Author: AnonyMPC

Title: Wanna Bet? 2: Higher Stakes

Summary: Mark's had good luck with betting lately. Last summer, he turned his thirteen-year-old sister Faith into a sex slave with a series of bets. Now, as the Christmas break approaches, she's hinting that she'd like to do it again... but Mark's got some side bets going, and the stakes for Faith might get very high indeed.

Keywords: mff, mF, inc, best, Mdom, preg

If you haven't already, you might want to read the original Wanna Bet? first.

Before we begin, I'd like to state a special thank you to author "Steve M. Preg". I had originally not planned on writing a sequelto Wanna Bet?, but in a discussion with him, I realized a natural hook for a sequel.

Wanna Bet? 2: Higher Stakes (mff, mf, mmf, mF, inc, best, preg, Mdom, others)

Chapter One:

This time, it was mostly my cousin Lara’s fault.  She knew what she was getting into, and she knew what she was getting my sister Faith into.  That I enjoyed it along the way is beside the point.  If not for her, all our lives would have turned out very differently.

It started with a bet, of course.  There have been three bets, or series of bets, really, that have changed my life, and my relationship with my sister.  This is the story of the second. 

My sister and I had been betting against each other since we were kids.  A bet was almost a sacred thing in our house.   If one of us bet and lost, we honored the terms of the bet, no matter what.  Last summer, there was the first of those life-changing series of bets, which started with one stupid bet, about who starred in a particular movie, and for the first time, mostly as a joke, I suggested oral sex for my prize.  To my surprise, Faith accepted, and she was wrong about the star.  So my sister started giving me blowjobs, because she lost the bet. 

But I became convinced that it wasn’t only because she lost the bet, that Faith was faking her disgust, getting turned on by what I was making her do.  I proved my theory with successive bets, with higher stakes and terms where she could only lose if she really wanted to.  Really, that made it her fault as much as mine.  By the end of that summer, I’d turned my sister Faith into my willing sex slave.  She not only had to have sex with me, but with anyone I ordered, anytime, anywhere.  I used that privilege, maybe even abused it, but Faith enjoyed it, mostly.  She even called me master without me asking.

The sex slavery was for the summer only, for those were the terms of the bet, and although I ended it a few weeks early because something came up, my sister had hinted that she might like to try it again, just not while school was going on. 

That didn’t mean we wouldn’t have sex.  Once that door is opened between siblings, you might as well continue, and that first series of bets opened the door.  I fucked my sister Faith on a regular basis ever since she first submitted, and through her I fucked our cousin Lara when I got the chance too.  Over the summer I’d traded Faith’s willing tongue to service Lara in exchange for the chance to fuck her before or after. 

Now, the trade wasn’t necessary anymore either.  Lara and I just screwed when we had the chance and the urge.  That was less often than you might expect.  We went to different schools and lived in different parts of the city.  When I was horny, fucking Faith was all-around easier than finding Lara, and because of the increased taboo and her natural tightness, often more fun. 

Still, every once in a while you want something different, and that’s why that day in November, I found myself with Lara.  I’d ditched my last class of the day, got something to eat, and then drove over to my cousin’s school.  I’d already texted her so I knew where to wait for her, near a bus stop she used.

After a few minutes of waiting, watching other people walk by, I saw her.  It was a bit chilly out so Lara wasn’t wearing the most flattering clothes, jeans, a sweater, and a light jacket, but she wore it well.  She was only fifteen, but already has a body an adult would be jealous of, nicely rounded hips, pear-shaped breasts just ample enough to overfill a hand, and slender legs.  “Hey,” I said over the open window.   There were other people around, and I didn’t want to give her a reputation as a cousin fucker, even though at least one of her friends already knew, because I’d fucked them both together.  That girl wasn’t around then, so I covered for her.  “You seen Mikey around?”  Mikey was her brother, around my age.   “His phone’s off.”

Lara gave me a half smile.  “Hey Mark.  I think he said he was going to a friend’s place.  I don’t know which one.”

“Shit,” I said, then shrugged.  “Oh well.  You want a ride?” 

Soon after that, we were at her place.  Nobody else was home and, if her parents did show up, I could pretend I was waiting for her brother.  We went down to the basement, where there was a TV and a nice set of couches. 

“I’m actually kind of glad you texted today,” she told me as we sat. 

“What, you’re not usually?  I’m hurt.”

“Shut up, it’s just I was especially horny today.   It’s been too long since I hooked up with anybody.” 

We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend or anything, I fucked other girls and she fucked other guys, but I didn’t like to be reminded of it.  Normally we’d make out a little, I’d rub her boobs, just to get the juices flowing and get her started down the road to cum, but after what she said, I decided to opt for a crude, quicker approach.  “Oh yeah?”  I said.  “Let’s see.”  I worked my hand under her top but then when I touched skin, I slid down.   With her jeans still buttoned tight it took some effort, but since that effort had my fingers rubbing around her mound, she didn’t seem to mind much.  On the contrary, she was squirming weakly, but doing nothing to stop me. 

Finally my fingertips brushed her pussy, but I went even deeper.  “Wow, you are wet.”

“That’s why I have you here,” she said. “To take care of it.”

One thing I learned last summer was the benefits of staying in control.  It may not be true with all women, but it worked with Faith, after all.  So spectacularly well, that I kept that pattern up.  That’s not to say I’ll be a selfish lover, or abusive, but whenever possible, I try to set the agenda, rather than letting the girl.  Sometimes I don’t even let them have a say.  So, even though I have no problem with spending a lot of time fingering a girl, or even performing oral sex, I pulled my hand away from her and towards my pants.  “Well, before I use my mouth, I think I’d like to use yours.”

My dick was already hard and ready to stand up proudly once released from its fabric restraint.  I don’t like to brag, but I’ve got a respectable dick.  It’s not black-porn-star huge, but I’ve never had a complaint about it either, and a few girls have commented on how it’s bigger than they thought, or bigger than their last boyfriend’s.  I guess that’s why I’ve never bothered to measure it.  Once you know you’re more than enough to satisfy most girls, getting out the ruler just seems a little pathetic. 

Lara’s eyes widened a fraction when she saw my beast, and then she slipped off the couch and got on her hands and knees as she crawled into position.  Lara’s a beautiful girl, and one of her best features is her lips, full and plump and soft-looking.  It’s practically a pleasure all its own watching her lips go over the head of my dick, even if I couldn’t feel a thing.  With the sensation, it’s incredible, although in terms of technique, I’ve had better.  Lara started at the head, licking around, and then went down about halfway, and pulled away, just when the wet heat was becoming really good.  She licked around the underside, and then went down again.  I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little teasing and pulling away, but the rhythm was a little off somehow that keeps her from being a first-class cocksucker like my sister.  Finally, I just wanted her to keep her mouth on and just go up and down, so when she had her lips over the tip, I put my hand on the back of her hair and applied light pressure to keep her from pulling off.  She got the hint and began bobbing her head, applying gentle suction. 

As she went down on me, I used my free hand to grab the remote control and turn on the TV.  I just wanted to see what was on, and I guess there’s a subtle little humiliation at play, like I was implying her blowing me wasn’t enough stimulation.  It was plenty, but if it inspired her to try harder, so much the better.  I think it did, a little, but mostly the TV distracted me.  I never lost track of the blowjob, but I missed that sensation, almost like a buzzing feeling at the base of your dick, where you’re approaching that point where you can’t help but blow your load if you continue.  As Lara’s head pulled up as far as I’d let her, her eyes open and looking up at me, I realized I’d already passed that point.  The pressure was building.  “Shit, I’m cumming.”  I instinctively pushed her head back down until she was at least halfway when the pressure built to a crescendo and my entire lower body seemed to flex, particularly my balls which sent out a rush of semen. 

She didn’t fight against me, just let the torrent flow, and her throat wobbled as she swallowed.  I kept my hand on her hair until about the fourth squirt, and then let it fall.  She pulled back slowly, still swallowing, still sucking, but finally pulled away from my dribbling dick.  Her tongue lapped up a few extra dribbles of it, and then she smiled.“Wow, I must have done really good this time.  I thought you would have held off till you could sink it in my pussy.” she said.  “But I guess that just means we have more time for me.”  

Lara unbuttoned her pants and stood, letting them drop to the ground.   She had a thong underneath, black, but that went away swiftly…  she sat back on the couch, raised her legs in the air, and pulled them off.  She did have a nice pussy, especially from behind.  “So, come on, your turn.”

“I don’t know,” I teased.  “What’s in it for me?  I mean, I got what I wanted, so I might get going.” 

She shook her head at me, but there was a smile attached.  One finger strayed to her slit, as though daring me to force her to take care of herself.  “Bastard!”

I grinned.  “What was that?  Did you say ‘Master’?  Cause if you were willing to call me that, I might change my mind.”

She laughed.  “Please.  It would take more than a little horniness to turn me into your sex slave.”

I was just playing around, but she piqued my interest.  “So what would it take?”  If she was at all open to the idea, I wanted in.  I missed having one, and if I could manage two at once, I’d be a god. 

Chapter Two:

Lara’s eyes roamed up to the ceiling, as though she wasn’t really considering the question.  “I don’t know, but it’d have to be pretty big… now are you going to get to work, or what?” 

I don’t really like to be told what to do, but I enjoy eating pussy and it was in my interest to keep her happy.  I slid to the side a little and waved at the empty spot on the couch.  She sat down in it, legs spread, pussy aimed towards me.  Lara shaved, which was one improvement over my sister. 

I usually liked to stick one or two fingers in the hole, while working my tongue along the outside, but this time, after a little work to get her started, I pulled my finger out and mostly used my tongue, to get her to a slower boil.  Feeling her squirm under me, trying to push her pussy on me was always a pleasure. 

A few minutes later, she was breathing heavily, and I returned the finger, basically finger-fucking her forcefully until it looked like I had her on the edge of ecstasy, and I pulled my mouth away entirely.  My finger stopped its motion.  

“So, have you been thinking about it?” I asked suddenly.  “What it would take to turn you into my sex slave?”  I wasn’t asking because I wanted it.  I did want it, I loved how it felt to control my sister’s sex life utterly, and the thought of being able to control my cousin’s too, well, it almost enough to get me hard enough to fuck her right away.  After her earlier dismissive response, though, I didn’t really think owning Lara was going to happen… I just thought teasing her with the idea might turn her on.

Even without any motion from me, she grunted and her legs twitched, so it looked like I might have been right.  Of course, Lara couldn’t admit it.  “What makes you think I’d even want it?”

I wiggled the finger in her cunt, just a little, to remind her it was there.  “This does.  The pussy doesn’t lie, Lara, and I just felt it get wetter.  Besides, you know I’d treat you well.  All you’d have to do is submit and I could give you sexual experiences like no other.  You’d love it.”

She smiled.  “Right, Mark, just like Faith.  She couldn’t even make it to the end of the summer.  I bet I could last longer than her, but…”

“Wanna bet?” I injected, grinning devilishly.

“No.  I mean it sort of shoots a hole in your theory that I’d enjoy it.  She obviously didn’t.”

I shook my head.  “That wasn’t cause Faith couldn’t take it, it was because of me.  The pregnancy really freaked me out.”

Lara’s eyes widened and she leaned forward.  “Faith got pregnant?”

Shit.  “She didn’t tell you?”

“No.  I assumed she just got sick of it.  At first I thought maybe someone found out, but that kind of gossip would have been all over.  Then I thought maybe she caught an STD.”

“I wouldn’t let her get an STD,” I said, maybe a little too emphatically.  To be honest, it was a risk, more than I’d be willing to admit.  “I make sure I know everybody I sold her to, and they know me.  If they didn’t do what I wanted, if they ran their mouth, I’d make them pay.   It was pregnancy.  She was on the pill, but it’s not perfect.   We had to… take care of it.  I would have figured she’d tell you, if nobody else.”  They were pretty close, almost like I was with Mikey.  Our similarly-aged cousins were almost like second siblings.  What’s more, Lara was the only one of Faith’s friends who knew about her secret life this past summer.

“Faith and I kind of haven’t been talking as much.  I think it’s cause I wanted her to keep licking my cootch, but I’m not even bi, so I didn’t want to eat her out in return.  I just figured she’d be used to it by now she wouldn’t have a problem.  You’re the one who thinks she’s a born submissive, how does that fit into your theory?”

I began to piston two fingers slowly, in and out, but my tongue was still free to talk.  “Simple.  I take control of her pleasure, but I don’t withhold it.  Everything she does for me, I make sure she gets off.  You weren’t willing to pay in kind.”

She had a far-off look in her eyes, but then again, I was working my fingers in and out like a dick.  She was closing her thighs around my hand pretty tightly, too.  “I can’t believe it, she got pregnant.”  She shook her head and grinned.  “Well, no wonder you want me to agree, you’re not going to get Faith to play slave again.”

I grinned.  “I wouldn’t be so sure about that…”  She’d been hinting at it over the last couple months, now and then, and the hints were growing more and more blatant now that we were approaching a school break.

“No way.”

“We’ll use condoms this time,” I said.  “But there’s a good chance that Faith will be mine again over Christmas, maybe over summer too.  She just doesn’t want to do it while school’s on.”

Lara moaned softly.  “Good, I missed her tongue.  She’s better than you.”

I took that as a challenge, and sunk my mouth down to her pussy.  It teased the edges of the crack, and then withdrew my fingers for a moment and buried my face in her hole, licking the inside and rubbing my nose near her clit.  She raised her ass to help grind into me and get more friction, and by the pace of her breathing I thought I was doing a good job, better than average.  Suddenly, I pulled off and put my fingers back to work.  “So if Faith’s willing to do it more than once,” I said, then kissed her mound a few times.  “Don’t you think you should at least give it a try?”

“Maybe,” she said drawing the word out, and I got fully hard again.  I was just teasing her to heighten the pleasure.  I hadn’t even considered that she might accept… I really did think my sister was one of a kind in that respect, and even with her it took a lot of pushing her to her limits before she said yes.   Of course, Lara hadn’t agreed yet… she was probably doing the same thing that I was doing, playing along, teasing.  Well, it was working, I was teased. 

“Maybe’s good.  Yes is better.”  I was ready to fuck her, so I started to stand again, though bent low enough to keep my fingers in her pussy, and lowered my underwear back over my boner.   “Sure I can’t get you to improve your answer?”

She just made another ‘mmm’ sound, and I placed the head of my cock on her pussy lips, forcing them gently apart but instead of going in, just slid it along the top.  I had thought of trying to make fucking her conditional on accepting… she was pretty wet already, maybe she was at that place where she’d agree to anything.  But sometimes girls can turn off all of a sudden, so I didn’t want to risk it.  If I played it slow, I might get what I wanted anyway.  Finally, she said, “So if you become Faith’s master again, does that mean she’ll eat my pussy?”

“If I want her to.  Of course, whether I’ll want her to… I don’t know, maaaaaybe.” 

“You really think you can get Faith to do whatever you want?”

“Pretty much.  She trusts me.  So far, anything I’ve wanted, she’s done.”  At least, once I overcame her initial resistance, which was all for show.  But once the last bet was made, and my sister was mine to do with as I pleased, she never told me no.  “Maybe there’s something she wouldn’t do, but chances are I wouldn’t want it anyway.”

I was sick and tired of the teasing, so I repositioned myself one last time, and decided to go for it.  Lara leaned forward suddenly and held my cock, not painfully, but enough to get me to stop.  “Willing to bet on it?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I might be willing to play the slave thing for a while.  I don’t know why, but it does sound fun.  But I’m going to make you work for it.”  It was really happening.  Hard to believe.  I tried my best to put on a confident smile, like I knew I’d get her to break all along.  “So, if you win the bet, I’ll do it next summer.”

“What do I have to do?”  Did Lara know I’d already made Faith fuck a dog?  If she made bestiality the condition, it would be a slam dunk.

My cousin kept holding my dick, which seemed to be growing harder than it’d been in a long while.  “Simple.  You have to get Faith pregnant again.”  She felt the instinctive swell in my dick when I heard it, and squeezed back.  “And this time, she has to keep it.”

Chapter Three:

Shit, I didn’t want that.  Part of me did, sure, the part of me she held in one hand, and it was a traitorous part, not wilting at all.  “I don’t know, that’s pretty fucking kinky.”

“Kinkier than fucking your sister, selling her to other guys you know?”

Yes.  “That doesn’t harm her… doesn’t change her.”

She let go of my dick, closed her legs ever so slightly so I didn’t have easy access anymore.  “I knew you wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“It’s not that, I’m sure I could,” I lied.  “But it all comes down to whether the risk is worth the reward.  What happens if I lose?”

She smiled.  “I don’t know, maybe you could be my sex slave this summer instead.”

I shook my head emphatically, secretly relieved to have such an easy way out of it.  “No, no deal.  Guys can be a dominant or a submissive, but not both.  I’m a dominant.”


“It just wouldn’t work,” I insisted.  “Girls may be able to switch hit, guys can’t.”  I wasn’t sure this was true, but I was pretty sure it was true for me.  Giving up the dominant role to somebody else terrified me.  “So I guess it’s a no, then.”

“Wait,” she said.  “What about Faith?  If I win, next summer, instead of you taking her, you give her to me.”

“I don’t control her…”

“No?  I thought you were just finished telling me you did?”

“When we have a slavery agreement, yes.  But if she doesn’t want to agree to be your slave next summer, that’s her business.”

“So…” she smiled.  “Okay, the next time you get her as a slave, you order her to be my slave the whole time.  She should agree to that, right?  For you guys bets are sacred.”

It was too good to be true.  I even saw a beautiful loophole.  I always honor my bets but there’s a long-standing tradition of loopholes and technicalities.  If you don’t word the bet right, and someone finds a legitimate way to weasel out of it, that’s your problem.  And she never actually said, this time, that it had to be a whole summer.  She just said ‘the next time.’  If I lost, I could bet Faith to be my slave for a night, and then turn her over just for that time.  How could I refuse when Lara was going to give me that big an opening?  Speaking of openings, I was still pretty eager to get inside hers.   “Sounds reasonable.  How about we talk about this after?”

“Does that mean you agree?” 

I thought about it quickly and decided I couldn’t do it.  But I couldn’t back down, either, at least not without a way to save face.  “I’ll think about it.  It sounds good, but for something this big, we really need to agree on the conditions, sanely and soberly, and right now all I’m not feeling much of either.  I just want to do is plow your cunt and make you cum.”

She relented, spread her legs again, and I got in between.  She was pretty wet, so I just lubricated myself on her, and then entered.  I was pretty forceful… since I’d only cum a few minutes before, I could go faster, harder, and for longer than I otherwise would, and although my climax wouldn’t be as intense, that made up for a lot.  She came first, but then, my mouth and fingers had done a lot of the work, preparing the way.  It started as moan that carried a whimper within it, and then her mouth opened wide and she squealed and I felt her pussy almost milking me and her legs in my arms going first rigid, and then limp.  I continued after that, but the moans were softer, and she put less effort into it, so I thought about the idea of winning this bet Faith proposed to get me excited enough to finally cum. 

Lara was also on the pill, of course, although about half the time fucking her I pulled out and came on her stomach, ass, or mouth, just on general principle.  One pregnancy scare makes you a little gunshy of squirting it directly where it’s dangerous.   This time, though, I was willing to take the risk.  Once I came, releasing jets of gooey seed deep inside my cousin, I pulled out and collapsed on the couch beside her, breathing deeply to regain my energy.

After we fucked, I figured that would be the end of it.  I thought it was the kind of dirty idea she wanted to play with until she came, and once she did, it would be forgotten.  I’ve had those before… hasn’t everybody?  She didn’t mention it again right away, and we dressed and sat around together watching some satellite TV, like any other cousins.

“So, what about that bet,” she said suddenly, during a commercial break.  “Or are you too chicken?”

See, this is the part of what I mean when I say it was her fault.  If she hadn’t goaded me, I could have declined gracefully.   Instead, I decided that I’d try to make her flinch first.  “I’m okay with it, I’m just not sure you know what you’re getting into.  It would be the same rules as with Faith.  Anything I want, anytime I want, with anyone I want.”

“I know,” she said. “I’m sure I can handle it, just as long as you promise not to treat me any worse, either.  Come on, you said you could get her to do anything.”

“That means I might sell you to your brothers.”  They’d used Faith enough.  I wasn’t sure if they’d want to fuck their own sister, or if they’d freak out and try to beat the shit out of me, but it was a bluff anyway.

She called it.  “Yeah, I figured.” She sounded almost philosophical about it.  Not eager, not scared, just like it was something she’d never tried, and how bad could it be?

I sighed a little.  “The problem is, I’m taking a lot of risk here.  So many things could go wrong on my end.  She could decide not to be my slave at all…”

“So, we’ll make that part of the bet.  If she doesn’t want to be your slave over Christmas, it’s off, no winners or losers.”  She frowned, thought about it, then added, “But neither of us can tell her about the bet until there’s a winner, or the person who does automatically loses.  And if she offers, you have to say yes, you can’t chicken out at the last minute.”

“There would have to be a rule about no telling anybody else, either, ever.” I added, and she agreed.   “But the Christmas holidays are only two weeks, she might not even be fertile, and if she is, I could miss the window…”

She shrugged.  “You don’t have to do it over the holidays.  Let’s say… three months from the start of the Christmas break, if she plays slave.  She has to be pregnant by then, and still be pregnant by the summer break.  I know you’re fucking her even without the slave thing, and you’re going to have to convince her to keep the baby after Christmas anyway.  If you can’t knock her up, that’s your problem.”

“She’s on the pill.”

“Your problem again.  I told you I was going to make you work for it.  You have to get her off it… and stay off it until she’s preggers.  And she has to keep the baby.”

“She could have a miscarriage or something… like, naturally.  I don’t like losing something this big over just dumb bad luck.” 

That stopped her a second.  “Okay.  If that happens, you can keep trying.  But she has to voluntarily stay off birth control, and she still has to be pregnant by summer, to prove she still intends to go through with it.  And if either you or she causes one on purpose, I win, even if you get her to change her mind later.”

“You’re really set on this, aren’t you?”

Lara grinned.  The smile had sort of a predatory edge to it.  I guess that look was part of why I didn’t want to just back down and admit I didn’t want to go that far, it felt like weakness.  It was like we were playing a game of chicken, and if I backed out first, she might never respect me the same way.  “Hey, I’m not the one who started this, Mark, that was you.  So do you want to do this, or what?”

I wanted to, but didn’t think it was right.  So there was one last card I could pull.  “I didn’t want to say this, I was going to give you a chance to back out gracefully…”


I took a breath.  “My major problem is that I’m not sure I can trust you.”

She repeated, “What?” but this time with a lot more indignant, like I’d called her a thief.

“You know how me and Faith are with our bets.  We never break them, no matter what.  A bet is a bet.  Most people don’t go that far, they chicken out if the stakes are too high.  And these are pretty high stakes.  I mean think about it, let’s say I win.  My sister’s pregnant, she keeps the baby, everybody knows she’s been fucking somebody.  Our parents get pissed off.  There’s even a risk of the whole story coming out.  I take all that on myself, and I win anyway, I decide to collect.  Then suddenly you get cold feet.  You don’t want to do it.”  I shook my head.  “As much as I’d like to, I can’t take the risk when you could just back out.  What would I do?”

“You know I wouldn’t do that.”

“No, I don’t,” I said.  “That’s the point.  I’ve never made a big bet with you before.  Nothing with real stakes.”

She seemed disappointed somehow, and the commercial break had ended, so we watched more TV in silence.  I was thinking of saying my goodbyes and getting out of there.  Suddenly, she said, “So there’s no way you could trust me to go through with my end?”

“I can’t think of one.  I mean…” I shook my head.  I probably should have kept my mouth shut.  That part’s on me.

“What?” she prompted.

I’d already started.  It would probably scare her anyway.  “Well, if there were a way to make it costlier for you to back out than it would for you to go through with it.”

“You mean like blackmail?”

I grinned automatically.  I liked the sound of it.  But I didn’t want her to know that.  “Does it count as blackmail if you agree to it in advance?  More like… what do they call it, collateral.”

She laughed.  “Oh, I get it,” she said.  “You mean like I tell you my deepest darkest secret?  And if I lose and don’t fulfill my part of the deal, you’ll tell.”

I shook my head.  “No, you could always deny it later.  It would have to be a smoking gun.  Like, if I had pictures of you doing stuff.”

She interrupted me.  “What kind of stuff?”

“Stuff you wouldn’t want out there.  Say… ten pictures, anything I want.  If we do the bet, I’ll delete them after it’s done.  If we never go through with it, I’ll delete them too.  But if I win and you try to chicken out, they get sent to everybody you know.”

She bit her lip, considering this new suggestion.  “What kind of pictures do you have in mind?” she asked finally.

“I haven’t decided yet.  Nude at the very least.  Maybe a couple good shots of you sucking cock or being fucked.”  I shrugged, starting to get into the idea.  It would practically like a test run of her being my slave anyway, and I was sure I that I could either get her to balk by the end of it.

She must have seen the trap.  “Only if it’s stuff that doesn’t involve anybody else,” she said.  “And that doesn’t hurt.” 

That lowered my odds of spooking her a little, but I was sure I could think of something suitably embarrassing that would make her back down.   “We haven’t actually made the bet yet.  So you can say no at any time, and we’ll just forget the whole thing.  Any pictures I’ve taken will get deleted right away, if we ever decide not to go through with the full bet.”

She nodded.  “I can trust you to actually get rid of them, right?”

“We may not technically be betting yet, but it’s still part of a bet.”  That should have said it all.  “You know how I am about that shit, I take it very seriously.”

Lara let out a sigh, like she wasn’t sure about it but she was willing to go along with it.  “Okay, fine.  Ten pictures.  When do we start?”

“Not now.   I need some time to think about it.”  I checked the time on my phone and started to push myself off the couch.  “And I should get going anyway.  I’ll call you.  Thanks for the fuck.”

“Mm.  Thanks for the ride.”  I didn’t even think to make a joke and ask which ride until I was out the door.  I had other things on my mind.

Chapter Four:

At home, nobody was there.  Faith went to a friend’s house after school… it was part of the reason I chose to visit Lara that day.  Our timing was in synch, though… I only had the place to myself for about fifteen minutes before she came in.  I looked my sister over as she started putting her things away neatly and thought about what I’d just agreed to do. 

Faith’s only thirteen, and looks it, a small, lithe body.  She was short, but with her small frame and the way her long, skinny limbs extended off her, she gave the impression of being tall.  It was only when you got close that you realized she was smaller than you thought.   Faith doesn’t have much in the way of breasts, but what she does have is a pretty, tight body, kept fit not just through youthful energy, but also through regular dance class.  I knew first-hand how flexible she was.  If anything made me think twice about Lara’s proposed bet, it was the risk of ruining that perfect body with pregnancy.

My sister eyed me warily as she took off her hat, letting her red hair flop free, a little messily.  She was a natural redhead, a ginger-kid, with freckles and pale skin, but, although I used to tease her about it, she was one of the pretty kinds of redhead.  Her freckles were very faded now, since summer’s harsh sunlight was what really brought them out.  Without them, she looked like some kind of princess out of fairy tales.  With them, she looked a little more real and insecure.  I’m not sure which look I liked better.  Finally, she grew impatient with my gaze, I guess I was staring at her.  “What?”

“Oh, nothing,” I said.  “I was just thinking.”  Wondering what our kid would look like, mostly.  I didn’t look much like her.  She took after Mom, I took after Dad, looking less delicate, and much darker-featured.  I guessed there were good odds of our kid looking like either.  It was safer that way, if we were both redheads then our kids would probably be ultra-ginger, which might lead to questions. 

“Oh.  Mom or Dad home yet?”

I shook my head and turned my attention back to the television.  “Nah, Dad left a message.  He had to go out on a service call, and you know Mom when there’s a project deadline.  We’re probably on our own for dinner.” 

“Oh.  What are you having?”

I shrugged.  “I don’t know.  Chicken fingers, maybe.”

“Do we have any left?  I thought we used them all.”

“Yeah, we do.”

“I’m sure you’re wrong,” she said.  “I was looking there yesterday and I didn’t see them.”

“Maybe you’re going blind,” I said.   I looked just a few minutes ago, and we still had half a box.

“No, they’re all gone.  I’m sure of it.”  She didn’t give me time to respond before saying, “Hey Mark, wanna bet on it?”

My ears perked up.  I had a good idea of what was coming.  She had to know I was right, and that meant my sister was horny, and fun was ahead.

Typically, there were two strategies to the bets Faith and I engaged in.  There was the basic bet.  We disagreed and bet something small on the outcome, chores, money, a humiliating task, or, in the last few months, sometimes some kind of one-sided sexual favor.  The second strategy was the bluff bet.  In this one, you set the stakes big in the hopes that the other person would back off and not want to bet at all.  Sometimes it’s because you’re not sure, but just as often it’s because you are sure and want to stop the argument.  This was how my sexual relationship started with my sister.  I just wanted to shut her up, when we got into a pointless argument over whether Samuel L. Jackson was in the Matrix, so I told her that if she lost, she had to give me blowjobs anytime I wanted for a week.  To my surprise, she accepted, and she lost.   

Since that summer, there’s been a new wrinkle, a new betting strategy, one only my sister used.  She became master of the submission bet.  In submission bets, it seems the object for Faith is to lose and pay the consequences.  At first I wasn’t sure she was doing it, but by now it was blatant and almost a joke.  That was what this had to be.  She also would sometimes bet me that she could beat me in arm wrestling.  If I won, I would be allowed to fuck her any way I wanted, if I lost, I had to clean her room.  I’m almost four years older and practically twice her weight.  I’ve never had to clean her room once.

We didn’t need a bet to fuck, that was what was so funny about it.  If I asked her to do something sexual with me, almost without fail, she would agree to it, although sometimes grudgingly, as though she was just indulging me, or with a comment about what a pervert I was.    It was only when Faith herself wanted to initiate sex that the submission bets came into play.  It was as though some part of still her hated to admit that she wanted it, so even though we both knew that she did, she used a bet as an excuse.

I wasn’t fooled, but I wasn’t about to turn it down, either.  I’d made her beg for it once, there was no need to rub it in any more.  “What do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know.  If I win, you have to give me a backrub.   If you’re right and there are some, I guess I’ll let you fuck me.”

I held off my grin.  “I don’t know,” I said.  “I’m kind of tired, since I went to see Lara earlier.”  I enjoyed the little, automatic, pout that formed on her face.  She knew I fucked Lara, and had fucked a few others, too.   My sister and I weren’t dating or anything, but I still think she got jealous sometimes, even if she’d never admit it, and I liked to play with that.  I didn’t give her a chance to respond before I said, “Maybe, if you’re on top, and do all the work.” 

“Figures, you’re so lazy I’m surprised you even get up in the morning.”  She sighed.  “Fine, whatever, if you think you’ll win.”  She extended her hand for the traditional handshake, and I took it. 

Of course I won.  A quick trip to the kitchen was all it took to settle that bet.  If it was a real one, it could have been avoided by just doing that in the first place… but betting was more fun.  Faith shrugged, and then turned on the oven.  “Might as well preheat it, knowing you, you’ll probably want to eat them after.”

We went up to my room, because Faith had made her bed earlier in the day and didn’t want to mess it up again.  I rarely made my bed at all.  I lay down and began taking off my pants, then slipped my boxers off.  After that, I pulled off my shirt.  Meanwhile, in that time, Faith, still standing, was down to her bra and panties.  I watched the show.  The panties came off first.  Although she showed me her breasts before I ever saw her pussy, it seemed now when she undressed in front of me she usually exposed the pussy before her breasts.  Both were a treat, if you asked me.  The pussy was tight, a line of pinkness between two tight lips, and a little hood poking up at the midpoint.  She also had a little crest of red hair above the slit, proving her credentials as a natural redhead.  As for her breasts, well, there wasn’t much there in terms of size, but I loved them anyway.  She had cute little pink nipples, and the bumps were much less than a handful.   I personally thought they looked fantastic.  Still, though she never said it, Faith always seemed a little ashamed of her breast size, which is probably why I made a point of staring as she took it off, to reassure her that I wanted them.

I lay flat on my back, cock standing straight up.  She climbed on the bed beside me, and then took me in her mouth.   “The bet was for sex,” I reminded her, “Not a blowjob.”

“Shut up,” she said, pulling off of me and holding me straight in her hand.  “I’m just getting it wet.” 

“Hey, I’m not complaining, just warning you, I’ve probably only got one cum left in me today, so don’t spend all your efforts on that.”

She went down on me a few more times, drooling a little, but then pulled back, swung one leg over my legs, and crawled forward.  Faith then reached under her for my dick, raised up a little, and positioned the head of my shaft  at the entrance to her hole.  Once situated, she slid down slowly, until I was down in her all the way.  After all I’d fucked her she was still the tightest girl I’d ever fucked.  I guessed that was another thing that was bound to change if I went through with and won the bet.  No matter.  Every great victory required sacrifices. 

Once she was comfortably settled with me inside her, she began going up and down, almost hopping on me.  She said she’d do all the work, and she seemed ready to live up to the bet, but I didn’t want to leave it like that.  I held onto her hips and, as we went on a little, I my hands roamed a little, squeezing her breasts or playing with the top of her pussy, and her clit.  I still let her do most of the work, because I was tired, but she appreciated the effort and showed it by being even more energetic. 

She went on fucking me for a long time, longer than I usually lasted.  “Let me know when you’re ready,” she reminded me.  She must have expected that I’d probably be getting very close.  “So you can finish in my mouth.”

“No,” I said.  “I want to cum inside you this time.”  I wasn’t as close to orgasm as she expected, but I wanted to see how she’d react.

She slowed a bit and stared me in the eye a moment, a little confused.   Ever since she got pregnant last summer, we’d avoided me cumming in her pussy.  There had been accidents in the heat of the moment, and they weren’t dwelled on, but we’d never deliberately had me cum while fucking her, we always tried to pull out and put it somewhere else like her mouth or, occasionally, her ass.  This wasn’t discussed out loud, we just somehow both seemed to agree on it.   I got the impression she preferred it that way, and I do love my sister.  I wouldn’t want to have to put her through the pain of another abortion.

The actual risks of pregnancy were minimal… she was still taking the pill religiously, perhaps more strictly than before.  But she was supposedly on the pill last time, too.  So it just seemed prudent, even though I loved the feeling of her pussy squeezing out every last drop.  I missed it, in fact, and this time, I wanted to feel it again.  I guess I also wanted to test the waters, since if I went through with Lara’s bet, I’d be cumming inside her a lot more.  “Okay,” she said after a moment, and her movements once more increased in intensity.  I kind of figured that she wouldn’t put up a fuss.  If she really was that concerned about risks, she would have forced me to wear a condom.

As she rode me like a wild animal, her breath started to come out in little half-moans, and I knew she was close.  I stopped rubbing her pussy directly and instead clutched her ass with both hands and helped direct her up and down with extra force until she shuddered.  I’d gone on longer than she thought, but seeing and feeling her climax pushed me over the edge as well. 

My orgasm wasn’t very intense… that was usually the way it was when I’d had several in one day.  Still, I squirted my seed inside her, imagining it shooting into her womb, and that made it special despite the lack of the mind-blowing rapture.   I groaned a little, and then, when I was done, and nothing more would go into her, dropped my arms to my side and took deep breaths.  She fell against me, also resting, and allowing me to slip out of her.
Faith lay up against me on the bed, and I kissed her, not on the lips, but on the side of her head, near her temple.  Still, it was soft, tender, and unlike our normal bickering, faux-antagonistic relationship.  It was only at times like these that I was openly affectionate towards her.  After sex, and, during that summer when she was my slave, sometimes just out of nowhere.  It was as though knowing she’d submitted herself to me kept me aware of how much I loved her and wanted to make her happy.  Sometimes I had even wondered if that was the main reason she did it.

With that kiss, she nuzzled into me, in the space between my body and one arm as we practically cuddled,  enjoying post-orgasm relaxation.  With my free hand, I rubbed her stomach lazily, imagining my cum in there, attacking an egg.  It was unlikely, because of the pill, but the thought still stirred something within me.  My dick didn’t respond, it was too spent, but my groin muscles flexed and it was like I could feel my balls churning up more juice. 

It wasn’t the idea of pregnancy itself that got me so worked up, although that certainly was kinky, as was the image of my tiny little sister waddling around with a swollen belly.   It was what it represented.  I guess I’m turned on by control, of someone, like my sister, doing what I want because they trust me enough that I’ll make it good for them.  And what better symbol of ultimate control than to get my sister pregnant and convince her to keep the baby, and never tell a soul?  Maybe even go off to college and let her raise it.  If I could pull that off, I couldn’t imagine anything she wouldn’t let me do, at least nothing that I wanted.  That idea was hard to give up.  I wanted to see if Faith would give me that power, if I could take her utterly.

It was fun to think about, but when Faith rolled off me and went to take a shower, and I went to put in the chicken fingers, I came back to reality a little.  I couldn’t do it, it just wasn’t fair.  I’d just have to make sure Lara would chicken out.  I bet I could do make her balk, she wouldn’t make it through ten pictures.   As those words crossed my mind, I realized that a bet was a bet, even if only with myself, and a bet deserved stakes.  So I allowed that kinky side of me a faint hope.  I formulated the wager in my head and it just felt right.  I would try to make Lara chicken out.  But if my cousin agreed to all ten pictures, then I’d go through with her bet and try to knock up my sister, for keeps.

The thought made me shiver in a mix of fear and excitement.  I wasn’t sure I actually could do it.  But I did think that even if I failed, it wouldn’t blow back on me… Faith might tell me no, but she wouldn’t tell on me for trying.  She’d probably be pissed off if I actually lost her to Lara for a summer, but with my loophole, it would only mean a few hours of servicing her.    It was a kind of shitty thing to do to Lara, but if she wasn’t prepared for the game, she shouldn’t have played.  I was certainly risking a lot more than her, even if I won. 

And win or lose, I knew I’d have fun trying.

Chapter Five:

I got my first and second pictures off Lara that night, and I didn’t even have to leave the house.  Instead, I had her take it herself and send it to me.  It was more of a webcam shot than a photo, since I wanted to get the pose perfect, and to do that I had to see her and direct the action.  I could have recorded the video for my own private use, but I am a man of honor, that wouldn’t be fair. 

I didn’t appear on camera, just typed what I wanted, in case she had any thoughts of being sneaky and recording me.   Also, being able to watch and give instructions without being seen myself made me feel more dominant, and I hoped it might, by extension, make her feel more submissive.  It never hurt to start laying the groundwork.

The pictures I wanted involved Lara and her hairbrush.  The first had it prominently sticking out of her pussy, almost all the way to the head.  Of course, her face was featured clearly as well.  That required some staging, to get both.   A picture of just her pussy, as beautiful as it was, doesn’t work as blackmail material, and if you just got her face you’d never know she had a hairbrush inside her.  Once both her head and the hairbrush were prominently in the frame, I had her work it in and out a little…  I told her that I wanted to get it wet so it would show up on camera, but really it was just to get her excited, and it was fun to watch.  The camera didn’t pick up any wetness, but she looked like she was getting into it when I told her to stop.  I certainly was, but I needed to cut things off there.  I didn’t want her to cum.   I had to keep her excited.

The second picture had her on her knees, ass to the camera, but with her face visible, turned back with a smile.  This time, the hairbrush was in her ass, all the way.  I told her to imagine it was my cock, and she rolled her eyes a little, but it went virtually all the way in.  The picture I chose had her hand on the head of the brush, as though she was fucking her ass with it.  But I didn’t take it right away, I let her actually fuck herself with it a little more, until she seemed to be starting to grunt. 

“Okay, that’s enough,” I typed.  “You really have a nice ass Lara.  I can’t wait until you lose the bet and I own it and can do the job myself any time I want… I’d make you cum so hard you wouldn’t be able to stand afterwards.  I got the pictures I wanted though.  2 down, 8 to go.  Good night.”

I liked the idea of leaving her hanging like that, even if it was abrupt.  It made sense to me.  Either it wasn’t turning her on very much and it was better to end it, or she’d want to take care of herself with the brush… and I could just bet she’d be thinking of me while she did it, what it’d be like to be my sex slave.

I had to wait for the next batch of pictures, since I wanted to get them in person.  I don’t know if it was because she was busy or because she was having second thoughts, but the next time I had a chance to see Lara was on Thanksgiving.   Last year we took a trip to see the other branch of the family tree, but this year we stayed close to home and we planned to have it at Uncle Bill and Aunt Sharon’s place.   

We arrived pretty early, because my Dad and Uncle Bill enjoyed watching football.  They considered it part of the whole Thanksgiving experience.  Personally, I never warmed to football, something about it always seemed kind of gay.  Guys wrestling against each other over a ball and patting themselves on the ass.  I was more into basketball. 

My Dad drove us, even though I had my own car.  As soon as we pulled into the driveway, we had to pull out again, because my cousin Todd arrived in his BMW and wanted to pull it into the garage.   There was almost a fight over it, since my cousin’s abrasive and pushy, but once it was settled he acted like there was no hard feelings.  Arriving with Todd was a woman I’d never seen before, probably around my age, maybe a year or two older.  She was quite pretty, slim but tall, with dark brown hair just past her neck. 

Todd introduced us around.  “Jeannie, this is my Uncle Alex, my Aunt Bonnie, my little cousin Mark, and my littler cousin, Faith.  This is Jeannie, my girlfriend.”

I would have just greeted her normally, but being referred to as a “little cousin” when I was seventeen and in my last year of high school pissed me off, so when it was my turn to shake her hand, I said, “Nice to meet you,” and then stage-whispered, “You could do so much better.”  She gave a brief laugh and a warm smile and pulled her hand away, and when I looked back to Todd he was giving an annoyed grimace.  I pretended I didn’t notice.

We all went inside, took our coats off, and made pleasantries with those who were there before us.  I greeted my Aunt and Uncle and Mikey.  Lara wasn’t out at first, but she showed up later, wearing tight jeans and a beige top. 

I had some hopes of dragging Lara aside and taking a few pictures while everyone else was occupied, but it just didn’t seem to work out.  There were too many people around and it would have been suspicious to go up to Lara’s room alone.  Mostly, I blame it on my male cousins’ inadvertent cockblocking.   We were friends, almost brothers, but I didn’t want him around, even though he knew I’d fucked his sister.  Fuck, he knew I’d fucked my sister, and he’d fucked Faith too.  Still, I didn’t know how he’d feel about me trying to turn his own sister into a sex slave.  So I didn’t want him around but I couldn’t exactly tell him to buzz off.  Todd was an even bigger risk, if he happened to spot us, or show his girlfriend around the house.  The first time I thought I had a decent chance be able to get Lara alone, we were all called to eat. 

Dinner was spectacular: turkey with all the trimmings, ham, potatoes, carrots, cranberry sauce.   I could eat a lot in one sitting, and not get fat from it, too, but I paced myself, possibly because I was seated between Faith and Todd’s girlfriend Jeannie, and I didn’t want to look like a pig. 

Afterwards, while everybody was talking about how much they ate and settled in to watch some more football, I waited until Mikey left the room, and then said that I was going to go for a walk, to “work off some of that turkey.”  I then turned to Lara and asked if there was a convenience store nearby.  “I need to get a new card for my phone.”

She started giving me directions.  I knew exactly where the convenience store was.  It was a little bit of a walk away, and so not especially convenient, but I was after alone-time, and the long walk suited me fine.   I faked looking lost, which is easy to do… you just sort of let your eyes blur and don’t even listen to what’s being said.  “Yeah, okay,” I said.  “I’ll try to remember.  Don’t suppose you feel like a little bit of a walk, too?”

She quirked a lip, so she must have seen through me.  “Yeah, sure, why not?  I’ve got some calories to burn off, too.”

“Me too,” my sister chimed in.  “I’ll come.  I need to get some gum, too.”

I tried not to look disappointed.  If need be, I could probably think of a way to get Faith to go early.  Unfortunately, by the time we got our coats on, Mikey came out of the bathroom.  “Where are you guys going?”

“A walk,” Faith said.  “To the convenience store.”

“Oh, wait up, I’ll come along.”

Damn.  It looked like my plans were about to fall apart.  It wasn’t as though I couldn’t explain to Mikey or Faith that I wanted to do something with Lara, but Faith might want to watch and Mikey might get a little touchy if I wanted to do something with his sister and he couldn’t do anything with mine.  He had a crush on Faith, but she had no interest in him except when I wanted her to do something with him, which I only did if he paid. 

We walked about halfway there, talking about meaningless shit, as I both watched the route for out-of-the-way spots and tried to think up a solution.  Finally, I decided I needed to make my move, and hung back a little to talk softly with Faith while Mikey and Lara were arguing.  “Hey, can you do me a favor?”


“Get Mikey to take you back.  Say you’re not feeling well or something?”

She frowned a little.  “Why?”

“You trust me?”  That was always the most important question.  As long as she trusted me, I could get away with murder.  In this case, it was a step towards getting away with the opposite.    But, after all I’d done to her already, she had to get a little anxious when I asked her that. 

Chapter Six:

She hesitated, biting her lip, but nodded.  She did trust me, at the moment.  A year from now, that might have changed, but for now she was still mine, even when she wasn’t formally a slave.  That felt good.

It was kind of a relief and rush of power all at once.  “Then please.  I’ll make it up to you.” My mom always went out shopping on Black Friday, and dragged my dad along if he didn’t have to work.  Since she was shopping for us, she didn’t like us along.  We’d have some time alone tomorrow.

Faith sighed a little, but picked up the pace.  “Hey, guys, I think I’m going to go back.  Something I ate isn’t agreeing with me.”

Everybody stopped, except me.  Predictably, Faith didn’t even have to ask.  Mikey volunteered.  “Oh, that’s too bad.  I’ll walk you back if you want.”

“Sure.”  She shot me a look back, like she was reminding me I owed her.

“Oh, hey, what kind of gum did you want?”  I’d be making it up to her later, but I thought it was the least I could do.

“Forget the gum, I just wanted an energy drink.”  Dad didn’t like her drinking those, he thought she was too young.   If he only knew the other stuff she wasn’t too young for.  She told me the brand and flavor, and then she and Mikey started back.  Faith had her arms lightly cradling her stomach… I thought that was a nice touch.

“I hope she’s going to be okay,” Lara said.

I smiled.  “I’m sure she’ll be fine.” 

I waited until after we were done with the convenience store before suggesting anything.  I didn’t even mention anything sexual, just to keep her wondering.  At the store, I bought a few things, and then as we headed out, I picked up a free newspaper from the stand outside, and directed Lara to the alley behind the store.  It looked pretty secluded. 

“What’s going on?” she asked, a little nervous.

“I want to get another couple pictures,” I said, pulling my digital camera out of my inside coat pocket. 

“Oh,” she said.  Her eyes darted around.  “Here?”

“Would you prefer at home with the house full of relatives?”

“But anybody could see here…”

“Relax.  Nobody’s going to walk down here.  And this won’t take long.”  She hesitated, so I said, “If you can’t even do this, we might as well call off the bet anyway, because after you lose… and you will, I’ll be able to take you anywhere I want, and do anything I want.  You don’t get to back out.”

She considered it.  “What do you want?”

“A picture of my cock in your mouth, to start with,” I said.  “On your knees.”  I dropped the newspaper on the ground.  “Here, you can go on that.”

She sighed.  “Fine, just make it quick, okay?”

I pulled up my coat and unzipped my jeans as she got into position, still looking around, but finally she decided it wasn’t too dangerous and closed those beautiful dick-sucking lips around my erect shaft.  “Deeper,” I said, and she complied, going down about halfway.  I looked through the camera’s viewfinder and took a few moments finding a good angle.  She was a good girl and didn’t just hold her pose, but she moved her tongue around, too.  Just like a good slave girl, really, it was a natural fit.  But she wasn’t quite where I wanted her.  “Hmmm, something’s missing.”

“Whaag?” she said with her mouth full of cock, then pulled off to repeat.  “What?

“You got your ID on you?”


“I think the picture would work much better with you holding up your school ID by your face, while you do it.  That way you can’t claim it was a lookalike or something.”

She paled.  “Why do you need to do that?”

“Just in case,” I said.  “I mean, these pictures only go out if I take a big risk, get my sister pregnant, and you back out of your end.  So they have to be pretty embarrassing.”

“I don’t know.”

“We agreed, any picture I wanted.”

“But come on… my name and ID?”

“Fine,” I said, trying not to sound angry, but I think a little bit of frustration slipped through.  I put my cock away and started to zip up.  “I knew you’d chicken out.  Fuck, I should have placed a side bet on it, so I wouldn’t have wasted my time for nothing.”  She just looked up at me like I’d slapped her and she still wasn’t sure how to process it.  The oldest negotiating trick in the world, make them think you’re willing to just walk away.  “I’ll delete the other pictures as soon as I get home, and we’ll forget the whole thing,” I said calmly, as though it didn’t bother me anymore. 

“Wait,” she said.  I was just moving to turn away, and swung back to look at her.  She fished into her handbag and pulled out a little leather container where she kept her IDs, and held it beside her face. 

I returned with a smile. “Wow, you must really want me to knock Faith up.  Because you know she’ll do what I ask.”  I honestly wasn’t sure if that was the truth.  She might have just wanted Faith as a slave and been so sure that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off, or maybe she wanted to be a slave so much but, like Faith, didn’t want to admit it.  Whatever the case, Lara did seem to be excited by me trying, that’s why I kept bringing it up, putting the image in her mind.  I didn’t give her a chance to respond, just got my dick out again, and let her suck on it while I set up the shot.

The picture was beautiful, Lara’s eyes looking up at the camera as her beautiful lips were distended over the head of my cock.  I preferred that to one where she went down deeper.  You could tell we were outside, somewhere, and right beside this demonstration of oral sex was a school photograph, Lara, slightly more tanned, smiling brightly, long blonde hair down to her shoulders, the picture of an all-American girl.  Her name and school were both easily readable, even on the display screen.  “Excellent,” I said, and showed it to her.  “You look so good like that.”

I felt the cool air on my dick as she pulled off again.  “So can we go home then?”

“No, not quite.  One more picture for today.”  She looked up at me expectantly.  “Pretty much the same, but this time with my cum all over your face.”  She made a face.  “Don’t worry, I bought cleaning wipes at the store, remember?  Now, are you going to make me jack off, or are you going to finish the job for me?”

She rolled her eyes, took one last look around, and then began blowing me again.  As her head bobbed up and down on my shaft, I spoke softly.  “That’s good.  Faith’s still a little better, but you’ll get a lot of practice this summer when you belong to me.   I’ll have her teach you exactly how I like it.  I mean, just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t still help out.  If you’re a good little slave, I’ll probably even have her clean you out with her tongue after you’ve taken a load.”  That wasn’t just for her benefit, I was trying to work myself up with dirty images so I’d cum faster than normal.  I didn’t want to be caught out there in public any more than she did.  Imagining my sister with a swollen belly licking Lara’s pussy after I’d just cummed in it certainly gave a little pulse of excitement to my dick.  Imagining it being Mikey or Todd’s cum, after they paid me for the right to have sex with their own sister, did it even more, but I didn’t want to risk spooking her by putting that on the table again. 

Soon, the combination of my little erotic peptalk and the motion of her head and tongue started to get that tingling feeling at the base of my dick. “Okay,” I said, and pushed back on her until my cock had just escaped her lips.  With one free hand I began rubbing it at the base, just to prolong and enhance the feeling, but I kept very close to her so that I wouldn’t miss and waste any.  Suddenly, I felt the jet rising and I jerked upward, landing a sticky glob just on the side of bridge of her nose, trailing down one cheek.  The next I aimed lower and pressed closer, smearing the shiny glaze over the lower part of her face.  On the fourth squirt I went to the other side.  Finally, as I was down to dribbles, I rubbed my dick on her lips, making sure that enough white was visible.  “Okay,” I said, and got my camera ready.  “Open your mouth a little.  Keep that ID up where I can see it.” 

She did, and I snapped the picture, my fourth, my cousin’s face covered in my cum, mouth open, tongue out just a little as though ready to taste it.  It was going to be hard giving these pictures up after the bet was over. 

I let her clean herself up, and then we walked home, arriving just in time for everybody to be ready for a little dessert.   As we had some pie, my mom remembered we didn’t do the tradition of having everybody say what they were thankful for, and insisted we do it then.  It was a shame I couldn’t admit to the real things I was thankful for, at least not in mixed company, so I just went with the pie. 

Chapter Seven:

The next morning was a day off of school, and so I slept in and woke up with a hard-on, like I usually did.  After brushing my teeth, and using the washroom, and putting on a pair of pants, I went to my sister’s door and knocked gently on it.  “Come in,” she said.

Faith sat near her desk, looking at her computer, body wrapped in a towel.  Her hair was still wet, making it look darker and less obviously red than usual, but it also gave it an extra sultry look.  If I wasn’t already horny, that alone might have done it.  “Mom and Dad gone?”  I’d checked the garage already, but it never hurt to be sure.

“Yeah.  You know how Mom likes to get those deals.”  She shook her head.  “I keep trying to tell her you can get ones just as good on the Internet.”

“She doesn’t like shopping online,” I reminded her.  “She says she likes to hold the stuff in her hands.  I think she’s just scared somebody’s going to steal her credit card number.”  Like that couldn’t happen just as easily in a store.  “Anything good?”

“Nothing really, really good yet.  So, any hints about what you might like?”

I smiled, seeing an opportunity.  “I don’t know, I might like having a sex slave again…”

She blushed and looked down, “Well, I can’t get you that, what would you unwrap in front of Mom and Dad?”  After a moment, she added, “Besides, you never know, you might win that in a bet.”

That was encouraging.  She still hadn’t said for sure that she wanted to, but with hints like that I had to believe it was in the cards.  “Well, I’m sure anything you get me I’ll love, but gadgets are always nice.  Or something for my car.  Or even a gag gift.”  I shrugged, then decided to go for the real reason I was her.  “Anyway, speaking of gifts, I owe you one.”


“For yesterday.  I told you I’d make it up to you, and we’re all alone…” I let my gaze drift down to her legs.  “I figure two orgasms would do it.  Well, one would repay the debt, the second would just be because I love my sister.”

She broke into a smile, but it faded quickly.  “Are you going to tell me why you needed me to go?”

“I can’t,” I said.  Technically, Lara and I never agreed that I couldn’t mention the photographs, they weren’t actually part of the bet itself… but explaining the photographs would have led to that forbidden subject.  I didn’t want to lie if I didn’t  have to.  “Just trust me.”

“Did you fuck her?”

She seemed absurdly worried.  She knew I fucked Lara on a regular basis.  “No,” I said honestly.  She relaxed almost instantly.  “I promise you I didn’t, not then.  We just had some business that’s between us.  What happened between you and Lara, anyway?”  I asked.  “You guys used to be close.”

She shrugged.  “I don’t know.  We’re sort of on-and-off friends.  I think it got weird after last summer after the bet was over.  Like sometimes I got the feeling she was treating me like I was just a slut, like she was judging me.”  She looked down at her knees, or maybe between them.  “Maybe I am a slut sometimes, but I don’t want to be judged by someone I thought was a friend.”  She sighed. 

That put a damper on my mood too.  “But you enjoy being treated like a slut sometimes, don’t you?” I asked hesitantly.  I was sure she did. 

She looked up at me and smiled.  “By the right people.”

“Well, then, slut, let’s see what you’ve got under the towel.”

The smile widened, turned into a grin, and she spun in her chair so she faced me directly, and then pulled the towel off and apart.  Her arms stretched out the sides of it beneath her, like she was displaying her goods but might hide them again at any moment.  She was beautiful, of course, and somehow seemed smaller when framed by the towel.  Her body was dry, but her pubic hair was still a little wet, as was the space between her legs. 

She looked delicious.  “Well then,” I said, all business-like.  “Best get to work.  Two orgasms.  A dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.”  I knelt down and spread her legs, rising them into the air.  I didn’t go right for the clit, but heightened the excitement by placing small kisses on her upper thighs and around the area.  Sometimes I would hover over her slit and just breathe, but then move on to kiss an area above or to one side.   One time, as I moved away, she groaned a little, so I took the hint that I was teasing too much, and kissed her on her crack, and immediately after worked my tongue in.  Fresh from the shower, she tasted a little different than she usually did, there being no residue of sweat and instead the faintest hint of flowers above the musky aroma that came directly from her, but the usual sour-apple flavor that I loved was still prominent.
After a couple minutes on that, I added one finger, tip up, dug into at the depth of the knuckle and stroked at her inside.  That seemed to drive her wild, but I only did it sporadically, alternating with thrust-like motions.  I kept this up until she was getting close, and then put my lips on her clit, opened slightly, and sucked, giving it occasional flicks with my tongue. 

That, combined with my finger, sent her over the edge.  Her back arched against the chair’s back and her limbs seemed to go first rigid, then like jelly for a moment.  I pulled off her clit and removed my finger while she recovered, and moved up her body, kissing along the way, until I reached her mouth. 

Her mouth parted for me as I did and our tongues met passionately.   I liked kissing her after oral sex, with the taste of her wetness on my lips and tongue.  I know it’s selfish of me, but the reverse, the idea of her kissing me after my cock was in her mouth, is kind of a turn-off.  She doesn’t seem to mind though, when I kiss her, particularly after I’ve spent a good long while licking her slit, she always kisses back hungrily, although part of that might be because it usually means I’ll be fucking her soon after.  This time was no exception.  I didn’t even suggest it, she did, but she did it in her usual passive way.  Once I broke our kiss, I breathed, “That’s one down,” and put my finger down to her slit again.  I stared into her eyes as I did, savoring the slightly dazed expression she had, staring back all doe-eyed, having just cum but still being stimulated. 

Soon though, I went back and ate her out some more, while using two fingers to thrust in and out, and my thumb just teasing at her asshole.  I hadn’t intended on fucking her, since this was a thank you of sorts, at least not until she’d had her second climax, but after a short time, my fingers functioning as a makeshift penis and my tongue making circles around, but not on, her clit, since it was extra sensitive after one orgasm, she spoke.  “Mark… if you keep that up,” she said, taking a breath for emphasis, “I bet I’ll cum again in a few seconds.”

“Oh, really?”

She nodded, biting her lip.  “Want to bet on it?” she said.  “If I do, you have to jack off.  If not, I guess you can fuck me until I do.” 

It sounded like a no-lose situation.  Even if she did have an orgasm, I was sure I could convince her to let me jack off while buried halfway in her pussy.  There was precedent for that.  Really, though, it sounded like another submission bet.  She wasn’t quite ready for another cum, she just wanted me to fuck her.

“You’re on,” I said.  “What do you say, ten seconds?”  She nodded hurriedly, and I counted down as I continued to finger-fuck her.  Each number was punctuated with a kiss on some part of her mound, but I got to ten and she was still just moaning.  “I guess you lose,” I said.

“Oh well,” Faith said.  “You win some, you lose some.”  She planted her feet on the ground and pushed the chair backwards, away from me as far as it would go, then stood up, leaving the towel draped over the arms and seat.  Faith then turned back to the chair, put her hands where she was just sitting moments ago, and presenting her tight apple-shaped ass to me, the now puffy pussy a tempting target beneath.  My sister may not like to ask for what she wants, but she throws up signals like nobody else. 

I took off my pants and boxers and pushed up against her.  I was already mostly erect from all that time spent on her pussy, and seeing the way she got into the position she wanted completed the effect.  I could have teased her a little, but I wanted to strike while the iron was hot, and so I just rubbed just enough to get her wetness on me, and then entered her hot, slick cunt. 

I pounded her, and she pushed back using the chair as leverage.  We weren’t going slow and tender today, it was like we were fucking for all we were worth.  Her moans became sharp and I felt her quiver again, so I pushed all the way in and just grinded like I was trying to get even more inside than ever.  In turn, her pussy seemed to squeeze me, like it wanted to milk me dry, but I wasn’t quite ready yet. 

Her head turned as she moaned and I saw her, eyes closed, mouth open, looking like the epitome of a porn star, and I got a little inspired.  Once her vaginal contractions slowed, I leaned forward, reached, grabbed her hair, and pulled back, gently, forcing her head up.  I didn’t want to hurt her, and I don’t think I did, but she tensed up and gripped me tightly once more.  “You are a little slut, aren’t you?” I said through partially gritted teeth.

“Yeah,” she moaned back. 

“You’re my slut.”  She didn’t respond right away, so I said, “Go on, tell me you’re my little cumslut.”  I pulled at her hair a little again. 

“I’m your little cumslut,” she said urgently. 

I began thrusting in and out again, letting her hair slip out of my fingers but catching it again before I reached the end.  With my other hand, I slapped her ass a little and said, “Beg me for my cum, little cumslut.”

“Please cum inside me,” she said, and then moaned once more. 

After that I lost control, my orgasm was coming and I went into that mode where you just go as hard and as fast as you can, to extract every ounce of pleasure you can before it’s all over.  I pulled her hair a little as I did, and I think I muttered, “Well, here it comes…” and then my mind and body exploded.  I was only dimly aware that her body seemed to be clenching and releasing again, her back arching, but I spewed everything I had into her.   As I was running out of spunk to give her, I pulled her hair again, slowly but not relenting, and she took the hint and pushed herself off the chair and into me in a standing position.  I let go of her hair and put my arms around her, letting my breath linger in her ear as I kissed the side of her face.  Slowly, I caught my breath, and then let her go a few moments later. 

“Well then,” I said, reaching for my pants.  “I guess I paid off my debt.”  Maybe more so.  “So I’ll let you go back to your shopping.”

She confirmed my suspicions a few seconds later.  “You know, Mark, that was three,” she said.  “Not two.”

I grinned.  “Well, you can owe me one.”  I headed for the door.

“So, are you ever going to tell me what this was all about with Lara?”

I shrugged and smiled.  “Someday, maybe,” I said.  “But I’m not finished yet.”

Chapter Eight:

The next three pictures of my cousin I got a week later, when I took Lara to my home after school on a day I knew Faith would be out.  Although it was fun getting them, nothing very dramatic happened.  Lara agreed to them all without fuss.  The first two were just basic sex pictures, one with her being fucked missionary, legs spread out to the side, and I waited until she had a look of genuine ecstasy on her face before snapping the pic, which meant fucking her until she had an orgasm.  Luckily, hers came before mine, I didn’t want to cum inside her.  I pulled out and squirted all over her chest and her pussy, and then rested my dick on her mound.  For the picture itself, I had her scoop up a little of my cum with one finger and dangle it over her mouth. 

I let her take a shower, and then, when I was ready again, I got one more picture.   In this one, she was on her hands and knees, and my cock was buried halfway in her ass.  My free hand clutches at her ass cheek in the shot.  Since I needed her face visible, I had her turning back towards me, like when she had the hairbrush in there, and her mouth was open in a wide O, with teeth showing.   After I got the picture, I dropped the camera, grabbed onto her with both hands, and pounded into her ass.  I knew from some of our previous encounters, and how she worked that hairbrush, that she liked it in there, and her grunts and groans weren’t from pain… or if it was, it was from a kind she liked.   Faith wasn’t as fond of it in the ass.   Of course she was much smaller and tighter, so I only did it rarely, usually when she suggested it by offering it as stakes in a submission bet.  I guess even girls who don’t like buttsex get in a mood once in a while.

So I’d had seven of my ten potential blackmail pictures, and only three left.  I was running out of things to spook her with.   If I didn’t think up something good for the next three, I’d be committed to trying to knock up my sister.  The thought turned me on, and plans for how to approach it were running through my head at the oddest times, but I wasn’t sure it was the right step.  If I couldn’t spook Lara, it was a step I’d be taking, right or wrong. 

What else could I do?  I could take some bondage pics, but those seemed tame and Lara might get the idea, in the event she wanted to break the deal, she could claim it was forced, so it didn’t really work as blackmail material.  I could try some kind of fetish picture, but I didn’t want to do anything really disgusting, no matter how humiliating it might be.

What I wanted to do, I couldn’t.  If I asked for a picture of her fucking one of her brothers, with both of them visible, that might get her to balk… but we had a deal, I wasn’t allowed to involve anybody else, and even if I was, they might not go along with it.  I thought about maybe getting her to write on her body, something like, “I love my brother’s dick,” or maybe even “Daddy fucks me and I love it”.  It was then that the idea to write “Dog slut” hit me.

I realized suddenly I didn’t have to just write that, I could get her to do it.  A dog didn’t count as another person, and I knew somebody with a dog.  My friend Fred had one, and it was no stranger to human pussy.  One day last summer we were high and thought it’d be funny to get my sister to fuck his dog.  We repeated it a couple times, and Faith went for it like she did almost everything I told her to do while she was my slave, but I could tell she was hesitant at first.  If I wasn’t high that first time, I probably would have told her to forget about it, but she never complained or even suggested she didn’t want to do it.  She even came a couple times. 

Fred had a van that doubled as something of a Shaggin’ Wagon.  There were only two seats, and anybody else sat on the floor, which had a comfortable rug and a number of pillows for easy lounging around or lying down.  Tinted windows prevented any prying eyes from looking in.  With one phone call, I was able to borrow both it and his dog for an afternoon. 

His dog, Barney, was a mix-breed, but big, almost as big as Faith when he got up on his hind legs, and although Lara was bigger, it had to be intimidating no matter what size you were.  I figured this experience would either scare Lara away from the bet, or make her eager enough to repeat the experience that she’d look forward to losing.  If I had to bet, I’d have bet on the first result, which was why I chose something so extreme.  I wanted to shock her.

To that end, I didn’t give her any warning.  I just told her that time was probably running out before I got my last few pictures, so she should be ready to be picked up. 

I saw her on the street, near a bus stop, and drove up.  She was dressed in her jeans and winter jacket, huddling against the wind.   “Get in,” I said, and she took the opportunity.

“At least it’s warm in here,” she said, pulling off her gloves.  “So, what’s with the van…”  At that moment, Barney hopped up from the back and sniffed Lara, then licked her face.  She yelped at first, and then turned to look.  “Oh, my, who’s this?”

“That’s Barney.  He’s belongs to my friend, Fred.  So does the van, actually.”

“Fred and Barney?” she said skeptically.  She hadn’t shied away yet.  On the contrary, she stroked his head and neck playfully. 

“Yeah, I know.”  I shrugged and started to drive away.  “He’s had him since he was a kid.   I guess his parents were big Flintstones fans.”

“So what are you doing with him?” Barney turned and licked her face again.  “He’s slobbering all over me.”

Just wait, I thought, but what I said was, “I’m taking care of him today.”  I turned down a side street, letting the pause get pregnant.  “Actually, you’re taking care of him today, while I take pictures.”

She froze, no longer playing with Barney.  “What?” she said.  I thought her voice cracked.

“I figure I’ll cap off my ten pics with a nice little bestiality series.  You and Barney.”

“You’re joking right?  I can’t do that.  We agreed the pictures would be just you and me.”

“No,” I said.  “We agreed no other people.  Barney here’s not a person.  Just sometimes he thinks he is.”  I added, directly to Barney, in a sort of baby-talk voice, “Don’t you just?”

“But that’s sick.”

I shrugged.  “So’s knocking up your own sister, but you want me to do that.  And, if we’re going through with the bet, the bet you proposed, then when you lose you’ll be my slave and I’ll be within my rights to make you do it then.  If you won’t do it now, how can I trust you?”

“You can’t make me do that,” she said.  “I only have to do the same sort of things Faith did.”  I didn’t answer in words, just looked at her until she got it on her own.  “Oh my god.  She didn’t.”  She looked back at Barney, who was sitting and staring out the window. 

“You didn’t know?”  I shrugged, as though it was nothing.  “Don’t worry, Barney has a big dick, and he’s very enthusiastic.  He certainly made her cum easily enough.  I’m sure he’ll do the same for you.”  I smiled.  “Relax, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

She got real quiet then, and Barney lost interest in the front of the van, so I just drove.  I had a spot in mind, the parking lot of a vacant building.  I’d parked there before, with my own car when I went to a party at the house of somebody nearby, and a few times just visiting.  I’d rarely seen another car there, or security, so I doubted we’d be disturbed.   “Okay, we’re here,” I said.  “Get in the back.”  I unbuckled the seatbelt and hopped over the center divider, landing right between a pillow and Barney’s hairy body.  I gave him a few strokes of my hand to apologize for intruding on his personal space while I turned on a battery operated light so the pictures wouldn’t turn out hopelessly dark.

“I’m really not sure about this…” she said, staring back at me.

“I understand,” I said.  “I don’t want to deal with the possibility of getting in shit for knocking up my sister.  Fuck, I could go to jail.  But that’s what bets are for.  You risk something in order to get something you want.  And I want you as a slave next summer, so I’m willing to risk a lot.”  Then I shrugged.  “But if you think this is too much, that’s okay.”

“It is?”

I nodded, and got out my camera.  “Of course.  We never actually made the bet yet.  If you’re going to back out, now’s the time.”  I cycled through the images I already took of her, showed it to her, and then posed my finger over the button.  “But just so you know, once I delete these, that’s it.  Even if you change your mind, I’m not going to take another set of pictures, and me making Faith have my baby is off the table forever.”  She didn’t answer, so I took a deep breath, and held my thumb over the button.

I’d done it at least, I’d scared her away from the bet, wouldn’t have to do that to my sister, and made it so I wasn’t the one who lost face.  In her mind, I was willing to go the distance, which I hoped would make her willing to, at some later date, bet control over her in exchange for something else, something less extreme.   So why was I so disappointed?  I began to press down.

Chapter Nine:

“Okay!” she said suddenly, and an equally surprising rush of relief surged through me as my finger slid away from the button at the last second.  Lara climbed into the back with me and searched around for a place to sit. 

“You’d better get your ID out, too,” I said.  “I’ll want that in the shot.”  She glared at me then leaned over the front, giving me a good view of her shapely jeans-covered ass she fetched it.  I exchanged a look with Barney.  I know he’s only a dog, but I think we both knew we were looking at some nice ass and had an unspoken moment appreciating it together.

When she was back, with her purse, I said, “You might as well get undressed.” 

While she stripped, I looked through the viewfinder to find the best position to take pictures from.  As I figured, it worked best with the light being a little behind me, even if I had to crouch uncomfortably.  “Okay,” I said.  “Which do you want to do first?” I asked.  “You sucking him off, or him eating you out?”

“I don’t want to do either,” she said grumpily. 

I was going to let her get eaten out nice and well to help smooth over her worries, but her demeanor annoyed me.  I gave her plenty of chances to get out, if she wanted that, she should have taken it.  Since she didn’t, she shouldn’t be acting like it was a chore.  So, on impulse, I said, “Okay, I think we’ll start with a nice pic with your lips around his dangling dog dick.  Make sure you’re holding your ID.”

She made a face, but didn’t argue, she got out her ID, and then turned towards Barney, who seemed to be unaware of what was about to happen.  Maybe I was imagining our earlier moment of shared ass-appreciation.  “So what am I supposed to do?”

“You stay there, facing me.   Hold on a sec.”  I pulled at Barney’s collar until he was on all fours, and walked him around so that his ass was facing Lara.  “Stay,” I said, then looked to Lara.  “Okay, just rub him between the legs until his beast’s unleashed.”  The face returned.  “When you do, just bend it back, it doesn’t bother him.”  She hesitated.  “Come on, you can at least get him hard, right?  It’s just like petting him, it’s all fur.”

She reached out one hand tentatively, and rubbed him back and forth between the legs.  Barney shuffled his feet, but stayed still.  Before too long, a reddish purple head, looking something like a giant, veined tube of lipstick.  Lara’s face turned even more disgusted.  “I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you suck him off.”

She brightened.  “You’re not?”

“No, you just have to put the head in your mouth and look like you are.  It’ll only take a few seconds if you’re posed right.  Just think of it like one of those gross-out challenges on a reality show.”  I held the camera up.  “Ready?” 

She took a breath, and said, “I guess so.”

“Okay.  Get your ID out.”  She held it out and I made sure it was visible on camera.  I didn’t have to get the words legible, since I had that a previous picture.  All I needed was that it was clear enough that, if the two pictures were released together, there was no way anybody would think it was just two similar-looking girls.  Once I had it done, I said, “Okay, now pull the dick back and put it in your mouth.  Close the lips over it and close your eyes.”

She did as I instructed, although her head instinctively jerked back a little even as she advanced towards it.  I almost thought she was going to back out at the last minute, but finally her lips slid over the head.  “Good,” I said, and snapped the picture.  “One, two, three, and… got it.”  No sooner had the words left my lips than Barney’s dick left hers.  I checked the picture in the display, just to make sure there would be no doubt.  Barney’s hindquarters and his strange dick were in frame, and Lara’s face was recognizable to anybody who knew her.   “Looks nice,” I said, and showed it to her.  She didn’t want to look for more than a second.  “Too bad I can’t keep this in my personal collection.  It’s going to be hard to delete these when the bet’s over.”  I shrugged.  “Okay, lie down on the floor and spread your legs.”

I reached back between the front seats where I had a small jar I bought at a convenience store on the way there.  “Now he gets to lick you.  And trust me, Barney here won’t be selfish like you were with him, he’ll take his time and make sure you really enjoy it.”

“I don’t want him to take his time,” she said, then focused on the jar.  “What’s that?”

“A little incentive.”  I twisted open the top and pulled off the freshness seal, unleashing an earthy, roasted smell.  “Come here, Barney, come on boy.” 

Barney must have already smelled the peanut butter, for he was already on his feet and headed for me, sniffing eagerly.  I dipped my finger inside and put it near his mouth.  Barney’s tongue snaked out and seemed to get all of it at once, tickling a little as it did.  If it felt that good on my finger, I could only imagine what it would feel like for Lara. 

After getting one lick, I dipped another few fingers in, leaned forward and spread it on and around the lips of Lara’s labia, and a little inside.   Barney’s nose followed my fingers and licked long with them while I spread it.  I knew she felt his tongue by the way her legs twitched and her breath caught in her throat.  “That’s it boy, go get what you want.  Peanut butter pussy for you, all you can lick.”  When I withdrew my hand, Barney stayed with the pussy.  I knew he would.  It was the same way with Faith.

We used the same trick when we did it with her, although it was more spontaneous that time.  Fred often used peanut butter as a little treat for Barney, and, one night, after we both fucked Faith and were enjoying a little weed as an extra thank you (me and Fred, that is, I don’t want my little sister getting high, I do have some protective instincts) as an extra thank you, I joked about him putting peanut butter on his dick to get a blowjob.  Fred protested that neither he nor his dog were gay, and so he’d never tried it, but bet Barney’d lick peanut butter off anything.

Well, you know how I like bets, and my sister was right there, lying on her back, still naked.  Reminded of some teases I’d made about her and animals, I reached over and put a little dab there.  It didn’t take much, even after the peanut butter was all gone, Barney just kept licking, and Faith really seemed to enjoy it.  Within a few minutes she was moaning, and, well, I can’t remember if it was me or Fred who suggested it, but we thought it’d be hilarious to watch my little sister get fucked doggy-style by a real dog.  It was quite a sight… not as funny as we imagined, but it was wildly erotic to see her submit to the attentions of an animal. 

Watching my cousin Lara get eaten out wasn’t anywhere near as hot, but it still got me pretty hard, especially when the peanut butter was all gone and it looked like Lara had surrendered herself to the sensation of a warm, long, wet tongue repeatedly brushing up her slit, getting all her sensitive parts at once.  Her legs, initially raised slightly, knees bent, had collapsed flat against the floor, as though to provide him with the maximum amount of room with which to work, and her head lolled back, staring off into nothingness.  Maybe she didn’t want to watch what was happening, maybe she wanted to pretend it was something else, but her nipples were rock hard and standing erect and I thought I could see a blush forming even under her fading tan.

I licked my own fingers, as I watched.  The peanut butter, flavored with a hint of Lara’s juices, was tasty, but mostly I just didn’t want the fingers to be sticky and messy.  When they were nearly clean but still wet, I just wiped them on my pants, and then got the camera ready.

I didn’t take the picture though.  Not right away.  She was enjoying it, Barney didn’t seem to have any complaints, and it was a good show.   I gave it a few minutes, and then, Barney seemed to lose interest, turning his head away.  Lara groaned.  Her last few breaths had been short and heavy.  I handed her the peanut butter.  “Guess he needs a little more encouragement.”

She didn’t waste any time, just dipped her finger in and rubbed a little more peanut butter at the top of her crack.  I decided to reward that enthusiasm by helping direct the dog back to his treat.  Sure enough, he continued licking once he got a whiff of peanut butter.   As I sat back I reached over and ran my hands over Lara’s breast, squeezing the soft but firm flesh gently, and rubbing the nipple between two fingers.  I wasn’t quite as gentle with that, but I don’t think she minded.  She let out a whimper of pleasure that sounded remarkably like a dog’s whine.

Finally, I got into a good position, which was harder than I expected.  I wanted to get both the dog licking her snatch and Lara’s face, both in the frame, and to do that I had to lean right up against the side of the van.   When I was ready, I said to Lara, “Hey, Lara.  Look here.”  Her head turned towards me, a glassy-eyed look on her face, and I said, “Say cheese.”

She didn’t say anything, but the picture was pretty good all the same.  Both her eyes and mouth were half open, the latter in what looked like a moan of pleasure, and you could see the dog between her legs.  I would have liked to get the dog’s tongue visibly connected to her pussy, but the timing was just a second off.  Instead, Barney’s tongue just hovered tantalizingly close to the wet pussy.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough.  “Okay, we’re done with that shot,” I said, pulling Barney away.  “Just one more to go.  You know what that one is, right?”

Lara seemed to regain a little bit of her concentration now that Barney wasn’t licking.  “The sex picture,” she said softly.

“That’s right.  That’s all that’s left.  You do that, and we can make a bet.”  I thought it would take more persuading, but Lara turned over on her stomach, slowly but without the appearance that she was stalling, and then pulled herself up onto her hands and knees.

Maybe the taste of Lara’s genitals aroused him, or maybe he remembered the pussy licking ritual from when we did it with Faith, but Barney was already hard, his dick swinging out back and forth.  When Lara got into position, on her hands and knees, his head perked up, although it wasn’t until her ass was raised in the air and I said, “Go on boy, get the pussy,” that he tried to mount. 

It took him a few tries, but he got it in without my help, and once he sank in, Barney began thrusting like a machine.  Once firmly planted, it was like the dog was dominating her, making her his bitch, and not even giving a damn.  Dogs don’t really smile, although sometimes they look like it, but as Barney stood on his hind legs and pushed his furry butt in and out, it was like he knew he was in charge.  I knew what that was like.  It’s a good feeling.

Barney wasn’t a sensitive lover.  To him, it was all about his own pleasure, but his own pleasure generated a lot of motion and friction, and it had to feel good for Lara.  A couple minutes in, her eyes half-closed, mouth half-open, I took a picture that was worth a thousand words.  Looking at it later, you could almost hear the dual moans, one a bestial yelp, the other a primal feminine cry of pleasure.   Lara was having another orgasm, right as Barney seemed to be filling her womb with canine sperm. 

There was a moment of what looked like contented bliss, and I wish I had one more picture allowed so I could capture that too.  She groaned, trying to pull off him.  Barney seemed to be trying to pull away too, but gave up after a few failed attempts.  Lara wasn’t giving up so easily, and it looked to be causing Barney some pain.  “How’s it possible?   It’s like he’s even bigger coming out than he was going in!”

I grinned.  “I think that’s his knot.  It swells up so girl dogs can’t pull off.”  Lara did manage, though, finally, and with one final yelp from her canine lover, Barney’s dick flopped down, spilling out a clear fluid all over the floor.  The knot was visible at the base, looking like a second set of balls just above the furry ones.  “But I guess most bitches are tighter than you.” 

“Shut up.”

“I didn’t mean anything by it, dogs are small.”  I grinned.  “So, did you like it?”

“Of course not,” she said as she rolled over on her back again.  She reached for her shirt.

“Yeah, you didn’t like it so much that you came.”

She sighed and shook her head.  “I was faking it.  You know, like I do with you half the time.”  I felt a twinge of self-doubt, but pushed it down.  Even if she did fake sometimes with me, there was no reason to try and spare Barney’s ego.  She just wanted to act like it didn’t turn her on. 

“Well, maybe next time.”

She snorted.  “Like there’ll be a next time.”

“Of course there will.  After I win.  That is, if we still have a bet.”  I offered my hand. “Once we shake, the bet is on.  I won’t delete the pictures until it’s over, and if you back out, I’ll use them to make your life miserable.  The bet is that I can get Faith pregnant and have her intend to keep it, all of this assuming that she agrees to be my slave over the Christmas break.  If not, no winners and no losers.  But if she does agree, the game is on.  Same rules we agreed on before in terms of how long I have and what constitutes winning or losing.  If either of us tell Faith or anybody else about the bet, we lose.  If you win, the next time I win Faith as a sex slave, I turn her over to you for the whole time.  Could be a fun summer for you.”  More likely, just a fun couple of hours.  “But if I win, you’re MY sex slave the whole summer, that’s from the last day of school to the first day next year.  Fucking anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Fun for both of us.”

She stared at my outstretched hand.  “You can’t treat me any worse than you do Faith.  I don’t want my reputation ruined over this.”

“Of course.  I’ll only share you with people I absolutely trust, and they’ll be using condoms.  In fact, you’ll have it better than Faith.  I mean, the people from my school don’t even know you, and you don’t live with me so it’s not like I can just pull you off at a moment’s notice to go service somebody.  I have to worry about your parents getting suspicious if you disappear too much or when you’re supposed to be doing something else.  Believe me, I don’t want them even suspecting, it would be bad for both of us.”

She sighed.  “Why do I have a feeling I’m going to regret this?” she asked, but took my hand and shook it. 

“I don’t know, but it’s too late for second thoughts now.”  For her, at least.  I could still get out of it if Faith didn’t want to be a slave next month.   I might be able to influence her into not making that bet, one with higher stakes than she’d ever imagined.  The only question was, did I want to?

Chapter Ten:

I played things cool until mid-December.  I didn’t mention slavery or any other kind of bet.  I had sex with Faith every couple of days, but only when I really felt horny, or she made a submission bet.  My intentions were to let her decide, not try to pressure her, that way if she wasn’t my slave over the break and, therefore, my bet with Lara was cancelled, I wasn’t really at fault.  I had no choice but to agree if she offered, that was part of the bet.  But if Faith didn’t want to play this time around, I was off the hook. 

I think it might have backfired a little, since I’d cut back on sex with my sister to below normal levels, it made her think about it more, and in her desire to please me, she naturally turned to something she knew I liked, her surrendering her whole self to me.  I know she wanted it for herself too, and maybe she would have offered it no matter what, it’s just that, in retrospect, I think my idea of letting fate decide by playing things cool worked against my better angels.   Or maybe fate really wanted me to have a slave for Christmas.   

When Christmas Holidays begin is variable, in terms of dates, but, like many schools, schools in our area let kids off from the weekend before Christmas to the weekend after New Years.  Two weeks.  However, recognizing that nobody really wants to pay attention on the last day, it’s a half-day schedule and much of that is devoted to non-denominational holiday concerts.   Lots of people in the high school skip the day entirely, which is what I did. 

Faith came home about one in the afternoon and, instead of going to her room or looking for something to snack on, she came to sit beside me on the couch.  I could tell something was on her mind, but I didn’t want to ask her what, since it could be good, or it could be bad.  Either way, I was likely to find out eventually, but if it was bad there was always a sliver of hope in not starting the conversation.

We sat quietly, watching TV together, but she was fidgety.  She kept shifting around on the couch and when one of her legs was crossed over the other, it would bob around rhythmically, full of nervous energy. 

A commercial came on for some kind of snack food, based around the premise that it was revealed there was only one left, so the two kids raced to get it before the other one could.  The younger brother got there first.  “That’s so unrealistic,” I joked.  “The older kid has to be way faster.  If it were you and me, I’d kick your ass.”  I guess I broke my resolve there, since I had to know that I was goading her, but it just slipped out. 

“If we were racing for food, you probably would,” she said, a little snottily.  It was sort of a long-standing family joke.  I’m not fat, owing to my high metabolism, but I can eat a lot.  I sometimes have the nickname of ‘Bottomless Pit’.  She was quiet for a few seconds, and I thought my attempt to provoke something has failed, but then she blurted out, “If it was anything else, I bet I could beat you.”

I looked at her, having a sense of what was coming and regretting my comment that prompted it, but not being entirely sure about that regret.  I couldn’t stop myself now, though.  “No way,” I said.  “I bet you can’t.”

“Please.    If nothing else, that stupid beard’s got to add to your drag.”  I stroked my chin automatically.  Over the last week, I hadn’t been shaving.  It was a bet with my friend Fred, over who could grow the manliest beard in the last week before holidays.  The bet was over, ended the day before.  Fred won, but it was only $20, so I didn’t really care.   In that time, Faith had been mocking my facial hair a little… saying it made me look like a hobo was one of the more popular themes her jokes rested on.  The comment about wind resistance was comparatively original. 

I didn’t really care, though, it was a little uneven and made me look scruffy, but it didn’t look bad, and I don’t think even Faith thought that it did.   It was our way, whenever we weren’t involved in sex games we’d often tease each other about one thing or another.  “The beard only makes me faster,” I joked. 

“So let’s bet then.  We’ll race.  First one to the laundry room and back.”  She took a moment to pretend to think, but launched right into what she must have been preparing to say all along.  “If you win, I’ll be your sex slave again, until the end of the Christmas vacation, just like last summer.”  She bit her lip, then added.  “Except, with condoms, right?  I don’t want to have to go through another abortion.”

It felt like the world suddenly stopped, my whole life hinging on this moment.   I needed to make sure the terms of the bet allowed me some room to operate.  “Believe me, I don’t want you to have one either,” I said.  It was true… it would mean I’d lose my bet with Lara.  “But does the condom thing go for me, too?  Because it wouldn’t really be like I owned your body if I couldn’t use it… and believe me, I want to be using it a lot.”

“We’ve been doing it these last few months without,” she said, without seeming to need too much time to consider.  “And I’m on the pill, so we can risk it.  You’re right, my master shouldn’t have to wear a condom.”  My dick was twitching already at hearing her call me her master.  I don’t think there’s a more erotic sound in the whole world than your little sister calling you master and meaning it. 

Well, we’ll just see how much she means it.  “Okay.  If I win, you’re my slave, but I promise you I’ll make every other guy wear a condom.”

She nodded.  “And if I win…” she took a breath.  “You can’t touch Lara any more until after New Year.  That means you can’t fuck her, her mouth, ass, or even do anything sexual.”

That stopped me short a little.  I was expecting a submission bet with submission bet stakes.  Like, if I win, she’s my sex slave, indulging in my every perverted whim, and if she wins, I drive her to the skating rink one day, or buy her hot chocolate.   Or maybe even I shave my beard.  It was just about time for it to go anyway.  But this was almost a real bet, with real stakes.

Except of course, I was going to win.  The bet was obviously in my favor.  I was taller than Faith, which meant longer legs, a greater stride.  She was probably a little fitter, but whenever we were both informally racing towards the same thing, I almost always got there first.  Besides all that, I half-expected her to walk while I ran, because she wanted me to win. 

So, if she was intending to lose, I wondered, what was the point of making her prize about Lara?  Was she trying to tell me something?  Faith did have trouble admitting things outright… like the fact that she liked having sex with me.   Maybe she was more bothered about me and Lara than she let on, and this was how she told me.

I’d worry about that later.  Right now, I had a bet to win.  “Okay,” I agreed, and shook on it.  We quickly took our marks, agreed on some of the minor details such as the exact finishing point, and I started the count.  When I said “Go,” I ran as fast I could, not willing to take any chances.  Even if there were no stakes, my competitive spirit wouldn’t let me give less than my best.  She kept pace with me at first, and as we crossed into a narrow hallway, she squeezed past me and took the lead.  I couldn’t get past her without tripping her or something until we got to the laundry room.

It was there Faith made her fatal mistake, or threw the competition.  I’m not entirely certain which.  We only had to set foot in the laundry room, but Faith was moving too fast and got several steps in before she turned around.  By that time, since I was already running slower so as not to trip her up, I had touched one foot over the threshold and had turned around. 

I didn’t look back, I just ran for all I was worth until I rounded a corner into the living room.  I almost slipped on the floor in that last turn but caught myself at the last minute and tilted, nearly tripping over my feet as my hand slapped the edge of the couch.   Faith was right behind me, no more than three feet.  She leaned against one wall, using it to support herself while she caught her breath.  “Damn it,” she muttered, but I knew she didn’t mean it. 

Having won, I wanted to get started right away, but I let my heart stop racing first.   “So you’re my slave now?”

She straightened up like some kind of soldier at attention.  “Yes, master.”

“Then let’s go to my room.”

As we ascended slowly, I thought about what move should came next.  She was still on the pill, I’d have to work on that, but there was always a chance it would take anyway.  If the pill’s 98% effective, and I came inside her fifty times in the next two weeks, I’d have a good shot, statistically speaking, to beat the odds.  Of course, I’d rather play it smart and take them out of the equation somehow.  I could always try to tamper with her pills, maybe get them to fail without her knowing, and then focus all my efforts on just convincing her to keep the baby, but… no, I wanted the challenge.  I wanted to try to convince her to go into it willingly, and that meant getting her to give the pills up.  I risked ruining things if I rushed into it, so I decided I’d give myself a few days to mull over my approach.

When she got into my room she grabbed the bottom of her shirt.  “Wait,” I said.  “Let me do that.  You’re my toy again, it’s only right that I get to play.” 

Faith let her hands fall to her sides.  “Yes, master,” she said. 

I closed the gap between us, close enough that I could feel the warmth of her body and the bulge in my pants pressed into her, and tugged at the bottom of her shirt.  “Lift your arms up, above your head.”  She complied wordlessly, and I smiled.  “I like this, it’s like you’re my little dress-up doll.   Or undress-up doll, I guess.”  I removed her shirt, an easy task with her in that position, and let her arms fall, then looked down at her small breasts, still clad in a bra, off-white with just the hint of green.   When Faith undressed herself, she usually took her shirt and pants off first, then panties and finally bra.   She seemed to expect this, changing her stance to allow me to better remove her jeans, so I decided to change things up. 

I spun her around, and then undid the back of her bra, let it fall off her shoulders, and when it was free from one arm, I threw it on the bed, then made her face me again.  In terms of shape, they were still barely there at all, especially without a bra pushing them up, but I loved them anyway, even though I could cover each of her tits completely with my hand.  I loved her nipples though, beautifully pink and round.  I bent down to lay a soft kiss on each of them, and then stepped away.  “I like this,” I said.  “The jeans and no shirt thing.  Maybe I should have you walk around the house like this when it’s just the two of us.”

She seemed a little taken aback for a moment, but responded promptly with, “If you wish.”

I took off her pants next, and then her panties.  I knelt before her, running my hand over her pubic mound and the soft red hair that lay just above her slit, and I had an idea.  “You’re mine now,” I said.  “Body and soul, right?”

She quivered.  “Yes master,” she said.  “You may do whatever you want.”

“And if I give you instructions for your body, you have to obey them, right?”

“Yes,” she said again, though I could tell from the look in her eyes that she wasn’t sure where I was going with it. 

I ran my hand through her pubic hair again.  “I want you to shave from now on.”  She’d been suggesting that I should, after all, it was only fair.  And it would be a baby step towards other commands I might make regarding her body. 


“Shave your pussy, and keep it shaved.  I’d rather not get hairs stuck on my tongue while I’m giving you oral.”

“But… I’ve never done that before.”

“Don’t be afraid.  Lots of girls do it.  It’s just like shaving your legs.  Just go slowly and be careful.  Look it up on the Internet; they’ll probably have the best tips.”  I patted her ass and said, “Go do it now and I’ll make it worth your while.”

I stood up and, just like that, left the room, as though I expected her to do it without question.  I thought she might have some doubts about it, but decided the best way to go about it was to pretend this was only natural.  She’d done much, much worse before. 

About an hour later, she called back, “Okay, it’s done.”  I returned upstairs, and she was waiting for me in my room. 

Faith was naked, but standing a little nervously, hands loosely hanging in front of her crotch.  I don’t know whether she was ashamed, or trying to save the reveal as a surprise.  Either way, I said, “Hands at your sides.”

“Yes, master.” 

There it was, no longer with the little bit of red hair that had become so familiar to me.  I knelt down for a close look.  The skin glistened a little like it was still moist, and it was a little reddish, but there didn’t seem to be any cuts, which was a relief.  “Lovely,” I said.  “Get on the bed, on your back.”

I told her I’d make it worth her while, and I did, I didn’t just lick pussy, I made love to the pussy with my face, kissing, licking, sucking, even rubbing my facial hair, gently, up against it.  The beard was past the point where it was prickly and scratchy, but she had to feel it, and judging by the reaction, it felt good.  I was glad.  Part of it was that I wanted her to enjoy being a slave as much as possible, to soften her up for what was coming, but it was fun, too.  Without the hair I was so used to, it was like it was somebody else’s pussy, like my sister had a slutty twin, or maybe that she’d gotten younger, more pure, and my beard made me feel older.   

I ate her out to one orgasm, and then I began to fuck her, missionary style, more or less, pinning her down with my body, putting her in my power.  Halfway through I shifted, pushed her legs up to penetrate her more from above, while I did one of my favorite sexual pastimes… trying to pin Faith’s ankles behind her ears.  She was flexible enough, with her dance training, but she usually pushes back, which is part of the fun, considering how submissive she naturally is.  I’m not even sure she knows she’s doing it.

This time, I put a little more effort into it than I usually do, to emphasize I was in control.  It was what she wanted, after all.  With each push inside her, I made more and more progress, and didn’t give her any chance to make up ground when I pulled out.  Before long, they were there touching the covers, and I was on top of her, thrusting away while she gasped beneath me. 

I could feel her groan beneath me and I was getting close, when I heard a slamming noise from downstairs.  One of my parents was home. 

It was too far gone to stop now, so I clapped a hand over her mouth and gave her a few more strokes. slow.  The excitement and fear at getting caught heightened everything, and I came soon after.  Thankfully, nobody came up before we were once again dressed and presentable.

Chapter Eleven:

I didn’t get to use Faith much more that first day, though I did get her to give me a blowjob before bed.  That was easy enough to do quietly, or to stop if somebody approached.  Watching her lips move up and down my shaft, it reminded me of simpler days, when that was all she did.  I almost wanted her to pretend she didn’t like it, that she was only doing it because forced, just like old times, but really, in the end, I want her to enjoy it and to know she does.  I had to savor that while I could, since I knew that, in the next few months, I’d really be trying to get her to do something she probably didn’t want.  I just hoped I could get her to change her mind. 

The next morning, a Saturday, our parents left about ten.  No family breakfast that weekend, since they were going to visit some friends of theirs who were having a birthday brunch.  We’d be alone for a while, and as soon as the door shut Faith looked at me expectantly, but I said, “I’m sure I’ll be needing you soon, but not right now.”  She nodded, and went up to her room.

I did some ordinary, boring things like checking my Facebook, watched a little TV, shaved my face clean, went downstairs to make some toast, made a few phone calls, and then called Faith down.  She peeked around the corner, first, and then finally stepped out.  To my surprise, she was wearing only jeans, without a top.  I hadn’t actually made it an order, just suggested that I might.  “Yes master?” she said.  Her eyes weren’t on me, but rather on the window, and I realized why she’d peeked out first.  From the position she was standing in, nobody could see her.

Nobody could see her if she was where I was either, but they could if they were on the sidewalk outside and happened to look in.  Of course, it was bright outside, and relatively dark inside, so the chances were slim, even then.  So I decided I’d push against her boundaries a little more.

“Come closer,” I said.  It took her a second, but she slowly approached.  “I like,” I said, and gently cupped her breast, and then kissed her neck.  She lolled her head back to permit me.  I guess it was a little risky, but I did keep my eye out the window. 

After my lips left her skin, I said, “I know I shaved this morning.  Did you?” 

She nodded.  “I’m not sure I really needed it though.”

I undid the front button of her jeans and slid underneath her panties.  It felt smooth all right.  While I was in the neighborhood, I groped her pussy lightly, and sent two fingers deep inside, then pulled up, making her step on her tiptoes.  “Good,” I said.  “Now, about your wardrobe…”

“Uh huh?” She seemed distracted, but that might have been because I was still stroking her now wet pussy. 

“You did good, but I think I’ll give you a few more choices, for variety.  How about this?  During the day when we’re home alone, you may either wear jeans or panties and no shirt or bra, or any outfit that has a skirt, as long as there are no panties.   And of course, full nudity is always an option.  Easy access is the name of the game.”

“Yes, master.”

“Good.  But for now, we’re going out, so you can’t wear that, go get ready.”

“Where are we going?”

“Well, as much as I like having you all to myself, Christmas is coming up, and I haven’t done all my shopping yet.  I’m going to need some extra cash.  Luckily, Mikey’s been saving up.”

I’d checked ahead.  My aunt and uncle were both gone, expected to be out the whole day.  When I offered Mikey the chance to rent my sister for a few minutes, he jumped at the chance.  I think she might be the only one he’s ever slept with, and he’s always had a bit of a crush on her.  While she was my slave, he got to indulge his fantasy, but with the bitter aftertaste of knowing she belonged to me. 

I could see him practically salivating when we arrived.  He met us at the door before I could even ring the bell.  We didn’t go do anything right away, just took off our coat and boots and grabbed a drink.  I raided the pantry since I was probably going to be watching more than doing anything, and I might as well munch on something while I’m doing it.  I picked up a bag of pretzels. 

“So, you want to go downstairs or what?” Mikey asked.  He’d been waiting to ask that for a while, I could tell. 

The front door opened, and we all turned to see Lara there.  She kicked the snow off her boots on the mat and grinned.  “Well, look who’s here,” she said.  But of course, she wasn’t surprised – I sent her a text.  “I hear you lost another bet,” she said to Faith.  Faith just shrugged. 

“We were just about to go downstairs,” I said, looking back to Mikey.  “But first thing’s first.  Money up front.”  He scowled a little, but reached into his pocket, handed me a wad of cash.  It may have seemed untrusting, but I’d made the mistake before.  Money always up front.  I counted off, $100, as agreed, then nodded.  “You got a condom?” I asked.  “I’ve got one if you don’t, but it’ll be an extra five.”  It’s a rough world out there for those of us without trust funds.  You have to make profit where you can. 

“I’ve got one,” he grumbled. 

“Okay, then let’s go downstairs.”

Mikey led the way, Faith followed behind.  I lagged behind with Lara.  “Guess you couldn’t resist a little preview of the slut life,” I joked quietly. 

She blew out some air from the side of her mouth as she hung up her coat.  “Please.  More like I wanted to get a little preview of my prize when I win.”

I shook my head, and we trudged down the stairs.   Mikey already had his shirt off and was working on his pants.  Faith was pulling her sweater over her head.  I sat down on the couch and began unrolling the already-opened bag of pretzels.  “You think you can give us a little privacy?” my cousin asked. 

“Sorry,” I said, and not for the first time.  “I have to watch out for my property.  Who knows what you might try to do.  Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m going to be staring, I’ve got TV while you do your business.”  Faith was now down to her underwear.  I found the remote control.  Lara sat down beside me, on the opposite side from where the sex was going to be happening.  It was a pretty big basement, Faith and Mikey could have one whole couch to themselves, or go off into a little side nook, which was still visible from the couch but somehow a little more secluded.   This time, they seemed to be content to undress near the side couch. 

I had some pretzels, watched a funny commercial, and when I looked over next, they were naked.  Physically speaking, Mikey was almost a good match for Faith, since she was tiny and he was scrawny and thin, even compared to me.  I’m no jock, but I’m fit.  I’ve never tried, but I bet if I wanted to, I could physically overpower Lara to the point that she couldn’t do anything I didn’t let her.  But she could kick Mikey’s ass, even though she’s younger than him. 

He stood awkwardly, hands seemingly torn between looking for a pocket to hide in, or covering up his erection, and stared at Faith like he’d never seen a naked girl before.  Then again, there was big difference.  “Holy shit, you shave now?”  She shrugged and rubbed one arm with her other hand.  “Wow, I like it, you look really beautiful.”  He paused, and then asked, “So, um, do you mind before we start giving me a… you know, a blow job for a bit?”

“Don’t ask me,” Faith said.  “That’s for my master to decide.”

He looked up to me, his expression a strange mix of annoyance and pleading.  “Come on, man, I can’t spare any more money right now.  Can’t you give me, you know, the family discount?”

I had offered free oral as part of a family discount before, sometimes, but my willingness to do so depended on any number of things, from my need for money, to how annoying Mikey had been, to whether I thought Faith was interested or not.  Today, I was in a pretty good mood, so I was inclined to say yes. 

I didn’t get a chance to.  “No,” Lara said.  “Don’t put your dick in her mouth, she’s going to be licking my cootch later, and that’s a little too close to us fucking for my comfort.”  She then asked me, “Let him do it later, if you want, or let me go first.”

She seemed to be assuming an awful lot.  I smirked at her and said, “Sure, you got money?”

Her eyes widened.  “What?  What are you talking about?”

“Faith isn’t free.  Going rate’s a hundred for a fuck… I don’t know, girls fuck with their tongues, right?”  I acted like I was trying to figure out the proper charge on the fly.  “But then, I usually give out oral for free to family.  What the fuck, we’ll split the difference, say it’s fifty for her to eat you out.”

Lara seemed to shrink a little.  “But we’ve sort of had an arrangement, remember?  She licks me and you can fuck me.”

I shrugged.  “See, the thing is, you let me fuck you anyway.  I fuck you all the time.  You get as much out of it as me.  So that deal expired the first time I came over for a booty call.  Now you’re like anybody else.   If you want to use my property, you can pay.”

My sudden coldness didn’t just get her attention, Mikey and Faith were both watching.  Lara shook her head.  “But come on, you can do me a favor, right?  I don’t have fifty dollars.”

“That’s your problem.”  I looked around.  “Tell you what, I’m in a good mood.  You want to trade sexual favors for it, I’m open to it.  Faith will lick you, so long as you lick her first.   To orgasm.”

She winced.  “You know I’m not bi.”

I laughed.  “Yeah, only half-bi.  It’s okay if she licks you, but not if you lick her.  I think that’s just called selfish.  You have to give a little to get a little.  What do you say?”

“Sorry,” she said.  “It’s just not worth it.”  She folded her arms and shifted her legs away from me on the couch. 

I guessed I’d pissed her off.  Not my intention, but I hoped it would win some points from Faith.  “Fine, let me know when you’ve got an extra fifty, and we’ll schedule something.  Until then, Faith, go ahead and put his dick in your mouth.”  I watched carefully.  We’d agreed on condoms, but never actually addressed whether that was just for pussy, or for things like oral as well.  So, I didn’t say anything.  If she felt strongly about it, she’d try to remind me.  She didn’t say anything either, just did what I said and put his dick in her mouth.  She looked so cute with the impression of it bulging out one cheek while she looked over at me.  I waved her on, and she began sucking, going all the way down and pulling off, while Mikey closed his eyes, his head back.

Chapter Twelve:

I watched a little bit, more for Faith than for my own enjoyment.  It was hot, but I always got the impression Faith was playing to an audience, me, and so did a better job when I watched than when I was distracted.  She took his prick out of her mouth and licked around the underside, but her eyes were on me while she did it. 

When I turned away, she seemed to go just for more conventional head-bobbing.  I looked over to Lara.  “Anyway, if you do get in the mood for a cock…” she looked up to me, expectantly.  “You might want to get a boyfriend or a good dildo, because I’m going to be pretty busy these next couple weeks.  I might be able to work you in, but no promises.”  She scowled, and I almost laughed.  I leaned over to whisper to her, so Faith couldn’t hear, “Sorry, I’ve got a special project, can’t waste any of my juice.”

I snacked and watched TV.  Lara’s phone rang, and she spoke into it.  “Hey,” she said.  “Yeah, I did.  Uh-huh.”  She looked sidelong at me and said, “Faith and Mark are here.  She’s doing the sex slave thing again.”  I was momentarily surprised, even afraid, but then she pulled the phone away from her mouth a few seconds later and said, “Todd wants to know if he can have a crack.”

“If he’s got a hundred, sure.”  I could always use the money, and Todd had more than he deserved.

Lara relayed the message, and then said, “He’ll probably be here in an hour.”

It turned out he gave us just about enough time.  Faith continued to suck on Mikey’s dick until he finally came.  She swallowed it all up, but after that, he needed a little bit of time before he took what he came for.  He tried to put his arm around Faith, although she kept subtly shrugging him off. 

Finally, Mikey pointed out that he was hard again, and Faith asked what way he’d like to do it.  “Whichever you want,” he said. 

“I guess from behind,” she told him, and turned over and got on all fours, hands on the couch’s armrest. 

That wasn’t the answer Mikey’d hoped for, apparently, because he said, “No, let’s do it face to face, at least at first.”  Faith, always the compliant one, shrugged impassively, and turned over again. 

He spread her legs and sort of half-knelt on the couch.  I cleared my throat, and he looked over.  “Condom,” I reminded him.

“Oh, right.”  He reached over, chagrinned, and spent about a minute trying to tear open the package, and another trying to get the thing on, and then got back into the position he was in before.  Before he entered her, he climbed on top of her, abandoning his kneeling position, and tried to get his dick in, blind. 

Finally, she got tired of the awkward aiming and said, “Here, let me help.”  It was centered, and he began humping.  Mikey looked into her eyes while he thrust in and out.  She always seemed to look away, towards the ceiling or to me, but she did make the sounds of pleasured grunting once he got into a good rhythm. 

After a few minutes, Mikey pulled out, still-hard, and said, “Okay, we’ll do it your way now.  On your knees.”  Faith complied, and Mikey entered from behind, this time carefully aiming himself.  Once he did, he threw himself into the work.

I’ll give him credit, maybe it was because he’d just cum and was wearing a condom that dulled the sensation, but he lasted longer than I thought he would, and he even made her cum once, or maybe she faked it.  It looked authentic, at any rate, and I never got around to asking her, I took it for granted with the way she moaned and shook.  A few minutes after that, Mikey suddenly seemed to miss a stroke, and instead of going out, went in and stopped there.  His eyes closed and mouth opened, and it took about ten seconds before he took a breath, but he was done.

I kept Faith naked, knowing Todd was on his way, but Mikey got dressed soon after.  When we heard the door open upstairs, I went up to make sure it was Todd and not his parents or something.   It was him, though.  He grinned at me and took off his hat and said, “Hey.  I thought maybe Lara was just shitting me, but then I saw your piece of shit car blocking the garage.  You’re really renting her out again, huh?”


“Then let’s do this.  I haven’t gotten laid in a few days.”

“So I guess you aren’t seeing, what’s her name, Jeanette any more?”

He chuckled.  “Yeah, I am, but she’s got exams, apparently she doesn’t think sex counts as studying.  Her loss, though.” 

Sounded more like her gain.  “So you’re cheating on her.”  It bothered me a little.  I might treat girls badly, but at least I do it to their face, instead of letting them think I’m a great guy while stabbing them in the back. 

He shrugged.  “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.  Don’t tell me you’re going all moral, are you?  Where’s your little rent-a-whore?”

“Faith’s downstairs.”

“Well, then, let’s go.”  I followed him back down.  He said hello to Faith, made a joke about “I’ll be your cock for the afternoon.”

“Got the money?”

As soon as I asked, Mikey scowled and said, “I don’t need to watch this.”  He started up the stairs.

Todd didn’t seem to notice, and I didn’t really care.  Todd gave me $100, then quickly got naked.  In contrast to his younger brother, Todd didn’t seem to have any shame, either about stripping down quickly in front of another guy, or about being nude in front of his little sister.  Nude, and with an erection.  He was about the same size down there as Mikey, although it looked smaller on him because his overall body was bigger. 

“Let’s get this party started,” he said, and rubbed his cock.  He advanced towards Faith.

I had to speak up.  “Sorry man, I forgot to mention.  There’s a new rule, you got to wear a condom.”

He acted like I’d personally insulted him.  “What?  That’s bullshit.”

I would always feel a little guilty about asking guys to wear a condom.  Who wants to wear a raincoat in the shower, after all?  I knew I had to, for Faith’s own good and to make sure any baby was mine, but I’m not without sympathy for the guys who want the full experience.  Todd was an exception to that, because I never liked him much.  He had a smarmy sense of superiority and was a bit of a bully.  More than that, he was probably the biggest risk.  Everyone else I sold Faith to, I knew very well, including their sexual histories.  Most of them, their most notable sexual partner had been their hands.  So I didn’t really have fear of diseases.  Todd, I knew he slept around, and I probably should have asked him to wrap it from the start.  I got a little carried away though, that first time, I was trying to piss Mikey off by letting his brother fuck her and making sure Mikey knew it. 

So for him, I had no sympathy.  “Take it or leave it.  I don’t know where that thing’s been.”  I waved generally in the direction of his crotch.  “Or where the people you’re with have been anyway.  For all I know that Jeanette’s pulling trains down at college keggers.”

He shook his head and laughed.  “Yeah, right.  She’s actually a good girl.  Believe me, she doesn’t cheat.”

“So she’s better than you then.”  I shrugged, it was beside the point.  “Anyway, sometimes good girls can fool you.  Everyone thinks Faith’s a good girl.  Given the chance, I could probably get your girlfriend to cheat.”  It was an offhanded jibe.  I really had no intention of doing it.  For all my flaws, I never thought seriously about taking a girl from somebody else, it always seemed a pretty low move.  I actually never thought I’d cheat on a girl, either, if I made a commitment to be exclusive, which was why I was reluctant to do so. 

He laughed.  “No way, man.  You think you’re hot shit, but you don’t even know how to talk to a real woman, much less one like her.  Fuck, I’d bet you my car she’d shoot you down if you tried.”

Normally the words ‘I bet you’ make my ears prick up and I feel a need to challenge people on it, but I didn’t think he was serious, and I wasn’t entirely serious either, so I let it slide and changed the subject.  “Make your choice, do you want to put a condom on, or do you want a refund?”  At the time, I’d have been just as happy to give him a refund.  The bet stuck in my mind though.  I always kind of envied his car.  If he was serious about it I’d love to make a bet like that.

Todd grumbled, but he retrieved a condom from his wallet, and put it on.  No imagination, he also chose to fuck Faith doggy-style, and although she seemed to appreciate his more energetic thrusting, she didn’t get an orgasm from him.  She was getting close, but then he groaned and Todd aimed his head to the ceiling and made an ugly sex-face, and he was done.  He pulled out of her, panting.  “That was pretty good, but I’m not sure it’s worth $100, not with a rubber on, you’re going to have to adjust the price.”

I didn’t really care what he thought.  I looked to Lara.  “Just about time to go, your last chance, if you want to get a little tongue service… you know the terms.”  While we watched TV together, and sort of watched Todd fucking, I had been stroking her clothed legs and crotch casually, in the hopes it might get her horny enough to decide to accept my terms after all.

“You wish.   I can do without.  Besides, sooner or later…”  She let the sentence fall, unfinished, but I had an idea of what she meant, more or less.  Sooner or later, Faith would be her little cunt-slave for a while summer.  Of course, if I had my way, the reverse was more likely true.   With all that she’s resisted it, I really wanted to watch her lick pussy, and when she was my slave, it would happen.

“Well, then, it was fun.  Let me know if you scrape up some more money.”  After Christmas, they just might, I knew their parents always gave them cash in an envelope as a stocking stuffer.

Faith and I said our goodbyes and left.  “What was that about, with you and Lara?” she asked after I’d closed the door.

“You told me she looked down on you.  I didn’t think you’d really want to do her.  Was I wrong?”

She shook her head.  “But you can make me do it anyway if you want.  That’s why you’re my master.” 

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to, not when she treats you like that.  She kind of needed to be put in her place a little.”

She leaned over and hugged me, albeit with one arm and a shoulder.  Hugging in cars is awkward.  Still, it filled me with a warm feeling, especially when she added, “Thank you, master.”

Chapter Thirteen:

I spent Sunday doing some shopping, and only got a blowjob from Faith.  It was Monday before I again took steps towards my ultimate goal.  I only had two weeks of slave-time, when she would be at her most compliant, so I needed to get moving on the timetable fast.  To that end, I decided I’d try to get my sister in as good a mood as possible that day, in the hopes it would make her more likely to agree to what I would ask for by nightfall. 

I started that morning eating her out to one orgasm, and then fucking her after that, and cumming inside her, of course.  Even if she was still on the pill, I had to take every chance I could get.  After I’d finished, I lay holding her, kissing the side of her head.  “So,” I said, “I’m trying to decide what to do today.”

“It’s up to you, master,” she said softly.  “Don’t you have more customers lined up?”

“I can always find someone willing to fuck you.   I mean, I was just talking to Fred, and I know he’d love to, and I’m sure most of your other customers feel the same way.  This pussy is prime real estate.”  I groped her down there to emphasize my point, and she giggled.  “Problem is, right now’s not a good time.  Right before Christmas, everybody’s spending money on gifts.  I guess I could lower the price, but no, that would be an insult to my property.  I’d rather keep you to myself.”

“That works for me.”

“I know.  You’re a good slave.  And for being such a good girl, I thought maybe I’d reward you.”

She turned back towards me.  “What?”

“I don’t have any plans, so we’ll do something you want today.  We could see a movie, or if you need to do some shopping, I guess I can take you.”


“Anything within reason.”

She thought about it for a while, then said, “I wouldn’t mind going ice skating.  I haven’t been since last year.”

“Ice skating, huh?”  It wasn’t really my thing, but then, it didn’t have to be.  “Sure, we could do that.”

“Okay,” she said cheerily, and rubbed her ass towards me.  “I mean, thank you, master.”

We stayed together for a few more minutes, before she took a shower, and we parted.  The morning we spent doing our own things, breakfast, computer, TV, sometimes together but just as often apart.   We agreed to go in the early afternoon, and I told her to let me know when she was ready.

A little after noon, she came out with skates slung over one shoulder, and dressed for the activity.  In the morning, she’d been wearing a dress with no panties.  Now, she was dressed for skating, a short skirt on top of form-fitting grey tights, and a sweater on top, probably with a t-shirt underneath.  I complimented her on it, then lifted the skirt to see her fabric-covered ass.  She bent forward automatically to show it off.  It clung tightly to her, following the contours of her ass into the crack.  “You look good in that,” I said.  I thought about doing more, but she’d already showered and gotten dressed, it was better if we just left.

That was my intention, at least, but intentions have a way of changing.  As I drove towards the skating rink, one hand drifted to her leg.  I liked feeling her up while driving.  No one could see what I was doing.  I slid my hand up along the soft fabric, each time going closer to her crotch.  Finally, I closed on it.  “Mark…” she said softly.  Not Master.

I paused.  “What?”

“I know you can do whatever you want, but…?”  She left the sentence unfinished, but I know she was asking me not to go ahead, albeit without actually asking. 

“Why not, don’t you like it?”

“Yes, but… if I get wet in this, people might see, and I won’t be able to skate.”   I took a look.  The skirt was pretty short.  It went down below her crotch, but was more decorative than concealing, meant to be worn with something underneath because it might fly up at any time with swift movement, and if she bent over… I saw her point.  It clung tightly to her, almost tight enough to make a camel toe if she didn’t have something (a thong, I guessed) underneath it.  If I’d gotten her wet, and the fabric darkened, she’d have to be very careful to conceal it.  The thought turned me on, but I did want to make it a good day for her, with what I planned to ask later.  I pulled my hand away, put it back on the wheel.  “Okay,” I said.  “Maybe on the way home.”

It was a little crowded at the rink, but we were able to get in without much trouble.  Faith was beautiful out there on the ice.  I wasn’t.  She hadn’t been ice skating since last year, I hadn’t been since I was twelve, and what little skill I had in those years was all gone.  I fumbled around for a while, mostly for the opportunity and excuse to grab her ass publicly, to prevent myself from falling, but eventually I got a little tired of falling on my ass and told her I’d just watch her from the sidelines.  That’s when I realized just how good she was. 

Maybe it was her dance training, or maybe she had a lot of natural talent.  Either way, watching her out there, without me to bog her down, she was swift and graceful.  If there weren’t a load of other people in the way, I have little doubt she’d be capable of spectacular jumps, and twirls but even as it was, she was like a swan in a herd of waddling ducks.  I watched her, admiringly, and for one of the few times thought about what I might be doing to her if I got her pregnant and felt guilty.

I wanted it too much to dwell on it very long, though, and told myself that, as secretly submissive as she was, without me some other guy would take advantage of it and get her into a lot more trouble.  I mean, what if she fell for some abusive controlling prick, or a drug dealer or something, and submitted to his every whim?  She’d be much worse off than she would be if I got her pregnant.

She took a break and I bought her lunch, and then she went back to it.  I tried again, but not for long, though I did get to use Faith’s tight little ass as an emergency safeguard against falling once more, causing her to blush.  Finally, as the temperature had started to dip she said she was ready to go home but wanted something warm to drink first, so we stopped by a coffee shop near where I parked the car.

There was a line when we came in, and while we were waiting a whole throng of people showed up at once, talking animatedly in some other language.  I don’t know what it was, and I don’t really care.  Maybe it was a tour group or an Armenian Alcoholics Anonymous meeting just let out.  Because it was cold out, instead of forming an orderly line outside, everybody wanted to cram inside. 

At first I was annoyed as Faith and I were jammed up against the wall near the bathroom as the line folded in on itself in an attempt to let everybody fit.  After about ten seconds though, I realized that my hand was on Faith’s ass.  I took a quick look around to assess the situation, and then gave her a grope.  She didn’t react, so I slid my hand lower, beneath her skirt, although I had to bend my knees a little to do it. 

We were right in the middle of a crowd, but I still felt safe enough to do it.  Even if somebody saw us and knew what we were doing, and I didn’t think they would, nobody knew us.  For all they knew, Faith was my girlfriend, not my sister, and if I was being a little dirty with her, so what?  My main problem was that I couldn’t do as much as I wanted to.  Without squatting down entirely and becoming blatant about it, all I could do was tease the bottom of her pussy, through her clothes, with my fingers. 

When I first touched her there, Faith turned back to suddenly look at me, but aside from the widening of her eyes, she didn’t say anything.  “Check the menu,” I said.  “Decide what you want now.”  She faced the menu and tried to look innocent as my fingers danced the bottom rear of her tights.  She wasn’t entirely passive, though… I noticed that even as I had to crouch just a little, she stood on her toes, just a little, to make it easier for me. 

What I didn’t have in range of motion, I tried to make up for in enthusiasm.  Once I had two fingers crooked near what must have been the bottom of her vulva, I jiggled them back and forth rapidly. 

As the lone cashier finished one order and took another, the line shifted to let the woman who’d bought a coffee and a muffin get out, and let everybody else still waiting advance one spot.  I had to let the hand teasing her drop, but then came in with my other hand, which was against the wall, sliding in around her side to attempt a frontal attack.  I covered it by pretending I wanted to get a look at the treats in the display case, but Faith’s muffin was the only one I wanted to get my hands on.  There was no way I could get at it under the tights, but I could get my fingertips to reach her crotch while pretending to be browsing. 

Faith’s face was flushed, but I thought observers would assume it was all from the cold, and her biting her lip anxiously, well, they might just think she was nervous about the crowd.  She was, in a way.  “Do you know what you want?” I asked.

“Mmmhmmm,” she said, the words breaking through her lips like a whimper of pleasure she’d been holding in. 

I could tell that the guy at the front of the line was almost ready to walk away with his order, so I stepped up the pace, rubbing the area deeply, intensely for the last few seconds , before I pulled away as we all moved again. 

As much as I wanted to, I didn’t risk it again, we were too near the front of the line, where everybody’s eyes would drift on a regular basis, and no longer had the buffer of a wall.  So I just withdrew, standing up more straightly and waited.  When it came to our turn, I got a coffee, Faith had a hot chocolate, and we stepped out.  I thought I caught one of the foreign crowd giving me a knowing smirk as we departed, but I just acted like I didn’t notice.

Chapter Fourteen:

We walked to the car in silence, more or less.  Once there, I had a sip of my coffee, then put it in the holder as I started the engine.  Then I flipped Faith’s skirt up to see the results of my efforts. 

It was a little disappointing.  The crotch was a little wet, yes, but it wasn’t as distinctive as I’d imagined before… you’d pretty much have to be deliberately looking for it to notice anything out of the ordinary.  Of course, I hadn’t had as much time as I’d wanted.  “See, you were worried for nothing,” I started to say, but just then my phone rang. 

I picked it up.  It was Mom.  “Oh, hi, Mom.”  I rolled my eyes a bit.  I love my mom, but whenever she calls me it’s usually bad news, something she wants me to do, so naturally I’ve developed an aversion to talking to her.  In some ways, it was her fault Faith and I were fucking, but that didn’t make me any more eager.  “Listen, I can’t talk,” I said.  “I’m driving.”  Technically I wasn’t, yet, but I was about to make the lie true by pulling out.  “You want to talk to Faith?”  If whatever Mom wanted was a general chore, rather than something specific to me, Mom might just dish it out to whoever happened to be available.  I guess it was kind of shitty to do that to my sister, but she was my slave at the moment.

Mom agreed, and I passed the phone over to her as I pulled out of the lot.  “Nothing,” I heard her say.  “Just went skating.   Mark took me.  Uh-huh.   Yeah.  Well, he lost a bet.”  I grinned, and then looked down between her legs.  Her skirt was still flipped up. 

It wasn’t a crowd full of people, but it was still delightfully naughty to do something to Faith while she was talking to Mom on the phone.  I kept one hand on the wheel and let my free hand return to one of my favorite places, her crotch.  Her voice raised in pitch a little as she answered “Yes?” to something Mom asked.

I had to take my hand away to make a turn, but once I was done I returned, and this time went up beneath her skirt and slipped down under her tights and the thong beneath.  Despite holding the coffee on the walk to the car, my hands were still a little cold from being outside, but that delightful warmth I found soon fixed that in one of them.  It was like a little sauna, hot and wet.  I massaged the area, enjoying seeing her feet rising from the floor, and also the look of consternation on her face as she tried to keep track of the conversation with Mom.

Unfortunately I couldn’t drive the whole way amusing myself like that, and after a near miss with somebody crossing the street against the light I stuck to massaging outside the tights.  The phone call also ended after a few minutes.  “What’d Mom want?”

“Take the ground beef out of the freezer to thaw for dinner,” she said.  “Clean our rooms, and vacuum the living room.”

I nodded.  “Well, don’t spend too long on the living room,” I said, to foist most of the task on her.  “Cause watching your little ass on the rink’s been getting to me.  I want to fuck you, but chores come first.”

She laughed.  “Since when?”

I shrugged and smiled.  “Think of it like incentive.  The sooner you get it done, the sooner I finish you off.”  I pulled off her then and concentrated on driving. 

When we got home, I got the hamburger out of the freezer, and then went to my room while Faith went to hers. 

Mom always told us to clean our rooms, but it was something of a joke at this point, at least for me.   I’d worn her down over the years so that her standards in that area were comfortably low.  As long as there was nothing on the floor and no empty snack-food packages anywhere in sight, it was considered clean.  Nothing particularly had to be organized.  For the past couple years, she hasn’t even insisted the beds be made.   I’m quite proud of that accomplishment, and it’s come in handy lately, since it’d be a pain in the ass if I have to make the bed again after fucking Faith.   Faith tended to be a bit more meticulous in her room, but I think she just liked things to be clean.

I took a couple minutes to meet that minimum standard, and then listened to music until I heard the vacuum.   Then I went downstairs to watch.  Faith was still dressed in her tights, although she’d changed into a lighter sweater.  “You forgot something,” I said.

She looked down at the carpet.  “What?”

I pointed to her tights.  “We’re home now,”  I said. 

She looked down at her legs.  “Oh, right, sorry.”

“Sorry what?”

“Sorry, Master.  I’ll take them off.”

I shook my head.  “Allow me.”  It was a pleasure to peel down the tights from behind, revealing her ass beneath her skirt, with only a pink thong covering it.  Of course, that had to go too.  Rule were rules.  Once she was properly attired, with nothing under her skirt, I copped a feel then went to sit on the couch.  “You can resume.”

Watching her vacuum, with her ass and cunt becoming visible every time she leaned or bent over, was quite a treat.  A sex slave might as well do other chores, too.  She was aware of my gaze and I’m pretty sure she played to it, bending over all the way when she didn’t need to and shaking her rear a little. 

Finally, she said, “I think I’m done then.”

I stood up, then looked at the carpet, as though inspecting her work.  “Looks good.”  I pulled her to me, then, so she could feel my erection underneath my clothes against her.  “So, did you have fun today?” I asked softly.

“Yes, master,” she said.  “Thank you.”

I had the feeling that she wanted to say more.  “But?”

“Did you have to feel me up in that coffee place?  And with Mom on the phone?”

“I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.  Didn’t you like it?”

“Yes, but… we could have gotten caught.”

My hand drifted down to her pussy, brushing against the slit.  “A little risk is always fun, though, right?  Spices things up.  I know you get turned on when there’s a chance, just a chance, we might get caught.”

“Sometimes,” she admitted, her face flushing.

“Good.” I kissed her softly, let my fingers enter her.  I felt how wet she was, and that’s what made me decide the time was right.  I pulled back suddenly, as though just thinking of something.  “You are still taking your pills, right?”

“Of course,” she said firmly.  Bad sign.

“Can I see?”

She slowly went to her room and came back a minute later with a small circular case of pills.  She handed it to me.  “Don’t you trust me?” she asked.  “One abortion was icky enough.  Trust me, I don’t want to have another.”   

“I do trust you,” I said.  “And I probably want to avoid one more than you.”  I took a breath, hoping it wasn’t too soon.  “But you remember when I asked you to shave?  You agreed your body belongs to me.”  I paused, just a second, and said, “Now I want you to flush these pills down the toilet.  I don’t want you taking them, or anything like it.”

Chapter Fifteen:

She stared at me, uncomprehending, as though I’d just slapped her across the face without warning and she couldn’t figure out why.    “But…”

“Shh,” I said.  “No buts.  A little risk is a good thing, remember?”  I felt I was losing her.  “Trust me.  I love you, and I’ll be very careful.”  Careful to put as much as I could inside of her, but careful nonetheless.  “Go on.  Or no sex for you until you do.”

Faith looked down at the pills in her hands for what seemed like an eternity, then started walking.  I followed her into the bathroom.  “You’d better know what you’re doing,” she said softly, and began emptying the container.  Pill after pill dropped into the toilet water, and when they were all gone, she hit the flusher.

She stared into the now empty toilet for a while, as though she was having second thoughts and could somehow mentally summon the pills back.  I turned her towards me, used one finger to tilt her head up to mine, and then kissed her on the lips, thrusting my tongue inside.  Her tongue fought back, not to escape, but in passion, and I knew then I hadn’t totally spooked her.  “I’m so proud of you,” I said when we were done. 

I put the toilet seat down, and directed her to rest her hands on it while she spread her legs and hefted her ass in the air.  It was beautiful from behind, as was her pussy… smooth, the lips a bit parted because they were puffed up from the day’s continual arousal.  I pulled my shirt off and dropped my pants. 

When I first enslaved my sister, I thought she got off on being treated like a slut, to be used sexually with no regard for what she wants.  Later, I came to think she liked me treating her sweetly, and put up with me treating her like a whore to get that.

Now I’m pretty sure she likes both.  Sometimes she wants one and not the other.  In all honesty, I’ve never been very good at telling which she wants at any given time, except sometimes when she proposes a submission bet.  So, I’ve gotten good results by switching suddenly back and forth, covering both bases at once.  And, since I’d just kissed her and told her I loved her, it was time to be a little rougher. 

My cock was already hard from the enormity of what I’d just done, so all it took was to release it and thrust it inside one of the tempting caves before me.  I chose her pussy over her ass, of course… buttfucking might better scratch her itch for being used, but I had to be practical.  Her womb might not be unprotected yet, but sperm survive up to three days, and it was possible that three days from now whatever hormones were in her system would have worn off. 

I went deep inside her, it was tight as usual, but as wet as it was, there wasn’t much resistance.  “That’s good, my little slut, I’m going to fuck you hard.”  It wasn’t just talk, either.  I was eager and didn’t want anything slow, I repeatedly thrust in and out while holding her steady.  My stomach slapped up against her ass so hard it was like a little spanking.  “Go on, take it you little whore, you like that, don’t you?”

I could tell she did by the grunts of pleasure she was making, not to mention the way her tight little hole squeezed, but she helpfully added, “Yes, master, I love it.”

“Yeah, I know you love it.  You’re a good little slut.  Tomorrow I’ll put your pussy back on the market, but today you’re all mine.”  I shut up for a while to keep pounding her while concentrating on not cumming.  Even though I wanted to treat her like I didn’t care, I actually did want her to cum every time.  I just wouldn’t let her know about it. 

I knew it was close.  Even though I was trying to keep her still, I could feel her trying to push back against me, consciously or unconsciously trying to get me back in as quickly as possible every time I withdrew.  However, I didn’t know if I could wait that long.  I slowed my pace so I wouldn’t blow my load right then.  I almost stopped entirely, in fact, just gradually drifting outward.  “You want it?”  She moaned in the affirmative.  “Tell me you want it,” I instructed her.  “Beg for it.”

“Please,” she said.  “Please, master don’t stop fucking me.  I want your cock all the way inside me again.”

“You going to be a good little whore?”

“Yes master.  I’ll do anything you want.  I always do.  Anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

“And if I want to come inside you?  Even when you’re not on the pill?”

Her breath caught.  “You’re my master,” she said, but then she added, “I trust you to be careful.”

Maybe it was as good as I was going to get.  But I had to push a little more.  “Beg me to come inside you now,” I said.  It had worked before, but she was on protection then.  “Do it and I’ll finish fucking you.”

“Please,” she said, and it seemed sincere.  “Fuck me, cum in my pussy.  I want it so much, master.”

I went back to my former frenetic pace, and it wasn’t long before I’d passed the point where I couldn’t stop fucking her even if I wanted to.  I just kept on thrusting in and out while I felt the pressure in my balls increase, and finally, I was ready to explode.  “Okay, here it is,” I muttered, and exploded. 

When I did, so did Faith, verbally, with a sharp cry of pleasure.  We were cumming together.  As I tried to paint her womb with sperm, she seemed to be trying to deafen me.  After I’d let out the first couple mind-numbingly intense jets and became aware of reality again, her cunt twitched like it was trying to squeeze every drop out of my dick while she caught her own breath.

I let her get as much as she could, then pulled out.  “Good girl,” I said, with a pat to her ass, and then left, casually, as though I’d just done and every day thing.  Inside, though, I was practically buzzing with excitement.  I could hardly believe I’d pulled it off.  I actually got my sister to flush her birth control pills and let me risk impregnating her.  I can act confident, and sometimes I even convince myself that I know what I’m doing, but I guess deep down I thought I’d fail.

The success was intoxicating, thrilling, and it made me feel like I could take on the whole world.  I lay down on my bed for a while, listening to the distant sound of my sister taking a shower, and then had an idea.  Shortly afterwards, I was on the phone. 

“Yeah, this is Todd.”

“Hey, it’s your cousin, Mark.”  I had to specify because Todd usually doesn’t check who’s phoning him and he has another friend named Mark.  It’s led to annoying confusion in the past. 

“Oh, what’s up?”

“You alone?”

“Yeah, man.  I’m driving my Beamer.  Hey, if you’re offering another piece of your sister, you’re going to have to wait till tomorrow at least.”

“You remember what you said last time?  Were you serious about that?”

“What?” he took a second to think. 

“You know, where you said you thought Jeanette would shoot me down.  You said you bet your car on it.”

“That?  It was a joke, man.”

“Oh, so you admit I could get your girlfriend to fuck me.”

“No way, man.  Come on, you might think you’re some kind of sex god, but between you and me you ain’t had any pussy who wasn’t in high school, and you weren’t related to.  You have no idea how to talk to a real woman.  No way you could get a girl like Jeannie to cheat.”

“So then it’s a bet.  If you win, I won’t charge you to fuck Faith ever again.” 

“And if you win, you get my BMW?  That’s hardly fair.” 

I knew it wasn’t, but I expected him to up the ante and bet something else.  “Yeah, I knew you were chicken.”


“Well, you must not be too confident, right?  Tell you what, I bet you I could get her by the New Year.  I win, you sell me your car, legally.  I’ll give you a hundred bucks for it.”

“Yeah, fine, you’re on then.” He hadn’t demanded anything extra for his part of the bet.  He really was dumb. 

“Two things before we start.  First, you’ve got to give me a little information on her, just to get me started.  Where she lives, where she works, what her hours are, that sort of thing.”

“Fine,” he agreed grudgingly.   

“Second, this is a friendly bet, and we’re family.  If I win…”

He cut me off.  “You’re not going to win, bro.”

“If I win, I’m going to be fucking your girlfriend.  You’ve got to swear you’re not going to be pissed at me for that.”  I wanted him to be pissed, really, but I didn’t want it to get to the point where he might do something stupid. 

“Are you kidding?  Like I’m going to get hung up over a slut?  Jeannie’s a nice girl, but girls like her are a dime a dozen.”

“And it’s not like you’ve been entirely faithful to her.”

He laughed.  “Yeah, you got that right.  If I’m pissed, I’m going to be pissed because I lost my car, not Jeannie.  But if I win, I don’t got to use a condom, either.  I hate those things.”

I thought about it. It wasn’t really in the plan, I’d promised my sister that I was the only one who’d get to fuck her raw.  Even beyond that promise, if somebody else did, I couldn’t be sure I was the one who got her pregnant.  But then, I had no intention of letting Todd do it.  “Fine.  It’s a bet.”

Chapter Sixteen:

Over the next few days, I continued to fuck Faith on a regular basis, and always made a point to cum in her pussy, even if it had just started as a blowjob.  The first time the next day, I’d convinced her it was okay because the pills she’d been taking before wouldn’t wear all off all at once.  After that, I didn’t say anything, and neither did she, but I know she was getting worried.   I noticed she now had a particular habit of showering immediately after I came in her, even if it was for the third time that day.  Showering after sex wasn’t itself unusual, but the immediacy of the desire and the length of time she spent in there worried me.  Also, she didn’t do it when she was fucking somebody with a condom, unless she got particularly sweaty.

I looked it up on the Internet.  Showering after sex was a common way to avoid pregnancy… a common way that doesn’t actually work, according to sex sites I saw.  But Faith tended to rely on conventional knowledge, instead of looking things up like I did, so I suspected that she thought she was doing all she could to avoid a pregnancy.   I could have ordered her not to, but I didn’t want to go that far just yet, especially if her efforts were all for naught.  I wanted a few more days to let her get used to the risk.

As promised, I rented her out to a few of my friends, but not very many.  I let Fred fuck her, condom on of course, and a couple of others, but what I told her before about Christmas was partly true.   It was just too busy or costly to arrange dates with the people I knew.  So, I kept her to myself, mostly.  I also tried to be nicer to her than usual, even taking her out last minute shopping. 

I made no progress with Jeannette, but there, I didn’t even make an approach.  In some of my free time, I did scout out her home and work neighborhood, trying to come up with excuses to meet her accidentally, but I was taking my time getting there.  The truth was, I made the bet while I was still basking in that victory with the birth control pills.  Once that wore off, I was no longer so sure.  I did have one ace up my sleeve.   I was going to have to play it soon… I only had a week after Christmas.   But I figured either my plan would work, or it wouldn’t, and more time wasn’t likely to sway the decision.

Time did seem to be moving fast, but then it always did in the last few days before Christmas.  Before we knew it, it was the Christmas Eve Day, and the plan was already set for that.  Our immediate family would have a dinner, exchange gifts among each other, and then once we were done, in the evening, we’d go over to my aunt and uncle’s for a sort of after-party, which usually lasted until well past midnight, and sometimes all night.  There we’d exchange gifts with that side of the family, and the parents would drink.

This year I had a special status… designated driver.  Not yet legally allowed to drink, I was a useful tool to let my parents have a little more Christmas cheer.  They never got totally wasted, but they liked to drink enough that it wasn’t safe to drive, especially with cops doing spot checks.  They told me that this year, instead of getting a cab, they were going to use me.  I was a little annoyed at first, but then I decided it fit into my plans perfectly.   That day, I told Faith I’d give her a signal at the party.  When I did, she was to ask if I could drive her home.   She smiled a little, but I think she only guessed a little about what I was planning.

Christmas at home was the same as it always was, pretty much.  Dinner was good, Mom and Dad got into a fight about stupid shit (and they wondered why my sister and I argued so much when we were growing up), they made up, and we exchanged presents. 

I got the typical assortment of practical things like clothes and some stuff for my car, a gas card which was nice, and the nice gift, a new LCD TV screen for my room (Faith got one too, it was a Black Friday deal).  Faith gave me The Matrix on Blu-Ray, which brought a genuine smile to my lips.  “Hey, I love this movie.   Samuel L. Jackson is great in this…” 

“I think you’re thinking of Lawrence Fishburne,” Dad said.  Faith giggled.   “What’s so funny?” he asked, which only made her giggle more.  I almost broke into laughter myself.  We both knew it was Fishburne, not Jackson, but Faith making that mistake was what caused her to lose a bet and give me a blowjob for the first time.  She must have been deliberately trying to remind me of that.  It was a good movie, though, even if the sequels sucked, and I didn’t yet have it on Blu-Ray.

I’d had some trouble choosing Faith’s gift.  If I didn’t have parents to worry about I might have bought her something suggestive, either of our regular sexual encounters, or of the new role I had in mind for her.  As much as I would have loved breaking the news to her by buying her a baby stroller for Christmas, that certainly wasn’t an option.  So, at the last minute, I went with one of those little animals made out of crystal.  Faith collects them, and there’s a shelf full of them in her room.  It was a unicorn… she had one of those, but not this particular one.   She seemed to like it, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, in front of Mom and Dad, in thanks for it. 

Mom and Dad got into another brief fight when he bought her kitchen and cleaning stuff, but only long enough for Dad to reveal it was a set up, he’d bought her jewelry after all.  She always falls for things like that.

After we’d exchanged gifts, and all the wrapping paper was put in the garbage, we piled into the car with bags of presents and headed to the after-party.  There, more gift exchanges.  We got money from my aunt and uncle.  I don’t even know what we got them, Mom handled that on our behalf.  Mikey and I both got each other video games.  Lara got me a shirt, while I got her something Mom suggested, one of those gift baskets full of special toiletries.  I wanted to get her a leash and dog collar, but again, it would raise too many questions.   Todd showed he didn’t know me at all by getting me a jigsaw puzzle.  Whatever.  I got him a bobble-head doll of Homer Simpson, I didn’t spend much time picking that, either… but whenever I looked at Todd I thought of idiots, so it seemed to make sense.

Once we got our gifts, and ours were piled up near our coats and shoes, the party split.  My Aunt and Uncle’s friends, and my parents, hung about upstairs with fancy hors d’ouvres and alcohol.  Lara, Mikey, Faith and I went down into the basement where there was plenty of cola, chips, and pretzels, and we were expected to amuse ourselves.  We were the only kids there this year.

While we weren’t banned from the upper party and nobody would care if we passed through and decided to spend some time in Mikey or Lara’s room, or raided the kitchen for something, we weren’t really welcome either.  We were still considered kids and didn’t have much in common since we didn’t have jobs or kids of our own to complain about.   Todd had effectively graduated and could move through both groups, and did, weaving in and out, but mostly upstairs.  While down with us, he asked me, confidently, whether I made any progress in our bet, and I just shrugged and told him “Not yet.  Why, is she here?”

He chuckled.  “You wish.  No, wait, I wish.  It would be fun to see you getting shot down in person.  But she’s with her family.”

“I still have a week.  And you know what, since it’s you, when I fuck her, I won’t even give her my best, that way if you decide to keep dating her you won’t feel so inadequate.”

“Yeah, right.  Like I’d ever want her again, if by some miracle you won.  It would just mean she’s a skank.”  He took a sip of beer and went back upstairs.

Lara, Faith, Mikey and I all initially decided to watch a movie, since TV on Christmas Eve sucked, although we had trouble agreeing on one.  While we argued, we found a sitcom rerun on TV and got a little into watching that.  The time our party was a little tenser than year’s past, particularly because of Lara and Faith.  It seemed like they were going through another phase of being ‘less than friends’.  They weren’t outright hostile to each other, in fact they were civil and seemed relatively friendly upstairs during the gift exchange, but while it was just the four of us, Faith sat as far from her as possible and didn’t talk much to her. 

During the commercial break, while Faith took off to the bathroom and Mikey was still looking through the movies to try and find something good, Lara shuffled a little closer to me and muttered, “God, I’m so fucking horny tonight.”

“Oh yeah?”  I grinned.  “I am in kind of a Christmasy mood.  You want some help with that?”

She smiled coyly at me.  “I might.”

I rose my voice loud enough for her brother to hear.  “Hey, Mikey, your sister’s horny.  You should really fuck her or something to help her out.”  I looked to Lara with a self-satisfied smile and said, “There, I helped you out.  Merry Christmas.”

The reaction was immediate.  Lara’s face turned into a disgusted scowl.  “Ewww,” she said, and shuddered. 

Mikey grinned nervously and said, “Yeah, that’s pretty fucking gross, Mark.  I’d never fuck my sister.”

I was pretty sure he was full of shit.   He’d never outright admitted it to me, but I’m sure he would, if given the chance.  He was just too much of a coward to ask.  So I wanted to goad him a little.  “Why not?  I fuck your sister.  I fuck MY sister.”

“Yeah, but you’re fucked up,” he said. 

I gave him a long, hard look.  “Oh, I am, am I?”

Lara went quiet and still, as though expecting a fight to break out at any moment.  Mikey shrugged, embarrassedly, and said, “Well, yeah.  You fuck your sister, you force her to do all these perverted things for you…”

I hadn’t expected it to go this far, but here it was.  “I don’t really make her do anything,” I said.  “She wants to do it all.”

“Please.  We both know the only reason she does it is because of the bet… she doesn’t really want to.”  I guess it was because he liked her, but every once in a while Mikey put Faith up on a pedestal and got this theory that, deep down, she’d go for him and would rather not do anything with me.  The first time he did that, I made Faith tell him she didn’t want him.  The second time, I had him watch Faith fuck Todd, for the first time, at my command.  I thought I’d broken him of that idealized image, but I guess it was time for another lesson.  Hopefully, one that would stick.

“What, you think she’d rather go out with you?”  I rolled my eyes.  “Wanna bet?”

Chapter Seventeen:

Mikey looked somewhat uncomfortable at the suggestion of betting, probably because, so far, it had always gone badly for him when his ideals clashed with reality.  “What?”

“A bet.  A real one, with real stakes.”

Of course, at that moment I heard the door open at the top of the stairs, and then close again, and moments later Faith was down with us again.  I couldn’t very well make my point with her right there.  “Faith,” I said. “Who do you serve?”

She looked about, a little nervously, but everybody who was in the basement knew all about it, so she said, “You, master.”

“Good,” I said.  “Go upstairs and give us a few minutes.  I’ll send Lara up to fetch you when we’re ready.”

She nodded, and slowly retreated back up the stairs.  She shot me a questioning look, but the look was the only question there was. 

When she was gone, I turned back to Mikey.  “So, what do you say, do you want to bet?”

“What kind of bet do you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, but you seem to be copping an attitude that I’m some monster forcing Faith to do what she doesn’t want to.  Of course, you believed that and you still let me make her fuck you, so I guess that makes you just as bad.  No, worse, because I know she likes it, and you think she’s a victim.”  He looked a little chagrined about that.  “But, here’s your chance to redeem yourself.  Make a bet.  You win, Faith’s free, I’ll cancel the bet, and you can brag to her about how you saved her and was the big hero.  In fact, I’ll never put sex-slavery up as stakes for Faith again.”  I caught Lara suddenly stare at me.  I guess she thought I was giving away her prize.  “Of course, if Faith offers, I’m not going to turn her down.  That would just be stupid and it would prove my point anyway.”  Lara relaxed a little, but not all the way.  She was still interested in playing this out.

Mikey, however, was considering the offer.  “And what if I lose?”

“First, you drop the attitude.  If I win and hear you say what I do to Faith is sick one more time, you never touch her again.  Second…” 

I had to pause there.  What did I want?  To tell the truth, all I wanted was for him to shut up and face the truth.  But that wasn’t very fair stakes, considering what I stood to lose.  I didn’t think the risk was big, but given it was becoming more and more obvious to Faith that I wasn’t doing anything to keep her from pregnancy, she might jump at a way out.  So I needed something.  It might not be wise to bet what you don’t want to lose, but it’s downright stupid to do it in exchange for nothing. 

Money was an option.  Mikey’s parents made a lot more than mine did, and though he spent his allowance almost as quickly as he received it, I could probably get him to sell some of his crap.  But I wanted something memorable, and the bets where I lost, or won, money never stick out in my mind.  So that wouldn’t do.

I grinned suddenly.  I had it.  “You have to fuck your sister.”  It was a memorable experience for me. 

Lara finally spoke up.  “Whoa, there.  Uh, don’t I get a say in this?”

“Sure,” I said.  “If Mikey loses, he has to fuck you, if you ever give him the chance.  All the way in, cumming while inside you.”  I stopped for a second, realizing that might conflict with some other plans.  “But you can use a condom, of course.  If you ever want it badly enough, you just tell him to fuck you.  If not…” the grin broke out again.  “I guess we’ll have to wait until you lose a bet or something.  Let’s say he has to do it five times, and I have to be informed each time.  After that, if you want to continue, you’ll have to work that out amongst yourselves.”

Mikey, who’s eyes had been widening gradually ever since I made the suggestion, finally blinked hard and shook his head.  “Man, you really are fucked up.  I can’t believe you’d be so…” He sputtered, looking for a word.

“Nice?” I finished.  “I know.  I’m practically being a saint here.  It’s not like me.  I mean, I’m giving you what you secretly want, without the guilt of going after it yourself.”  I changed my gaze to Lara and added, “And you’re at least getting give free fucks you can use if you’re desperate.  Frankly, I’m the only one who risks losing anything on the deal.  Maybe I should up the stakes, make Mikey let Todd fuck him up the ass.”

The difference between his put-on show of disgust and horror at fucking his sister and the real revulsion at fucking his brother said just about everything.  “But no, I’ll stick with things as they are, I’m worried Todd might enjoy it, and I don’t want to give him any kicks for free.”

“So what is the bet?” Mikey finally asked. 

“You think Faith doesn’t want to be my slave.  So we’ll bring her down here and give her a choice.  She knows I’ve got something planned for tonight.  I’ll tell her, in the spirit of Christmas, I’m willing to give her a night off.  All she has to do is…” I was going to say that she just had to ask for one, but changed my mind at the last second and finished, “kiss you on the cheek.  If you’re right, she’ll jump at the chance.  If I’m right, she’ll refuse.”  It only proved that she’d rather fuck her brother than kiss Mikey, rather than that she liked being treated like a slave, but I hoped either explanation would crush his hopes for getting together with her, once and for all.  “Fair enough?”  I extended my hand.  “We got a bet?”

He looked nervously towards his sister, asked, “You’re not going to offer if I lose, right?”

Lara scowled.  “As if.  Believe me, I’m never going to be that desperate.”

Mikey didn’t seem to take it as an insult, just moved up to me.  “Then I’d be stupid not to agree.”  We shook on it.  “It’s a bet.”

I nodded, and then looked to Lara.  “Can you go fetch Faith and tell her she can come down now?”

Lara looked like she was going to protest for a moment, but then suddenly switched her demeanor, stood, and started up the stairs.  A couple minutes later, the two girls came down together.  Faith didn’t seem worried, or even curious, as though it was an everyday thing that she was sent out of the room. 

I, on the other hand, did start to get a little nervous.  What if Faith did want a break, even just a night off?  I might well lose my bet with Lara right here.  I told myself that, if that happened, it was for the best.  Better she back out now than blame me for pressuring her into it.  “You know I’d planned to fuck you tonight, right?” I said to her, casually.

“Yes, master,” she said softly.

“Well, I’ve decided, seeing as how it’s Christmas and all, Mikey convinced me to give you a choice.  If you want, you can have the night off.  I won’t be mad.  All you have to do is give Mikey a kiss on the cheek and say thank you, and I won’t touch you.”  I hoped that was a threat rather than a present.

She looked at me for a few seconds, then Mikey, then me again.  I was really starting to get worried.  Finally, she said, “No thank you, master.”

“Are you sure?” Mikey asked.  “You don’t have to do it,” he added desperately.  “Take what’s being offered.”

She shook her head.  “No, I want Mark to fuck me whenever he wants.”  She looked back to me.  “Right now, if you desire, master.”

I beamed, enjoying Mikey’s crestfallen expression.  “Thank you, Faith.  Not right now, though, but I think in about a half hour or so, you should tell Dad you’re feeling a little sick and you’d like me to give you a ride home.”

She nodded.  “Thank you master,” she said brightly.

The room was tense again, but this time it was because of Mikey, sulking in his loss.  I tried to ignore it, just watched some TV with Faith curled up beside me.  As though there was some rule that there could only be one source of tension at a time, Faith and Lara suddenly seemed friendly again, talking animatedly about celebrity gossip. 

I found out why on the way home.  It wasn’t long before my thoughts kept drifting to what I was about to do, and that made me aroused, so I told Faith to go play sick, we said a few Merry Christmases to people, and left.  In the car, I stroked Faith’s hair with one hand and said, “You did good.”

“You mean cause I won your bet with Mikey?”

We never admitted that part out loud in front of her.  “You knew about that?”

“Lara told me,” she confessed staring out the window at the bright, colorful Christmas decorations on about half the houses we passed.  “She asked if I really liked being your sex slave, and when I said I did, she told me that you had a bet going, and that if you lost, I wouldn’t be able to do it ever again.”

“Well, that’s not quite true,” I said.  “I said I’d never ask for it.”  We both knew she suggested it most of the time. 

She smiled.  “Oh, good.”


“I don’t know, I guess I was a little worried that you could bet it away so easily.  Like it didn’t mean anything to you.”

“No, I love this,” I said, and then joked, “Hell, I wish you’d make a permanent bet one of these days.”  Not entirely a joke, but I didn’t see it as being in the cards, either.   So I tried to play it off, disguise my interest.  “Of course, I don’t think either of us is ready for that.  Even if you offered right now, I’d have to refuse unless I was sure you could handle it.  Anyway, in this case, it was safe to bet away, because I really didn’t think I had any chance of losing.”

She grinned.  “You’re right, even if Lara hadn’t warned me I would have said no.  But I appreciated her thinking of me.”  She was silent for a while, and then asked, “So, what did you win?”

“Nothing,” I said.  “But Mikey has to fuck his sister if she ever lets him.” 

She laughed sharply.  “I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

I shrugged.  “You never know.  Lara might like the power.  I mean, she can just demand it and he has to.”  Or, come summer, if things worked out, I’ll certainly demand it. 

Chapter Eighteen:

At home, I told Faith to go upstairs, get undressed, and wait in her bedroom, adding that I’d be there in a few minutes.  While I waited, I grabbed a candy cane from the glittering tree, unwrapped it, which was a pain in the ass, and sucked on it for a while, breaking off a small piece in my mouth.  I’d heard about this trick but never tried it yet. 

When I went to join my sister, she was on her bed, nude, on her side, one leg drawn up seductively.  I joined her, but pulled her leg to the side, gently forcing her to turn onto her back.  There, she brought both her legs up a little, giving me unimpeded access to her spread pussy.  I rubbed it with one finger for a few seconds, and then lowered my face to her mound and began licking.

It took a few seconds for her to notice the difference, and until she did I wondered if maybe it was just a myth.  Then suddenly she gasped and said, “That’s different.”

I smiled, withdrew my tongue, and said, “It’s Christmas magic,” I said, then breathed on her clit lightly with my cool mint breath. 

She shuddered.  “I love Christmas, master.”

I continued to lick, until she was good and wet, but I didn’t want to go at it too long.  My plan tonight involved leaving her wanting more.  So, after a couple of minutes of oral sex, I pulled away and stood over her.  “I don’t think I can wait anymore,” I told her.  “You know what comes next, don’t you?”

She grinned.  “You’re going to stuff my stocking?”  She laughed embarrassedly at her own joke, as though realizing it was lame.

 I played along, though.  I undid my pants and pulled them down to just below my ass.  “Well, I’ll be stuffing something.”  I cradled my balls with one hand and said, “Santa’s sack is pretty full today.”  I advanced on her, rubbing the head of my dick on her slit, gently pushing the lips apart and lubing myself up with her own juices.  “And it’s all going inside.”  I gave her a chance to protest, but she didn’t.  Her expression was unreadable, beyond just the usual anticipation of sex.  “Ask me to fuck you,” I said.

“Please, fuck me master,” she said, staring up at me. 

“You want my gift?”

“Yes, master.”

“Then take it.”  I pushed forward, slowly at first, until I was all the way inside, and her pussy lips encircled my dick.  Even after all the fucking we’ve done, she was still pretty tight.  I rocked into her, slowly at first, but then increased the speed.  Soon, I was slamming in and out of her while I held her legs, knees draped over my arms.

I wanted to take my time and enjoy it, but I also wanted to get off quickly, before she could.  Not how I usually liked to play it, but I didn’t want her to come with me inside her this time.  So, when I thought she had an orgasm approaching, I did whatever I could to make myself cum, I increased my pace, filled my thoughts with the most filthy images, Faith being fucked by a dog while pregnant, me forcing Faith to suck my cock on webcam for thousands of viewers, me fucking Faith at the dinner table during dinner, with our parents watching.  Anything I could do to get that buzzing feeling going faster.  The image that did it was one of Faith giving me a blowjob while her baby, our baby, breastfed on her.  I don’t know why, but it sent me over the edge, and, when I knew I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to, I pushed all the way in fell on top of her, and held there, my head right beside Faith’s.  I whispered in my sister’s ear, “Here comes your real Christmas gift.”

I really did feel like I flooded her womb, we hadn’t had sex that day and I didn’t masturbate at all, so my load was more than usual.  Although she had moaned, “Oh yes,” as I squirted into her, I had a feeling that she’d neither climaxed herself, nor changed her feelings about the risk of pregnancy.  It was a heat-of-the-moment exclamation, for my benefit as much as anything.

I stayed in her until I was sure every last drop was gone, and then pushed up a little so I could kiss her cheek, then her lips, and said softly, “Now, I need you to do something for me.”

Her eyes twinkled, almost glittered in the soft light.  “Yes, master?”

I pulled out.  “I’ve got to get back to the party,” I explained.  “I’d like to stay, but it would look suspicious.”

“Oh,” she said quietly.

I walked around the bed and got one of her pillows.  “But, I want you to stay here, waiting for me.  In bed.  No showering.”

Her mouth opened, then closed, then finally, tentatively, opened again.  “But…”

I put a finger to her lips.  “No buts.  It’s what I want from you.  We’ll talk about it later.   Get comfortable on your bed, so you can sleep if I can’t make it in here.

She got the covers out of the way, and slid back to the head of the bed, resting her head on the pillow I’d left her.  She lay on her side, and I shook my head.  “On your back,” I said.  Obediently, she complied.  I took the pillow that was in my hand, and put it between her legs and her butt.  “Lift up.”  When she did, I put it under her ass, raising her pussy into the air.  “That’s the way I want you.”

“I have to stay like this?”

“Yes,” I said.  “You can move a little if you get uncomfortable, but I want you to spend as much time like this as you can, so everything has the most chance of soaking in.”  I couldn’t make it any plainer, could I?  “And I know I didn’t have time to properly satisfy, so you should masturbate.  Give yourself at least one orgasm.  That increases the odds of us having a little Christmas miracle.”  I guess I could make it plainer. I knew she’d have to question that, but I pre-empted it with a kiss to her lips, and thrust my tongue inside.  I made it a long kiss, and although she wasn’t as in to it as previous kisses, she wasn’t trying to throw me off, either.  It was like she was torn, conflicted.  That was probably the best I could hope for.   I could work with that.  If she was terrified or angry, I didn’t think I could.  “We’ll have a long talk when I get back,” I promised her as soon as I broke the kiss.  “But until then, you’ll follow my orders without question?”

She nodded slowly.  I turned on the TV, her old one since her new one hadn’t yet been taken out of the box, and tossed the remote control to her.  “I’ll be back soon.”

I probably would have enjoyed myself more staying home, but I wanted Faith to think about what I was doing, and hopefully be masturbating while she was doing it.  It might not have made a difference, but I remembered back the first time Faith got pregnant.  At that time I was terrified and ashamed, and the thought that it might be mine freaked me out as much as anything.  But the thought kept popping up, while I was masturbating, and later when I was fucking Faith again.  It started as a worry, but the more times I had an orgasm with that in my mind, the more attractive it seemed to become.  By the time Lara made the bet, I had no idea I wanted it as much as I did.  I could only hope it had the same impact on Faith.  If she followed my instructions and masturbated, there’s no way she wouldn’t be thinking about me knocking her up while she did. 

The rest of the party was pretty much a wash.  I ragged on Mikey a little as soon as I got back, asking him if he’d fucked his sister yet, but he just looked embarrassed and shook his head.  I could have tried to fuck Lara, or get a blowjob off her, but I wanted to save all my cum for Faith, and besides, there were too many people who could barge downstairs at a moment’s notice.  So, for the most part, we just watched a shitty movie until my bleary-eyed Mom came downstairs and told me they were ready to go home. 

While drunk, my Dad tended to make stupid jokes, and my mom got giggly like a schoolgirl, so I guess they were a perfect match, but it wasn’t all that fun to share a car with them.  It seemed like they somehow got drunker during the ride, as though they were holding back for the party and finally let loose when it was just the three of us. 

I would have put up with the irritation of annoying, drunk parents, if not for the moment of panic that a moment of sobriety caused.  As I was turning onto our street, my mother suddenly, calmly, said, “We should check in on Faith before we go to bed, make sure she’s feeling better.”

Any other day, that might be fine, but if my sister had followed my instructions, she’d be lying in bed, naked, unshowered, smelling of sex and sweat.  Were my parents drunk enough to miss that?

Chapter Nineteen:

My thoughts raced.  They might not notice.  Over the past few months, they’d not noticed a lot of things that suggested my relationship with Faith had changed, like the way we spent more time together, or how I never seemed to complain about having to stay home with her.  But this… this might be hard to ignore. 

“She’s not really sick,” I found myself saying, startling myself, because it was the truth.  What I came up with next couldn’t be.  “She and Lara had little fight, and she just wanted to get away.”  I smiled nervously, “If she was really sick, I wouldn’t have left her alone.”  Wait, that wasn’t like me at all, too caring.  “Anyway, she’s probably asleep, but whatever, wake her if you want.”

I got lucky, she didn’t call my bluff.  Either she believed me or she forgot about it between the time I pulled into the driveway and the time we got to the door.  She and Dad toddled up to her room, telling me to get the stocking stuffers out.  That was another of my jobs, for the last few years, even though Faith hadn’t believed in Santa for a while, our parents liked having stockings supposedly from Santa, filled magically.  After one of my Aunt and Uncle’s Christmas Eve parties, they didn’t usually feel up to it, so they left the job to me. 

I waited breathlessly at the bottom of the stairs, dreading the sound of somebody entering my sister’s room, but thankfully, it never happened.  Instead, while I handled the stocking stuffers, I became aware of another sound, a distant female high-pitched moan that was familiar, coming from the master bedroom.  I groaned inwardly and sat down on the couch while my parents made the beast with two backs. 

I waited about half an hour.  My parents only took about ten minutes to have sex, but I wanted to make sure they were well asleep before I crept upstairs and snuck into my sister’s room.  Her room was dark and quiet.  The smell, of sex, wet, pungent, musky, and a little sharp, seemed to slap me in the face.   I feared it before, but now I smiled.  It meant she followed my orders.  I undressed and lowered myself into bed beside her, spooning. 

She must have been at least a little asleep.  She had turned on her side, but I didn’t expect her to lie on her back all night.  “Mark?” she whispered.

“You were expecting someone else?”  I felt for her in the dark, made contact with the skin of her leg, and let my hand drift upwards.  “You didn’t shower.”

“You said not to,” she said.  I let the comment hang.  “This was some kind of test, wasn’t it?”

“You could say that, yeah.”

“So, then the pills must still not have worn off?”

 It took me a few seconds to realize what she meant.  She thought she still couldn’t get pregnant… basically, she trusted me to still be watching out, and thought I was trying to fool her with the risk.  It was sweet, but I had to tell her the truth.  “I don’t know exactly how long that takes,” I admitted. 

“Then why would you risk that?  I mean, it’s almost like you’re trying extra hard to get me pregnant.”  She finally hit on it, but wasn’t ready to accept it.  “The way you told me not to shower, after, like you wanted it to stay in.”

“That actually didn’t do anything,” I explained.  “Apparently, taking a shower after sex doesn’t make a bit of difference to whether you get pregnant or not.  You can shower whenever you want from now on.”

“So, you’re not trying to get me pregnant?”

“Well, I didn’t say that…”

She pulled away, but it was only to turn and look at me, or look at the darkness where I was.  Maybe she saw me better than I saw her, she’d been in the dark longer and her eyes had adjusted.  “You said you were being careful!”

“I am.  I just didn’t say what I was being careful about.  I was careful to give you as much of my stuff as I could.  I didn’t want to waste a drop.”

“But why?”

“Because I want to,” I said. “You agreed that your body was mine to do what I wanted.  Well, I want this.  I want to knock you up.”

“Have you even thought about what happens if you do?  You know how much I hated going into that clinic…”

“I told you I don’t want you to have another abortion.  The only reason I was okay with it last time was because it could have been anybody’s.  But I’m the only one having unprotected sex with you right now, so if you get pregnant, I want you to stay that way.”

“You can’t ask that,” she insisted.  “I’m only your slave until school starts again.  It’s MY body then.”

“And when that day comes, if you’re pregnant and you want to kill our baby, I’ll drive you to the clinic.”  I was going to say ‘have an abortion’, but it didn’t seem strong enough.  I also added, “I don’t know if I could get over it, but I’ll be there.  But until then, I’m your master, and I don’t want you to fight me on this.  Okay?”  She didn’t answer right away, so I said, “Faith?  Am I your master or not?”

There was another silence.  I wondered if maybe she was asleep, although that didn’t make sense.  Maybe she fainted.  Finally, she said, “Yes, master.”

“Good.  Then come snuggle up with me again.”  She shifted, slowly, on her bed, and then we were once more spooning, but she seemed tense.  I actually felt bad, realizing that I may have crossed a line and ruined my relationship with my sister forever.  Maybe she just didn’t want to welch on the bet, but would hate me for making her stick with it.  I would never want that.  “I know you’re not comfortable with this, and I’m sorry,” I said softly.  “I hoped you would be.  I thought you might like the idea as much as me.  But I love you, and I can’t think of any better proof of love than a love child.”  I liked the sound of that.  Love child.  I ran my hand over her stomach and said, “You might be pregnant with my baby right now, you know.”  My hand ventured lower, to her pussy.  It was wet.  I know it wasn’t from me before, that would have dried long ago.  It heartened me.  She might be conflicted, but she was a little turned on, even if she wouldn’t admit it.  It was enough to work with.

If she hadn’t been wet, I would have left her there, gone back to my room, and hoped that after she had time to think about it, she’d be more open.  Or maybe I would have cancelled the whole idea, then and there.  I almost certainly would have done that if she’d just flat out asked me to, but she never did, which I guess makes it her fault, too.  At that moment, her being wet encouraged me.  “But just in case, I’d like to give it another go.”  I was already hard, pressing against her, and started rubbing up against her ass.  I slid down to where I would be able to enter, and whispered, “But we have to be quiet, Mom and Dad are sleeping.”  We’d fucked sometimes when they were home, but you ignore strange noises during the day while you’re watching TV or busy with your own life.   In the middle of the night, noises were something to be investigated.

She didn’t fight me… she didn’t get as into it as she had other times, but she didn’t fight at all, just spread her legs a little and let me enter.  Once I’d thrust all the way inside her, she reacted more, but it was like usual, squeezing on my shaft with her pussy.  Because of worries about making noise, it was a lot slower and gentler than most of our sex, at least until halfway through, when she started making quiet, squealing moans and I felt I had to stifle her with a hand over her mouth.  Then it turned strange, the pace increased and I could hear the vibration of her moans against the palm of my hand.   The atmosphere became surprisingly charged with erotic energy.  Suddenly, I felt her shudder and then stilled some.  I wasn’t done yet, but since she’d cum I thought it was safe to take my hand off, and she took a long, gasping breath. 

I came a few minutes later, and then kissed the back of her neck and her ear as I drenched her womb once again with sperm.  That done, I rested, arms around her, my cock still inside her, like a plug, keeping it all inside, until I was satisfied none would leak out.

Afterwards, I intended to stay just long enough to check again if Faith was okay, but I fell asleep.  It had been a long day.   I woke up, paranoid that it was morning and we’d be somehow found like that, but it was still very dark.  I could hear Faith’s regular breathing beside me, and see her by the dim moonlight.  I kissed her once on the cheek, then tried to gather my clothes, and snuck into my room for the rest of the night.

The next time I awoke, it was to the sound of the shower turning on.  Faith was in there.   My parents were still asleep.  I waited until she was done and then had one myself.  The first time I saw her that morning was in the living room, unwrapping the presents in our stocking.  They were little things, chocolate, socks, school supplies, toiletries, and things like that.  We had a fairly normal sibling conversation, showing each other our gifts, exchanging them in cases (I liked licorice, she didn’t, so I traded a pack of toffee-covered popcorn in my stocking for a licorice allsorts in hers).  It was almost as though what happened last night hadn’t happened at all.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she said, “You’re really going to do this, aren’t you?  Try to knock me up?”

“Yeah,” I said softly.  “If you let me.”

Faith let out a half-sigh, half-laugh.  “Well, I have to, right?  A bet’s a bet.”

It was the one ironclad rule we had as a family.  Apparently it was even stronger than the rule against incest, though I’m not sure our parents would agree.  Faith seemed to act like it was stronger than anything.  “A bet is a bet,” I agreed.  “And if you hold to the terms of the bet, you have to let me try.  But… if you did welch out, I’d forgive you.”

Her eyes widened.  “You would?”

“Of course.  I might not want to make bets with you, at least nothing with real stakes,” I added.  It was kind of a low blow.   “But I’d forgive you.”

She looked down at the red and green oversized sock in her lap, and was quite for a time, but finally said, “You can try.  But I don’t know what I’m going to do if you manage it.  What I’ll do once the bet’s over, I mean.”

I nodded.  I expected this was my only shot.  If I succeeded, I might be able to talk her into keeping it.  If not, surely any future bet, even if the stakes were one hour of sex slavery, birth control would be written into the deal.  “Well, just think about it.  That’s all I ask.”

At that moment I heard my Dad trudge down the stairs.  “Merry Christmas,” he grumbled when he saw us.  We returned the salutation, a little more cheerily, but it’d be a while before he was feeling jolly again, judging by how jolly he got last night.    

I didn’t have much alone time with Faith that day, we’re one of those families that do go to church on Christmas Day, even if my parents have to drag us.  It used to be Christmas Eve, Midnight Mass, when we were little kids, but then I guess everyone decided they’d rather get drunk that night and make up for it the next morning.  So, around noon, we all went to Church, and then we all came back home and ate leftovers and lounged around the house in our own ways. 

I only got one chance at a Christmas miracle that day, when Faith and I had a quick fuck while Mom and Dad went to pay a visit to the neighbors and drop off some belated presents.  Faith didn’t voice any reservations, and allowed me to squirt inside her without a complaint, nor said anything when I instructed her afterwards to ‘get to work making me a baby’.  I considered that a win, at least for this stage of the game.

Chapter Twenty:

The plan was going better than I expected.   There were still rough spots ahead, but short of Faith announcing that she always wanted to have a baby, I couldn’t think of how I could be in a better position to win my bet with Lara.  I still had another bet to take care of, though, and the week after Christmas was my only time to do it. 

I’d long decided on an all-or-nothing gamble, but I still wanted to approach it the right way.  So, on the twenty-seventh of December I drove up past a bus stop.  There, among a half-dozen people shivering and waiting for the next bus, I saw my target. 

Jeanette wore a white jacket, purple hat, and jeans, which somehow made her look younger, almost like a high-schooler.  I pulled over near the stop and said, “Hey, I know you.  You’re Jeanie, right?”

“Jeanette,” she corrected, and bent forward to see who I was.

“Right, you’re dating my cousin Todd, right?”

She smiled, then.   “That’s right, we met at Thanksgiving.  I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name.”

“Mark.  Where are you headed?”

She told me the intersection, and I nodded, looking ahead.  “You want a lift?”  She looked hesitant, so I prompted, “Come on, no sense waiting out here in the cold for a crowded bus.”  I unlocked my door.

Jeanette looked, saw no bus approaching, and then opened the door, sighing at the sudden warmth.  “Thanks.”

“No problem,” I said.  “Believe me, I know how much the bus sucks, especially in winter.”

“Yeah, I’m actually saving up for a car of my own, but it’s one thing after another draining away my bank account.  Just recently it was Christmas gifts, and pretty soon I’ll have to buy books for next semester.”

“Those can be expensive,” I commiserated.  Or so I heard.   “So, what brings you here?  Shopping?”

“I work here.”

“Oh, cool.  I was just returning something.  Wrong size.”

“Oh, then I hate you,” she joked, removing her gloves.  “I’ve had to deal with so many of you people today.  Sometimes I hate Christmas.”  She then blew into her hands for warmth.

I chuckled, let a silence hang a while, then asked, “So, how are things going with you and Todd?  Things okay?  I noticed you weren’t at the Christmas party.”

“No, things are fine.  I just had my own family doing something,” she explained.

“Oh, right, and figures, Todd wouldn’t go along with you, right?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, nothing, just, you know how Todd is.”  She didn’t press me to elaborate, so I said, “But I guess that’s fine if you’re not looking for anything serious.”

That was too provocative to let up.  “What do you mean?”

“Todd’s a player.”  I shook my head.  “No, that’s not right, actually, he’s a wannabe player.  But he doesn’t do serious relationships.”

She looked askance at me.  “I know he’s your cousin and all, but we’re actually kind of serious.”

“Really?  So, you, what, spend every weekend together?”

“Well, no, you know how he is with work.”

I laughed openly.  “Yeah.  He’s got a job at his Uncle’s company, where he barely has to do anything to make a fortune.  If he tells you he’s working late, that means he just wants to be doing something else.  Or someone else.”

Jeanette’s mouth tightened into a firm line.  “He wouldn’t do that.”

“Yeah, he would.  And you seem like a nice girl, too good for that kind of treatment.  Look, I’m going to level with you, I was actually hoping to run into you.   You’re really attractive and I think we could have fun together.”

She grimaced.  “You’re actually trying to hit on me?  Wow, you’re pretty sad.”

“No, I’m pretty happy.  What’s sad is, I’ve got permission from Todd.”


I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out an mp3 player.  “Press play on this,” I said, as I handed it to her.  She cautiously put the earbuds in and pressed the button.  I drove calmly as Jeanette listened to the recording I made while on the phone, the one where Todd and I made the bet about her.  It was a risky move, the absolute truth, but time was short.

I guess it wasn’t the absolute truth.  For everyone’s protection, I edited the recording, so that Faith’s role in the bet was eliminated.  I replaced the parts where I said what Todd would get if he won the bet, with a new script, involving me giving him my college fund.

Suddenly, she ripped the earphones off.  “That bastard,” she said bitterly. 

“He is,” I agreed.   “But he loves that car.  Wouldn’t it feel good to make him lose it?”

“You actually think I’m going to sleep with you?”

I shrugged.  She was mad, but maybe not mad enough for that.  “I can hope, can’t I?  Like I said, you’re really attractive.”

“Thanks, but I’m not exactly going to jump some guy I barely know.”  She pursed her lips, and then added, “I do kind of want to get him back, though.”

“I’m not above being used for revenge-sex.”  I wish more people would use me for it. 

“You wish.  But I guess I can tell Todd we did it, just to piss him off.”

I shook my head.  “Sorry, no can do.  I’d have to deny it.”

She furrowed her brow as she looked at me, like she couldn’t believe I’d say that, or trying to figure out what game I was playing.  “But your college fund…”

“It’s only money.  Not as much as Todd thinks it is, either.  You see, there’s one thing that separates me and my cousin.”  I paused.  “Well, two.  I’m a much better lover.   And I’m not a meathead.   And I have no problem eating pussy.”  I shrugged and smiled.  “Okay, of the many things that separate me from my cousin, one of the more important is that I have a code of honor.  When I make a bet, or a promise for that matter, I honor it if it kills me.  I’m no saint, I’ve slept with a fair number of girls too, but I don’t lie to them, they know I’m not ready to settle down or be exclusive, and I’m not going to lie to win a bet, either.”

“And how many girls is that, exactly?” she asked.  “That you’ve slept with?”

“Less than Todd.”  Aside from Faith and Lara, there were a few girls from school, and one girl from Lara’s school.  “Less than ten,” I answered honestly.

“Then how do you know you’re better?” she said smugly.  “I think you might be overestimating abilities.”

“I’ve been with girls who’ve also slept with Todd… fuck, sometimes I’ve watched.  And they come back asking for more from me, not him.  I’m not trying to brag or anything, I just know I’m better.  I could prove it to you, if you wanted.”  She still looked skeptical, so I said, “But if you don’t, I lose a little money.  Or, here’s an idea… we could bet on it, if you want.”

“Bet on it,” Jeanette said doubtfully.

“Sure.  If I don’t make you cum at least twice, I’ll…” I groped trying to figure out something.  “I don’t know, but if we screw, I win my bet with Todd.”  A lightbulb dawned.  “I’m not going to need this car anymore.  So I’ll give you mine when that happens.”

Her face scrunched up in disgust, but it was kind of cute disgust.  “What do you think I am, a whore?”

Interesting question, that was.  See, I couldn’t imagine any girl wanting to date Todd after spending more than a few hours with him, except for the fact that he has a nice car and a well-paying job.  If that was the reason Jeanette continued to date him, in my opinion, she really was kind of a whore.  But I could give her the benefit of the doubt and assume Todd could be charming when he wanted to get into a girl’s pants.    So I figured I should deny it. 

But then again, some girls didn’t mind being called a whore.  Some even enjoyed it, when you wouldn’t expect it.

I had a flash of inspiration, then.  “No, I don’t think you’re a whore,” I said.  “I think you’re just like Todd described you.  A good girl.  Always wanting to do the right thing.  Always getting treated like dirt by guys who don’t give you the loyalty you give them.  Always secretly disappointed when you see the sluts and whores seemingly so much happier.”  The initial idea had been unformed, just a feeling, but as I groped around, the words just came.  “Always envying them, wishing you could be like them, just once, but you’ve got so much wrapped up in being the good girl, you’re afraid to try and change.”  She hadn’t interrupted me yet, so I continued.  “You probably don’t really want to change, not totally, but you wish you could let loose just once, be the bad girl, be the whore, find out what it’s like.  As long as nobody ever found out.  So you know what, fuck the bet.   I’m offering to make those fantasies come true.  Have sex with me, be a whore for a few hours, and I will give you this car after I win the bet with Todd.” 

Chapter Twenty-One:

It was risky, but somehow, I had a feeling I was right in my assessment of Jeanette’s character.  Sometimes I think I’m a little bit psychic, and have this insight into the parts of people’s inner selves they wouldn’t want to admit to anybody else.  Either that, or I have a way of talking people into believing things about themselves.  Whichever the case, I was right when I thought Faith liked being sexually dominated, and I hoped I was right here.  “Nobody would ever have to know, as far as they’re concerned, I sold it to you with some money you had saved up.”

She didn’t answer me.  I thought that was a good sign, better than a denial, at least.  She was quiet for so long that I was faced with a choice.  Either I made a turn to drop her off at her place without her telling me where it is, or drive past it and hope she corrected me.

I made a turn.  She didn’t comment on it, but then, maybe she listened to the point where Todd gave me her details.   As we approached her building, I spoke again.  “Clock’s ticking.  You’re obviously thinking about it, or you’d have told me to go to hell.”

Finally, she spoke.  “You’d really just give me the car?”

I knew I had her.  “Sure.  I’m not going to be needing it.”

She pointed.  “There’s a guest parking space around the corner, you can go there.”

We went up to her place, mostly in silence, but sex, and me winning the bet with Todd, was now a foregone conclusion, there didn’t seem to be much need for chit-chat.  She unlocked the door and with it just barely ajar, heard a noise from inside and swore.  She seemed to have a moment of decision, then shrugged, and opened it anyway. 

Inside was another woman, darker skinned, a bit chubbier.  “Hi, Chloe,” Jeanette said as she took off her boots.   I kicked mine off too, and hung my coat up in the closet after she did hers.

The girl nodded absently, then looked me over.  “Who’s this?”  She had a slight accent I couldn’t place. 

She didn’t seem inclined to introduce me, so I introduced myself.  “Mark.”

“Come on, Mark,” she said.  “My room’s this way.”

Chloe stared, wide-eyed.  “Umm, what are you going to be doing in there?”

Jeanette said, a little grumpily, “I just found out Todd’s cheating on me, so I’m going to go fuck Mark’s brains out.  Do you have a problem with that?”  Chloe just shook her head, and we retreated into Jeanette’s room. 

“That felt good,” she said when she closed the door.

“The good feelings don’t stop there.”  The room was pretty small, only room for a bed and a few pieces of furniture, one of which had to double as a TV-stand.  Still, she kept it neat, and it was kind of cozy. 

She smiled.  “So, those two orgasms still on the table?”

“I’ll do my best.”  It was actually a relief not to bet on it.  Some girls only ever had one at a time, others were too repressed even for that.   “Why don’t you give me a little sexy strip show?  Let out your inner bad girl.”  I sat on the bed. 

She tried, but either didn’t have the experience or the confidence to pull off a really sexy act, like a stripper would, but it’s hard for a pretty woman undressing in front of you to not be attractive.  She swayed her hips and pulled off first her shirt, to reveal a push-up bra, and then her pants, pointing her ass to me as she did.  Underneath, she wore panties, short cut but not a thong.

Her hands flew to her bra, dipping underneath the cup from below and pushing it up, holding her apple-sized boobs in her hand, bit her lips, and let her hands and the bra drift up, out of the way.  Her nipples were faint, with almost no color in the areola, just a little bit of pink at edge and also at the tip of the nipples.  The breasts bobbed firmly about as she tried to suavely disengage the bra entirely, and again as she bent down to remove her panties. 

If there was anything that confirmed her status as a ‘good girl’, it was her pussy.  Not the pussy itself, actually, although that looked relatively tight, a y-shaped crack with a little bit of pink inner labia poking out, but just above it, where she had what looked almost like a puffball bush of black hair.  So many girls shave because they know guys prefer it, and it’s how it is in all the porn flicks.  I prefer it shaved too, but I think Jeanette must have considered it the mark of a slut and so just kept her pubic hair trim, decent.  It was oddly reassuring. 

I stood and walked behind her, running my hands up her leg and sides, first to her breasts, which I squeezed softly, and then down to her legs.  I cupped the pubic area and probed the edge of her slit with a finger, then withdrew when she shivered in excitement. 

If a little touch made her shiver, I thought I’d have no trouble getting at least one orgasm out of her.  I bent down, took a lingering look at her ass, and then directed her to turn around.  On my knees, while she stood, I kissed her up and down her body, her taut stomach, her breasts, and then down to her legs.  Before long, I was kissing her vulva, and then licking and sucking.  She tasted mostly of sweat, but not in a rank way… I haven’t yet tasted pussy that I didn’t enjoy in some way, but in Jeanette’s case I think I more enjoyed her obvious pleasure at being stimulated.  She braced herself with one hand on the desk that held her television, and let out a cry when I added the finger.
I didn’t have any experience with Jeanette before, so the rhythms of her body were still a mystery to me, but I knew an orgasm was coming when she began huffing and puffing, almost hyperventilating.   One of her hands directed the back of my head right to her clit, so I licked and sucked on it until she cried out for God and her knees buckled a little.  It happened so fast my tongue went from clit to bush before she caught herself, but didn’t rise again, instead she quivered even without my tongue helping her out. 

“Guess that’s one,” I said. 

“Wow.  You are incredible.”

“Not over yet.”  I went back to performing oral, this time with more vigorous finger-action.  A few minutes later, I said, “You want my cock?”

She nodded hurriedly, not trusting herself to speak. 

“Get on the bed,” I whispered.  “Rub yourself like a whore.”

She practically hopped on the bed, turned over, spread her legs, and her fingers dug into the flesh of her cunt, mashing it up against herself.  I undressed, quickly, without much showmanship, just took off my shirt, pulled off my pants and boxers as one, dancing a little to get them off my feet.  I then crouched to retrieve something from the pocket, and went around the side of the bed.  “One thing first.”


“Todd might not believe me, or you.  So I just need a picture of you.”

Her fingers stopped and her expression turned unsure.  “A picture?”

“Yeah.  Sucking my cock would be pretty definitive.”  I positioned myself so my dick was level with her head.  She seemed fascinated by it, was staring at it, really… but she couldn’t reach it from where she was.  She’d have to lean to the side of the bed to do anything to it.

“You didn’t say anything about a picture,” she protested.  “You said no one would find out.”

“No one will.  I swear it’ll be deleted after I show it to Todd.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Remember what I said about a code of honor?  When I make a promise, I mean it.” She thought about it, but what seemed to make the decision for her was when I added, “Come on, think how pissed off he’ll be when he sees it.  Even telling him won’t have that effect.”  At that, she slid to the edge of the bed, took my dick in one hand, and gradually put it to her lips.  Once the first contact was made, she opened wider and took me into her mouth.  I took a picture with my phone… her eyes were closed, but it was recognizable, especially if Todd was familiar enough with the bedspread.  “That’s a good little whore,” I said.  The hand at her pussy began working more furiously, using two fingers to spread apart her slit, rubbing each side as she did. 

I let her continue to blow me for a little while, just because it felt good.  Good girl or not, she knew how to suck cock, although I directed her a little, holding onto her dark locks and pulling her head up and down.  Still, I wanted to fuck her, so before too long I pulled back on her hair, forcing her to pull off.  Her lips glistened a little, though that might have been from Chapstick. 

“I want inside you,” I told her, and she nodded, turning around on the bed.   I sat beside her, my legs dangling off the edge, and pulled her gently by the arm until she got the hint and straddled my legs.  I lifted her and placed her on my dick, lowering her gently at first, but then bouncing her up and down.  She did her own bouncing, too. 

Since she wanted to be a whore, I decided to feed into the fantasy, pulling her hair again and whispering things like, “Yeah, go on whore, take it.  You like it, don’t you, whore?”  She responded eagerly and vocally, and so I treated her roughly as we continued to fuck, slapping her ass now and then or nipping lightly at her breast with my teeth, and of course, the hair pulling was a regular feature.  As I felt my orgasm approach, I lifted her off, turned around, and dropped her soundly on the bed, on her side.  I’d slipped out, so I repositioned myself inside her and began pumping once again.  She cried out a few seconds before I was ready to let loose. 

We hadn’t discussed birth control and I was already trying for one baby, so I didn’t want to take any chances.  When that stiffening, buzzing feeling started to invade my shaft, I pulled out.  She’d already cum a second time anyway and was seemingly still in a haze from it.  With one hand grifting the base of my dick I rubbed it until it exploded, spraying her side and one butt-cheek with pearl-colored, gooey cum.

Chapter Twenty-Two:

I fell on the bed beside her, grinning at her dreamy expression.  “So, still think I’m overestimating my abilities?” 

She shook her head.  “That’s the hardest I’ve come in… I can’t even remember.”

“That’s a shame,” I said.  “That’s not even my best work.  Give me a minute or two and we can go for three.”  I had other things to do, but if she was telling the truth, I felt a little sorry for her. 

“You’re making me seriously think about giving up going for relationships.  This meaningless sex thing seems to work out pretty well.  Maybe I should just become an all-out slut, make it my New Year resolution.”

“Nah, don’t give up the good girl thing,” I said seriously.  Even if she was joking.  “A good girl who can be a slut in the bedroom’s a real find.”  That’s sort of what Faith was.   “All-out sluts are kind of boring.  There are too many of them in my school.”

“Which school is that by the way?”  I told her.  Her eyebrows raised.  “That’s a high school.”

“Yeah, I’m in my senior year.”

“So you’re eighteen?”


She covered her face in one hand.  “Oh god, you’re only seventeen.  I’m a felon.”

I thought she was exaggerating.  “How old did you think I was?”

“I don’t know, Todd said you were a couple years younger than him, so I thought you were like nineteen.”

“Todd’s nineteen,” I said.  At least, I thought he was.  He might have hit twenty, I really didn’t remember, or care, when his birthday is. 

“He is?” She shook her head.  “One more thing he lied about, I guess.  Whatever, at least when I was with him I wasn’t a criminal.”

“I don’t think it’s actually illegal unless you’re more than two years older than me.”

“I’m twenty-one.”  It was a surprise, but not much of one.  She looked younger than that, but then I never noticed much visual difference between those ages.

“Oh, okay,” I said.  “So you’re a criminal.” I grinned.  “Want to go for a second offense?”

“No,” she said.  “Sorry, you’re cute, but… no.  At least what we did so far I can say I didn’t know.”

“Nobody cares,” I told her.  “Especially not when the girl’s older.”

“I care.  I should never have done this.”

So I guess she had a code of honor of her own.  I wondered how far it stretched.  “So does that mean you don’t want the car?”

She didn’t say no, but I didn’t manage to talk her into going on a crime spree.   Probably just as well, I still had a sister to impregnate.  While I was waiting for Jeanette to get off work, I’d bought Faith some vitamins that were supposed to be for people planning on having a baby.   I needed to give them to her and tell her to start taking them, and to get her to cut out caffeinated beverages.  Now that I had won my bet with Todd, my mind was on these more important things.  So, we got dressed and she walked me to the door.  I told her I’d call her after I talked to Todd.  I wanted to be the one to break the news.

I did just that the next day.  I dropped by his place, unannounced, and just in time, too.  When I pulled up, he was opening up the garage, getting ready to go somewhere.  “Hey, Todd.”

He nodded to me.  “’Sup.  Got your sister with you?”

I shook my head.  “Not here about her.  Here about you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I had a little adventure the other day.”  I’d already called up the picture of Jeanette with her lips around my rod, and pulled it out.  I pointed the camera at him.  Let him stare at it.  “That’s your girlfriend.  And that’s my cock.  If you don’t believe this, you can call her to verify.”

His face turned red.  “I can’t fucking believe it,” he said.  “That whore.”

He had no idea how right he was.  “Yeah, she’s no more faithful than you, so naturally she’s a whore.  I guess that means I won the bet.”  I put the phone back into my pocket, and got out my wallet.  I’d gotten a hundred dollar bill from the bank, it felt cooler somehow.  I held the bill towards him.  “So I’m here to buy your car, as agreed.  Here’s $100.”

I watched his lip curl up defiantly, and I knew then that I wasn’t going to get my car.  The only question was how.

Like I said, loopholes and technicalities are a part of betting for me.  If you don’t specify the terms of the bet carefully enough, you can win on a loophole, or get out of the prize on a technicality.  If Todd had won, for example, I would never charge him or make him wear a condom to fuck Faith.  However, he never specified that I had to decide to let him fuck her at all.  That was still my domain.  I could just decide to not instruct her to fuck him, and that, in my mind, would be fair.  A little shady, not the kind of trick you want to pull too often or people begin suspecting you all the time, but fair, especially when the alternative meant breaking the promise I made to Faith.

Similarly, I’d been prepared for Todd to try to find some loophole.  I even thought of one myself.  He agreed to sell me his car, not that it had to be in good condition.  He could have deliberately totaled the car, accepted the insurance money, and then sold me the husk for $100.  If Todd had been smart enough to think of that, or something like that, I would have been pissed off, but only because I’d been bested in a fair fight.  I wouldn’t blame him. 

What I didn’t expect was a flat refusal.  “No,” he said.  “I’m not selling you my fucking car for a hundred fucking dollars because you fucked some slut,” he said flat out.  “It’s worth hundreds of times that!”

“You made a bet.”

“It was a stupid bet,” he said.  “It didn’t mean anything.”

“Sure it did.”

“Come on, like I’d really bet my car against free sex?  Do you know how much that car costs?”

“If you didn’t like the terms of the bet, you shouldn’t have agreed to it.  But a bet is a bet.”

“Fuck off, there’s no way you’re getting my car.”

That got me angry, but it was a cold anger.  “You know, you’d better give me the car like you promised, or you’re going to wish you did.”

He put one hand to his mouth in a mockery of fear.  “Ooh, what are you going to do, kick my ass?  I’m so scared.”  As much as I might have wanted to beat the crap out of me, Todd did outclass me physically.  Always had, and even before he’d started working out, while growing up he made good use of his two year advantage to be a bully.  “Or maybe you’ll tell somebody and ruin my reputation.  Oh, but wait, you can’t, cause then everyone’d know what you do to your sister.”  He had me there, too.  “You ask me, you got to fuck a girl who was out of your league, that’s prize enough.  Put the hundred away, you’re not buying anything.”  He reached into his wallet and pulled out a few fifties.  “Here, this is what the bet was worth.  I’ll give you that much and we’ll call it even.”

I didn’t like the feeling of impotent rage.  Impotent anything isn’t a good feeling for a guy like me.  I took the money, though.  “Mark my words,” I said, putting the bill back in my wallet, along with the money he gave me.  “We’re not even.  This is just a down payment.  As far as I’m concerned, you still owe me the rest of price of that car, and someday, I’ll take it out of you.   One way or another.”  I turned away to his laughing.

It took a long time before I made good on that promise, but in the meantime I had smaller forms of payback.   It would certainly be the last time he touched Faith.  For everyone else, the going rate was $100 a fuck.  For him, it was would be the price of a brand new BMW.  I don’t care if his was used. Call it interest. 

I called Jeanette later that day.  “He called me and broke up with me,” she said.  “So I guess you told him.”

“Yeah,” I said.  “Didn’t quite go as planned though.”  I told her how Todd had welched on the bet.

“Shit,” she said.  “So I guess that means I’m out a car, too.”

I liked her a little more for that, she assumed that she shared my luck.  But I wasn’t entirely lying about the code of honor thing.  “No,” I said.  “A deal’s a deal.  I keep my word.  I’ll still sell you mine, just give me a couple days to get something else sorted out?”

“Oh,” she said, pleasantly surprised.  “Sure.”

I used some of the money I got over Christmas and bought an even shittier used car, and then, in early January, met Jeanette one more time to give her my old one.  She took the keys and paper, looked at them in her hand as though she could hardly believe it herself, and smiled.  “I guess I’m taking the car, this really means I’m a whore, doesn’t it?”

I chuckled.  “I guess so.  But there’s a lot of worse things you could be.”  An honest whore’s better than a welcher. 

She ruffled my hair playfully.  “Hey, I’d still rather not go with jailbait, but… look me up when you hit eighteen.”

“Sure.”  I waved goodbye, and she got into the car and drove away. 

Chapter Twenty-Three:

Losing that car was a disappointment, but, just before I gave it to Jeanette, I had some news that tempered the sting a little.  It was the last weekend of freedom before we had to go back to school when Faith knocked on my door.  She’d waited until our parents left the house, and she had a severe expression on her face.   “What’s up?” I asked.

“I think you did it,” she said.


“Got me pregnant.”

“What?  Did you take a test or something?”  I’d looked it up.  Most tests took at least two weeks before they gave a positive result.  I’d have had to be extremely lucky.  That’s why I hadn’t expected the conversation to be about this.

She shook her head though.  “No, not yet.  But I just… feel it.”  She sighed.  “I remember last time.   Before I knew, I felt it.  My boobs were sensitive.  And they are again.”

I perked up.  “Oh?  Care to test how sensitive?”

“This is serious, Mark.”

It was.  “I told you it’s what I wanted, though.  We’ve been trying all week.  I was trying before that.  So you can’t be surprised.”  I looked down at her skirt.  “You know, Mom and Dad aren’t home.  Are you wearing any panties?”

She sighed, a little exasperatedly, but lifted her skirt.  My sister was still following my orders… she was bare underneath, and shaven as usual.  “I’m not going to be your slave tomorrow,” she said.  “So we need to decide what to do.”

“But you are my slave right now, right?”

It took a second, but she said, “Yes, master.”

I nodded.  “Okay.  So let’s decide what to do.”  I made a show of thinking about it.  “Keep it.”

“You can’t ask me to do that,” she said.  “That’s not part of the bet.”

I was struck by an idea, born out of desperation, because I was certain she was trying to tell me she wanted to get another abortion.  “Then let’s make it one.  If I win, you go through with the whole pregnancy, and you have my child.  If you win, I’ll take you to get it taken care of, and I’ll never try this again.”

“What’s the bet?” she asked.

“I bet that you’ll give me a blowjob in the next hour.”

She saw the problem with that right away.  “But I have to if you ask, you’re still my master.”

“Exactly,” I said.  “And if I ask you to agree to the bet, you have to do that, too.”

She stared at me, tears in her eyes, and I felt a deep sense of shame.  I knew the moment the words left my lips that it was crossing a line… not even with her.   She might have gotten over it.   Faith always got pushed into things and came to accept them because she liked them.    

“No,” I said quickly.  “I’m not going to do that.  I’m sorry, Faith, I just really want this, but I want you to want it too.”   The line I nearly crossed was in myself.  I knew it was wrong, it was unfair, it was cruel.  Maybe even evil.  I’m proud of myself for holding back from going through with it.  I’ve done a lot of bad things, but I didn’t want to win the bet this way.  No, the really scary part was that part of me did.  But now that I’d thought of the idea, the temptation would always be there.  I had to take care of it before I someday convinced myself it was okay.  I reached over to my desk and picked up a coin.  “New bet.  Heads, you owe me a quarter.  Tails, I will never ever force you to agree to a bet or lose a bet, even if you’re my slave.  Agreed?”  She nodded, and I extended a hand.  She took it limply, and we shook on it.  My very first submission bet. 

As it turned out, I won.  But I proposed the bet again, and this time the coin cooperated and came up tails.  It was a relief, that option now being off the table.  If I broke that bet, Faith would have every right to break the terms of her own.

“We still need to decide what to do,” Faith prompted.

“I told you what I wanted,” I said.  “So I guess you’re the one with a decision to make.”

“I can’t have a baby,” she insisted.  “I’m too young.”

“I think your body disagrees,” I said.  “It knows it’s ready.  You know the saying, old enough to bleed, old enough to breed…”

“Yeah, but I’m not ready to take care of a kid…”

“I’m sure Mom and Dad would help,” I said.  “And I’ll always be here.  Besides, if you don’t want to be a mother, there’s always adoption.  I think you’d make a great mother, though.”

“Mom and Dad would hate me.”

“No they wouldn’t.  They might be a little disappointed, for a while.  To them you’re still little miss perfect.  But they’ll get over it.”

“People would find out about us.”

I squinted.  “Only if you told them, and why would you do that?  If you said it was me I could go to jail.  You can just tell everyone it was some guy at school but you don’t want to say who.”

“I’d miss so much school.”

I’d done the math.  “By the time school ends for summer, you’ll only be six months pregnant.  You could probably hide it up until then.  Lots of girls do.  And you’ll be giving birth just around the start of the school year, the time that’s all recap anyway.  You’re smart, it wouldn’t be that hard to catch up.  You might not even miss any time at all.”

“But everyone there would know.  They’d think I’m a slut.”

“So what?  That was a risk when you were a sex slave last summer.  It could have gotten out.  And you’ve just been pretending all this time.  You and I both know, you ARE a slut,” I said.  I thought I was at a delicate point, and I wasn’t sure if an insult like that would be push her the wrong way, so I decided to combine it with praise.  “But you’re my slut, and I love you for it.  What everyone else thinks doesn’t matter.   You’re strong.  You’d have to be to be willing to surrender so much control to someone else. And a girl who doesn’t date or accept come-ons from guys, they’ll probably just think you made a mistake, gave yourself to the wrong guy.  Even if they do think you’re a bit of a slut, they’ll never suspect anywhere close to the truth of just how much.” 

She pressed her lips together in frustration and looked around nervously.  “I’d have to quit dance class.”

It was at this point I realized what was going on.  She wasn’t trying to talk me out of wanting her pregnant… because she didn’t have to.  She could have just said ‘No.’  The complaints she was giving were becoming more and more frivolous.   Dance class?  What next, that she’d have to buy a new wardrobe?  To me there was only one explanation… she was letting me talk her into it.  Maybe I’d misread her, maybe she had wanted me to push her into it all along, even if it meant a bet within a bet.  It was too late for that now, but maybe if I just came up with an answer to all her objections, it wouldn’t matter.  “For a while, probably, but you can always go back afterwards.  If you really want to.  I mean, I know you used to love it, but lately, it just seems like it hasn’t been the same.” I was guessing, but she shrugged, which told me I was right, so I continued, “Like you keep doing it because that’s what everyone expects, but it’s not as important to you anymore.”  My psychic intuition at work again.  I stood, and got close to her.  “You know what’s important?”  My hand touched her belly.  “This.  This little life growing inside of you.  Long after you’ve forgotten dance class, you could still be his mommy.”

She bit her lip, bent slightly at her knees and moaned, “I don’t know what to do!”  I’d already told her, doing it again wasn’t likely to make the difference.   “I still have to think about this, and I might be wrong anyway, maybe I’m not even pregnant.”

“Sure, think,” I said.  “Think about it as long as you want.”  If she took nine months to make a decision, so much the better.   “But in the meantime, you’re going to keep taking those vitamins I got you, right?”  She nodded.  “And just in case you’re not pregnant… I still have time to try again.”

We had sex then, with her riding on top.  If she was having a deep internal struggle about what we were doing, she didn’t seem to show it from the way she acted, she was the same passionate lover she’d always been, but with one difference… her breasts were more sensitive.  Even kissing them lightly got more of a reaction than they used to, so I suckled on each of her nipples at some point.  No milk for me, though… it was a little early for that.

Chapter Twenty-Four:

When her slave period was up and school resumed, Faith didn’t come to tell me she’d agreed to have my baby, but she didn’t come asking for an abortion, either.  We continued to have sex, with no condom, but we didn’t speak about it, almost like what happened when she was a slave had been completely forgotten.  Well, not completely… she continued to shave her pussy regularly. 

It was a few weeks before she broke the news, which she did by leaving a pregnancy test next to my computer.  It was positive.

I practically beamed, and then went to knock at her door.  She told me to come in, but was looking more pensive than pleased, sitting on her bed, knees pulled up to her chest.  “I just got the news,” I said, determined to be happy for both of us, and sat down beside her to put an arm around her, pulling her head into the space between my own and my shoulder.   “Wow.”

“I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet,” she said weakly. 

“I know,” I said.  “But until you do, I’m going to pretend you’re deciding to keep it.”  I kissed her forehead.  “That makes me happiest.”  I lay down beside her, and she fell into my chest and extended her legs, and we lay like that for a while, not speaking, until Mom came home. 

As the next few months passed, she still never told me she was going to keep it, but she made no move to rid herself of it, either.  She began to suffer morning sickness, but not as much as I’d feared, and I watched fascinated as her body began to slowly change, her breasts swelled, and her belly began to get a noticeable bulge.  She began wearing bulkier clothes to disguise it, and quit her dance class. 

I was pretty sure she was going to keep it at that point, but I got my confirmation indirectly, from Lara.  She phoned one day, and at the time I thought she just wanted sex.  I’d started fucking her again in January, from time to time, now that I had sperm to spare, and a little variety’s always a good thing.  But when I picked up the phone that time, she sighed.  “You bastard.”  Though the words were harsh, the tone wasn’t, it was resigned, defeated. 

“No, I’m pretty sure my parents were married,” I joked.  It was an old joke, one I used often.  “But at times I’m a son of a bitch.   So what did I do this time?”

“Faith told me she’s pregnant.”  I’d told Lara already, because I wanted to gloat about my progress, and despite her protests to the contrary, it seemed to turn her on when I pointed out how likely it was going to be that she’d be my slave next summer.

Faith telling her was something else, though.  “Oh yeah?”

“Well, I kind of pushed her to tell me.  I don’t know how you did it, but it looks like she’s keeping it.”

I smiled.  She hadn’t told me, but telling Lara was just as good.  “I told you, I just give women what they want, even if they don’t know it.  You’ll see next summer.”

“Well, you haven’t won yet,” she insisted.  “She could still miscarry or something.”  It was true, and one of my biggest fears… not just for losing the bet, though, I was growing more and more attached to the child inside her as its own thing, even though I didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl.  “Or maybe your parents will find out and freak out.”

“You’d better not be thinking about engineering that,” I warned her.   I still had the pictures, and there was her own role in the scenario that could be exposed.

“I’m not.  But they’re going to find out she’s pregnant sooner or later, right?”

Lara was right.  My parents found out in late March, at least about the pregnancy, but thankfully not my role in it.   There were plenty of signs… Faith’s weight gain, her morning sickness and more frequent trips to the bathroom, her mood swings and weird cravings… the bottle of pregnancy-related vitamins Mom found just sealed the deal.  Mom put two and two and two and two together, and that made a whole lot more than four.  She sat Faith down and forced her to either confess, or take a pregnancy test.

Faith confessed, said that someone she met over the Christmas holidays got her pregnant, but she didn’t want to name names.  Mom insisted, but Faith held firm, even taking a grounding for it.  Dad was also pissed when he found out, and I had to comfort my sister, holding her in my arms as she cried after Dad called her a slut.  She might like that from someone she’s fucking, but apparently from Daddy, it hurt. 

I was pretty angry at him too, that’s not the kind of thing you say to your daughter, but got over it some the next day when I overheard a conversation between him and my uncle.  I was home, skipping class.  Funnily enough, it was actually because I wasn’t feeling well, my stomach was bugging me, but I didn’t bother getting a note or going to the doctor, I just left at lunch at went home.  I didn’t know my Dad would choose that day to take off either, but I guess he just had gotten some pretty troubling news.

He came home after I did, with my uncle.  I stayed quiet, not wanting to alert anybody I was home… at first because I knew Dad wouldn’t believe I was genuinely sick and not just skipping, but then because I realized they were talking about Faith.  I could hear them if I had my ear pressed to the vent and so long as they didn’t have the TV on.

“I feel terrible, it just slipped out, but I was so angry.  She should have known better.”

“Kids never know better,” Uncle Bill said.  “They’re all full of hormones and shit.”

“I just don’t know what we’re going to do.  She’s too little for this kind of responsibility.”

“Well, there are only two choices, the way I see it.  You can either give it up for adoption, or you can help her raise it.”  There was a pause, and then he continued, “We’re not the most religious families in the world, but we both know abortion is murder.  It’s not an option.”

Either Dad didn’t respond for a while, or they talked more quietly.  The next thing I heard was about thirty seconds later.  “She won’t say who the father is.  Not to anybody.”

This time I’m sure the pause was a lack of conversation.  “Oh, so that’s why you wanted me over here.”

“You can’t tell me it’s not a possibility.  I mean, he’s probably the guy she spends the most time with outside of the house and school.  And you remember how we were at that our age, with our cousins, it’s a miracle neither of them got pregnant.”  That I didn’t know.  It was kind of shocking, to be honest.  I don’t remember much about Dad’s cousins, we probably met them at some family gathering long ago, but I probably couldn’t pick them out of a crowd.

“Of course I remember.  And I’m not blind.  Michael’s been doe-eyed around Faith for years.  I never thought she had much time for him, but maybe…”

“So, doesn’t that change things?”

“Murder’s murder.  That baby didn’t have a choice in who his parents were.  And it’s not that big a deal, first cousins breed all the time… I say you let it lie.  If she doesn’t want to tell you, leave it at that.  In fact, you should probably avoid any genetic tests, who knows what they might look for and feel the need to report?”

“So, Mike’s underage, it’d still be legal.”

“Yeah, but it could be Todd, too.  I hope it’s not, but it was, and people found out, it’d fuck up his life for good, he could go to jail, and a sex offender rap like that follows you around forever.”

“If he touched my daughter, maybe he deserves one,” Dad grumbled.

“You mean like when you were his age?  I seem to recall little Cheryl was even younger than Faith when you popped her cherry on a summer home from college.”  There was no response I could hear.  “Look, just don’t press the issue.  If she tells you, we can deal with it then, but if not, let her keep her secrets.  We’ll help you with the medical bills just in case, I can convince Sharon.”

The conversation continued for a while, about whether they should give the baby up for adoption, but they started watching TV too, and I heard enough to make me feel less concerned about everything.  I had a cover, and it turned out my Dad had a kinky history I’d never suspected… I’m not sure I wanted to hear more, to be honest, so I decided to stop trying to listen, just in case they started to reminisce about old times. 

Chapter Twenty-Five:

I told Faith about what I learned, and she giggled and suggested that maybe she should try to play with that, give them the impression it was one of her cousins but without outright saying it.  I convinced her to just say nothing and let them come to their own conclusions.

The truth was, I wasn’t sure I could trust her not to mess it up, blurt out the wrong thing.  Even though I was feeling much more confident about my situation after listening in on Dad’s conversation, I still sometimes felt like I was dancing on a razor’s edge.  Much of that was because of Faith’s mood swings.  Girls can often be a little moody, especially around their periods, but pregnancy upped the ante to a whole other level.  Sometimes I found her crying, sometimes she wouldn’t want me to touch her, sometimes she practically pounced on me, like she’d have raped me if I wasn’t willing to service her.  There were days when she went through all three of those modes in the space of an hour.  So, naturally, there was the fear that, in a bout of guilt or anger, she’d suddenly decide she needed to tell.

She actually threatened it, but only twice.  The first time was when I’d just got off the phone with Lara, making a date to go see her and fuck her.  Faith burst into tears about how I used her and then went to stick my dick in somebody prettier, how she should probably tell Mom that it was my baby.  I was surprised because there were other times I went to see Lara and my sister didn’t seem to care.  I guess I’d just caught her in a bad mood.  I cancelled the date, and made sure to make future arrangements more carefully.

The second time she threatened probably changed the course of my life.  Earlier in the year I’d sent off my college applications.  I got acceptance letters from a few here or there, rejections from others.  Then, one day, I got a letter of acceptance from UCLA.  I didn’t really think I’d get in at all, but I applied for a few schools under the theory that I might as well reach high.  I guess one of my teachers, an alumni, really went to bat for me at UCLA.  This wasn’t the best school I applied for, but it was the best one that hadn’t already rejected me.  I loved the thought of moving out to Los Angeles, getting away from the cold here, and just having a grand adventure.  I was all excited that I went to tell Faith, before anybody else. 

She started crying.  “What, you’re just going to leave me here?  That was what you wanted all along, wasn’t it?  Knock me up and then go off to college so you wouldn’t have to deal with it.  I can’t believe, after everything I did for you, you’d do that to me.”  Then she got angry, threatened to tell our parents who the real father was if I left.

If it wasn’t for Faith, I probably would have left, got to college somewhere far away.  When she wasn’t actually visibly pregnant with my baby, leaving her to take care of it was exactly what I wanted to do.  But I realized I couldn’t.  Not just because of fears she might tell, but I did genuinely feel bad about what I planned, what I wanted, when confronted with it directly.  She later came back, mood shifted again, telling me she didn’t want to hold me back, that UCLA was a great opportunity for me, that I could even sell her for sex over the summers to help earn tuition money, but I told her no.  “I was just excited about it because I didn’t think I’d get in at all,” I told her.  “I’ve already told them I’m not coming.”  I didn’t, but I did shortly thereafter.  I promised her I’d only go to local schools, though joked that I still might whore her out for tuition money.  She seemed to like that though.  I later told my parents that I only got accepted to local colleges.  I ended up accepting an offer to one in my city, only a half-hour drive away.  It wasn’t one of the most prestigious schools in the country, but it wasn’t bad, and at least I’d be close to Faith and my son.

Yes, son.  Once the parents found out, trips to the doctors were scheduled, and an ultrasound soon confirmed Faith was having a little boy.  Mom went with her to the procedure, but she came into my room to show me the picture as soon as she got back.  It looked pretty much like a blob to me, but the doctors hadn’t noticed any deformities, which was something of a relief.

 As the school year wound down, I was pretty excited.  I was going to be a father, I was going to college next year, and I was going to win the bet and have another little sex slave for the summer.  The only thing I had left to worry about was whether Lara would try to back out of her part of the deal, and how Faith might react when she learned about it.

Lara knew she was going to lose the bet, of course.  Officially, she didn’t concede until summer started, but once Faith’s pregnancy, and the fact that she was going to keep the baby, became family gossip, Lara had to know she lost.  Whenever I talked to her about it, she’d tried hedging, suggesting that she could still win if Faith happened to change her mind, or had a surprise miscarriage.  I corrected her on the last point, if Faith had a miscarriage, under the terms of the bet all I had to do was show that she’d let me keep trying again.  She technically might have fought that interpretation of the agreement, but it didn’t come up.

Once school was out for the summer, there was no getting around it.  Faith was pregnant, I was the father, and she planned on keeping the baby.  I phoned Lara and asked if she agreed that she lost.  She sighed and said yes. 

“So, you’re my slave then, right?”

“Except when we go on vacation,” she said.  “We’re going to California for the first week in July.” 

I didn’t like this sudden wrinkle, but I probably should have expected it.  They went on a big family vacation every year.  “No, you’re still my slave then, I just won’t have direct access to you.  If I contact you and tell you to fuck somebody, you’d better do it.  And you don’t do anything sexual with anyone I don’t tell you to, even on vacation.”

She sighed.  “Fine.”

“Fine what?”

“What do you mean?”

“If nobody else is around, you’re to call me master, at least when I give you an order.”

One more sigh.  “Fine, master.”  It was like she was indulging me.

I didn’t like the attitude.  “One more snotty sigh and I’ll decide you must prefer that I just release those photographs.  You may not want to do this, but you bet and you lost fair and square, so you’d better act like a proper slave.”

“I’m sorry, master,” she said, sounding a little more sincere.  “I’ll try to be good.”

“You’d better, because you’re mine this summer, body and soul.  If you respect that, I’ll make sure you enjoy it.  But if I find out you’ve lied to me or disobeyed any of my commands, those photos come out… and remember, you don’t know what I know, so you’d better be honest if I ask you something.”

“Yes, master.”

“Good.  Do you have a boyfriend right now?”


“Anybody else fucking you on a regular basis?”


I thought I heard a slight hesitation, so I prompted.  “Are you sure?”

“There’s a guy at school I hook up with sometimes.  I don’t know if you’d call it regular.”

“Okay.  Regardless, it stops now.  How many guys have you slept with?”

“Seven.”  I asked for their names, and got a surprise.  I was one of them of course, and most of the others I didn’t know.  The last one she mentioned in a quiet voice.  “Todd.”

My eyebrows raised in surprise.  “Your brother?  Kinky.  Since when?”

“He was my first.  When I was eleven.”

“Is he still fucking you?”

“He asks sometimes.   Last time I did it was over Christmas.  And a blowjob on his birthday.”

“Well, no more.  If he asks, you tell him that he doesn’t get to touch you until I get a BMW.”  I might be risking a sudden punch in the back of the head when I was least expecting it, but I didn’t care, I wanted him to know. 

She must have heard about Todd welching out on the bet, because she laughed a little at that, then said, “Yes, master.”

Chapter Twenty-Six:

I told her to choose a time I could come over, when nobody else would be home.  It turned out, it was that very afternoon.  So, I went down the hall and asked Faith if she wanted to come along on a little ride with me.  “Where?”

“It’s a surprise.”

She raised an eyebrow, but got off the bed.  I helped her a little.  By this time, her belly was pretty prominent.  It didn’t look like she was fat at all, she was clearly pregnant, and that made her look hot.  Even watching her walking around was cute, she wasn’t super-heavy but she still waddled a little. 

In the car, she figured out where we were going.  “Mark?  Why we going to Uncle Bill and Aunt Sharon’s?”

“Well, it is the first day of summer…”

“Did I bet sex slavery again?” she joked.  “Cause if I did, I don’t remember it.”

“No, not this year.  I’m not sharing you, not while you’re pregnant.  But you’re close.  Shh, wait.”  She was silent until we got to the door and rung the bell.  Lara answered, invited us in.  “Anybody else home?”

“No,” she said.  “We’re alone.”

“Good.  Let’s go upstairs to your room.”  I think that confused Faith a little, because usually we hung out in the basement.  But once inside Lara’s room, I sat on her bed like I owned the place.    Faith sat beside me, lounging back on her elbows.   “Who do you serve?” I said.

Lara sounded cheerful.  “You, master.”

Faith started there, sitting up suddenly, looking between Lara and me.  “What?”

“Lara’s my slave for the summer.” 

“I lost a bet,” Lara explained with a shrug. 

Faith said nothing.    “Right.  So, now you’re my slave.”  Faith hadn’t spoken since the revelation, but her foot was tapping nervously on the ground.  “Now, the first thing I want you to do.”  She waited patiently.  I let her wait.  “I want you to get your birth control pills.  We’re going to flush them down the toilet.”

This time, Lara said “What?” but Faith pushed herself off the bed and stormed out of the room.   It seemed to happen in slow motion, but then she was moving slower lately, carrying a lot more weight up front. 

“Stay here,” I said to Lara, and went after my sister.  I caught up to her at the bottom of the stairs.  “Faith, wait.”

“I can’t believe you,” she said, whipping back to face me.  In her eyes were tears, and her face looked like she’d just been betrayed.  I guess it was hormones. 

“What?  I thought you would find it funny.”

“Funny?  You knock me up, and now, what, you’re going to trade me in for a newer model?”

“It’s not like that.”

“And you BET her,” she said, as though that was some unforgiveable sin. 

I shrugged uncomfortably.  Arguing in somebody else’s house just doesn’t feel right.  You can’t shake the feeling someone’s watching you.  “Yeah, I did.”

“So, what was the bet, then?”

If betting pissed her off, then the stakes were only going to make things worse.  But I couldn’t exactly get out of it.  “She bet that I couldn’t get you pregnant and get you to keep the baby.”  I hoped it wouldn’t make her do something rash.  Technically speaking, the bet was over, and even if Faith decided to end the pregnancy, I still won, but I actually cared about the baby. 

“That’s what this was all about?” she asked stridently.  “You knocked me up for a bet?”  She pushed me with surprising force, into the side of the hall. 

“No,” I said once I regained my balance.  “I knocked you up because I wanted to.   The bet just gave me an excuse.  Like when we had all those sex bets.  I wanted to give you a baby, if I succeeded, I got something to play with as a little bonus.  Fuck, once the idea was in my head, I would have tried without a bet.  That means it was a GOOD bet to make.  By the odds, I mean.”

She still stared at me, but some of the anger seemed to have drained out.  “What did you have to give up if you lost?”

“The next time I won you as a sex slave, I had to turn you over to her.”  I shrugged.  “I didn’t think I’d lose.”

“And if you did, who cares, it’s only your sister, right?”

“No, Faith, think.  The next time I won you, I had to tell you to follow her orders the whole time.  However long that was.”

A lip quirked.  “So if you lost, you’d bet me an hour of sex slavery.”  She knew how to work the technicalities as well as I did. 

“More or less.”  I’d have given Lara an afternoon, at least.  “She thought it was going to be for a summer, but I never agreed to that.”

Faith blew out a breath.  “Amateur.”

I ventured a grin.  She smiled, a little.  Thank god for hormones shifting like the wind.  I could tell she was still kind of pissed, but at least it was a friendlier moment, the absolute rage was gone.  

In its place was what seemed like a kind of sadness, though, which made me feel worse.  “But now you’re going to get her pregnant.”

“Only to teach her a lesson.  She wanted me to do it to you, and didn’t care about the consequences.  So I thought turnabout was fair.  But I don’t really want to, not like I did with you.  So if you don’t want it, I won’t do it.  Or I’ll get her pregnant and then tell her to have an abortion the last day.”  I regretted saying it the instant I did.  That seemed a little too brutal, even for me. 

Luckily, Faith saved me.  “No.  If you’re going to do it, you should do it right.”  She sighed. 

It was permission, in my book.  Now I just had to get her on my side.  “I was planning on sharing her, you know,” I said.  “That’s why I brought you here.  It was about time Lara paid you back for all the orgasms you gave her last year.”  When she didn’t answer right away, I said, “I could just give her to you, for the summer.”

She shook her head.  “No, you’re a better master than I’d be.” 

“And you’re a better slave than she’ll ever be.”  I laid a hand on her arm.  She didn’t resist, so I pulled her closely to me, until her belly was pressing up against me.  “You’ll always be my first choice.”  I leaned forward and kissed her.  She kissed back.  It was soft, not especially intense, but somehow sweet and touching. 

I think that swayed her over the line from tolerating what I was doing to accepting and even enjoying it.  She looked up towards the top of the staircase.  “She does kind of have it coming, doesn’t she?”  I grinned.  “Okay, let’s go try her out.”

Chapter Twenty-Seven:

We returned to Lara’s room.  She was sitting on her bed, hands folded in her lap, and looked up at me, worried.   “Sorry about that,” I said.  “Where were we?”  She shrugged.  Bad slave.  She knew very well where we were.  A good slave would have reminded me.   “Right.  Get your birth control pills.  We’re dumping them.”

“Come on,” she said.  “You’re not really going to let him do this?”  It was directed at Faith, not me.

“You didn’t have any trouble doing it to me,” Faith said with more than a little venom in her voice. 

Lara whined, “I didn’t think he’d actually do it!”

“Well, then you were wrong.   He gave you an order.  What do you say?”

“Yes, master,” she said weakly.  She got up, retrieved her pillcase.  Both of us followed her into the bathroom and watched her dump them in the toilet. 

“You won’t get any more of these.  If I find out you have any, you’ve broken the bet.  You’ll also be taking pregnancy vitamins.  I left them in the car.  But now, we have some fun.  Get naked.”

She took off her shirt, then bra, and then bent over to remove her shorts.  That left her in just a yellow thong.  She waited a second, as though to ask if we really wanted her to remove that too, but then didn’t wait for an answer.   She was naked before us.  We were fully clothed.  It felt kind of kinky, like we were holding the power imbalance over her by making her be the only one naked.   I could kick that up a notch.  “From now on, even though I am your master, you’ll obey all instructions from Faith, unless I say otherwise.  You can refer to her as ‘Mistress.’  Understood?”  She nodded.  “Lay on your bed and masturbate for us.”

She fell back to where she was sitting, swung her legs over the side of the bed, and then scooted over.  Lara spread her thighs and ran a finger through her crack, lazily at first.  “Faster,” Faith commanded.  “Like you’re really into it.”  Lara complied, like she was in a porn movie, spreading her pussy wide, and then ramming two fingers in and out without a trace of shame.  It was actually kind of strange, how into it she got, as though what she always wanted was to perform in front of an audience.

Whether that was something she always wanted or not, I thought it was time to give her something she’d always said no to.  I smiled towards Faith.  “Why don’t you show her your pussy, too?  Give her a real up-close look.”  Lara’s face scrunched up at that, and her hand stilled for a moment.  “Nobody told you to stop,” I snapped at her.   Her fingers resumed as Faith began to undresss.

Once naked, Faith climbed up over Lara’s face.  From directly behind, not looking her at an angle, Faith didn’t really look pregnant, she looked more womanly than I’d ever seen her, her ass had grown in the last few months, along with her breasts. 

Lara hadn’t started licking, at least not yet.  “Tell her what you want,” I suggested, as I moved between my cousin’s legs. 

“Eat me out,” Faith said.  “Go on, slave.”

I saw Lara’s tongue snake out, delicately.  “What do you say?”

“Yes, mistress.”

Lara licked, and I helped her pleasure herself, taking over the fingering of her hole and leaving Lara to rub around her clit.  “How is she?” I asked Faith.

“She’s okay.  She needs some practice, though.”

“She’ll be getting plenty, don’t worry.”  I peeked down between Lara’s breasts to see what I could of her technique.  It wasn’t encouraging.  She just seemed to be flicking her tongue from side to side.  I slapped the side of Lara’s ass.  “Put a little more effort into it.  Do it like you’d like it done to you.  Do it like this.”  I lowered my mouth to her pussy and kissed it, then worked my tongue around in the usual style.  I couldn’t see if she was replicating the motion on Faith, but I imagined she was, and Faith’s excited gasps proved that, at the very least, Lara was now putting more heart into it. 

I teased a little, pulling back, going slower, until Faith had her orgasm.  She deserved the first one of the day, and under Lara’s tongue, she had it, her back arching to look back at me.  I locked eyes with her and knew then I’d been forgiven.  So, I went ahead and got my cock out.  With Faith as sensitive as she had been, I’d planned on forgoing that pleasure this time, but if she wasn’t going to freak out about it, I had a slave to fuck.

“Keep licking,” I instructed, even though Faith had already climaxed, a good slave should really be working to inspire multiple orgasms.  “Use your fingers, too.”

I worked my cock inside, and then pounded into my cousin while she continued to lick my sister’s pussy.  Lara must have been close already, because after only a dozen or so thrusts she started yelling, “Oh, fuck, fuck, yes.”  She stopped her work on Faith’s cunt as the sensation overtook her, but then went back to it without needing to be told. 

I came next, depositing what was sure to be the first of many loads of my cum into my cousin’s pussy.  Faith had only cum the once, but when she saw I was done, she got off Lara’s face and lay down beside her. 

We all had a moment to catch our breath.  “So, what now?” I asked.   I could probably go again, and though I wanted to get another shot at Lara’s eggs, I thought I’d better take care of Faith if she wanted it.

Faith had a different idea.  “Let’s make Mikey fuck her.  Maybe if he’s got his own sister to fuck, he won’t be bothering me all the time.”

I grinned, found Lara’s phone and passed it to her.  “Call your brother.  Tell him you want him to come fuck you.”

Lara kept her eyes on me, and forgot to acknowledge with a “Yes, Master,” but dialed the number and put it to her ear.  A few moments later, she was talking to her brother.  “It’s me, Lara.  I’m at home.”  I couldn’t hear how Mikey responded, and it didn’t seem like Lara was listening much, because the very next thing she said was, “I want you to come home and fuck me.” 

I could only imagine Mikey’s response was, “What?”

“You heard me.  Come fuck me.” 

I took the phone gently from Lara’s hand, and put it to my ear.  “Well, there you are, Mikey.  Your sister invited you to fuck her.  And, as I recall, you lost a bet.  So you’d better get over here and do it.”

“Mark?  What the…”

“She lost a bet.  You lost a bet.  Your sister’s not welching out, are you?”

There was a long pause on the other end, before he said, “I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

It took closer to forty-five, but that was okay, I fucked Faith in the meantime, a gentle fuck, but pleasurable nonetheless.   We made Lara lick where our privates merged, at least until Mikey arrived, when I told her to leave and go get him, completely naked.   Once they were upstairs, it didn’t take much persuasion to get Mikey to fuck his sister.  He claimed he didn’t want to do it, but his erection put the lie to that.  I made him wear a condom, and Faith and I watched while Mikey buried his dick and became the second guy in the room fucking his own sister.  After I came in Faith, we lay beside each other, satisfied.   I had my hand on her naked belly, imagining our child, while we watched the rest of Mikey and Lara’s first time.

The first ten minutes of fucking Mikey and Lara both looked self-conscious, but eventually they surrendered to passion, or at least pleasure, and by the time my sister and I were done, both of them looked like they were really enjoying it.  Faith whispered something in my ear, and I grinned.  They weren’t paying attention, it would be easy.  I went to retrieve my phone, opened it up, turned back to the couple, and said, “Smile!”  I snapped a picture.

It was perfect.  I couldn’t have had it better if I staged it.  Both Lara and her brother looked towards me in an expression of shock mingled with passion.  It basically looked just like I had walked in on them and surprised them in the act of incest.   “What the fuck?” Mikey said.  He didn’t stop his thrusting, though.

“Just a little insurance.  You’ve both got bets to discharge.  And I don’t want you having one of your attacks of conscience and trying to interfere with Lara’s sex slavery.”  

Mikey came, finally, and then spent a half hour trying to convince me to delete the picture.  I told him if he was good, nobody other than me and Faith would see it, but I never promised to delete the picture when the bet was done.  I wouldn’t expose them willy-nilly, but having a little leverage was always good.    He didn’t like it, but in the end, what could he do?


Chapter Twenty-Eight:

I used Lara, I guess that’s the only way to put it, up until she and her family left for vacation.  Not just for my own enjoyment, but for my friends, too.  She was my slave.  So I had her come over to our place, on her own, to service me, or, sometimes, just to lick Faith’s pussy.   Or I met her somewhere, drove her to some place she’d never been, and sold her to one of my friends.  I got her to fuck Fred’s dog again, of course.  Fred loved that, by the way, especially when I told him how she’d already done it.  I took a fresh set of pictures.   Lara wasn’t as broken in as Faith, I could see her giving me distrustful looks when I did, but I told her not to comment on it, and she didn’t.  Sometimes, it looked like she was playing to the camera, like when she had an orgasm with Barney fucking her. 

The day before she left on her trip, I invited Lara and Mikey both over.  I guess they were expecting one more orgy… they got one, but that wasn’t my reason for calling them.  I wanted to lay out an idea that Faith and I had. 

They sat in our living room, Lara seemingly calm, even bored, Mikey fidgety.  I noticed that he never met Faith’s eye much anymore, ever since she became pregnant.  “So, you’re going to California,” I said.   Faith sat beside me.  I rubbed her feet casually as we spoke, she’d told me they were a little sore and swollen. 

“Yeah,” Mikey said.  “Should be fun to go again.  The beaches are fantastic.” 

I’d only seen them on television.  “Well, I hope you have fun, but your sister’s still my slave, and even if I’m not there to use her, that doesn’t change anything.”

“I know,” Lara said, trying, I think, even if it was without much success, to keep from sounding exasperated.   “I can’t do anything sexual with anybody else.”

“Unless I say,” I clarified, and then looked back to Mikey.  “That doesn’t apply to you, of course, I hope you have a blast.  Bang a supermodel or something, or even some nice girl on the beach.”  He grinned.  “However, you still have four more times to fuck your sister on demand, and you will be doing that at least once that week, so make sure you bring a condom.” 

“Fine, no fucking except once with my brother,” Lara said.  “Master,” she added belatedly.  “At least that’s better than going cold turkey.”

“A little more specific than that.  At some time during the vacation, I will send you a text message.   It’ll say, ‘Hope you’re having a blast.’  When you get the text, you have one hour to fuck your brother.”  I grinned at their mixed reactions.   Mikey had his head up as though he was torn between being happy and being confused.  Lara’s eyes narrowed, like she was planning something, or sure that I was.  “And because I’m still not sure I can trust my slave, before the end of the hour, you will take a picture on your phone, of you having sex, and send it to me.  I don’t care if you’re in church or a family dinner at a restaurant when you get the text, you will find a place and start screwing.  With a condom on, though.”

“Come on, man, you can’t do that,” Mikey said.  “I mean, sure, we’ll fuck, but work with us, let us do it when it’s not dangerous.”

“A little risk is fun,” I said.  I smiled at Faith.  “Isn’t it?”

“It sure is,” she agreed, then looked down at and patted her belly casually.

“Besides,” I said.  “This is not negotiable.  If I find out either of you held out, well, there are some pictures that are getting released to your friends at school.”

That quelled the dissent.  Mikey went back to fidgeting.   Lara just shrugged and said, “Yes, master.” 

I let go of my sister’s feet and said, “My hands are cramping up.  Lara, get over here and rub my sister’s feet.”  She gave the standard reply and knelt in front of the couch.  Faith had extended her legs, grinning. 

I watched for a few minutes, then pulled out a folded sheet of paper, and passed it to Lara.  Time for order two.  “Second order of business.  You’re going to Hollywood.  Lara, if you encounter any of these people on your vacation, you’re to do your very best to offer them a blowjob.  Or, in the case of a girl, to eat her out.  I don’t care if you’re with your parents at the time, if it’s your only shot, you’d better do it.  Your parents are sure to brag about any celebrities you see, so don’t think I won’t know.  And if they happen to accept, you have to go through with it, even fuck them if they want.”  Faith and I worked together on the list.  It wasn’t big, just five men, five women, mostly people whose work I really enjoyed.  Top of the list was Samuel L. Jackson.  He got me Faith and I owed him.  “Think of it like a lottery.”  I didn’t think the chances were too likely, I just thought it’d be fun to make Lara sweat over it. 

Lara held the list in one hand, looked it over, saw nothing terribly objectionable about it, so folded it back up and nodded.   “Yes, master.”  She put it in a pocket and then went back to rubbing my sister’s feet. 

“Good.  You’ll also flash at least three different guys you don’t know, on the beach or in the hotel.  I’ll take your word on that one, but I’ll want to hear the stories.   Other than that, no sex.  If you do meet somebody, and want to do something sexual with them, you can call me.  If you beg, I’ll consider it.”  She nodded.  “Remember, if I hear you so much as kissed somebody without my okay, or failed to follow any one of my orders, you’ll have proven you’re not really my slave, and I’ll have no choice but to take action.” 

The truth was, it was all a bluff.  I may act the hardass for girls, but inside, I don’t really want to hurt anybody.  Moreover, I loved my cousin… not in a romantic way, but as family, and would never want to destroy her reputation, at least beyond what a pregnancy would do.  So, if she disobeyed my rules, I’d probably tell her I’d give her one last chance, if she did something especially humiliating, or maybe if she agreed to carry my baby.  If she continued to disobey, I’d be forced to back off, which would be a sign of weakness, and she might never truly submit again.  That’s why I wanted to make sure she believed it. 

“Now, are you horny, Lara?”

“A little bit,” she said at first, and then decided to drop the pretense.  “Yes, master.”

I looked to Faith.  “Are you horny?”

“Yes, master.”  She wasn’t my slave then, but I grinned anyway.

“Then let’s go up to my room.”  I looked over to Mikey.  “You might want to come along, I have a feeling your sister is going to ask you something soon.”  He straightened up, but waited until the rest of us were on our way before he got out of the chair and followed.  I led first, then Faith, then Lara.   Mikey held up the rear.

In my room, we started by having Lara get naked and lick Faith’s snatch, on the bed.  I watched and got nude, and helped out a little bit by fingering Lara’s hole from behind as she did.  She might pretend she didn’t like it sometimes, but she was already wet and that only helped her get wetter.   My dick bobbed against her legs.  I was going to have her fuck Mikey first this time, but I couldn’t wait.  I pushed Lara aside, and lay down on the bed.  I put my head between Faith’s legs, raised up to give her a lick, then lowered back down to the mattress.  “Lara, lick her while you ride me,” I said. 

She climbed on top of me, then, and positioned herself, without needing to be asked, to get the head of my cock inside her.  She sunk down and returned to giving Faith oral pleasure.  It was a little claustrophobic like that, but I had no complaints, I could see the bottom of Lara’s face attacking my sister’s pussy, and Lara’s boobs, and both were great sights.  The boobs also provided something to hold on to.  I grabbed them, squeezed them roughly as I pounded back as she rode me.   Sometimes, I was able to push them to my mouth and get a taste of nipple. 

I heard a chair shift.  Mikey must have sit down.   I slowed a little and said, “Lara.”

She was panting a little, and her tongue was busy, but a few seconds later, she said, “Yes, master?”

“Ask your brother to fuck your ass.”

She turned her head to her brother.  “Fuck my ass, Mikey.”

“Now?” Mikey asked, incredulous. 

Lara looked down to me for confirmation, and then said, “Right now.  Shove that cock up my ass.”

“There’s some lube in the shelf right under my external hard drive,” I told him.  “And don’t forget the condom.”

Before long, the bed began to squeak as Mikey climbed on top of it.  It took him a little bit of time to position himself.  He seemed a little shy about it.  I probably didn’t help matters by saying, “Make sure our balls don’t touch, dude, that would make it gay.”

Finally, though, he got over any reservations he had and began fucking his sister in the ass, while I plowed her cunt.  I couldn’t see it, mind you, but I could feel the extra weight and Lara reacted with more and more excitement.   I tried to ignore my male cousin’s presence and focus on that.   Double-penetrated and with her tongue in a pregnant pussy, Lara was pretty much being used as the ultimate bisexual sex toy and seemed to be loving it.  When she came, it was with an explosive moan that seemed to go on for hours.  I filled her cunt a few minutes after she went silent again, after Mikey shot into the condom and pulled away, a little embarrassed.  The only person who left a little unsatisfied was Faith… Lara hadn’t made her cum.  I could have pressed the issue, but Lara had had such a good climax, I wanted to leave her with that memory.  I could take care of Faith myself, later. 

“Okay, Lara.  You can go home.  Have a nice vacation.”

To all appearances, Lara followed my orders on vacation.   She could have disobeyed in one way or another, and I’d never know.  In truth, I wouldn’t care much, as long as she didn’t let anybody cum inside her.   If she failed to flash the required number of people, or had a little bit of protected fun with some guy she met, I’d rather not know.  If I did, it would be a showdown… I might have to face that moment where I back off my threat.   Regardless, that never happened.  I had a feeling that she followed my instructions to the letter.

There were two cases where I knew without a doubt that she followed my orders.  The first was when I sent her a text.  True to form, an hour later, I got a picture of Lara with Mikey’s cock inside her, in what looked a hotel bathroom.   The second I learned about after they came back.  Our family went over to visit and look at pictures, and Lara’s parents told us about how Lara saw Ryan Reynolds walking down the street and chased him down for an autograph.  Ryan Reynolds was on our list, I always thought he was hilarious. That meant her race after him might not have been motivated by an autograph.

Lara later told me she offered him a blowjob, he laughed nervously and turned her down, and then gave her an autograph.   I actually believed her, the way she blushed all through her parents telling the story, and then again when she told me. 

That day I saw Todd for the first time in months.  One of the reasons I had Lara come to me was because I wanted to avoid him, he might want to confront me about turning his sister into a slave.  It was surprisingly anticlimactic.  At first we couldn’t do anything but exchange common, courteous, hellos, because our families were there.  Later, when we kids went down to basement, Todd stopped on the stairway.  I was right behind him, and he turned  to me.  “I know what you’re doing to Lara.”  He spoke in low tones and a gruffer than usual voice, like he was trying to intimidate me. 

It didn’t work, much.  I knew he knew, Lara told him.  If he was going to do something, he’d have done it already.  “And I know what you did to her when she was eleven,” I said calmly.  “Mine’s less likely to get me in jail.”

“You’ve got as much to lose as I do.”

“Maybe,” I agreed.  If he told on me and Faith.  “But I’m more willing to take the chance.  And if I go to jail, maybe I’ll tell them I turned out bad because you used to sexually molest me, too.”

“What?  I never.  That’s sick.”

I grinned.  “Yeah, but I’m a better liar than you are at telling the truth.  Now, you want to get out of my way?”

He pushed past me, going upstairs instead of down.  I was shoved roughly into the handrail in the process, and it hurt, but I didn’t mind.  It felt good to beat him in a stare-down.  But it wasn’t over between us… he still owed me a car. 

Downstairs, after some more talking about the trip, the discussion eventually turned to our sex lives again.  We weren’t going to do anything right then, but we could talk about it.  “So, Mikey.  Three down, two to go.  After that, you don’t have to fuck your sister on demand anymore,” I said.  “Is that going to stop you?  If she lets you, I mean.”

“I’m not exactly into the whole incest thing,” Mikey said.  “I just do it because of the bet.”

I didn’t really believe him.  If I asked him to fuck his brother, he’d have trouble getting hard.  He had no trouble getting hard to his sister.  “Good,” I said.  “Because that’s your last freebie.  Lara’s my slave until the end of summer, and I’ve given her to you three times.  If you want her again, you pay the going rate.  And if you pay, it doesn’t count against your five… that way if Lara wants a fuck once school starts again, she still has two from you.”

He acted like he didn’t care, but it only two weeks before he broke and told me he had a hundred dollars and a hard-on to take care of.   Fucker lost me a bet.  I bet Faith he’d ask before that week was out.  So instead of me pocketing that hundred, she did.  Oh well, there’d be plenty more where that came from.

Chapter Twenty-Nine:

I did make a lot of money off Lara that summer, and had a lot of fun doing it.  Like Faith did at the beginning, Lara didn’t want to give me the satisfaction of admitting she enjoyed being a sex slave, but I could tell she did from the way she came so readily and began following my orders with greater and greater enthusiasm.   Because Lara was getting so compliant, I decided to reward her and started giving her a cut of the money I charged people to fuck her.  Not every time, so she wouldn’t expect it as her right, and not a large cut, but enough to reinforce the good behavior, as I saw it.

By the middle of July, it was rare she had a sullen look on her face and she hardly ever forgot to call me master.   Faith also seemed to enjoy the new arrangement.  As submissive as she was, maybe she also had a hidden little dominant streak… or maybe she just liked the turnabout of having Lara sexually service her for a change.  I got a little drunk on the power, I guess, even more so than with my sister, but if you ask me, Lara deserved it.  This was all her fault, and she had no one to blame but herself. 

My cousin had one last moment of near rebellion, and that took place in early August.  This one wasn’t sparked by something new and horrible I made her do, but instead, something that had been in the cards for a long time. 

I called her over, like it was any other day.  I wanted to dump a load of cum in her pussy.  This time, it was just us.  As usual, Mikey wasn’t there, and Faith wasn’t really in the mood that day, but went to visit a friend.  She did tell me to have fun.  When Lara showed up, she was wearing a short skirt and tank top.  No bra or panties.  I’d gotten a kick of instituting that rule, and she had complied so far. 

I opened the door to let her in, and didn’t notice right away that she seemed to have something on her mind.  She wasn’t eager, or even just blank as she’d sometimes been, she was stiff, tense, wearing a near scowl on her face.   I was preoccupied, trying to think of something to spice up the sex this time around. 

The idea of forcing her to have sex with me on camera for a load of anonymous viewers around the world had a certain appeal, but I hadn’t worked out how to do it yet.  I needed to make sure nobody could track the broadcast back to me, and probably to frame the broadcast so neither of our faces ever showed.   The first part might not be necessary if I could be certain of the second, nobody would have any reason to know either of us were underage if I didn’t say it, but I didn’t want to do it until I’d covered my ass.  I’m no technical genius, so I kept going back and forth in my head about what options I might have, who I might be able to ask, things like that.   So you can understand how I missed that my slave had something on her mind.

She spoke before I did, though.  “You bastard,” she said. 

I used the old joke, automatically.  “No, my parents were married.  Sometimes I’m a son of a bitch, though.”  I smirked and added, “And you forgot ‘master’.”

“You bastard, master,” she said.

Okay, it seemed serious.  I dropped the jokey mood.  “What’s on your mind?”

“I’m pregnant.”

Shock took me for a moment, but only a moment.  “Good,” I said when I regained my composure.  “You’re sure it’s mine, right?  You weren’t doing any extra-curricular fucking, were you?”

“No, you fucking did this to me.  Master.”

“Then I’ll say it again.  Good.   That was the plan.”

“I thought you were just playing.  I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it,” she snapped.

“Whatever gave you that fucking idea?”  I shook my head in annoyance.  Her capability for self-denial was astounding.  Where did she think this was going?  “I knocked up my sister, you think I’d draw the line at my cousin?”

“I made an appointment to go to the family planning clinic this week.”

I took a step towards her, a little anger growing.  “Unless you’re going to ask for advice on how to be a new mother, you’d better cancel it.  You’re my slave.  I own your body.”

“Not for that,” she said.  “This is serious.”

“You’re the one who started it, Lara.  Maybe you had a teen pregnancy fetish, well, now, surprise, you got to explore it to your heart’s content.   You knew it was the plan from day one… if you wanted to back out, you should have done it the moment you lost.”  I came real close then, close enough to reach under her skirt.  My fingers raced to her slit, and rubbed a little before I put one finger inside.  “So the way I see it, you have two choices, you can embrace and enjoy the life growing inside of you, or you can sulk and hate that you’re pregnant, but you will stay that way.”  I pulled out of her, then went to my pocket, dialed a number.  “Excuse me, I have to make a call.”  When I heard a voice pick up, I spoke.  “Hey, Faith.  You alone?”  I waited a few seconds until she was.  “Yeah, Lara’s here.  Guess what?” 

I turned the phone slightly, so Lara could hear the tinny voice coming through.  “You’re having sex?”

“Not yet.  We will be soon, if Lara’s very good.”  Dialing done, I returned one hand to Lara’s pussy.  “But the big news is, she’s pregnant.”

Faith scoffed over the phone, and then said, “Took her long enough.  I only needed two weeks.  Can she hear me?” 

I looked into Lara’s eyes.  She didn’t speak, she seemed transfixed, her eyes shining as though covered with an extra layer of moisture.  “Yeah,” I said. 

“You have only yourself to blame, you know,” Faith said.  “Sooner or later, sluts get pregnant.  But look at the bright side, our kids can grow up together.”

“She actually thinks she might break the bet and go get an abortion.”

“Really?  Wow, Lara, that’s pretty gutsy.  I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather just be pregnant, than have everybody at school, not to mention my parents, find out I fuck dogs.  Because that’s what’s going to happen if you try to welch.  If Mark doesn’t do it, I will.”  From the unconcerned tone in her voice, I could picture her shrugging as she added, “Anyway, your choice I guess.  Listen, I’m going to go, I’m at my friends.  Remember to keep taking those vitamins.”

We said our goodbyes, and I hung up.  Lara hadn’t said a word, but her pussy was now very slick.  “You’re my slave.  You agreed to it.  Didn’t you?”

She took some time, but finally her glassy look returned to me and said, “Yes, master.”  Tentatively, unsure, but she said it.

“Then as your master, I’m giving you an order.  You will not have an abortion.  You will do nothing to try any harm my baby.  You will do everything you can to keep it healthy.”

“You can say that,” Lara said.  “Master.  But I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.  This is big.  This is my life we’re talking about.”

“Fine.  I was going to fuck you,” I said.  “But until you’re ready to tell me you’re sure, you can go home.”

“What, you’re letting me off slave duties?” she said, like I was crazy, offering her something she wanted. 

“No, I just won’t be using you personally.  I won’t fuck you until you tell me you’re going to follow the bet, because it means more to you than it does to me.   I will still set up dates for you, to get my money’s worth… but I’m not going to make any effort to make sure you get off.   In fact, you’re forbidden to masturbate.   If you break one of those dates, or I find out you touched yourself, well, I have my answer.”  I added, conversationally, “By the way, if you do welch on the bet, not only does the blackmail stuff come out, but I also will never fuck you again.”  I turned away, walked towards the stairs.  “Get out of my sight, slave, until you’ve made up your mind.”

Before I set foot on the first stair, she said, a little bitterly, “Fine!”

I had to do it.  “Fine what?”

“Fine, master,” she said, through gritted teeth.   “I’ll stay pregnant until school starts up again.   But you’d better believe I’m getting an abortion the first day of school.  I’m not subject to the bet then, and I’m not having your baby.”

I looked at her levelly, not willing to give an inch.  Bet or no bet, Lara agreed to be treated like Faith, and she did everything she could to make sure Faith wound up a teen mother, so as far as I was concerned, Lara was going to join her, no matter what I had to do to make it happen.   

I didn’t think I’d have to do much, though.  Lara still thought she might be able to get out of being a mother… but I knew I had plenty of pictures to blackmail her with, should it be necessary.  New pictures, ones I had never promised to delete after the bet, or never release.  And it might not even come to blackmail.  I could just anonymously tip off Lara’s parents that she was pregnant.  Unless her dad was a big hypocrite, he’d put his foot down and make sure she didn’t get an abortion.  

With all that in my favor, I was pretty confident right then that Lara would be having my baby, even if it would be a few more months before I’d be absolutely sure, and until next spring before she actually gave me a little girl, both cousin and half-sister to my son, the one that my sister would give birth to in September.   

But that was all months away.  So, when she told me she wasn’t going to have my baby, I grinned and said the only thing I could say.  “Wanna bet?”

The End


The preceeding story was fantasy and I do not recommend or endorse any of the acts described within. Quite the opposite, really.

This story is free to share and distribute so long as no money is charged.

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