Sometimes people ask "where do you get your story ideas?" From all over, of course. But one way I sometimes use is take some random movie or story's title and then think of what a completely new story, using my favorite tropes, might look like if it had that title. Sometimes, for Phil Phantom ideas I try that tactic deliberately, changing the title slightly to avoid confusion. In this case, there was an old, cuckold-centric story called Reality Check, and I realized that that story was probably written before Reality TV became a thing, that using that title now would probably involved a perverted reality show... and that sparked an idea for this story.

It's one of my longer ones, and it jumps back and forth in time a lot as I was trying to emulate that sort of loose and sloppy wild feel of Phil. It's also a story that I wrote about the first 1/3 of years and years ago, then ran out of steam, and happened to look at recently while I was losing steam on a separate story, and then finished in a rush, just to give you an idea of how my writing sometimes goes.

Reality Checks - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (M+g, M+f, M+F, inc, pedo, prost, best, blasphemy, preg, cuck, ws, blackmail, 1st, anal, stroke)

Daniel Dowdy waited just shy of joining the line at his local bank with a stack of checks in his hand, and a hungry family waiting on chairs outside of the line, except one who waited outside entirely. He still wasn't ready to commit to joining, and it was already a long line because the ATMs were out of order, which only added to his humiliation, because he was going to have to hand these checks to a real person--possibly a person he knew from the community or Church, or at least recognized from prior bank dealings--and potentially suffer the consequences. There were two potential sources of consequences... one would happen if whoever handled the checks looked too closely at them, and another could well happen no matter what, if the checks were just plain no good, as he feared.

It could be Jeff Skinner's latest little joke. Probably was, one way or another, the question was... exactly how? Daniel was just starting to think he'd gotten a handle on the man's sense of humor, a little late and after losing two virgin daughters and getting, in exchange, three pregnant whores (one being his wife) to his first elaborate joke, which technically might not be a joke, depending on whether or not the biggest of the checks bounced. But by now, Daniel assumed it was, and assumed that big life-changing check would bounce, but still wondered if Jeff was being honest when he promised that some of the checks would clear.

He'd come to think that it might be Jeff's last game... the checks that would humiliate and expose his family for their actions would clear, and the big check that lured them into their new situation would bounce and humiliate him in another way. But the big check, the reality show check, was for a half-million dollars, and it would be a supreme joke if he didn't try to cash it and it turned out to be real. The other checks might put real money in their accounts, which was sorely needed right now, but were from companies like "Little Angels Child Erotica Productions" and in the memo section proclaimed to all the world that the check was payment for things like "First time blowjob scene", "Mother/Daughter Sex Scene", "Slutty wife gangbang movie", "Hardcore Bestiality Scene With Cumshot", not to mention the ones that were for his family's starring roles in movies with titles like Teen Whore 8, White Family Slaved by Black Cock, or My Preteen Daughter Married a Dog. Then there were the checks labelled "Impregnation Bonus." There were only three of those, but each made out to him personally, with a different name in parenthesis, one for his wife, one for his fifteen-year-old daughter, and one for his twelve-year-old daughter, as though he allowed it for the money. Only for one of those was it true. Oh, sure, all had been impregnated, at Jeff's direction if not by his sperm, but for two of them Dan only found out after the fact.

That didn't matter, Skinner apparently was willing to pay Daniel for all three, if Daniel was willing to cash the check... and the checks didn't bounce. He thought there was still a good chance they all might, because that also seemed like Jeff's humor, the 'gotcha.' He promised them checks for what they went through, but... gotcha, didn't promise they wouldn't bounce. Much like some of his other jokes over the summer, crueler, but funny in a dark way, make him go through all this misery and shame only to get nothing at the end but three more mouths to feed.

He didn't want to believe the man would be quite that cruel, because not having enough money was what got them into this mess, not having money and having too much Faith. After Daniel lost his job, and despite his best efforts couldn't find another one for months, their savings got drained fast, and then he finally lost the house too. He prayed for some kind of miracle to help him out, and then, in the newspaper, saw it... an ad: 'Wanted, photogenic family to compete in new reality show, potential to win big cash, room and board.'

It seemed like a lifesaver, but turned out to be a lifechanger, for good or for ill that would depend on how many of the checks bounced. At this point, he'd be willing to call it a draw, not good or ill, just different, if just a few of the bigger checks turned out to be real, even if it was the ones that revealed to anyone who looked at the notes some of the depravity that went on. The impregnation bonuses could add up to a decent mortgage, maybe, in another town, one that didn't know him, what he'd done, what he'd allowed.

What Daniel'd done seemed innocent enough when it started, he dragged his whole family out to the casting, waited in line for hours as others took their turns, mostly nice families but not as telegenic as his. That was the one asset God hadn't taken away, he had a beautiful, healthy family... practically a model family, in his mind. Daniel himself wasn't much to look at, a weak chin, slightly receding hairline, thin and wiry, but he looked good enough to nab his wife, and even managed a few affairs over the years with women from his church, so he thought himself quite the catch.

His wife, Maureen, really was a catch... he caught her and married her in high school, and even convinced her to take his name, despite not wanting to be known as Mrs. Dowdy. Stroker wasn't much of a better last name, but she was attached to it, but Daniel pressed and she relented just before the wedding. He thought the bachelorette party, the night before the wedding, would her last chance to be a Stroker, and a stroker, with the male stripper her friends hired, and he was comfortable with that as long as his nose wasn't rubbed in it, and as long as after that she became a Dowdy. That seemed to be what happened. After two pregnancies, she'd started to look the name, dressing dowdy in conservative dresses that barely showed cleavage, or frumpy jeans and overlarge shirts, but beneath she still had the body of a Stroker, the same kind her mother had... big, busty, small waist but a big ass and long silky legs. But Maureen rarely wore makeup and her hair was done up in bun when they went out. When she started this family journey, she was a perfect conservative wife, envy of the guys at work, while he still had a work, and Church, while he went.

Now she certainly didn't look like a Dowdy anymore, her hair let loose long and wild and her body on flagrant display, like she wanted people to look... or do more, if you could read her T-shirt. Probably wouldn't be welcome in Church, looking like that, and if Dan didn't come out of the bank with something that made these last few months worthwhile, she seemed fully prepared to go back to being a Stroker, in name and more. She'd already delivered a threat--or maybe an offer--that she would move her and the girls back in with her family, to share a house with her parents who were distant, and her brother who tried not to be, who still lived with his parents. The brother who was--previous to this summer--on the 'under no circumstances do we move the girls into a house with him, even if we have to be homeless' red line list. The last couple months had changed that list, as that prospect didn't seem to bother her anymore. Maybe at this point it seemed like the lesser of several evils... behind jail and Jeff's last offer, maybe becoming a Stoker again at home looked positively appealing.

The girls, too, now looked more Stoker than Dowdy, and Dan--having gotten used to them showing skin inside the Dream House--hadn't been quite prepared for how they'd look to others in their generally conservative city. He'd already had to sweat out the walk from where they were dropped off, penniless but for the checks in his hand. Maureen was just as penniless and more of a sight, but instructed everybody to hold their heads up high, thinking it would draw less attention than seeming ashamed. So he led his family, parading about in leather skirts or tiny tight shorts, and tops that sometimes looked more like bras than shirts, or rewarded careful attention with a peek at what was underneath... and watched his kids look shameless about it, smiling at the lewd offers they used to hurry away from.

His oldest, Shirley, was briefly mistaken for a literal whore while they were waiting for a red light to change. The girl was almost unrecognizable both in dress and demeanor from before this summer. She used to be the girl who never showed cleavage but now had her plump round breasts proudly out, no longer bothered by people seeing the freckles that had once embarrassed her. These days visible freckles on her cleavage seemed modest by comparison, considering her nipples were now just one firm jiggle away from popping out of the lacy red halter that contained them. Her legs were mostly bare too, seemingly only wearing the smallest of short shorts in a soft and very elastic fabric that hugged every curve, right down to the camel toe between her legs. Had his eldest daughter at least tried to keep the black jacket closed around her body, she might have been less conspicuous and less people would have mistaken her for a teen whore looking for customers, but apparently holding your head up high went a long way. They didn't have very much choice in the outfits they were dropped off with, of course, and at least she'd gotten over her body shame, but Dan still didn't like how Shirley demonstrated how likely she believed the checks were to bounce by almost getting in the car with the man who made that mistake--that might not be such a mistake (for even if they cashed the checks she was Shirley, a whore, one way or another now)--before her mother yanked her back.

As for little Tulip, well, the whole walk over she was overshadowed by her sibling and mom, but now she was waiting outside alone, and Dan had to hope nobody looked too close at the twelve-year-old while they did their business at the bank. She still looked like an adorable moppet at first glance. Her skirt was too short, but cute if you didn't really inspect the design or a gust of wind didn't blow it up and reveal the tattoo a girl that young shouldn't have on her ass cheek. As for her top, that left her pierced belly-button, shoulders, and forearms bare, but still was probably acceptable for this September day, unless you wondered too much about the chain that dangled down one side, or if that drew your eye between the flowers in the design and noticed that you could see faintly through the gauzy material. Ironically, if she'd been wearing a bra, as was probably intended by the designer of the shirt, the translucency would have been more blatant. Similarly, if she yet had breasts that were more than the barest hint of a swelling--that would be unmistakable in a few weeks as they started to produce milk for the body growing inside of her--the distinctive curve would have shown through. But because she didn't have those, to a casual glance, or from afar, what showed of her body beneath the top mostly just looked like a complimentary shade of pink to her skirt, and nobody expects a girl that young to have elaborate nipple piercings so it was probably safe. Anyone on the walk over who'd looked must have assumed it was part of the shirt design, or been entirely distracted by her older sister's less subtle sexuality.

Still, it worried Dan leaving her out there alone, but hopefully the same reason she had to wait outside--their new dog--would also keep people from coming too close. Rocket was territorial, which, like the dog itself, could be a mixed blessing. That beast, who certainly wasn't named for his speed, was one of the few completely tangible prizes they've walked away with... a large dark-coated dog with soulful eyes and a distinctive ridge of hair on his back that apparently marked him out as a fancy, upper class breed. Unless that was another lie, which it might be, considering the uses they trained him for were decidedly not fancy or upper class. Either way, Rocket was a prize that now left him worrying that, whether the checks bounced or not, the dog could become their biggest problem. If Dan didn't hurry there was a chance his little Poodle might--just out of habit--pull her custom made miniskirt up, get down on all fours and let herself get knotted up with their big Ridgeback's red rocket right in public, forgetting that average people on the street aren't like the audiences she was now used to. No commotion could be heard from outside, so it probably hadn't happened yet, though it didn't prove anything. Stunned silence was his reaction the first time he watched that little twelve-year-old engaged in an act of bestiality. So it could be going on right now. If it was, Dan hoped whoever was watching a preteen girl get knotted in public at least had the moral decency to throw money at the show--the family might need it soon.

Yes, the Dowdy family had definitely changed since they signed up for a reality show. Especially the daughters.

Back at the start, in the casting call, his kids were normal American kids. Pretty, certainly, but somehow the kind of kids that faded into the background, like something in their DNA made most people miss their obvious potential. Jeff Skinner, the man at the head of the casting call--also the head of the show when it finally developed, which in retrospect might have been a clue that this wasn't a professional Hollywood production--didn't miss their potential. That also probably should have been a warning sign, looking back, but back then they were just doing whatever they could to look forward and not see a future of the Dowdy family on the streets.

Skinner was a dark-haired white guy with a goatee... slick looking, fast-talking, and while he wore a suit, his hair was a little shaggier than Dan felt was appropriate on a man. Dan guessed that he was a liberal stoner type, which he considered a character flaw but he was happy enough to coexist with people like that if he had to. And at least the man looked friendly... his eyes lit up when the family entered the room, and then he smiled, introduced himself, and before they could answer, asked for their names and ages.

"I'm Daniel Dowdy, 34." He felt a quake of insecurity at the man's fancy suit, that he could tell was expensive. Dan himself wore his job interview suit, only without a jacket and tie because this seemed at the time a lot less formal. It was actually the exact same clothes they later left him to wear to walk to the bank, which might have been a kindness or a joke, or just a lack of any thought at all about him, he wasn't sure. "And this is my wife, Maureen Dowdy."

"Thirty," she said. Maureen routinely lied about her age, shedding four years, which for anyone who did the math would have made her pregnant at fifteen... but Skinner didn't seem to care very much about math. Nor did he particularly seem put off by her Mom-jeans and blouse, which Dan thought didn't flatter her figure or stand out... didn't hide that she had boobs, at least, but the dark red fabric didn't emphasize them either, just draped out over them and hung straight down from there, extending past her waist. Either he saw past that to her genuine beauty or politely pretended to.

Dan went on with the introductions. "These are our children, Shirley, who's almost sixteen." Almost a lot of other things, almost tops in her class, almost a cheerleader, almost certainly a virgin, at least in her dad's opinion. Could have been the first two and avoided the last, if she, too, was willing to stand out more, but back then she was almost as dowdy as her mother, struck by a shyness that maybe went along with her full name, if you believe names have power. His oldest girl started out shy but it certainly kicked up a few notches when she started growing boobs, boobs she usually hid--but not totally effectively--under sweaters. Her long black hair often ran in front of her freckle-speckled face, a convenient place to hide behind and not stand out, and Daniel thought she was doing that now, ashamed of the attention, so he did what he could and shifted it.

"And this is Tulip, who just turned twelve." Tulip, unlike her sister, loved attention, was always a ray of sunshine that won over everyone in the room, with a winning smile even with braces. Her shorter brown hair was full of curls that stayed out of her face, which had no freckles. Tulip often said she wished she had those, because she thought they were super cute, but that might have been just to make her sister feel better--Tulip was sweet like that, always wanting to make other people happy. As she came to do in the house. The littlest Dowdy, at this stage, still dressed like a Dowdy, but in her case with the sense that it was only by accident and upbringing rather than from any shyness. Some kids that young dress like sluts did in Dan's day, but they lived in a conservative city, a conservative neighborhood within it, and so outfits that fit in with that were normal to Tulip. For the interview, she had a skirt over leggings and several overlapping layers on top, starting with a pastel pink long sleeve button up top, where only the top was buttoned and the sides left to fall open revealing the layer underneath, a loose white knot hem t-shirt which was over yet another, longer t-shirt in a softer pink tight to her skin. As Skinner looked her over with a shrewd appraising eye, like he wasn't sure if they wanted a kid that young, Dan added, "Though sometimes we call her Poodle."

That was an old Dowdy family joke, from when their newest member tried to spell her name in alphabet blocks and rearranged them into Putil, which her older sister, who hadn't yet completely grasped spelling at that age, thought spelled Poodle, like the dog. It had since become a fun nickname around the house. "Da-ad," little Tulip complained, but not yet in the way kids do when their parents are horribly embarrassing them, but rather when they're old enough to know that being embarrassed was something teenagers did and they would pretend because they couldn't wait to grow up and do the fun things that went along with being one. Her smile when she said it was hard to miss though, and the twinkling in her eyes almost sent a secret message of "Call me Poodle if you like, I won't mind. I might even bark just to play along." Which she did, sometimes, when her name was used, and later.

That seemed to do the trick, as Skinner lit up with a grin. "That's just adorable," he said. "And more than that, it's marketable. Kids with cute nicknames, that can be gold in this business, you know? You've heard of Honey Boo-Boo, I'm sure, she wasn't the prettiest of the girls on that child pageant show, but she sure knew how to draw the attention. Do you think you know how to draw the attention, little Poodle?"

Tulip paused for a moment then gave a cute little high-pitched 'Arf arf," as she sometimes did at home.

Jeff's grin only widened. "Well, I'm pretty much sold. Technically, I was supposed to be looking for a family with a son, just for variety's sake, but, you know, when you've got a winner, you don't keep looking, and I see potential for something much better than a rose on my piano in my future." Dan thought that might be an industry term he wasn't familiar with, though he noticed his wife took on a sour look for a moment. "I exaggerate," Jeff said. "And obviously I can't make a commitment on the spot like this. But you're definitely the top contenders so far. I mean, look at you, you're like a perfect family right out of central casting." A sudden, concerned look. "You're not, though, right, none of you have done any professional acting or modelling or anything, have you?"

The thought that they might have was flattering in its way, even for Maureen, who said, "No."

"But you could, I see. I could definitely see you in pictures in the future. And maybe as a result of this, you will be. There could be a new direction in store for your family." At the time, Dan had stars in his eyes at the thought of them becoming famous, even reality-TV famous which wasn't as sure a thing as other types of fame. He might have thought twice if he knew some of the titles of the pictures Skinner had in mind, or if he considered that the man might have actually said 'there could be a nude erection in store for your family.' "You're pretty well perfect. You've got the trustworthy dad, maybe a little bumbling or oblivious at times, but good for watching." Dan was still trying to figure out whether to take offence at this, but Jeff continued before he got a chance. "I bet you even make Dad jokes."

"I have been known to make a groaner."

"Good. Man after my own heart. I love a man with a sense of humor. I like to make kids groan myself. I'm not actually a father though, yet, which might make it a faux-pa." He paused for the joke to set in. Dan gave him a grin and a 'I see what you did there' nod, while Shirley laughed more than she would at Dan's jokes, and Tulip smiled along eagerly, always a people pleaser, even though she probably didn't get it. They all wanted this, and Skinner could sense the desperation coming off them. "I'm sure we'll get along famously, and at the end of the show, we'll see who manages to make your little girls moan the most. I expect a lot of our audience will be fathers, so you teasing and tormenting them--playfully--will all play well." He turned his gaze to Maureen, looked her over again with an up-and-down openly appraising gaze that might have made her uncomfortable in other contexts. "Then we've got the perfect mom type, cinematic. If we were filming a movie, we'd have people complaining we cast too young." Flattery always got to Maureen. "Then there's the two daughters, little Poodle's got marketing opportunities written all over her. People would be lining up to get her adorable face plastered on their chest." Tulip flashed a smile that almost looked too rehearsed, like a celebrity who knew everyone was looking, or somebody already posing for a picture that would go on T-shirts. "And you, Shirley... the all-American cheerleader type."

"I'm not actually a cheerleader," she pointed out, but through a faint blush at the compliment.

"Doesn't matter, you're the type. Put you in a cheerleader outfit, nobody will know the difference. Maybe we will do just that if things get slow. This is reality television, but there's always a little showmanship at play. You've certainly got the assets we're looking for..." His eyes drifted to the lumps hidden under Shirley's sweater but only for a second before he explained, "...as a family, I mean... except as I said, a boy would have been nice. The big producer types might still want me to go another way because of that... but I think I can sell your family, if you're willing."

"We're willing," Dan said.

"When I say 'willing,' I mean a little more than most people. There's a lot of money at stake here, I'm not looking for people who're willing to walk right up to the edge of the pool and then change their mind after dipping a toe in. What I really need to know here is if you're the type of family willing to stick things out, even if they get awkward or uncomfortable. If I go to bat for you as my new reality family and you decide to quit the first day, that'll set back production quite a bit, might even cost me this gig. I need people who are willing to be all in. So are you all in?"

"We are all in," Dan affirmed.

Maureen Dowdy was a little more cautious. "Depending on what exactly is involved."

"That's fair, that's fair. Well, you already know it's a reality show. Tell you what, if you're willing to sign an NDA, I'll give you the premise." He pulled out a set of contracts, passed them out, and they all seemed legitimate, at least to someone who hadn't seen Non-Disclosure Agreements before but had only heard about them. By signing, they seemed to be agreeing that if they revealed anything about the production, premise, cast or crew of the project before it aired on television, they could be liable for huge fines they already couldn't afford. Since signing seemed the price of going further, of course the family signed, not realizing that technically speaking since this project was never going to air on television they were signing a lifetime silence pact. Assuming it was enforceable, of course. "Okay, basically we're going with a twist on a fairly standard premise. We have a few working titles, but we haven't settled on one. In production meetings, I've been calling it the Skinner Box myself, but that probably won't stick, that's a much later-in-production decision. Maybe we'll name it after your family, who knows. But regardless, it's sort of a take on Big Brother-meets-Fear Factor. Have you seen either of those shows?" Nods around the table, although most of them were familiar with the first show more than the second, which had been off the air for some time. "Except, there's no voting people out, no eliminations. You're stuck in the house, no contact with anybody else, for two months--we'll do it over summer break so the kids don't miss any school--and we'll provide all your needs in that time, although, for example, you might have to win challenges to get better food or more comfortable sleeping arrangements, that sort of thing. Like Big Brother with their slop. Stealing is the core of television, even reality television. We're not above it. Sometimes you see something somebody else has produced and know you can do much better things with them. So I can't promise you'll be comfortable, but you'll be taken care of, you might wind up having a lot of fun with the games we play, and, if you stick out the whole time, you have my word you will receive a check for half a million dollars. Sound good?"

It sounded like the answer to their prayers. Too good to be true, probably.

"We're going to push your boundaries, of course, try to get you to call it quits, but we all want a good show here. It does us no good if you quit early. The audience will know if you don't have a fair chance to win that check, and they're watching to see how the family dynamics shift over time, with stress. And, it's not all-or-nothing, obviously. Even if you duck out before the half-million prize, you can walk out with some very hefty checks, from performing certain challenges along the way, things that will be entertaining for the audience, even if they might be messy or embarrassing for you. Now, listening to all of this, do you think you're the family I want?"

Dan and Maureen exchanged a look, and he knew she was less certain than he was. Just as he knew Shirley was a lot less certain than Tulip, who was bouncing eagerly, excited for the challenge already, probably wanted to move into the house right now. And she didn't even know that if they didn't move in soon, they might not have a house to live in. But even the ones who weren't sure they could handle it seemed like they wanted the chance to try. So, Dan said, "I know we are, Mr. Skinner."

"Then let me take down your information. No promises, yet, but right now in my eyes, you're the frontrunners." And after that was done, they left, passing the next auditioners on the way in, appraising the black family they saw waiting, noted they had not just a daughter but a teenage son. They left having to hope against hope that they weren't just about to be replaced as the favorites... but still, the whole family was excited, deciding to give in to cautious optimism, enough to splurge and get McDonalds on the way home, which their budget really shouldn't have allowed for.

Maureen privately said there was something fishy about that man that auditioned them, but as Dan pointed out, she'd never auditioned for anything before, and this was their best shot for avoiding some kind of shelter situation... unless they wanted to try and move in with her family, which had always been a no-go idea before. "Even if we don't win, at least that's two more months we don't have to worry."

And if Dan himself had doubts, they started to fade when a week went by with no contact, starting to be replaced by the fear that the opportunity had passed them by, and then, just as he was starting to give up hope, they got a phone call from Jeff Skinner, telling them they were still in the running and he wanted to have a team come over and film what he called 'background.'

"Background?" he asked.

"Yeah, you know where they interview the people, confessional style, before the show, maybe get some stories from friends and family?"

A knot in his stomach loosened. "So that means we're still in a good position?"

"I'm not going to lie to you, the way these things work, these background interviews get done before the selection process is complete. It's easy enough to just not use the footage from the families we don't choose, you know? In fact, depending on how these interviews go, it might sway the final decision. I'm still fighting for you, but the more cooperative you can get your family to be, the better."

So, of course Dan cooperated, invited the 'background crew' into his home, which was actually just Jeff Skinner again, along with two men. One was a bald lanky black man who introduced himself as Randall Mark Ferr, or Randy for short, who seemed to be the cameraman. The other just called himself Jackson--but okay with Jack. He said he was Vietnamese, handsome, with long surfer-style hair and a neat goatee, and he seemed to be in charge of makeup, lighting, and so on, although Skinner seemed to consult with him in huddled conversation on various topics on a regular basis.

Before they arrived, Dan instructed his family to cooperate: don't give the men any trouble, show off their best sides, charm them as much as possible, because the Dowdy family needed this. He and Maureen kept from their kids exactly how much they needed it... that at the end of the month, they'd be out of their house and after that, it was cheap hotels for as long as they could last.

Telling his kids that they had to do everything possible to impress three strange men could have been a horrible decision, but the guys all seemed to be on the up-and-up to Dan. They took footage of the house, the family together, asked questions about their most hilarious or embarrassing moments, things they wanted to do with their lives... the kind of thing he'd expect from a production company. After that, they wanted to follow each person around for a day of their normal life and for more personal, private interviews, out of sight and earshot of the others in their family, where, Skinner insisted, everyone might be more free to be honest and themselves, and show off the sides of them that might be showcased on the show. That also seemed like a normal, reasonable request for a reality show, although for parents that also came with a lot of anxiety.

After each day, the family would gather and ask what sort of things were talked about, both to get themselves ready for what they might be in for and to assuage any lingering suspicion about the motives of Skinner and the camera crew. As it turned out, each one of them left a lot out about what their private day of filming entailed, and had they been more forthcoming the family might well have avoided two months of steadily increasing depravity, but then, on the other hand they would have been out of their house with no other options a lot earlier and so it might have been a wash.

Tulip was the first for the private interviews, the first that Maureen and Dan sweated as a concerned Mom and Dad. Maureen worried more than Dan, sure that they'd just let their little poodle go off with pedophiles with a camera, but her concern infected him a little, too, until he heard Tulip's report and decided his wife was just seeing sexual predators everywhere. As it turned out, Maureen's instincts were actually dead on, but these predators were smart enough to not jeopardize a coming pack hunt by making their move too openly and spooking their prey.

The team followed Tulip to her middle school, an area three men with a camera are traditionally not allowed, but if you ask politely for permission and say it's for a reality show, turns out a lot of them will bend the rules. In between a lot of conventional filming the crew got the social media contact information for a lot of Tulip's friends, just in case they had roles for them in future projects, one of many facts Tulip didn't mention to her parents in her recap because it didn't involve her and thus, wasn't interesting. Beyond capturing her school routine, Skinner and his crew focused on grooming, wanting to watch Tulip tease her hair with a long handled brush (Randy thought a long handled one was more cinematic for some reason), had her lay out her outfits, Jack helped her apply some makeup to take pictures that her Mom probably would be upset about... but just because of the makeup.

Otherwise, it was mostly talking. They interviewed her about her favorite animals, and whether she had any boys at school--or teachers--she really liked, and she told them she loved dogs and she liked all her teachers, that she didn't think 'teacher's pet' had to be a bad thing. Those answers seemed to entertain them. They asked about any special skills she had and since they already knew about her gymnastics from school she told them about how she was really good at quickly reducing fractions in math without a calculator, the video games she had collected all the achievements for, and about the tricks she could do with her tongue. The first two didn't impress them, but the last did, and they had her demonstrate making waves with her tongue, twisting it up into a four leaf clover cup shape, and a few others, which they filmed with avid interest.

Next, they switched to asking her about things she wanted that she wasn't allowed and she told them about always wanting a dog of her own, but Mom complained they made too much of a mess. Tulip also decided to open up about wanting to get her belly pierced, that her dad thought she was too young even though she had friends with them already. To her surprise, Mr. Skinner mentioned that it was possible that one or more of the games might lead to her getting pierced. That news got her even more excited about joining the show, which she wasn't sure was possible. It was also another promise he kept, in multiple senses of the word piercing and in several different places that she wouldn't have considered at the time.

Finally, they capped off her day by taking her to enjoy a chocolate covered frozen banana, which wouldn't have been her first choice but they got it before asking what she wanted and she wasn't ungrateful enough to refuse, especially because they seemed to like filming her enjoying the treat, even playfully dared her special ways to eat it and later wanted her to demonstrate her tongue tricks again on it. This was another thing she didn't tell her parents about, because they might have been angry about her eating dessert before dinner, and Skinner promised not to tell with a conspiratorial wink and a pat on her leg.

In fact, in terms of sheer number of details, Tulip probably left the most out of her report of her day, but--aside from the banana and the comment about the piercings--it was mostly because she didn't think there was anything worth telling. Her mother was super worried about whether they tried to get her to remove her clothes or lift her shirt or touch them in any way or take any inappropriate pictures, and nothing like that happened. As far as she knew anyway... although arguably the men did take some inappropriate pictures. Not only ones involving the banana... they also 'borrowed' her cell phone for long enough to clone it and copy every picture already saved on it, including some tasteful, artistic (in her opinion, if anyone were to ask) shots of her in a shower, or her bed, and squeezing the flesh around her nipples to make them look more like boobs, or blatantly spreading her pussy lips for the camera. These were pictures that Tulip had taken herself, just in case a boy she liked asked her for nudes... but so far Skinner and his crew were the only one to have access. They also gained access to all her text messages to mine for data later, as well as to all of her social media accounts. But Tulip was unaware of that, and what shady stuff they did do looked innocent to a girl who still mostly was.

What Tulip mostly couldn't shut up about was Skinner telling her about something called a 'Poodle Skirt' which apparently was popular in the 50s and they thought they might be able to do something with, on the show, down the line, and which they did, although contrary to Dowdy expectations the skirt turned out to be more of a micromini and the poodle design also had a big black dog humping the poodle.

Now, waiting in front of the bank, it was that girl's favorite piece of clothing, though she'd come to prefer nothing at all to most outfits. She wasn't, as it turned out, performing a public bestiality show for the spare change of passers by--or for free--while her father worried about whether to risk trying to cash a check. If Rocket started humping her, she might very well do that show, but not because she wanted to... or at least, not just because of that. The leash she held tight to her body split into two chains, one going to Rocket's collar, and the other slipping under her top to rings in her belly button and nipples, the whole assembly part of one of her last challenges before the show ended. And Rocket had learned by now that if he wanted his bitch, all he had to do was tug on the chain until she bent over just to avoid the pain. If Dad did come out of the bank with money, he said the first order of business was getting something at a hardware store that could snap that chain, but until then, the two of them were leashed to each other and her nipples were super sensitive lately which her mom had agreed was probably because she'd gotten pregnant.

Still, she took care of Rocket once today, before the ride home began, and he was usually good for a day. And if this was one of his extra-frisky days, well, it was nothing her Instagram followers hadn't seen before they stupidly banned the account for her wedding night video, so why not a live show? The audience didn't even need to throw money, it'd just be fun either way. Poodle (she now preferred to be called that, even thought it was legally her name) wasn't worried about money, even now. Sure, being rich would be neat, and she sensed her daddy was suspicious about the big prize being fake, but if the reality checks bounced, she knew they'd be okay, they could just bounce back and accept Skinner's other offer... which she kind of wanted to anyway. His plans for her sounded pretty fun, actually.

But back when she was still most often called Tulip, when she was finished her private interview day, her long rambling report to her mother contained no hint of those plans, or the larger plan that would get her to where those plans sounded good. The worst that Maureen had to mull over with concern was when her daughter mentioned they watched and filmed some gymnastic moves in school, but the rest of the family agreed that that wasn't anything untoward but her doing backbends or showing off how she could do the splits would just make good footage on the show.

That nothing particularly noteworthy happened with Tulip gave them all some confidence when it was Shirley's turn the next day, except perhaps Shirley herself. The teen was happy to go along with whatever the men wanted although her high school was less willing to allow strangers to film on school grounds, so most of the footage they got of her with friends was before school. Still, the administration wasn't entirely unsympathetic to her big shot of stardom that everybody was already talking about... having a star come from their school would give them some national attention, and so, since nothing important was happening in the afternoon, she got an excused absence. Mr. Skinner and his crew used that time to drive her to a nearby park, asking questions along the way. This was what she expected, and yet somehow, she was having trouble answering in more than one or two words. Not a promising sign, she knew that, but when all the focus was on her and it was supposed to be her time to shine, she couldn't seem to manage much more than direct, simple answers to questions.

Shirley's shyness had always been her big problem, worse since her teen years, and it was rearing up again now making her slow to open up to the interviews, even in private, but there came a moment that changed everything for her, when Skinner leveled with her and treated her honestly and like an adult... or at least that was how she saw it. If he was truly honest he probably would have also told her he and his team planned to get all the women in the family pregnant by the end of summer.

The partial honesty came after some time at the park where the questions began to turn even more personal, as Mr Skinner seemed to be trying and failing to get juicy details of her life, asking about whether she'd ever gotten drunk, used drugs, partied, and the like. The answer was always no. Shirley admitted to thinking she might be bisexual, which got a spark of interest, but it faded when she revealed that she hadn't actually ever dated a girl and so had no juicy stories of experimentation. Similarly, she had none about her boyfriend Paul, whose family went to the same church but were one of those families that were super ostentatious about their belief, Paul telling everyone he was saving himself for marriage. So, she and Paul had never done anything other than kissing, and, although she hadn't told Skinner this, she largely chose to date him because of that and the lack of pressure he represented rather than any specific interest in him personally.

Her dating decisions had worked out fine for her so far, but she could see the interest dying in the men's eyes, especially Mr. Skinner. "You're giving me a real problem here, Shirley," he said finally, confirming her worst fears. "Right now I'm getting the sense that you don't really want to do this, you don't really want to stand out."

"But I do! I really really want to do this!" she insisted.

"Do you? Because you seem very much the take-no-risks good girl type. And that's fine, good for you, you'll probably make a very good accountant some day, but it's not really what we want from you, and it's not what we need for our show, you know? We need people who are willing to be a little daring."

"I can be daring!" Knowing how close she was to blowing this, not just for herself but for the people she loved, that got her almost in tears. "I know I'm a little shy but once I get warmed up... please, Mr. Skinner, my family really really needs to do this show, we're almost out on the street. Just tell me what you need and I'll do my best, I swear."

This admission, and the conversation that followed, was left out of her report to her mom and dad, in large part because she didn't want them to know that she knew how close they were to losing everything. Tulip might have thought that times were just a little tough but Shirley was a little more aware. Then again, it was hard to miss Mom trying to casually probe whether her boyfriend's family--since they were Christians and all--might be willing to take her in 'if things got really bad.' Shirley didn't know, but cheekily told her mother, "They might, but aren't you afraid I'll wind up pregnant?" She left out that it wasn't her boyfriend she was worried about... she trusted Paul, but his father gave her the distinct impression that she shouldn't be alone with him if she wanted to remain a virgin, which lately she wasn't entirely sure she wanted to be... but it was still probably a bad idea to let him be the one to change that.

Her mother had said that that might be preferable to moving in with her own family, then laughed like it was all a silly joke, nothing to worry about, but Shirley knew then, if Mom was considering going back to live in the Stroker house, that things were really bad and that she had to do everything she could to make this reality thing work.

Shirley even considered that she might have to do something immoral and illegal to win these producers over. Friends of hers at school at joked about the rules of the 'casting couch' and how she should be careful because they probably applied even to reality television, and she was likely to get Hashtag-Me-Too'd. Publicly, she disagreed with that take... privately she considered it plausible, got a little turned on as she rolled the idea around in her private headspace, or her head private space. Especially lately when the scenarios involved Jackson who she kind of had been lightly crushing on ever since he introduced himself, and wouldn't mind at all if he made her hashtag-worthy.

Shirley had even surprised herself with her own boldness because she'd been flirting with him a little, especially early in their recording day as he did her makeup before school. At least she thought it was flirting, but they were smiling and friendly and she asked him his last name and was amused that it turned out to be Dong. That led to what she thought was a cute moment, her repeating his name in disbelief, and him correcting her even though what she said sounded exactly the same, and after what felt like a solid minute of this, he had to explain, "It's like Dawn, but with just the faintest squirt of the G, Dong," then he smiled, and said, "I know, the Dong is a lot to get your mouth around, but I'm sure in time, you'll get it." A bold part of her that was always smothered by the shy part thought about making a joke about getting her mouth around his dong, but she didn't have it in her and she was worried the whole exchange they'd already had might be not so much playful flirting as lightly racist. Innocently, if so, since how could it be the bad kind of racist if she was crushing on him? If she wasn't too young for him, she'd even be fantasizing herself as Mrs. Jackson Dong. She'd prefer Dong to being a Dowdy her whole life, so she definitely wasn't bad-racist. Although, even if that dirty joke, in her head, didn't push it over the line into racist, she couldn't say it... it might be bad taste, a joke he'd heard a million times, and, worst of all, she wasn't sure what she'd do if he actually took it seriously and wanted to let her try to get her mouth around his dong. The idea certainly excited her, made her have to hide the reddening in her face--hard to do when he's starting right at it--but Shirley wasn't sure she actually had that in her.

If she didn't have that in her for a guy she liked, she knew she probably wouldn't be able to do anything sexual they might ask of her to guarantee their casting, if they indeed planned that. She could tell herself she would, consider even her cherry a small price to pay, but was afraid that when they finally asked (and especially if it wasn't Jackson who asked but Mr. Skinner who seemed to be far more likely, being the one in charge), she would panic and run and tell Mom and in doing so ruin their family's only chance at not having to live in some homeless shelter (or Grandpa's house, depending on which Mom thought was safer). That was the worst part of being so shy, that she didn't know what she was capable of in some situations. Until they asked--if they were going to--she wasn't sure what her body would compel her to do.

But they didn't ask. Instead, Skinner gave her a different form of honesty, one that made Shirley feel worldly about secretly expecting all along. He even had Randy stop filming to do it. "I want to help you, Shirley, for your family's sake, but I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not a charity. Entertainment is a business, and a business runs on sex appeal... that's where a lot of people's entertainment comes from, anyway. Your dad certainly isn't going to be providing that. Your mom has a share, don't get me wrong, but she and your sister, we expect to have to push them. In terms of providing what our audience really wants, you're going to have to take quite a load. Most of the time, I think, unless things really don't go as I expect. Your Mom, your sister, they'll have their fans, but we're really depending on most of the viewers wanting to tune in for you, the hot not-quite-legal teenager. Forbidden fruit, you know? And that means we have to be sure you're willing to play ball, you know?" Here her heart started thumping in excitement, expecting again the lewd demand her mother also seemed to think was a good possibility. "If we put you on the show, we need to know you can be the star we need you to be. Someone who's willing to walk around in a skimpy swimsuit." Shirley had a vision of a skimpy swimsuit there that was far more conservative than what she would later wind up wearing. "Play to the cameras, flirt a little, basically make love to the camera, or at least make love to yourself while on camera." He was talking so fast she assumed he had no idea what that sounded like, that he obviously just meant that she had to have self-confidence, to love herself that way.

"Right now, I'm not feeling like you can do that. Something's holding you back. So if you want me to help you, help your family, help me to help you. Tell me what's really bothering you. You'd be surprised how flexible we can be with our star. Ways your parents don't even have to know about, if that's the way you want it. We have a little confessional room in the house where people go for private filming sessions, and that can be used to get away with a lot. Do you rely on a little of the weed to calm your nerves, and are worried that stuck with your parents, you won't have that? No worries, we can blaze up during your time. Alcohol, same deal, within reason, we can give you just enough to be comfortable. Happens all the time in these reality shows, you just never see it on air. Or, for that matter, and forgive me for being crass, if you have a favorite vibrator you're afraid of leaving behind because you're used to going away for an orgasm when things get tough, well, we're totally understanding of that common teenage need and can facilitate. Totally natural, nothing to be ashamed of." She knew it wasn't, no matter how much her face was red. "If you're afraid of being out of touch with your boyfriend and all your friends... well, can't do anything about that one, to be honest, part of the show's magic runs on isolation, but you can talk to us in your interviews, just say it's off the record and we won't tell a soul."

She took a few deep breaths, found that as much as what he said embarrassed her it also made her less shy, like somebody who could say those things to a teenage girl wouldn't judge her for anything she had to say, which was remarkably freeing. Still embarrassing, but it was like how sometimes when you get hurt you feel a little rush of pleasure after, like back when Dad still spanked her. "It's nothing like that, really," she said finally, when the 'oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-die-of-embarrassment' feeling faded and the peace came in its place. "I told you I don't really do weed or anything." Maybe she should take the opportunity and try, she considered, but would save that for later. "It's just... I've never really been comfortable with my body."

The men exchanged a look and a little laugh. "If that's the truth," Skinner said, "we can absolutely work with that. But you'll excuse me if I find that a little hard to believe. I'm a professional, and your family wouldn't have gotten this far if you didn't have a fantastic shape. I know that's inappropriate to say for a girl your age, but it's the truth, unless those are remarkably good fake breasts."

"They're not fakes, boss," Jackson insisted. "Not in my professional opinion."

"I'm not worried about the shape," she said, growing more comfortable under the compliments. Shirley had plenty of compliments about them before, from Paul, others in school, strangers. "I just..." she took one more pause, decided she was all-in, and told them what she'd never told anybody except for a few girlfriends, waving her hand up to her face. "It's just that I have so many freckles." And she lowered her hands to her chest area, hoping they'd get the point, then decided to make it explicit. "All over."

It wasn't that she'd never shown anybody her body before, the problem was that the first boys she did, at fourteen, all made fun of her over her abundance of freckles, and those comments were forever burned into her mind. From one boy joking that they better not fuck her or the 'ginger plague' might spread to them too, to another calling them 'poop-speckles' and saying you got them taking a cumshot after too much anal. Ridiculous, but words hurt. She'd always been self-conscious about them... Mom said she'd gotten them from her uncle, one of the few times she'd ever spoken of her brother except to warn them away from interacting, and maybe that's why she always had the sense that they were bad. But after that little show-and-mock incident, however bad she felt about them got a thousand times worse, because the boys were delighted by how upset she got and kept doing it to the point of tears... and after, the teasing quickly spread beyond those boys to what felt like the whole school. In the end, she had to beg her parents to let her change schools completely, where things got a little better. She'd almost laughed when Skinner suggested that being out of touch with her friends might be a hardship... that part was almost a blessing because at least she wouldn't have to worry that they'd turn on her over some perceived failing. There was always the chance that something they saw on the reality show would make her a target of more teasing, but on the other hand, at least she'd be famous... if she became so poor her family was on the street, that was even worse for her social reputation. Friends, real friends, would stick by her, but she could never be sure how many were real friends. The only thing she felt she might be risking was Paul, and even him, she could do with a two-month break from, and if he found somebody else and decided it was okay to do under-the-clothes stuff with them, that might just free her to enjoy the fruits of fame without guilt.

"I see," Skinner said, and he genuinely seemed sympathetic. "I saw the freckles on your face, thought they were a good thing then and still do now. Gives you character... and in my business I don't mean any bullshit like when people are trying to be polite about you being not as pretty. I mean that I know a large chunk of people find that a huge turn on. It adds to the whole girl-next-door effect we're looking for. Boys want to bang the girl next door, freckles or no freckles. Half their fathers do, too, if they could get away with it."

"The boys at my last school didn't," she said. "Even given the chance." Though Shirley was the one who decided to put her shirt back on and run out of the room when the teasing started, so she didn't know, maybe if she just took the abuse her last couple years would have turned out very differently.

"Nonsense. Boys your age, I'm sorry, they're idiots. They'll play along with any stupid idea. When I was in high school, all I could talk about when I was with my buddies was who was the most fuckable, and every one we named had large breasts, when really, the girl I wanted most was flat-chested. I still remember her, she was my literal girl-next-door that I was obsessed with. I was just scared my buddies would make fun of me, and I never made a move on Carlie." Mr. Skinner would later admit to Shirley that the fact that his neighbor Carlie was only twelve was more of a factor, but had clearly gotten over that embarrassment as well because that admission came as he played with her baby sister Tulip's newish nipple piercings while that flat chested twelve-year-old sawed slowly up and down on his cock. "School can be vicious, and it's often the ones people are most jealous of that they turn on when they see a weakness. I bet that's what happened to you. The freckles, they were just an excuse. People didn't care. Mostly. There's always going to be exceptions. Hell, for any body feature you can think of, I can show you people who are turned off by that and people who are looking for that exact thing, and plenty more who don't care because if you close your eyes it doesn't matter."

Shirley's parents had told her things like this before when things were at their worst, that plenty of guys liked freckles, that people at her old school were just jealous, but it never rang true from them like it had a hope of doing right then, because this guy didn't seem to have any motivation to lie to her. "Maybe..." she said. "I'm just still not sure your audience wants to see me in a swimsuit. Maybe if it was, like, tight but still covered everything."

"Our audience wants to see as much as possible. But like I said, I want to work with you. I like your family. I like your freckles. But if it would get you to loosen up, we could work around them. You know the Jenner sisters have freckles, but you hardly ever see them." Shirley did know, and she had tried to cover up or downplay her face freckles with makeup from time to time, but she had to do it when her mother wouldn't see or she'd tell her she shouldn't wear so much. "We'll probably want to keep your face freckles, but for everything else, if it meant getting you in a bikini after, Jackson could cover them up in the confessional... every day if we had to, couldn't you Jackson?"

"I mean, I'd have to see what I'm working with to say for sure," he said.

Shirley's head was still spinning from the prospect of getting to spend maybe an hour of Jackson Dong time every day that she didn't put together what was being suggested until Skinner said, "Here's your chance, if you'd like a professional opinion on whether your cleavage freckles really are something you need to hide."

"What, right now?" She looked around for anyone else in the area... nobody was, but there could be at any second. They were in a public park, a compromise, really, because they wanted privacy for the interviews, but Mom's instructions were not to go into any room alone with them, and so they were in an area of the park where nobody was actually watching but she could still scream if something started to go wrong. Unless they clamped a hand on her mouth first.

They showed no sign of that, though... in fact they were being utterly reasonable and professional. "It'd show you're capable of the kind of daring we're going to need from you eventually, right? Baby steps. Randy and I can look away, if it makes you uncomfortable."

And suddenly, Shirley did feel daring, fueled by the power of logic, because, really, showing a bra was nothing different than showing a bikini, and if she couldn't do that for three men in a park, how was she going to do it on a reality show? It would still be baby steps, but she could impress them with a bigger step than they offered. "You don't have to look away, it's just a bra."

So Shirley prepared to do what just that morning she rolled her eyes about and told her mother that of course she wouldn't. Part of it, anyway. "Don't pull up your shirt or lower her pants, under any circumstances, and don't do anything sexual no matter what they offer," Mom'd said, probably not realizing she was putting that idea in her daughter's mind again as a possibility. Because she didn't see it as likely, Shirley wasn't actually lying when she said she wouldn't, but now here she was making a liar of herself, pulling her shirt up, exposing her taut stomach, and already deciding that Mom didn't need to know--probably didn't want to know if it was going to cost them their chance at a lot of money they really needed.

As her shirt finally was about to slip free of the bottom curve of her breasts, in front of three adult men watching with clear interest, she held her breath and yanked, showing what she simultaneously thought of as her best feature and her worst feature, the best look yet at the shape of her boobs and the speckling pattern that, in her eyes, marred them.

The last time she showed them like this, it was also in a group of three, but those were boys, and doing it in front of men gave her more of a dirty thrill even though she was showing less, wearing a bra. Though the thought did cross her mind to pull that up too, only she wouldn't--unless maybe they asked.

There was no laughing, no 'eww, gross' reaction, despite the obvious cluster of dark spots that seemed to continue from her arms over her chest and down the breasts to about halfway. They disappeared around the nipple itself, possibly because even when she was in the comfort of their high-fenced backyard, getting some genuine sun on her body, that part was covered... but they hadn't asked to see her nipples yet so would have to wonder. Still, they could probably see that at the part just above where the bra began, the skin paled and the freckles just stopped. She was glad she wore one of her nicer bras to boost her confidence, even if she had no expectation anyone would see it.

She'd expected other people seeing it could only shatter her confidence, which made something of a paradox of feeling better wearing a stylish bra, but as it turned out, she was wrong, having three men stare at her cleavage, nodding approvingly, made her feel like she'd just climbed a mountain and even if she was still worried she might tumble right off it, it was still exhilarating. Even more when she heard the detailed reviews. Mr. Skinner said, "Well, those look pretty good to me. Sure there are freckles, but I like them, and the shape is phenomenal. I personally like them much smaller, my own personal taste, you understand, but in a job like mine I understand what the majority likes, and you're practically ideal for that. Of course, I don't think it's the shape you're worried about." He turned to his makeup man and said, "What do you think? Can you cover them up, if that's what she wants? Give them the old Jackson Dong treatment?" When he said it, the g wasn't soft at all, but he didn't get a correction over it.

Instead, Jackson just kept looking. "I could absolutely cover these every day, but shit, seems like a waste. It's like a Pollock painting, I'd rather add squirts than take any away." Shirley's heart fluttered at the compliment, even if she only half-understood it, then fluttered even more when he touched her breasts. That was a surprise, but it was prefaced with a "May I?" and she thought she nodded to give her consent or maybe he just assumed. She couldn't tell, the touch seemed to knock the last few thoughts out of her head. What she could tell, once she was able to evaluate, was that was a completely professional boob grab, just gently lifting them and pushing them together to make more of a cleavage shot, simulating them in some other kind of outfit and Shirley believed the only one with perverted feelings in the moment was probably her. He gently nudged her to face the last of the trio before finally letting go. "What do you think, Randy? Would you like to put these on film?"

"I would absolutely film those," he said. "Freckles or no freckles, they look good to me, and under the camera setup we've got, they'll look a lot lighter than in person anyway. I think the audience will appreciate them more with nothing covering them. The freckles I mean. Though, when I lived in London, they'd have a girl your age topless in the newspapers, Page 3. Not anymore, times have changed, but on television, they still tease young beauties like yourselves in swimsuits. They'd love a girl just like you even more for the freckles. Really, I'd say you'd be a prime candidate for the BBC."

"Maybe in time... but her big debut's already spoken for," Mr. Skinner said with a grin. "Looks like it's unanimous on our end. Nothing wrong with you. In fact, I bet whoever made you ashamed of those was probably just negging you."


"Part of a classic seduction strategy, tear you down, hoping to get your self-esteem low enough to do what they want you to. It can be surprisingly effective, but it can also backfire." Shirley would later think back and realize that it had been regularly used during their two months on the show, but she didn't mind... the most powerful lesson she took out of that house, worth more than any check that might or might bounce, was that if she could get an orgasm as guys literally pissed on her or in her, or still get turned on while realizing that her old life was falling to pieces because the lewdest videos were circulating among everyone she knew... if she could do that, nothing could ever really stop her. The key to fulfillment could just run through her holes and whatever she got to fill them. But that was a wiser Shirley looking back, and even she had a sense that it all needed to be done in a special way, by an expert, knowing when to boost her confidence and when to degrade her.

Without that, you might just be left broken like she feared her daddy might be as she watched him standing in the bank, not yet in line, still too worried to even try to cash the checks. If the men she'd showed the parts she was most insecure about had laughed at her, or if they'd told her what they had planned for her and her family right then, she might have been broken too.

Instead, they acted like they cared about her and her opinion, building her up just enough to survive being torn down later. "I think we'd all like to show these au naturale, as they say. But what we think isn't what's important here. It's all about what makes our star Shirley comfortable. If you think you'd play to the camera better with these babies slathered with something, that's what we'll try."

Someone walked by the nearest path they were on, talking loudly on a cell phone, which reminded her how unnatural this all would seem to outsiders, and Shirley pulled her shirt down over her bra and covered herself again. "Then maybe I'll try and do my best without."

"Good girl," Skinner said. "But I don't like the sound of that maybe. A reality show like this is an opportunity few get, to completely reinvent yourself. I'm convinced that's going to be fun to watch, but there's a lot more than just my opinion involved here. I could tell the people with the money that you can be the kind of star we need, but..." he took a breath and gave one more shot of the honesty that had disarmed her so far. "I'm not going to lie, we're going to have to sell you," he told her. "There's a lot of potential here for us to help each other. We get a family that will appeal to our audience, and you get the fun chance to compete, to help your family, and maybe more, an opportunity for a whole new identity. But selling you is key. And that will go a lot easier if you're willing to help us. I know your mom laid down some rules, which is why we've been doing this in the park, but Jack's studio is nearby and we've got some new looks you can try on. Looks we can use to show off the people who make the decisions how versatile you can be. And maybe, along the way, we can even find one which makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. But for that, we need cooperation. Will you help us sell you, Shirley?"

After that, she couldn't help but agree, and she'd already broken one of Mom's rules, so why not another? So Shirley disregarded her mother's orders about going anywhere behind closed doors with the men (for the second time if you counted the car ride but it would be ridiculous to follow the instructions that far) and spent the rest of the afternoon in Jackson's studio. On her way she had a few doubts but decided that they'd been so nice to her so far, and if they were just using it as an excuse to try something perverted, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

It was tamer than she thought. The studio was spartan, a few lights and backdrops and cameras, and a room with a wardrobe already laid out as though they just rented the space recently but expected they might bring a teen girl here, which she didn't know was exactly the case. But they didn't touch her... or rather, they did, but only incidental touches, as Jackson or Randy gently guided her body into positions with the best lighting, or adjusted an outfit, grazing a nipple here or adjusting a thong bikini bottom there, or in one case Jackson squeezing her mound for a few minutes as he did some emergency landscaping while she held her breath as long as possible and tried not to twitch. Those touches were electrifying but, she decided, utterly professional.

The outfits, a few of those were a little on the sketchy side, but only just, and by comparison to what her mother had primed her to fear about a private photoshoot, not at all. And, like Skinner said, it was kind of fun to try out different clothing styles, different makeup, different looks... some she'd seen others at school rock but had resisted trying herself, even though all it would have taken was a friend's advice and encouragement. These men weren't friends, but she let them give her makeovers as a goth badass, e-girl with vibrant pink flare around her eyes, innocent Catholic Schoolgirl (her school didn't have a uniform, and if it did the skirt probably wouldn't be quite so short), and even some styles she'd never heard of or seen out in public. Some of those looked kind of weird. Like the one that looked almost like she was a human doll, with perfectly round circles of blush and lines that made it look like her mouth was on a hinge. Or the super tight vinyl short-shorts and crop-top combo with a full dog collar around her neck. Each 'look' was just for a few pictures and then it was off to change for another one--and change alone, because it turned out they were professional.

Despite the weirdness, Shirley quickly started to have fun with showing off, and each outfit--and the approval lavished on her that came along with them--gave her more confidence that she really could do this, step outside of the comfortable role she'd settled into. Jackson kept with him a small, pink-plastic hand mirror, like something you'd get out of a dollar store, but obviously with some kind of special sentimental value for him... he seemed to especially enjoy showing Shirley her own reflection, made up in one of these getups. Even if she was unsure about them before, actually seeing herself started to make her think she could pull these outfits off in front of a wide audience.

As the day went on, she grew more and more aroused... not just at having Jackson's attention on her while he reworked her makeup (and the few times she took a few extra minutes changing to rub her pussy in what she thought was the privacy of the changing room), but also at the growing conviction that she could look sexy, with the right lighting and effects, freckles and all. And confidence, a heady drugs which Shirley was discovering could be generated from outside as well as in. After all, if even looking at herself in a dollar-store mirror made her feel less like a fraud, wouldn't actually being recognized as a star be even better?

The last wardrobe changes involved a series of progressively skimpy swimsuits, as though they were daring her to call one of them 'too much' and prove that she couldn't be the star they wanted of her. Locked-in-one-place reality shows often involved a lot of lounging by a pool, she knew, and Shirley was determined not to balk. She needed to make sure they knew that she could do that. But she'd expected she'd have to grit her teeth and fake her way through it... to her surprise, it was easy, even with the microkini which exposed not only far more skin than anyone had seen since three boys had made her hate her freckles, but also paler-than-her-normal-pale tan lines she worried might look ugly on camera. There was also some fear that it might expose everything if she bounced, but despite all that, she did it on request for the camera, even giggling at the possibility, and though the suit held, Shirley knew was ready for a reality show life now in a way she only pretended before. They'd baby-stepped her into showing off in a way that was almost inconceivable a few hours ago, and into allowing them to do whatever needed to be done, which, in the last swimsuit included Jackson doing a quick and dirty shave of some of her pubic hair while holding her mound to keep her steady. That had been the only thing that she'd balked at with the last outfit... she normally kept her area trim, but with that suit, some peeked out which she didn't think was allowed. Their solution made perfect sense at the time, and even though it would have been so easy for Jackson to pull the suit bottom completely down and look at her private lips, he only shaved just the parts which extended past the suit. That was what convinced her. Shirley, she told herself, these men are experts being utterly professional.

The biggest proof of that, in her eyes, was that they never once asked her to strip, something guys were always asking her to do, half-jokingly from classmates, online from anyone sliding into her DMs, and even on the street from leering strangers in a passing car who couldn't possibly have known if she agreed. A request for full nakedness by these men was an obvious step she'd been half-expecting through the last few costume changes, and now prepared to give them when they asked, but they never asked. Instead, after that last suit, they called time, then thought better of it and suggested they do one quick test of freckle-covering, just in case, while she had the skimpy bikini on. They had no interest in covering her face, either, where Jackson insisted he thought freckles were too cute to cover. That compliment in her mind, Shirley spent even more time with Jackson running his hands over her body... this time, her upper torso, and with a cream that loosely matched her skin tone.

This seemed the least professional part of the day, less applying a foundation than just slathering things on, not even using a makeup brush, almost made her doubt his credentials, but Jackson explained it was a special kind of industry term, a 'Wet and Messy' test, just to give people a sense of what they might like to do later. He did apologize off-handedly for the sloppiness, being rushed for time, and for not using his best supplies, but did not apologize for his hands dipping under the swimsuit fabric and rubbing there intensively. That was just to ensure a more even blend around difficult areas, he explained, so professional again, and, as it turned out, his professionalism with the application and the shave before ensured she was left in the changing room wet and messy even in places he didn't apply makeup. Shirley had to stay there an extra long time doing some intensive rubbing of her own, trying not to make a sound loud enough to be overheard, before putting her original clothes on.

By the time they returned to the home the Dowdys were about to lose, Shirley was back to looking like her old self, albeit with a warm glow, as well as better makeup on her face that she really loved, after seeing herself in Jackson's plastic mirror. Even the lipstick she wore was more dramatic a red than she usually liked, but for the moment, it felt natural. Shirley was also feeling pretty comfortable with the freckle-covering makeup, still smeared on her chest, and a much trimmer bush, but knew nobody in her family would see the last two anyway. So, she left out a lot of this story, but it was all contained in one big omission. As far as her mom knew, the men had filmed her out and about with her friends, and in the park, asked her some questions, and that nothing out of the ordinary happened. She was genuinely more excited than ever about joining the reality show, having been convinced that she could be very comfortable knowing other people were watching her.

In the end, as she waited in the bank for her father to get up the nerve to try and cash the checks, she would think back and decide that that kind of confidence was worth everything that had followed after it turned out those men weren't that professional after all, that they really were just out to sexually exploit her. And still worth it even if they were completely lying to the family about the money.

Maureen was the next member of the family to get her pre-show filming day, which started around the house capturing her doing various mom chores, laundry, cleaning, and so on. She was very conscious--in ways her children were not--at how sexualized some of the poses they asked of her were, even as Dowdy as she dressed, with Randy really liking to get shots of her bending over doing some mundane chore. By the time the time had come for her solo interviews, Dan and the kids were home so to ensure quiet and privacy they took her out to the same studio Shirley had been in the previous day, although with the costumes her daughter had to choose from removed and the place looking more like bare office space than anything else.

It was hard for Maureen not to notice the somewhat bored tone of the questions, as though they weren't really interested in what she had to say, but still tried to play along, be engaging... and then played along even more when the expected came. After she gave an answer to one last question--getting the distinct impression they weren't even listening--Skinner paused for a while, took a drink, then oh-so-casually mentioned that it was a very close decision between her family and the other contenders, and that it might come down to who wanted it more. Not who needed it more, because... well, she didn't know the other family, but she couldn't imagine they needed it more than hers. Even if they did, she definitely got the hint... they wanted her to volunteer to demonstrate just how much she wanted it.

In a way, that suggestion was a relief to Maureen, because it was her, and not her kids that this demand was being made of. Tulip wasn't that good a liar, and Shirley surely would have been traumatized instead of happy and excited, so the fact that they made their illegal sexual harassment attempt on the adult mother of the family was a good sign to her. Standard Hollywood casting couch shit, nothing that she had to be that outraged at. She could be, certainly, if she wanted to, but it was a choice, just like it was a choice to disregard the firm rules she'd given her daughters not to go with these strange men to a private location they controlled, or to bring a change of clothes just in case.

Maureen assumed that every mother thought about it at least once, no matter how conservative they might be: whether they might trade sex to help their family in some situation. Sometimes it was the dramatic 'trying desperately to get the family past the Nazi-guarded border' type situation she'd seen in movies, sometimes it was super-casual being willing to trade for a better deal to help balance the budget, or fuck a teacher for better grades for your child. Not that she'd done any of this, so far (she had fucked teachers to improve her brother's grades, but that was before she was married). She'd simply considered the possibility, like an academic exercise, on a surprisingly regular basis. Every time she thought about it, it always came down to the same thing... she wouldn't do it casually, but if the family really needed it, she was absolutely willing to make the sacrifice of her body, her dignity, and her fidelity. And in this case, she wasn't even sure the last one applied. The night before her background day started, her husband had advised her "do whatever you can to make them like you, remember how much we need this," as if she wasn't already going to deploy all of her charm. So if Dan didn't mean sexual stuff, didn't at least consider it as a possibility when he said those words, he was more of an idiot than she ever imagined. And if he had, then what she was doing was with his permission. She just wasn't sure about which was the case, because lately she'd started to feel like if he wasn't an idiot they wouldn't be in such a dire financial situation that this was necessary. She still loved him, but had lost a lot of respect for him lately.

And the family did really need this chance. If Maureen had taken this step before, took the initiative and offered herself to the man handling their loan to try and squeeze a few more months before the bank foreclosed, they might not be in this mess, and she wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. So, she closed her eyes, took a breath, pulled down on her blouse until her cleavage and a healthy amount of bra showed, and asked pointedly what she could do to prove that she wanted this more.

Unlike her husband, she knew how to negotiate. She rejected the first offer, but came prepared with a counter-offer: she would use her hands or mouth on all three of them, if they promised her that her family would be chosen. A bluff, really, since she was prepared to fold and give them more, but the only concession they demanded was that she be naked and they could cum anywhere they wanted. A better deal than she thought she was going to get, so Maureen agreed before they could add anything else.

"Good enough. But let's take this to the other room, so nothing gets captured on the security camera." He pointed to the corner, a little box she hadn't even noticed, and Maureen felt instantly better about her decision, then moved into the same room that her daughter used the other day to change between outfits, not considering that that room also had cameras that were just better hidden.

There, for the first time since her wedding day (the morning of, to be exact) she sucked on a cock not belonging to her husband, the first time she'd sucked more than one at a time since a birthday party for her brother when she was seventeen (which was the last time she let herself be persuaded that sucking off all of his friends could be her gift), and the first time since her bachelorette party she'd done it on a black guy.

First time ever to try one of the Asian persuasion, which was just a curiosity for her... the cock was like any other, longer than Randall's, or Skinner's, which was a bit of a surprise, but still within the range she was most comfortable with, although comfortable included them mouth fucking her into making gagging, gurgling noises and whipping up her own saliva into a froth that almost looked cumlike on its own.

Jeff Skinner was the boss of the group, and with that came first cumming rights. Her body worked on all of them simultaneously, sometimes all three competing for space in her mouth at once, trying to keep them all constantly stimulated with skills well honed from her teen years and gone rusty ever since, but Skinner showed he was a director by frequently directing when and where she should use what on whom. That meant it was mostly his cock in her throat and her hands jacking slowly on the others, except when he wanted a break so he wouldn't cum right away.

Maureen would have been happier to let them cum fast and get it over with, but she was hardly in a position to refuse, physically, ethically, or morally. Legally, maybe, but when you're on the wrong side of the other three you know you need to pick your battles, and she was saving hers to make sure they held up to their side of the deal. So she allowed breaks, allowed them to stretch the agreed-upon rules to include boob jobs and hot-dogging that threatened to poke into her asshole and violate all the rules, and was even prepared to allow more than one cum from each to count in the 'session' but only Jackson looked young enough that he might have more than one in him.

In all, it must have taken almost an hour of sucking and stroking before any of them got off, which Maureen almost took as an insult. Back when she was a Stroker, she could get a guy off in under a minute, three in almost the same time, but then she usually wasn't allowing breaks either. And Dan, well, he lasted a few minutes at his best, even with a half-hearted marital blowjob on his birthday. Still, Maureen wondered worriedly whether her skills had waned that much since she became a Dowdy, or if these guys simply had more stamina than the horny teenagers and middle-aged teachers she was used to.

Finally, though, Jeff Skinner fucked her mouth past his point of no return, holding her head and slamming deep enough that she was going to gag either from the rod going too deep or just from his pubic hair tickling her nose, but just before she was going to she realized he was shooting off in her mouth, the best case scenario, bypassing her tongue entirely, at least until he started to wilt and dribble. "Fuck, we should get you to train people how to do that." And she would--later in that reality house, when they had no way out or other options--train her daughters how to suck cock, although by that point they seemed remarkably experienced themselves and so the training must have been mostly for show. If she'd know that future, she might have gotten herself out of it, but since she didn't, she just swallowed, winked, and accepted the compliment while he pulled out. "Let's wrap this up though, I'm not paying for you to edge all night." Yup, definitely the group's boss, but she could appreciate he was a generous boss.

Jackson took possession of her mouth then, while she jacked on the dong of Randall to get him ready to go after. When Jackson was fully primed, he pulled out and aimed it directly at her tits, which she pushed together to better cup his sperm as it shot at her, although he did save one half-hearted squirt for her face and a rested the head of his cock on her tongue for the last few dribbles.

She pulled Randy's black rod to the same lips just seconds after, then inside, but he was almost ready and he, too, pulled out, told her to turn and bend over, and when she did, pushed his dick to the lips of her pussy. "You said we could cum where-ever we want, right?" he asked, and then answered before she could, "And I want to cum in your married pussy."

Maureen grunted like it was an unpleasant surprise, but honestly, it was nothing she hadn't expected... if anything, she was surprised all of them hadn't done that. It was a familiar trick, same trick her brother Richie used on the morning of her wedding--what she promised was going to be his last blowjob--and then he took advantage of a standing rule that he could cum anywhere to cum right in her pussy and leave her walking down the aisle with him still dripping out and into her white marital underwear.

So Randy sticking his cock right against her hole, even pushing the head in while he emptied his balls and potentially sent a wad of cum up her womb didn't faze her, especially since she was on the pill. If she wasn't, it would be a huge risk, even bigger than her wedding day tryst which technically wasn't adultery as it was still before she took her marriage vows. A baby who took after her uncle could be easily explained (indeed, she wasn't even sure Dan's sperm didn't win out on the wedding night to produce Shirley nine months later), but a black baby would raise questions she wasn't prepared to answer. This time, though, there'd be no answering necessary, so what was a little cum in her not-currently-fertile pussy to protect her family? Maybe there was some inherent risk considering he was a stranger, but he looked pretty clean and it was her understanding most sexually transmitted infections were curable.

The real risk that occupied her thoughts was them going back on their word. If she'd done all this for nothing she'd be pissed, at them, herself, at Dan, at the world, so she decided she needed to show them who was boss. When Randy finished cumming, she stood up, unashamed, like this was her idea, played with the cum on her tits with one finger and then drawing it away and watching the goo pull away in a viscous strand, and then said, "I trust our transaction is completed, gentlemen. I expect we'll be given a contract to appear on your reality show shortly."

She stared down Mr. Skinner, who seemed about to hedge. "You know, Mrs. Dowdy..."

Right now she didn't feel like a Dowdy, who would meekly accept things. Even when she was a Stroker, she did a lot of that, but she attempted to channel some of her brother's cock-sureness, and cut the man off. "We had a deal, and I held up my part of it. It may make me a whore, but whores get what they're due, or their customers regret it. In your case, I've got more than enough evidence to cry rape." In her mind, that was what it would have been, retroactive rape, just like a prostitute who got cheated, who didn't consent to an encounter where she didn't get paid, and Maureen Dowdy did not consent to three men violating her mouth and other areas except in that it would guarantee her family a spot on a life-changing reality show.

"Oh, no need for that," Mr. Skinner said. "Your family is absolutely in at this point, unless your husband spectacularly ruins the deal somehow. You have my personal guarantee. We'll get a contract to you in a couple of days. I was just going to say that you should probably act like you're still in doubt, worried, for your family. Unless you want your husband to know exactly what you did, in which case, hey, no skin off my back. Though just so you know we'd already pretty much convinced the backers to select your family, we were just trying to up the suspense so we could surprise you with a big announcement on camera. But then you asked us what you could do to prove you wanted it more, and, well, you can't really expect us to ignore an opportunity like that." He grinned then, and put Maureen more in doubt about what she'd done than if he'd just refused to pay up. The thought that she didn't even have to was harder to deal with than that they might try to cheat her. "So, all I was going to say was... try and act surprised when we tell your family."

He was probably lying, she decided as she put her clothes back on, without cleaning herself off just so she could preserve evidence, in the event she needed to make good on her threat. She stopped at a gas station on the way home and changed into a cleaner, much more Dowdy outfit, so that the rest of the family wouldn't know what she'd done.

When she waited in the bank, they all knew what she'd done, and her girls probably should hate her, but they didn't seem to yet. Maybe they would when the checks bounced. At least Maureen expected that to happen, realizing even before her husband that this whole expedition to try and cash them was probably one last humiliation they had to endure before they decided what to do with their lives next. It was so calculated she was half-looking for a hidden cameraman everywhere during their journey, somebody discretely tailing them and recording their current situation in their old town, maybe for one last part of the show, a montage comparing their lives and looks before and after.

She hadn't seen anyone filming--at least nobody who didn't seem like an ordinary passerby filming a family dressed as outrageously as hers was--but she could see the choreography since they were given the prize on the way out of the house, starting from the outfits they got to choose to return to the normal world in. Gone were the wide variety of choices they were allowed in the house--skimpy, provocative, but still choices--on their way out they were naked with just three outfits to choose from and had to decide which each member of the family would wear. Four outfits, technically, but there was no way Dan was going to wear any of the other three outfits and walk into the bank like a first time drag queen trying to cash a check for a half million dollars.

And two outfit choices, really, because there was no way her youngest was going to wear anything other than her Poodle Skirt, and of the tops, that gauzy pink top was also the obvious choice for her, because with the others there was no way to hide her nipple piercings and the chain connecting them to her leash. So, as long as she wore that specific outfit, people might mistake her for a normal twelve-year-old with a whorish family, not as somebody just as corrupted as them... at least as long as Rocket didn't start humping her.

With Dan and Poodle's wardrobe decisions made, it was just up to her and Shirley to argue over what the two of them would wear when they were dropped off on a city street with a bundle of checks and no cash to their name. And there was no argument to be had, really, Shirley liked showing off her chest now, and a teenager could get away with something that skimpy, even if it made people think she was a whore.

That left Maureen with the last outfit, a black leather miniskirt with a slit on each side and no underwear, and a very threadbare white t-shirt. That shirt technically covered more than her daughter but you could see the shape of her breasts straining against the fabric, her nipples threatening to poke through, and through the gaps in the fabric as they stretched, even the darker outline of her areola... and all that was before she started to sweat in the hot sun.

But the most provocative of all was the bold text in the front, hard to miss by anyone in the street, proclaiming, "INSERT BLACK COCK, ANY HOLE, ANY TIME." They might have to take a second, because Maureen did get one small victory over Skinner's plan by turning the shirt inside out just before they started their walk, but the words were visible from either side, just backwards, and for anyone who could do that simple mental reversal the shirt was quite an admission, and an invitation.

Sitting there in the chairs at the bank offered some protection from people who might try to take her up on the offer, but she'd noticed, among the eyes on her and her family as Dan tried to decide what to do, one black bank teller and a security guard who were giving her that "I might take her up on that," look. Or a "I'm probably going to have to escort them from the building," look.

Could easily be both, the second followed by the first, and maybe that was what her husband was waiting for, them getting kicked out so he could hold onto the dream that the checks were real a little longer.

That dream was one that Maureen had not taken with her from the house. There was an outside chance, she supposed, that Skinner might have thrown in a few real checks in with the fakes, just so they wouldn't be left having to whore for spare change, but she wasn't counting on it.

If they actually got a half million dollars out of this, as Dan still seemed to think was possible, she'd probably faint with surprise. After all, in the later days of the house, while she had Jackson Dong's dong in her hand, stroking it to assist one of their impregnation challenges, this one with her daughter Shirley, her ovulation measured to be at the peak baby-making time and Mom had to be the one who milked the load in, for the challenge to count. Maureen was going along with it, of course, had no choice to, but had decided to play it as though she wasn't there at all because Shirley still had a little infatuation with Jackson. He'd been the one who'd fucked her the most and spent many nights in her bed, so if this was going to be her chance to get knocked up by him, Maureen was going to just play the shadow. They'd been lowkey flirting while Maureen pumped the man's shaft, rubbed the head around the inner lips of her eldest daughter and assisted in an impregnation a mother had no business allowing, much less assisting... but at one point Shirley stopped mid-thought and, maybe inspired while watching as her mother jacked-on dong, asked, "Is your name really Jackson Dong?"

The rather handsome naked man gave a sheepish grin and said, "Nah. Dong's more of a last name in Chinese, Vietnamese circles. I can't tell you my real name, but I'm actually mostly Japanese, if you ever want the kid to get to know his heritage. But I liked the pun." And of course, once that was confirmed, she got the pun, and then she knew that Randy M. Ferr wasn't a real name either, he was just a Randy MFer. Jeff Skinner's name didn't make a groan-worthy pun, but considering everybody involved in that production was involved in the sexual exploitation of minors, the logical inference was that it was a fake name.

Which made perfect sense, considering what they'd been doing. She was under no illusions at that point that what she was participating in was a real challenge for an extreme reality show... she just pretended that, but still held onto some hope that they might get the money at the end. Before that discovery, there was a chance this started as a real show and they were just perverts taking advantage of a situation, relying on the family's shame about accepting money for all the immoral and illegal stuff the Dowdys had done--not to mention their own enjoyment of it--to protect themselves from retribution. If these instigators were all using fake names from the get-go, Maureen knew there was no way they'd be handing out real checks connected to an actual bank account, no matter what her dumb husband believed.

Maybe Skinner's name was a pun, of a sort, because he went one step beyond fleecing them. Being cheated out of money they could recover from, but they'd had their old lives forcibly peeled away. They were fucked as a family, the girls of the family had been very fucked in every hole for weeks straight, and once they got rid of this delusion that it they were going to be richly rewarded for starring in the first--what she'd hoped was the first--child porn reality series, they could move on in their new skins. Maybe Dan would let them go back and accept Skinner's offer for other projects, or maybe they'd go for their previous last resort option and move in with her family, the Strokers. She'd once sworn she'd never expose her children to her brother Richie, but at this point, it didn't seem like it'd do any more damage to them. No, in truth, she was looking forward to that possibility, and it was certainly better than the street. Possibly better than Skinner, although she wasn't sure about that. There was definitely some upsides to what he layed out for them, even with the body modifications he'd said they would require... but Dan rejected that deal without even asking what she thought, so they might have lost their chance. If she did have to go home, at least she wouldn't have to worry about her brother knocking them up with incest babies, not until they'd had their current interracial ones at least. All interracial except Tulip's, of course, which--unless interspecies pregnancies were a thing--had to be Skinner's, since he and Rocket were the only ones to dump a load inside Maureen's youngest daughter--in the pussy, at least--around her pregnancy.

Probably too difficult to get a discreet abortion for them all, at least in this state, and she'd always been somewhat opposed to that anyway, so Maureen figured they would eventually add a significant strain on their already strained finances, and she looked to her husband, still too nervous to approach the line much less talk to the teller, and wondered if she should just cut out the dead weight, decide with the girls what offer to accept, maybe after a family whoring session to get money for a cab because she was tired of walking in fuck-me pumps.

She still loved her husband, in the way you might a dumb but beloved pet, but from her perspective, Dan had changed the least since the reality show started, outwardly and probably in his attitudes as well, and maybe that meant he didn't fit in with the rest of the family anymore. Especially if he thought they were going to meekly try and go back to their old lives, with or without whatever money was promised.

Maureen was wrong about her husband. Inside, he'd changed an awful lot... still not nearly as much as the rest of them, of course, and he still passed for normal outside. This was probably because he was never the focus, only an impediment to be worked around, and eventually an afterthought, a way to increase the kink and satisfy their viewers by watching a father tempted into fucking both of his daughters. Who knew the Dowdy patriarch had that in him?

When it was his turn for Skinner and his crew to film background material, Dan Dowdy stood out by not standing out at all. Of course, nothing particularly improper happened with him that day, no subtle manipulation or outright abuse that the female members of his family experienced. No evidence of the same either, and when Jackson had mentioned that his wife had one of the finest faces he'd ever cum across, he took it as a genuine compliment from a makeup expert.

Since Dan was now unemployed, they couldn't film him at work and he didn't do much around the house but sit around on his computer, so there wasn't a lot of filming needed. They focused a little on his relationship with his kids, got him to make a few Dad Jokes for the camera, and then moved into the boring interview portion.

Just like his wife and daughter, Dan did have his moment where he thought the whole deal depended solely on him--even though his decisions were least relevant--and it took the form of a heart-to-heart with Jeff Skinner. He correctly got the sense from the dull questions that they were going through the motions of the interview, wrongly guessed it meant that they'd lost interest, and worried that it signalled that they were out of the running entirely. Knowing the foreclosure was coming, he interrupted his own answering of a question, looked Skinner in the eye, confessed the same thing his daughter did, that the family really needed this, that it might be their last hope.

"I want to help you man, I do. You seem like the same kind of guy as me... I mean, obviously, more of a family guy, and I envy that of you. I want kids one day myself, if the right girl comes along. Listen, Dan, are you a religious man?"

Dan admitted that he was, said he'd been praying to God every day that they get selected, and then froze, spooked, worried he'd fallen into a trap, believing that Hollywood was full of godless liberals who mocked genuine religious faith.

Instead, Jeff moved from his spot in the chair pulled across from Dan and came up beside him on the couch. The Hollywood executive seemed to know exactly what was going through the family man's mind as he put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Hey, there's nothing wrong with it, man. I'm a God-fearing man myself."

Which might have been true, but the God Dan Dowdy had in mind and the God Jeff Skinner had in mind were very different Gods. Eventually, inside what Dan thought was a reality show that had gone a little over the line in terms of taste, he would attempt to stand up for his faith to protect his daughters, too late to do any good, and start to learn a little more. That day, he learned that Skinner believed in a Bored God.

The only reason--Skinner rationalized out loud that day--to create a universe of humans and watch them all the time was if it entertained Him. Skinner sounded a little like a voice of God himself at the time because he was just a voice in the house's Confessional Room where Dan sat when he first brought up those worries. Skinner continued his line of thought, explained that he thought the best clue as to what God found exciting was not the Bible, but rather our own impulses. Why create somebody with desires to do things, unless you want to watch them do it? Even if society called them bad, they were the things God wanted to watch... after all, we were made in His own image. What got us excited would get him excited, if done on a big enough scale. But it looked like God was having a problem in recent years. "Lately, it's become pretty clear that he's getting bored--fuck, just look at politics these last few years," he'd said, arguing that it showed that Humanity was failing or that God was needing to be entertained in more and more extreme ways.

In short, God was a classic porn addict. Not just porn, of course, but Hollywood's long known the best ways to grab someone's attention was sex or violence, and violence was much less fun to produce, much less fun to live through. "If God getting too bored, that's not good for humanity. He starts intervening, might start another world war, or worse... if he starts getting tired of humans, he might cancel the whole lot of us and start watching another species. Maybe destroy this whole universe. So I do my part to keep God happy."

In subsequent conversations, some enhanced by pot in a secret movie theater Dan would come to spend a lot of time in, Skinner, with the zeal of a true believer, would insist that this wasn't just a point of view to excuse his perversions, that he'd seen evidence, actual literal miracles, hidden out in the normal world, dollar store items imbued with magical effects and would inevitably be used in irresponsible ways. Like some of the twisted dreams he offered in his own reality show. An encounter with one of these objects had firmly convinced Jeff Skinner that what God wanted most out of humanity was to be more entertaining, and that's why he set out on a personal mission to produce kinky scenes for God to enjoy. But that was later in their stay, after Dan had already watched his wife break one of the Ten Commandments and both his daughters break the apparently less serious Biblical rule against sex with animals (it had, after all, never made the Top Ten).

"Maybe God just wants us to follow the Bible?" Dan had said upon first hearing this Bored God theory, when he hadn't seen as much and his biggest sin was a blowjob that he was starting to hope God was entertained by, because the alternative was that he was hellbound (despite 'Thou shalt not accept a blowjob from your own preteen daughter,' also not making the Top Ten, unless it also counted as adultery).

"Oh, I follow the Bible, but not in the way you think. After all, why make rules against incest, adultery, bestiality, and so on... except that it was so much hotter when people broke them." Skinner took Dan on a real spiritual journey after that, which started with an actual physical journey, when a side door to the Confessional Room opened up--for the first time in Dan's sight--and Skinner himself appeared, like the voice of God made manifest. He invited Dan Dowdy for a walk outside of the Confessional Room and through the house, using the backstage pathways behind the two-way mirrors that concealed cameras, to secretly see some things that were artfully hidden from him... some he'd suspected, like his wife cheating on him with some of the guests invited into the house, others surprising like his eldest daughter squealing while getting knotted by a dog. "Normally, it'd be Tulip," Skinner explained as they watched unobserved, "But I think God would love to watch your little girl get a face full of horse cum and... you know how much a pain it is to rent a horse for something like that, way out here? But finally we got one in and we're setting up that shot right now. You want to watch that too?"

Dan had to admit, after the stunned state wore off, that all of that was pretty hot to watch, and was praying God thought so too, because if He did, then maybe He wouldn't be so disappointed by that incestuous blowjob either. And allowing the scenes he watched happen made it easier for Dan to allow more. By the end of their time in the reality house, Dan Dowdy wasn't sure he was ready to fully convert to this Bored God worldview, but he was a lot closer, and every conversation with Skinner had been enlightening, particularly when they happened while watching his family get degraded in more and more creative ways.

But during his pre-show interview day, Dan was simply reassured, as a Christian, by Skinner's apparent faith in what he assumed was the same traditional Judeo-Christian God. Since Jesus' name hadn't actually come up, he wondered a bit if Skinner might be Jewish instead of Christian, but he respected someone of that faith much more than an atheist and so he listened respectfully to the advice given. "But you and I know, we're out in a world full of sinners, and compromises must be made. Just to make a good show. And that's my only concern, that you might not be willing to go along with things. So that's why I wanted to have this heart-to-heart with you, as one God-fearing man to another. I will try to be as honest with you as I can throughout this whole affair. Obviously I won't be able to tell you everything, and sometimes I'll have to creatively misdirect you, but I swear to you, before God, that providing happiness for your wife and daughters is one of my primary goals." Looking back Dan had cause to wonder if he'd actually said 'providing a penis' and not 'providing happiness'" although they did seem happier, in a manner of speaking. But whatever he'd meant, he continued, "As much as I can give them, really. Now, a lot of people in Hollywood are in it for the money, and don't get me wrong, I want to make a lot of money off this, but in the end, I just want to entertain, and to make dreams come true."

He paused, then, picked up his phone and did something Dan had seen a few times, tapped a few buttons which turned it into a recording device for personal notes. "Here's a thought," he said. "We can call it something like the Dreams Cum True House, or maybe Twisted Dream House, something along those lines, make a whole theme around it." He turned off the recorder, smiled, and said, "Sorry, marketing and promotion, a necessary evil. Still, it's a theme I think we could have fun with. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I'm in the business of making dreams come true. What I need from you is a promise to play along for a while, even if things look like they're going in a direction you wouldn't approve of, just remember we're putting on a show, and we need someone who can play it cool. A lot of fathers would be upset if, say, their wife or even their daughter pranced about in a bikini for the cameras, and I can totally understand that, but if that's going to be a breaking point for you, it isn't going to be your dreams we can make come true."

Dan had breathed out a sigh of relief, then, thinking that this was going somewhere bad, but he'd already considered that possibility, was okay with it. He wasn't a total prude, after all, and he knew that the real problem was that his daughter, Shirley, wouldn't want to wear a bikini herself. She only wore two-pieces occasionally in the backyard kiddie pool, and even then, they didn't show much. Maureen, she might choose a full bikini, and although he had, in preparing for family beach trips in the past, criticized her for swimsuit selections that were a little too revealing in his book, he could swallow his pride for the chance at a half million. "I promise," he told Skinner. "I can tone down the religious stuff. Heck, if people in oppressive countries can practice secret Christianity, I can." Indeed, he'd been starting to feel that his own country was starting to be oppressive that way and worried that this reality show would be just the same standard Hollywood crap.

It wasn't, of course... it was much worse. But in the process, it had changed his life, his family, and his understanding of his relationship with God. Whether or not he'd lied (or technically-not-lied-merely-mislead as he'd done about so many other vital things), whether or not the checks Dan held in his hand would be honored, Skinner had actually made dreams come true... just not the kind of dreams he'd ever admitted. They were the kind that he used to feel ashamed of and left him relieved that his Church never had a confessional, because as much as he might be able to convince himself that God forgave him for those impure impulses... sharing it with a priest was another matter.

Now he wasn't even sure he needed God's forgiveness for those dreams, or for acting them out. If Skinner was right about God needing some really good porn, he'd helped provide it. His family, mostly, although he did his part, breaking one of the big taboos by having sex with each of his daughters, and his first time ever trying sodomy. He hoped God found that as much of a hoot to watch as doing it turned out to be. Or maybe he'd damned himself.

Either way, he was pushed into it, at first, which might mean that he was neither the best nor the worst of the family. And either way, it wouldn't necessarily help him if the world found out, which was why he was lingering with the reality checks in hand, trying to decide whether it was worth trying to cash them.

After his interview, Dan was obscenely hopeful of their chances, hopeful of their future, a future which he thought might involve some compromises but was for the greater glory of God, in the end. And, when his prayers were answered and Skinner gathered the family a few days later and got them on camera to hear his announcement that the Dowdy family were officially chosen to enter what was now officially called the Twisted Dream House, he joined the spontaneous family hug and happy cheering with unrestrained enthusiasm. Off camera, they were given contracts (which involved a hefty non-disclosure agreement that covered even more than the earlier one) and a few days to wrap up their affairs, which they needed because their time in their own house was just about up anyway.

It was advised they leave their phones with trusted friends or family, since they couldn't take them into the house, but since the Dowdys were going to lose their house anyway they put them into a storage unit along with the rest of their precious family possessions. Like any family, they had a lot of them, including some items of immense sentimental value that had been collected over a lifetime... all of that moved into one container. They gave the storage place an advance payment for six months, which they expected would cover them for any time it might take to get settled after they won the big prize. Surprisingly, the production company fronted some money to Dan Dowdy, to help with this, or maybe--because it was given in cash--it was just a personal act of kindness and mercy, that Jeff wanted to help out and claimed it was the company behind him to disguise it. In return he asked only that they be given a key so that if they needed to, they could bring out some beloved family item as a reward... which did give Dan one of his few early doubts about the whole scenario as he nursed a seed of suspicion of the absolute wrong thing, that it might be a ruse to steal from them. It seemed like such an elaborate scheme to steal from a family who already was on the verge of losing everything, but possible. In the end, he was a man of Faith and so chose to believe it was just generosity.

Now, as he stood in the bank, Dan remembered that earlier fear, no longer so trusting in Jeff's generosity, and now wondering if not only would they be left with no money but also no possessions, one last twist of the knife. That was another part of his hesitance to approach the line. If they actually got cash, everything would be fine, but one disappointment would make the other even more likely.

In those early days, Jeff had seemed probably trustworthy, generous, honest, and the best hope of their happiness, and so the entire Dowdy family all got in the windowless back of a white van to be transported to the secret location of the Twisted Dream House that would change all of their lives.

Dan half-expected the first twist would be the house itself, that it would turn out to be some kind of run-down shack that they had to fix up, providing an entertaining storyline and a hint of Survivor-like hardship. But when they emerged from the van and got their first look, the large wooden building looked more like a millionaire's getaway cabin than a shack, although given the location, out in the woods, it probably cost far less than a house that size would in a city.

The entire area, inside and out, was fenced, and they were already inside that fence. Just behind the van was a big gate leading to the route back to civilization. Another set of barred gates blocked off the front from the backyard, two layers of protection from prying eyes... or just locking them inside and isolated, like prisoners. But if they were prisoners, at least it was a hell of a cage, two stories and everything looking new and clean, like they'd just spent the spring building or at least remodelling the whole place, which, since the family thought this was a regular reality television show, made sense.

"This is the last time you'll see the front of the house," Skinner said, "For the next two months anyway. Or if it isn't, it's because you've given up, walked out, or been expelled for breaking one of the big rules, and so abandoned your shot at that half-million dollar check. Once you enter that door, this Twisted Dream House is your entire world, understand?" They nodded. "Okay, the cameras are all set up inside, for minimum interference from us, but assume you're being watched at all times. Follow all instructions given to you on the televisions or loudspeaker. On the count of ten, you can enter your new house and get started on your new lives."

And then Skinner counted down, and the collective excitement of the Dowdy family grew with each number spoken. By the time they were down to a three count, they all had big grins on their faces. By one, they were practically vibrating. And when Skinner said "Go," they ran for the door and explored the inside of the house, certain that they were, if not already stars, at least somewhere on that path.

Their first hour in the house did nothing to shatter their dreams. It was a bit smaller on the inside than the outside, dead areas which they all assumed must have included hidden pathways for producers and cameras behind ever-present two-way mirrors, but still much more spacious and generally cleaner and more stylish than their own cluttered home. The family started out together but split up quickly as they explored different areas, although there was enough time for them all to show each other some of the house's more unique features.

Certain areas in the house were blocked off for 'adults only' or 'kids only' but most of it was open enough that you could still mostly see people in these restricted areas from outside it. Though there were notable exceptions. The most obvious of those was the Confessional Area, which was a purple-walled block with a red light over the doors to signal when whoever inside was filming something private. But other than that, there were very few doors in the place. Even the bathrooms were open, although the shower was surrounded by frosted glass and there was a door for the toilet itself which made it look like they could get some privacy there. With all the obvious spaces for cameras the family didn't suspect even more hidden cameras there.

There were other things that stood out as different from any kind of house they lived in. Bedrooms all contained single-sized beds, which made sense to Dan and Maureen Dowdy as a way to discourage marital activities, and only became alarming when challenges began that involved sharing the tiny beds anyway. There were the unusual art pieces scattered throughout, including one wall that was covered in spike-like projections of different sizes and shapes, the one Shirley immediately called 'the wall of dicks' because that's what they looked closest to, and Maureen shushed her... though privately agreed. There were the stationary bicycles in the kids-only section, just barely visible from parts of the adults-only section. The divided areas themselves were just marked with signs, but signs warning that crossing into an unauthorized area--without being instructed to--counted as a minor rule violation. Minor rule violations, according to the pre-show instructions they read on the ride over, meant that earned privileges might be revoked or additional punishment challenges created. Repeated minor rule violations, or failing punishment challenges, were grounds for expulsion from the house. Major rule violations, for things like violent assault, meant immediate expulsion. Even though it was a minor rule, having areas the parents couldn't go did strike Maureen as a little strange, unless you wanted to be able to isolate somebody vulnerable.

But these oddities all fled from their mind in excitement when Tulip finally found the door to the big fenced backyard and yelled for everybody to look. It too was even bigger than their backyard at home, and the grass was green and luscious in a way theirs rarely was. Perhaps it wasn't even appropriate to call it a backyard at all, because the whole area was covered, making it technically 'indoors,' and there was a set of doors at the other end warning that leaving would be considered 'leaving the house' and forfeiting any chance at money. The ceiling was an array of windows that still let the sun in, albeit filtered and with a grid of shady spots. Skinner had mentioned this on the ride over, that it was designed to protect them from UV damage so the family could spend a lot of time by the pool without fears of burns, or, over longer term, prematurely aging the skin. Nobody wanted that, he insisted, although said that the ceiling windows would be opened for a small amount each day for real sun, and would be, if everybody had a liberal amount of sunscreen applied. But for the most part, the area looked like a backyard, with a wide grassy area, a swing set, a stand-up shower for some reason, and, of course, a pool.

After a long ride in a stuffy van, the pool looked like heaven, even if it was just a large rubber inflatable pool. They had a much smaller inflatable pool back at the house (now in storage), so this was less than they expected, but they quickly saw the thinking behind it. Big enough for all of them at once, but too shallow for a serious risk of drowning--so important when minors were involved--and easier to clean and maintain and, probably, fill with other stuff for challenges. That it wasn't a full, built-in pool was disappointing but it was still, undeniably, a pool, much bigger than any they'd ever owned and still theirs for the summer to use whenever they want and so, still exciting.

Tulip and Shirley still wanted to just jump in and get wet for a while, but Mom reminded them that they didn't actually have any swimsuits, or any clothes beyond the ones they currently wore, and there was no way either of the kids were allowed to just dive-in in underwear. That was another of the oddities Maureen had already clocked in their first frenzied survey, that there, so far, were no clothes in any of the closets.

And anyway, swimming was off the table for other reasons, because after a brief look they were told they had to go inside again so the backyard area could be prepared for their first competition.

Some more casual exploration followed, kids choosing which bed they wanted to be theirs, looking through the empty kitchen cupboards, starting to worry a bit, but then they heard a voice through the ceiling, a voice all of the Dowdys recognized as Jeff Skinner, inviting them to all gather in the shared living room, which, much like Big Brother had a large television and a bunch of couches. Once they were settled, he spoke again, a little more theatrically but still unmistakably him. "Welcome Dowdy family, to the Twisted Dream House. This is a house capable of granting many of your wildest dreams... but sometimes, those dreams come with a twist! Some are good twists. Some might be uncomfortable enough to turn your dream into nightmares." Here the lights flickered on-and-off in an attempt to provoke spookiness. Tulip was the only one who felt any of that, but they all played along, really hammed it up. "But the key to a lifetime of good dreams is learning to roll with the twists, have fun any way you can manage. If you can do that and last the whole two months without giving up, your family will walk out of here with a check for five hundred thousand dollars! Now that's a dream come true!"

This wasn't new information, but they all were familiar with reality shows and knew that at this point, everybody always acted like they were super excited, as though hearing this information for the first time, and so they did likewise, clapping and making exaggerated 'wow' faces. "Along the way, there'll be a variety of both mandatory challenges and voluntary tasks you can choose to perform. Most of these will only be worth Dream Bucks, our special in-house currency that you can use to buy certain perks like better food, fashionable clothing, or immunity from certain twists... but like most dreams, Dream Bucks and everything purchased with them will be gone when you return to reality. However the most difficult challenges will have a real dollar value attached... completing these tasks, or winning these challenges, will add to your Reality Check Stack... an actual stack of checks you can take with you when you leave, win or lose." Another pause for applause from the family. "Finally, this house itself is very special... there are hidden secrets scattered throughout the grounds... like, a secret milkshake dispenser you can use any time you want. Or a secret private movie theater. But the most special secrets are there are the Dream Tokens that we'll periodically hide in unlikely places. These will allow whoever finds one to request their own custom Dream reward... with a twist, of course. But be warned, you have to be careful what you wish for, because if you refuse to honor a Dream earned and requested by someone in the house with a Token--twist and all--that means an end to your time there." That was new, and a little scary. "You'll have to keep your eyes open for the clues. Your first clue is, there is a Dream Token in a place you go if you want to get wet. But speaking of getting wet... are you ready for your first challenge?"

They were, that first day.

Some of the later ones, not so much. But not being ready didn't really stop them.

Their first challenge was innocent, really, it was the aftermath that was a bit of a shock to them. The relative difficulty of the task might have raised a few suspicions as well, and Maureen at least started to think early on that the challenge was designed so that there was no way they could have won. The backyard game was mostly set in the pool, now filled with whipped cream, and hidden inside were marshmallows, and the goal was to collect enough marshmallows to build a tower to reach a line on the wall before the time ran out. Win, and the Dowdys would get their choice of dinners for the week, lose, and it was the ominous-sounding Dream Gruel.

Easy in concept, difficult in practice, finding marshmallows in a pool full of whipped cream was like finding needles in haystacks, only a lot messier, with the whole family groping frantically, often getting cream in their faces. Things got chaotic. With all that fumbling around--both inside the pool and navigating in and out of the rubber edge to the stacking area--often marshmallows in hand got squished or something other than marshmallows got grabbed, innocently of course, even when Dan Dowdy did the grabbing on his daughter Shirley's left boob, too big for a marshmallow but if he could hardly see, how could you blame him?

In all that chaos, they failed the challenge, which meant their first meal in the house would be Dream Gruel, a food they would come to loathe in those first few weeks, like a runny oatmeal mixed with creamed corn and a few special ingredients to add protein. For a little solid matter to sop it up with and provide at least the tiniest amount of variety, they also provided an unappetizing green bread, which, they were told, was made from ground up dried peas mixed into the dough. The pea-dough-made bread and runny gruel did not make for appetizing meal times. Nutritious enough, supposedly, but after a while, enough to make people crave anything in their mouth with a little meat to it and work as hard as necessary to get that. Or at least that was the idea.

The unpleasantness of Dream Gruel was their second discovery, though, for they hadn't yet had a mealtime and there was a more immediate concern after the competition. After washing away the whipped cream left on their bodies in the stand-up shower, in their clothes, which left them standing in uncomfortable wet fabric and seeking a change, the family went to their respective rooms, looked in the closets which were no longer empty, but conspicuously not full either, and that was when the voice in the ceiling told them all one of the rules of the house. "Like most things in the house, in order to have access to clothes that you want, you have to pay for them with Dream Bucks, and so far none of you have earned any. Now, of course, it would be unfair to force you to go naked, or walk around in wet clothes, so the house does provide a supply of underwear and swimwear which you can use for free. Everything else, you'll have to earn."

It didn't seem so bad, at first, all of them planning to spend time around the pool anyway, so changing into swimwear while their clothes dried seemed like not that big a deal, even if the backyard was closed because the pool needed some time to be cleaned first. That is, it didn't seem so bad until the second part of the twist revealed itself, that one of the Dreams the Dream House came baked in with was Maureen's dream of never having to do laundry, said offhandedly during her background day, made real in a particularly unfair way in that any clothing, once worn, would disappear if left unattended for more than the length of a shower.

Which meant until they won enough challenges to earn better clothes--which would also only last until they were used--the Dowdy family would be left wandering the house in swimsuits or underwear and some of them were not very Dowdy indeed. Enough were tame and unrevealing enough to not raise immediate alarm bells, but there were also selections that would likely get perverts tuning in if they saw some underage girls parading around in them. A few were positively indecent, unless you thought an underage girl could be decent in crotchless lacy panties, garter belts or a bra made of fishnets. They didn't have to wear those outrageous options, of course, and Maureen didn't even get to see what was in her daughters' closets as she was restricted from that area, but what she had in her own wardrobe was worrisome enough, along with the worry that, because of the No Laundry rule, the outfits they could accept would slowly dwindle and within a few weeks be left with only the other type, and whatever they could earn.

The contents of those closets and the rules that governed them should probably have been the first big sign to the family that there was something deeply wrong about this house, but about half of them had already made promises that they were willing to be 'cool' about things that might normally balk at, one was too young to really notice anything unusual, and Maureen, well, she was certainly nursing a sick feeling in her stomach, but didn't say anything, in the hopes she was just being overcautious.

Everyone in that family needed a reality check, in other words. And they'd all get them, over time. Indeed, over the course of the next few weeks, each of the Dowdys had their own moments where they started to think things were amiss, and reality check moments where they knew they were totally fucked, and finally a moment where they decided 'oh well' and decided to enjoy being fucked, either literally or figuratively but usually both at once.

Tulip--while she still mostly went by Tulip--was the last to know she was getting screwed up for life. In her mind, for the longest time, this was just a reality show. A fun, extreme reality show, but she was young enough to think that even being fucked by a dog might be just the weird sort of challenge a reality show might plausible do. That she'd never seen it happen on television before didn't prove anything, shows like this were always trying crazy new ideas, and what was more crazy then letting a dog hump you? It all made sense, kind of, as a dream twisted by the Twisted Dream House. Sure, she eventually clued in, and right around the time she figured out getting everybody pregnant--including her--really was a goal she did start to worry that her family might regret coming to the house.

And when they gave Tulip her Twisted Dream Wedding, the ceremony where they convinced first her, then her parents, to promise to God to give her pussy only to Rocket and whichever man is considered his owner (right now that probably meant Daddy since Mr. Skinner did make him a gift before they left), the reality check hit and she knew that there might not be a way back to return to normal. Sure, they could break the physical chain that attached her to her new canine husband, but even so, the little girl knew that a vow before God was a big deal, and that it and the tattoo that commemorated it (a hollow dog paw with the rules for her pussy written inside it) were supposed to last her whole life. That was when she knew her old dreams about growing up were probably no longer possible... but she quickly adjusted as those dreams didn't really take into account orgasms which were by this time much more important to Poodle than a good career and a cute husband. The realization about orgasms came pretty early, but her doubts and eventual acceptance--highlighted by her decision to swap her nickname and what she once considered her 'real' name--only came in the last week or so... for far too long she just played along with what she thought was a game.

Not just a game, but a fun game, and a game she was really really good at and the whole world was going to see just how good. Not much feels better than winning, though orgasms gave them a run for the money... and she started to associate them with a kind of winning too, and they were a sharp temporary rush of victory, whereas the satisfaction of being the best at the games in the Twisted Dream House was less intense but more long lasting.

Winning was great when it helped her family, but it was even better when she won compared to her family. She was the one who found the first hidden dreams... not just some of the hidden perks like the secret milkshake dispenser (and soon after, the one that provided warm apple cider), but she stumbled upon several of the Twisted Dream Tokens that she could take into the confessional and request something special.

The first of those she found after correctly guessing the clue "where you go if you want to get wet" might not mean the pool or the bathroom like everyone else was guessing, but something a little outside of the box. That was when she thought about the two exercise bikes in the kids rooms, the ones with the seats that started vibrating after you pedalled for a while. Those, Tulip thought, would get you wet with sweat if you kept pedalling for too long, and even if you didn't pedal at all and just sat still after the vibrations started, and so she checked under the seat.

That little deduction, and a discovery under the seat, gave her Rocket. That part was her idea, with only a little prompting from Skinner's voice in the confessional, because she couldn't make up her mind what sort of reward to ask for as her Dream. Like her whole family, she was already sick of the gruel they were stuck eating until they won a challenge or enough Dream Bucks, and was just about to waste her Dream Token on fast food every day, but the other major problem in the house, in those early days, was boredom. So, when Skinner mentioned a dog, she jumped on that idea instead. Knowing that they weren't allowed to refuse Dreams made it even better, since this was normally a request Mom said no to, but now she couldn't rain on her parade. "Yes, my dream is to have a dog for the family!" she said, and dropped the token in the slot.

The video screen in the confessional room spun then, cycling through various options for how the dream might be twisted. It was part of the game, she understood instantly, as she read things like, "Opposite Twist" or "Three-For-One Twist" or "Work For It Twist" or a few others, including the extra mysterious "Hidden Twist." That last was what it landed on, and she asked what it meant and was told, "That means you get your dream, but there's a twist that will be revealed later. It could be something you have to do to keep your dream, or that what you asked for might unlock other games. You'll find out later." She never was that great about thinking ahead before the house, still wasn't after it, and so it didn't really concern her. She was finally getting a dog!

Soon after that, Rocket entered the Twisted Dream House and their lives, and Tulip forgot about the mysterious hidden twist for a while in the pure joy of a dream long wished for finally fulfilled. She loved that dog at first sight... not a sexual love, that came later, but Poodle (still mostly Tulip in her head, but she tolerated her childhood nickname because she knew Mr. Skinner liked how marketable it was) had a new best friend, and her and Rocket were almost inseparable... later actually inseparable, and by that time some of the purer love had worn off, but not entirely. That little girl had no idea then how big an impact her dream would have on her family but she was so happy to have found that first Twisted Dream Token and proud that she'd helped the family's time in the house be a little more fun. Her mother might have been a sourpuss about it, but she was the one who always stood in the way of her dream of having a dog before, and hopefully she'd come around when she saw how fun having a dog could be.

Tulip also found the second Dream Token, a few days later, and by this time she'd helped her family a lot in other ways, earning out plenty of Dream Bucks (though her sister helped with the secret to that one). That let them buy some clothes off the catalog that one of the video walls turned into (although she was getting used to running around in a beginning bra and underwear, so she was a bit stingy and only bought outfits she thought she or her family looked super cute in) and get off the gruel diet for a few meals at a time, although the prices for that increased every time she used it (of course she could enjoy sneaky milkshakes whenever she wanted them). It was pretty funny to her that she was the biggest earner in the family for the first few days. She also considered herself responsible for winning at least one of the competitions when they were supposed to build a house of cards but a series of robotic hands on a little windmill kept trying to knock it down. The rules said they weren't allowed to touch it, but she was the one who figured out that there had to be some way to stop it and, if she straddled the track it ran on, the wheel-of-hands would just keep hitting her butt while the wheels tried and failed to run between her legs... and that was allowed. Could have hit her face, of course, but with the butt it hurt less, no worse than a spanking, which she could endure while her family completed the structure building. That little insight gave them a fifty dollar check to add to their Reality Check stack. So Tulip thought, with her second Token, she deserved a reward that wasn't also a prize for everybody, like Rocket was, but instead completely and totally for her.

Of course, even a Dream Token wasn't unlimited power. Skinner shot down a number of her ideas. Her favorite celebrity visiting was too hard to arrange, he said. Big money requests would defeat the whole purpose of the game show, but she could trade in a Dream Token for another hundred dollar check for the family. That seemed like a waste when they were clearly going to win the whole shebang. Getting a horse seemed like a possibility that Skinner was open to, but he said it would take a while to set up, and Tulip wanted a reward faster than that, so she began taking his suggestions again. Custom wardrobe was appealing, but a little boring. The Fame Dream sounded fun, since it would let her act out a scene from a movie that would be released on her social medias, but again she would have to wait to actually see the results of it. Finally he hit on one of the desires she mentioned in her pre-interview, to get a belly-button piercing.

"Mom would hate that," she pointed out, but with a smile on her face, a smile which grew with Skinner's response.

"It's your dream, though. She's not allowed to refuse it if she wants to stay in the house." Tulip was worried it might cause just that, Mom was already talking about leaving, something about the butt-slapping game really bothered her. Or maybe it was the big game of family Twister which was also fun even if it left her face in Shirley's crotch for a while because of the way the video board rolled. One more thing, like her belly ring, might push Mom over the edge. But then Skinner added, "We could also keep it secret for a while. She doesn't have to know about what you'll do for your dreams." So far all of Tulip's swimsuits were one pieces, and even when she was stuck in underwear she had plenty of tops that were just an undershirt, and so this prospect not only seemed possible but appealed to her, like getting away with something. Turns out, she got away with a lot more than she ever expected, because when she put her token into the slot, the Twist Wheel turned up "Three-For-One" which Skinner explained meant that she would get her piercing, but it would also get two other piercings that they would choose.

That was a little more than she bargained for, but they talked her into it, reminding her again that turning down a dream meant leaving the house, which she definitely didn't want to do, and besides, they'd honor the spirit of her request and give her piercings that Mom would never see. Even if she saw the one on her belly button, eventually, it would be much easier to hide a simple bar piercing on each of her nipples... at least until she ran out of tops entirely.

Tulip never really stopped to consider that this might be an inappropriate request for a TV show. Instead, all she could think about was that none of her friends had nipple piercings, at least as far as she knew, and they would be so jealous. And, of course, her worries that it would hurt.

Luckily, Skinner had a plan for that too, told her his team were experts and knew the best way to make it not hurt, that it involved using the exercise bikes she and her sister used to generate Dream Bucks, that the next day she should use it until she didn't think she could use it anymore, and then they would call her in to the Confessional and walk her through the rest.

That walkthrough involved Tulip pinning her pulled-up top beneath her chin while Jackson Dong held an ice cube against her bare nipple and she sat on Skinner's lap for comfort, comfort applied by his fingers applied directly to her most private area underneath her underwear, which, after sitting on a vibrating bicycle seat for so long they were screaming out for. This had to be an exception to the 'no one should touch you there' rules her mother laid down long ago, because this was just to help get through some pain.

And indeed, she was already screaming before the piercing and the sharp poke barely registered through the rush of definitely-not-pain that the rubbing fingers eventually provoked. Before Tulip knew it, there was a piercing in one of her nipples and Mr. Skinner lightly stroking the edge of her still trembling slit, and Jackson Dong standing in front of her. "There, now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

She looked down at her pierced nipple, and the hand in her panties, and, exhaling sharply, shook her head no, as Skinner explained, "An orgasm is always the best way to ride through pain." It did hurt, but it didn't seem to matter as much right now.

"What do you think though," Jackson said, holding a plastic hand mirror, tiled it towards her. He said, "Looks good, don't you think? Give us a little poodle bark if you like it."

Tulip looked in the mirror, saw the piercing as it would look to somebody looking at it, and she realized then that it looked fantastic on her. It was so stylish that she thought she should have had one all along... and it didn't even really hurt anymore, the sting fading completely at that revelation. "Wow, I look so good," she gasped. Not just the nipple piercing, either, sitting on a guy's lap in her socks, and wet panties struck her as a really good look for her. Then she remembered exactly what Jackson said, and rephrased her review as a simple, "Arf! Arf!"

"Good girl." Skinner grinned, pulled his hand away and slapped her gently on the side of her butt, a signal to get off. "Tomorrow we'll do the other one the same way. Now get dressed." It was a good thing the skirt she'd brought in wasn't on the ground long enough to disappear. The man was totally right about her being more comfortable without it, too. "And remember, it might look good but your family would still probably be pissed to see it."

Too bad, but Tulip was now super looking forward to getting that second one... she'd been hesitant about it before, but was already thinking that the nipple piercings Twist might be better than the actual Dream she'd asked for. Jackson gave her some tips for caring for her new piercing, and Skinner reminded her about how she should use the bike tomorrow until she's almost ready to have an orgasm and then raise her hand and they'd call for her.

It went almost the same way, the second time, except she was a lot more eager to ditch her clothes, knowing she'd get them back, and when Skinner suggested she take the underwear off too, it seemed like a pretty good idea to her. This time when Mr. Skinner rubbed her pussy with steady circular motion Jackson held her free nipple in a little clamp, and pulled, but it was a good feeling, and the second time the orgasm was punctuated by two pains, one of the needle through her nipple, and the other of Mr. Skinner's fingers digging deep into her hole, pushing her up against the hard lump beneath his pants between her butt-cheeks. "Sorry, Poodle," he'd said. "Got a little carried away there." His fingers withdrew, a little bloody, leaving an open hole, and there Jackson was with the mirror again, showing off both the new piercing and her suddenly widened hole.

Upon seeing them, she was pretty happy with both of those changes, if she were honest, and there was no reason not to be. So she gave another bark of approval, smiling at herself in the mirror. Both of her nipples pierced together looked even better than just one, and though she'd always liked the tight little smile her pussy made, it looked much more adult and sophisticated when it was widened, and she wondered if maybe she could get that pierced too.

But her next piercing was already spoken for, the long-awaited belly-button piercing, the one she'd wanted first, although now somehow it seemed like it was going to be a disappointment by comparison... cool, sure, and worth doing no matter what, especially if she got another orgasm to ride through the pain, but not a big dramatic change to her look. At least she could show that one off in public.

Well, she could show all three off if she really wanted to, she knew, they'd told her that much and she believed it, let them take pictures on their phones of her naked, pierced chest, arguing that it would make a good teaser picture for her to post on Instagram when the show aired, that legally it was okay because she wasn't yet a teenager and her bare chest wasn't obscene, even with piercings. Made sense to her, she never felt her nipples were obscene, just knew her parents would be angry at her showing them to people. She covered them up when she left the confessional, but she'd rather have walked around topless. After all, her dad did all the time, and he had nipples, so what was the difference? Girls should absolutely be able to go around topless, she believed, especially her. She even thought that, maybe, after her belly-button ring set in, she might, since many of her clothes options wouldn't be able to hide that piercing... so why not show off all three at once to her family? If she got in trouble, one punishment was better than two separate ones.

The belly-button piercing wound up being a lot more extreme than she expected... the event, that is, not the piercing itself. Tulip was ready to ride the bikes, get herself close to that line where they wanted her, but she was only on for a minute when they called her to the Confessional, asked her to bring Rocket along, as sometimes she did, because it made for a good interview to have him as a prop she could hug or pet. Inside, Jackson and Skinner were waiting, Jackson cleaning off the little piercing tool, and she knew the ritual, stripped down her shirt and skirt and underwear, and waited for Skinner to sit down first so she could get on his lap.

Skinner looked apologetic, patted the seat. "Sorry, we had to move the schedule up, we've got a competition later today and we don't have time for the bike to warm you up, so we're going to use an old Hollywood trick."

The trick was letting her sit in the chair while Rocket licked at her pussy, which seemed very weird at first and then very soon not at all, as Poodle was educated on the Hollywood lifestyle, where dogs were often used to provide orgasms because they were easily available, easily trainable, and offered no risk of pregnancy, and, most importantly, cheap. "Technically," Skinner said as her new dog demonstrated a spectacular talent at lapping at her pussy, "Every time I give you an orgasm I have to take money out of the production budget to pay myself a salary as a performer and fill out insurance paperwork, since you're a minor, but if your dog does it, well, that's a different matter... so we'll be using Rocket from now on."

Tulip enjoyed the feel of Skinner's fingers, but Rocket was turning out to be a very good substitute. And it wasn't like she was missing the fingers entirely, they went inside a few times to help her get wet enough that Rocket smelled something he wanted to lick, and after, helped, prodded, pulled at her nipple piercings to add an intensity the tongue alone lacked, and finally helped hold her still when the orgasm was approaching and Jackson needed to duck in quick to finish the piercing. All made perfect sense to Tulip, nothing unusual at all, even when they wanted to continue this habit the next day, and the next, no piercings to be inserted on these times, but daily cleaning and maintenance of her existing ones, which were all good excuses for another orgasm from Rocket.

When they asked her to suck Jackson's cock during one of the cleanings, that didn't raise any suspicion for her either, because they explained it so well. See, apparently her big sister had found a Dream Token, and got a bad spin for the Twist. A Double Twist, in fact, two more spins of the wheel which turned into Opposite Twist, and a Stolen Twist. That last was the worst, although sometimes the Opposite Twist could get pretty bad too, the Stolen Twist meant that somebody else in the house got to steal your Dream. And, turned out her dream was for Jackson to lick her pussy, which, they explained, meant that somebody else got to steal the opposite, to suck on his cock. And, as everyone knew, if you didn't accept a Dream, you were out of the house, so, she spent one unexpected confessional sucking cock, which she had some experience with already, although this one didn't dispense milkshakes.

One thing led to another, challenges got progressively more nasty, but to a twelve-year-old, still seemed like they were just really daring challenges in a reality show that was meant to test her boundaries. If one challenge was Skinner sticking his dick all the way inside her ass, well, it might hurt, but it wasn't actual sex, and as long as Rocket was licking her pussy at the same time, it was the kind of hurt with a reward at the end, the kind of hurt she'd grown to crave. And made her feel a bit like a dog, on all fours, and a dick in the ass felt a little like a tail she could wag, all very doglike... although that impression might have started because Skinner wanted to bark while he pushed inside her. Often, challenges built on older challenges, and before long it was Rocket she was taking in her ass, then her mouth and finally her pussy, her first time, theoretically, but she guessed it didn't really count because it was a dog, not a person, and part of a challenge . It was the 'work for it' challenge that won her the Poodle Skirt that Skinner had regularly talked up.

All Tulip knew was she was really, really good at challenges, even won one against her sister involving making the other one have an orgasm first, but then her sister really wasn't trying as hard as she was.

When she allowed Mr. Skinner to be the first human lover to stick his bare cock head up her pussy, that was when she started to think, "Hey, this may not be an actual reality show, they might just be using this to get us to do all sorts of dirty stuff." They'd already done a bunch of dirty stuff, of course, but there was a subtle difference between dirty challenges and just doing dirty stuff. Pleasing a bunch of cocks had become a regular, fun, challenge in the house... they all had their own personalities, and different sizes and sometimes the challenge was just fitting them into her butthole, riding through the sometimes painful stretching feeling until the motion started to get her into orgasm territory. And those days they played slave for that other family, well, the challenge of being a good slave was naturally going to include some dirty stuff, but why would they make her drink pee if it wasn't to try and make her give up and leave the house? Tulip Dowdy was not a quitter, she was a competitor. Even when they asked her to sneak into her Daddy's bed and suck on his cock for a real money reward... that one seemed a little out there, even for a challenge. Her letting him fuck her ass later was also framed as a challenge, of course, but it turned out Daddy cum wasn't any different than anyone else's, and his dick was a little easier to take than most.

Losing her pussy virginity, with Mr. Skinner, though? That seemed like a pretty big step to a little girl who still considered herself a virgin despite having had a lot of experience with cocks, multiple men and multiple species. They other men had said it didn't count until it was done without a condom, because it needed a pregnancy risk to count, and she believed that, but watching Skinner's twitching dick pull out of her pussy and spew glistening white cum all over her mound, that definitely seemed like a pregnancy risk, and that, combined with him spending the whole ride talking about this little neighbor girl he wished he had a chance to fuck like this when he was a teenager made her question the reality show for the first time, question about whether he was just a pervert who liked fucking little girls and used the show as an excuse.

At the same time, she was having too much fun, she'd had her own orgasm from riding on the raw cock of a pervert who liked playing with a little girl's nipple rings while he fucked her, and so not much reason to complain or probe too deeply... if things weren't quite right, that was for her parents to worry about. And Mom and Shirley had watched the whole thing and didn't say a word against it except to warn him to pull out when it was time to cum because this was no impregnation challenge.

When they followed that up with her wedding to Rocket, and she was given the tattoo that followed, not to mention the new condition of being chained to the dog for the last few weeks of the show, Poodle went one step beyond suspicion and thought for the first time, Hey, I think our family might be really fucked up after this. That certainly was a big escalation of the kind of fun they'd been having up till then, felt real permanent. After all, Poodle had just married a dog, as far as she knew, legally (and she was trying really hard not to answer to Tulip anymore, since the wedding decreed Poodle as her official name). And the tattoo sure felt permanent, still stung, especially when getting fucked hard.

To be more specific, it was the night right after the wedding that she got this little reality check, and was provided by her sister, also her maid of honor, while they lounged around in bed before finally drifting off to bed, Poodle still trying to figure out how she was going to sleep without getting tangled up in the chain that connected her to Rocket, and despite how worn out her body was, her heart was still pumping too much from what they'd done. So to calm herself down, she talked to her sister, who was silly and tipsy and trying to sleep herself but had to listen to her little sister brag about how her friends were going to be so jealous of her wedding when they saw the show. Finally Shirley snapped at her, told her that the people in her class weren't going to see that, nobody they knew was ever going to see any of the stuff they were doing... "It's not like blowjobs where it's okay for a movie with all the right permits," she said, then going on to point out that bestiality and sex with a girl her age was extremely illegal for anybody to do, much less film. "And good thing nobody we know will ever see it, too, I don't think we could show our faces in town again. Now go to sleep."

Turned out she, Shirley, was wrong... not about it being illegal, but about the people they know never seeing any of the footage... however it did make Poodle's sleepless night even more sleepless as she wondered about how their family might be changed if they'd done all this stuff and didn't even get famous out of it. But she moved swiftly to the "Oh well, might as well enjoy it," phase without even much angst in between. She remembered looking at herself in the piercing guy's mirror during the wedding ceremony, while her bars were replaced with rings that were physically closed and liked to a chain that connected her to her new canine husband. Her reflection was naked and glowing with pleasure and looked happy... and all that just felt right to her. If Skinner wanted to use his new authority granted by the tattoo to knock her up, and he hadn't already succeeded at his first try, she'd probably enjoy that too. After all, Mom and Shirley were trying to get pregnant. Shirley said she was pretty sure she was, and that Jackson the piercing guy was the daddy because Daddy and everyone else only fucked her ass or mouth without a condom.

Shirley, for her part, also took quite a while to catch on to the full implications of what was going on in the house, despite being old enough to know better. But then she was a teenager. Teenagers often think the world revolves around them, and that they're so much more perceptive than anyone around them, and that they're getting away with more than they think they are. She missed the forest for the trees, because she really liked the piece of wood she was focusing on, until her reality check came upon her--along with a few others.

You could say that Shirley knew something extremely inappropriate and probably even illegal was going on very early, she just thought it was focused on her and that she was in control. In short, Shirley thought that she was being seduced, or seducing (her conviction on which was happening went back and forth) a handsome older man, and that everything else going on in the house was just normal showbiz, maybe trading a little on her teen sexuality... but that was a part of normal showbiz.

Shirley's affection for Jackson Dong had started the first day they met, got kicked into high gear the day of their interview when he professionally had his hands on her breasts and pussy, and was what she thought her own dirty little secret once they entered the Twisted Dream House. In fact she thought she was getting one over on the producers, her family, and the whole audience, inching towards a very taboo relationship right under their noses. So exciting it made her clueless.

Oh, she knew that she was the intended sex appeal portion of the show, ever since Skinner had explained it, was comfortable, in theory, with that role and trying to become more comfortable in practice, but there was a big difference, in her mind, between showing off a little skin and teasing for an audience and actually carrying on an affair with her makeup guy... something she thought was going on in private.

At first it was a crush, flirtation, enabled by daily makeup sessions in the confessional. He called her cute, she blushed, he told her she had nothing to be ashamed of about her body, and she wanted to bare it all for him right then and there, but didn't, expecting the sessions were video recorded like everything else, at least until one day early on when he said they weren't. "No worries," he told her, after she panicked about getting him in trouble on camera, when she referred to him shaving her bush before they went into the house. Shirley was smart enough to have a sense that wasn't the kind of thing spoken about--the kind of thing guys his age maybe went to jail for--so she apologized profusely and stressed, again, looking into the camera, that it was totally professional. But he wasn't concerned, "Nobody's watching. It's part of my contract. Whenever I'm doing makeup in here, that camera is off." She later came to wonder if he was deceptively honest and only referring to one particular camera, but that was after some of the shine had come off the relationship. "So I can say anything to you, and you can say anything to me."

She thought about making a play there, telling him about her crush, asking if he wanted to make the house less boring for her, and he must have mistaken her working up her courage for disbelief, for he said, "I'll prove it. I'll tell you a secret. You know those exercise bikes?" She nodded. "You actually only have to pedal to get them started. Legally the show can't make you do intensive work like that, child labor laws and all that. So once you start pedalling, you keep earning Dream Bucks until you get off the seat or you show signs of distress. The vibrating is there to keep you from just using it endlessly."

Shirley had already noticed the vibrating seat, of course, it was hard not to when it dug right into a place that liked being vibrated, but it did get uncomfortable doing it for too long... less because it was unpleasant as because she worried about embarrassing herself with a wet spot. "Go ahead and 'discover' it. Just don't say I told you." And he winked, which made her smile, and then he went back to her makeup. "As for the shaving, that WAS totally professional. Remember, you're the show's eye-candy, and believe me, you're adorable, but if we don't want to get cancelled we still need you in the skimpiest swimsuits you can manage. If you need another shave to get you to get a little more daring, just ask. It'd be a pleasure."

She didn't ask, that day, but thought about it, thought about it more while riding the exercise bike for Dream Bucks, after making a 'discovery' that she did indeed share with her sister. That certainly did make earning money more fun, where instead of pedalling themselves to exhaustion the two sisters could just sit and have a pleasant conversation while the sensations built up and she thought about Jackson more and more. Thought about her swimsuit choices more and more, too.

That was the thing about the house, there wasn't a lot to do aside from play in the pool and swim and talk to her family--at least before they got the dog, which provided a different distraction. They could explore the house, like her sister often did, and Shirley probably should have clued in that something wasn't right she caught her little sister deep-throating one of the phallic projections on what she called the 'Wall of Dicks.' Looked an awful lot like her little sis'd gotten stir crazy enough to practice blow jobs, although it turned out she had just found the secret milkshake dispenser, and she showed Shirley the trick to get it to work... which required you to get your mouth pretty far on the vaguely dick-shaped nozzle. That seemed suspicious... but it tasted better than Dream Gruel and water they were still restricted to. So was the warm apple cider another 'dick' dispensed. Their mother would have insisted this was lewd and inappropriate, but their mother also slapped bananas out of her hand if she tried to eat them in public, so Shirley thought she was being a little paranoid... and assumed they were put there for the same reason the pool was, to give viewers a little thrill about something that, really, was not dirty at all. So what if they wanted to watch her parade around in a swimsuit, or suck on a nozzle to get a milkshake? It wasn't like it was sex, and it wasn't like they wanted to watch Tulip--Shirley, she was the star here--so she let it slide and just warned her little sister that she shouldn't use it when Mom could see or they might never be allowed to again. Tulip gave her sister a thumb's up while trying one of the other dispensers, then pulled off to explain, "I've only found two so far, but that doesn't mean the others don't do something too, if you learn the trick."

That was her little sister's chosen distraction, searching the house and finding any secrets it held. Shirley did her share of that too, but for her, killing time was more about the pool. The whole family used the pool now and then, but Shirley made more of a habit of it, aware of her supposed role in the whole show and trying to grow more comfortable with it. Her swimsuits started as simple one pieces, or two-pieces that were tankinis or close to it, barely showing belly and not much cleavage either. Since everything other than underwear and swimwear they had to buy from the on-screen menu--and would only last for one wearing--it seemed like the smart play to keep the suit on. She wanted to save those valuable Dream Bucks to get real food or decent music playing in the downtime, all of which were more important to her than clothes... or at least that was the excuse she gave to stay in a swimsuit almost the whole day. Her parents didn't really mind, considering how conservative the swimsuits were, but this was just for starters... she wanted to push herself, gradually, into sexier and sexier material. And push her mom, too, who would have thrown a fit if she showed up in some of her options the first day, even though, hypocrite that she was, she had started out in a bikini. But Mom might not notice if Shirley gradually showed more and more skin.

"Gradual is good," Jackson said when she told him her plan, half-proudly, half- by way of apology for not already being sexier. "Just not too gradually. All eyes are on you, and we don't want them getting bored." She thought about those eyes a lot, lazing in an inflated inner tube in the pool, looking up at the cameras. Seemed like their eyes would be on her mom more, might stay that way if she was too gradual, but the more she thought about it, the more she wanted them on her. Not just for the good of the show and the promise she made to Mr. Skinner, but just because the idea excited her.

What really excited her was Jackson, though. Being under his makeup brush was like a combination of flirting and being at a spa. She wanted to look sexy for herself, but also for him, and decided the next day to try out a new 'swimsuit choice for the day' on him before wearing it out at the pool. This one was still one piece, but had gaps at the side and showed more cleavage, which Jackson liked though he said, "A two-piece that showed your whole stomach would be better. This one needs something to pop."

She asked what it was, and he asked if she trusted her, and she bit her lip and nodded, and then bit her lip harder when he pulled the swimsuit edges around one breast, baring it nude, and then lay his lips on her nipple, gently suckling it, licking, until it was a firm bead. Then he went to the other one, kissed it, fondled the breast as he did, while she just stood there, breathless, trembling, as it looked like her romantic dreams were at least starting to be more than dreams. Especially when he admitted, "I've been wanting to do that since I first met you." A rare break in his professionalism, but then he pulled the suit back in place and showed her in his little hand mirror. Now the stretchy fabric didn't cover so much as clearly outline excited proud nipples that would excite an audience while still being legal for television.

"But what happens when they go down again?" she asked.

He grinned, shrugged, "I'll be happy to do it again any time you see me, but we've only got a short time together each day, so the rest of the time... find a way to excite yourself. But think of me while you're doing it, if it helps. I'll sure be thinking of you." And then it was back to professionalism, but she knew there was something more, something secret, and she clung to that belief that Jackson might be in love with her like she was starting to feel like she might be with him.

Shirley's affair, as she saw it, with Jackson was an exciting, dirty little secret, even while it had barely gotten past the kissing stage, and some touching of parts of her body that she knew her parents would not be okay with, but most of those touches were only done to enhance her sex appeal. Shaves of her pussy became a daily affair with massage, as did nipple stimulation... the latter didn't last long but any time there was a reminder of Jackson she felt like her nipples were auto-stiffening. Even, sometimes when her father gave her suntan oil applications. Those were required if they were going to open the windows that let actual UV rays into the backyard enough to make a good tan, or a healthy amount of Vitamin D, but that also made for a risk of potential sun burn the producers didn't want to be liable for, so extensive application was required. The more skin she showed the more her father would have to rub, and that was a stumbling block to Shirley's gradual plan, until she decided to just try to imagine it was Jackson doing the rubbing.

Her time with Jackson was intoxicating, in part because he really did make her feel better about her body. After he played with her nipples and showed her what it looked like in his hand mirror, she was totally comfortable with her nipples peeking through her tops. She no longer felt ashamed of a shaved pussy, it seemed only natural. And every swimsuit she wore, she started to think looked great on her, even that one-piece that she thought was safe but turned almost translucent when it got wet. She spent a few hours in the pool in that one--knowing what people at home were seeing but pretending she didn't--before her Mom caught her and made her change.

Shirley attributed this new brazen attitude to the magic of true love, although she'd yet to voice this to Jackson, wasn't even sure whatever they had counted as a relationship enough to use the 'L-word' openly yet, but knew it had to at least count as an affair. Of two types, because Jackson was almost certainly not allowed to be with a teenager like her, but also because she technically hadn't broken things off with Paul, even though she'd given him permission not to wait for her. He said he would anyway, and that left her with a little extra naughty thrill every time she did something with Jackson, who excited her in ways Paul never had. But the best part of the thrill was that it was a total secret. The one hour a day Jackson was allowed to do her makeup--and, she thought, neither of them would be filmed and they could do anything--were a big, dangerous secret in a very public reality show competition, something that struck her as extra hot.

The only time she worried that somebody knew about her affair was one time when her little sister Tulip, out of nowhere, gave her a hug and said, "I'm sorry you couldn't get your dream of having Jackson lick your pussy," but knew it had to be coincidence, rather than special knowledge, since Shirley hadn't told that fantasy to anyone, not even Jackson.

Did, though, the next morning during her shave and makeup session, just as a "isn't it funny what ideas kids have," and to see if he was worried about being found out. His tongue up her pussy showed how not worried he was by that, and how much better that felt in reality than her imagination. And though she'd called what she had in the days before an affair, she'd still been aware of the possibility that all of it was in her head. This was the first thing she considered absolutely sexual, since she knew, her own feelings aside, the shaving and nipple stuff could be dismissed as business, and the flirting just flirting, but making her cum on his tongue was definitely a sign he liked her as more than just somebody he had to make hot for the cameras.

After that orgasm she changed into her first bikini at the house, skimpier than any swimsuit she'd worn at the beach, either, but felt totally comfortable in it once she saw herself in Jackson's hand mirror.

"Why do you always use that mirror?" she'd finally decided to ask him. "It looks like you got it in a dollar store." The handle was plastic and the colors bright enough to be a little girl's toy mirror for playing dress-up.

"I did, actually. But it has sentimental value. And it's magic, everyone who looks into it feels better about how they look." As if to prove it, he showed off the handle. In golden lettering, words on the handle read, "New U Mirror!" and then in smaller text, "Embrace A New Look! More natural reflection the closer to pleasure!" Clearly something made in another country for super cheap, and Shirley didn't believe in actual fairy-tale type magic but she did really like how she looked in it, so maybe there was something in the lighting or glass.

In fact, all doubts about wearing the swimsuit vanished once she saw how it looked on her, in that mirror. It just seemed so natural. She could totally pull off that look, would enjoy showing off in it. And she did show off, out by the pool, all day, feeling no shame whatsoever, even when her mother glared at her for the choice. Mom looked like she'd just swallowed something unpleasant, but never told her to take it off like she did with the one that became see-thru. But then, maybe she'd realized that if Shirley did take it off, the next outfit would be even worse. Not because Shirley was rebelling, but just because of the No Laundry rule, that her mother probably thought she running out of one-pieces, and the ones that were left might be even more transparent.

Shirley still had a few of the suits she thought as safe for 'the old Shirley,' in reserve just in case she backslid, but right now she was really liking how she looked in a two piece... and the next outfit the bottom was a lot closer to a thong. She wasn't sure about it yet but after Jackson ate her out, the swimsuit looked fantastic on her, something she could easily add to her repertoire and shock Mom with.

Her dad was cooler about the daily shrinking swimsuits, which surprised her, since, like Mom, he usually vetoed if he caught her trying to leave their old house in anything considered too sexy... not that that had happened too often, but there were school dances and the like where his old fashioned values contradicted the current styles. And at the beach, Dad was in favor of more coverage... but here, he didn't seem to care much, and it wasn't like he didn't notice since he usually had the job of rubbing suntan lotion on her body, on all exposed areas, which had to be done before they opened the windows that let unfiltered sunlight in. Shirley assumed it was because the Dream House had started to feel like home, rather than out in public, and at home Dad never really raised a fuss if she walked around in just a bra and shorts unless company was expected.

When Daddy was rubbing lotion into her skin, especially on her now practically-bare ass-cheeks, she just closed her eyes and imagined it was Jackson doing it, so it wasn't weird. Sometimes she'd go straight from the pool to ride the bike for a while and earn some money while enjoying some good vibrations. For a while, she thought she was pulling one over on everybody, being sexy and sneaking an orgasm while nobody watching had any idea, but of course she wasn't nearly as subtle as she thought, she just assumed they would have said something.

Just as Shirley assumed that her slow seduction of Jackson was her own initiative, and that she was doing a really good job at making him fall in love with her... even though they hadn't kissed on the lips, also hadn't felt his penis as more than pressing against her through her clothes. She rightly suspected that all she'd need to do for the second one is ask, and wrongly suspected that that might be too big a risk with so little time, and whether her suspicion that the kiss should really come before any handling of his cock was right or wrong depends on your own perception.

The hour-long time frame was starting to get to her after a few days... once you included the time of actual makeup, shaving, and conversation, outfit consultation, time for what she thought of as 'the naughty stuff' that might advance their relationship was running out, and most of that used to give her an orgasm. Sometimes not even finishing that before telling her he had to leave her.

A week into what she thought of as 'their relationship' (starting with the first sucking on her nipples, which counted as a form of a kiss even if it wasn't officially labelled as such), she whined when it was time to go, and said, "I wish we could have more time together."

That's when he dangled an idea, "You know, you could. If you found one of the Dream Tokens, you could request, as your dream..."

"More time with you?"

"That might look a little weird, wouldn't it?" He grinned. "No, it's called the Fame Dream... you say your dream is to be in an actual movie. I do those on the side, and I could absolutely make some connections... and makeup for a movie is a lot more than a daily reality show."

Wouldn't you know it, Shirley found a Dream Token that very day, following a clue Jackson gave her, and made the request, which was granted, with the 'Secret Twist,' which meant she wasn't allowed to tell her family, just that she would be locked off in a private part of the house for almost a whole day.

There was another Twist, to be sure, which was quite a surprise to Shirley, who got all excited both about her time with Jackson and the chance to be in a real Hollywood movie, and who got a bigger surprise when it turned out the movie Jackson had connections with was of a decidedly pornographic variety.

You'd think that would have given Shirley her reality check, that she was being groomed for more and more erotic entertainment, but she was already in love and Jackson was persuasive. She sat in the chair in the confessional, getting into 'character', which was much more extensive this time around. "Because of the Secret Twist, the goal here is to make it so you're almost unrecognizable," he told her, laying on eyeshadow. "When I'm done with you, you'd probably have to tell people you played this role." That was an exaggeration, although Jackson did cover her freckles in makeup, and that, combined with the blonde wig he gave her did change her look a lot, as did the mini-skirt and tube-top, and the high heels she awkwardly walked in, but fundamentally it wasn't that much different than the outfits she was told to try out in her pre-show interview.

One difference though, she now thought she looked fabulous in these types of clothes. "What am I playing?"

He confirmed her immediate guess as he led her down a secret hallway to the part of the house that had already been blocked off... the bedroom that she and Tulip slept in, although with her little sister out of the way playing with her dog for the day, the bedding had been changed to look like something more out of a cheap hotel. "You're playing a teen prostitute. It's going to be a small but pivotal role."

"I'm going to be an extra aren't I?"

Jackson smiled at her. "I promise you, you're not going to be an extra. We wouldn't bring the cast all the way over here just so you can be an extra."

"But you didn't make me practice any lines, so..."

"Not all parts are speaking. All you have to do is smile at the men who come in... and then suck their cocks." That stopped her, mouth dropping open, as Jackson continued, as though this were a perfectly ordinary thing. "One of them is playing an undercover cop, and he has to prove that he's willing to do something illegal by trying out one of the boss's whores. It shows his gradual corruption."

That explanation, that casualness of the delivery, put Shirley into a weird space, mentally, where she wasn't sure if she was being unreasonable. "But... I can't actually do that! I'm only fifteen! It's illegal!"

"No it isn't," he lied. "It's just hardly ever done. A lot of rules govern underage actresses. And obviously, sex would be another thing entirely. But blowjobs are totally allowed for a girl your age if we follow strict protocols. You don't appear nude on film at any point... I mean, we can show you nude, too, but it's really a one-or-the-other thing for the rating we're going for." That actually didn't seem that bizarre considering other stuff she'd heard about the rating system only allowing the use of the word 'fuck' once, or how you could show a woman nude but you almost never saw a guy's dick. "And of course, we'd need parental supervision to show you nude. We can't do that here because your parents aren't allowed to know, thanks to the Twist, so blowjobs will have to do."

"But... but... I've never actually given a blowjob."

"Even better. It'll lend authenticity to the scene. You're a new whore." And then, before she could object further, Jackson showed her how they would protect her innocence, the supposedly legally required steps to absolutely ensure that no one had sex with anything but her mouth, which turned out to be a harness with two large dildos, once inserted into her pussy, and the other in her ass, then locked tight so it could not be removed and was hidden under her miniskirt. Shirley had to admit, after Jackson talked her into insertion, that nobody would be able to fuck her until the whole getup was removed, but it sure felt a lot like being stuffed in both her holes at once, and that after all that, it didn't seem to be that big a deal to let a couple cocks in her mouth. Three, as it turned out, Jackson offering to write himself in as a third customer sealed the deal. Or, rather, the knowledge that refusing one of the Dreams was grounds for expulsion from the house sealed the deal, but getting to legally suck Jackson's cock did make the whole idea a little more palatable.

Turned out, it wasn't so bad, on her knees with both lower holes stuffed and her own movements providing friction and motion of the rubber dicks inside of her. With her slurping on the cock of a stranger sitting down in front of her, Shirley had to bob up and down a lot and when she did, the movement of her chastity-protection-device felt pretty fucking good, as did Jackson's approving smile. Under his gaze, it felt like she wasn't doing anything wrong, or dirty. In the end, she decided it was probably best to take the experience for what it provided, some dirty harmless fun from the rubber cocks of the chastity-preserving device and a chance to get an up close lesson in real ones that were all part of a movie debut that could lead to much bigger things. Did, in fact, although not the way she anticipated.

She also didn't anticipate really liking how she looked with cum on her face. Swallowing it, that would take some getting used to, something she did for Jackson happily but the second guy was a bit more of a challenge, even though she was close to cumming both from the insertions and the sheer breathlessness that being facefucked gave her. Swallowing his cum put the breaks on that orgasm, but she managed it with her third, the one in the chair, who also thankfully pulled out after his first squirt and rubbed his spewing cock all over his face. Shirley first felt a rush of shame as the goo slid around her reddening face, and more as a few real-looking ten dollar bills were shoved in her hands and moments later the men left, talking about what a good little whore she'd been, telling Jackson they needed to fuck her next time, and she did start to think that they didn't really behave very much like actors... but then Jackson came by, told her she had done great, that he was surprised that they managed it all in one take, then showed her cum-splattered, makeup-smeared face in his mirror, and Shirley saw something beautiful there. "And," he said, "You can keep the money, too.."

He stayed with her some time after that, first helping her gently scrub the cum from her face and neck and then removing the device under her skirt that was supposed to protect her innocence but felt like it had done the complete opposite. The one in her ass pulled out slowly, like she was forcing it, but the one in her pussy was slicker than it had gone in, and left a void, Jackson pulled her lips apart, commented about what a juicy pussy it looked like now and how he'd like to fuck it.

"Why not now?" Shirley suggested, surprising herself. "I mean I got so used to that thing in there it almost feels weird without it."

That day became Shirley's first time with a man, or any living cock, a special moment in any girl's life and romantic in comparison to her first blowjob, but not as romantic as she'd hoped for, since Jackson did insist on calling her a "good little whore" while she rode on his cock, sitting on his lap in the same chair the last man she'd sucked off had done. But if it wasn't as romantic as she'd pictured it might be, it at least made her cum, which Shirley decided was probably better than the other way around and at least he'd said she was HIS good little whore which was at least a kind of romantic.

That shred of romance she clung to, despite Jackson also giving her cash after the sex, money she tucked into her top after changing into her normal clothes to join her family for a dinner that they didn't know was the first where one of their daughters wasn't a virgin, and Shirley didn't know was the first where both of them weren't. She still thought she was special, a seduction expert who had seduced herself a way into a paying gig that wasn't just a promise for the end of the show. Shirley still had that cash hidden away... the family may have thought they were penniless but she'd kept that squirrelled away as a just-in-case fund, hidden in her bra at the bank... she didn't want to waste it on cab fare there when a walk would do them all good.

It took about the fourth or fifth time she sexually serviced strange men before she started to think, Wait a minute, am I just actually a whore? and then soon after that, You know I'm starting to think this whole reality show might be fake. Shirley was always more book smart than street smart, although that would change by the end of the Dream House.

Her next whore duties were prompted by Jackson suggesting that everybody at the studio loved her scene and wanted to audition her for more intense roles. Said suggestion came while she was getting an unprofessional fuck after a professional shave and before a professional makeup application, and she came soon after and finally Jackson, before Shirley tried on, and decided she looked fabulous in, her skimpiest swimsuit yet. That one was a drawstring bikini that showed mostly underboob and sometimes felt like only her erect nipples were keeping her breasts from entirely slipping through the bottom. As for the bottoms, she definitely needed to be shaved for those, even a modest triangle of hair would peek out the edges of the strip of fabric that ran down her mound before disappearing nestling into her pussy lips and becoming the tiniest string that ran up her ass--invisible without spread cheeks--and appearing out the other side thicker once more. Unthinkable to wear before, but now her only concern was that what Jackson left inside her might leak out... and even that idea didn't bother her so much as worry about the consequences if Mom saw and recognized it for what it was, put her foot down, maybe dragged them away from the house just while things were getting good. So when Jackson asked again, post-fuck, about the auditions, she told them to set them up. After all, if Shirley was comfortable wearing that out to the pool, getting her dad to lotion up every inch of bare skin and risk her Mom freaking out--and she was--there was no sense in refusing a few auditions that she might not get a chance for anyway, or might wind up being her last chance to make an impression.

Mom didn't say anything though, aside from a raised eyebrow, and so she was able to go through with the auditions after all, all of which turned out to be held in the Confessional, safe from parental interference. Shirley found herself called there at random times, like everyone in the family was, only now she wasn't being called there to ask questions about her day or how she felt about the regular competitions. She almost wished they would start asking her questions again, so she could tell them about her observation of the growing trend of competitions that required motions that caused her breasts to frequently slip out of her swimsuit--which she was sure would have to be otherwise censored for television--but it seemed like she never got the chance. After she'd said yes to auditions her private time was always an excuse to introduce her to a new casting director who wanted to test out her blowjob skills and give her money after as an audition fee. No more cash, though... that was exclusively a first time tradition, but they still let her think her mouth was earning money and she'd get a personal check for the total at the end of the show. She had that with her in the bank too, but didn't think she was going to cash it. It was worth more as a momento.

The other big difference in these audition encounters was that the protective harness wasn't used. Shirley was told this was because the scene wasn't on camera, which also made it okay for them to check her ass out, up close and personal, spread the cheeks apart, talk about how fuckable it was, maybe stick a finger or two in, all of which might have scared her if Jackson--who seemed to have a lot of clout in the industry--wasn't staying in the room as her protector, to remind them that she wasn't yet sixteen and so any scenes other than oral would need to be simulated, which a few tried by sticking their cock between her legs and pounding that way. That was okay, although most liked to finish in her mouth, and she wished she had the harness after all, because that made the whole thing a lot more fun. But Shirley wasn't a whore, she assumed for the first few times, despite getting money for blowjobs, because if she was a whore she didn't think Jackson would advise them to simulate scenes instead of actually just raping her, or that he'd point out that for certain advanced scenes she'd require a parent's permission.

When that permission came, she was as surprised as anybody and got what she thought was her first on-screen ass-fuck by a stranger, a scene Jackson prepared her for with an in-person ass-fuck in the makeup chair to get her used to it and settle her nerves and practice the right look on her face for the scene--tongue out and drooling, and eyes rolled back in her head. Shirley would have believed that was a scam to do something very inappropriate with a minor if not for the meticulous way Jackson had her work on that expression, as well as fact that her mother watched the whole audition. Mom's expression was much more jaded than Shirley's was supposed to be, but then she wasn't on camera. Might have been heard on the video, but then she didn't have much to say except the advice to 'fuck that whore ass' to the man who was, indeed, fucking her ass. That direction--not in any script she'd seen--seemed hurtful for a mom to a daughter, but Shirley assumed the words--and in fact the whole reason Mom allowed the scene at all, was her mom's time of the month. Mom could often be an extra bitch to them on those weeks, and Shirley thought her mother probably thought she was teaching a lesson about the consequences of slutty dress and behavior. That was so like her.

Shirley's own time of the month came soon after, which, temporarily, put an end to the slutty swimwear and posing in front of the pool and the auditions and most of her sexual escapades with Jackson or anyone else. In fact, Jackson barely saw her at all, after she refused an audition because she "wasn't in the mood" he stopped making her daily appointments... which made that time even worse, because even on her period she still got horny, she just wasn't sure how to deal with it without getting messy. Mom told her he'd be back when she was more 'cooperative,' and she must known why she wasn't and must have told everyone else which is why she spent some very depressed days and which gave her the clarity to come to her own reality check, that the sex going on around her was pretty fucking weird.

When Jackson finally came back, he said it more or less outright, asking her if she was prepared to be a good little whore again and, to her surprise, she was. She liked how being a whore looked... which was usually slutty, although sometimes whoever she was with had a special request and she found herself in some kind of costume, often a cheerleader or a girl scout, that only looked slutty when she was kneeling and sucking on a large cock in them. Or when a guy pulled some of the clothes out of the way to slam his cock into her, while she was doing that ahegao-face Jackson liked so much. That face was was starting to come naturally to her. So were other things. It was fun dressing up in elaborate outfits, but lately being naked made her feel ultra-feminine, as was wearing something that was the next thing to it. And actually embracing her sexuality felt powerful, not to mention the orgasms. But most of all she was starting to just like the concept of 'acting like a whore,' which gave her a thrill even when she wasn't ready to accept that was what was going on, and even more now... at least after Jackson gave her some hope that he could fall in love with a whore. Which he did by with a heart-to-heart, sitting beside her and telling her that that was one thing movies got wrong, that an owned whore was like the star of the show, the vital part of the business, respected, appreciated, as long as she performed. Owning a whore was every man's dream, and at the Dream House, he was hoping she'd make his dream come true. When he put it like that, agreeing to be a good little whore again seemed like an act of romance.

Then Jackson suggested a dream for her, suggested that if her periods soured her mood enough to not want to do the job, they could ensure she doesn't have one in the house again. All they'd have to do is have her earn a Dream Token, and arranged a chance for one in a private kids-only challenge that involved she and her sister competing over who could make the other cum first. Unfortunately, she unexpectedly lost that challenge because her little sister was somehow really good at eating pussy, deployed some unfair tongue tricks while going at it with the eagerness of a dog, but Jackson gave Shirley another chance to win one by sucking the dog's cock while getting fucked in the ass. Shirley used that Token, as instructed, hoping that her Dream would grant her a special kind of birth control device and was only a little flummoxed when it turned out they would be preventing her periods the natural way by doing their best to get her pregnant, by making sure Jackson dumped loads of cum in her when it was most likely to work. Since it was only Jackson, who had won some kind of right to be the only one who would knock her up this time around, and that kind of sounded romantic, she went along with it.

By the time they got around to making that Dream come true, she'd come around the whole way, accepted that their entire time in the house, and before, was a calculated, perverted scam to sexually exploit her and her family, had some talks with Mom about it, both of them agreed that they might as well play along and enjoy the good parts of it. When she asked Jackson if that was his real name, while Mom stroked his cock off in her optimally-fertile pussy, it was only in the hopes that, now that she had performed as a good little whore, that she was letting him fuck up her life, he might volunteer it to show her trust. That he didn't... hurt, but there were better things than hurt going on, and maybe he would change his mind when she was carrying his baby and had officially submitted herself as his whore, something she was totally planning to do especially since Mom seemed to give the okay.

Of course, by this time, her Mom, Maureen, had no illusions about what was going on or the catastrophic effect it would have on their family. In fact, Maureen probably figured out most of it first... she was just misled as to the extent and focus for quite a while. They started pretty slowly, lulled her into thinking it might not be so bad. Sure, she glowered at the objectification of her teenage daughter, but it seemed like objectification came with anything Hollywood, so that seemed normal. She tried to keep her daughter in more modest outfits, while herself indulging her own chance to not dress like a Dowdy by telling herself that she was taking the focus on herself.

And yes, the various challenges made her a little suspicious, and the fact that the rules required parents to apply extensive lotion if the kids were to go out in the backyard or pool area while the windows were open. Watching her husband oil up Shirley was better, at least, then what he might try if she didn't do Tulip herself. Shirley, Maureen thought, at least would know enough to tell if he tried to slip a finger somewhere it shouldn't go from a father to a daughter or any minor and claim 'accident.'

It was the addition of the dog to their little family that Maureen's hope quickly vanished, that her reality check set in, and then it was just a slow means to accept and embrace what was coming. A kid might be fooled, but the first time she was asked to jack that damn dog off and told her it was a daily requirement, well, no adult would believe that as an ordinary requirement in a live-in reality show.

Oh, but they tried. Maureen kept a straight face while they explained that the Hidden Twist to her daughter's dream was that Maureen had to take care of it, that the dog, a rare and valuable Thai Ridgeback mix, was a professional stud and that meant that he had been conditioned to cum every day, and that she had to make sure that he did. "It's nothing worse than what dog breeders do all the time," the voice of Skinner tried to explain to her. Well, let her husband do it, she argued, but no, apparently Rocket would bite males who got too close to his penis, which meant it had to be her, or one of her daughters, to jack the dog off every single day in the house, or it'd be removed.

"Then take the damn dog," she said, even though she knew it would break Tulip's heart. That girl already loved the damn beast... but hearts heal.

Worse than her daughter's disappointment was the real kicker, the leverage they had on her. "If you don't keep it for at least a week it'll count as refusing one of the Dreams, which is grounds for expulsion from the house."

That was when she knew, she'd be jacking off that dog and probably fucking it before long, that she, at least, would be featured in underground video after underground video, sold on the black market, and all she could hope was that it would be just her and not her daughters, and if not that, at least only her and Shirley and not Tulip. That hope faded pretty quickly too.

It wasn't just jacking off the dog, done in a special part of the house, away from everybody else. It was that they wanted to 'save' the apparently valuable canine sperm, and yet didn't give her any tools to carry it from Rocket's red rocket (in the spot where he was temporarily chained as the process started) to the funnel in the wall. "It's valuable stuff," they said. "But we'll make it a challenge. The more you transport, the more you'll earn." Dog cum was runny enough that much of it slipped out between her fingers if she tried to cup it, especially if she tried to wait for all the cum at once, and if she tried to take multiple trips too much got lost. Sure, she wanted the money, but there was a competitive streak in her too, and what's more, she thought by trying her best and complaining about the difficulty would get them to show their hand, which they did when one of the voices suggested, "You could always try carrying it in your mouth."

Well, it wouldn't be the first dog she'd sucked off. That was before she was a Dowdy, of course, and not on camera, which was a big difference, but at this point Maureen was already in at least one stage of 'Fuck it.' Particularly because she'd already tasted some of Rocket's cum and knew definitively where what she was transporting was going, because its distinctive flavor was going to be familiar to anyone who'd tried the Dream House Gruel the family was given by default.

Her whole family had been eating dog cum since they'd been in the house, mixed with oatmeal and other ingredients, but still undeniably there, and how do you have faith that somebody who'd feed that to teen and preteen girls for a laugh wouldn't be doing worse?

In Maureen's case, you don't, you just pretend, try to slow the slide as much as possible, maybe hope for the police to raid the place, or pray these were juvenile-minded perverts who still wanted to stay well on the side of legality. After all, making her jack off a dog was legal, if professional dog breeders did it, and she was pretty sure nobody bothered to make a law about feeding dog cum to children, so there was a chance that's as far as it would go, with her kids, at least.

By the time the Dream Challenge was to share her single bed with another man invited into the house for the night, she knew that she was going to be fucking him, not just from the nature of sharing such a small bed with a man with such a big cock, but she put up a token protest because she thought she should, and was told again that because it was a Dream requested by a member of her family, refusing it would be grounds for expulsion from the house. That was enough to get her to go along, which she wanted to anyway because it had been a while since she'd gotten a good fuck. And it gave her an excuse to tell her husband why she went along with it. Dan Dowdy was dumb enough to use the Dream Token he found to beg for one night alone with his wife without cameras, and he thought it was actually bad luck that the Twist turned out to be "Someone else gets your dream."

As though they hadn't already had this big-dicked visitor waiting. He was the first of many visitors, kept waiting--for their turn to play with the Dowdys--in a second, less fancy house just off the property that Maureen correctly assumed existed. She reasoned that these were all guys responsible for the behind-the-scenes running of the house, providing food, clothes, keeping the power running, and all that, paid for their services at least partly in sexual experiences they'd never get a chance at outside of this captive family, once the family was properly prepped to accept their role. That theory made more sense than them calling a guy in to fuck her because her husband made a bad wish, rolled a bad twist.

The wish might have been genuine, from Dan's heart, which was rather sweet of him, but Maureen didn't believe for a second that the Twists the video wall came up with were random, nor did she believe that the cameras were off, or that she and the hunk they called in would only be sleeping, like she told her husband. It started that way, or looking that way, and she savored the look on her husband's face as this well-built black man took her by the hand and they disappeared into a bedroom that suddenly had a door. Even though he believed--or at least had been told--that this was just showmanship, to make him uncomfortable, the jealousy was obviously real, the knowledge that Maureen could, if she wanted to, cheat on him and nobody would know had to be in his head. So she did, though she let herself be drawn into it, stepping into bed in a short night gown that was one of the most conservative pieces of nightwear left in her wardrobe, turned off the light, and within minutes felt a hard, large cock pushing against her backside, hands pulling her close to him so she couldn't get away, even if she wanted to. And she didn't want to, she just didn't want them to know that.

Pretending to sleep was her compromise, at first, but hard to do when you feel a stranger's cock pushing up against your asshole and you need to readjust so it would go into your pussy instead. A cock that big in her ass would definitely make her cry out, loud enough for Dan to hear, maybe burst in for a rescue, but in her pussy, she could take it with only a whimper of mixed pain, pleasure, shame, and excitement. By the time he was emptying his load inside her, these had graduated to breathy moans as she bucked her hips back towards him with enough force to make the bed shake and had to give her husband pause about whether she was really cheating in there. She was, and she was enjoying it, starting to wish the Dream wasn't just for one night. But one night at least didn't have to mean one fuck, the young stud they'd paired her up with was good for another two, although she had to suck him for a while to get ready and the last one she pretty much just rode his tired dick cowgirl style. At this point she half-hoped Dan heard, hoped he lay there with a broken heart and a hard dick that he was too afraid to masturbate, because he was the one who got them into this and so deserved to suffer a little too.

It wasn't really a big surprise when the next day they wanted her to give permission for her eldest daughter Shirley to get assfucked on camera. They'd pulled out the same bullshit excuses about it being part of a dream, that to turn it down was to quit the game and lose all the money, but she didn't buy them anymore and this time didn't even pretend to. She called their bluff... but only for a moment because she didn't really want to back out anymore, she just wanted to get a sense of what she was getting into. If these were perverts taking advantage of what they saw as gullible parents, that was one thing. Maureen could play that role. Her husband Dan didn't need to have to, because he seemed to totally buy her explanation that the sounds from the previous night were artificial, pumped through the walls and not coming from her one-night-stand that was his dream, twisted.

Her hopes of playing dumb mom and letting just Shirley get a casting couch experience on the way to stardom soon faded. They didn't even try to gently convince her to change her mind when she said "then I'll leave the house" -- and she was totally prepared to fold at the first half-assed attempt to justify it, or perhaps volunteer to do whatever they wanted her daughter for, even fuck a dog since they seemed to be going that way, and she'd already carried dog cum in her mouth to earn a few extra bucks.

Instead though, they just played, on the screen inside the confessional, video of her sucking three cocks to ensure their place in this Twisted Dream House, told her that, if her family left the game at this early stage in the game, they'd have to make do with whatever footage they already had, and the message was pretty clear. Play along, or get exposed. Her face must have scared them into thinking she was willing to take that, because they made the threat even clearer, as Skinner added that they'd be out on their ass with no money and no perks, and that included the ride they had to get here... instead, she and her family would have to make their own way through the long trek back to civilization with only the clothes on their backs, and thanks to the inflation of Dream Buck clothing costs that was back down to skimpy bathing suits and underwear for most of them. It might not be a death threat, but getting home would probably require the same sort of sacrifices staying put would, only with considerably less comfort along the way.

Maureen let herself be convinced, outwardly, but inside she gave up all hope. It didn't even need the threat, the moment they resorted to blackmail was another reality check that this was going to get much worse, because blackmail was absolutely a crime, and where one crime lay, there would be others, and that Tulip was probably their eventual focus, if her own experience was anything to go by.

Before becoming a Dowdy, Maureen Stroker was already well-acquainted with blackmail enough to know the most important lesson about it, that it's easy to blackmail moms... that was what let her brother Richie get away with so much with her before she got married.

Betty Stroker, Maureen's dear mother, got caught cheating with a neighbor by her own teenage son, who then threatened to expose the infidelity unless his mom sucked him off, which gave him one more thing he could blackmail her with... a much bigger deal, in fact, since incest could have sent her to prison instead of just tearing apart the family. Richie knew a good thing when he had one under his power, parlayed that blowjob into sex, and videos of that illegal sex into carte blanche to do whatever he wanted to his little sister Maureen, his real target all along. Mom only put her foot down about things that would leave permanent marks, and insisted that pregnancies be handled.

It took a couple years before Maureen really understood what came over her mom, what Richie held over her, all she knew was that, suddenly, he was in charge of her whenever Mom and Dad left the house or were too busy, and she was instructed to follow every one of his instructions and if she thought there was something that seemed over the line she was to comply and then tell Mom when she got home. If appropriate, Betty said, she would punish him then.

He never got punished. Not when he made her walk around naked for his entertainment, or when he made her suck on his cock when it made him hard, nor the next day when he tied her up, naked, and fingered her until she came while he recorded it, then fucked her tight ass until he came, or even when he came into the bedroom in the middle of the night and raped her virginity away. Each of those she dutifully reported to Mom, and Maureen was told each time that he was acting within his authority as a bigger brother and that she was to apologize for telling on him and promise never to tattle about that particular act again, to anyone. She eventually asked why and was told "Your brother can just sense that you're a dirty little slut and that the best thing to do is control and use that," which rang a little true because she did have the most intense moment of pleasure of her life during the rape, which didn't seem normal for an eleven-year-old.

Her mother didn't either and soon preteen Maureen amended her theory to 'Richie sensed she was a dirty little slut and Mom secretly enjoyed letting him turn his little sister into a sex slave,' and from there to 'being a dirty little slut ran in the family and Richie was just really talented at helping them reach their full potential.' It was only after a few years that she considered that he might have something on Mom, much like he had on her, something that would ruin her reputation if it got out. Maureen might have come to the realization sooner if Mom had acted more like somebody who was only acting out of fear of blackmail, but then, the daughter mostly didn't act like that either, there was something about being a sex slave that she enjoyed. For most of her teen years, at least. A few years after she finally asked Mom, and got the answer, she started to tell herself that maybe she wasn't a dirty slut, or at least hadn't started that way, and from there that maybe being normal was better. That was when she got the idea that if she could blackmail her brother on something she could get him to leave her alone... she still loved her brother, but she needed the chance to reach after that normal life with a nice young man at school, Daniel, who seemed not to believe the rumors about her.

After over fifteen years being a Dowdy, she was starting to reconsider her 'dirty sluts run in the family' theory as being possibly the answer after all, that maybe being a normal wife and mother wasn't her destiny, because Dan had given her a pretty good life but nothing had ever reached the highs of when she'd indulged her slut nature. And, here in the Dream House, she was given a rare opportunity to experience those highs again, to expose her daughters to them, to find out exactly what Mom was feeling as she just let molestations happen... and, if it didn't work out to her satisfaction, claim duress and go back to being a Dowdy. The claim might not even be a lie. For all she knew, these men might kill her and her family if they weren't convinced that the whole family had all been thoroughly corrupted, which was a lot of incentive for Maureen to pretend to join in and help out on every perverted whim. If she enjoyed it along the way, that wasn't her fault. Beyond that, if she participated, became a partner, well, she could direct their impulses in ways that would cause the least harm and might even get a cut of the profits. They had promised her and her family money, and she knew Richie made a lot off just one underage whore and one MILF whore he could rent out to friends, and with an extra one, not to mention making and selling some pretty raunchy illegal porn out of all of them, these men could at least make enough money to pay their talent and keep them quiet.

So, she agreed to let Shirley be fucked by strange men, after negotiating a little. Merely engaging in negotiations seemed to encourage their captors, and she secured two important concessions that seemed to be about the best she was going to get. One, they would no longer be forced to eat the Gruel, but rather have real meals provided to them every day, and two, that half of whatever money was made from whatever Shirley did for them would be added to the family's pot. On two other points she got at least part of what she wanted... her 'nothing that makes her pregnant' demand got a 'for now' agreement with a vague 'unless circumstances change' stipulation and her 'I don't want to take care of Rocket anymore' request got a 'we can make other arrangements' which she knew would probably involve Shirley or Tulip herself, but, well, it was the kids' dog. They should be the one to take care of it.

Watching her youngest do just that a few days later made her realize what a good bargain she'd made, because clearly they had already been breeding Tulip to that prize animal behind her back, dumping that supposedly too-valuable-to-waste cum inside one of her holes... which probably explained why Rocket had been so hard to get off lately. Poor boy was already exhausted fucking his new favorite bitch. Maureen's hand--sometimes mouth when she got frustrated enough--couldn't compare or compete, so why even try?

That decision, not to interfere, not to try, to even help as required, was quite liberating, and soon Maureen began to enjoy her time in the house for the first time... not enjoying the possibility of fame or winning money, or enjoying one particular aspect here or there, but having a good time as a whole and the inconveniences being the exception. Competitions became less of a chore when they started to be mother-daughter games of 'who can get one of today's guests to cum first' or 'who can take the biggest dildo', or sometimes cooperative challenges like "we've covered your daughter with shaving cream, wash as much of it away using only the piss from our volunteers." It was dirty and nasty but Maureen discovered that her years as a Dowdy never did get rid of her enjoyment of dirty, nasty things.

And they did seem to be holding to their side of the bargain, for a while at least... the family got good, nutritious meals, Maureen didn't have to taste dog cum again (unless it was part of a challenge where she sucked it out of one of her daughters), and while both of her little girls were certainly fucked a lot, it always in the ass or mouth, or else with something that couldn't make them pregnant like a dildo, dog cock or, rarely, a cock safety-wrapped in a condom.

When Shirley's pregnancy was floated as a challenge, and the promised dollar signs seemed to be a fair price to change the agreed-upon rules--not to mention that the prospective father was that Jackson fellow her daughter was clearly smitten with--Maureen gave in with a 'why not'. Besides, Shirley had already cashed in a Dream Token, asked for the right not to have another period in the house, and refusing would have meant expulsion, so why not make some extra money off it? Moreover, she also remembered the few days her daughter's last period came on and how unbearable she was. So she calmly jacked off a man while the head of his cock nestled right in her eldest daughter's labia and then had another reality check when he revealed the fake name he was using, got over it quickly, and kept jacking until her creampied in her unprotected and optimally fertile pussy.

Probably not the decision a mother should have made, but Maureen was starting to feel like the best part of the Dream House was the vacation from being motherly, a crushing responsibility she'd born for almost two decades and barely noticed until it was suddenly removed. Although sometimes she felt like she was actually feeling very motherly, just inspired by the casual attitude of her own mother... despite going beyond that into pregnancy which was always a red line for her mother Betty.

Betty Stroker also probably wouldn't have approved of twelve-year-old Tulip marrying a dog, or being officially renamed to Poodle, although the girl's Grandma was the one who used that nickname the most, and sometimes she thought it was because her mother just couldn't be bothered to keep straight her kid's real names. Good news, Mom, that problem is no longer a problem, after the wedding.

Maureen was the one most responsible for her youngest daughter becoming a bitch bride, accidentally, after a casual comment that Tulip seemed to be married to that fucking dog was seized upon and turned into a challenge, and this was after the point where she'd privately already decided to commit to any challenges that didn't lead to permanent damage.

By the time that wedding actually happened--when they had the big ceremony and Maureen swore her own oath to make her daughter honor and obey Rocket, or his owner and master, and to let that master breed her, to later watch Skinner do that breeding personally because obviously the dog couldn't do the job himself no matter how much he liked practicing--they didn't have to hide it from her husband anymore. He was right there at the ceremony, making the same promises. And he'd already watched several different men fuck his wife and daughters, fucked the latter two himself (in the ass, since their pussies were spoken for)... it was the closest they'd been in a long time. Except that he still seemed to talk about how they would all go back to normal when they won the half-million--half-million and more, as though he really thought this was just a reality show that was really, really pushing their boundaries.

In truth, Daniel Dowdy wasn't as oblivious as he pretended. Close, but towards the end, he was just a man clinging to a hope, knowing that it was almost impossible. Like a minimum wage worker buying lottery tickets, fully aware that the odds of them winning was astronomically small, but having to go for it anyway.

In the early stages of the Dream House, Dan bought into the fraud, thoroughly enjoying the game, the competitions, the prospect of winning money, and the relief not having to worry about working for two months--maybe ever if they won. And, though he'd never admit it to anyone else, he was also enjoying seeing his daughters walk around the house in underwear or skimpy swimwear, especially enjoyed the fatherly application of sunscreen. The only uncomfortable part of it was hiding his erection from the cameras, but he usually had loose swimming trunks and he was never a large man. The worst was the erection he developed in the Ultimate Twister challenge, when he'd carelessly chosen something a little tighter and so his at one point only option was to throw the game or keep his crotch pressed to Tulip's ass. He didn't throw the game, and she was too young to realize what that hard lump signified.

But for most everything in those early days, he didn't think there was any nefarious intention behind it. Sure, he guessed that they were deliberately pushing his buttons sometimes... that was the point, trying to get him to quit the game. So he pushed down his jealousy whenever he noticed his wife spending too much time in private areas, tried to remind himself that her taking care of the dog was not an excuse for her to go to a private area and cheat, which was actually true, unless you counted jacking off a dog as cheating.

When she actually began cheating, it was so blatant and in his face he couldn't believe it was actually true. It had to be a joke from the producers, turn his wish (or Dream, as the show called it) for a night alone with his wife into a nightmare, to let the viewers laugh at how uncomfortable he was when the bed started shaking and the moans started. Had to be a joke, he told himself again and again, convincing himself it was recorded off porn, albeit porn that sounded an awful lot like his wife, which was a nice touch... he knew if he was watching at home he'd be laughing his ass off, but it wasn't quite so funny when he was the one made the fool of. All he could do was hope his daughters couldn't hear those noises, and that nobody would know that when he eventually toddled off to the bathroom he jacked off to the sounds. Toilet areas, Dan'd just assumed, were free from cameras... after all, every reality show he'd ever seen had been the case.

The Twisted Dream House wasn't like any other reality show, of course, and by this time everything happening in the little toilet stalls had been recorded, from Dan's masturbation sessions, to his little Tulip pulling on her new nipples piercings, fascinated with both the look of them and how they felt, to Shirley experimentally letting Rocket lick her between the legs while she sat on the toilet. Rocket was mostly Tulip's dog, and at this point his littlest girl had experienced more than a dog's tongue in her pussy several times, but her big sister also had some early curiosity about what things would feel like, tried it out when the dog followed her in while Tulip was taking a nap.

Later the stall's privacy was used for stealthy fucks with some of the visitors to the house, who seemed to enjoy filling Shirley with cock while her father passed by, tried the door, and eventually gave up and went to one of the other bathrooms in the house.

The visitors didn't tip Dan off to the problem either, no matter how frequently they came. That first one that made him feel like a cuckold seemed to open the floodgates for more, which he was not prepared for but tried to roll with. The show was pitched to him as just their family, nobody else, but he understood that if the show was getting boring, it was time to change things up. That the people who showed up were mostly men, and mostly went into the areas that remained forbidden to him but somehow his wife and their visitors were given permission to go, did seem a little odd, but he was starving for conversations with people outside his family and he was at least able to satisfy that urge with a few of their guests while they waited for whatever challenge they were helping with.

One set of visitors Dan recognized as the family who was waiting at the audition place, next in line, though had never been introduced to the Kidd family until now. They were a black family with a teen boy and girl both between the ages of Tulip and Shirley, and of course a mom and dad in their thirties-- maybe forties--who, he was informed, had been invited not for just a couple hours like the usual guests, but instead to participate for several days time as a 'guest family.' In a conversation out by the pool, the dad, Dixon, admitted that they were the backup family and--in the event that the Dowdys were eliminated--the Kidds would get to compete for half the prize.

That put a fire under Dan... he needed to comply in whatever the producers asked, ask no questions, never be difficult. After all, early on Skinner had said they were looking for a family with a teenage boy and a girl, to appeal to more audiences and the Kidd family had that. Jeff seemed like a good guy, but Dan could easily see the producers he answered to finding any pretext to kick the Dowdy family out of the Dream House and install another family they could pay less even if they won.

Naturally when Dixon and his son Traynon both joked about how they were fucking Dan's wife and daughters, he assumed it was a strategy, possibly egged on by those producers... or maybe not. The Kidds had incentive, on their own, to make up outlandish lies to get him to leave, or break the rules. He assumed the Kidds had the same rules he did, knew that physical assault would be grounds for immediate expulsion, and gambled on provoking him into one. So he did his best to keep his cool, joked along with them, forced them to up their game. Which might have been responsible for the next gambit, Dixon getting his own thirteen-year-old daughter Aleesha to twerk on Dan's lap in a thong to inspire him to assault HER. That seemed to be playing pretty dirty, and a questionable parenting decision besides.

What Dan didn't realize was that the Kidd family were carefully chosen out of those who auditioned, but not for the reasons he thought. Many of the families who auditioned were told they were front runners but their family wasn't quite perfect for one reason or another... so a team could evaluate each of them, probe for what they might be willing to do to be famous and exploit that. This family, though they lost out to the Dowdys, got a little extra treatment because those first evaluations revealed the family already had a perverted streak, that just needed to be nurtured by another team for the first few weeks of the house. When invited to 'guest star', they jumped at the chance, not for any particular promise of money (though they were assured they would get a cut of the porn) but just for the opportunity to sexually enslave and dominate a white family, which was a long-standing fantasy of Dixon and his wife Leia, shared with their kids, and from the perspective of the Dream House's production team, considering the history of racial injustice in the country, it seemed only fair that a black family get the chance at that Dream. And what else is a Twisted Dream House for?

So, the Kidds got the opportunity to live out their Dream with the Dowdy girls, with at least one of them always designated on Dan duty, usually Aleesha, because everyone wanted to tempt Dan into doing something he couldn't back down from, and the guest family was promised a bonus if they delivered Dan's corruption while following certain rules.

Even though he was carefully guided away from the most explicit of the games played with his family, the visit by the Kidds was what lead Dan to ask the question of Skinner, the one that removed all of his illusions about what was going on. Despite their best effort, they didn't actually succeed in their task, not directly. It was only after they were gone that Dan crossed that line... although he didn't know that. He woke up one morning in his lonely single bed to his neglected, overteased prick being gently sucked. Naturally, he assumed it was the dark little teen girl Aleesha, the very one who'd been cockteasing him the past few days, now taking a drastic move by slurping his dick into her mouth like a well-practiced whore. One last ditch attempt to get him to assault her, or to claim he did assault her already, and get the Dowdys kicked out of the house. At least that's what he thought, so he kept his eyes closed and played asleep. Either the cameras would show her getting into his bed and violating the rules herself, or they weren't on and it would be his word against hers that it happened at all, or, there seemed a slim possibility that unasked-for oral sex didn't violate the rules but forcing her off him would. Either way there didn't seem to be any benefit to pushing a willing girl off him, even if she was underage, so why not enjoy the feel of a naked little girl in his bed?

As consciousness started to become more certain, he started to become aware of a few other details about the girl, like that her frame felt smaller than the girl who twerked on him, a bit less of a developed figure. Those suspicions, once raised, convinced him to move his hand about, under the girl's body where she leaned over him, fingers feeling a chest that was smaller than he expected, and had bits of metal around each of the nipples, little bars like the ones he'd always carefully pretended not to see when they made dents underneath his youngest daughter's tighter fitting swimsuit tops while he was rubbing lotion on her belly. Since she'd started wearing more two-pieces, he's already clearly seen the belly ring as well, didn't exactly approve of, but didn't make a big deal of... certainly didn't seem a big deal compared to the weird shape the elastic fabric made around her nipples and wouldn't question because then he'd have to make a big deal. Now, as his hands probed lower and also grazed that little ring of metal at her belly, it felt like a very big deal, both types of piercings adding up and equalling a lot of evidence for his new guess that the girl sucking his dick was his own little Poodle.

If he wasn't already past the point of no return in ejaculating when he discovered that, or immediately after, he would have opened his eyes and stopped this inappropriate, incestuous blowjob, or so he told himself, but he couldn't deal with another bout of blue balls. Dan also convinced himself that since he couldn't stop cumming it would be better if he kept pretending to only be semi-conscious, to give no sign he knew what his little angel had done to him. Hard not to notice how she swallowed it all without any apparent surprise, though.

By the time he did open his eyes, she was gone from the room, slipped out without a word, and Dan Dowdy hoped it might have even been an erotic dream, or part dream. It would be all right if Aleesha or even her mom Leia had sucked his cock while he was asleep and he just dreamed he felt the flat chest and belly ring, no blame on him there at all.

That comforting delusion lasted him until he found that the family was no longer staying over, they'd lost some unspecified challenge to secure their place for another day, a hopeful sign for his family's chances... until it was revealed that they left the night before, rather than in the morning when he'd experienced the blowjob. That left only two suspects for who might have swallowed his cum, if it was real, and both of them were his daughters. Maureen didn't even seem like an option... even when she was frisky, Dan was certain she had never no interest in that particular act... it was hard enough to get her to do it on his birthday.

Dan was allowed only a little time to appreciate this dilemma, try to convince himself he was imagining the whole thing--including Tulip's wink at him as she guzzled milk at the breakfast table--before the doorbell rang announcing yet another guest from outside. This was not another family but two adults, one of them Dan recognized again, as Randy, the cameraman, who didn't have a camera now, but did have a friend, or maybe brother, as they were both black, although they didn't seem to have much resemblance outside of that. A lot of their recent visitors had been black, which struck Dan as a little odd considering he always saw his city as predominantly white, and if they'd been recruiting from outside it had to be some kind of statement, probably from the corrupt liberal, virtue-signalling Hollywood producers.

Before he could think much more about that, he spotted his wife on the upstairs landing, ready to come down the steps from where her bedroom was, seemingly eager to greet their new guests, and--despite that neither of them could see each other yet--Maureen seemed posed to make a statement too. At least, judging by her outfit, which was just a thin iridescent robe over pair of stockings held up by a garter belt, and nothing else. No underwear, nothing. The robe extended just barely below ass-level, which might have rendered her decent, but when she was viewed from below, like when she began her slow walk down the stairs, it was clear to Dan and anyone else who would look that both her ass and shockingly shaved pussy were completely uncovered. It was the first time he'd seen his wife's pussy since they entered the house, and the sight rocked Dan not just because of the brazenness, but mostly because Maureen had never completely shaved, or at least as long as they'd been married, despite his occasional requests to spice things up... she'd always said it was something only sluts did. Now she wasn't just shaved, she seemed prepared, like a slut, to show it and her bare ass off at a moment's notice. The only thing stopping her from looking like a slut to the entire television audience was her robe, while it was closed over that area. Which it was, but Mrs. Dowdy didn't seem all that vigilant about the robe remaining that way, whether through morning bleariness or deliberate intent. He hoped it was bleariness but she seemed pretty bright-eyed. Bright-eyed, shaved bush, and tits on display in a bustier that lifted and supported and exposed nipples when she lost her attention and the robe flapped open.

Dan ushered the guests into the kitchen and then intercepted his wife on the stairs before the guests saw her like that, whispered, "What are you wearing?"

"Oh, this? It's the best of the free underwear I have left."

"Well, you should dip into the Dream Bucks bank and ask for something better, we have another set of guests."

"Nonsense!" she said. "I'd rather save that for important stuff, and who knows, we might have a challenge today that'll just ruin it. The robe's fine for now." And she tied it more demurely around herself, as though that should satisfy his objections, but even though nobody should be able to see beneath it when they were on the same floor it didn't seem that demure at all to Dan for her to be walking around like that, able to expose herself at a moment's notice. But his normally reliable, Christian wife didn't seem concerned with his objections as head of household like she used to... instead, she pushed past him down the stairs like he barely mattered, then turned the corner to the kitchen and saw the guests. "Why, Randy, is that you? A pleasure to see you again!"

The two men surrounded her, eyes gazing down at her hungrily, and Randy said, "The pleasure's mine today... at least, it sure looks that way. I told my friend here about you and he's eager to see if the stories were true."

"What stories?" Dan asked.

"Just about your wife's beauty, man." Or maybe it was booty. He did seem to reach behind Maureen, and she lurched like he just made a grab on bare ass. But didn't slap him like a good Dowdy woman should have. Nor did she chastise the other man pulling lightly at one side of the neck of her robe, like he was trying to get a peek at her tits. She just ignored that as Randy continued small talk. "So how are you enjoying your stay in the house?"

"I'll be honest, I didn't like it much at first, but I've been enjoying it a lot more lately." His wife had perked up about the house since she won that challenge that put an end to eating that disgusting Dream Gruel. It was easier for all of them after that, he had to give her credit... but something about that happiness wasn't sitting well with him.

Maybe it was just the response of other people. Back home, Dan considered Maureen Dowdy spectacular at entertaining guests to their home, but now that their home was a television set and most of the guests were sleazy looking men, it felt like someone had put a rock in his stomach. Especially when the men seemed to be taking liberties. Randy in particular still seemed to be taking the liberty of holding her ass cheek, and hoped he wasn't also moving a finger around in between them. His smile did look more like a leer as he said, "I'll bet. You look a lot happier too. You know what, I bet I know what it is, too. They aren't letting you on birth control pills in here, are they?" She shook her head. "I knew it, I can always tell... a woman's at her most beautiful when she's actually fertile."

"That's sweet of you, Randy, and I am very fertile right now, but you shouldn't talk like that while my husband's here." She smiled at him, and then looked in Randy's eyes and said, "So do you gentlemen want a private tour of the house?"

"Love one." And they started off, and Randy still had his hand under her robe when they turned away.

Dan was about to follow, assert his rights as a husband, when Skinner's voice from the ceiling announced, "Dan Dowdy to the confessional. Dan Dowdy to the confessional, immediately." He thought about disobeying, ignoring the call... that wouldn't have meant an immediate expulsion from the house, he'd get a series of warnings first, maybe enough time to set things straight... but a warning would put them back on the Gruel, which would get Maureen pissed at him, and then there was his suspicion that the only way he could stop it whatever those men had in mind would be to commit an assault that would get them all kicked out anyway. They were about halfway to the finish line and a half-million reality show check... he couldn't risk it and have all they'd gone through already to be for nothing. So he hung his head and meekly went to the confessional.

That was where, after a little prompting, Dan confessed some of his doubts about this place and the effects it was having on his family, how it all seemed very unGodly, was told how that was a matter of opinion, then was given a new view of God and invited behind the walls where he got his first big reality check. A series of such checks, actually, delivered in rapid succession. Watching his wife with two men, and his two daughters with two separate species of animals stunned him, his heart sank at how much his family had changed and at the same time his cock rose, meeting somewhere in the middle with a terrible fear that they couldn't go back to being a normal family obeying God, at least not unless Skinner was right about what God really wanted out of them.

His next reality check came the same day where--after watching his little girl take a jet of horse cum in the face--he was escorted to the private movie theater and sat in comfortable seats as more highlights of his family's immoral activities were shown to him, making the point that this was not a one time thing, the corruption had been going for some time, and not all of them were from the house. If it was just scenes of his wife cheating, or Shirley performing as a whore in a porn movie filmed on the House grounds, or even Rocket fucking Poodle, he might have sustained some anger at Skinner for bringing his family low. But there was his wife sucking three cocks to get them there, Shirley masturbating in a backroom model shoot, and lewd nude selfies--pre-nipple piercings and with an older hairstyle--taken in his little Tulip's old bedroom that proved even his youngest daughter didn't need isolation and the threat of losing the game to act like a slut. If they had gotten her a dog when she first started asking, he could picture her going the same way, letting it mount her at home. Could picture it very easily.

As he watched, Skinner sat by his side, inhibiting his urge to masturbate and providing director's commentary on things like his wife's cock-sucking skills (skills he'd never experienced in full, realizing now she'd half-assed the birthday blowjobs) or how Tulip's virgin ass was tighter than any other little girl he'd fucked (which raised a few questions of its own), or how much money the family had earned for him already, even before selling the video rights.

But the biggest reality check was from the clip that captured Tulip sucking Dan's own cock in bed, the night vision camera leaving no doubt about who was fucking who, and even catching some flashes of open eyes from him that proved he was not asleep. He honestly couldn't even remember opening them, thought his slumber act was perfect, but there they were, on screen... not to mention the hand below her body he thought was so stealthy... not from the right angle, it wasn't. Guess he was really good at lying to himself.

So when the string of movie clips ended and the theater's lights came on, Dan Dowdy knew then he was fucked, his family was fucked, but... maybe being fucked wasn't so bad. Maybe his family being fucked was what God wanted after all. "I know you're probably thinking of calling it quits because of this," Skinner said. "But you've gotten through the worst part, and now you can have fun with us. These were meant to be challenges, but we haven't been able to challenge everyone as much as we wanted to, because we feared you might bolt. But you can still walk out of here with a check made out for a half-million dollars, go back to your old life afterwards." That perked up Dan's attention, a thin thread that he could still hold onto. "Not to mention there are a few other big money challenges you might enjoy. We're creating scenes, not just for God to enjoy, but for paying customers as well. Can't live on faith alone, we're a business here... but the people pay for challenges of things they want to see. A man fucking his daughters is a popular request, and I would be happy to write that check if you complete it. We'll make a game of it, for the show, for your family, let you look reluctant, pushed into it... all showbiz. Or if you can't get off to your daughters, we could bring in that girl Aleesha back in, without her parents and brother, let you fuck her. Or fuck the brother, I don't care. Whatever you're comfortable with, whatever deviant little desires that God put in your heart, I will try to bring to life and let you leave with a check for it to boot. You'd really be doing your family a huge favor. I happen to believe you'd be doing the world one as well. Why... you're practically a saint."

He liked that idea, but Dan wasn't ready to buy into the idea of a God so bored that the most perverted deviants were the real saints. Yet.

But he was willing to play along for the faint hope of a big money paycheck at the end, telling himself that the damage was done, but if they could come out of it with money, they could maybe go back to normal. A part of him didn't believe it was possible, but he'd spent a lifetime having Faith in things that should be impossible, so why not one more?

The rest of their time in the house had an atmosphere a lot more like a whorehouse, with guests appearing at all hours and going straight for the girls. Dan had agreed to go along with things, but at first, still wanted to act like he was in the dark... not completely, but about some of the worst of it. Nudity he had to grow pretty comfortable fast, as Shirley's new habit of going topless at the pool didn't get him out of his fatherly duties of rubbing lotion on her, including on her bare breasts... at least not all the time. There were now plenty of volunteers who were happy to lotion her girls up, and sometimes he'd let them, but he got the sense Shirley was having fun making him uncomfortable by having him rub her bare nipples. Tulip certainly was, when she first came to him the same way, only with a white milky liquid all over her chest already, that Dan had to rub in while pretending it was just more lotion and while complimenting her piercings.

Still, witnessing anything undeniably sexual in the works--like when those rubdowns from visitors started to get intense, or Rocket began licking between legs--at first Dan always found an excuse to make himself scarce, so everyone could have fun and nobody had to make awkward lies and he could preserve his deniability. He told Skinner he didn't want to inhibit them, but would watch some of the kinkier stuff in the private backroom rather than participating directly. He did indulge personally from time to time, like when Ultimate Twister returned, only with a new twist--no clothes on anybody. That game wound up with his face in Shirley's shaved pussy and given an additional dare to give his daughter a kiss. That was the way he liked his participation... he wanted to fuck his daughters but more than that he wanted his family to think that he just believed it was part of an intense challenge they had to complete to secure their win. That didn't--couldn't--last... kissing pussy challenges graduated into Daddy-daughter sodomy challenges and it became harder and harder to ignore what the other guests were doing to his daughters, but he slowly adapted.

By just before the last week of their time, he'd reached a point where he could work his way into a group of men watching Rocket hump his youngest daughter (always a popular show), hear her cry out, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," and then do just what his Dad instincts told him--extend his hand, and say, "Hi, Cumming, I'm Dad."

Dan Dowdy always considered watching his kids roll their eyes at a dad joke to be one of the underrated pleasures of parenthood, but now he saw watching their eyes roll back into their head as pleasure rocked through them was even better. Combining them seemed only natural. And it got a laugh, from the audience, even if his wife was unimpressed. He thought he saw Shirley hiding a smile but she had balls on her face while someone jacked off to the scene so it was hard to tell.

Pretty soon they were no longer hiding anything from anybody... aside from the amused reactions to some of his jokes, of course. Dan thought his best joke--when he walked in on a stranger pissing in his daughter's face, asking what country he was from, because "clearly European"--killed, but Shirley stubbornly pretended she didn't hear. Probably should have saved it for Tulip, teenagers were so hot and cold. He didn't even get a courtesy groan. Nor the courtesy of deniability, anymore... no matter how oblivious he wanted to play it, the best scenes of their family's depravity, past and present, were now being projected on the video walls around the house. Everyone was used to them, they started to seem like treasured family memories, and you sometimes found, between visitors, Dowdy family members lounging on the couch watching video flashbacks, sighing in nostalgic reminiscence at the first time they'd been knotted, or favorite selfies from their phones (they did miss their phones, the kids especially).

After Dan's reality check and beginnings of cooperation, hidden or otherwise, things progressed fast... but it was still a progression, towards greater and greater depravity. For a while it was just about numbers, the Dowdy girls satisfying as many customers as Skinner had lined up, some from the crew being rewarded for their hard work, others big money donors who helped bankroll the whole effort. Even a couple celebrities popped in, and popped off, although they were careful to be masked whenever they were in an area that had cameras. Still, Dan enjoyed meeting them behind the walls, taking advantage of his growing friendship with Jeff Skinner, sworn to secrecy at the time but looked forward to surprising his daughters--once they were out of the house and safely wealthy--with exactly who's balls they drained without them realizing it. A pity none of them would be responsible for the pregnancies, but those weren't really on the agenda, at least as far as he was aware.

That was one of the things that had surprised him... despite his backstage access, Dan wasn't totally in the loop until that last week and so didn't quite realize that Shirley and his wife were already impregnated as part of previous challenges. He'd guessed his wife might have--probably had--already risked it, but didn't think it was intentional, and he assumed that Skinner would take special care to avoid knocking up the kids, considering how hard it would be to hide and how questions would be asked. He assumed that, but Dan never was the smartest man. Nor as moral as he always thought. Before the end, he found himself signing off on Tulip joining the pack, figuring a half-million plus impregnation bonuses would more than pay for discreet abortions, but it took him a while to get there. Either way, when the celebrity guests came, Dan was still mostly watching from backstage, and always watched them using condoms or conspicuously dumping their load somewhere safe.

From his perspective they were escalating, but in truth it was more that they were hiding less and less from him and involving him more and more... quite rapidly, over the course of a few weeks, and yet somehow still so gradually Dan barely noticed how much he was willing to allow and participate in, until just after his epicly timed Dad joke (the 'hi Cumming' one) he found himself agreeing to wedding his little Poodle to a much less cute dog of another breed. And also agreeing when they kept adding details like chaining, the tattoo, the name change, the right of Rocket's owner to impregnate the Poodle by proxy... by that time, it all seemed like good dirty fun, sure to be entertaining if God was watching, which he was starting to hope might be the case. If He was watching, disgusted, and thought they were risking their souls, surely He would have interfered to save the Dowdy family, right? And if He was into it, then praise the Bored God and keep Him entertained.

In fairness, when he agreed to the specific terms of the wedding Dan was pretty high, having started to indulge in a little pot for the first time in his backstage pow-wows with Skinner, which helped knock back some of the guilt that had never completely gone away. He also agreed expecting that he was considered that dog's legal owner, yet another of Skinner's jokes. Get him hyped up for a particular possibility and take it away. But by this time, Dan had learned how to roll with the punches, and if he couldn't personally knock up his little girl after her bestial wedding at least he could walk her down the aisle, give her away, and be the first one of several men (that day) to fuck her butthole to get it loose and ready for a knotting before his wife and eldest daughter guided Rocket's dick into the new blushing barely-pubescent bride. Seemed a little odd for Poodle's new canine husband to only get anal on the wedding day but Skinner wanted the pussy clean for when he asserted his owner's rights later in the party. Father of the Bride duties also included holding Rocket's chain while his daughter's womb was inseminated, in case the dog tried to interfere.

The morning after, Dan woke to another attack of the guilts. He'd drunk a lot... this was one of the few times alcohol was provided in the Dream House, because what was a wedding without a little celebration? And not just a little beer now and then like Dan had spent his Dream Bucks on in the past, but practically an open bar--for the older guests, at least.

Shirley got pretty sloppy too, but she was restricted from the open bar... she always had to convince someone to give her a sip out of theirs, usually by providing a sexual service in exchange. She spent much of the night dressed, or partly dressed, in a cheerleader outfit, a real one, acquired somehow from her actual school with Dream Bucks. Probably counted as a Dream for her, since she never actually got to wear one in their lives before, and that night it seemed to be very popular for convincing guests to give her drinks, especially when she pulled up the skirt and did a routine with the handle of a pom-pom brazenly stuck in her ass. Shirley seemed to have lost her shyness completely, and--if videos ever got out of the night, and somehow their faces weren't included--her drunken behavior in a progressively more cum-stained uniform with her school's name and logo printed prominently on the front was sure to give that school's cheer team a lot of attention they probably weren't counting on when they supplied that uniform. If video got released with faces included, it'd be a whole lot worse for the Dowdys, but none of them wanted to think too hard about that possibility, hoping it wouldn't happen or if it did that they could claim to be forced. Still, Dan and Maureen probably shouldn't have encouraged Shirley's underage drinking--for that matter, both parents probably shouldn't have bought her a glass of sparkling wine in exchange for a little oral service--but she was fifteen, and most teens of that age had at least one big drinking adventure, so why not her little sister's wedding?

As for the bride herself, she was still only twelve... so despite it being her wedding, Poodle only got a little whiskey mixed with cum in a champagne glass to help her out during the tattoo, but after that she was cut off.

Dan, though, he drank quite a bit to make sure he had a good time and banished any second thoughts and worries about consequences, and so opened his eyes the next morning on the floor to the sight of Dixon Kidd balls deep in his daughter Aleesha on a nearby couch. The Kidd family were guests at the wedding, at Poodle's request. Apparently during their slave day Poodle bonded with Aleesha and Traynon quite a bit... or she just wanted friends around for her big day and those were the closest people the producers could allow. Either way, waking up to that tight black teen riding her father, cowgirl style, watching the man's balls flex, ready to pump a load in his daughter's pussy reminded Dan of what he'd missed out on. Not Aleesha--he might have actually fucked her too last night. The memory was a bit hazy, it might have been her mother Leia, but Aleesha was also a teen who had to earn her drinks, and he definitely had a memory of sucking on some black titty while he nutted. Either way, little Aleesha yelling out "Daddy" while riding Dixon that made him think of his own daughter, feel another stabbing pang of disappointment that he didn't get to knock Poodle up, and pushed himself to his feet and try and find her, to at least do his Daddy duty and make sure she wasn't traumatized.

He heard her before he found her, calling out, "Ow, ow... Rocket..." and then the damn dog lurched into view, his daughter close behind. But then she had to be, the rings in her nipples (which had replaced the earlier bars) were now physically attached to a dog leash, and so when Rocket pulled, it yanked and hurt... although it ran through her belly button ring to limit the risk of yanking too hard. At least that was what Jackson said.

His baby girl was topless, making this contraption very visible, although she'd put on that special skirt she liked so much. The two were headed for the backyard area--Rocket leading, his daughter yanked along--or at least headed for the glass door, which Tulip had to open. Then they rushed to the door, where Rocket lifted a leg. Well, at least he's housebroken, Dan thought.

He followed them out. "Are you okay, Tulip?"

"It's Poodle now," she reminded him. "Remember?" Right, she had agreed to take that name forever. He suppressed a pang of loss at the name he'd given her, but it was a little too late to worry about Tulip being deflowered. "But I'm okay Daddy, just tired. I didn't get much sleep last night." And she looked it, with out of control bedhead taking her hair in every direction and dried cum still sticking to her belly. His daughter watched her new husband finish peeing and said "I think I'm going to have to put a food and water bowl by my bed now. Married life, you know?" Now Rocket was nipping at the chain again, pulling down, causing a cry of surprise as she tried to take a few steps. "Okay, okay... just not in your pee," and got down on all fours, flipped her skirt back over her back to expose her bare ass and the new tattoo (which was healing remarkably well, no redness at all... like it had been in place for years, possibly a miracle). Rocket's sniffing swiftly lead to licking, but only for a few seconds. This was a dog who seemed to think that his bitch was already well-claimed, and just got right into position to hump, eyes on Dan the whole time like daring him to say something. "I think the poor boy got jealous at the wedding yesterday."

Didn't seem like it, seemed pretty chill and uninterested the whole wedding except when it was actually his time to fuck, but Tulip--Poodle--was closer to the dog. Very close, as the beast mounted her and awkwardly tried to insert his doggy dick, the chain rattling against itself.

Dan didn't want to watch that again. At least not in front of her. It was different in a crowd, or behind a screen, but he still wasn't ready to just watch his daughter fuck a dog by himself. That seemed weird. So he turned away.

"Wait, Daddy..." she called. He looked back, saw her guiding the dog towards the hole, while looking up at him with wide, worried eyes. "Are we going to be able to show our faces in town again?" For she'd just had her own reality check provided by her sister, that none of this was normal reality show stuff.

What else could a father do but promise his daughter the world? Even if he wasn't sure it was true. "Of course we are, sweetie," he said. "And we've come this far, we're a lock to win. When you've got a half million dollars, you can show your face anywhere."

His daughter's relieved smile only made him feel guiltier, so he screwed up his courage, went into the confessional, used the door into the backstage area and searched until he found Mr. Skinner in his little private movie theater, smoking up and watching a multi-screen of scenes around the house. "Jeff..." he started, for he was on a first name basis with the man now. "I don't feel good about how you manipulated us into some of these things." A rather weak opening, but he had never intended to yell at the man who held their future in his hands, just to try and get him to ease up. "All these challenges, they're pushing us places we wouldn't want to go." And there was still a week to go.

"Thank you!" Skinner said, with surprising force. "That's what I've been feeling all along. The show's overproduced. I mean, sure, it gets the job done, but it wasn't really what I wanted. But that's what you get when you collaborate. Funding a place like this doesn't come easy, I had to get Jackson and his mirror in on the deal, which meant giving into his demands but..." The man sighed. "He's such a prima donna sometimes. And the art is what suffers for it."

Dan found himself sitting down beside Skinner, taking an offered toke, trying to think of what to say next, but Skinner kept talking, like he'd often did when high. "I didn't even need the mirror. I mean, it's helpful, makes some of the changes we make take a lot quicker, and don't get me wrong, I love God's miracles, but there's something overly manipulative about the way Jackson wants to do things, doesn't sit well with me. You know where I got the idea for this place? A while back I read this story on the Internet, 'Autotrained.' Ever heard of it?" Dan shook his head. "Basically a little girl gets kidnapped, put in a room with various phallic machines that she has to figure out how to get food and water from, basically in the process training herself to please cocks with her mouth. Then months later she's released into the world, only now that she's been trained--without ever seeing another person, mind you--she doesn't even want to refuse any cock in her mouth, either for a blowjob or to serve as a urinal. Hot as fuck story. Probably solely responsible for my little-girls-drinking-pee fetish too. And there's something so pure about it. Just a girl in a room designed to shape her into something wonderful. She often has to figure out for herself exactly what's expected of her and perform without being asked, so the training feels more natural to her, like she's really doing it all herself, no magic, no tricks, no scripted manipulations. Sure, there's a kidnapper behind the scenes, and a few instructions, but the girl's still responsible for her own fate, and she's happy at the end with what she's become. Reading that story made me want to build one of those facilities in reality... several, around the country, let people pay to watch the process unfold. Kept trying to pitch the idea to people, got some good feedback on it, suggestions of ways to structure rooms devoted for different types of kink training. A couple of times I thought I might get a bite to actually go to pilot, but people get skittish about being involved in a kidnapping, even for a good cause, so... it never worked out."

Skinner then looked up, raising his hands to head level, palms facing the ceiling, a gesture almost of supplication. "And then one day I had this inspiration... 'Wouldn't it be cool with a whole family? If they actually signed themselves up for it?' You know, just put them in a house, and my idea was that we wouldn't do anything ourselves... or not much, anyway, just provide opportunity, reward, and punishment--like a Skinner Box--and let the people watch as isolation and desire causes the family to train themselves to greater and greater perversion, all with their own choices, you know? Perfect reality show concept. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, that's part of the excitement. Give it a real horse race quality. Got some investors right away, but with funding comes other people's expectations, and in satisfying everyone else's dreams, I feel like I lost my own. I wanted it to be more like the Wall of Dicks... you have no idea how happy it made me to see Tulip start sucking on them with no prompting. Imagine the whole show like that? Your daughters fucking you just because they get bored and think it might be entertaining to get knocked up by Daddy? Biblical, like Lot."

He took a toke, look back to the screen. "But the money people just had no faith in the process, and didn't want to risk you not doing anything fun that an audience would want to stick around for. We had to push you almost every step of the way, suggested half the dirty ideas ourselves. I mean, sure, this whole thing's been a success, but...it's not quite my vision, you know? I suppose it could be worse, though, a few of them were advocating for a crass, lowest-common-denominator 'rape them till they like it' approach, like has been done to death. You'd be included in that strategy, buddy, so you can thank my artistic integrity for your ass integrity." Another sigh. "Maybe if we do a Season Two I'll have more sway, get to really do it like I envisioned... fuck, maybe I'll even have enough to spin off my own production company and put up Autotraining Centers, too. Not as big a production, but we always need kinky little girls out there keeping God entertained, and I think the audience will follow me to those smaller shows, too."

"Wait, so this... is actually a real show? With an audience and everything?" Dan assumed videos of the more exciting scenes would be sold in far off, foreign markets, but had come to believe the notion of an actual reality show people watched as a whole was just a convenient fiction.

The man seemed offended. "Of course it's a real show," Jeff promised. "I mean, sure, it's not going to air anywhere you'd have ever encountered it, back in your old life, not unless you lurked around some particularly unsavory parts of the Internet, or had some wealthy friends who thought you'd get a kick out of it. But we do have an audience of paying subscribers already and we are expecting to make a killing off the videos of this from perverts all around the world. The rarer the taste, the more they'll pay, and this kind of family degradation story... that pays a lot."

"So the big prize...?"

"Is still very much in the cards. More than that, at this point, I don't see much else we could do to get you to quit, honestly, at least not without trying dark shit I have no interest in without your consent. With your consent, maybe, but right now you're not like some innocent girl I could kidnap and force into a particular role, I genuinely care about you guys, want you to be happy. So, congratulations, the Dowdy family has won. Unofficially. Officially, we've still got a week to go, but it's all just fun, now. Stick with it, get off however you want, and I promise you, you will walk out of this house with a stack of checks so outrageous the bank won't know how to react," he said again, and it was only much later that Dan remembered he'd always promised checks, but not that they'd be cashable or what they'd say on them. "And, I'll turn over ownership of Rocket to you, to boot. And all that implies." He grinned as though he could see the deviant desires deep down in Dan's heart. "Course, by then I hope Poodle will be pregnant with my baby, but you can do the next one. And the next time we trade Dad jokes, we won't have to compete... the winner will be apparent."

With everything he'd already done, Dan didn't see much point in quitting now, and with this reassurance that things weren't going to get that much worse, and that victory was all but certain, it gave him the boost he needed to ride out the rest with a smile on his face.

Eventually, the final day came, and the final challenge, which was an anticlimax, although Dan did climax over his daughters faces. The terms of the challenge required all of them, Dan included, to get naked and squat on dildos in the backyard, each attached to a bicycle pump type device, only not allowed to use their hands, only bounce up and down with it inside one of their holes while they tried to blow up a balloon and make it pop before their time in the house was over. The Dowdy family agreed that Dan would get the smallest dildo, because without having had practice the others would have killed him, but the rules said the challenge ended if any of them came, and Dan, although game for a challenge, underestimated how his first dildo in his ass would affect him, especially watching his daughters riding on huge rubber cocks right in front of him (his wife was also there, but out of his eyeline when he watched what his daughters were taking, and a man's got to choose his priorities).

So, that last challenge, Dan failed more than anyone else, costing them a free trip to California on a private plane, at least if whoever ran the Twisted Dream House could be taken at their word and if the challenge wasn't--like their very first--meant to be failed. Everyone was disappointed, but not too much... because this exciting trip was just the cherry on top. When the buzzer sounded, they were officially told that they had won the big prize and everybody cheered, their recent loss seeming insignificant by comparison. Similarly, their discovery that all of their clothes--not just the ones they took for the challenge but all of them in the house--were gone, would have to wait, as the voice-in-the-sky... Jeff Skinner's voice, read a prewritten spiel about how every dream you have to wake up, and some of what they dreamed would fade away, while others would stay with them forever, and the lights dimmed.

And then Skinner spoke more casually, "Listen, the car's coming back to take you all home, and I'm just filling out that last big check right now, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you my personal thanks for making this experiment such a success. And I know I promised you that you'd get to keep the dog, but... I just like having a pet too much."

Dan tensed for a sudden reversal, but relaxed when he heard Skinner instead say, "So, I'm going to make you an offer. Dan, give me back Rocket, and you can come work for me, a production assistant for season two. We can find roles for the whole family, take real care of them. That California trip can still happen. Why not make it permanent? Screw going home. I see a lot of potential in you all... if you're willing to take things for the next level. But I won't lie to you, the next level is a bit more intense. We're talking major life changes. Probably at the very least breast implants for your wife and daughter, more piercings, tattoos, lip injections... maybe we'll even auction off the right to remake them in whatever image the highest bidder desires... or, hell, even own them outright if they're game. At a minimum I can ensure they get an ongoing gig as pampered high-class Hollywood whores, doing what--I can tell--they've come to love. Jackson would be happy to pimp for Shirley--actually, I'm not sure we can avoid that, it's in his contract, if she signs up as a whore with us, she's his whore--but I'm sure he'd take on a mother-daughter team who don't mind getting lezzie with each other." A number of challenges had already proved they didn't mind that, as long as they thought they were getting something out of it, and they looked like they didn't mind the idea now.

"As for Poodle, well, I've got something special planned... there's an underground puppygirl training course I know... some intense conditioning, maybe a little cosmetic surgery. It's actually a huge challenge, not a lot of girls are suited for it, most can't take it... but I think Poodle can... she's already taken to life as a dog so well already... why not go to the next step?" The littlest Dowdy had proven she was a competitor, and looked pretty confident that she could take whatever challenge this puppygirl training implied.

"Those are just a few options... I know people who are willing to put a lot of money into having a family like yours, to perform, all as a group or piece by piece, rented out for short or long term jobs, or to just to use, to change however we like... but we've got God on our side, and so we can ensure you enjoy every step of the way. Or, you can walk out and we'll give you a ride back to your own home town. Up to you. No pressure, honestly."

Dan would be lying if he said he wasn't tempted. Money was great but once he bought a new house and paid back debt it might not last for long... a job he could rely on, that sounded good to him, sounded dignified, even if it was with a man who did not seem to put a premium on dignity. He didn't want to give up Rocket, though... not because he liked the dog, but his kids would be heartbroken, and besides, ownership represented an opportunity he imagined most fathers secretly wanted, but few ever got. No, not the ability to fuck his own youngest daughter, either. Sure, he saw himself taking advantage of that right--just so little Poodle didn't forget what human sex felt like--but in his mind, it was more about the fatherly Dream of the right to restrict her from fucking anybody else. Besides, he had promised his little girl that they could show their faces in town again and he was damned if he was going to break that promise. Considered he might be damned anyway. Still, he tried to be polite as he could in turning Skinner down. "Thank you, but I think it's time we go back to being Dowdys, we've got a life to get back to."

The man seemed to take it well. "I understand. Well, I had to try. I wish your family the best of luck. I'll meet you in the confessional to hand you your checks."

Dan walked into the room naked, met Skinner, who indeed handed over a thick stack of checks, and a slim bundle of clothes. "For your family to change into before you go. The car's waiting for you outside. You and your family have been a lot of fun, Dan, and I hope those checks are worth it." Then, he stepped through the door with a wink and one last thought--maybe a joke, maybe a moment of truth--to stick in Dan's mind. "And you know, I promise a few of them will even clear."

The door locked behind Skinner, so there was no following, Dan just stared for a moment and then returned to his family with the bundle of clothes. That was when the Dowdy family discovered that they may be showing their faces in town again, but they'd be doing it looking like a family of sluts, and when Dan first thumbed through the stack of checks and read what exactly was on them, remembering Skinner's last words and trying to figure out exactly how much of a joke was played on him. Wondered that all the way home, made worse by the note in an envelope from Skinner, an, 'if you change your mind about my offer and want me to take care of your family' message and a disposable burner cell phone with a way to get in contact with him, promised to only be good for 24 hours. Dan thought that might be an admission that Skinner thought--within that one day time frame--Dan would regret not taking the offer. Unless the thing about only some of the checks clearing was a joke.

He still wasn't sure what to think, but worried a lot about what it would mean. Worried more when Poodle saw the phone, just a simple flip with no net access, and moaned about how eager she was to get her hands on her smartphone... because she needed to set up new social media accounts. "My Instagram got banned when Master Jeff streamed my wedding on them." Maureen and Dan exchanged a look, and Dan thought she was thinking the same thing as him, 'Oh fuck.' Because if everyone who followed his daughter's Instagram saw that wedding then they were in big trouble. Even if only a few of them saw before somebody reported it, that could get dicey.

And then Shirley started in, "What did you expect? Anyway, you're probably better off. Jackson let me get into my Instagram, and my DMs were all full of people wanting to set up escort sessions when we got home. Some of them I don't even know! But I already set one up with Paul's dad. Is that weird?" Maureen assured her that of course it wasn't, but he and his wife exchanged another look. This, too, wasn't a good sign, nor was that neither of them had immediately forbidden her from doing it. They weren't sure them forbidding it would do any good, anymore.

It was looking less and less likely that they could slip back into their old lives and just hope nobody had seen the show. Maybe that was the point. Skinner had said God liked a family getting degraded and humiliated, and so why would that stop when the show ended? Why not a life of everyone knowing what he'd done?

He swallowed, retreated into denial one last time, a part of him knowing that it was a luxury he wasn't going to have for too much longer. "But you won't have to," Dan said, forcing a smile on his face. "Because as soon as we hit the bank, we'll have money to do whatever we want." And he stared down at the checks again the smile dying as he read what was written on them, a list of various illegal and immoral acts he and his family had committed. But Skinner had promised, and when that much money was at stake, they might not look.

As they were unceremoniously let out of the car at the edge of their old neighborhood, Dan made sure to grab that burner cell phone, just in case, and the Dowdy family took their long walk to the bank... where Dan still stood, trying to decide whether to get in line, whether one more humiliation was in store.

By this point, the line was starting to get pretty long. Almost might not be worth it to wait, he thought, and then looked back at his family, who were still watching him, bored and impatient, legs spread in the bank chairs like they didn't care who looked between their legs... and back down at the checks, the half-million one on top, those big numbers dancing in his eyes one last time, if only he dared to get in line.

He found his hands taking opposite corners of the stack of checks, and pulling. They didn't tear in two. There were too many of them to do that easily, and instead the stack just bent and folded. But the motion was there, unbidden, as though God Himself took control of his hands, and what surprised Dan more than the motion itself was how good it had felt when he first realized what he was doing. So he did it again, this time only taking the top right corner of the top few checks, including the big money one. That did it, made a satisfying tearing noise that made many in the bank look in his direction. But he was only really aware of his family, expecting to see rage at his impulsive decision but instead, from Maureen and Shirley, it looked like they'd just perked up, like he'd finally done something that surprised and interested them. So he grabbed a few more checks down the stack and tore again, and again, stuffed the fragments back into his pockets (a few fluttered away, but he didn't bother collecting them) and walked down to his wife and daughter. "What do you say we give Mr. Skinner a call and tell him we reconsidered his offer?"

The smile on his daughter's face, and what he thought might be respect on his wife's told him he made the right decision. He just hoped Poodle would forgive him for breaking his promise. Although actually, now that he'd stopped to think, he hadn't really broken it. They HAD shown their faces in town.

As it turned out, she didn't mind either. When they found her outside, she wasn't performing a doggy sex show but she was signing an autograph for a fan in a business suit who spotted the rest of the family in the bank and decided to hunt out his favorite. They shooed the man away, moved to an out of the way alley, and told Poodle they were going to take Skinner's offer, her reaction was a wide-eyed, bright smile and just one question, "So I get to do the puppygirl training?"

"We'll talk," her mother said, and Dan was already dialing, hoping that this wasn't one more joke on them all.

It wasn't. Skinner answered, seemed excited about them calling, which even encouraged Dan to negotiate, a little. "We would like to come back and do some of the stuff you talked about, but we stay together."

"Sure, sure, I can understand that."

"And as for Rocket..."

"Yeah, I understand that might be asking too much. Tell you what, joint custody, you and me, co-owners. They're a couple, after all, so we'll be like in-laws. Only we'll actually get along."

By now Dan was starting to learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth... the view as it came all over a little girl was much better. So he said, "Deal."

Skinner gave them the details of where they could meet up with his private jet, all fueled up and ready to go to California--no messy airport check-in required--and they ended the call, leaving Dan only having forgotten one detail. "We don't actually have money to catch a cab..." he said. "You think you girls can attract a customer?"

No need. Shirley saved the day, pulling out the small wad of bills she'd earned from her first whoring adventures, that she'd snuck from underneath her bed and into her bra when they changed into their final outfits, and thought this was a worthy use for it.

Two hours later, the Dowdy family were in the air, and mostly naked again, enjoying both the in-flight champagne and another orgy, and Dan finally sunk balls deep in his youngest girl's pussy. He could have--wanted to--do this earlier, to kill time during pre-flight, but decided to wait for the plane to take off, because there was one dirty dream the Dowdys didn't do in the Dream House, and that was joining the Mile High Club, and he'd get to give his little Poodle that first if nothing else.

One last little postscript, and our second last reality check, this one about checks themselves. Tearing up a check is an old Hollywood trope, and if the check itself is an offer it may indeed be an irrevocable denial... but if it's a check for money you're owed, for tasks accomplished, you're still owed that money, even if the check is in tatters in your pockets. And Jeff Skinner, when he saw one of those torn checks, realized what Dan had done, told the Dowdys this fact, and made good on the family's work, writing the family another check for the whole amount, this time with no memos. Whether Jeff intended that all along, or just had a soft heart and money to spare, Dan might wonder for the rest of his life, but he was thankful anyway. A little more than six hundred thousand, in total, not enough to change their lives forever, not enough to get them out of the life of sexual exploitation in Hollywood they were set up for, but enough to give the Dowdy family a nice place to live that life, a set of new identities, and even ship their precious family memories out of storage and to California, where they continue to be together and serve God--in their own way--to this day.

Lest you think this story's ending is too happy, I give you one final reality check... a few of their favorite knickknacks did get smashed during shipping. Tragic, but what can you do?

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.

The story "Autotrained" referenced by Skinner is in fact a real story, by my friend Danaume (who was also extremely helpful in refining the ending to this story). You should check it out!

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Bored God Artifact Catalog Entry: New U Mirror

Other names: Mirror of Confidence, Mirror of Acceptance, Brainwashing Mirror
Rarity: Very rare to Extremely rare. At least three are known to presently exist, with circumstantial evidence that at least a thousand in total may exist, but possibly mostly languishing, with their potential unrecognized (see Theories).
Acquisition strategies: Known to have appeared in dollar stores. Unknowing owners are also likely to sell at garage sales or throw in trash..
Physical Description: A handheld mirror made of seemingly cheap plastic (colors vary, pinks and purples are common). Embossed on the handle is an apparent brand-name "New U Mirror!" In smaller text, below that, "Embrace A New Look! More natural reflection the closer to pleasure!"

Original packaging (from descriptions only, no examples have been recovered and verified in practice) is teal-colored cardboard backing with a clear blister covering. Text on the cardboard matches what is on the product, with only the addition of the advertising words "Feel Like a Star!"
Miraculous Effects: Those who look at themselves in the mirror and see something novel about their appearance tend to think they look great, even if they're wearing or doing something they never normally would.. Over the long term, repeatedly seeing themselves in the mirror with a particular outfit, or performing a certain action, tends to make them slightly more comfortable with it. This effect is magnified with recent sexual arousal or release. When used immediately after an orgasm, subjects will almost instantly accept a particular look as one that is natural to them and will not mind others seeing them in it, although social pressures may still cause them not to wear it. Seeing themselves nude in the mirror will make them comfortable with others seeing them that way, for example, and with repeated uses even to crave parading about with no clothes, but they may naturally avoid doing it in public and violating the law.

While the mirror's normal effects are of the subtle class, ones which might be mistaken for psychosomatic or coincidence by those uninitiated to the Bored God artifacts, more blatant and undeniable miraculous effects can manifest as well. After an orgasm, but within a refractory period where the body is still excited, a subject seeing a physical change to their appearance in the mirror may cause the change to become 'natural' to their bodies as well as their minds, altering them as though they have had that change for a long time. A new piercing or tattoo may almost instantly heal and to any inspection seem like they've been in place years. Cosmetic surgeries and procedures (lip injections, breast implants, laser hair removal, gender reassignment surgery) may become permanent and impossible to distinguish from natural, congenital characteristics if a subject sees the results in a mirror after an orgasm and within a few hours of the procedure (longer if they've been sedated or otherwise prevented from coming to terms with the change). Notably, the orgasm doesn't have to precede the physical change, only their sight of the change in a mirror, but the time window is often too short to do much. This naturalization effect is not always reliable, and the exact rules that it operates by are not yet fully understood, sometimes appearing contradictory (wounds from cosmetic surgery, for example, though often visible when the mirror is used, often disappear abnormally fast under this effect, while others remain and can become the base for artistic scarification with near-instant recovery... this is possibly operating on the principle of Angel's Whim), however it may be and already has been exploited for severe body modifications in subjects. Sadly, this effect does not work on surgical alterations which cannot be visually appreciated (most organ transplants, laproscopic bands, birth control IUDs and orgasm denial implants have all been tested and do not seem to become internalized as natural body changes).

Blind people are also immune to the effect of the mirror. Even partial blindness, if it prevents a subject from seeing a clear image of a new look and appreciating how it differs from how they already seethemselves, can prevent effects from taking hold.

The mirror, like many artifacts, seems to have a natural resistance to entropy... while it can be forcibly destroyed, it doesn't seem to suffer wear and tear or fading of colors.Our one report of destruction suggested that the most recent changes imparted by the mirror are reversed, but older ones remain. An exact timeframe has not been established, but the reversibility window is estimated to be weeks at most... complicated by the fact that a subject will still have memories of their clear pleasure at their new appearance which might be enough for them to continue the behavior changes, and that wounds, once healed, will tend to not reopen. However, we have at least one documented case of magically-naturalized large breasts being turned back into implants after a mirror's destruction.
Theories: 1) Some research has suggested the mirrors were a real product from a secular manufacturer that shipped a thousand units before the company disappeared, possibly to avoid creditors. The number which exist as actual Bored God artifacts may therefore depend on whether they were enchanted at the source or in a small batch, say a the existing stock at a particular dollar store visited by an Appeaser. If the latter, they may function like other known Bored God artifacts and, if forcibly destroyed, appear again in a random dollar store as part of their inventory. 2) While there are numerous examples of theft or accidental loss of Bored God artifacts, owners of the New U Mirror seem supernaturally likely to hold onto this particular artifact. Some researchers have speculated that this is due to them seeing the mirror in their own hands over such a long period that their possession is now magically 'natural.' Others dispute this idea, pointing out that a user can't actually see themselves with the mirror in the mirror (except occasionally when used in the presence of other, natural mirrors).

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