do anything… but I want to come. Come on, I’ve never been to a real high school party. And I want to be there when it happens. You owe me that much.”

I sighed. “Fine. If Mom lets you.”

Convincing Mom was easy. Amber confirmed the sleepover, and so there were no suspicions. Erin was the good kid, the braniac. I was pretty good too, so when I said I wanted to go to a Halloween party of a friend of my girlfriend’s, Mom allowed it. I think she was happy I had friends and a girlfriend, to be honest. Last year I didn’t even go out for Halloween. She did give me a little lecture on drinking and driving, and how she didn’t want me drinking but if I did, I should call her for a ride, no questions asked. I told her I didn’t plan on drinking, and did so honestly. In safer circumstances I might have tried a beer or two but I didn’t want to risk my first time with Angela being a bust because I didn’t hold my liquor.

My costume for the night was one of the old standbys, a surgeon. Just some hospital scrubs, spattered with fake blood. I never said I was a good surgeon. I didn’t like the color on me, but it did the job in all other areas – it was cheap, easy to put on and take off, no messy makeup was involved, and it didn’t single me out for criticism by being out of step with pop culture.

I picked up Angela first, at her home. She was dressed as a witch. A sexy witch, of course, it being Halloween. The costume wasn’t really elaborate, just a pointy hat and a short black dress. Erin at her Gothiest looked more like a witch. But Angela still looked good, and when I told her that she gave me a kiss.

Kirk was next. His costume was lazier than mine. A T-shirt with a letter ‘U’ written in marker, a domino mask, and a cape. “Who are you supposed to be?” Angela asked as he got seated in the back. She’d never entirely warmed to Kirk, but at least she was making an effort to be polite.

“Duh, I’m a superhero. Ultraman.” It was something that went back to when we were kids, Kirk always joked that he was way more muscular and manly than he really was, and he’d even made up his own superhero based on it. It was too old a joke to really laugh at any more, so I just shook my head and smiled slightly. He leaned forward between the two front seats and turned to me. “Hey, you have any idea what the fuck ‘kawaii’ means? Cassie’s been saying it a lot lately.”

I raised my eyebrow. “I think it means cute or something.”

“Oh, okay.” He even smiled. “That’s not so bad. I thought she was calling me an idiot.”

Cassie, for her part, was dressed up as an anime character, as you might expect. I didn’t recognize which. She was smoking while waiting for us on the sidewalk but luckily took one last drag and flicked it away before getting in. Supposedly she was cutting back, but it didn’t look like it then. Then again, she did seem a little nervous for some reason, and took Kirk’s hand as soon as she got in. Maybe she felt she needed it to calm her nerves. Erin mentioned she worried about feeling pressured.

Finally, we went to pick up Erin. She really did go to Amber’s, albeit only for an hour or two. While she was there, she got into her costume. She had borrowed Amber’s cheerleading costume and some pom-poms. Gone was the Goth makeup and lipstick, and, except for the purple streak in her hair, she looked like an All-American girl cheerleader, although I didn’t think cheerleaders wore purses when performing. The outfit certainly flattered her, showing off her slender legs. I tried not to look openly, but on the ride there I couldn’t help but steal glances in the rear view mirror. I hoped Amber would let her keep the outfit. Maybe even that wouldn’t be necessary. I had a curfew, but Erin was supposed to be sleeping over at Amber’s. After the party, I was supposed to drop off Erin at a motel room I booked with cash. If I was still feeling up to it, maybe I could fuck her too before going home. In that outfit, I wanted to do it right then, in the car. Of course, with other people there, I couldn’t do that.

I also couldn’t very well ask her about one surprise element to the costume. Erin also wore a headband, one with a hidden camera in it. She probably kept the remote control in the purse. “Hi guys,” she said as she slid into the back, beside Cassie. “Great costumes.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s get this over with.” For Angela’s benefit I wanted to seem reluctant about having Erin along… I didn’t have to act very much.

Eddie lived in a big house with walls around the grounds and a gate. We slipped in the gate behind another car, and I managed to find a space to park. The party was already in full swing, there were dozens of costumed people out drinking outside, and we could hear music pounding from within. More were around the back, at the pool.

We lingered around the edges of the party for a while, then made our way inside. In the front foyer, we passed one of Eddie’s friends, Ben, who was having a beer, his girlfriend Chelsea on his arm. I didn’t know either of them too well. They gave us a look, maybe a bit more of a disgusted one for Chelsea, but didn’t say anything. Eddie’s “anyone in a costume” edict turned out to be a little more than rumor, although Freshmen were excluded on principle, and they enforced their cliquishness in other ways… Eddie’s friends drank for free, everybody else had to pay or bring their own.

Our little group stuck together, settling on a free couch and hanging out. There were snacks, and we were near the bar. I didn’t want anything, but I bought a beer for Angela, and Kirk got one for him and one for Cassie. We tried to talk a little, but mostly just sat there, listening to music and drinking in the ambience, such as it was.

It was probably my first big party, but I wasn’t exactly enjoying myself. The reason why I hadn’t gone to one before wasn’t just because I wasn’t invited, I honestly never saw much appeal in them. The music was too loud to talk, I wasn’t much of a dancer. I guess they were excuses to get loaded, high, and laid, but that wasn’t enough to make them interesting to me.

I don’t know how long we sat like that, or how long we would have, before Erin pushed me and said, “Come on, Andrew, I’m never going to be able to enjoy this if you’re hovering around me the whole night. Why don’t you two have fun somewhere else?” Angela gave me a sly smile, and pulled me away. I looked back to my sister, who said, “I’ll be fine. I’m with friends, remember?” Cassie was virtually crawling on Kirk, kissing him. What happened to the pressure? He didn’t seem to be too bothered, though.

I knew Erin didn’t want to be left alone, she was just giving me permission to go off with Angela and do what, from her perspective, needed to be done. So reluctantly, I got up. “Zu,” I said to her.

She smiled and said, “Zu,” back.

Angela and I left that room. “What does that mean, anyway?” she asked. “Zu?”

“I don’t know, it’s just something we’ve said since we were kids,” I lied. “It sort of means ‘stay out of trouble.’ I think originally it was a signal if we were doing something bad and wanted to warn that Mom was coming. Now we use it for goodbyes and such.” I’d come up with the explanation a while ago, just in case anybody asked. Nobody had, until now, so it was sort of a relief to finally be able to use it. It seemed to satisfy Angela, she had no more questions as went off to explore the house.

The rumor about the party being open invitation was true, the rumor about there being six bedrooms were false. There were only four, and all of them seemed to be in use already by partygoers who were more active than we were. Angela and I wandered around, waiting for one of them to open. Many people around us weren’t waiting, couples who were content to make out in the hallway, although none were getting outright sexual with anything more than groping. Some couples did commandeer one of the bathrooms from time to time, which apparently was enough of a problem that one of the doors had a sign on it that said “This is a NO-SEX BATHROOM. Find somewhere else to get your freak on.”

It’s a little hard to describe the wandering. Even when you’re completely sober, parties are a little disorienting, all the crowds and noises, it’s like time runs together. Angela spotted Janet and talked to her for a few minutes, and then once she returned we made out a while, Angela went to the No-Sex bathroom and I wandered around, we met up again, made out a little again, and then, suddenly, it seemed, we were alone, together. No one else was here. Angela locked the door behind us. The music was still there, but it had been muted a little, except for a steady thumping that reminded me of a giant heartbeat. We’d made it to a bedroom.

Chapter Eighteen:

“Alone at last,” I said.

“Yeah.” She sat on the bed, put her witches hat off to the side, then lounged backwards on her elbows. I joined her, and kissed her as she backed further onto the bed. I followed, until we were both pretty much lying on the bed, me on top of her. She could feel my erection through my scrubs. “Are we going to…”

“If you still want to.”

She nodded. I kissed her again, and played with the bottom of her witches dress. She took the hint and removed it, pulling it over her head. Underneath she wore a black bra and panties. Her breasts were small… hell, she was practically flat, but I liked small. They reminded me of my sister’s when we first started dating. She didn’t remove the bra for me, though. What is it with small-breasted girls that they’re so self-conscious about them?

I started out by eating her out, using my usual technique of running my tongue along her slit while fingering her a little. I wanted her good and wet before I did anything. The doorknob jiggled and I panicked a little, especially since Angela had just given a moan, but whoever it was soon moved on. Finally, a minute or two later, I decided I was hard enough. I took off my top and, after fishing out a condom, my pants, too.

Although I’m a big supporter of condoms in theory, in practice I don’t really like them. They seem to cut off the sensation too much. But Erin and I had a deal, so I wasn’t about to break it. I put the rubber on, and by the time I was done, Angela was under one of the covers. I joined her, we positioned ourselves a little, her beneath me, and then I entered her.

While the condom made it less pleasurable for me, it had the benefit of prolonging the whole experience. I didn’t have a clock, but it felt a lot longer to me than usual, as I thrust into Angela again and again, slowly at first but then with increasing speed and ferocity, not because I was trying to make her cum before I couldn’t last any longer, but simply because the faster I went the better it felt. I made her cum once before I was even close to my own orgasm, and kept going. She looked ready to cum again, and smiled at me, and it was then that I started to feel the sensations building.

As the pressure built I went all the way into her, down to the balls, and released, although somehow, without the mental image of it flooding inside her, it didn’t seem to be as good. I stayed in her until the orgasm completed, then pulled out while I was still partly hard, rolled away from Angela, and pulled the condom off.

I felt suddenly awkward again. What do you do with a used condom? I don’t often face the problem. My eyes suddenly fell on a garbage basket in the room, and noticed for the first time that it also had a used condom in it, probably from the last user of the room. It felt a little icky to think about it, but at least it provided me with a place to get rid of it. It went in the same basket. Let Eddie deal with cleaning it up. He wasn’t one of my friends, and it’s not like he’d know it was me.

Angela curled up to me on the side of the bed and put her chin on my shoulder as she embraced me. “That was great,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said. “It was.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t have waited so long.”

“I was ready to do it any time,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, but, I guess I just wanted to be sure,” she said. I thought she was done, but a few seconds later, she added, “That I love you.”

I turned suddenly. Shit. I thought we’d have some time before the L-word issue came up. “You do?” I said. She nodded, and looked at me expectantly. “That’s… great.”

Wrong answer, obviously, judging by the way her face fell. The truth was, I wanted nothing more than to be able to tell her I loved her too. Not just for her feelings, but because I think on some level it was true, or at least that it was starting to be true. Erin was my first love, and still my strongest, but I’d been spending a lot of time with Angela, told her things I’d never told anybody but Erin. There were other things I hadn’t even told my sister, because they were the kind of things that just didn’t need to be talked about, they were just implicitly understood, like about my Dad’s death and how it affected me. But talking about it to somebody felt good, and it had bonded us. I’d certainly been pretending that I had feelings for her… maybe it’s impossible to pretend to love somebody, enough to convince even them, without starting to feel that way for real. Or maybe it’s just impossible for me.

Either way, I was starting to believe it was possible to love two people… and felt like shit because of it. “I…” I struggled, but in the end, I’d promised Erin. “I care about you,” I said, finally. “A lot.” Not enough to avoid using her. Was there something lower than shit to be feeling like? “But… I’ve never told anyone I loved them,” I said. “Outside of family, of course.” If only she knew the truth about that. “I don’t want to say the words until I’m absolutely sure I mean them. Not just 80% sure, you know?”

It wasn’t what she wanted, but it seemed to mollify her a little. “Okay. Maybe it was too soon to spring it on you, but… I just wanted to say it.”

“I’m glad you did,” I said. My phone’s ringer went off. I actually felt relieved, it gave me an excuse to avoid thinking of something else to say. I found where I left my phone and picked it up. “Hello?”

“Andrew,” a voice said. It was my Mom. She sounded harried.

“Yeah, Mom.”

“Where are you?”

“I told you.”

“Do you know where Erin is?”

Uh-oh, that didn’t sound good. “At her friend’s, isn’t she? Amber? Or was it Winnie?”

“No, she’s not. She wasn’t answering her phone, so I called Amber’s mother, who didn’t know anything about it. Apparently Erin asked Amber to lie for her so she could go to some high school party. I don’t suppose you know anything about that?”

I winced, my thoughts racing. “It might not be the same party,” I said. “Look, I’ll ask around and call you back.” I hung up, and then looked apologetically to Angela. “Sorry, looks like my sister’s getting in trouble.” I started getting dressed quickly, waited for Angela, and then we left together. Almost as soon as we were gone, another couple went into the room, giving us a knowing look.

It took only a few minutes to find Erin, and there were surprised along the way. She wasn’t where I’d left her, so I asked around if anybody had seen Cassie or Erin or Kirk. A girl dressed in a slutty blue Bo Peep costume said she thought Erin went outside towards the pool, or maybe upstairs. Somebody else said they’d seen Cassie, and we were directed towards a shed in the back. Beside it, there were a few people in a circle, smoking pot. Among them were Cassie and, to my surprise, Kirk. “Dude,” he said. He held up his mask, the elastic that held it to his face broken and dangling. “My mask broke. My identity, revealed to the world.”

“Where’s Erin?” I asked Cassie.

She cringed a little like she was scared at me, but judging by the pupils, she was a little high already. “I don’t know, she went to go to the bathroom and then we lost touch.”

I shook my head in disgust, and left. I barely noticed Cassie had left the circle and followed along. Kirk stayed behind. I went back into the house, and suddenly, there she was, sitting on a sofa like nothing happened. I’d been there before, but she must have just been out of the room. That’s when I got the second surprise.

“Oh, hi guys,” she said. “Did you guys finally fuck or what?” She tried to lift herself off the couch, but her legs wobbled and then she fell back, laughing. “My legs are so weird tonight.” Her words were noticeable slurred.

My eyes strayed to the bottle on the table in front of her. It was pretty obvious. My little sister was drunk.

With Cassie and Angela’s help, we got Erin to the car. I called Mom, thankfully got her voice mail, probably she was calling somebody else. I just said, “I found Erin, I’m bringing her home, then hung up.”

“Do you want me to come along?” Cassie asked. She dropped the pop-poms in the seat beside my sister.

“No, I think you’ve done enough for tonight.” It was a little mean, but I had counted on her to keep Erin out of trouble. Instead she ran off to get high. And I assume that’s what she did after we left. Angela rode with me, but I dropped her off at home first. Erin was in the back seat, seemingly asleep. I kissed Angela goodnight and apologized, then got back in.

“Is she gone?” Erin said.


Erin got herself to a seated position. She was crying, but silently. “Good. Didn’t think I could pretend to be happy for you guys much longer. Pretending to be asleep, much easier.” She swayed from side to side.

“How much have you had?”

“Just three.” She felt the need to illustrate it with her fingers.

“Mom’s going to kill you.”

“Who says she’s got to know?” I explained how she called me. “Oh. Well, I’m a teenager now, she should expect some experimentation. It’s practically textbook adolescent behavior.”

“Why experiment? I thought you said drinking doesn’t interest you.”

“It doesn’t. But when another girl’s fucking my boyfriend, it’s helps to have something to slow down the old brain a little so I don’t have to think about it so much. And people kept giving me beer, for free.”

“I bet.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. Even drunk I can still think rings around them. I made sure nobody slipped anything in my drink. And nothing bad happened. You can check the video.” She burped. “I’m not that drunk, you know. Just a little tipsy.” A few seconds after, she asked, “Could we stop for a second?”

“We’re almost home.”

“Yeah but I think I’m going to throw up.”

I stopped, helped her out, and held her hair as she puked in a ditch. Then we got back in. “You’re mad at me, aren’t you?”

“No. I’m mad at me.” And Kirk and Cassie. “I should have known you wouldn’t be okay with this.”

“But I am,” she insisted. “I’m totally okay with it. Fuck her all you want. It’s just a bad night. It wasn’t just that. You have to keep dating Angela. You can’t just fuck her and then dump her. That really would hurt her.”

Finally, I pulled into our driveway. “Listen, I told Mom I didn’t know you were at the party.” It seemed a stupid thing to quibble over, but I wanted to be sure we got our stories straight.

“Got it. Don’t worry, I’ll talk my way out of it. I can explain it all perfectly logically. You know…” Her voice was growing faint. I waited to see if she’d finish what she was saying, then turned around. She’d fallen asleep, for real this time.

Erin’s punishment waited until the morning. She woke up when she hit the light of the living room, but only long enough for her to say hello to Mom and prove beyond any doubt that she’d been drinking. I carried her into the house and to her rooms. My sister’s small and light, luckily, but by the time I’d gotten up the stairs I was still pretty tired. Then I went down to Mom.

She started in on how she was disappointed in me. But in the end, at least according to the story I fed her, I’d done little wrong. I’d told her in advance I was going to a party, and as far as she knew I was unaware Erin was going to the same one. She just needed somebody to vent on. I was grounded for the weekend.

Erin got two weeks of grounding. Her logical arguments the next morning, which consisted mostly of variations of “The way I’m feeling right now is kind of punishment enough… I’ve already learned my lesson, and I won’t be drinking again, so punishing me extra at this point is redundant,” fell on deaf ears. But she accepted her punishment without much fuss.

Chapter Nineteen:

That weekend, I gave in to curiosity and checked out the video when Erin copied it to our shared file folder. I didn’t consider that prying, for she did invite me to look at it, even if she was drunk when she did it. It jumped around a little, particularly at first, with Erin turning the remote on and off seemingly randomly, capturing people at the party, almost like snapshots, a few seconds at a time. Kirk and Cassie were pretty frequent subjects, but there were a lot of clips of small groups of people together. It settled down finally and I saw Cassie saying, “I really need a smoke.”

“Outside then, babe?” Kirk asked.

She nodded, and then looked towards the camera. “You don’t mind?”

“No, but I need to pee. You go on, I’ll be out in a few minutes.” As she spoke, the camera was focused on a couple off to the side. It took a while to realize that it was two of the people Erin tried to set up together. I imagined her smiling at seeing her handiwork. Another shot, later, showed Tim, Stella’s old boyfriend, and his new girlfriend, Caroline, staring significantly into each other’s eyes on a couch. That was more of Erin’s doing. First, she had made it seem like Natalie was making a play for Tim, right after Tim and Stella had broken up. The mutual accusations led to their friendship breaking up, and Tim stayed away from the drama entirely, leaving it open for Erin to maneuver him and Caroline together. I’m not even sure how she did it.

The image jumped, and she was in a hall, upstairs, I think, watching a group of two guys and one girl going into one of the larger bathrooms, together. A few more ‘snapshots’ followed, none of which had any significance to me, and then suddenly she was outside, watching Cassie, Kirk, and a few other people passing around a joint. It was a pretty long look, but then she backed away.

She was inside again, then, focusing on another couple. I realized the girl was Madison, the guy her boyfriend. He was trying to cuddle up to her, but she was having none of it. “No,” she said sternly. “I told you, I’m not doing any of that.”

“Come on, baby, you know you make me so hot, especially in that outfit…” Madison was dressed up what could only be described as a ‘slutty angel’ outfit.

“Then take care of it yourself, I don’t want to know about it. I made a promise, you know, not until marriage. And so did you, you said you wouldn’t push.”

“A guy has needs, Maddy.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have come to this party. This is August all over again. Take a cold shower or something, or I’m going to find Sharon and see if she’ll give me a ride home.” It was strange to think of such a bitch that intent on keeping her innocence, at least if I was interpreting things correctly.

It was at that moment Madison must have spotted Erin, for she looked towards the camera. “What the fuck are you doing here? Who said you could come?”

“Nobody. It’s open invitation, remember?”

“We’ll see about that.” She got up off the couch and stomped by. I could hear her yelling, “Chelsea!”

Madison’s boyfriend gave a helpless shrug, and then Erin herself turned away.

After another jump cut, I saw something that made me feel guilty again. I saw Angela, making out with some guy, who I then immediately realized was me, with my back to the camera. The camera focused on us for at least ten seconds, unmoving, before Angela looked over and noticed it. She next made a motion with her hand, trying to tell Erin to go away, although she did it politely enough. The view backed up a few steps and started down the stairs.

I don’t know how much later it was, but Madison had found her again, and had brought a few others along. Chelsea, Ben, another of Eddie’s friends named Larry. “Look at her. She’s like twelve. She can’t be here.”

“I’m a sophomore. They’re allowed to come.”

“You’re only a sophomore because they skipped you a few years because you’re some kind of mutant. She’s not even wearing a costume.”

“It may have escaped your notice, but I’m not really a cheerleader, you know.”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re too young. I don’t know why you came here anyway. Nobody wants you here. You’re too young to drink, it’s not like you’re going to hook up with anybody. Nobody even likes you aside from a couple losers. Who’d want to be with you? I mean, besides your brother, and looks like even he’s found someone else. Probably realized what a loser fucking his own sister makes him.”

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me people are still buying Scott’s bullshit after he got caught fapping to Japanese cartoon porn in the computer lab,” somebody off screen shouted.

“I wouldn’t put it past her to fuck her brother, she’s a freak. Send her home.”

Ben looked like he’d rather be doing almost anything else than dealing with this. “You know, I don’t really care. Find Eddie, if you want, see if he gives a shit. Come on Chelsea.” He put his arm around his girlfriend and started away.

Chelsea turned back and said, “Sorry, Maddy. If I see him I’ll ask him for you.”

Madison fumed, looked to Larry for help. He was none. “Hey, I think she’s cute in that outfit. Always had a thing for cheerleaders.”

“Sick, she’s like twelve.”

“I’m not saying I’d do anything with her, just she looks cute that’s all I’m saying.” Larry seemed to be a little drunk himself. “I really like her little… pom-poms. As far as I’m concerned, she can stay.”

With a disgusted shake of her head, Madison looked around to the friend near her. “Come on, Sharon. Let’s get out of here.”

So she was left with Larry. They were quiet for a few seconds, and then Erin thanked him. “No sweat, kid. You don’t look so young to me. And I say, if you wanna drink, you drink. I started drinking when I was ten. Tell you what, I’ll get one for you if you want.”

“No…” she turned her head, looked towards the stairway for some reason. “Well, okay. But just a beer and I’m not touching it if it’s been opened.”

Larry waggled a finger at her. “That’s smart. You’re a smart kid, I guess that’s why they put you in high school already.”

Surprisingly, Larry wasn’t the only one giving her beer. Pretty soon she was sitting on the couch, with three guys, and a girl, Holly. She was the one dressed in the slutty Bo-Peep costume. I watched her drink with them for a while, talking, although the camera jumped a lot, sometimes in mid-sentence, so I have no idea how long or even how much she drank. I think Erin began hitting the record/stop button accidentally by leaning on her purse the wrong way. “You know,” Holly said at one point, “I bet she wouldn’t tease you as much if you went and had a boyfriend. I could introduce you to some guys, if you wanted.”

Erin laughed. “I’m not really ready for a serious boyfriend right now.” My stomach knotted. How much had she revealed while drunk? Would it all come back to bite us when we returned to school?

“It doesn’t have to be serious, either. Plenty of guys would think you’re incredible just to fool around with. Even some older guys.” What the hell?

“I’d take you upstairs and pop your cherry right now if you wanted,” one of the guys, with a grey face, said. His name was Charlie, he was a senior, and I think he was supposed to be a zombie. “Public service, give you a nice memory for your first time.”

“What makes you think there’s anything left to pop?” Erin asked. That gots some hoots of surprised approval. “I’m not saying I’m not a virgin,” she said. “But I’m not saying I’m not not a virgin either. And I’m definitely not saying that I’m not not not not a virgin.” She laughed, and then looked at the bottle in her hand. “But my point is you don’t know. Maybe I’m not even into guys. You don’t know anything about me. Except that it looks like I need a lil’ refill.”

“You stay there,” Holly said. “I’ll get you one.”

“Unopened,” she reminded her. Charlie put a hand on her knee, and made me start my own private Revenge List. The camera stared at it, but then Erin finally pushed it away. “Sorry, Charlie, I’d have to be a lot drunker than this.”

“The night is young, and that can be arranged.”

“But the night won’t get you listed as a sex offender, so maybe you’d better stick to hitting on that.” She stood up, wobbly, and announced, loudly, “Right now, I am going to pee, and if someone doesn’t point me in the right direction, I won’t be responsible for where I do it.” Somebody laughed and pointed, and she staggered off.

The camera did follow her into the (No-Sex) bathroom, and through the act, although to my relief, I didn’t have to put up with the sight of anything other than a quick look at her pussy as she bent down. Afterwards, she looked at herself in the mirror, shaking her head. There were tears in her eyes, but she wiped them clean with toilet paper, sniffled, and then turned away.

A minute or two later, she sat back down on the couch, although two of the guys had left by this point. Holly was there with another beer, ready to pass it over, but at just that second, I saw myself and Angela coming around the corner. “Oh, hi guys. Did you guys finally fuck or what?”

Later, once Mom was out, I discussed it with her, and renewed my offer to end things with Angela. I didn’t really want to, but I would, for her. “No,” she said emphatically. “It’s already working so well. I’m sure half the school knows you fucked her already, so nobody will be wondering why you don’t chase after girls. Besides, I really do like her.”

“But you went and got drunk because we were...”

She sighed. “It’s stupid. It shouldn’t be hard at all. I don’t get pissed when you fucked Jenny or when you do Winnie or Amber. I shouldn’t be bothered by this either. I just have to control my stupid emotions. But I’m okay.” I was unconvinced, and she must have seen that. “Really, Andrew. I’m not some delicate little flower that’ll go to pieces at the first problem. I’d never gotten drunk before, I thought it might help. It didn’t. I made a fool of myself and got in trouble. I know a failed experiment when I see one.” After a pause, she said, “Although, the night wasn’t a total loss.”

“What do you mean?”

“You saw the video.” I shrugged, not getting her point. “Sharon was smoking pot and had a beer in her hands. I think her parents will be getting a screenshot of that part of it.” She grinned. “And I got Miranda Cherski going into an implied threesome with two seniors. No hard evidence though.” She laughed. “No pun intended. I think we could work with that, though.” She changed subject suddenly. “We never even got to use the hotel room. I’ll pay you back for it.”

I shrugged. “It doesn’t really matter.” I had a couple thousand saved up, and although I knew Erin had even more than that, it wasn’t worth quibbling over. “I’m more disappointed we didn’t get to have a little fun with the cheerleading uniform.”

She smiled. “I still have it… Amber’s supposed to come over tomorrow to get it.”

I smiled and raised my eyebrows eagerly.

Mom was at a friend’s, not out at work, so we didn’t have a safe window of time to be alone, but we risked it anyway, hesitating only long enough for Erin to get changed. She looked, if it was possible, even hotter now than at the party. Of course, at the party, she couldn’t spread her legs and casually lift her skirt as she sat on my bed.

Since time was an issue, we didn’t waste much time with preliminaries, although I would have liked to eat her out, and I just pushed her on the bed, stretched the briefs to the side, and stuck my cock in. We had energetic, passionate sex, the clothes adding a little spice to the endeavor, although it was frustrating I couldn’t feel her breasts except through the top. Middle school cheerleading uniforms, as sexually charged as they are, are too modest for that, although I suppose that’s a good thing in general.

About halfway through, Erin took charge and we switched positions so she could ride on top while I lay on my back and squeezed her ass. We continued that way until I came. “Sorry,” I said with a grunt as I got down to the last few squirts.

“For what?”

“You didn’t…”

She silenced me with a kiss on the lips. “I got what I wanted anyway,” she told me when it broke. I was still inside her, though rapidly softening. She wiggled her hips on me. “It’s not always about the completion. You didn’t cum in her, right?”

I shook my head.

“Good. Then it’s something that’s all mine. I feel better.”

Chapter Twenty:

Despite Erin’s assurances that everything was fine, I made a deliberate effort to cool things down with Angela. I didn’t give her the cold shoulder or anything, I still liked her, maybe even loved her on some level, but I made excuses to spend less time outside of school with her and more with my sister, especially while she was grounded and not allowed to see her friends. I did have sex with Angela one more time that week, in my car this time… since it was no longer our first time, that was no longer a taboo place.

In school, I tried my best to be more conscious of Erin’s feelings and not be especially affectionate when Erin could see, but that was hard since Angela was starting to get really touchy-feely, now that we’d had sex and she told me she loved me.

Maybe I was being overly cautious. Erin seemed less bothered about everything. Word had gotten out about her getting drunk at the party, and it seemed to have given her a little sheen of coolness among her peers. She still got teased by the girls who didn’t like her, but more people would talk to her. That she was slowly shedding the Goth look probably helped a little too. She had been toning it down bit by bit over the last couple weeks, and by this point she was down to dark nail polish, clothes tending towards darker colors, and the purple streak in her hair. She told me she’d probably keep that, as a reminder about her mistake.

Another thing that helped her mood that week was successfully launching her next salvo in Project Vengeance. There was no visible dramatic effect, but what happened was enough to satisfy her. Because an anonymous tipster sent her mother shots of her smoking pot, Sharon was grounded by her mother for some long but unspecified length of time. I only heard about that through Erin, but saw the side-effect… people went around asking about whether anybody saw anyone with a camera phone taking pictures. A lot went on at that party that people wouldn’t want getting out to parents, so somebody snitching was a major concern. Nothing could be proven and nobody suspected Erin because the camera was well-hidden, but word did go down that there would be no more open-invitation house parties at Eddie’s.

Maybe that success was why, despite my efforts to avoid rubbing my relationship in Erin’s face, she was the one who brought it home. One day, at dinner, Mom said, “So, how are things going with Angela?”

“Good.” I didn’t tell Mom much about my life if I could avoid it. Most of the time I went out with Angela, I just said I was going out with friends. I don’t know why. I guess I feared she’d make a big embarrassing fuss about me dating. She did know I was dating, but not how much or anything we did.

I should have known Erin would be telling her more of the details, since my dating Angela was partly for Mom’s benefit. “Erin says you guys are getting pretty serious.”

“I guess.”

“They are,” Erin confirmed. “They’re together pretty much all the time at school. It’s almost sickening, really.”

“Am I ever going to get to meet her?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Good. Why don’t you invite her over for dinner one of these days?” It was phrased as a suggestion, but I knew a parental directive when I heard one, so I told Angela over IM. She was really pleased, and we set a date.

It was uncomfortable and embarrassing, but I got through it, though I thought I might die when Mom made a point of how Angela was the first girl I’d brought home. She seemed to like that thought.

Even Erin seemed to be on her best behavior, she was friendly to Angela, with no snarkiness, and offered to show her room off. They went off alone, while Mom talked to me. “She seems nice.”

I shrugged. “She is. She’s great, really.”

“Well, I’m glad you finally found somebody. I was getting to be a bit worried you were spending all your time at home. I wondered if maybe you were gay.”


“Well, a mother does worry about these things, Andrew, I’m sorry, I’d love you unconditionally either way, but I do want grandchildren someday. But I like her.” There was an awkward pause before she added, “What I said about grandchildren was for the far, far future. You guys do know about protection, right?”

My face went red. “Mom,” I repeated feebly.

“I’m not saying I approve of you doing anything. I’d prefer you wait. But if you do decide to take that step, I want you to promise me you’ll use a condom. You’ve got good grades and are on the right track for college, I don’t want you jeopardizing that.”

“Mom,” I said again. “Just… don’t worry about it. IF I do anything, I’ll be careful.”

“That’s all I ask. I know you’re usually responsible… last weekend aside.” I guess she suspected I knew more than I let on about Erin being at the party, because otherwise I should have been completely blameless.

I looked towards the ceiling. “I’d better go see what they’re up to.”

Mom swatted my arm. “Leave them be. They’ll come down in their own time. Believe me, if your girlfriend and your sister are friends, it goes a lot easier. I always wished I could be friends with your father’s sister.” She started clearing the table. “Come on, you can help me with the dishes. It’ll impress her. Trust me on this.”

I think she just wanted help with the dishes. But I thought she had a point on the other thing, if Erin could come to like Angela, maybe it wouldn’t bother her so much that we were dating. So, I helped with the dishes, and talked to Mom, thankfully about things other than my love life. In other circumstances I might have thought it was actually kind of nice, but I had the lingering fear that my girlfriend and my sister were upstairs gossiping about me.

They came down eventually, both smiling and laughing, like they had some kind of shared secret, which worried me even more, but at last it was almost over. Angela grabbed her jacket and said that she needed to get home, her mother called. “Thank you so much for dinner, Mrs. Clemens, it was delicious.”

“You’re welcome, you come again any time.”

On the drive to her place, Angela said, “I like your mother, she’s really nice. Much better than my mother.” I always thought her mother was nice. “And that we got to spend some time together.”

“We spend loads of time together.”

“It’s different at school. We’re already there, it doesn’t take… effort to be together at school. Things that are important need effort.”

“No offense, but I’m just glad it’s over,” I admitted. “Not because of you, it’s just that I’ve never brought any of my girlfriends home before. I didn’t know what to expect… it was pretty nerve-wracking. At least she didn’t break out the baby pictures.”

“Oh, Erin showed me a bunch of those.”


She laughed. “I’m kidding! I would have liked to see some though, I bet you were a cute little baby. I don’t know what the big deal is, though… why do guys care if we see them?”

“It’s simple… they don’t want the girls they like seeing them when they were small and defenseless… and had a tiny dick. We’re afraid it might give you the wrong impression.”

She laughed. “Well, I know that’s not true anymore…” She patted me on the crotch, then said, “Pull over somewhere.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. She gave me a quick blowjob, there in the car… we probably would have done more, but her parents were waiting at home. I came on her tongue and a little on her face, and had to carefully wipe her clean before I let her out in her driveway and gave her a kiss goodnight followed by a long hug.

The next few weeks seemed to be passing without incident. Angela was affectionate and close to me, we were making plans to go to Homecoming together, and maybe even spend Thanksgiving at one or another’s houses. Erin didn’t seem to be too bothered by our relationship or troubles in school in general. School was boring, but there were no complications there, either. Everything seemed to be going well.

The day before Homecoming, without any warning, Angela dumped me.

Chapter Twenty-One:

I thought everything was going fine. It was lunch, and I was waiting for Angela in the cafeteria, talking with Kirk, Cassie, Erin, Tony, and Jay. Mostly the last three, I was still a little pissed at Kirk and especially Cassie for leaving Erin alone that time at the party, but they were part of the circle of friends I was in and I wasn’t mad enough to try and split it up. I should have known something was up, since she didn’t meet me before school and the classes we shared she seemed distracted, but when she came up to our table, I was oblivious.

“Hey,” I said cheerily.

“Hi.” Angela looked nervously around. “Can we talk? Like, in private?”

I shrugged, and got up, and we went into the hall. “What’s up?”

She took a deep breath. “I’m breaking up with you.”

“What?” I was stunned. “Why?”

She had tears in her eyes. “It’s complicated. I can’t really explain.”

“You could try…”

“It’s just not working,” she said.

My mind leaped to the only conclusion I could think of. “Is this because I never said ‘I love you’? Because…” I thought about saying it then, betraying my promise to my sister, if it would keep her. I don’t know for sure if I would have if it would have made a difference. Feeling pressure from her, I’d already raised the ‘percentage of how sure I was I loved her’ to 90%.

She saved me from having to make the decision. “No,” she said. “Please, don’t. It’s not that. Don’t ask me to explain, okay? I just… think we need to be apart. You’re a good guy, Andrew. Maybe too good for me.” She swayed nervously on her feet, like she was ready to just bolt but couldn’t find the excuse yet. “Look, I’m going to go eat with Janet. Bye.” Wherever Janet was, it wasn’t back in the cafeteria, because she turned away and moved swiftly down the hall and out of my life. I saw her hand go up to the front of her face, and I imagined she might have been wiping her eyes, but for all I knew, she was just scratching her nose.

I shambled back to the seat. “So what happened?” Kirk asked.

“She broke up with me,” I said flatly.

“Shit, that sucks, man,” said Tony, or Jay, I don’t really remember. A lot of it was a blur. “Why?”

“She didn’t really say.”

Erin got up then, and walked down the hall. I didn’t follow, though I later learned through a number of second hand sources, that she yelled at Angela in the hallway for dumping me, right before Homecoming, without even giving a reason, that Angela apologized, said it was personal, and hoped that she and Erin could still be friends, an idea Erin scoffed at derisively.

It hurt. I think it would have hurt even if I hadn’t developed some sort of feelings for Angela, just the notion that you were rejected by someone. But after the first few minutes, I sucked it up and tried to keep it from showing. When we got home, I tried to convince Erin I didn’t really care. “She did her job, deflecting the attention away from us,” but I guess Erin knew me better than that, because she snuggled up to me on the couch.

I stayed away from Homecoming, of course, although a girl named Cindy I barely knew asked me out that same day. She was kind of plain and I had a ready-made excuse that I wasn’t ready, so I turned her down. Erin crawled into my bed the night of the Homecoming dance, after Mom went to sleep, straddled me and kissed me softly, and quietly we made love, and I told her I loved her.

“I love you too, always.” Her cheek lay on my chest. “She hurt you didn’t she?”

“No,” I said. “It didn’t mean anything.”

“Andrew, I’m not dumb. Be honest with me please.”

“Okay, it hurts a little. It’s an ego thing.” I got paranoid all of a sudden. “I don’t want to punish her or anything. No more names for Project Vengeance. I just wish I knew why.”

“Sometimes people do things that don’t make sense, even to themselves. Deep down there’s an irrational lunatic hiding somewhere in the brains of all of us.” Sometimes I think that’s the smartest thing she’s ever said. “I know she did love you though.”

“Maybe. Anyway, time to put Project Girlfriend at an end. At least for me.”

“Don’t call it that,” she said automatically. “And I still think it would be helpful to have a decoy around.”

“No,” I said emphatically. “It’s not fair to toy with someone’s feelings like that. I don’t want anyone else falling in love with me just for a decoy.”

She kissed my chest, just below the nipple. “If you say so.”

We stayed together, with her clinging tightly to me, for another few minutes, before she snuck back to her room.

Over the weekend, Erin asked if I was doing anything. I wasn’t, not anything important, just working a little bit on one of my games. “Can you drive me to Amber’s? We have some plans.”

I didn’t see any reason not to, although it wasn’t very far away. Maybe I’d turn on Amber’s webcam remotely and get a nice little show out of the deal, depending on what the plans were. In the driveway, I waited for her to get out. “Let me know when you want to come home,” I said.

“Actually, you want to come in for a few minutes? She hasn’t seen you for a while and she wanted to say hi. Her parents aren’t home.”

Once again I shrugged, willing to go along. Erin walked up to the door and opened it. It wasn’t locked. “Hello.”

“In here,” I heard Amber say. Erin led the way through the hall and up the stairs, until finally we were at the door to her room. Inside, on her bed, were Amber and Winnie. They were both completely nude, legs in the air, pussies displayed prominently and pointed at the door. Amber grinned. “Hi Andrew. Erin told us you got dumped… and she thought we should try to cheer you up.”

I love my sister, but there are times when the point needs to be restated. All three of them took turns sucking my dick, first, together, like they were fighting over it. Within a few minutes, I came over all three of their faces then watched as they wiped and licked each other clean of my gooey explosion. Then, while I waited for my erection to return, I played with my sister’s pussy and watched Amber and Winnie go at each other, licking each other to an orgasm that just about coincided with Erin’s own, under my fingers.

Soon after, I was ready for another go, and I chose Winnie to stick it in. I told her to lay on her back with her legs in the air, like when I first came in, and entered her, pushing her legs back as far as I could and supporting myself mostly on my outstretched arms as I pounded her pussy with every thrust. There was a reason I chose Winnie. She had a habit of making noises and pulling faces during sex that suggested she was being hurt. She wasn’t, usually, she just couldn’t help how she reacted in the throes of passion… she scrunched up her face and yelled with every thrust. Normally, that was a turn-off for me, but right then, I’m a little ashamed to admit, it was just what I wanted, to feel like I was some kind of big alpha male, making a girl scream and not giving a shit, instead of just some loser who got dumped by a girl who wasn’t even supposed to be a real girlfriend. I wasn’t finished before I made her cum a second time, and then I pulled out and decided I’d finish the job in my sister, from behind, doggy-style.

She pressed her ass towards me as I slammed into her snatch, and egged me on. “Go on, squirt inside me, cum inside your little sister.” A minute or two later, I did, less that the first time, but still a good job.

“Thanks guys,” I said with a goofy smile. “I feel cheered up now.” An orgy with lithe thirteen-year-old girls will do that to a guy.

“No problem,” Amber said. “Hey, next year we’re going to your school, if you wanted, I could be your girlfriend. A senior dating a freshman isn’t that weird, right?”

I caught Erin staring daggers at Amber for the suggestion, so I put it out of consideration quickly. “Thanks, but I’m done with fake girlfriends. I’ve already got the girl I love.”

Chapter Twenty-Two:

The next several weeks passed seemingly without much incident. I still missed Angela, but I wasn’t dwelling on it, and Erin made sure I never noticed a drop in the amount of sex I got. Angela and I didn’t talk in school, but I caught her looking at me sometimes. I just looked away.

We went through Thanksgiving, my seventeenth birthday, and the Christmas holidays also came and went. I managed to finish my new game, Antigravity Bleed, as well as the iPhone version of Robot Repair, which added a few more maps, and I was back to fiddling with 100%.

Shortly after school resumed in the New Year, Angela came up to me out of the blue. We were getting out early after a school assembly, on a Friday, no less, and I was walking with Erin down the hall towards my car, when suddenly I realized Angela was beside me. “Ummm, hi,” she said.

I looked over, and then deliberately looked ahead as though I barely cared. I didn’t even stop walking. “Hi.”

“Could you please talk to me?”

I stopped. “You didn’t seem interested in talking before.”

“I miss you,” she said.

It was nice to hear. I missed her, too, but I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of hearing it. “Okay.”

“Look, this isn’t easy for me to say…” There were a number of people around, heading to their lockers, and Angela looked around as though thinking they were all staring at her.

“Just say it.”

“I think maybe I made a mistake. Ending it.”


“I want to be with you again. When I broke up with you… there were things going on. And I want to tell you them, just not here.”

Erin smiled happily. “Oh my god, that’s so great! I always hoped you two would make up some day. He might not admit it, but I know he’s missed you too.”

“Quiet, Erin,” I said. I thought she was laying it on a bit thick.

“Could we just, you know, try and start over? Maybe go somewhere and talk? Or we could go somewhere this weekend?”

“Say yes,” Erin whispered, but she did it loud enough for Angela to hear.

I sighed. “Look, I need some time to think about it.”

“Okay,” she said. “Just… call me, or text me, or whatever.”

I nodded. In the car, I asked Erin, “You didn’t really mean that, did you, about you wanting us back together?”

“It’s up to you,” she said neutrally. “I know you like her. And it would cover us, better. We might need that if anything happens.”

It sounded like she was giving me permission, almost an endorsement, but I wasn’t so sure, Erin could be hard to read sometimes. “I’ll think about it,” I said.

I’d pretty much decided my answer would be ‘No’. Angela dumped me suddenly with no explanation, and I couldn’t think of anything that justified that, and what’s more, I’d put most of those feelings behind me. Even if I tried to keep it emotionless, just completely use her as one more part of Project Girlfriend, they might crop up again and that would only be bad for me and Erin.

That Saturday, I had some plans with Jay, Tony, and Kirk, playing video games and just shooting the breeze, guy stuff. Erin had gone to the mall, Mom was at a friend’s, and so I was able to lose myself in some mindless violence for a few hours. We’d just been killed for the sixth or seventh time on the same level, when I got a phone call. I muted the microphone and picked it up.

“Andrew?” It was Cassie’s voice. Sometimes when Erin left her phone off, Cassie would try mine. I assumed that’s what it was. “Erin’s not around,” I said.

“Yeah. I know. Listen, you need to get over here, right now. Your sister is like… freaking out.”


“She’s like having some kind of anxiety attack or something.” There was a wet smacking sound I couldn’t identify, and then she mumbled. “Just get over here quick.”

I made my excuses to the guys and practically ran out the house. Cassie met me at her door, minutes later, a sucker in her mouth. Quitting smoking had been her New Year’s Resolution, and Kirk kept making jokes about how orally fixated she was now. I didn’t care about that now, though. “Where is she?”

“In my room. We need to talk about this first.”

I tried to push past her, but she was firmly in the door and she was a big enough girl that I couldn’t just push past her without throwing a lot of force into it. “Why, what’s wrong?”

“When she came over she was like, shaking. She’s absolutely terrified that you’re about to hate her.”

I thought back, trying to remember if I’d said something to upset her before she left… it took me a second to realize she said ‘about to’. “Why would I hate her?”

“She wouldn’t tell me, exactly. Something bad. If I had to guess? She cheated on you.”

It was like a slap in the face… no, it was like two separate slaps in the face. One for what she said happened, and one for what it implied Cassie knew. “What?”

“Don’t play dumb. She already told me you guys do a lot more than brothers and sisters should.”

Oh, Erin. “Are you going to tell anybody else?”

She stared at me, shaking her head. “I knew it.”


“She didn’t say anything, I just suspected.”

Chapter Twenty-Three:

Fuck, practically the oldest trick in the book. If I wasn’t so distracted by Erin’s apparent distress, I wouldn’t have fallen for it. “Is she even here? Or was this some sort of elaborate sting?”

“She’s here. She’ll be out in a bit. She’s starting to calm down, but she needs a few minutes to collect herself.”

“Is she okay?”

“She was freaking out pretty bad, practically hyperventilating. It was eerie, Erin’s always so in control, and to see her like that… I didn’t know what to do, so I called you. When I told her you were on your way she got… I don’t know. She was still scared, but it was like, she didn’t want to show it or anything. I told her I’d stall you until she was ready.” She let me in, and I followed her to the kitchen. Now that she knew one of my biggest secrets, it was like she held my life in my hands, now. She seemed to enjoy it, waiting for me to speak.

“About me and Erin…” I started, finally. I decided to go with some version of the truth. “I love her. Not just as her brother.” I remembered a manga Erin made me read, figured, if anyone, Cassie would be familiar with it. Maybe she’d even understand. “Kind of like Angel Sanctuary. It’s wrong, but…”

“How long?”

“About a year.”

She nodded. “Okay. At least it wasn’t like from when she was a little kid. Still pretty creepy, but not, like, evil.”

If she knew the full story, she undoubtedly would change her mind. I doubted the guilt for that would ever entirely leave me, even if Erin had forgiven me. “I didn’t intend it to happen the way it did. But if anyone found out…”

“I’ve pretty well known for a few months now, if I was going to tell, I’d have told long before.”

“Because you were our alibi that time that… the close call,” I guessed.

“Well, yeah. But not just that. I asked her after that if it was true, and she said no, and I would have believed her… but then she started talking hypothetically, asking would it be so wrong if a brother and sister were together, if it wasn’t abusive or anything, just real love. They play with the idea a lot in manga and anime, especially in the raw untranslated versions from what I hear. I wasn’t sure if she just had a little crush on you or if you were doing something, since you started dating Angela, but I could see she was jealous.”

“What did you tell her? When she was asking hypothetically?” I wanted to get more of a read on her reaction.

“I told her I don’t know if there was anything wrong with it, but I think it would almost always lead to pain and sadness, and that’s why it was illegal.” She laughed. “She said something like, ‘Isn’t it a person’s right to chase pain and sadness, if that’s the only thing that’ll make them happy?’” She shook her head and took another taste of her sucker. “Sometimes I don’t know whether she’s baka or Zen.” Which, I believe, means she didn’t know whether Erin was crazy or… Zen. Cassie didn’t speak fluent Japanese like my sister, she just picked up words here or there and worked them into her everyday vocabulary. I wouldn’t be surprised if she used them incorrectly, but I would do no better than her. I don’t even know another word for Zen.

She went on, “I don’t think you’re good for each other, and I don’t want to see her hurt. This isn’t a fucking anime, and you’re no angel. Normally I’d say that if you really loved her, you’d be the bigger man and walk away… but… she’s a mess right now. If she did cheat on you, just… forgive her. And if it’s something else, well, forgive that too.”

The idea of her cheating on me hurt me as much as it surprised me. She never seemed to be interested in other guys. I kept waiting for the day that she suggested that, because she let me fuck Winnie and Amber and Jenny and Angela, I had to let her fuck some guy, but it had never happened. To just occur out of the blue… it was possible, but it just didn’t make sense.

My phone buzzed. I looked at it. There was a text. “Holy shit, you’ve got to see this. It’s your ex.” There was a link to an anonymous message board. I tapped it, a sense of foreboding inside of me, and I realized what my sister had done. On the thread were several pics of my ex-girlfriend Angela, in her room, with her top off, showing off her flat chest for the world.

Erin came out a few minutes later. Her eyes were red, her hair a mess, but her face… that seemed totally composed, like it was any other day. “I need to tell you something,” she said.

“I know.” I wasn’t even sure how to react. Erin had destroyed a girl, a girl I liked as a person if nothing else anymore, for virtually no reason. “Come on, let’s talk in the car.” I didn’t want to air it all out in front of Cassie, too much about our other activities might get out.

We walked together, silently. I wanted to put my arm around her, to comfort her, but at the same time, I wanted to scream at her. People always remark about how laid-back I am, how nothing seems to faze me. Sometimes I think that’s just because I can’t decide which extreme reaction to I want to go with and I wind up going with none at all. After she got in the seat beside me, and the doors slammed shut, I said, softly, “So… Angela.”

“It was a mistake…”

“Pretty fucking elaborate mistake.”

“I know,” she cried. “The moment I was done, it hit me how wrong it was.”

“It couldn’t have hit you a few minutes before?”

“I was just… so… mad.” She took a breath. “I warned her, I told her to stay away, not to try to get back together with you, or the pictures would come out, and then she did, and I just couldn’t let it go.”

“You… blackmailed her,” I realized. That was why she broke up with me.

“It was a bluff. I meant it as a bluff, but then she called it and I didn’t know what to do and I just snapped.” She wiped her eyes. “I hate myself. It’s like most of the time I’m okay, I know what I want and how to get it, what’s right and what’s wrong, and then all of a sudden for some reason I just… snap, and I become out of control and irrational.” I opened my mouth, but she cut me off. “And I know a lot of it’s hormonal, but knowing that doesn’t make it any better. It should, but it doesn’t.”

I wanted to believe it was just a sudden mistake, but it was too easy. “You don’t just snap and blackmail somebody. It takes time and planning.”

She was quiet a while. “I didn’t want it to end this way. Each step along the way I thought it was okay, that I could control it, that it was a little bad, but better than the alternative.”

“The alternative?”

“Losing you. You were falling in love with her. I could see it happening.”

“Every time I told you I would end it if you wanted. Fuck, I even told you yesterday I wasn’t going to get back together with her.”

“You said you’d think about it.”

I felt like pulling my hair out. “Only because you said you thought it might be a good idea!” I practically shouted.

She cringed. “Because I didn’t want to make you choose between me and her.”

“I would have chosen you,” I said softly. I meant it.

“This time, maybe,” she said. “But sooner or later you’d notice how much easier it is to have a girlfriend, a real girlfriend you’re not related to and can take out. Especially after we got caught that time. If you thought you didn’t have to choose, if I could just learn to be okay with sharing you, then… it wouldn’t be a problem.”

I sighed. “Erin… you could have just told me these things. I don’t need another girl. I don’t even need to be allowed to fuck Winnie and Amber.”

“I don’t care about them,” she said. She saw my doubtful look and said, with perfect sincerity, “Really. That’s why I thought I could handle you dating her. But I like doing stuff with them, so I don’t feel like I’m sharing you, it’s more like we’re sharing them. But with Angela I couldn’t be there and… it got messier than I thought it would.” We were quiet for a while, and I was conscious only of me shaking my head repeatedly. “Are you mad?”

“Of course I’m mad,” I snapped. “You just… destroyed a girl’s life.” I could only imagine Angela crying in her room by now. On the walk to the car, my phone had been alerting me to new messages, before I turned it off. It was almost certainly others at school eager to point out what an internet slut my ex-girlfriend is. Those same types of people would have contacted Angela as well by now.

“I’ll try to find some way to fix it,” she said, but the words were hollow and we both knew it. Once a picture was on the Internet, it was out there forever, there was no way to remove it from everyone.

“The real problem is I’m not sure I can trust you anymore, Erin. I thought we had no secrets. I thought we shared everything. Now I know you’ve been doing all this stuff behind my back. Who knows what else you’re doing…”

She cringed at my words. “I didn’t mean it to be a secret, not forever. I planned on telling you eventually… most of it…”

“Yeah, right.”

“It’s true. I kept a journal, documented what was happening. I just needed to understand it myself, first before I could explain it. I haven’t done anything we haven’t already done, together, to other people, until today. I’ll show it to you, if you want.”

Chapter Twenty-Four:

I spent most of that weekend looking at Erin’s journal. To my surprise, Erin had told the truth… It was in relatively plain sight. It wasn’t part of our default shared folders, but I had open access to her computer and could have stumbled across it just browsing, as I sometimes had if I was looking for a movie or TV show she kept on her system. It was only encrypted with the stuff we used to hide from the outside world, but I knew the password to that. I just didn’t go looking in any of the right places.

It was set up like a blog, although it was entirely off-line. There were links elsewhere, both to information on the net and media on the computer, and the individual entries were tagged with names of people mentioned in them. I started with any entry tagged with Angela’s name.

Erin told me the journal started at roughly the time Project Vengeance had been agreed on, so the first few entries were just accounts of her days, ones which included Angela as one of the people who made her feel welcome, even if she suspected it was because of a crush on me, a crush she scoffed at.

After Scott caught us, she wrote about choosing Angela for what I always called Project Girlfriend. “I think Angela would be a good choice. I’m sure she’ll say yes if Andrew asks her out. She’s kind, and cute, and I know she’d treat him well. It would be a believable match. Maybe too believable, but it’ll do for now.”

Before the party, “They’re going to finally have sex. Ugh. Why does this bother me as much as it does? He’s told me he’ll follow the rules, wear a condom, but I can’t shake this feeling this is a bad idea. I’ve already committed, so I can’t back out now… I just have to suck it up, put a smile on my face, and do it. Amber’s loaning me a costume, I hope he likes it… if he’s going to be fucking her, I’d like it if he was at least thinking about me. ”

After the party, “That was a disaster. It was bad enough Angela and Andrew were fucking, then Madison had to start in on me… it was like she could read my deepest insecurities and say them out loud when I’m most vulnerable. I don’t even know why ‘Miss Jesus-Loves-Me’ was even at a house party with drinking and drugs. I wish I caught her smoking up or something, instead of her best friend. At least I learned something new. Alcohol and me don’t mix. I made a total fool of myself and came very close to making an even bigger one. Mom’s mad at me, Andrew’s mad at me. Even Angela’s mad at me for spoiling her big night. Meanwhile she writes in her blog that Andrew told her he’s about 80% sure he loves her. What the fuck is that about?” I wasn’t even aware Angela had a blog. The entry went on about the people she saw at the party and what she thought about them for a while, but eventually returned to complaining about Angela again. It concluded, “I wish I could just bring Project Girlfriend to a successful completion.” That surprised me a bit. She always got annoyed whenever I called it that… I kept doing it out of some brotherly impulse to tease that I indulged in from time to time.

A few days later, she seemed comfortable with Angela and I again, reflecting philosophically about it. At the end of a long “I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but I know this is the right approach. Except for those times that I totally hate her and want her to die, I like her a lot. If I could just control that inner psychotic bitch, this wouldn’t be a problem at all. Plato said, ‘The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.’”

One day, there were two entries tagged with Angela. The first one said, “Awful day. First I have to suffer through Angela obsessing about meeting Mom, hoping she’ll make a good impression, because “it’s so important that you get along with the parents, if you’re going to be together long term.” Long-term? That’s my boyfriend you’re talking about bitch. Then, I finally get to see some results now that Madison got dumped by her boyfriend. That should be a good thing, right? But no… she doesn’t even seem to be bothered. It’s like she doesn’t give a shit. He’s just some disposable toy she doesn’t care about. I tell myself she’s just doing like I do, keeping her emotions off her face, but I can see it in her eyes, she really didn’t care. Does the bitch even have a soul in her body? She was more bothered when Sharon got in trouble for the pot. Meanwhile, I’m denied my delicious schadenfreude.”

The second one said, “I just had a theory, but it’s a dangerous one. I’ve been thinking about why I can give Andrew permission to fuck Winnie and Amber and it doesn’t faze me, but I want to punch something when Angela kisses him. It’s not just that she loves him. It’s not even just that she can be with him in public, and I can’t. It’s that I don’t have control. Just like with Project Vengeance. I know that if Winnie or Amber step out of line, I can destroy them. I have something to hold over them. If I can get that for Angela, even if she doesn’t know I have it, I could handle this better. I won’t think of her as a threat and I can just be friends with her. Unfortunately, I doubt Angela’s fucking a teacher, or that there are any dog sex pics (I wish). I might have to create a situation. I’ve been reading her blog… she strikes me as a classic case of somebody shy but who craves attention. It’s like when she changed her hair early in the school year. Most people would go blonde, but she went with a vivid red. She wanted people to notice. I might be able to persuade her to do something extreme if I play on that. Maybe even a variation on our old Project Vengeance plot. Would she respond to some anonymous suitor? We’ll see. If she does, she doesn’t deserve him anyway.”

The next one had a link to it, and seemed to speak to me directly. “Angela came over for dinner tonight, and I laid some groundwork. Andrew, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong, but I need this. She gets to be on your arm in school and kiss you in front of Mom. She gets to go on dates. I need something.”

The video was captured from the webcam. Erin started it secretly. Angela was looking through her room, politely amused more than actually interested. “It’s nice.”

“Want to see something?” Erin asked.

“Sure, what?”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“I guess… why?”

“You have to promise not to say, not to Andrew or my mother. They wouldn’t understand.”

“Okay, you’re kind of freaking me out a little.”

“It’s just, I have a web show.”

“You mean like iCarly? On YouTube or something?”

“Sort of, but not YouTube. It’s not recorded, it’s live, and I my audience and I are chatting directly, they ask me to do things. You want to be on it?”

“I don’t know. I mean, webcams can be dangerous…”

Erin sighed. “Only if you’re not careful. You have to follow some rules. You never give out your name, your real e-mail or IM, your school, or where you live. If you do that, you’re perfectly safe. And sometimes I feel like I have so little to offer compared to other girls, it’s nice, knowing somebody… lots of somebodies, really, are looking, entirely focused on me. Even if some of them are pervs.”


“Yeah, look.” She clicked a button. “We’re on now.”

Angela’s eyes widened. “We are?”

“Yeah. Just give it or a minute or two and people will start coming in. I’ve muted it so they can’t hear us.” She waited a second, and then pointed to the screen. “See. Already, someone says we’re beautiful. That’s why I do it. These guys like to watch… and it’s nice to get some attention from people. I know I just sort of fade into the crowd otherwise. I’m not pretty like a lot of girls.”

“Of course you are.”

“You’re just saying that.”

Angela pursed her lips. “See, he thinks you are.” She paused. “And he wants us to show our tummies?” Her mouth gaped open in surprised, and she looked at Erin. “Do you do that?”

She shrugged. “Sometimes. Usually I make them beg a little more first.” Then Erin stood up and posed.

“But aren’t you afraid somebody’ll know who you are?”

“There are billions of people in the world. The odds of somebody you know running onto you on here are worse than winning the lottery… twice.” I knew that was a lie, but Erin had a way of sounding authoritative about things. “I don’t know, I guess, it’s just a nice, safe way to get what I want, without having to worry about giving a guy more than I want to. You know? They listen to me, my thoughts, dreams, silly jokes, and I tease them a little, that’s all. And they’re always there on my schedule, when I want them.”

“I guess I can understand that. Just… be careful.”

“I will.” She looked at the screen. “Wow, they must really like you. They don’t usually beg this much just from me. Time to show them a little tummy.” Erin stood up and lifted her shirt, just a little. It reminded me a little of the first time I saw her on webcam, long ago, that started me on the path that led to a relationship with my own sister. I suppose I could understand what Erin went through, not intending anything bad, but being driven by impulses she couldn’t damp down. Erin asked Angela to show her tummy too, pointing out it was nothing more than they’d see at the beach, and, with an embarrassed smile, and after extracting a promise that Erin wouldn’t tell me, she did.

They apparently got plenty of compliments, though I never saw that part of the conversation. Erin suggested Angela make her own account and they could be webcam friends, but then Angela’s mom called.

It seemed Erin made quick progress after that. I didn’t have access to the raw chat logs, but from reading Erin’s reports after the fact and watching the video clips she recorded, I got most of the story. Erin’s webcam show didn’t exist prior to her attempt to blackmail Angela, and she never when on when Angela herself wasn’t there. Angela got her own account on the chat site and, with Erin telling her it was okay, nothing more than a bikini, moved up to showing her bra, and Erin logged off and approached Angela under another identity. She then sweet-talked her, got her to talk one-on-one, privately, convinced her that her breasts didn’t look as small and pointless, or misshapen, as she feared, and somehow, convinced her to let an anonymous, faceless person, judge them. That’s where the shots she released came from. I hadn’t even seen her bare breasts at that point, despite my asking. The weirdest thing was she had nothing to be ashamed of. They were small, yes, but I liked that, and the nipples were cute and light pink, which still stood out on cam against her pale skin. Why she would be willing to share them with a stranger but not her boyfriend, I couldn’t understand… the only thing that makes sense to me is if I tell myself it was just to reassure herself that they really were all right before I saw them. Apparently she had this fear, beyond the mere smallness of them, that one was smaller than the other, and that it would freak guys out. If it was true, it didn’t show up on cam.

Using that titty-flash as leverage, along with many more compliments, Erin got her to show her pussy, too, but Angela got guilty and signed off and deleted the temporary messenger account she used. Right before Angela broke up with me, Erin wrote, “It was a good day until I decided to check out Angela’s blog. Andrew moved up to 90% in love with her. He never told me about that. She’s sure he’ll say the words after the homecoming dance, and she might be right. Well, I’m not going to let that happen. It’s time to put that bitch in her place, contact her on her real account, and let her know that I know who she is.”

To spare her reputation, under threat of the Blackmailer, Angela broke up with me… but it didn’t end there, either. Over the last few weeks, Erin used blackmail and the threat of exposure to get ever more explicit pictures and videos. She masturbated for her blackmailer, first with her fingers, then with a brush, even a bottle of cola once. She stuck things in her ass. In the diaries, Erin said she didn’t want to do this extra stuff, but only to make sure Angela would believe she was being blackmailed, and stay away from me. It had worked, until just this week.

Erin was right, it did make a sick kind of sense when you read it out from start to finish, and she seemed to be sorry for every step that was over the line. After Angela left me, there was a long self-pitying rant about how she just couldn’t control herself when she got too scared, or angry, and this wasn’t really what she wanted to do… but it ended with the realization that she’d already done it and had to keep going, or it might make things worse, that unless she made the cost of disobeying very high, Angela might be tempted to call the bluff. That was how she referred to it, calling her bluff. She really didn’t intend to release any pictures… or, at least she said she didn’t. For all I knew, all of this was being written for my benefit, carefully crafted to make her look like she had good intentions all along. It was a possibility that scared me…. but if my sister went to these lengths to manipulate and deceive me, then my relationship with Erin was in worse shape than I thought. I guess I wanted to believe she wasn’t that conniving.

The most recent entry was from the day before the pictures were released, but to my surprise, the dominant emotion wasn’t rage, it was fear. Maybe the rage came later. “I’m practically shaking right now. I’ve held it in as long as I could but it’s like it multiplied inside me. I can’t believe she did it. Angela wants to talk to him, explain, get back together. It’s the worst possible time for it too. I knew I should have kept on her, but I got so caught up with Madison and… fuck. She’ll tell him what happened and he’ll know what I did. I want nothing more than to climb into bed with Andrew and have him hold me until my lizard brain shuts down, but I can’t do it... because then I’d have to tell him. Maybe it would be better if I did. No, screw maybe, rationally I know it would be, but I’m not feeling especially rational right now… it just scares the fuck out of me too much. I feel like a scared little primate hiding from a predator. I’ve already pulled so much shit, this might be the one that pushes him over the edge and makes him end it. Chances are she’s going to tell him anyway… but until she does I can still find a way out of this. I just need to think, it’s supposed to be what I’m good at if I could just settle down. If I can think of a way out of this, I just need a few more weeks and it might never be an issue again.”

It was amazing, even humbling to realize that she was terrified that I might be done with her. After all I’d done to her in the beginning, I was still surprised and grateful that she was with me at all. I guess there really was no question, I was going to forgive her. I loved her, after all, and I’d forgiven worse. But to just rush in to her room and tell her everything was fine would make her more likely to do things like this in the future, and I had to be sure there were no other nasty surprises, so I kept reading.

Chapter Twenty-Five:

A lot of what Erin wrote was amusingly banal, obsessing about zits or a little gained weight, or being all fangirly about something new. Sometimes there were bizarre fragments of thoughts, completely out of context, that must have meant something to Erin but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out. But buried in there, once I read it all, there were some pretty big surprises, although nothing as bad as what she’d done to poor Angela.

Months ago, she launched an attempt to set up Tony and his sister in some sort of relationship, but had no idea if it was successful, and I certainly hadn’t seen any signs one way or the other. She had hidden cameras set up in my car, and had captured a few of my ‘dates’ with Angela. I should have been mad at that, but I wasn’t, really, except, a little, that she didn’t tell me. I would have suggested it myself if I’d thought of it. She was thinking about trying to set up Mom with a guy at work, explicitly so that we would have more time alone together while they dated, but then worried that would mean she’d have to break them up if they got too close. She was going out and spying on people she had a grudge against, not in their homes, but by following their Twitters and Facebook updates and going where she knew they would be, in the hopes of uncovering something that could ruin them, but aside from a couple of them going out with random guys who were way too old to be dating high school girls, she hadn’t had much luck in most cases. However, there was one exception.

I had no idea she’d been up to so much.

I knocked on Erin’s door to get her attention, even though it was open. She was lying on her bed, reading, and looked up at me, searching my face for some sign of what I was going to say. “I don’t approve of what you’ve done,” I started.

“I know. Neither do I.”

I sat down beside her. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought though. I mean, you could have put up the videos of her masturbating. So I guess you showed restraint… that would have ruined her reputation much more.”

She smiled brightly for a moment, but then it faded, and she looked down. “I hate to say it but I wasn’t really thinking of her reputation. I would have done it, but I just needed to hold something back as a threat so she wouldn’t tell anyone it was blackmail… which was stupid, because that was so you wouldn’t find out. If I’d been thinking more clearly I’d have known, you were going to figure it out either way.” She sighed. “So you can’t really give me points for kindness. Do I at least get points for honesty?”

“Are you really that scared I’m going to just decide to be done with you?”

“Sometimes. When we’re together everything feels perfect, but… sometimes, you keep things closed in and I can’t tell what’s really going on inside. I read other people much better than I read you.”

“I tell you I love you all the time.”

“Yeah, but… I think you’d say that even if you wanted out, just because you felt guilty. If you decided you wanted to be with someone else, I don’t think I’d know until you finally dumped me.”

“You don’t dump your sister,” I said.

“See, that’s my point exactly. If we were just two people dating, you might come out and tell me you don’t love me like that anymore. But I’m your sister, so you wouldn’t do that. A while back I tried to figure out what you might do if you wanted to end it. I decided that you’d probably just go cold and distant and hope I fall out of love with you, or maybe you’d wait for me to make a mistake and use that as an excuse. So, I panic whenever you’re a bit distant, or whenever I make a mistake… especially if my hormones are fucking up my brain.”

I’m not very outwardly emotional, although I always thought my affection with my sister was an exception to that rule, at least when we’re alone. Maybe I was wrong. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course.”

“Then trust me when I say this… I’m not going to do that to you. I’m going to love you forever, and I can’t see myself ever wanting to leave.” That was a lie, though a small one. I didn’t want to break up with her, but if Erin kept tearing down people around us, I honestly don’t know whether I’d have the strength to stay, or the strength to leave. Quickly, I continued, in the hope the lie went unchallenged. “…And it’s not like I don’t have my own concerns. You don’t think I’m worried about you falling for a guy your age?” Or finally realizing that there’s a reason brothers and sisters shouldn’t fall in love.

“The guys my age are all idiots.”

“It doesn’t matter. But if something does happen and either of us wants to end it, we have to promise to be up front about it, not drag it out and pretend.”

“I’m not sure if that makes me feel better. That just means you could drop the bomb at any moment.” She smiled weakly. “But I think it means you’re not doing it right now, and that DOES make me feel better.”

“No, I’m not done with you. I told you, I love you.”

“I love you too.” I leaned forward and kissed her lips gently. They parted and her tongue darted out.

After I pulled away, I said, “Now we’re going to have to discuss what to do about Angela, to limit the damage. But first… we need to talk about what you’ve got in store for Madison.”

“It was meant to be a surprise,” she said. “I know we agreed, no blackmail, but I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. It was such an… elegant solution. Like an equation that perfectly balances.”

“I can’t believe it, though. I mean, her? I never would have guessed.”

“I know, right? It makes sense in retrospect, though. She didn’t give a damn about her boyfriends, never wanted to have sex with them or anything, but when Sharon was grounded she got edgy. Of course they were dating. The Chastity Club was just a cover, just like her boyfriends. Probably for her parents, more than anything else. And it’s kind of ironic, all the time I spent following her, trying to dig up some kind of dirt, and it turns out I stumbled onto the truth by accident.”

Erin had been out shopping during the Christmas holidays, and had stopped in to use the bathroom. While she was there, she heard Sharon and Madison enter, arguing. The moment she heard them she pulled her legs up, but they didn’t even bother to check the stalls. Since Erin happened to be wearing her video recording gear, she turned it on and captured the moment. “I can’t believe you’d do this to me,” Madison cried.

“I’m sorry, but it’s my mom’s idea, not mine. I can either do this stupid retreat, or go live with my dad and his dumb cunt of a wife. The retreat’s better.”

“But we were going to spend Christmas together. We could do it at your Dad’s place.”

“No, I don’t care, I’m not dealing with that, you don’t know my dad.”

“What about mine? You know after he heard you were smoking pot, he wanted me to stop hanging out with you. I stood up for you. You know how hard that was for me?”

“Right, you told them that your duty as a friend was to set a good example and bring me back to a righteous path,” Sharon said, as though she was repeating something she’d been told herself a dozen times. “That’s not standing up for me, standing up for me would be saying that you don’t care if they like me or if I smoke pot, and by the way, we’ve been a little more than best friends these last couple years.”

“You know how they are. I just deal with them in ways they understand. They’d disown me. After all my father preaches about gays…”

“Yeah. Maybe you could just tell them you’re not gay, you just like speaking the Word of God directly into my sinful pussy.”

“Don’t be a bitch.”

“Look who’s talking.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just… I don’t want to lose you.” The sound of kissing could be heard, and then Madison said, “I’ll wait, however long it is.”

The kissing sounds suddenly stopped. “Maddy, don’t. The truth is… maybe it’s time for a change.”

“What are you saying?”

“You always know I was only bi at best. I’m not a lesbian like you. I do like guys and I hate you going all jealous bitch just cause I want to hang out with some… or when I want to hang out with anybody other than you. It’s too much. When I come back, maybe we should just be friends…”

“I don’t want to be friends… I love you.” Who knew Madison had it in her?

“See, the lovey-dovey stuff is just what I’m talking about, it makes me feel pressured. I like you, but I was really mostly into the whole dating thing for the sex… and well, there are ways to get off without all the drama.”

“No… you can’t mean that.”

“Sure I can. Oh, don’t get blubbery like that Maddy. I’m sick of dealing with it.” Sharon sighed and said, “Call me when you’ve got a handle on yourself.” Sharon left, and the video captured the sound of quiet crying, before Madison apparently washed her face, and left.

“I felt a little sorry for her, watching that,” I admitted to Erin.

“Me too, a little. But I knew I had her then, it was just a matter of how to use it… and I thought I could kill several birds with one stone.”

Erin immediately had our Blackmailer identity announce to Winnie, Amber, and, supposedly, Erin, that he had decided to add another girl to the group. He asked each of them to give suggestions on someone to include, why, and what might be used to blackmail her. Both of the other girls had ideas, but, considering Erin was the Blackmailer, it was only natural that her choice won out… and her choice was Madison.

As usual for Erin, her plan had somebody else take all the risks… in this case, Amber. Amber approached Madison and offered to pay for private tutoring… the money came from Erin, who claimed the Blackmailer sent it to her. The tutoring sessions were all scheduled over the Christmas break, in Amber’s house, while Amber’s mom was out. At first Amber just complimented Madison on her beauty, talked about how much she admired her, but on the third session, Amber had a “confession”… that she liked girls, not boys, and had a crush on Madison. Madison protested a little at first, said she wasn’t into girls and that Amber would be a little young for her even if she was, but Amber didn’t take no for an answer and kissed her.

Maddy, depressed and vulnerable after a breakup, sunk into the kiss and kissed back. Her resistance melted before this aggressive younger girl and allowed what she wanted to happen, to happen. All of it happened on Amber’s webcam. Caresses on clothed legs led to loosened clothes, and passionate making out led to the clothes being removed entirely. Amber fingered Madison into an orgasm, and then spread her own tight pussy lips. Madison went down on Amber, licking for several minutes.

It continued for two more tutoring sessions that were no longer tutoring sessions at all, they were lesbian sex sessions, although Madison still took the money she was owed, grimacing at Amber’s jokes about it making her a prostitute. “It’s just because my parents are expecting that you’re paying me. I don’t want the money though, I love doing this. Eating you out is the best part of my day… sometime I daydream in class about it.” That admission was all Erin needed to officially begin the blackmail portion of her plan.

Chapter Twenty-Six:

Madison took the blackmailing hard. Who wouldn’t? She felt betrayed by Amber, who she must have been developing real feelings for, and once blackmail had begun in earnest, Amber had gained the long-delayed right to use Madison as a sex slave. Winnie shared her too. The abrupt change in her status from romantic crush to sex toy must have been devastating emotionally for Madison. They usually ate her out to an orgasm, but only after they each got several of their own thanks to Madison’s tongue, and they had fun sticking things into her pussy or spanking her while she was busy providing one. Despite the somewhat rough treatment, Madison seemed to enjoy it on a pure, carnal level… she got very wet, practically dripping wet, so wet you could see it on camera. Erin has a theory that the people who use others in everyday life get off on being used themselves, and that there was a submissive streak in many girls anyway.

“What’s next?” I asked Erin.

“The coup de grace. And this one I need your help, because somebody has to play the Blackmailer while I’m there.”

So, I did my job, sitting back safely in my room a few days later as Madison went to play with Amber and Winnie after school. After allowing Amber and Winnie to get off playing with Madison, I suggested that they tie her up and play with her pussy, but not to let her cum until I said so.

Just as she got near the point of cumming, Winnie and Amber already knew what they were to do. “Do you want to cum, Madison?”

“Yes. Oh, god, yes.”

“You like middle school pussy, right? Young stuff?” Winnie asked. She made a noise, but it wasn’t good enough. This was for posterity. “Tell us you love it.”

“I love your little pussies,” she said, straining against her bonds to raise her head. “Please, let me lick them, just lick me too.”

“You want to try another girl? She’s younger than either of us. She’ll make you cum if you make her cum.”

“Sure, just do it.” She squirmed her body, shaking the ropes, unable to touch herself.

“Come on in,” Winnie called. Erin opened the door and stepped in from another room. She wore a short skirt and a tube top. “Hi, Erin. I think you know Madison.”

“You?” Madison gasped, outraged.

“Me,” Erin said simply. “I’m getting blackmailed too.”

I typed up a request, which appeared on the computer screen, asking Amber and Winnie to go into the other room and give some time alone. “They have some unfinished business.”

Madison seemed pretty wary when the girls left, but Erin just sat by the bed, as though Madison wasn’t tied up there, and they were friends. “We’ve always had this little bit of tension between us. Maybe it’s sexual tension, from what I heard, you love eating out younger girls, so maybe it’s just that you always wanted me. I don’t know. But the problem is, we’ve always been enemies, when we should have been friends.”

“Let me go,” Madison said.

“No, I’m not done yet. See, you were mean to me… this was supposed to be a great year for me, but you… a couple other girls too, but mostly you… you made it suck. That’s why when the Blackmailer wanted somebody else to play with, I suggested you. I overheard your little… lover’s quarrel with Sharon. You used to joke about me going to Hell. The good news is, I don’t believe in Hell. Heaven either. Except the kinds we make here on Earth. And there’s no God, just people to help us build those personal Heavens or Hells. Now, which would you prefer, Heaven, or Hell? What would the whole school think if they knew you guys were lipstick lesbians? What would your parents think? And you’ve got a thing for young, hairless pussy, too. I guess that makes you a pedo.” Two years younger wasn’t really a pedo. It was probably even legal. But the accusation could be enough to hurt someone, even though the only reason all three girls, my sister included, had hairless pussies anymore were because they shaved.

“Oh, God,” Madison cried. She should have been no longer turned on, but Erin’s hands had constantly rubbed up and down her leg as she spoke, and now stroked the edge of her pussy.

“Don’t worry. I won’t share your secret. It’s not up to me, really. It’s up to our Blackmailer over there.” She pointed to the screen. “But I’ll tell you something, I’m one of his favorites… and he likes to reward his favorites. So if I asked him to put out a video of you begging for a young girl’s pussy, he’ll do it. Isn’t that right?”

I typed in the answer. “You’ve served me well, Erin. I think I could give you this one.”

“So the question is, are we going to be friends, or are we going to be enemies?”

“Please,” Madison said. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” Erin said. “An apology. Good start. Was that so hard? But a sorry isn’t really enough at this point. You remember the beginning of the school year, when I tried to convince you I had magic powers and could curse you?” She laughed lightly. I thought she was overplaying the role, personally, but I let her have her fun. She’d been planning it for a long time. “Boy, was I naïve to think you’d fall for that. You sure taught me a lesson. I don’t have magic powers. What I do have is a brain. A brain that’s good at solving problems. I’ve had a few problems lately. One, I have a bitch who makes my life miserable at school, and encourages others to do the same.” She looked down at Madison. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem much longer, is it?” She traced a finger up and down the girl’s slit, very slowly. Madison bit her lip and shook her head. “Two, I know somebody who needs a girlfriend, one who won’t steal him away from me, because she’s not really interested in him. I hear you have a problem, too. You have a terrible secret and you don’t want anybody, least of all your parents, to suspect the truth. Wouldn’t it be nice if one of your problems could solve one of my problems? If only we were friends instead of enemies…”

“You want me to date… your boyfriend?”

“See, I knew you were bright. That’s it exactly.”

“Who’s your boyfriend?”

“Here’s where we reach the critical moment of our new friendship. I’m going to tell you a secret. If you try to reveal it, your secret will be revealed, risking Hell for both of us… but believe me, I’ll have a much easier time denying my secret. I’ve already done it once.”

Madison’s eyes widened. “Oh my God. It really was true. You and your brother.”

Erin put a hand over Madison’s mouth. “Shhh. Don’t ruin the moment. We were blackmailed into it. But sometimes, you come to enjoy what you’re being forced to do. I hope you’ll learn that for yourself. That’s what happened to us. But it turned into love… maybe that’ll happen to you, too. I knew Amber really likes you already. Now, I need someone to keep people from suspecting about me and my brother. You need someone to help you pretend you’re straight. So what do you say, Madison? Do you want to be friends from now on?” She took her hand off Maddy’s mouth.

“I think… okay, I think we could do that. I still think it’s sick.”

I could see the dark look in Erin’s eyes, but she controlled it. I was proud of her. I was afraid she’d let loose with a slap. “Keep that to yourself if you want to remain friends. So, what do you say, do you want to cum now?”

Madison groaned. “God, yes.”

“Good.” She yelled for Amber and Winnie, who came in. “Keep her warm, but don’t let her cum until I do.” Then she crawled over Madison’s body, ready to lower her pussy on the older girl’s face. “Oh, and Madison? Welcome to our little family.”


I did speak to Angela. I felt it was my duty, since it was partly my fault she was in the situation. She hadn’t been to school in the week following her humiliation, so I went to her place. Her parents glared at me when I came to the door as though, despite Angela’s claims to the contrary, they thought I was the one who made her take the pictures. But they let me talk to her, out in their backyard, as chilly as it was.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m just great. Everyone in the world has seen me topless, the school thinks I’m a slut. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Dumb question, I guess. “Sorry.”

“It’s not your fault,” she said. “It was mine, I got stupid.”

“If it makes you feel better…” I hesitated. “I don’t hold it against you. I don’t think you’re a slut. You made a mistake, everybody makes mistakes. I’ve sure made lots.”

“Thanks,” she said. “I wish I could explain to you why I did it.”

“It doesn’t matter,” I said quickly, not wanting her to even try. Erin had let her off the hook, somewhat. As her Blackmailer, she expressed remorse with a long apology, telling her how ‘he’ never wanted to be a bad guy, but he wasn’t able to get girls to like him in the normal ways… when he heard she was getting back together with her old boyfriend, he got jealous and panicked. Erin told her that the other pictures would only be released if word got out that she was blackmailed, but other than that, she was free. She could date whoever she wanted, and he’d never contact her again. I don’t think Erin would expose the rest of the pictures even if Angela blabbed, since there was no risk to her. Everything she did, she did with enough layers of proxies and obfuscation that it was impossible to track back to her. My concern was more that if Angela told me the truth, as she knew it, I’d have to pretend to be shocked and try to think of something to do to try and help. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but it’ll blow over.”

“I’m transferring,” she said. “To another school.”

“Oh.” I thought about it. “That might not be a bad idea.” The pictures could certainly follow her… there were people at school who were sadistic enough to send them to people at her new school for no reason other than a laugh. Though since Angela’s Facebook was now deleted, I hoped it would be harder for people to find out where she went. “I’d miss you, but at least there, you get a new start.”

“That’s what my parents and I were thinking.” She hugged herself against the cold. “You said… you said you don’t hold it against me. Do you think, you and I…?” Immediately she seemed to sense the improbability of it, and shook her head.

“Not because of this,” I said. “I just don’t feel that way anymore. And there’s someone else.” My new fake relationship with Madison would become public knowledge in the next few days anyway.


“Madison. From Erin’s class.”

“What? She’s like a total bitch. And she’s been picking on your sister this whole year.”

“I know. I actually went to tell her off about that. We got to talking.” That was the story we’d be using. “She’s deeper than most people give her credit for. I don’t know if it’ll work out, but I’m going to give it a chance. If you ever need a friend, though, I’m here.” I wanted to kiss her forehead, but was feeling like shit again.

“Angela,” I heard. It was her mother. “It’s time for us to go.”

“Okay Mom,” she said, then looked at me. “You’d better go. But… thanks.”

I nodded. “See you around.”

I returned home, and went upstairs. Erin called out to me as I passed her room. “How was it?”

“Awkward, painful. But, at least it’s over with.” She nodded. “She probably would have appreciated you coming, too. You were her friend, after all.”

She shook her head. “I can’t face her after what I did.”

I could understand. “So what are you doing now?”

“Watching Madison.” As we always had with the other girls we had under our thumb, we installed a program on Maddy’s computer that let us watch through her webcam. She and Amber were making out on her bed. “I think your new girlfriend has come to appreciate our little arrangement. Well, I guess she’s not your girlfriend until Monday, when you take her to school and walk with her, hand-in-hand.”

She seemed a little sad about saying that. “You’re not going to get jealous of her, are you? Pretending to be my girlfriend?”

“I’ll be jealous, sure. But I won’t go crazy, I won’t have another Azula moment over it.” That was her name for her really bad moments, an ongoing joke, a reference to a cartoon villain who went crazy at the end. “I know she doesn’t really want you, and you don’t really want her, it’s just for show. So I can handle it. You’re not even going to be having sex.” Madison had been pretty intent on that, and in truth I didn’t care.

“Good. So since nobody’s going to suspect us any more, I guess we can finally call Project Girlfriend a success.”

She winced. “I really wish you wouldn’t call it that.”

Normally I just let it drop and then teased her with it later. But this time, I was curious. “Why not?” I asked. “You call it that.”

“No, I don’t.”

I furrowed my brow. “Sure you do.” I was certain of it. “It was in your blogs.”

“I wasn’t referring to this. Project Girlfriend is something else.”

“So, what is it?” I asked. She didn’t answer right away, so I spun her computer chair so she was facing me. “No more secrets, remember? What’s Project Girlfriend?”

“It’s just something I’m working on,” she said. “Longer-term.”

“And what’s the goal?”

“To get people to accept ME as your girlfriend. Maybe, eventually, your wife.”

Oh, so she was attempting the impossible. Somehow, that made me feel a little better. “Erin, I’d like nothing more than that, but…”

“It’s doable,” she said. “I know it is. I just haven’t figured it out yet. People are becoming more open-minded, consensual incest might be the next big frontier. Cassie accepts us. The girls we blackmail do, too, now. I just have to figure out how to shift public opinion. And there are always the more underhanded approaches, too. Flat out deception’s probably the most likely in the short term… but if I have to blackmail every person in the world and make them accept us, I’ll do that.” She paused, took a deep breath. “Don’t worry, I’m being realistic about this. It may take a few years. But I’m going to do it. I’m going to be your girlfriend, and anyone who stands in the way of that had better be prepared.”

Sometimes, I almost believe she could do it, if she set her mind to it.

The End (for now)



The preceeding story was fantasy and I do not recommend or endorse any of the acts described within. Quite the opposite, really.

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Erin's a junior, and she seems to have everything she wants. She's sleeping with a senior, even if it is her brother. She's got three sex slaves now attending school with her. All in all, she's got the world on her plate. But now she discovers for the first time, a rival, someone else in the school is in the blackmail game. To help fight against them, there's a new tool that can help her... the school is giving every student a webcam-equipped laptop. If she can find a way to hack in, she'll have access to the secret and private lives of virtually everybody. Not only will she be able to combat her rivals, but she'll also find a way to help realize one of her dreams... finding other incestous couples out there. But spying on a whole school is a tough order... can she do it? And if she can, can she handle this much power, or will she finally go too far?


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