Author: AnonyMPC

Title: Relatively Powered #3: "The Third Issue"

Summary: Two wannabe superheroes, a brother and sister, powered by incest! Clad in costumes for the first time, they tackle their first Powered foe...

Keywords: mf, inc, cons, superhero, scfi

Previously, in Relatively Powered: Alex and Tabby are two not-so-ordinary teen siblings. Not only are they in witness protection because supervillains want their dad, but they've also been becoming far closer than siblings should be... sexually close. But when they discover that acts of unprotected incest give them superpowers, their whole lives change. They've started on the road to become superheroes, with mixed results... however, taking down a drug dealer has provided them with a little money to buy the gear it takes to fight crime.

Relatively Powered by AnonyMPC (mf, inc, cons, superhero, scfi)

#3: "The Third Issue" (no additional story codes)

"Come on, hurry up!" I whispered, knowing it was a bad idea to even speak, he might be able to hear me. My back was up against the wall, but I could look over my shoulder and around the corner and see the monster who had followed us across half the city.

The blonde heroine kneeling at my feet pulled her lips off my cock and looked around. "I'm going as fast as I can! Just relax!"

"Easy for you to say," I said. "But even after I cum, I'm going to be the one that has to fight him." I put my hand up against the artificial blonde hair that extended from beneath the mask. It was a wig, covering my sister's natural dark hair. "I told you not to go with the bodysuit."

While I spoke, she'd been sucking again, but then pulled back to say, "Okay, fine, you were right, I was wrong, now will you just relax and think of something you want to fuck."

It was hard to do that. I kept looking back towards the approaching Menace. He hadn't spotted us yet, but he was done sniffing the air and had started stalking in this direction. Menace looked bigger and more threatening in real life than he had on the news or any of my videos... nearly ten feet tall with biceps I was pretty sure were bigger than my waist, not to mention razor-sharp claws I'd already felt and a tail like an anaconda. He looked like some kind of sculpture of a demon brought to life, his dirty bronze flesh and gleaming silver hair and claws didn't even look like something that could occur in nature, but he moved like a beast, muscles rippling smoothly under that metallic skin.

"Shit, I think he's got our scent. He's coming this way." A roar of frustration came from Menace, and I thought maybe he heard me.

"Should I stop?" she asked. "We can try to make a run for it again..."

But that was hopeless... our only chance was for me to power up. I pushed my sister's head back on my dick. "No, I'm almost there... keep going..."

Being a hero is not as easy as you'd think, from watching them on the evening news. They always look so powerful, so in control of everything. But the truth is, things you'd never even consider can suddenly become life-or-death issues. Our powers themselves were one of those issues... on our first they almost killed us when we unexpectedly appeared several stories above the streets of Crash City after a spot of incestuous sex triggered our powers for the first time. If we didn't adapt quickly, we might have ended up as a splat on the pavement, our career as heroes over before it had begun. Another issue we faced was our own overconfidence, when we discovered that even if you're nearly invulnerable, random drug dealers can still be dangerous.

I guess overconfidence was part of our downfall this time, too. What were we thinking, going up against Menace? Or 'What was I thinking?' might be a better way to put it. But I thought we'd always be able to retreat, and that turned out to be wrong... and now, what might get us killed was an issue we never expected to be that important... poor costume design.


I had warned her about that costume. It wasn't even that long ago... it was just earlier that day... maybe not even an hour, although with all the craziness that followed I lost complete track of time. I was in my room, lying on my bed, casually listening to some music, thinking about things like homework, things I knew I had to do but wanted to put off. Part of the way I justified that to myself was by trying to arrange a schedule in my head, a schedule I almost never managed to follow. I was alone, but I saw a sudden flash of movement out of the corner of my eye and soon my sister was beside me. She'd teleported in, and pulled my headphones off. "I thought you'd be working on your costume," she said.

That was another thing I was procrastinating on, but not nearly as much. I'd done some work on it, but I needed to think about it some more. "I'm taking a break," I said. "Most of it's done, anyway." I got up and went to my desk, where I'd kept it hidden in a drawer under some books, so there'd be no chance of Mom accidentally finding it. I fished it out and held it up to my chest, showing it off.

Tabby wasn't impressed. "Looks pretty drab."

She had a point. It was mostly black, a little bit of blue, but not very inspired. "Yeah, I know. I can always change it later, but right now I'm trying to keep it pretty basic, until I can come up with a good code-name."

"Still no luck?"

I tossed the costume aside and sat down on my bed. "No! And I need to settle on something soon. We keep going out and you've got a name and I don't, people are going to start to think I'm your sidekick."

"Aren't you? I'm the one who took down those drug dealers while you were lying on the floor electrocuted."

I stuck my tongue out at her, but I knew she was just teasing. We could joke about it now. I started it, to make her less freaked out over what happened, so I guess I only have myself to blame. "It's your fault I'm having so much name trouble. A good duo needs to have names that complement each other." Let's just skip over the fact that it was my fault she was stuck with the name Taboo. "There aren't a lot of words that go with that. I've been thinking of Secret. Secret and Taboo."

She wrinkled her nose, confirming my instinct. I didn't much like it either. "I don't know," she said. "I don't really like it. Besides, it would be Taboo and Secret. Sidekick's name goes last."

I picked up my pillow and tossed it at her playfully. "Did you just come here to bust my balls?"

"No, I came to ask you to borrow the CoreWear programmer again. I need to make a few adjustments." She spotted it on my night table and reached for it.

I moved quickly and grabbed it before she could. This was an early generation one, looking like two staplers attached at the side, but the professional grade ones stood out and couldn't be shoved in a desk drawer. "Oh come on... you had it all of yesterday." We only bought one... even this model was expensive, and two would mean double the chance that our parents would find one and ask questions we didn't want asked.

"So? You weren't even using it! And you look like you've done most of it...."

I had, but that wasn't the point. "Yeah, but I can still experiment with styles." I clutched the programmer to my chest possessively, even though I knew she could teleport it away if she really wanted it. It was a matter of principle. She really had hogged it since we got the thing.

"I'll trade you." My ears perked up. "I went out and got you something. Well, I got us something. With some of that drug money." Tabby reached into the back pocket of her jeans, and retrieved something. "Catch." She tossed me a yellow plastic cylinder, the length of a pencil, but maybe twice as thick. I caught it easily, flipped it over, grabbed the catch on the side and pulled out the flexible touch screen rolled up inside to its full width.

I knew what it was as soon as I grabbed it, but I had to say it out loud, and I used the semi-derogatory nickname, too, just so I could emphasize how lowly I thought of it. "A Bananapad?" I made a face, too. "Why didn't you get me a Handy? Not like the higher price tag's a factor." Not if we're using drug money.

"Just because Handys are the most popular, doesn't mean they're the best, especially for us. BPs were invented by Montgomery Hatfield... you know, Little Monkey? He was a Headliner too, you know."

Of course I knew that. But the phones also looked ugly and had a silly nickname. "Yeah, but Hughes has been one for longer, and his inventions have gotta be better with all that alien engineering knowledge drummed into his head..." Where would we be without Core and Hughes and those databases? Probably still with computers the size of a room.

"Most of that never sees the light of day. If it wasn't for his suit I'd think it was just marketing..."

"Oh, it's real all right. He didn't have to get bankrolled by Harpy to get his Handy produced, either. And these flexiscreens suck for games." I poked at the screen, letting my finger make a depression which warped the picture, to illustrate. In order to avoid that effect, you had to brace the screen on a solid surface. They said the next version would solve that problem, but by that time Hughes' Handy would probably have a holographic interface or something.

"It's not for games. Listen, I know what I'm doing here. Hatfield and Harpy are both Spore Kids, so they take privacy seriously. Did you know ever since cell phones were invented, one of the ways the government monitors new Powered is by monitoring phone locations? Any time a normal cell phone travels between two towers faster than humanly possible, it gets added to a database. Handys have the same programming, so they'd blow our cover instantly... but the BP doesn't. Hatfield didn't believe the government should be tracking Spore Kids, so he uses some kind of encryption or randomization or something, and you can turn the phone off completely by hitting a switch on the top. So the only way someone can track us if we're making a call while flying."

"How do you know all this?" I asked, impressed. Usually I was the one who knew hero stuff, and Tabby was embarrassingly ignorant. Of course, I knew this stuff, I just hadn't thought about it or made the connection to our own situation.

She shrugged. "Looking up teleportation online. I'm trying to find ways to make my power less useless... there was a link to an interview he gave on how the government tracks Spore Kids. Anyway, we need some way to keep in touch in case we get separated on a mission. I hope you remembered to build in pockets for your uniform."

I shook my head. "Pockets look awful, especially when they're holding big stuff like this." The CoreWear wrapped around whatever was inside, leaving a distinctive bulge. "I'm going with a utility belt. You should get one too." I closed the Bananapad and looked over the little stick. "This should clip right in to one of the compartments." Maybe it wasn't such a bad choice. Don't get me wrong, it's still an inferior phone, but for us it worked.

Tabby pointed at the programmer device. "So, can I borrow that then?"

She had come through with the awfully nice gift. "I guess. But I thought you were done."

"I thought I was, but I noticed something, and... actually, I kind of need your help." She admitted it grudgingly. "I ran into kind of a snag."

"So do I finally get to see it, then? The big mystery?"

"It's not a mystery, I just wanted to prove I could design my own costume, without your expert advice." She said those last few words sarcastically, but I knew she meant it literally... it might annoy her, but I was the one to ask about hero lore.

That was so like her. "Except... you need my expert advice now." I smirked at her, savoring it. She may be smart in a lot of ways, but I loved when I was the one who knew things she didn't.

"Just on a few finishing touches. I tried looking it up online, but it's impossible to search for programming tricks, you keep getting sites claiming to teach you how to make CoreWear transparent at a distance." If only it were that easy.

"Okay, so what do you need?"

"I need to know how to make, like, part of the fabric not-quite-so skintight, without changing the rest."

"You can't," I said automatically.

"You have to be able to. It's supposed to be smart fabric! You can make parts of it different colors, you can make part of it see-thru, one-way." Thank goodness for that, or masks would be a pain in the ass. "Why can't it make just part of it not so tight?"

"I don't know, it just can't. Remember, Core came up with the color control himself by experimenting with his wife's Chromatic powers. Almost everything else he just stole from the original design. Maybe the Plejarans didn't need that." I always thought it was kind of egotistical for him to name it CoreWear considering he stole it from the bodies recovered from one of the alien crash sites. Sure he did some work reproducing it and bringing it to market, but a lot of the advances were already there.

Tabby shook her head defiantly. "No, there's got to be a way. Maybe you don't know it, but I know the real heroes have figured it out."

"Why do you need it?" I asked. It seemed like an obscure request, and everything I could think of that might require it could be better done in other ways.

She looked at me, then shrugged. "Okay, if I show you, you have to promise not to laugh."

"I promise nothing," I said seriously. "But if I see, I might be able to help."

She sighed. "Be right back." In a flash of purple lights, she disappeared. She was getting faster at that, at least where her own teleportation was concerned, although she still had trouble locking on a moving target. I kind of envied her powers. I mean, I loved mine, but I could do so much with hers.

While I waited for her I turned on the TV, flipped through a couple channels, finally settling on a talk show, and did a little bit of cleaning... picking up clothes off the floor and throwing them in the hamper. I don't know why, I guess it's cause Tabby's room's so spotless I get the feeling she's judging me whenever she sees mine.

Suddenly, she was behind me again. "Okay, remember... no laughing." I turned my head over my shoulder. "What do you think?"

It was like a dream come true. I mean it. It didn't even look like Tabby anymore. Not that that's a problem, but variety is always nice.

She wore a tight, form-fitting costume of Core Wear, with gloves and boots. The majority of it was purple, which I guess she chose to match her teleportation effect, but the gloves and boots were red. Also red was a symbol on her chest, just above her boobs, a circle with a slash through it, like a no smoking sign except there was nothing in the circle, it was just black.

Okay, it was a tight costume... anybody with a body like my sister's would look good in one, and it wouldn't even scream 'professional superhero' to me, gymnasts might have something similar. The gloves and boots and logo helped with distinguish it from that.... what set it off though, was the mask. It covered the upper portion of her face, leaving pretty much just her nose, mouth, and chin bare. The mask was the same purple color as her costume, except the eyes, overlarge and white. One-way transparent, no doubt, or she'd be blind.

The master stroke was the hair. She'd attached a wig to the mask, completely covering up her normally dark brown hair with flowing blonde locks. With the mask and wig on, she didn't look like my sister anymore, it looked like some... heroine had just appeared in my room. A C-list heroine I'd never heard of, but a real heroine all the same.

If not for the TV, who knows how long I would have just stared at her in silence, a vision of superhuman teen beauty. But on the screen, a chubby redhead had just pulled off her own wig and shouted, "I'm not really pregnant, and I was born a man!" and her boyfriend, a black guy, moaned in disbelief and there was the bleep of the censor blocking out swear words.

The sound got my sister's attention, and she scowled. "I can't believe you watch this crap."

"What? Shatner's awesome. He's always got the craziest guests!" Still, I muted it and looked her over again. "It looks good."

"You think so?"

"Yeah... really good. So what's the problem?"

"Can't you tell?"

It was then I saw it. I should have seen it right away, I guess, but the shock of seeing her in a costume, with different hair, that kind of threw me, drew my eyes away from where they would normally fall. "Oh, wow," I said when I saw it.

CoreWear is tight, of course. Skin-tight, and ultra-flexible and stretchy. That's part of the whole point of it, in the protective Tight mode, it conforms exactly to your body. If you only have CoreWear on, it's almost like being naked and wearing body-paint. My costume included a cup for just that reason, otherwise my cock and balls would be completely outlined.

Tabby... she had nothing on under her outfit. That meant that her pussy was completely outlined, the ultimate camel toe. The fit wasn't close enough to outline the hairs over her pussy (CoreWear tended to flatten hair anyway, rather than outline it... Plejarans look virtually human and so must have some of the same modesty issues), nor did it go inside the hole, but it was still practically indecent. A quick check of her perfect breasts confirmed that her nipples poked out, too.

"You just noticed this?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well, when I was designing the costume, I did it with bra and panties. But that leaves unflattering lines. And like, the major heroes don't have lines, and soon it was all I could see when I looked at myself in the mirror and..." she took a breath. She really had been getting worked up over it. I used to joke that her perfectionist tendencies sometimes bordered on OCD. "Come on, there's got to be a solution for this, right? I don't want to look unprofessional."

"Of course. There's a couple." Unfortunately, at that moment, I couldn't remember exactly what they were. I knew they existed, but I hadn't had to use them. But I had a reputation for being the know-it-all about hero lore that I needed to maintain, so I stalled for time. I kneeled down to take a really close look at her pussy, covered by a layer of CoreWear so thin-looking it might as well not be there. "Don't you know? I mean, even ordinary girls wear CoreWear..."

"Only sluts. And it's mostly in fashion in Crash City, not here in Cleveland. I was never really friends with any of the girls who paraded around like that."

I looked up to her breasts. "Well, for nipples you could use pasties... or just tape them down." Both of which would still leave some kind of outline, but not quite as blatant... you'd have to get close to see it. "I say you just leave it, it's cute." She let out a quick, scoffing exhalation, and I returned my gaze between her legs. "As for down here, the obvious thing is to attach a little pad or something right here." I let my finger fall in between her crack, and wiggled it. "On the inside." The same way she had attached the hair to the mask.

"I tried that," she said, shivering ever-so-slightly. "It doesn't look right... 's all bunchy."

"Right. Well, you actually can wear normal underwear too, it won't look too bad if it's a thong. The upper seam can be hidden by a utility belt. You'll need one of those anyway to carry the phone, right?"

"I guess. But there'll still be lines down the front." She sighed. "I just don't want us to look like amateurs." I told you she was a perfectionist.

Even the thinnest fabric edge tended to leave a seam when you wore CoreWear on top, at least if you looked closely, something about how the costume tried to slip itself underneath before figuring out it wasn't supposed to. There was another way and it was just on the tip of my brain, but I couldn't quite put it together. I remembered reading it and thinking, "Oh, that's so simple." But I couldn't remember what it actually was. I wracked my brain... how did the heroes do it? My cup was similarly outlined, but with the dark costume, nobody would notice.

One thing was certain, staring into the outline of her pussy was only going to distract me from the solution more. "You're over thinking it," I said. "People won't even notice a few lines. What they will notice is this." I rubbed my finger in her crack again. Suddenly, I got an idea.

"What are you doing?" she asked, as her whole body shivered in surprise and, I think, pleasure.

What I was doing was finding the hole and sticking my fingers inside. The CoreWear resisted, but not much, a little like a condom, only way stretchier. Although the costume stayed outside her pussy hole under its own power, when I pushed in, it allowed me to get all the way inside. I could probably actually fuck her in her costume, it becoming a ready-made condom. But given how our powers worked, that led to another question, one I wanted to answer. "CoreWear's smart fabric, right? Well, let's see how smart." I looked up at her, and she looked down at me. "We have to find out, right?"

She knew exactly what I meant. We got powers through sex with each other, but it had to be unprotected. Condoms prevented us from charging each other up. But CoreWear wasn't a condom, for all that it resembled it in terms of stretchiness. It was an alien smart fabric, and some of the Powered found their powers worked through it. "I guess we might as well," she said, and spread her legs a little more to give me more access. "I think it will work, though. The costume stays with me when I'm intangible, at least." No wonder she had me eat her out the other day. Good, though. It would be a pretty useless power if it meant she'd be naked every time she passed through something.

"That's probably because of the tightness more than anything," I said. Tight panties stayed with her, after all, even if they were just cotton. "And if the costume does work like a condom, then you're going to need to redesign. Actually... you probably should anyway."

"What?" she asked. "I thought you said it looked good."

"It does. You did a great job on the look. Only thing I'm not sure about is the symbol." I pulled my fingers out of her pussy for a moment to point.

She looked down at it, pulling it away from her body slightly. "It's the international symbol for 'no.'"

"Yeah, but 'no' what? There's just black inside. No blacks? Way to blaze a trail for racist superheroes!"

She let the costume snap back into place. "It's supposed to represent evil."

"You'd be better off using something a little more mystical looking. Maybe the Japanese have a symbol that means Taboo in that religion of theirs, the one Stalin annexed the country over. Hell, you could just use the word 'forbidden' in Japanese and get away with it. People associate Japanese writing with magic."

"Stupid people. But yeah," she admitted. "I'm not happy with the symbol either. I'll keep looking. But what's wrong with the rest of it?"

"Again, it LOOKS great. But it's impractical. One-pieces always are. How are you getting in and out?"

She turned around to reveal her back. "Zipper." Yes, there was a zipper, running down to the middle of her back, but it was covered with a layer of the fabric so it didn't stand out unless you were close, it just looked like a line. Funny she wasn't worried about THAT line. Or her ass, for the matter. Her beautiful, perfect little ass, looked practically naked, the costume slipped right into her buttcrack, but she only worried about her nipples and pussy. I guess that wasn't unusual, there was a long tradition of female heroes and villains with butt-clinging costumes. Hell, there were plenty that had the CoreWear camel toe, too. That particular pussy problem was even more blatant from the rear view though, at least with me still at ass level and her bending forward slightly. I put my fingers back to work inside her while I taught her a lesson.

"Zippers aren't great. They can get stuck or broken. You should have gone two-piece like me, shirt and pants. Slip on and off."

"Who cares if it takes an extra few seconds. It's not like I'll have to go to the bathroom. And... unh... full-body costumes are classier."

"Classy's for old school heroes, the ones who've been around since the Sixties. You want hot, because you are hot. Maybe a short top and a miniskirt. Show off those sexy legs." With my free hand, the one that wasn't knuckle-deep on two fingers in her pussy, I stroked her leg. The costume she had on now showed off the shape of those legs, but it would look better with bare skin.

"I'm not going to dress like a slut."

I grinned. "Like you're not now... you're practically naked in a costume I can fingerbang you through." I shoved my fingers in as far as they could go, wiggled them around, then pulled them out.

She sucked in a breath and supported herself on my bedpost. "Practically naked's... not... naked. And I came here asking for help on that, remember?"

"A skirt would look better, that's all I'm saying." Then I realized, it wasn't just about looks. We were super-durable, but CoreWear did offer some limited protection beyond that. The last thing I wanted was for Tabby to get hurt. "But maybe pants are safer," I admitted. "Hey, you could still use a skirt as a separate piece on top of them, to cover up this little problem." It would have to be in CoreWear's Loose configuration, but.... It hit me then, the solution to Tabby's problem. I remembered how other heroines did it. It really was so simple. "But if you're set on this design, I know exactly how you solve that." It was a relief, too. Until I saw Tabby's, I hadn't considered how my own ass would look. The cup solved the problem in the front, but as things stood, my ass would be perfectly outlined... and I'm confident but not that confident. I wanted costume that was tight, but a little less exhibitionist.

So I guess I could understand Tabby wanting the same, as much as I liked looking at her. "You do?" her voice was wavering.

"Yep. Just let me finish off this little experiment, and I'll tell you." I grabbed her ass-cheek with my free hand and redoubled my effort on finger-fucking. I let my thumb press in-between her ass-cheeks, looking for her butthole. So far, Tabby had denied me the opportunity to experiment with anal sex and see if I got a power. Maybe she was worried it would hurt. But if I could play with her a little...

It wasn't hard to find, not with CoreWear clinging to her ass as tightly as it did her pussy. Nor was there any problem rubbing it. I could tell Tabby was pretty deep in arousal, and either it was far enough that she didn't care what I was doing, or she liked it. My thumb pressed more firmly, very slowly, threatening penetration but not actually going in. Her legs squirmed, her ass bobbed, and she let out a few grunting moans. She was just about to cum... there was no better time. I pushed my thumb in, feeling her asshole clench around it.

Her pussy clenched too, wildly, and I could see her looking back towards me, practically biting her lip to keep from shouting out as her whole body shook timidly. When it was over, she pulled away from me, my thumb came free, followed by my fingers, and she turned to face me. "You cum?" I asked, although I knew.

"Yeah," she said.

"And? What's the verdict? I don't want you to start a fire or anything, but..." I pointed to the glass of Coke I'd been drinking earlier. "Can you chill my drink?" That was the power she got from me fingering her. Heat and Cold projection. Better than what I got from her hands. "Or do anything else?" If my thumb was in her ass, maybe that would give her a different power.

She raised her hand towards the glass. A purple flash later, it was in her hands. Another, it was back. "Nope, still teleportation. I guess charging up that way doesn't work. Too bad."

I shrugged. "Of course, it could come in handy if we ever want to have sex without changing powers. You know, just for fun? I kind of miss that."

"Me too," she said softly, then shook her head. "So? What's the solution?"

"Oh, that." I tried to act bored. "CoreWear panties." Or underwear, in my case.

"What? Won't that have the same problem?"

"No. See, you make the panties in the Loose configuration, but size them so they're snug. They'll smooth out the shape, no camel toe. But the edges of Loose mode..."

"Still tend to act like Tight mode," she finished. "So it sticks." Much like her mask. It was the reverse of Tight mode, which had edges that were a little looser, so the costume could be removed, although you could tweak that property, too, like if you wanted a tight mask that would stick to your face, you could make it so only one specific spot pulled up easily. "And no lines where the two overlap. Of course. Why didn't I think of that?"

I shrugged. "Cause you're not awesome like me?"

"Hmph. Okay, fine, you're awesome," she said, grudgingly. "So can I borrow the programmer now?"

"Yeah, take it. Just send it back when you're done with it, I still have some tweaking of my own to do." Adding underwear, for one. I was pretty sure I had enough bulk material left for it without making a trip to the store.

It disappeared in a flash of purple light, sent up to her room. "Thanks. And thanks for the tip."

I shrugged. "No problem... of course, if you really wanted to say thanks...." she looked at me, waiting. "Nothing says thank you like anal sex."

She made a face. "Uh, no. What is it with guys and that?"

I stepped closer to her, getting into her personal space, hoping maybe she was still a little turned on. "Cause it feels good, obviously. For girls, too, sometimes."

She turned away from me. "Yeah, right. No girl I know likes it. They say it hurts."

"Not if you do it right. Besides, you're Powered right now... stronger and harder to hurt than normal." Not as much as I was, with the powers I had now, but all our power sets seemed to make us a little stronger, a little more durable, and with a higher pain threshold. Surely something as minor as anal sex wouldn't hurt at all. She seemed to consider the point, so I added, "Besides, we might get new powers."

She rolled her eyes, and I thought I might have blown it. "You might." We'd talked about this before, and she didn't believe girls came from anal sex, and we needed to cum to get powers.

"So, I'll rub your pussy while we do it. Come on, you've got three power sets, I've really only got two..."

"You do not. You got your super-strength and flying, your speed, and the negation thing."

"Yeah, some use that is. Big whoop, I'm immune to other powers..." We'd finally discovered that that was what happened when she gave me a handjob... although we just assumed I was immune to other powers... all we knew for sure was that I was immune to ours. She couldn't teleport me, and her heat and cold blasts did nothing.

"That could come in handy, sometimes."

"Maybe, if I could just turn it off and charge up with another power, instead of being stuck that way until it wears off. I can't exactly use it anywhere in Crash City... how would I get home when you can't teleport me?" The negation power, as we called it, even negated my ability to get other powers! It was ridiculous, and a good thing we discovered this at home. "That makes it practically useless. So come on, I deserve another power, right?" I wasn't above using pity to get what I wanted. I closed the distance again, letting her feel my breath on her neck, and my the bulge in my pants.

She looked away from me, towards the TV, and instead of answering my question, she said, "Something's going on." The screen said 'Breaking News'.

I reached for the remote control and unmuted it just in time to see a newscaster say. "-firmed reports of injuries." The screen cut to a map of Crash City, with a dot labeled 'Menace'. "Witnesses are saying that Menace appears to be in a violent rage, and is on the move. Police are on the way, but they advise citizens to exercise extreme caution if they're in the area, stay indoors and off the streets."

"Oh, man, Menace..." I said in awe. "Do you think we should...?" I felt it in my heart, that this was our moment.

In the background, the TV flashed a photo, both the monster and the thin, unassuming dark-haired man behind him, and while we argued a newscaster gave the brief bio they always have prepared about celebrities for when a story hits... in this case, to fill air-time while they were waiting to get live footage of the current crisis. "Arthur Ferber was a physicist working with Fermi's team studying the Plejaran site in the immediate aftermath of the '47 crashes, where he got exposed to the corrupted alien repair mechanisms..." Some file footage of the event was shown, him standing with Charles Core looking over debris.

My sister was less sure about our ability to take him on alone. "Shouldn't the Headliners handle it?"

"They're overseas, I think. There's no way they could get back in time."

"...Ferber was one of the majority who showed no obvious symptoms, and so after the site was ordered cleared, he returned to academia to pursue a life out of the public eye. This changed when the machines inside his body were exposed to the Spores in the 60s, sparking a recurring transformation into the powerful creature known as Menace." The news showed some grainy footage of Menace fighting the military.

"Well then, other heroes should do it... ones more experienced... I mean, this is Menace." Her costume made her look like a hero, but her posture was all insecure. I probably should have listened to that. "He's dangerous... surely somebody else..." She didn't finish, just trailed off and looked back to the screen, as though hoping they'd announce somebody had already arrived to handle it.

The newscaster herself now appeared on screen again to finish the rest of her prepared bio. "...Sometimes an honored hero, sometimes living up to his name, despite associations with the Headliners, he's lived an intensely private life and often in hiding. In recent years he has been living in seclusion, with his transformations supposedly under control. That no longer seems to be the case. This is the first time in nearly a decade that Menace has been on a rampage, but according to all reports, that does seem to be what's happening now. If you've just joined us..."

"All the more reason to go," I said. "If other heroes are on their way, this is our chance to hook up with them, network. If not... well, somebody has to step in and protect people." She still seemed unsure, so I said, "Who better than a teleporter to evacuate people in danger?"

"I just don't think we're ready..." I was going to back off, but then she took a deep breath and said, "Okay. If we can help, we should try." She looked down at herself, though, and pulled at her camel toe. "But I can't go like this..."

"Nobody's going to notice," I said. "But I have to get my costume on too, so, you've got a few minutes. Throw on some panties or something, there's heroing to do!"


Not long after that we were back in Crash City, both of us in our costumes for the first time out in public. It just felt right. CoreWear's comfortable, like a second skin, combining the best aspects of being nude and wearing clothes. It provides just enough lift on dangling bits to be flattering (on women, at least), without being restrictive. You have almost complete freedom of movement, and yet you don't feel naked. Even if my cock was on display for the world and not hidden behind a cup, I'd feel like I was wearing something... and of course, with the really high quality stuff, no matter how thin it looks, it's at a more-or-less comfortable temperature whether it's twenty degrees or a hundred, and it's self-cleaning. Yet another way they put the 'smart' in 'smart fabric.'

I didn't have long to check myself out in the mirror before we left, but I thought I looked okay, although I was worried Tabby was right... it was a little bland. It was basically just a black costume base with stripes of dark blue running down the sides starting from just under the arms, blue boots, and a blue belt now holding my new phone and a little bit of cash, just in case. Not just bland, but forgettable, without even a cool insignia, but that would have to wait until I had a name. My mask covered my hair, leaving just a square around my mouth and nose open. The hair flattened to my head, giving it a rounded look I wasn't too sure about, but other heroes pulled it off, so I thought maybe I was being over critical.

My sister looked much as she did when we saw the news, only now, if you looked closely, she had a visible panty-line, and a bulge in one of her pockets where she carried her phone. Neither of us had time to put the CoreWear underwear together. The cup covered my junk, but I hoped my ass looked good.

Although I'm the one who flies, Tabby was the one in the driver's seat until we homed in on Menace. She couldn't remember the area clearly enough to teleport directly to where he was last seen, and so she popped us there in a series of short hops.

Now, aside from his durability, one of the things that makes Menace, on a rampage, such a threat is that he's very mobile. It's hard to pin him down, he can leap long distances and with his claws and barbed tail he can cling to the sides of buildings, and his animal cunning seemed to have figured out that cops don't want to fire the big weapons where civilians can get hit. And that's pretty much where we first saw him, clinging to a tall building. Actually Tabby saw him first. "There!" That was followed immediately by, "Eww, he's naked!"

"That's probably just his tail..." I started as I tried to follow where she was pointing, but then I saw him. Yep, he was naked. His bronze cock just hung loosely in a thicket of silvery crotch-hair. "I guess he must not have been wearing his CoreWear underpants." Ferber usually wore them, just in case he changed unexpectedly. He was a skinny unathletic guy, and most normal clothes that would fit him would tear when his body got coated with the metal-like coating and he grew to more than double his size.

"I'm going to try to teleport him somewhere with less people," she said, and raised her hand. He started to be surrounded by the purple haze of my sister's teleportation effect, but it suddenly fizzled out. He hadn't moved, which we know screws up her ability to lock on, so it must have been something else. "What the hell! Now I can't teleport Powered, either?"

"Of course you can, you can teleport me..." There was an explanation, though. "Menace is immune to lots of things, though... fire, cold, electricity..." The last was another reasons he was a particular threat, electricity being one of the standard tools in the police arsenal against the Powered... one which worked quite well on me. "He's probably immune to your mojo. It's okay, you can handle evac duty." I cracked my knuckles. "Just get me close and I'll take him down." I hoped. "We know he's not immune to punches." Unkillable, at least that's what they said, but physically beating on him was one of the few ways you could wear him out.

"Okay... you ready?" I nodded. "Be careful, okay?" I just gave her my cocky, confident grin.

In a flash of violet, she was gone. Or rather, I was, since I was the one who moved. I was now on top of a different building, the very one Menace had been climbing up. I peeked down over the ledge, and there he was. He was leaning half in and half out of a window that he'd smashed open. Over his growls, I thought I could hear screams, so I straightened up, took a deep breath as I shook all my muscles to build up courage, and then jumped down the roof and directed myself onto the beast.

It was a little like hitting a brick wall. He barely gave when I attempted to tackle him, but I braced myself off the side of the building and managed to pull him off the wall and into the air, probably chiefly because it happened too fast for him to respond and he only had a loose grip.

My plan was to get him away from any place he could grab onto, and that much worked... we were over the street, but the next part of my plans didn't work out as intended. I wanted to do what Tabby suggested... fly him somewhere safer, less populated. But I wasn't really flying anymore... we were falling. Very slowly, but we were headed for the ground.

The weird thing was, he wasn't all that heavy. It was like he was just pulling me down, despite having nothing to pull with. Of course, I was a little distracted at the time, because Menace had gotten over his initial surprise and was fighting back. I'd grabbed him from behind, both to avoid contact with his dick and also in the hopes it would put him at a disadvantage, but while his tail was whipping around and batting at me from behind, his massive fists were pounding at me as he shouted "Kill you!" And those fists hurt, like the slap of a gunshot over a huge portion of my body all at once. When I finally realized what was happening, with respect to our altitude, I figured it would be better to just let him win... he was trying to get me to drop him, and if we were going down anyway, I'd better do just that. Better than drop, I'd throw him at the ground.

I didn't want to hurt anybody, so I aimed at a parking lot, hoping against hope that I didn't hit a car with anybody in it. Success there, he landed on pavement, but he also landed on his feet and immediately started looking around. His gaze fell on the inside of the restaurant the parking lot served, and it looked like something inside had caught his interest. I had to get his attention again, so I dive-bombed him. I probably should have tried to talk him down first, but that rarely works and I wanted a crack at him.

Hitting him was more brick-wall pounding fun, but I got him to stumble and snarl at me, and flew back out of range before he could strike back. I wasn't down at street level long, but I did get a chance to see some purple flashes from inside the restaurant, which made me feel even better. Tabby was on top of her part of the job, getting them out of harm's way. And I could fly, while Menace couldn't. I figured I could just keep him here and keep doing that same trick, getting close enough for a hit and then dodging back. I was even starting to get a little cocky. That always seems to be my undoing. However, in my defense, it's only natural to be a little cocky when you're as awesome as me.

It was only my second approach that my cockiness hurt me... he got me. It was the tail that tripped me up. I was flying at him, arms extended, and I saw him crouching like he was going to grab me on my approach. I figured I'd just dodge out of the way and maybe hit him on the side, or miss altogether and just go in for another attempt later. I did the dodging part okay, at first, sailing past the arms that reached forward trying to grab me, when suddenly I felt myself jerked back as something grabbed my legs. I didn't know it was his tail then, because I was almost immediately slammed to the ground. It was so sudden, I just had the feeling of something grabbing me, and then it was like my whole body was cracked like a whip, and I was kissing pavement.

He moved impossibly quickly, his tail still on my leg and then his hand grabbed my shoulder. My face hit asphalt, a couple times, and then his bicep curled around my neck. "Kill you!" he growled again, and I thought there was a good chance he might succeed. The hits I'd taken may not have done any permanent damage, but I had no idea how long my super-powered body might be able to survive without air.

"Let him go!" I heard suddenly. It was Tabby's voice, punctuated by the breaths of intense physical activity, and she sounded very close. Menace snarled, and the force around my neck loosened, and I was able to slump down on my knees and look up, where Tabby had one hand around his own meaty bronze neck. She was trying to punch him in the face with one hand while at the same time kicking him in the back with one foot.

I elbowed backwards with as much force as I could muster, getting him right in the stomach. Of course, that made him angry, and he's not fun when he's angry. He kicked me and I was suddenly a few feet away, but at least the tail had lost its grip, which meant I could take to the air and get the upper hand again, as soon as I managed to get my bearings.

Unfortunately, before I could, I saw Menace dealing with Tabby. He'd already pulled her off his back and before my eyes, threw her with tremendous force. My eyes followed her and I couldn't do anything to stop it as she slammed, back-first, into a concrete pole near where the parking lot turned into the street. If she was unpowered, she might have broken her spine, and for a dizzying moment I was worried she might have done just that. I can't even remember what I was thinking, but I was on the edge of snapping and either breaking into tears or pounding Menace to dust... but then I saw her roll over and start to get up. She was hurt, but it wasn't critical.

", are you okay?" There didn't seem to be anybody else around, but I was trying to get into the habit of calling her by her code-name.

My sister groaned, and got up on her hands and knees. "Yeah. Just a little... ow... I need a second."

I wasn't the only one watching her, Menace was too, which provided a strange little breather on the fight we'd just been having. But while I was watching my sister in concern, hoping she wasn't too hurt, Menace was watching her, on all fours, her ass pointed generally towards him and clad in a skin-tight outfit. His nostrils flared repeatedly and he said something that terrified me more than anything else. "Fuck you!"

That wasn't an insult, it was a statement of intent. Menace almost never referred to himself directly. It was never "I'll kill you," it was just "kill you." So what he meant was, "I want to fuck you," or maybe "I'm going to fuck you."

If I didn't know this little tidbit from the trading cards, it would have been obvious in another way. Menace had an erection. His dick rapidly grew until it just jutted out, looking practically obscene. To my surprise, he was circumcised. That's one of those things they don't mention on the bios, but I wouldn't have expected it. It was also extremely big... I mean, it's hard not to notice that, his was bigger than mine, although in my defense, in ratio to body size, I was pretty sure I came out ahead. But whatever the size, I wanted it nowhere near my sister. Her pointing her ass at him on all fours must have triggered some primal attraction, and Menace is nothing if not motivated by primal urges. "Shit, Tabby, 'port away, he's hot for you." It sounded so ridiculous, thinking later on it, but at the time it felt like an urgent warning, and luckily one Tabby took to heart... although, a little too slowly for my comfort.

I guess she was still a little dazed from her attack, because she'd just managed to turn around and looked at him dumbly as he approached her, cock swinging, so I jumped him from behind and got my arms around his neck this time, and although it was so huge that I couldn't really choke him I could certainly pull him back. Doing so meant his tail beat at me and his arms clawed at my arm, even cutting through my costume and into my flesh, but that was a small price to pay. I saw Tabby vanish, and I let go and took to the air.

I knew I couldn't stay up there forever. Menace had a healing factor... you could take him down, of course, but you had to keep hitting him... give him too long to recover and he did just that, recover. So I went in for another attack, being much more careful about his tail, and hit him across the side of the face. On my next approach, he clocked me as I hit him. I didn't even see it coming. It's hard to believe something that big could move that fast. I think it was a backhand he hit me with. I withdrew to rub my face, mostly to make sure I hadn't broken anything. My bones are durable as fuck, but the cartilage on my nose might be another matter, and, more importantly, I could probably hide any other damage, but something happening to my face risks my whole identity.

There was pain, but nothing obviously out of shape and my hand didn't come back with blood on it, so I reoriented and came back for another attack... when I saw a car dropping on Menace's head.

It appeared right above him, in a swirl of purple, and landed with a crash that could be heard for blocks. Glass shattering, metal crumpling, and Menace went down beneath it.

"Looks like I'm not so useless afterall!" I heard, and had to search around before I found her... she was on the roof of the restaurant, raising one hand in the air in a cheer for herself. I grinned at her. She earned a little time to crow.

The hunk of wrecked metal rose up and Menace shrugged it off his shoulders like an inconvenient scarf, although you could tell he was pissed off and, I hoped, hurt. He was looking upward too, like he heard Tabby and knew she was the one who'd hit him.

And then he sprang. It was quick. Seeing it on video, or from a long distance, doesn't do it justice, it was like he was looking up one second and the next he was in the air. I shouted out a word of warning, and she disappeared. I didn't see where, at first, and the creature landed on the roof with a snarl of confusion. "What's the matter, Menace?" I called, to get his attention back on me and not try to find where Tabby might go. "You think with that ugly face you're going to get any?" Of course, rumors said, when he was in his more rational phases, he actually does okay with the ladies, even in the monster form... I'd say I can't understand it, but his daughter Little Miss Menace showed up frequently in my own masturbatory rogue's gallery. I guess if big muscular guys were your thing, his monster features would just be more alluring.

My point wasn't accuracy, though, it was getting him mad, and it succeeded, he jumped towards me. I was in mid-air at this time, which made that an especially stupid thing to do. I mean, I could change my position, he couldn't change his approach once he'd left the ground. So I neatly sidestepped (or side-levitated?) and let him sail past me, giving him a kick in the side in the process.

When he landed, he decided to stop jumping at me and start throwing things. He pulled on the front of a car, tearing the bumper off, looked at it a moment, like he was disappointed he hadn't picked up the whole car, but decided that it would do the job anyway, and lobbed it at me.

Dodged that one too, and looked behind me as though wondering if I should try to catch it just in case it was on track to hit somebody. When I looked back, another car was falling out of the sky towards Menace's head.

This time, Menace saw it and scampered out of the way at the last second. It was the same car as Tabby had used the first time, although now it was looking significantly less car-like. Purple surrounded it, and it looked like she was going for another hit, but nothing happened.

"Oh, shit..." I heard, and found her then, she was beside the Drive-Thru menu sign, and looking up at me. "I'm out."

My heart sank for a moment, then I swallowed and flew towards her. That was enough of that. There was no way I was going to let this fight continue while my sister was just an ordinary, unPowered human. Especially now that Menace had seen her too and seem to be a little fixated on her.

I got there first, and stopped to pick her up in my arms before taking to the air once more. "Okay, we're out of here," I told her.

"What about Menace?"

"We did our part. Let somebody else finish him off." The image of her being slammed against that pole refreshed itself in my mind. "Are you okay? You got hurt pretty bad."

"I'm okay. I'm... actually tougher than I thought." She looked at my shoulder, raised one hand up to touch where he scratched me, baring skin. "What about you? Your uniform's torn."

"It'll heal. Smart fabric, remember?" Given enough time it would knit itself back together, or when I got home I could just use the programmer to do it manually.

"That wasn't what I meant. He drew blood."

"Only a little. It doesn't hurt." It did, but I took a glance... wasn't even bleeding any more. I thought I'd get her mind off it, I knew how she worried. "You did great back there. That thing with the car was brilliant."

She winced. "I hope they have insurance. Stupid, I should have just used the dumpsters, but I wasn't thinking." Typical Tabby, comes up with a brilliant plan and then beats herself up over the fact that it wasn't more brilliant.

"Don't worry, nobody lives in Crash City without a Powered Policy."

"And it drained my powers too fast... that and the evacuation."

"You did great."

We flew quietly for a little, and finally she said, "Alex?"


"I think Menace is following us."

I whirled around so fast I probably made Tabby a little nauseous. There he was, behind us, hopping from building to building, like a robotic grasshopper, and somehow, he definitely seemed to be very nearly keeping pace with us. "Shit."

"Maybe you should go faster."

"I'm pretty much at my limit." Now, I can fly pretty fast, compared to walking, but in these early days especially, it was nothing dramatic... a little over a hundred miles per hour, maybe one-fifty if I really pushed myself, a little more if I was aiming downward and got a boost from gravity. Twice that if I wasn't carrying another person. I tried regardless to push myself. "Don't worry, he can't jump this high, at least." I hoped not, anyway.

"Maybe we could use it to our advantage," Tabby said. "Lure him outside of the city... then we hide somewhere, have a quickie to power me up, and... take care of him."

"It's an idea," I conceded, although I was still nervous about her being in the fray. Suddenly, I grinned as another idea struck. "We could do it in the air," I suggested. "Two birds, one stone."

"Where anyone can watch? No, we've got enough of a lead that we can hide somewhere and do it quick."

We suddenly lost about thirty feet of altitude. "Uh oh."


"I think I'm running low on power, too..."

"You're messing with me, aren't you?"

I shook my head. "I wish I was. We're going to have to land soon." I couldn't even be sure how much time I had, but it would be very bad if I became a normal human while we were both in mid-air.

"That's it, from now on we fully charge up first, before going out."


Not wanting to risk that my sputtering powers would cut out completely while we were in mid-air, I landed us in what looked like the edge between a poor residential area and a bit of commercial development... a little mini-mall and a self-storage facility. I landed at the mall first, honestly, thinking there'd be more places to hide in the stores, and it took me a second to realize that there'd be less people in the storage place. I flew there and found us a spot in between two buildings and let my sister down. I still had my Power, but I could tell I was running on fumes. "I don't think we have much time for foreplay," I joked. "Let's just bang it out quick."

She grinned, and reached behind herself for her zipper... and her face fell. "I can't..." she said in frustration, and then turned. "Can you do it?"

That was when I saw. The zipper was damaged. First, and most obviously, the little dangly bit, the pull tab, was completely gone. That wasn't a big problem, but when I tried to force it down with my finger, it just wouldn't go.

"It's stuck," I grunted. "You must have hit it against the pole." She must have hit it directly against the pole, in fact, and squished the metal against the teeth in the fabric.

"Well, what are we going to do?" she asked, with a panicked voice. "Tear it off?"

I tried pulling at the fabric, but it stretched too far to make that a realistic possibility. "I could cut it if I had something sharp enough but..." I left it unsaid. We both knew I didn't. Another thing I needed to put in my utility belt.

"What are we going to do?"

We stared into each other's masks... she was scared, I could see it. "There's still a way to give me powers..." I suggested tentatively.

"Speed?" she asked. "You'll just run out again before long." Our early experiments had confirmed that. The more I used speed, and the faster I went, the quicker it ran out. That was one of the reasons I didn't use it much. I've run out in as little as twenty minutes before, and I'm not even sure I was reaching my top speed.

Still, you could do a lot in twenty minutes, and I could stretch it out by using it sparingly. "It buys us time. I can get us away to a safer place, find something to cut you out of that thing."

"Okay, fine." She knelt down on the ground and pulled the bottom part of my uniform down, from under my belt. No zippers to mess with. Two piece uniforms are so much better all around. I'd told her.

Tabby's mouth opened to admit my stiff prick, and I ran my hands through her faux-blonde hair. With that and her mask, it was almost like somebody else was doing it... it even felt like a different person, with the forced urgency of the act. But the same incident that was making her head bob up and down on me, trying to get me off as quickly as possible, also prevented me from appreciating it. I looked back, over my shoulder and around the corner.

To my disgust, Menace had landed at the mall. And he seemed to not be happy that he lost sight of us. He was looking upward, like he spotted something in the sky, and I hoped another hero might be coming to save us, but no, he turned around slowly, and I realized that he was trying to catch our scent. Or maybe he already had. He had animal senses, they said.

"Come on, hurry up!" I whispered, knowing it was bad to even speak, he could probably hear me. I was saying it more to myself than to her.

"I'm going as fast as I can! Just relax!"

"Easy for you to say," I said. "But even after I cum, I'm going to be the one that has to fight him." There was no way around that now, I thought, I'd have to fight him at least a little bit. If Tabby could teleport us away we could just go home, but her costume difficulties prevented that. "I told you not to go with the bodysuit."

"Okay, fine, you were right, I was wrong, now will you just relax and think of something you want to fuck."

It was hard to do that. I checked back over my shoulder again. "Shit, I think he's got our scent. He's coming this way." Menace roared. Maybe he was tired from all that jumping, or maybe he was afraid of losing the scent, but he was moving slowly, in a crouch that occasionally became a scamper on all fours.

"Should I stop?" she asked, speaking quickly. She took another suck and pulled away to suggest, "We can try to make a run for it again..."

I pushed her head back on my dick. "No, I'm almost there... keep going. Come on, come on, come on..."

That was more talking to myself... Tabby took it as instruction though, her tongue swirled around the head of my dick like she was trying to polish it.

I've heard all the time about the thrill of danger being an aphrodisiac, and I've felt that at other times, but right then, I was doing my best to put the danger out of my mind, because it wasn't helping. Maybe it's because the danger wasn't just to me... Menace would probably do unspeakable things to Tabby, and that scared me even beyond arousal.

He was getting closer... I didn't see this, but I could sense it. Maybe it was half imagination, amplifying every sound and indicating that it might be him. He had to have been moving slowly... if he raced, he would have been here already. The only thing I could think of is that he was worried about losing the scent... or he was going slow to intimidate us. If so, it was working.

Tabby went down farther, and I tried to focus on the sensations, the fact that it was a hot superhero, in costume, going down on me, one of my all-time favorite fantasies, and the fact that it was also my sister... well, icing on the cake. My cock responded, pulsing, and I could feel that creeping sensation of increasing pleasure, but still too far from a climax. If only I could just force myself to ejaculate.

Why can't I? I asked myself, suddenly. I still had a tiny bit of reserve power, I hadn't felt that characteristic slackening of my muscles that signaled my return to normalcy. When I was Powered, I had more control over my body, I could get hard at will, stay hard even once I'd cum... I could control things normally beyond my control. Why not orgasm?

Because if super powered people could orgasm at will, they'd just keep doing that forever... as much as I wish that was the case, it wasn't in my abilities... but I could, as it turns out, make it happen faster, just like I could delay it. I concentrated, told myself to let go, to ejaculate, to shoot my cum down my sister's throat... and suddenly, I was ready to. The pressure built up and I exploded, emptying my balls and at the same time feeling a renewed rush of power.

I pulled out, still dribbling cum down Tabby's chin, and then slowed down my perception of time and looked around the corner. There he was, just feet from us. Another two seconds and we'd have been dead.

One big problem remained. I was Powered, Tabby still wasn't. And Menace was too close for comfort. I reached down, picked her up, and raced her around another corner at what must have been 200mph. I did my best to accelerate slowly and then to decelerate slowly when I stopped, but I probably freaked her out and I think I knocked the wind out of her. "Are you okay?" I asked. Although it probably came out as "Areyouokay?" She nodded with what seemed like exaggerated slowness, and I said, "Hide, I'm gonna rile him up and then lead him away." Before I could see her reaction, I zoomed back to Menace.

He looked like he was ready to follow again, adopting a pouncing posture, and in fact that's what he did when I appeared in front of him, but I was too quick. I sidestepped him neatly. Too neatly. It was like he was in slow motion. After realizing he missed me completely, he looked back and said in a growly voice that had the hint of a question in it... "Pussy..."

I didn't think it was an insult, I thought he was after Tabby. Basic, primal urges. Well, protecting your family's a basic, primal urge, and I was filled up with it. "No pussy for you," I said. "Time to face..." This would have been a perfect time to announce my superhero identity. Unfortunately, I still hadn't decided on one. So I just finished, lamely, with, "Me."

I boldly ran in front of him. As accelerated as I was, it wasn't even dangerous. He was fast, but I was way faster. His tail lashed out trying to trip me up, but to me it was like a log rolling very slowly. I hopped over it easily, and gave the monster a kick aimed to make him stop thinking about sex. Right in the balls.

There's sort of an unwritten code about targeting the junk in hero fights. You're not supposed to, unless it's life or death, and although of course some villains don't obey the standard (especially girl villains who can occasionally be brutal about that), a surprising number do. And Menace was at least, theoretically, a good guy, or a poor victim trapped inside a rampaging beast... but right then, I didn't care, even though I could have hit anywhere on his body, I went for the balls. Twice. Part of it was strategic... I had a little bit of super strength with this powerset, but not much... about as much as Tabby does when she's a teleporter. The genitals were the softest target. But in all honesty, most of it was that he pissed me off. Besides, he chased us down, I was perfectly willing to retreat from this fight earlier.

It was almost too easy. No, scratch the almost, it was too easy. He hunched, first, trying to protect himself, but I was too fast for that even to be an option, the blows were landed before he could get his hands in the way. After that, he doubled over in shock and pain. He wasn't down, but his erection sure was, and after that, it was the beginning of the end. He tried to fight back, but I was moving so fast he couldn't keep up and kept launching punches at other areas, the throat, the temples, the stomach.

The last punch, the stomach punch, made him topple over on his stomach. I launched a kick at his rib... that one hurt... most of my attacks hurt a little, except for the one to the balls, but I must have hit super-dense bone there and that one hurt more, and I was almost ready to call it quits and save the rest of my super speed for getting Tabby out of there, when I noticed he was shrinking. He must have started his transformation back to human form.

That could only mean one thing. I'd done it. I'd defeated Menace.

Me. I took down Menace. One of the big ones. He was even a Headliner for a time. He's fought some of the toughest heroes and villains in the world. And I took him down. I'd proven I had what it took to be a hero. It was all over in a few minutes of fighting.

That should have been my first clue. It was too easy. He wasn't fighting at his best, and I'd hit him with far less than what it'd taken to defeat him before. But I didn't think about that then, I was high on my victory. "Tabby!" I called, and then remembered. "Yo, Taboo! I did it! I took him down!" I saw my sister peek out behind the corner, and then tentatively walk towards us. She moved stiffly, making me think she'd been hurt more than she let on, and giving me a pang of guilt... but that could wait. "You got your camera?"

"I left my phone back where we first fought him," she said.

We'd wind up going back for it later, but there was no time for that then, so I retrieved my own Bananapad stick from my utility belt and ran up to hand it to her. "Use mine. Get a picture of this. I need a picture of this." After this close call, and Tabby's injury, I wasn't sure we'd ever go out to take down a Powered foe again... and if this was going to be my last hurrah as a hero, I needed a momento.

She unfurled the flexible screen and aimed the camera, as I raced back to get into position, my foot resting on his back. She took one picture, and I said, "Another."

Tabby looked back from the camera screen to me, and then called out uncertainly. "It doesn't look like Menace."

I nodded impatiently. "Yeah, he's changing back. That's okay, everybody knows Ferber's Menace anyway... take more."

"No..." Tabby said. "I mean, that Ferber guy... it doesn't look like him at all." I looked down and saw what she meant. The last of Menace's muscles were gone, and the metal-seeming coating had been absorbed back into his skin, and in the place Menance once was, now lay a scrawny naked guy... a scrawny naked black guy. "Since when was he black?"

I took my foot off of him, and backed up to get a better look. It was... nobody I'd ever seen before. Whoever I'd defeated, as much as it looked exactly like Menace... was somebody else. "Who the fuck is this guy? And how did he turn into Menace?"

"And what do we do now?" Tabby asked

Suddenly, our first superpowered slugfest had become our first mystery.

The End
Next Time: Just Dropping By!

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The Letter Column

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horsefly writes:

This is the best superhero fanfic I think I've ever read! The origin story last "issue" and the tale of their first night out as heroes has me itching for more. I can't wait for the next tale. Taboo's partner needs a codename of his own, too. This and any further fanmail I send are "okay to print." You've really hit on a niche market, and I hope you explore it to its fullest potential in the issues to come.

Thanks! I've always liked the superhero genre, as you can tell, and I hope others like my take on it. There are a few other superhero/porn crossovers out there, but none that I'm aware of really hit my favorite themes.

And you're right, Taboo's partner does need a code name of his own... but as you can see in this issue, he's still having trouble coming up with one!

TUSF writes: A Letter Column eh? Awesome. Anyways, this story is turning out great. kinda makes me want to draw out a big portion of it, (scenes and such) in comic form, and just send them to you for fun. If only I had that kind of dedication, that you seem to have. Really, keep up the great work, and I hope to see what's Alex's and Tabby's 3rd power... and if there ARE other ways to get powers.

-Waits to see if a "foot-job" gives Alex some kind of shape-shifting or something funky- Really, This seems like an interesting story to follow along, which is why this is my 2nd comment to you so far.

Oh, btw, If I get to ask Characters questions, I must ask Alex something, Why do you think most super-heroes (atleast in comics) seem to have the communication skills of a 14 year old? I mean really, so many Hero fights can be avoided by just being direct and simple...

I have to admit, I'd love to see somebody adapt Relatively Powered into a comic. Really, I'd be thrilled to see comic adaptations of anything I wrote, but Relatively Powered is the only one that I try to visualize as a comic at every step while I'm writing it.

I've always had a policy of "my stories are free to share as long as no money is involved", and that applies to adaptations as well. So, if anybody out there with the skills actually WANTS to adapt something I've written, they are welcome to, and as long as it's not for a pay site, I have no problems or restrictions to that end except that I'd like control over how I'm credited (so if you seriously diverge from it in some ways, I can decide to ask you to say it was "inspired by" my work, rather than an adaptation of it) and of course, I'd like a copy of the images.

But it actually doesn't stop there. If somebody wants to do an adaptation of any of my works for pay, either for a paysite or some other method of monetizing it, I have an arrangement in mind that will result in you keeping all of the proceeds. I don't need a cut and I won't want a dime of it. I just have a set of rules that need to be followed and beyond that, can be compensated solely by a few pieces of art. If anyone's interested in the specific details, you can send me mail (through the feedback form).

I don't really expect it'll happen, of course, as art is far more labor-intensive than writing, but this seems like a good opportunity to make it clear that the door is open.

You found out in this installment what the third power is for each of them, although Alex thinks he's only got two. Footjobs actually wouldn't give any new powers (there's a reason, but you'll know it if and when the characters do), but there are indeed other ways to get them. Alex in particular has one theory he wants to try out!

And regarding your question, Alex says, "The truth is, when you're Powered in some way, fighting... well, it's just kind of fun. And you're already pretty hyped up on adrenaline, so when you see somebody else who might be a threat... you just kind of go for it. It's kind of like how most of the Powered are more promiscuous. When you're immune to any nasty STDs, if you're not seeing anybody exclusively, why NOT jump into bed with people you think are hot? And if you're invulnerable, why NOT jump into a fight first instead of getting into a long discussion? Heroes don't usually go for the kill, so, if you're wrong, things'll sort themselves out eventually, right?" The author would like to recommend against jumping into fights instead of talking things out, even if you think you're invulnerable.

Alex would also like to take this opportunity to point out to our readers that he's still looking for a good code name, and if anybody has any suggestions, it might actually make it into the story!

And that's it for this issue's letter column! Next issue, the two heroes are going to try to figure out how somebody else became Menace... and it will also be the first story told from Tabby's perspective! Most installments will continue to be told from Alex's side, but every once in a while, I'll feel like changing things up. We'll also be getting back to explore the duo's family life which I haven't had time for with these last two issues. Hope you enjoy it!

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