Relatively Powered by AnonyMPC (mf, inc, cons, superhero, scfi)

#1: "The First Issue" (no additional story codes)

When superheroes start their journey, they face a number of issues. Do we have what it takes? How are we going to protect our identities so our loved ones don't get hurt? Will we look silly in a tight costume? Those are only a few. But for the majority of us, who are Powered, that status is itself often the very first issue. Before you can decide to be heroes, you have to know what you can do, and how your powers are going to affect your life and your career, and that starts the day you learn you have them.

My sister Tabitha and I learned about our powers together, and although we'll never be able to tell our origin story publicly, it was a dramatic one. There's nothing unusual about that, of course... a lot of superheroes, and villains, have traumatic first manifestations. I don't think anybody's got one quite like ours, though...

The moment we first had an inkling we were among the Powered, my sister and I were naked, our genitals joined, and we were plummeting towards a construction site far below. I was still saying "What the fuck," the phrase I'd started when I suddenly felt the cool air of Crash City on my ass and the bright light of a spring day, before the stomach lurch as gravity took hold and we started to tumble end over end.

Tabby, she just screamed and held on to me tighter, her legs wrapped around me for support, incidentally causing my cock to sink deeper into her pussy. I embraced her as well, but despite my continued rock-hardness, there was no passion in it any more, it was just that instinct to hold on tight to someone you love when you know you're going to die.

Below us, I could see yellow-hatted construction workers looking up in shock, probably not even aware we were coupled, conscious of nothing more than that something was about to fall on them and go splat. The splat was certainly foremost on my mind.

Luckily, it never came. I felt myself flinch, and somehow when I did, instead of falling straight down, we were swooping in a low arc that just barely missed the ground. I could feel rippling waves on my lower body, and although nothing was visible, it felt like regular bursts of force was coming off of me, brushing up against the outer layers of flesh as it poured out of me. It felt a little, in fact, like my legs had turned into rocket engines but there was no flame or exhaust, just pure propulsion as I held onto my sister and carried her past the startled construction workers.

For the next half a minute or so, I flew low enough to nearly touch the ground, swerving past pedestrians and occasionally into traffic, while my sister clung tight around my neck and screamed. My dick had somehow slipped out of her and dangled towards the street, and I think that was responsible for us not sliding into the ground while I both came to grips with the fact that I was in control of our movement, and got the hang of how to control my direction. Instinct comes into play a lot in powers, and there are two very strong instincts... to keep alive, which first saved us, and to protect your junk, which stopped me from ever even scraping the ground.

Finally, though, it hit me that if I really was doing the flying, I could probably fly up if I wanted to, and it would be safer there. My sister screamed louder when she realized we were going even higher instead of stopping, and I knew I'd have to land soon... if nothing else, so she wouldn't deafen me.

I spotted the rooftop of an apartment building that seemed like a good place, and executed the surprisingly tricky maneuver of tilting myself into a standing position so I could land on my feet. "It's okay," I whispered to Tabitha. "We're down."

She let go of me and looked around, her voice shaky. "What the hell just happened? Am I dreaming?"

The nerve of her. Thinking she was the one who was dreaming. If anyone was dreaming, it was me. "No. I think... I think I'm Powered."

She shook her head and looked out at the edge of the building. "How the hell did that happen?"


I didn't have a good answer for that. Less than an hour earlier, super powers were the last thing on my mind... but then, there was something else that was all I could think about. After pacing downstairs for twenty minutes trying to work up the nerve, I poked my head into my sister's room with a deliberate casualness. Her own casualness looked genuine... she was lying on her belly, on her bed, one foot raised in the air, head apparently in a book until she raised it at my entrance. "Hey," she said, her dark brown, nearly black ponytail falling off her shoulder as she turned to see me. She wore a pink t-shirt and tight white shorts that showed off lots of her long legs and hugged the shape of her ass.

"Hey. What are you up to?"

"Homework," she said simply, then returned to her book.

"Already?" I entered the room, making myself at home and sitting on the bed right beside her, looking over her fine body. A high metabolism and lithe build ran in our family, and except for Dad, we all exercise or play sports regularly. With me, it's mostly weights... I'm no muscle-head, and in fact I'd have liked a little more bulk, but I think I look okay. My sister on the other hand, looked fantastic, trim and tight, with just a little muscle that you wouldn't notice unless she flexed. "We just got home, like, an hour ago!"

"The sooner I get started, the sooner I get it done. Not everybody's a procrastinator like you."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with procrastination. It focuses the mind. And especially when there's more fun things to be doing."

"Like what?" she said, but I think she knew. I live down in the basement, so it's not like I happened to be walking by and popped my head in.

Time to make my approach. My hand landed on her calf and then slid carefully up her leg. "Well, Dad's at work, Mom's out with Sally at her soccer practice, so there's lots of fun stuff we could be doing." My hand was at where her thigh met her shorts now, between the legs, and one finger stroked the fabric right between her legs.

She sighed theatrically, but when she turned over she was smiling, which flooded me with relief. Obviously, this wasn't the first time I touched her in a non-brotherly way, but this was still new to both of us, and so when I made a move I still half-expected she'd call me a freak and say we should never have done anything and that we never will again. Instead, she said with amused tolerance, "God, you are such a horndog."

"Excuse me," I said, putting on a mock-offended tone. "I am not a horndog. I am just reacting the way anybody would if they had a complete and total hottie for a sister." So far I'd found flattery very effective in getting Tabby to fool around, but it was honest flattery. "I mean, you walk around the house with those perfect breasts and that tight little ass, I'd have to be dead not to be aroused now and then. That's on you."

She pulled her shirt up to her neck, and then lifted the sports bra she had underneath. "These breasts?" she asked innocently, looking down at them. "I still don't see what's so special about them."

I reached out casually to hold one in my hand. "Are you kidding? They're the perfect size, for one thing." I'd seen bigger breasts, but I wasn't lying, these ones were perfect. A little bit more than a handful, not so big that they sagged, but enough that you could get a satisfying squeeze out of them. "The shape is phenomenal." They were perky and round with a little bit of an upturn. "And the nipples..." They had a well-defined pink areola and slightly darker pencil-eraser nipples, at least when they erect, like they were now. I flicked one of them with my finger. "My god, I don't know how anybody could look at them without to squeeze them, or wanting to suck on them." I did squeeze the one in my hand, and shifted a little closer so I could lean in for a kiss the nipple on her other breast. Paying homage to her body was another good trick. I grabbed her hand and gently placed it on my bulging crotch. "See how hard you're making me? Come on, take pity on your big brother," I said.

She rolled her eyes, but her grin remained. "Okay, fine." She said it like she was doing me a favor, but I knew she wanted it too, sometimes I just had to get her warmed up. "Go get a condom."

I stood so I could get into my wallet, while my sister began to undress. She pulled her top off first, then undid the sportsbra, and was working on her shorts when I realized there was no condom in the usual place. Shit. I checked the other compartments, even where the money was, but it was a hopeless quest. I'd forgotten to replace it after the last time we'd fucked. I'd meant to, and I guess I meant to so hard that I thought I already did. I could feel my hopes starting to become slim.

I turned back to her as she was pulling her bikini-bottoms off her legs, and she could tell something was wrong. "What?"

I wasn't going to be able to hide it for long, so I sheepishly admitted, "I don't have a condom."

She frowned, then suggested, "You could take one from Mom's jar."

"Yeah, right... we both know she knows exactly how many are there at all times." Mom's condom jar was a trap. She claimed to be progressive and wanting us to be prepared, but the one time some went missing, there was an inquisition until Sally, my littlest sister finally came home and revealed that she'd used two to make water balloons. "You want me to try and explain why I needed one?"

"Yeah, I guess not..." she said, and bit her lip a little while we stared at each other. She was naked, one leg up, the other flat, letting me see her pussy, a little tight crack with just a bit of pink in the middle. She had pubic hair, but it was well-trimmed, looking like a large dark feather poised artfully just above the slit. The sight of her pussy wasn't making me any less horny. Finally, she said, "We could dry hump, I guess?"

Weeks ago, I'd have jumped at the chance, but it wasn't good enough anymore. Instead, I suggested. "You said you were on the pill, right? So, what's the big deal if we go without, just once?"

"Alex, I'm your sister, I mean, we probably shouldn't be doing this at all, but... without a condom?" We both knew how incest was wrong, but we'd manage to convince ourselves that what we were doing was just 'fooling around', and it wasn't so bad as long as we'd used a condom... even for oral sex, at the start. It was mostly Tabby's idea, that. I wanted to go farther, go without, and I'd worn her down a little... she sometimes gave me oral without a condom, she just wouldn't finish the job.

As for real sex, my progress was slower, but I was making some, so I hoped I could make some today. "It'll be just like last week when you let me put the tip in, we'd just go a little longer. I'd pull out before I cum, you know." I only got a few strokes in her that time before she panicked, had me pull out and put a rubber on. Sometimes I could get her to suck me off a little without a condom, so long as I pulled off and didn't cum anywhere near her. That was her big taboo, me cumming inside or on her, as though, if we started allowing that, it was no longer innocent. Accidents happened, never inside her but sometimes I got some on her, but she never deliberately allowed it and always complained when I did. "Tabby, you know I would. When you blow me, have I forgotten, even once? I promise."

She looked at me speculatively. "You sure you didn't forget the condom on purpose? Just to try to talk me into this?"

"I wouldn't do that," I said. "Please? You already said we could do it, don't leave me hanging..."

"I don't know," she said, but I realized that wasn't a no. She was thinking about it.

"Come on, Tabby," I repeated softly, walking back to the bed and hopping onto it. "You've already made me so hot..." Her legs spread as I crawled across the bed, letting me creep between her legs. I began to plant soft kisses on her upper thighs, approaching the pussy. I'd never eaten her out before, at least not fully... I'd gotten a few licks in from time to time, but something about the act always bothered me and I broke off after no more than a minute or two, and more often I skipped it entirely in favor of fingering. It wasn't the look or smell or anything like that... I loved her pussy. I guess part of it was that our relationship certainly wasn't exclusive... it couldn't be. We didn't talk about anything we've done with others, but I did know she wasn't a virgin the first time we had sex, and I didn't like the thought of my tongue wiggling around where other guys might have been. Also, getting close enough to look always made me want to do more anyway, and fucking, even with a condom on, seemed so much more fun than licking pussy.

When I did use my mouth on her down there, it was usually to push her into doing something, and this time I was prepared to go all out if it meant me finally getting to fuck her raw. I kissed her several times on her mound, and then finally went for the slit itself. My mouth descended to her hole, and my tongue slipped out between my lips. She was starting to get wet already, and it did taste pretty good, a little sweet and tangy. "Please?"

When I looked up at her, she was biting her bottom lip again in the cutest way, but finally she made a decision. "Okay, you must really want it if you're going to do THAT... so, just this once. But next time, bring a condom... and you'd BETTER pull out."

"I will," I said, and stood up rapidly. When you've got the answer you want, get down to business quickly before they can change their mind. I pulled off my shirt, tossed it aside, then unbuttoned then unzipped my pants, and dropped them, along with my underwear. My dick swung happily from side to side with my movement.

"I don't know how you always manage to talk me into doing stuff..."

I crawled on the bed towards her, until I was face to face with her, supporting my weight on my hands, feeling a cocky little smirk form on my face despite myself. "Oh, don't pretend you don't like it too..."

I reached down with one hand and positioned my cock while I held myself up with my other arm. Tabby helped, spreading her legs, and I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her hole, getting everything nice and slick with my precum. Finally, I couldn't bear teasing anymore, and pushed forward, prying that velvety hole open until I was inside her, to the balls.

My first stroke was slow, both to gather steam but also because I was savoring the sensation of condom-free sex. My sister's cunt gripping my penis, all the way to the base of my shaft, with no rubber barrier between us, felt incredible. "Oh, god," I said, breathing into her ear. "This is so fucking amazing."

My hips began to pump back and forth, usually going all the way into her on the instroke and then pulling out about halfway on the out, and as I did, the strength in my arms began to fade a little and the distance between our two bodies closed. Soon, I was on top of her, feeling her tits on my chest and we were practically cheek to cheek, except I was facing down and she up. One of my hands worked its way to her right breast and squeezed... her other breast was inaccessible, pinned between our bodies. "Mmm," I heard her say. "Oh yeah... harder."

I did my best, but she didn't depend on me to fulfill that request. While our upper bodies pressed together, our crotches were both moving energetically. I wasn't just ploughing into her, Tabby was rising up to meet me, her ass sometimes losing contact with the bed. Eventually that stopped for a second, but I soon realized it was because she was shifting her legs, raising them, and finally, wrapping them around me. Her ankles met just above my ass and locked tight, pushing me further into her, as though I needed the encouragement. "God, I love you," I whispered. It just slipped out, and only after did I wonder if maybe it sounded weird from your brother.

I guess she didn't notice though, she just said, "More," and let loose a little moan as I sank into her right to the balls once more.

It was the best I'd ever had, and I could feel my climax approaching, a little early for me, but I really had been pretty horny... it was why I came upstairs in the first place. I knew I had a minute or two left in me and wanted to give me all it was worth, but Tabby did something I didn't expect. Our cheeks brushed together, and suddenly her mouth was on my ear, biting it lightly, playfully, and yet it packed such an erotic punch that I knew I had seconds, not minutes. "Tabby," I said when her teeth let go, pulling my head back to look her face-to-face. "I'm going to..."

"Keep going," she said breathlessly. Her eyes were closed almost to slits. She didn't untangle her legs from around my back. I probably could have escaped, if I really wanted to, but I might have hurt her. I could feel that anticipatory stiffness crawling up my already rigid shaft, and only had seconds to try and disentangle if I was going to, but with what she just said and one of her heels digging into my back like she was saying "Stay there," I made a decision to listen to what her body was telling me now and ignore my earlier promise. It was a decision that would change our lives forever.

I came into her with a force I'd only felt once before. Normally, I'm a bit of a dribbler, rather than a shooter, but this time, the first spasm spilled out like normal, followed by another which felt like it had much more energy coming out. I couldn't see it, but the only other time I'd felt like that, my cum did an impressive arc in the air.

After I shot off my full load, I noticed something else... I felt great, energized even. There was no slow fall into a sleepiness, I was awake, alert, and more importantly, still erect. All over my body my muscles tightened, like they'd flexed and only partially let go. My cock was no exception, and while it didn't get bigger, felt firmer than ever before. I felt like I could go again... I felt like I could go for hours, in fact.

Since Tabby didn't let me go, I figured I'd make it worth her while and resumed my thrusting. I'd already cum inside her, the damage was done, so I might as well make her cum too. My hands returned to her body playfully squeezing.

"Ow," she said suddenly, and I slowed.


Her words were coming out in ragged gasps. "Nothing... keep going, just... not so rough, okay? Don't squeeze so..." She grunted in what looked like pleasure, and then finished, "hard." Her eyes closed and her head lolled back.

I made sure my tough was light, and focused on thrusting and how great I felt. It was like that very tail end of the orgasm had never ended, that point where the pleasure's not overwhelming, but you feel more alive. I pulled upright and looked down where our loins were merged, and saw some of my cum staining my dick, a little frothy-looking from all the action. Later, I knew Tabby would be pissed, but right now she didn't notice. I didn't even know for sure if she knew I'd squirted, maybe she was so lost in her own pleasure that she didn't realize.

I wanted to make sure she wouldn't, and that meant keeping her on her toes, figuratively. A switch-up was in order, and I rolled us around so that instead of her being on her back, she was on top of me, but lying on my chest instead of sitting upright. I guess I was so focused on keeping her distracted that I was distracted myself, and I didn't notice that I shouldn't have been able to pull off that turn, not that smoothly, not without pinning her legs briefly between my body and the bed, and I should have felt the sheets beneath me. I'd later realize we were floating a couple inches above the bed, but just then, I didn't notice.

Her moans had become more regular, and a lot louder... she was practically yelling, as I continued to pound into her from below with a lot of force despite having no leverage to push back on, and suddenly I felt her fingers dig into my skin, nails pressing firmly. It didn't hurt, not even a little bit, but I was aware of it, and the feel of her pussy going into overdrive, and the faint brush of her lips against my chest. I was less conscious of being surrounded by a circle of violet light, that was just at the periphery of my vision, but it turned out to be the most dramatic indicator of what was happening.

Seconds later, we were almost a hundred feet in the air, and falling.

So, there we stood, atop an apartment building, naked. I was no longer completely erect, but not completely flaccid, either. I dangled, but with some extra blood in the member giving it length, and I had the feeling I could go rock hard again at any moment. Later, I'd learn I was right, when I was Powered, I had much more instinctive control over my muscles, including the ones that control blood flow to my dick. For now, though, everything was still a mystery.

My sister shook her head in wonderment. "How could we become Powered? Even if we were Spore Babies, their powers are supposed to blossom in moments of stress, right? It's not even like it's the first time we've done it!" Her hand went to her pussy, and then raised again so she could look at it... then she spun around on me, frowning. "But it's the first time we didn't use a condom. And you didn't pull out! That's what it is, you didn't pull out and I got freaked and now we have powers!"

"I didn't pull out? I tried! You wouldn't let me!" I pointed out. Then I realized something. "What do you mean 'we', anyway? I was the one who can fly."

She shivered, hugging herself and looking back over the ledge. "You recognize where we are, right?"

I looked out over the skyline, familiar as ever. In the distance I could see Hughes Tower, the second most distinctive landmark. The first, the amber dome that marked the sealed-off site of the 1947 crash that gave the city its now semi-official name, was hidden behind skyscrapers, but I knew exactly where it would be. "Yeah. Crash City." Where we used to live.

"Not just that. This is our old neighborhood."


"And where we appeared... it was our old building, before it got knocked down in that fight. We must have appeared about nine floors up, right about where my room was."

"And?" But I knew what she was going to say before she did.

"I was so loud, and I was thinking about how we'd never get away with this in my old room, and then... we were there. I think I'm Powered too. I'm a teleport."

"So, get us back home then!"

"I don't exactly know how to do it on purpose! And what if I, like, miss, and we wind up in a wall or something?"

She had a point, I guess, it was something to worry about. "We're miles away from home and we have no clothes," I reminded her.

We were interrupted by the creaking sound of a door, followed by a deep voice saying, "Holy, shit. Leroy, take a look at this."

Three black guys came around the corner of a little shack that must have been a stairwell to the rest of the apartment building. They looked like they were my age or a little older, dressed like gangbangers, but maybe they were just wannabes, it was hard to tell. They gawked at my sister, who was trying to cover herself with her hands, and using my body as something of a shield. "Shit, that's a fine piece of ass," one said while I seethed, and then he looked at me. "Come looking for a little freaky time with your girl, I respect that... but this is our place, and you're here without permission, trespassing. To make it right... you're going to have to share your girl with my crew."

"Eww, no," Tabitha cried indignantly.

"Wasn't asking." He pulled out a knife and we both tensed up. I was more worried about the gun I noticed sticking out of the pants of the large, quiet one behind them. "Don't worry, honey, it's true what they say about black men, we'll make you wonder what you ever saw in white boy over here."

We both stared at the knife, but then I remembered... I was Powered now. I didn't know what those powers were, but I wasn't going to stand around and let my sister get gangbanged. I stepped further front of Tabby protectively. "Stay away from her."

The guy with the knife grinned. "Be smart, kid. What's this bitch worth to you? Sit back and watch and you can take her home and clean her out. Piss me off and you get to be the one with a gaping slit."

I rose a few inches in the air, trying to look as intimidating as possible when I was naked and mostly bluffing. "I don't think you want to fuck with either one of us."

"Shit, it's a Spork," he said.

Since I seemed to have spooked him, I got a little more confidence, and smirked at him. "You're really not very bright, are you? I mean, if I thought I was dealing with a Spore Kid, the last thing I'd want to do is call him a 'Spork'." I never did get why it was derogatory, it was just short for 'Spore Kid' and they were cool with that term, but if I was one of them now, I suppose I had to take offense. "I may have to teach you a lesson in manners."

They say you never see the one that gets you, and this time, that was true. I had my eyes on the guy in the back with the gun in his pants, I didn't notice that the third guy, the one who first called out to Leroy, had pulled one from somewhere. Before I noticed it, he shot me, and I heard my sister calling out, "No!" as I doubled over and dropped to the ground.

"Finish him off quick," Leroy said. "Then we'll teach this whore a lesson about spreading the spore."

The two with guns crowded around me. I'd just been shot, and I was a little stunned... but not hurt, at least not much. It felt like somebody had slapped me, hard. Stung like a bitch, but the pain faded quickly. Doubling over was mostly instinct, and now that it didn't hurt much anymore... I rose to my feet feeling triumphant. "Fuck yeah, I'm fucking bulletproof!"

With one fist, I knocked one of the men to the side. He went flying far farther than I expected, into the edge of the roof, probably hurting his back. His gun landed on the ground, no longer a worry. The other thug fired, and I felt that slap again, this time across my face.

"You asshole... did you just try to shoot me in the head?" I reached out and my hand closed over the barrel of the gun... I was going to take his weapon away, but I realized that I'd crunched the metal like it was an aluminum can. The gun was useless. Shit, this was turning into my lucky day. Invulnerability, flight, and super-strength. The raw materials of what they sometimes called the Superman package, after an old pulp hero before the '47 crashes and the spores of '63 made super powers real.

The frightened scream of my sister made me turn around. Leroy had her, one arm around her waist, hand resting on her breast. The other held his knife to her throat.

He must have moved for her as soon as I'd gotten up from the first gunshot, and I was too distracted with the guys with guns to protect my sister. That put fear into me like nothing else. I might be invulnerable, but I had no idea if she was. "Just calm down, boss," he said, and licked his lips a little nervously. "You care about your fuckbuddy here, you're going to calm the fuck down."

"I'm calm," I said, feeling anything but. "But if you harm one hair on her head, you're dead, you understand me?" To demonstrate, I threw his buddy, the one whose gun was now a conversation piece, across the roof. He sailed through the air and finally landed on his stomach with a groan.

"Yeah, I got you. But you don't got super-speed or I'd be dead already." I didn't know if I did, but if I tried, I risked spooking him... the knife was far too close to Tabby's throat. "So here's how it's going to work. You're going to fly off, I don't care what way, and I take your girlfriend inside with me as insurance. Everything stays cool, she comes back on the roof in five minutes. Anything goes wrong, she dies bloody and my buddies swear you did it. No way this bitch is legal, and it's your DNA inside her, not mine, along with the spores, every cop in the city will be after you, not us."

For someone with intelligence I was unlikely to overestimate (and who showed his ignorance on some of the finer points of Spore Kids), it was a plausible plan, but I needed a way out of it, because I couldn't trust him not to hurt Tabby if I let them alone. Then, I realized I didn't have to. As he was speaking, my sister's face lost its earlier frightened look and then her eyes drifted down, as though trying to see the knife at her neck. She couldn't, but she didn't have to... from my position, I did see, and what I saw was a violet swirl of light starting to surround the blade.

"What's it going to be? You Spore Babies may live forever, but I don't." The knife suddenly disappeared, and Leroy's hand closed on empty air. "SHIT," he yelled when he realized he didn't have a weapon any more, and I lunged forward, but my sister acted before I could. She stomped hard on his foot, and then elbowed him in the stomach, sending him stumbling backwards as she stepped away. He yelled out in pain or fear or rage, or maybe all three.

I took a quick look around to make sure the others weren't a threat... I didn't want to make the same mistake twice by getting distracted and missing a danger. Luckily, this time, there was no problem. One of the two was still down, while the guy who's gun I'd crushed was rushing to the stairwell. I heard the slam of a door and decided he now held the title of the smartest of the bunch. That left Leroy. I grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him over the edge of the building. "Now... Leroy, is it? You ever wonder if you have super powers? Because you might. I didn't know I did until today. You think if I drop you from this height, you'd miraculously survive? Let's see."

I loosened my grip, but caught him by more of his shirt as he screamed. "Please man, the bitch broke my fucking foot."

"The bitch?"

Tears were coming out of his face now. "Shit, I'm sorry."

He looked and sounded pathetic... good. Not quite good enough, though. "Not yet, but you will be." I stretched out my arm as far as it would go. Now, if I dropped him, he'd have no hope of grabbing the ledge.

Suddenly I realized he was being enveloped in violet swirls, what was now becoming the telltale signature of my sister's teleportation abilities. In a few seconds, he vanished. "What the hell?" I said.

"I don't know, you were scaring me," she said. She turned around and stared at the guy who shot me, still passed out near one edge of the building. The violet swirls started again.

"Me? What about him?"

"Well, yeah, but I'm not scared of him anymore... and I don't want him dead. I just want him away..." As she said 'away', the last man disappeared, leaving us alone on the roof once more.

"Do you even know where you're sending them?" I asked.

"Yeah. A hallway about two floors down, I think. I don't know, it's hard to explain, I just know it's there."

"Cool, probably some kind of spatial awareness of where you're 'porting." Some teleports had that. Others had to see where they were going or rely purely on memory, and risked deadly consequences if the reality didn't match. "Does that mean you can bring us home?"

"I think so. Come here and we'll give it a try." She beckoned me with one hand.

I held up one finger, then picked up the gun with the smooshed barrel and, after a little bit of searching, one of the bullets that bounced off me, before joining my sister. "Souvenirs," I explained while she shook her head indulgently. "What? It's our first outing as superheroes..."

She clasped my hand in hers, and the violet swirls surrounded us again. Sure enough, we were back in her room. A little sensation of dizziness accompanied it, but no feeling of movement. We were just there one second, and somewhere else the next.

Once we were safe at home, no longer in danger of falling to our deaths, being attacked by thugs, or even being seen out in the buff, I could allow it to sink in. "Oh my God," I said. "That was so fucking incredible!" I hopped in the air, and grinned as I remained floating. "Can you imagine what we can do with this?"

"Well, I never have to worry about being late for anything again," Tabitha said dryly.

I lowered myself to the ground and held the gun. "Look at this! I did that! I could probably crush the whole thing into a ball."

I grabbed the grip and the top and was about to demonstrate, but thankfully Tabby stopped me. "Don't do that!" she said. "There's still bullets in there. With gunpowder! You know, the stuff that explodes under pressure? That could go off like a grenade."

"Oh, right." I paused, and said, "I wonder what else we can do. Did you really break his foot? Do you think you have super strength too?"

She flexed her first. "I don't know. I feel stronger. I feel better than I ever have. But I don't exactly want to destroy anything and test it."

"Lift your dresser?" I suggested.

We cleared everything off the top so it wouldn't fall over, and Tabby gave it a try. With a heave, she was able to lift it to about her knees, then dropped it down. "I definitely have super strength. I don't think it's as much as you, though. You threw those guys like they were nothing, and bending metal with your fingers, that's... a lot. Maybe we should ask Mom to take us to the gym as guests on her membership so we can try the big weights, test our full potential."

I frowned. "Uh, look, we probably shouldn't tell Mom about this. Or Dad, or anybody else, really."

She tilted her head at me. "Why not? Mom's even more of a fan of the Powered than you are."

It was true, Mom was a devoted fan. Whenever a high powered fight hit the news, she watched, riveted. Mom had autographs of most of the Headliners and a bunch of the more independent heroes. She practically taught me to read with the trading card series. Tabby never quite took to fandom the same way as I did, but it's one of the big things Mom and I have in common, we can both quote hero facts at each other for hours. But it's one thing to be a fan from afar... "Yeah, and she knows exactly what trouble they can get into. She worries enough with all the troubles with Dad. Besides, we'd have to come up with a story for how we discovered our powers, and if any of our debut we makes the news, she's smart enough to put two and two together. Most importantly, there's no way either of them would let us do it."

She shrugged uncomfortably. "Have sex? Well, duh."

"No. Be superheroes." She stared at me. "Come on, I know you were thinking it. Imagine it, the adventure, the glory. We could fix all the problems Dad's had, and never have to hide again. And, just think, wouldn't it be incredible? Catching the bad guys. Fighting crime. Saving lives."

"Holding people over the edge of high buildings..."

I winced, chagrined a little. "I wasn't really going to drop him, you know," I insisted. "I just wanted to scare him, like he scared us. I mean, if he actually hurt you, all bets are off, but I'm not a monster."

She looked at me for a second with a little half-smile on her face, and then without warning, darted forward to give me a kiss. Just a little peck on the cheek, but it was something we never really did and warmed the cockles of my heart. "I know," she whispered. "Look, you're right, we can't tell them. As for the rest... let me think about it, okay?" I nodded, resisting the urge to touch my face where a ghost of her touch still lingered.

A soft voice called up towards us. "We're home..."

"Shit," I whispered. "Mom." I grabbed my underwear and hurriedly began to dress. Tabby took my lead and did the same.

I had my jeans on and could hear Mom, or maybe my littlest sister Sally ascending the stairs. "Hey," my sister said softly. "No need to rush." She waved her finger with a smile and, seconds later, I was in my room in the basement, shirt in my hand.

We didn't get to talk more than a few minutes alone the rest of the night, and I kept myself busy with homework and trying to see if I had any new powers. I didn't find any, but the fact that I had any at all prevented it from being a disappointment. I flew around my room an awful lot, just because I could. It felt like I was living through a dream, one of those ones where you have the best day of your life, and best of all, it was all real. It was as though I finally discovered my destiny...
The next morning, I woke up to find it had all disappeared. I couldn't fly, my strength was gone, and I was smart enough not to even try my invulnerability. Imagine my disappointment. I knew it wasn't actually a dream, I still had my souvenirs, but it might as well have been. It's depressing enough being a normal kid when you've never actually tasted what it's like to be Powered.

I took a shower in the lower floor bathroom and when I got out, Tabitha was in the kitchen eating cereal. She'd also recently showered. I looked around uncertainly. "Anyone else up?"

"Mom and Dad are locked in their room, probably... you know." She made a face. Our parents were very active with each other sexually, even after all these years. They did it pretty much every morning. I supposed it was a good thing, they still loved each other, but it could get embarrassing, and we didn't like thinking about it. It could be worse, I guess. They soundproofed their room. I'm not joking, it's literally got soundproofing. Mom's a moaner, and when I was younger and made an innocent comment about it she got completely red-faced, and from that point on, the master bedroom in every place we've lived in has had soundproofing done. We could still tell when they're really going at it from the way the bed thumps, but we don't mention that. "And you know Sally sleeps till the last possible minute." My youngest sister wakes up, throws some clothes on, shovels food in her mouth, brushes her teeth, and is out the door in a ten minute span.

So it's actually rather common for Tabby and I to be alone in the morning, but I wanted to be sure before I broached the subject on my mind. "Do you know if you still have... you know?"

"No, they're gone," she said. "I was worried it was just me. So much for being Powered." She actually seemed a little disappointed. "So what was yesterday all about then? How can we get powers one minute and then... not?"

"I don't know." I thought about it. "There are some drugs that induce short-term powers. Maybe somebody spiked our school lunch or something, like that nutcase did with that Tylenol tampering in the 80s." I poured some cereal into a bowl as I thought about everyone in our school developing super powers at roughly the same time. It seemed a little bit far-fetched, though... it would have made the news, and besides, that shit's expensive, and why target a random school in a suburb of Cleveland? "Oh shit. Maybe it's not the school, maybe it was just us. Maybe the people after Dad found us and..."

Tabitha saw the flaw before I did. "And, instead of kidnapping Dad, kidnapping us to blackmail Dad, or planting some kind of bomb to kill us all, they... gave us super powers for a day?"

I smiled weakly. "You're right, that doesn't make much sense. Okay, so let's toss that out, go back to basics..." I filled my bowl with milk and drew on all the lore I could. Those long-ago trading card sessions with Mom suddenly started coming in handy. "The ways to get powers are traditionally Crash Contamination, Spores, Magic, Drugs, and Secondary Empowerment. Crash Contamination's probably out."

"But we lived in Crash City for so many years..."

"Yeah, but there hasn't been a fresh Crasher case since before we were born, and only a handful since the spores came in the 60s."

"I hope we're not Spore Kids. I don't want to be fourteen forever." I hadn't thought of the downsides. Of course I should have... everyone knows, if you were infected by the spore, you would be subject to all sorts of bullshit laws in most countries all over the world. I never understood why Spore Kids suffered all kinds of discrimination, while those who also were altered by the spores but were first infected with the alien repair mechanisms from the '47 crash get a free pass. Sure, Spore Kids can pass it to their children, but as long as they decided not to breed or give blood, what's the big deal?

I think it's mostly because Crashers grow to adulthood before they stop aging, while of course Spore Kids don't. Since they're biologically frozen at the age they were when their spore bloomed, a lot of people assume they remain forever mentally immature, too. True or not, if we were Spore Kids, that stereotype, and the discrimination and the Spore Laws, would follow us the rest of our lives, especially Tabby. At sixteen, at least I could sometimes pass as an adult, but I could understand why my sister wanted to reach for another possibility, no matter how fanciful. "Do you think it could be Magic?"

I gave a hesitant shrug and grimace to convey how lowly I rated the possibility. "That's mainly an Eastern Europe thing."

"But listen, it makes sense, in the Edward Twilight books..."

"Oh, here we go." I hated that stupid fad... a lame romance, trading on teen girl fantasies. My sister, both my sisters, actually, loved them and talked about them way too much. I couldn't even sit through the first movie, it was just so bad.

"No, just listen, we got our powers after... you know, and in the books they say that at the most primal level, all magic is sex and all sex is magic."

"All magic is sex. Really? So, what, you think Stalin fucked the Man of Steel golem when it was built to transfer his soul?"

That threw her for a moment. "Huh? I thought Stalin was the Head of Steel?"

I was almost disgusted at her lack of knowledge. "Jesus, Tabby, the head wasn't cut off until the end of the Cold War. Before that there was a whole body. This is basic stuff."

"It was all years before I was born, what do I care?"

"Well, maybe if you paid attention in history, you'd know not to trust a stupid popular novel series written by a Christian whackadoo. Besides, I thought they didn't even have sex until like the fourth movie." I was a little embarrassed to even know that much.

"Book. The fourth movie isn't out yet."

"Whatever. So, how was he casting all those spells, was he fucking somebody else on the side?"

"Sex doesn't always mean intercourse, it means, like, passion, and sexual tension, and even true love. And when they do finally have sex on Isabelle's wedding night, it's to power a spell so powerful..."

"Forget it, I don't care. It's wrong anyway. I don't care about what that stupid book says with its romantic sparkly magic, real magic doesn't act like that. I mean, yes, some magic is powered by sex. That's how Inspector Funk does his thing, tantric magic. But Stalin's magic was powered by human sacrifices, and there's faeries and demons and demigods. It's not all sex." Though demons and faeries often granted powers through sex, and Stalin did hold orgies from time to time to power offensives during the Cold War, but I was in an argument, I didn't want to concede anything out loud. "And even when it is sex, it's more about breaking taboos, and..."

Tabby smiled at me smugly. "You mean like incest?"

"Okay, fine, maybe it's a possibility. But magic is intentional and it's difficult. If it was the sort of thing you could stumble upon accidentally, it would be everywhere, the government would be training their soldiers in it. And if incest was enough to do it, they'd know it."

"At least if it was magic we could just do it again, but if not I guess there's no point in trying..."

Suddenly, that it could be magic seemed to be a very good possibility, at least to my dick. "Not necessarily," I said. "I mean, even if we're Spore Kids, there are some who need to do something to charge up their abilities. I hear there's even a girl in the Camp that can't do anything unless she has sex with an animal first."

My sister made a face. It was always such fun to shock her, especially if it was true. "Eww," she said. "What a slut. How would she even discover that?"

I found it kind of hot, though I'd never admit it. I'd even searched the net for pictures of her for masturbation purposes, but no luck. "Well, it's probably how her spore first bloomed. But maybe it's the same with us..." A memory manifested. "Shit. I don't think yesterday was the first time."


"When you had powers, you know that feeling? Like you were stronger, and, I don't know, almost electrified?" She nodded. "I've had that once before."

She frowned a little. "With some other girl?"

"No, with you. Remember a couple months ago? We were watching that Core Four movie... the first time we..."

The memory came back full force. We were in the dimly lit living room, watching TV together. Mom and Dad had gone up to their room about an hour and a half before, and told my little sister she had to go to bed, but being a few years older, Tabby and I could stay up a little longer until we felt tired, and the most recent Core Four movie came on, detailing some of the early adventures of Charles Core and his team, from the time he, his wife Faith, her brother Bobby, and, of course, Sergeant Dire worked on Crash cleanup, through the spore years that catapulted them into super stardom. We'd already seen it in the theatres, but it was pretty good, better than the ones that came out in the seventies, eighties, and nineties, so we watched it again. The effects were pretty good, almost matching the actual footage of the team in action, and the fight with the first waves of crazy spore victims was kickass.

Tabby was getting a little tired, and at one point she yawned and rested her head on my shoulder. I turned my attention towards her a second, and then noticed that I could almost see down her top. I'd seen her naked before, but it was all either accidental or pretend-accidental... aside from stolen gropes while play-wrestling, we hadn't even had any kind of deliberate touching, so just that small inadvertent peek still got me hard. A minute later, she shifted so that she was lying on her side, with her head about to land right in my lap. "I'm sleepy, so I'm going to use you as a pillow," she said... and then her head came to a rest and she felt my boner, already rigid. She pulled up suddenly. "Are you hard?" she asked in shocked amusement. "From watching this? One cape fight and you've got a stiffy? God, you're as bad as Mom!" It was a running joke, with some basis in fact. Mom loved cape fights, but if there was one going on and Dad was home, she'd sometimes disappear upstairs with him and not come back for hours.

"I am not," I said defensively. "It's not from that..."

"Well, it certainly isn't from Chromatic Chick," she said, laying back down on me but resting her head on my leg, instead of my crotch. "She hasn't been onscreen in like five minutes." Chromatic Chick, the forever-hot wife of Charles Core, had certainly inspired a lot of erections over the years, but Tabby was right, this part of the movie was when the team's Spore-enhanced powers were first appearing and she hadn't yet learned to make them badass. There wasn't much she did in the big fight except transform herself into a variety of solid colors, so the movie makers stretched the truth a little and used her as a damsel in distress, a prisoner of the Greyman, while the rest of the team tried to rescue her.

"No, it's just..." I tried to think of an excuse, but then decided, fuck it, I'd just tell the truth. "I could see down your top earlier."

"Really? You must be hard up if that's all it took." She pulled the neck of her top up and away from her body, giving me a view of her perfect tits by the light of the television, but only for a moment before she pulled it back tight to her body. "Oh, shit, I forgot, I took off my bra earlier because it was pinching me." My dick jerked again to full hardness, not just at the sight of her nipples but I was sure she didn't forget anything, she did that deliberately to tease me. Especially when she rolled over on her belly and then got on her arms and knees, supporting herself on her arms and giving me another look downblouse while she checked out my bulge. "Okay, you're excused. So, go and take care of it so I can get my pillow back."

If she was going to show me her tits, I wasn't going to be too scared to show her my dick. So, I unzipped and whipped it out. "Fine," I said, and started stroking.

"Eww," she said, but she stared at my hand gently rising and falling. "Not here, go to the bathroom you freak." She returned to a sitting position, and now tried to pretend she wasn't looking, but I could see her stealing peeks.

"No," I said. "I don't want to miss any of the movie." I then had an idea, a very naughty one that my cock couldn't resist. "In fact, I wouldn't have this erection if it wasn't for you, so you should be the one to take care of it." I put my hand on hers and pulled it to my dick. "I bet you give great head." When it came out, I meant it just to gross her out.

She pulled her hand away, crossed her arms over her chest. "No way, I don't do that, and even if I did... you're my brother."

"Well, how about just a handjob. And this is all your fault, for not wearing a bra. You're just going to leave me to suffer?"

She sighed theatrically, but after what seemed like forever, to my surprise and delight, her hand reached for my lap, and then wrapped around my dick. She pumped it up and down while staring at the TV. "I can't believe I'm doing this."

"You're doing a great job," I told her. On the TV, Charles Core detached his hand and one eye and sent them out to distract two of the first wave of deformed spore creatures, the classic trick of punching each of them and making them each think the other did it, to get them fighting each other instead of civilians. "Too bad I don't have Charles Core's powers," I said. "Whenever I got a hard-on I could send it up for you to take care of."

"Yeah, don't count on it, pervert, this is a one-time thing." We sat there in silence and she continued to stroke me while we were watching the movie. It was hard to pay attention to anything but what she was doing. Yet I felt a strange need to downplay it, act like it was no big deal. I guess I figured if I could manage that, I might get her to do it again. So I pretended I was just watching the movie. "This is so wrong," she muttered eventually.

"It's fine," I said. Better than fine, it felt great. "Think of it like a massage. You know I'd give you a massage anytime you asked." I leaned back and stretched one arm around her.

"Yeah, as long as I asked for it on my boobs."

"No, not just on your boobs. Your ass, too, and I'd be especially happy to massage your pussy for you." I worried I might have gone too far, so tried to play it off like a joke. "But seriously, even if you just wanted a back massage, I'd help you out, you're my sister. And practically my best friend."

She stopped the up and down motion at that, though she still gripped my dick. "What?"

"Well, ever since we had to go into hiding, anyway. I mean it sucks we had to move out to the middle of nowhere, but I do like that it's brought us closer."

"Me too," she said after a short pause, and then began pumping her fist again, a little faster than before, less like it was a chore she was doing under protest. I wondered, had it been so easy? Just play the brotherly-affection card? I'd told the truth about what I said, but we usually had a bit of playfully antagonistic distance in our relationship. How much more could I get her to do?

The thought of talking my sister into giving me a blowjob instead of a handjob danced in my imagination. She'd said no the first time, as I expected she would, but if I sweet-talked her a little, who knows? I thought about it, trying to frame the words I needed... and ran out of time. The sensation I'd been enjoying suddenly turned critical, and raced up my cock. A dribble of cum ran out the head of my cock and then down her hand, and then after that, streams of cum started coming out like I was a Buckingham Fountain in back in Crash City, at least that's what it felt like at the time. The amount was probably the same as my normal cum, but it leaped higher than ever before. It also felt better than ever before, or since, except earlier that day when I came inside Tabby.

My sister's reaction was less than pleased. "Eww," she said softly, jerking her hand away. "You got it all over me." She was exaggerating, I got it on her hand and a bit on her arm, but most of it was on me... the way she was acting, you'd think it was some kind of dangerous chemical. She hopped off the couch, raced for the box of Kleenex my Mom kept on a cabinet and wiped herself clean. Only after she was done did she look at me, and it was an intense look, like she was having trouble believing what we'd just did, or trying to get me to tell her it was okay. It only lasted a few second, though. "I'm going to bed," she said finally.

"You sure you don't want me to return the favor?" I asked.

"Pervert," she said, and threw the balled up Kleenex at me.

I thought I'd not only blew my load that night, but my chances of getting anything more. Luckily I was wrong, or we wouldn't have gotten Powered. "I went to bed right after but I couldn't sleep," I explained to my sister at the breakfast table. "I just lay there for like, hours, trying." And trying to think of ways to repeat our encounter. If that first incident of boundary-crossing wasn't so mind-blowing, I might not have been so eager to try again. "I think I got Powered up then, I just didn't realize it."

"Well, I didn't feel anything."

"No, but we didn't teleport until after you came, and I got my powers after I did." It was also the only time I could remember deliberately cumming on her... after that, she always resisted anything that would lead to that... she'd even jerk her hand away and make me finish myself if I told her I was about to cum and we weren't using a condom. I put together what we knew, a tentative hypothesis. "So maybe I get powers if you make me cum, and you get powers if I make you. Directly, I mean, not with condoms. If you'd let me return the favor that night, we could have known about our powers months ago."

"If you weren't so selfish about giving head we could have known about them a couple weeks back."

"Me, selfish? You wouldn't even blow me without a condom most of the time. And you never actually asked me for head, or to keep going when I started on my own. If you want, I'll do it right now." A flushing sound from upstairs reminded us we weren't exactly alone in the house. "Well, not right now."

She sat for a moment, thinking, then asked, "Do you think it's just us? Or do we just get Powered by sex with anyone?"

"I don't know." I'd always held off asking the question. Tabby had never had a boyfriend that I knew about, and yet I knew she wasn't a virgin, either. "I mean, you've, uhm, had sex before me, right?"

"Just one guy," she said. "And we always used protection, and I never came anyway, so... no evidence either way." She shrugged. "What about you?"

"Same," I said. "I mean, we always used protection." The truth was, my sexual history was far less than I'd let on. Some making out, a bit of dry-humping, I might have got something going with one of the girls at my old school, but then we had to move in a hurry, and so the first time I'd sealed the deal was with my sister. "I guess we really don't know."

"That's if your theory is true," she said. "Right now it's just a hypothesis. We're going to have to test it... are you okay with that?" I smiled in response. She smirked. "Yeah, somehow I thought you'd be. So... today after school?"

"What's after school?" said my youngest sister Sally, walking into the room with a yawn. She'd probably just woken up a few minutes ago, and looked it. Her golden brown hair, several shades lighter than Tabby's, was a tangled mess, much of it overhanging only one side of her face, but she would probably go that way to school. When my sister didn't answer, she repeated "Tabby? What's after school?"

"Nothing," Tabby snapped. "And don't call me Tabby. You're supposed to call me Kathryn, even at home." She wasn't really mad about that, I knew, it was just an effort to change the subject. My little sister often slipped up and called my sister by her old name. We all did.

It worked. "But Alex calls you Tabby all the time!"

"Yeah, well, I've given up all hope for him. I don't want you imitating his habits." I grinned sheepishly. I was worst of all. So far, Sally was the only name change I'd adjusted to, mostly because she always hated her birth name and was overjoyed at the chance to change it, and so bitched at me whenever I slipped up. At least no thought was required for our parents... Mom and Dad were still Mom and Dad.

"I don't see what the big deal is. We just say it's a family nickname."

"Forget it, unless you want me to start calling you Lucy again." Apparently looking for another subject-change, she added, "Put some clothes on, the Boyds will be here in ten minutes to take us to school." I looked over instinctively at the suggestion... my little sister wore only a t-shirt and panties which peeked through the bottom, clinging tightly to her ass. She didn't even have socks on. I forced my gaze quickly back to my breakfast for fear of Tabby thinking I was attracted to Sally, too. I was, a little; Sally was still mostly flat-chested but was already developing a bit of a figure... but I didn't want either of them knowing it. Maybe I was a horndog... guys aren't supposed to be look at either of their sisters that way.

Tabby seemed oblivious to my look, and Sally didn't even see it happen. "I will in a second, I just wanted to ask, will you make me French Toast for breakfast?"

Tabby gave an exasperated sigh. "No, I'm not going to make you French Toast. It's a weekday, and there's no time. If you wanted French Toast you'd have to be up like half an hour ago."

Sally pouted, and then brightened immediately. "Cinnamon toast, then?"

With a roll of her eyes, Tabby waved her away. "Fine. Go get dressed. I'll put in the toast."

My little sister went of running, yelling over her shoulder, "Not too dark, remember. And we're out of cinnamon sugar, so you'll have to mix some!"

Tabby got up from her breakfast and unscrewed the cap of the little container we used to hold a mix of cinnamon and sugar, then fetched the bottle of cinnamon from the pantry. She looked over at me as she poured out a little into a measuring cup, and caught my grin. "What?"

"You are so easy."

She frowned. "You know, that's very hurtful. And such a double-standard, too... if I'm easy, what are you?"

I put my hands up defensively. "I just mean..." I pointed to the cinnamon sugar. "You know she didn't really want French toast, right?" Cinnamon toast was one of my little sister's favorite foods, and I liked it now and then myself. The problem was, Sally was very lazy. She's the type of person where, if there were no clean plates, she'd rather eat over the sink than wash one, and if a meal required any preparation at all more complicated than putting cereal and milk in a bowl or butter on bread... "She just wanted you to do the work." Although come to think of it, I'd used similar techniques early on when I wanted to do something sexual with her... I'd propose far more than I thought possible and then bargain her down.

"Oh, whatever," she said, no longer seeming bothered. "I don't mind. I like taking care of people."

For the next couple minutes we had the kitchen to ourselves, but then all of a sudden it was as full as it ever got. Dad came in first, dressed in his work clothes, a blue dress shirt, dorky tie with cartoon characters on it, and dark slacks. He's thin like all our family, but in his case comes off a little scrawny, in fact, he all-over kind of embodied a geek look, with a nose too big for his face and a $5 haircut. I guess he's okay-looking in an insurance salesman kind of way. Actually, my dad usually looks more like a high school science teacher trying too hard to convince his students science can be fun. All he was missing was the white lab coat, and he puts that on in the lab, at least I'd assume. He worked for the government on top secret projects, which is why certain criminal forces wanted him and why we had to change states and go into witness protection. "Good morning," he said cheerily.

"Morning, Dad," Tabby said. I grunted a hello through a drink.

Sally came back in next, dressed in her school clothes, jeans and a t-shirt, hair still a mess. "Is my toast ready?" Tabby passed it over, and Sally bit into it without so much as a thank you.

My mom finally emerged, wearing a bathrobe. Her raven hair was wet, and she must have just emerged from a shower and had a relaxed glow. She had the luxury of a little more time, she didn't usually leave for work until about a half hour until we were all gone. Luckily us kids inherited most of our looks from my mom, not Dad, because she was practically the definition of MILF. Plump tits and ass, but a skinny waist. I'm not saying I'd like to fuck her, but it wouldn't take a whole lot of convincing. Okay, I guess I really am some kind of horndog.

My dad's cell phone rang, and he answered it, with a simple, "Okay, come on up." After closing it, he explained, "That's Jim, he's on his way up the steps. Alex, can you let him in?"

I was finished breakfast, so I did, went into the living room and opened the door to see my Dad's driver/bodyguard/co-worker/friend Jim. He didn't look like a scientist, he looked like a businessman. He was well-built but balding and even a little ugly, but was a pleasant enough guy. He even had a couple coffees in one of those cardboard trays. "Hey, George. Here to get your Dad. Your own ride will be here in," he checked his watch. "Two minutes."

"You know, you can call me Alex."

"No, I can't, and you shouldn't either. You were supposed to abandon your old identities, names included. Even at home."

"Come on, George Grant? No, I just told everybody I go by my middle name. Sure, on all the official forms, I'll be George Grant, but I don't care, I'm still getting everybody to call me Alex. You might as well, too."

He shook his head with a distracted grunt. He knew it was a losing battle with me. "You might disregard the rules, but I won't. It's protocol. If someone ever notices nobody ever calls you by your name, they might get suspicious."

"Isn't it more suspicious for us to have to get a ride to and from school every day instead of just taking the bus?" I asked, for probably the twentieth time. It was a sore point, though... it felt like we were the prisoners, instead of the people who threatened Dad and attacked us, who really should be.

"It's just a precaution."

"But we're supposed to be dead," I said. "I mean is anybody even looking for us?"

"As far as we know, you're safe, but your parents want to be extra careful. I'm sure next year we can go down to agents following you from a discreet distance."

I rolled my eyes. "Lovely."

Dad came out, briefcase in hand, and reached for the extra coffee. Mom followed close behind. "Thank you, Jim," Dad said, raising the coffee to his lips and taking a sip.

"No problem. Good morning, Mrs. Grant." Grant wasn't even our real last name, either, and though it was easier to pretend, it still felt weird to be called it.

"Morning, Jim. You keep him out of trouble."

"I'll do my best ma'am," he said with a good-natured grin. He nodded at Tabitha when she entered the living room and sat on the couch beside me.

Mom closed the distance between her and Dad and they both leaned in for one last kiss. When they broke away, Mom said, "Have fun at the lab."

"Not as much fun as I have here," Dad said, and swatted Mom's ass playfully, causing me to look to Tabby and both of us rolled our eyes. "Bye kids, love you," he said, and then, when he realized his youngest was still in the kitchen, yelled out, "Bye Sally!" With that, he was gone. Mom watched from the door until they got in and drove away, like she always did. I guess she was worried the car would explode if she didn't.

"Looks like the Boyds are here," Mom said. "You guys had better get your things."

The Boyds' arrival was scheduled, but even a family under government protection can't run on a clock. Between Sally misplacing one of the books she needed for school and Tabby and I fighting a bit over the downstairs bathroom, and then Tabitha wanting to change her top because she realized she spilled some milk on it, by the time Mom gave us a goodbye kiss at the door, we were five minutes behind the plan and Roger Boyd was tapping his feet impatiently.

Roger Boyd was a tall guy just verging on overweight, with light ginger hair. Mark Boyd was shorter, older, with dark hair. Their cover was that they were our uncles, or that Mark was, anyway, which was why they drove us to school. We never were entirely sure if they really were a gay married couple or if it was just cover for them too, but they certainly weren't really related to us. Like all the people assigned to watch us, they were pretty nice, but Roger was a little high-strung and was easy to get a rise out of. I always got the feeling he would snap one day and kill someone, and it would be because we wouldn't follow the schedule.

My sister Sally seemed to take great pleasure in trying to provoke that meltdown herself. "So, I was thinking, if we're late anyway, how about we just blow off school today and go to Cedar Point instead?"

"We're not late, we're just not on schedule... and no matter what, you need to go to school."

"Oh, come on, one day! We're not going to learn anything important. It's a half-day anyway."

"Don't try to lie to me, your next half-day's the last day of school."

I couldn't resist joining in. I didn't want a homicide, but maybe we could provoke them into abandoning the chauffer ride and let us make our own way to school. I pointed at a busy donut place up the street. "Hey, can we stop off for a coffee before school? I didn't get much sleep last night."

"No." Roger said through gritted teeth. "We're not stopping for a coffee. We're behind enough as it is."

"Please? I could also use a coffee," Sally said. "The drive-thru's right there, there's only like six cars."

"You're twelve, you don't even drink coffee!" Roger snapped. Mark just smirked.

"I could drink coffee," Sally said seriously.

"No!" Roger said. "No coffee, no amusement parks, we're taking you to school and that's it."

We were silent for the rest of the drive, then just before we got to school, Sally got a sly grin and asked, "Hey, Roger, I forgot, what's our witness-protection last name supposed to be again? Green?"

He smacked the steering wheel in frustration. "GRANT! You've been the Grants for months! Do we have to go through another round of drills?"

Mark finally took pity on his partner. "Guys, you know Roger isn't a morning person, take it easy on him. Here's your stop." That was directed at me and Tabby, the high school was looming ahead. "Have a good day at school."

About seven hours later, we were back in that car, on the way home. Normally the ride home is more somber than the ride there. In fact, although I don't think any of us would admit it, I think we all looked forward to school, as boring as it was, because it was easy to interact with others. At home, we never really have complete freedom, if we want to go somewhere we can't just up and go, we have to get permission, and often a ride or an escort. We're not actually prisoners, even though it feels like it sometimes, Sally has a lot of extra-curricular activities, and we've all been out with new friends in our new city, who have no idea about our situation, but compared to people who weren't hiding from organized crime, it felt like our social life was seriously compromised. So, unlike back in Crash City, there wasn't usually that excitement, that visceral sense of freedom, and all that's left is the aftershocks of a day of boring classes that beat you down.

Today was different though, at least for me. It had already been a great day, and knowing about our upcoming experiment, it was due to become even better. Even if it turned out that our powers were a one-time fluke, I'd still be doing more with my sister than I'd thought possible a few months ago, and that alone was exciting. When you added in the possibility of becoming super-heroes, I was practically grinning the whole ride home. Tabby was similarly excited, even though we didn't say much, we kept meeting each other's eyes and she had a half-smile.

My little sister Sally, she had no idea of the byplay between us, but she was usually pretty cheerful after school anyway. Of all of us, she'd adapted to the situation the best and had already made tons of friends. The first order of business, though, would be to get her out of the way.

"Either of you want to play Rock Band with me on the Hypercube?" Sally asked when we got inside.

"Maybe a little later," Tabby promised. "Right now I need Alex's help for an assignment."

She looked dubious. "You need HIS help? Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

"Hey!" Sure, my sister got way better grades than me, but experience counts for a lot too. "I've got two extra years of stuff she's never learned." And there were a few things I was naturally better at... history, for example, especially of the Superhero age. One of the few times Tabby's gotten in trouble academically was for falling asleep in history.

Sally dismissed the thought that I might have something to offer. "Pfft. Can you make me a sandwich, first?"

That request wasn't to me, but I answered anyway. "Make yourself one," I suggested.

"Tabby makes it better."

My sister rolled her eyes. "Fine." She looked at me. "I'll meet you downstairs."

I went down into the basement to wait. I complain a lot about being forced to move out here, away from our old lives, but one of the few things I love is my room. The basement is just three rooms. There's a laundry room, a small utility room that contains a fusebox and some storage space, and then the rest of the basement is just my room. It's more than twice the size of my room in our old apartment building, and it might even be a little bigger than the master bedroom. I have a computer, TV, my own Hypercube gaming system, a nice stereo and, most importantly, privacy. The windows were all covered and I could hear anybody coming down the stairs with plenty of time to stop if I was going to be doing something like surfing porn or masturbating. It would also be a good room to smoke weed with friends in if I still did that or had friends I wanted to bring over, an even better room to have a girlfriend over for sex if that were ever an option, but since it wasn't, I had let it turn into something of a pigsty.

I realized that I was bringing a girl here, sort of, so I did some quick straightening up, turned on a fan (it got a little stuffy down there sometimes) and sprayed some 'Hurrah!' deodorizing spray around just in time to hear Tabitha coming down the stairs. She knocked lightly on my door. "It's unlocked." She slipped inside, and locked the door behind her. "So, you ready to try this?"

"Yeah," she said, walking further into the room. "I mean, I guess so. We have to know, right?" I nodded. "Should we have sex, or..."

"Maybe later. I thought we'd test to see if it works on oral first."

She bit her lip adorably. "That would mean I'd have to let you shoot in my mouth." Under the current theory, anyway. "You know I've never done that before, right?"

"It's no big deal," I said. "You've sucked me before, you just have to follow through to the end. And this is in the name of science."

"Okay," she said. "Whip it out." I sat down on my bed and undid my pants, and let my cock out. It was up and ready to roll. If it had a mind of its own, it wouldn't be able to believe its luck.

Tabitha sat down beside me, then bent over towards me, her lips just inches from my dick, so close I could hear her breath on it. "Here goes nothing," she said, and her mouth closed over the head of my dick.

I fell back on my elbows and enjoyed the slippery, silky warmth as she went down on me, not all the way, but about halfway down. "God that feels good," I said. She'd gotten better from the first awkward tries, with the condom, and her tongue slid excitingly on the underside of my shaft.

Her head bobbed up and down twice more, and then she pulled off and took a deep breath, as though she'd been holding it instead of breathing through her nose. "Warn me when you go off, kay?"

"Remember, to test the theory, I have to cum in your mouth."

"I know," she said a little peeved. "Still warn me. I don't want to, like, be surprised and choke or something."

"Okay, okay," I said, putting my hand on her head. "Just get back to work." She continued to suck me for a minute, and then pulled off again. "Don't keep pulling off," I advised her. "I might accidentally shoot when you're taking a breather, the experiment would be wasted."

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'm sure you'll be heartbroken that I sucked your cock for nothing." She shook her head. "How long is this going to take, anyway?" How long I lasted depended on how horny I was. Sometimes, I'm not proud to admit, I would have gone off by now, but not today.

"Longer than this," I said. I held my dick in one hand with a few fingers, to keep it steady and the stimulation up. She wouldn't go all the way down anyway. "If you want it to go faster, give me something to look at."

She only thought about it for a moment, and then pulled her top off. Her bra this time was one of those ones with a little center clasp, and she undid it, letting those beautiful tits fall free. She let me look at them... actually it was more like a stare, before grinning and going back down.

Her breasts were right there, so while she was going down on me I extended one hand and cupped it, squeezing gently, feeling the nipple. She let me do it, of course, and that still astounded me. More, if this theory was true and we did get super powers, then it was possible we'd have an excuse to fuck all the time. Usually we did what we did and then felt a little weird about it for a while, a couple days would pass before we got over it, but I thought about us fucking every day as a matter of course, just to charge up our powers, getting over all shyness about doing something without a condom or cumming inside, because this was something we needed, instead of just something I needed that she helped me with. That's how I sometimes thought of our sexual encounters, anyway... although I knew she liked the compliments, and I knew she enjoyed herself during the act, I always figured that if I didn't press her to do it, she'd never think to ask me. I even expected she'd one day tell me that I should find a girlfriend and to stop coming to her. But I didn't want to stop coming to her, and if this became permanent...

That thought tipped the scales, changing the game from stimulation to an oncoming ejaculation. I could feel the pressure beginning in my balls. "Okay, Tabby, here it comes. Don't pull off." My hand moved from her breast to the top of her head, to make sure she wouldn't. I mean, if she really tried to get away I would have let her, but I didn't want a moment of panic spoiling this.

I exploded, both into her mouth, and into pleasure. I knew, right in the moment, that our little experiment worked. The climax filled me and penetrated every part of my body and as I continued to shoot off into her mouth, I realized it wasn't fading the way normal ones did. Once again, I was Powered.

I felt her trying to pull away, and this time I let her. As soon as her mouth left my cock, she turned to the side and coughed. "God," she said. "I almost did choke."

I realized nothing was left in her mouth. "You swallowed?"

"I didn't really have much choice, it felt like I was drinking from a hose." She made a face, coughed again, then seemed to compose herself and looked at me. "So?"

I grinned. "It worked."

She grinned back, her eyes dancing. "Really?"

I nodded, stood up, and did that same type of concentration, almost like flexing a muscle, that I'd done the previous day to fly. Except this time, I didn't rise in the air, there were no waves of force coming off my legs. I looked to my sister, puzzled, and she just stared at me. Stared while staying unnaturally still. No, I realized after a second, she was moving, just very, very slowly. Too slow. I turned to the fan, and the blades were whirring so slowly I could see them. There was only one explanation. I let go of the muscle-flex and said. "I have super speed."

She stood up and said. "Super-speed, huh, so, let's see what you can do." She casually walked to my desk, quickly picked up a Hypercube game box off a desk, and threw it at me. "Think fast."

It was halfway to my head before I sped things up again, and picked it up in the air. I put it back on the desk and was going to leave it at that, and then had a better idea. What could I do, and how fast could I do it? With a grin, I dropped to my knees in front of my sister, still crouched in mid throw. I undid the button and then pulled down the zipper. A bit of an odd thing happened. Normally when the button is undone and you pull down the zipper, the front flaps of the jeans spread open. This time they didn't... it took a second before I realized, that that was happening in slow motion too. It was falling open, but at this rate, it would take several seconds. I helped it along, and not only pulled it apart, but pulled the pants down to her knees. Her panties were there, matching the bra, white in color, and I slipped my fingers under the waistband and dropped them too. There was her pussy, unsuspecting. I felt a little like a voyeur, and then looked up and saw the look of shock spreading on her face. She'd felt something already. I was fast, but couldn't get away with my first thought... taking her pants and panties off and putting it back on before she even realized they were gone.

What I'd done was good enough, so I let my perceptions return to normal and watched as her mouth, already half-dropped open, completed its movement, and her hands went down belatedly to try and stop her pantsing. "You jerk," she cried.

"Hey, you wanted a demonstration."

She looked down at herself, and shrugged. "Well, it's your turn to give me powers anyway." She pulled her feet out of her pants, and bent down over the bed, sticking her ass up in the air. I could see her pussy poking up from behind.

"Let's give it a try." I knelt down on the floor, sticking my tongue in her pussy, nose pointed up towards her ass, which I grabbed, a cheek in each hand. I'd never licked her at all it in quite that way, the few times I'd done it, my nose was usually close to her clit, but surprisingly, it didn't smell... or rather, it did, but not like anything bad, it like really concentrated sweat, but my sister, even her sweat didn't smell bad, and with getting the taste of her wetness on my tongue made the sensation downright pleasant. And I enjoyed the feel of her trembling ass under my fingers while I licked.

My tongue ran up and down her slit, and then pushed the folds of her pussy apart and I licked from side to side. "Oh, fuck," she said softly after I'd been doing it for a while. "You're using super-speed, aren't you?"

I hadn't realized until she said it, but I was. My tongue was moving faster than usual, especially from side to side, with no muscle strain, and when I realized it, I moved it even faster, provoking a squeal from her. Yet, this time, I wasn't experiencing a perceptual slowdown. Maybe that kicked in only when I was going too fast to control myself, or maybe that part was just voluntary. My tongue roamed all over her, cunt, provoking panting, grunts, and most encouraging of all, she was pushing back into me, like she wanted more.

The thought of that made me hard, or rather, made my penis jerk and I realized that I'd never completely gone down after I came last. That had happened last time, too. Could I fuck her again? What if I came again, would I get even more powers? I couldn't seem to fly this time, maybe the powers were different each time.

More importantly, staring into my sister's quivering pussy as I made her gasp and grind into my face made me aroused. I'd said I'd eat her out, but I wanted to fuck, and it sure looked like she did too. I let go of her ass cheeks and stood up. "What's going on, why did you stop?"

"I'm not stopping," I said. "But this is more fun." More fun for me, anyway. I rubbed my dick briefly on her slick hole, and then pushed in.

"Are you ever going to finish what you start?" she asked, I guess referring to that I'd still never licked her to orgasm like I often said I would. "It was going so good." I guess a superfast tongue had its advantages. It was then I had my idea, the penis might not really be a love muscle, but muscles are involved. I wondered if I could twitch them at super speed, and then gave it a try. The response was pretty well immediate. "Oh god," she cried, far too loud for two people who weren't alone in the house. "It's like you're a living vibrator!"

"Shh," I said softly, worried my little sister might hear us from upstairs, even while the sound of an early-90s Zeppelin track audible down where we were proved Sally was playing her game with the volume way up. We were probably safe, and so I pumped my hips, driving myself into her, trying not to do THAT at super-speed, but I think I was going faster than normal, and harder, too. Tabby's hands steadied herself on the bed, but it felt like I was gaining ground, pushing her more and more forward and down into the bed.

The further I got into it, the harder it was to keep track of my speed. The instinct is always to go fast, and although I knew I was holding myself back, because the thought of giving her friction burns was always in the back of my mind, pretty soon I was thrusting as fast as humanly possible. My sister's ass was still up and proud, but now her face was buried in my bed, as she tried to muffle her own cries of "Oh god, oh god...."

Finally she closed her eyes tightly and squealed. I continued to pound into her, slowing to just about normal sex speed so I could enjoy the feeling of her pussy squeezing on me during her climax. When that stopped, I upped the pace again, and although there was a space of about a minute where she was pretty much just a passive hole, soon she was grunting and pushing back into me again.

She had her powers again, I could tell that when she turned her head to the side, spotted my pillow, and soon, it was surrounded with those little purple flames. A moment later, it was in front of my sister, and she used it to rest her head.

Good thing she did, too, because a few minutes later, she was burying her face in it to smother another scream as she climaxed again. At that moment, I felt my own orgasm approaching... I had the oddest certainty that I didn't have to cum, I could have stopped it and continued fucking her, but, who the fuck would do that? I let it happen, let the feeling overwhelm me, and squirted into her while she was still screaming into my pillow. I just groaned softly, feeling great, but also different. One difference was pretty evident... I'd slowed down, a lot. It wasn't tiredness, I just couldn't seem to push myself in and out with such repetitive speed any more. I tried to slow down time again, and instead found myself taking to the air. My dick slipped out of my sister, leaving a little trail of cum, and I toppled over her head, barely recovered and landed beside her, both of us breathing heavily.

"Wow," she said after a minute. "Okay, so, I'd call that a successful experiment." Another deep breath. "Was it just me, or was that way better? I mean, not just because you were doing that vibrator thing."

"It was pretty good, yeah." I have a slight talent for understatement. "And now we know how our powers work..."

"Yeah," my sister said, turning on her side and pulling her legs up on the bed while she looked at me. "Unprotected sex definitely charges us up."

"Not just that," I said. "I think we get different powers based on how we cum. You gave me a blowjob, and I got super-speed. When I came the second time, my speed was gone, and I could fly again."

Her eyes widened. "You didn't have super-speed the first time?" I shook my head. "Damn. I just got teleportation again." She grinned evilly. "You know what this means, don't you? You're going to have to eat me out, all the way, just to find out what we can do."

I smiled. "I think I can live with that. Not right now though, I don't exactly want to taste my own sperm."

"Oh, but it's okay for me to taste it..." she teased, then grew thoughtful. "I wonder if it's just us doing it together that does it, or if it's sex with anybody."

"It's definitely us," I said.

My sister looked at me, brow furrowing. "What did you do?" I grinned sheepishly. It was no big deal, but she sat up and actually looked angry. "What did you do?" she repeated, and so I told her.

It was my history class. We had a substitute, who decided that instead of teaching, he'd show a movie while doing a crossword puzzle. Movies were usually good, better than an actual lesson, but this particular movie, I'd seen so many times I could practically recite along with it. "Although the Cold War had its roots in post-World War II political maneuvering, many scholars believe that if not for the 1947 crashes, it could have been resolved diplomatically. However, Stalin panicked at the abilities of those who were modified by exposure to alien crash debris, as well as the new science being developed by American researchers such as Charles Core and his team researching the crash sites. His intelligence agencies were swiftly refocused on America in the hopes of acquiring some of this technology for himself."

I liked some of this stuff, but stock footage of Stalin and some of the early crash studies narrated by a guy who sounded like an accountant did not make for entertaining material. I looked beside me and saw my classmate Eva looking back at me. Eva's cute, not an utter fox like my sister, but sweet, with a nice round face and large doe-like eyes. She's Puerto Rican so she's got nicely bronzed skin, and a cute ass. If she had boobs she'd probably be a serious contender for being one of the hottest girls in school, but she's pretty much completely flat-chested, and is often actually mistaken for a Freshman. We sat near each other in a lot of our classes, and had an easy, friendly relationship. "I've seen this exact movie three times in the past two years," I whispered. Once here, once at my old school, and once on TV last June, during the last Crash Anniversary.

She grinned uneasily. "I know, it feels like I've seen it dozens of times."

"There's got to be something more fun we could be doing."

"Yeah, I'd almost prefer some makework assignment."

I shook my head. "You remember the part where I said fun, right?" That wasn't, but... I looked around the room, considering the idea that had just formed.

We were at the back, near the second door. The teacher was leaning back in his chair at the front, working on a handheld computer. For all I knew, he wasn't doing a puzzle, he was surfing porn. Meanwhile, the video droned on. "After failing repeatedly to bring alien secrets to Russia, an increasingly desperate Stalin decided on a different path... a dark path. Teams of soviet scientists began to continue research started by the Nazis, captured in the Russian invasion of Berlin, research previously ignored and dismissed. Stalin's program to investigate these occult phenomena in a systematic way expanded beyond what the Nazis themselves believed, looking into the legends and folktales of dozens of cultures and taking them seriously. It is known that over a three year period, millions died as human sacrifices in service to this early research, but for Stalin it was a grisly gamble that paid off... he uncovered secrets of magical ritual that remain mysteries even to this day. Most of the West, and even some of the Warsaw Pact, considered him a dangerous madman, but by the time anyone considered moving against him, Stalin transcended his mortality by transferring his consciousness into the ironwork creature known as the Man of Steel. He quickly reconsolidated his power and became a menace that held the world on the brink of destruction for decades."

The movie even made human sacrifices and magic and an eight-foot giant made of metal sound dull. And anyway, soon the documentary would take the focus off the magic and put it onto Stalin's political maneuverings, dull as dirt up until his beheading, and the class would be over before we got to that part. I turned to Eva and suggested, "Hey, let's duck out, walk the halls."

She seemed actually startled for a second. "What? We can't do that!"

"Sure we can. Nobody'll care. We got lunch next period anyway."

"But... the teacher..."

"Substitute. What's he care? He won't even notice if we were gone." She still seemed hesitant, so I gathered up my own books and said, "Okay, well, I'm going, you can come if you want." I crept out of my seat, keeping low and moving slow, and opened the door. A couple of the other students looked back, but nobody busted me.

At the last moment, Eva whispered, "Wait," grabbed her books and her bag, and ducked out with me. Outside, in the halls, I tried to look like I had every right to be there. Eva looked worried, like somebody who'd just done something wrong and was about to be busted. "We should go back," she said, checking behind her nervously. "What if we hit a hall monitor?"

"Relax. I was thinking I'd go off-campus for lunch. Wanna come?"

"We're not allowed to do that," she said. "Only seniors can do that."

"Man, Eva, I never realized you were such a... Disney Girl."

"I am not," she insisted indignantly. "I just don't want to get detention. I do have a life after school, you know."

"Nuh-uh, I'm not buying it. I used to think maybe you had some kind of edgy history, transferring here mid-year like we did. Like maybe you were kicked out of your old school. But you're just so... pure, it's almost cute."

"I'm hardly pure," she said. "You go straight home after school every day, so I've definitely got more edge than you."

"Prove it," I suggested, eyes dancing.


We crossed through a doorway into a stairwell. We were on the first floor, but the stairwell also contained a doorway to the outside. I directed her underneath the stairs, a little nook that was pretty obscured from view. "How about giving me a blowjob?"

Her eyes widened. "I can't do that."

"Yeah, just like I thought. Too pure. Okay, maybe you should go back to class. Next time I'm in the mood to break some rules, I promise I won't drag you along, Disney Girl. I'm going to have to start calling you Snow White. Is there a Latina Snow White?"

"This isn't really a fair test, you just want a blowjob."

"Well, yeah, I do, but that doesn't mean it's not a fair test. Just as daring for me as it is you."

"But it's illegal!"

"For me and you both... anyway, they only prosecute if one person's an adult or Spore Babies are involved. And only if they get caught... come on, there's a good twenty-minutes before class is over, nobody's going to catch us, if you do it right." I shrugged when she didn't answer right away, and started to take a step past her, out from under the stairs.

She put up a hand to stop me and looked around nervously. "If I do, you gotta promise nobody finds out, ever..."

My eyes lit up. I didn't really expect her to do it... I hoped, but really I thought it would just give me something to tease her with in the weeks to come. "Sure."

She bent down and undid my zipper, and took my already rigid dick in her mouth. She was quick and efficient, and seemed like she'd done it before, which surprised me a little. I really did think she was a Disney Girl. But I don't think Disney Girls suck cock like that... she was going down all the way, and using her tongue even more than my sister. It seemed like she was trying to get it done as quickly as possible. I did my best to help it along, imagining fucking her, imagining my sister, imagining the risk of getting caught. Soon, the orgasm came over me and I squirted in her mouth. It was great, but it was just a dribble, which she swallowed expertly. It was fun watching her gulp down my seed, but it's nothing compared to developing powers.

After she'd swallowed the entire load, she pulled off, made a face, and wiped her lip with her hand. "I can't believe I just did that."

"Yeah, me neither. I can't wait to tell my friends." She hit me then, with surprising force, and her face turned into a scowl. I grinned. "Ow, I'm kidding, okay? Who am I going to tell?"

As it turned out, I was going to tell my sister later that day. She had to know, not that I was having some kind of sexual contact with another girl, that wasn't her business, but how it related to our newly-discovered powers. She didn't take it well. "I can't believe you did that," she grumbled angrily, pulling her pants up. She quickly put her bra back on, and it looked like she was ready to storm out at any minute. "And with Eva?"

"What's the big deal?" I asked. "You're the one who said we had to experiment. I just proved a theory. What's the matter, jealous?"

She stared at me, stopped in mid-motion of pulling her shirt over her head, before she completed it, putting her head through the hole. "No, of course not. But how can you be so irresponsible? You could have blown our secret."

"No I wouldn't have, I didn't plan on giving her an orgasm, so only I could have gotten powers. Seriously, I didn't think you'd be this mad. Is it because she's a friend of yours too?"

"She's not a friend of mine," Tabby insisted, still a little pissed, and then relented. "I mean, I guess she's always been nice to me, and we sit together at lunch, but that's just because we were all newbies at school." She took a deep breath and let it out as a sigh, as though trying to visibly let go of her anger. "So, what, are you two boyfriend and girlfriend now?"

"Nah," I said, and she seemed to relax. "She's nice enough, but not really my type. No sparks... and no boobs, either. All it was, was an experiment."

"Good, because she's kind of a slut."

"Really? She doesn't really seem like one."

"She tells me things she wouldn't tell you. Girl talk. She's practically the school mattress already. You'd probably get a disease or something if you fucked her, and then you might give it to me."

"Well, no risk there," I said. "If we're Powered, we're probably immune to diseases." It was one of the standard benefits, if you get any kind of super-durability, even temporarily, your immune system usually gets super-charged and gets rid of anything in your system. Even if she had infected me with something, it was probably gone now. "At least it's good to hear she's probably not into anything serious. I thought I might have to tell HER that we weren't going out."

She looked horrified. "What, she doesn't already know?"

I shrugged, a little uncomfortable. "We never really discussed it."

"I can't believe you. So, you'd just use for a quick blowjob and don't even care that she might think it was something more?" She shook her head.

I was puzzled. "Wait, are you pissed off because I shouldn't be messing around with sluts like her, or because I shouldn't be using her for sex and not caring about her feelings?"

"I don't know," she snapped. "Both, I guess. I'm really disappointed in you, Alex. I thought you were better than that."

Ouch. "I'm sorry, Tabby. You're right, I should have handled it better. I was just so excited about the powers thing, I didn't really think... I guess if we are going to be heroes, I'm going to have to start behaving better, huh?"

"You think?"

"Sorry. I wouldn't have done it if I knew it was going to bother you. I honestly didn't think you'd care this much."

She sighed. "I guess I overreacted a bit. It's just, the thought of you and her..." She shuddered, then shook her head. "It's like you said, it's cause she's kind of my friend too, it would get sort of weird... on so many levels. Can you just not date anyone I know?"

"Like I said, we're not dating. But I will do my best to be sensitive, let her down easy."

"And no more random hookups? It'd only jerk her around."

"Nah," I said. "Besides... if we're going to be superheroes, powered by incest, I doubt I'll have the energy for anyone else for a while..." I paused, and looked at her. "That is, if you still want to do it..."

She thawed a bit, the ghost of a smile. "I guess we might as well give it a try."

The End
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