Author: AnonyMPC

Title: The Perks of Being a Doormat (Book Two)

Summary: The continuing adventures of Tim, who now has not only has to tutor 14 year old Stephanie, but her 11 year old sister, too. And he still can't say no to women.

Keywords: Mf, ff, g, inc, sis, loli, blackmail, preg, teach

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The Perks of Being a Doormat

Book Two:

Chapter One:

"It's not fair," Stephanie whined. "I already have to share a room with her. I have to share everything with her. Now I have to share you, too." She lay on my chest, a thin layer of sweat the only thing between me and my love, a beautiful fourteen year old girl, here for a quick fuck on her lunch break from school. That was done, now, though I was still inside her, mostly softened.

"I know, baby," I said, stroking her back. "I don't like it either. But you're not really sharing me. It's just tutoring." That was how our affair started. At her mother's request, I tutored Steph Tuesdays and Thursdays. When I learned her problems at school were due to distraction and a lack of sexual satisfaction, we were slowly drawn together in a road that led to love, even though I was more than ten years older than her. It was wrong, I accept that, but it wasn't just sex, I genuinely felt I loved her.

"I know, but it's the best part of my whole week," she said with a pout. "And now my little sister's going to mess it all up. She messes everything good up." The previous day, her mother (actually, her grandmother, but she'd raised her from birth) had invited me to dinner and sprung the bombshell… since I'd done such a good job helping Stephanie raise her grades, she wanted me to help with her eleven-year old sister, Bonnie. I couldn't find a good reason to tell her no.

It was always one of my failings. I'm a doormat, and have almost an inability to say no to people when they ask for my help… but on the other hand, if it wasn't for that, Stephanie and I would never have gotten together. Either I would have said no to her mother, or I would have said no when she asked me to help her masturbate so she could have a clear mind before a test, or I would have said no when she asked me to tutor her sexually. I probably should have said no in all cases, but being a doormat had made me very happy these last few weeks.

I ran my hands over her straight black hair. "It's the best part of my week too… but we'll find a way to manage." I never planned on doing anything but tutoring Bonnie. Of course, it was the same with Stephanie, at first.

"If Bonnie's here while you're tutoring me, you can't really fuck me," she pointed out.

"Yeah, I've been thinking about how we're going to handle this. Bonnie probably doesn't need as much time. So maybe instead of having you both together, I have her first, and you can spend time with your friends after school… then I'll send her home and we can be together. And we'll still have lunch hours." On a regular basis, Stephanie would duck out of school on her lunch hour and show up at my place. Even when she just came to talk, I still looked forward to it. I worked from home and didn't have many friends, so she was one of my few sources of social interaction. I wondered if that was the reason I fell in love with her, but it had to be more than that. She was sweet, smart, and a little shy, but no longer the last around me. If she was older, she would have been my perfect woman. As it was, she was pretty damn close, and the taboo aspect certainly added a little spice.

"I guess that could work. It's just… lunch hours aren't long enough," she said. "Between coming here, having to go back, and getting ready for school again…" It wasn't much time when you put it like that.

"Yeah. In fact, speaking of which…"

She looked at the clock, then groaned, and rolled off me. "Thanks for reminding me; I'd better get ready and go. Unless you want me to skip Geography."

"Now, as your tutor, I can't advise you to skip a class," I said lightly. "No matter how tempting it might be for me."

"Yeah, I know. And my Mom would kill me. I bet she told them to call her if I even get a late slip." She slipped out from under the covers and stood up, giving me a view of her tight little ass. Steph was small and thin, and her ass was no exception, but something about it always seemed happy and joyful, especially when she bent down, as she then did, in order to fetch her clothes. I watched for a while with a smile.

One she got them all, she smiled, leaned over to kiss me on the lips, and then retreated to the bathroom. I took the time to get dressed. When she came out, she was once again in her schoolgirl uniform, a blue kilt, matching vest and jacket over a white shirt, with a tie. In it, she looked both the picture of innocent sweetness and like the subject of the secret fantasy of many men, all at once. It was amazing they still let schools dress girls that way. We kissed again at the door. "I hope I'll be able to make it here sometime this weekend. If not I'll leave for school early and come by Monday morning, okay?" She wasn't allowed to date until she was sixteen, almost two years away, and so it was hard for her to get away from her controlling mother and see me without coming up with a good excuse.

I nodded and swatted her playfully on her butt. "Get off to school."

When she was gone, I got back to my work. I liked my job… it paid well, I could set my own hours, and I only had to deal with my boss through e-mail. I once was a little more lax about it… I'd often procrastinate and finish my tasks at the last minute, just like in school, but my relationship with Stephanie was making me more disciplined. The more I got done during working hours, the more I'd be available if Stephanie managed to drop by.

I saw Stephanie, and Bonnie, on Sunday, as it turned out. I accepted an invitation from my parents, and, unbeknownst to me, Grace had also been invited along. As much as I liked seeing Steph, it was incredibly hard to be comfortable with her in any public setting. One accidental slip of the tongue and I'd be in for a world of hell, and teenagers aren't always the best at keeping secrets.

I tried to be polite but distant, and hoped Stephanie would understand. I kept my conversations with her restricted to how her homework was going. I also managed to explain to Grace about how I saw the best arrangement for tutoring… Bonnie first, then Stephanie after. Grace deferred to my judgment as a tutor.

Thankfully, not much was expected of me. My parents had been friends with Grace for a while, so they dominated the conversation, and they especially talked about the topic of that Sunday's sermon. They were so busy self-righteously agreeing with each other while disagreeing over very minor interpretations of scripture, that I don't think my parents noticed anything unusual about my behavior. I was always a little awkward around company.

That didn't mean, though, that nothing unusual was going on. When we were sitting down at the table, Stephanie managed to subtly arrange to be sitting beside me. At Grace's house for dinner that prior Thursday, she'd been trying to play footsie with me, across the table. Sitting side-by-side, my fears were confirmed. She was going to try again. I felt the soft pressure of her foot on mine, grazing up against my leg, playing under the hem of my pants. In a perfect world I might have enjoyed such flirtatious play, but with my and her parents right there, I just wanted her to cut it out, but I couldn't tell her that. Instead, I kept perfectly still, waited for a moment when the others were particularly engrossed in discussing how many other options there were to abortion, and gave her a pleading glare.

She took the hint and let up, but then the next time there was a lull in the conversation, Steph spoke up. "Mom, can I go out for a few hours after dinner?" she said. "I wanted to go do some school work with a friend." She tapped her foot on my toes twice, an improvised signal.

Grace looked at her dubiously. "It's not that Rachel is it? I told you I don't want you hanging around with her, she's a bad influence."

"No, Mom. It's a different friend. It's Tina. You know her. We have a skit to perform on Monday in History, and we need to practice."

Grace shook her head. "Fine, but remember, I want you home before seven, it's a school night."

She beamed. "I will."

If she was making an excuse to see me, I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible… and if not, I wanted the same, just so that there'd be less chance of her getting caught trying something. So I made up an excuse about having work to catch up on, got a plate of leftovers to take home (Mom makes great roast beef and seems to be under the impression that, on my own without a woman, I eat nothing but pizza, ramen and baloney sandwiches), and went home.

Stephanie arrived about an hour after I got back, still wearing the same blouse she had at my parents house, and we made out on my couch. But I had something else on my mind, too. "You really got to cut out the flirty stuff when other people are around," I said between kisses. "I could get into a lot of trouble."

She seemed disappointed. "I know. I just wish we didn't have to hide. It would be easier if somebody understood."

"I don't think anybody will," I said. "Just a few years. It won't matter then." I didn't think we would last that long before disaster struck, but if she made it to 18, I thought a ten year age gap would no longer be an insurmountable obstacle. We might still have to hide it from our parents, but we could go out openly among friends. "Until then, it would be a really, really bad thing if anybody even got a hint something was going on between us."

"Okay," she said. "I'll stop playing around in front of Mom. But you've got to do something for me." I tilted my head towards her questioningly. "Well, you see, I was at dinner at one of my Mom's friends' place earlier, and there was a really, really hot guy there. And I couldn't stop thinking about what I wanted to do to him. I got a little worked up. You think you could help me with that? Please?"

Sometimes helping somebody else is its own reward.

Chapter Two:

Tuesday was my first session with Bonnie. I was working on documenting an update for one of my company's products, and when I heard somebody coming up my stairs, for a moment I thought it was Stephanie. By the time I got to the door I remembered what the day was, and when I opened it, I was surprised to see both of them.

Bonnie and Stephanie looked a lot alike, in fact, except for the hair, Bonnie looked much like a miniature version of Stephanie. They were both slight girls with a little color to their skin that made them look Hispanic, although they were at least one-quarter Asian. Their eyes, although not distinctively Asian looking like their grandmother, Grace, were almond shape and gave both of them an exotic quality. Where Stephanie had long, straight hair, often tied up in a ponytail, Bonnie's hair was shorter, neck length, and had a little curl and bounce to it, which framed her face. She even wore a very similar school uniform, although because Bonnie lacked breasts, on her it looked simply cute rather than erotic.

Because of their similarities, I assumed that they shared a father, although I had never asked, because I got that it was a sore subject. Their biological mother, Michelle, was, according to Grace, a heathen on the road to hell, and a drug-addicted slut who wasted her life by getting pregnant at 12 and again at 15, and ran away at 16. I'd never met her.

"Here," Stephanie said. "Now you know where it is." This was directed at her sister, who, I gathered, had used unfamiliarity with my address in an attempt to get out of the appointment. Steph smiled at me, and asked, "So I guess I'll see you in an hour?"

I nodded, wanting to kiss her, but with her sister there it was impossible. Bonnie came in, and Stephanie headed back down the stairs with a sigh.

I tried to smile encouragingly at Bonnie, who looked a little intimidated to be in a relatively strange man's apartment, then waved her over to where a desk was set up. "I guess we should get started."

Although Bonnie and Stephanie looked very similar, I quickly came to note the differences were more in their personalities. Stephanie had two modes. She was very shy, most of the time, which made her sexual appetites and her habit of screaming uncontrollably when she had an orgasm all the more adorable. But once you got past the shyness, she was sweet, loving, playful, but still a rather quiet and thoughtful girl. Bonnie on other hand was a bundle of energy. She didn't ever seem shy, but was mercurial, friendly and talkative one minute, sullen and angry the next.

I saw a little of both sides when I was tutoring that first day, and over our next few sessions I came to realize how hard it would be to predict her moods . She didn't ever want to be there, and would have rather spent the time with her friends. She made that clear, and it probably made her initial attitude towards me more combative than it otherwise would have. Still, I could catch her interest from time to time and she'd talk to me like we were best friends. It was during those times that I tried to go over her homework with her and help her with the concepts she didn't understand. But at other times, she seemed bratty and, even though she had to be there because she was told to be, refused to do work or pretended not to hear me or yelled at me for trying to explain something the same way twice.

Sometimes, it was an odd combination of both willingness and being stubborn and difficult… she was willing to do the work, but was very insistent on what we had to do and for how long, trying in vain on something she just wasn't getting when we could have been more productive by moving on to another subject. Sometimes she would only do her homework if I wasn't in the room watching her, sometimes she demanded I stay with her and point out when she made a mistake. It was pretty frustrating, as a tutor, to have no reliable tricks that worked for her. I had a feeling that in her tutoring sessions, whether we accomplished anything or wasted both of our time was more a matter of luck than skill.

I did my best with Bonnie for about three weeks. I'd either help her, or not, and then I would let her leave and wait for her sister to show up. Although I still sometimes helped Stephanie out if she had trouble with something at school, mostly we made love and talked about her day, or things that interested us. It wasn't usually in that order, but Stephanie had a high sex drive and sometimes she would arrive early and drag me to the bedroom practically the moment her sister was out of the door.

One such time, she sat on the couch beside me and patiently waited her turn. When I dismissed Bonnie, and the little girl left, Steph started climbing all over me on the couch. "Finally," she breathed, and then nipped my ear lightly. "If I had to wait another minute I thought I was going to burst." Within a few minutes, we were both naked, making out on the couch, and she got on top of me. It was one of her favorite positions, that and plain old missionary. She liked any position where she could kiss me, during the act.

She was eager, wet already and I didn't even spend time eating her out this time… I worried about her being horny all through school, for her biggest problem had always been that when she was aroused, she couldn't concentrate on lessons. It was what had brought us together. She pushed herself up and down, repeatedly impaling herself on my shaft… she seemed content to do all the work, but I didn't want to just lay there. As I cupped one of her pear-sized breasts in one hand, I rested the other near her hip so that I could play with her clit with my thumb.

Before too long, she started with her moans. Steph's orgasms were predictable. She might be quiet at first, but when she got really into it, she'd start moaning, louder as she got closer to cumming. Finally, she would start shouting, asking me to fuck her or telling me she loved me, and her pussy would squeeze onto my cock, almost like she was milking it. Finally she would lose all control… she could hold back on the moans, but once she started thrashing her mouth would open and she would yell, an inarticulate scream of pleasure, although some might think it was pain, if they overheard.

I was lucky on that front. My landlord, a real estate holding company, wasn't able to rent out the neighboring units, nor the long-vacant store beneath our feet. Nobody was liable to hear us, and even if somebody did, they had no reason to connect the sound to me and the piece of jailbait who visited me on a regular basis. I dreaded the day when I'd have to worry about the neighbors.

When I heard Stephanie's climax starting, I thrust my hips upwards into her repeatedly to maximize her pleasure. She came, and collapsed onto me, wiped out for a moment. I hadn't come yet. I felt pretty good about that, because I was always the type of person who liked to please my partner first. I didn't have to wait long to get my own satisfaction though, for after a break of about ten seconds, she started riding me again, more gently and deliberately, but I didn't mind. She kissed me, first on the lips, and then just above, and I spent myself inside of her.

Afterwards we cleaned up and she helped me make dinner, which she liked to do even though she couldn't share, because she would be expected to eat at home. Finally, we went over some of her lessons… my earlier worries were well-founded. She hadn't been able to pay attention, and wanted my help to go over things so she was sure she understood. I was happy to help.

Chapter Three:

Our very next tutoring session, Bonnie was acting unusually smug about something, and kept asking me about what time we were ending that day. I figured that she had other plans, and I would have been more than willing to let her go immediately, but I didn't want Grace to think I was skimping out on my tutoring duties, so I went over a few questions she had in Math, and English, and then decided to just let her do her homework.

I sat beside her looking over her progress and cleared my throat when she made a math mistake, and she got into one of her moods. "No," she said. "You're making me nervous. I'm not going to do it if you're going to stand over me watching."

"Fine," I said. "I'll let you work and I'll watch some TV."

That wasn't acceptable to her. "Out of the room," she said. "You'll jinx me. You can check it afterwards and tell me how I did."

I sighed, but complied. As I started towards the hall, I said, "Okay, let me know when you're done."

I went into the bedroom, cleaned up the area a little so it would look tidy when Steph arrived, and then I rubbed my chin and realized I needed a shave. So I headed into the bathroom, closed the door, as I had a habit of doing when I went in for any reason, and covered my face in foam.

I was working on my sideburns when I heard a door slam. I called out, first Bonnie's name, then Steph, but received no answer, so I quickly finished up shaving and rinsed my face, and went to investigate. It was all quiet. I went into the living room, and saw just Bonnie's homework answers, but Bonnie and her book bag were gone. On top of the homework was a note "Can I leave early today? Already did. You can check my homework and give it to my sister." I sighed to myself, but although I was annoyed at her lack of discipline, I had to admit I was happy with the result. It meant less work for me.

I looked over her answers, making notes here and there. On the whole they were sloppy, and it seemed like she rushed through them, so there were a lot of red marks. I was just about done when I heard a soft knock on my door. It was Stephanie. I let her in with a smile.

She looked around cautiously. "I know I'm early again but my friend had to go home and I didn't have anywhere else to hang out while I waited."

"She's already gone," I said.

Steph pulled her cell phone from her pocket and checked the time. "But it's still early!"

"I know, I guess she just really wasn't in the mood today." I shrugged.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Figures. She's always lazy with her chores too… Mom's always yelling at her to finish them." Then she smiled, "But maybe I shouldn't be hard on her this time." She stepped forward to close the distance between us, and kissed me, open mouth. "So, Mister Jacobs," she began with a sultry look. Normally, she called me by my first name, Tim, but she sometimes thought it was funny to use my last name for innuendo. She continued, "My sister might not have been in the mood to study, but I certainly am. I really think I need to do some more work in the oral area."

We went into my bedroom, and as we undressed, she started talking about her day, which mostly meant the events surrounding her circle of friends. It was like a soap opera, but I was actually able to follow who was dating who, which people did what mean thing to somebody behind their back, and all the other high school drama I left behind years ago. I felt like I knew these people, because they were important to Steph, even though I'd probably never meet them.

Together, we hopped onto the bed, and she skooched towards me and took my dick in her hand. It was only partly erect, large and floppy but not yet entirely hard, but that soon changed as she took me into her mouth. She certainly didn't need any lessons on that, not anymore, and in moments, she was going down about halfway on my rigid member, using her hand on the other half. I reached over and grabbed her ass and started pulling her towards me, and she opened her mouth and looked back at me. She wiggled her butt at me. "I want to taste you, too," I explained.

She lifted one leg and shifted until she straddled my head, and I dove my tongue into her little slit while she went back to sucking me off. We spent several minutes like that, though Stephanie didn't keep a constant motion, she came up for air or to moan softly because of my own efforts.

It was in this outrageous position that we were interrupted. "Whoa," came a high pitched little voice.

My dick fell out of Stephanie's mouth and she gasped. "Oh, shit."

I looked over and saw Bonnie, standing in the doorway to my bedroom, staring at us with wide eyes as her sister and her tutor were engaged in mutual oral sex. Then she grinned. "You guys are so busted."

"What are you doing here?" Stephanie asked, getting off me. I just laid there, terrified.

"I was hiding in the hall closet," Bonnie said smugly. "I knew something was up. I heard you last time, after I left, making sex noises." She must have suspected something earlier, though, or she wouldn't have listened at the door, that time as she must have.

"You little spy," Steph spat out in annoyance. "I hate you!"

"That's not very nice." She began swaying from side to side. "You're the one who's being bad. You're not even supposed to be dating, and especially not sex! You're going to get in so much trouble…" she warned in a sing-song voice.

She wasn't the only one. I couldn't say anything, paralyzed by the sudden conviction that this was the end of my life. When Bonnie told, I would go to jail, and either I'd be tormented and eventually murdered in prison as was the reported fate of child molesters, or even if not, I'd never get a job or a normal relationship again, with that on my record. Not to mention the devastation it would cause to my family when they found out. Suicide seemed like the best option.

"Don't you dare tell on me," Steph warned. She got off the bed and tried to stare down her sister, thrusting her naked chest towards Bonnie's face.

"Or what?" Bonnie asked. "Anything you do to me is nothing compared to the trouble you'll be in."

Steph desperately tried another tactic. "We weren't doing anything wrong. He was just teaching me… you know, it's like Sex Ed."

"Please," Bonnie said, with a dubious look. "I'm eleven, I'm not stupid. I know what you were doing, and unless you do as I say, so will Mom."

Stephanie sighed, a sigh of defeat. She couldn't see any way out of it, but sibling blackmail must have been a familiar option. "What do you want?"

Bonnie's face lit up with a devilish, smug smile. "I want in. I wanna learn about sex stuff too. I bet it's way better than boring old homework."

Chapter Four:

Oh god. I almost pinched myself to check if I was dreaming. My cock twitched, regaining the enthusiasm that had been lost with the interruption. I'm glad Steph didn't notice it; she was too busy being gaping at the suggestion. "No," she said, when she composed herself. "Anything but that."

"It's that, or I tell."

I finally found my voice. "Bonnie, can you give us a couple minutes alone to talk?" I suggested gently. I had instinctively covered myself with my pillow.

She looked me over appraisingly. "Fine. I'll be watching TV." She walked off.

Stephanie closed the door, and started pacing back and forth along the floor in front of the bed. "I hate this," she said. She was practically crying. "Every time I have something good she ruins it, I can't have anything to myself." She then looked at me, and said, "I don't want this, do you?"

"Of course not," I said, and felt guilty for the lie. It was only a partial lie, though. If I could go back and make Bonnie never find out, I'd choose that in a heartbeat, but since we were where we were, I wanted to agree. The idea of having not only a girl I love but another girl to fuck on the side had a powerful appeal, even if Bonnie was only eleven. Maybe that made it all even hotter.

Dirty possibilities ran through my mind. I think there was a very simple reason for this sudden acceptance of my perversion, where before I was guilty for even the littlest indiscretions I had with Stephanie. Deep down, at that point I was certain that I was already dead; it was only a matter of time. Stephanie might be able to keep silent about our relationship, but I was sure Bonnie would tell, sooner or later, and then it would all be over. Or perhaps Bonnie would keep it secret but Stephanie's jealousy would cause her to tell. Either way, whether it was in several hours or several months, I now expected this all to blow up in my face. So part of me decided I might as well embrace it and have as much fun as I could while it lasted.

"What are we going to do?" she asked.

"I don't know," I said. "But if she tells, we won't be able to see each other anymore… and I'll go to jail." I let it hang in the air a moment, before adding, "If that's what you want, I'll understand. I'll tell people I took advantage of you."

"No," she said, and I had to hold back a sigh of relief. "I don't ever want you to get in trouble for me. I guess we really have no choice, do we?"

"It won't be anything more than teaching her," I promised. "My heart's yours, always."

"You fell in love with me while teaching me," she said. She kneeled down at the end of the bed and pressed her forehead to mine.

"Because you're loveable," I said. "Your sister's… well, she's a bit of a brat." That got a laugh out of her. A weak one, but a laugh all the same. "I love you."

"I love you too," she said. "I just wish I didn't have to share you."

I kissed her forehead. "Don't worry. I've got an idea," I said. "Call her in."

Stephanie went to the door and just shouted, "Bonnie!"

Bonnie came running in a few seconds. "That was fast. So?"

"We agree," Steph said softly.

"What was that?" Bonnie said, although since I heard It, she must have.

"I said we agree," Steph snapped. She stalked towards the bed and sat down near my feet.

"Good," Bonnie grinned, and looked to me. "So are you going to fuck me now?"

"Not so fast," I said. "We agree, but there are some conditions, okay?" She didn't ask what they were, but nor did she immediately object, so I continued. "First, of course, you have to promise not to tell anybody, ever." She nodded, but I waited for her to say the words before I moved on. "Second, I'm going to be teaching you like I was teaching your sister. I'll do my best not to hurt you, and to make you feel really good, but we go at my pace and we do what I say when I say, okay? You can stop if something hurts, but otherwise you have to trust that I know what I'm doing, like in any teacher relationship."

She took in what I said, evaluated it for hidden traps, but finally said, "Okay. So when do we get to fuck?"

And I thought Stephanie was an eager beaver. "Not for a while," I said.

"He has to make sure you're ready or it'll really hurt," Steph supplied. "It took me a couple weeks before we fucked, and you're even smaller, so don't count on it anytime soon."

"But I want to," Bonnie whined.

"Now Bonnie, what did I just say? There's plenty of fun we can do before then, though. I guess you might as well get undressed."

She didn't need to be told twice. She threw her jacket on the floor, and then pulled off her vest, so that she was wearing her skirt and shirt. Then she got a little flirty, having apparently gotten it into her mind to show off how sexy she was. She wiggled her hips back and forth and ran her hands down her chest like she was in a music video, and then pulled off her tie and then her socks, one by one. As she did that, she lifted her legs in the air and I caught a flash of black beneath her skirt. "Stop showing off," Stephanie said.

Bonnie pouted cutely in response, but only for a moment before she opened her mouth and did some suggestive movements for me with her tongue, and finished with another sly smile. But she slowed her dance moves and stood still as she continued undressing. She undid the buttons of her top, while keeping it closed, then, all of a sudden, pulled it wide open, exposing her torso. She wasn't wearing a bra, but then, she didn't really need one. She was completely flat-chested, the hint of boobs supplied only by the lighter colored skin over where her breasts would be. I also noticed one other immediate difference between her and her sister. Stephie had an innie bellybutton. Bonnie had a little bit of an outtie.

Before Bonnie removed her shirt entirely, she took off the kilt. Underneath, she wore black shorts. The shirt went next. She slid it first off one arm, then the next, then letting it drop off her shoulders as she pulled down her shorts. Underneath she had a pair of pink panties with blue trim as the only thing she had left. That didn't last long before she let them fall to her feet and stepped out of them. She didn't seem to have a hint of shame about what she was doing.

I stared between her legs. Her pussy was just a hairless mound, with the same style of slit as Stephanie's… nothing sticking out of the lips, but they ended in a Y-shaped fork at the top. Seeing her nude was incredibly erotic for reasons I can't explain to people who don't understand, and for those who do, no explanation is necessary. There's just something about a girl, just on the cusp of her womanhood, still a child in body but aware enough about sex to be curious. She was the youngest girl I'd ever seen naked in person, and Stephanie herself was the second youngest, but I'd come across pictures on the internet, accidentally, years before that had probably sparked the taste even if I tried to deny it. I wasn't exclusively attracted to children, but they did arouse me.

"How do I look?" Bonnie asked, coming close to the bed, close enough to touch.

"You don't even have boobs yet," Stephanie said contemptuously.

Bonnie sneered. "So, you barely do."

"Now, now," I said. "No fighting. You look fine, Bonnie." I tentatively reached out a hand for her chest. She didn't pull away… to the contrary; she bent closer until we made contact. I held onto her side and caressed one of her pale brown nipples with my thumb. It began to stiffen. I traced my hand down, around her bellybutton, and over her slit. I didn't try to penetrate, just ran it up and down gently with the slightest bit of pressure from my finger tip. She shivered.

I would have done more, but I saw Stephanie staring daggers at us. She wasn't happy with the attention I was paying to her sister. So I pulled my hand away, and said, "Okay, it's only fair that you get to see me too." I was hard, so I flipped the pillow off me and exposed myself. She looked down at it, but not in shock, just curiosity, with a little smile. "Have you ever seen one before?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. "Yours is bigger."

"He means a real one," Steph said.

"So did I."

Stephanie's mouth hung open in shock. "Who's?"

"What else did you do?" I asked, curious.

"I rubbed it," she said, and without any shyness, wrapped the fingers of one hand around my dick and began pumping it up and down. "And put my tongue on it while he squirted."

"You gave a blowjob?" Stephanie asked, astonished.

"No," Bonnie said. "I didn't put it in my mouth, I just had it on my tongue."

Stephanie was still at a loss for words. So was I, a bit, but just hearing about it made my penis twitch. "Who was it?" Stephanie demanded again after a second.

"I promised I wouldn't tell," she said defiantly.

That was a little bit of a relief. "Then you shouldn't say," I said, perhaps too quickly. "A promise is a promise." Maybe she could be trusted.

"I guess," Stephanie said. "But I still want to know."

"What else have you done?" I asked.

"I don't know," she said. "I showed him my nipples. He liked touching them." She smiled at me. "Do you like touching them?"

"They're very nice," I said as Stephanie fumed beside me.

"He didn't touch me on my pussy though, that felt pretty good, are you going to do it again?"

Out of the corned of my eye, I saw Stephanie angrily cross her arms over her breasts. I knew I needed to handle this pretty soon, before her jealousy endangered everything. "In a bit," I said. "What about sex?" I asked.

"Okay," she said.

"No, I mean, have you seen sex?"

"In movies, yeah."

"I think it'd help if we gave you a demonstration," I said. I found Stephanie's hand with my own and squeezed. "Besides, because you interrupted us, I didn't get to finish with your sister… and if I don't, I'm going to feel bad all night." I looked at her. "At least if you still want to."

Chapter Five

Stephanie didn't answer right away. She was struggling with her distaste for the whole situation we were in, and her desire to have sex with me. "I guess," she said finally. "It's going to be weird with her watching, though."

"I know." I got out of bed, and directed her over to the side, where I could kneel down between her legs. To Bonnie, I said, "Find a comfortable spot, where you can see, and if you have any questions, ask."

Bonnie knelt on the bed next to her sister, so she had a good look at what was going on. No sooner had I started running my tongue along Stephanie's slit did Bonnie interrupt. "Isn't that gross?"

"Not at all," I said. "It's not dirty or anything. The vagina's very clean. And knowing that I'm making her feel good makes me want to do it." I started licking again.

"What's it taste like?"

Since it looked like Bonnie was going to get talkative, I inserted my fingers into Stephanie's pussy and began stroking. She wasn't as wet as she sometimes got, but she was starting, or it was still residual from what we were doing earlier, I wasn't sure which. I hoped she didn't notice that these were the same fingers that had just been touching her sister. "It's hard to describe. It's a little like sweat, but nice tasting too. I don't do it for the taste, but I like it."

"So why do it then?"

"Because when she feels good, I feel good. That's a lot of what sex is. It's not all about yourself. It's about the power of making somebody else feel incredible. It also helps her get wet and slippery, which makes it easier later."

She stopped talking, so, although I kept my finger in Stephanie, I also went up to working her over with my tongue. Stephanie usually liked to be teased around the sides, with darting jabs of the tongue inside, going upwards towards the clit, but not on it directly, at least until she was warmed up.

"Does the tongue feel better than the finger?" she asked, but she was addressing her sister this time.

"Much better," she said between breaths. "But it's best when he uses both together."

Over the next few minutes, I could feel her start to relax against me. Her sister being there had made her tense, but with enough stimulation her concerns went away and I could feel her start to buck against me. Bonnie had stopped the questions for the most part and just watched, only occasionally asking if she liked it when I licked a certain area.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. My cock was begging for relief, aware that it had not one but two underage girls naked in my bed, and what's more, they were sisters. I needed to get off. I stood up, holding my rod with one hand, and rubbed the head gently up against her crack, looking to her for permission. She gave it wordlessly with a nod.

"Wait, don't you need a condom or something?" Bonnie asked.

"We trust each other," I said, "and we've done this a lot already. But you're right; a condom usually is a good idea with somebody. If you want, when it finally comes to that time, I'll use one with you, don't worry." I wanted to advise her to use one all the time, but I couldn't without feeling like a hypocrite. I'd offered, but had never had to use one with Stephanie, and never wanted to.

I pressed forward. I took it slow, mostly for Bonnie's benefit, so she could see the whole thing. Stephanie was used to me and I was able to enter her with no trouble, but it was still very tight. As worked up as I was, I was afraid I'd cum right away. I took a few seconds to try and push down the feeling, and then started to thrust forward, in and out.

"How does it feel? Is it good?"

"Mmhmm," Stephanie said. "I love it."

"What about you?" Bonnie asked me.

"Oh, it's very good," I said.

"You've had other girls before, right? How is Stephanie compared to that?"

I frowned a bit. During sex is not the time to bring up past girlfriends. Steph was jealous enough about Bonnie being there. "She's the best I've been with," I said. It wasn't even a lie. As though to reward my judgment, Steph wrapped her legs behind me, using them to draw me more into her.

"You're probably just saying that," she said.

I slowed down. "No. I'm not. I've never enjoyed sex as much as with her, and I don't think anyone could be better."

"I bet I'll be better," Bonnie said smugly.

"Shut up," Stephanie grunted. I picked up the pace again. She soon started on her little moans. But for once, I didn't want to take her all the way to orgasm. So, I started imagining things, including Bonnie and Stephanie in competitions to please me, doing their best to outdo one another in an effort to earn my cum. I moved my gaze back and forth between Stephanie, who was impaled on my cock and loving it, and Bonnie, who was now rocking back and forth and squeezing her own thighs together. My dick began to pulse and I could feel a tingling rising from the base. Finally, with a grunt of my own, I came, dumping a few jets of cum inside her, but then I quick pulled out so Bonnie could see. One jet of sticky white cum landed between the lips, then another. I spread it around with the head, smearing the clit.

Bonnie had an expression of amazement on her face. "You got it right on her pussy," she said.

"Yeah, and inside, too," I told her.

"But you'll get her pregnant, won't you?"

Before Stephanie could answer, I said, "It's a risk. Now do you want to begin doing stuff?"

"Yeah," Bonnie said eagerly. "Are you going to touch and lick me like you did her?"

"Yes," I said. She brightened. "But I have a job for you, too, while I'm doing that. You lick her pussy."

Both Bonnie and Stephanie cried in unison. "What?"

"You promised you'd do what I told you," I reminded her. "And you were worried about her getting pregnant. So you can lick the cum off her and out from inside of her. I didn't get a chance to make her cum, either, and if I'm helping you I can't spend time on her."

"But… but I'm not a lesbian," Bonnie protested. "It's a sin to be one. A really, really big one." Grace was really religious, and I suppose some of it had to rub off. I felt pretty stupid for not thinking of it before, but neither of them were too concerned about sin when it came to fucking an older man out of wedlock. Perhaps my fantasies had finally gotten ahead of reality.

Chapter Six:

I thought quickly, trying to come up with some justification Bonnie might buy. Stephanie, I hoped, might go along just because she trusted me, but Bonnie was new at this. "You're only a lesbian if you're doing it because you like to lick pussy and don't want to be with men," I said. "If you lick another girl's pussy to help keep her from getting pregnant, or to give her an orgasm, or to make a guy horny, that doesn't mean you're a lesbian. It's just helping out another girl. It's all just a part of sex."

I looked back and noticed that Stephanie was just staring at me like I'd grown antennae. Maybe I was wrong about her trusting me. I feared she'd just decided I was a freak and didn't want anything to do with me ever again. But she didn't say anything. Neither did Bonnie, at first, just staring at the gooey mess I left in Stephanie's snatch. So I went for broke and prompted, "You love your sister, right? So, are you going to help her out? Or are you not ready to do actual sex stuff and just want to sit and watch for the next few sessions?"

Suggesting that those were the only two options must have made the decision. "Okay, I'll do it." I felt guilty for being so manipulative, but it worked. She didn't sound especially happy about it, but I hoped I could make her happy in time. Bonnie leaned forward and put her face just an inch away from Steph's pussy. She hesitated for what seemed like a long time, then closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out. It made contact with my cum, drew back, and then went in again. Stephanie shivered from the contact.

Bonnie went back again, and again. It was halting and hesitant at first, but once she got used to it she was more willing to continue licking. I maneuvered Bonnie's body so she was lying a bit on her side, so I had good access to her pussy while she did her job.

I pulled, spreading her labia apart, exposing her little hole. It did look very much like Stephanie's pussy, just without hair, and much tighter. It also wasn't nearly as wet… maybe she was too young to produce much lubrication on her own. I saw a hymen, so she was still a virgin.

I stroked her labia gently, along the edges and with my pinkie probed the hole itself, but I didn't want to penetrate even with that right away. A bad experience might not only enrage her and make her more likely to tell, but also make her distrust sex in the future. So I just kept rubbing carefully while she worked on her sister. She squirmed a little at my touch, so I leaned in closer and started kissing, and then finally ran my tongue along her labia. She didn't taste like much… like licking clean skin, without the underlying muskiness of her sister. "Oooh," she squealed. "I like that! Keep doing that."

You don't ignore a request like that, so I continued to tongue her while she took a break from her own licking to ask, "Is this what it feels like for you too?"

"Uh huh," Stephanie said with a quaver in her voice. At that point I don't even think she knew what Bonnie was saying, too caught up in the sensations, while being torn over the wickedness of who was providing them.

"Wow, why didn't I think of this before?"

I kept licking, which elicited more squeals, curious looks back towards me, and even giggles from Bonnie. Anything around the clit seemed to tickle her as much as, if not more than, provide pleasure, but she seemed to be enjoying it. Bonnie had unconsciously spread her legs even wider to give room to work from the first lick. Meanwhile, Steph was getting close to her own orgasm; I could tell by the way she was moaning.

I soon figured that it was time. "Bonnie," I said, "Can you go into the medicine cabinet in the bathroom? There's a little bottle labeled Astroglide. Bring it back, okay?"

"Oh," she said. "Okay. So I'm done licking Stephie?"

"No, I'll keep her warm for you until then. Hurry back."

Bonnie rolled to the side of the bed and hopped off. I pulled myself up to Steph and ran my fingers down to her pussy. I saw her little sister had done a good job, all of the cum outside was gone. I slipped a few inside, sawing my fingers inside slowly. She watched me carefully, an uncertain expression on her face, as I leaned in to whisper. "I love you more than anything, and I want you to know, you're not sharing me. You and I are sharing her."

Her brow furrowed for a moment in an expression of puzzlement, but then an instant later she relaxed, and smiled, smiled happily, while she made a satisfied "Mmm" sound.

Bonnie came back a few seconds later, holding the bottle. "Okay. What is this stuff?"

"It just makes things slippery." I withdrew my fingers from Steph's pussy and held out my hand. Bonnie passed the bottle to me. "Now go back to what you were doing and try to relax."

"Are you going to fuck me now?"

"Not yet," I said. "But I'm going to put my finger in. Go back to work on your sister, she's almost done." I spread Stephanie's pussy a little and pointed at the clit. "Focus right here for a while."

I spread a little of the lube on my pinkie finger, and swabbed her slit with it, and then pushed into her hole. It slid in with only a little resistance. "Let me know if it starts to hurt, okay?"

"Kay," she said. "It's okay. It feels weird, but good. Keep going… and you can use your tongue again if you want."

I moved my pinkie in and out of Bonnie's tight little cunt, probing around her hymen, and I wanted to stop there. I'd never broken one before, since her sisters had broken naturally before we met, and so I wasn't sure how to handle that little detail or how much it would hurt. I satisfied myself with fingering her up to that point, and adding my tongue. The lube had a bit of a sweet flavor to it but otherwise didn't alter the experience except to make it more slippery.

Soon Steph began gripping the bed sheets with her hands, and her body twitched slightly. She let out and extended scream that left her gasping and her sister covering her ears. "Holy cripes, Steph, the whole world probably heard that."

"Shut up," she replied, but there wasn't any venom in her voice. If anything she seemed sleepy.

"She usually screams when she has an orgasm," I said. "I find it cute." If a little inconvenient at times.

"That's when it feels really, really good, right?" Bonnie asked. I nodded, and she asked Steph, "So what's it like?"

"It's… it's…. really, really, good." She smiled and added. "Like better than almost anything."

"That doesn't tell me much," Bonnie complained, then looked at me. "I want an orgasm of my own."

I couldn't help but smile at the demand. "Okay, I'll try. Lie on your back." Over the next half hour, I kept up a steady pace of rubbing Bonnie's little pussy, fingering her with one finger, and the use of my mouth, both on her nipple and on her slit itself. Unlike her sister, Bonnie was pretty talkative throughout, and not just about sex. She started telling us about how they had a substitute teacher in Geometry who talked to herself, for example, and when I took it as a sign that she was losing interest and stopped rubbing her, without missing a beat, she whined at me to keep rubbing her there and add my tongue, too.

For most of it, Steph just watched, no longer angry or jealous, but just interested, answering her sister's questions, both mundane and sexual. When I buried my head in Bonnie's little mound, I looked up and noticed Steph had started rubbing her sister's chest with one hand.

Finally, the stream of irrelevant chatter ended, and everything Bonnie said was either a giggle or a squeal in response to one of my movements, or urging me to keep going. I noticed she was holding her breath a lot more, and then letting it out in short bursts, so I picked up speed.

"It won't stop tingling," she said, and then she closed her eyes and her head rolled back. There was no scream, just a few soft whimpers. Her legs shivered and jiggled, then she went limp a moment.

"You okay?" Steph asked.

Bonnie opened her eyes just half way. "I think I just had one," she reported. "An orgasm."

"How was it?" I asked.

"Can I have another one?"

I was willing to try if she was. As it turned out, I gave her another two over the next few minutes. It seemed like another difference between Bonnie and Steph. Bonnie had multiple orgasms, while Steph just had one big one that wiped her out, even though she was always willing to keep going, after a short break, to make sure I was satisfied.

"It's getting late," Steph pointed out after I gave Bonnie her third orgasm. "Mom's probably going to be expecting you to be home soon." I was hard, but Stephanie was right.

"Oh." Bonnie pouted a little. "Okay. So how long do you think before we fuck?"

"You're still too tight," I said. "I could barely get one finger in you." I'd moved from my pinkie to my index finger, but I didn't think I should risk much more. "It'll stretch if you practice, but it'll be slow. But be careful, don't hurt yourself."

"Do you think you could help me practice?" she asked her sister. "Your fingers are bigger than mine."

Stephanie seemed surprised at the request, or maybe just the humble, non-demanding tone of it. "Sure. I mean I'll try."

"Just do it when nobody else is home," I advised. "And remember, if she's helping you, it's only fair you help her and make her feel good."

Before getting dressed, they had a quick shower, just in case they had any sex smells on them that might give everything away. Stephanie pointed out how they shouldn't get their hair wet so their Mom would get suspicious. I watched, but didn't join them, because I'd just cum all over them again if they got to touching me. I almost did when Stephanie helped Bonnie wash her pussy, and imagining them exploring each other's bodies in their shared room.

Bonnie left, but Stephanie still had some time before she was expected. She helped me relieve my tension with a blowjob. I think she still had a little bit of fear about losing me to her sister, so afterwards I lay holding her on the couch, talked about other things going on in her life, and remembered to tell her I loved her many times. She was quieter than usual, more pensive, but she didn't seem upset. I could only hope that was a good sign.

Chapter Seven:

The next tutoring day, Bonnie and Stephanie showed up at my door together, two sisters in nearly matching school uniforms, the picture of innocence. They were naked in my bedroom within minutes. "So, where should we start today?" I asked.

"Bonnie and I were talking," Stephanie said brightly. "About blowjobs."

"Cause I've never actually given one. I just had my tongue on a wiener."

"I told her you'd teach her," Stephanie said. I was glad to see there wasn't any obvious jealousy any more. Perhaps helping each other cum over the last couple days had patched up some of the lingering sibling rivalry.

"I don't think I should be the one to teach her." They both frowned, but that changed when I said, "I think you should, Stephanie. All I could teach her is how it feels for the guy; you already know how to do it, really, really well." Stephanie beamed at the compliment. "I'll just be the model."

"Oh, okay." While I laid back on the bed, head on my pillow, the girls climbed beside me so that their heads were together at my crotch. As I looked down at their eager, young, smiling faces staring at my cock, I felt like I grew another inch on that alone. Stephanie held my dick up and said, "First you usually lick around the head a little." She demonstrated immediately, sticking her long tongue out and running it around my head and down one side of my shaft. She then pointed my cock towards her sister.

Bonnie didn't waste any time, and repeated the gesture, then giggled. Stephanie continued the lesson. "Then you just take it into your mouth like it's a big Popsicle. Except you got to keep your teeth out of the way like this." She opened her mouth, covering the tips of her teeth with a protective barrier of lip. Then she went down on me, going about halfway down and bobbing her head up and down a few times before releasing again. "Now you try."

Bonnie was enthusiastic, and my dick had barely got exposed to the air before it was once again in a warm, wet place. Bonnie's mouth was tighter, and it looked more obscene, and therefore more erotic, to see her childlike little face sucking on my prick, but in terms of technique she wasn't as good as Stephanie. She didn't really move her tongue much. She also went too far on her third downward movement, probably in an effort to outdo her sister. She drew back abruptly and coughed roughly.

"You went too far," Stephanie said. "You have to be careful about that. Try again." Stephanie then pushed Bonnie's head back down on me. It's hard to imagine how much I loved her in that moment.

After a minute more of sucking, Bonnie pulled off and asked, "How long do you have to do it?"

"It depends," Stephanie asked. "Sometimes we do it just to warm him up, but then he goes in my pussy. But normally you do it until he shoots."

Focusing her eyes on me, Bonnie gave me one more up and down suck before she let me flop out so she could ask, "Do you want to go in my pussy?"

I groaned a little. "I don't think you're ready for that yet," I said. "But soon. Anyway, I have an idea. Why don't you take turns, each getting a few seconds a turn. Whichever one I cum in gets a special surprise."

"What kind of surprise?" They both asked.

"You'll see."

Bonnie smiled, flashing her braces, and then, even though she was the last one to go down on me, took another few sucks before reluctantly giving it up to her sister. I lay back and watched, astounded, as the two sisters took turns giving me head. It was like I was living in some pervert's wildest dream.

Stephanie was the better at it, but Bonnie provided the better view, because it was just so wrong. Of the two, it was Stephanie, who was the real winner though, for the process to make me cum started under her, as she nursed just the head of my cock and wiggled her tongue under it. But she didn't take the cumshot.

Instead, she gave me a glance, one that told me she knew I was about to burst, then pulled away and let her sister have another turn. The pressure built up along the length of my cock as Bonnie took it in her mouth. She hadn't been sucking more than five seconds when I burst, shooting two loads into her mouth. She swallowed, then opened her mouth and smiled widely, flashing her braces again, but didn't pull away. Instead, most of the rest of my cum landed on her tongue. When I was done, she swallowed that too. "I win," she said.

"I guess you do." I think I was the one who really claimed victory there.

"So, what's the surprise?"

"Right." I rose and went to the drawer where I'd left it. I got it the evening before at a sex shop down town. It was slim and silver and a little wider than a finger.

"What's that?" Bonnie asked.

I pressed the button near the end, and it began to hum and shake rapidly in my hands. "It's a vibrator. A sex toy." I jumped back on the bed and spread Bonnie's legs, then gently touched her slit with the vibrator.

"Oh wow," she said as she felt the steady waves. "That feels really neat. I get to keep this?"

"No," I said. "Too dangerous, if your Mom finds it or something." I shuddered at that mental image. "But you can use it all you want today." I handed it to her, and she wasted no time, holding the wand on various parts of her body to see the results, but seemed to like it on her pussy the most.

"Wow," Steph said. "Now I wish I'd won."

I rolled over to her. "Well, don't be too disappointed. There's still a lot we can do."

I started eating Stephanie out, a task I never got tired of, although it was a bit hard to concentrate with the sound of the vibrator and Bonnie's commentary on it in the background. "It feels nice on my nipples," she reported as I teased her sister's clit with my tongue. "But I really like it just inside my chichi."

A few seconds later, while I had two fingers inside Steph and was stroking the inside while licking the outside, I heard Bonnie changing position on the bed. "You want to see what it feels like?" she asked, and suddenly the silver rod appeared in front of me. Without waiting for an answer, Bonnie rubbed the vibrator right below the clit. Stephanie shook and moaned a little, and Bonnie laughed. "Nice, isn't it?" But instead of keeping it up, she pulled back and, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her putting the tip of it in her hole.

I went back to my work, focusing my eyes on the beautiful pussy in front of me. I should have realized something was wrong when Bonnie had stopped talking, just a few grunts, and the buzzing sound was a little muffled too.

"Ow!" I heard. "Owowowow."

I looked up suddenly and saw Bonnie had shoved the whole thing up inside her and was wincing in pain as she pulled it out. "Oh my God, are you okay?" Stephanie asked, coming instantly to her sister's side. I followed.

The vibrator was streaked with blood.

Chapter Eight:

"What happened?" Bonnie asked, looking at the bloody device between her legs.

"Let me look." I very gently spread her lips apart and looked inside. "You must have broken your hymen… your cherry." I'd stretched it some in our previous session but was careful not to try to tear, to avoid just this kind of scene. Secretly, I was a little relieved I wouldn't have to do it myself.

"I was just trying to push it in to stretch me out," she said.

"I told you to be careful," I reminded her. "But I guess it had to happen eventually. Don't worry, the pain won't last long." I planted a soft kiss on her labia, and another on her clit.

She giggled. "It's already starting not to hurt. But you can keep doing that if you want."

I kept it up for a few minutes, but then worried about her sister. Stephanie was on her knees, thighs squeezing together as she watched. I hadn't made her cum. "Are you okay?"

She nodded. Bonnie turned her head towards her and said, "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to steal him. Do you want me to lick you?" Steph smiled and nodded happily, then climbed on top of her face. So I licked Bonnie while Steph licked her, much like we'd done the last time, only I also had a vibrator to aid me. The blood weirded me out a little, and added a rusty taste to it, but I didn't want to make a fuss about it. If she could lick her own sister, I could deal with a little bloody aftertaste.

This time, I made Bonnie cum first, but I could tell Stephanie was close, and I was starting to get hard again. Stephanie had her back to me, knees on either side of Bonnie's head and resting on all fours, and it was too tempting to resist. I crawled forward by me knees, over Bonnie's body, and rested my cock at her hole. Steph looked back at me and nodded, then raised herself up to get me better access. We fucked like that, right over Bonnie's face, giving her a good look from below as I thrust into Stephanie again and again. She started laughing and then used her hands to rub both of us together.

It didn't take long before Stephanie was cumming too, loudly as always. When she was done, I pulled out of her, still hard, and she got off her sister and rested on a pillow, exhausted. I had some thought of finishing on Bonnie's pussy and letting Stephanie lick it, but Bonnie got her old obsession back. "Since you broke my cherry," she said, "does that mean I'm not a virgin anymore?"

"No," I explained. "You're still a virgin until you actually have sex."

"But if I broke my cherry, that means I'm ready for it, right? I don't need to stretch? We could do it now."

"Why do you want it so badly?" I asked. She'd brought it up nearly every time we were together.

Bonnie just shrugged. "I don't know, it's supposed to be really good. And it makes you a real woman. My friends lost theirs, and I feel like a baby lying to them."

"They're probably lying to you too," Stephanie said.

"I don't care. I wanna do it," she whined.

"Three fingers," Stephanie said. "He has to be able to get three fingers in you at once. Right?" She looked to me for confirmation.

I nodded. It was the benchmark I used for her. "So try," Bonnie said. She spread her legs.

I stuck one in easily, two, but when the third tried to join it, Bonnie tensed up. It was too tight to do it comfortably, but I could probably do it if I was willing to make her uncomfortable. "You can try the slippery stuff. The AstroGlide," Bonnie suggested.

"No, I don't want to force it. It'll be soon, I know." It was crazy, but I actually felt relieved that I couldn't get that last finger in comfortably. It was then I realized that my reluctance was more about me than her. After all that I'd done, even I wouldn't have expected that I was holding back for moral reasons, but I knew I could probably fuck her then and there and not only would she have allowed it, but welcomed it, and yet, she was just too young. She was old enough to be attracted to, to want to do sexual things with, but deep down, I guess I didn't want to be her first time. It was like I was crossing a line… and after all the lines I'd crossed so willingly over the past few weeks, it was a surprise, and a bit of a relief, to find one I feared to cross.

I knew I'd have to do it, but I didn't want to do it then. Besides, one of these days, she'd learn the magic words for me. If she said "Please," I couldn't have said no even if I wanted to. Still, even without the words, Bonnie's look of disappointment got to me, and I still had a hard-on. "But we could have almost-sex," I suggested.


"Yeah. It's a lot like sex, but I won't actually put it inside. Here, I'll show you. Get on your hands and knees." She assumed the position, her little butt proudly in the air. I grabbed the lube from my dresser and spread some liberally on my dick, then went back to Bonnie and put my dick under her mound. If I went into her hole, I'd have been all the way inside her, but I wasn't, I was just outside, my shaft nestled in her pussy lips. She looked beneath herself, with her head upside down, to watch what was happening. "Put your legs together."

It suddenly became a tight, warm spot, not quite as good as a pussy, but still very arousing. I grabbed onto her butt and thrust myself back and forth, slapping my stomach into her ass repeatedly, and my penis running repeatedly along the groove between her lips. Since Bonnie was only feeling the sensations of my dick along her pussy but not actually inside, I could afford to be rougher. I was almost even able to convince myself I was actually fucking her… anybody watching us from far away would assume that's what was we were doing.

Shortly after we began, Bonnie grinned at her sister and said, "Look, I'm a porn star." And she started bumping back against me enthusiastically and shook her head so her hair flew around wildly. "Fuck me, fuck me, mmmmm, yeah, oh yeah." It was all exaggerated porn dialogue, but she put so much heart into it that it was turning me on. Her thighs also kept up a steady rhythm of squeezing and releasing. "This is fun, but I still want to try the real thing soon." If she was this much of a hellion for real sex, there was a real risk she'd wear me out. A few more times of this almost-sex and I knew I'd lose any resolve and just fuck her to find out, "Please" or no "Please." She kept up the dirty talk for a minute or so before she got quiet and I could feel tremors around my dick.

Her climax triggered my own. I felt the pressure build along my shaft and, not wanting to spurt all over my sheets, I pulled back and rested my dick in the crack between her ass cheeks, sawing it lazily back and forth while my cum squirted out.

Steph had been watching from the sidelines the whole time, not helping, and I worried her jealousy had come back, but she seemed content and relaxed, still basking in her own orgasm. I lay back on the bed beside her, exhausted from my own second orgasm and wanting to be close to the girl I actually loved. Bonnie crawled on my other side, lying on her stomach, cum covered butt exposed to the air. I put my arms around both of them.

I closed my eyes, just for a second, but I almost fell asleep before I heard Bonnie's voice. "Hey, don't go to sleep," she said. "We still have more we need to do!"

I blinked and let out a half-laugh, half-groan. "Oh, sweetie, I don't think I have the energy for another round just yet."

"No, not that," she said, and bit her lip. "But I had some questions on Geometry. We had another sub in and he didn't explain it very well."

A tutor's work, it seemed, was never done.

Chapter Nine:

It went on that way for about a week. I never got around to fucking Bonnie in our next few sessions, for I got scared again. In addition to my own unwillingness from before, I learned that her mother had not put her on birth control like she had Stephanie.

Stephanie told me she was started on the pill when she was 13. So, since I was too used to not using condoms, I held off with Bonnie and we just did almost-sex some more. Getting her pregnant, I thought, would put an end to the fun rather quickly.

Stephanie seemed to be adjusting to the new situation pretty well, but it helped that she visited me alone during lunch hours and there was usually some time after Bonnie had to leave that Steph had me all to herself. Since I tried to divide their shared time evenly between the two of them, Stephanie came out well ahead, and she got all the lovey-dovey stuff, the kisses, embrace, long talks, compliments. Bonnie just got to be a living sex toy. Sometimes I think that's all she wanted.

I was enjoying the experience thoroughly, as you can imagine, but I was also on a knife-edge between pleasure and terror. Any moment I knew could be the one that everything got exposed. Every time I heard a police siren in the distance, I thought they were coming for me, and when Grace called, I panicked that we'd say something that gave away the game.

I became especially nervous as I got another invitation to visit their home one Friday night. Grace called and asked if I could come over. She didn't sound angry, but there was some tension in her voice and I was afraid it was the end. I never would have imagined what was about to happen.

I showed up around eight in the evening. Grace met me at the door and thanked me for coming, then offered to cook me something. "I'd have had something already done, but I just got off work. I could make you a grilled cheese sandwich or something." I refused politely, half-fearing poison. "Are you sure? You're a young man, you need to keep your strength up," she said. I shook my head.

Bonnie was there, sitting on the couch and not watching TV. She said hi to me, but seemed guarded, depressed.

I made an attempt to make conversation. "So, how're things going?"

"Never mind," Grace said. "Bonnie, it's time for you to get ready for bed."

"Awww," Bonnie whined. "But it's so early."

"Yes, well, you're grounded, so I don't care. You go get changed into your jammies right now and wait until I call you. Me and Tim have to talk."

Bonnie stalked off with a pout, and slammed the door to her room as she disappeared into it.

"Grounded?" I asked. "What for?"

"Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Do you want a drink?"

My mouth was still dry from my fears, so I accepted a glass of water. As she poured it from a jug in the fridge, I asked, "So, where's Stephanie, and Jeff?" I knew where Stephanie was… she had a sleepover planned with some of her friends from school, she told me about it, but I thought it would look unseemly if I knew too much about her activities outside of school.

"Stephanie's sleeping over. And Jeff's with his dad this weekend. I'm glad, because that means I can talk to you alone."

I tensed. Whatever it was, I didn't like alone talks. For a moment I worried that she was interested in coming on to me. She wasn't a bad looking woman for her age, but I wasn't that attracted to her, and either refusing her or giving in to her was fraught with complications. It would be a bizarre situation, I thought blackly as I sipped the water. If she forced it, I might have to, not just because I have trouble saying no, but also because I didn't want her to get so pissed off she took her daughters to some other tutor. It turned out that what was on her mind was even more bizarre.

"It's about Bonnie," she said with a sigh. "I don't know what I'm going to do with that girl."

"This is about her grounding?"

"Yes. The school called. They caught her today. With a boy. In the boy's bathroom."

"Oh. I'm sorry, I don't know exactly what to say."

"She's going down the wrong path," Grace said. "Just like her mother. My daughter. Sometimes, you do all you can, but these girls get boy crazy and they go down the wrong path."

"It's a difficult time, adolescence," I said.

"That's why I told my girls they were not allowed to date until they were at least sixteen." I always thought that was a little much, but it had worked out pretty well for me. If Stephanie had been dating already, she likely never would have fallen for me. "But she goes and defies me, and not only is with a boy, but she's touching his, his, well, his you-know-what."

"I'm sure it's not her fault," I said. If anything, it was mine.

"Yes, well, I warned her. If she messes around with boys, she's going to get pregnant, just like her Mother. Now I need your help to put her on the right path."

"I'll try, but I'm not sure what I can do. It doesn't have to be as bad as you're thinking." I decided to take it as an opportunity. "Since you know she's active, you can get her on the pill."

"No, I don't think you're hearing me." She stared at me, eyes drilling into me. "I told her, if she messes around with boys, she's going to get pregnant." She smiled. "That's why I need you. To get her pregnant."

Chapter Ten:

"What?" It was hard to believe I was hearing her right.

"She's only 11. If she gets pregnant now, it will teach her a lesson, and she'll have a chance to straighten out before she really messes up her life. And it's another little miracle from God. Jeff will be gone to college next year anyway, so there'll be a room we can have for the baby."

"But…" I said, "She's only 11."

"Yes, but I know men. You don't really care how old a girl is. You just want a tight hole. You'll probably enjoy it."

"I can't," I said. It was just too weird. My cock wasn't in agreement, it was hard the moment I understood what she was suggesting.

"You don't have a choice," she said. "If you say no, I'll call the police and tell her you've been molesting my daughter at your tutoring sessions." I swallowed. She knew… or so I thought, until she continued, "I know the Bible says not to bear false witness, but I know Jesus will forgive me because I'm saved. And Jesus will forgive you because you were forced into it, and you're doing God's work. My daughter's on the path to Hell, and she needs to learn. The Bible also says to Honor Thy Mother, and I'm the closest thing she has to a Mother, and she needs to be taught to honor me. Please, you need to help me."

It was the most fucked up theological reasoning I'd ever heard, but to tell the truth, most religious arguments sounded pretty fucked up to me. "Maybe somebody else would be better…" I said. Not just because I didn't want to knock up Bonnie, but if Grace was as crazy as she had turned out to be, even if I did, she could turn around at any moment and have me thrown in jail for molesting her daughter.

"No, I've already made my decision. I've known you for years. You study hard, do your work, are polite, and you don't let things distract you. You're a smart boy, and a smart boy means smart babies. It's better you than some dumb jock in school she'd end up with if I just let her follow her animal instincts. Maybe her baby won't be so stupid that she fools around with boys when she gets to be Bonnie's age. Or maybe it will be a boy and I won't have to worry so much."

"I need some time to think about it."

She shook her head. "No, then you could come back and call the police and tell them what I said. You are going to try to get her pregnant tonight, so you can't go to the police because you've already committed a crime."

I sat there silent for a minute, half-expecting to wake up to find it was all an erotic dream. She continued, "Please, you'll be doing me a big favor. Nobody will know what you've done. I'll tell everybody some boy at school knocked her up. She'll say what I tell her to say. I'll be raising it. The government will give me assistance money. All you have to do is keep having sex with her until she gets pregnant. Of course, you'll probably have to tutor her a little more, since she may have to miss some school after she catches."

I still couldn't believe it. She was ordering me to fuck her eleven-year old granddaughter until she got pregnant. "This is insane."

"Don't call me insane," she snapped. "You don't have any children; you don't know how hard it is to raise them up right. I've raised five kids and most of them are doing very well. I'm sure they'll go on to be very successful." I flinched at her impassioned defense of herself, but that didn't make me think of her as anything less than a loon. "So, what is it going to be? Are you going to help me, or do I call the police?"

"I guess I don't really have a choice," I said. There really wasn't any doubt. I've always had trouble saying no when people pressure me to go along with them. That it was something that also turned me on made it a foregone conclusion.

"Good. Believe me, God will bless you for this." I had my doubts about that. Luckily, I didn't really believe. With the incredible perverted luck I'd been having, if I believed in God I could only assume he was a deviant. "Come with me," she said.

I followed her to the door to Bonnie and Steph's room. Grace knocked, a few sharp raps, and then opened it without any further warning. Bonnie was on her bed, in a short t-shirt and purple pajama bottoms. Her almond eyes widened a little in confusion as she saw me following her mother in. "What's up?" she said.

"I've come to a decision, and you're not going to like it, but I think it is for the best," Grace said.


"When I was a little girl, I stole one of my dad's cigarettes. I just wanted to try it. He got so angry at me, that he made me smoke a whole pack, one right after another. I got so sick, and I was angry, but I knew he had done the right thing because I never touched a cigarette again."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because this is the same kind of thing. You want to fool around with boys, well fine. I want you to do everything Mister Jacobs tells you to do, no matter what." Bonnie stared. She pulled me aside and whispered, "Make sure you cum in her pussy." Then, raising her voice again, she said, "I'll leave you alone now. I'll check in on you later."

She left, and closed the door behind her. Bonnie continued to stare at me, open-mouthed, before she finally said, "What's going on?"

I sat down on the edge of her bed. She pulled up her legs to give me room. "Your Mom wants me to get you pregnant." It took me quite a long time to get the whole sentence out; I kept pausing, searching for words.

She looked at me with a squint of disbelief. "That's crazy."

"That's what I said. But she's forcing me into it." I laughed uncertainly.

She thought about it, and then shrugged. "Okay."

"That's it?" I asked. "Okay?"

"You're not going to talk her out of it. And it could be fun." She pulled her legs into her belly, lifting her ass off the bed, and pulled off her pajama bottoms. Underneath she had tight blue panties. They went next. "Does this mean we get to fuck?"

"I guess it does." And if that was the attitude to towards having sex and being forcibly impregnated, maybe Grace had some tiny point. Maybe Bonnie needed a lesson about the potential consequences, one she couldn't ignore.

I spread Bonnie's legs and went down on her first, to make sure she was wet. I didn't have my lube with me and didn't expect Grace would have any, so I had to rely on saliva and her own juices. She wiggled her pussy into me as she kept up a steady stream of talk. "I can't believe I got in so much trouble just for being in the boy's bathroom. It's not like I gave him a blowjob or anything, I just had my hands in his pants. It was a dare. And if it wasn't for Mr. Foster being so nosy we wouldn't have gotten caught at all." I tried to ignore most of the rest. "Teachers aren't even supposed to be in the boy's bathroom, they have their own."

Finally, I stood, and began to rub my dick along her crack, and she got quiet, watching. We weren't yet doing any more than we'd already done, but we were about to go from almost-sex to actual sex. "This may hurt a little," I warned.

"It's okay," she said. "I think I'm ready."

I centered the head on her hole and heaved forward. It was impossibly tight, tighter than anything I'd been inside before. She grunted, but in pain or pleasure, I didn't know. "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said, holding in a breath. "Keep going, I'm a big girl, I can take it." I hesitated, unmoving. "Go on, fuck me." She rocked her hips a little, trying to force the motion. I got the hint, and began fucking her in earnest. She didn't complain, though she didn't talk much either, unusual for her. I thought I was hurting her and she was trying to hide it, but a minute or two in she began rubbing her clit. "Wow," she said finally. "I wish we'd done this sooner. It's way better..."

I panicked, and covered her mouth with my hand, feeling her last words muffled beneath it. I didn't know if Grace was listening at the door, but despite what we were doing now, I didn't want her to know I'd already been doing sexual things with both her and Stephanie. I leaned forward, whispered, "Your Mom still doesn't know what we did before." Her eyes widened and she nodded, so I let her speak again.

"How many times does it take to get pregnant?" she asked.

"It could be only one. It could be a lot. It depends."

"I hope it's a lot," she said. "Then we can do this lots more."

"Uh-huh," I said, grunting, trying to hold back. I was close. At least the conversation was distracting me. "Have you started having periods yet?"

"Not yet. Why?"

"Then you might not get pregnant for a while." It was an incredible thought, though. It might even be possible to make her miss her very first period. Something about that made me get turned on even more.

"Oh, good," she said. "But I don't know. Part of me doesn't want to get pregnant soon and part of me does." She pulled up her shirt, revealing her flat chest. "See if I get pregnant, I'll finally get big boobies."

That simple little act triggered my climax. With a hearty groan, I thrust forward one last time, as far as I could, and felt the tingling sensation all over, centered on my cock. Then I pulsed as I filled her little womb with my sticky sperm, flooding it. Maybe one of those billions of sperm cells would meet its way with the very first egg to drop.

"You're done?" she asked, then pouted. "I didn't get to have an orgasm."

"Maybe next time," I said. I felt bad that I didn't give her one, but it was all too strange. "I should probably go." I pulled my pants up and started towards the door.

Grace was outside, on the couch in the living room, waiting. "All done?" she asked when I poked my head out.

"Uh, yeah."

"Wait a second." She stood and walked past me into Bonnie's room, then touched her pussy.

"Eww, Mom," Bonnie cried, "That's my private place."

"Oh, shush," Grace said. "It's nothing I haven't seen before. I'm just making sure he did what he was supposed to." Using two fingers, she spread Bonnie's pussy lips apart, and looked. "Okay, you put your seed in her all right." She took her hands out of the pussy and wagged a finger at Bonnie. "And he's going to keep doing it until you get pregnant. I warned you this would happen. If you're going to act like a little slut, you'll get what little sluts get, and that's pregnant."

Bonnie sighed. "Yes, Mom." Then she grinned when she thought Grace was looking away, but she spotted it.

"Oh, sure, you're having a lot of fun now," Grace warned, "but you won't be smiling so much when you're the only girl in your school who needs a maternity uniform."

"I guess I can go, then?" I asked. I half-feared she'd tell me that, now that I'd just cum in her daughter, she was going to call the police. After all, who would they believe, me, or her?

But she didn't. Instead, she just said, "If you want. But if you don't have other plans, you can stay the night. Stephanie and Jeff will be gone until tomorrow afternoon, so you can sleep here with Bonnie and fill her with another batch of baby-juice and they'll never know."

"Please?" Bonnie said.

Well, you already know I have trouble saying "No."

Chapter Eleven:

I fucked her two more times, once that night, and then again the next morning, although that one you might say she fucked me, because I woke up with her on top of me as she sank down on my shaft and bounced up and down with an enthusiasm that was hard to match so early in the morning.

I left soon after enjoying a breakfast of bacon and eggs prepared by Grace. She told me on my way out that I should keep having sex with Bonnie, during our regular tutoring sessions, but not to let Stephanie find out. I kept a stone face as I agreed, and luckily Bonnie didn't do anything more than grin, and then, after she paid me for the last couple weeks of tutoring, I left. I didn't want to be there when Steph came home… I knew she'd find out, but I wanted some time alone to prepare.

I didn't get much. Later that day, both Bonnie and Stephanie showed up at my door. "See, he'll tell you I'm not making it up," Bonnie said.

Stephanie gave me an expectant look, arms folded over her chest. "Is it true? Did you have sex with Bonnie already?"

"Yeah," I said, and let them in.

"I was supposed to be there!"

"I'm sorry. I didn't really have much choice in the matter."

I explained what happened the previous night, the blackmail, her mother's strange insistence that I get Bonnie pregnant. I guess Bonnie hadn't told her much more than that we fucked, since it seemed to stun her.

"I can't believe it," she said after I was done. "She was telling the truth."


"Mom. I mean, my real Mom." She took a breath. "She swore it was her Mom's fault she got pregnant with me and Bonnie. I didn't know what to think. She was drunk, and I never asked her about it later."

It was hard to believe, but she'd just done it to Bonnie, so it wasn't too much of a leap to suspect she'd do it to their mother, too. Was some other random, lucky guy blackmailed into fucking that poor girl and getting her pregnant twice? I felt bad for her, and guilty for my part in perpetuating it. "Are you okay with this? We can find some way around it… get Bonnie on birth control secretly."

"But I want to have a baby," Bonnie whined.

"You do?" She'd seemed positive about it the night before, but I thought she was just getting into the spirit of being dirty.

She nodded. No explanations were given.

"I guess if Bonnie's okay with it," Stephanie said, "I am too. But it's not right. It should be me you're getting pregnant."

As soon as she said it, I could tell the wheels in her mind were turning, and she was liking the idea. "Oh no," I said. "We can't do that. It might blow everything… and Grace would just take that baby too." I touched my forehead to hers. "When we have a baby, it's going to be ours, okay? We'll wait until you're out of school at least."

That seemed to get to her. "Okay," she said. We kissed. "I love you."

"I love you too."

Bonnie spoke up. "If you guys are done with the mushy stuff, can we do the fun stuff? I mean, we're here anyway."

I was already pretty drained, but I did my best.

We kept it up, our strange three-way relationship, and nothing further blew up in my face for a while. I still loved Stephanie, which was why I'd never admit that I probably preferred Bonnie sexually. The little nymph had seemingly limitless energy and was always horny, while her older sister sometimes had times where she wasn't especially interested. Luckily, they got along now that they were pleasuring each other, too, so jealousy tended to be short-lived and fizzled out instead of growing into resentment.

It took until the summer vacation before we finally got Bonnie pregnant, and Grace let me keep fucking her after, under the theory it was good for the baby. It was a strange thing, fucking a pregnant twelve-year old with a visible baby-bump, especially since pregnancy only seemed to increase her sex drive.

Nine months later, she gave birth to a little girl, Tammy. I wasn't there during the delivery, but I saw her a few days later. She was beautiful. I wanted to be with her forever. By the time a few weeks had passed, Grace had already arranged to get custody for herself. She also told me, bizarrely, to stop having sex with Bonnie, since the lesson was learned. But she never stopped the tutoring sessions or did anything to ensure that we actually did stop fucking.

We didn't. We took a break for a while, as having a baby finally seemed to lower Bonnie's sex drive, but after a few months she was joining me and Stephanie again. Bonnie was less enthusiastic on taking my jism, unprotected, in her pussy again, but she hadn't entirely learned her lesson. She still really loved sex, and particularly liked acting like a porn star. She really liked it when I came all over her face.

Grace never found out about us, or if she did, she never revealed it, and I guess she never will.

Tammy was almost a year old, and we were planning a birthday, when Stephanie showed up at my place in tears. There had been an accident. Her brother Jeff had been driving on the highway and a car lost control and slammed into him. Grace was in the car with him. Jeff died instantly. Grace held on, in a coma, for a few days, but there was too much damage to vital organs. Thankfully, Bonnie was babysitting Tammy.

It was a tumultuous few days. For a while, we thought Bonnie and Stephanie would be sent to live with Grace's eldest son, who lived a few states away. Stephanie was terrified that, in addition to losing the people she thought of as her mother and brother, she'd lose me, too. I held her crying in my arms and swore that if that's what it took, I'd move just to be near her. As it turned out my own parents, who were good friends with Grace, stepped up, and said Bonnie, Stephanie, and little Tammy could all move in with them so they wouldn't have to change schools and could keep as much of a normal routine as possible. Grace's son wasn't in a position to take in three children.

At the funeral, a woman my own age sat beside me at a quiet time with nobody else around. She looked Asian, and had short hair done up in a bun, and wore glasses. "Your name's Tim, right?"


"I'm Michele."

The name was familiar, but I couldn't place it. It had been a long day. "Grace was your…" I probed, hoping for a lifeline. I thought maybe it was the wife of Grace's surviving son.

"Mother," she said. "Bonnie and Stephanie are my daughters. Biologically."

"Oh," I said, tensing up. "I'm sorry for your loss." I'd heard a lot about her. That she was crazy, an alcoholic, and a drug addict. But, against everything I would have expected, Grace left the house and most of her assets to her. Maybe it was guilt over what she'd put her through.

"Mom was fucked up. I'm glad she's gone. Jeff was my brother. He was a good kid." One of the things I'd learned over the past few days was that he was the one who made Bonnie jack him off on her tongue, but I'd done much more than that, so I couldn't be angry at him. I privately agreed with her about Grace, though I'd never admit it. The girls still loved her.

"I'm sorry," I said again.

Then she startled me. "You're the father, aren't you? Of Bonnie's kid?"

"Did she tell you that?" I asked warily.

"No. I just see how you look at her. And I know Mom. You're the type. Quiet. Polite. Clean-shaven. Not Asian." She sighed. "Let me guess. Mom said she'd call the cops on you if you didn't get Bonnie pregnant." I was afraid to answer, suspecting a trap. "I don't blame you. Their father, he was a good guy too." Somebody was approaching, so she said, "We need to talk about what happens next. Somewhere in private."

I met her in her apartment, across town, which surprised me. I'd always assumed that she lived far away, but she was nearby the whole time, just living completely apart from her family. The last time Stephanie had seen her, she was 11. Her place didn't look like the home of the mad, drunk, druggie Satanist I'd heard about. It was clean, an average apartment, although there was what looked like an altar of some sort on a shelf.

She caught me eyeing it. "I was into Wicca for a while," she explained. "I guess I still am. I needed a Higher Power while trying to get straight, and after what Mom did in his name, I wasn't inclined to trust Jesus."

"So you're sober then?"

"Three years now."


There was an awkward silence. She filled it. "You're wondering why, if I've been sober three years, I didn't try to see my kids, and just let them stay with my Mom."

"Actually, I'm wondering why you haven't called the police on me."

She smiled. "I told you, I don't blame you. Jimmy… the guy my mother convinced to rape me, he was a really nice guy. He even wanted to marry me." The smile turned a little wistful. "It wouldn't have worked."

"Because he was so much older than you?"

"Yes, but mostly because I was a lesbian." She sat down on her couch. "Mom started on me when she caught me kissing a girl. I guess she thought getting me pregnant would cure me. It didn't work; it just made me deny it. And I got into drugs, booze."

I sat down too, on a chair. "I'm sorry."

"Is that what happened with Bonnie? Was she a lesbian too?"

"No." She looked disappointed when I said it. "She caught her with a boy."

"Did you ever get the feeling she was just looking for an excuse, and getting off on getting a little girl pregnant?"

"The thought had occurred to me." I smiled weakly. It was uncomfortable being there with her, talking about such intensely personal things.

"I'm probably the one person in the world who'd be less screwed up if my mother just asked me to eat her out." I stared, and she laughed. "I'm sorry, was that too shocking for you?"

"It's just surprising."

"Well, it's about to get more surprising. I'm sure you like fucking Bonnie. I don't care, as long as she's happy with it. In fact, if you help me out, I'll let you guys go at it anytime you want."

"What do you want?"

"I want my kids back. I should have done it years before. But I can't do it alone, and Tammy needs a father around. If you be Tammy's father, I'll let you keep carrying on with Bonnie."

It sounded good. Too good to be true. "I can't. If I admitted to being her father, I'd go to jail… and my family would disown me."

"That's why you don't do that. I've thought about this. We just pretend you're dating me. I'm not really in a place to be in a relationship anyway. You can even move in with me, and pretend you just came to think of Tammy as your own. Please? It would be perfect."

"Why would you…"

"I told you," she said. "Tammy needs a father around. And I don't really have a lot of experience being a mother, either. And I can't afford three kids on my own. That's a big part of it. Mostly, I need somebody to keep me honest. I'm still pretty fucked up. The reason I didn't try to get my kids back before was I was afraid I'd abuse them more than Mom would. I'm afraid if I'm on my own I'd slip one night and teach them how to eat pussy." I didn't say anything. It was like she looked at me and read my mind. "Holy fuck," she said. "You didn't."

I still didn't say a word, just froze in a state of quiet panic.

"Wow… she made you fuck both of them?" But Michele didn't seem angry, just surprised. "I could see that, I guess, but I'm surprised Stephanie didn't get pregnant. And I can't imagine her letting you make them do anything together."

I somehow got the feeling I could trust her. Maybe it was her admission that she thought about touching her kids, and was going to allow me to continue on with Bonnie. "Grace didn't make us do anything. Stephanie came on to me. I kind of fell for her. Bonnie caught us and wanted to get involved." I shrugged. "Grace only started blackmailing me after I was already involved with both of them."

"Okay, I need to know the whole story." So I told her. I could see a lot of her body language was similar to her daughters'. She was aroused, leaning forward eagerly, legs squeezed together, especially when I told her about Bonnie and Stephanie eating each other out. Her hand played around her pants. "Fuck, I'm wet," she said when I was done. "I don't think you're going to be the best person to keep me honest."

"Probably not," I agreed. "I guess I'm pretty fucked up too. We could have a fucked up contest and I'm not sure who'd win."

"I think it'd be me, because I still think us all moving in together is a great idea."

She was right, because I had my doubts. But as usual, I let myself be talked into it.


So, that's how my bizarre little family got started. It works out well, even if nobody outside would understand it. Tammy's almost five now, Stephanie's in college, and Bonnie's about to graduate high school with honors. My parents are even proud of me for getting involved with Michele and raising Tammy like my own. If they only knew the truth I don't think they'd be so proud.

We're pretty happy together, but I think I have the best deal of all. In Stephanie, I have the woman I love romantically, a sweet woman who turned out to have the best developed motherly instinct of any of us. In Bonnie, I have the wild sexpot, willing to do anything, including eating out her mother. Michele turned out to be very similar to me in personality, so we've become great friends, even if I'm the only one in the house other than Tammy who hasn't touched her sexually. And as for Tammy herself, well, I have a beautiful little child that I love more than anything in the world. When Stephanie gets out of college, we'll start working on our second.

Who would have thought being a doormat would turn out so well? I'm still as much a pushover as ever, and everybody in the house knows it by now. Even little Tammy's already learned that all she has to do is say "Please" and bat her eyes and I'll spoil her rotten. The other three take advantage of me too, but more lovingly so. It's not so bad. Sure, I do way more than my share of the chores and it may have been months since I've used my paycheck for anything for myself, but it's been almost that long since I've had to masturbate, too. I wouldn't trade my life for anybody else's in the world. I still worry that it's all going to end some day, but right now, I'm happy.

I'm sure you're wondering, but no, I've never touched Tammy. She's my beautiful little angel, and I don't think of her in that way. She's my daughter, not my lover, and that's how I plan to keep it the rest of my life.

Unless, I guess, one night, when she's older, she comes to me and says "Please…."

The End

The preceeding story was fantasy and I do not recommend or endorse any of the acts described within. Quite the opposite, really.

Fanart: The artist NeckRomancer has drawn his own take on Stephanie/Bonnie/Tim here (Pixiv account may be required, and link is to drawn art depicting minors in sexual situations which may be illegal in your jurisdiction, click at your own risk).

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