This is the third story I've written in tribute to and in the style of one of my favorite erotic authors, Phil Phantom. His writing isn't to everybody's tastes, it can be outrageous and unrealistic even by the standards of porn, but I find it a lot of fun to delve into his themes and tropes. I always enjoy hearing from Phans about how they think I did.

Tiger By The Tail by AnonyMPC (M+m+g, fg, gg, Fg, inc, slight nc, pedo, more)

Because she was practically blind without her glasses, Zoey couldn’t see the effect her new, improvised, mascot costume was having on the crowd, and because of the loud, pounding, music, she couldn’t entirely hear it, either. She just had to assume she was raising everybody’s spirits. She was, but spirits weren’t the only things that were rising that night. Eyebrows, interest, erections, and spirit all got a lift at that middle school basketball game.

Eyebrows raised first, when, in the game’s last quarter with the home team down by two points, the previously absent mascot finally showed up. But instead of Terry the Tiger, the oversized cat-shaped costume dancing out to raise everybody’s spirits, instead came out a thin little twelve-year-old redhead, dressed up like some furry-fan’s fetish dream. She was in costume, in many ways, just not the official one. Her face was painted school colors, orange and black, in a Tiger style. She also wore a headband with cute little orange cat ears, poking up at the top of her head. Her last always-visible Tiger-themed accessory was a belt over her skirt with a hole in it, through which poked a short stuffed tail. It wasn’t a professionally designed Tiger costume, but it was a Tiger costume, and if that was all there was to It, people might have applauded her ingenuity.

But the rest of her costume was practically scandalous by middle school standards, and halfway through the performance, the practically disappeared entirely. Zoey wore a tight orange shirt, with “Terri” (with an “i”, not a “y”) written over her chest in black electrical tape. That shirt was tied up in front, showing off her belly to just below the budding spots that might one day be boobs. Below the navel, she wore a black skirt, short, ending just under the ass, and with any exaggerated movements, it would flip up and show the tiger-striped panties hiding underneath. At least it showed them while she still wore those.

It was risqué as a costume, but Zoey didn’t have much time, and didn’t feel she had much choice, she had found the original Terry costume ruined just before the game, smelling of urine. Luckily Zoey didn’t live far from school, so she could run home and improvise a new costume, painting her face in the mirror and borrowing some clothes from her older sister and adding some pieces of an old Halloween costume. She almost didn’t make it before the game was over. What a sight she was, biking towards the school like that, pedaling as fast as her little legs could pump, her tiger panties flashing in the breeze to anybody behind her, but it was nothing compared to the sight she was in the gymnasium, when those panties began to slip down her legs.

The panties were her sister’s, and a little too big, but she liked the tiger stripes and didn’t think about how they seemed to slip downward with any vigorous movement. She did her best to pull them up during the first part of her performance, going so far as to give the audience a three-second panty-covered ass shot and the opposing team a pulled-up pussy wedgie, a tiger-striped camel toe. That got some attention, particularly when the star Forward lost control of the ball as he stared and control was passed to the Tigers.

But it wasn’t until the panties had next slipped below the skirt that virtually all the attention was again put on Zoey. She decided they were only getting in the way, and, making the mistake of a child with poor eyesight, assumed that nobody else would be able to see anything from a distance, and, as someone who had never had a boyfriend, assumed that even if they could, everybody would be looking at her tail, instead of what was under her skirt.

The loss of the panties marked the end of most people’s attention on the game, and the beginning of a stunned fascination with the little girl who would occasionally expose her bare ass or hairless pussy to a crowd full of parents and students, and a few guys who were just admirers of the cheerleaders, unacknowledged but present at every school game.

If it wasn’t for those guys, Zoey might have suspected something was wrong long ago, but their loud cheers with every flash convinced her that the game was still going on as usual, when virtually everybody was watching her, staring in stunned or horrified fascination. Even the players had at least half their attention on the floor show. They distractedly continued to dribble and pass the ball, though the passes were as often as not across team lines and almost nobody was very interested in scoring a basket.

Those men without kids at the school had their spirit raised more than the cheerleaders had ever raised them, as did many of those who were fathers, brothers, or uncles of students. Most of their spirit, it seemed, was in-between their legs.

The women took a little longer to notice the panties going missing, and when they did they watched in a mixture of shock, quiet rage, and suppressed arousal. Not every woman had every one of those emotions, but most had at least two.

The cheerleaders also had a generous share of jealousy in the mix, too, because they knew that they were the real draw for many of the men, and since Zoey had started her dance, the guys had barely looked at them. Pervs they might be, but couldn’t they at least be loyal pervs?

With a minute left to play, the game had all but stopped when Zoey blindly tripped over a gym bag on the sidelines and fell forward, catching herself on her hands, bare ass-cheeks in the air as her skirt had caught on her tail. About half the crowd cheered. Somebody blew a whistle. As she got up, she realized she had lost her tiger ears somewhere on the floor and began feeling her way around, compounding the error and providing an extended rear view, asshole to slit, to both audience and players as she groped around searching and squinting.

The opposing team, the Eagles, had been taught helpfulness and good sportsmanship, and so several of them abandoned the game entirely and jogged off the court to help pick up her ears. That whoever was lucky enough to get the ears would have to bend to the ground right behind Zoey was certainly coincidental.

While the Eagles had been taught sportsmanship by their Coach, the Tigers had been taught to take any chance to win. Only one member of the home team, Jose Vasquez, remembered that lesson, and likely only remembered it because he was a closeted gay and immune to the charms of a pantyless catgirl in a short skirt, but one homosexual was all it took to sweep up the ball and launch it into the basket for a three pointer just before the buzzer sounded.

The Tigers had won against their traditional archrivals, and many in the audience had won as well, won a memory they could savor all night while they fucked their wives, or others, or stroked their cocks alone, with the image of a little twelve-year-old redhead, with sticklike arms and legs but a lot of enthusiasm, in their minds.

Zoey received her ears from a good-looking member of the Eagles, the star Forward who moved the fastest, and who wasn’t even aware he’d lost until the Tigers en masse crowded around Zoey and lifted her in the air. They knew how important a mascot was to victory, particularly in this case.

Zoey squinted around. “Did we win?” With the way she was being carried, it was either that, or a gang rape. The cheering suggested the win, the moving fingers in her cunt and between the globes of her ass by the people supporting her suggested the gang rape. For a while she was sure it would be the latter, until she finally heard the voices were saying, “We won, we won!” She was glad to win, but was disappointed, she was looking forward to a friendly gang rape by her new friends. Maybe it would turn out to be both.

“Great!” she said, beaming. “Can somebody get me my glasses? I left them with the music guy!” She thought about asking whoever belonged to those intruding fingers to withdraw, but decided not to, it felt good, and had done a good job at making her wet and slippery, and were well on their way to changing that to gooey and trembling. As they carried her towards the locker room, somebody passed Zoey her glasses, and she put them on just in time to see the cheerleaders staring daggers at her as the throng passed.

She smiled smugly at Brittney, the head cheerleader and first class bitch. Well, it was their own damn fault. Her being the mascot was all due to them. She supposed she should thank them, in a way, because she’d finally gotten what she’d yearned for these many weeks, some recognition.

Zoey had gone through life as that quiet redheaded girl with glasses nobody thought much about, and was sick and tired of it. Her friendships were short and fleeting, usually from bonding with the “new kid” before they found their own place and abandoned her. Over the school break, one in which it seemed like even her family were avoiding spending time with her, she realized it was her own fault, the reason she nobody knew her was that she was a girl without a niche. She had always told herself she was too dumb for the nerds, too nerdy-looking for the beautiful kids, not enough talent at singing or acting to be a theatre kid, too inexperienced to be one of the sluts. She told herself these things but had never even tried to join so much as a single club or social group. Upon that realization, that she needed a niche, she decided to go about getting into one any way she could and just go for broke, try everything, until something stuck, and she found friends. She told herself it was friends she wanted, although mostly it was a boyfriend, after discovering how good rubbing her clit could feel it inspired thoughts of how good it would be to have somebody else to rub it, and that somebody should have a cock. Cocks had begun to fascinate her and invade her dreams, even though she’d never seen a real one, a real hard one at least, just ones on the internet and her father’s stash of dirty movies.

Her first thought was to be a cheerleader and follow in the footsteps of her older sister, Chloe, who was a Tiger Cheerleader in middle school and was now a Trojan Cheerleader in high school, and very popular. Most people, if they knew her at all, knew Zoey as “Chloe’s Sister”, and so that seemed like as good a place to start as any. Cheerleaders were always popular, and most of them had boyfriends. That Zoey wore glasses and was uncoordinated never dissuaded her from going out, she had to follow her plan and at least try, so, when auditions were held, she went for it. She was realistic, she expected to be rejected, but trying was what was important, and even that might get her noticed by somebody, maybe a boy with a cock.

What she hadn’t expected was for the girls to be so mean about it, cruelly insulting Zoey’s skills, body, face, and even her voice. Maybe she deserved the comments on her skills, but although her body was tiny and undeveloped, only a few of the cheerleaders had decent boobs at twelve, and her voice wasn’t much more high-pitched than anybody else’s, with a cute little squeak to it. Zoey definitely wasn’t ugly. She was cute, so cute that you might think the phrase cute as a button was made for her, especially her little button nose, but cheerleaders, even middle school cheerleaders, are built on sexy, not cute. A cheerleader can get by on cute if she’s really skilled, and get by on sexy even if she doesn’t have any moves, but just a cute cheerleader without the moves hasn’t a chance of getting in unless she does something special to prove her worth.

Worst was that those cruel insults only came in the final judgment, after they had been nice and encouraging before, and had gotten her hopes up, and Zoey had already done the deed that was supposed to prove her worth. Head Cheerleader Brittany Hardy personally assured her she would have a lock on one of the positions if she just showed she had team spirit and was willing to do a favor, lick a little team pussy, everybody did it. It didn’t sound so bad, not nearly as bad as what Zoey heard her sister had to do as initiation into high school cheerleading. Chloe still couldn’t look at a big dog without blushing. Licking a little pussy didn’t seem like much by comparison. So in order to realize her dream, Zoey agreed, and soon found herself in the Girls Locker Room, on her knees working her tongue up Brittany’s slit and around her clit, getting fine blonde hairs stuck on her tongue, while the other girls watched, and one taped it on her cell phone. That it never made it out was a miracle that Zoey attributed to God, because only He could make a Cindi, cheerleader so dumb that she forgot to hit save after recording video of the Head Cheerleader being eaten out by a cute, tiny, and very eager candidate. She wanted to be known, but she didn’t think she wanted to be known for that.

The next day, thankfully with no video evidence to make the humiliation worse, the squad revealed their verdict, that she never would have made it, her freckles were a dealbreaker right from the start, and even beyond that, she was too short, too high-pitched, too fat, too flat, too annoying, too uncoordinated, and, because of what she’d done on her knees, too slutty to be a cheerleader. “Maybe you could try out for mascot,” Brittany said snottily.

They meant that as a parting insult, but Zoey took it to heart, and begged the basketball coach to let her be the mascot. Terry the Tiger was traditionally played by a boy, but since it was a bulky costume and you couldn’t tell who was underneath, Coach Cunningham agreed to give her a shot, especially since nobody else had come forward with a desire to take up the job.

The first game, Zoey showed up at the door to the Girls Locker Room, arms full with her new costume. She had to kick at the door until somebody answered. It was Cindi. “What do you want?”

“I need to change.”

“The mascot changes in the Boys Locker Room,” she said.

“But I’m a girl!”

“Barely. But those are the rules. We don’t have the room for you and we don’t want you.” Cindi closed the door, and behind it she could hear laughing.

Zoey screwed up her courage and knocked on the Boys door, where she got a much more polite reception. Kevin Caroll appeared at the door, a nice boy, one of the few who said hello to her regularly, but he was too shy to come talk to her beyond that so she assumed he wasn’t interested. He stammered at her request to come in, but somebody from inside shouted to let her through, and Kevin stood aside.

Several of the boys were naked and most of the rest were clothed only in shorts or underwear. That made Zoey blush, seeing her first cock so suddenly and without any time to prepare. At least she didn’t feel alone, some of the meeker guys were embarrassed too, including Kevin, but Roger, the Team Captain, didn’t seem to be shy at all. “Nobody should be ashamed, we’re all on the same team. You can even do the team handshake.”

She didn’t know what the team handshake was, so he let her put her costume down and then guided her hand to his erect twelve-year old cock, which stood out proudly at 7 inches. Roger closed her hand around his shaft and then helped her give the handshake. It was a very exciting handshake, his dick was warm and felt almost like it was vibrating under her delicate fingers. It didn’t last long before somebody else demanded his turn.

Everyone on the team got Zoey to give them the previously unheard of team handshake, even Jose who would have preferred to get it from one of the other guys but was hard and ready to go just from seeing the other guys boners. Roger was about to demand a second round of longer handshakes when the Coach came in to see what the delay was. Everybody stopped, unsure about how he would react to them getting their dicks stroked, and tried their best to look as though one girl in a roomful of guys with boners was normal.

Coach Cunningham smiled knowingly at the scene, and probably would have let it continue in the spirit of team bonding, but they had a game to play, so rushed everybody to get dressed and out and that gave Zoey the time to dress up in her costume.

The big foam Terry costume could be worn over her normal clothes but when she had tried it on at home she discovered it was very hot and stuffy inside, so she stripped to her underwear while most of the team watched, her blush gone. Roger was right, the team handshake idea really did make her feel more comfortable around the guys, though she couldn’t get the image of their dicks out of her mind all through her mascot routine. She thought of them rubbing against her, poking her between the legs, holding one with each hand until they shot out that white gooey stuff like in the movies. She didn’t put on much of a performance, too distracted by those thoughts.

They lost that game, and everybody was a little down. The cheerleaders hadn’t done much spirit raising once it became obvious they were going to lose, but Zoey cheered everybody up in the shower, just by being there. Coach was there with a watchful eye, arms folded over his chest, so the boys didn’t do anything but give her playful swats on the butt now and then, but she got to see their dicks again and their eyes mostly on her. They looked at her butt, her chest, even though it didn’t look that much different than their own, just a little bumpier, and they especially liked looking at the space between her legs.

Those looks made her all warm inside. She liked being the center of attention… who wouldn’t? They were noticing her. No wonder everybody wanted to be a cheerleader, they felt like that all the time.

After the shower, Coach sent the boys out and asked to talk to Zoey alone. “Why did you come in here to change?”

“The girls told me that’s where the mascots always change.”

“That’s true. But only because the mascots were always boys. I’ll have a talk with the cheerleaders.”

“I don’t mind Coach Cunningham, really. The boys are all so nice, I’d rather change in here if it’s all the same to you.”

He mulled it over. “We could all get in a lot of trouble if your parents found out I let you do that.”

“I won’t tell, I swear,” she said. She hadn’t even told her parents she’d become the new mascot. As far as they knew, she was in the Math Club. Zoey was afraid they would be disappointed in her, a mascot, after her sister was a cheerleader. They already loved Chloe best, spent a lot of time with her, taking her to her different activities and leaving Zoey alone with just a microwave dinner. Of course, if they only knew what her sister got up to, Zoey was sure they wouldn’t think so highly of her, but she was too nice a girl to tell, and she really did love her sister, her only true friend, and didn’t want to see Chloe get in trouble just because she was jealous. “I can keep a secret. I didn’t tell anybody that my sister had to fuck a…” Zoey caught herself just in time. “Never mind.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it, but first I need to know what the boys were doing with you before I came in.” He held up a hand to hold off her objection. “That’s not betraying a secret, I’m the Coach, and I need to know anything that might affect the team. I won’t tell anybody else.”

“They had me give them a team handshake. On their things.”

“Their cocks you mean?” Zoey nodded, and blushed. “Okay, that’s not as bad as I hoped. That must mean they really accept you.” She brightened. “You know, the Coach is a member of the team too. Can you show me exactly how you did it?” He whipped out his dick, a much larger cock than any of the guys on the team had, but then Coach Cunningham was an adult not a twelve-year-old. This one was a monster, it must have been at least eleven inches, with huge balls. Zoey didn’t want to disappoint him so she gave it a handshake too, which turned into a two handed handshake, one that lasted for several minutes, until he suggested that some team handshakes included a kiss, too, and with her lips on the head of it he groaned and all of a sudden that milky white goo shot out and onto her face. She knew it was called cum, which she’d learned about but never seen in person before, and certainly never touched, smelled, or tasted before. She did all three right then, because some of it landed between her lips. It was slimy but had a strange musky flavor that Zoey kind of liked. She licked the rest off her lips.

“That’s the proper kind of special handshake,” he said, and patted her on the head. “I’ve made my decision; you can change here any time you want.” He bopped her on the mouth with his dick, now softened to about half its size but still impressive. It was only a soft bop, not a full on cockslap and so it elicited a giggle. “Now go on, you probably need to be getting home. I’ll show you some more ways we can bring you closer to the team next time.”

The suggestion excited Zoey, after what she’d already done she had no doubt they’d want to go even farther in the same direction. She was cute but not dumb, she knew what farther might lead to, and it was a small price to pay for being accepted and having friends. At first she was a little afraid, but rubbing her pussy in her bed over the next few nights thinking about it, she found the fear disappear, replaced by a hopeful anxiety. Her sister lost her cherry at thirteen, maybe she’d finally beat her at something.

The guys on the team were all nice to her the rest of the week, too. Zoey was all but invisible in the school before she became the mascot, but after, she was on the fringes of popularity. Guys who would before pass her without noticing her would stop to talk in the stairwells and, if nobody else was around, stick a hand up her shirt and play with her nipples until they heard somebody coming. They must have talked about it because once Roger did it that first day all the guys were doing it. She looked forward to the next game, but it was on that day the cheerleaders struck, resentful of anyone they’d already rejected somehow attaining popularity anyway, despite them.

Because she didn’t want her parents to know about her being the mascot, Zoey almost never took the Terry the Tiger outfit home, she just left it in the school utility room. She checked on it at lunch, and then when the game was just about to start, Zoey ran to the utility room to grab it and take it to go change… only to find it damp, with a very suspicious smell. More than one cheerleader must have peed on the outfit, though she could only wonder if it was just a few girls or the whole squad.

She cried there for a few minutes, knowing she was missing changing time, and she was going to miss the game. Then, finally, she wiped her eyes and resolved to do what people always said you should do when life had dealt you a bad hand… do her best with the cards she had. She rushed home and, in a frenzy of creativity, replaced Terry the Tiger with Terri the Tiger, a scandalous but far more comfortable costume, and arrived just in time to help her team win the game.

The celebration in the locker room afterwards got a little out of hand, but it was cut short when Coach Cunningham walked in to see Zoey with Mike Clover’s cock halfway down her throat, and Roger with his cock pressed up against her pussy. She hadn’t even bothered to get undressed or wash her makeup off, and Roger held her skirt in the air along with the tail while the girl was sucking down on three inches and was working her way down. Zoey saw Coach enter, tried in vain to say hello through now four inches of orange-streaked dick, then kept sucking and wiggled her tail in the air, hoping he’d want to try her out herself. Mike’s dick was nice but it wasn’t as big as the Coach’s. If she was going to be gang-raped, Zoey thought she might as well do it right, though it would hardly be rape as she was ready, and willing to do anything, it was only the able she had doubts about, but somebody’s hand was massaging her clit and making her prepared to try.

“That’s enough of that,” the Coach said. “Get off of her.”

Mike complied and pulled his dick out and the others turned away, reluctantly, but Roger pressed his dick between the lips of her hole, not enough to go inside, but enough to make a virgin blush, safely concealed under her catface makeup. “But Coach,” he said, “We won! Can’t we celebrate?”

“You won, but it wasn’t a victory to be proud of. The only one here who should be getting any action is Jose, and I don’t think Zoey’s his type.” A nervous laughter rang through the room. “Now, you win the next game, and Terri the Tiger here can suck off every guy on the team who wants it, and I’ll turn a blind eye… fuck, I might even line up and get a shot myself, but you’ve had enough of a reward for now. Besides, I need to talk to our mascot.”

She got off her hands and knees and stood up, lowering her dress back over her pussy and straightening the belt that held her tail, and then smiled at herself. It seemed funny to be straightening up when the coach was probably going to have her take it off again. “Sure Coach.”

“The Principal wants to talk to you, you might as well get dressed.”

Zoey deflated, fear rising in her. The guys had all been praising her pussy and talking about how everybody was staring, which made her feel good and special at the time but now she was worried she would be suspended or expelled. She’d never live that down. It wasn’t even her fault!

The boys were just as worried. “Is she going to get in trouble, Coach?” asked Kevin. “It’s not her fault, she didn’t do anything wrong.” Other members of the team agreed.

“I don’t know if she’s going to get in trouble, but I’m sure going to fight like hell to keep her.”

“Will I get expelled?”

“I doubt that, you didn’t do anything too bad. You might get removed as mascot.” Zoey pouted, until he added, “But if you do, I’ll tell you what, we’ll keep you on as our secret, unofficial mascot to inspire us in the locker room before and after the games.” The team cheered at that. “Now get changed.”

“I can’t, I left my clothes at home.”

“What about your panties?”

Roger spoke up. “I think I saw that Japanese exchange student running off with them, Coach.”

The Coach grunted. “Well, I guess we’ll just go like this. You boys hit the showers.”

The Principal’s office was crowded when Coach Cunningham and Zoey showed up. Two of the cheerleaders and their parents had decided to complain personally. It was the mothers complaining mostly, but they required their husbands to back them up. Principal Macintyre, a tall bald black man in a fancy suit sat at his desk looking over a book. He looked up when the Coach knocked, and then motioned for Zoey to have a seat.

“There’s the little slut now,” one of the Moms said. “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Now, now, there’s no need for insults or name-calling,” Principal Macintyre said. “Zoey, I want to know why you came to the game dressed as you did.”

“I couldn’t wear the regular costume, but I didn’t want to let the team down, so I made my own.”

“Why couldn’t you wear the regular costume?”

“They peed all over it!” She pointed at Cindi and Brittany.

Brittany said, “We did not.”

Cindi said, “You can’t prove it, nobody saw us,” before taking an elbow in the ribs and changing her story to, “We did not.”

“What the cheerleaders did or did not do to the real costume is not the issue,” said Brittany’s mom, trying to deflect the issue. “The issue is that this little girl put on an obscene strip show at a school event, and she must be disciplined. Isn’t that right Harold?”

Harold was looking between Zoey’s legs, where if you craned your neck just so, you could almost see her pussy. “Err, yes, that’s right, Judith.” he said finally.

“I don’t think the girl meant any harm,” Coach Cunningham said. “She had panties on, they just slipped off.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Judith said. “She came to school nude.”

“I’m not nude,” Zoey said. “I have a costume on.”

“I understand your concerns,” the Principal said. He folded his hands over the books on his desk. “But I think the real issue is that I don’t think Zoey broke any school rules.”

“What?” came the unified cry from the cheerleaders and their mothers.

“That’s impossible,” said Cindi’s mother. “There’s no way something like this could be allowed.”

Brittany shook her head and shouted, “It’s not!” Then calmer, she added, “I was told that if I didn’t have anything underneath my cheerleader skirt, I’d be off the team, and probably suspended!”

“I DID get suspended for two games once because my skirt shrunk in the wash,” Cindi added. “It was still longer than her skirt, and it was against school rules.”

Judith looked smug. “See? You can’t punish these good cheerleaders for accidents and then not punish Zoey, it would be unfair.”

“Yes, but you see, look here.” The Principal tapped the book. “These are the regulations for the cheerleader uniforms. The skirt must be a certain length, the undergarments must be a certain thickness, you have to wear bras whether you need it or not, there are restrictions on hair length and jewelry. It’s all set up in advance by the school board.” He turned the page. “Now look at the mascots uniform guidelines. Mascots should be in the mascot costume the entire game. That’s all it says. And as skimpy as it is, that does count as a costume.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Judith said. She stomped toward Zoey and flipped up her skirt, airing out her pussy. “You can see her private parts! Look at her, shamelessly exposing her cunt. The slut is wet too, she probably did it on purpose. That can’t be allowed! We have standards in this town!”

The Principal’s eyes drilled into the spot between her legs, but nobody made any move to lower the skirt again. “I admit, it’s an unusual situation, but that’s what the rules state. They must have expected all mascots to be the elaborate sort we usually use, but if your daughters, or anybody else, ruined the costume, then Zoey was only showing school spirit by coming up with another. I don’t think we should punish her for the oversight of the regulatory board. Even if her pussy did occasionally show, there are right now no rules against it.”

“Surely the regular school dress code standards apply. She can’t just show her little snatch to every Tom, Dick, or Harry who comes to a game!”

“I’m afraid the mascot rules overrule the school dress code standards. There was precedent, twenty years ago one of our mascots got heatstroke. This was in the days of mandatory school uniforms, the boy had his uniform under the Terry costume. Since then, it’s in the rules that mascots don’t have to wear anything under their costume, even if it violates the school dress code.”

“That’s preposterous!” Megan’s mom said. “By that logic, she could show up wearing nothing but Tiger body paint and a fake tail and she would still be covered by the rules, because body paint is still a costume.”

Principal Macintyre considered this, and then nodded. “I think that would be a valid interpretation of the rules. My hands are tied. Coach Cunningham is in charge of approving the mascot uniforms. Do you approve of Zoey’s mascot outfit?”

Zoey felt warm at how quickly the Coach stood up for her. “You bet your ass I do. In fact, if Zoey wants to do it in just body paint, I’ll approve that as a mascot costume too.”

All the men in the room smiled. So did Zoey. The idea of performing in front of everybody in just body paint was deliciously bad. It would be like doing it totally nude, everybody staring at her… and of course, she’d need people to help her put the paint on and wash it clean afterwards. She squirmed in her seat, rubbing her thighs together to try and get a little furtive friction on her clit.

The women didn’t smile, they gaped. Principal Macintyre shrugged at their distress. ”Then I can’t do anything to punish Zoey. She didn’t break any rules. Now, we can propose changes to the regulations at the next board meeting, to narrow the terms of what is considered an official mascot costume, and I’m inclined to support that move, but I imagine nothing will be done before basketball season ends, and, in confidence, most of the board members are men and I suspect they won’t be as put out by this as you are. A girl taking on the mascot role is rare enough, I doubt they’ll agree to making a drastic change and a lot of paperwork over such a clearly exceptional case. And until they do, if you don’t like the mascot, there’s a simple solution… don’t come to the games. You are dismissed.”

Once the complainers were gone, agog and unbelieving, the Principal was in the room alone with Zoey and the Coach. “I hope you realized what a mess you nearly caused.”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “If it makes it easier, I’ll wear tighter panties next time. Or if you could clean the original costume.” Though Zoey didn’t think she ever wanted to wear that costume again, even washed.

“No, I made the decision and I’ll stand by it. You dress up however you want, so long as the Coach thinks it’s a costume, and it’s a home game. For an away game, you have to wear at least what you’re wearing now, and panties that won’t fall down. They might not be as liberal as we are. Does that sound fair?”

Zoey nodded eagerly.

“Good. Now, I have to admit I didn’t get a very good view of your performance. I’m a little bit nearsighted.”

“Me too!” Zoey said.

“Well, isn’t that nice, we have something in common. But after all the fuss, I’m curious, would you mind giving me a private show?”

The second show didn’t have the same energy as doing it in front of a crowd full of people, but a smaller audience had its benefits too, especially when that audience didn’t mind showing their appreciation in ways other than cheering and clapping, and a mascot dance easily turned into a lap dance which turned into a lot of fun for two men and a little redheaded catgirl. The fun lasted an hour, leaving Zoey to bike home in the dark with no panties and nearly causing an accident after a car’s headlights lighted on her just before she turned down a path that cars can’t follow. She worried her parents would be home but they were still busy with one of Chloe’s activities. For once she was glad, she needed a shower before she saw them again.

After that day, that game would forever be known to Zoey as The Big Game. Even though there were bigger and more important ones to the team, it was after the Big Game that her life changed forever. She’d gone from being a nobody to someone everyone in the school knew. She would have preferred it if they recognized her by name instead of most of them calling her Terri, but what mattered was they knew her, wanted to talk to her, cared about her opinions, wanted to drag her into an unused classroom for a quick blowjob between classes, or sometimes a fuck, or two at lunch. That started with the basketball team, who usually did call her Zoey, but once word got out that Terri put out, people all over the school started to find excuses to get her alone… not just students; teachers and even the janitors wanted to know her too, know her intimately, know every inch of her inside and out, every hole. Some of those guys were big, but after losing her virginity to Coach Cunningham and Principal MacIntyre’s thick cock stretching out her pussy soon afterwards, Zoey could handle them easily, and got used to taking a load in her pussy, or her mouth, eventually even her ass, and lapping up whatever was left over like a kitty after milk.

She was less popular among the cheerleaders, who made their next move the day after the Big Game, dragging her into the girl’s washroom before school and taking picture after picture on their cell phones with Zoey’s face in a variety of different pussies, some tight little crevices, some with slimy pink guts in the middle, some hairless, some with a small tangle of pubic hair. She didn’t think it was rape, since technically they never forced her to do anything. She didn’t want to lick any of them, either, but with two girls pinning her arms and legs down and one sitting on her face, she had to move her tongue just to get them to wriggle enough so she could breathe, or better yet make them cum so she could take a few breaths while the next one got on top of her. After they were done, they showed her the pictures and warned her that unless she retired as mascot by the end of the day, the pictures would go all over the school and to her parents.

She cried that day, during lunch, in the only place she felt safe, the Boys Change Room, and when Roger found her there he got the story out of her, blubbering on his shoulder, and he called a meeting of a few of the guys he could grab on short notice. By the time lunch was over, they came back and told her she didn’t have to worry about it anymore. She never learned what they’d done to get the pictures back, but she was grateful. “You guys are so nice. I can’t believe you’d help me like that.”

“Of course we would, you’re part of the team.”

That made her feel so good that she wanted to make them feel good. They only had a few minutes before class was back in session, but it was enough to let two boys cum in her pussy and two more in her mouth. At least that got the taste of cheerleader pussy out.

With Zoey as Terri the Tiger instead of boring old Terry the Tiger, the home games quickly changed an awful lot. The audience was mostly men, and they weren’t watching the game they’d paid a premium for tickets to. There were new rules, too, enforced by off-duty police officers in exchange for free tickets. The rules included no cell phone cameras allowed, no touching Terri, although she could touch you, and sometimes did, if it was a really good game she might saunter up to a particularly ardent fan wearing nothing but her tiger paint, ears, and the belt that held her tail, then sit on his lap, and if his lap had a stiff dick poking out of it, that was okay too, she’d slide right down onto it and make him cheer “Go Tigers”. Sometimes she’d even choose a player sitting on the opposing team’s bench, just to be fair, but she’d only do it when the Tigers were winning, which happened an awful lot. It wasn’t an undefeated season, but it came pretty damn close. The climax to her show involved her own climax and usually dozens of others, one or two or three or four directly attended to by Zoey, and the rest attending to themselves or being helped out by wives or girlfriends or daughters who were cool with a little casual public child molestation to spice up their sex lives.

The cheerleaders boycotted the games at first, since they had their own competitions and didn’t need the boys, then were outraged when they weren’t missed at all and a few broke the embargo and begged to be let back in. Not Brittany, who thought up and organized the boycott and stuck with it till the bitter end, but most of the others crossed the line at least once. Those who did took their chances, there were a lot of guys and only a few girl holes to go around. Visiting cheerleaders were treated with respect, like foreign dignitaries, welcome to try to inspire their team with their own acts, or if not, sit a spell and could enjoy some spare cock if they wanted or just quietly enjoy the floor show, but Tiger cheerleaders breaking the boycott for a home game had to follow Terri’s lead and work the crowd, or work Terri herself if she demanded it. Those who stayed for one game either never came back or, like Cindi, came back every time, getting used to being passed around the stands and sometimes doing one on one cheers with their own brothers, uncles, or fathers, still eager to see their little cheerleader perform, no matter what the circumstances.

Away games were tamer… it was safe for a Tiger cheerleader, even Brittany, to attend an away game and remain a virgin, to do cheers through the whole game without having to worry about an unsightly dribble of cum coming down their legs, but Zoey was still the star of those games, not them. She still grinded lucky fans in her outfit and seemed to have a lot more men at the games than women, and sometimes the traditional handshake after the game was done in private and included both teams, both Coaches, and the opposing school’s Principal, and most of the hands were on Zoey. Those handshakes pleased her an awful lot, and a handshake that turned into an orgasm for the mascot seemed like a much better version of the tradition.

What pleased her most was that she was popular, so popular that within a few days, bowing to popular demand, she started wearing her cat ears and tail belt to school all the time… though she left the Tiger paint off, since it was too much to do every day, and she had to save something for the game. Pretty soon, it became standard code, a pull of the tail meant somebody wanted to drag her off for some one-on-one spirit raising, and she always had pep left over, even when girls started to ask her to pep them up with a little pussy tongue in pussy. Zoey discovered she enjoyed eating pussy when she wasn’t being pinned down, and plenty of girls got the benefit, but no cheerleaders. A cheerleader who dared to tug on her tail, whether she was at the games or not, was in danger of getting her eyes scratched out by an enraged Tiger, and after Brittany tried it she found that in a hallway full of people walking to lunch, every one of them backed up Zoey’s story that Brittany scratched herself, so the Principal gave the Head Cheerleader a long private talk in the office about lying that took up the lunch hour and had her wincing as she sat down to her next class.

Zoey’s parents found out, eventually, after her father showed up to a game after hearing wild stories about “Terri”, but she got in less trouble than she expected. After the game, he showed up before she could go back to change with the guys, grabbed her hand, and took her straight home. She thought it was pretty cool of him that he waited until after the game, despite seeing dozens of men with their hands in her cunt, and a handful who got their massive cocks in her, stretching out the orange-painted lips obscenely for all to see, instead of embarrassing her in front of her friends and fans by making a big scene… though it might have been because Cindi was riding his lap throughout the first quarter. But her Daddy didn’t say a word in the car so she was sure he’d be pissed. Zoey was sure she would be spanked, but she wasn’t, unless you counted her ass being repeatedly struck by her father’s pelvis as his cock rammed into her. Her ass was spanked n that way until she was sore and exhausted, but it was the good kind of sore and exhausted… she’d cum two times, making five for the night.

Hours later she discovered her family were sick fucks and the reason they left her alone all the time was that they were taking her sister to a hotel for a regular incestuous threesome. Now that they’d seen what Terri could do, and was willing to do, with no sign of the psychological scarring they feared, the family could once again be all together with no secrets, and they saved money, too. Who needed to rent a hotel room? As long as everyone in the family was involved, they might as well stay at home for Daddy to get his cock licked by his youngest daughter as it plowed into her sister’s cunt, while she was busy eating out Mom.

Only one thing bugged her about the new status quo at home. It wasn’t doing a sixty-nine with Mom, licking her shaved pussy while she licked Zoey’s and watching her Dad fuck Chloe. It wasn’t even that Dad liked to cum in Zoey while Mom urged him to “breed that bitch”. That worried her at first, but it was kinky, and before long it turned her on enough that she started begging too. What upset her, a little, was that they liked to keep her dressed as Terri the Tiger, too. She’d gotten used to wearing the tail and ears, even if she wore nothing else, as was often the case around the house, but sometimes a girl just wants to be herself. Her parents finally let her get contacts, because, as her Dad said, “Who ever heard of a cat girl with glasses?” That was okay, she’d wanted contacts for a while, but Dad liked to hear her make meowing sounds during sex, and that was a little weird. It was starting to feel like Zoey was gradually getting replaced by Terri, lock, stock, and barrel.

Finally, one Saturday morning, as her father tugged her tail to prod Zoey to lift up her ass as he thrust his cock in her cunt and out down to the balls, she reached the limit of what she could take, in her heart, not in her pussy, when her Dad grunted, “That’s it, I’m about ready to pump a litter of kittens in you, Terri!”

Terri screamed and her hand dug into the bedspread for a moment before she undid the clasp on her belt and wriggled free of both belt and cock, leaving her father with just the tail of the tiger. “My name is not Terri, my name is Zoey, and I’m not a cat, I’m your daughter,” she yelled, as Dad dribbled a load of cum on the sheets and Mom and Chloe looked up, wet-faced, from each other’s cunts to stare. “If you want to keep fucking me you’d better damn well remember that!” She whipped the cat-ear headband off her head and threw it at her father. It missed, landing near the door, the same door she passed through moments later after she crawled off the bed. Zoey then stomped to her room with totally uncatlike grace, and slammed that door behind her.

Her sister Chloe came in a few minutes later, sat with Zoey on the bed and put a big-sisterly arm around her. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just pissed off.”

“He didn’t mean anything by it, you know. He knows who you are.”


“Sometimes Mom and Dad get carried away with the whole sex thing. I told Mom and Dad they shouldn’t try to do anything with you for a while.”

Zoey shoved her sister’s arm away. “Why’d you go and do a thing like that?”

“I thought you were getting tired of being a sex object.”

“No, I like that part, I just want to be a sex object named Zoey. I don’t want my whole life to be just a catgirl.”

“Oh, silly, it won’t be.”

“It won’t?” Zoey asked doubtfully.

“Of course not. We just like having fun with it, it’s like playing pretend. But you won’t be Terri the Tiger forever.”

“I won’t?” It was what she wanted, so what did the revelation fill her with so much dread? Because everybody loved Terri. Nobody knew Zoey.

“You can’t be the mascot for a middle school team once you’re out of middle school. Terri the Tiger will go back to being a boring old mascot and you’ll move on to something new.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know. Something.”

She sniffled. “Do the Trojans have a mascot?”

“Some stupid foam-headed warrior guy.” Chloe hugged Zoey and smiled. “But the guys on the team have been asking me to bring you around to meet them. And you know what Trojans had?”

“I don’t even know what Trojans are. I thought they were condoms.”

Her sister laughed. “Yeah but the condoms are named after these ancient Greek Warriors, like the team. And Greek Warriors had slave girls. How do you feel about being Zoey the Slave Girl, the team’s secret spirit mascot? By the time you actually start going there, you’ll already be a tradition.”

Zoey sniffed one more time and wiped away the last tears. She wasn’t feeling sad anymore. Things were looking up. “Do I get a costume?”

“I’m sure we could make one. Chains and a collar, at least.”

“Are they going to fuck me?”

Chloe laughed. “I think we’d have trouble stopping them. They’ll all want a turn, probably all at once. Those guys would make you water tight, fill every hole at once if you let them, and their Coach has a big mongrel dog that pounds harder than any of them.”

“I remember, you told me about him. Okay, that sounds like fun, all of it. Thanks sis, you always know how to cheer me up.”

“I was going to give you an orgasm, but if you’re already cheered up…”

“Fuck, then I’m still sad. But actually I guess I should go tell Daddy I’m not mad at him anymore and put my tail and ears back on.”

As they walked back towards the master bedroom, “He’d be just as happy fucking you without that stuff. Believe me, he fucks me enough and I don’t have a costume.”

“It’s like you said though, it won’t last forever, and it is fun to pretend. And I should apologize to him, he missed his chance to knock me up.”

“He can’t, you know. He had a vasectomy after you were born.”

Zoey stopped in her tracks, frowned at the unexpected disappointment shooting through her. “Oh? Then why does he…”

“Cause he wishes he could and it’s fun to pretend.”

“Oh,” Zoey said again.

“But that doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant, especially if you keep carrying on the way you have.” Chloe rubbed her belly softly. “I mean it, believe me.”

Zoey gasped, realizing suddenly that the little bump she’d noticed in recent weeks didn’t just mean Chloe was getting fat. “You’re pregnant?”

“Yeah. It’s kind of funny, really. The Trojans? They never use condoms. No matter how much you beg. Team policy.”

Zoey giggled. “I’ll take my chances. If I do get pregnant, I’ll pretend it’s Daddy’s.”

“Ooh, that’s a good idea. He won’t believe it, but he’ll like it. Can I do the same?” Zoey didn’t mind.

They reached the door to the master bedroom and Chloe knocked quickly before opening the door. Zoey followed her inside. Her father and mother, both naked, sat on the bed, looking sad. “Zoey, I just wanted to say…”

“No, Daddy,” she said. “I think there’s something I need to say first.” She picked her cat-ear headband off the floor, put it on her head, smiled a crooked smile and said, “Meow.”

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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