Author: AnonyMPC

Title: Summer of the Succubus #1: "Release"

Summary: A succubus is released after centuries, and targets a young boy and his older sister.

Keywords: fb, inc, magic, semi-mc, reluc, 1st, b-solo


Summer of the Succubus (fb, inc, magic, semi-mc)

Episode 1: "Release" (additional codes: 1st, reluc, b-solo, MF)

She was aware, but only barely so. She could sense what she needed to become more than that, a thread of arousal, nearby but always dancing just out of reach. And like a starving man attempting to fish with his bare hands, no matter hopeless it seemed, she had no other choice but to try and grab, no matter how weak she was, how painful each attempt.

And then, suddenly, just when she thought she'd lost the thread completely, she snagged it, barely, like at the tips of her fingers, if she still had fingers. She gripped the sexual energy and with what seemed like more strength than she had, pulled herself out of her prison and, for the first time in forever, touched another mind. The actual arousal was gone, but she still held on to something, the after-effects, powerful in its own way.

Her prison, her trap, began pulling back at her immediately... maybe if she had been here just an hour or a week she would have the energy to fight out alone, but no, it had been too long since she'd fed, she knew that she had only one hope, in order to be safe, she had to get into this person's mind... this man's mind, she could sense that much already, it was a male, which was a lucky break. Men were easier.

A wrenching sensation almost made her lose her grip. Let me in, she whispered, without lips, without breath. Please, let me in. Not just in, she needed to be in deep, as far as she could get... she needed strength, a release from her pain and suffering, and there was one thing she could do to guarantee that. She'd promised herself she would not go this far, but desperation makes one abandon promises.

She rifled through the memories that she could taste, looking for it, the one, the face, the face that would cause him to let her in to his heart, the one he loved. As with most men, there were multiple faces, but one was strongest right now... she reached out, grabbed the face, and forced it onto herself, cloaking herself in it. Let me in, she said again, in this new voice.

And he did. He wasn't even aware he was doing it, but suddenly he became open to her, and the moment he did, she penetrated his essence with her own, and the struggle was over. Like a swimmer caught in a swift current, all she had really needed was one moment pulled on to the shore, an island of safety from the metaphysical whirlpool. The trap no longer had power.

It was a relief, but a very weary relief. She was still so hungry, so weak. At least now she had something else she'd lacked for a long time, context, sensation, and it was better than she could ever remember. She dipped into the memories... strange images. A language, not completely new, but very different than was spoken when she left. She absorbed it instantly, as well as the knowledge that she'd been imprisoned hundreds of years, thousands if the humans had changed their calendar again... no, no, they still dated from the supposed birth of Christ. Much was different, and she would need to learn it soon, but now she became more interested in the personal, the life of the one she'd bonded with, the one who's very life might feed her and allow her back into the world.

Oh, no.

He was a boy, eleven years old. Barely any sexual experience at all, and most of what he had involved watching.

She craved his energy so much she was physically hurting, but in her state, especially with one so young, it would kill him... not the slow, drawn out wasting the bonding usually involved, but burning out his mind all at once with one passionate bout.

No, there were other ways.... slower ways, less satisfying ways, but safer, and there were ways out of the situation. So she would give him a chance, the chance no one ever gave her. She instead of taking all she desired from him, she slipped inside his consciousness, and began stoking his fires...


Danny came back into his room after a trip to the bathroom and carefully closed the door. He really didn't have to go, the trip was more about making sure there would be no surprises for the next few minutes. But his sister Megan was in her room, and their parents were gone, so he sat on his chair in front of his computer, hands almost shaking with excitement.

The door was shut, the drapes were closed, and he felt safely anonymous... mostly. His eyes felt momentarily on the little white stone figurine his aunt gave him after her trip to Rome. She told him it was an antique, from the Middle Ages, which she knew he liked, or at least that he liked fantasy video games, which this also suggested. Of course, her douche of a boyfriend had to show off his art history degree and point out it wasn't really that old, the level of detail and the fact that it wasn't a religious scene made it highly unlikely, that it was probably produced sometime in the 20th century, but he didn't really care, he thought it was cool that Aunt Millie got him anything at all, and it was much more thoughtful than the purse she got Megan. The figure showed what looked like a fairy, sitting on her knees, hands covering her breasts and wings making it so you couldn't really see her butt, but the face was really intricate, almost lifelike.

A little too lifelike for what he was about to do, so he grabbed it and turned it around so her back faced him. With no observers, real or imagined, he opened a new webpage in "Incognito mode", and typed the address he had memorized.

This was a rare opportunity. His parents were away, on a special vacation, having the time of their lives on a beach somewhere... Danny kind of resented being left behind with his sister, even though he understood. Everything was won in a contest, and it was strictly for two. No exchanges. But he was happy for his parents, and being left alone had its benefits as well. He'd disabled the parental control filters on the home network earlier that day... his dad would be aware of that, but Megan would probably never notice, or if she did, she'd think it was an accident. They'd also be completely on their own all night and most of the next day, before Aunt Millie came to watch them... she was supposed to be here already, but there was a last minute delay and, after some frantic consultation, they decided that, at fifteen, his sister was responsible enough to watch over things for one night.

It couldn't have worked out better. With all of that, Danny had an unprecedented level of privacy. The neighbors promised to check in a few times, but that was no danger. His sister was the only one in the house, and Megan was in her own room, listening to music. 'Watching over things' had, so far, involved very little actual watching of him, and, although he was sure she'd come get him when it was time to order dinner, he didn't expect her to come out of her room any time soon.

That meant he could watch porn.

This wouldn't be his first experience with it... he was eleven, almost twelve, and filters never blocked everything. Still, watching full-fledged porn videos, without fear of his parents barging in or detecting his use on the network, that was rare, exciting. He slipped on his earphones, but left one ear out so he could still hear if his sister was approaching.

It took some clicking around on the page to find something he wanted. He always looked at the faces of the girls... if the video preview didn't have a face, he usually didn't bother. But a really pretty girl, that got his attention, even if she was way too old for him, as all of these girls technically were.

He found one, a dark-haired girl with wide-eyes, and watched as she giggled in response to some questions from an interviewer about her sexual history. A few seconds later, she was stripping, first her top, then pants, followed by her bra, revealing small but bouncy tits, and finally she turned her back to the camera and pulled her thong underwear down.

Seconds later, she was on her knees, and the guy interviewing her, holding the camera, had his penis out. He had a big one... so big that Danny felt a little awkward and ashamed... his was still tiny, like a stick, whereas this guy had a branch. He felt a little inadequate, and he was familiar with that feeling in his normal life. He was small for his age all around, which wasn't as bad as being fat, but still not great for your self-esteem or social standing. Only one boy and a handful of girls were shorter than him, at least as of earlier in the year when they took the school photos and they checked everybody's height in order to properly arrange them for the class picture, and although he never actually looked, he imagined his penis was similarly undersized compared to the other boys in his grade. He knew it was supposed to grow, but part of him always worried it wouldn't and he'd be left a freak.

Still, he pushed that thought out of his mind and pulled his pants down, rubbing his own dick with two fingers and a thumb, up and down, feeling it get rigid, a feeling of power, even if it was still small. Masturbation was still pretty new, in terms of sheer numbers at least rather than time, because he was usually too afraid to do it, to do anything more than lie on his belly with an erection and feel it pressed between him and the bed while he thought dirty thoughts. But he already had the rhythm down, and intuitively put together the trick of trying to match his motion to whatever was happening to the dick on screen.

At first that was her bobbing her head up and down on the man's thing, making a weird gurgling noise whenever he went too deep, but before long, they were actually doing it... having sex. He got behind her and put his cock in her pussy and started humping, while she moaned. The woman supported herself with one arm and used her other hand to rub her breasts.

Danny could only imagine what the guy was feeling, but his own groin was feeling warm and electric, a sensation of pure pleasure that made him forget to even breathe, except for occasional gasping breaths when his body absolutely needed it. Finally his dick seemed to take on a strange, almost wood-like feeling, like it had become something not a part of him, like it had almost become numb... which doesn't mean he didn't feel anything, just that the penis itself no longer felt like the source. What he felt was a rising climax of sensation that seemed to come from inside him, taking over all his muscles, even his butthole seemed to be twitching. Most of his muscles he could still control, but he felt his legs straighten involuntarily and this toes curl upwards, and then there was an explosive vibration once again centered on his penis that took over all his thoughts.

He held tight and rode through it, closing his eyes, having a fleeting thought of somebody drowning, reaching out for him... he had no idea where that came from, but the thought disappeared with the realization that something warm and wet was running over his fingers.

That was new. Before there were sometimes a little bit of wetness, something like water, but this was different, this was white, milky, stickier. This was cum, like the people in the videos shot out. He felt momentarily triumphant, like he'd accomplished something, passed a milestone. There wasn't much of the fluid, a little dribble, but that he'd had it at all was exciting, and Danny wiped his fingers on the inside of his underwear casually, while pulling it back over his penis, thinking, hoping, that that would take care of it. He was getting his breath back, and his heart was slowing back to an almost normal pace. The video was still going on, and he clicked pause... he almost closed the window entirely, it just didn't seem as interesting anymore.

His eyes fell again on the little alabaster fairy statue, and he reached out to turn it back to its normal position. The moment his fingers brushed it, he felt a sudden shock, not electric, more like a burn, and he drew his hand back, rubbing his fingers together. They slid around each other with a slimy smoothness... he must have missed some of the cum. It must of been some weird kind of chemical reaction. He'd never heard of such a thing, but then he hadn't researched that sort of thing, either.

Later, he'd look back into it, but for now Danny just leaned back in his chair, relaxing, trying to decide what to do next.

Let me in, he heard... no, not heard, imagined, a stray thought at the back of his head, bouncing around, trying to get his attention. Like the nagging feeling there was something he needed to do, but he'd forgotten exactly what. Let me in... somebody wanted to be let in.

He had a fleeting thought of somebody knocking at the window of his room, having climbed up the side of his house, like in some of those movies... wouldn't that be cool? If it was the right person, anyway. And that was when her face came to mind. No, not the girl on the porn he just watched, he'd already forgotten her. But Amy, the girl who was in his class this past year, who lived just down the street. He'd talked to her a few times, and she'd laughed at some of his dumb jokes, so he was hopeful about them becoming closer friends. Okay, he had a full-fledged crush, and the amount of conversations he imagined with her far outweighed the ones he'd actually had. He didn't even know a lot about her yet, but what he knew he liked. He'd seen her reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so he imagined they had that series in common, even though he hadn't worked up the nerve to talk to her about it. Now that summer started, he'd taken "walks" down the street, by her house, just so he could chance seeing her. So far, no luck, but summer had only just begun. He also stalked her a little online, in innocent ways, but had never tried to friend her, in fear she'd reject the offer. He was always more than a little shy, so, yes, he'd love Amy spontaneously coming to visit him. Right, maybe not when he was touching himself but... yes, he'd let her in. He pictured opening the window and...

A wave of dizziness and weakness overcame him for a second, making Danny lose that train of thought. He was still a little loopy from the orgasm. He knew the term for it, of course, even had them before, but this one was throwing him off balance a little longer, probably because of the cum.

He was still on the page with the video, and he looked back at the screen. It was pretty hot, he realized. Maybe he should watch it again. He didn't even finish it all, she was just getting into a new position, lying on her back. That was the best position, where you could see everything. He'd love to see Amy like that, lying beneath him, ready for him to go inside her. Would she be smooth down there like the woman on the video? Or would she, like he, have little visible hairs just starting to grow?

His cock grew at both mental images. Well, he still had time before his sister came out of her room. He pressed play on the video and then pulled his pants down. His dick was hard twitching against his briefs, and one glance revealed it had gotten bigger. Much bigger. They'd never told him that before, it must have come with the first ejaculation, like the semen burst some kind of barrier that was keeping him small... his balls were bigger too, and lower, swinging more freely.

He wrapped his hand around his shaft, completely, for the first time, like he'd seen in other videos, and shook his fist up and down, feeling himself get harder, even bigger... and yet, no more satisfied. If anything, his need was getting worse, like a physical hunger.

He masturbated furiously for five minutes, growing more and more desperate. The video wasn't doing it, nor was the feel of his own hand. He needed something else, something better... and he only knew of one thing better.

It was crazy, but he was in a crazy mood, the need was becoming more and more overpowering, consuming his thoughts like a fever, in fact everything going on was starting to feel more and more like a dream... and in a dream, you could do anything. Danny found himself getting to his feet and walking, pants still undone, so that they slid down his legs and nearly tripped him, before he absent-mindedly kicked himself out of them. In only a shirt and underwear that was pulled below his swelling testicles, he shuffled out the door of his room and into the hallway beyond. His steps were halting, awkward, like he wasn't walking completely on his own initiative, but rather like there was a hand on his back, pushing him ahead. No, actually, it was more like a hand on his cock, pulling him forward.

He didn't remember deciding to go to Megan's room, his hand was merely on the knob, and the door was swinging open. She lay on her purple bedspread, on her stomach, looking at her phone, not even noticing him. She wore a skirt, and her legs were bare and oh so appetizing, so alluring...

Danny stumbled forward, reaching his hand out.


Megan was texting her friend, wondering exactly what she was missing potentially missing out on. She lay on her bed, several entangled strands of her long dirty blond hair in her mouth, a nervous habit she usually only did when nobody was watching. "Who's going to be there?" she keyed in.

A few seconds later, there was a response. "With Donald, Mina, Dev now, Justin and Aaron will be coming in a bit. Oh, and Bets." And of course, Hannah herself, the girl sending the text. Bets was Betsy, who Megan didn't much like, and usually Hannah didn't either... they were on and off frenemies, with the occasional moments of friendship. Normally Megan might have thought up some kind of snide comment about her, but the more important name was Aaron and that had caught her attention. Her upper thighs squeezed together involuntarily and she felt a pulse of warmth where they met. He was so hot, and funny, and, though he seemed kind of like an average underachiever to most people, in Megan's mind, he was full of unplumbed depths. She didn't know exactly what made a depth unplumbed, but she knew she'd be willing to take a look at his plumbing equipment, if he asked her right. She grinned at the dirty pun... she'd have to try that out loud on one of her friends sometime. They all knew she liked Aaron, had for months, while she had no shot. But now he'd just broken up with Brittany, and it looked like a permanent breakup, which meant he was finally available. Another message appeared. "Think you'll come?"

She let the hair fall out of her mouth, only to bite her own lip. "I don't know if I can..."

"We could be doing it over at your place." That gave Megan a queasy feeling. She'd spent the previous day putting out that fire. She'd done so well keeping it a secret that her parents would be leaving her alone and in charge, but then of course her brother Danny told his friend Chuck and Mina's brother Kevin was there, and he mentioned it to Mina, and then suddenly all her friends were badgering her about how she had to throw a party.

Megan loved parties, but she didn't want one at her house. They were messy and loud and her neighbors would be reporting everything back. And even if somehow they didn't, her aunt Millie would be coming the next day, and she couldn't wait for an excuse to bust Megan on something. One misplaced condom or beer bottle would mean a grounding for the rest of the summer. "You know I can't. My brother."

She blamed Danny, which was really unfair. Her brother was a good kid, maybe too good for his own good, but he knew how to keep a secret, at least when she was the one asking. He wouldn't narc on any party... but she had to tell everybody that he'd threatened to, and that was why they couldn't do anything cool at her house. And now, instead, her closest friends (one frenemy), a few cool guys, and one really cool guy she hoped might get to be more than friends, were all gathering at Donald's house. His dad would be there, or at least in and out, so it wasn't ideal, but a somewhat inattentive parent and a backyard that opened up on to some woods was the best choice when a completely unsupervised house wasn't an option. "Stuff him in a closet, lol!" She didn't respond right away to that, but then she didn't have to. Hannah at least knew she wasn't likely to change her mind about a party at her place. Luring Megan out, that was still negotiable. "Or at least ditch him and come have fun with us!"

"I don't know," Megan sent again. "I really don't think I can." It would mean leaving Danny completely alone. And she didn't really worry about that, he was smart, he'd be fine, probably, but Mom and Dad might call and ask for her... and, what if something happened? Even if he annoyed her sometimes, she really did love him, and she could never live with herself if there was a fire or a break-in or something and he got hurt.

And yet... this would be a good time to get to know Aaron, and a bad time to miss. Bets knew Megan liked him, all her circle of female friends did, but Betsy was just the kind of bitch who might try to make a move on him just for kicks. As if reading her thoughts, Hannah texted back with, "Aaron might not be single for long you know..."

She grunted a little in frustration. "Let me think about it," she replied. "Maybe after I get him dinner I can slip out." He'll probably just busy himself with one of his computer games, but maybe she could sweet-talk him into covering if one of their parents called.

Hannah texted once more that they just met up with Justin and Aaron, and Megan replied, half-jokingly, that she should talk her up to him (including a 'jk, lol' at the end, although she wasn't sure that she really was just kidding), and then, when she got no response, she swiped over to her Facebook app. She checked over all the latest updates on her feed, of course, but then took a special trip to Aaron's page, see if he'd written anything, and check out his photos, gaze into those blue eyes, that little smirk like he knows the world's full of bullshit but is playing along. She loved that smirk.

She flinched as, suddenly, there was a hand on her hip, her skirt. With her music blaring, she hadn't heard anybody come in. "Jesus Christ, Danny," she said, just giving a quick look over her shoulder, just enough to see his face, before looking back to her phone. "You scared the crap out of me." The hand came back again. "I'll call for pizza in a minute," she promised.

Then he pulled her skirt upward.

That was unexpected... so unexpected she wasn't even sure it was happening until it was already over her panties. She twisted on her side and tried to slide away, although he'd already snuck his fingers under the waistband of her underwear and pulled it nearly halfway down one leg before she got away. "What the fuck?" and looked back at him in confusion and a little anger.

That's when she saw his cock.

It was shocking enough that it was out... he'd wandered into her room in his shirt and underwear, and the underwear pulled down. But what was really surprising was the size. She'd seen it before, held it, and did more, in an experience that she was now deeply ashamed of and they never ever discussed. Then, it was just a tiny little boner... now it was like a man-sized dick attached to a young boy, which made it look obscenely large. On Danny's frame, it looked like one of those massive porn-star dicks, the kind girls looked like they were gagging on, but even realistically it still had to be at least eight or nine inches, thick, hard, and dripping fluid from the tip. Megan could probably still fit it in her mouth, but it would be a much different experience.

This is my fault, she thought. I abused him and now he wants more. "No, Danny..." But his hand was already on her leg. He'd climbed on the bed and was now trying to finish the job of removing his own big sister's panties.

He succeeded, or at least half-succeeded, when she rose her leg up defensively, to try and kick back at him, he got her foot through the leg-hole of one leg. The underwear snapped back and then clung to mid-thigh of her other leg, but it was no longer in the way, and he was staring at her, hungrily. "I need it," he whined. It wasn't like him at all, he was always gentle, even shy. What had possessed him to make such an aggressive play?

Megan finally did try the kick, but it was weak, half-hearted, she couldn't bear to actually hurt him and was mostly trying to warn him off, all the while wondering if maybe she should just give in. With little force behind it, it didn't dissuade him, so she retracted her legs, curling almost into a fetal position, at least until he grabbed her by the knees and pulled with surprising force. "No, Danny, I'm your sister..."

Danny wormed his way into the space between his sister's legs that he'd made, and she felt his penis bump up against her leg, then right on her mound, although not in the slit. "No," she whispered again, in fear, but not so much at Danny anymore. Her whole body had warmed up, and she had a pleasantly sick feeling, like butterflies in her stomach. She was getting turned on. Really turned on. Now she was fighting two battles, a physical one against her brother, one she had less and less strength for, and a battle against herself. That voice to just give in was only getting stronger. I deserve this, she told herself, because of what she'd done with him that night. It was her fault, she should just let it happen, let it be her punishment.

Danny's small, soft hands slid up under her shirt, and found their way to her breasts. Megan hadn't been wearing a bra, her breasts were on the small side anyway, softball sized, and bras were confining, so when she wasn't going out she usually did without. It was only when her brother's fingers reached them that she realized how erect her nipples were. They were so hard that when his fingertips passed over, they bent and bounced a little, like a rubber band being snapped back.

The other thing she noticed was that her legs were spreading, giving Danny's awkward thrusts a better chance at sinking that surprisingly huge cock inside her. It was wrong, but what else could she do? She was being raped.

She'd never heard of rape being quite so hot, so hot that her slit was dripping more than she ever remembered it doing before, another thing she felt much more keenly in moments of contact, this time with the hard rod as it got closer and closer to the hole. Finally, the head found a wet indentation, and began a slow but unstoppable journey inside her, and she froze up for a second and let it happen. I deserve this, she told herself again as his impossibly huge cock penetrated her.

It felt even bigger going in than it had looked on the outside, and Megan completely gave up on both struggles, she stopped even the weak attempts to fight him off, and just surrendered to the pleasure. It just felt so good... he was the biggest thing that had ever been inside her, bigger even than the guy who'd broken her cherry last year, and it hurt a little... but it was a good hurt. Every little motion sent waves of pleasure through her body that far outweighed any pain, and above all that, the palpable feeling of desire, that he desired her so much he would resort to forcing her to have sex with her, that was intoxicating. She lay back, limp, the last trace of her resistance being the word "No," repeated again and again, sometimes in a whisper, sometimes not even that and the tears in her eyes, escaping down her face, tears of shame at how much she was enjoying it.

Danny's hands left her breasts, leaving her shirt pulled up over them, and now he reared up so he was almost standing on his knees, pulling out a little as he made the move, which frustrated Megan, but soon he grabbed her by the legs and pulled her up into him. From this position he began thrusting into her, and Megan found her hips rising up to meet her. The pleasure was rising, threatening to blot out everything else, and then she started to cry out as it overwhelmed her and she had the most intense orgasm of her life. It was so powerful that she'd forgotten her brother was raping her, forgotten she was having sex at all, it was like all her entire existence was just a bright beacon of pleasure in an endless void.

When the world began to intrude again, she found she was clutching the covers on her bed tightly in her fists, and her brother was still fucking her with a steady pace, no expression on his face, like he was a machine built for the purpose.

After the mind-blowing orgasm, the sensations were a little less intense, but it still felt good, and getting better again, that feeling of being filled to her deepest core and connected to somebody else on the deepest level, and of course, the almost palpable desire. And now that Megan knew what heights she could reach, she wanted to reach them again, and lowered one hand to her pussy. With two fingers, she rubbed around her pussy while that massive cock thrust back and forth into her. Moments later, with her other hand, she grabbed the fingers of Danny's left hand and pulled them off her leg and back to her breast. He began squeezing, and then leaned forward towards her and took the nipple into his mouth, sucking on it like a baby.

That was the position she had the second climax. It wasn't as good as the first, but it was still incredible, lasting a good twenty seconds, and it wasn't the last. The third occurred a frustratingly long time later, she kept getting close but then he'd slow at just the wrong moment and she'd have to start the climb again. Finally, she had her legs up and wrapped around her little brother's back, preventing him from leaving, so that if he tried to slow she could pull him back in with all her might, and managed to have her third orgasm of the night. She was getting exhausted, but she still wanted, needed, to continue, in the hopes she could reach another peak, even if they were getting lower in intensity. She lost track of exactly when, probably between the first and third orgasm, but, at some point, she realized that the "no" she had been whispering had been replaced with "more."

By the end of the fourth orgasm, she couldn't buck back anymore, her legs had fallen, touching the mattress at either side of Danny, requiring too much energy to keep aloft. All she could do now was gasp, repeatedly as he continued to thrust, and the only other part of her still moving was the muscles gripping Danny's dick, and that was more quivering than anything else. They'd been at it for something like an hour. She was covered in so much sweat her shirt and the parts of the skirt in contact with her body were soaked, and her heart would not stop racing. Danny looked at her, with half-lidded eyes, like he himself was about to fall asleep, and then his fingers dug into her breasts and his hips stopped moving when he was in her to the balls. He came, finally, rising up on his knees just a fraction as he did, and she could feel him squirting inside, like a gusher, one that lasted at least a minute, and then, when finally he was empty, he rolled off her. Megan herself collapsed as well... you would think you couldn't collapse when you're already lying down, but you'd be wrong. Your muscles work even when you're reclining, making tiny adjustments. You don't notice it, until they no longer are able to perform even that tiny role. It lasted a minute or two, her limbs like jelly, but then solidity returned and Megan managed to find the strength to roll over and face her brother.

He looked back at her, one arm over his head, another on his stomach, his face turned in her direction so that his cheek buried in her bedspread, face innocent, almost angelic, brown hair all messed up and dark, almost black, with his own sweat. "I'm sorry," he said, the first thing he'd said to her in a long time. "I needed it..." His voice sounded like he was just waking up in the morning.

Megan looked away, staring up at the ceiling. She was at a loss. What do you say to that? Part of her wanted to scream at him, tell him how inappropriate it was, part of her wanted to cry... and part of her wanted to tell him they were going to be doing that more often. That was a surprisingly large part, no matter how guilty she felt, it felt too good to ignore. She knew if Danny asked her again, she'd probably say yes... and if he didn't, she might ask him. That's how it all started, anyway, that night babysitting, when she'd tempted him, told him she'd let him see what a girl looked like down there. She had no one to blame but herself. She never expected it would turn out like this, though... if she had, she honestly didn't know anymore whether she would have changed anything.

She glanced back at him... his huge cock was shrinking, becoming... small. So small she could hardly believe it, it was back to being a boy's dick. But if that was hard to believe, what happened next made her doubt her sanity, or whether this was all a dream.

Danny rolled onto his stomach. And then a naked young girl pulled herself out of him.

His skin seemed to bulge for a moment, at first like there was a huge tumor growing so fast it could be seen, but then more like there was something huge inside him, struggling to get out, and then in an eyeblink, his body was back to normal, but there was another body on top of him, straddling his back like he was an animal being ridden.

It was one of the neighborhood girls, dark hair, petite, Danny's age or very close to it, naked, with breasts that looked wrong on her, fully adult in shape, merely small, and with two extremely perky nipples, but Megan didn't notice that right away. Nor did she notice the girl also had a bare pussy with lips that looked like the petals of a flower.

No, what she noticed first were the small, leathery bat-like wings that sprouted from her back.


The hunger wasn't sated, not completely, but it was at bay, for now. The experience was good, one of the best she'd tasted, at least of those that had that bitter undercurrent of guilt and shame. Normally she didn't care for that, but after so long a deprivation, even that was delicious. She wanted to luxuriate in the feeling, maybe even feed again, but she had work to do.

She was stronger... not strong enough to break the bond, but she could manifest in the real world, pull herself into visibility. It was hard, but only because it took energy, energy that was so long in coming, energy she was so long without. Her instinct was to hoard it, but she'd made a promise to herself, and this one, she'd keep.

She appeared on the boy's back and stretched, arching her back and spreading her wings, relieved that she still had wings. Danny didn't seem to have noticed her, but his sister, Megan, was staring at her with wide, terrified eyes. The sister found some energy and sprang to a seated position with surprising force, and reached for the lamp beside her bed.

It was brandished as a weapon, and, instinctively, the former prisoner flinched away. She didn't know what it was made of, but she could not afford to be imprisoned again, or worse... and though it probably couldn't harm her, it might harm the boy in the attempt. So she jumped off the boy's body and flew a short distance to land on a dresser, perching in a crouch. It was with this motion that Danny finally turned to her, and his forehead wrinkled in confusion. "Amy?" he asked.

It was tempting to accept the name, take the role, but no, she had to make the situation clear quickly. "No, I am not Amy," she said.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Megan asked, still holding the lamp. Her skirt had slipped back to cover her genitals, but the shirt remained over her breasts.

"Please," she replied. "Be silent, this is important."

"Amy?" Danny asked again. "What are you... how did you get...?" he suddenly realized he was naked, and his hands flew to his crotch, first to cover himself, and then to pull his underwear up. He didn't seem to realize she was naked, yet... his mind was still woozy from the feeding.

She decided it might be better to talk to the sister. But how to start? "My name is..." She thought back... her kind had no names, at least of their own, they frequently let their lovers name them, if it became necessary. She didn't want to go by the last name she used, it was still painful, so she pulled the one before, "Isadora. I am what you would call a succubus." She wrinkled her forehead... the word was familiar in Danny's mind, but, as usual, full of misconceptions. There was also much that did not make much sense to her. "We must go to Azeroth immediately."

Danny's eyes widened, he was a little more alert now, especially at that word. "What?" He was also now staring at her breasts, small as they were in this body, but that was nothing unusual. Still, she placed both her arms between her legs... it not only made it easier to perch on the dresser, but covered the parts that drew men's eyes and made their attention wander.

"Isn't that your Warcraft thing?" Megan asked, suddenly hopeful, like something finally started to make sense. "Is she... roleplaying?"

"We need to find another succubus. I didn't mean to, but I initiated a lifebond." There was no word in English, at least none in the boy's mind, for what she had done, so she improvised. "I was trapped, for a long time... it was the only way to get free. I was desperate."

"You're really a succubus?" Danny asked. Isadora nodded impatiently. Did they not understand what was going on?

"That's like a... demon, right?" Megan still held the lamp, brandishing it like a club. She hadn't yet realized that it was still attached to the wall, and, if she attacked Isadora with it, it wouldn't reach.

Isadora scowled. "Demons harm. We arouse passion, we feed on it, and give back more in return... we do not seek to harm," she said. "Which is why we must get to this place Azeroth immediately."

"But Azeroth isn't real," Danny said. "It's just a game..."

A game? Isadora tried to dig deeper into Danny's memories. Yes, it was becoming clearer... no wonder all the images of it looked strange, like a moving painting. Games had come a long way since she had been imprisoned. "Oh, no. Then where are we going to find a succubus?"

"Didn't you say you were a succubus?" Danny asked.

The poor boy, Isadora thought, so innocent, so dumb. "Yes, but I need to find another, to help me break the sharing bond." Was that more accurate, or less accurate than lifebond? She didn't think so. There was sharing, but it wasn't exactly voluntary.

"The what?" Danny asked.

"Succubusses aren't real!" Megan shouted in frustration, as though she wasn't looking right at one.

Isadora couldn't help but smirk at the ignorance, as dangerous as it was. "We are very real, and we need another one... for if we cannot find one, we will need a lot more sex..." She looked between the two children. "Or else Danny may soon be dead."

End of Episode #1
Next Time: "Vessel"

Author's note: This story was inspired by a work of erotic art by an artist named faustsketcher. Although I did not attempt to mimic the picture exactly in all the details, without it this series would have come about. Check out the awesome picture, but be warned, it's NSFW and explicit and may even not be legal where you are considering it's a depiction of underage characters, despite the fact that they do not actually exist.

This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.

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