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Boilerplate Disclaimer

These stories are FANTASY, meant for adults. If you are underage for this sort of thing according to your local laws, you should not be here. None of these stories are based on real events in any way, and for virtually all of them, I'd find it reprehensible if you committed the acts in reality. In my stories, I have the luxury of being the author and deciding that everything works out for the best in the end, everybody enjoys everything, and there's no lasting trauma, but real life is not like that.

While no images hosted or displayed on this page are explicit, some of the non-story links direct to external sites that do display such images, including (drawn) images of (fictional) minors, which may be illegal in some jurisdictions and even if not certainly could get you in trouble if viewed where others can see your screen. Click at your own risk. Many of such links attached to fanart of my own stories are broken - sad casualties of a world where art like this is dangerous enough to cause sites to randomly change policies or artists to want to hide their interests. I leave the broken links in as something of a memorial that such fanart did at one point exist, and so I can quickly edit them in again if they find a new home (if you are an artist who's done such work in the past and moved, please, let me know!)


While I love feedback on the stories, I do not want to hear about any real experiences with underage girls. I do not want you to send me attachments of any sort unless I say otherwise. Either of these will result, at the very least, of me creating a filter which sends your future mails directly into the trash, unread, and I may decide to take furthur action such as forwarding the mail on to law enforcement. I also will not answer any mail from people claiming to be underage - you shouldn't be here.

Some Non-Story Update News (Updated Oct, 2022)


Obviously, if you're here, you know I have a new home since ASSTR seems to have vanished. If it comes back, yay, if not, is an official backup. Hopefully it lasts as long as ASSTR did. If you're reading this on ASSLR there's a chance that there's broken links or such, and in particular feedback forms on older stories might not work. The feedback form on this main page should still work, though.

Speaking of feedback, after a lot of thought, I've come to a decision. And it's one that's possibly going to make me sound like an asshole.

I love feedback. I absolutely read every one, and it absolutely helps inspire me. I've come to learn that I cannot commit to replying. Every time, it's the same cycle. I force myself not to constantly check mail because it's discouraging when none's coming in. So when I do check, often there's several. But Writing and replying draws on much the same pool of mental energy, so I often put off replying in favor of writing or other work. Then, the amount I'm going to need to reply to starts to build up, and it becomes a Chore. Particularly when it feels like a lot of my replies are just variations on the same sentiments, thanking people for feedback. No matter how heartfelt it is, doing a dozen in a row just feels wrong. Similarly, answering questions about progress of stories, which adds on usually having to give disappointing news. And I hate chores, so I put it off longer. Eventually, the guilt wins out and I try to reply to them all in a mass spree that leaves me exhausted and not wanting to write a reply again for months. Which leads to months of backlog again, and they just get long and longer. I think at this point the backlog is years.

So I've decided that I have to say enough. That's not to say I don't want to reply to people. What I'm doing is freeing myself from the obligation to, particularly when I feel like I'm not saying anything new or they've gotten too old. I still plan to reply to people, hopefully more than I did, since now I've got no need to be fair by replying to everyone who's been waiting longer when there's a question I can quickly answer immediately. If you want an update on the sequel to a story, the answer is almost always, "I have no firm idea, it may happen and even if I'm working on it right this minute, I might lose steam halfway through' so those are less likely to get replies, though I do note what stories people are still interested in following. For comments that are just kudos (or complaints) but don't really feel like they need a reply, I may not, unless I'm in a particularly good mood, but rest assured I do still read and appreciate themt.

Of course I still want feedback, which again, makes me feel like an asshole for this stance. But I feel like I'd be even more of an asshole for promising to reply to all mails when there's a good chance by the time I reply the email you sent it from is gone. Which has happend a fair bit (doubly irritating because I still have to do the work of replying before I discover it was for nothing).

Really, I'm just being honest about the state of things as it's been. My policy is now, officially: I no longer promise individual replies to everybody who leaves an e-mail address. If someone has a question I feel in the right mindset to answer, I'll still do that, even if I've got a hundred other messages that I haven't answered yet. And, in particular, if you've sent one in the past I haven't answered, I'm probably not going to go back now and reply to old ones. If you've sent something in the past that--or from now on that doesn't get a reply--and you really, really want an answer, you won't bother me by asking again.

Other than that, I wish I had more to return with. My writing time and energy's decreased a lot in recent years, and some of it's devoted to projects you'll never see here. But I am still writing smut, and given enough time, some stuff even gets finished. Hopefully you'll like it when it does.

When I do write smut, sometimes I'm in the mood to do it live, on a stream, on I don't have a set schedule, and until I get momentum on a particular project they'll probably be brief, but keep an eye out on my page there or follow if you want alerts. If you don't want to sign up there, I've also got a baraag. It's like Twitter, only they're very flexible with erotic art, and I'll be trying to announce my streams there as well, as well as the rare times I post new work, and sometimes just reblog art I like that is often relevant to the kind of things I post, so if you want to follow me there that's also an option. In any event, writestreams you don't just get to watch me struggling to get words down, you can also chat with me, make suggestions (I may not use them but I do enjoy hearing them), see bits of work that is unreleased and may wind up never being released, as well as see a bit of art based on my stories which I use for background and break screens (which also means, it's going NSFW to watch, even at a distance, unless of course you're working from home like the vast majority seem to be lately). It might be muted by default, but there's also music, if you want, a curated list of songs that I find relate to my various erotic interests in one way or another.

I also took the opportunity to add a logo that Danaume designed for me as a streaming/social media icon some years ago. That it's small is on me, not her... I lost the higher-res versions in a HD crash. But I like it so I'm putting it up.

Old News has been moved to below the storylist, to make the page cleaner.


Conventional Stories

My Private Camwhore (early 2010)- A 16-year old boy finds his 12-year old sister showing her bra on a webcam chat site. He decides to anonymously blackmail her to scare her off that path, only to fall victim to his own lust as he realizes he can get her to do anything he wants on camera... and some off camera. As Andrew walks that path he finds himself torn between lust and guilt, and something he never expected... growing feelings of romantic love for his sister. (mg, semi-cons, inc, bro-sis, voy, rom)

My Private Camwhore II: Blackmailers Incorporated (April 2010) - Andrew's no longer blackmailing his sister Erin... now they're working together to blackmail some of her friends. But Andrew finds his sister's appetites may exceed even his own, and he's not sure he has the will to stop her. (mf+, Mf, beast, inc, voy, blackmail, more) (img1) (img2)

My Private Camwhore III: Project Girlfriend (August 2010) - Andrew's sister, and lover, Erin's been skipped ahead and is now attending the same high school as her brother, but it's harder than she thought. Not the school, she's practically a genius. But people are mean to her, and Andrew doesn't know how to help, except by falling into old, bad, habits. And when a close call forces Erin to find him a girlfriend, they both have to deal with feelings they're not ready to deal with... (mf, inc, bond, blackmail)

My Private Camwhore IV: Kinships and Rivals (August 3rd, 2012) - Andrew's senior year begins, and he and his sister discover for the first time, a rival... someone else in the school is in the blackmail game, and they're targetting some of their friends. But Erin soon discovers a tool that will help her get the upper hand, as well as give her an unparalleled ability to accomplish some of her other goals. (inc, mf, ff, blackmail, voy, exhib, les, anal, 1st, reluc, coer, nc)

Sudden Death Hotness Contest (May 2010) - Fresh off a breakup, Ben didn't want to babysit his thirteen year old cousins overnight, but he couldn't get out of it... and when you mix a horny seventeen year old, depression, alcohol, and uninterrupted time with his two female cousins who'd grown up a lot since he'd last seen them, it's a dangerous situation. Especially when they want him to decide which of them is hotter... (mf, mf, cons, inc)

Wanna Bet? (early 2010) - A teen and his 13-year old sister make a bet. When she loses, she has to give him blowjobs for a week. But when Mark starts to think she's enjoying the sexual games but doesn't want to admit it, more bets are made, with higher stakes. (mf, mf, mff, inc, Mdom, prost) (img)

Wanna Bet? 2: Higher Stakes (January 2011) - Mark's had good luck with betting lately. Last summer, he turned his thirteen-year-old sister Faith into a sex slave with a series of bets. Now, as the Christmas break approaches, she's hinting that she'd like to do it again... but Mark's got some side bets going, and the stakes for Faith might get very high indeed. (mff, mF, inc, best, Mdom, preg)

The Perks of Being a Doormat (Book One) Book Two (March 2010) - Tim has trouble saying no when girls ask for his help. Normally, it's caused him nothing but grief, but when a family friend asks him to tutor her 14-year old daughter in math, not being able to say no leads to something wonderful. (Book One: Mf, cons, teach. Book Two: Mf, Mg, fg, inc) (img)

The Unplugged Challenge (June 2010) - Disconnected from the Internet? TV and cell phones disallowed? A nightmare for Bobby, age 17, and his 15-year-old sister Krista. But their Mom wants the family to become closer. She has no idea how close they'll become... (mf, cons, inc, bro-sis)

Friends Only (August 2011) - Jack thought his twelve-year-old cousin Lily was the picture of innocence... until he got an invitation to her Friends Only Facebook page and discovered her secret life as an exhibitionist. (Mg, cons, inc, exhib, voy, lolita)

Rent-A-Daughter (September 2011) - She's a twelve-year-old girl with the idea to make some extra money by giving childless people the experience of raising a daughter. He's a socially isolated comic-book fan and pedophile, who thinks he can play by the rules of 'Look, but don't Touch'. The relationship they forge won't be like either of them anticipated... (Mg, MF, ped, cons, 1st, cosplay, slow)

Magic Marker, Book One: Felt (November 2013) - Susan's twelve, and has a good relationship with her big brother Keith... but everything changes when she gives him a magic marker that's really magic, and discovers that if you write something on something... or someone, the words become true. (mg, inc, mc, 1st, anal, ped, Mdom, humil, magic, oral, spank, toys) - Inspired by, and with thanks to, Danaume. (img) (img, spoilery for book two)

Magic Marker, Book Two: Indelible (February 2018) - Life as her brother's fuck toy is a mixed blessing for Susan... it sure is a lot of fun, but he's just so irresponsible, always pushing boundaries, both hers, and those of the magic marker that makes whatever is written with it come true. The marks on her may only last a week, but a week is a long time, and some of the changes her brother makes... they might just be indelible. (mg, Mg, mc, fg, bond, anal, inc, Mdom, humil, magic, oral, spank, toys)

Sucker for a Pretty Face (January 2014) - Nick's a high school junior, and pretty happy, except for being single again. When his friends decide to hang out on a Friday night, with alcohol and light drugs, and also invite over some girls, things are looking up, especially when he meets somebody he really connects with. But Nick also suffers from severe prosopagnosia, and that makes his life a little more complicated. (mf, inc, 1st, dubcon, slow) (img)

Molestr (October 2015) - A lovelorn guy is down in the dumps and decides to try a new hookup app on his phone and have meaningless sex with a stranger... only he finds that adults aren't the only ones using the app, and you should be very careful reading the profiles... (Mg, oral, anal, lolita) (img)

InstaDad (July 2018) - Now an experienced user of a hookup app that connects him to sexually eager little girls, there are still some things he's not yet tried... like his very first preteen threesome, with two sisters. Except, they also have a very specific role for him in mind. (Mgg, gg, lolita, inc, oral, anal, preg, more)

The Umbrella Hitch (The Minor Hitch #1) (July 2016) - On a suddenly rainy day, a young man walking home is approached by a soaking wet twelve-year-old who wants to share his umbrella. At first he helps out of kindness, but as they get to know each other he quickly starts to notice the effect of water on a thin white shirt. (Mg, voy, lolita, slow) (img)

The Halloween Hitch (The Minor Hitch #2) (October 2016) - Karl's quiet Halloween night takes a turn when Astrid Hitch shows up at his door to Trick-or-Treat... and again, later that night...(Mg, voy, lolita, slow)

This Is How It Starts (Dec 2020) - Visiting his brother's house and family after a pandemic, Mike discovers a lot's changed... particularly for his young nieces, who've undergone startling transformations. But how could his brother's lockdown hobby with baking be behind it? (Mg, Mf, MF, Mmf, inc, prost, semi-mc, dubcon, oppai, loli, sci-fi)

Not The Best Catholic This Christmas (Dec 2022) - Will has a lot to confess before Christmas Eve Mass, thanks to a family holiday party and an underage niece who seems determined to lead him into sin. (Mf, inc, cheat, Christmas, other pairings implied)


iCity Tales (March 2020) (various tags, cyberpunk)

My love letter to cyberpunk, with my own erotic twist, iCity Tales are a series of separate but connected stories all in the same near-future city, called iCity. It's something of an exercising in stretching myself... not only the fun worldbuilding (which let's be fair I don't need an excuse for... I even considered writing some of it up as an RPG sourcebook to be playable with as much or as little sex as your group is into) but also in form. In addition, in each story there's at least one kink explored that is normally not in my wheelhouse, that either I very rarely like or am not normally into at all, that I've tried to make palatable to me. So there's a bit more extreme content in this than usual but I hope some people enjoy.

All stories are complete as of March 2020 (with the writing process occuring over several years).

PoV - A young girl prowls the streets of iCity, looking for cock, as part of her livestreamed reality show, where you can watch through her cybereye as she has a sexual encounter... and you get a say in what happens, as well. (Mg, voy, loli, rough, violence)

Plug and Play - Kane and his sister Mitsuko used to have a good life, up until their parents died and they were left to fend for themselves, and tragedy compounded when Mitsy lost her arm to a vicious psychopath. Now, they've taken shelter with the PiRats, a street gang with a distinctly charitable philosophy, but they're guests, not members... and when a miraculous gift turns up on their doorstep that violates PiRat rules, it may make for some hard decisions. (mf, inc, cons, slow, amp)

Alternative Sentence - Hillary Gibson found herself on the wrong side of the law and arrested. But since she's only a teenager, the court sentences her to a new, experimental punishment: a mobile pillory rig, so she can be monitored, as well as subject to shame and humiliation by her peers. Follow her journal as, over the next few months, she learns what it takes to earn redemption from her sins. (mf, m+f, ff, fb, bond, sub, humil, inc, ws, free use)

Fuck Attachments - Carter Morgan returns home after getting brain surgery, cybernetically enhancing him and making him able to hack into systems with his brain. But returning home, he finds his family distant, especially his favorite little sister. Can Carter use his talents to figure out the hard truths about his family and find a way to make them come together, or will he be forced to give up on them, say, "Fuck Attachments." (Mfg, dickgirl, inc, dubcon, noncon, voy, rough)

A Corp's Party - Eavesdrop in on a board meeting at PATHcorp, one of the biggest corporations in iCity. Half business, half party, the power players of the city, confident in their security, use these events to indulge their own particular kinks. Those tend to be on the extreme side, and there's going to be a lot of pain involved. (Mg, fg, dubcon, noncon, bond, sad, ws, extreme, rough, violence) (Disclaimer: Some more extreme fetishes than I'd ever normally feel comfortable writing are discussed as having happened in the past or planned for the future, although most of the worst of them are not graphically portrayed in the 'present' if that matters to you)


I've decided to go bold and attempt to establish my own subgenre within erotic art and science fiction. Lolipunk is much like other -punk genres, except instead of technology being run by clockwork or steam or cybernetics or whatever the prefix indicates, in lolipunk, the sexual energy of underage children if used to power machinery and industrial society as a whole.

This section may be eventually spun off into its own page, where I put not only my stories that fit into Lolipunk, but host stories of others as well. But for now, there's just my initial, stand-alone story and a brief outline of the defining tropes of the genre.

Hidden Talents (August 2018) - Ada, a young girl, works as an assistant in her father's workshop, where other children her age are stoked to orgasm which produces electrical or computational power. Ada's always envied the boys and girls under her father's employ, but lacks the inborn qualities that make one a dynamo or computer. But it may be she has hidden talents of her own... (Mg, mg, mgg, gg, lolipunk, brief others)

Sci-Fi Serials

These are intended to be ongoing stories, written in relatively short installments, and no fixed end point, usually with some kind of Sci-Fi or fantasy theme as a base. I will work on whichever inspires me the most at a given time, but of course, knowing which ones are most popular may well serve as inspiration.

Relatively Powered - A teen brother and sister discover that they have super powers... but with a twist. They're powered by incest. (mf, inc, cons, sci-fi, superhero)

The Lolly Anne Conspiracies - They exist secretly among us... men who transform on a regular basis into oversexualized little girls. They are the Lolly Annes... and some of them are engaged in a secret war over the fate of the human race. (tg, magic, g*, ped*, loli*, viol)

Summer of the Succubus - A eleven-year-old boy and his older sister's summer break becomes a lot more interesting when a succubus enters their lives... (fb, inc, magic, semi-mc)

Note: An asterisk (*) in a code indicates that the code applies due to the apparent bodies of the people involved, the mind may not be the same. Read at your own risk.


Phil Phantom Tribute Stories

I find it occasionally fun or freeing to write stories in the style of Phil Phantom. These are quite different than my other stories, and so I list them separately. I also enjoy hearing from Phans.

A Betting Man (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (early 2010) - My first attempt to pay homage to Phil Phantom by using some of his tropes and themes. A mother watches, helpless from arousal, as a strange man molests her young daughter in front of her, using the pretext of a series of bets. (Mg, prost, preg, best)

The Bridget Nelson Online Fan Club (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (May 2010) - My second attempt to pay homage to Phil Phantom by using some of his tropes and themes. This one's about a child model who's been sheltered from the world, and her fans... until she and a friend find her fan club's website, and her whole world changes. (MMM+g, gg, Fg, inc, prost, preg, best)

Tiger by the Tail (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (July 2010) - A little redheaded girl stirs up a lot of erotic action when she takes on the role of mascot for her middle school's basketball team... especially when she has to improvise a new costume. (M+m+g, fg, gg, Fg, inc, slight nc, pedo, more) (img)

The Gauntlet (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (August 2010) - Fourteen-year-old Rachel is sure her mother is going out and cheating on her father during her weekly "Girls Night Out." So, she decides to follow her and catch her in the act. But when she follows her mother to a secret sex club called The Gauntlet, she gets more than be bargained for... as she herself is fair game. (M+f, Ff, M+F, mult, oral, anal, inc, beast, gang, group, humil) (img)

Stage Mother to the Littlest Cumslut (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (September 2010) - What's a mother to do when her ten-year-old announces her life dream is to be the biggest slut there is, giving herself sexually to anybody who wants her? At first she's opposed, but then she turns into a stage mother. (M+g, Fg, inc, beast, gang)

The Kind Of Girl You Marry (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (January 2011) - George's fourteenth birthday party was full of surprises... like the one he got when he walked in on his girlfriend and his father having sex. But that was just the tip of the iceberg... My attempt to do a Phil Phantom-style cuckold story. (cuck, cheat, inc, Mf, mF, Ff, mf, gang)

Paperwork (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (August 2011) - A mother tells how she sent her two daughters (age 11 and 13) to summer camp, and innocently signed all the forms that would ensure they return as pregnant sluts. (M+fg, MF, FF, best, bd, inc, reluc, ped, anal, preg, oral, gang)

My Sister Sold Me Out (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (August 2011) - Jessica tells the tale of how, when she was 11, her 15-year-old sister Anne allowed her much older boyfriend to molest, then have sex with, and finally impregnate her. (Mg, fg, Fg, MMf, inc, gang, preg)

On the Naughty List (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (12/24/11) - A quicky in time for Christmas! She thinks she's taking her daughters for photos with Santa, but little does she know she stumbled onto a pedo winter wonderland! (Mg, M+g+ MF, Fg, Mf, Mfg, orgy, best, inc)

Rape Beach (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (04/10/12) - A mother finds out her children are at Rape Beach... a notorious site where everyone in town has come to believe "If a girl gets raped there, it's her own fault." Men can do whatever they want to a girl on Rape Beach, and there's no expectation of justice if she complains about it later. And Mom should know better than anybody... she's had a lot of personal experience. (M+f, M+F, mF, mf, FF, Ff, b, g, inc, reluc, nc, ped, orgy, gang, oral, anal, implied beast, prost, stroke, more)

To Catch A Predator (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (04/26/12) - Mary always wanted do so something important, to be a hero, and hit on a way to do it... by luring pedophiles into revealing herself, and then getting them arrested. For that, she needs bait... luckily, she has a twelve-year-old daughter who's willing to help. Except, Mary wants to be REALLY sure they're guilty before calling the cops. (Mg, Fg, inc, preg, beast, bond)

Confiscation (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (01/28/14) - Bethany's had a rough day, after the topless selfie she took and sent to her crush somehow made it all over the school. The twelve-year-old suffered relentless teasing, and more, but her day's not over yet... when the police show up at her home, ready to confiscate her phone and any other piece of child pornography they can find. (M+g, Fg, b+g, gg, pedo, reluc, some nc, 1st, beast, inc, extreme, stroke, more)

Gullible (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (01/14/15) - A man lovingly talks about his young daughter, who is sweet but extremely gullible... and it's gotten her in loads of trouble these past few years. But who's really the gullible one? (Mg, MMg, inc, prost, implied best, reluc, cuck, stroke)

Muckrakers, Slutmakers, and Fucktakers (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (05/21/15) - The small town of Bayport goes through many changes when an anonymous web story reports that middle school girls have been brainwashed into no-tell sluts. (Mg, Mf, inc, prost, best, ws, bond, Fg, Ff, preg, stroke)

The Go-Between (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (08/05/16) - A little girl spends a summer as a go-between, passing messages between her mother and the lover that her mother promised her dad she'd never see again. She sure learns a lot, especially when the messages being passed turn increasingly sexual. (Mg, MMg, Fg, inc, 1st, ws, some nc, preg, stroke)

Gotta Support Your Team (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (02/04/18) - A freshman cheerleader encounters some members of the football team, who have a request for her. The team really needs her to fuck a dog on camera. How far will Peyton's school spirit stretch? (M+f,ff, fg, best, prost, extreme, preg, stroke)

Could Be Worse (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (03/18/18) - A mother thinks its bad enough when her twelve-year-old daughter returns home from a charity event drunk and wearing a skimpy outfit, but, as the family learns what happens, it becomes clear that it could be worse. (M+f, Mg, Fg, Ff, fg, best, ws, inc, prost)

The Problem With Kayla (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (10/15/18) - Kayla, an adorable eleven-year-old girl, uses the opportunity to speak at a football game to profess her belief that forced sex is the best kind of sex. Turns out, a little girl convincing a whole town that she's into being rape can causes some problems, and not just for Kayla. (M+g, M+f, mg, mF, gangbang, rape/dubcon, ir, preg, best, incest, more)

Sandra's Sitting Service (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (09/20/19) - An industrious preteen girl shows up at your door looking for customers for her school fundraiser idea. She's very persuasive. (Mg, prost, best, oral, preg, inc)

Reality Checks (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (07/30/21) - A desperate family is tricked into a perverted reality show which they believe might change their lives... and it will, but if they think it's an ordinary Hollywood production... well, they've got some reality checks coming. (M+g, M+f, M+F, inc, pedo, prost, best, blasphemy, preg, cuck, ws, blackmail, 1st, anal, stroke)

Countdown (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (10/12/21) - When Haley's neighbor said, "In ten years, she'll be the mother of my children," about her own then-two-year-old daughter Alice, she never expected to start an affair with him. But she did, and that starts her on a decade-long odyssey of escalating bad motherhood and gradual submission. Possibly my slowest-paced Phil Phantom Tribute yet! (MF, Mg, Fg, cheat, grooming, preg, inc, oral, cum eating, slow, stroke)

New!The Halloween Dolls (A Phil Phantom Tribute) (10/20/22) - Visit a town with a weird curse... every Halloween, two kids Trick-or-Treating get abducted. Months later, they're returned as brainwashed sex slaves, stuck in the role of whatever costume they chose that night. (Various M, F, m, f, b, g combinations, mc, cosplay, body transformations, inc, best, ws, preg, free-use, stroke) (inspired by Danaume) (img) (img)(img)

As of 10/22/22:

On Tap: Nothing completed.

In various stages of progress: next Hitch story, Magic Marker Book 3, Untitled Ouija Board Story... if you see me streaming on pomf, it'll probably be one of those. Beyond that, nothing in particular yet, just incremental progress

Longer Term:
My Private Camwhore 5, Wanna Bet 3, A Game of Sluts



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Old News Archive (Newest first)

Since the September News Update was fairly major, I'll leave it here those who missed it:

Hey everyone! Yes, I am alive. I'm afraid I don't have more for you, but I am still writing and intend to continue and although this year's a bit of a wash, hopefully next year will be better.

The 2019 HD crash: Here's what happened: I had that tragedy that probably happens to everyone given long enough, the complete and sudden unrecoverable hard drive crash. Don't fret too much... because of the miracle that I happened to backup my story files remarkably recently, I actually only lost about two weeks of writing. No matter how tempting it might be to blame the crash for losing the next MPC or installment in whatever other ongoing story you might be hoping for, the lack of that is all on me, and I have no good news for you. And, though I didn't lose much writing, I lost a lot of other stuff, from cartoon art I've been collecting for decades, to personal files, to games, to loads of work on projects that are unrelated to erotic story writing (I do have other interests, after all), to key login credentials. In fact, I lost my email account credentials for feedback and such for the longest time. I managed to get it back through Google's password recovery options (which helped me recover some of my others like my pixiv account), but all of that took a lot of time and energy.

As such, even though I only lost about two weeks of writing, it set me back far longer than two weeks, and so this new, short, story I've posted is all I have that's new, but I do plan to keep working.

I know a lot of you have been writing fanmail and gotten no replies. I'm so sorry about that. Again, I can't honestly blame all of that on my crash (though it did massively delay things), I've always been behind on that. However I intend on going back and getting to answering people, even if it's months stale, just on general principle, but I wanted to wait until I had this, and a new story, to post and point to by way of explanation and apology. And it's quite possible I'll miss people either because I mistakenly think I've already responded or of the way google mail sometimes threads comments submitted on the same story. If I do, and you want a reply, by all means, send another.

ASSTR's still been having intermittent problems since I last posted news, and some feedback forms now work through formspring, although I haven't converted over older stories. If you get an error responding to one story, go to the main index page (this page) and respond from there. Or, of course, you can always send e-mail, anonympcstories at google's well-known mail address after the @ symbol. I'll try to be better about responding. And hopefully, be more active writing. But I guess we'll see. To those of you who have stuck around, thank you.


ASSTR seems to be back and functional, again, right now, anyway. We've been here before, and it just recently came back from another downtime, which is why it took so long to post this latest story. At some point we may have to face the possibility of it not returnin and find some alternate site, but for right now, we're okay. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to let me know or check in... I'm afraid I'm horribly behind on responding to mail, but I will get to you (if you made it possibly to reply). Some feedback forms now work through formspring, although I haven't converted over older stories. If you get an error responding to one story, go to the main index page (this page) and respond from there. Or, of course, you can always send e-mail, anonympcstories at google's well-known mail address after the @ symbol.

The writestreaming experiment is sadly at an end, at least for now, because the site I was using decided to go to the dark side and ban underage content. Maybe I'll find another place to do it... I actually did enjoy it, even if I rarely got many people watching, it imposed a sort of discipline on my writing (that sadly fell apart and slowed me down significantly after the policy change was made and I had to write on my own again).

New Fanart Update: I've been blessed with some cool new pieces of fanart lately, some from artists themselves, others from fans who commissioned them. I'm touched, and have started to link them to the stories in question. In many cases you may need a pixiv account. As usual, I can't promise links will stay active, there aren't many places on the net that allow long-term hosting of art involving underage characters.

Feedback Form Follies: I've heard some reports that some people, using some browsers, have been having trouble with getting the feedback forms to work. So if you do want to e-mail me, anonympcstories is my address name at what is probably the most popular e-mail service in the world. Or at least in the top 3. If you wonder, you could always look it up on their search engine. Which is popular enough that it's become a verb, starting with G. (This circuitous explanation is my way to avoid spambots).

General Update: Still alive! I have been writing, not as quickly as I'd liked or have in years past. And worse, some of what I've been writing is a big project that I won't post here until I finish all 5 stories. (UPDATE: This is the iCity Project and is now complete) Also, no, I don't have any timeframe for the next installments of any of my stories. I'm writing very much in a mode of "work on whatever inspires me at a given moment."

Fanart Update: Hentai-Foundry is dead! Well, not actually, but they banned any stories or art with characters under 18. So, although I have seen a few pieces of fanart or gift art of my stories (by fantastic people such as Danaume, NeckRomancer, and even one by Polyle) they will no longer be accessible, and I don't feel like I have a right to repost on my own (and anywhere I do, it'll likely have a short lifespan). For a limited time the links MIGHT still work, so if you want to grab them, do so now.

I'm keeping the links in the stories, even if they go dead, first, because I'm lazy, and second, because, if alternate sites do come up where I can point people to, I can just edit it in. I still welcome any fanart from my stories, but with one of the great sites gone, it's getting more and more difficult. If anybody does some and has a link I can direct people to ( seems to allow such content) I'll also link them. Or if there's no link, at least e-mail me a copy. :)

Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in HF's decision, and is no longer my second home (well, third home, perhaps).

Plagiarism: I'm aware somebody was selling a Kindle version of the My Private Camwhore series (so far). This was not me and it currently seems to be removed from Amazon. If somebody does want to attempt to make money off my work (either directly or through some kind of adaptation), with my permission and perhaps even endorsement, you can contact me via email to discuss my rather simple terms, but in today's climate, I don't see it succeeding.