This is one of a series of tributes to the great erotic author Phil Phantom.

My Sister Sold Me Out – A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (Mg, fg, Fg, MMf, inc, gang, preg)

My older sister turned me into the sexual plaything of a hardcore pedophile, using every older sister trick in the book to do a very unsisterly thing to a trusting eleven-year-old.  The worst thing was, she did it for nothing.  Okay, not nothing, but practically nothing, she did it for the attention of a pervert who should have been thrilled to have a fifteen-year-old girl willing to let him do anything he wanted to her, and not wanted to push his luck and get some extra thrills with her younger sister, too.  I got my share of thrills too, and in a few short months went from being a virgin who still called her pussy her “special area” to full-fledged slut who begged for another load of cum in her cunt.  Not that another load would have made a difference, since I was pregnant by then, too.

The pregnancy would of course become impossible to hide, but everything leading up to it went on completely under the radar of everyone who knew me, especially our mother, who worked two jobs with schedules that left us alone and unsupervised every day after school for about four hours.   She found out what was going on before the pregnancy began to show, but it was too late to stop it. 

I guess, after she found out, you could say Mom sold me out too, but at least with her, she was caught between a rock and a hard place.  So I don’t blame her for letting strange men continue to gangbang her eleven-year-old.  I was already a slut by then, so what harm could it do to let it go on, compared to the alternative?  So no, I have no hard feelings with Mom, I totally forgive her.  But my sister, she got me molested and knocked up, and for nothing more than the promise of a good cum, and so she deserves the punishments I decide to dish out from this point on. 

Before this all started, Mom trusted my sister Anne to do all the babysitting, which turned out to be a big mistake.   Of course now, I don’t really need a babysitter, unless you just count guys who want to fuck me without Mom around.  Mom leaves me with one or more of those kind on a regular basis now, whether for an hour after middle school or a weekend, although I don’t know if you call that babysitting.  Actually, I do need a real, honest-to-goodness babysitter, and surprise, my sister does the job, unpaid.   I mean, she’s a natural choice, because she’s got much bigger titties and somebody needs to nurse the actual babies.  My sister can still be trusted with that, since nobody she knows wants to fuck an infant… she knows a couple of guys who like to fuck her while a baby’s breastfeeding off her, but there’s nothing wrong with that I guess, as long as she’s been a good girl. 

In those early, more innocent days, before either of us had to worry about breastfeeding, it was just the three of us, Mom, Anne, and me, Jessica.  No guys, and certainly no babies.  We were pretty good with it just being us three, but that was going to change.  It all started when Mom had to get that second job.  No longer could she stay home with us herself.  She thought she was doing all right with Anne there, and who could blame her, there were rules.  Good rules, even if we didn’t always like them, from a good single parent struggling to make ends meet.  We weren’t allowed to go out, we weren’t allowed anybody over, we didn’t answer the door for anybody, and I was to do everything Anne said.  That last one was probably the biggest mistake on Mom’s part. 

The rules were supposed to be iron-clad, and for a time we abided by them, but I guess Anne didn’t want to be stuck spending the best years of her life entertaining her little sister.  I would have been happy with things as they were, I still practically idolized Anne.  She was beautiful.  I always thought so.  In fact, I used to think she was way prettier than me.  She had long curly gold locks, compared to my brown hair that always seemed to me a little flat.  She had blue eyes, mine were, again, boring brown.  She had perfect teeth, I needed braces to correct a tooth that was a little out of place.  Her nose was a perfect round button, mine turned up a little too much for my tastes.  The big thing was that she had a figure, a great one, one a woman would kill for.  Long legs leading up to a little bubble butt, tight tummy, and a bust that looked like she was smuggling cantaloupes out of a grocery store.   I had a bit of a butt and a waist, but my nipples looked like beestings on a board.   Even my sister’s nipples seemed better than mine, like little eraserheads, something you could imagine sucking to get the juice out of those melons.  I did imagine that, sometimes, after I saw them, which wasn’t uncommon.  And I don’t mean that in a lesbian way or anything.  We’re a family of girls, we’ve all seen each other naked, and occasionally thoughts cross your mind.  I’d even seen her pussy, close up, because I wanted to see what one looked like after it got hair, and she obliged.  Okay, mostly that was an excuse, I just wanted a good close-up look.  Like I said, I idolized her, I wanted to be around her, I spied on her, and I wanted to know everything about her right down to the number of pussy hairs she had.  There wasn’t really any sexual feelings behind it, hell, I didn’t even know what the attraction was in what lesbians did, but if Anne asked me to lick her snatch in exchange for the right to hang out with her and her friends for a day, I’d have done it, even if I discovered I didn’t like it.   I might do it in the exchange for nothing, just to find out what it tasted like.  Of course, she never even offered that deal, or accepted my offer, because apparently the price of having an annoying little sister around her friends wasn’t outweighed by the prospect of a twat-lick. 

That was the way things were.  I worshipped the ground she walked on, and she occasionally tolerated me.   I knew she loved me, but she didn’t always like me, and especially when she was put in charge of me after school, I had to become good at judging her moods.   I had to make sure I didn’t pester her too much too often that she’d lash out and use her ultimate authority to banish me to my room or get me to do dishes.  The first couple weeks of Mom’s new afternoon job, I spent a lot of time in my room.

Anne spent a lot of her time on the Internet, the first of the broken rules that I was aware of.  We had one computer, in the family room, and the Internet was only to be used for homework or under Mom’s supervision.  I knew she wasn’t using it for homework, she was using it to chat, but I didn’t want to tattle.  I knew chatting with somebody else put her in a better mood, sometimes into such a good mood that she’d call me out to talk to her while she cooked dinner.

I thought chatting on the Internet was innocent, and didn’t yet know that it could be anything but.  I discovered how wrong I was one day when I heard her giggling from the family room.  I was already banished, but eventually I got curious enough that I risked her wrath.  As I got closer, I could hear two voices, one was my sister, and the other, fainter one, sounded like a man, so I poked my head in just in time to see her lifting her shirt and show her bare, juicy tits to the screen, or to the webcam attached to the screen, anyway.

I let out a little gasp, then, one that couldn’t be hidden, and my sister saw me and swore.  “Go back to your room,” she said.  “And if you tell Mom you’re dead.”  I fled, wondering about this sudden development, but not five minutes later there was a knock at the door, like she had to ask permission, and I let her in.  “Sorry, you just scared me.  Come on, it’s okay, my boyfriend wants to meet you.”

Boyfriend?  She wasn’t allowed to have a boyfriend, although I knew she’d broken that rule before.  She’d asked me to cover for her more than once, while Mom still had one job, and say that she was going to the library to study with a friend when really she was going to the movies with a boy or something.  I felt bad about lying to Mom, but it felt good that my sister trusted me enough to ask.  I knew I could be a good little sister and not tell about her having a boyfriend, but I didn’t know if I should be quiet about the flashing thing.

So we went out, and she introduced me to the man on the screen.  I couldn’t make out much of his features because the light was dim and the camera fuzzy, but he seemed a little older than Anne or her usual boyfriends.  “Okay, Anne, this is my internet boyfriend Frank.  Frank, this is my little sister Jessica.”

“Well, aren’t you just the cutest little thing,” he said.  He sounded older too, not like a teen boy at all, but like a man, but then some teenagers sounded that way early.  “What did you see when you came in here the first time?”

“I saw Anne flashing you her boobs.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“I don’t know,” I said.  “It’s bad, isn’t it?”

He sounded shocked, even offended.  “Bad?  Of course not.  That’s just what people do on here.  It’s a little game called ‘Show Me’.   You can play too.  I say, ‘Show me your bra.’”

I looked down at the floor.  “I’m not wearing one,” I admitted.

“Even better.  Show me your cute little nipples, then.”

“What?”  I looked to my sister for help, but she was standing there with the weirdest expression, like she was just waiting.  “I can’t do that,” I said, back to the camera.

“Why not.  They’re just nipples.  I have them, you have them.  Your sister certainly does, and if yours are anything like hers, they’re very pretty.”

He certainly had a point.  Each of us had two of them, but I knew my sister’s were better.  “Yeah, but… I can’t, it’s not right.”

Finally, my sister spoke up.  “Oh, come on, Jessica, everybody my age does it.  I told him you were cool.”

My eyes widened.  “You did?”

She nodded. “Are you going to make a liar out of me?  Come on, let’s show him you’re cool.”

That was the first of the dirty sisterly tricks.  You might say the threat of violence if I told was one, but I was used to that one, and this was the first dirty trick used to get me to do something dirty.  Of course I wanted to be cool, who didn’t want to be cool in front of the bigger sister they idolized?  The fact that she said I was cool made me feel great, special, cool.  My sister was the ultimate cool and smart to boot, and so if she said it, it had to be true.  It was only a lifetime of parental instruction in modesty that stopped me from stripping totally naked right then and showing how cool I could be.

“Would it help if you did it together?” Frank asked.  I nodded mutely, and so, my sister right beside me, we both pulled up our shirts and pinned them up with our chins.  Anne had removed her bra as well, so Frank got to see two pairs of tits, or one pair of plump but firm cantaloupe-sized tits, and a flat field that tits might one day grow.  It was a rush, I knew well that what I was doing was naughty, and that was a little like a drug… it made me all light-headed and flush and giggly right after.  The pleasures of being bad can be intense, so maybe I can understand a little at why my sister sold me out, but I don’t think it excuses her.  It’s why they call it being bad, not being good. 

Frank’s little game of “Show me” continued, and in subsequent rounds, he got to us to “show him” our butts, our assholes, our pussies, the inside pink of our pussies, and what it looked like with each other’s fingers in our pussies, and what it looked like with our tongues in each other’s pussies.  That light-headed feeling increased with each step, but the last was the best.  I was a little worried when looking, which we’d done before, turned into touching, but my sister convinced me there was nothing bad about it, it was just a game, for fun, so I went along, and first got a lesson in how to masturbate.  My sister’s finger opened me up to the wonder of what I could do with my own.   It felt incredible, a tingling that was almost electric.  And if I thought the finger was electric, you can imagine how blown away I was by the tongue.  I’d thought that was silly when I first heard people did it, even when I heard that it was what lesbians did to each other all the time, but the moment it touched, I realized there was nothing silly about it, that lesbians were frickin’ geniuses.  I didn’t cum from my sister’s tongue, it didn’t go on long enough before it was my turn to lick her (I finally found out how she tasted… a little sweet and salty), but if we’d taken a few more turns I’m sure I would have… except Mom chose that moment to phone and check up on us, right when I was running my tongue along the groove of Anne’s lightly-furred pussy and wondering if the fact that I decided I liked the taste made me a lesbo, too.
The abrupt shock of the phone call, followed by the reminder of Mom startled us out of our game, as those we feared that mythical little birdie that always told her what we did had just ratted on us.  Anne said goodbye to Frank, and banished me to my room right after we both talked to Mom and assured her that yes, we were both following the rules.

Anne and I never really discussed what had happened, except for her warning me not to breathe a word of it to Mom.  We went back to our normal relationship, although now I didn’t mind so much being banished to my room, because I could amuse myself with my own fingers.  I gave myself my first orgasm that evening, and teased out several more over the next few days thinking about pop stars and celebrities, and even broke my hymen once when I went a little too far.   That scared the shit out of me at first, and I panicked and went to my sister and showed her, but she spread the lips with her fingers, took a look, then let them spring back together, called me a dweeb and said it was nothing serious and wouldn’t bleed again.  After that, she went back to what she was doing before.   Which I guess was a good thing, if she’d reacted with anything other than bored disdain I’d have worried she was lying to make me feel better, and that it really was serious.     

I guess that first day probably counts as abuse, but if it began and ended there, I probably would have come out more or less normal, maybe even better.  I’d have had a fun that was both naughty but ultimately safe, and learned the techniques that would make for a successful life of self-pleasuring… although I guess I might have flirted with becoming a full-fledged lesbian, too.  I never had a chance to live that alternate life, though, the life of a slut was being put together for me, and Anne was willing to sell me into it.

It was the first day of our spring break.  It must have only been a week or two after that game of ‘Show Me’.  I’d caught Anne talking on the computer a few times since, but she was never on webcam and always sent me back to my room rather than inviting me to stay.   Now, things had changed a little… we had no school for a week, but that didn’t mean we got a break from the rules.  Mom didn’t want us running off and getting into trouble on our own.  I could go to a friend’s house, but only if Mom called them first and could verify that I’d be properly supervised, picked up, and be allowed to stay there until Mom fetched me.  

Well, it was just so embarrassing to have such an overprotective mother that I never wanted to ask anybody.  Anne had a longer leash, but with a big restriction… she could only go out if I did, and since I didn’t, she was stuck at home too.  Normally, she’d throw up a bitchstorm at that, but this time she didn’t, which should have been my first clue something was up.  But I didn’t have any idea until the moment after Mom left for work that first day.   I kissed her goodbye, watched her leave out the window, and then turned to see Anne watching too. 

Anne had a look on her face like she wanted to talk to me.  I knew that look well… she used it when she’d used up her allowance and wanted to borrow some of mine.  It was like, for once, she was happy to see you, but there was a little guilt there too, behind the eyes. 

“What?” I asked first, with a little bit of a sigh.

“Can I trust you?” she asked. 

That was off the script.  She sounded almost sincere.  “With what?”

“I need you to promise you won’t tell Mom.”

“About what?”

“Promise first.”

“Fine, I promise,” I told her. 

“My boyfriend’s coming over today.”

“Your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, you remember, Frank?  He finally got into town yesterday and he wants to see me.”

“We’re not allowed to have people over,” I reminded her.

“Well, too late, you already promised not to tell.”  She had me there.  Yet another dirty trick.  “Just don’t be a dork and embarrass me in front of him.  If you can’t manage that, stay in your room.”

I didn’t even get much time to get used to the idea.  It wasn’t ten minutes before there was a knock at the door.  I was shy and stayed in the hallway, just peeking around the corner, while Anne answered it. 

Frank looked much older in person than he had on the internet.  There was no doubt about it, he was a man, not a teenager.  He might have even been as old as Mom.  He looked good, though, rugged, like a construction worker on a TV show or movie, not one of the fat ones, but the ones that get to date the star even though she’s an uptown girl.  He wore jeans and a flannel work shirt. 

Anne jumped him as soon as the door was closed.  She actually hopped up and wrapped her legs and arms around him, like she was trying a piggyback ride from the front.  It pushed him back into the door, but he gave her a long, wet kiss, with their tongues going everywhere.  “Hey, baby doll,” he said.  “Good to see you again too.”  He let her down then, and asked, “You been a good girl?”  Anne nodded eagerly.  “You been following all my rules?”  She nodded again, though not quite so eager.   “Well, let’s see.”

Frank reached down and pulled up Anne’s skirt.  It wasn’t scandalously short, just down to mid-thigh, but what was scandalous was that she wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath.   I was only eleven, so even though I’d seen Anne naked before, her revealing her ass when other people could see was so shocking I gasped and gave myself away. 

Frank saw me, craned his neck to get a better view around the corner.  “If it isn’t your little sister Jessica. Come out and say hello.” 

I stepped out and into the foyer area and mumbled something that might have passed for a greeting.  I was always a little shy around strangers, and even if he had seen me naked already, that was over the Internet, it didn’t count.   Also making me self-conscious was the gaze of my sister, practically imploring me not to embarrass her. 

“I remember you’ve got a cute little pussy.  Maybe you want to show it to me later?”  I shrugged, but he didn’t seem to be bothered.  “Well, we’ll see.  Right now I have to make sure your sister’s been following her orders.”

“What orders?” I asked, curious.

“Well, I’m a very busy man, and only a very special girl gets my attention.  I wanted to be sure that she was worth spending my time with while I’m in town.  So I gave her some instructions.  One was not to wear any underwear.”  He turned Anne around and held her up against him.  Her pussy was out, but in contrast to the last time I saw it, where there was a thick crown of hair, it was now completely bald.  My eyes didn’t bug out at that, but they bugged out when his meaty hands went down there and spread the lips of her pussy apart.  “The second was that she shave.  Maybe you can help me be sure she’s done the others.  Do you know if she’s masturbated this week?” 

I shook my head.  Now that I knew what it was, I knew Anne had been doing it for some time, I’d heard soft grunts and whimpers coming from her room before… silly, naïve me, I always thought she was exercising or shaving her legs.  It was only after I started doing the same thing and making the same noises that I made the connection.  But now that I thought about it, I hadn’t heard any this week.

“She wouldn’t know,” Anne said.  “But I promise, I haven’t cum.  I’ve just come close.”

“And the teacher?”

Anne looked at me, blushing, but she said, “I sucked him off on the last day of school before break, just like you asked.”  My mouth hung open.  “He gave me his phone number.”

“And how many times have you sucked pussy since I told you I might be coming to town?”

“Six girls.   About twenty times.  My friends think I’m totally a dyke, especially since I didn’t want them to return the favor… well, I wanted them to, but I wasn’t allowed to.”

Frank turned to me and asked, “Were you one of them?  Did your sister eat your pussy out?”  I shook my head again, stunned at this turn of events.  Why was my sister acting like a slut for this guy?  Worse, why did it make me all excited?  “Too bad.  I‘m a little disappointed, to be honest.”

Anne got defensive then.  “I was worried she might tell Mom.”

“I don’t think you give your sister enough credit.  You wouldn’t tell on her, would you?”  Again I shook my head.  “I probably should have told you to do your sister before I’d come.  I just assumed you’d choose her because she’d be convenient.”  He shrugged though, and said, “Oh well, I never did make it an order, I’m already here.”  He bent down and in one quick motion, picked my sister up and slung her over his arm as she squealed in surprise and delight.  “I guess I can take care of you.”  He looked to me again.  “Which way is your sister’s bedroom?”  I pointed down the hall.  “Lead the way.”

I started to walk down towards her room, and finally curiosity made me find my voice.  “What are you going to do?”

“Well, little Jessica, I’m going to fuck your sister.  She’s in serious need of a good orgasm, and I’ve got a cock that’s ready, willing, and able to provide several.  You’re old enough to know what sex is, right?”

“Of course.”  I really only had the most clinical idea, mostly second or third-hand descriptions.  As surprising as it was, I’d never even looked at porn, at least not straight porn, at least not straight porn with video, though I’d seen some still pictures that were a little frightening. 

“You ever seen it?”

“No.”  We were at the door now, standing at the threshold. 

“Well, I’ll leave the door open then.  If you want to, have a look.  I don’t mind, I’m not shy.”

I WAS shy.  I was curious as hell, too.  I wanted to watch, see what it was like, learn what the big deal was about it… but I didn’t want to look curious, especially with my sister knowing.  And one thing I thought I knew about sex was that it was supposed to be private.  Anne wouldn’t want me watching, and Frank was probably just being polite. 

So instead of satisfying my curiosity openly, I went to my room and shut my door.  But when I shut it, I stayed on the outside, in the hallway.  I wanted them to think I was inside, but really I wanted to stay close, and crept back on tiptoes. 

I stood at the threshold of my sister’s door, listening to my sister’s giggles turn into breathless gasps, and then into moans.  I peeked, of course, but not right away, I wanted to be sure they wouldn’t catch me at it, but once they were grunting like animals I couldn’t resist anymore and took a peek.  I spotted them on her bed, she was on her hands and knees and he was behind her, completely naked, holding her by her hair as he slammed into her again and again.  Every once in a while he’d slap her ass, which I thought would make her mad but even though she squealed, it didn’t seem to make her that upset. 

I got an eyeful, but it wasn’t really a good look, not as good a look as I wanted.  I didn’t know what I wanted when I decided to spy, but I knew it when I didn’t see it… what I wanted was a close-up cock-in-pussy view, instead of from a distance and at an angle.  What I did see of his cock, in those brief moments it slid out of her and I caught a glimpse, looked pretty big, and it sure seemed to please Anne. 

I was too much of a chicken to go up and get the view I wanted, but my pussy tingled a little as I imagined doing it, just going up and flopping down on the bed beside them and taking a good look.  I was about to rub down there a little but it looked like Frank was turning his head so I ducked back into the hallway.

I’d get my wish for a closer look, but not how I expected, and not until a few minutes after things got really loud and then really quiet.  I took that opportunity to creep back to my room, again on tiptoes, open the door and close it again, and then walk back to the living room to watch TV.  I was doing my best to act like nothing strange was going on.  As I passed the doorway I took one quick glance in and saw my sister and Frank lying naked, loosely in each other’s arms.  Anne didn’t see me, but Frank did, he gave me a nod and smile.  I ignored him and passed on by. 

It wasn’t long before he came out to join me.  I did a literal double-take.  I glanced over when I heard someone coming, then back to the TV, then back to him when I realized he was still naked.  Not just naked, his dick was out and proud like he was pointing at something.  Pointing at me, to be precise. 

I was naïve enough not to be sure if that was normal or not.  I mean, I know walking out naked wasn’t normal, I wasn’t that innocent, but I didn’t really know much about erections or how they worked.   Guys didn’t seem to have dicks that stuck out all the time, but I thought maybe they were able to fold them really well… although, looking at it, it didn’t seem like it would fold easily, it looked rigid and when he took a step, it swung like it carried some weight. 

After one long lingering look to make sure I saw what I thought I saw, I turned back to the TV and pretended it was no big deal.  I was embarrassed, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself more by freaking out about it.

Frank said hello, then sat down on the couch right beside me, like he wanted to put it right where I could see it out of the corner of my eye.   I learned the reason for the expression “big as life” that day, because a dick looks a lot bigger when it’s right there in front of you, close enough for you to grab instead of in a still picture.  A lot more alive, too.  I couldn’t help but look, with it just bobbing there happily.  Frank tried to talk to me, asked me what we were watching and other questions, but I didn’t answer him much.  In fact, I was barely even aware of what he was saying, until he suggested that I could touch it, if I wanted.

I wanted, but I didn’t.  It was like some kind of wild animal, I was too scared to actually touch it, but I wanted to, to see what it would feel like.  Would it be warm?  Would it be dry or slimy?  Would it twitch in my hands?  Would it try to bite?  Okay, not really, but… could I feel a heart-beat?  Would I get in trouble?  That last worry was probably the strongest, and why I was going to shake my head in response to the offer. 

I guess I waited too long, because before I knew it, he took my hand and put it on his shaft.  My fingers naturally curled around it, and I had, for the first time, a hand full of cock.  I was stunned, but at least some of my questions were answered.  It was warm, a little slimy, especially towards the top of my hand, it did twitch, and I couldn’t feel a heartbeat, but maybe I wasn’t feeling in the right place.  And of course it didn’t bite.  As for getting in trouble, that seemed about to happen when I saw my sister come around the corner.  I whipped my hand away and put it back in my lap, but she didn’t seem to notice. 

“Frank?  You coming back?”

“Not just now, darling,” he said.  “Just spending some time with your little sister, watching some Disney channel.”  Finally he looked in her direction.  “What are you wearing?  Didn’t I tell you not to get dressed?”

I looked over too.  She was wearing a pink bathrobe, wrapped tightly around her.  “I’m not dressed, this is a robe.”

“Do you see me in a robe?”

Anne locked eyes with me, just for a second, and then said, “But…”

“No buts, unless it’s your butt, and it’s bared.  You don’t got anything your sister hasn’t seen before.”

Anne wrestled with it for a moment, but finally pulled the robe apart and dropped it.  She was naked, totally, and while it wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before, I hadn’t seen it before when it was freshly fucked.  Her pussy looked a little red and puffy, the lips wider than the last time I’d seen them, and then there were the little trails down her legs that I noticed as she moved towards the couch, like something sticky had dried there.

I was sitting in the middle of the couch, I didn’t plan anything by it, it was just my habit.  Frank sat beside me, so the only place for Anne to sit was on the other side of me, unless she wanted to ride the armrest beside her boyfriend, and when she tried that Frank swatted her ass and said, “Sit like a normal person.”

Anne stared at me again and said, “Move.”

“No,” I said defiantly.  “I was here first.”  You’d think I would move, right?  But ‘here first’ is an argument I rarely get to use.  My sister was ‘here first’ in so many things.  It wasn’t just that, I figured that if I was between them, they wouldn’t do anything gross like make out. 

Boy did I make the wrong call there, too.  Anne grudgingly sat beside me, and we watched TV for about fifteen minutes… well, okay.  I don’t know what the others were watching, I was watching TV and Frank’s cock, which underwent startling transformations, sometimes deflating, sometimes standing at attention, and sometimes he stroked it from one stage to the other like he was a magician doing a trick.  Finally, after one such stroking, he reached one arm over my head, grabbed Anne, and pulled her over my lap roughly.  “Why don’t you suck on my dick, a while, baby?”


“No buts,” Frank said again.  “Show your sister how it’s done.”

I didn’t want to see how it was done, it was getting a little too weird for me, I wanted to get out of there and back to my room, but I was trapped, Anne’s upper body pinning my legs.  Frank grinned at me and nodded his head down towards his lap as though inviting me to take in the show, which started immediately.  Anne wrapped her lips around the head of his penis and went down all the way to the balls.  Okay, yes, I had to watch that, it was kind of neat, like a sword-swallower at the circus, but still weird, and I was entirely too close.  But what could I do, trapped like that?  I leaned back as far as I could to show them I didn’t want any part of it. 

“Frank?” my sister said, taking her mouth away for a moment.

He pushed her head down.  “Jessica?  I want you to pay attention, there’s a lesson here, when your mouth is busy with one thing, you don’t try to do something else like talk.  Your mother didn’t teach you to talk with your mouth full, did she?”  I shook my head.  “Well, mine didn’t either.  So I want you to do me a favor.  Watch her closely.  If your sister’s mouth comes off my cock before I say, I want you to give her a slap, right on her ass, hard as you can.”

Well, that was too tempting an offer to resist.  Anne’d spanked me before for being bad, but I’d never got the chance to do it to her, and I wanted that chance.  He couldn’t have picked a better way to get me to watch that blowjob if he offered to pay me.  So, I held my hand up and ready, and fixed my eyes on my sister’s blushed face. 

She couldn’t even give me that small joy, though, so I had to watch for several minutes, her head bobbing up and down, and she didn’t remove it once.  Once she pulled back to use just her tongue on the head and I was in motion to swat when Frank told me that the tongue counts as her mouth.    Finally, Frank said, “Okay, you can pull off,” and I lowered my hand, disappointed. 

Anne’s mouth left Frank’s dick, but she kept close and he used his fist instead, pumping it up and down, and suddenly white stuff started to dribble out all over the place.  Anne’s tongue snapped back into action to get some of it, but most of it fell… onto me.  My bare legs, and I had cum on them.  First cum I’d ever seen, too.  It looked like some kind of slime.  “Eww!”

“See, look what you did,” Frank scolded.  “You let your sister get all cummy.  Lick her clean.”

Wow, that was neat.  It didn’t feel as incredibly good as when she licked my pussy that time, but the feel of your sister’s tongue on your legs, especially when it goes to the inner thighs, really is weird, but good weird.  It wasn’t just the feeling itself, but how it reminded me of the last time her face was between my legs, and also how it made me feel powerful, that my older sister was licking me clean when I was dirty.   Then I looked over to Frank and saw this hungry look in his eyes that scared me a little.  I think I knew then that he was going to keep pushing things and pushing things until I did a lot of things I regretted, and that’s why, when my sister finally got off my lap, I got up and announced I was going to my room.

“What’s wrong little bit?” Frank asked.  “I do something to offend you?”

I shook my head and just left.  Once in the safety of my room, I closed my door, sat on the bed and rubbed my fingers through my crack steadily.  That seemed safer, and once I’d had that moment of pleasure I thought I’d be okay, that I could think more clearly.   

I did come out again, later, after my sister and Frank went at it yet again.  She was loud this time, so I waited till they were completely done, and then waited a little longer for good measure.  When I came out to the living room, my sister still wasn’t dressed, but, to my surprise, Frank was.  He looked like he was on his way to the door, which filled me with a sense of relief.   That was undone when I heard my sister say, “So, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

Great.  Another day of this.  I suppose it wasn’t all bad, it was fun to see all this sex stuff and how it worked, but I knew sooner or later he was going to start touching me, and that was supposed to be bad when strangers touched you.  Every lesson I’d gotten from television and school said it was a horrible thing that would make me miserable.  It was really exciting every time he got close, but it was exciting to stand on the edge of a cliff and look over, too.  That didn’t mean I wanted to tumble off. 

Frank didn’t agree like I thought he would.  Instead, he said, “I don’t know, I might find something better to do…”

You should have seen my sister’s face fall.  She looked positively devastated.  “What?  But I did everything you said!”

“Let’s just say I didn’t get as warm a welcome as I wanted.   If I was going to come back, things would have to change.”

Creeping closer, I stepped on a creaky part of the floor, and instinctively ducked back before my sister could see.   On tiptoes, I pranced back to my room before my sister could catch me eavesdropping.  I don’t think she even came out to the hallway, but I was scared, and so I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation, but I got a good idea of what it was later.

That was when my sister came in ready to pull any kind of dirty trick she could to get me to be “nicer” to Frank.  “He thought you didn’t like him,” she said. 

“I didn’t.”

“Well, I do, and I really need you to help me out here.  If you don’t start being nicer to him he’s not going to come back.”  I had mixed feelings on that, so I just shrugged.   “If you don’t help me here, I’m going to tell Mom that you were being a brat.”

That was one trick I was prepared for.  “I’ll just tell her what you wanted me to do.  And what you did.”

“She wouldn’t believe you,” Anne insisted.  “She’d think you watched porn… and that’s what I’ll tell her.” 

“Really?”  It could go either way, but I thought I could make Mom believe me.   “I’m never in trouble like you are.  And if she doesn’t believe me I’ll point out the places Frank’s thing leaked on the couch.  She can get it tested.”  I didn’t watch porn, but sometimes I did watch Law and Order SVU reruns.  We stared each other down for what seemed like a minute.

She broke.  She got down on her knees beside my bed.  “Please?”  she said.  “I really, really need you, Jessica.  I know I haven’t always been the best sister, but I love you, and I need your help.  He had to leave once before, and it almost killed me.  I don’t know what I’d do if he didn’t come back.”  That was the trick that did me in, the one I wasn’t prepared for.   I later learned that Frank was her first, that he met her when she was thirteen and spending time in a library, and he was masturbating to porn on one of the public computers.  Our librarian was a voyeur who enjoyed watching a man seduce a teenage girl in front of her.  Anne went back to the library every day that week, and Mom just thought she was finally getting serious about her education.  Instead, Frank was giving her a very sexual education.  Frank was just in town on business, and left after that week, although they exchanged e-mails and he left her with a void that was hard to fill.  Now she was begging me to help keep him interested.  It wasn’t the begging, at least not just the begging.  It was the sincerity.  It was like I was literally her last hope, like I held her happiness in my hands.  I liked that feeling.  I wasn’t sure I liked it enough to let a strange man fuck me for it, but at least it made me feel like I mattered to her. 

“What do you want me to do?” I asked sarcastically.  “Let him fuck me?”

“No, of course not,” she said, but I think we both knew it would come to that.  “But just get naked with us, and watch, and maybe rub your pussy a bit.  Like this.”  Her hands dove between my legs, and even though I’d recently cum and she only touched me through my clothes, it stimulated me.  Okay, maybe THAT was the dirty trick that did me in.  I spread my legs to give her easier access, it was almost automatic, and she took the opportunity to dive under the waistband and rub where I most wanted her to.  “See?  It feels good, and all I’m asking is to let Frank see you feeling good.  That’s not so much to ask, is it?”

I took a breath.  “I guess not,” I said, feeling hot all over. 

“Good.  And that’s all you have to do, touch yourself, and let Frank touch you, and maybe let him put his thing in your mouth to get hard.” 

That was upping the stakes considerably, but, right then, it didn’t seem like such a bad thing.  Girls did that all the time from what I’d heard.  Anne seemed to like it.  What would it feel like?  What would it taste like?  I used to think it would taste like old gym socks.   After being close enough to somebody else doing it to smell, I didn’t think it anymore.   Still, I thought I should put up some resistance, or Anne would be proposing more.  “His thing, in my mouth?”

“It’s no big deal,” she said, wiggling her middle finger in my crack as she did.  “And look, you can just think of like practice, for when you get a boyfriend.  He’ll think you’re really cool because you already know how to give him a blowjob.” 

“I don’t know…”

“And if you’re a really good sister, and you help me out like this, I’ll make it up to you.”


“Next time we go out, you can sit next to me on the bus, instead of behind.”  Not good enough.  I’d already decided I was probably going to give in, if she made it worth my while.  “I’ll let you watch whatever you want on TV, like, completely, until he’s gone.”  I still kept my mouth shut, although a moan was struggling to escape my throat.  “I’ll lick your pussy again like last time.  Any time you want.”

“Okay,” I said, trying to make my moan sound like a sigh, like I was just going along with it, but I think I gave the game away with how fast I got naked.  She hadn’t offered to do it right then, just if I was really nice, but right then we were both willing to get me my first payment in advance.  As I lay back with her mouth pressed to my hole, her tongue worming inside and making me quiver all over, I thought I could get used to it, addicted even.  If sex with Frank was half as good, I could see why my sister went to such extremes to keep him.  By the time Mom got home, Anne had been gone for ten minutes and I was still a sweaty heap with limbs that felt like they were made of jelly, wiped out from two or three orgasms.  Mom thought I was sick when she came to check on me, I had to tell her I wore myself out dancing. 

My sister kept up her part of the bargain, so I felt I was pretty obligated to keep up mine, even though I started having second thoughts by the time I went to bed.  She never actually promised Frank wouldn’t fuck me, she just said I wouldn’t have to… but I knew he’d keep pushing.  Anne had to have known that too.  I just trusted that she’d protect me from that when the time came.  Big mistake.

What I don’t think either of us were expecting or prepared for was how fast it would happen, or that Frank’s plan was more sinister than Anne could have thought.   He didn’t just want to fuck me too, he wanted me to completely replace my sister as his go-to sextoy. 

He played it low key that next day, if you can call fingering an eleven-year-old and making her swallow his cum ‘low key’.  Whatever you call it, Frank didn’t try much beyond what he’d already asked Anne to get me to agree to. 

I spent the whole time Frank was there, except a few minutes when he first arrived, naked.  He was very complimentary and enjoyed the view so much he wanted to touch too, and he touched me all over but especially between my legs, but I was prepared for that… at any other time I would have run but Anne gained my cooperation with her tongue the day before, so it was no big thing, and twenty minutes of his fingers squirming around in my cunt certainly cured me of my shyness.   

The big thing that first day was the blowjob.  Anne said I’d just have to do it to get him hard, but the first time he wanted to put his throbbing meat in my mouth, it was already pretty hard, and he made me suck him until he came, too, telling me it was to teach me how.  I didn’t mind, though, by this time I wanted the experience.  The taste, now that I minded, it wasn’t very good, not like old gym socks, but like milk that had gone a little bad, but it was the only time I drank it that way, right from Frank.  I did have a lot more cum that day, but it was usually mixed in with my sister’s pussy, and that somehow made it taste a lot better.

That’s all it was the first day, one blowjob lesson, and then me watching or helping out when Frank fucked my sister, or to get him hard in between sessions.  Sometimes that was letting him watch Anne give me orgasms, sometimes it was a little more blowjob practice, but not to completion, and sometimes it was just letting him finger me.  Helping out was pretty educational, I got the big close up look at what sex was, in every hole, and sometimes Frank would pull out and put it in my mouth a little more, or asked me to lick Anne’s slit while his dick plowed into her.  Best of all was when he fucked my sister’s asshole from behind and made her eat me out at the same time.  Every thrust jolted her forward and moved her tongue in an unexpected direction and with added force.  I had my best orgasm of the day to that, and by that time they were starting to blur together.   The whole day was pretty explosively entertaining, and I was getting pretty used to cumming, so I was ready to continue the next day, or even the rest of the week. 

Before Frank left, Anne said something that would give him the opening he needed to get at my own opening.   While he was getting dressed, she told him, “Remember, tomorrow starts the most risky time for me to get pregnant, so you’ll have to wear a condom, okay?”

Frank never said okay, but he grunted something that sounded like an agreement, and nothing more was said of it, and I wasn’t really thinking much about it.  What I was thinking about was something I heard on Law and Order once, that sperm live inside the vagina for three days.  What I didn’t know was whether that meant the part of her cycle that was “dangerous” actually started three days from now, or if what she did today might make her pregnant in three days.  She’d sure taken a lot of cum inside of her pussy, and I knew I didn’t suck it all out. 

So, when Frank next showed up, guess what he DIDN’T bring with him?  Condoms, of course.  Anne brought it up after I’d gotten him good and hard with my tongue, and he was spreading my sister’s legs from behind.  “You should put on a condom,” she said suddenly. 

“I never wear condoms, darling.”

“What?” Anne tried to close her legs, but Frank was stronger, and I guess her heart wasn’t really in the fight, because he easily kept them apart as he got closer.  “Then you can’t… I mean, I might get pregnant.”

“You might.  I’m feeling especially potent today.”  I was watching from underneath them, my head between Anne’s knees, so I could see as the head of his dick bumped into her labia.  “I’ve told you before, you want to keep riding with big Frank, you’ll have to take some chances… like the chance of getting knocked up a little.”

“You can pull out, though, right?  Finish in my mouth or ass?”

“I thought you understood me, girl.  I thought maybe you were the one.   Maybe I was wrong about you these last couple years.”

“What?  What do you mean?”  She sounded worried, almost panicked.  “You cum in my ass all the time.”

He used one hand to wave his dick up and down and then said, “Yes, but it’s always a second feature.  It’s like a steak and potato dinner.   I like the potato, and I’ll enjoy eating it, as long as I know I’m going to get what I came for, and I’m there for the steak.  If I go to a restaurant and they only want to serve me potatoes, I’ll walk out and find somewhere else, no matter how hungry I am.  And this here dick you love so much, it’s just like me, only to it, pussy is steak.  It wants to tear into it.”  He pressed forward, and the head disappeared inside.  “But it doesn’t just want to take a taste and then dine on potato the whole night.  It wants to do what’s natural.  Cocks always want to shoot their load in a pussy.  That’s just nature.  God designed it for that purpose.  If I don’t drop a load in a cunt, I’m going unsatisfied, and if I’m unsatisfied, I’m not coming back.”

“So I have to risk getting pregnant,” Anne whined, “Or you’ll break up with me?”

“Every time I came in you before, you risked getting pregnant, this is just a little riskier.  And to break up with you, we’d have to be going out.  I enjoy fucking you, darling, but I’ve told you before, to be my girl, a girl’s got to be willing to do anything.  I thought maybe that could be you.”  He let that sink in a moment, and then gave her a way out.  “But I never said I had to cum in you.  I just need to a pussy to shoot in when I’m ready.”

Anne locked eyes with me then, even if she did it with her head hanging upside down looking back between her legs.  We both knew what he wanted, and I think she was asking my permission. 

Well, I wasn’t going to give it… not because I didn’t want her to say yes, though.   By now I wanted to feel a real cock in my pussy, shooting off, but I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction or make it any easier on her.   She was supposed to be my sister, to look out for me, put me above some guy.  I just stared back at her, jutting out my bottom lip a little in defiance.  Sure there was a part of me that wanted her to say yes, but the trusting little girl in me wanted her to say no, to stand up for me.  I thought of it like a test, I had to look like I did not want to do this, and if she did the right thing and told Frank no, I’d have popped right up and said I didn’t mind, that I wanted it, and let her off the hook.  But as we stared at each other my sister had to think I was not in for this.

Anne made her decision and sold me out again.  “Just to shoot in?  Not to fuck?”

“Just to shoot in.  I’ll fuck you, and then when I’m ready, I’ll pull out and just put the head in your sister.  Or I can cum in you.  Your call.”

Anne bit her lip then said, to me, “Just go with it, Jessica?” I pouted, and she said, “Come on, it’s no big deal.  It’s not actually fucking, he’s just going to stick the head in.”

So, that’s what happened.  I complied, trying to hide my excitement and put on a show of being a poor, put-upon sister just doing what she was told, giving Anne a chance to have second thoughts, but she didn’t have any.  Frank suggested I turn around so I could be in position, and so I lay on my back underneath my sister as Frank fucked her.  The view wasn’t good with my sister’s tits bouncing around my face… I swear she doing that just to get me to suck on her nipple, and finally I did… it gave me something to do while I waited for my first load of cum, and at least in my mouth it wouldn’t poke my eye out.   It wasn’t as fun as it was in my imagination, though, and those melons didn’t really have any juice yet. 

One thing about Frank, and I think it was part of why my sister had this strange draw to him, was that he could last a long time when he wanted to, although at the time he was the only guy I’d seen so I figured it was normal.  So there I was, nursing on an erect nipple, waiting for what seemed like forever, and my sister came first, pressing down on me as she did, like she was going to squish me.  She started up again and was probably well on her way to another climax when I heard Frank say, “Okay, I’m ready to blow.”

My sister pulled off quickly, then practically rolled off of me so she could watch what was happening.  Luckily, it meant I could, too.  Frank lowered his aim directly for my little slit, and pried the lips apart with two fingers while he used his other hand to stroke himself.  Meanwhile, my sister held my down by the shoulders, as though expecting that I’d try to run away at the last second and that it was her job, not to stop the molester, but stop me squirming away from him.  Squirming was a temptation, I guess.  As the big throbbing rod got close enough to touch, I had a moment of panic, I thought there was no way it would fit, but there was nowhere to go with my sister behind me, and Frank pushed in just as he shot off his first squirt.  I didn’t feel that one, because the head prying its way into my hole felt like it was stretching me to my breaking point, but once the ridge slid through it felt much better, and I could feel the little spasms as for the first time I took a load of fresh hot cum in my womb. 

I knew it wasn’t going to be the last.   I didn’t want it to be.  It hurt at first, but while Frank was inside me, filling me with spunk, I felt great, like I’d been missing something all my life.  Frank was very still through the whole thing, not moving any deeper in me than the head, although I kind of wanted him to, I wanted him to go as far as he could. 

When he was done, and Frank pulled out, Anne let go of my shoulders, gave me a little pat on the head.  “So does this mean I’m not a virgin?”

“No,” she said.  “You have to be fucked to be a virgin, he just stuck the head in.”

I don’t know if she was right about my virginity, but I guess it is kind of ambiguous, and Law and Order SVU never addressed this specific point.   I certainly didn’t have a hymen anymore, but it wasn’t Frank’s dick that broke it, and he did just get the head in.  So maybe I was still a virgin at that point.  But if I was, I wouldn’t be for much longer.

The next time they fucked, Frank once again announced he was ready to cum.  Once again, I got into position, this time on my hands and knees, with my butt in the air, and he pushed just the head in.  Nothing happened.  He wasn’t shooting.  I would have been happy to stay like that as long as it took, but Anne said, “Aren’t you done yet?”

“No,” Frank said.  “I must have jumped the gun.  Let me just take a few strokes.” 

Without giving either of us a chance to protest, Frank pushed in, then out, and then again, a little deeper.  I’m no dummy, I knew I was getting fucked, just slowly and carefully… which was just enough to make me want it quickly and forcefully.  He didn’t go all the way in, maybe half-way at the most, and then after about a half dozen strokes, he grabbed me firmly by the ass and said, “Yeah, that’s it…” and let loose.

Anne and Frank fucked five times that day, and each time I was the designated cumdump.  Each time Frank also took less time fucking my sister and more fucking me.  Each time, Frank claimed he was about to cum before he started to fuck me, and my sister was unwilling to challenge him.  By the fourth I got his whole dick, right to the balls, for longer than my sister.  The last, we’d used our tongues, together to get him hard and ready, and when he was ready to fuck, he took two quick strokes in my sister, and then “had to cum”.  After that, I had my legs in the air, getting my pussy stretched out to its very limit for the better part of an hour, while my sister grinded on my face to get her own satisfaction.

That was Wednesday.  Thursday, he didn’t even use the pretense of needing to cum, he just fucked me most of the time, and not always in the pussy, and sometimes without even fucking my sister at all.  Oh, she was still involved, Frank still liked to watch us eat each other out, and her tongue was put to good use… sometimes, Frank would eat her out while he fucked me… but the fucking was all for me, except for a couple strokes now and then.  He kept saying he’d fuck her a little later, but wanted to get most of the sperm out of his system first, so the risks of knocking her up would be lower.

I have to admit I loved it.  Even ignoring all the orgasms and the wonderful completeness you feel when you’re stuffed with cock, there was a mean little part of me that was happy to have taken Frank away from Anne so completely, when she loved him so much.  I felt a little bad for her too, but mostly I felt superior, dominant, like I was in charge for once.  Like I was the special one, and she was the little kid who had to tag along.  I got to be fucked hard and raw several times, she just got the promise of one at the end of the day… a promise that went unfulfilled, as it turned out.

When Frank announced that it was time for him to go, Anne finally spoke up.  “But you were supposed to fuck me…” she whined. 

“Sorry, darling, your sister kind of wiped me out, I don’t think I have another cum left in me today.”

“But… but… you’re supposed to be here for me, not her.  You can’t just fuck her all day and leave me unsatisfied.”

“You’re unsatisfied?” Frank asked, actually seeming concerned.  When my sister nodded, he said, “But I know your sister made your toes curl several times.”

“It’s not the same,” she said.  “I need cock.”  I had to agree.  A willing tongue between your legs is great, but a hard dick is even better.  “If you’re going to fuck her while all I get is tongue, why should I let you be here at all.  I’m not saying you can’t fuck her at all, but I should get more than she does.”

“But I thought you were worried about pregnancy.”

“Fuck it, I’ll risk it, it’s probably safe by now anyway.  Just fuck me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry darling.  I didn’t realize you were feeling neglected.  I’m truly, truly sorry.  I don’t think I can give you any cock today, but I promise you, tomorrow, I’ll give you your fill of dick, and you’ll get at least twice as much as she does.”  He put his hand tenderly on her face, letting his thumb push its way into her mouth like it was a dick.  “Would that make you happy?” 

My sister nodded.  She was happy the rest of the day.  I wasn’t as happy with my sister getting the upper hand again… but she hadn’t, really.  She just thought she had. 

The next day, Friday, Frank showed us what he meant by showing up with two other guys, who he introduced as neighbors.  Frank was from out of town, and stayed in a motel, and these two guys, both in their thirties, lived there as well.  After making the introductions, he said, “Anne here wanted more cock, so you guys are in charge of giving her all she can take.  Jessica, let’s go.”

I rode on Frank’s dick as we sat in the easy chair, while I watched my sister being sandwiched between the two other guys, with one long dick in her ass and a thick one in her pussy.  She never said a word, but she kept her eyes locked on me and Frank.  I stuck my tongue out at her defiantly.  That’ll teach her to sell me out.  Frank was mine.

She was pissed at me that night, but I was able to point out that I was only doing what she had begged me to do, so she had no right to be mad.  It didn’t stop her, but it kept her from being obvious about it, instead, she just sulked around me.  She could have told Frank he couldn’t come back, if he wanted, but she never did.  I guess it was like after he left her at age thirteen, when she couldn’t fuck him anymore, and was feeling lonely and horny… but, as Frank told me during one of those quiet periods between fucking, he instructed her, over the Internet, to fuck other men and get herself off.  He may have started the process himself, but turned her into a full-fledged slut remotely from hundreds of miles away.  So she was used to getting other cocks when she couldn’t have his.  Before, she must have thought it was cool that he was so secure that he’d let her fuck other guys, even want her to, and not be jealous, but when the shoe was on the other foot and being worn right in front of her, she didn’t like it at all.  Well, she didn’t have much choice, really, because I’d already decided that even if she told Frank he couldn’t return, I’d go visit him at his hotel room from then on. 

After that week it was back to school, so we had to be more careful, and just had shorter after school fuck sessions, usually with the same two guys, but sometimes Frank brought other people as well.  Frank did throw my sister a fuck now and then, and threw me to the others, with the only restriction given to them was that they weren’t allowed to cum inside my pussy.  Mouth was fine, ass was fine, but pussy was out of bounds, because he was trying to get me pregnant himself and didn’t want competition.

That was a surprise, but by that time, I was too hooked on all the sex to complain, and, besides, who knew if I was even old enough to get pregnant?

I was, at least by early summer, where, with school out, our orgies became all-day affairs again.  That was also when my mother came home early and caught us.  She was totally livid, and the other guys ran, but not Frank, he stood and took it.  Mom threatened Frank with the cops, but he was cool and a cucumber.  He just pointed out how both Anne and I were already pregnant, and when the story came out about how Anne had turned me over to him, it would be jail for her too, if Mom told.   She couldn’t stop him from coming over, either, unless she was willing to stay home and keep the doors locked, because when he came knocking, we’d open up.   Her only choice, he said, was to keep letting Frank fuck me and bring over other men to fuck me and Anne.  She didn’t believe him at first, about what Anne had done, and asked me, so I told her the whole story.

So Mom was trapped.  She fretted about it a while in her room, and then came back and apologized to me, tears in her eyes, and told her she couldn’t “get justice” for me or “rescue me from this sinful situation” without getting Anne in trouble too.   She begged me to forgive her, even though she was, according to her, betraying me almost as much as Anne did.  Of course I forgave her, she was my mom, and besides, I didn’t exactly want justice or to be rescued.  Frank was pretty blatant from then on, and kept coming over even when Mom was home, and I guess Mom made the decision that if she couldn’t beat them, she should join them.  She made that decision fast, too… the first time two men took Mom to the bedroom while Frank fucked me and Anne ate me out, and we could both hear each other’s moans and even fed off them, well, that was only two days after she discovered us.  It was only one more day before one of the guys talked Mom into having me eat her out while I had a cock in my ass. 

She begged forgiveness for that one, too, later while we alone.  I told her I understood, and I didn’t mind doing it, I even liked doing it.  I hugged her and said, “Besides, all of this was Anne’s fault to start with.  I should totally get to spank her whenever I want, for that.”

I was joking, but Mom quirked a smile, which turned into a grin, and she said, “That could be arranged.”

That night I spanked my sister while she ate out Mom.  Later, I’d do it in front of the guys, and after that it became a regular part of our routine, me swatting Anne’s ass until it was red.  I felt a little bad about that, even after everything she did to me, until I noticed she came harder and faster than ever if I spanked her while somebody fucked her.   Sure, she couldn’t sit without wincing for about a week before her ass started getting used to the rough treatment. 

It didn’t stop there, either.  In addition to decreeing that Anne would do all the babysitting duties when we had our babies, and that we can use her to supply breast milk any time we want.  I love the taste, whether straight from the source or in a little glass.   Before the babies came I got a little overboard, but after they stop nursing, I still will.  We’ll keep her producing milk for years.  That wasn’t even the big thing though… the really big thing was that Mom put me completely in charge of Anne sexually.   Since it was my sister’s pussy that got us all into this, it showed she didn’t have good judgment when it came to that area. 

Now, all judgment in that area was mine, and I took advantage of it.  So, if I sucked a cock and didn’t want to swallow the load, Anne did that for me.  If I was all covered in cum, Anne gave me a tongue bath.   If she displeased me in any way, I cut off her supply of cock for a week.  I controlled her dress too.  At first I made her dress ultra conservatively, but that got boring, so I had her wear tight provocative t-shirts stretched over her tits and belly, with words like “Slut” and “Cumdumpster”.  She wore those even to school, although some of them got her sent home, sometimes after giving the principal a blowjob. 

When she didn’t have to go to school, the dress got even more extreme… before long, I was having her wear a collar and leash and leading her around the house like a slave or a dog.   Normally it’s slave, but I did get Mom to buy her a little dog dish with her name on it.  When Anne does a bad job of playing slave, I get her to play doggy.  She’s not allow to speak, or walk on two legs, and doesn’t get fucked, but watches while I do and has to use her tongue wherever we say.  Mostly we get all the guys to fill up the dish with cum and she has to lap it up on her hands and knees and lick the bowl clean.   Maybe it seems a little harsh, and I’m sure in a few years I’ll let her off the hook a little, or I’ll go too far and Mom will put an end to it, but right now, if you ask me, it’s just desserts… that’s what you get for selling out your sister.

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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