Author: AnonyMPC

Title: The Unplugged Challenge

Summary: Two teens are forcibly cut off from the Internet, cell phones, and other electronics, by their mother who wants them to become closer. She'll be surprised by how close they get...

Keywords: mf, cons, inc

"The Unplugged Challenge" by AnonyMPC (mf, cons, inc)

Chapter One:

I’d been home for three hours, and the first time I’d left my room was to go down to the kitchen to get something to eat.  Mom was there with that tense look about her that always made me want to avoid her even more than I usually did.  She was stewing about something and I just hoped it wasn’t about me.  Calling attention to her mood would do more harm than good, so I just heated up a microwave dinner and kept my back to her, not speaking.

Mom spoke, instead, in a weary, resigned voice.  “Bobby, how was school?”

I shrugged.  “The usual.”  I heard a buzz from my pocket and felt a wash of relief.  It was a text from my friend Jack, part of an ongoing conversation we’d been having about whether Traci Roth had ulterior motives for sitting at our table at lunch.  We’d joked that it might mean she liked one of us, but I didn’t really believe it.  I was more worried it was the prelude to some elaborate prank, where she pretended to like us in order to humiliate us later.  The truth was she hadn’t even sat that close to us, most likely it wasn’t about us at all, but we had to talk about something.  I tended to assume the worst case, anyway, it just felt safer.   

“Where’s your sister?” Mom asked as I read the text and thought about how to answer.

I started tapping out a reply, to the text, while I answered Mom absently.  “I don’t know, in her room maybe?”  I didn’t see Krista on the bus and for all I knew she hadn’t come home at all.  “You have her cell number, why are you asking me?”

“Hmm,” Mom said neutrally.  “You should have a real meal.”

I shrugged.  The microwave beeped, and I grabbed the plate.  “This is fine.”  With that, I returned to my room.   There, I had the world at my fingertips, friends, even strangers I could talk with at a moment’s notice… and unlike my Mom, they weren’t liable to snap my head off because they were in a bad mood.

About a half hour later, I heard my name being called, but I ignored it, and put headphones on so that I’d have an excuse.  If it was important enough, Mom would just barge in and I could pretend I hadn’t heard.   If not, I was safer hiding out.

No such luck.  A few minutes passed and, I got a text.  It was from my sister.  “Mom wants us dwnstairs.  Fam meeting.”

Great.  I rolled my eyes, waited a couple minutes for good measure, and then made my way downstairs.  Mom, Dad, and my sister Krista were all in the living room.   Krista’s hands were in her lap.  Like me, she had a cell phone with her at all times, and she must have been waiting for a call or text.  Dad sat on the easy chair, his chair, looking to Mom with a bored expression on his face.

Mom stood in the center, waiting.  “Sit down,” she said to me with a glare.  I took a seat by Krista, suddenly worried that the glare meant this meeting was somehow about me.  Had Mom looked in on our Internet history and saw the porn sites I’d checked out?  Or maybe she’d heard my grades in History were falling faster than the Hindenburg.  Which I assume fell fast, but it was a blimp, so I made a note to Google it.  I was normally good in history, but they changed the seating plan and now I was sitting right next to superhot Mary Flannigan.  I was so worried about not looking stupid, or worse, like a nerd, in front of her that I could barely pay attention any more.
Finally, Mom’s gaze turned away from me.  I shot a glance at Krista, who looked up from her phone and gave me a shrug.  “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I can’t shake the feeling that something’s just not right with us all.”

A text came.  I looked at it, realized from the number that it was from my sister, right beside me.  “Have bd feeling abt ths.”  I nodded. 

Oblivious to our communication, Mom continued.  “So, since I had the day off today, I was watching some television.”

“Uh oh,” I muttered.  “We’ve been down this road before.”

“Bobby, let your mother finish.”  Dad looked up to her.  “So, what was it this time, Lorraine?  Montel Williams?” he asked, his voice full of amusement.   If he was willing to poke the bear, he wasn’t too worried about what Mom had on her mind.   But then, that was his usual mode. 

I guess everybody’s parents are a little weird.  They say opposites attract, and it must have in their case.  My Dad’s pretty much the most laid-back guy you’ve ever met.  Even when one of us kids got in trouble, he never got mad.  Sure, he’d punish, but it was for the principle of the thing, he never took it personally.  He’d make some sarcastic joke about why what we’d done was stupid, or he’d grin and admit he might have done the same thing, but he never yelled… or got angry, or even was especially surprised, by anything.  It was like nothing fazed him.  It was good, usually.  He was a dependable presence in our lives.  He even just looked reassuring, tall, stocky, dark hair graying at the temples.  You could almost picture him with an old style pipe as one of those classic TV dads, from the era before all married men in the media were morons. 

I guess he had to be laid-back, because my mother, on the other hand, was high-strung, and without Dad’s calming presence in the family, we’d spin out of control.   Mom was short, thin, stubborn, quick-tempered, and it was like there was always something on her mind, although what that thing was changed regularly.  She’d get something in her head and it would be her new cause for a week or a month or until she forgot about it.   On many occasions I wondered if she wasn’t a little bit crazy.

I say that with the full knowledge that I’m also a little bit crazy.  Maybe we all were.  Krista seemed like the only normal one in the family, but then, I didn’t feel like I knew enough about her lately to judge, either.  We were only about a year and a half apart, so she was 15, though I thought she looked younger, and I was 17.  Mom chose to have my sister when I was a baby because she heard that an 18 month age gap was the ideal span to ensure siblings were close.  It worked, at first… Krista and I were close when we were young, but as we moved into our teens we’d drifted apart.  We saw each other on the way to school, but didn’t talk much outside of texts and, once in a while, when she’d burst into my room to ask to borrow something, usually money.  So maybe Krista was crazy too, but I hadn’t seen any evidence of it.  Sure she had her bitchy days, her quiet days, but mostly she seemed friendly, happy, well-adjusted.  She had lots of friends, and was popular.  But then, when you’re friendly and good-looking, popularity often follows.  Brothers aren’t supposed to think of their sisters like that, but she was really attractive, with a lithe, athletic body, flowing dark hair, flawless complexion, and beautiful green eyes.   As far as I could tell she was just an average, though pretty, teenage girl.  I kind of liked it that way.  Somebody had to be the normal one in the family. 

It certainly wasn’t me.   I guess in some ways I took after Mom.  I was a little tightly wound, although in a different way.  I was way too self-conscious.  I wasn’t a bad-looking guy, but somehow I was paranoid about what everybody thought about me, and it made my life miserable.  It wasn’t rational, but that made it no less real.  I always felt like people were judging me, thinking the worst, which consequently made me not want to be seen at all.  With girls I tended to obsess over every detail of our interaction, analyzing it for hidden motivations, no matter how innocent, and with almost anybody I was afraid of doing things that might attract undue attention.  It was ridiculous.  It wasn’t so bad with family, and gradually over years I’d come to trust a few friends enough to be comfortable with them, but the fears of what people were thinking were always there, lurking.  I had no claim to normalcy.

But at least Dad’s utter unflappability was just a source of amusement, and my bouts of paranoid neurosis affected me alone.  Mom’s particular brand of crazy sometimes exploded and made the rest of our lives hell for a while.  We’d all seen the signs before.  One of them was Mom watching television all day.

She seemed oblivious to the warning sign herself, though.  “What?” Mom asked, as though Dad’s question had come out of nowhere.

“You’ve been watching talk shows again, haven’t you?” Dad asked with a grin.  “They always give you ideas.”

“They do not.”

But they did.  Some of the worst things that could trigger Mom’s ‘causes’ were daytime talk shows.   She worked a 9-5 job, so she couldn’t watch them very often, but sometimes she would have a day off and nothing to do, and would find herself watching one, and that was where the danger began… she got absorbed and took them too seriously.   

“Sure, Mom,” I said.  “Remember that time you saw Dr. Phil talking about teen drug abuse and you tore through both of our rooms looking for hidden stashes?”  She hadn’t found any.  I don’t even smoke. 

Krista smiled.  “Or when Tyra Banks had a show on sexting, and you took my cell phone looking for dirty pictures?”

“My favorite,” Dad said, a twinkle in his eye, “was when she watched Maury Povich.”  That was one for the books.  When he had one of his regular episodes on cheating husbands, Mom demanded Dad take a lie detector test to prove he hadn’t been unfaithful during their marriage.  He finally told her he’d be happy to, as long as they got a paternity test on the kids, too.  She was instantly offended at the accusation, which made her step back and realize how much she must have offended him, too.  Mom took the point and calmed down, one of the rare times Dad had been able to cut her off early before she got too crazy.  I hoped whatever she had in mind, this might be another of those times.

“Let’s just hope it’s not Jerry Springer,” Krista said, setting Dad up for the old family joke. 

“I hope not.  I don’t think I’m ready for your mother to become a transsexual stripper, or to sleep with her cousin,” Dad said. 

“Don’t make jokes.  You know how I hate that Springer.  And this is nothing like those other times.”  She took a breath, and then said, “I was watching Oprah…” We collectively groaned.   Another family joke was that Mom’s queen was Oprah Winfrey.  She bought all the books for her Book Club, and supported the causes Oprah supported.  She even voted Obama because of Oprah.   “But it was about something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  The show just gave me the idea.”  We waited for the bomb to drop, what crazy idea Oprah had given her.  “I really think this family needs some more togetherness.  We’re drifting apart, with our cell phones and computers.”  She snatched the phone out of Krista’s hands.  My sister had been racing her thumbs over the keypad, not listening.  “And your texting.  We’ve forgotten about the basics.  Today on Oprah they had a family.  A lot like ours.  They didn’t have time for each other.  What they did was they gave up the television, the Net, and all their cell phones for a week.   It was called the…”  She struggled to remember.  That was just like Mom too, get all excited about an idea but forget the specifics.  “The No Net Challenge.  No, the Unplugged Challenge.  Something like that.  But I think we need to do the same thing.”

No computers for a week?  “That’s crazy!” I said.  “What are we supposed to do with ourselves?”

“We connect, Bobby.  We talk about what’s going on in our lives.   We could even play board games.  You remember how we used to play board games when you were young?  It was fun.”

I did not recall that at all, and in fact didn’t believe it was true.

“Sounds pretty lame, Mom.  You can’t take our phones and stuff away,” Krista whined.  “That’s like our whole social life.”

“No, it isn’t, you just think it is.  This family’s a kind of social life too, and we’ve all been seriously neglecting it.  I blame myself as much as you, but it’s you who are going to pay the price for it.”  She looked at the two of us.  “Look at you, you used to be inseparable, and now you barely talk.  In a few years you’ll be out of the house and on your own lives.  I don’t want the two of you winding up as the kind of siblings whose only contact is a card on Christmas and birthdays.”

I rolled my eyes.  Of course we’d be in contact.  There was Facebook.  I may not be super close to my sister, but I wouldn’t defriend her.

“Can’t we like, just do something a lot less extreme than this?” Krista asked.  “Like have a weekly family game night or something?  I’m willing to give up my Monday.”

“Right,” I agreed.  I could sacrifice one day, for a couple weeks until Mom got tired of it.   “But maybe not Monday.  My guild and I quest on Mondays in Warcraft.”

“Well, it can’t be Tuesday, I…”

Mom interrupted the negotiation.  “One week.  It’s not that long.  Extreme times call for extreme measures.  It won’t be so bad.  You know, the family on the show was practically a different family by the end of it.”

I looked to my Dad for help, but he just shrugged.  “You know how hard it is to talk your mother out of things like this.”  So there’d be no help from him this time.  Sometimes him being so laid-back was aggravating in its own way too.  But maybe he was right; usually the best way to handle Mom’s causes was to ride it out as best we could.   A week with no Internet, no TV, no phones?  It sounded like hell, but how bad could it really be?

Chapter Two:

The next day after school, the great purge began.  Mom went into each of our rooms and confiscated most of our electronics, although Krista persuaded her to let us keep music players on the grounds that music helped her do homework.  Virtually everything else, along with the TV and the microwave (because part of the Challenge included making meals from scratch), went into lock-up in the basement. 

After that, we suffered through the first night of enforced family togetherness, worse because it was a Friday night.  Krista resented being made to stay home instead of going out with her friends.  I had no specific plans, but I didn’t resent it any less.  I’d have rather been safe in my room, talking to friends on the Internet, instead of talking with family.

The talking wasn’t that bad, but it was pretty awkward.  Everyone ran out of things to say very quickly… at least when talking about television and movies was outlawed by Mom in the first few minutes. 

We were supposed to reconnect, become closer, but I didn’t really want to share anything too personal, for fear that they might judge me.  I suspect it was the same was true for Krista, who mostly talked about her Tumbling class the previous day.  So that was why she wasn’t on the bus Thursdays.  I’d wondered.

When it was my turn, I managed to find enough to talk about to satisfy Mom, but most of it was bullshit.  I made up things happening to my friends, mostly cribbed from TV shows.  I think Krista was on to me, since I saw her grinning at me while I related a story from Degrassi.   She didn’t bust me though, which was cool of her.

While we talked, we played a game, but it was pretty dull.  Rolling dice and moving counters around a board was no substitute for real entertainment.  “I don’t know why we couldn’t do this bonding thing over a video game,” I muttered, several times that night.  Mom’s only answer was a glare, when she got tired of ignoring me.

After that first game, with plenty of the night left to go, we sat around staring at each other, trying to decide what to do next.   Pretty soon, my sister left for the bathroom and returned with her iPod, ear buds in her ears.  That gave me the idea to do the same with my MP3 player.  Dad got out an old book.  Meanwhile Mom stewed, upset that her plan wasn’t working out.

The next day, Mom declared that all electronics were on the banned list, and confiscated even the music players.  “If we want music, we’ll sing as a family.”  Then she made it even worse.  “And, since we didn’t really do it right that first time, I’m extending the challenge another day.” 

The plan for Saturday, also stolen from Oprah, involved the family, both individually and as a group, cleaning the whole house.  Boring, but, at least, it was better than talking.   By the end of the day, I was able to see the floor of my room again.   But then, another night of awkwardness stretched before us, this time longer than the last.  Mom filled the silence by suggesting activities for the next couple of nights.  “We could all go on a picnic.  Or go hiking.   Something to get us out of the house.”

“Can’t we just give this up, Mom?” I asked.  “This is boring.  I want my Internet.”

“You know, when I watched the show, the kids all hated it at first but by the end they were really happy they’d done it,” Mom said.  “So really, this is going according to plan.”

“At least we’re agreed that we hate it then.”  We made it through the night, barely. 

The next day, I broke.  It was Sunday.  Mom dragged us all to Church.  Church.  What were we, medieval peasants?  We hadn’t been to church since Krista’s baptism.  The preacher droned on about love and faith.  Meanwhile, I was obsessing.  I couldn’t get all the potential conversations I’d been missing with my friends out of my head.   They knew about the challenge, laughed about it on Friday.  Were they having some exciting time I couldn’t be a part of?  Or were they talking about me and what a loser I was for having to go through with it?  For not sneaking away? 

I decided I couldn’t just take it and let Mom win.  Who’d respect that?  So I resolved to break into the basement to get my cell phone sometime after church.   I couldn’t get my computer out or hook it up without drawing too much attention, but I could keep a cell phone hidden and only use it when it was safe. 

Getting in wouldn’t be a problem either.  There was a window with an open latch, accessible from the backyard.  I’d noticed it the first day, but kept it my little secret.    While Mom and Dad were busy with something inside the house, I asked to go into the backyard to get some sun. 

I made it in easily, but as I climbed out of the window into the backyard, Krista was there staring at me.  I thought she might bust me, but she leaned down conspiratorially.  “What did you get?” she whispered.  I held up my cell phone.  “Can you get mine?  It’s got a pink skin on it.  I’ll cover you.”  I thought about it, shrugged.  Why not?  I asked her to hold mine, and then went back in for it.  It didn’t take long; I’d already seen where it was. 

When I gave her hers, she smiled.  “Thanks.”  Then Mom came around the corner.  She must have come out through the side door instead of from the back, where Krista could see her coming.  I imagine she heard something downstairs and snuck around that way deliberately to try to surprise us, to catch us in the act.

We both tried to hide our phones behind our backs, but it was too late, she’d seen everything.  “That’s it.  Just for that, we’re going to two weeks.”

“Two weeks?” I cried.  It was inhuman.

“And every time you break one of the rules again, we’ll go another one.  You want to try me?”  She held her hands out.  “Give me the phones.” 

Krista sighed and turned over hers.  I followed suit.  Mom went back inside.  “Nice going,” Krista said.

“Hey, if I didn’t go back for yours, I would have gotten away clean.  You were supposed to keep watch.”  She stalked off.

Krista made the next move in the rebellion against the Unplugged Challenge.  Monday morning, as we headed towards the bus, I joked about another long boring night of board games ahead of us.  “Have fun with that,” she said.  “I’m spending the night at Quinn’s.”

“What?  You want to stretch out another week of this?”

She smiled.  “It’s not against the rules to visit friends after school, so long as I’m home before curfew.”

“She’ll just order you back.”

She gave a smug smirk.  “How’s she going to do that?  It’s not MY fault if I don’t have my cell phone on me, is it?”

She had a point, and a good plan.  So I copied it.  After school I spent a couple hours at a friend’s place, enjoying his Internet while suffering through some of his good-natured razzing about all the ways my life must suck without access. 

As usual, the rebellion was short lived.  By the time I returned home, because his parents wouldn’t let me stay for dinner, Mom was there and guessed what we were up to.  I talked her out of extending the punishment on the grounds that we technically hadn’t broken any rules, at least not that she could prove, but that just made Mom make a new rule.  No going out to friends without explicit permission.  Krista learned of it a few hours later when she made it back. 

I expected that was coming, but it felt pretty good to get away with it the one time.  Mom can talk all she wants about how computers are distancing us from each other, but to be connected again, even for a couple hours, was worth it. 

However, there was one problem my little rebellion still hadn’t solved.  It was probably my biggest problem with the Unplugged Challenge, the one I wouldn’t have told anybody.   The boredom was aggravating, of course.  Nights seemed to take twice as long and I was almost grateful for school just so that I could talk to my friends.  But I could have suffered through all that with only token complaints.  My real problem was jacking off.

I’d masturbated pretty much every night since I was twelve.  It was how I relaxed, how I got to sleep, how I dealt with the pressure of all the hotties at my school, or accidentally seeing my sister in just a bra and panties.  I wasn’t proud of that last one, but the dick doesn’t know right from wrong, it just responds.  I didn’t just do it at night, but it was usually the safest time, since my family had a habit of not knocking during the day.  While the sun was up, my Mom and sister would sometimes just barge into my room without warning, and it was only after dark that knocking became standard etiquette, although by no means certain.   Usually I was too paranoid to start before it was time for bed.  At night it was quiet enough that I could hear somebody approaching, and I had an excuse for being under the covers, so I considered it ‘safe’.

But since we’d started this stupid Challenge, I hadn’t jacked off to completion, not once.   It was the opposite problem from daytime before.  It was just too damn quiet at night. 

All the modern technologies, they don’t just provide entertainment, information, a connection to our social life.  They also provide background noise.  If everybody’s watching TV they’re not likely to notice the soft, repetitive motion coming from my room as I lay in bed, pulling up and down on my stiff prick, my bed shaking and floor creaking ever-so-faintly as I did.  And even if nobody else is watching TV, I can turn up my TV loud to cover the noise.   

Without television, without the computer, it seemed every sound in the house was magnified.  I could hear my Dad clear his throat three rooms away.  I was just too scared to masturbate, afraid of the embarrassment that would ensue from them hearing me and knowing what I was doing.  Mom and Dad might not say anything, but I’d see it in their eyes, and I was afraid Krista would tease me mercilessly about it. 

I can’t even be sure they would hear me if I tried, but in that awful silent house with no computers, fear made me hold back from doing any more than a light stroke, or what I called Penis Pushups, where I flexed the muscles around my dick, making my erection pop up if I was lying on my back or press into the bed if I was on my stomach.  That wasn’t enough to get off to, but it was just enough to get me even more horny and frustrated. 

I could have taken care of it in the shower, but different neuroses and anxieties would come into play, then, the absurd certainty that my showers were being timed and they’d notice an extra long shower, or that my spunk would clog the drain or, worse, wouldn’t wash down and I wouldn’t notice it, but whoever showered after me, would.  It was a silly fear, but I’ve got a lot of silly fears.  It’s the thing I hate most about myself. 

I cursed myself when I realized that, if I hadn’t gone to my friend’s place, I would have had some time alone in the house after school to take care of the problem.  A few days longer and I probably would have broken down and just gotten off in the shower and damn the consequences, but I knew there was a window coming up where I could take care of it safely.

Thursday my sister had Tumbling after school, one of the things I’d learned from our family sharing time.  Since it was a school activity, she had Mom’s permission to go as usual, despite the restrictions on our social lives.   Mom and Dad would both be at work for an hour and a half after I got home  I’d only need about 15 minutes at most to rub one out, probably more like 5 as keyed up as I was, although the lack of Internet porn to get me started might stretch the duration out a little bit.  Still, either way, there was plenty of time.  I just had to hold out until Thursday.

Chapter Three:

It was tough, but I managed it.  By the time Thursday actually rolled around, I had built it up in my head as the most epic masturbation session ever.  I started to get hard in class even just thinking about fapping.  Luckily, I was seated way in the back of the class and was able to force other thoughts into my head by the time the class was over. 

I missed my bus because a friend was talking my ear off, and I didn’t feel like I could say, “Shut up, I need to go touch myself,” but it was only a ten minute walk, which would leave me an hour and fifteen minutes once I got home.  Even longer because, although it was a ten minute walk, I broke into a run for the home stretch.

Once I unlocked the door, I kicked my shoes aside and stopped in the bathroom for the hand lotion dispenser.  Usually I didn’t need that, but I wanted it to feel extra nice this time, since it might well be my last time before the challenge was over.  Then, in my room, I pulled my shirt off, and then my jeans and underwear, and lay down over the covers.  Normally I didn’t strip naked just to jack off, but I feared with all the cum I’d built up, I’d spray all over the place like a fire hose.

With one hand I grabbed a few tissues from the Kleenex box on my nightstand, and then I lubed up my other hand, and got to work.

I was only a few seconds into it, feeling good as it usually does, when I heard a sudden creak and a gasp.  My eyes opened, and there was my sister, standing in my door.  One of my worst nightmares, come true, especially as the look of shock slowly transformed into an amused smirk.  “What the fuck?” I cried as I covered my dick with one hand and groped around with my other for something to cover it with.  “What are you doing home?”

“Tumbling was cancelled.”

Shit.  Just my luck.  Maybe I should have paid more attention to the morning announcements.  “Well, don’t you ever knock?”

“Sorry, I wanted to see if you wanted to play cards or something to kill time.  I didn’t think you’d be doing… that.  Don’t you usually do that at bedtime?”

I stared in horror.  She knew.  Who else knew?  I’d found a pillow and covered myself with it, still, unfortunately, hard.   I wish I could cover my face with another pillow, it was burning and almost certainly bright red.  I hated people seeing me blush almost as much as I hated whatever caused me to do so in the first place.  “What do you know about it?”

“Come on, it’s hard to miss.”  She pinched one of her cheeks with one hand and pulled it out, flapping it back and forth and making a sound a lot like my masturbating.  “My room’s right next to yours, and we share a vent, remember?” 

We learned as kids that if you listened through that shared vent, you could hear quiet conversations in the other room… but you would have to stand on top of your bed with your ear right next to the metal.  The little sneak.  “Get the fuck out,” I said.

“Fine.  I’ll let you get back to it…”  She turned to go, without even the courtesy to close the door, but stopped before she was completely out of sight, paused, then turned back.  “Hey, Bobby?  Can I ask you something?”

I groaned.  “What?”

“Why are you doing it now?  I mean, you just came home like a minute ago.  What’s the rush?  Was there like a really hot girl at school or something?”

Well, there was Mary Flannigan in History class, the girl I’d planned on imagining while I rubbed one out.  But I was afraid if I admitted that, it might get out to her.  “No, it’s just…”  I didn’t know how to explain.  “Guys need to do it every now and then.”

“I know.  More like every night, right?” I was quiet.  “You haven’t been doing it lately.”

“You know, this isn’t exactly the kind of thing I want to be talking about with my sister…” It felt like the extreme flush my face had developed when she barged in was starting to fade, but only because, like an erection, a blush couldn’t last forever.  The erection had started to shrink as well. 

“It’s cause of Mom, isn’t it?  And her Unplugged Challenge?”

I grimaced.  Well, she already knew I’d been masturbating.  It wasn’t that much more embarrassing.  “Yeah, it’s just too quiet.  It feels weird.  Like people might hear.”

“Oh,” she said, as though that was a revelation.  “I know how that is.  I thought it was just because of there being no Internet porn.”

“That too.”  I thought back on what she said.  “What do you mean, you know how that is?”

Now it was her turn to blush, although it was milder, cuter.  “Girls need to do it too you know.”

“You do?”  I suppose it wasn’t really a surprise, but it was a surprise about my sister, who I’d never thought would, and certainly a shock to hear her admit it. 

“Of course.”

“Well, at least you don’t really make noise.”

“I do so.  Maybe you just don’t hear it.  But since it’s been so quiet I’ve had to be really careful too.  It’s not as much fun, and I can’t use my toy.”


She blushed again.  “I have a thing one of my friends gave me for my birthday.  It vibrates.  But I can’t use it now.  I had to hide it really well so Mom wouldn’t find it during her purge.” 

My sister, with a vibrator?  I had sometimes heard buzzing coming from her room before, but I always just assumed she was shaving something, or curling her hair, or something else that was in the category of “girl stuff”.  Now, though an image of her shoving a long slender rod into her pussy while it shook furiously formed in my head.  My cock began to stiffen.  I didn’t want it to.  “Why are you telling me things like this?  I do not need to know stuff like this.”

“I don’t know, you’re all red-faced 'cause I caught you doing something embarrassing… I thought it’d make you feel better.” 

It did, a little, but in another way it made the situation more uncomfortable.  “Fine, just, could you go somewhere else for a few minutes?”

She looked at me.  “Okay, but… don’t you need something to look at?”

“Like what?  You got a Playboy magazine stashed somewhere?”

She raised both her eyebrows and widened her eyes, giving me a look that expressed how she couldn’t believe I wasn’t getting what she meant.  “No, dummy.”  For good measure, she pointed at her chest.  There was only a slight bulge beneath her shirt, but it was still obvious.

“You?” I asked incredulously.  “But you’re my sister!  Are you sure you haven’t been watching the Jerry Springer show?”

Her face fell, and she turned to leave.  “Fine, forget I asked.”

I called after her, “Wait!”  She slowed, then stopped, then turned, though folded her arms across her chest uncertainly.  “You’d be willing to do that?”

She shrugged.  “It’s not like I’ve got anything else to do.  No TV, no Internet, no phone.  Not allowed to go out.”   The shrug appeared again. “It’s this or homework.”

“Well, I don’t want you to have to resort to doing homework,” I joked nervously.  “Go on, then.”  I was now staring at her tits, as though I could already see.

It seemed to me to take forever, but it was probably only a few seconds before she lifted up her shirt over her breasts and used her chin to pin it there. 

She wore no bra, which was a pleasant surprise.  Then again, her tits were never that big.  They were probably an A-Cup, and though they had a pleasing roundness to them and a good shape, they weren’t the huge knockers I usually looked at.  Her nipples were light pink, fading out gradually towards the skin, and they even seemed to be a little erect.  Size aside, the tits looked almost perfect to me, except for the small triangles of slightly paler skin.  Yet the tan lines somehow made it more erotic to me, as though highlighting the fact that I was seeing what I’d previously only seen covered by a swimsuit.

My growing dick fought against the pillow in front of it.  It was probably harder than it had ever been, as though the fact that it was my sister made it more exciting than anybody else I’d ever seen.  Still keeping one hand on the pillow, I moved my other underneath it and began stroking.

Krista grimaced.  “If you’re going to do it like that, I’m going to go.”


“Under a pillow?  Really?”

“You want to see?” I gaped.  “But I’m your brother.” 

“So, I’m your sister, and you’re looking at me.  I can just pretend it’s some other guy, that’s what you’re doing with me, right?”  She thought about what she said and corrected, “Well, but some other girl.”

“Yeah,” I lied.  It wasn’t really that she was my sister that made me hesitate.  It was a part of it, but mostly it was just my own anxieties.  I’d never shown another girl my erect dick, much less masturbated in front of them.  I didn’t even undress in front of other guys if I could avoid it.  I slacked off in gym class almost solely so I wouldn’t build up enough sweat to really need a shower afterwards.  Like most of my anxieties, there was no particular reason behind it except raw, unfocused fear of what other people might think of me.  I didn’t know if my dick was normal, too small, too big, looked funny, maybe even smelled funny, or anything like that.  I assumed it was probably too small, but I didn’t want to be told it.  Especially not by my sister. 

“So, let me see.  I’m showing you my tits.”

I still didn’t want to show her.  So I tried to make excuses.  “Yeah, but tits are nothing.  You can see tits in PG-13 movies.  Masturbation is like a sex act.”

At first that’s all it was, an excuse so that I wouldn’t have to show her.  Either she’d accept it and stay, or leave and I could fap to the memory.  Her response surprised me.  “So, what, I have to do it too, to make it even?”

Chapter Four:

It wasn’t what I’d intended, but the thought jerked my dick a little.  I was going to have to wash precum stains out of my pillowcase if it kept up like this.  “Yeah,” I said.  If she refused, I still wouldn’t have to show her.  If she didn’t… wow.

“I don’t know about that.”

Damn.  I was more disappointed than I thought I’d be.  “Well, or at least get all the way naked,” I suggested. 

She considered that briefly, then said, “Okay, but you have to take the pillow away first.”

I hesitated one last time.  “You’re not going to tell anybody about this?”

“Oh, sure.  I’m going to run out and tell everybody I watched my brother jack off while I stripped for him,” she said with a roll of her eyes.  Then she looked at me deadly serious.  “You better not tell anyone either.”

“I won’t.”  I took a deep breath, and then pulled the pillow away.  Free from resistance, it sprang forward, flopping down, fully erect.  I held myself very still, bracing for possible humiliation.

Instead, she just looked at it for a few seconds, tilted her head, and said, “It’s bigger than I thought it would be.”  I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding.  Without waiting any more, she pulled her top completely over her head, and then started to unbutton her jeans.  Her ass looked good in a pair of jeans, but even better in just a pair of purple and green panties that clung tightly to her.  My eyes fixed on her crotch, waiting to see if they’d drop next, not really believing they would.  “So are you going to start doing it, or what?”

It was as though I was hypnotized.  Still staring at her, my hand slowly moved towards my cock of its own accord, and I began to rub up and down, slowly at first. 

Once I’d begun, she pulled the panties down, all the way, and I saw her pussy, at the bottom tip of another tan line triangle.  She was shaved bare, and her mound was beautiful jutting outwards just a little.  The slit itself looked incredibly tight, with a ribbon of pink flesh in between the lips that separated into two ribbons towards the bottom.  “I’m keeping my socks on, 'cause the floor’s kind of cold,” she said.

I didn’t really pay what she was saying much mind.  “Yeah, sure, whatever.”  I was stroking there, eyes moving back and forth between her pussy and her breasts.  I tried not to look at her face, but whenever I looked up from her pussy and caught a glimpse of her watching my dick it ramped up the excitement.  A naked girl in my room was hot.  That it was my sister was incredibly dirty, somehow beating out even the raunchiest porn. 

After a minute or two of just standing there in front of me, Krista looked around and got my computer chair, wheeled it across the floor a little, and sat in it, spreading her legs so I could get a good look.  “Hey, Bobby… what do you think about when you do it?”

“I don’t know,” I said.  “Girls I like.  Sex stuff I want to do.”

“Have you ever done it?  Sex?”

I thought about lying, but I just assumed she’d call me on it.  I wasn’t exactly a social butterfly and she knew it.  “No, but don’t tell anybody.”

Krista leaned back in the chair and one hand crossed over her pussy.  One finger ran down the slit, separating the lips just a little as it went.  “So what’s the furthest you’ve gotten?”

“Kissing a couple girls.  And I felt up Judy Austen a little.”  She broke it off soon after.   That had ramped up my anxieties; she wouldn’t tell me why, so I’d naturally assumed I’d done it wrong.  “How about you?”  For some reason, I didn’t think my sister was still a virgin.  She was too hot, and had a couple boyfriends, though she wasn’t seeing anybody right now.

“You can’t tell Mom or Dad, right?”  I agreed quickly.  “I’ve given a couple guys I dated blowjobs.  I haven’t actually done it all the way yet, though I came close with Tommy.”  Her last boyfriend.  They broke up after she caught him kissing her best friend.   I only found out about it through Facebook, a couple days after.  To cheer her up, I sent a message where I offered to beat the crap out of him.  I got a smiley face response and a thanks, but she told me no, which was a huge relief… I didn’t think I could take him.  “I’ll probably give it up to the next guy, I think I’m ready.  I’m already on birth control.”

I chuckled nervously.  “I suppose the brotherly thing to do would be to tell you to wait, but the truth is if it was up to me, I’d have lost mine years ago.” 

She smiled.  “You’re not a bad looking guy.  You probably would have lost it if you were just more confident.  A couple of my friends have had crushes on you.  They still might.”

My eyes widened.  “Really?  Who?”

“Nuh-uh.  I was sworn to secrecy.  Besides, you have to learn to ask out girls who you don’t already know are going to say yes.”  That was how it was with Judy, and Krista knew it.  The only thing that convinced me to ask her out was because a friend of mine swore she liked me and had been asking him about me.  Even then I had to send a message to Krista to make sure that there was no other possible reason she’d be asking my friends questions about me before I had the courage to approach her.  The couple other girls I’d kissed had all made the first move.  Objectively speaking, that even one had done so suggested that I was good looking, but somehow when I looked in the mirror I never saw what they did, so the anxieties continued.

For a while as I pumped up and down on my dick, I wondered which of her friends might like me, but that thought fled as I noticed her dipping her fingers into her hole, sliding them inside and withdrawing them slick.  It wasn’t a one-time motion, she repeated it over and over again.  Her thumb would, every so often, make a circular motion, pressing in, not on the clit itself, but on the flesh immediately above it.  She was starting to breath differently too, like she was holding her breath for short bursts and then releasing it all at once.  Seeing my sister masturbate so openly made me pick up my pace as well. 

“So, do you think I’m hot?” she asked suddenly.  “I mean, forgetting that you’re my brother.  Just pretend you’re some guy and we don’t know each other.”

“Yeah,” I said.  It was getting hard to speak and maintain focus.  I was no longer urging an orgasm on; I was trying to hold it back.  “You’re gorgeous.  I mean, I always knew you were pretty, but with that body, wow.”  I smiled weakly.  “If you weren’t my sister I’d…”

I’d trailed off, so she prompted.  “What?”

“Anything you’d let me,” I said.  Unfortunately that was the way it always was with girls.  Sexually speaking, a guy would be willing to do anything a girl would let him.  Didn’t my sister know that?  “Fuck, I’d eat you out for an hour, even if all I got out of it was a close up look.”

Her legs moved closer together, squeezing slightly.  “Ha,” she said.  “As if.”  Her fingers quickened.  I guess she was starting to get into it.  Maybe I’d even see her cum.

That thought pushed me over the edge.  My dick felt like it suddenly stiffened one last bit, even thickened, and no longer did it depend on my motion to give it pleasure, it felt incredible with no motion at all.  Pressure rose up from the bottom of my shaft.  My sister said something, just the word, “So…”, but I couldn’t pay her any attention.  Before my mind blacked out entirely for its moment of bliss, I reached over to hurriedly grab some tissues, put them in position. 

I didn’t moan or grunt, just shook a little as the first jet burst up and out of me, landing in the Kleenex while I was overcome with a more intense orgasm than I’d ever felt before.  A second and third jet followed, not quite as pleasurable, but still better than the average first cum.  After that, there would be a few more waves as the rest of my cum made its way out over the next thirty seconds or so.  There seemed to be a lot of it this time, but then I’d been saving up. 

“I guess you’re done,” Krista said.  It was funny, she sounded almost disappointed. 

“Yeah,” I said.  Once again uncertain and awkward, I began said wiping out even the excess dew from the head of my penis, just for something to do.  “Thanks.”

“So I should go?”

“Probably,” I said, though I wanted to watch her cum too.  I hoped she’d offer that, but she didn’t.  She took her hand off her pussy and stood up, then got her clothes.  She put her shirt on first, then panties, and finally her jeans.  Then, without looking back, she left the room.  A few seconds later, I heard the door to her room close.  I came out of my room a few minutes later, dressed, to go to the bathroom and flush my tissues down the toilet, stopped briefly at her door, but moved on.

I’d wanted to talk to her about what we’d just done, but now that I was no longer outrageously horny, it just didn’t seem conceivable to knock, go inside, and bring up some kind of sexual conversation with my own sister.  If we’d still had our cell phones I might have managed to text her to get a conversation started without the awkwardness, but while we were disconnected I didn’t know how to bridge the gap.  So I just let it lie, hoping she’d just come to the obvious conclusion that this was a one-time thing and we wouldn’t repeat it.  We probably wouldn’t even speak of it.  That was okay.

There was some dark part of me that wanted to repeat it, wanted to go even farther, but I was certain that would be impossible.  So just burying the event, denying it had ever happened became the next best choice. 

Pretty soon Mom and Dad came home, and started making dinner.  Once again we were pressed to ‘connect’ by telling stories about our day.  Well, one big thing had happened to me today, but there was no way I was talking about it, and luckily neither was Krista.  We did exchange one brief look and awkward smile when Mom first asked, but then Krista launched into a story involving one of her friends.

I thought about masturbating that night in bed.  Krista already knew I did it and had seen me do it… but I suppose I still had the worry that my parents could hear, so I held off and just drifted off with an erection, remembering the sight of my sister’s pussy.

Chapter Five:

The next day, Mom made breakfast.  That was the one benefit of this stupid challenge, if you didn’t count what had happened the day before:  a nice breakfast instead of just a bowl of cereal before rushing off to school.   But I’d still rather have my computer and all the other conveniences of a modern life mankind had worked hard to achieve.

School was okay.  I was still getting some teasing from friends about being ‘cut off’ from the Net and cell phones, and having to be told the news about what was going on in their lives instead of having learned it real time from text messages or IMs, but at least we had something to talk about during lunch and between classes, instead of having run out of discussions.  It got so that I was kind of dreading the weekend.  School, for all that it was a hassle, had become something of a lifeline to my friends, since I couldn’t talk to them outside of it.  On the bus ride home I tried to imagine the horrible “family events” we’d be forced to do over the weekend.

Krista sat a few seats ahead of me on the bus, occasionally looking in my direction but mostly talking with her friends.  That was another thing I was worried about.  I’d have a few hours alone in the house with her, and if she regretted what we had done it could get very awkward between us. 

I walked a little ahead of her to the door, but in silence.  At first I’d thought we’d likely continue this trend and just retreat to our separate rooms.  But the moment she closed the door behind her, she said, “Bobby, I think we should talk about what we did yesterday.”

I breathed out deeply, and then turned around, preparing for the worst.  “Okay.”

“You know how I was pretending you were just some guy, and you were pretending I was just some girl?”  I nodded dumbly.  “Well, I was thinking, maybe we could try that again, for other things.  It seems like a good arrangement.”

My cock sprang to attention.  “What do you mean?”

Krista stared, not at me, but towards the table where Mom usually throws the mail, like she was a little embarrassed.  “It could be a good way to practice things.  You know, like things we’re not sure we’re doing right, with girls or boys?  Like I’m sure there are things you’re not sure how to do with a girl, right?”

“Sure.  Lots, really.”  I gave a brief, nervous chuckle.  My heart had started to pound. 

“Well, if you want, we could help each other out.  It could be fun, and… it’s not like we have anything else to do till Mom gets home, right?”

“Right,” I said.  “So what did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know.  You go first.  What are you most nervous about with a girl?”

Practically everything.  “Kissing, I guess,” I said, automatically.  How do you know if you’re a good kisser?  Googling kissing techniques is unhelpful.  Then I realized just what I’d said, and to who I’d said it to.  “But I know that’s probably too weird…”

“No, we can do that,” she said quickly.  “Let’s go to your room?”

I led the way, trying to act casual, but I could feel my legs starting to shake, like they did whenever I was about to do something with a girl for the first time.  In my room, I tossed my schoolbag on the floor and sat on the bed, hands on my knees.  My sister sat beside me, one leg on the bed, turned towards me. 

“Just pretend I’m a girl you like,” she said.  “I’ll close my eyes and pretend you’re somebody else.”  She shut her eyelids, left her mouth open very slightly.

I could finally look at her straight on with her eyes closed.  She really was lovely, if she wasn’t my sister I could probably fall in love with her just based on her face.  She had one of those faces that had two different modes, both beautiful.  When it was relaxed, she looked like one of those distant, untouchable beauties, lost in thought.  But when she smiled, she seemed approachable, sweet, even playful, the girl next door, or, in my case, down the hall.  She wasn’t smiling now, so it was a strange sight, her looking like an unapproachable goddess, just sitting there, waiting for me to kiss her. 

I must have waited too long, for she opened one eye and said, “Are you going to do it, or what?”

“I will,” I said.  “Just… close your eyes again.”

Once she was back and waiting, I leaned forward slightly, wetting my dry lips with just one lick.  I kept my eyes open until just before contact, not wanting to risk missing entirely and landing one on her nose or something.  My puckered lips brushed against hers, pressed in, and then pulled off.

“Okay,” she said afterwards.  “Not bad, but you were a bit too stiff.  You should try to pucker a little less.  Relax.  It was like kissing….” she smiled a little at what she was saying.  “Well, like kissing my brother.  We’re supposed to pretend, right?”


“It’s okay.  Just… okay, let me show you, close your eyes.”  I did as she asked and waited.  Soon I felt her lips on mine, gently, and then sliding up a little, so that my upper lip was squeezed between her two lips.  She separated again.  “See?”


“Want to try again?”  We did, two more times, and then she said, “See, you’re getting better.  You could be a little more forceful, though.  Now, if it’s going pretty good, you can try pushing your tongue out and going for a French kiss.”

I swallowed, and then leaned in again, and her lips parted slightly.  I tentatively stuck my tongue into the gap, which caused her to open more, and I probed deeper until I met her own tongue.  It was like some kind of electric connection.  We kissed for maybe fifteen seconds before she pulled away. 

I think she was actually blushing a little.  “See, you’re not bad at it, really.  I think your main problem is confidence.   It’s okay to be a little aggressive… girls like guys who are a bit aggressive, you know?”  I had known that, but could never bring that out in myself.  “And, well, there’s one other thing.”


“Well, that’s okay for just kissing, but if you’re actually really, making out with a girl you should be using your hands more.”


“Where you want.  The girl will let you know if it’s too much, they’ll pull away.  We know what guys want, so most of us don’t hold it against them for trying even if we’re not ready yet.”  She leaned back, bit her lip, and then in one smooth motion, pulled her shirt over her head.  This time, she wore a bra underneath, a very soft pink, almost white.  To my relief, she reached behind her and undid the strap.  I’d seen guys having trouble with the bra in so many movies that I was scared of fumbling with it myself.  It was probably the exact type of thing I should have practiced with my sister given this opportunity, but I didn’t want to look like an idiot.

Once her bra slid off, I was looking at her tits again, much closer, staring really.  They were beautiful, perfectly shaped.  I wished she’d let me touch them.  Then I remembered what she’d just said.  I should be using my hands more. 

I slid a little closer to her and leaned in to try to kiss again, but this time I slid my hand up her belly and cupped her breast with one hand.  As I kissed, I squeezed it gently, feeling for the nipple.  We kissed more, several times without conversation in between, while I played with her boobs, usually one at a time.  I was a little nervous, but there was something comforting about her, so I wasn’t practically shaking like I was with Judy.  I guess it was because she was family, strange as it sounds.  I trusted her not to make my worst fears come true.  My heart still beat like I was in gym class and my stomach fluttered, but it was a good fluttering.

One time when she broke off, she tilted her head to the side and said, “You can kiss a girl’s neck, too…”  So I did, planting small kisses up and down.  It wasn’t as much fun as kissing her lips, my tongue meeting hers, but she seemed to like it all the same, letting out a soft “Mmm.”

Suddenly, her hand closed over mine.  I had my whole hand over her breast, palm on the nipple, applying gentle pressure, but she started pulling me down.  I was disappointed, thinking she was pulling me away, and then suddenly I realized she wasn’t pulling my hand away from her breasts as towards somewhere else…  She guided me to her shorts, but stopped at the waistband and kept moving repeatedly there until I’d slipped underneath.  I took the hint and slid deeper, down between her legs.  It felt warm there, warmer than the rest of her skin, and I could tell when I reached her slit, not just from the feel, but also because my fingers suddenly got wet. 

I kept up kissing on her neck, down towards the breasts, while my hand slid over the folds in her pussy until it found the hole itself.  It was just too tempting, and she all but told me that she might pull away if I went too far, but wouldn’t hold it against me.  I curled my fingers in a bit, and then, when she didn’t resist, plunged them inside, the first time I’d ever gotten that far with a girl.  Krista made a soft noise of surprise, but didn’t otherwise object.

I can’t describe what it felt like, because it wasn’t like anything else I’d felt on my fingers… warm and tight, like someone was squeezing my fingers from every direction.  I wiggled my fingers around, but it didn’t feel like there was much room to maneuver.  When I did, her thighs squeezed together a little too, trapping my hand.  It felt good, like it meant she wanted me there.  Even if she was thinking I was some hunk in her class, I could hold onto the fantasy.

We kept it up for something like a minute after that, not talking.  Finally, Krista spoke.  “Bobby?  Are you hard now?”

I had been for some time.  “Yeah.”

“So can I have my turn now?”

“Turn at what?”

“Practicing something on you?  Getting your opinion on it?”  I didn’t want to stop, but how could I refuse?  Besides, I had to know what it was that was on her mind.

Chapter Six:

“Sure,” I said.  She unclamped her legs and I reluctantly withdrew my fingers and slid a little away from her.  “What exactly did you have in mind?”

“A blowjob.”

“Oh, come on,” I said, unable to believe it.  “I know you know how to give a blowjob, you said so.”  Inside, a tiny voice was screaming at me, “You idiot!  If someone offers to practice giving you a blowjob, you say yes!  You don’t question, you just agree!”  But somehow that voice hadn’t stopped me.

Luckily, my sister didn’t take offense.  She spoke rapidly, looking down at her hands.  “It’s just… when I did it with Tommy I never made him cum.  I could suck on him for an hour and he wouldn’t squirt.  But if I pulled out and used my hand he went almost right away.  Blowjobs are supposed to be better than hand jobs, right?”

“From what I hear.”

“So I’m worried I was doing something wrong.”

“Maybe he’s just secretly gay.”

She laughed a little at that.  “No, Tommy was definitely not gay.”

“Well, I can’t think of any other reason.  I mean, you’re not biting or anything are you?”

“No, of course not!” she cried indignantly.  “So are you going to let me do this or not?”

“Of course.”  She looked at me, down at my pants, and it took me a second to realize that a blowjob would be much easier to accomplish if I had my dick out.  I unzipped my pants and pulled them down, then looked about awkwardly.  “How should we do this?  Lying down?  Sitting down?” 

“You can stay where you are,” she said, and got off the bed to kneel at my feet.  My dick was pointed towards her.  I could hardly believe it was happening. 

My sister looked up at me.  “Okay.  Be honest.   If I’m doing something wrong, don’t hold back 'cause you’re my brother, okay?”  I nodded.  I hoped she hadn’t noticed the way my dick stiffened and jerked when she said the words “you’re my brother.”

With one hand, she grabbed onto my shaft, then leaned in and started licking the head.  Certainly no complaints there, it felt amazing.  She moved her head around the side of it, putting a tiny bit of pressure on it with her lips, lightly nipping at it almost, though without teeth, before she returned to licking dead center.  I felt Krista’s tongue stop right beneath my head, stuck all the way out, and then she suddenly bobbed her head forward, mouth open, and took me inside. 

She sucked on the just the head for a little while, then went down as far as she could before she ran into her own hand, which was still squeezing the base of my dick.  It was thrilling, stimulating, perfect.  I had no standard of comparison save my hand, but I couldn’t see anything wrong with her technique.  I reflexively gripped the edge of my bed.   “Oh, wow.”

She pulled back to just the head and curled up her lip in the cutest smile, and then went down again.  Pretty soon she was pumping back and forth in a regular rhythm, and as I watched her head bob up and down, cheeks sunken in very slightly, I thought about how wrong what we were doing was.  But not with guilt or fear, the wrongness itself was turning me on.  I thought about all sorts of other wrong things to do, fucking her, cumming inside her, even getting her pregnant.

I almost spurted right then and there, but didn’t want my sister to think I didn’t have stamina, so I forced my mind to other things: schoolwork, baseball, what might be happening on my favorite TV shows, whether my sister might tell somebody, the shame and dirty looks and laughter behind my back if anybody did.  That last one was too far in the other direction.

“I knew it,” she said, pulling off.  “I knew I was doing something wrong.”


“You got soft.”

“No, it wasn’t you…”

“I told you I wanted you to be honest.”

“I was,” I insisted.  “It wasn’t you, you were doing great, it was just a thought that crossed my mind.”


I figured I’d be honest.  “What sort of shit might happen if you told anybody about this.”

“Relax.  Nobody’s going to find out, I promise.”  She waved my dick from side to side.  Still only semi-erect, it flopped a little.  “So think of something hot so I can finish?”

I did, I thought once again of fucking her, in my bed, in her bed, in the bathroom, in our parents bed, in every position imaginable.   I imagined cumming all over her and then inside her.  It was good enough, my cock stiffened with renewed vigor and jerked with the impossible hope that the fantasies might someday come true.

Krista went back to sucking on me, and, as though she doubted my word that she wasn’t doing something wrong, put even more effort on it, her tongue, inside of her mouth, slid around me.  A couple more minutes of that was all I could take.  My balls felt like they were coming to life, ready to go into production, and I was starting to feel that extra stiff sensation in my dick.  I figured I should warn her.  “Okay, I’m about to cum.”  I tried to reach for my tissues with one hand, but they were a little too far.  If she pulled off it might be a big mess.

Luckily, that didn’t happen.  She just made a “Mmhmmm” sound to show she heard, but kept right on sucking.  When I was just about to blow she retreated so that her mouth was on the head of my dick, and her cheeks collapsed again.  A wave of pleasure rushed through me, making most of my muscles tense in anticipation of feeling it, and then a jet squirted out of me and into her mouth.  I couldn’t see it, but I knew that’s what happened.

And my sister swallowed.  Six or seven jets went out of me and down her throat.  When I was down to a dribble, she pulled off and let me go.  “So, I guess it was good?”

“Yeah.”  I took a deep breath, then another.  “I think there’s only one explanation for why Tommy didn’t cum.”  She looked up at me, eyebrow cocked.  “He’s definitely a fag in denial.  No straight man wouldn’t cum from that.”

She giggled a little.  “Trust me, he’s not gay.”

“You said you never went all the way with him, right?” I said.  “That proves it.  Even if by some miracle he didn’t cum from that blowjob, it would only be because he wanted to fuck you.   Any straight guy would do everything possible to fuck you.”

She smiled, then teased, “You’re a straight guy, aren’t you, Bobby?  What exactly are you saying?”

My smile was uneasy, because the tease was too close to the truth.  “Well, any straight guy who’s not related to you.”  And even then….  No, it was best to get off the subject.  I was pushing my luck as it was.

“So what was it that got you hard, then, after we had to stop for a sec?  Since you weren’t thinking about me?”

I blushed a little, turned away.  “I don’t know, I guess I was just thinking of pussy.”  Then I decided to go a step farther, somehow I didn’t fear her judging me as much, “I guess it probably looked a lot like yours.  But only because it was the closest real one I’ve seen.”

“It’s not that mysterious, you know,” she said.  “It’s just a crack.  It’s not the kind of thing where a guy would…” she stopped suddenly, and laughed, before continuing, “lick it for an hour just to get a closer look.”

I blushed a little more, remembering I’d used similar words.  “Some guys would.  I would, but maybe not just for the look.”

“What for then?”

“To make the girl feel good.   That’s an important skill to have.  And it’s something else I need practice in.”

Chapter Seven:

Krista raised her eyebrows.  “So you want to practice that sometime?” Her voice seemed to raise in pitch a little, like she was surprised, or even hopeful.

“Sure.   We’ve still got time before Mom and Dad get home.”

“But, you’ve already cum…”

I was confused.  “So?”

“So, guys hate doing that.  The only reason a guy does that is so you’ll do something back.  But if they’ve cum, they won’t bother.”

“What?”  I shook my head.  “Is that what Tommy did to you?”

She shook her head.  “Just what I hear from friends.   Tommy’s never licked me down there.  Actually nobody has.  Guys just think it’s gross to do that.”

I shook my head in wonder.  “The evidence for Tommy being a closeted fag is only increasing.”  I didn’t really know if eating a girl out was gross or not, having never done the deed.  I’d heard people say it was, that it tasted like strong fish, but I’d also heard people say it wasn’t at all, that they even enjoyed it.  The one thing I did know was that girls were supposed to like it, really like it.  And if you’re like me, full of self-doubt about your own abilities in other areas, you don’t want to shy away from something that supposedly makes a girl cum better than anything else.   If I could somehow get good at it, it would be like a secret weapon.  Even if it really was gross, I imagined I could fake my way through it.  Fish wasn’t so bad.  “I’ve never done it either, but I’d like to.  Even now.”

Now she was blushing and looking all over the room except at me.  “Okay,” she said as she got to her feet.  “If you really need to practice it, I guess we can start now.”

She dropped her shorts quickly, then, more slowly, the pink panties beneath them.  I’d already seen it so I didn’t know why she felt she had to tease, waiting a few seconds before the final reveal, but maybe girls are just built that way.  It wasn’t long before they were gone, and she climbed on the bed.  She removed her socks and looked at me.  “So, on my back?”

I nodded, got out of the way so she could stretch out, and then went to the foot of the bed so I could rest myself there.  She lay back, looking at the ceiling, but her legs were spread slightly.  I lowered myself down between them, my face right in her crotch.

It was even more beautiful close up than it was when I’d seen it the other day.  It seemed to glisten a little, the light hitting her wetness just right.   I didn’t detect any smell except a little bit of sweat, but it didn’t smell bad, like B.O., either.  I took in a deep breath, and the scent, elusive, faint, seemed to escape from my lungs and go straight into my heart, causing it to flutter a bit and pump faster on this strange new fuel. 

I took an experimental lick, from the bottom of her hole to the top of the little nub, and Krista shuddered violently in surprise.  “Is that okay?” I asked, suddenly freaked.

Her voice seemed a little weak and wavering.  “Yes,” she said.  “I just wasn’t expecting it.”  She was quiet for a moment, and then added, “You can keep going, if you want.”

It didn’t taste bad.  It didn’t taste like much of anything, like licking bare skin, almost, but there was something in the not-taste of it that was arousing all the same, so I took another lick.  I spread her lips aside with my fingers and licked the edges, and then, trying to imitate what I’d seen on videos of the Internet, flicked my tongue from side to side rapidly. 

Krista’s mound rose and fell in undulating waves, she must have been flexing and releasing her butt to pull that off, but since it looked like she was trying to meet me, I had to assume she was enjoying it, and kept up my work.  I tongued around the clit and then went down to the hole, which seemed to have a faint metallic tang to it, but nothing too unpleasant.  It had been a while since I’d last seen a porn movie, but I remembered guys, or girls, usually used their fingers too, so I stuck a couple in her hole while I licked closer to the top of the slit.  

A few minutes in, my tongue started to get tired, but Krista, who had been whimpering softly in pleasure, was bucking more and more against me.   I wasn’t about to give up… if I sprained my tongue, so be it, at least I’d have done so in a good cause.  I realized I could give my tongue a little bit of a break by focusing more on my fingers and using my lips to kiss her softly and even provide a little bit of suction.  She yelped out a little when I tried to suck on her clit, and I looked up at her.  “Was that bad?”

She spoke through deep breaths.  “No, it was good, but… too much.  It’s too sensitive there.”

I took the advice, figuring it might be like the head of my penis.  It felt great, but too much pressure right on it was just too much… but then, at the right time, it was made it so much better.  So, I waited, keeping it in reserve, licking her in other places and keeping up a steady motion on the inside with my fingers. 

Soon, she began to speak, urging me, “Keep going.”  As though I was planning to stop.  “Keep going.  That’s it… mmm.”

She seemed to be clenching more and more, both her ass, so she grinded up into me, but also inside, on my fingers.  I figured she was close, so I returned to her clit, and kissed on it, letting just the top of my tongue through to tease it.

“Oh god…” Krista cried out, and rose once more into me, practically shoving her cunt into my face as she let out a wordless cry.  Then she dropped, and was still, and she let out a deep, content breath.

“So, how was it?” I asked. 

“That was great,” she said finally.  “I never thought it would feel like that.  I don’t think you need….”  She trailed off.  “I mean, it was awful, Bobby.  Just horrible.  I think you need a lot more practice on it.”  She sighed.  “I guess I can help you out with that though, since there’s nothing else to do in this house without all our electronics.”

I grinned, not taking her seriously.  “Okay.  Thanks, Krista.  I really want to get it right, as long as it takes.”

We didn’t want to risk anything else, because our parents would be home soon, and I guess we were feeling a little awkward around each other again, being naked around each other even after we’d both cum, because she dressed and went to her room and I stayed in mine.  After a good half hour of lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling and savoring the memory of what had just happened, I started looking for something else to do.  Eventually, I chose homework.  On a Friday.  I was that bored.   If only Mom knew that taking away everything fun left us nothing to do but homework and incestual oral sex with each other, she never would have started us on this challenge.

Chapter Eight:

The next morning, I woke up to a knock at the door.  “What?”

It was Dad.  “Your Mom made breakfast; it’ll be ready in a couple minutes.”

I groaned, looked at the time, and groaned even louder.  It was eight in the morning.   Mom’s crazy plan was bad enough, but we couldn’t even sleep in on weekends? 

“Now, now,” I heard my Dad say through the door.  “It’s not like you stayed up very late last night, you got plenty of sleep.”

It was true.    I usually stayed up until at least one or two on Friday nights, but not last night.  There’s just not much point to being up past dark when the only thing you’re allowed to do is read.  “There’s a principle at stake here,” I yelled.  “Teenagers are supposed to be able to sleep in on weekends.”

“Just be thankful I talked her out of waking you up to help.  Be down in five minutes or she’ll probably break down the door.”

I grumbled and got to my feet to dress.  Five minutes later, I was eating an omelet.  My sister speared a breakfast sausage with a fork and stuck it in her mouth, catching my eye.  I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.  Neither of my parents seemed to have noticed, absorbed in their own meals.

After she swallowed her bite, Krista asked, “So, what’s the big family togetherness plan for today?”

“Please God don’t let it be another board game,” I muttered, loudly enough to be overheard by everybody.  Friday night we’d spent playing Pictionary.  Sure it was fun but I was starting to get sick of board games.  Actually, I was way past sick of board games.

“There’s nothing wrong with board games,” Mom said.  “They’re a good, healthy activity for building family bonds.”

“If you want us to do something together, we could all play the same video game,” I suggested once again.  “There are plenty of games that we can all play as a family. “   I knew it was hopeless, but I wanted to keep making the point that I was not enjoying these stupid restrictions.

“Staring at the same screen is not family togetherness, Bobby.” Mom said.  “You may scoff at it, but I happen to think this challenge has already brought us all closer together.”

“I agree Mom,” Krista piped up.  “So, does that mean we can stop?  Mission accomplished?”

“Nice try.”  She put her fork down and folded her hands in her lap.  “I was thinking, since it’s such a nice day, we could go to the park and have a picnic.  Throw the Frisbee around, fly a kite, maybe even play volleyball.  2 on 2, what do you say?”

“Yay,” I said unenthusiastically.  “Sounds like fun.”

Dad buttered a slice of toast and said, “If we’re going to do this, we should buy groceries, so we can make lunch.  The pantry’s getting pretty bare.  Unless you want to just buy hot dogs at the park.”

“No,” Mom insisted.  “No fast food is one of the rules of the challenge.  So we’ll go to the grocery store after breakfast.  We can all go together.”

I sighed.  “Do we have to?”

“We’re supposed to spend time as a family…  Family togetherness might not mean a lot to you right now, but when you’re older you’re going to thank me for forcing us together.”

Dad spoke up on our behalf.  “Dear, there’s no reason to drag them along if we’re spending the whole day together afterwards.  I’m sure they’ve still got homework to do anyway.”

Mom seemed mollified.  “Oh, all right.” 

After breakfast I tried unsuccessfully to suggest things like chips, cookies, energy bars, and the like to add to the shopping list, while Krista went off to take a shower.  I took one after her, and then hung around the living room reading a book assigned for school.

Mom and Dad passed by on their way to the door.  “Okay, while we’re gone, I’ve got a job for you both,” Mom said.  I rolled my eyes.  “Try to think of one fun thing to do today.  I don’t want you moping around, rolling your eyes – like that — at everything at the park.  Try to think of something that’ll put a smile on your face.”  I rolled my eyes at that again, and went back to the book.  Mom sighed, and left.
Krista sat down on the chair nearest the window, gazing out.  “Okay, they’ve pulled out of the driveway,” she said.  “They’re gone.”


She grinned.  “How long does it take to do the grocery shopping?”

Saturday was the craziest shopping time, and Mom and Dad usually took a long time with it.  My Dad liked to find the best deals for everything.  My Mom usually tried to buy the healthiest things with the fewest preservatives.  “I don’t know, about an hour.”

“Right,” she said.  She took my hand.  “That means you can get an hour of practice in at eating girls out.  Unless you’d prefer to just sit here and read.”  She tilted her head to the side and grinned impishly.  “Mom said to think of something to put smiles on our faces.”

I allowed her to pull me away towards her room.  Once there, she took off her clothes and lay on the bed, beckoning me over.   I lowered myself between her spread legs and buried my tongue in her slit.  Freshly showered, she didn’t smell quite as sweaty, and there was an underlying hint of coconut, probably from her body-wash.  It wasn’t bad the first time, but this time it was practically a pleasure. 

I was just getting into it when she spoke.  “Hey, Bobby, I was thinking, this idea of practicing with each other?  It’s… mmm… it’s working out pretty good, right?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Too bad we didn’t think of it years ago.”  I wiggled my tongue in the space between her clit and her pussy wall. 

“Oh, God, yeah.”  She took a breath.  “So, do you think sometime you might want to take it the rest of the way?” 

I stopped a moment, looked at her.  “What do you mean?”  I thought I knew, but it was too unbelievable.

“You’re a virgin.  I’m a virgin.  So we can practice sex on each other.  That way when we do decide to lose our virginities, we’ll already know exactly how to do it well.”

“Uh, how exactly do we practice sex without losing our virginities?”

“It doesn’t count when it’s with family.  That wouldn’t make sense, would it?  That would be like saying you’re not a virgin because you fucked your hand or I’m not because I used a vibrator.”

I didn’t quite agree with her logic.  I didn’t think anybody in their right mind would.  Krista’s claim to being the normal one in the family was slipping.   But my dick told me not to argue the point, and this time I listened to what it was telling me.  “So you think we should… fuck?”

“Maybe, sometime.  Until we get good enough at it to do it with others.   I don’t mean right now… it’s just… I don’t know, an idea.  If you were interested.”  She put a hand on my head, pushing me gently towards her snatch.  “Just think about it.  But in the meantime…”

I took the hint, and resumed my licking while I thought about what she said.  It didn’t take much.  I wanted to do it.  I wanted to fuck my sister.  I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do, but what we’d already done wasn’t either, and it would certainly help to get through the Unplugged Challenge.  I shoved two fingers into her, imagining it was my dick, thrusting in and out.  A few minutes, and an uncounted number of kisses on her pussy later, I spoke.  “I’ve thought about it,” I said.  “I think you’re right.  As long as we’re just pretending we’re with different people, and you’re on birth control, I don’t see anything wrong with it.” My biggest problem was that I was almost certain I wouldn’t be pretending I was with anybody else.  I hadn’t been with anything else we’d done. 

She grunted.  “Okay, then do it.”

I looked up at her, gaping, unsure I heard her right.  “Right now?”

“Yes.  I changed my mind.  Why wait?” 

Chapter Nine:

I stood up rapidly, wanting to get undressed before she changed her mind again, and she pulled herself into a lounging position instead of lying on her back.  I flung my shirt aside and it landed briefly on her dresser before sliding to the floor.  My pants and boxers I just dropped directly on her carpet, then half-walked, half-hopped to the edge of the bed. 

Krista scooted her butt on the covers to meet me, legs bent and out of the way.  I guided my cock to her pussy and she used her hands to spread it open.  I didn’t think much about what I was about to do, other than the sheer want of it.  I’d been a virgin 17 years… too long.  No longer. 

The head of my cock touched the edge of her hole, and she shivered while my dick twitched and let out a little precum.  I didn’t want to wait any more, so I pushed in, slowly but without stopping.  Before long, I was all the way inside her.  I looked down at the union between us, and then at my sister’s face, suddenly worried that I might be hurting her, or worse, that she’d changed her mind at the last minute.  She stared back at me and smiled, dispelling my fears, and moved her hips back and forth as though to give me a hint about what to do next.

I took that hint and pumped in and out, at first just a slow sawing motion nearly all the way out and then back in, but very soon I’d moved up to quick thrusts as I supported my weight with my hands on her bed just beside her shoulders.  It certainly beat my hand, was superior even to her mouth, but that might have just been that I knew I was not only fucking but fucking my own sister.  The little grimaces she made as I slammed into her were beautiful, at least once I got over the fear that they were from pain.  If it was from pain she wouldn’t be rocking back against me, she wouldn’t be telling me “more” in a breathless voice.    

We changed positions, once, after I slipped out of her with an over-enthusiastic pullback.  After an initial off-centered stab to get back in, Krista drew her legs back and pulled back on the bed.  “What?” I asked, the old fears returning.  “Something wrong?”

“No, I wanna try another way.  Sit down.”

I fell to the bed beside her, and we shifted together as she crawled over me to straddle near my waist.  With one hand she reached behind herself and grabbed my dick, centered it, then fell back, sinking all the way down.  Once we were fully coupled again, she started to move, even more energetically than I had.  My hands settled on her thighs at first, but then after a while I rose up and squeezed her tits for a while.  That wasn’t enough for long and I took one of her stiff nipples in my mouth and began sucking on it as she moaned.

As much fun as it was, I decided I couldn’t let her do all the work so I pistoned my hips up and down.  If she wanted to ride me, I wanted it to be a ride to remember.  I even rubbed the top of her pussy a little with my thumb for a bit more stimulation.  I heard a noise, but disregarded it, figuring that the force of our movements had bumped the bed against her night table and knocked something over.  It wasn’t important. 
What we were doing was almost all-consuming.  It was a wonder I hadn’t cum… I guess it was my subconscious at work, I was so concerned that I leave a good impression that I wasn’t relaxed enough to actually climax.  That wouldn’t protect me for long, though.   Mostly, while we were in this position, Krista had kept her head pointing upwards, looking at the ceiling instead of at me directly.  That changed suddenly.  For no reason I could figure out, she slowed the pace of her bouncing and looked me in the eyes, drew closer.  Our mouths touched, a gap formed, and our tongues met in the middle, played together, while we rocked together.

The kiss broke, resumed, broke again, resumed again, and then the next time she broke it Krista began riding up and down again like a woman possessed. She closed her eyes, and was whispering softly.  “Yeah, fuck me, show me you love me too.”  I guessed she was deep into fantasy mode, now, pretending I was some guy she fancied.  I didn’t answer in words, not wanting to break the spell, but struggled to keep up the motion.   The bed began to creak beneath us, like it was unable to withstand the force.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me, give me all you’ve got, Bobby.”

It took a little while to sink in that she’d used my name.  Did that mean the guy she was imagining was me?  Or did she just slip out of the fantasy a moment?  I didn’t know, but I preferred the first idea.  So, when she next spoke, I decided to answer.

She asked, “Do you like fucking me Bobby?”

“Yeah, I love fucking you, Krista.  I love you.”  My face curled in an involuntary wince, worried it would make her freak out, but it didn’t, she kept moving and buried her face in my neck.  She kissed me up and down.  It was intoxicating, freeing.  I began to lose myself, my inhibitions, my fears about my performance, everything, determined only to give her all I had. 

“Mmm... me too.  You going to cum?”

“Pretty soon.”

“Go on, cum inside me.”  I almost did, then, but I had a little more fight in me so I gave it all I had, putting all my energy into the finish as Krista made sharp cries of pleasure.  She was close, and if there was one thing I wanted more than to empty my load inside of her, it was to make her cum first.  Our combined movements rattled the bed and every so often another creak would ring out.

That was where everything turned on its head.  Wouldn’t you know it, the one time I’m not neurotically paranoid about the littlest things, obsessing about all the possible ways things could go wrong, is the time it bites me in the ass.  If I hadn’t been so wrapped up in the passion of the moment, I might have considered that Mom might not spend as much time shopping if she was only buying fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, instead of pre-made meals, that she might have gone to a nearby vegetable store with a butcher right beside it instead of driving all the way to the grocery store.  If it didn’t feel so damn good to have my sister bouncing up and down on my dick, I might not have dismissed that noise as ‘probably nothing’, I might not have been on the verge of cumming and unable to stop when I finally realized that some of the creaks weren’t from the bed, but were from the stairs.

“Oh my god,” my Mom’s voice rang out a second after the door swung open, but it was too late.  I had just squirted a load in my sister’s pussy as she cried out.  Both of us stared, in shock, at the door.  It was impossible to hide what we’d been doing.  We were all frozen that way, the three of us, while my Dad started up the stairs, drawn by my mother’s shout.

As he looked at the situation, his eyes widened, and he even drew back, reeling a little.  Not much, just a fraction of an inch.  It was still probably the most surprised I’d ever seen him.  He was frozen too, unsure what to say.  Finally, as my cum started to leak out of my sister’s pussy, he had his answer ready.  “Well, Lorraine, you said you wanted the kids to be closer.  Well done.  Mission accomplished.”



The preceeding story was fantasy and I do not recommend or endorse any of the acts described within. Quite the opposite, really.

This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.

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