This is yet another in a series of attempted tributes to one of the masters of the raunchy erotic story field, Phil Phantom. Faster-paced, more vulgar, and less-realistic than my normal stories, I find doing them refreshing and often it cleans the cobwebs from my head after writing a long, complicated story.

To Catch A Predator - A Phil Phantom Tribute by AnonyMPC (Mg, Fg, inc, preg, beast, bond)

Mary had a noble calling, an ambition that would take her out of her humdrum life and make her into a hero, even if an unacknowledged one. She was okay being an unsung hero, if she could just tell herself she was one, that was all she needed... to feel that she had a purpose, that her life wasn't a waste, and she had a grand idea for how she could do something heroic, a real service to mankind, after seeing a similar thing on a television newsmagazine.

It was simple, once she thought of it. Once the idea was planted, it seemed like the most obvious thing in the world, but all great ideas seem obvious in hindsight. She wanted to be a hero, and heroes fought monsters. Well, she didn't know of any actual monsters in the world, but there were plenty of people who might qualify, dangerous people, people who shouldn't be roaming the streets free. The most dangerous people in the world were sexual predators. Everybody knew that. Everybody hated them. Mary had once had her own predator, and he preyed on her for several years before a far-too-trusting mother finally caught on and sent the guy to jail. At the time, Mary had kicked and screamed against such an act, refusing to testify against him at the trial, but after years of therapy she'd come to see that no matter how good it felt, she was preyed upon.

She couldn't do anything about the one who got her, but there were plenty of others out there, ones who didn't have a criminal record, ones who needed to be caught and put in jail or on sexual offender registries where they'd be monitored. But Mary never had the idea until she saw somebody else doing it first. One night, she saw a story on the television about how some organizations, and even a few lone crusaders, would entrap these predators, luring them out of the Internet and into a place where they could be identified and caught. Those people, she thought, were heroes, and there was an easy way to be like them. She had an internet connection, she could pretend to be a young girl, and she felt confident she could lure one, or several, out and send them to jail.

She even had the perfect bait... her own daughter, Daphne, just twelve years old, perfect for a pedo predator who targeted girls at their ripest for exploitation, when they're going through puberty. Girls like that practically stalked the predators themselves, all full of hormones and a desire to explore their developing sexuality. That's what it was like for her, anyway, and predators took advantage of such easy game and fed well. Predators would have lined up for Daphne, a little doll with well-developed breast buds, a less-developed ass she innocently liked to show off in tight clothing, and under her curly brown bangs, a beautiful face that when it wasn't animated by another expression, tended to look a little awed. Mary knew guys liked that kind of face, because when they show their penis, before the girl realizes what's happening and her face looks scared or disgusted or excited, as is their inclination, the guy gets to see a look of awe, and it makes them feel that they're showing something really impressive. She knew because she had the same kind of face as a kid, and plenty of guys liked showing her a hard cock and getting her reaction, which after the first couple dozen wasn't really awed, more like bored or occasionally impressed, but looked awed and that was all that mattered in that moment.

Mary spent her free time in preteen chat rooms using cute screen names that included her daughter's age, until somebody bit who seemed just a little too old, and wanted to chat with her privately. She was good at acting young in text, and could probably fake it on the phone, but the predators were getting savvy these days, not trusting a provocative name or a cheerful phone-voice, and so she decided she'd have to involve her daughter.

She told Daphne the truth about what they were doing, that they were going after pedophiles, and Daphne had seen the news and agreed pedophiles and sexual predators were bad news, but didn't really understand how she could help. "What we really need is bait," her mother explained.

"What kind of bait?"

"Well, in order to get down here and get caught, they need to think there's a real girl here, so they're going to need pictures. And they might need to be a little nude, just so they think you'll be ready to have sex with them."

"Nude!" she blushed red. "I can't do that!"

"Sure you can. They can't spread it around because then it'll be trading child porn. Come on, it's no big deal, just pretend it's modeling." So, with that little justification, Daphne joined the effort to lure pedophiles. Before long, nude photos became 'nude with legs spread', and that became 'spreading pussy lips', and that became, 'look like you've been masturbating.' Mary didn't want her daughter to actually masturbate of course, that would have been too much, so instead she simply rubbed her daughter's pussy with her own hands until she got good and flush and wet. That was sure to attract a pedophile, and it did, even though many of the people who asked for pictures never took the next step and tried to set-up a meeting. That was to be expected – the internet was world-wide, and not all the men they attracted would live anywhere nearby. Still, from pictures alone, they soon had more than enough interested men to start their project and catch a predator.

It turned out that although the mother-daughter team had become excellent at luring predators, catching them was another matter entirely. They failed virtually every attempt, and they made plenty, it quickly became a regular after-school thing, get your homework done, then lure a predator.

The first few times, Mary answered the door and the men, clearly expecting a twelve-year-old girl, instead of a grown woman who dressed like one, made up an excuse and ran, ran doubly fast when she tried to chastise them for being pedophiles. After that, she decided that just like Daphne needed to help with the bait, she had to help set the trap too.

The next few times, she had Daphne answer the door, invite the men into the house. Only then did Mary come downstairs. That was no good either, the men still made some kind of lame excuse and ran.

"Obviously, our old plan isn't working," Mary told her daughter one day. "To really get a success, we need to trap them here longer. So I want you to play along, do whatever the men want of you until I'm satisfied that they're predators and I can call the police."

They tried that, and Mary waited, watching, while their next target slid his hands up her daughter's skirt, dropped her panties, and got his fingers wet up to a knuckle. With his hand in the proverbial cookie jar, there was no claiming he was there for an innocent reason, and he looked up with interest when the mother arrived. That interest turned to fear when she said, "I see you've fallen into my little pedophile trap. Rest assured, the police will be happy when they get here." The word 'police' had not left her lips before he was making a bee-line for the door, and from there, ran to his car like a man possessed.

That would have led to some disappointed officers, if the police ever came. No police ever came, and after several similar incidents, that got Daphne questioning. Many men had been lured to their home under the promise of an innocent underage girl, and some had gotten very far with said girl, but so far, no police, which prompted Daphne to ask the question she'd been avoiding because she trusted her Mom. "Mom, are you really trying to get these guys arrested?"

Her mother reeled back as though slapped. "Why, what a thing to say! Of course I am. That's what all this is for. What do you think, that I'm just inviting pedophiles here to get nasty with my daughter?"

Daphne was beginning to suspect that very thing, but still had faith, and so gave her mother the chance to explain. "Well, you've got me here as bait for sexual predators, over and over again, and I feel very much like sexual prey, but we haven't caught a predator yet, not caught for the cops. In fact, I haven't ever met a cop here, unless one of the men we've invited was one, off-duty. I've met a lot of molesters and gotten a lot of molesting, but not so much as one uniformed police officer has set foot in this home looking to nab one."

"Of course not, darling, I've told you, we've got to catch the predator first, and then we can call the cops."

"Wouldn't it be easier to call the cops before the molesters arrived, if they're going to catch them in the act?"

"You would think so, but you remember when I called the cops and told them I thought my ex was going to rob the place? They told me they couldn't come because I thought somebody might commit a crime, that they could only come if somebody actually did something illegal."

"Mmm. Okay, but I think you've had plenty of time to call the cops these last few guys. Lately you've let them feel me up for almost half an hour before you show yourself. And today, today was the worst."

"Nothing serious happened today, Daphne, don't exaggerate."

"Exaggerate? He was rubbing his cock all over my pussy! Another few seconds and he would have gone where only fingers and tongues have gone before."

"I got there in time. And you are exaggerating. It was only on your butt he was rubbing, and I had to let him do that to get good and hard."

"Well, he was hard, but I don't think he was good, and though he may have grazed my asshole a few times he definitely put a few big dents my pussy lips, and was just about to pry them wide open and try for my pussy-throat. See, look." Daphne bent over, flashing her still-naked ass and a rear view of her cunt to her mother. One finger tugged at a trail of shiny slime on her vaginal lips. "That's from a slimy dick, right there. If you were any later we'd have caught a predator and lost a virgin in the process."

"There are worse reasons to lose your cherry," Mary said, bending down to take a close look at the nearly abused vagina, red and swollen with the effort of not quite being fucked. "You could give it up to some loser just looking to get laid, who whispers sweet nothings in your ears. You know why they call them sweet nothings, right? Because after you've fucked, that's what they mean, nothing. Most girls regret losing their cherry with the people they lose them with. If you give it up catching a dangerous pedophile, that's a noble cause and something you can be proud of for the rest of your life." Seeing her daughter consider this, Mary added, "Besides, I'm not at all convinced this is precum, this could well be your own vaginal wetness. I know how worked up you get from the fingerings."

"Yeah, but I know my coochie, and this is me." She ran one finger down her slit, which was very wet, and then pointed to the slime-trail. "That is definitely his. Taste it if you want, there's definitely some sperm cells in there, and I know now how different that tastes from girl juices." It was a dare, a very daring dare, more of a joke than a dare, really, and Daphne didn't expect her to take her up on it, even when she leaned in for a very close look. They didn't have that kind of relationship, which is why that when Mary took the dare and ran her tongue up against the side of her daughter's crack, she yelled out, "Oh, fuck!"

"You're right, that is fuck, or at least pre-fuck. I apologize, I guess from my hidey hole I didn't see exactly what was happening. I thought he was sticking mostly to the ass, but he must nearly have gotten the head inside. We'll do better next time."

"I can't believe you just did that," Daphne said, having missed pretty much the entirety of her mother's apology and admission of guilt with the reaction of a soft tongue on a tender mound that was still crying out for attention.

"You did ask. I took no pleasure in it."

"Bullpuckey." Daphne didn't say shit unless she was talking about literal shit, didn't say fuck unless someone was doing something to her fuck-hole, or was referring to something fuck-hole related, and even that was a new development... she was usually very polite about not swearing which made for some endearing contrasts and made it very effective when she did. "I bet you were masturbating back there while you were watching."

"Whatever gives you that idea?"

"What gave me that idea? The fact that he was here long enough to get me naked, lick my twat until I came, get a twenty-minute blowjob, cum down my mouth, fingerbang me until he was hard again, and then come very close to claiming my cherry, and in all that time, you still hadn't called the police. What else were you doing, balancing the checkbook?"

"You can't count the time he was eating you out, we already agreed that that's not enough to get the cops involved. Once you got started with the oral sex, I just needed to be sure that we didn't make the same mistake last time, those guys who blew their loads all over you just after a few sucks and then they were out the door. And once you really got going, I guess I lost track of time a little, it was quite a sight, and I couldn't help but wonder if you'd done it before."

"Of course I have, Mom, with the other guys you brought."

"That's not what I meant. I meant you looked far too practiced for a girl your age."

"The only practice I got was the practice you gave me, and the only men's cocks I've had inside me are the ones you've invited to the house in my name. If I'm good at sucking cock it's because you made me good. I think you're just trying to deflect the issue, because I know you masturbated."

"How would you know that?"

"I can smell pussy on your fingers."

"That's a fair trick, considering my fingers haven't been anywhere near your nose. If you can smell my pussy on your fingers than you must be half dog, which I'd have reason to suspect if science didn't say that was impossible."

"Okay, I lied, but you never denied there was pussy-smell on your fingers, just that I could smell it, and..." The implications of her mothers last words hit her suddenly like a brick. "Wait, to have reasons to suspect it, that would mean... YOU FUCKED DOGS?!"

Her mother blushed like the cat was out of the bag, or dogfucker was out of the closet. "It was a long time ago, and I was under the thumb of a particularly hardcore predator. That's why I'm so serious about this, and if I was masturbating back there, it was only to the thought of finally having my revenge. Revenge can be as sexually stimulating as a dog's knot in your pussy, by which I mean not a whole lot, but enough to get you worked up and distracted from thinking about anything else. I was more distracted than masturbating, and I lost track of time."

"Bullpuckey," Daphne said again. "I think you're enjoying me getting the same treatment you got, and I bet you're slicker than I am down there now."

"To collect on that bet you'd have to look me right in the beaver and I know you're not going to do that." No sooner had the words left than her daughter got down on her knees and lifted her skirt to prove her wrong. Daphne not only had no qualms about looking her mother right in the hole she came out of, but also none about taking a good close up look and feeling with her fingers, sawing one in and out of the bottom of her meaty, aroused crack as though demonstrating how slick it was. "It doesn't really prove anything, anyway, because we've been talking about my history with dogs and that brought up some memories."

"I can't believe this pussy had a dog cock in it once. It must have had dog cum in it too. I wonder what dog cum tastes like?"

"A little more bitter than a man's cum, and it's more watery in texture, but it has its charms and... oh, my, if you're trying to taste it second-hand, you're a little late, it's been over ten years since I've done a dog, so I doubt there's any left-over taste. Not that I'm complaining about you trying."

Daphne lifted her face from her mother's pussy and grinned up at her with a wet mouth. "No, I just wondered what you tasted like. I'm glad you don't mind." She returned to tasting, and to Mary it seemed like she liked the taste. This day's effort couldn't be considered a failure even if that was the only discovery they made.

"Of course I don't mind. What woman would mind? I do notice that this is another thing that you seem to have had some practice in. Or is that another thing you're going to blame on me?"

"No, this one I've got to blame on my Health teacher. My marks weren't good and so this year she's been having me do an extra credit project on lesbian sex, and I've had to demonstrate on her a lot. Honestly, I think it's malarkey, maybe if it was one time I could think it was a project, but I've demonstrated an awful lot and there isn't much new to show her. My predator senses are tingling, maybe we should try luring her to the house and calling the cops."

"Daphne, we will do no such thing, and I'll tell you why while you continue demonstrating what she's been teaching you." Mary waited for the feeling of a swiftly moving tongue down below to return, before continuing. "First of all, women cannot be sexual predators. Trust me, I'm your mother, and I know predators. It's just not how things work. Only men can be sexual predators. Secondly, to even suggest such a thing would be terribly disrespectful to your teachers, especially one who's helping you raise your grades. You will do everything this or any other teacher tells you to do, even if seems unusual, it's all a learning experience when it comes from a teacher. For example, bondage is very popular in lesbian relationships, and if she asked you to let her tie you up, you should do it. In fact, you should probably offer, it can take place at her place and she can use corporal punishment on you as she sees fits. She may want you to have sex with you like a man, using some kind of big rubber dick that she straps on, and that's okay too, that's helpful Sex Ed, it can't get you pregnant, and will prepare you for both heterosexual sex and homosexual sex, whichever you wind up preferring."

"Wow," Daphne said between licks. "You sure are an expert in lesbian sex."

"Hardly, I just keep myself informed about social issues like the homosexual rights movement. I'm very pro-gay, and am strongly considering joining P-FLAG, but I'm not gay myself. I love lesbians, but it's a platonic love. I have no taste for licking pussy."

"Could have fooled me!"

"Just because I'll let a woman lick my pussy does not make me a lesbian. You're only a lesbian if you enjoy licking a pussy and have no love for cock, but if you'd say no to someone licking yours just because she's a girl, you're not straight, just a fool, a homophobic fool, and probably a fool in serious dyke-denial, too afraid that you'll beg to reciprocate to let a dyke go down. You're performing a lesbian act on me but I'm not performing one on you, so that makes you the lesbian, even if you're just playing at it. I would have hoped your health teacher would have explained that subtle point of lesbian relations."

"She did," Daphne said, "and in almost the same words, but she is a total dyke and I was straight at first but she's made me at least bi. I've already seen her rubber strap-on cock by the way, seen and felt it in every hole. But when I said you could have fooled me, it was because you seemed to lick my pussy without even asking, just a few minutes ago."

"I did fool you, because I wasn't licking your pussy, I was licking cum, and your pussy just happened to be the surface. I will never lick your pussy for fun... I might lick it for your own good if you say, broke your hands and couldn't masturbate, or to clean up a cummy mess some potential predator left, but for fun alone, sorry. I'm just not into that game."

"Mmm, now you make me want to either break both my hands or get a predator to cum inside me."

"I suggest the latter, at least that won't interfere with your everyday life. But I want you to know that I totally respect and support your own lesbian explorations." She pushed her daughter's face down further between her legs. "Explore as much as you'd like, these legs will never be closed to a curious daughter."

Daphne didn't have the heart to tell her mother that most of her curiosity had already been satisfied by regular extra-credit sessions and she'd come to the conclusion that she was probably more like her mother than her Health teacher, straight, with maybe a hint of bi. She wouldn't lick pussy just for the fun of it either, she only licked her mother's to get a sense of the taste and that itch was already scratched. She would lick pussy in exchange for grades, which Mary couldn't provide, or for an orgasm in return, and that was off the table, so the only thing aside from the firm motherly hand at the back of her head that was keeping Daphne's tongue moving was the knowledge that her mother wanted her to, and she really did love her mother and wanted to make her happy. Over the next hour, Daphne made her mother very happy indeed and left her lying on the floor with still quivering legs and a "I just had three orgasms" look on her face, while she herself was sadly unsatisfied.

"Are you sure you don't want to lick me?" Daphne whined. All that tongue work and her mother's pleased moans and undulations, combined with the earlier feel of the predator's cock rubbing up against her pink left her wet and flush down there without any release. She'd tried to furtively squeeze her upper thighs together to provide stimulation, but was too ashamed to openly masturbate in front of her own mother, despite the fact that she'd been made to do it openly in front of others in class, moms were still a big deal, even moms you ate out, it was still embarrassing for a mom to see you masturbate.

"I'm sorry my dear Daphne, but just as I would never try to push you into straightness, you shouldn't push me into lesbian debauchery. We have another predator coming by tomorrow, if he happens to shoot a load of sticky semen on your pussy I'll do it then to help prevent pregnancy. Until then, I hope they taught you about masturbation in Health class."

"It almost sounds like you want me to get him to cum inside me. I don't want to get pregnant."

"That's ridiculous, Daphne," Mary said, finally pushing herself off the floor and, for the first time in quite some time, dropping her dress back over to where it was supposed to be. "If anything, it would be the opposite. If he came inside you, sure, but if he just happened to fuck you a little and you had him pull out and cum on the outside, well, I think most predators would be satisfied with that, and it would be a good way to accumulate evidence for the cops. We could record it and then I'd clean you up so none of that nasty cum gets inside and risks reaching an egg. That would be a perfect predator trap, if you were industrious."

Daphne was happy to be industrious, she'd been holding back and trying not to let the guys fuck her because she didn't want to look like a slut, but if her mother gave her permission, and every sign of being interested in watching the spectacle, why not? Industry could be fun, and the feel of her teacher's rubber cock had given her a strong desire to try out the real thing.

The two were, as it turned out, very industrious, luring many more pedophile predators over the next couple weeks before they had to have another big conversation, this one for the same reason as the first... there was a lot of luring, and yet they hadn't caught one yet.

"Well, you screwed up another one," Daphne said as they watched a man running outside desperately pulling his pants up.

"I'm sorry, Daphne, you're right, I did screw it up a little, but next time, we'll get him."

"I thought you were supposed to call the police."

"I know! I was going to, but I just got so angry watching him there, violating you. I had to give him a piece of my mind." She pulled the hidden camera from the hiding place, rewound it, and then took a look at the footage. "No, this is no good, again. We just have you on camera, lots of good shots of dick in cunt, but no good face shots for the police."

"Imagine that," Daphne said dryly. Her mother set the camera up, after all, and insisted it was in a perfect position, had Daphne lie in the position, naked, legs spread and inviting, the same way she greeted the invited predator after shouting that the door was open. He got to work right away, but the shot was centered on her pussy... the only way his face would have gotten in the shot was if he'd stopped to eat her out, and he hadn't. So it was no surprise that they didn't get any good footage of him... although, Mary never showed Daphne any of the footage, so she only had her mother's word that it was no good. Even that shouldn't have been an obstacle. "We could call the cops anyway," she suggested. "Even without the video evidence, I've got plenty of evidence he was fucking me, and we could be eyewitnesses."

"I don't think there's much use in that. We don't have his real name, and cum inside your pussy could well be consensual. Besides, you know how lazy cops are, Daphne, except for murders, they only investigate crimes they stop in progress or ones they have rock-solid evidence for. And the video's no good for that, if it didn't get his face."

"And instead of getting the cops here, you had to tell confront him, tell him what a pervert he was, how I was at the most fertile time of my cycle and that if he came inside me he could very well get me pregnant."

"It was true, wasn't it? I was trying to get him to pull out in time, he didn't look like the type to do it without a little motivation."

"You gave him motivation, Mom. The moment he heard I was fertile he pushed into me right to the balls. You know predators better than I do, but I think he took it as an invitation to get me pregnant. You barely even raised your voice."

"That was just fear, I certainly didn't want him to get you pregnant. I didn't even want him to cum inside you, especially since I'm going to have to spend an hour sucking all that sperm out of you. It was the last thing on my mind, and I'll try to be better about that in the future. I'll be very careful not to let a guy cum inside your pussy, just your mouth, or your ass like last time." She paused, and put a finger to her lips, considering. "Although... it would certainly give us more time to let the cops here. Men often like to sleep after cumming inside a pretty, fertile girl, with their cock still inside, letting everything soak in. It's a natural instinct that overcomes the urge to leave men have when they're through fucking a non-fertile hole. That would be a perfect predator trap, when you think about it."

"Only if you actually follow through and call the cops. Somehow I don't think that's going to happen, and I'm going to wind up carrying a predator's baby... if I'm not already. If you want to keep the spermies away from the egg, you'd better get started now."

"I will," her mom said, and fell to her knees to fulfill her now-familiar role after a failed attempt, although usually she licked the cum off the outside or out of a dribbling asshole rather than from a hole. "I'm sorry I'm so forgetful. We will get one, sooner or later, all we have to do is keep trying."

"How about we try another approach?" Her mother looked up at her, patiently listening. "We seem to suck at catching predators and turning them in to the cops, how about instead we try to reform one. We invite the next predators here, let them fuck me all they want and try to convince him not to be a predator anymore, because he can have all the pussy he wants right here. We still get a predator off the streets, and we don't have to involve the cops at all."

Her mother thought about it, which was irritating because it meant it kept her mouth off Daphne's pussy. She started to regret the suggestion until Mary started finger-fucking her gently, almost absent-mindedly, like the action just helped her consider her words. "That's a daring plan, Daphne, and I do like the idea of leaving the cops out of it. I never liked cops, even though they saved me from a predator, they're either too stuck up to accept a blowjob from a little girl who's grown used to feeling comforted and validated by sperm, or too hypocritical not to fuck one while trying to persuade her to testify against someone who fucked her better and longer. I've met plenty of both types. So I'm down with saying fuck the cops and open to handling this ourselves, but are you really sure you know what you'd be getting in to? To keep a predator interested and off the streets long enough to try and reform him, you'll have to pretty well give into all of his demands, even if they're pretty kinky. You'd have to be comfortable with some potentially big changes."

"You mean like getting me pregnant. Well, I'm willing to risk that for a good cause." It was even beginning to sound good. She found herself hoping her mom missed a few sperm when she finally went to town.

"Oh, no dear, way more than that. Getting you pregnant is just the start. Even if we get the most mild-mannered, goodest of the good predators out there, getting you pregnant will be on the table. A man just wouldn't be able to resist that. And if you we get a bad one, you could be looking at a life of prostitution for his friends, nipple clamps, dog fucking, starring in child porn videos, even mother-daughter ones, getting vulgar tattoos on your pussy or tits, physical discipline and public humiliation in front of your friends, and all of that happening while you're pregnant and trying to reform him. It's a risky game. Some people think predators can't be reformed at all."

All of those sounded good to Daphne... well, not good, they sounded bad, horrible, and yet her pussy seemed to get hotter and hotter with every vulgar thing her mother suggested, and the way she crooked her finger back to stroke the inside of Daphne's cunt a little with each new act only made it worse... or better. Daphne knew that she'd be down with every one of those things her mother warned her about. "What do you think?"

"I think it's worth trying if you do. The only problem is, we still might scare them off when you come out."

"I think we can handle that. I'll just walk out naked and with a finger in my pussy while he's masturbating, ask if either of you need anything, and walk out like it was completely normal. Later I'll come back in and offer to clean both of you off. We can even play it off like I'm a completely submissive mother, willing to let you get away with anything and push me around. That way the predator will feel comfortable being himself, he won't be on his best behavior for me."

Daphne smiled. "I like that idea. So if I tell you to get between my legs and lick my pussy while he watches, you'd do it?"

"Yes, although I'd prefer you only ask if you've already got cum on it. You know my preferences. I know that you will have to show your dominance by doing it at other times, and I'll play along, but try to keep it to a minimum."

"So can I practice bossing you around?"

"If you insist." She stood up and walked away. "Pretend I've just come in, and he's sitting on the couch watching."

Daphne pointed to her still spermy pushy, put her voice to a deeper register and say, "Hey, bitch. My pussy's all messy. Come and suck the fuck out of it."

Mary lowered her head meekly and, head lowered, approached the gap in her daughter's legs,. She dropped to her knees and began licking. "Yes, dear," she said sadly between licks. "I wish you wouldn't speak to me like that."

The awed expression Daphne was using while watching Mommy lick her suddenly turned ashamed, sad she'd done something wrong. "What? Why not? I thought you said it was all right?"

Daphne's mother looked up from the pussy and into her daughter's worried eyes and almost laughed. "Oh, of course it was, Daphne! Pay me no mind when there's a guy here, or I'm pretending there is. I'll act like I don't like it. What you said was just perfect. I really like you calling me bitch, that was a nice touch. Only one thing, maybe you should have just said to clean it. Then I could start to get a cloth and you could tell me that I should use my tongue. That way you look more in charge."

"Oh, okay. Then get back to eating my pussy, bitch."

Mary ate out her daughter and then the two of them planned how they would play their next attempt to lure a predator. It was easier than they thought. They caught the very next one they tried.

Unfortunately, it was one of the bad predators. Oh, Bill didn't seem bad at first, he seemed a very good kind of predator, much the kind that originally preyed on Mary herself, respectful of Daphne's feelings and amused but a little confused at Mary's submissive behavior towards her daughter. But with only a little prompting from Mary or Daphne, Bill demanded every one of the acts that bad predators demanded, and more. Even dogs. It took weeks of Daphne suggesting that they make her mother a real bitch by getting a real dog before he finally showed his true colors and showed up one day with a big one, and also a dog, and put the dog on Mary and the big one in Daphne, and then later switched. Bill was a bad predator all right.

Worse, their theories proved right, he never got sick of his strange desires, was never willing to go back once a line was crossed, they were stuck with a very depraved man. Not even the holy act of marriage turned him around... on their honeymoon in the tropics, he made Mary watch and masturbate, while holding her daughter's baby, as her new husband tied Daphne to the suite's only bed and invited the well-hung porter to pork her as a tip, and he used plenty more than the tip and kept the bed busy all night. And that was only the first day. No, there was no way to reform a predator.

But you sure can catch one, if you have the right bait.

The End

“CAUTION: Exercise caution and good sense before engaging in unsafe sex practices that involve any exchange of body fluid, even contact with open sores or small cuts. Scenes involving large objects, tattoos, bestial sex, body waste ingestion, bindings, devices and gadgets are the stuff of fantasy and are offered to promote the only safe sex there is - masturbation. Before you try anything, find out what the risks and hazards are because they can all be deadly. Read, enjoy, and remember - sex with minors should be left to other minors.” - Phil Phantom

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