Author: AnonyMPC

Title: Summer of the Succubus #2: "Vessel"

Summary: Danny's first encounter with a succubus has left him near death... and Isadora needs a vessel with which to feed...

Keywords: fb, inc, magic, semi-mc, reluc, fg, mF


Previously, in Summer of the Succubus: While masturbating to porn, eleven-year-old Danny accidentally released a succubus entrapped in a figurine his aunt gave him as a gift, who latched on to him, and sent his arousal levels through the roof. With their parents away on an extended vacation, there was only on other target in the house... his older sister Megan. At first Danny's advances were unwelcome, but soon his sister couldn't resist herself and they had passionate sex. Afterwards, the succubus emerged from inside Danny's body and warned that she had created a lifebond with the eleven-year-old... and unless they either found another succubus, or had a lot more sex, Danny might soon die.

Summer of the Succubus (fb, inc, magic, semi-mc)

Episode 2: "Vessel" (additional codes: Mf, fg*, bg*)

"Did you just threaten my little brother?" Megan shook the lamp in her hand angrily, like it was a weapon she was prepared to use at any time, but the succubus Isadora suspected that the shakes were partly cover... that if even the teenage girl tried to keep her hands perfectly still, they'd have started twitching anyway out of fear. But that was an appropriate reaction, and so was anger. After all, a naked succubus, which looked like a bat-winged little girl, had just said her brother might be dead soon. Even if it was misdirected, Isadora knew the girl was entitled to both. "You had better back off..."

The succubus wasn't scared for herself, but she gave her best predatory look from her perch on the dresser. Not to intimidate the sister, or at least not only to do so, but primarily to get her attention. "And you had better listen, girl. I'm trying to avoid hurting him. And if you hit me with that, all you will do is risk him further." The lamp wavered in Megan's hand... the girl was still uncertain, and so Isadora sighed and decided to spell out the danger. "Your brother and I are bonded. If you hurt me, I could instinctively feed... on him."

"And what does that mean, exactly?" the sister asked.

"Succubi feed off... sex," Danny pointed out. He was now lying on his side, looking like he'd recovered from their earlier exertions, although Isadora could feel that was deceptive. He'd pulled his underwear up over his penis, which was good... less distracting for her right now. She was still so hungry.

She explained, "Yes, sex is our standard fare... but the life energy within you is like sex, concentrated. Much more potent." Isadora let her tongue slip out and run over her bottom lip, then the top. "Some of my kind even become addicted to it. And when a lifebond is formed, it's easier to feed on life than sex. I don't want to hurt you, Danny, but if I get hungry enough, I won't be able to resist. It will happen automatically. You will sicken, or even die." Danny seemed a little scared, but, in the way of the very young, did not really understand his own death enough to fear it. So Isadora directed her gaze to his sister, who was clearly terrified, her legs were starting to shake. "I am trying to avoid this. This is why, instead of hiding within, I made myself known to you. To save your brother's life. And that's why we need sexual energy, to break the lifebond."

She gulped and then, in a wavering voice, she said, "Okay... I'll do it. However much sex we need to have..." She put the lamp down, finally, back on the end of the table.

The succubus relaxed her posture a little, allowed her wings to droop and no longer poised to jump at any moment, more out of relief that she was at least being believed rather than that she was no longer physically threatened. "It's not that easy. The sexual energy between you is gone... I've already drained all I can drain from that pairing... for now."

"So what do we do?"

"We can wait for the energy between you to build up again," Isadora said, but made sure to say it in a way that suggested that she thought it wasn't a good idea. "Or we could find new partners."

"New partners? He's a twelve-year-old boy!" Eleven, actually, but she must have been rounding up. "It's not like we're going to find somebody willing to have sex with him!"

"Why not?" Isadora asked, although she knew, there were rules against sex with the young. But where there were rules there were also people willing to break them.

The boy's sister sputtered. "Because... because... it just isn't done! And I'm not going to let my brother go with some... pervert!"

Danny spoke up then. "We could... I mean, if we have to do it, we could find somebody my own age, maybe... like..." he stared meaningfully at Isadora. She could feel it, who he wanted, the person she chose her face from, and yes, she would be a very suitable meal... though the boy himself was weak, and the sister was still resistant. Making it happen might be difficult.

"No," Megan said. "We're not dragging some little girl into this. We'll just have to wait. That... that won't kill him, right?" Danny was trying to push himself into a seated position, but was taking a lot of time and effort. He kept wobbling, as though his bones were made of a kind of jelly.

She considered lying... it would be so easy. They knew nothing. "No," she said. "Probably not. But it will be slower. We have other options, though." Danny had managed to sit up, and then suddenly flopped back on his back, and this time, his eyes rolled back into his head.

"What's wrong with him?" Megan screamed.

"I'm fine," he said. "I'm just... tired."

His sister slapped a hand on his forehead. "He's cold..." Teary-eyed, she looked at Isadora accusingly, "You said it wouldn't kill him to wait..."

"I said probably." The succubus grimaced at her mistake. She might have taken too much... she had just been so hungry, and it was hard to tell... she had no direct sense of how close to death he actually was, only how he felt and what he thought... and he only felt tired. But if he was cold to the touch, without feeling that way... "His energy may be out of balance. It's dangerous, but it can be fixed. Food will help, and a lot of it. Something hot would be better." A word floated to her attention, from her link to Danny. "Pizza. He wants pizza."

"That'll take a half hour!"

That seemed like an absurdly short time to her. In her own memory, hot meals sometimes took hours to assemble. He would probably last a half hour, even in his weakened state. "Then you'd better get started..."

Megan glared at Isadora, then at Danny, like she was torn between following the instructions that might save him and her desire not to leave him alone, but finally she grabbed her phone and stalked out of the room.

When she left, it was like she took most of the tension along with her. Isadora was relieved... it was a weakness of her kind, the attitudes and emotions of others sometimes reflected out of them... yet another thing she could steel herself against, but she'd gotten out of practice. Megan, in her fear and anger, had seen her as a monster, and so she became a teeny bit more cold and monstrous towards her. She didn't want to be that way, but she hadn't been able to resist. Now that she was gone, it was just the more innocent wonder in Danny's eyes that animated her, the confused affection, and an upwelling of love swelled in her throat.

She hopped off her perch and landed on his bed beside him, one hand reaching out to stroke his cheek. "I'm sorry," she cooed softly. "I never wanted this to happen." She planted her lips on his and kissed, then withdrew, her tongue flicking out, but he hadn't opened them... he hadn't known to, she realized, it was his first kiss. "I will make it up to you."

"It's okay," he said. "I'm sure you didn't mean it." She ran one of her hands up and down his smooth chest and they stared into each other's eyes... except it wasn't really Isadora's eyes he was looking at. "Why do you look like Amy?" he asked.

"You gave me this face," she whispered into his ear, nuzzling the side of his head with her forehead. "Just as you freed me from my prison."

"Your prison?"

"It was a..." she struggled to remember, it was so long ago. "A statue. I was locked inside. Starving. Lonely. And you saved me. One day I will repay you." She sniffed at the air, as she caught a hint of something delightful. Isadora sat up and looked at the boy's crotch, his strange undergarments. The scent was coming from there, sweet and alluring. And difficult to resist. "I can start now," she said, and pulled the underwear down. His crotch area was spattered with it, long streaks of it drying on his cock... semen. The mere consumption of it did little to empower a succubus, but it was a delicious treat nonetheless.

When she bent down to clean him, she knew she was doing it for herself... but he would enjoy it too.


Danny could hardly believe his eyes... didn't, entirely, for he still expected to wake up any moment. After all, he was lying almost naked in his sister's bed, and there was the girl he had the hugest crush on... licking his penis like it was covered in chocolate.

Weirdest of all... he wasn't hard. He knew he should be, but his body was just too tired to get hard, or do much of anything else, even move his head much... he could feel his balls twitch now and then, but it wouldn't stiffen himself up, and finally, he even gave up trying, like his body was saying, "Just enjoy the view, man."

The only thing that convinced him it wasn't a dream was that he remembered cumming, inside his sister, no less, and in his dreams, he never came. Well, there were a few dreams where he shot out cum like a fire hose, like he was peeing the thick white liquid he'd seen in porn movies, but there was no accompanying sensation, and it was just random, unconnected to doing anything sexual. In fact, in his dreams, whenever he got really turned on because any anything sexual started to happen, the painful pressure of his suddenly inflexible dick trying to strain its way against his bed would wake him up. That itself was a good clue he was awake now.

It was also one way reality was far better than dreams, even if his penis wasn't responding like it should, it still felt good, like a warm wet sponge pulled across a tender muscle... and it looked even better. It was Amy! It wasn't actually, Amy, but it looked like her, except... "Why do you have bat wings?" he asked. "Succubi, I mean."

The succubus let his penis flop out of her mouth. "We are not quite like you, born and dying in bodies built to a plan. Our shapes are influenced by the imagination of others... we have some control, but it is you who first gave us wings..."

"But I didn't know you were a succubus until you said so... and the succubi in Warcraft are usually purple, and have horns, too."

She nodded. "Not you, personally, but humans. It is not a single person's imagination, but the dreams of many guiding our shape. Sometimes we have appeared with bird wings, or fish tails for legs. Perhaps in time, we will look like those in your Warcraft game. Or perhaps we will look just like you, as we did before there were men who told the world we were monsters." Her face seemed to turn up into a scowl for a second, but then disappeared. "I can remove the wings if they make you uncomfortable." And before his eyes, the wings started to disappear, melt into her back.

And that made her look even more like Amy. The image would be burned in his brain but... he didn't think it was right. "No, better keep them," he said quickly. "You never know when you might need to fly, right?" That was just an excuse though... really, he had a gut feeling that it was important to keep Amy and Isadora separate in his head.

The wings returned, and he wondered for a moment if it hurt, but Isadora merely lowered her mouth to his penis and began licking again... then took it in her mouth and sucked gently.

Seeing Amy nursing on his dick (no, he told himself again, it's Isadora), a funny thought struck him. Now two girls had given him 'oral sex'... and he couldn't tell anyone about either of them. Before Isadora, there was his sister...

Of course the situations weren't the same, although they had both taken place in the same room, his sister's. It was at night that time, after his bed time, although his parents were out so that really didn't mean anything. When Megan was in charge, his bed time was only observed when he was annoying her... otherwise it was when their parents were just about to come home. That night they were left alone the whole night, and it must have been eleven, he went into her room to ask if she wanted to watch a movie he knew she liked that was on TV. Her lights were off, but with the combination of bright moonlight and her screen, he could see that she was on her computer in bra and panties, and cradled a glass in one hand he knew, from earlier in the night, was filled with liquor. The other hand was inside her panties.

Maybe he stared too long, or maybe she just used that as an excuse, he was never quite sure. "What, you like staring at your sister? You perv." He turned to go, face feeling warm and uncomfortable, but she said, "No, don't go, you perv... come here." His feet shuffled forward like they were under her direct control, even though most of the rest of him wanted to flee to his room. "Look at me," she said, turning her chair and putting the glass on the table. But it was hard, he was so embarrassed, it was like he was fighting a magnetic attraction between his eyes and the floor.

Megan got out of the chair and approached him. Now, when he was looking down, he was looking right at her panties, which seemed blue in the dim light but might have been white or yellow. Her skin also seemed a shade of blue, and he stared at the crease between where her panty ended and her leg began for what seemed like an impossible long time. "Look at me," she said again, and this time his head snapped up... now he was looking at her boobs, under the bra, but her face too.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to..."

"You've never seen a girl before, right? Naked?" Danny shrugged... it wasn't just that he was unwilling to admit his inexperience, it was a complicated question. What counted? He'd caught glimpses of Mom and even Megan naked before over the years, but only for moments and usually from afar. He'd seen nude pictures, as close as real thing, but static and unmoving and possibly airbrushed. But no, he hadn't seen one up close and in person. "I suppose I should help you out so that you're not totally clueless." His heart began to pound, hardly believing. "But you can't tell." He nodded hurriedly, eager to agree to anything. A second later, the bra came off, and her boobs were right in front of him, bigger than he thought, more than a handful at least for Danny's small hands, although Dad's hands would be able to cover them comfortably. Why did I think of that? he wondered. And why did it make him hard down there?

Next his sister dropped her panties, down to her knees, holding them there, and he saw, for the first time, a real, close-up pussy. There was a little bit of hair at the top, but not much, and he stared at the slit, trying to remember as much as he could of it. Megan's fingers came down, and she spread it open a little, but he couldn't really see what it looked like inside, not by this light, certainly not without getting closer. "Wow," he said.

"Now your turn." His sister pulled up the panties, although she left her bra off, and knelt suddenly on the ground, and began to pull at his shorts. He instinctively kept a hand on the upper elastic, until she tugged hard and said, "Come on, what are you, gay?"

He certainly didn't want to be gay, so he let go, and soon his penis stood out at her, harder than he'd ever felt it before... although it seemed pathetically tiny, nothing compared to the people in porn. Megan touched it with her finger, pressing it to the side and watching with a smirk as it bounced back. He thrust his ass backwards, bending over, protectively... not from the touch, that felt surprisingly good, but from the shame. "Hey, you're the perv that started it. Come on, I'll show you something guys and girls do. So when it's time, you'll know."

Her hand closed around his shaft completely, and she tugged upwards without letting go, then again, and again, and he couldn't help but stand up straight. Every movement she made seemed to send a jolt throughout her body, and in that moment he truly understand why people were so obsessed with sex. He was a little obsessed with it too, but mostly just because it was a mystery of the adult world... now he knew, in his bones, why people never grew out of it. It was exhilarating, like riding on a wild horse, or like he imagined riding one would be like. He let her rub his dick, sometimes letting go at the end of the stroke, sometimes holding on. "It's kind of cute, really. Okay, now watch this..." and without any warning, she leaned forward... he thought she was going to kiss it, but instead, she took the whole thing in his mouth and her tongue swirled around it. If her rubbing his thing was like riding on a horse, this was like being on a monster roller coaster and not being sure the safety bar came down properly. It felt incredible but he also felt like if he didn't hold on, at any moment he might come tumbling down. He chose to hold on to his sister's hair.

"What the hell are you doing?" his sister screeched, the sister who was there in the moment, not the topless one in his memory, sucking his dick that night. The present-day Megan had a plate in her hand, but she quickly set it on a shelf near her door. "Get off him!" She rushed across the room and flung Isadora off the bed. The succubus tumbled to the floor, her one wing bending beneath her in a way that looked painful and made Danny wince in sympathy, but she didn't seem to react. "Was this your plan? Get me out of the room and then... feed on my little brother?"

"I wasn't feeding off him," she said simply... if she was bothered by the rough treatment, she didn't show it. "Ask him."

"Are you all right, Danny?" Megan asked, now at his side and cupping his face in one hand.

"I'm fine... she wasn't hurting me..." he said. He didn't feel any worse than he did before... he was still tired, still felt like anything more strenuous than lying down might make him faint, but not worse.

"She shouldn't be doing anything with you. Much less that."

"I've done less with him than you have," Isadora said. She sounded a little smug, like she'd uncovered a secret.

"He made me!"

"Not today, before... when you pleasured him with your mouth, and let him pleasure you."

Her eyes widened in shock, and her gaze snapped back at Danny, accusatory. "You told her?!"

"No..." he insisted. He guessed that was the secret she'd uncovered, although he didn't know how...

"I told you, our minds are linked. I know everything he knows," Isadora revealed. Danny found that troubling but... not as scary as he would have expected. Somehow, it almost felt natural... of course she knew everything he knew, she was magic. Besides, for some reason, and maybe it was just that she had a familiar face, or maybe it was that she sucked on his penis, he trusted her. "But I wasn't harming him, I was only tasting his... his... sperm."

"As if I'd trust you," Megan said.

"It's okay," Danny said. "She doesn't seem so bad." Megan opened her mouth to form a reply, but Danny's eyes fell on the plate she'd come in with. His stomach growled. "You brought food?"

That seemed to turn his sister's attention completely away from the succubus. She moved quickly to bring him the plate. "It's just a hot pocket," she said. "I threw it in the microwave. The pizza's on its way, though." She held the plate right up towards him, so he could see the shriveled mass of dough, with a small rupture in the side. Because of that, he could immediately tell was one of the breakfast ones, sausage, egg, and cheese. Sometimes, even though they tasted good, those smelt funky... but right now, even the aroma was absolutely delicious. He lifted an arm, surprised at how heavy it felt, but managed to grab the snack and take it to his mouth, although the effort cost him. Once he began chewing, he began to feel stronger immediately. He wasn't back to his old self, but at least he didn't feel like he'd drop at any moment.

In fact, he felt like maybe he could sit up, although when he tried his sister bent down over him. "Just take it easy," she said softly. "Don't strain yourself."

"I'm okay," he said after swallowing the first bite, but even her hand softly pressed against his chest seemed to be too much resistance to overcome, so instead he just took another bite of the hot pocket.

Danny saw a flash of movement in his peripheral vision, but it was only when Megan let out a sharp gasp and stiffened up that he had an idea what it was. His sister whirled around and said in an outraged yelp, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Your brother's seed... it was leaking out of you."

"So... you thought you'd lick it away?" Megan's voice rose in incredulity at the last three words.

Isadora shrugged. "It's delicious to my kind. And you didn't seem to be using it." Megan's hands flew to her face, rubbing her eyes and the cheeks just below like she was trying to push away a dream. "But if you'd prefer to keep it inside of you, I understand. Do you wish to carry your brother's child?"

"What?" Megan whirled back to look at Danny, just long enough for him to see the full flush of embarrassment, and then back to the succubus. "No, of course not. Oh, god... can that happen? He's not even twelve."

"He is young, but his seed is strong," she said. "I can prevent it, if you'd like."

Megan looked back at Danny, bit her lip, and then turned away again. "Okay. I guess if you have to..." one hand dropped to her shirt, which she pulled up just above her belly button, and spread her legs, resting her butt just on the edge of the bed. Isadora stared up at her for a moment, then shrugged, and buried her own face between the girl's thighs.

Danny slid backwards to help pull himself up into a seated position, knowing he had to get a better look at it. This time, she didn't stop him, she was busy, first with a gasp, and then she let loose a wavering cry, like you'd make if you just stepped into a really cold pool on a hot day, part surprised discomfort, part pleasure.

And no wonder, Isadora had her lips locked on her slit, in the way that you just knew her tongue was wriggling inside, or at least, that's what Danny always assumed when he'd watched lesbian porn, what he'd tried to imitate that one time she'd let him touch her for 'experience'.... And in some ways, this was so much better, he had no worries about doing anything wrong, he could just enjoy a live lesbian porn show right in front of him, starring his own sister, and an exact copy of the girl he loved.

Megan's mouth hung open, in a sloppy oval shape, and she seemed just as fascinated by what was happening as Danny did. It took almost a minute before she turned her head and noticed him, and suddenly frowned. "Turn your head," she instructed. "You're not allowed to watch this."

"No way," Danny said indignantly.

"You're the only reason I have to do this, I'm not letting you watch like some perv, too." She pointed, and used the authoritative voice she mustered up whenever she was babysitting. "Look at the wall, now. Finish your meal."

Glowering, Danny turned. And listened. It went on much longer than when she let him lick her... that had lasted less than a minute before Megan had suddenly decided it was enough and sent him to bed, alone, and with a hard-on that hadn't gone away even she gave him an orgasm. This time, it lasted longer, at least a few minutes.

It didn't sound like the porn movies though, she didn't do any outrageously loud moans... there was just the occasional sudden intake of breath, or a sound like she was breathing in or out through clenched teeth. And every so often, he'd give in to curiosity, want to see what was going on, and turn back to look. These peeks would only last a few seconds before Megan would once again look in his direction, snap her fingers, and point to the wall again. He didn't know if she was looking back at him all the time, or if she was just psychic.

He only dared two peeks, and a minute after the last he heard her sister say, in a shaky voice, "Okay, that's enough... you must have gotten all of it out now, right?" When Danny turned back again, it looked like Megan had pushed Isadora back and drew her legs together on one side. It was eerily similar to when Danny had done it that night, and she pushed him away, although Isadora had lasted longer... probably because she was much better at it. When Megan sent him away he assumed he'd done it wrong.... but Danny had wanted to continue a little longer.

Isadora didn't seem ready to give up, either... in fact, she seemed confused at the sudden withdrawal. "Yes, but you were about to..."

"I wasn't about to anything," she said, then stood up, wobbled over to her dresser, and got some fresh panties. The ones she was wearing had been lost somewhere along the way during or after when Danny had sex with her. "And I'm certainly not going to let a demon lick me any longer than necessary."

"I'm not a demon," Isadora insisted.

"Yeah, well, you could have fooled me. You've got demon wings, a demon tail... you're trying to corrupt me and my brother... you're probably the same thing."

"We are the same thing," Isadora spat out, the frank admission shocking both Danny and Megan, the latter into silence. But then she continued, "In the way that you and I and trees and mountains are the same thing. We are all merely thoughts in the mind of God."

"What kind of New Age bullshit is that?" Isadora opened her mouth to answer, but couldn't, and Danny wondered if she didn't understand what New Age meant... he wasn't entirely sure himself, after all, just that it was like, sort of like hippy stuff. Megan just rolled her eyes and looked away, like she was prepared to accept that, whether Isadora was a demon or not, there really wasn't anything she could do about it now, and instead turned her attention back to Danny. "How are you? Are you feeling better?"

Danny nodded and sat up, presenting the empty plate. "I'm still really, really hungry though." His stomach rumbled as though to emphasize its agreement with that point.

She took it, and then touched the back her other hand to his forehead. "You're still a little cold, but I think it's not as bad. The pizza will probably be here soon."

"What kind did you get?"

"Meat Lovers," she said, then cracked a bit of a smile. "Though, considering our situation, I probably should have gotten Hawaiian."

He liked Hawaiian fine, but it wasn't one of his favorites. "Why?"

"Because I heard pineapple makes your..." She shook her head suddenly. "Never mind." At that moment, the doorbell rang. "That was quick," she said, and started out of the room... but her hand caught at the door frame and she turned back to look at Isadora, who had, after being pushed away, moved into a crouch by the wall. "You. I'm not leaving you alone with my brother again."

"I wouldn't harm him."

"Yeah, well, I don't trust you. You're coming with me. And if you cause any more trouble, I swear to God you'll pay. I'll go right on the Internet. Wikipedia knows everything, I'm sure it has a way to kill a succubus. Now come with me."

Isadora shrugged, seemingly unconcerned, got to her feet and followed, and Danny watched her go... he noticed she didn't walk like a kid, boy or girl, but rather like a sultry adult woman, with a pronounced sway of her barely-visible hips, accentuated even more by the way her tail swished back and forth.


The truth was, Megan had already researched how to kill a succubus. While ordering the pizza, she slipped into the dining room and looked it up on her dad's laptop. Unfortunately, there were no good answers, no consensus, nothing like a silver bullet for a werewolf or sunlight and stake through the heart for a vampire. Although there seemed to be more people who believed that succubi actually existed, than she'd ever heard of for either of the other two monsters, nobody she could find could agree on a method to hurt them. Some said holy water, which would make sense if they really were a demon, others said silver, others said silver wouldn't work and you needed an exorcism or a true believer, others said you can trap it in a mirror. But none agreed. They couldn't even all agree they were evil.

But another truth was, even if she was evil, and Megan thought she might be, that didn't mean she was lying. The only way to save Danny might be to do what she said. Even if Megan knew how to kill her, she might not be able to do it without hurting him, too. And saving her little brother was worth doing the bidding of an evil demon for a while.

Still, with Isadora following her, she made sure to walk past the big mirror in the foyer, just to see if it would trap her. Unfortunately, although the winged girl did stare at her reflection, there was no dramatic effect like getting sucked inside. The pizza boy rang the doorbell again, and Megan yelled, "One second!", then eyed Isadora again. Ever since they'd hit the stairs, instead of walking, the creature flew on softly flapping wings that somehow didn't create too much of a breeze. And there she was now, hovering. Naked, winged little girl hovering supernaturally? Ha, that would give the pizza boy nightmares forever... but also draw too much attention, maybe cops. "Would you quit that?" she whispered. "You need to hide."


"I don't want the pizza guy to see you."

Isadora shrugged, landed, crouched, and then sprang... directly at Megan. She let out a scream that was more like a yelp and tried to cover her face, imagining in that split second that the demon was going to claw her eyes out, but there was no pain, just a sensation like when you're lying down and stand up too fast, everything went fuzzy for a moment... and, when it passed, she opened her eyes. Isadora was gone.

"Is everything all right?" came a muffled voice from the other end of the door, along with another knock. He must have heard her crying out.

She didn't know how to answer. Slowly, she turned around in a circle, and then jumped when that circle let her look back to the mirror. There, beside her own reflection, she saw Isadora. But when she looked at the corresponding space in the real world, there was nothing. "Are you... inside the mirror?" she whispered.

"No..." she heard the voice like it a friend whispering directly into her ear in class. "I'm inside of you."

"What? I never said you could..." There was another impatient knock at the door.

"You told me to hide. This is how we hide. Inside of a vessel. Now take care of your brother."

Megan gulped staring at the mirror once more, then took a breath and turned to open the door. The guy on the other end was white, thin and tall, with dark hair that came down to the bottom of his neck, tucked under a hat that was askew. He wasn't especially handsome, but he had the kind of expressive face the might look cute, as he appeared now, with his eyes narrowed like he half-expected a murder behind the door, cute enough that she might have dated him, but he was old. Not old-old, but way older than he should be considering both his job and his look and his little scruff of a beard. He was one of those guys who looked like he was in his late twenties, maybe even early thirties, still pretending to be a teenager. He broke into a friendly smile as he undid the insulated carrying case. "I've got one Meat Lovers pizza here."

"Great," she said, and reached out to take the box, noticing as she did that his eyes went straight to her legs. Her bare legs. She remembered she was wearing only a long t-shirt over panties, something she never would have answered the door in, except maybe in a bad dream, a dream in which she'd immediately close the door, scream, and blush. Well, she did blush, but the heat in her cheeks was overpowered by the pulse of warmth between her legs. Megan wouldn't admit it, but she was enjoying showing off, enjoying that he was looking, while trying to pretend he was inspecting the bill.

"Oh, I, uh, forgot the cash in the other room," she said. "You can come in and wait while I get it, if you want."

"We're really not allowed to," he said, but she'd already turned away and he could practically feel his eyes on her ass. As she turned a corner, she caught a glimpse of him staring and walking inside, despite the rule. "You know, you really shouldn't answer the door dressed like that. I mean, I'm a nice guy, but others..." he didn't finish the thought.

"Have sex with him," she heard the voice in her ear instead.

"What?" She kept her voice as low as possible, but it was hard with this level of outrage. "No!" And yet, she involuntarily squeezed her thighs together at the thought, sending a shiver of excitement up through her whole body.

"If you want to help your brother, this is the way."

Having reached the kitchen, Megan put the pizza on the table and then looked for where the put the money after she made the call. "I thought you needed him to do things! And if you think I'm organizing a freaky three-way..."

"I don't need him. I told you there were other options. You are my vessel. Seduce the pizza man and it will help your brother."

Megan's heart began to pound like a jackhammer. She couldn't... could she? Sure, she'd sometimes had fantasies of just going after some guy openly, and, usually in these fantasies the guy was older, part of the excitement was that she was giving him the thrill of his life, a teen girl, jailbait. But she'd never actually do it... everything sexual she'd done was at the guy's instigation...

Well, that wasn't quite true. There was that night she had a little pilfered brandy to drink and played with Danny, she was the aggressor there, a different kind of fantasy that ate her up with guilt and yet felt so good... this time, there might not be any guilt, if she was doing it to save him. "He wouldn't want to anyway," she rationalized weakly. He could go to jail, get put on a sex offender registry... older men might fantasize about fucking teenage girls, but only the really obsessed pervs would take the risk.

"Just touch him, and I will do the rest. Like when I rode inside of Danny."

She remembered then, after Danny creeped up on her and started touching her. At first she was shocked, offended, a little scared, but soon she became wet and aroused and all her instincts told her to just let it happen. That was the succubus at work, not her own mind. It was something of a relief. Maybe she was doing it again... after all, what else would explain why Megan's hands were suddenly inside her panties, stroking her wetness. She pulled her arm away like the crack of a whip, let the shirt fall over her again. Well, why not? If Isadora was making her all turned on, and this would help Danny, why not just give in to it? There wasn't anything she could do, right?

She grabbed the cash in one handful and returned to the foyer. The pizza guy was inside, the door closed behind him. His eyes were on her legs again, but then snapped up to her shirt-covered boobs, which is where most guys she knew actually looked when they thought they were looking at her face. Maybe he wouldn't take much persuading after all.

He said the price of the pizza, and she nodded, placed the cash in his hands, letting her fingers touch his palm as she did. Is that all I have to do? she wondered. Maybe I should say something. "Oh, I should probably give you a tip..." Oh god, she thought. I sound like a cheesy porn film. Bom-chicka-wow-wow.

"It's..." He blinked, hard, like he was just waking up, then finished, "It's okay. You don't need to." He'd let go of her hand and pocketed the money.

"But I want to," she said. "I think I've got something by the couch." Megan took him by the hand again and gently tugged him. He followed like a zombie, not one of the flesh-eating ones but one of the voodoo ones, shuffling his feet and obeying her every command... of course, so far the only command she'd given was 'follow'.

"How old are you?" he stammered out when they got to the couch.

She let go of his hand and bent over, keeping her ass in the air, to dig into the couch cushions. "Does it matter?"

"Just, uhm, curious."

"I'm old enough." She stopped searching and turned to him, looking down on his pants. Wow, he really was turned on, she could see the little tent in his pants. "Hey... maybe there's another way I can repay you." She cupped it and gave it a soft squeeze. It seemed to squeeze back, growing in her hand.

"I don't know if that's a good idea... especially if there's somebody else in the house... " It was more of a question than a statement, and he didn't push her away.

Well, there was his brother upstairs, naked and slowly dying. And the demon that did that to him, inside her. "We're alone enough."

Inside her head, the voice of Isadora told her, "Take out his penis." She complied, pulling at his pants until they were open, and pulling the boxers down. "Now you should start by putting it in his mouth and sucking on it gently."

God, it's not like I haven't watched porn before, she thought. Or done it a couple times, once on her brother, once on another guy her age. The dick, a thick but slightly below average size (or what she believed was such, having mostly seen porn), was uncircumcised and had a little bit of an upward curve to it. That was new to her, but she put her lips around it and slid down, giving it a little action with her tongue. She had no hesitation... she even wanted it. Is Isadora doing this to me, too? she wondered.

"Yes, I am," the voice in her ear said. "You both being aroused makes it more pleasurable, more energetic."

Megan made a "Mmmm" sound in agreement, and then went down deeper on the cock, and that's where it occurred to her... Isadora answered her, but she hadn't spoken! She made another sound now, surprised, but when it was muffled by the cock it sounded like it was too much for her.

"It's okay," the Pizza guys said. "Take it slow... oh, god, I can't believe I'm doing this... but this is so good."

Is she reading my thoughts? Are you reading my thoughts?

In her ear, Isadora's voice offered, "Not all of them. Just the slow ones, the ones you form into words you want to say to me. And your emotions. I can't read the fleeting thoughts, or look through your memories like I can with your brother, we're not connected like that. Keep sucking."

Although Megan wanted to wonder how much she'd be able to hide from the succubus, or if anything she said could be trusted, she tried to put it out of her mind until Isadora was at least outside of her again. Any other time, that might be impossible... like her Dad used to joke, try not thinking of an elephant for a minute. But right now, she had something else to focus on, the heat all over her body, concentrated between her legs. She shifted her knees apart and, keeping one hand on his penis, sent her others into her panties again. They were so wet, feeling wetter even than the dick in her mouth, which was covered in her slobber and his precum. Between her legs it was a slick goo causing it, and soon coating her fingers as they dug deeper into her. "Slow down," Isadora advised.

She didn't listen, she continued to rub herself, letting loose with a moan that transmitted through the pizza boy's dick, and she heard him gasp. "Slow," Isadora said, and Megan, sick of the annoying voice and her intrusive impact on her life, and wanting to do something in defiance, did just the opposite, she began sliding her head up and down the dick as fast as she could without it slipping out of her mouth. The pizza guy's lower belly muscles tightened and his balls seemed to flex as he made grunting noises, and then grabbed her by the back of the head, one hand pulling on a clump of hair. Now even if she wanted to slow, she couldn't, he was forcing her back up and down on him... and it felt so good to be forced, to be just a tool to get somebody off.

"God," he said, and she could have sworn she heard Isadora sigh in her ear, and suddenly the hand stopped forcing her and she felt the dick jerking and... he came in her mouth, a spurt landing on the back of her tongue, followed by another, and another. She swallowed instinctively, surprised that she wasn't revolted by it like she was before. She still didn't like the taste, but the feeling of swallowing it, taking a piece of him inside her, was so erotic she dug two fingers as deep into herself as she could, and shook her hand like she was imitating a vibrator... and as the globs slid down her convulsing throat, she felt her own climax overtake her, blotting out almost everything.

The pizza guy let out a few deep, exhausted breaths, like he'd just stopped after running a marathon, and then pulled out of her mouth, a trail of cum or saliva or some mix clinging to it long enough to land on her lips and slide down her chin. "I have to say, that was the best tip I've ever gotten."

"He's useless to us now," Isadora said in her ear. She didn't sound angry though, she sounded relaxed. Megan pictured her like a cat, yawning and stretching down for a nap, not caring about anything else. What she said next, suddenly seeming alert again, shattered that illusion. "We need somebody else."

"It was fun," she said... but she could feel the passion receding, the pleasure becoming merely a memory, embarrassment over how she'd just acted starting to well up in its place. Her hand came out of her panties, and she fell back on her haunches.

The guy also looked ashamed of himself and what he'd done, or maybe it was what he had to say next. "Listen, I have other deliveries to make, but maybe after my shift, if nobody's still home..." He put his cock back in his pants and zipped up.

Megan remembered Danny then, why she was doing all of this, who was still waiting for her pizza, and suddenly the guy she sucked off meant less than nothing to her, too. She just waved a dismissive hand at him. "Just go."

"Wait, can I have your number?"

She stood up. "Go or I'm calling the police and saying you raped me."

Now his face twisted into a scowl, and he put his hands up defensively. "Okay, I'm going..." but she heard him mutter, "Fucking crazy bipolar bitch."

She didn't care though, just stared at him until he withdrew, got his pizza insulator box, and left. Megan followed him to make sure the door was closed and locked behind him, and then brought the pizza up to her little brother.

He was seated now, looking a little better. She put the box right on her bedspread and opened it. "See, your favorite."

"That took a while. Where's... Isadora?" he asked.

"Oh, right... get out of me, you bitch..."

Seconds later the succubus was on the bed beside them. Megan didn't feel a dramatic separation this time any more than she had an invasion... but there was a feeling of loss, weakness. No, that wasn't quite right... at least, she wasn't any weaker than she was before... but she was only now aware at how much stronger, more powerful she felt with Isadora insider her. Sure there were huge downsides, but while Isadora was... riding her, she felt like some kind of sex goddess who could turn any man on... and there was one in particular she wanted to turn on at some time. Maybe. She really liked him, though, so maybe she'd prefer to do that herself.

Danny's eyes widened in fascination as he watched, Megan imagined, something similar to what she watched when Isadora left Danny. But from her perspective there was nothing to see, just a moment of blackness, like a blink, and the succubus was on the bed. Megan rolled her eyes and tried to ignore her, and separated out a slice of pizza. "Eat," she suggested.

"This will help him more," Isadora said, and, on all fours, crawled towards Danny. He was sitting down, but when she wouldn't stop advancing, he instinctively drew back and fell back into a laying position as she straddled him, and then placed her mouth on his, her tongue working its way inside, a lewd kiss with their bare chests nearly pressed together.

Megan watched for a few seconds, but then looked away, disgusted and ashamed. That was probably Danny's first real kiss, at least first that was more than a peck... and it was with a demon, or something that was close to a demon anyway, and it was because she couldn't protect him on her watch. And worse, she wasn't doing what she wanted to do, pull the bitch away by her hair or yank on her tail and throwing holy water or something on her, not just because she didn't have holy water, but also because she wasn't sure it wouldn't hurt Danny more.

The kiss went on for something like a minute, and Megan did look back now and then, and finally, she couldn't take it anymore. Her hand snatched at the leathery tail and pulled... not enough to pull them apart, because she was still scared it might hurt him, but enough to remind her that she was still there and she didn't like it.

It seemed to do the trick though. Isadora pulled away, smiling slightly. "See, you feel better now, right?"

"Yeah..." Danny said in a dreamy, distracted voice, and then his eyes locked on his sister's. "You gave that guy a blowjob?!"

Megan blushed beet read and pointed. "She made me! Did she tell you that with her... mind link?"

"I gave him some of the sexual energy we acquired," she said, as though it explained it. Maybe it did. "It will help him."

"You gave him some of it," Megan repeated stiffly, and then felt snark coming on. "Shouldn't you have given him, I don't know, all of it?" By the final three words she was just short of shouting.

"I didn't keep it for myself," Isadora explained, her eyes narrowing. "The rest was spilled. He'd have gotten more if you gave it to him." She looked down at Danny and stroked his hair. "But it was urgent, and you don't know how yet. There is much to teach you. For starters, you reached your climaxes too fast... once both parties reach their first climax, most of the sexual energy is gone. If you made it last, you could have taken much more from the man with the food." She scowled a little. "I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen. We can do better next time."

Megan shook her head. "No, there is no next time. You just proved you don't need us. Go invade somebody else and turn them into your 'vessel' and get your... sex energy from them. I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd welcome it."

"I am lifebound to your brother. That means I can only feed through him."

"But you DIDN'T feed through him," Megan pointed out, letting out an exasperated grunt. "You fed through me."

"I gathered through you," Isadora clarified. "Then I fed what I could to him."

"Then 'gather' from someone else."

"Do you know what love is?" she asked, suddenly, and the incongruous question threw Megan a bit.

"Of course I do." She couldn't define it, but she knew it when she felt it. "I love my brother."

"Exactly. And he loves you. Love is an energy that binds us to each other. I am bound to your brother. But he is bound to you. Because of that bond, I can enter you and use you as my vessel. If there's somebody else he loves, who loves him back, and who has had sex with him, I can use them. Take me to them, and I will gather from them instead."

The way Isadora looked at her, Megan decided she must have known there were no other options. There were certainly other people who loved Danny like she did, like their parents, but if they had to have sex with him first... well, she just couldn't see that happening. And even if it might, Megan wasn't sure she wanted to involve them. That left it all on her shoulders again. She looked at her brother, and he looked back, and said, "It's okay, Megan. I feel a little stronger now. I'll try to find somebody who wants to do it with me."

That wouldn't be hard, Megan realized, with Isadora inside him, letting him get anyone he touched horny as hell... but something deep inside her cringed at that. He shouldn't have to do that... and she shouldn't let him. She was his sister, she was supposed to protect him. If that meant fucking a lot of guys and bringing back the energy... well, there were less fun ways to sacrifice in order to keep him pure. Not exactly pure, considering they'd already had sex, and he also seemed to see what she'd done with the pizza boy after Isadora played tonsil hockey with him... but everything was relative. It was one thing to give her brother an all-access pass to a porn website, it was another to let him star on one. "No, I'll do it," she said, and between her legs, she felt a tingle of excitement. It might even be fun. "Tell me what I need to know."

End of Episode #2
Next Time: "Promiscuous"

Author's note: This story was inspired by a work of erotic art by an artist named faustsketcher. Although I did not attempt to mimic the picture exactly in all the details, without it this series would have come about. Check out the awesome picture, but be warned, it's NSFW and explicit and may even not be legal where you are considering it's a depiction of underage characters, despite the fact that they do not actually exist.

This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.

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