This is one of a series of tributes to the great erotic author Phil Phantom. This was written quickly, and rushed a little to make it in time for Christmas, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

On the Naughty List… - A Phil Phantom Tribute (Mg, M+g+ MF, Fg, Mf, Mfg, best, inc)

I always tell my kids they should be on their best behavior, especially for Christmas, but I’ve been setting a bad example lately.  If there was a real Santa up there, I'm sure all he’d give me was a big old lump of coal.  I do know another Santa who’ll give me a lump, more like a hump, this Christmas, but only if I bring my daughters along, and Jesus help me, I’m considering it. 

I wasn’t always on the Naughty List, in fact, most of the year, most of my life, I was high on the Nice List, scarcely an inappropriate word or act.  It was just an accident, maybe even Fate that I wound up taking my daughters to a pervert’s playground disguised as a kid’s winter wonderland, for some photos with Santa’s elves. 

That day, I was out with my daughters.  School had just shut down for the Christmas break, and I had my own little annual tradition centered on my youngest daughter, Christie.  She had the bad luck of being born just a few days before Christmas, and that meant not only did she have to suffer all our relatives giving her combination Birthday-and-Christmas presents, but people were just busy around the holidays, and it’s hard to arrange a birthday party when half the kids are visiting relatives.

So, several years ago, I hit on a compromise to make sure she always felt special.  On her birthday, her actual birthday, I made the day all about her.  We could do anything she wanted.   This year, Christie wanted to start her twelfth birthday by going shopping, just me and her and her older sister Holly, at an outlet mall, and we’d already done that by the time we stopped for lunch at a roadside restaurant, which was where it all started.  Christie overheard a father and daughter all excited to go to someplace called Santa’s Christmas Grotto and play with the reindeer, had a sudden capricious desire to go there, more to see me jump through hoops out of any interest, for she demanded it after the father and daughter left. 

Well, it was her birthday so a few hoops were no big deal, and although the waitress had no idea where the place was, we could still see the excited father and daughter in the parking lot.  I raced us out and we followed in what might have been a car chase if it was any faster, to Santa’s Magic Christmas Grotto.  We were either very lucky or very unlucky depending on your point of view, because if we’d been a minute later we would have lost them and there was no way we would have found our way there on our own, this was a place that didn’t advertise except through word of mouth, and although we were less than half an hour away, it was a half-hour of lonely country roads followed by side streets and even a dirty road, with the only sign in view being a lone cardboard cutout of Santa with no writing on it.

That should have started some motherly instincts percolating, but I assumed I must have just missed the earlier signs because, despite the out-of-the-way location, I was seeing a lot of other cars joining us, and they all seemed to have kids inside. 

The cars all went up to what must have been a converted farm where there was another poorly painted picture of Santa and a smattering of other Christmas decorations, lights and plastic candy canes.  The cars who were in our little caravan parked and the kids started streaming out, and I didn’t notice right then that it seemed to be exclusively fathers and daughters.  I did notice that a lot of the fathers seemed to be staring at me, but I was used to that, I was a MILF, at least according to many of my children’s male friends.  Christie’s friends I’d hear refer to me as a MILF in whispers and giggles and without even really knowing what the words meant.  Holly’s male friends would say it to my face and often with a hand between my legs trying to convince me to stray from my marital vows.  I never had, but came close with Holly’s boyfriend who felt me up for a good half hour while she was getting ready for a date and my husband was puttering around in the garage.  He convinced me to show him my breasts and my pussy and kissed both, and would have whipped his cock out if my daughter hadn’t called out from upstairs warning she just needed to grab her bag before she’d be down to interrupt us.  I probably would have let him stick it inside at least one of my holes if not for good timing, but you’re not judged on what you probably would have done, but what you actually do, and so far I’d remained faithful, and safely on the Nice list.

At Santa’s Christmas Grotto, there was a line, but it moved quickly and efficiently, and at first I thought there was no admission fee, just open entrance.  That was an illusion, everybody else had been here before and knew what to expect and were known by the staff, and in fact I heard in front of me, “Hi Carl, Hi Suzy, the usual?” He nodded, and slipped the man dressed as an oversized elf some cash. 

Me, though, I was new, and he looked me up and down, and then did the same for my daughters, before saying, “First time?”

“Yes,” I said.  “But I’ve heard good things.”

He nodded at that, and then said, “Full package, including pictures with Santa comes at $50.”

That was a little steep.  I looked to my younger daughter.  “Are you sure you want to do this?” 

She nodded.  “Yes.  Does that include playing with the reindeers?”

“It’s $10 extra, but don’t expect a ride on your first time, we need to see how he takes to you.”  He pointed to Holly.  “She’s too old for Santa, there’s a strict limit age limit of 14 and under and she looks older.”

“I’m 16,” she said.

Without missing a beat, the elf said, “So she’ll either be waiting with you, or we could take her for elf duty.”

“Elf duty?”

“We dress her up in an elf costume to add to the atmosphere and entertainment.  You’ll get pictures of those, for free, too.”

Holly made a disgusted face, but Christie said, “Yeah, make her an elf!  I really want to see that.”

It was still Christie’s birthday, so I gave Holly a pleading look.  She looked uncompromising, until a grown man in an elf costume said, “I’ve got one perfect for you, and I’ll help you get into it.  Believe me, you’d be surprised at how much fun you can have as an elf.” 

That changed her attitude quick, but not obviously, she sighed as though she was giving in yet again, and said, “Fine”, but I knew she wanted to go off with him, maybe not wear the outfit but go off with the guy who promised it, and I also knew she thought I didn’t see that he’d cupped her ass and given it a squeeze while giving her his pitch, and pitching a tent in his own costume that poked into her body as he stood right behind her.

I didn’t mind, he was good looking, she was a teenager, if she wanted to make out with a strange boy seconds after meeting him, well, that’s what being a teenager was for.  I wasn’t going to stand in her way.  If she got on the Naughty List through her own efforts, she’d have to suffer the consequences.

So Holly went off with the elf-wrangler and Christie went off with Santa’s Helpers, and I was pointed to the lodge where I would wait with the other parents, and it was in the lodge where I learned the truth about Santa’s Christmas Grotto.

The walk up was completely normal, although I did reflect on the oddness of parents having to wait separately from their children, in a separate building no less.  That didn’t seem right but not right didn’t always mean wrong, just odd. 

When I actually entered the lodge I realized that in this case, not right did indeed mean wrong, wrong and odd and, to most people, sick and perverted to boot.  Some of the fathers who entered before me were sitting on couches or chairs, in various states of undress.  A few were totally naked, but most at least had their cocks out… out, or in somebody else.  For the fathers weren’t alone, no, there were girls there, little girls ranging in age from younger than Christie to Holly’s age, dressed up in red and green outfits that would have been Christmassy if they weren’t completely slutty.  The hats, well, the hats were cute, either red Santa-style hats, or green ones with little bells on them.  Similarly for the shoes, those that wore shoes anyway, they had the cutest little points.  Speaking of points, the girls had some kind of fake ears, well done, with makeup, so it looked like ear tops weren’t rounded but rather pointy.   But the dresses, well, they were also in traditional Christmas colors, but that’s where the wholesome Christmas image fell apart.  The bottoms, whether white fur trim on a red dress, or zigzag hems in green, barely covered asses, such that even with a slight bend over you could see their crotches, and there was no underwear in sight.
More obscenely, the tops attached over the shoulders but left the elves bare in the front down to their belly-buttons, designed to show off tits or flat areas where tits would be.  One girl, Holly’s age even had nipple rings on which hung Christmas ornaments that swayed as she was fucked from behind by a man in his thirties. 

On the main couch, two men were each serviced by the mouth of a Christmas elf of around ten or eleven, working their lips eagerly up and down the shafts while the owners caressed them and watched the screen, which showed an image of Santa, beckoning a girl on his lap.   Santa had no pants, and the girl was stripped naked.  “What do you want for Christmas, little girl?”

The little dark-haired girl grinned hungrily.  “Right now, I just want that.”  She pointed at his erect member. 

“Have you been a good girl or a naughty girl?”

“It depends on who you ask.  My dad would say I’ve been a very good girl.  My mom would say I’ve been very naughty if she knew what I’d been up to.”

“I’d rather believe your daddy, I think he knows you best.  Climb up on Santa’s lap and he’ll stuff your stocking good.”

I stared at the scene, aghast, a little aroused, but that’s just a natural reaction to seeing debauchery, isn’t it?   It was like I was watching an orgy who were watching a porn film, except the porn was being piped live and involved the daughter of one of the men in the room. 

I must have stared for a long time, because the next thing I knew, the girl with Christmas ornaments hanging off her nipple rings was right in front of me, having finished fucking the guy who was making them jingle.  He lay on a side couch, still naked, smoking a cigarette and watching the screen.  The slutty elf said, “Hi there, I’m Mary Christmas, your hostess while you wait.  Come and have a seat, your daughter will be up in a few minutes.  If you want a drink or a snack, you can order them from the bar.  Otherwise, you can just relax and we’ll have one of our elves service you.”  I let myself be pulled and directed to the couch, the middle seat, between the two guys getting sucked off by little girls younger than Christie.  She looked from one to the other, but then tapped the one on my left.  “Excuse me, sir?  Sorry to interrupt, but Gumdrops here is the best cookie-licker here.   Would you mind letting her show this fine lady?”

“Not at all.”  The man withdrew his stiff cock from the mouth of the little dark-haired girl named Gumdrops as she gasped for breath and looked to me. 

“Gumdrops, this girl needs you to lick her cookie.”

I was about to say no, that I most certainly did not, but Gumdrops smiled and stood up and I was suddenly at a loss for words.  When she was on her hands and knees I didn’t notice her swollen tummy, but now it was impossible to hide.  The little girl was pregnant, several months along at least with a noticeable baby bump. 

You might wonder why I didn’t struggle or scream or refuse to go along with what was happening as the girl took two steps to the side and then knelt down again between my own legs.  As she reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties, my heart was pounding furiously… not out of arousal, but out of fear, I assure you.  It was pretty obvious I’d stumbled into a den of vicious child molesters, the worst monsters in the world, and they thought that I was one of them… that was, I was sure, the only thing keeping me and my family alive.  For when you face not only the jail time but the prospect of life as a constant pariah on a sex offender list, you’d be willing to do anything to avoid being caught.  Maybe not all of them, but an organization of this size and scale, somebody would be willing to kill a mother who said the kind of things I was wishing I could say, or even one who tried to resist, who marked themselves out as not being one of them by refusing to join in.  My heart was like a jackhammer, but my mind was coldly rational, and it told me that what I had to do was play along, no matter what.

Playing along when a pregnant little girl started licking my mound was hard.  When she started nursing on my clit it got a little easier.  I learned a lot that day about myself, one of them being that my body doesn’t care where it gets its pleasure from, and if it gets enough of it, it can bitchslap my mind into not caring either.  By the time I was ready to cum, I’d half-forgotten I was pretending for their benefit and actively began fucking Gumdrop’s face with my snatch.  Not that I had to do much facefucking, the guy stuffing his fat cock into her ass from behind, the one she was sucking off before she was traded to me, kept thrusting her forward right where I wanted her.  I was so swept away in the feelings that when I realized there was a cock hovering by my mouth, attached to the man who was on the other side of the couch, I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around it. 

It was the first cock I sucked other than my husband’s, first adulterous cock allowed entry to any hole, but I guess I was so into the role of deviant slut by that point, it just seemed like the thing to do.  Mary Christmas sat down beside me, on the other side from the cock, where the guy fucking Gumdrop used to be sitting, grabbed my boob in one hand and a remote control in the other.  “I think your daughter’s just about done,” she said.  She was speaking to the man fucking Gumdrop, who looked back to watch Santa give the girl on the screen a little orgasm, but when she mentioned ‘your daughter’, I instinctively looked between my legs at the face with the tongue that was making my whole body quiver, as though expecting to see my own daughter there, almost done getting me off, and first got disappointed at the truth, then disappointed in myself that I let the thought linger and turn into fantasy, and then especially disappointed that I came to the fantasy and a tongue I imagined was Christie’s.

After that first cum, playing along in the role of child molester became easier.  Gumdrop stopped licking and held my legs as supports while the man fucking her caused another orgasm of her own, and I took to masturbating while the cock in my mouth started squirting, running all down my face and mouth. 

It was only when he withdrew that I finally looked back on the screen.  Mary had started flipping channels, and each channel seemed to be a different camera in the Grotto.  The first she settled on was a shock, a little girl sucking on a large animal penis, what I believed was a reindeer.  As I fingered my crack, I remember thinking, Christmas Reindeer bestiality child porn, now I’ve seen everything, and then recalled that I signed up Christie for pictures with the Reindeer.   I wonder if she’d get the same kind of pictures, and tried to imagine what she’d look like in the little girl’s place, but only for a second because Mary changed to a different camera, where I saw my older daughter, Holly. 

She certainly looked different than I’d ever seen her before, wearing one of those classic Santa hats and a little short skirt in the same style, red with a white fur fringe, but the skirt was cut as short as all the elf-skirts in this place, and of course there was the other big difference from how I’d usually seen her, the big cock in her mouth, belonging to Santa.  Or to a Santa, anyway.  The elf who’d taken her away pulled her mouth off and said, “Okay, Holly, you’re doing a great job, we need this Santa in the line before he cums.  You can get started on the next one.”  My daughter, apparently happy with her new role as Santa’s Little Fluffer, grinned, and looked to the next guy. 

Seeing her happy made me happy, made me relax a little more and even more willing to play the role of pedo mom for all these strangers.  More men started to trickle in, others trickled out, I stayed watching, talking to them, exchanging numbers.  I told myself I was just gathering their numbers so I could turn them all in to the police when I was gone, but yet for some reason I gave them all my real number and told them the days my husband worked and the times when me and my daughters would be home alone, and I also let slip my address to two or three of them.  That was probably a mistake, but they gave me so much attention… mostly it was the attention of being a cool mom rather than sexual attention, that was spread out along the underage elves in the observation room of Santa’s Grotto.  They may have been more eager to fuck the elves, but they wanted to talk to the mom who brought her daughter to be fucked.  That, apparently, was rare, and rarer still the mom who sat with the guys, got eaten out, and watched as somebody else’s daughter asked Santa for a dog for Christmas so she could be its bitch, and then demonstrated how a good bitch would behave.  That kind of mom everybody wanted to salute, and buy rum or eggnog for.  That must have been how the Grotto stayed afloat, the sex came with the cost of the pictures, but you paid through the nose to get drunk, except I didn’t pay a bit, I just accepted one glass of Eggnog and switched to rum afterwards.  I was also given some overpriced cookies, gingerbread with a distinct taste of cum that made me wonder if somebody was adding their own ingredients to the batter.  Mostly I ate the cookies to try to keep my stomach full so I wouldn’t get drunk as fast.    

That helped, but not much, I was still getting drunker.  The drunker I got, the hornier I got, which left me in a difficult spot in a room full of pedos and willing children.  Luckily, one man did wind up offering to fuck me, and of course I accepted.  He told me that he wasn’t a pedophile, he was only here at the behest of his wife who wanted to make sure their daughter wasn’t neglected sexually.  He swore he was attracted to grown women and his wife wouldn’t give him access to any of her holes unless his dick was first wet in his daughter’s pussy.   Bravely, he’d refused to this point, only going so far as to finger the little girl in exchange for blowjobs from the woman he married, until that too was cut off.  Meanwhile, she was fucking all his friends and it was giving him blue balls. 

I guess he didn’t so much offer to fuck me as I offered to fuck him, first non-verbally, by spreading my legs and, with my fingers, my pussy, and then immediately afterwards verbally, but I knew he was telling me his sob story in the hopes I’d take pity and ask him, so I did, and he climbed on top of me and thrust his dick inside me making me fully an adulteress… even if blowjobs or cunnilingus didn’t count, throbbing cock in wet pussy certainly did, and did twice as much when you changed positions halfway through. That was so we could both watch the screen as his daughter sat in Santa’s chair, moaning while Santa’s cock pried open the lips of her thirteen-year old pussy.  For all that man said he wasn’t a pedophile, he sure bounced me up and down on him with a lot more force, and rattled my box more, when we were watching his daughter than when he was on top.  Maybe he had a little pedo in him, or maybe his daughter was growing up and he’d be more interested in fucking her soon.  Or maybe it was all a story to elicit my sympathies and get me to offer a fuck.  If so, it worked.  At least he made me cum.  When Santa pulled his still-leaking cock out of his daughter, rubbed the glistening cum on her pubic hair, and then shoved it back in, that really seemed to drive him wild, and when he came, so did I.

It was only after that, my second cum of the day, and after the one who caused it left, that I wondered what the fuck was up with my daughter.  I’d watched other girls and other fathers come in and watched their daughters fucking the Santa-on-duty, but mine still hadn’t shown up.  Had she freaked out?  Run?  I hoped not, it would blow my cover as a cool pedo mom, and I couldn’t afford that until we got to safety.  I’d have to watch her fucked.  Finally, I turned to the man next to me, who had his cock buried to the balls in a ten year old who also had a candy cane sticking out of her asshole.  “Excuse me.  You came in after me, and I still haven’t seen my daughter with Santa yet.”

He didn’t answer, with anything more than a grunt, his eyes glued to the screen like it was his own daughter up there approaching Santa.  I thought it was, which was why I asked.   Instead, Mary answered with a question of her own.  “Did you get the full package, or just the Santa photos?”

“The full package,” I said.  “With the reindeer experience.”  It was very important to me just then that they not forget that.   I paid an extra $10 for that.

Mary nodded.  “Okay, that takes a little longer.  It starts with a whole body massage on your daughter, to get her loosened up and limber.  We apply a little makeup and body glitter to accentuate her features for the photos, and we also wait for one of our premium Santas to be in rotation.  You also get a free elf in the picture.  The reindeer stuff is done afterwards.”

I nodded my thanks, wondering what a premium Santa was, but it wasn’t long before I found out.  When the next little girl left the camera with the next drained Santa, Mary flipped to the view of the warm-up line, where I saw my little Holly with her lips stretched around the head of a huge black cock that was covered with slobber.  It must have been ten or eleven inches, a massive beast that made even me want to drool.  “Look,” Gumdrop said.  “Uncle Tyrone’s up next.”  Many of the elves turned to watch the screen… Uncle Tyrone must have been a favorite.  In more ways than one.  Gumdrop said proudly that he was the father of her baby, and one of the other girls teased that she couldn’t be sure.  Gumdrop insisted that she was sure, that Tyrone was the only one she let fuck her pussy when she was last fertile.  I was willing to take her word for it, impressed that the little girl was able to take what he was packing… just as I was impressed my daughter took it in her mouth.  Tyrone patted Holly’s head and he withdrew and went on stage, and Mary switched back to the camera that held Santa’s seat. 

Sure enough, the next girl out was my Christie, naked, looking a little bewildered but with her pussy red and swollen like somebody’d been paying a lot of attention to it but left her just shy of an orgasm, and also sparkly.  She looked beautiful all over, made up like one of those beauty pageant girls, and the body glitter all over her leant her an extra ethereal quality, like she was a winter fairy.  “Ho-ho-ho, little girl,” Santa Tyrone said.  “What’s your Christmas wish this year?  A new vibrator?  A dog?  A little brother?”

Tyrone was dressed in a Santa suit, but his cock extended out of his red pants and stood up proudly, and Chrissie stared at it with a open-mouth gasp I usually only saw on porn stars.  “A little brother?” she asked, not answered, asked, like she was just repeating the question to make sure she heard right.

Santa answered as though it was her Christmas wish, though.  “You know how to get one, right?  You just dress like you’re dressed now, bend over in front of your Daddy, and ask him to make you a little brother.” 

That broke her out of her stare.  Chrissie laughed.  “He’d never do that.”

“I think if he brought you here, he’d be willing to do that.”

“Dad didn’t bring me here,” she said.  “Dad doesn’t even let me give him blowjobs, he’s ashamed enough that he likes me jacking him off.”  I sat bolt upright.  That was new information, not even suspected information.  “Mom brought me here, and she’d shit bricks if she suspected what this place really was.”

“Your mother already knows what this place is,” Tyrone said, pointing to the camera.  “She’s watching right over there.” 

Christie turned, looked into the camera, and her eyes widened.  “Holy shit, no way.  She’s totally naked!”  I blushed in embarrassed surprise and waved.  Nobody even suggested that the cameras were two-way.  I thought I could be safely anonymous.  Was there one in the waiting line, too?  Did Holly know the depths her mother had sunk to already, to defend them?  I counted on being able to explain things to them afterwards, maybe even claim that they held me hostage.  That plan was out the window.  “Wow,” Christie continued.  “I had no idea my Mom was this… cool!”

“See, she wants you to have some cock for Christmas.  Isn’t that right Mom?”  I nodded weakly. 

“Actually, it’s my birthday,” Christie explained. 

“No shit?  Happy birthday.  How old are you?”

“Twelve.”  That little admission got her twelve little Birthday spankings.  Santa stood, picked up my daughter, laid her over his lap so that his cock poked her belly, and lay into her with the palm of his hand on her bare ass, right where pussy met butt-cheeks, twelve times, and then one to grow on that got some fingers between her sloppy twat lips.   During the spankings, Christie screamed, but it was the scream of someone being tickled, someone who seems to secretly enjoy what’s going on, even though it left her red.  That she wasn’t seriously hurt was confirmed when, after letting him finger her for a good minute, she said, “So can I try out what I’m really here for?”

My little Christie had her first time on Santa’s lap, sliding down his stiff pole, wincing a little only when her butt met velvety red pants, and then again while fucked hard for several strokes.   Then Santa slowed. “I almost forgot, you get an elf, too.  Elf!  Come here and lick this girl’s cunt.” 

Sure enough, my other daughter Holly was pushed onto the stage.  She definitely didn’t walk, she was pushed, stumbling a little until she regained her footing.  The girls eyes widened in recognition of each other.  “Wow, you’re my elf?” Christie asked.  “This day just gets better.”

“I don’t want to lick her,” Holly said.  “She’s my sister.”

“You do it,” Tyrone said, “Or you go on the Naughty List.   You’re still on probation, so that means you get kicked out of elf-duty and it’s nothing but coal in your stocking from now on.”

Whatever went on in the warm-up line must have been pretty good, because that threat did the trick, and my older daughter lowered her mouth to the obscenely-stretched-out sparkling mound of my younger one, licking both black cock and bright pink inner pussy flesh.  As the bouncing began, it began harder to keep up, but she did her best.  Chrissie shuddered and screamed in pleasure of her long-denied orgasm, and Santa just kept right on fucking.  

That was when I discovered the meaning of premium Santa.  It wasn’t just because he was black… that was a novelty.  Nor that he was super-hung, although that was impressive.  What made Tyrone premium was his endurance.  Despite being warmed up by Holly’s mouth and feeling a squirming girl cum while riding him, Tyrone kept fucking my little Christie for a good half hour straight, right through another orgasm.  Holly’s elf duties probably helped give Christie her second one, by the time she that day was done her face was covered in transferred glitter.

Finally, Tyrone pushed Holly away and gripped Christie tightly.  “That’s enough Elf, time for the money shot.   Don’t worry little girl, if yo daddy won’t give you a little brother,” Santa said.  “I sure will.  You may give birth to it but yo momma will raise it, right Mom?”  I nodded, and got a cheer from the rest of the observation lounge, who, to be honest, I’d pretty much forgotten existed.   Watching a black Santa fuck your daughters, well, everything else kind of fades out. 

He started cumming then, but I didn’t know it, sure his leg trembled and he was moaning, but he was still slamming in and out like a piston.  I only knew for sure he was cumming when the excess cum started dribbling out of Chrissie’s snatch.  That was another reason Tyrone counted as Premium, I guess… his big balls weren’t just for show, they produced practically a gusher of sperm, more than my little girl could contain.  I imagined her uterus and fallopian tubes so overflowing with his creamy white essence that there was no room for anymore, and for any eggs she had being gangbanged in a race to conceive.  That was probably an exaggeration, but your mind goes to strange places when you fuck yourself in a room full of strangers.
That experience was intense, and I was glad there was a break before the reindeer games.  Those I watched in person, once I learned that was an option… mostly, I needed the fresh air.  I hoped it would clear my head, put me back in the mindset that I was faking being one of these pedophiles, and not actually being one of them.  No such luck, I found myself cheering as the girl we followed to get here got fucked by a reindeer.  It may not have actually been a reindeer, I’m no animal expert, but it had antlers and a cock and was apparently trained to fuck humans without hurting them, so what the fuck, I’ll call it a reindeer, and apparently I’ll also cheer that on from the sidelines while waiting for my own daughter to get a turn.

I was disappointed there.  Those bastards had a rule, no first timers get animal fucked… all I got to watch was Chrissie jacking one off into her mouth.  Oh, they’ll break virtually every sex-related law on the books, but won’t violate their own rules about first-timers even when an angry, drunk mother practically demands her daughter get fucked by a reindeer on her birthday.   No luck, they wouldn’t budge.  They promised if we came back, we could do it on our second time.  At least they let Holly play with a reindeer dick, even though she wasn’t scheduled, so if she wants to feel its cock in her cunt on a return visit she doesn’t have to wait.   That’s something. 

I met Tyrone while watching that, he was off-Santa duty and liked to see the animals, and we ended up in a conversation while leaning over the fence.  I expressed admiration for his cock, and for portraying a big black Santa with the skill of an expert.  He was starting to get hard again and I got a handful of cock, a little bit of a taste, and suggested that I would like to try out his cock and double my chances for my daughter’s wish of a little brother to come true. 

“Sorry miss, I can’t fuck you today, got too much on the schedule.  Come back tomorrow, bring your girls for another premium session, and tell them Tyrone said you could sit in.”

I kissed the head of his beautiful cock.  “Couldn’t I just come by myself?”  I was having a sober moment and I wasn’t sure I wanted to expose my daughters to all this debauchery again if I could help it.  I could play off once as a mistake, but twice was all but confessing I was one of them.  By this time I was sure I wasn’t going to turn anybody in, and that I wanted more cocks on a regular basis, but I still thought I had to keep my kids safe and out of this. 

“Sorry, rules are rules, you don’t get to meet Santa if you don’t have a kid.  Besides, I think your oldest wants more elf training.  Maybe if you’re open to it, she can become a permanent elf.  One less mouth to feed for you, one more elf for us.” 

“Is that how you get all your elves?”

“No, most of them are family, or part-timers.  It’s pretty rare that we adopt, the mom has to be into it.”

“What about little boy elves, are there any of them?” I asked, struck by sudden random curiosity.  I’d seen adults in elf costumes, but it wasn’t quite the same thing. 

“There are plenty of little boys on the farm, but there isn’t a lot of call for them on Santa’s Grotto, except a couple of the older ones to take the cash.  The youngins, they fuck their moms and sisters, but unless we’re filming a movie, we don’t do any costumes.  I’m sure some of them’d love nothing more than to dress up and fuck strangers, but we don’t get too many moms who don’t already live here, and it’s just not worth it.  If you wanted to get gangbanged by a bunch of horny little boy elves, we could probably arrange that at a fair price.”  Before I could answer, somebody shouted Tyrone’s name, and he pulled my fingers away from his shaft, one by one because I was reluctant to let go, said goodbye, and wandered off. 

Holly made her reindeer cum, and Mary Christmas came out to present me with a USB key filled with pictures and video of our experiences, the clothes we came in, and the bill.  I was still a little tipsy, so I had Holly drive us all home.  I'm such a bad mother... she's still on her learner's permit and isn't supposed to drive without a sober adult beside her.

Still, she drove pretty well, and I sobered up a lot more on the ride home, although the girls talking excitedly about reindeer cum started to make my cunt squishy and hot again and I had to masturbate, partly to the thought of being in the center of a crowd of elves, boys and girls, but mostly to Tyrone himself.   I screwed up one more time and told the kids about Tyrone’s offer… knowing how excited they were that they’d be coming back, it would be that much harder to talk them out of it. 

So, now I’m definitely on the Naughty List… I guess we all are, but me most of all.  I no longer have the alcohol, or fearing for our lives, as an excuse, and I’m still thinking about taking Tyrone up on his offer, going back to Santa’s Christmas Grotto tomorrow for another round of pictures with a premium Santa, and then going back again for an all-elf orgy full of little boy elves.

My desires have been battling with my good Christian guilt.  We’ve always been a religious family, and even though Santa decorates our home, we try not to forget the Christ in Christmas, and especially not in the rest of our lives.   So after I got home and the rush wore off, I felt a huge weight of guilt.  I knew the Christian thing to do would be to ask for forgiveness, and sin no more.  The praying was easy, it was the sinning-no-more part I had doubts about.  I didn’t think I was strong enough for that. 

But I know the Jesus I pray to will forgive me anything, even weakness, even being as bad a mother as I was contemplating, as long as I’m really really sorry.  Santa, well, if there was a real Santa, he might not be so quick to forgive… maybe I’m on his Naughty List for good.   But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there are lots of other Santas, Premium Santas, even.  And the Santa I now believe in most has a big, black cock.

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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