Author: AnonyMPC

Title: Relatively Powered #2: "The Second Issue"

Summary: Two wannabe superheroes, a brother and sister, powered by incest! Their first night out on patrol nearly goes fatally wrong as they underestimate some petty criminals...

Keywords: mf, inc, cons, superhero, scfi

Previously, in Relatively Powered: Alex and Tabby are two not-so-ordinary teen siblings. Not only are they in witness protection because supervillains want their dad, but they've also been becoming far closer than siblings should be... sexually close. But when they discover that acts of unprotected incest give them superpowers, their whole lives change.

Relatively Powered by AnonyMPC (mf, inc, cons, superhero, scfi)

#2: "The Second Issue" (no additional story codes)

There are a number of issues people have to face when they start to go down the road that leads to being a superhero. The first one that confronted my sister and I was our powers themselves. I mean, discovering that incestuous acts gave us a variety of super powers was certainly a big deal, although it probably would have been a bigger stumbling block if we weren't already closer than we should be. After we figured out exactly how they worked, it didn't take long to decide to take the plunge and make ourselves into the kind of costumed heroes that make all the headlines.

Once we realized we could, and we made the decision that we would, we faced our second big issue... the learning curve. Sure, everybody who dreams of being Powered imagines themselves like Ninja Gecko, or the National Guardian, able to handle street-level crime with ease and only breaking a sweat when facing other Powered foes.

But most of those other heroes have decades of experience, and I might have grown up watching their exploits, and the reality is, things are a lot harder. Even petty criminals can be dangerous. We learned that on our first night out, what was supposed to be our test run.

It was supposed to be completely safe. Instead, that night was my very first OSWF ("Oh Shit, We're Fucked!") moment as a hero, and that moment is etched permanently in my memory. Me, lying on the dirty floor of a drug house, my body wracked with pain, while my sister Tabitha stood nearby, terrified. "Obviously, you're new at this," a disembodied voice said. It wasn't one of the two thugs in the room, each holding weapons, nor the passed out junkie lying nearby on a couch, it was just a voice on a speaker. I'll also remember the sound of that voice my whole life, not because there was anything unusual about it, but because of what it said next. "Since your partner seems to be out of commission, I guess I'll have to deal with the sidekick. Now Tabby... your name is Tabby, isn't it? Short for Tabitha, I'd imagine? I'm sure it's been fun playing hero, but let's deal with reality."

"Oh Shit, We're Fucked," I thought, through the pain. "And it's all my fault." If I'd been a little smarter, a little faster, a little more prepared, we wouldn't have been facing utter disaster on our first night. If I'd known we'd end up like this, I would have never suggested this.

But of course we hadn't known, and nearly everything leading up to that moment seemed to be going great, starting with about a half hour after our official bedtime...


I was lying in bed, wearing just boxers, but I was far from asleep... I was waiting. I knew my wait was over when I heard soft footfalls coming down the stairs. I stood up and reached the door right as I heard the tentative knocking. On the other side was my sister Tabitha, wearing black, like I'd suggested... a sweater and jeans. "You're late," I said.

"Every time I got to the stairs I thought I heard a noise and went back to my room. Too bad I'm out of juice or I could just 'port here."

I closed the door behind her, and gave my sister the once-over. Even in a sweater and jeans she was hot... of course, both were tight, clinging to her trim, athletic body and showing off her form. It was a great form, a flat belly, tits that were a perfect size for squeezing, and an ass that you could bounce coins off of. I watched that ass sway casually as she walked into my room, towards my bed.

"Did you turn off the intercom? To make sure Mom and Dad don't hear?" My parents sleep in a soundproofed room, to protect our supposedly innocent minds from their frequent and very loud lovemaking, but they keep a one-way intercom open, so they can still hear what's going on in the house. Nothing creepy, they're not spying on us, but if somebody tried to break into the house, or one of us screamed out or something, they want to be able to hear it. The only worry is, in the middle of the night, with no other sounds around, there was a chance they might be able to hear Tabby and I. Luckily, the intercom turns off pretty easily from the outside.

She nodded. "Yeah, on my way down. That was the scariest part."

"Don't worry, the scary part is over. Next up is the fun part." Fun for me, especially.

She leaned up against one of my shelves, facing my bed. "I can't believe we have to do this every time."

I sat down on the bed itself. "What, you don't like it?" The idea saddened me... I'm a big pervert but not enough of a pig that I'd want to do this if Tabby didn't. The thought that she was getting off on this as much as I was carried an erotic charge of its own, beyond the mere act of sex itself.

"I didn't say that... it's just... weird. I mean, we are brother and sister."

My heart sank a little. I was dreading this, the time when Tabby might finally decide to end it. I just didn't expect it so suddenly... before we even started being heroes. "We were pretty well doing it even before the powers," I pointed out, hoping it wasn't what I feared. Why would she come down here if she was going to have second thoughts at the last minute?

"Pretty well, not completely... and every once in a while, not practically every day... at least we're going to have to if we're going to be heroes." I relaxed a little. Tabby had done this before... expressed some kind of concern that what we were doing wasn't right, but then went along with it anyway. It freaked me out every time.

"I'd want to do it this often even if we didn't get powers," I admitted. Normally, I liked to play my interest a little cooler, but if we were going to be fucking all the time, I could afford to be honest. "But if this weirds you out too much, we can do this another night..."

She looked like she was actually thinking about it for a moment, which freaked me out all over again, but then said, "I didn't say that. I just wonder sometimes..." She shook her head, and said. "Never mind." Before I could suggest she go ahead with whatever she was going to say, she pulled her shirt over her head, and her breasts, uncovered by any bra, popped free, and I lost track of what she was saying. My sister's body has that effect on me... I guess it's not just my sister's; I'm a guy, boobs make me stupid. But my sister's is an exceptionally fine example of the female body, with pert softball-sized breasts and a clear pink nipple. Her pants dropped next, and the sight of her long, lean legs was almost as alluring, although my eyes were more drawn to the mound at the front of her cotton panties. I knew what the fabric concealed, I could practically draw it from memory, and yet I stared all the same.

I pulled my erect dick over the tip of my boxers, stroked the shaft once, and, with a smirk, asked my sister, "Ready to hop aboard the Heromaker?" I'd been waiting hours to use that line. I came up with it in gym.

"You're such a dork sometimes," she said as she stepped out of her panties, but with a wide smile, showing teeth, so I didn't take it seriously or take any offense. I especially wasn't offended when she climbed onto the bed on her spread-apart knees, straddling my thighs. By the time she'd shuffled up to where she could sink down on my cock, I realized that if that's how she treated dorks, it was practically a compliment.

I held my cock in position, and she lowered herself to where I could rub up against her labia with the glans. I did so a few times, both to savor the anticipation, and also to gather some wetness. The head of my dick was pretty much nestled in her hole, just kissed by those lips, but firmly enough that there was no fear of it dropping down when I took my hand away... so I grabbed my sister by the hips and encouraged her to make the act complete.

It didn't take a lot of effort, just a little nudge convinced her to drop down and let my rod pry her apart, and she slid all the way down... like she was sitting on my lap, except I was inside her, and her boobs were in my face. Not that any of that made me unhappy.

"Let's do this quick," she suggested. "I want to be able to teleport back to my room if anybody hears us."

We rocked together intently but very quietly, both of us very conscious of how quiet the house was with everybody in it asleep. We wanted to make noise... at least, I did, and I know my sister was usually louder, but we had to hold it in, which kind of made everything even hotter. It wasn't just taboo, with a lot of potential to get caught, but it was like we had to fight against our own bodies that wanted to betray us. Not just our bodies either; the bed was shaking back and forth with our motion... normally, it would fade into the background noise of the house, but now it sounded like the only sound in the world.

Tabby had said to do this quick, so I made that my goal. One of the hidden benefits of our powers is that, after I cum, in my sister at least, I can keep going. With that being the case, I don't have to try and hold back and make it last. It's strange, because the instinct is still to moderate my pleasure and hold out as long as I can, before I remember that even if I cum, the pleasure won't end. So, within a minute or two, I let myself go, losing myself in my sister's cunt, and the warmth of her embrace, and the smell of her body, and pretty quickly I reached my climax, squirting what felt like a huge load of my seed all the way inside her. We slowed only a little after that, even though I was still rock hard and energized like never before, and then we resumed. Or rather, she did... in my climax I fell backwards, laying on my back and just enjoying the tingling that spread from my cock all over my body and never quite left...

That energized feeling was the now tell-tale sign that I had my powers, so I activated them and rose us in the air, realizing as I did that I must have done the same thing accidentally, that first time I got Powered... but we were a little busy at the time and didn't notice. This time, she noticed. "What are you doing?" she asked, as her movements slowed to a stop.

"It's quieter this way," I said. "No squeaking of the bedsprings." Or knocking of the bedposts against the wall. But the sound was only a side-benefit. The truth was, I still wasn't used to having powers and loved using them every chance I could get. Part of me was afraid I wouldn't get them at all.

"Oh," she said. "But what am I supposed to bounce against?"

I looked down, saw her point. Her legs dangled down... normally she'd heave up against the bed in order to rise up and then gravity would let her sink back on to me. The first time, when we did it accidentally, she was in a different position where that wasn't a problem. But I never liked admitting I was wrong. "Use your imagination," I teased. "Work some different muscles." Finally, I relented, and my hands slid around her waist. "Or I guess I could do it."

She grunted a little. "Except I like this position cause I get to be in control." I hadn't realized that. I liked it because she did most of the work, but I didn't really think she liked it much. She considered the dilemma for half a moment, and then leaned forward on me, placing her hands on my chest, almost like she was doing pushups on me, or badly performing CPR. In this way, as well as using her upper thighs against my body, she was able to thrust herself upwards a little. It was a little aggressive, although my Powered form wasn't at all hurt. In fact I kind of liked it... it was like she wanted to fuck me so bad she was willing to go to these lengths.

Still, it was a bit of an awkward, inefficient movement, and I could tell she was tiring, so I began to help, holding her by hips and heaving her upwards in time to her motion, trying to keep giving her the feeling of being in control.

Before long, I couldn't tell where her motions ended and my helping began, it was like we were perfectly in synch, and her moans got louder and I started to worry again about the noise. One of my hands flew up to her mouth and covered it. "Shh..." I said, and instead my fingers slipped into her mouth and she locked her lips around it like it was my cock, except she bit down a little, too. Luckily, with my super-durability, it didn't hurt, and it did help shut her up. She must have been doing that deliberately, like using me as a human gag, something to concentrate on to make sure her mouth stayed closed, and it worked. The sounds she was making were muffled almost completely... loud enough for me to hear, but I no longer had to fear our little sister waking up in the middle of the night hearing sex sounds.

I heard, and felt through my fingers, a last moan, and the rhythmic clenching of her pussy as she had her orgasm. She slowed until she stopped moving, like she was just sitting on my crotch, floating in mid-air.

"You got powers?" I asked.

"Uh-huh," she said dreamily.

My cock was still inside of her, still hard. I almost hated to leave... but I did, pulling out and landing us back on the bed in one motion. "Great... then as soon as we get dressed up for patrol, you can take us to Crash City."


Crash City may be the place most of the well-known Powereds cluster, and there may be enough crime that there's a whole section for it in the Tribune, but that didn't mean it was easy to find. An hour into our first patrol, we still hadn't so much as heard a car alarm go off, and I was starting to get antsy. "Boring," I said, sitting on a rooftop. "Wanna take a break? It's been months since I had a real Crash City hotdog."

"I don't have any money."

"Me neither." I'd left my wallet deliberately... didn't want any chance of losing it and blowing my ID. I should have remembered to take some cash out though and stuff it in a pocket. "Maybe you could teleport a couple..."

She glared at me. "We're supposed to be fighting crime, not engaging in it..."

"It's for the greater good!" But I could tell she wasn't into that... my sister always was a bit of a goody two-shoes, aside from sexually. It sounds odd, but in some ways I envied her for it... I wished I could be that sure that doing the right thing all the time mattered. "Anyway, I was kidding. But I am getting bored." I sighed dramatically. "I'm starting to think maybe we should try another city. New York and Detroit both have higher crime rates."

"Except we can't go to them. I can only teleport places I've been, or that are close enough to see in person." She shrugged. "Besides, I kind of want to stick to Crash City. Home turf, you know? And besides..." she trailed off.


"I was just thinking... you know the people who're after Dad?" They were part of the reason we were doing this, especially Tabby. I'd do it regardless, but the hope we could smash them down and be able to come out of hiding was certainly extra incentive. "What do you think the odds are that we'll stumble onto them the first night and not even know it?"

"Almost none. I mean, they may be involved somewhere up the line, but they're into supervillain shit... and if we even run into a supervillain, we run, got it? This is our first night, we don't want to get too crazy."

"I guess. So what if we run into a hero?"

I grinned, imaging it. Us, running across one of the big heroes. At least, I hoped it would be one of the big heroes. "I don't know, introduce ourselves, ask for tips?"

"We haven't even decided on names yet. I mean, our powers are so varied... I was thinking of naming myself Roulette... you know, like they never know what kind of powers they're going to get?"

"One of three power sets," I said. That we'd discovered so far, anyway. "So it's not so much Roulette as Three-Card Monte, and you don't look like a Monty. There's already a Roulette, though. Spore Baby."

"Oh... damn it. Every good name's already taken."

"Making a name based on your powers is dumb anyway. It gives your opponents an advantage. You should go with something that's going to sound cool but doesn't give anything away... but I have to admit, I'm coming up blank for myself, too." Plenty of names, but none I could see calling myself for the long haul. "Maybe if we do meet some heroes, we should ask for suggestions."

"So do you think we might? Meet a famous hero tonight, I mean?"

"I don't know, it's a big city, and a lot of heroes don't get involved unless there's a supervillain. Maybe, though. Why, you got one in mind?"

"No, just... what do we tell them about what we are? We don't even know where our powers come from."

"Right now I'm more worried that they'll think we're villains." I pulled the balaclava mask that had been rolled up like a hat, down to cover my face. "Dressed like this, we look like small-time crooks. We really need to invest in some real costumes... Corewear, preferably, but that shit can gets pricy." I was worried we might have to settle for Spandex. "As for our powers... they'll probably just assume we're Spore Kids," I said.

Her gaze jerked towards me. "We're not, right?"

"No, I told you," I said, turning the mask back into a hat. It got hot under there, particularly in the spring.

She turned away from me to look down the street at the opposite side of the building. "Good. I mean, I'm not prejudiced or anything, but you've got to agree, it would suck if we could never legally have sex."

"In case you hadn't noticed, brothers and sisters can't legally have sex."

I couldn't see her face, but I figured from her posture and her voice that she was rolling her eyes. "That's different, I meant it would suck if we individually couldn't ever legally have sex with anybody. Not together. I mean, we might need to do it to get powers, but it's not like we're going to marry each other." She turned back to me. "Right?"

"Right," I said. In some ways I thought it was a shame, but that was a silly, slightly disturbing thought. So I changed the subject. "Though it might be fun to check out Neverland Camp, I hear anything goes with the Spore Kids there, law or no law." I grinned, but she didn't share the mood, so I sobered up and reassured her. "I checked my cum under a microscope. There are no spore fragments." The memory reminded me of something, and my grin returned, a little weaker. "Oh, I also found out something else..." she waited, and I continued. "I think if we masturbate it shuts off our powers." That's what happened to me. I had to rub one out to put my spunk on the slide, and it seemed my residual powers from earlier in the day faded right when I did.

"Oh," she said, distinctly not impressed. "I, uh, already figured that out the second day we had powers. I guess I just forgot to tell you."

She seemed to be blushing a little. It was hard to tell by moonlight at that distance, but the suspicion sparked a desire to tease her a little. "Oh, you did, huh? So, even after I made you cum three times to power you up in different ways, something got you all hot again and ready to fingerbang yourself? What was it?"

"Nothing," she said curtly. "I just wanted to get to sleep. Being Powered is like being on a never ending sugar buzz."

"Yeah, but it means we can be heroes all night and still be fresh in the morning."

"There is that." She looked out over the streets, using the little pair of hand-held binoculars I found in my room. I'd had them for years, since we lived in a high apartment. "Though all this energy's useless if we don't find anything to do. Why is there never a fire around when you need one?" Before I could think up a smart-ass answer to her rhetorical question, she changed topics, "I think we should say we get our powers from magic. If we have to tell anybody."

"They'll just think we're lying to avoid being called Sporks, you know..." I sighed though, and gave up. "Fine, we'll say it's a secret magic ritual that gives us our powers. It's almost true." A faint smile appeared on her face. "See any crime yet?"

"No." She let loose a little groan of frustration and passed the binoculars to me. "How do heroes do this?"

"They have shit like police scanners and news tip-offs and crowd-sourced crime reports. We need to get some of that, too." I should have thought of that, planned ahead, but I was so excited when Tabby agreed to go on a test patrol, nothing else occurred to me. I looked through the binoculars again and didn't see anything worth my attention. "I'd even settle for a mugging. There's like, no decent crime out. Well, prostitutes, but it doesn't seem right to hassle them, they've got enough issues."

"We could tackle the pimps," Tabitha suggested. "Human trafficking is a big issue, a lot of these girls are pretty well forced into it."

"Maybe," I said. "But how do we know which?" I turned my gaze down the street, and saw another minor crime I normally wouldn't feel inspired to stop or even mention, but I was getting bored and antsy. "Drug dealer, if you want to go after low-hanging fruit. Or prosecute crimes of fashion."

"Where?" I pointed and handed over the binoculars, and she looked. He was a white guy with long dark hair, under a bandana, and a Vandyke beard, but dressed fairly well. The bandana matched his suit, a douchebag fad I thought was over with. When she saw him, Tabby's face suddenly turned grim, and she said, "Let's get him."

"I was kidding," I said. "I mean, he's pretty small time." I always considered drug dealing to be almost a victimless crime. Sure, sometimes dealers were really bad guys who committed murder and other shit to expand their territory, but what did I care if somebody wanted to buy mood-altering substances that happened to be illegal, and somebody else wanted to supply them?

"I know him," my sister said, surprising me. "He's scum."

I took another look, didn't recognize him. "From where?" If she really did know him, it was even more reason to stay out of it. If our identities were blown, not only was the hero game over, the people after Dad would know we were alive.

"You remember my friend Janine? Back when we lived here?"

"Sort of."

"This guy got her hooked on meth. Acted like he was her boyfriend, then got her doing all sorts of other things, skipping school, stealing... even doing other guys. She ran away twice before her parents sent her away to live with her grandparents in Arizona, and last I heard she ran away from there, too." Her whole body was tense, and one hand was balled into a fist. "It was all his fault."

"Do you know him? Because if he recognizes you..."

"He won't. I never talked to him directly or anything. Besides...." She tugged at her mask, before continuing, "That's what these are for, right?"

"So what do you want to do?" I asked. "If we turn him over to the cops, we're going to need evidence."

She thought about that, continuing to watch him with his binoculars then smiled, a mean little smile that was a little unusual for her. "He's gotta have a supplier, a boss, right? We grab him, try to get him to give up the bigger fish, then I teleport him into a police station... I'm sure he's got enough on him to get a possession charge."

"It'd never stick, he could just claim you teleported it on him."

She glared at me fiercely enough that I shrunk back. Tabby never liked me pointing out flaws in her plan, and usually it was her that did it for me. "Well, we have to do something. We're supposed to practice, right?"

"Okay," I agreed quickly. "If nothing else, it'll throw some fear into him."

We followed him for a short time, just until he was out of sight of whoever bought from him and it looked like the street was clear, and then I pulled my balaclava down over my face. "Okay, grab him."

Tabby, already masked, wiggled her fingers down in his direction, and we could see the purple light start to surround him... but unfortunately, so could he. "What the...?" He hopped to the side. The streams of light broke up, faded.

"You didn't get him," I pointed out.

"He moved," she said defensively, and then, as I watched, the lights started to appear again... to the same result, except this time, he didn't stop a few feet away, he started running. There was one more burst of light, but it lasted just long enough to see, the moment the dealer broke away, it faded.

"Damn it," she spat out, tears in her eyes. "Every time he moves I have to start again! I can't even grab a moving target!" We'd experimented a little with her powers, but it was mostly about range and how much memory of a place she needed to teleport to it... we never tried grabbing moving targets. "I'm going to be totally useless!"

"Maybe you just need practice," I said, putting one hand on her arm. "Remember Chromatic Chick? At first all she could do was change color, now she turns virtually invisible, can blind people, and even do lasers. You'll get better. I'll let you practice on me now, if you want." It would give us something to do.

"But he's getting away..." she whined.

I shrugged. "Okay, I'll go grab him and fly him up."

I rose a few feet in the air, but she grabbed me by my sleeve and pulled me back down. "No. I've got to pull my own weight if we're going to do this."

"You already do plenty... I mean, without you I'd have to fly here. It's not like there's any decent crime in Cleveland." Well, there was plenty of normal crime, but I'd never get a chance to meet anybody cool aside from the occasional roving Spore Kid. "Even if that's all you do..." If nothing else, it would keep her safe.

"I'm not just going to be your taxi service." She frowned. "We'll do it the smart way. We'll follow him. See where he's going. Maybe he'll lead us to a meth lab or something. It's probably a better idea than grabbing him, anyway."

I agreed, and for the next half hour or so Tabby got to practice her teleportation power... by teleporting the two of us from building top to building top, just enough to stay ahead of our target. The first block or so he was walking to his car, and after that it was a bit dizzying. Tabby must have known where she was going, but I didn't, so every time we appeared in a new place I couldn't help but try to figure out where we were, what direction we were facing compared to where we were before. It's doesn't make you physically nauseous, but it's very disorienting... one or two jumps isn't bad, but the human brain just doesn't expect you to be in different places every few seconds.

Finally, we ended up on the roof of a closed fast food place overlooking a small tenement. It took me a few seconds to find him, but the dealer got out of his car and was headed for the door inside. "We going after him?"

"Not yet," she said. "Just wait."

We waited. Finally, I said, "I think we lost him." There were probably multiple apartments in that place.

"Shh," she said. "We haven't lost him. He's on the third floor. There's two, maybe three other people inside. The building's mostly empty otherwise, I think..."

"How do you know?"

"That thing you talked about... the spatial awareness sense. It's like I start to try and teleport but don't go all the way, and I know what's going on in the area. But it's hard to do for very long... kind of like holding off an orgasm."

I scoffed. "Why would anybody hold off an orgasm?" It was a joke, though... I'd done the same thing before we were Powered, wanting the experience to last longer. "What's it like, anyway, what do you see?" I could tell from the way she described it that it wasn't as clear as a video.

She thought about it. "It's hard to explain. It's a little like... you remember the Predator movies? You know, the ones where a Greyman comes to Earth in a battlesuit to hunt people for sport?"

"Yeah, I hear they're setting the next one in Neverland, and one of the Greymen're hunting Spore Kids. Alyssa Milano's supposed to be in talks to play herself."

She ignored me... I guess I was kind of drifting off topic. "Well, it's sort of like when he uses his penetration vision, except I'm looking at it from all around. Everything's a bit blurry, but I can tell empty space from not-empty space, and things that are moving stand out like colors... except not really colors." She shrugged. "How do you explain sound to a deaf person?"

"Shout really loud?"

She tried to suppress a smile, but I saw anyway. "Shut up, dork."

"Okay, so, teleport us inside."

"No. I'm not going to be much good in there."

"Right. Teleport me inside."

"No." I looked at her. "We'll go in together, but I want a different power." Her fingers played at the button of her jeans, undid them, and I saw a flash of white panty.

My eyes widened. "Now?"

"Can you think of a better time?"

While we weren't out in public, maybe. And it wasn't just that, there were practical matters. "How are we going to get home?"

"You can do me again after we're done," she said. She pulled her pants and panties down partway, down to her thigh.

I pulled off my gloves. We'd worn them mostly so we wouldn't leave fingerprints anywhere. "So, do you want me to finger you, or..."

She shook her head. "Your tongue's got the power I want..."

"We could try anal?" I suggested hopefully. "Maybe you'll get something really cool."

"No way. You might get a new power out of it, but that won't make ME cum." So far I hadn't convinced her to try it... she was scared, and maybe a little jealous. She already felt it was terribly unfair, we get powers based on how we cum, and while there are plenty of ways she could potentially make me cum, there were only a few I could get her off. "I know you don't like it, but..."

Her pussy was visible and I couldn't help but stare at it. "I don't dislike it," I said.

"Yeah, right."

"No, it's true... I just... like other stuff more." But she wanted my tongue, so I might as well get to work. I knelt down and got close, so close I couldn't really see what I was doing, not by cloud-covered moonlight. My own head provided too much shadow, but even in the dark I could know where I was by feel and scent. The scent only told me I was in the general right place, in more ways than one. It's somehow both intense and subtle, like being in a bakery... it doesn't smell like bread, more like sour apple, or light vinegar, but it's bakery-like in that it's got that same sensation of a light, pleasant smell that's just on the verge of completely overwhelming.

My lips touched her mound and brushed against the fine feather of her pubic hair, meaning I'd aimed a little high, but also telling me where to go...downward. I felt the cleft of her slit, and began kissing the edge, and then stuck my tongue in cautiously. I'd fucked her earlier that night, and came inside her of course, and so I was expecting to face the unpleasant taste of my own semen, but if it was still there, it wasn't strong enough to register.

That just increased my comfort level, and I went all in, burying my tongue in her hole and my nose nuzzling up against her clit, and I heard my sister's breath catch. My tongue wriggled furiously inside her and, although not as quickly as when I had super-speed, she seemed to like it almost as much.

I drew back a little, getting just enough light to see by, as the moon had come out from behind a gap in the clouds, then brought up my hands to her mound and used it to pull her pussy upwards and spread apart the labia. I pressed my mouth back in and licked the sides, inside, heading up towards her clit.

"Yeah, keep going," Tabby said.

Gradually I started paying more attention to the little nub itself, kissing it, sucking on it gently, and without even thinking about I stuck one of my fingers inside her hole, sawing it in and out like a small penis while I lapped up the bottom of her clit.

Tabby said through ragged breaths, "Your fingers."


"Remember what power you're giving me..."

"Oh, right..." I said. I let the finger slip out, then wondered briefly what would happen if I didn't. "Maybe we should try it?" I said, kissed her clit, and continued, "Maybe you'd get both. Or a completely new power."

"Next time," she said. Her voice was sharper than usual, like there was a little bit of a whine in it. "I'm close... just keep doing what you're doing."

I left my fingers out of the equation and worked my tongue madly, until she started high pitched short moans, almost like she was gulping for air and making sound while she was done it. The yelps got louder, like she was making up for having to be quiet earlier in the night, and finally became a loud cry that echoed into the night as her pussy mashed itself into my face.

Her climax done, Tabby started breathing more deeply, like she'd just run a race, and I pulled away and looked around nervously. We were out in public, albeit in an out of the way spot. Had anyone heard us? Probably... but as long as they hadn't seen, I didn't care. It was even a little exciting.

Nobody seemed to be around, or obviously peering out of their windows, so I looked back at my sister and consciously willed down my erection. "You all Powered up?"

She flexed her hand into a fist, and smashed it down on the ledge. It bounced off with a clap, like stone landing on stone, with just a layer of glove-material in between. At least I wouldn't have to worry about her as much. She hit again, but this time, her hand went through the stone like it was a ghost... the glove, however, remained behind. "Yup, it's all there."

"Just don't go walking through any walls," I reminded her. Whatever she did, it extended a little past her body, but most clothes reacted like the glove. The only thing that came through on our earlier tests were her tight panties, and an old shirt so tight you could see her nipples through it. "The sweater's probably too big to come along. I mean, normally I'm thrilled to see you lose your clothes, but today..."

"Don't worry," she said as she retrieved her glove and put it back on. "I'll stick to being rock-hard."

We went over a few plans for our approach, and then, in our naivety decided that because these were 'just' drug dealers, we were probably over-planning, so we agreed to just go for broke and do it. I carried her over the intervening distance, in my arms, and we landed on their fire escape. My heart was pounding with excitement. We'd fought criminals once before, but that was accidental... this time we were deliberately going to bust some heads. It was about to be our first hero moment.

Through the grit-speckled window, we could see the guy we followed, talking to another guy with shorter hair, a beard that was more scraggly and less shapely, and dark glasses, which looked kind of stupid indoors. There was also a girl, sitting on the floor, the top of her head visible behind the arm of a couch, and somebody who looked thin and tweaky, like a junkie, passed out on a couch.

I looked to my sister to confirm she was ready, and on her nod, I burst through the window. "...the fuck!?" Sunglasses said, and got up to get a gun. "Whoever you are..." he shrugged and decided it wasn't even worth finishing the thought, he just started firing. There wasn't much sound, just a plink-plink, and I could see that they had hi-tech noise-cancellers on the end of their guns. Illegal, but I guess if you're already selling drugs, cancellers aren't going to worry you... you want something that won't bring bored heroes out on patrol, like us, running.

It might seem a little silly to be thinking about the logic of cancellers when somebody's shooting at you, but, luckily, I'm bulletproof. I stood and took several bullets, extending a sudden worried glance back to Tabby, climbing through the wrecked window behind me. We'd assumed she was also bulletproof when she went rock hard... we'd done a few tests, when we discovered that power, but none of the tests actually used bullets, and all of them suffered from one fatal flaw. I didn't really want to hurt her, so I was probably holding back. At the time we seemed sure enough, but in the moment of truth, I worried. I made a conscious decision to step in front of the bullets, so she wouldn't get hit.

The girl, the one who was in the corner, crawled on her hands and knees, scurrying towards the door. Her head turned towards me, and I saw for the first time, she was about our age... maybe closer to Tabby's than mine. She had some kind of stain on her face, whitish, and I didn't know if it was drugs or cum, but I didn't get a long time to look. Once she was near enough to the door, she rose to a crouch, grabbed the handle, and then broke into a run.

I let her go, still calmly deflecting bullets off my nearly invulnerable body... they hurt, but not enough to worry about, and acting like they didn't bother me at all was more intimidating. "You guys might as well give up," I suggested, trying to make my voice as deep as possible. "You've been messing up kids for long enough. It's time somebody shut you down." I was going to have to practice on my hero-patter, too.

"I told you," cried the dealer we'd been following. "I told you Powers were on to me..." He looked nervously towards the door the girl fled through, saw it was open, and started backwards-walking in that direction.

Tabby noticed it too. "Don't let anyone get away," she said.

I didn't think she meant the girl who was long gone, but the Dealer looked like he was turning to make a full-fledged run for the door, so I pre-empted him. "Don't worry, Tabby, I got him." I didn't even think about it, using her name, all I thought about was getting to the door, and it just slipped out. I flew there in an eyeblink, slamming the door shut and landing on the ground. "Not so fast," I said. There was a smug grin on my face, but you couldn't see it through the mask.

"He's in front of the door," Sunglasses said. I thought that was a very odd thing to say at the time, but seconds later I figured out why. I glanced down and saw the metal grating and had an instant where I knew what was going to happen before it happened to me, but I didn't have the presence of mind to move in that time.

And then, all of a sudden, I couldn't. If felt like some huge force was shaking me all over... it even had a sound. Tabby later told me she didn't hear anything, but to me it was like somebody was chainsawing a log right by my ear. My muscles all twitched and I fell over, and then if anything it seemed to get worse. There was pain, yeah, far worse than the bullet impacts, but if it was just that I could have pressed on through it... the main worry was the loss of control, and I was terrified.

"Obviously, you're new at this," a disembodied voice said. "Since your partner seems to be out of commission, I guess I'll have to deal with the sidekick. Now Tabby... your name is Tabby, isn't it? Short for Tabitha, I'd imagine? I'm sure it's fun to play hero, but let's deal with reality."

That was my "Oh Shit, We're Fucked!" moment. I was super strong and invulnerable, but I was down. I couldn't fly, I couldn't even deliberately move, I was just in pain and barely able to function... and worst of all, I'd left my sister on her own to deal with this.

"What did you do to him?" Tabby cried.

"Electricity. It flows through everything, and right now it's flowing through your friend there. Maybe his muscles are super-strong, but they still depend on electric signals to tell them when to contract. He'll probably survive the experience much longer than a baseline human would, but... not forever." It's one of the standard methods of dealing with the Powered... not foolproof, by any means, plenty of them were immune to it, particularly if they had energy manipulation powers, or telekinetic shields, but it was a starting point. I mean, there's a reason police carry tazers as well as guns. I knew about the dangers of electricity already.

But there's knowing about it, and there's KNOWING it. I couldn't say anything, but my sister cried, "Shut it off!"

"Not until we come to an understanding, Tabby. You've messed with my business. I'm going to have to teach you a lesson to ensure you don't do it again. The first part of the lesson starts with you taking off that mask and looking right into the camera."

I was only barely aware of what was going on, most of what happened I learned later, but that made it through the pain. I knew we couldn't do that, if a hero did that, it was game over. And yet, I didn't know how long I could last, nor what else he might have in store for us. My fear of exposure overwhelmed everything else. I struggled mightily against my convulsions, trying to get enough control to shout, "No!" I made a sound, but I couldn't tell if she understood or if she just thought I was screaming in pain.

She didn't answer right away. She was scared, sure, but she was also thinking, looking for something she could do to turn off the electricity and save me, or push me away without hurting herself, and either way, not have to give up her identity.

"She don't seem to be doing it.... I say we give her a little more incentive. What works on hero-boy's gotta work on little Tabby here, right?" The guy with sunglasses reached behind the TV and produced two long, slender sticks, like a police billy club, only longer. Twisting a little part on the end caused a high-pitched hum while the other end sparked to life with a little arc of electricity between two spurs. It was a shock-stick. SWAT gear now, but the Mayor was talking about making them standard-issue and replacing the baton with them. Sunglasses threw the other, deactivated, one to the dealer we followed.

Tabby watched him warily, and when he lunged forward, she grabbed it... only to jerk her hand away with a scream of pain. He tried for another blast, at her midsection, and, backing away, she bumped into range of thug number two, the Dealer. Another zap, but she was able to pull herself forward again... these were normally police weapons, designed to force compliance, rather than kill... they could cause the same kind of incapacitation that I was suffering, but only if they were held to you for long periods of time. A second of contact just hurt enough to send the message that you didn't want more. Unfortunately, Tabby was stuck between two of them, and they were closing in.

Sunglasses lurched forward one more time, landing a blow right at her belly... except, this time, Tabby didn't flinch away. Instead, the shock-stick sank into her belly like it was a sword, impaling her, and her sweater just... went away, like it was being torn off, except it wasn't been torn at all... it was pulled through her body on the end of the shock-stick.

Tabby had gone intangible, which apparently protected her from the electric shock, albeit at the expense of leaving her topless. Her mask, gloves, and pants remained on, because nothing was trying to push through them... her ability wasn't an all-or-nothing effect.

The sudden appearance of her beautiful perky boobs, or the sight of their weapon passing through her, threw Sunglasses off-balance... both figuratively, and literally. As he struggled to make sense of what happened, Tabby sidestepped, grabbed his overreaching hands, and pulled him towards the Dealer. The two collided with a jolt, as one's shock stick hit the other's body. "Fuck!"

Tabby didn't give them much time to reorient though, she whirled around, and gave a karate-chop to the arms of Sunglasses, and a kick to the legs of the other. Both were devastating. The only thing my sister knows about karate is what she learned from ninja movies... and not even the realistic 1960s-era exile-cinema from when the Soviets annexed Japan and Hollywood had a brief love-affair with refugees, but the revival fad in the late 90s where special effects trumped everything... but when your flesh is rock-hard, you don't need to have the proper form. Even a phony karate chop will disable or disarm when you've got that kind of rigidity, and that's just what happened. Dealer fell on his face, and Sunglasses yelled in pain. Both shock-sticks fell to the ground, and my sister retrieved one of them.

Holding it in her hand, a lightbulb must have went off in her head. If one end of the shock-stick was electrified, the other must be insulated. She rushed to where I lay in convulsions, poked the prongs into the back of my shirt, without pressing the button to activate it, and used it to drag me off the electrified grating. Suddenly the invisible hand shaking me all over stopped. "Are you okay?" she asked, turning me over and looking into my eyes. I could see tears starting to glisten.

It hurt all over, I was drenched in sweat and still twitching, and mostly I was out of breath, with muscles that felt like jelly, like I'd just run a marathon I hadn't trained for... but I could feel my enhanced endurance start to kick in again, the pain receding and some tone starting to come back into my trembling muscles. I inhaled sharply. "I'll be okay. I just need a minute or two. Catch my breath." I stared at her boobs. That helped. "Why aren't you wearing a shirt?"

"I'll explain later. Right now, there's still some trash to clean up." She stood up, and turned back to the guys who'd attacked her. Sunglasses had retrieved the remaining shock-stick and now held it defensively, and the Dealer had managed to get back to feet and had gone back to guns. "You guys are so going to regret this."

The guys looked scared, but the voice didn't seem to care, probably because he was nowhere nearby. "There's no need to act out, Tabby. You're the one who interfered with my business, and that's why you got hurt. The more money you cost me, the less slack I'm willing to give you, now, and in the future. It's not just you at stake. Your family might pay the price as well, Tabby." Every time he said her name, he stressed it, sending home the message that he already knew part of her identity, because of me. "Remember, Tabby, I know..."

"Stop calling me that. You know nothing. I let my partner call me Tabby, but I want you guys to remember my full name. Taboo."

"Taboo," the voice repeated dryly.

The guy in the scraggly beard and sunglasses chuckled nervously, like he wasn't holding the other shock-stick, retrieved while Tabby was tending to me, in his off-hand because his other one hurt like it was broken. He chuckled like he wasn't about to get his ass kicked. "What kind of name is that?"

"It means forbidden. Something you shouldn't do. Like electrocuting heroes." She stalked over to Sunglasses, blocked a half-assed attempt to slam her with the electric prod, and then casually backhanded the thug, breaking the sunglasses and sending him towards a wall, punctuating that act with the word, "Taboo." She moved to the second guy, the Dealer, the one we'd followed here, the one Tabby knew from before, and added, "Or getting little kids hooked on drugs... Taboo!" This time, as she said the word, she kneed the guy in the groin, sending him to his knees once more. She followed that up with a slap across the face that sent him falling over on his side. She turned to the computer. "And threatening me or my family... that is especially fucking Taboo." She closed her hands around the webcam, crumpling it in a display of strength I thought was beyond her. This power set gave her startling durability, but not much advanced strength. I guess when you're angry and invulnerable, you can do a lot more damage than you'd expect.

With all the nearby criminals at least temporarily disabled, she turned back to me. I was already starting to get to my feet. "I'm fine," I said, before she could ask. I limped over to the two wannabe druglords. They were both breathing, but didn't seem to be awake. Maybe they were faking it. "I think these guys are out cold, but we should tie them up anyway..." I spotted Tabby's sweater on the ground, picked it up, and tossed it to her. "Found this..."

She pulled it on, inside-out. "What do we tie them up with?"

I glanced around the room, then my eyes fell on the TV. I unplugged it from the wall, and then tore the power cord from the other end of the TV. I tossed the cord to Tabby, and then got another cord from the speakers. Soon, she had them both tied up with their hands behind their backs. The junkie too, even though he had yet to wake up, even while we jostled him around to tie him up. He had never even laid eyes on us... maybe he was just a customer who got a little fucked up on what he bought, but he got tied up with the rest of them anyway.

The makeshift ropes weren't especially secure, the knots were a little sloppy and could probably be worked free, but it looked like it would do for now. My eyes fell back to where I'd been electrocuted, wincing at the memory, and thinking of tossing them on that, but then deciding against it. "We still have to turn off that floor... if somebody else steps on it, somebody who's not Powered, it could kill them."

"I don't know how," Tabby said. "I was looking for a fuse-box or something, but..."

We were startled by the return of the voice. Of course we shouldn't have been. Destroying the camera didn't disconnect the computer link, and the machine's speakers still worked. Still, it was the first time he'd spoken since then, and we'd almost forgotten about him. "The floor is turned off, for the moment. If you want to make sure, the fuse box is in the kitchen, in the cupboard behind the stove. But that will end, for the moment, my ability to talk to you, and before you do that, I want to say one more thing." He seemed unimpressed, casual. "Congratulations. You've made yourself enough of a nuisance that I'm willing to make you this offer. One time only, and it expires when my enforcers get there. Right now, it's worth exactly one thousand, two hundred, and six dollars to make you go away. Agree to leave, and never interfere with my operations again, and I'll have them give you a cash bonus. You'll make a healthy profit off this night. Refuse, and it may be more cost-effective to hire somebody to kill you both. Powered mercenaries are less expensive than you'd think."

"Get bent," I said.

"We're not scared of you," Tabby told him.

"You should be. I'm not like these animals who work for me. I don't make threats because you've offended me, or that I consider you my enemy. I do it to avoid that. Because once I decide you're my enemy, there will be no threats. I will simply quietly find out who you are, and have you destroyed."

"Hey, remember what she said about her name?" I asked. "Threatening us? Taboo." It was a fun word to say, and it made me feel tougher to have a snappy comeback. But I hadn't used my tough, deep voice since I'd been shocked, so it probably came off as whiny.

"Just ignore him," she suggested. "We'll take out the power on the way out. Right now, we need the lights on. Let's figure out what we've got here." We went through the apartment, looking for evidence. In the end, it wasn't that hard to find. No drug lab, so I don't think they made stuff here, but clearly it was some kind of distribution site they sold out of. In addition to the stuff that was out in the living room area, there was a bag full of pills I didn't recognize off the top of my head, another bag of white powder I assumed was cocaine, bunches of dime bags of weed (the only drug I ever had personal experience with), a few bags of crystals, a dozen guns and a half dozen of those little shock-sticks, a box full of noise-cancellers, and most impressively, two briefcases full of cash.

"Holy shit, look at this," I said, revealing it.

She looked over and her eyes widened, and then both of us realized that, although we thought about going in and busting up crime, we never really considered much past the 'beat up the badguys' stage. "Okay, so, what do we do now?"

"Take the cash, burn the drugs?" I suggested.

"Heroes don't steal. And burn the drugs? Are you crazy? And send all that stuff into the air for anybody to breathe?"

I shrugged. "Well, we don't really have all the time in the world before these dipshits wake up or the Great and Powerful Oz sends reinforcements. If you could still... you know..." I didn't want to say teleport in case he was still listening. The less criminals know about what we do, the better. Instead, I twirled my finger in a circle, much like Tabby sometimes did, and hope she got the point. " wouldn't be a problem."

Tabby shook her head. "Better to just call the police. Let them handle it." She turned towards where the camera used to be and said in a voice full of smug satisfaction, "You know, Mr. Anonymous-voice, it's going to cost you a hell of a lot more than a thousand dollars after I call the police and tell them about all the drugs you're making in this place, and confiscate all this money."

The voice, who had been silent again for the last few minutes, spoke up again. I'd almost wondered if he'd simply stopped listening. "By all means, call the police. If you believe that it'll do something, I've learned something else that will help me find you... you're not a Spore Kid, you actually must be a teenager. If telling the police we were a drug house was all it took to get us shut down, the neighbors would have done it. The truth is, nobody who matters, cares."

"Yeah, well, I care."

"I think he's right, though." I admitted sadly. "I bet cops already know this place has drugs, what's one phone call going to do?"

"Maybe if it's the right call..." She picked up one of the cell phones we took off the dealers, dialed 911, and then walked over to the table and picked up one of the guns. She ripped the canceller off the muzzle, dropping it to the ground. Suddenly, her voice sounded very scared. "No... no, please, don't..." She aimed the gun down, in the general direction of the window, and fired three times, then tossed the gun aside, dropped the phone, and stepped on it, smashing it with a crunch. "Anything they find responding to 911 they can take without a warrant, right?"

I nodded, although I wasn't quite sure. "Better destroy the door, too, to make sure they have reasonable cause to enter." I said. I flew at it, one fist extended, landing one punch on each of the hinges, and then guided it down. I figured it would be safer if the remains of the door fell over the electrocution-grate.

"You've made a grave mistake, children."

"I'd smash the computer to shut him up," I said, "But I'd rather there be something for the cops to search through. Besides, it's time to leave. Hop on my back."

Tabby approached me a little warily, as though afraid to touch me after what I'd been through. "You sure you're okay?"

I nodded. "Never better," I lied. I was still sore and tired, but I'd had no trouble flying earlier. That, at least, was more a mental exertion than a physical one, and carrying Tabby? Well, she weighed practically nothing to me now. "Climb aboard." She curled an arm around my neck and jumped on, wrapping her legs around my waist. I took to the air, first aiming towards the window, and then I turned back towards the table. "Wait," I said. I swooped down and grabbed one of the briefcases.

Tabby gasped into my ear. "We can't!" she said. "That's evidence!"

"One case is plenty of evidence. Oz there is right, we deserve a payday." Tabby didn't say anything, but I could feel her disapproval radiating through me, but I didn't give her time to say anything. I started flying towards the window.

"Wait, wait!" Tabby said. "We forgot the power."

"Shit. Right." There was a lot to remember, being a hero! Even if the door covered the grate, a wrong step could still electrocute somebody. So I changed course, stopped in the kitchen, and ripped out the fuses, plunging the apartment into dimness. Not darkness, because the burst-open front door let light in from the hallway, evidently on a different set of fuses from the apartment. I returned to the window and flew us both out.


A hour later we sat on a rooftop on the other end of the city, a suitcase full of drug money between us, and each of us with a hotdog. I swallowed a bite, brushing off a stray poppy-seed from my lip, and said, "God I missed these... they just don't make them like this in Cleveland."

"I think it's the celery salt," Tabitha said. "This is so good, I can't believe I'm thinking about seconds."

"Well, we certainly worked up an appetite," I reminded her jokingly.

"Yeah, but before, I'd get full after like half of one of these. I feel like I could still eat three more..."

"You can, if you want. When we're Powered up, food gets burned off super-fast to help fuel the Reality Dysfunction," I explained. Of course, Reality Dysfunction is just a phrase somebody came up with that means "We Don't Have A Clue How Any Of This Really Works". Even Charles Core doesn't understand all the physics behind the Powered, and he had an alien science database downloaded into his head. Still, certain things were known simply through observation... people with always-on powers tended to have to eat a lot, and everybody else still burned virtually everything the body could spare. That's why there aren't a lot of fat Powereds. I popped the last bit of 'dog in my mouth and swallowed before continuing. "So it's not like you'll gain weight. You won't even poop!" I'd already noticed that little benefit... it was especially helpful when I was writhing on the floor without any control over my muscles. At least I managed to preserve some dignity.

She wrinkled her nose as she swallowed her own last bite. "Gross."

"Pooping is gross. Not having any poop is sanitary." And made me even more anxious to try anal sex, so I could feel her perfectly clean asshole wrapped around my dick, not to mention see if I got another power out of it, but now wasn't time to suggest that. "So eat all you want." I wiped my face and hands with a napkin, dropped it, then held up the suitcase. "I mean, it's not like money's going to be a problem."

Tabby stared at it uncertainly. "I still don't think we did the right thing, taking that."

"Of course we did. We had to, to make sure they actually lost something. I mean, those guys could wake up at any moment, and Oz had enforcers coming... chances are, the money would be gone before the cops got there, or some corrupt cop would have stolen it. After all the pain we went through tonight, I'd say we earned this."

She let out a disappointed sigh. "We didn't do so well tonight, did we?" With both our hotdogs done, Tabby wiggled her fingers and the wax-paper wrappings and used napkins disappeared with a flash of light. Knowing Tabby, she probably sent them directly to a garbage can.

"We did fine, overall. And I'm all right, really. It hurt while it was happening, but that's it," I assured her. Another lie, but now only barely one... my muscles were pretty sore for few minutes, but by the time I fucked Tabby to give her teleportation powers again, it was just a memory. In fact, cumming in her again made me feel good as new, as though part of the recharging process included healing. "There's a learning curve to everything. We'll get better." I took a sip of cola.

"I hope so. Because it can't get much worse... our first night out, we almost die, we wind up stealing, we almost blow our secret identities, and I got stuck with a horrible code-name..."

"You don't have to keep it," I reminded her.

"But if I don't, what happens the next time you call me Tabby?" She glared at me. "What is it with you and remembering people's names?" I shrugged, sheepishly. "You know, for a superhero, that's a pretty bad habit."

I put one arm around her and pulled her close to me in a sideways-hug. "You know what? I don't think we did so bad at all. We took down a drug dealer, we got a bunch of drugs off the street, and earned a decent payday. And you know what? Even though I screwed up, you were great... with thinking up the name on the spot? And what you did with the phone? Classic."

She winced. "I really shouldn't have done that. 911's for emergencies. What if I called cops away from a real emergency? He just got me so frustrated."

Always worried about other people. I loved her for it, even if I hated her being so hard on herself. "Forget it. You handled yourself beautifully. In fact, I'm proud of us today, but I'm especially proud of you." Impulsively, I kissed her on the cheek... well, I aimed for the middle of the cheek, but I landed it near the corner of her lips. "I'm glad I've got you with me."

She was silent for a while, just sat there, and I almost thought she was still beating herself up over her mistakes, until I noticed the flush in her cheeks, the slight curl of a smile. I guess she always liked being praised... maybe that's part of the reason she's obsessed with doing the right thing. Finally, after basking in the compliment for a few seconds, she said, "I'm glad I've got you with me, too."

I reached around for the briefcase again, looking at it critically. There must have been twenty thousand dollars in there... but I'm not greedy. Mom and Dad make a good living already, and it's not like we could buy anything expensive and flashy like a car without having to explain it to them... them, and about a dozen federal agents who watch over us in Witness Protection. So, although it hurt, I decided to make the offer. "Listen, if it really makes you feel uncomfortable, we can drop off most of this money at an orphanage or something before we head home." There were other ways for people with powers to make money.

Tabby's face brightened immediately. She didn't smile, her mouth was open in shock that I could give so much money away so easily, but you could tell from her eyes she was happy. Surprised, mostly, but also happy. "Really? You'd do... wait, what do you mean most?" Once she noticed that part of what I'd said, the bright look faded, and she looked at me sidelong, a little suspiciously.

"I think it's fair to take a small fraction of these ill-gotten gains..." It was fun just saying that phrase. "Solely to help finance our hero career." I grinned. "How else do you think we're going to pay for real costumes? Ask for a raise in our allowance?" Her suspicious look broke then, and I got a genuine smile... I knew I'd won her over there. She might be a paragon of virtue most of the time, but I'm so glad she's at least a little corruptible.

The End
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