This is the fifth story I've written in tribute to and in the style of one of my favorite erotic authors, Phil Phantom. This time I was going a little more for his Tiffany style. I always enjoy hearing from Phans about how they think I did.

Stage Mom to the Littlest Cumslut - A Phil Phantom Tribute (M+g, Fg, inc, beast, gang, pedo)

What does a mother do when her ten-year-old daughter announces that she wants to be a slut, fucking anyone, anywhere, anytime?  I may not be a model mother, but I do my best, so here’s what I did.

At first I just stood there, shocked.  I wasn’t prepared when my little Cindy responded to my motherly concern about her grades, which I wanted to be high so she could be whatever she wanted when she grew up, with, “But I know what I want to be.  A slut.”


“Or more of a sextoy.  Not just a slut, but, like, the biggest slut in the world.  I want to get people off, anyone who wants it, whenever they want.  I don’t have to have good grades for that.  I don’t even have to be older, if you’d let me.”

Now, the only kind of men she could have attracted right then were the hardcore child-molester types.  If you were a pedophile, there was a lot about Cindy to thrill you.  She was completely flat chested, her legs were only barely thicker than her arms, and she had a tiny tight rump and a tinier little pussy.   Her face was positively angelic, with big eyes, a cute little smile, and a little round nose that was upturned just a little.  If you were normal, Cindy would melt your heart, but to inspire a boner, I’d be more your type, even if I wasn’t as hot as I once was.  I still kept myself thin and fit.  I had big boobs that would attract men who weren’t turned on by other men or little girls, an itty-bitty waist and a respectable plump ass just made for squeezing or fucking.  I don’t think it was vain to think I was still hot, the ultimate MILF, but then I was still in my twenties so I put most of the other moms to shame.   I even caught some of Cindy’s opposite sex classmates staring at me sometimes when I made an appearance at a school function, joining the aroused stares of the teachers and fathers.  The women were mostly jealous because I dressed in low-cut tops and miniskirts.  Well, I could pull it off.  I was a sex bomb when I was younger and I was still a sex bomb, even if I was forcibly detonated a decade ago, just enough to send a cute little piece of shrapnel flying through the world, penetrating men’s hearts to this day.   Sure, I was raising pedo-bait, but there wouldn’t be that many men willing to take advantage of a cute ten-year-old, were there?  Certainly not enough to be a sextoy at her age, if that was even what she wanted.

Where did she get ideas like that, anyway?  Well, I thought I knew already, from her uncle, my brother.   I didn’t want her alone at home for long periods while I was still at work, so she usually spent a few hours after school at his place across the street.  It would keep her out of danger, and the books always said she needed a strong male presence in her life or she’d be screwed up, and since I had no idea who her father was, Uncle Tommy would have to fill in.  He was no angel, he was at least half-pedo himself, and I expected a little light molestation to go along with the deal, but it was a small price to pay for her to grow up safe and well-adjusted.  At least, that’s what I’d hoped at the time.

Now it seems that he was grooming her, filling her head with fucked-up ideas as surely as he was filling up her stomach with his seed.  Oh, I knew he was having her suck him off already.  I’d have to be an idiot not to suspect, after all, when I was ten, I spent more time with my lips around Tommy’s dick than I did talking to him.  I probably gobbled down more of his cum than meals.  I didn’t exactly want the same thing for my daughter, but I didn’t say anything when I knew it was happening.  Sometimes when I picked her up after work, I could smell sperm on her breath, and a few times the evidence was plain on her face, but as long as Cindy didn’t complain, neither would I.  A little oral sex never hurt a girl, I enjoyed it at her age, though not as much as I did his fingers digging around in the space between my legs.  I figured she’d be safe spending time with him for a few years, after all, it was only after I’d turned thirteen that Tom finally started emptying his balls in my juicy cunt instead of over my tongue.  Cindy was still way too young for that, so why all the slut preparation? 

I knew why he started so early.  Ever since he started fucking me, he wanted to turn me into a total slut, willing to fuck all his friends or anybody else he brought by.  He told me it was for my benefit, but really he wanted me as a party trick, the amazing cumslut, fucks and sucks on demand.  He got what he wanted, but it took him almost three years of daily fuckings and psychological preparations, telling me how great it would be if there was a girl who was totally devoted to sex, the way some people were devoted to music or art.  Three years it took to get me ready for that role.  If he thought ahead and started when he was just making me cum, he could have had me as the neighborhood mattress from the age of thirteen.  I wasn’t devoted to sex, I just liked it an awful lot, but for his sake I pretended for years, acted the part, turning down no comers.   Obviously he wanted to repeat his victory.

So clearly he’d been getting his niece Cindy ready for that job in advance, by telling her about the wonders of being a slut, even before he she was ripe for a cherry-plucking.  Maybe he even put her up to this stunt, asking for my permission, just to get at me.  Well, I’d need to have a talk to him.  No matter how much fun I had in that role, I didn’t need my daughter following in my footsteps.   What did it get me?   I didn’t even know who Cindy’s father was, except that it wasn’t Tommy, who was in jail for burglary at the time I got knocked up.  By the time he was out of jail, I was seventeen and six months pregnant, struggling to support myself on welfare because our parents kicked me out, and he turned me into a whore, keeping half the money for myself.  I never forgave my parents for that and I didn’t speak to them again until the day they died.  It wasn’t that they threw me out, it was that they threw me out and still let Tommy live with them, despite him being a two-time con who never worked a day in his life, unless you counted pimping me out work, work he did for another three years before I could finally get a straight job.  No thank you, I didn’t want my daughter’s to turn out to be either a layabout or a whore.   I sent Cindy to her room to do her homework, while I took a shower and massaged my aching cunt.  Of course the image of my little girl as a willing little cumslut was erotic and, what’s more, turned me on.  Who wouldn’t be turned on?  I knew if I went over to my brother’s place turned on, bad things would happen, so before I made the trek across the street, I made sure to have a fantastic cum, to the thought of little Cindy, covered in sperm from head to toe, a cock in each hand and one in each hole, squirming around to maximize pleasure.  It certainly maximized my pleasure, but I had a weakness for dirty thoughts.  Always had.  That’s probably why Tommy turned me into a slut so easily.

Tommy lived right across the street from me, but our houses were like night and day.  We bought our places at the same time, they, along with many other places on this part of town, went into foreclosure and sold dirt cheap.  That meant a lot of people who bought were unsavory types, and maybe it wasn’t the best place to raise a child, but I didn’t have many options.  We were all just one step above trailer trash, but I personally tried to make the best of it.  I lived in a clean house with a nice lawn, thanks to a teenage boy I fucked on the side.  Tommy’s lawn was overgrown, and there were chunks of rusting car parts all over it.  If the lights were off, you’d be hard-pressed to guess whether the house was completely abandoned, or just lived in by some ultimate redneck stereotype.  Today, you wouldn’t have to guess, the redneck stereotype was out in plain view.   Tommy had a porch and an old couch that he left there, and sometimes he just liked to sit out here.  Today was one of those times, and there he was, sitting on the couch, unshaven, in shorts and a wifebeater, with a beer in his hand.  His eyes slid over to me, virtually disinterested, before he asked, “What’s the matter, horny?”

Yes, I was, even after that orgasm I was still eager for more.  It usually took three or four orgasms before I wasn’t horny at all.  But I wasn’t going to tell him that.  “I need to talk to you about Cindy.”

“What about her?”

“I want you to stop putting ideas in her head about being some kind of world-class slut.”

“What makes you think those ideas have anything to do with me? Maybe Cindy just is a born slut and knows it?”

“I know you, Tommy.  You tried to make me into your ultimate sick ultimate slut fantasy, and you’re already laying the groundwork on my daughter, and I want it to stop.  That’s no kind of aspiration for a young girl to have.”

“It’s not?  Jesus, Becca, I’d expect this hypocritical bullshit from some people, but not from you.”

“It’s not hypocritical, I lived it, and I know how it screwed me over.”

“You know how much you liked it, you mean.  Come have a seat beside me and I’ll prove you still get wet thinking about old times.”  I wasn’t dumb, although you might have thought so from the way I sat down beside him.  I knew he was going to run his meaty hand under my skirt and over my cunt, thrusting one or two fingers inside to see how wet I was.  Well, I was wet.  No sense denying it, I hadn’t even put panties on, so I might as well show him.  We were in public view out on that porch, but I didn’t think anybody would be able to see what he was doing from here.  “See?  Slicker than a greased pig.” 

“The state of my cunt has… ahh… no relevance to this conversation.  The point is, she should be allowed to choose a life for herself.”

“She has.  She wants to be a slut.”  His finger wiggled, and I was getting hot and horny again, losing my perspective. 

“No, it’s not just that.  Lots of girls are sluts.  If she wants to be a slut when she’s older, that’s fine by me, I’ll cheer her on from the sidelines.  But this is more than just teenage sluttiness.  She wants to dedicate her life to sex.”

“So what?” he said.  “What’s wrong with that?  If she told you she wanted to dedicate her life to music, or acting, or being in the Olympics, you’d be okay with that, and you’d be standing right beside her, helping her achieve her dream.  Those are likely to screw up her life just as much.  You know how awful stage mothers can be, the girl would never have any fun.  What’s the difference, except with this, she’d be sure to have fun?”

“The difference is she’s too young to be thinking about sex, and certainly too young to be having it.”

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you there, Becca.  She most certainly is not too young.”

“Yes, she is.”

He shook his head, and reached below him.  “No, and I’ll prove it.”  He pulled out a digital camera, probably stolen since Tommy didn’t have a job, and flipped through the pictures, then thrust it in front of me.  There, in 4 megapixels was a picture of my little Cindy lying on the other, only slightly-less ratty old couch inside, with a cock more than halfway up her cunt.  By the look on her face it wasn’t her first time, she was handling it nicely, even if her pussy lips were stretched so tightly around the shaft that there was little room for anything else, even a condom might have been too much.  “See.  This was taken a week ago, and she’s having sex.  If she wasn’t too young then, she certainly can’t be now.”

My mouth hung open.  My slit dripped.  Tommy’s hands returned to investigate it.  “You’ve been fucking her?  She’s only ten.”


“Why wait?  Only reason I waited for you was cause I wanted you to beg me for it.”  That’s right, I did beg for it the first time.   The regular blowjobs and the feeling of his tongue on me just weren’t enough anymore.    I’d forgotten.  “Well, Cindy got to begging a lot earlier than you did.  I guess girls are growing up faster and faster these days.  And your little girl, she’s a natural, if she wants to devote her life to being a slut, more power to her.”  With his free hand he selected a new picture.  It was my little girl again, this time suspended in the air, one dick in her pussy, another in her mouth.  A third person must have been holding the camera. 

I was practically ready to jump on top of him and fuck his brains out, but I knew I couldn’t do that.  Motherly instincts were warring with my own inner slut.  “I can’t believe you did that.  How many guys has she been with?”

“Four,” he said.  “At least, four people I shared her with.  I can’t speak for what she’s done outside of my care.”  The next picture was similar to the second, just a different angle, except she was on all fours, and at her mouth, instead of a black dick that’s head must have been wider than her lips, was a svelte blonde woman.  Cindy was licking her pussy.

“Oh god,” I moaned, and my hand went automatically to my clit, fighting for space around Tommy’s hands. 

He grinned.  “I thought you’d like that one.  Little Cindy’s very open-minded, an equal-opportunity slut, she’s willing to service men, women, even dogs, though she hasn’t actually tried those yet.  But Shauna here tells me she’s a natural pussy licker, she does it just how she likes, buries her face in like a dog with a bone and won’t let go until she’s sucked out an orgasm.”  Shauna was the latest bitch Tommy was fucking, he’d pick up girls from high schools and fuck them for a while before discarding them when he was bored or they wouldn’t do something he wanted.  Shauna had lasted longer than most, she was probably eager to please.    “And would you believe it was her first time, too?  If she’s that good on her first cunt, imagine how good she’ll be when she’s had some training.”

I did, I couldn’t help it.  I imagined Cindy getting a lot of training, and me being the trainer.  Evil, unmotherly thoughts were starting to win over my mind in an internal battle, thoughts about my daughter eating me out while Tommy fucked her from behind, or while a dog mounted her.  The evil thoughts were aided by Tommy’s finger, and my motherly instincts didn’t have a chance against such a combined assault.  I imagined that scene again, her covered in cum on stage, but this time, I was next, and I told her she couldn’t shower until she’d made me cum four times.
“Bet you’re horny now.  What do say, want me to put something else in your pussy?  Give you a fuck for old times sake?”

We hadn’t fucked for a few years, since I put my life as a whore behind me in favor of a straight job.  Cindy was walking and talking, and I didn’t want her finding out and asking awkward questions, or worse, telling people in all childlike innocence that Mommy fucked her uncle in front of her.  It would have been in front of her, or not at all, Tommy made that pretty clear after I stopped being his whore, so I decided to just cut him off and get my itches scratched by less kinky guys, and there were guys a plenty.  But she wasn’t around now, or if she was, she was spying through a window.  “Yes,” I said.  “Fuck me.”  If he wanted, I’d shout it out loud, for all the neighbors to hear. 

“Okay, but there’s one condition.”

He’d want me to get Cindy.  Well, I could live with that.  Cindy’d been fucking herself, she was obviously old enough to keep her mouth shut.  “I’ll do it,” I said.

“Eager, but why don’t you hear what it is, first.  I’ll fuck you, but you have to promise me you’re not going to interfere with Cindy’s dream.  You’ll let her fuck anybody she wants, even if she wants to bring them home and fuck them in her bed while you’re there.  You don’t have to help her, even though mothers are supposed to help their daughters reach their dreams, just don’t get in the way.”

“You’re going to turn her into your little cumslut.”

“I’m not going to turn her into anything.  I’ll use her, tell my friends about her, and if she asks me to find men or dogs for her I will, but the only thing I’ll do is what she wants me to.  I won’t push her and you won’t stop her, she can choose the path for herself.”

I groaned, arousal building too much.  “Fine,” I said.  “Just fuck me.”

“You promise?”

“Yes, I promise.  I won’t stop her.”  It was a promise made in lust, to get the dick my snatch had been craving, but it was a promise just the same and I intended to keep it.  That was an important lesson for Cindy too, not to break promises just because your desires change.  I knew if I tried to stop her, she’d tell her Uncle Tommy and he’d tell her that I promised I wouldn’t. 

My promise exacted, Tommy grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over, then pulled his shorts down.   He didn’t even bother to take me inside, just pushed my skirt up right on that couch, making my ass visible to anybody who happened to be looking at his porch.  Cindy’s window looked right at it, and I hoped she wasn’t watching.  I looked over there, but I couldn’t tell, and there was something else that got my attention.  Tommy’s ten-inch member was erect and proud and as big as I remembered it.  It was hard to believe Cindy could take it already.  Tommy started fucking then, no warning, no foreplay, just the sensation of his cock-head prying my pussy lips apart and then pushing in again and again.  As he slammed into me from behind, I pretended I was Cindy, feeling the force, the sensation of being full, the raw animal lust as he slapped his balls into me.  Only when he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them roughly did it spoil the illusion, Cindy didn’t have breasts to squeeze, just little nipples. 

Tommy was a good fuck, even if he was selfish and stopped to finish his beer halfway through, leaving me stewing and doing all the work sliding my ass back and forth on him.  I didn’t care if the whole neighborhood was watching me, let them watch.  I was horny.  Finally he renewed his effort and my pussy seemed to spread to encompass all of me, and all of me was singing… except my throat, that was letting loose with a guttural moan of pure pleasure.  I clenched down as tightly as I could on his cock, again and again, milking it, in the throes of orgasm I wanted nothing more than his cum and instinctively performed the milking motions to get all of it out.  He let out a belch and then groaned and was done.  A few more strokes in and out as he emptied his balls into me, and then he pulled out and made me clean him with my tongue.  I could do that.  I used to resist that before, some weird impulse against tasting my own pussy.  I didn’t consider myself a lesbian or bi, to my brother’s disappointment, but that was changing.  I now thought I’d let Cindy eat me, and I’d eat her, and I could suck pussy-flavored dick happily in the interests of a renewed sexual relationship with Tommy, and if I pretended I was tasting my daughter it was even fun.  Even if the neighbors were watching. 

I walked across the street, skirt flapping up in the wind and exposing my cum-filled cunt.  I was embarrassed, full of guilt, but committed.  I’d made the promise, and now I’d have to live with it.  Still, now that lust wasn’t clouding my mind so much, my motherly instincts were active again.  I knew I’d have to bend the promise as far as I could.  I wasn’t going to do anything to stop her, but he never said anything about discouraging her.  Except, I knew girls, particularly sexually active girls.  Telling her not to do something was a prime motivator to get them to do just that.  My mom told me to stay away from boys and not let them do anything, and look how that turned out.  No, my plan would have to be more devious… and then I realized, Tommy himself had given me the answer.  I’d crushed one of Cindy’s dreams before, accidentally.  She wanted to be an entertainer of a more conventional sort, a singer and actress, and I got super-excited about it, and took her to auditions all over town, made her practice all the time.  What was once fun became work, and she quickly got sick of it, but proceeded on like a trooper for months before I realized that I was becoming one of those horrible stage moms. 

I learned my lesson, and learned it well.  I wasn’t allowed to get in the way of her dream, but I could get out in front of it and help her so much she’d get tired of it.  Tommy’s early sexual introductions were a blessing in disguise, in fact.  She still had at least two years, maybe three, before pregnancy became a worry, and it would be a worry with Tommy.  He always pressed me to take cum in my pussy and fuck without a condom, and the only reason I didn’t spend my entire teen years barefoot and pregnant was because I was secretly taking birth control.  He didn’t want just a slut, he wanted a pregnant slut, and he was pleased as punch when he got out of jail and found out he had one in me, even if he hadn’t done the deed himself.   Cindy had a breeding in her future if I didn’t nip this idea in the bud and make her pass through her slut phase quickly.

In the meantime, we really could do some good, too.  Only pedophiles would be interested in a girl like Cindy, and those are the type of men that are a risk to children.  If you’ve got guys who like to fuck little girls, and a little girl who likes to fuck guys, it’s really in everyone’s interest to put them together.  Otherwise you get the perverts fucking little girls who don’t want it, and everybody loses.  Cindy’s job could be a public service.  There couldn’t be that many pedophiles in the area, and she could surely keep them satisfied and off the streets and playgrounds. 

Yes, it was a perfect plan.  I went right to Cindy’s room to tell her, where I found her on her back, legs spread and feet pointed to two different walls, and a phallic-looking hairbrush in her baby cunt.  She was working it like an expert, sliding it up and down with an intense face and a look of bliss on her face.  She hadn’t noticed me, yet, unless the show was staged for my benefit.  To do something like this, either she had been watching me on Tommy’s porch through her window, or she really was just a horny slut with a constantly wet cunt between her legs. 

I strode over and grabbed the hairbrush by the bristley end, and then yanked it out, surprising her.  “Mom!”

“I want to talk to you, and I don’t want you masturbating while I’m doing it.”

“Then could you come back in five minutes?”  She shamelessly replaced the brush with her fingers.  “I’m pretty close.”

I sighed.  “This thing you were talking about earlier, being a slut.  Is that really your dream?”

She nodded happily, hand grinding into her crotch.  “Yes, Mommy.  I want to do everyone.”

“Okay, but I’m going to hold you to it.  If you really want to, I’ll start setting you up with men, though Lord knows where I’ll find that many pedos.”

“Uncle Tommy knows some.”

“I bet he does.”  Watching her fingers grow more slick with her wetness, I licked my lips involuntarily.  I’d just had an orgasm, but here, watching my own daughter, was getting me eager for another.  “You want to satisfy everyone?”

“Everyone I can.  I don’t think I can satisfy everyone in the whole world, especially when some people will want me again and again.”

“Do you expect a lot of repeat business?”

“Judging by Tommy’s friends, yes.”  She grinned. 

“Well, if you’re going to go into a field like sluttery, you’re going to have to be the very best.  That means you’ll have to practice an awful lot.”  I sat down on the bed beside her. 

“I like practicing.”

“You’d better start on me, then.  If I’m satisfied by your skills, I’ll let you bring men here.”  I couldn’t believe I said it, nor could I believe how quickly Cindy turned over and got between my legs.  It was like she was waiting for those words all her life.  And Tommy’s friend Shauna was right, she was a natural.  A minute in, I was already clean of Tommy’s juices, and my own were flowing freely.  I began to fear my plan might work too well, that she might get sick of this before I did.  Until she did, I could get a boatload of orgasms out of her or her suitors, and maybe even make some extra money booking appointments.  I could quit my straight job, at least until she got tired of being a slut.

Then again, just because she got tired of it didn’t mean she had to stop.  The lesson would be much more persuasive if she had to suffer through it for a while after the love was gone… she might manage to keep her legs closed all through high school.  But then again, that lesson might not even be my choice.  After a certain amount of time of satisfying men in her own home, they’d grow used to it.  If she suddenly stopped, they could always come by in some unmarked van and pick her up on the way home from school, have their fun with her for a few hours, and then return her home.  They’d always return her home safely because they’d know that I couldn’t let her go to the cops, and so instead of kidnapping her outright, they might as well let me take care of her until they had a use for her again, or one of her holes, anyway.   I’d have to make it clear to the men she fucked that that was an option if she ever stopped wanting to help them out, so they wouldn’t get tempted to do anything stupid or permanent.  I had to look after her, and if that scenario ever came to place, I would look after her, take her home, comfort her, wash her, maybe even use my tongue, but always remind her we couldn’t go to the cops, and suggest that she try to learn to enjoy it again. 

Of course, if that happened, I wouldn’t be able to keep them from getting her pregnant, either.  They wouldn’t use condoms and there are lots of things that interfere with birth control.  They might even slip her some of that deliberately.  So I’d have to get used to her getting pregnant.  Maybe I could convince her into staying pregnant just for a break, because surely the number of people interested in pregnant young girls must be much smaller than those who like fertile nubile bodies. 

Fuck, getting her pregnant and keeping her that way would have made me cum then even if I didn’t have my daughter’s willing tongue probing the top of my slit and her nose rubbing up on the clit.  With them together, I exploded with a yell the nearest neighbors had to head.  “Oh, yes, fuck, lick Mommy’s slit like a good slut.  That’s good baby.”  After that it stopped being words, but got only louder. 

I was lucky, child services weren’t called, but not because nobody heard it.  I accidentally recruited Cindy’s first clients when the two black brothers who lived to my left came knocking on the door to investigate.  They investigated Cindy’s bedroom, and then one investigated her cunt while the other fucked my ass.  Then he investigated Cindy’s mouth for a while.  Cindy’s holes got thoroughly investigated that night.  Mine weren’t so thoroughly investigated.  I had to resort to self-exploration a lot.  I didn’t mind that much, I was just the stage mom, Cindy was the star.  Every stage mom just wants to see their daughter doing well.

With Tommy’s help and good word of mouth, we were entertaining at least a half-dozen men every day after school.  Who knew there were so many pedophiles in the area?  Some of them were familiar faces from the past… I didn’t recognize them, but they sure recognized me.  There’s even a chance one of them was Cindy’s daddy.  I liked to think it was one of the ones who threw me a fuck for old time’s sake while they were waiting their turn.  My idle fantasies of keeping all the pedophiles in the area completely satisfied might have been a pipe dream, but my little girl surely must have prevented some unwanted rapes.  Cindy was run ragged keeping up with them, especially that first week, to the point that I had to deliberately back off before school realized she was walking funny, and before she prematurely got sick of it.  Let some of the other neighborhood girls take their chances.  Better that than Cindy stopped wanting to help out. 

That happened about two months in, but after two weeks of not coming home from school on time but being returned to the curb in front of our house, after dark, tired and smelling of sex, and just when my resolve was beginning to break and I was ready to take all the savings I had and move us to some other town where nobody knew us, leaving the other neighborhood girls to the mercy of men who’d grown used to underage pussy, Cindy rallied.  I was going to pick her up after school before she could be grabbed by one of her fans, but she didn’t want to go with me.  Instead she went cheerfully back into the hands of her molesters like it was her calling, and that night started asking me to set up dates at her place again. 

Maybe it was her calling.  Maybe I underestimated the strength of her dream.   So somewhere along the way, instead of becoming a parody of a stage mom to scare her away, I started becoming a real one, wanting her to succeed and move on to bigger and better things.  Just last week we did our first big movie.  We’d done some video before, mostly people capturing the memory of their time with Cindy on a video phone, but this was a full-fledged underground video production.  I was leery of it, but Tommy pointed out that Cindy was growing so fast that in a few years almost nobody would recognize her, so there wasn’t much risk of her coming to regret it.  Cindy really wanted to try it, so we agreed we’d do one.  World’s Biggest Preteen Gangbang, starring the Littlest Cumslut.  That was just a name.  We’d met a handful of others, sisters or daughters of men who liked to watch Cindy with another little girl.  A few were even littler than Cindy, but Cindy earned the name because she had endurance.  She proved that with the gangbang.  There were only about twenty men, nothing compared to some of the official gangbang videos I’ve heard of, but in terms of preteen film, it was apparently a world record, currently held by a little Russian girl who was now too old to beat her own score.  Cindy was eager to take the title, and I understand why.  A world record is something to be proud of.

I was happy to pitch in for the attempt, off-camera, and served as volunteer fluffer, sucking the cocks until they were good and hard and ready for their big moment, until I was shuffled off to the sidelines for making one too many go off down my throat.  Fluffers can do their job too well, it seemed.  Thanks to me, we came very close to not making the record at all.  If they’d pay me for the fluffing, they’d probably have demanded their money back, but as it was, we squeaked by.  The people who cleaned her up afterwards, they earned their money.  By the end there wasn’t an inch of Cindy that didn’t have cum on it, and she had thick globs matting her dark hair, too.  Much of this was from the crew’s impromptu bukkake in celebration.   After the record was officially beat, they beat off all around her, while one got her mouth and the record breaker was still fucking her.  Cindy even used her hands on two guys, like my wildest early fantasies come true.  It hot, but not as hot as I’d hoped, but that’s okay, I’ve got new fantasies to replace it.  You probably don’t want to hear about them, they can get a little extreme.

After that session Cindy was sore but proud.  I thought it might send her into another funk of disinterest, but all she wanted was a day of rest, and I thought that was fair.  That was going to be our only big video, but those sneaks had the nerve to turn the camera on me while I was watching and rubbing my cunt, urging men to fuck my daughter harder, she could take it.  My daughter might grow up and not resemble the little girl in the video much longer, but I’d always be there, looking much the same, which meant they had something on me.  Blackmail’s such a dirty word, and they never actually said it, but I knew that the risk was out there, so we’ve agreed to schedule a few more.  The Littlest Cumslut’s All-Anal Spectacular, The Littlest Cumslut’s Kennel Adventure, and The Littlest Cumslut Eats Out Mommy.  We’ll see how it goes, if she wants to do more after that, we will.  If not, they might have to blackmail us.

I’m appearing in all of her films, but I’m most excited about the last.  I guess many stage moms really want to be the stars themselves and live vicariously through their kids.  But I never take the focus away from her, and when we appear together, I do my best to make sure my daughter comes first.  And it is her dream, after all.  If her dream was gymnastics, she’d be in the Olympics by now, so I’d say as stage mothers go, I’ve been a pretty good one.  What do you think?

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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